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Do low blood sugars make you feel good?
How long can a person go without eating before they die?
NEED SOME IDEAS how has technology make kids obese?
I have a question about PKU?
I have high insulin of 40. so scared please help? fear death.?
whats wrong with my boyfriend?
FASTING question for people who have done it ONLY!!!!?
Diabetes genetic risk?
my teacher embarasses me with my hypoglycemia?
Any type 1 diabetic runners out there?
How to lower cholestrol?
What would cause a coumadin test level to go from 1.9 to 10.9?
would lipase be active in the mouth?
Why at 65 yrs old you need medicare?
I seem to have hypoglycemia, however something just isn't right?
Can you get diabetes from not eating sugar?
Glory enough for all : Banting greatest weakness?
What happens if a child has an underlying problem of diabetes and it goes undiagnosed?
Should I donate blood?
Am I on the verge of being a diabetic?
if you take insulin for a long peroid of time and you are not diabetic, will your pancreas stop making insulin?
If i eat my meal after taking my insulin, but then happen to vomit because of whatever after an hour or so?
Name all of the ways you can get Diabetes?
my husband is 72 yrs old, and is a diebetic, but won't take medications for it..and his sugar levels are high?
Is injecting insulin a peaceful way to die?
diabetes type 2 ??????????
What do you think is wrong with me?
are my triglycerides really 939?
how long till your blood pruseure lowers?
What are the foods that raise iron on the blood donation deferral list?
What happens if a diabetic misses several days of insulin injections?
what is the SOURCE of insulin used by diabetics nowadays?
Why am I so thirsty all of a sudden?
will I get diabeties?
What could Random dizziness mean?
I am at level 47 on fishville and am wondering how high they go up.?
I think I have Diabetes? What are the symptoms of them?
How much are Diabetes Meters?
can soda cause kidney stones?
Are you agree with Dr. Boatright?
What's the difference between an articulating and non articulating prosthetic foot?
Can you die from a diabetic hypo/er?
How many grams of carbs should a Type II diabetic consume daily?
Is it possible to die from 100ml of insulin?
Does corn starch turn to sugar in your body after being digested?
is it posible 4 sum 1 2 have every blood type in there body?
can you drink with diabetes ?
What should someone do if they had diabetes ?
does taking metformin and glipizide deplete the iron in your blood?
How would a diabetic type 1 person react to a high in fat / sugar meal?
Hypoglycemic question?
Would diabetes or hypoglycaemia show up more or less if you had lots of sugar for the few days before the test?
What is the reason for extra belly fat in diabetics?
is family good for your health?
Is 0.5% glucose in the urine considered to be diabetic or normal?
Could I have diabetes? Or is it something else?
how to maintain diabetes level with in limits?
What is a good Thesis statement on a paper over TYPE ONE DIABETES?
I've just been diagnosed with Type II, can I STILL enjoy my honeymoon vacation in 2wks, as in eating sweets?
why am i still so dizzy?
What is the lowest blood sugar an apparently healthy non diabetic can drop too?
What is ideal fasting blood glucose?
What does it feel like when your blood sugar drops?
whats a good 2 course meal for diabetic people?
what are the menu for diabetic person?
Healthy Snacks For A Diabetic?
can a lot of carbs in a persons diet be a cause of diabetes?
What Is Low-carbohydrate diet?
can diabetics drink diet soda?
What is the range for the diabetic A1C?
do u have to get a pct license before u can go into lpn?
Does it matter where a person gets their kidney transplant?
how many carbs in type 1 diabetes?
can you preload a syringe with lantus?
My blood sugar level were 6.5 until i start taking the pill Aygestin, can that be the reason it jumped?
Diabetics and hypoglycemics?
since this saturday been having diabetes symptoms?
What is plasma in the blood?
Ideas for a diabetes brochure?
Question about diabetes?
what does a creatine count of 1.6 mean for the kidneys..there is no diabetes ...slight high blood presure?
What effect does a SHOT of INSULIN have on a "normal" blood-sugar level individual?
Why have I been dizzy and lightheaded for 3 days?
Could I have prevented my childs Juvenil Diabetes?
I'm scare that i might have diabetes..?
I have numbness in both feet and legs . It does not go away when iI am walking sitting or lying down?
Are there any treatments to diabetes besides western medicine?
Can glipizide cause weight gain?
i'm 36 weeks along & im a diabetic the doctors are worried about her lungs they think she weighs 8lbs?
Can I find out if I have diabetes by just using those home kit?
Why is it necessary to blood type the victim?
what is a diabetic coma?
Diabetes question????????????????
my husband has recently been acting drunk,?
Does my diabetic child need better-quality shoes?
Question about sugar and insulin?
how does being overweight, having a poor diet, and not exercising increase your risk of getting diabetes?
i have type two diabetes what is my sugar level suppossed to be at?
if my blood sugar level is 178, does that mean i have diabetes?
Blood sugar too high?
lowering population>??heeelllppp?
What does Hg1c of 6.6 in a blood test mean?
A question to anyone who has type 1 diabetes?
what are some of the symptoms of Sugar Diabetes?
Coffee makes me urinate a lot?
Friend with sugar diabetes?
proton pump inhibitors...where at???? help!!!!?
Can I donate tissues/organs/blood even though I am a type one diabetic?
What Are My Chances Of Getting Any Type Of Diabetes If...?
Does anyone know what the 5th blood type is?
How can diabetes ruin your life?
WHAT IS cure for melena?
normal level of blood sugar in human body?
Do I have pre-diabetes with these numbers?
504 plan question...............?
How long does it take to get blood test results for diabetes?
how can i fix my cravings for blood?
What is a good balanced diet for someone with high glucose?
Will my type 2 diabetes go away If I loose weight?
What are the problems in the female reproductive system linked to diabetes type 2?
I make fun of my friend for having diabetes is that bad?
is this bloodsugar okay?
does seltzer water lower blood sugar level?
Should I check my blood sugar one hour after I start eating or one hour after I finish eating?
my 6 yr old got her vaccines 3 weeks ago and her blood work was fine now she has advance diabetes what happend?
how to reduce serum triglycerides content?
how much insulin to take if my sugar level is over 200?
Can you get a free blood test at your local doctors?
Do I have a sign of Diabetes?
ER 5 On OneTouch Meter?
What will happen if u get insulin shot in ur vien by accident?
Type one diabetes effects.?
Peeing a lot help ! diabetes.?
will 62 year olds getting social security be now covered by medicare?
can a diabetic soak foot in epsom salts after popping a blood blister?
I think i am with diabetes as fasting is 135 and PP is 214(First time).What type whether 1or 2?Require advise?
Can taking herbal CinnDromeX replace the need for Metformin?
How is my body affected by my medications?Type 2 Diabetic.?
If you've been exposed to a great deal of sunlight and have diabetes, what else are you at risk for?
Help with a Diabetes Scenario?
Foot numbness diabetes question?
Funny Diabetes Decal?
I just found out I am a diabetic. What can I and can not eat?
Please Help Me!!!!!!!!??
Why am I thirsty all the time?
Possible diabetic symptom help please?
does a diabetic person's liver work the same as everyone else's?
what are the symptoms of diabetics?
I puncture my finger every day for blood glucose reading, but can I take my prescriptions before?
is this high for a blood sugar?
why is hiv positive people have lower risk of Diabetes?
I am diabetic, does 0 sugar sweetners cause any health problem?
High blood sugar and a cold?
What do i do to get a healthier lifestyle?
How can I get Diabetes Type 2?
is low blood chloride dangerous?
What could happen if you take diabetic medicine and you are not a diabetic?
This is a diabetes question?
I constantly think I have diabetes?
does sugar and sweet things cause diabets?
Why would this food elevate my BGL?
what is diagnosis of diabetes?
What blood pressure pill can a insulin dependent diabetic take ?
Can I have a beer or two when taking metformin 500 mg for type 2 diabetes?
Is there any type of medication that helps you gain hunger?
What's going to happen to James?
Do I have Diabetes, please read?
Need to know what to cook for diabetic husband?
Lately I have been getting very sleepy after dinner (unusual for me).?
Man diabetes type 2 and high VLDL Cholesterol+Triglycerides, Can eat fried food with olive oil or eat red meat?
is it ok if your blood sugar stays around 100 to 110 even after u eat?
does this need stitches or medical attention?
I quit smoking for 6 days now...why am I still coughing like crazy?
I Dunno what to do is it a panic attack am having ?
Propranolol ?? migraine and anxiety ?
URGENT: how to stop a wound from bleeding?
um is there anything i can do?
How many hours sleep is the best ?
its 7.30..I'm tired.. But..?
what are the side affects of steroids?
I have this twitch in my neck, uar I keep nodding and pulling my neck side wards from one side to the other?
My right side of my stomach is hurting?
How to Lose Weight In One Day Without Dieting?
What is the most healthy breakfast?
Question about weight gain.?
Why is uncooked pasta less dense than rice?
blood in phlegm and sore throat and coughing?
Is there some kind of surgical glue I can use to keep my cut on the finger closed?
Can I survive on 6 hours sleep?
The right side of my stomach is hurting?
How can I improve my circulation?
Is this normal blood pressure?
Is this an OCD or really nothing at all?
Does it seem like i have diabetes?
Why is my head a strange shape?
can thrush cause frequent urination?
My stomach is sore when i eat anything?
What happens if you drink 2 caps of bleach mixed in a cup of water?
Tips on quitting smoking (10pts)?
cheap and good ro purifier?
Havent had any sleep for 25 hours?
What jobs can a type 1 diabetic not do?
any doctors out there?? my sons blood results have come back with a low white count at 4.4 and?
Anyone have any idea what illness I could have?
What should i do,i think i injured part of my nail and its bleeding.?
Is coughing up mucus normal this soon in the quitting process?
I think i have HIV but i don't know please help?
How can I sprain my ankle or fake it?
What are some side effects of taking vitamin supplements? How about hemorrhoids?
How to prove someone is smoking weed?
What do you think about the product Jack3d?
Bad eating Habits.. How to prevent?
Someone in hospital with pancreatis?
what causes fibromyalgia?
How do i stop tired headaches without sleeping?
what have i done please help?
How can i stretch my ear?
I can't go to sleep...HELP?
b. Name the hormone which is solely responsible for clearance of excess of glucose from blood and its source?
my baby very sick with lung damege and rare heart defect shes 9 months old need help or dontation?
My friend is going to have gastric bypass?
I can't sleep before 2:00 am..Why ?
My employer doesn't pay sick leave...I am out sick with the tummy bug three days now....?
how come i can smoke a cigarette and be fine, but when i eat a cigarette, i get sick?
i feel so weak and tired recently?
Anti hypotensive injections which can give bolus?
Friend is coughing up blood..?
About TB- signs and symptoms of TB?
What jobs can't you have if you're color blind?
Do you have to replace contact lenses monthly?
high blood pressure during pregnancy?
How much longer will my mouth taste like soap after RAI?
I cut myself and got ink into it??? Doctors answer?
Why are my hands so cold?
I have stretch marks on my hips and i havent had any children, is this normal?
What would you like to ask?my 5 year olds ill again help?
49 years old female, heart attack and done angiogram ?
What should a non diabetics child's sugar level never be above?
How long can someone be left after having a diabetes fit?
Did it make you feel good that you could have potentially saved a life with the blood you gave?
Wiping advice - my way is far too messy!?
Is the blind spot in your eye supposed to be big or small?
dry lips & dry skin around mouth - what can I do?
Wisdom teeth Questions?
Pain help me please???
When a girl loses her virginity.. bleeding?
What is the problem? falling asleep?
Can you die from a backwards heart?
is it safe to buy animal insulin on the net?
Topamax side effects?
I have a cold ( its only stuffy nose and sneezing ) for almost 4 weeks now, could this still be just a cold?
Doctors being able to see on what side you sleep?
I have a small question about sleep irregularity?
Band Aid Rash on my daughter?
How to treat a burned finger? (Possibly 3rd Degree Burn)?
What might be the problem if my heart rate is 126 per minute and i am extremely dizzy and cant stop shivering?
Have you ever had laser surgery to correct your vision?
what can i do for some relief?
Once smoking weed for 7 months and noticing difference in singing voice how can it be made better?
What is the best treatment for heartburn you have tried?
what to feed my elderly aunt who has no appetite. Urgent - do you have first hand knowledge - much appreciated?
cramping period pains. pain killers not working, what can i do ?
Sunburnt face :/ help ?
Are you addicted to chapstick?
Jaw Problems! Clicking all the time & now starting to pain! Doctor or Dentist?
Constant pins and needles in finger tips ?
can you take hydrocodone and unisom together?
how to snap your ankle?
I feel nausea and stomach upset and am diabetic. What could be wrong?
What are extrapyramidal symptoms?
My heart physically aches please help!!?
Why do I need to pee so frequently and often urgently?
Having chest pains......?
what equipment measures oxygen saturation and pulse?
what drink can i drink if im slightly constipated ?
I always feel sick in the morning?
Are my antidepressants working?
Any ayurvedic medicine to clear the heart block ? pls suggest.....helpppp..?
which are the best memory improve supplements?
Any idea what this might be?
Need to quit smoking : /?
Why am I tired so often, am I just lazy?
What if bleach accidentally gets into a cut/wound?
postprandial blood glucose level 166 milligrams is normal or not?
School is causing me so much stress! help?
Coughing until I puke?
how can i test if smoking affects lungs?
I'm very overwhelmed and drained physically and emotionally and I want to die?
I've very overwhelmed, tired and suicidal.. I just want to die so badly?
I rinsed my throat with salt when it was a little sore, now its really Sore!!?
Contacts always dry..?
Questions about INSOMNIA - please helpp!!!?
Upper Endoscopy question?
My ldl cholesterol is 129, hdl cholesterol is 29.1, triglycerides is 154, ldl/hdl ratio is 4.43:1. What to do?
sore throat feels like im swallowing razor blades?
I think I have tonsillitus?
what can i take for a sprained ankle im in proper PAIN?
Can having a tumour in your breast be genetic?
What could I be suffering from?
How many hours of sleep do you get?
what time do u guys sleep at?
Am I suffering from depression?
treatment for alopecia?
Are nails made from bones?
Is it possible to have sudden lactose intolerance?
Few questions about blood in the nose and stomach pain etc?
I've had it. I am at the end of my rope.. I just want to die?
If a dog has a heart murmur does it cause problems?
can you burn a wound with a flame?
how to help myself If I am alone, have no phone and is having an asthma attack?
I try tobacco pipe today?
Can i fix a knuckle that has popped out of my fist.?
Could someone tell me more about Type 1 Diabetes?
My ears give off a bad smell...?
Has he got something wrong with him?
pain in left side of back. What could it be?
can i go out with chicken pox?
Depressed, just can't focus, how to continue doing well in school?
how do i get well and stay well?
Help with my eyesight prescription?
What is the condition called when foetus lacks heart?
Am I having A Stroke?
Is it better to bottle-up and ignore what you feel or to deal with it and tell the truth to those who can help?
I got snake bites(the piercings) and I need help quick!!!?
After standing for a very short while I start to feel weak and unsteady. What could cause this & any remedies?
Severe bang in head.?
Concussion or something worse?
How much refined sugar can we eat a day?
Letting Flu/Cold run it's course?
Its late at night and im bored and cant sleep. wat do i do?
can working in a kitchen affect my asthma?
My heart says yes but my head says no... Help!!!?
Going to see the eye doctor?
Can you tell the difference between cigarette odour and its smoke?
how long would it take for a person to die of dehydration while still eating?
White dots on one side of my throat?
when my cat sneezes blood comes out . i cant take him to the vet until friday what can i do 4 him til friday.?
my husband is 74 as swollen red shiny feet and calf's he is diabetic and has angina?
Numbness after laceration?
Acid reflux, difficulty swallowing, possible weight loss?
i do masterbation 5 times in week, it good or bad??
Fasting..now i have brown urine ?
Random blood sugar of 10.1& Fasting count of 8.6. Is it diabetic& what's the cure?
My dad is about to have heart surgery?
Are my contacts the right prescription?
Have you ever heard of 'Brain State Conditioning?' to help someone stop smoking?
dizzy even when sitting down?
Why am I getting a cold so frequently?
how to get rid of oral thrush?
What's wrong with me ? ?
How to get rid of melasma ASAP ?
can an ecg pick blockages heart problems my doctor says it does but when you look on internet it says it doesn?
Help i have a third heart sound?
Really Cold? Possibly Hyperthermia? Help?!?
headache between eyes/bridge of nose - what causes it?
what is the reason of diabaties?
Is it safe to take expired Gingko Tablets?
info on magic mushrooms? Shrooms?
will drinking peppermint tea with Honey help a cold?
My eyes and head are very paining. last year i x ray my head doctor says a lot of cuff stay here means in head?
How do you get water out of your ear?
is this mono or swine flu?
cold and blocked up with weird sensations..?
Has anyone tried those e cigs and if so how did you get on with them?
what is mean by Vaporizers?how it helps to stop smoking?
where can i get permanent treatment for p.s.s.?
wheeze all day then nothing ?
I feel awful, does anybody know what could be wrong?
What is the best diet pill you have used??? Something that will really work ?
Severe pain please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
what makes a good thermometer?
Do I have an ear infection?
What happens when you have a cold in prison?
I cant sleep since my dog died , help?
How many calories are in my bubble and squeak?
Which method of body building will suit me?....?
What's up with all these new people with weird names asking so many one line questions?
hey my eyesight is 1.00.is it bad?
Why are my friends eyes dull and black now?
How to prevent from fainting?
Just got my second piercing in my ear. Its been about a week now. One of them is stuck on my ear. HELP ?
if im 9 stone 7 what is that in pounds?
Can anyone tell me whether this diet plan is good?
how can i get rid of this headache D:?
it's been less than six months since i caught the cold and i caught it again why?
does it bug you when?
What are the number of calories in ..?
Is a rowing machine or excercise bike better at burning fat in stomach area?
Is it bad to just drink soda water?
swallowing dental plaque causes clotting and heart disease?
Hi, general UK NHS dental query?
How bad does dark circles look?
WHY can not stop smoking?
Is it better to breathe through your nose or mouth?
Does my blood pressure seem weird to you?
have a pain in my leg that goes from my foot to my but but hurts the most in the back of my calf?
What Does it Mean If Someone Cuts Themselves?
Am I a Ticking Time Bomb for a Gallbladder Attack?
can neurofibromatosis be cured?
Do you do this when in the gym?
Sick of Acne.. Someone give me something that ACTUALLY works..?
Is it dangerous to remove a mole?
My husbands blood sugars read 33.5 but most of the time it reads HI.?
Need medical advice: Constant upset stomach, diarrhia and feeling tired?
regular heartburn, causes?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do I constantly have a headache?
How much salt intake ingrams should i be taking in after a four hour cycle ride in tempertures of about 15c?
How much time will it take to heal the ligament tear in Knee?
What are some good movies or books where the main character suffers from a mental illness?
itchy eyes and its remedies?
If you sneezed with your eyes open, would your eyes pop out?
My best friend may need her appendix out.?
just gota nose bleed for the 2nd ever time and my 1st time in 3 years what does this mean?? im a 21/m/uk?
what is the best calorie limit to lose weight relatively quickly ?
Sharing an Asthma pump?
Does heavy use of local anesthesia during root canal treatment may lead to hearing loss?
Why is there blood...?
Can you buy nit shampoo at asda or tesco?
i have got acne problem. i started to use raw garlic on my face.?
I have all the signs I've got Anaemia but the Doc says I'm not Anaemic?
why ESR and WBC are out of range?
How do I get my sleep pattern back?
Went to the opticians today ... Is my eyesight bad?
I've got chills.... they're multiplying.....?
blood pressure is at 162 over 82 is this to high?
Why has my skin got worse since eating a healthier diet?
I broke my big toe and I have a gymnastics meet in five days?
Panic attacks and people?
How successful is the special k diet?
what are the chemicals in dettol?
What is the max amount of Vitamin E, in mg that the body can absorb for a day while taken in capsule form?
Are skeppies spiritually vacant?
is there any specific yogasana for reducing dark circles and for skincare?
Do weight loss tablets work?
what happens to our metabolism when it is cold?
How can i lose 21 pounds?
Weight Training question! does this sound normal?
How can I get to sleep quicker?
Question about underactive thyroid going from 150mcg to 100mcg now feel like you have more energy, why is this?
how do i tell future partners i have hpv?
A Suicidal friend what should I do?
Why/how did I randomly become sick like this...(Please read)?
What does putting milk on your skin do?
What can I eat each day for breakfast/lunch/dinner without exceeding 1000 cal?
I have myopia: Would not wearing my glasses often damage my eyes further?
Do eye contacts affect your eyes like glasses?
what are the things called?
Ingredients in colgate total?
Is high cholestorol caused mainly by environmental or genetic factors?
i go to pee but no pee comes out ! ? READ.?
Can you get constipation if you sit around to much?
back of head hurts when i lie down?
Am I depressed or do I just have a cold?
I keep having periods that last 10 mins-30 and hour where I can't see properly and feel dizzy & disorientatd?
If you don't sleep at all on one night, do you need twice the amount of sleep the next night?
side effects of statins?
Am i fat for my what age i am?
I need tips to help me get my voice back!?
Is this a healthy weight for a 15 year old? how can I get fit for summer?
I have a heavy cold and I can't sleep with it, What can I do about it?
What is wrong with me? (not long)?
Should I go to the doctor about my self harm and sucidal thoughts?
What could be wrong with me?
my dad has a pacemaker nearly 22 years without being changed . he has also gone through a quadruple bypaass.?
I am seeing a cardiologist who I believe is being negligent, what can I do? [LONG POST]?
I am shrinking!! Am I going to be a midget?!?
How do you no if you have high blood pressure?
Any doctors in the house.?
Would counselling help? Dad with cancer; personal experience would be appreciated.?
What is full form of AIDS?
How do you lose fat in your upper, inner thigh?
HELP! weight loss without looking muscular!?
Whats wrong with my back?
What would you like to ask about how to deal with a teenage with depression?
Can somebody name few skin ailments?
Any tips to strengthen the immune system? Traditional or practiced food.?
What do I do if I have blown my ear gauges?
I'm 20 years old and I'm stuck in medical debt, I really need help.?
How come I am not tired?
How does one correct inborn errors of metabolism?
If I do this will my muscle change?
How long does it take for the weaziness to go in a chest infection?
Is it a good idea for me to do this class?
Is water weight visible weight gain on the body ?
Why do I feel so weak all of a sudden?
Scared of dying in sleep?
alot of sugar on porridge?
Blood and mucus in poo?
is simple linctus dangerous for diabetics?
Some people have a condition known as hiatus hernia. Their Cardiac sphincter does not...?
Hi, heart problem that won't go away!?
Finger infected after getting stitches removed...?
Is it dangerous to swallow washing up liquid?
Is it possible to loss 5KG in one month? only gunuine answer no add plz.?
Has anyone had sucess with inline skating and?
How long will it take me to lose 8 lbs?
Workout and diet for a 15 year old?
How much should I weigh?
Sick :'(?all my body hurts I'm sweating alot right Now I can't even go to sleep :( I?
i want to die it seems like a good idea?
How does a hyperbaric chamber help to treat a person's illness?
Can Aloe Vera work on Hives?
y do i have a hard time falling asleep?
Toothpaste on spot - now the spot has turned darker?
why is being malnourished / alcoholic a risk factor for TB ??! (tuberculosis)?
Changed Doctors For High Blood Pressure Because?
My husband has anaemia does this mean the end is near?
Why im i not feeling hungry ?
why is cheese so high in saturated fat?
how to loose weight on your stomach?
What is an endocrinologist ?
How can one of my friends stop smoking cigarette?
Questions about pranayama.?
I have accidently missed yesterdays medication and taken 2 lots today please help?
How do you change your diaper without removing your pants?
why does my back hurt a little because of sit-ups?
becoming laxative dependant?
does a humidifier cause fluid on the lungs?
I ran 6.48 miles in one hour in the treadmill. I am an average person or a good athlete?
right hippo campus sclerosis?
medicine for vericose vein?
I have a pain on my right side of the stomach and right abdomen?
Breatbone hurts, do you feel the same?...?
What more can develop after your hip articular cartilage degenerates to a bone on bone condition?
Plz answer! What's wrong withe me?
can vitamin tablets make you smell?
Allergies ? Advice needed please help ? ?
Severe sunburn and chills... What do you do?
I can't put in contacts!!!?
Can cataracts of the eye be treated with laser technologies?
What can I do about sinusitis?
How to stop binge eating?
How do you stay awake?
Is it bad to have blood from your rectum?
Neck lump - anyone experienced this? help!?
Does Boots Chemist have a good Diabetic range of foods?
specific dietary needs of a person with diabetes type 2?
im 14 and im diabetic why does it hurt when i inject?
is it bad for someone to do this?
Do i Have An Eating Disorder? Kind Of Serious..?
I have just been in hospital with esophageal bleeding, I was able to go home with some medication(omeprazole)?
How to mend a broken heart?
is this normal? i puked 3 times today..?
Anyway to reduce flus infection time plz answer!!?
i have no friends at all....not even 1?
Can I get a flatter stomach by using an exercise bike and eating healthy?
Could you get emphysema after smoking for 12 yrs at ge 34?
How to fall asleep fast?
How to clean your ears without using Cotton buds?
Problems after gallbladder removal.?
do i get paid if i donate blood in UK?
Hai guyz,ma name is mohammed ameen ,i am 16 yrs,but i am only 36 kgs,what shud i do to increase ma weight?
Why is pee yellow....?
How to treat a Straightener burn that happened in the morning?
Should I get glasses?
Any advice for nursing work experience?
My mums feels as if shes gonna die :'( help me please ?!?
What is a healthy amount of calories in a day, for someone my size?
Whats wrong with me? Im always sick and not myself?
How has being a victim of bullying affected you?
Duromine 15mg help please???!?!?
What are cardio, squats and crunches?
i have bulimia.. helppp?
Carpal tunnel operation?
After you have taken a blood test, and gotten the results, what happens to the blood?
what are natural items that control gastritis?
OMG help!! How do I get my a s s back?
Jaw clicking when I open it?
Im allergic to animals but not to my dog?
I think could be lactose intolerance what food should I try to avoid is it just milk or other foods?
What would be the best exercise to help lose as much weight possible in 2 weeks?
red blood cells of 50 per cmm is this normal ?
any body used champ ix to stop smoking ?
My mum says this is a brain echo but i don't think that even exists?
I know that suicide hotlines can send help to you.. but how exactly do they trace the call?
Does it sound like I could be anemia? Is it worth checking this out?
What's The Best Way To Lose Metabolism And Put On Weight Quickly?
Why am I craving so much sugary food ?
When i pee i pee out blood?
Is there any way to cure bad smelly breath?
Unhealthy weight loss?
Which shops in the UK sell douche bottles please?
Weird foot/ankle pain?
is there anything that will make me feel better?
white urine problems?
Im like so ill.have i got swine flu ?
how did you get diagnosed with add?
Dislocated finger and put it back in place?
What are the best ways to increase and work the healing power of the mind?
what is fibromyalgia and loss of cervical lordosis as i have both?
Has anyone had an allergic reaction to a memory foam mattress topper?
What collects under the eye after one wakes up?
Pump up music... Any suggestions?
anorexics - what do you do to keep your mind off of eating? hobbies etc?
Question about metformin hydrochloride tablets for Diabetes?
getting diagnosed with adhd/add?
tonsillectomy and earache?
How to get a better sleep and wake up more refreshed?
How to be heavier and more muscular?
heart keeps bieng weird?
Do you get frustrated when you don't know how to help someone in need?
Is my counselor a mandated reporter if I self harmed last night, but don't plan on doing it again?
whats the best way to get healthier skin?
I'm a guy what should I wear to the gym when I go there?
do i have tonsillitis?
if my boyfriend caught a cold friday night how long until I get sick.?
How much could a person who is 20st (280lbs) expect to lose walking 4 miles a day and eating sensibly?
how are animals tested on in the medical feild?
After havinq a miscarriaqe is it safe to try aqain.?
what is Ayahuasca Vine? DMT?
How do you get rid of chemicals/toxins that are stored in your fat?
What are the benefits of wearing ankle weights for athletes?
Could I have developed an allergy to pineapple?
Could this be Diabetes ? Need info.?
My heart rate is 70 Bpm but...?
Is it normal for blood pressure to fluctuate so much?
Why do I get heartburn everytime I drink Tea and Coffee?
can i please have some explaining answers, anxiety ?
how can i lose weight easy and fast ?
I fell 21 days ago. My right and left hand still have thumbs and index fingers numb, severe pain in left?
Do you think all under 5's should have the flu jab?
Blister from running about in heals all night ?
Can Citalopram make you feel tired alot of the time?
does ptosis occur in facial palsy?
Activities to help hand and eye coordination?
Is their a way for me to pass Ishihara test?
What is the best thing to do after exercising ?
Best wrist support (right)?
My dr is sending me to a neurologist. my carpal tunnel is so severe right now at 34weeks pregnant.is it safe?
how long does it take to lose 15kg?
Really bad dandruff, how to prevent this?
is there any cure for psoriasis?
is there anyone here who has had a successful life leaving school in year 10?
Why would a doctor prescribe Rx to lower blood pressure if patient already has normal/below normal bp?
Is walking 7 miles a day without break "not good?"?
How much weight do u think I might lose ?
is champix safe . if you have diabetes?
I urine frequently but drink fluids alot, could u have diabetes still?
How to treat a bite to the tongue?
what can you do about repetitive strain?
Pain in Finger - any ideas what it could be?
Wrist piercing with tongue bar?
i am 48 and have arthritis - is there any treatment?
15 years old male, 5 ft 7. 11 stone 3lbs. please help :) x?
I'm 57 and have dull cramping and brown discharge what does this mean?
Why do i suffer depression and light headedness when i diet?
Is this normal Wight ?
Where is a really good Pilates Studio in San Diego ?
How to prevent being so "sleep drunk" in the morning?
cure for bad sunburn?
To all Eczema or dermatitis sufferers...?
Advise on Zinc tablets to help acne? Please and thank you :)?
how long does it take to lower triglycerides?
what does no "significant abnormality" in my ecg means?
what are the symptoms of liver failure when you have hep c?
How long does the common cold last?
Severe pain please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Has anyone read about any health concerns around being on a computer?
How do i get a body like this fast?
At what age did you start drinking coffee?
Can humans get the kennel cough?
What signs indicate that a person has frostbite to their feet?
If a person says if i lose any more weight i will disappear, what do they mean?
is malaria a communicable diseases and why?explane?
Explain the principles of Standard infection control precautions?
I got a papercut a week ago and it still hurts?
does anyone even know about lupus?
i am trying to get healthy and i am starting to drink good amount of water but .....?
about pants wetting and bedwetting?
How can I get back into a sleep pattern?
I keep getting random chest pains?
How serious is blood poisining?
What can I do to avoid getting diabetes?
Am i under weight? I'm 13 :)?
What food would you make 0 calories if you could ;)?
How do I lose some belly fat?
How can i learn to walk properly?
why do people like crack cocaine?
What is a food allergy?
whats wrong with me? in pain a lot?
Abdominal pain, no diagnosis. help Please?
Most painful mouth ulcer EVER HELP!!?
Help I feel horible:'( ?
whats a good cheap gym to join?
Heavy bleeding to finger?
I found out i may have an ulcer, how can i tell my parents? URGENT!!?
Do i have a lung disease, please help me?
my daughter has bad tonsilitis when can she go back to school?
If i loose weight from a uk size 14 to a 10 will my skin shrink?
Iron deficiency anemia ? Help please ? ?
Bulimia - vommited blood?
should i worry about regular heartburn?
thoughts i cannot stop they are taking over me . how do i stop them .?
I want to lose weight and gain muscle.?
Smoke from a fused blender is stuck in nose?
i want braces but my dentist hasnt mentioned if i need them or not. what should i do?
Gallbladder? Ulcer? Something else?
why does Ibuprofen make me feel sick?
how to fix glasses without going to the opticians?
Glasses for astigmatism - vision still not perfect.?
He keeps sticking it in my eye?! HELP!?
What do you think of my DIET?!?
Anxiety and heart arrhythmias?
should i go to work today?
when will i get a 6 pack?
If I just ate a bowl of salad with cheese through it for a few days a week, would I lose weight?
What is the significance of talking to one's dinner ?
how to improve my confidence?
What's wrong with me?
What to do when I have a panic attack?
Can anyone help me please?
vomiting after nebulizer?
how do you get rid of sinus headachs?
**** i think im lactose intolerent :[?
Orgasms from running and jumping jacks? What's wrong with me?
My heart beat increases every night and I feel like restlessness and difficulty in breathing with my nose?
does the slimfast diet work?
is there any natural cure for ovarian cyst?
Has anyone tried those marijuana substitues you can buy online, do they get you high like real weed?
Is red bull good or bad for you?
Ok i know i have asked this bit what cm u suggest for me to do to get to sleep?
can diabebtic type 2 people eat food that contains glucose?
Is 141lbs or 10 stone fat for a fifteen year old girl?
Please suggest home remedy or any herbal product for treating skin in winter.?
My mother told me that putting saliva on your wound will help?!?
Why is my memory so awful? I'm 15?
My stress is killing me. I can't sleep, and that's leading to freaking suicidal thoughts?
do I have an overactive thyroid?
I have IBS. I have been advised to go without wheat for 2 weeks.?
Where can I find a supplement called Mind Release in the UK?
how can i stop my sore throat?
Does weight gain cause high blood pressure or does high blood pressure cause weight gain?
gained alot of weight , how badly would it effect breathing?
Would this be healthy?
is this just cold or anything else?
How to stop the shaking and hyperventilating of a panic attack?
Have you ever taken singulair...?
I've seen the light, anyone got any exercising ideas that don't include gyms, runni?
Can I donate blood when I turn 17?
small paper cut on finger now blood poisoning?
16 y/o guy with plenty of long stretch marks on back?
How can i help my poor circulation in my feet ?
Do I have gingivitis, periodontal or natural.?
Body Fat% Loss??????????
Losing weight but body not changing?
How to lose weight good?, I weigh 175 and I want to be 130.?
Are my measurements fat?
Starting a healthy diet?
Help with weight loss?
Ive decided to go on a 'fruit and fibre' diet. i dont need to lose weight at all. but just for disipline diet.?
Does this sound like a good diet plan?
fish food poisening question?
Im a normal 17 yr old boy but im starting to worry too much? need someone to talk to..?
How could i increase my memory power?
do i have food poison?
Do i Have the flu or a cold?
what is good to help blocked eaustchian tubes?
i think i have pneumonia?
Is there a natural way to treat thyroid disorder?
on a buzz or a downer? which one?
I require the services of an Acupuncturist in the SE London region.?
AM I FAT? 4 ft 11 and I weight 6 stone 3. help :(?
are you more likely to crave chocolate later in the day if you eat it in the morning?
Last year my son was rushed into hospital with neuro sarcoidosis how rare is this condition and what causes it?
I am continously itching?
i woke up this morning and lots of red inflamed spots have appeared... heeeeeeeeelp!!!!!?
The best workout to lose belly fat fast?
if you stunt your growth at 15 you won't grow anymore?
What will happen next? I found a lump and am scared it might be breast cancer.?
constant heaviness in head when bend over ????
tight chest and wheezing ?
Is HD tv overwhelming to anybody else?
im 24 years old am i too fat?
how do you get a good complexion/healthy skin through diet?
What is the best way to pack on calories?
Is there any health Insurance plan covering Maternity Benefits with min. waiting period?
My mom can't get out of bed because shes dizzy?
What's the difference between a Psychiatrist and a Psychologist?
Why does my heart beats really fast at times?
what's a good weight loss technique?
I drink alot of lucozade orange and don't eat much.?
how to loose weight? please help me,....?
Is a women's body shape the same no matter whether they are thin or fat?
how do i remove black marks from my face?
How Glycerin can be applied on body ? Cracked Foot or Hand ? How it can be used?
Could a house that contained asbestos still burn down?
How can you stop anxiety after and before fainting?
What exercises are the best way to tone your whole body?
what should i do? (pics)?
Gluten allergy vs. intolerance?
Cant sleep? Sleep cycle is off.?
What Are The Possibilities That I Have A Brain Tumor Or Something Worse?
Body type confusion? Am I an hourglass or a V?
How can one gain weight on a vegan diet?
Why do my eyes have so much yellow?
How to make the color of your eye lighter?
Any one cured of Hypothyroidisms by Homeopathic treatment....? please help?
Is it weird to like cold weather more than hot weather?
How Does my body shake after a little fight?
Fats? Carbs? Fibers? Calories? Whats the deal?
Weird Question about weaknes and tingling in hand?
I have back pain right side pain and dizziness?
2mm taper stuck in my ear?!?
Advice on swine flu vaccination.?
How many grams of sugar per day?
I gained 2 pounds overnight!!!! please help?
i have nobody in my life, and feel like dying ..?
Ok so i joined track 2 weeks ago and last friday i started feeling a pain on my lower legs on the sides of my ?
Above my rib cage on the left is really sore?
why creatinine level is always monitored in cardiac patients?
My weight keeps changing?
What would cause low and high blood sugar levels in a non-diabetic?
Is marijuana a potentialy good way to help treat depression?
Is the Detox diet good to use.?
What should I do about my eyeglass prescription?
My skin is very dry and cracking, getting worse, now by kids are starting. Is it the salt rocks causeing it?
anybody else out there giving smokes up for new year?
my parents suffer from cancer are both in their eighties, they now need constant care but wont go into a home,?
How to completely flush out my system within the next 24 hours?
Has anyone had a Facet Joint injection & did it help your back pain?
morphine sulphate and paracetamol?
Which disease is causes of most death i.e. cancer, heart attack, AIDS or any other disease?
how long can I stay on the soup diet for?
How did you know you had depression? Am i depressed? Parents don't believe me.?
irrational thought anxiety need help ?
I've been referred to see an Orthopedic Surgeon on Tuesday for a foot injury/pain i've had for 10 weeks.?
i am not feeling good?
Can i get rid of my cold fast?
How do i help ease my chest infection?
Asthma or Panick Attacks, please help.?
If I get laser eye surgery can I still wear my glasses?
I need information from people that have chronic back pain?
How to recover from paralysis caused by clots in brain?
My anxiety is coming back, please help?
why does my toe hurt?
my mother is forty five and wants to purchase an exercise machine to reduce weight.....?
i have acute asthma am i eligible for a swine flue vaccine?
Hypothetically, if you cut a finger off, can it be sewn back on?
What can Cardiac Catherisation (NOT FOR ANGIOGRAPHY PURPOSES) Detect?
Irregular heart beat?
This is an annoying question but I feel sluggish and weak and really unmotivated is there a vitamin I could?
How do you get up straight away when your alarm goes off instead of going back to sleep?
I am 18 in sep can i get laser eye surgery?
How much can an average 15 year old bench?
can some one please answer this ....what are for chronic medical condition's for a child?? Please answer?
Why must dialysis have to be carried out regularly?
I'm a 25 y.o. type 1 diabetic and last year I got the swin flu vaccine, Do i need to get it again?
i am trying to lose weight but i am struggling to keep to a diet?
any doctors in the place? its about eating?
I have difficulty getting my sleep can you recommend what i do to sleep fast.?
Why do mental health professionals play down some people being suicidal but panic over others' (UK)?
should i have a birthday shower...when i open my pressies when my family get back - my arm pit stinks and nee?
how can i pretend i have ocd?
Any over-the-counter anti-depressant you can recommend here in the Philippines?
how can i overcome my laziness?
Is Listerine mouthwash good or bad to your teeth/gums?
how do you cover a large bruise on the side of your face?
Where can I find weight loss recipes?
I am starting a new job tomorrow...?
i have a really bad back pains and im 15 years old and its been like this for over 2 months nearly?
Lose weight, quitting pop?!?
Why does my son keep getting chest infections?
how easy did you find stopping smoking?
Does an overactive or underactive thyroid effects your intelligence?
can bloodsugar levels rise without eating carbohydrates?
I am diagnosed with Dibetes two weeks back and blood sugar level is 450mg/dl?
High insulin level while pregnant?
Can a 10 year old get insomnia?
Anyone else lose a parent at a young age?
I am feeling really depressed today....?
Phobia? Is there a such one that Im looking for?
why do we have two eyes, but see one image?
Is there a cure for Malaria?
I'm a virgin and I don't know what to expect for my first time, HELP!!!?
Is it ok to drink 1-2 cans of pop/soda per week?
how can i stop being tired !!?
Why do I hear a soft whooshing in my ears?
Pain from top of head to my neck....anyone help? In really bad pain :(?
What can be done about "garbage viruses" contaminating vaccines?
What natual remedies can I take to improve my low libido?
is anterior cruciate ligament tear surgery is painful?
What to add to a protein shake to thicken it as a meal replacement?
do i have a normal cold or shall i go doctors?
What does it mean when a doctor?
Being diabetic, am i able to get free contact lenses if i need them?
Back/neck ache, pain when swallowing, slight headache, partially blocked nose.?
Healthy diet plan help?
10 ways to dislocate your knee?
How can i stop the sniffing my nose habbit xx?
What Is The Best / Quickest Way To Burn Fat?
How long is too long to be away from alzheimer's victim?
I feel really ill. I have a really bad headache, my bones ache and I feel really cold. What's wrong with me?
who is the best hymenoplasty(hymen reconstructing) surgeon in London?
how wud i switch from atkins to gi diet?
Am I overweight, a little, fine?
Effective ab workouts for girls?
I've Had pain in my chest for two days now?
How does alcohol effect your emotional, intellectual and social health?
need to pee after drinking water?
afraid to come off the atkins to go weight watchers?
How much weight could I realistically lose?
Is this likely to be vitiligo?
I am suferring with Diabities.?
Does the weight of your muscles have an overall impact of your body weight ?
Do you reckon it would be possible for me to reach 6ft?
Cut Finger pretty deep. Feels numb and won't stop bleeding?
Is Lasik eye surgery worth it?
Is there any possible way to cure a cross eye without surgery or contacts?
how do i convert blood sugar level to english , on a spanish optium 140 is 7 i think ,what is 200?
Does eating sugar and sugar based products make you blood sugar rapidly increase and decrease?
Central chest pains, what are they?
artificial sweetners good or bad?
simply trim slimming tablets?
My legs ache after I've been walking. Please help!?
hey am suffering acne from last 2 years.its really embarrassing....give good piece of advice:(nothing works?
How can I lose 2lbs a week?
Should I lose more weight or should I stop?
Whats causing the pain at the ball of my feet?
I have fibermielgia,nerve damage,degenarated discin my back,tmj,and arthitis.What should i take for pain?
Anyone knows a heavy smoker one reached age 80 or75 please tell me because i cant give up smoking?
Gluten-Wheat free diet- can I use wheat hair products?
I want to give my grandma my kidney?
Do I look obese or just thick?
if i take Alli weightloss pills when i have a BMI of 24 what will happen?
what physical condition makes you turn green?
Where can I buy cashew nut oil in Philippines?
Help seriosuly need to loose ALOT of weight?
How do i plan a weekly gym routine?
how to loss more weight?
Episcleritis? Information please?
Glasses questions help?
What can I expect after a Facet Joint Injection?
Does a facial toner make you breakout?
suffering from lip wrinkles?
Will i lose weight if i eat after excercising?
What makes your angry? Do you get angry very soon? How do you overcome your anger?
Heart palpitations, buzzing and pain where heart is?
How to avoid heart disease?
Any tips on loosing weight fast?
Suggest some ways to overcome tiredness quickly?
If you tear your tendon in your hip do you need crutches.?
Do I really need glasses?
Violent internal gass,blood in stool,bloating? HELP?!?
My mom was just diagnose with stage4 chronic kidney diaease. I have Multiple Sclerosis can I donate my kidney?
i lost the rubber on my ear stretching/ taper! HELP!?
Hi, I have some severe pain down and side of shoulder blade and little lower?
What are these symptoms of?
How are virus eradicate in our body ?
P90X Protein????????
Are soft drinks bad for you?
my wife is 44 years old and having diabetic.She is 85 kg.Is there any chance for pregnancy?
Tips on handling anxiety attacks after quitting smoking?
I keep crying for no reason, and I don't know why, does anyone know why?
What's the best way to cut caffeine out of my diet?
If you have a low body fat percentage but a normal weight and bmi, does that mean you have a high muscle mass?
i weigh 9 stone 9 lbs now unfortunately, how long will it take to weigh 9 stone 7lbs?
What is this? Sleep related? Keep getting scared when half asleep cos I think someone is in my room?
I need a diet to lose 28lbs in the right amount of time and diet support; is there any online community?
Nausea everyday Help!?
Why are fewer people smoking?
How many calories do I need per day to maintain my weight?
What multi vitamins and weight loss products can i use whilst on Setraline (Zoloft)?
What is the fastest way possible to gain a 6 pack?
How are flu germs spread?
Is there anything existing that stops physical pain permanently?
Accidently got Seven in my eye??? 10 points?
Is this a common eye problem?
Does anybody ever have trouble with the bath?
'hamster bite' on finger :( ?
Drinking A Lot Of Coffee And Staying Thin?
If your trying to lose weight and build muscle would you reccomend eating ramen noodles?
Can you develop lactose intolerance at any age?
can u take metformin with novolog and lantus?
gluco watch diabetes?
how can i get taller?
any ideas for fast fat free food?
If I drink herbal tea...?
question about candida?
Does Gingko (15%) in tea can have any side effects?
How to lose weight fast in 4 weeks(1month) ?
How to break your joints and to heal them?
I drink too much don't know why?
Do I sleep to much ? or to little ?