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If u just puff weed would it show up on a blood test?
Any good lung exercises?
Dizzy spells easily and shortness of breathe?
Is it normal for your face to go numb during a panic attack?
I have asthma, and I want do beat it?!?
How well does Chantix work?
I can't sleep, need help?
Self anxietty, I get really nervous, im quiet, I run out of things to talk about. PLEASE help?
Stimulants for treating depression? (Ritalin, Wellbutrin, etc.)?
I am becoming obsessive over my weight?
why am i so overly emotional?
i feel bad every day and sad ever day?
is there some kind of mental illness that makes people quiet?
Why am I so tired but having trouble going to sleep?
One moment I'm happy, the next moment I'm depressed?
I don't sleep at night, any advice? (Can't sleep alone)?
Is sleepwalking dangerous?
I think i am depressed. and i started cutting my self because of it?
what would happen if i drank a gallon of water in five minuets?
Is this something bad that I should get checked?
Can an employer demote you for having Insulin reactions at work?
can i diabetic patient who uses insulin get pregnant?
Can I avoid diabetes if I stop eating and drinking sugary substances?
Any way to clean my lungs out?
Do people with asthma run better in hot weather?
Asthma trouble...really scared!! Please help?
What is the intervention for Lung Abscess?
I have been depressed for years and reaching the end of my rope. Im running out of options and I need help.?
What do people use to cut themselves?
court in a few days; prescribed klonopin but taking xanax also without prescription; QUESTION?
I have a weird phobia how can i get rid of it?
For anyone who knows, sees or is a psychologist, please help?
Anorexia help (past anorexics and others answer)?
Diagnose me please? Am i crazy? :(?
i have a really low self esteem,?
Does my best friend have depression?
is it possible for a panic attack to be just dizzyness/ligtheaded ?
What does my chest hurt so bad?
Which chemical was introduced to US as a cough suppressant?
Inhaled paint fume..Can someone help..?
I stop breathing while sleeping, what's wrong with me?!?
I am coughing up mucus with a little blood in it?
Is there a sickness for yawning from time to time?
How Does Stethoscope Work?
How do people with mental disorders get by? Should I lie and change personality?
is thinking of suicide a sin?
Do you think i have some kind of neurological disorder?
What does it feel like to be happy?
What will/might happen?
Why do i feel this way about my crush? Have i blown it with her?
How do you get over someone?
how many kids commit suicide due to bullying?
Abuse and depression? is this even possible?
HELP I LOST mY PENCIL CASE!! Big deal,really! What should i doooo?
why do people lose weight before being diagnosed with diabetes?
18 Having High Blood Sugar like symptoms What should i do?
What is the stages to Renal Failure?
Why am I always so hot?
after a meal is 171 blood sugar mean diabetes?
I feel like I can't breathe right?
do i have a sinus infection?
Tinnitus--mild case or not?
Is this schizophrenia?
Is this silly or just normal ?
I feel I may have depression, but not suicidal in anyway?
how do i get my mind of death?
Does anyone know what could be causing my memory loss?
Why am i never happy?
can my school counseller help me with depression?
what are the symptoms of depression?
Could my son have Borderline Personality Disorder?
Is a chemical imbalance in the brain the only cause of depression?
How to be effective? I can't focus on anything :(?
my son has vomited the last few mornings but seems fine during the day and no fever?
My recent chest xray stated that there is linear opacity noted within visualized lung base, what does that mea?
Please help, feel really sick?
Is this an anxiety attack?
I think my mums gone insane?
Anxiety disorder...........?
phobia of foods =( emetophobia?
Is there any link between autism and memory?
how to stop feeling so anxious ?
What do you do when you feel lost?
do i have problems? im 14.?
I'm depressed and can't cope with college...?
How to tell someone about self harm / getting help?
Medical Condition Inquiry?
Having problems sleeping?
Why do they say second hand smoke is worse than first hand smoke?
I found a kitten but i noticed a lot of dry blood in her nostrills how can i get this out?
What do I do in an asthma attack?
How much does a Pulmonary Function Test cost without insurance?
Can you develop OCD????!!!!?
Im feeling sad because people...?
I think I need help ...?
Im feeling down because people..?
Am i over waight i feel fat ?
prozac and lexapro pros and cons?
My parents don't take me seriously!?
Help, please and thank you?
How do I get over my shyness?
Can't sleep? It's really starting to affect me mentally!!?
Boyfrend has sleep problems!?
What is the pathogen of obesity?
Does Cigarettes have bacterias?
Wheezing in chest, coughing up phlegm, have asthma HELP?
Strange wheezing noise during exhalation?
H1N1 vaccine used only when affected or can it be used before as a precaution is there any side effects?
What do you do to relax/feel better?
I_ f_e_e_l_ b_a_d_!!!!!!!?
Mental Block.. help!?
3d time I've posted this (only 1 spam answer)... ADHD 10 points please help?
slam to all i want to ask u my hair r falling day by day how can i care i m 19 years old?
Is what I describe OCD?
i dont know what im going to do.?
Why can't I cry at all?
Help, please, have BPD, depression, and feel really sick....?
How long does benzo withdrawal last?
How can i go to the hospital without my mom knowing? Help please?
I don't feel like doing anything?
Why is this woman like this (rude) to me?
I have truble sleeping. can someone help?
Ativan not working for sleep anymore..?
I can't sleep help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
i don't want to live anymore. not because i'm depressed. what can i do?
My boyfriends father died today?
I know i can't diagnose myself... but i think im right about this?
Mantoux test please help never had this done!!!?
I've had chest pain for over a year, undiagnosed by doctors, and now i'm tasting blood when i breathe out?
What's the best antibiotic for severe sinus infection?
I can't breathe right...asthma?
Is this asbestos? (picture)?
If I stay awake for too long will I go insane?
Cant Sleep..... And Very Depressed.?
Wondering how much a psychologist would make with these certifications?
HOw can i stop getting so attached to ppl easily.. boys/relationships AND friendship wise..?
how do i keep from cutting?
Afraid of sleeping, is this normal?
Depressed. Please help me...?
Psychological Bullying?
I am having problems with my right ear?
I wanna smoke pot again but Im scared..?
I Need To Know Why I Keep Sneezing?
I am currently being investigated for neglect by the health dt. It was a freak accident. What should I expect?
How to deal with lifes ups and downs when you are alone.?
Symptoms of Depression?
I feel so insecure about myself?
problems going to sleep at night?
Can someone help my confidence?
Can Mental stress show up on a heart monitor?
Am i going blind?! im scared?
how bad do these cuts look...?
Do I have depression?
Can depression kill you?
can i get high of any Robitussin?
after i eat i start coughing and then i puke! is that normal?
What are ways to cure TB?
Why is it that doctors tell us not to smoke but they do?
gonna ask one more time and then im going to give up on this?
Why do I feel this way about a guy?
Is it bad that I don't feel bad about this?
My friend is cutting herself!?
How can you stop a really bad addiction?
Is it normal to always be thinking?
I zone out way too much.?
How can get to sleep??? I need help fast!!!?
Why does my sister has the same symptoms as me?
I am 12 and do you think it's weird?
When does food become the enemy?
who whatnts to smoke some?
If in the Military aka AF and have exercise induced asthma, can you get the boot being in Security Forces?
Uh, I hope this isnt food poising...?
14 y/o and i have severe chest pains?
Is it rare to want to have a dark side?
Am I Over Exaggerating About My Phobia?
i can't shake of this feeling of wanting to go back..?
What should I do I'm not sure?
what kind of gas mask clears radiation?
How do I cure a cough with mucus?
Albuterol Sulfate can get you high?
Why Do We Have "Hic Up's" ?
talking to myself?????
Is it normal to laugh uncontrollably when something bad happens to someone standing or sitting near you?
Why do i keep getting a guilty feeling in my nightmares?
Would it be fine to add my old therapist on facebook?
Is it normal to want to have a bad relationship with things?
Not getting air. Feel Like im suffocating, scared. Help!?
Brain fluid leaking through my nose?
Last pack of cigarette?
what is the drug Antihistamines used for?
Help think of some questions to ask my friend please, ASAP..please so scared and worried?
would mixing Prozac and lamictal do if you overdose on the together?
Do you think I have OCD?
Am I too young for this/?
im a self injurer and i need help?
I think i'm depressed but scared to ask for help...?
im so scared to sleep in my bed because...?
why should you "sleep on it" when you have a big decision to make?
How to handle mental illness around family?
need more answers about self-harming please ?
What could fit these symptoms ? mental health?
how can i stop snoring?
I can't breath... non-asthmatic... help?!?
why do people snoring ?
what are the symptoms of an anxiety attack and how do you feel ?
smoking? How to stop?
what does it when when you spit up blood?
is it possible to get addicted to surgery?
what medication is safe for lifetime use for depression and agoriphobia disorder?
I need to know if this phobia, OCD or anxiety disorder exists?
Is this normal!? Or is there something wrong with me? Please Read!!!!!!!!?
Is Clomipramine (Anafranil) a strong/powerful antidepressant?
how do i get rid of my OCD. its frustrating me?
Seroquel withdrawal..?
I believe I suffer from ADD. I also believe I suffer from bipolar disorder as well. Is this possible?
I wonder if people don't hear voices, how do they know what to do?
thanks for answers to other questions but if you think you are suffering from bipolar....?
what can I do to make an effort of this unbearable feeling hopeless depression? or some advices?
Growing up without a Father Figure?
I have had bad cough for awhile, should I try to suppress it?
Does weed do this to you?
Why are the alveolar walls so thin?
Pertussis Whooping cough... Anything to help it for a 3 month old?
I'm broke and can't afford them, but I still keep wanting to smoke cigs. HELP?
i wake up to hear voices ?
Could having not any friends and staying home every nite result in depression?
How to get over something i did?
Can you make yourself feel depressed?
how am i supposed to be a better person when people keep telling me how awful i am?
anybody help me I couldn't sleep....?
I couldn't sleep now is 1:30 am already what can i do ?
Lung damage and repair from smoking?
what happened to me last night?
side effects of amoxicillan?
how can give up smoking cigarette ?
Can I smoke a bong inside if I burn incense afterwards ?
What could my chest pains be?
breathless sometimes when talking and walking ect.....?
What should i do?whats wrong with me? help please ?
How difficult would it be to not speak a word unless required?
Questions about stress?
How do you make sure self harm cuts don't get infected?
Why do I often sleep walk?
What is wrong with me?
How can I tell somebody about my cutting and suicidal thoughts?
Why do you get a weird feeling when someone gives you advice?
How can I stop thinking so much?
How to get to sleep faster?
What would you do if you found out your psychiatrist was also seeing a psychiatrist?
I never attended kindergarten, does that give any effect?
Am I being considered dramatic or suffering from depression?
lack of sleep- any wide awake methods?
Bi Polar a disease? Or disorder?
shoud i be concerned about having 1 ct scan of my abdomen?
The patient was a 44-year-old male with a past medical history significant for hypertension,?
smoked my first cigar and am experincing side effects what should i so?
shortness of breath... scaring me.?
My daughter,9years keeps coughing,doc says it is not asthma, what then?
a week without sleep..what will happen?
Is there any alternative medication to anti depressant for anxiety?
Bipolar episode duration help?
Should i be worried? * eating disorder..possible*?
How can i love or even like myself?
i am 19, and feeling so old.?
Help my mum just told me she wants to kill herself what do I do?
Is my boyfriend crazy? Are these early signs of a sociopath?
please help me. mother abusive to father?
Am i Depressed and what can i do!?
how to not feel socially awkward?
Do you think this is anxiety related?
Why do people rock back n forth?
cough problems..........?
Broken Arm and Asma Question?
Why do Cystic fibrosis and IPF affect the developed countries more than third world countries?
Muscular Dystrophy pains. Help.?
I'm too scared to sleep, is this normal?
Always Lonely??? professionals only please?
I am depressed and don't know what to do.?
I lost my twin brother, i just want to talk to someone who knows what I'm feeling. Please?
is this normal......?
how to be happy with who you are?
why do i feel so depress all the time is it becausei have no life at all?
Can it be possible that I have add?
can you smoke a tobacco pouch in a pipe?
I used to smoke marijuana, how can i get my lungs healthy again?
I recently stop smoking...?
Ear clogged for over a week, help?!?
What is a problem of continuous noise in my ears?
why do smokers smoke ?
In order to be diagnosed and possibly prescribed medication, what's the process?
Does anyone know of a website where I can talk with a therapist or counselor for free?
how can I stop being paranoid and socially awkward?
What are some signs of insomia?
What to do about my depression?
Can your mind really make you feel pains that aint there?
I'm so depressed! Help?
Planning suicide attempts, cutting myself, drinking and avoiding everyone should I get help? ?
what should i do? mental hospital?
I'm So Scared That I Can't Even Cry, Anymore?
I need to tell someone about my self harm but I don't know how?
How can I find help for depression if I dont have any money?
what is worse? a smoker or an alcoholic?
what do you drink if water on lungs?
How can i soothe my dry throat?
why is a bed ridden person more susceptible to pneumonia than a patient who is ambulatory?
I have been taking Lexapro 20mg for about two months, and it caused some serious mental problems. Help?
why do I get these weird feelings, psychosis?
Why do I do this..............?
I keep counting everything, whether its the angles of a window or every side of a cube or object, is this OCD?
talking to myself too much?
I am physically beautiful I am told with a great Personality BUT I Trust No One?
Is it wrong to sleep naked?
Uumm i think i may be crazy?
I think I may be depressed or having a breakdown or something.?
My therapist wants to start doing EMDR with me?
What constitutes an emergency?
Can you smoke old weed?
Shortness of breath, PLEASE HELP?
where can I find about the drug---Xolair?
My chest really hurts when I breathe or lay down?
Mental Health: What could cause this?
I'm too anxious to eat, any advice?
Question about Antidepressants> What do you think of this?
Heard a voice in my head while waking up?Am I going crazy?
How do I control my dog's addiction to his rubber ball?
About Schizophrenia??
Having trouble sleeping around 3:00 am?
I chewed a Wellbutrin and it made my tongue and mouth numb. Is that normal?
I think I have a problem with picking! What should I do (10 points)?
is it depression or what?
Not panic attacks what are they?
if you have a cough what is the best way to clear it up.. AND FAST!??!!?
How can I stop my boyfriend smoking?
am i overacting or is my boyfriend?
How do I get a blood test, when even the thought gives me a minor panic attack?
Can you be sent to a psych ward for cutting and suicidal thoughts?
Am i crazy for this? Please answer.?
Is there really anything that could make me happy?
Help withh getting rid of a foot fetish?
how do auditory hallucinations sound?
question clonazepam is it for anxiety?
Can weed do this, or is my tongue defective or something?
Can you tell when you or someone else is blacking out?
why does the left side of my chest hurt?
i had a sharp left chest pain and could not breathe in deeply what could it be?
I cab feel the water I drink go down my throat into my chest ? A.s.a.p?
People who are depressed what happens when a really bad thing happens and you waisted all your tears on nothin?
in your experience what causes social anxiety disorder?
Can anxiety lead to psychosis in an individual with a predisposition to psychosis?
I feel empty and suicidal help please.any coping ideas?
HELP!! (mental problems) :/?
Is bagged tobacco have the same chemicals as regular cigarettes?
Is there a way to see if my husband has sleep apnea without going in for an official (expensive) test?
do gas masks have esbestos in them?
Please read. Do I have asthma?
do i have a sleeping disorder?
What can i do if other people's moods when they are ANGRY make me depressed?
Will Blood Work Be Required To Diagnose Panic Disorder?
please help i am really scared, whats wrong with me?!?!?!?
why is my chest hurting!?
What kind of headache am I experiencing?
I seriously can't sleep!!?
how dangerous is it to breathe the gas from dry ice?
Sports and my Asthma?
My mom saw my text messages, HELP!?
Can weed make u depressed ?
Help me please there's something wrong with me!?
Does this sound like a good plan for recovering from anxiety?
I'm depressed help someone?
can memory loss be caused from lexapro withdrawal?
I'm horribly depressed?
Is lack of spontaneity bad?
I am bored outta my mind!?
I want to join high school football, but I have asthma. What should I do?
i forgot how to breathe help!?
Do people survive cystic fibrosis?
Why am i having trouble breathing?
Is cigarillos worst than cigarette?
What is it called when heavy stuff fall on your chest and coast red thing in your chest?
what does a panic attack feel like?
what can I bring to hospital?
What is wrong with cutting?
Im depressed and i dont know what to do?
How can I treat my depression?
Im 25 and am like a 14 year old..how can i be normal?
Feeling an urge to cut myself?
Do I have ADHD, ADD, or possibly Anxiety?
Bipolar plus antidepressants?
If a child or adult has emotional problems is it more due to genetics or a bad childhood?
how do you walk? i need help, there is nothing wrong with me,?
Does therapy blame parents too much?
What is my psychiatrist doing?
Do you know you can defy death by yawning?
Chest pain during heavy respiration?
How do you clean up mold?
Do I have asthma or is it something else?
how do people get steroids?
How do I stop this......?
Am I really hurting myself?
Is it possible for someone to be addicted to making up?
I'm Schizo-affective Bipolar Type and I feel so alone, help?
Daylight lamps for SAD depression?
I am so sleepy !help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What u think of living a life of celibacy?
Can a heroin addict work?
Being around food gives me anxiety attacks?
coughing up blood from smoking newports?
has anyone stopped taking cephalexin monohydrate (or KEFLEX R antibiotic) once they started feeling better?
will the long term effects of smoking last even if you quit smoking?
What Is REM Sleep??????????
How can I cure my cough, it's not a dry cough?
How do I get my dad to quit smoking in the house?
Could it be possible for me to have COPD?
What are the Dyspraxia symptoms?
what is the disorder called when people believe their own lies?
Do you think I have this disorder?
Have you ever seen or heard of anyone doing this with their hair?
How to change sleeping patterns!?
I feel depressed should i go to a doc?
is this strange or what?
Depression/psycology help please. (may be advanced work)?
Shld i think about suicide?
How can I move on, my life is a cycle kind of, help me if you can?
How long before TB test shows?
something is stuck in my throat?
I've been smoke free for almost 7 days. Does it ever get easier?
Ive been smoking camel filters for a while now..i recently switched to camel lights. It seems like im smoking?
Is this medicine combination safe?
Does anyone know a simple way to cope with depression?
what disorder if any do you think I have?
Im 15, I will randomly feel sad?
My Mom's extremely disturbing mental problem: Please Help!?
What is wrong with me?
How can i make my goal and stick to it... ?
Can you suddenly get OCD?
Would you say there is something wrong with a girl who dosent like make up?
Why do I want so much alone time?
How many of you out there aren't really depressed?
Should I get out of my room RIGHT NOW?
whats wrong when you have to constantly snorkle to clear phelm from your chest and the phelgm has black streak?
What's the difference, health-wise, between smoking and second-hand smoke?
How many tracheotomy patient should a respiratory therapist have in a nursing home?
Experiences with switching from Lexapro to Celexa?
What is wrong with me?
I have a very general question about antidepressants..?
I'm having trouble going to sleep at night?
How can i fix my life?
Why does Lexapro make me feel depressed all of a sudden?
i think i have ocd and i dont know how to tell my parents?
Nothing To Live For, Wouldn't Mind Dying?
Help! How do I take control of what i might want?
COPD Lung question/issue?
My dad is sick and no one can figure out whats wrong. (passing out after coughing)?
Chest hurts for 5 days.?
sore throat? plz help?
Real Maple Syrup sugar amount?
Could someone outline the types of diabetes and treatments and the signs and symptoms?
Why wont my blood sugar go down?
State the effects of the hormone insulin?
Which Insulin Pump should I choose?
what is the glucose levels when you test yourself?
How do i Get a major sugar rush!!!!!?
Effects of injected insulin?
How would meds help with social phobia?
I dont know my dad, and i hate my stepdad. Is this a good enough reason to be depressed? PLEASE HELP?
I'm asking for help i feel vulnerable and hopeless depression is getting worse I in a serious state?
whats med is better for genral anxiety disorder and panic disorder?
What are the effects on a girl of never knowing her father?
How can I talk to my doctor about my feelings?
why we do x-ray for the rheumatoid arthritis in 'ball-catcher's position' in AP view not in PA view?
i have had chest pains over tthe past couple of weeks but i am only a teen?
Is smoking K2 herbal incense legal?
My 3 year old daughter is throwing up white clear vomit, no bile.?
I have a strange phobia?
Why do I have such mood swings?
Depression helpppppppppp!?
Could I be bipolar/ or depressed? I'm 15.?
Question about depression?
how often do u get a low blood sugar?
Diabetic recipes online?
What can happen if a Type 1 Diabetic cuts herself?
My little sister lives with our abusive mum, and I think she's self harming?
Why is there such a stigma concerning mental health?
Can thinking too much make you crazy?
Fantasies of cannibalizing Oprah, help?!?!?
Describe the issue of smoking?!?!?
I occasionally have very sharp but random chest pains.?
Why do I keep coughing up mucus?
help me stop my 13 year old friend to stop smoking?
Could I have diabetes?
Can vitamin D prevent Type 1 Diabetes?
NON DIABETIC i know that testing ur blood before 2 hours is not good BUT what would the number be if u did?
Can someone help me please, and ill be very greatful?!:(?
Should a 17 year old have and sleep with a pillow pet?
where does this irrational fear come from?
Is this normal for people that used to self injure?
Should I drink alone on new year night if I have crippling social phobia and possibly depression as well?
Why has my sleeping routine changed?
do i have depression from what im telling you..?
If you start taking Symbicort,do you have to take it forever?Are always complications if you stop taking it ?
Why Am Coughing Up Blood?
Can you inhale a solid?
I've been coughing for three months! What do I do?!?
Lamictal (lamotrigine) for bipolar?
I'm really paranoid about cameras?
Ok so EVERYONE tells me I'm... But is it true??? Please help!!?
Why don't I like people?
How can I get help for my sister for substance abuse, bulimia, alcoholic and drepression?
What do I want to do that?
Why Asperger can't socialize with Extrovert?
What do you do when you can't sleep?
Therapists help me am I mentally Ill?
How can I get my boyfriend to stop drinking so much?
Is there a way to keep me from getting sick from cigarette smoke?
Any quick asthma remedies other than steam?
Causes of excess phlegm?
How would they remove fluid from your lungs if you couldn't cough it up?
If a person who is diabetic and uses an insulin pump, which is attached to him at all times, does this?
What is going to happen to BP?
I pee a lot, I'm Type 1 Diabetic?
does insulin have to be kept cold?
HOW long should a diabetic go without eating or taking insulin?
Diabetes and pills?!?
If someone has diabetes and her blood sugar goes up at any moment, what can she do, beside drinking?
I'm a bit worried about my safety tonight?
what controls our sleep?
Diagnosis: Mental Inthelopia?
why do I not feel that many emotions?
I'm taking effexor xr but i wanna have only ONE drink this evening?
I am having problems with my anxiety AGAIN...?
Iloperidone is it officially approved? So where can I find the drug...?
Why am I struggling to imagine things?
Symptoms during a panic attack?
Every morning I am coughing up brown to yellow mucus...?
Really watery mucus discharge(Sinus pressure/infection)?
Asthma growing out of it question?
Interveiwing questions for a self harmer?
do i have a sleeping disorder?
Why does it always feel like im dieing? ill be in the middle of a activitie then i think of sudden death?
Do I have autism spectrum?
Why Aspergers are so naive?
Social Anxiety Medication Help?
My daughter claims that reason she did poorly on the SAT is due having only one hour of sleep?
What will happen to me?
Not sick but coughing?
Threw up blood from choking on food. Help!?
not breathing on my own?
Why are people more likely to get sick during the winter?
If I smoked as a teenager?
Is my chest pain and brown mucus from quitting smoking or pneumonia?
Am I suffering from a depression, or it's normal to sometimes suffer so much emotionally?
How many Ambien can you take at onetime ?
I am Scared to have a sleepover! Even at my house?? HELP!!!?
What do you do to relax?
Problems Sleeping, can't be alone?
Is there something wrong with me?
I always worry about making noise in my apartment, but it's just ridiculously irrational. How can I stop?!?
Is there any Anxiety/Stress over the counter medications?
I cant stop thinking of death!?
Can't sleep. Need help.?
Why, why am I the way I am?
Thoughts on my blood sugar levels?
I just tested my blood sugar , it showing 340 , is it OK?
is okra or ladys finger a diabetic medicine?
why would I be asked to consult my diabetic Dr. before using an?
what is it called if yuo get these crazy nightmares and wake up with an asthma attack?
I am a 15 year old girl with a big audition on sunday, I have a bad gravelly, sore throat?
please help me with these asthma inhalers?
How do I differentiate between a cold and a sinus infection? Can i treat a sinus infection at home?
If you're bipolar do you have to be depressed or manic all the time?
Does tv kill brain cells?
Pleaseee help me & answer this. please?
Tell me what makes life worth living to you?
Any suggestions for bronchitis/pneumonia? Or people with asthma?
what are the harm of electronic cigerets/ nicotine.?
I was diagnosed with sinusitis? But?
I was so sad that my daughter smoke, how can I help her to give up smoking?
Coughing up black and blood symptom of what?
What are some physical signs/symptoms that come with mental illness ?
For anyone with OCD....?
How can I keep myself from cutting?
How can I help my 14 year old friend with his depression?
What Are A Few Things That Trigger Panic Attacks?
My boyfriend has depression...?
What is a good self test for teenagers to see if you are bipolar?
Am i going through major depression?
I think my friend is mental?
Having trouble letting go?
Anti-anxiety medication question?
Why can't I talk to people? Especially my therapist?
How to get rid of extreme anger and depression?
Based on this, do you think I have O.C.D?
I honestly really need help? Please? ?
Do I have early symptoms of schizophrenia?
I'm suffering depression at the age of 13, what should I do?
What's the point of having a filter on a cigarette if it's bad for you either way?
Trouble Breathing-asthma?
What causes bloody noses?
Is 12.3 an ok blood iron level to have or not?
My mom has diabetes but doesn't take care of herself at all. Help?
Any suicide prevention chat rooms?
Is there a such thing as a chip addiction or chip overeating?
i can hear perfectly but i cant distinguish words do i have ADD or ADHD?
What treatment works to stop addiction? Former addicts answers please...?
Horrible side effects, scared, paranoid and numb?
My Grandmother has Alzheimer's and lately it has been progressing rapidly- but what can I do?
How do you treat someone with depression (severe)?
I have taken the depression med cymbalta (effexor) before but it made me high as a kite. Instead of taking it?
What's wrong with me? Am I crazy?
I hate where I live!! It makes me so mad!?
Coughing after a good run? What is it in a 9 year old?
Help me! Very Bad Cough!?!?!?
what are the side effects of smoking blaze herbal incense?
How to get rid of ear lobe infection?
what are the legal and economic consequences of smoking tobacco?
Random blood glucose...?
My doctor tells me that I am almost diabetic, and is considering giving me a pill for it.?
my a1c before is at 9.9% then after a week it's at 7.7,i was expecting to lower it down to 6.5 for for a week?
how to lower a1c fast?
Abnormal blood sugar readings... Hypoglycemia without the low blood sugar?
best red wine for health?
I have severe diarrhea and want to know what foods I should eat and drink?
Are potatoes off limits for diabetics?
what are the metabolic effects of the hormone glucagon?
What are the longterm health implications of elevated blood glucose levels and uncontrolled diabetes.?
Do I have diabetes/cancer?
can I take 2,000 mg of vicodin and be ok?
i desperately need help?
I was at the psych ward visiting my sister and?
What to do when your MOTHER threatens suicide because you made her upset?
I can't seem to get over getting told to commit suicide by a teacher. Help please.?
can you force a 18 year old to see doctor for self harm wound?
I think I have add but my mom doesn't understand?
is this my dead sister calling out to me. someone please help me?
This is a bit weird but extremely annoying...?
do i go to the doctor for my mental health?
Why am I so angry with myself and other people all the time?
What does counselling involve?
How can i control my temper?
why do i feel sick if somebody talks about rape?
i could possibly have an eating disorder? i don't know what the problem is?
ok well im a type 1 diabetic im 15 and have had it since i was 9 i have an insulin pump?
what is a normal blood sugar reading?
How do psychiatrist's diagnose ADHD?
i have adhd and scared to tell my boyfriend......?
Does smoking really help with Stress?
40 mg prozac capsule can i break it and pour half out?
qustion about how sleep effects depression?
how to cure being scared of hights?
Why won't my mom let me do anything except studying and makes me study so much? Help?
my younger sister committed suicide nearly four years ago.?
Went of Prozac cold turkey.Stll not okay? HElp please?
Is my friend faking depression?
Has anyone had success with herbal anxiety treatments? What works?
Am I sick for wishing my mother was dead?
I just read about the highly addictive qualities of benzodiazepine drug and want to know if cyclobenzaprines a?
Whats wrong with me? I am getting enough sleep and I dont feel tired?
Do I suffer with depression?
depression at the age of 16?
Does this sound like OCD?
New sleep schedule?.............?
How do I get out of this depressive funk I'm in?
I ve taken Cymbalta and feel its not helping w my depression. Can someone recommend another depression med?
I'm totally obsessed with cutting myself, suggest me something better to do when i'm angry/ depressed.?
Overcoming fatigue during Klonopin withdrawal?
Gestational Diabetes?
My sister is worried about getting diabetes?
OMG i think i might have diabetes!?
Causes of vitamin D deficiancy?
i have diabetes, how can solve my problem?
after eating Asian rice 2 hours, getting 198 reading...?
Why can't you exercise when your blood sugar is high?
OMNIPOD for diabetes?
Problem that has been bothering me.?
I'm very depressed at the moment...I feel like my family is not really helping, what should I do?
Why do I cry so much when I'm angry?!?
Could I be considered "mentally ill"?
Should I take Cipralex of Seroxat?
My family is completely useless...what should I do? who should I see?
am i seeing things... am i crazy?
I like little kids in a wrong way.?
looking for some quick answers! (10 points)?
If your primary doctor refers you to a psycolgist can you deny going will the main doctor dump you?
17 year old brother hears distorted yelling voices?
Having trouble sleeping?
Cant stop feeling like crying, ruining life?
Am I beginning to become anorexic?
Help!? IDK what to do!?
why is my elderly mom so agitated?
help!! my friend is planin to kill his family!?
Please read? It's to warn people out their about self harm ( cutting) bits and pieces of my story ?
My pupils are extremely dilated... what's wrong with me?
can anyone get depressed for no reason?
Majorly depressed to a point of confusion?
How to get to sleep quickly?
started sleeping a lot?
My husband is a diabetic and the soles of his feet feel like he is walking on gravel.?
Do you think of suicide often, too?
What is a weird habit that you have?
What happens if a doctor sees cuts on your arm?
How to cope with someone's awful driving?
My stubborn friend has a drug problem and wont take advice? Please Help?
My mind gets clouded/'heavy', and then I freeze mid-sentence: what's wrong with me?
I'm not getting any sleep!?
Can OCD ever be a good thing?
Whats a way to relax?
I'm feeling really nervous, what is a way to relive stress?
Does depression and anxiety cause this..........?
Is there a diagnosis or a syndrome on the desire to kill both parents?
Is my roommate an Alcoholic?
my sis just told me that she woke up with bruises and scratches on her and that she feels she is being watched?
hallucinations caused by depression?
Can anyone out there help me get over my depression? I feel like I want to die?
Why am I losing interest in everything?
What are all te reasons you can be sent to a mental hospital?
Was I wrong or right?
am i having anxiety attacks?
age 71, diabetic-15 yrs, sugars too high, changed insulin from 14 to 20 in am and 44 to 60 in pm, sugar higher?
Why are people who have diabetes hospitalized?
What jobs can you have that relate to diabetes and what is the major to get them?
Possibly diabetic? I don't know what to do? Please help?
do i have diabietes type 2 or could it be something alot more serious?
Could I have eaten 12 ADD pills and survived?
What does a high pH level in a Urinalysis mean?
I'm a Type 1 Diabetic and 7 weeks pregnant. Just need some positives from anybody.?
what causes high blood sugar?
How much Cinnamon should you take daily when you have Diabetes?
how to bring blood sugar down without medications?
What would be the cheapest way to get insulin and the test strips etc. for an 18 year old? Health plants etc?
Is it possible to shock your body into getting diabetes in just one day of high sugar consumption?
Can complications from diabetes be reversed?
Good blood pressure monitor to buy?
Why does diabetes cause weakness, abdominal pain, vomiting, and rapid pulse?
health problems and bdsm?
Which fruit juice is better for a diabetic?
Do I have pre-diabetes with these readings?
Question about Diabetes?
Hi, Does treating gestational diabetes involve hospitalization over 3 days? Is the doctor scamming us?Thanks?
Type 2 Diabetes: Is 136 too high 2 hrs after dinner?
How can I wear my pump while I am at the water park?
What does my glucose results mean?
Statistics for Diabetes & Junk Food Eating?
have you had your gall bladder removed?
Should I be more careful?
What can I do about this?
Drinking diet soda for about 4 weeks..35 weeks 4 days pregnant and i have gestational diabetes..?
does a self BG test hurt?
What would you like to ask?A test for getting disabilty?
Diabetes Symptoms,help?
I get tired when I stay away from sweets. How do I remedy that?
i heard that pain under knees and calf area is a symptom of diabetes?
can i still have diabetes if the tests are fine?
How does changing diet and exercise patterns affect Diabetes?
Darkening of the Skin with diabetes?
I think i might have diabetes?
Anyone know about prediabetes?
do you know of anyone who has gone through blindness from diabetes?
Question about gestational diabetes?
What are the some ways to control blood glucose levels?
How likely is it that I might develop/or already have diabetes?
how could i get disabilty if i don,t have the money or insurance to see a dr?
Do I have diabetes? I have just got 7.2 on tester?
My sugar level fasting 110 after stopping medication for 1 week?
I need to know if this would be an acceptable breakfast for a diabetic?
What should I take; Actos or Metformin?
How many Grams of sugar per day is safe for a diabetic?
How can some people have NO symptoms of Diabetes...Wouldnt you feel your body not being normal??/?
does diabetes afect the ears?
I feel like I may have diabetes...?
Is it true if you diabetic you get front of the line at worlds of fun.KC?
can someone help me 7,500 mg = ________ g?
Is natural sugar better for you than white sugar?
What sugar (glucose) level can bring about peripheral neuropathy?
If someone who isn't diabetic eats the food for aimed for diabetcs...?
is blood sugar 186 bad?
How do you increase the risk of getting diabetes?
How dangerous is drinking and type II diabetes?
Where can I collect used/wasted diabetic supplies?
Have a Diabetes question?
Insulin pump is there any place to get help with paying for one if your funds are low and credit is not great?
i need help to get my dad help with alcohol!?
Am I Diabetic with a Random Blood Test of 160?
Ways to raise money to help find a cure for diabetes!!!!!!?
Diabetic Diet plan, please help!!!?
can the diabetic drug glyburide lower your blood platelet count?
why glucose is not stored in the form of glucose rather than glycogen?
People with type 1 diabetes how did you feel before you knew?
I have no diabetes risk factors but all of the symptoms?
diabetes question? Please answer.?
How often is diabetes misdiagnosed?
Could I have diabetes?
My Metformin is not working well?
Does ur moring blood sugar matter what u ate before bed...maybe only being 8 hours of sleep...could it be hi?
What's the danger of taking diet pills?
Is this something I should see a doctor about? I'm really worried?
Is it diabetes? Please helpp!?
what whiskeys are made without sugar?
is Hypoglycemia a sign of diabetes?
Breast Reduction + Diabetes?
Should I see a doctor about my blood sugar?
what happens if a person with out diabetes takes diabetic medication?
my boyfriend is a diabetic and......(best answer-10points)?
Why would someone's belches (burps) smell of bologna?
Question for diabetics: What is your favorite diabetic friendly product and/or recipe?
Are you allowed to have sick leave for 6 weeks if diabetic?
Can angular cheilitis be caused by diabetes?
Can diabetics die from a siezure?
woud medicare pay for caretaker that takes care of bipolar people?
why doesn't prescription Prandin have a generic?
6 Year Old With Diabetes and 140 Blood Sugar?
Dating a guy with diabetes?
is sobe lifewater good for diabetics?
ketoacidosis diabetes?
I need a free doctor where can I find one?
Diabetes and Passing Out/Blacking Out?
How do I GAIN weight?
do i have diabetes?????
What do diabetic people eat? Meals, snacks etc...?
my systolic bp is 139?
Is there a vitamin that can thin your blood?
I recently took a glucose test after fasting for 12 hours and the result was 116...what does this mean?
What Do Blood Tests Do?
What is the percentage that a type 1 diabetic father will pass it on to his children, son or daughter?
I heard that drinking Chia Iskiate, everyday, regulates your sugar intake, so is good for diabetics?
What is a high leiver count?
What is the diabetic formula to figure my average blood sugar if my A1C was 7.2?
Who takes Medicare for Gastric band?
is trouble sleeping a sign of diabetes?
please answer about blood tests..............?
Can you give blood if you have diabetes?
To prevent Type II diabetes, is it more important to avoid sugar and carbs, or to avoid fat?
What is the difference between insulin and oral hypoglycaemic medication?
Why do patients with Diabetes have prolonged recovery compared to patients without Diabetes?
Urinating a lot-is this too much?
i need some medical advise. any help?
can i drink 5 hour energy with pacemaker?
Type one diabetic - No carb diet?
Is there complications on immigration with diabetes?
I just found out out i have renal failure,am I gonna live?
i have low blood sugar, i feel dizzy and feel faint all the time?
Which two pancreatic hormones are responsible for maintaining blood glucose levels?
What is pre diabetes?
Are blood glucose meters accurate?
If I had my legs amputated, would I have to change my height and weight on my driver's license?
what is low sugar (3 hr glucos test)?
What are the real names for type 1 and type 2 diabetes and whats the difference?
Am I at risk for proteinuria?
How many types of diabetes are there?
Do you think I have diabetes?
Do i have diabeties? Please help!?
My tsh is 3.44, t3 is 241 and t4 is10.6?
What is the chance that my kids will inherit diabetes from their father?
Diabetes and insulin, can a low kill you?
having bad diabetic reaction after having no insulin then having dose,but still sick?
what is effect of pumpkin on diabetics?
What is best for keeping low blood sugar, and what is best for lowering blood preasure?
Should there be more educational programs for diabetes in public service announcements?
Is there a way for doctors (some type of testing) to know if there is a nerve damage in the patients body and?
Is this normal for a diabetic?
Blood sugars are wack! What do I do?
what are they looking for in a fast blood test?
My wife was prescribed Lyrica. What sould we expect?
effects of stress on diabetes?
Could I be diabetic? Im overweight but not that much and Im only 18.?
my a1c is 5.4 do i have pre-diabetes?
Are there any meds that could cause blood sugar levels to drop below 20?
Is there a connection between irregular heart beat and diabetes?
Family member gets very tired after big meals: could it be diabetes or thyroid disorder?
How to lower A1C levels from 13?
Question about diabetes?
so because i have had gestational diabetes and overweight im doomed to get diabetes....ok....thx?
Do I have diabetes? Due to some frequent urination today and such...?
if you control your diabetes so that your sugar levels are good, do you eliminate all side effects?
Need help understanding Glucose test results?
can trazozdone get you high?
glucose level of 67 after 4 hour eating is low?
What is the difference between opthalmologist and optometrist? If someone has diabetes and would like?
help? 14 y/o diabetic with ADD?
Can you catch a virus from a used diabetic test needle?
I am 39, diabetic, and pregnant. I cannot eat any carbs or my sugar skyrockets. Any recipe suggestions?
i have lost weight but i still have my appetite?
not diabetic, my blood sugar is 130 in am...WHY..caffeine, stress..yesterday I checked it was good...?
Do all kids lose weight when they have diabetes?
If I drink my wife's blood would I get sk . Even If she's 100% clean an doesn't have any infection or viruses.?
Low Blood Sugar - 10 month old?
I had a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel. My proteins were high (9.0) What does this mean?
are there over the counter medications to lower blood sugar?
I need info about coumadin, what can I eat?
How Hi does the meter read?
Blood test and diabetes question?
What type of Dr treats kidney stones?
Metformin and Alcohol?
can we use brochitis medicine being a diabetic?
Could Hypoglycemia lead to type 1 diabetes? Or is it possible for rapid weight loss to occur in type 2?
why does my Temperature rise when i eat sweets?
How long do people with diabetes live?
if someones blood sugar goes up high after they eat .and if it comes down thats normal, but if it dont then?
Does this sound like possible symptoms of diabetes?
is is true there's a vaccine for diabetes?
Which insulin pump is better?
is it damage to the sensory nerves in diabetes which causes heat regulation problmes/?
Just diagosed Type 2 Diabetic. QUESTON!!?
Is it normal to have to take a nap after every meal that includes carbs?
Concerned about diabetes. Please help!?
what happens when a diabetic takes warm insulin?
Testing for blood sugar after meals?
My husband is diabetic and he sticks to a strick diet but his blood sugar still fluctuates from high to low?
could I have luekemia?
Am i diabetic?? HELP?
can marijuana cause diabeties?
Limit on medicare after so much.?
Do I potentially have diabetes?
Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetic?
how do they make insulin?
How does one with diabetes treat a glucose overdose?
my A1c is 8.2 What is the safest meds to take that wont lower my sugar to low ?
am i diabetic.ive tested in am and its like 120/130, but i do eat b4 bed and caffeine always..all day its ok.?
how do you know when your sugar is to low or to high?
Which is best for diabetic patient. Oatmeal or Cornflakes unsweetened?
my friend is very skinny, no diabetic family member, but eats SO much chocolate. Can she still get diabetes?
Is there another way to test for Diabetes then a blood test?
i am 44 my blood sugar fasting level is138 mg should i go for medicines or not or can be control by excercise?
can i drink any alcoholic with metformin hcl?
Why do diabetics prefer blood tests over urine tests?
medicare is my primary who do you suggest for my secondary?
What are some ways to control BLOOD SUGAR naturally?
Can Diabetics with type 1 or 2 dip tobacco?
does tea contain vitamin k and if so is it bad to drink if you are on Coumadin?
Is it safe to take Alvedon 500 mg when you have arthritis on both your arms and legs?
early diabetes can be cured?
why should stem cell research be allowed?
is bleeding of the eye an effect of Diabetes?
why is it dangerous to lose more than two litres of blood?
my friend is scared of me because i have diabetes?
Is a diabetes pump good or bad?
What is diflucan generic name?
Can't stop thinking that I might have diabetes? (TMI a little)?
Question about a child recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes?
Foods and herbs that help people with diabetes insipidus?
numbness in the toes, tired all the time, always thirsty?
how many points would you say your blood sugar goes up after?
could i have diabetes?
Can a type 1 diabetic drink lo-carb monster energy drink?
How susceptible am I to starting Diabetes, later in life?
In the morning sometimes my blood sugar numbers are too low, like 64. Am I over medicated?
I think I was fired because of my Diabetes....Can anyone give me some legal advice on this?
What are the symptoms of type 2 diabetes?
can you still donate eggs if you have family history of diabetes?
what blood glucose count is a diabetic count ? And what is a blood glucose count is a diabetic count?
i m 33 week regnant my blood sugar is 135 3 hours after taking my breakfast?
Does anyone know the GI value of Honey Bunches of Oats, any and all flavors?
What are some early signs of diabetes?
Does anyone have an opinion about the new diabetes drug Victoza? I have just started on this.?
Just found out I have gestational diabetes and have a particular concern?
How easy is it to develop diabetes?
how to act like you have diabetes? it's for a theater presentation?
Insulin is a , a hormone needed for glucose utilization?..........................?
what kind of disorder is hypoglycemia?
how long does it take for me to die of starvation?
when blood glucose level rise? help please?
problems with diareha?
When do u test in the early morning when u ate right before bed like late...?
I'm pregnant and I have a glucose test tomorrow, how long do I fast?
Why is hyperglycemia bad?
Is Levemire insulin available without a prescription?
Can you eat cornstarch with diabetes?
what is the function of insulin and glucagon?
I'm having sugar and pressure.How could i overcome this problems?
i am diabetic and i want to gain muscle and some weight?
I don't know how to sugar coat this so I'm just going to ask it?
what is sodium? is it good or bad?
how to bring high blood pressure for a diabetic?
Will this hurt me with time--not eating fruit because of Lapand?
What percentage of people overweight by at least 20% lbs become diabetics?
Is it normal to test 160 after eating a meal on your diabetic meter. I just tested for the 1st time.?
can diabetics eat grapes?
I want to know if I have diabetes?
Who would I talk to about finding a support group for type 1s?
How might using an improperly fitted BP cuffs—say on an obese patient or a small child—affect blood pressur?
Do all insulin pumps check blood glucose levels?
how many times a day does your blood sugar drop?
Can a Urinary Tract Infection be detected with urine testing or blood samples?
How is diabetes diagnosed?
Is it possible to be hypoglycemic without being diabetic?
Is a hemoglobin Aic reading of 6.0 normal for a five year old?
why am i so dizzy tired after i eat?
if someone is in a diabetic coma should you perform CPR?
what is the best diabetes tester?