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What is it called when somebody likes pain?
i want to go skydiving can you die from fear?
extreme anxiety about my health please help!!?
Im too anxious and scared to sleep, help!?
i have severe asthma(13 yr old) medical alert bracelet?
can hanging around people who smoke cause asthma attacks a day later?
SSI disability benefits for my grandma she has copd a lung disease can she get SSI?
why would a TB patient be given NaCl?
is metformin a subsitute?
What causes bruising at injection site?
What is the best blood glucose meter out there?
Why didn't the FDA pull Avandia after the heart attack side effect?
Do i have symptoms of diabetes?
What do you call those diabetic devices that cut you so you can draw blood?
My blood sugar was 84 this morning is that normal before breakfast?
How can I ask for help at school?
I just watched 1man1jar?
I'm looking to buy a unicorn?
Could I possibly have ADD?
How should I tell my mom I have social anxiety disorder (SAD) and need help? (best answered by people with SA)?
I feel different. and need some help.!?
is there something wrong with being quite?
Type 1 diabetes and hungry at night?? What can she snack on?
Could high blood sugar be confused with a thyroid problem?
If you are diabetic and your legs get black, will it clear up or does the skin always stay black?
INJECTIONS...Please help!!?
Could I have diabetes?
shortness of breath, tingling in face and hands?
Sore throat but I don't feel ill?
Deviated septum and rhinoplasty surgery?
What are the symptoms of Urinary tract infection?
Really bad sore throat with ear pain? Help?
Are air ionizers safe?
Is it possible to be allergic to alcoholic beverages?
Weird Pineapple reaction?
how to get rid of black mold in my home?
Has anyone one ever taken Prozac (antidepressant)? Has it helped?
I cut myself and don't know why! PLEASE HELP?
What are some teen advice sites?
If a person makes good money, will it cure them from mental illness?
Is it normal to feel like this?
Help my bfs r leaving me cuz of my bulimia?
Can my depression do to ecstasy ever be cured?
what difference is glipizide xl and glipizide er tablet if any?
Young diabetic who has a stomach virus?
What's my risk of getting diabetes?
Help with a thyroid problem!!!!!?
Questions concerning my IR(insulin resistance) diet and excercise plan?
diabetic or just dodgey meter?
HELP! IM LOSING MY VOICE! What can I do to make my voice go back to normal?
is there anyway to tell if the type of pneumonia you have is contagious?
Where do I go to get a Chest X-ray if tested positive for TB (in ohio) and also how much would it cost me?
how to make friends with social anxiety?
Can someone please help me? Miserable?
Poll question: would you prefer to lie down on therapist couch or sit. please give some explanation?
I want to get medication for depression, but...?
What's your strange addiction?
why do my feet smell like old dead fish?
Why am I feeling so lightheaded and dizzy all the time?
Is there something wrong with a blood sugar of 382?
Diet for Pre-Diabetes and Hypothyroidism?
what for points and levels? Any benefit through that!!!?
do people with diabetes pee in large amounts, and what color is their urine for undiagnosed diabetics?
How do i have a nightmare?
Someone please help me! PLEASE!?
Help!! I can't take life anymore, can someone help me?
Help me!!! dyslexia problem?
i dont know how much longer i can avoid cutting?
HOw did you stop smoking?
My fasting blood sugar is 75,posting is 179.9.Now I thing it is normal.Is it compulsory to use the medicines.?
My sister is diabetic.she is getting high results and sometimes she gets low results.What could be the reason?
Why do so many people think herbs and sweet potatoes may 'cure' diabetes? Or think they may be better...?
near Diabetes what shouldn't be eaten???
high blood sugar... how do i know how much carbs/sugar i can eat?
Any suggestions on what type of insulin pump I should look for?
Do you think I have High Blood Pressure?
How does one live sanely with a control freak?
Depression Pills... ?
I'm at end of my ropes, what should I do?
Neglect symptoms. Any help guys?
Do you post to hear things when you have anxiety?
I think im depressed..?
whats a normal iron level?
vision change due to diabetes?
im goin to a endocrinologist and diabetes?
I just drank a tall glass of lemonade and I'm MORE thirsty. Am I pregnint?
can you die from sleep apnea?
breathing problems lately.?
I put a band aid on my tb test after I got it but took it off 10 hours later will this affect anything?
breathing difficulty?
Help! I am sick will i get better?!?
I choked on water, am I gonna be fine?
if you are not allergic to a cat will it still affect asthma?
What can cause my eyes to be sensitive to light and at the same time my head hurts?
what can i use as an neti pot?
Pineapple allergy question?
is anythign wrong with my periode?
aspergers syndrome, schizoaffective disorder and adhd... what do i do?
does someone in the world have adhd ocd depression & schizophrenia & has done self injury ok or live withit ok?
What does it mean If you take a shower dressed up ?
I'm scared my friend's going to die. Please help?
Is there anyone on YA who knows quite a bit about diabetes....?
when checking blood sugar in 2 yr old what are normal readings?
How much would an insulin pump cost?
Blood sugar problems?
I need to take a diabetes sample test. Which is better urine sample or blood?
Could she lose her toe?
Is breathing in the the air conditioning bad for you?
You know that burning feeling in your throat/lungs before you get sick? *PLEASE read!*?
breathing weird during sleep?
how bad is it to breathe in burning plastic fumes?
How does the immune system attack invaders like mites....?
Where can I buy some Rohypnol?
just a phase? or something more?
How long can a Borderline Personality Disorder Silent Treatment last?
no possible way of reading a mans mind?
help, my sister is anorexic?
Fear that somebodys around?
i just quit smoking and i now want my house to be smoke free. how do i convince my husband to smoke outside?
upper respiratory infection (cold) that won't go away!!?
If you smoke 2 cigars on a friday night, will that show up on a drug test monday afternoon?
whats the best way to stop smoking... and not go back to smoking?
Do i have anxiety disorder?
Have I got a eating disorder?
Im really stressing out about a gig in two weeks?
Confidence problem :(?
Need help. Any online chat rooms?
I have type 2 diabetes, under control, but now my blood sugar doesn't seem to go up, even after eating. Why?
Panic Attack, Reactive Hypoglycemia or both?
High Normal Blood Sugar for otherwise VERY healthy woman?
Which of the following should be limited in the diet because of their effect on blood cholesterol?
Can Insulin make you dizzy?
Why do my ears "pop" when I blow my nose?
How common is an allergic reaction to the antibiotic KEFLUX?
Has anyone had a false-negative on a skin allergy test?
Health problems & parents! ?
How long have you been in therapy? OR How long were you in therapy?
Is this a panic attack?
Help about MMPI test?
How can i move out without a job?
Anyone understand this please i need help?
Is there a way to get ride of a sinus infection at home?
Help please, How do I know if im inhaling secondhand smoke?
how to make my weak lungs strong?
Tightness in chest after exercising?
How can I raise awarness for Diabetes?
please help me.. thankyou?
how does one get there inslin if they can not afford to do so?
if a patient has c chronic renal failure is it still possible to reverse the condition?
Given my fasting glucose levels, should I really take insulin? Diagnosed with gestational diabetes?
Whooping Cough questions, please?
I'm about to smoke a black and mild what should i expect?
Do you think that I have asthma?
would anyone like to tickle me?
How do I avoid getting too drunk ?
Mental Hospital...I need the help, but it'll go on my permanent record..?
Are sociopathy and psychopathy the only two subtypes of Antisocial Personality Disorder?
Mental Health Problems? Help?
US Army or LapBand Surgery?
My 13 yr old sons A1C test came back at 5.5. His sugar seems to go from high (212 or so ) to low?
I have a diabetic friend..?
Bloodwork on 7yr old son?
what does having tingling hands mean?
How can I permanently open my nasal passages?
Does this sound serious?
what are side affects sulfameth?
my 9 month old keeps coughing?
my mom is a heavy smoker and refuses to quit?
how can I get better?
Does anyone have anyone have an alternate solution to bipolar?
is there any behaviour that isn't a psychiatric disease?
how do you cure mental sickness?
My grandson has been trying every med possible to control his behavior.?
First Dense against stress for someone who has anxiety? How can I relax?
help! diabetes? please answer!?
Is water melon bad for diabetics?
will my doctor check everything?
I sweat a lot when i sleep, Someone told me its because i drink a pint of vodka a day. Is this normal?
How do i get rid of this strange problem?
I think im going to die?
I'm always tired; I never feel rested. Not sure if I'm exhausted, have a sleep disorder, or depressed?
I'm confused. I NEED help?
why cant my parents both admit that their flaws led to their divorce?
Life or death situation?
Are there antipsychotics/antidepressants without major side effects?
Pharyngitis, persistent coughing?
Why would my lungs make a whistling sound?
Could we live without the respiratory system?
All my bestfriends and i smoke Marlboro Menthol. ? ( We're 13 )?
Why does my chest hurt when I lay down?
Question about asthma and wet hair?
Does metformin make you lose or gain weight?
Will Medicare Part B or any other insurance will cover insulin for the 2nd time within 10 days?
how do I tell my mom that I might have diabetes?
75 years old woman with 275 blood sugar ,is that normal?or she have to contact her doctor?
can i bring to normal without any medication?
my dad got tested for diabetes and it was a 300 and he hadn't really ate anything all day?
what are the recommended sites for insulin injections?
Do you think I have Schizophrenia?
do you beleive in subliminal messaging?
quetiapine (anti psychotic drug) querie?
I was just diagnosed with Depression and I don't know what to do?
can a therapist actually help?
Will taking insulin (humalog) cause me to loose weight if I am overweight and have a glucose reading of 285?
furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide?
can you put yourself in a coma by drinking too much alcohol?
Does this mean i have diabetes?
non diabetic reading of 221?
Do I Have Asthma??? PLEASE Help!! :(?
Can post nasal drip cause mucus in bowel movements?
does ps3 cause seizures?
I've quit smoking, but am not coughing anything up.?
Any symptoms of anxiety?
Can spondylitis/potts disease(tuberculosis of the spine) be noticed on a x-ray?
Test Question about Respiratory System?
What can this breathing issue be?
I think that I have a piece of food stuck in my windpipe, HELP PLEASE?
HELP, I just found out that advair inhaler CAN cause sudden DEATH, IM I GONNA DIE?????
Really sick and don't know what it is PLEASE HELP!?
what is the best way to get rid of the common cold?
Stopping my dog on her Insulin shots?
Diabetes question im very concerned about my dad please help?
is it possible that i could have type on diabetes?
My Grandad is Diabetic but has a sweet tooth?
How to convert Carbohydrates into mmo/L?
is it possible to repair a retina that has been damaged by having laser reatment?
I am Bipolar and I am in a total high mania with some manic, I need advice from my contacts in Mental Health.?
are there any online support form groups for women?
will this pass??????????
I have a problem with being alone?
What should I do now?
depression, help me out?
My girlfriend can have an extremely bad allergic reaction to seafood, and if I eat the seafood, we can't kiss!?
Is it true that ones nose never stops growing?
im allergic to a state?
I need to get rid of my allergies, but all i can find are medicines.?
Havent smoked in 2 weeks.. dying for 1 pack this weekend?
my cousn is getting married in 2 days her daughter who is almost 3 is sick with a fever of 103.5?
Does a nebulizer mask work as well as the mouth piece?
diaphragm relative to the liver what position is ?
Why is my blood sugar levels dropping so quickly?
Could I have diabetes?
Insulin and Carbohydrates?
how old do i need to be to buy a diabetic meter?
blood pressure/ blood sugar help?
why do I always get manipulated by people?
Too much trouble in school last year plz help?
Apathetic about everything...?
I have bipolar and I'm scared no one will ever love me? :(?
Is this cowardice or low self esteem?
How to improve appearance?
Worried someone might notice?
I wanna be sedated..............?
3 year old coughing especially during night?
Do you think smoking is a sign of weakness?
Can I use a nebulizer without asthma?
my pug is 8 years old with a severe cough due to anxiety?
What are some ways that I can control the volume of my voice? (i have hearing loss and talk to loud).?
Taking tobacco from half smoked ciggerettes?
Will I be fine if I eat much sugar but stay in my daily calorie limit?
my dad has 9% kidney function, COPD, diabetes, does not want dialysis, how long can he go on?
What is Pneumonia??????
nebulizer mask vs mouth piece?
I'm a female and having an EKG. Will i get a female person to hook me up and what not?
How to beat this cough?
Nose stuffed, please help!?
can afib be triggered by hypoxia?
Is it possible to have an alcohol blood level of 400 without drinking any booze?
What is raging pneumonia ?
Coughing Blood? and Seeing Dark Spots?
Can you save someone who's going into respiratory failure?
measures to prevent infection and strengthen the immune system.?
pregnant and taking robitussin?
Can persistent shortness of breath be caused by a terrible sleep schedule?
Got a 220 reading 2 hours after eating cereal and a banana?
Healthy, recommended brands for diabetes?
What are the best types of insulin pumps? How much?
My dad suffers from diabetes and my mom just told me that for about a month he has had an irritation?
what could cause someone to keep having low blood sugar and always be extremely hungry? as in, can't go an?
How long does it take for blood sugar to go down after an insulin injection?
Is pneumonia contagious?
what is codeine used as cough medicine?
Chest pains, 17 years old?
How can i make my voice deep?
My lungs hurt, could it be asthma?
what are the low and high ranges for blood sugar?
Metformin and Glipizide not working? Please advise?
What is a normal blood sugar level. For a non diabetic?
Glucophage side effects?
What are possible natural sweeteners (aside from Stevia Rebaudiana) that help control blood glucose?
When I breathe in it feels like...?
Is this the chills? or something else..?
I CANT BREATHE, my lungs are not big enough?!?
Coughing wont stop? Tried everything?
Is there anything I can get high off of that's not dangerous?
I was diagnosed to have diabetics problems, it is going from 140 to 240 after 2 months, can we make it lower?
Where can I get the best deal for SinuCleanse - Neti Pot?
A few weeks ago I had a physical done and was referred to a cardiologist.?
6 month old with cough and rattling chest?
My chihuahua 3years old, and I just find out her kidney had failure, Is this any chance she recover?
im having asthma every night, is something bad going to happen?
How do I calculate food exchanges from a nutrition label?
what is the highest blood sugar level recorded?
Had a hard time standing this morning, is this normal?
I Am Going To Undergo Dialysis Soon. What Am I Facing?
As a Type 1 diabetic can I drink coffee?
what's the relation between blood pressure and blood sugar level?
What subjects do you need to become an X-ray technican?
Is taking oygen bad for you?
My girlfriend is throwing up spit?
what is seizure attack?
I think I have asthma, dont know what to do?
Could I have diabetes?
can chocolate milk mess with your blood sugar?
i have AIDS and i dont know how much sugar to intake?
Anyone who wants to offer their input...?
Would a normal cbc rule out type 2 diabetes? Symptoms similar to Fibro/rheumatoid issues?
Can it skip a generation?
Help with Diabetes control?
First time smoking pot.?
i need to be sick......?
any home treatments for asthma or alternative medicine for it?
How much blood is taken from a TB test?
can you get diabetes if you take blood from a diabetic?
Is there any type of chocolate you can eat if you have GERD?
Does diarrhea after lots of sugar mean you have diabetes?
It is dangerous to be pregnant if i have heart problem and diabetes?
I just found out that I'm diabetic?
how to get rid of nasal congestion?
do you perform rescue breathing on a passenger the way you find them in an accident?
why do i get a sore throat only at night?
is there a home remedy to cure a ear infection?
can you have bronchitis without a fever?
why am I so ill when i get a cold?
How do I keep from getting type 2 diabetes?
What is diabetes??????????????????????
do/did you like your insulin pump?
As a diabetic, what foods DO NOT make your blood sugar high?
high in fiber (vegetables)?
Are carb counts different in Europe?
Any Home Cure Methods for Treating Hemorrhoids? is it an Allergy to something?
I have...this weird thing.. that keeps coming out of my throat..?
please help allergic reaction hives?
Is the steam room causing my infections?
how you calculate your hba1c at home?
New to using a blood glucose meter...i have a few questions please help?
i have blurring of vision and cant read after half an hour after eating?
How can I get my uncle to realise the seriousness of his diabetes?
Always feeling sick :(?
Sore throat and bad breath?
When I feel really sad, my chest get heavy, what does this mean?
Does my mom have a sinus infection?
any perfume (even if you have to make it yourself) that is asthma friendly?
Can anybody tell me the exact amount of blood they take for the following Blood tests?
i think i have a unique problem , my fasting is 125-135,and my random remained 140-150?
my 13 year old daughter got two blood check readings 1st 98/70 2nd 92/75 is this a little low a?
my girlfriend is a diabetic with an pump i need advice of where to get more info online bout everything i need?
my girlfriend is pregnant and is a type 2 diabetic and wants an abortion is this good?
How do I know if I have diabetes?
use a regular alcohol wipe or an alcohol prep pad?
Stopped Smoking for 3 daysssssssss?
What does hookah do to you?
I stopped smoking eight days ago........?
my chest is tight can't breathe right?
can someone with emphysema take 5 hour energy drink?
Flonase side effects!?
Inhaler made my coughing worse. This is so frustrating. I don't know what to do to relieve this cough.?
im having a cold for 6 months already!?
What diet is good for type A+ and O+ blood?
if you go into a diabetic coma....?
Dose my boyfriend have diabetes?
please help..... fluctuating glucose level despite eating the right things?
Sleeping apnea questions!?
have a pain in chest?
i keep feeling there is mucus stuck in my throat and keep swallowing and it wont go away?
Best earplugs to block out snoring?
if you drink windex how long would it take to have symptoms appear?
I think there's something wrong with me...?
I can't go to sleep WTF?
Where can you get counseling?
Can someone help me with my regret problem?
Am I depressed????? What should I do? Help!?
Two yrs. ago a researcher from Harvard said she developed a cure for Diabetes. Where is she now?
recently i have noticed that i have a slurred speach probblem and i dont know what to do. help?
Why am I salivating more than usual?
If I took Amoxicillin this morning can I take Zithromax this evening?
why low dose of oxygen is given to clients with COPD/CAL?
HELP why does my throat hurt so much?
what are the medication given via nebulizer?
Why do blacks seem to be at a higher risk for health problems such as diabetes?
How to lose weight when you're a diabetic?
diet for acute pancrititis?
what is fasting glucose?
Diabetes type 2 What goes on inside your body or blood?
What can you do if you're babysitting for sick kids?
Ever had an asthma attack so severe you almost died?
Nose feels blocked deep inside?
Chest tightness, shortness of breath 24/7?
How can you stay around cats if allergic?
why do i never get nose bleeds?
I wasnt allergic to dogs for 16yrs (had1myself) and now i suddenly am. Can i test a speffic breed of dog?
Ate can chicken w lgt mayo at 10am..snacked on celery and lunch meat today ....Got home at 6pm, blood sugar 86?
Should I get my high sugar levels checked?
my boyfriend has type 1 diabetes and were having a kid, could my baby get them?
how dangerous is hypothyroidism? my son has been diagnosed and I am not clear on what we are in for...?
What is a good way to get phlegm out of your chest?
I was eating dinner when I choked on a piece of pancake. Will I be ok?
How can I help get rid/soothe my sore throat?
I went to Emergency room for pneumonia . I have insurance -Bill was $3000 for room and $500 for physician?
how to get rid of a runny nose?
If I eat a lot of sugar i get diarrhea...Is that linked to Diabetes?
If I get a tattoo in Australia can I donate blood in America?
what can i do to lower my fasting sugar levels.?
Why did the receptionist at my Doctor office say wen I cald for my results of my lab that. theres a note?
i think i might have Ketones?
I have bronchitis at the moment?
what would happen if you had your diaphragm removed?
ok i'm haveing an asma attack?
how to tell someone you are concerned with their smoking habits?
Really bad chest pains?
I am having gallbladder surgery Tuesday. Last Saturday I went to urgent care because I had a horrible cough.?
B.O Prevention...............?
Ive been coughing for nearly two weeks now..?
A question about the Advair inhaler?
After effects from smoking weed ?
I feel a cold coming on?
I have diabetic neuropathy. my blood sugars have been good. Lately, my feet have become more numb, at times.?
What is a cucmber? I am confused.?
Main symptoms of diabetes ?
Last week I was diagnosed as HypoGlycemic but they say I'm not a diabetic. How is this possible?
how do you know you are dehydrated?
Can You Tell If I have Diabetes?
Diabetes...Should I go to the emergency room or not.?
methacholine challenge test.?
help!! i have whooping cough!! it is soo anoying?
Is sneezing blood bad?
what does sugar pills do to diabetics type 1 and 2?
What are the chances of getting diabetes from too much sugar?
What are the complications in pregnancy and childbirth for someone with type 1 diabetes?
Is Glucose Fructose Syrup the same thing as High Fructose Corn Syrup?
I have fasting blood glucose 5.1mmol/L and after 2 hrs of taking my meal 5.70mmol/L.Is my both level normal?
what should my three year old blood sugar be?
how to get my dad to stop smoking?
Should I have to take PE? I have asthma....?
problem of contituous coughing.what can cause it?
Treat an asthma attack without an inhaler?
Is TB life threatening?
I hate my insulin pump. Should I go back to injections?
Seizure back in January 7th?
Are these enough reasons to go get a diabetes test?
Will test strips from another brand work in my meter?
can a diabetics have 4 egg yolks and not eat the white?
Could I have diabetes (I am a teen)?
coal miners widows benefits,monthly check?
it was some mold on.some of my clothes and i think i inhaled some of it what should i do?
what are the contents of typical cigarette?
steroids short term, good idea?
help with trouble breathing?
Does asthma go away naturally?
when they do a tracheostomyy do they put a hole through your windpipe?
Severe pain in middle of back ( diabetic)?
blood alcohol level of 3.2?
can you get swollen from sugar?
Just got over Bronchitis..?
Type 1 diabetes and weight gain?
are these signs of diabetes?
how can I lower my fasting blood sugar level?
Dr. Office said that my labs were sent in mail and Nurse wrote a note..DIET/EXERCISE AND REPEAT TEST IN 3 MONT?
smoking with a wheezing cough?
should i find a new lung doctor?
im having breathing problems?
is bronchitis a condition that develops as a complication or is it an actual virus ?
10 POINTS BA. Silent wheezing in asthma?
Why is blood in my mucus?
do you think my grandpa will be fine? (details below)?
My son has been diagnosed w/ Type 1 diabetes, but he also has a recurring monthly fever of around 102 degrees.?
is 13.4 dangerous thats my blood level?
my a1c level in 2009 is 9.9, today it is 11.1, what can i do to correct this?
one touch strips don't always work?
Shaking from Hunger. But why?
Howcome when I take a deep breath I cough?
would you care if your partner released a continuous puff of air through one of his/her nostrils while kissing?
has anyone ever got respiratory depression and failure from oxycodone?
What are all possible symptoms of a true anxiety attack?
Please are there any doctors out there? Need relief from sinus infection!?
Are there ice packs that cover Humalog and Lantus vials?
how is diabetes spread?
What does it mean if your insulin levels are high?
how long after the expiration date can you have skoal?
how is glucose stored in liver?
How to put off smoking for a day?
Help! Pharyngitis or Anxiety Attack?
Have I got a chest infection from smoking ?????
Worried about this now please help.?
I have had a sore throat for a few days now, and this morning I noticed the pain was gone in my left side...?
Quiting smoking, can't have nicotine Help?
what does it mean by thoracic cavity?
what does means all the results of my x ray results?
Should I go for a walking having sore throat and cough?
i have a really bad ear infection, i have eardrops but thats not going to stop the pain until a few days later?
I'm concerned. Should I go get checked out?
What is a good food to bring for a person who is Diabetic and has cancer?
My husband is 78 yrs old and with a B/P of 112/58 P 54 at what point should we be alarmed?
im sick and wondering what i have.?
i am having tonsillitis, many times a year.. last month i just have tonsillitis 7 times..is it still NORMAL?
how do i get sleep paralysis in order for me to have in out of body experience?
what are the effects of smoking hookah?
I dont have insurance right now and I'm about to run out of my asthma medicine. What should I do?
is smoking weed bad for soccer?
im coughing up blood.?
Is there any specific way you should sleep when you have asthma?
What might cause my nose to becoming partally blocked?
Is being in and sleeping with the air on making my asthma worse?
i have asthma can i still have a cat?
Prilosec side effects or something else?
What can I do about my asthma attack?
Does this drug have an adverse effect on type 1 diabetes w/high blood sugar?
My wifes BP went up to 195/95 last evening. She is normally in the 120/70 range.?
1. She is prescribed: Micronase 5 mg; i tab qam 30 min ac breakfast?
Is it bad to bring sugar free red bull with...?
my dad test his blood sugar and came out 120 is he is a borderline?
What would happen if you went swimming during the BP oil spill?
What to do about accidental inhaling the odor of ammonia & bleach?
Asthma in the morning?
Are you considered a regular smoker if it takes a month or two to get through a pack?
it SEEMS like my boyfriends nose it blocked and he can not breathe out of it should i call 911?
how to get strong lungs after quitting smoking?
Would you rather have kidney stones or bronchitis?
what does smoking feel like for the first time?
Tell me how bad smoking is for a person with asthma?
Are my lungs ok after garling salt water?
how do you get pneumonia in the summer?
Sharp pain in chest, please help me?
Why do i have trouble breathing at any time or moment sometimes?
Where can I get cheap diabetic supplies?
I just tested my blood glucose levels for first time, is 119 low, high or normal?
How do you improve leg circulation?
good no carbohydrates meals?
One Touch Ultra Mini way off from lab result?
excessive thirst ,headaches ,feeling so hot and hunger no wieght loss ,what would it be?
Why do I need to go on a special diet before taking OGTT (oral glucose tolerance test).?
Could This Be Hypoglycemia Or Diabetes? Please Please Help?
how long does it take for my lungs to heal if i quite smoking?
can an asthmatic react to...?
How can you change medicare oxygen provider after one year?
High Sugar Levels [Possible diabetes]?
Are Diabetes caused by eating too much sugar or grease?
Can you actually gain weight by drinking a lot of diet pop?
Diabetes Testing Result?
my cratinine is 3.1 my transplant has rejected. i have slight cramps and a little diarrhea, mykidney function?
Feeling very sick and need some answers. Help?
Really bad cough.......???
How can I get rid of smoking?
I felt ill after smoking 2 cigarettes ???????????
Plz read....nondiabetic, gave blood this moring to lab, got home and tested on my own 111 ...How bad is it?...?
Menstrual Stem Cells being developed to help in aiding deceases?
A Few questions about Type 1 Diabetes - For the experts.?
If a person has very high blood sugar and high blood sugar can they get kidney failure?
How does losing weight help diabetics?
Will i get diabetes, im curious to know?
Every morning blood ? What to do?
I have PHLEGM all day, everyday for the past year. whats wrong?
Hookah/(Waterpipes)? Harmful?
my sleep study says negative for obstructive sleep apnea?
My Dad is having a strange feeling in his chest.?
i snort in mucus!!!!!!!!!?
Is my new rule a good rule to follow since i have asthma?
what is panic attack?
What would cause numerous bloody noses in a row? should i be worried?
I don't know why but I'm allergic to bananas kiwi and raspberry what do they have in common?
where can i buy a cheap or free medical ID bracelet?
My Iron Level is 6. The Dr. seems very concerned. Is this that bad? She says I should get IV Iron?
can I still eat popcorn even when I don't have a gall bladder anymore?
Why is Diabetes considered an epidemic crisis?
Questions regarding type 1 diabetes.?
can a diabetic get both hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia?
Sugar cravings and diabetes?
Why do I clear my throat constantly?
Tickle at the back of my throat?
Can you get high from the fumes of burning plastic?
Will it harm me if I'm still smoking while taking Zyban after 14 days?
How can i get rid of smoking?
Might I have a chest infection again?
Will a Chest X-Ray rule out most lung related problems?
What is wrong with me? why can't I breathe?
Wheezing While Running = Asthma?
is there a better way to fight diabetes. i'm very sick with it?
my fasting sugar is 180, and pp is 250 m i diabetic how do i control this situation without medicine i want to?
what is diabetes and how does it affect you?
Do I have a chance of diabeties?
prothrombin test helps to.?
i am not a diabetic but at test showed 7.3?
Can I take Lapitor to lower my Chloestrol ?
if you dont take insulin shots.............?
If my blood sugar level is 78 and I just ate like 20 to 30 minutes ago, is that good or bad?
can i be diagnosed in thirty min. by talking to me?
Could I be an Insulin addict?
My friend just recently passed away. His autopsy showed 117 mg per ml of methanphetomine. How much is that?
My right thumb feels creepy and I always feel like holding it? Is this diabetes?
should i take my 2 year old to the ER please give adivce if you know anything about this?
is it safe to smoke weed if you have neurocardiogenic syncope?
How do you avoid breathing in degreaser?
My three year old has sleep apnea. Is checking for enlarged adenoids painful?
how long does a urinary tract infection last?
I need some info about type I diabetes. My boyfriend has this disease and I want to have a better understandin?
Lactic Acidosis level's?
How much is too much blood work?
What are things a person with Diabetes can and cannot eat?
Can you be allergic to Marijuana?
dust mites paranoia... help !!!?
how do make your nose stop running when u sleep at night?
Can nicotine patches cause muscle pain?
Is it possible to cough while you are sleeping?
What is the best way to reduce nasal congestion?
I need help? Tired of suffering....?
Im coughing to much i feel so bad and wanna puke alot how can i stop coughing?
i have had lice my grandmother gave me the lice shampoo we kept it in backseat of car i found i was allergic?
pain in my chest when i take deep breaths?
i have been sick with wheezing bronchitis, sinus and ear infection for almost 4 weeks?
oxygen intoxication on premature babies..?
I am thinking about starting smoking again. I need some help.?
What are the symptoms of bronchitis?
What is the part of the body between the head and chest?
how can I stop drinking and smoking?
What causes dizziness, achy joints, mild nausea, and fatigue?
How does smoking affect a headache?
I'm a type 1 diabetic without health insurance. What do I do?
What type of the white rice is suit for diabetic patient?
what is moderate restirctive venliatory defect?
Looking for advice for being dependent on Inhaler?
my son inhaled the fuzzies off a pipe cleaner . do I need to worry if this will infect his lungs?
Can a doctor tell if I smoke?
plz help i have breath problems!!!!!!!!!?
I can't take deep breaths hurts really bad feels like my chest is cavin in help ?
What could cause diabetes symptoms(always hungry, always thirsty, always peeing) in someone who is not?
Could bad insulin be causing my blood sugar to go high?
How Often ( For NON Diabetics)?
My friend has been coughing up blood..?
Any advice on light portable oxygen concentrator?
What menthol cigarette on the US market is the harshest?
I got bronchitis 5 times already do u think I got it bec my dad smokes ?
I have chronic bronchitis I think I have asthma too?
schools about to start help?
Something in my throat..?
Is there a difference between ProAir and Symbicort inhalers?
ex smokers ,can you help me please?
What is wrong with my throat?
i want to stop snoring by tomorrow night?
can you get panic attack when you get your period?
Help me get rid of phlegm pleaseeeee!?
i get a chest pain when i breath and move my arm?
question about prevacid and asthma?
can u take zantac with zithromax?
If your overweight and just diagnosed with type two diabetes, But you lost weight. Would the diabetes go away?
PLEASE HELP VERY Concerned about my daughters blood sugar she is 5,her sugar is 160 20min later 175?
Urinary Tract Infection help?
what questions to ask cardiologist thoracic surgent?
Lungs feel heavy, hard to breathe, but no coughs?
I have copd,I love to go but find on my puffer I get short of breathe,on a fixed income,?
chest pain since yesterday afternoon ?
what is type 2 diabetis?
what do you mean of band aid with honey overnight?
Are these signs of diabetes?
what kind of food should sugar patients take for the break fast?
what to do when out of supplies? period....?
My blood glucose level is 170 What should I do?
if you are trying to find out if your diabetic, will a simple blood sugar test always tell if you are or not?
What is treatment for depression like?
Has a lobotomy ever helped?
Which is worse mental disorder?
trouble sleeping?! what do i do?
my left nostril is always blocked?
Why do I wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I have been holding my breath?
Does shopko ask for ID when buying cough medicine?
i am taking a blood test tommorow can they tell if i smoke pot?
I had pneumonia as a baby?
Cutting, please help me?
Which is worse......?
What happens if you overdosed on depression pills ?
I have generalized anxiety disorder?
I am looking for a book on treating your diabetics by your blood type. I had a book on it along time ago.?
I need insulin syringes, 23 YO, UNCONTROLLED Type II Diabetic, UNINSURED in East Baton Rouge, LA?
My child has all the symptoms of Diabetes, but all the tests says shes diabetic free.?
Diagnosed wheat sugar and dairy free - recommend any recipe books?
How to avoid diabetes?
why do you need a prescription for a blood glucose meter?
I feel sad and depressed sometimes?
Is it weird if i havn't cried in over 4 years?
I'm thinking about committing suicide?
How to stop cutting...?
Whats it called when your body forgets to breath and you gasp for air?
Different disorders that can affect infants in their lungs.?
what is pleuroparenchymal?
What will happen if a person overdoses on Xanax?
Shortness of breath and popping noise when breathing in?
Would this be considered a mental illness?
Why do I sometimes feel like I'm going insane?
Did people used to just kill people with Schizophrenia because they thought they were just crazy?
Can I check in to a mental hospital?
Is it normal for someone with schizophrenia to not want to do anything?
questions about cutting?
Kinemortophobia? Am i the only one?
My friend has a mental disease that makes her want to kill herself, what can I say to talk her out of it?
What is it called when you learn about someone, then pretend you ARE them?
I can never sleep because I am scared what do i do?
Should I not make friends from now on.. I need someone to listen?
is 15 young............?
what does it mean when my ventolin doesnt work?
Can't bloody sleep cus I keep coughing?
what is bronchitis and is it contageous?
Lung Pain need anwers?
How can you prevent or stop snoring?
Will my type 1 diabetes have an affect on my unborn child?
How do I know if I have the symptoms of diabetes ?
What happens if my gall bladder gets shot with an AK47?
how much insulin should be taken if blood sugar 192 after dinner?
My daughter sugar read 159. She isn't diagnosed. Should I be worried?
Help, do I have diabetes?
teen suicide solutions?
About the K├╝bler-Ross model?
why do i sleep too much?
16, and i think i might be depressed? any advice?
how can i be more confident in myself?
Self Injuring/Self Harming?!?!?! SUICIDE?!?!?!?
Can anyone give me some motivation?
I am diagnosed with Cognitive Disorder :'( Does anyone else suffer from this?
Is Schizophrenia a serious illness.?
Have you ever been laughing and crying at the same time?
Can I get signed of school for severe depression?
Is OCD similar to Turret's Syndrome?
I want to die, why should I want to live?
am i sick or am i normal?
would you qualiify for a lung transplant if you have scar tissue and damaged bronchial tubes?
if i have respiratory problems would i be able to get a handicap placard?
Can cat-scan test for my lungs help to identify my short of breath?
how do you get to sleep when you have a lot on your mind and you are not tired?!?
my step daughter wants to die?
I want to kill myself. What's the best way to do it?
Hypochondria and anxiety...?
Is neurofeedback an effective treatment for adult ADD?
Do you think this is hypoglycemia or diabetes?
Diabetes question, anyone willing to help?
My Dad is diabetic and we heard about a cucumber remedy that tends to help. Is this true?
How do i get free Novolog (TODAY)?
is the discomfort of high blood sugar due solely to loss of energy or is it a problem in its own right?
What is it like to be addicted to heroin?
ok so i keep hearing voices in my head and seeing things. i also get really paranoid.?
I am 13 years Old, I can't get to sleep until 11,12 or 1am PLEASE HELP!?
what is the best way to wake up ?
Serious bulimia problems.. I need help:/?
if i run will it eventually help my asthma?
Septal Perforation - Possible Causes?
Eating chocolate and drink cold liquids make cough worse?
first time smoking weed?
I smell random scents that aren't not present, usually foul smelling, and not triggered by memories or thought?
I have been having very quick, acute pains in my chest. It is on the upper left side?
Does anxiety medication?
i feel so depressed my heart hurts?
i need tips to go to sleep very quickly?
Still feeling a high after 4 days ?
I sure could use some music therapy..?
I am 18, scared I wont graduate college or find a woman......what should I do?How do I comfort my self?
Anxiety for no reason?
Depression medication help?
Can i tell my psychiatrist?
how can i tell my parents that i have ocd?
Generalized anxiety disorder?
I'm so lost...help please...?
Could I be depressed...................?
does switching school's help depression?
I am a loner and depressed. Help?
Can't sleep, or stop feeling stressed?
Please answer ?,lonely and depressed!?
Is it possible I have diabetes? I'm a fit 15 year old but...?
Blood glucose was over 600after dinner, then went to 175 within 2 hours...?
Does birth control (estrogen) affect insulin?
Why do u get anxiety from methadone widthdrawl please help me?
I need HELP please. I have lost all my will power, motivation, and i cant just live properly anymore?
any way that i can smoke marijuana and kill the depression too?
I want to hallucinate naturally.?
24 male afraid to sleep with lights off, alone.?
why do people smoke marijuana?
I want to live in a home for Borderline Personality Disorder?
How do I seek psychiatric help?
You've seen all the suicide questions...How many do you think are actually serious?
can imagination become a mental ilness?
Chest feels tight and it is almost hard to breath when i workout?
Hi, I have a question about smoking?
how do i get rid of hicup faster?
Does the ultrasound in humidifiers harm children's health in the long run?
Do I need to go to the hospital?
How can I stop being a scaredy cat?
am i addicted...........?
who shall i become next?
Difficulty multitasking - something to worry about?
What to take for Anxiety disorder?
I feel like i'm going to explode?
If a girl your interested in doesn't text back once does it mean its over ? And you should never text back?
I feel depressed, help me out ?
It is impossible for me to sleep,HELP?
If you sleep more, can you become better at school?
Is it possible to cure obesity-related diabetes?
is gabapentin a better option for diabetic neuropathy?
do you fast before a blood test?
what is good for a nasty cough that hurts?
can allergies cause a sleep disorder?
trouble breathing at night?
Is asthma contagious?
How to cure sore throat?
Please HELP!!!!!!!! ....there is monster under my bed?
Please, please read this.?
Miserable, Fellow (ex) insomniacs, And people who know good stress relief? Please help mee...?
Do I tell my college I was diagnosed with schizophrenia?
weird but,why does my appearance change when staring in mirror?
I can't find my blue pajamas?
Ppl who have overcome depression, what lesson did you learn from the disease?
Am I going to die...?
Why do I like to feel depressed?
self harm. people are asking?
How am I supposed to talk to my school counselor about my cutting and worries I have depression?
Dad throwing up blood?!?
Can you bring an inhaler under water?
i cant breathe through my nose?!?!?
Coughed up blood after trying a black flip into water from 30 ft. Could this be serious?
Sinus Infection getting on my nerves!!! 10 points b*tchez!?
Something traumatic happened to me: help?
is there any other drug or vitamin that works similar to aderall?
do i have a disorder like mdd or something i need help!!!!!!!!!!! i dont know wat to do...?
how do I overcome my addiction to facebook, formspring, yahooanswers, YOUTUBE...etc? PLEASE HELP!?
I think im depressed?
Diagnosed with General Anxiety Disorder, but placed on Lexapro?
I have not eaten much since yesterday morning, I am very depressed and had fever last night, was awake most?
I think way to much about everything?
woulD this be manipulation?
I don't know what's wrong with me...?
Help please? I waant to smoke for some reason?
Is this a bronchitis or what kind of illness is this?
Breathing Question? Truly Important?
Can i buy a golden retriever if my parents are asthmatic?
ive been smoking for 7 months now not heavy, moderate in fact,. how long will it take for my lungs to clear?
Why have I been so crabby lately?
WTF....Its been like a year now, i can not stop thinking about death. Is this normal?
Help me sort my life out please, any advice will be appreciated.?
What else can I do to get help from my mom?
a question about cutting.?
Should i check into a mental hospital?
I have higth colesterol?
what is the best Vitamin for a diabetic and mood swing?
Hypoglycemia Symptoms?
I was extremely thirsty all of last night what is going on?
i was told to buy a glucose meter and watch my glucose..?
What Over the counter meds make u lose weight?
I make up stories/fantasize before I go to bed?
I don't want to be alive anymore?
I don't want to take the sleeping aid I was prescribed b/c I'm afraid I'll have hallucinations. Should I be?
anxiety! help me please!?
When I'm not with people I feel so down?
Do you get tired of hobbies after a couple of years?
What is wrong with me? PLEASE HELP ME!?
Has anyone had any experience with Paxil?
is it possible to be to empathetic?
i have such a heart for depressed teenagers.. is there something that i can do right now other than study to b?
Why does my voice sound like it's out of breath?
anyone here can give me a detail information about inhalation?
please help freaking out?
I used to smoke a little?
There was a little house dust on the lamp and i inhaled a little bit?
Why do i worry about everything?
Does exercise help depression?
How to build self confidence?
When will I ever get better?
I think I'm going to hurt myself I some way?
is autism a personality disorder?
I'm always tired!! teenager.?
Is there anyone I can talk to on the daily basis?
What can I do to feel better about myself.?
how can you tell if you have ADD or ADHD?
What can I do about insulin resistance?
Could low blood sugar be my problem?
Dexamethasone- What blood test does it nee to be taken for?
i get blurred vision in large stores?
help, i have diabetes and i need help!!?!?!?!?
my mom is having a fasting sugar level more then 300, she is on insulin but still the problem is there, why?
What are some long term effects of tobacco use?
What would you say are the health ADVANTAGES of smoking?
Woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't recognize my apartment...?
does this mean i just need to eat more or?
mentaly ill ??? :S pleease help me?
adhd medication...... not hungry?
How to help someone whos Depressed but Refuses help?
What's the best medication for Bipolar Disorder?
Hide my cutting scars?
I need to know what will happen... Bulimia?
suffering from bad anxiety help.?
Concerta for my 7 year old for ADHD?Bad or good?
im bored and lonely can you help?
Is paxil better then Prozac for anxiety?
How can I ger rid of these horrific memories images in my head after watching a horror video?
Feeling depressed about getting older?
dizziness head aches seeing white when i get up of couch no sleep?
My own MOM said I was mentally unstable?
I just quit therapy. what are some other ways to get over depression?
Chest pain and hard time breathing?
has anyone ever been able to recieve disability for guillain-barre?
what serious sickness do you guys think this is? or is it nothing?
Is this tonsillitis & how quickly does it develop?
Waking up with phlegm in the morning.....?
Odor from the nose from sinus infection?
I imagine myself as an imaginary character and talk to imaginary ones. Am I Insane?
how do you handle this situation (depression)?
Mental health - crisis team - help!?
why am i seeing this all the time ?
my dad refuses to look at me?
Schnizophrenia question?
I hate my life please help!?
is this normal?????????????????????
I'm thinking about cutting myself?
i need help with,depression ?
What kind of disorder do I have?
I am afraid of the dark?
Is lack of sleep linked to schizophrenia?
I think im a pathelogical liarr. :/?
How do you overcome food addiction?
I have social anxiety disorder... How do I convince my mom to let me do home bound schooling?
Post Traumatic Stress Issues?
What causes snoring? How to stop it without medication?
Question for one Smoke?
Cant stop coughing/chest hurts?
type 1 diabetes in infants?
Is this OCD or just quirks or habbits?
what are the process to self motivate?
im 24 and feel like im old?
Psychosomatic can be cured?
please help anxiety is going to kill me.?
I dint know what to do?
Why am i so freakin tired ?!?
What is a good way to make someone ill feel happy?
What should I do about my depression?
I'm looking for a way to get help from a psychologist at little or no cost!?
Horrible anxiety problems HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
HELP I think I've been suffering from depression for a while now. HELP?
How do you get rid of your anxiety?
Nicotine addiction comes from second hand smoke exposure?
what a 50 years old doctor can do?
Is there any way to cure Asthma!?
My girlfriend has trouble breathing with chest pains...?
Help i got something stuck in my throat?
Pressure on chest, shortness of breath, & trouble breathing while sleeping?
watery greenish mucus in ear- no pain?
I cried for NO reason. Is that normal ?
why do i always shake?
Why do people with ADHD have a "short fuse"?
List of psychotic mental disorders?
Depression is taking over my life?
I want help for my depression, I'm 15/ male?
Pulmonary Embolism with Heart Palpitations or high blood pressure?
what is a light cigarette?
What is asthma?????????????
Are there any practical ways to treat asthma without an inhaler?
Elimminating ciggarette smoke?
I NEED to cut! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! im begging!!!?
I'm having sudden problems with memory, word recall, pronunciation? I'm nineteen years old!?
Is Okay To Get Anxious Before Public Speaking?
can depression cause these symptoms?
i called in sick, and they bought it!?
My asthma seems to be caused by staying in places without sunlight. Is this just in my head?
i had my first cigarette today, help!?
is it wrong to call in sick for work 2 days in a row for a urinary tract infection?
18 year old with constant chest pain?
whats happening to my eyes?
why can i not sleep at night?
what's the cause of my sleeping disorder ?
I'm having sleeping problems? And I think I'm paranoid?
Why do i feel alone and anticipate that life will get worse?
Loneliness Causes disorder?
Is 125 too high of a sugar level for someone that is 15 and 86 pounds?
is it strange to want to try weed?
Is it weird I feel this way after cutting..?
Is it bad to stay home from school because of anxiety?
What would you do if your friend was in this situation...?
Why was I prescribed an antidepressant for anxiety/insomnia?
when some people breathe oxygen why is a plastic bottle with bubbles on the side?
Is hookah bad for you?