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What specific equipment is required to transport a patient using a nasal cannula at 3 Lpm?
Why is it hard for me to breathe lately?
what stores sell coricidin cough and cold pills?
what bones covers the pleural cavity and what are its organs?
does caffine help an asthma attack?
how long untill my lungs will be healed from smoking ciggarettes for 8 years?
Bleach is like poison to my nose?
Is it possible to be allergic to metal?
is it possible to get a migriane while your sleeping?
Im lactose intolerant. I need to be able to eat!?
Looking for a natural herb to help with peristalsis "slow moving bowel"?
What are the best ways to clear weed out of my system?
Is holding your breath any indication of whether or not you're having trouble breathing?
what are your experiences with ecstasy?
What's the best vitamin brand I can get for when I get a cold?
Nasal spray and blocked nose?
Conacts are making my eyes red and watery?
Could long hair animals cause my allergies to be worse than short haired animals?
Is it normal to burp alot after eating bread?
HELP me please! Nose...?
Why can I eat melted cheese with no problems but raw cheese makes me sick?
14 mo old have a runny nose and a cough can I give her anything?
baby's reaction to whole milk?
I need serious help. Do I have Diabetes?
Why are my blood sugars going up for no reason?
for how long does exercise affect blood sugar levels?
Do I have Diabetes??????
When Colloidal Silver gets darkened by light and oxygen, does that mean that it's no longer effective?
best herbal sleeping aid for insomnia? passion flower, california poppy, or sage?
What would happen if I listened to heavy metal while on shrooms?
medicinal marijuana prescription?
Question about taking pills?
quitting smoking intellectual benefits?
How long does it usually take for a 12 month old to recover from pneumonia?
Cold when it's really hot!! Help!?
uvula hanging low normal or not?
What would happen if a person gets a flu shot when they're sick already?
I believe I have a chronic infection in my left lung. What would be the best treatment for this?
wha causes nosebleeds/?
Can an allergy kill me?
I want to be a veterinarian, but I have allergies. Please help?
If i'm allergic to unpasterized pure honey...am i allergic to bee venom as well?
does drinking chamomile tea have any good effects for your eyes?
i think my boyfriend is snorting pills how can i tell?
Can you get a marijuana card underage in CO?
will melatonin help me sleep?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
Digestion of Carbohydrates by pancreatic amylase?
what does it feel like to sneeze a bunch of times in a row...?
Sneezing: how to make myself sneeze? Best answer=10 Pts.?
is waking up with a headache & bloated a sign of wheat gluten allergies?
Will Collidal Silver and Chlorophyll helped with bad odors coming from the nose and mouth?
White widow marijuana.?
is it ok to inhale red vinegar?
is suicide is a remedy for pain?
i need help with an alternative treatment for hypothyroid, apart from medication...?
What age group will benefit from reflexology?
can i get sleeping pills at walmart?
What is a good medicine for flu/cold symptoms if your allergic to penicillin?
how do i get rid of this sinus infection?
what are the best allergy pills?
does gluten has pork?
rattling sound in my chest/throat?
Any advise on quitting smoking?
Headache for more than 6 years.?
Does a nebulizer requires a prescription?
My husband just got admitted to the hospital today.?
I have trouble taking a good, full breath?
Could I possibly have melena?
Is there a bracelet or necklace that will let you know when your about to have a seizure?
my triglycerides in 180.00 mg/dl?
Do you think I could possibly have Diabetes?
Intense sinus pressure with no runny nose? Help please!?
I have been having hives since this past thursday & i have taken?
I need help with a home remedy for an ear ache?
What tea can replace tobacco?
Is gabapentin recommended for Fibromyalgia?
Whst is wrong with me?
What the type of pill is this?
what if you are allergic to penicillin and now azithromycin what is in both of them to make me have an allergy?
Is there a difference between vitamin D and Vitamin D3 or is this the same product?
How do i get rid of a stuffy nose without medicines?
I can never breath well, Help!?
Diabetes Toxin Question?
Is there a specific diet to cure hepb?
If I'm not prescribed to ADDERALL...is taking a orange 20mg pill bad?
What are the benefits of meditation?
Is it ok to take Amphetamine and Ecstasy together?
Extracts for skin use?
Why is wearing black is wrong according to color therapy or color healing?
Having bad chest pains?
I can smell smoke (like cigarette smoke) when there is none around.?
What would cause a metallic taste in my wife's mouth?
What is the cause for nose bleeds?
mixing sleeping pills and xanax?
What are some natural pain killers?
i took two hits of weed out of an apple 3-4 weeks ago but it wasnt lit. will i fail a drug test?
What is sports medicine kinesilogy?
baking soda and performance?
does rogaine really work?
if you eat marijuana will it show up in a hair test?
Do I have diabetes??????My mom thinks so!?!?
I need a Diabetic Friendly chocolate sponge cake.?
What is going on with my sugar levels?
how do i lose weight successfully with diabetes and low thyroid?
How much does it cost to get your blood sugar tested at the doctor's?
Why do I still tingle even though my levels are ok?
does stacking protien supliment with a steriod improve results?
What Causes a Bleeding Nose?
how to get rid of watery eyes and stuffy nose quickly because i have school tomorrow?
my stuffy nose won't go away...HELP!?
I just accidentally ate some raw chicken. Is there any way I can ward off the symptoms for when I go to school?
My sister has a rash...?
having trouble breathing?
i have chronic allergy?
Can one develop allergies at the age of 20?
Allergic to strawberries, do food allergies GET WORSE normally?
Cure for a very stuffy nosee ?
Can I take adderall and smoke week at the same time?
Will yoplait yogurt treat a bacterial infection?
What is ADDERALL like, if you are not Prescribed to it, and Do you like it?
Will the alcohol show up on a blood test?? Plz answer?
What is hookah made of?
Mold in the bathroom and allergys?
what is the reason infants get 15:2 when there are 2 rescuers in infant CPR?
Can a chest X-ray identify any acute diseases?
If medicare not medicaid will pay fo a kidney transplant ,and i only have medicaid and im not 65...Then what ?
Diabetic Recipes using Wheat Flour?
can anyone tell me if this could be a diabetic problem?
My doctor ordered a hemoglobin a1c test to check for diabetes. Is this a conclusive test for diabetes?
What's the best time to take your blood sugar ?
Should blood sugar testing be done 1 hour after eating or 2 hours?
how is it possible i have type 2 diabetes?
how do i know if i am allergic to dogs?
DO i have allergies or a cold?
am i allergic to my own mattress?
Is it possible to see a dust mite without any kind of microscope enlarger?
How can i be happy with my nose until i get a nose job?
Itchy throat after eating apple ?
If dxm is not behind the counter, is ID required to buy it?
Does raw milk eliminate candida overgrowth?
I'm doing a water fast for detox and would like some information.?
how much does robitussin normally cost?
treatment for tinnitus ?
I didn't know I was allergic to shrimp and now my lips are swollen!!!?
what do you do if you have pet allergies but need to go to a friend's house who has pets?
Can I be allegic to my shampoo?
Puffy eyes form allergic reaction?
Do you feel diffrent when you have high blood sugar vs low blood sugar..how so?
im a diabteic and i was wonderin if its............?
my blood type is 2, what letter is that?
my ketones are in the moderate level how do you bring them down?
can sugar free red bull hurt diabetics and im not talking abt the carbs?
Can you be allergic to a smell?
why do I get a bloody nose after I work out?
Who knows nobleherb, a Chinese medicine brand?
how to cure a sore throat?
A SALVIA QUESTION PLZ ANSWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What is the difference between organic and non-organic marijuana?
Smoking weed first time hurt THAT bad?
How do you feel when your high on weed?
what's wrong with my cold?
i got belpalsy for 13 yrs and still paralyzed on right side of my face is there anything i could do now?
When is a sore throat bad enough to go to the ER?
Is there any good about smoking?
My tongue is very loaded with a susbtance especially when i eat garlic,why?
How fast does anaphylactic shock take?
My Dr. told me I have low blood sugar....?
do diabetic people pee a lot?
Serum Sodium level in Blood?
do type 2 diabetics get itchy feet?
My AIC in March '10 was 6.6, but this week a new Dr. said my AIC is 5.9. Am I considered a diabetic?
Can I give my son coffee with his natural alternative for ADHD?
Does mixing hand sanitizer and urine a way to pass a drug test?
Things to do with a lighter?
what are the side effects of taking lisinopril?...?
Should I trust both doctors?
ADDERALL help please?????
how to take care of diabetic foot?
I take Actos 30 mg for diabetes.Has anyone else gained weight from this drug?
Blood sugar problems..?
is 900 blood sugar level dangerous?
Is there any sugar-free milk for diabetics?
what do you need to become an x-ray technician?
Have you tried honey k2 herbal? Serious answers only (10 points)?
What is the best cure for a hangover?
Can I cleanse the colon without enemas?
Can you take flexeril and hydroxyzine together at bedtime?
10 points for great answers! HOME REMEDIES 4 INDUCE SLEEP?
What is wheat intolerance?
How do I stay full while eating GF?
foods for people with gluten allergies?
does gluten & wheat free diets get rid of phlegm.?
Can a parents allergies be passed on to their children?
is that am allergic to my dog or its normal?
Throwing Up Blood....? Aaaa!?
how to get phelm out in back of throat?
How long will my antibiotics take to get rid of sinusitis?
Coughing after eating?
can you have asthma as an adult when you did not have it as a child?
i smoked weed for the first time today?
how to get rid of sore throat without dr?
when i stand up straight i cant take a full breath?
Coughing for 2 months so far....?
Question about ephedrine!?
my friend is over dosing on GBH street name "juice"?
can taking paxil block the effects of ecstasy?
Can someone else pay for your prescriptions over the phone?
Is it safe to take expired B-6 vitamins?
Sinus infection . . .?
Are there some antibiotics that are ok to drink alcohol with?
How much sodium can a child consume a day?
is it possible that i'm allergic to cat's pee?
How to lower my blood sugars fast?
Can Insulin help this?
Is it possible that I have diabetes?
i'm looking for a really good supplement?
Are clinical studies safe and do I have to tell my doctor about it first?
Is it possible to be allergic to weed?
Do I have a cold or a sinus infection?
is there anything i can take for sinusitis when pregnant?
I have a really sore throat...what do i do?
its considered to be an advantage to have lungs with increased capacity, because with increased capacity... ?
Headaches, dizziness & nose bleeds?
I am having chest/lung pains... what is this?
Sore throat spitting up blood?
How much lead based paint dust is harmful?
Can anyone explain this phenomena for me?
is it safe for me to take 5mg of melatonin?
how to make a glass bong?
Can MOLD grow in water filters ?
Is citrus mold toxic?
how to get rid of hives quickly (within hours)?
How can I clear up my running nose?
What foods contain barley and rye? and are oats gluten free?
Why IS one side of my nose clogged?
do humidifiers realy work?
Lactose Intolerant? Help!?
Is there a medication I can take to relieve my allergy reactions to crustaceans for a meal?
allergic reaction? his face is puffy red and pink dots on belly?
Is it a bad idea to check my own blood sugar?
do you think that i have diabetes?
Dizziness what could it be?
afraid of shots...help..?
My husband take Metforim HCL diabetic but he wants me not diabetic to take since he lost weight ?
Can a type 1 diabetic gain weight?
Could I have diabetes?
Can weed cause pee to be red?
what is the street price for suboxone film?
can i own a chiropratic wellness center without being a chiropractor?
Ways to stop smoking?
How can I get weed out of my system fast?
my husband has ulcerative coilits for past 2 years..suggest me best ayurvedic treatment in india.?
Alternative medicine for stomach cancer surgery patients?
Is it possible to be allergic to headphones?
When is sinus surgery needed?
allergies or sinus infection?
What is the strongest antibiotic available for a sinus infection?
I am allergic to apples, but for a long time I could drink apple juice and eat apple sauce without a reaction?
my mother has diabetes.?
Fasting blood sugar levels?
What can happen if a diabetic person that has 251 blood sugar sleep?
hypoglycemia causing diabetes later in life?
soothing, relaxing music to do homework to?
i have a goiter what herb can reduce the selling?
HELP! I have an 11 year old put on Prednisone and evry time she takes it she throws up!?
From where can I buy Aromatherapy Blends online?
Acupuncture is widely practised in?
Can tramadol lessen cold symptoms?
There is black snot coming out of my nose?
antihistamines don't wanna take please help?
Cant stop coughin and i have Laryngitis?
Smokers: Would you ever be THIS low class?
Is This A Cold Or Something Worse?
can someone please tell me what this might be ?
is my daughter allergic to amoxicillin or is it a side effect?
Can allergy shots make you tired?
How can I confirm my son has an intestinal allergy since he tests negative for all IGE allergies?
What does a salvia trip feel like/how long does it last?
dont know if hes stealing or not?
Best time of day to take cod liver oil gels and Vitamin D?
Is $30 a 4th a good price?
Requirements to get on Suboxone?
is homeopathy a valid practice?
Have you ever hallucinated from smoking weed?
Celiac Disease? Please Help?
What type of humidifier should we buy as our noses are sooo dry?
can hunger make your nose bleed ?
Help quiting smoking?
Do I have asthma? symptoms included.?
constant chest pains....no insurance....?
Can you SMOKE nutmeg?
Am i allergic to tea, milk, or sugar?
whats wrong with me? My eyes itchy?
can normal bee stings kill you even if your not allergic?
Medical marijuana? Is it really that bad?
Found a few pills from about a year ago, and can't remember what they are. Its Oblong, White and it says L484?
If you change the quanity of the number of pills on your prescription?
home remedie to eliminate cyst?
Please help! correlation between neck issues (tightness, upper servical subluxation) and Brain Fog?
well water lower thc levels for urine?
what is marijuana called that doesn't have thc in it?
i think i may have diabetes?
Im from UK and have lived in east europe for a year. recently i realised i may have an allergy to the water?
If your allergic to gluten, will drinking cranberry juice after eating it help the stomach pain?
Itchy tongue when eating fruits?
Why is my Upper lip swollen?
Do I have pre-diabetes?
What do I do about my allergies?
How do i test to see if i have a allergic reaction to bee pollen?
What do you do about a recurring nose bleed?
I have high sugar leval?
Why does your nose get runny after/while crying and why does your eyes turn red?
My lower lip itches!?
One is allergic to Tide, and the other is allergic to Cheer?
How do I stop sneezing?
Found gramz of white powder n snorted it?
Is it safe for me to take ecstasy?
i you gently twist your ear lobe it does not remain distorted because it contains?
What do I eat.. Kinda confusing question?
I need some homeopathy help for weight loss?
Is smoking Herbs good for you?
Is there any medication for someone with a caffeine allergy?
Can I get sick from dust?
Are there any foods that can help lower blood sugars in diabetics?
What are the odds of my Blood Type?
what to eat when Type II?
Is it possible for a 16 year old to develop type 2 diabetes?
Tomorrow I am taking my glucose tolerance test for pregnancy and wanted to know if I should take my metformin?
what is a good NASAL DECONGESTANT?
I am allergic to honey. Would it be safe to take bee pollen?
Hookah VS. Ciggarette?
Drinking with an acute kidney infection?
Can someone please help me figure out my chest problems?
I went 23 days without smoking weed and I drink water everyday nothing else is my system clean?
what is the best antibiotic for severe chest congestion with wheezing ?
Was this weed laced with something?
How long does it take for 3 hits of marijuana to leave your system?
How are shrooms used and what are the effects of them?
Question About Cannabis? Is This True?
ADHD: Do natural therapies work as good as Stimulants?
Melatonin and a 3 year old?
plz answer im scared im gonna saw my arms and legs off?
should i go back....?
so does this mean he wasnt calling me fat?
Would eating magic mushrooms raise someones chances of developing schizoprenia?
Should I trust this psychlogist intern or is she a phony?
Can I drink Diet Coke when I have type 2 Diabetes?
my mother's sugar was 384 one afternoon, what can she do to get it down when this happens?
I'm hearing some people saying that having diabeties is a big deal and I hear people saying that it isn't?
Does Diabetes comes from eating or drinking to much sugar? Or can U get it cuz a family member has it?
sugar test 107 before eating?
Question about my doctor making an early appointment for me.?
O(-) is the universal donor, but can it receive just any blood type?
babies cows milk protein allergy?
Can lactose intolerance come back?
Am i allergic to kiwis, if my tounge bleeds and it stings as well as my lips ?
What are some good remedies for sneezing?
is a rotten milk taste on your tongue after drinking milk a sign of a milk allergy?
Question about vitamins?
as a home health aide what type of approval or training do you need to give a enema to a client?
Herbs to blend and smoke?
What do people take to come down from cocaine and clean up a few minutes afterwards ?
What are the benefits of taking a cold shower?
My nose bleeds every night?
I have red itchy skin from hydroquinone 4% like an allergic reaction can anyone tell me what do to ?
What can I do about watery eyes?
Ive gotten episodes of hives for the past two nights?
i need to end everything i mess up to much wih drink?
What happens if you watch to much tv?
Do I have a mental type of disease?
are there any anti anxiety medications that cause weight loss or loss of appetite?
Aspergers,bipolar, ADHD, Tactile Defensiveness..... is it right for me to have kids?
Why do I feel at fault/guilty?
I can't get a deep enough breath?
help urgent most likely a serious problem!?
If I smoke does it really stop me from growing?
Can the tdap vaccination give you whooping cough?
how do i get my dad to quit smoking...he has been doing it forever...please help?
smoking ?! help . please .?
to cut my sugar craving is taking Glutmine ok?
Therapists don't really answer anything they just listen?
why are some people mean to others (and why am i such a freak)?
How can I feel more confident in myself when I talk to people (if that's even my problem...more inside)?
Why do I think everyone can hear my thoughts?
How do i get over past issues?
How can I change myself?
How much pure esctacy would I have to take to get high?
How can i lower my blood sugar level fast?
My blood sugar level(post prandial) is 132mgs,is it normal?or having gestational diabetes?
What is this Homeopathy brand?
effective methods to get rid of a stutter?
Ringing in ears treatment?
I need help from a docter please, Migranes?
Does Pepper make YOU sneeze?
How do you make Apple Cider Vinegar?
pulse oximeter reading?
What am I sick with?
I find myself waking up not breathing at night, my heart then feels like its going to burst out of my chest.?
What does it mean when you blow your nose and one side of your nose produces blood tinged mucus?
Can anxiety be the cause of my shortness of breath?
i just had my first panic attack im only 17?? help?
I Quit Smoking Now I'm Coughing up Brown Flecks?
Should i go to the hospital????? Am i crazy?
plz help me! give me advice!?
Is there a problem with being obsessed with cardboard boxes?
Whats the worst drug from these 2?
What kind of hallucinations do you get from sleep deprivation?
How do you know if u are allergic to something before you take it and get a reaction?
Wife violently allergic to ferret. Any possible methods of avoidance?
Can you become non allergic to cats?
Can soldering cause an asthma?
I think i have a walking Pneumonia, what do you think?
wheezing after 2 months of not smoking?
is this more of a heart or lung disease-plse read x-ray report?
How to breathe correctly?
Why is my upper thigh pulsating rapidly and erratically?
question about medical marijuana strain?
what are some possible effects of smokingg K2 the incense with medication?
are all doses of oxycontin being reformulated or just the 80s?
I think my dad has hash hes 40 and im wondering if its normal?
what is a good remedy for ear sore?
Could I have Diabetes?!!!?? PLEASE HELP?
How do you code a glucose meter ?
I have Type 1 Diabetes. How do i get a six pack?
What causes Diabetes both types?
Sleeping pills and Prozac?
How to help my depression?
Anxiety disorder problem?
Has anyone had experience with 'brain state conditioning?"?
Severe anxiety help and Zoloft?
I feel very unmotivated and emotionless what's wrong with me?
my granddaughter suffers from nut allergies we want to take her on holiday can she fly?
Remedies for scratchy throat due to allergies?
Can someone allergic to penicillin take cephalexin?
Cure to cyanide poisoning?
Is General anesthesia safe for a teen with...?
Is it safe to take expired medicine?
Alkaline water filter?
A little question about Weed...?
Strange episodes....stuck in my head?
Can I take a Benadryl with an Aleve?
what is anxiety??????????
what is the mental reason for this? maybe not just practice?
Does therapy actually work?
Is it too late to get out and enjoy myself?
why do i feel like i cant accept anyone?
Help Me! My friend told my teacher that I'm cutting myself?
do diabetes fall under the americans with disabilities act?
Is 200-300 g of carbohydrates every day bad for your health? Can that cause diabetes?
Scared I might have Diabetes?
What's going on with me?
What would happen if insulin was given intravenously?
Blood question. really serious, what do i do?
Lotro difficulties....?
Alternatives to Tobacco in Spliffs?
i have sore throat anyone with any home remedies?
Anyone know some good sleep remedies?
what is vicodin used for?
What is a Half life???
Why do I always feel more anxious between 6.00am and 7.30am?
can i admit myself into a mental hospital?
These 2 songs explain how i feel, perfectly. can you help me?
Something wrong in my brain?
I need answers now my sis nose is bleeding?
What type of illness would this be? I'm writing a story.?
Im constandly in fear of being sick and other ridiculous things and i dont know why?
Father with Diabetes..Please help.?
Will anybody like to explain what is goin on with my diabetes?
I had chicken strips cooked at 350 for 30 minutes. Will I get sick?
Could I have Diabetes Mellitus?
howmuch alchol can i drink with levothyroxine ? in 100 micrograms?
I worried that I might have diabetes ? Please answer?
question about diabetes symptoms?
Question about L-Phenylalanine supplement?
I was at a kickback last night. Drug question?
How do you cure a sore throat quickly (without medicine)?
How long do you stay high if you smoke weed?
My friend just said she was high. What is it like?
Can you drink alcohol if you haven't taken your medicines in three days?
Can you mix these medications together?
Allergic reaction to Benzoyl Peroxide?
i keep getting a Bloody Nose...?
Do I have exercise asthma or allergies?
I became allergic to rabbits around 10 years ago but now I want one?
How long before I am in contact with animals should I take Claritin?
2 mg xanax last night can i drink tonight?
Am I mentally insane?
can i develop anger problems by family problems and my dad used to be a alcoholic?
i don't notice my ADD medication working?
How can i feel better?
how well do nicotine lozenges work?
are there any natural remedies for stress free life?
what is an enema....?
Best suppliment for muscles?
What healthy herb/plant can I smoke?
Take 10 panadol pills at the same time?
Is sniffing a non-toxic marker dangerous?
What is the role of the cilia that line the respiratory tract?
I have sharp stabbing pains in my nose.?
how do i get rid of a sore throat, it hurts when i swollow/talk and its a pain in the *** to deal with...?
do for sinus infection and blocked ears?
Metaformin questions.?
diabetes?? I hope I can solve this deliemma?
Does this sound correct to you?
Diabetes. (Type One)?
Where can I find free publications for type 2 diabetes?
my mom's mad because i have to change my diet?
How long should 1/8 of an ounce of Marijuana last me?
Is this a job for Pepto-Bismol?
Question for people who smoke weed, do you agree with the following statement?
Any handy cold remedies?
Help with Ecstasy Legitimacy.?
Involuntary Commitment - Some psychiatric ward questions?
What to do about depression?
How do you cope with taking antipsychotics for the rest of your life?
how do i become un-depressed?
What is the best way to let go of problem thoughts?
My nose stays stopped up,dry,raw and bloody . What can i do to heal it ?
Changed my nose ring already?
Do I have a sinus infection?
Leaving with caeliac disease (Gluten allergy)?
does this blood sugar test result mean im not diabetic?
This is for DIETICIANS OR NUTRITIONIST......What foods are available to eat that have no sugar.? I have to?
is seltzer water ok to drink daily i have diabetes?
I think I have diabetes... If you have it, could you please take a look?
Is there even a way to watch television online?
What would happen if I combine olive leaf and licorice to battle a sinus infection?
What are the side effects of Fruta Planta?
Recurring sore throat, aches, etc...?
Any Ideas for Helping a sore throat?
My extreme height is making me upset, depressed, and scared. HEED HELP!?
Is life worthless???????? Answer please?
Is this an act of OCD????
Can you die because of feeling of suffering and sadness in the brain?
Is it possible to stress yourself to the point of physical illness?
Are these symptoms of insanity?
Is depression causing my overthinking of a past incident?
What if I put tea tree oil in deep cuts?
Have you had a good experience with an inversion table?
Is there a safe/natural equivalent to Prednisone?
Whats the difference between cravings and real hunger?
diabetes home testing meters?please answer?
Does this sound like diabetes?
what is your glucose level suppose to be in the morning?
How can I treat Diabetes???
Is it safe for a middle aged diabetic to take the weight loss drug Phentermine for 3 months?
Liver cells are packed with glucose. What mechanism could transport more glucose into a liver cell? Why wou?
Help me please? Anxiety issues?
How do I stop being jealous ?
I took an OD of prozac 3 days ago and now i can't urinate?
OCD, Depression, seems like an endless series of panic attacks over this?
im afraid i could get addicted to ritalin?
Will you please help me sleep (Horrible Panic attacks)?
Why is it so hard to sleep sober?
Electronic Cigarette Vs Normal Cigarette...whats more harmful?
How to get rid of an earache, productive cough, and a stuffy/running nose??????
I'm having trouble breathing?
Question about an antibiotic?
Is There A Daily Stomach Medicine I Can Take?
I'm 35 yrs old can i study Siddha Medicine in Tamil Nadu at this age?
Can i take these Vitamins together in tablet form?
Where can I get some legal highs like Jah Rush and Mephedrone?
If You Have Diabeties-How Do you prevent amputaion?
my vision is 6/4 what is perfect vision?
How long can you have pre diabetes before noticing?
how do i tell year advisor at school that i have diabetes?
Sixteen Year Old Type 1 Diabetic?
How do you die in sleep?
My 13yr old son suffers from severe tics,has done most of his life. he takes respiridone 1mg that has made?
What are the laws in the US regarding falsely representing yourself as a mental health professional online?
What's a good antidepressant?
I think i am puting up mental walls help?
Depression medications?
Do bipolar ever feel like literally high?
Feeling so sad lately..?
i have add and ocd what is the best pill to take to make me focus really need to do something to focus better?
Adderall or diet pills as stimulant?
where can i purchase a true colloidal silver?
wondering about xanax?
an 8 week olo child, who is breastfeeding is constipated...what is an alternative to the doctor?
What is the best type of massage to get?
Drug test info please?
If you smoke wet weed can mold grow on your lungs?
How to tell if you still have asthma?
are there more than one tipe of asthma?
someone told me exercise induced asthma is not as serious as a seasonal or other type of asthma, is this true?
Claritin and alcohol, is that a good combination?
can you put eucalypts drops in the humidifiers?
I have to take synthetic thyroid hormones,but I am allergic to them. What should I do?
What's the difference between shake and trim at dispensaries?
Im taking Methylin ER 20MG and i cant focus on my homework at night. is it ok to take some when i get home?
Please help me, i am suffering!! CUre MY hiccups?
what are the best home remedies to get rid of a cold?
What is the name of the drug that is...?
herbal remedies for anxiety?
Can I trust this online pharamacy?
Is it possible to have depression for no reason?
Do i have obsessive-cumpulsive disorder (OCD)?
Why do I do these things?
i amcutting my self how do i stop?
help please?! heroin cravings?
Good Sleeping OTC Meds?
Can you smoke Red X Dawn/ Spark 30 special crop?
Thinking abOut becOming an Organ dOnor?? But are the stories true ?
Whats they best way to get weed out of my system in a week?
What am I in for in my first Salvia trip?
research project help?
What could be wrong with me? Any suggestions on what I could do?
why didnt i die from my overdose?
What is the best med for severe generalized anxiety disorder?
Sleeping problems how can u sleep easier?
I have a guy I love to death but...?
Sleeping Help, Answer ASAP!?
what are your natural remedies? For preventing colds and flus? And treating them?
what is the best herbal sleep aid?
Can Chiropractors cure Migraine Headaches?
What home remedies to cure severe sinus congestion?
What is the best Vitamin for Memory loss or Clarity of thoughts?
How can I get healed from my worsth hemorrhoids?
how long does it take to complete massage therapy school in texas?
Is mixing adderall and xanax at the same time dangerous?
Somebody help me please... (read description)?
Would it be a good idea to tell my friends at my new school I'm in depression?
Been having anxiety and bad thoughts lately? ?
Why do some games get me scared easily?
How old for Marijuana?
What is HMO Chiropractor and why do people say its quackery?
I am an mmj user and i need help on a drug test!? PLEASE HELP!!!?
What do you think about massage therapy?
I have 3 tabs of acid. Should I take them?
Is there a chance that I'm depressed at all?
Disability wants me to see their psychiatrist..is this a good sign i will be approved?
I feel like sometimes people can read my mind?
Lexapro antidepressant questions, (please help)?
Do I have schizophrenia???? B?
Hot Palms on sore areas? Reiki ?
Can blur vision eyes can be cure naturally ?
How long till xanax starts to work?
Is it good to drink a tablespoon (or two) of Cider Vinegar?
grasscity question?????????????????
Is there a "home remedy" way to treat Restless Leg Syndrome and Night time Anxiety attacks?
My nasal passages are almost always swollen shut or clogged. Any home remedies or explain why?
Name THREE possible treatments for allergies?
Lab work question Please help, regarding almost 4 yr old. .... Glucose...?
How can I become more confident?
I want to go see a psychiatrist, what do i need and what should i expect?
How come autistics are often quiet and don't talk yet will communicate a lot virtually?
For people with or that know ppl with schidzophrenia?
how to stop someone from commiting suicide?
can i break seroquel xr?
Is it true that the Maguey plant's juice cleans the body and blood?
what's the story behind 420?
why do u breathe in indian head massage?
am i taking an overdose when i do this?
Can you get high off of sassafras oil?
Can taking sleeping pills and caffeine pills be safe for daily use?
Can you have an impaired glucose tolerance and not be overweight?
I have just recently begun dating a type 2 diabetic...?
What are some of the warnings of diabetes?
why am i so lite-headed and dizzy?
exactly where can i buy blood gluco plus strips?
Why is marijuana shake cheaper than actual bud?
Any remedies or medicine for fluid in middle ear?
Is there a way to prevent getting sick at this point?
what is a laminate sandwich?
What kind of doctor works with herbs and vitamin suppliments?
i took the pill and Panadol at the same time?
If I take Vitamin B1+ B5 + Ginsing everyday will I notice improvements in my memory?
Is there a drug like adderall I can get that is not over the counter?
what cause blood clots?
Questions about Urinary Tract Infection!!! HELP?
Can allergies cause chest pain/tightness?
How to get rid of mucus before school!!?
Please help, I need to stop snoring.?
What happens if your surrounded by dusty/dirty air and you inhale it?
How could I stop being attached to other guys?
Do drug addicts always go back?
why dose teenage boys like fighting so much?
Could I have Type 2 Diabetes?
is insulin increase body weight?
Is this routine good for me if I have diabetes?
Can type 1 diabetics drink alcohol?
how to know if i am diabetic?
Can you have Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes at the same time?
i'm going to start using an insulin pump tomorrow; i'm nervous ): ?
What can i do to get out about a dime of weeed out of my system before a drug test tomorrow morning?
Do Doctors (real doctors) recommend taking wheatgrass? or is it just herbal?
Does marijuana help the flu?
Why do dogs eat grass when they are not feeling well?
Marijuana Withdrawls + getting over inner ear infection?
What qualifies you for medical weed?
i smoked weed once around 3 or 4 months ago..?
sore throat, runny nose, headache, cant sleep what can i do?
do i have pneumonia or chest cold??....PLEASE HELP!?
Asthma or Bronchitis?
Stages of the common cold..?
What am I allergic to in my shampoo and conditioner?
Will my nose perice will close up ?
is may 21st end of world piz aser it frken me out?
I get afraid when I have to talk over the phone?
do you think this is normal?
is it normal to feel like this?
what home remedies help bruises?
Is it possible to grow mary jane outdoors in the cold somehow?
How much would a cheap calabash pipe cost?
Somebody on this site called me a kook. What is it?
is it bad to mix advil and aspirin?
Are shrooms ( psilocybin mushrooms) more for a mental trip rather than a visual one?
Say you smoke weed every day.?
does ciggarette smoke on clothing trigger asthma attacks in childeren?
Ways to get rid of nasal congesion?
Difficulty breathing?
Why does it feel like im choking?
Do you know of a low glycemic food brand?
if i cut my circulation off..am i likely to die?
Why do the eyes of a diabetic start getting watery?
a diabetic in a government agecny?
Half Blood + Half Blood = ?
Are my blood sugar readings safe or should I see my doctor?
I have 33 yr old friend who has type 1 diabetes who is disabled, what are some good simple foods...?
Lately, my short term memory has been very bad. What could cause this? Blood sugar?
High blood sugar and underweight. why?
What's going on with my head?
Am I too stressed out or something?
can teen supported line edmonton call the police in virginia if you tell thenononlinechat you have a suicide?
Do I need psychological help?
Depression Help please answer...?
How do you know if you're addicted?? PLEASE HELP!?
Will this anxiety ever end?
Terrible migraines after working out?
where to find vitemin E oil?
I'm a mid 40's yr old female I have fine little hair growing all over my entire face.?
Is this pneumonia? Please help!?
are antihistamine good to take at the beginning of a cold?
Where can i get a nebulizer at?
How can I know if I am not getting enough oxygen?
why is only one nostril blocked when you have a cold?
my doctor told me...........................?
I have just been diagnosed with pre-diabetes, and I now have to watch my diet. Can you help me?
For doctors: Can hypoglycemia lead to diabetes?
I think I am diabetic and my parents won't get me tested?
i have type 2 diabetes, can i eat dried prunes?
Is 140 to 200 a healthy level for liver enzymes?
Do you know any natural treatments for diabetes?
I have a sore throat and a cough and a headache and a runny nose?
I feel like theres something in my throat and it hurts could it be from the mold growing in my home?
Can allergy shots make your allergies worst?
whats the name of the doctor that deals with ear nose and throat?
when i begin to sweat my upper body breaks out in hives and my whole body itches, it is also hard to breath du?
does anyone know what this is? or how can I stop blanking out, I can't focus no matter what?
Do I have something wrong with me?
how much would it cost to get a perscription for xanax at the ER?
HELP?! What's wrong with me?! EXPERTS PLEASE!?
is this classified as a disorder?
is it possible to be addicted to hurting your self? how do i stop?
Can you smoke weed when taking phenoxymethylpenicillin?
What is the most benefical type of tea?
Does bio oil really work ?
Should I go to the Doctor?
Where can I get shroom?
I am confused about rebirthing. what is it?
Why do you cough after......?
This girl i've been dating has a horrible gag reflex...?
is old blacking carpet padding used in 50's have asbestos?
How deadly is pneumonia?
I have been experiencing this throughout the day, just randomly. When I take a deep breath in its like when?
i feel too tired even for taking breath?!?
Vitamin/prescription interaction?
What is Wheatgrass Powder?
Can adderall combined with ambien get you high?
Cranberry juice didn't help heading to the er but will it dilute urine and show no infection?
Can 5htp, Gaba and Sam-e be taken together?
Blurred Vision Diabetes?
I'm borderline diabetic and I need to go on a diet...?
Can you give me some diabetes information?
Everyone thinks I'm going crazy?
teenaging side effects? help!!!!!!!!?
why have I been crying so much?
How to apply the Bible to Mental Illness?
Are these signs of depression?
How do i keep my self motavated to work out ?
Please help.. I think I have sleep apnea?
What damage can exposing yourself 5 hours to an ionizer do? This is the type hotels use for...?
Am i having mini heart attacks?
Are the health claims of drinking red wine bogus?
what happens if i took 26 sleeping pills of sleep aid liquidcaps (maximum strength)?
God help me I'm getting sick..?
pinched nerve? how long to heal?
What are benefits of acupuncture therapy?
Are biotin pills safe to use for teens?
Is weed worse than speed?
Anyone actually used smokeless cigarettes that helped you stop smoking if so which brand was it?
Something that can really help anxiety?
Don't know how to broach depression to my parents?
We all know that the moon is not made of green cheese, but what if it were made of barbeque spare ribs?
Has anyone here taken citalopram (celexa) for anxiety disorder?
alcohol & zoloft = me?
Do you think it's kinda weird for a guy to think like this?
*What is the risk of taking blood thinning herbal supplements before surgery?*?
I am a medical marijuana patient, were can i legally medicate?
Im Going For Acupuncture Tomorrow, What's it like?
How to cleanse my digestive system?
Any one tried any natural remedies for receding hair line?
do u get high from smoking just plain paper and can it harm you?
how long THC stays in the saliva?
i havnt been sleeping lately?
I need help with some of my issues but I have no clue what will help me?
How do you deal with Borderline Personality Disorder?
Eating issues and parents aren't helping!!?
Am I doing the right thing by taking a step back?
How often does someone's "personality" come out if they have dissociative identity disorder? Do I have DID?
How do I become a massage therapist?
MISTLETOE: What's it good for?
what is the best medicine for me to have a regular waste disposal?
How does the hanger work?
Can you buy a drug test that always comes out clean?
What are some good home remedies for the flu?
What are some of the best home remedies for sinus issues during the fall season?
Do I have type II diabetes?
Do cinnamon caspules actually lower your blood sugar levels?
Is there something like NutriSystem for someone who has diabetes and needs a low salt diet?
Dua for Diabetes and Diceases in Islam?
What to avoid with a sore throat?
My friend is coughing up blood, where is it coming from?
ive have been coughing and wheezing for over 2 weeks?
i just started smoking three days ago & i'm already addicted after like 6 cigarettes?
Is one exposure of asbestos cause for concern?
Has anyone every had their air ducts cleaned?
What does a BABY MILK ALLERGY look like? Please answer only if your child had one.?
What is my problem? Is it...depression?
I think I might have histrionic personality disorder. Who do I see and what do I do to find out or treat it?
Why is it that I cannot sleep?
I have no willpower... Can anyone help?
Help, What is wrong with me (mentally)?
I feel like theres no point in life?
Marijuana Question. Please Help?
Anyone know any good soothing thunderstom sounds?
Can you cinch your waist with a tight ace bandage?
Could someone introduce me to Quantum Elbowology?
what do moms have to say about pku?
Wipe blood after lancing?
diabetes type 1 or 2?
My fasting readings are always in the range of 130?
What happens if I drink water with a relatively small amount of rubbing alcohol?
Could I be pre-diabetic?
Do allergies cause bloody noses and breathing problems?
Do You Think I May Have Asthma ?
How long will it take to outgrow mild scoliosis?
will having a guinea pig in my room affect my asthma?
What do you do when you don't know what to do?
Can a pregnant woman attend a funeral?
Can two dyslexic depressed people get along?
What is the most severe 'type' of Bipolar Disorder?
Why does everyone I know that smokes pot gets diagnosed with some sort of personality disorder?
Do more depressed people become vegetarian?
What could my pipe be made of?
Scientifically speaking-why does exercise improve your complexion?
Health 2 - HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!?
where can I buy liquid multivitamins in the UK?
Do probiotics like Yakult work?
I need help with my breath?
When should I go see my doctor?
Can't sleep till morning..?
Doctors??? Expereinces???Is it possible to grow out of seizures for good?
Help teenager chest pains!?
how much benadryl do i give my kids?
I have a itching throat have had it for a while thats it just a itching throat what could it be?
Allergic to marijuana?!?
Multiple allergens immunotherapy?
I constantly worry about people not liking me?
is there an online chat room for anonymous people with depression?
I just had a panic attack, anyone who suffers from this have any info for me?
CBT provider for children in or near the state of AL?
Whats the best way to end depression?
Do you think it's fair for a University to expel an underweight student when there are so many obese students?
How is this possible?
can some one help me with my asthma diagnostics?
one ear is infected and the other one is plugged?
How do I get rid of that scratchy throat feeling?
How long does it take for your lungs to be black from smoking?
I have been coughing all night long the last three days, i cant even sleep because of it?
I havent smoked in 28 days and i have court tomorrow will i be clean?
Is Reiki or acupuncture better for chronic anxiety and phobias?
anyone ever take ginseng or b complex vitamin?
My son took a swimming lesson in a pool and broke out into hives. Does he maybe have a chlorine allergy?
I have an allergy to cats.?
Does Eating Less Gluten Make a Difference, or is it just "All of Nothing"?
I have a diabetes issue?
Can someone please explain to me the 3 phases for the HCG DIET!?? I have googled and googled about it!?
I need help desperately with my diabetes?
Is it bad to leave my insulin in the car while I'm at work and almost never in the fridge?
10 POINTS: What is the best advice you have ever given a patient?
can coughing hard cause a nose bleed?
How serious is Chronic-obstructive-pulmonary-disorder COPD?
throat hurts when swallowing, cant stop coughing when trying to sleep?
question about smoking?
22weeks pregnant and have a sore throat,ears,head?
Can sleep apnea keep a person from going to bed at a certain scheduled time?
what can i do my 9 year old wont go to sleep?
how long do i have to wait to know if zoloft will work once i increase it?
How long should I wait before going to the doctors about sleeping problems?
How can I be myself? How can i stop caring what everyone thinks of me?
Why do I get depressed every night?
Klonopin users: do you think I will get addicted t?
If I don't sleep for a day will I be fine, I haven't been able to sleep all night and Imgoin to hava long day?
I'm allergic to fish, can i be in the Marine Corps?
Can Fleas go inside your nose?
Why is it that when the weather gets cold that?
Could I be allergic to my guinea pigs?
how to get rid of sinus drainage instantly?
My asthma controller is making me sick...Please help!?
6 days I have done NO/LOW Carb.I have lost 5 lbs.Was told A1C was 6.1.All my testings last 6 days have been?
For Diabetics: If I've been using Levemir and Novolog, how do I calculate my initial dosage for Novolog 70/30?
type ii diabetes and getting blood glucose down - just diagnosed?
Random Blackout at Work?
i am a scared type 1 diabetic?
Does a therapist really help?
What does this result mean?
I don't feel comfortable sleeping in my bedroom?
feeling weird and like i don't exist..?
i think my mom is depressed, and that she doesnt like me anymore (repeat)?
can diabetic people get tattoos?
blood sugar rise after exercise?????? help!?
Drinks safe for diabetics ?
guys do you know a medicin's name for stoping smoking ?
Shortness of breath ?
Question on tuberculosis?
Since my husband quit smoking 3 weeks ago, he only coughed up phlegm 3 x and does not have a cough, what does?
I am 13 and i still sleep with my stuff pig is this ok?
How do you handle stress?
I'm scared to sleep at night?
should i kill myself?
should i listen to my doctor?
My sister and mom have died tragically. i am only 24. my husband is joining the army and i am terrified! pl?
is there any way to help me become un trapped?
What is the name of this device used to draw blood? Lancing device?
When blood sugar is high ______ is released, when blood sugar is low _______ is released.?
Heat affecting my diabetes?
High fasting insulin level with low blood sugar level?
what is the difference between diabetes type 1 and 2 ?
A few questions about smoking...?
Too much mucus in my throat is making it hard for me to breathe?
Hiccups are making my chest and back hurt? Please help!?
Help! Shortness of Breath?
How do I stop being overly emotional?
So miserable, I don't know what to do?
Strange problem, HELP?
I really don't think I'm depressed but...?
Why do I cover my neck everytime something grosses me out?
I hate going to sleep?
Uncontrollable Anger, Need Help!?
worried my baby has diabetes?
The particular fruit called Graviola or Guyabano in the Philippines, is it safe for diabetics?
Need some help..Please read?
If your blood glucose is high, does that mean you have diabetes?
is Tropicana sweetener OK with adiabatic person?
what if my blood circulation is not flowing the right way?
OK fasting BG, 12 hour fasting, is there a big difference in capillary or venous draw?
I'm not sure what my problem is?
a minor us citizen living overseas with disability can receive monetary help from the government?
how can i control myself?
I have two minds..........................?
how do diagnose paranoia?
Will it kill me?????
is this asthma or panic attacks?
Acid Reflux and Sore Throat help?
Sore Throat, Headache, Fatigue, 99.9 temp, what do I do?!?
Is this a cold or a sinus infection?
by breathing pure oxygen will that help you hold you breath longer?
i am on an antibiotic. I would like to have some wine. what effect will it have on the med.?
i have type 2 diabetes.?
Nausea after eating sweets, do I have diabetes?
What diesease can you get when you lack carbohydrates?
I am completely TERRIFIED!?
Is depression all in your head?
What are ways to relive stress?
I don't want to talk to a counselor (Serious answers only, please!)?
whats up with me i wanna die big time?
How can you tell if someone has bipolar disorder?
is there a cure for type 1 diabetes?
After 1 1/2 hour of 1 cup rice and teriyaki tofu my bg went up to 163mg/dl.. is this normal?
help paying for brand name prescriptions while in donut hole?
I have diabetic neuropathy. Is having cold feet and legs related to this?
What is the best grade of insulin to buy?
Should I not give blood anymore?
my potassium level is 5.1 what can i do to lower it?
Can you help me with stress?