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What is the best over the counter sleep aid?
why do doodles smell?
Is my epipen damaged?!?
How can I help my boyfriend get rid of acne scars?
I need help in stopping my dandruff?
so my wife and i were playing with a blood glucose meter and her blood was 93 and mine was 123. Is 123 normal?
how high should my blood sugar before going to the hospital?
It's harmful to eat a cake with fungus?
Where can i get diabetic meal menus?
could this be diabetes?
Avandia - other side effects?
How to cure a soar throat..etc? (Without medecines)?
Who has had surgery to correct allergies, How did it go?
I had an allergic reaction to oyster, and started itching. I took benedryl, but the itching won't stop!?
extreme pressure in forehead and nose? need some advice?
How can he maintain a diet free of gluten, egg, dairy, and beef?
Do I have Asthma still?
is there any positive views on smoking tobacco?
help.. i'm a self harmer?
How do you cope with grief?
Did I have a serious eating disorder?
plz help!!! i had an abusive past, ever since i was 12 years old im 22 right now, and i really need to get out?
Reoccurring Ear Aches, Please Help?!?
Can reiki massage help with paranormal experiences?
why do opiates allways make me vomit?
Does anyone know about this Iris lightener drops made out of natural ingredients?
Loss of appetite due to Vyvanse, how do I get nutrients? Vegetarian options!?
What could I do to make my teeth stronger naturaly?
does acupuncture really help to stop smoking?
Can you get your synesis removed ? If so , whats the procedure?
is swelling a symptom of being lactose intolerant?
My allergies!! ARRGGH! what can i do?
For Poison Ivy, should I shower in Hot or cold water?
Do You Think I Have a Cold Or Hay Fever?
What is the best way to reduce cat allergens in your house?
question about medi CAL ??
How do I get rid of discorloration and slight acne scaring left over on my back?
14 year old with stretch marks?
I have a rash that i have had over 1 1/2 months doctors are dumbfounded by it help me please ?
Can a person suddenly become allergic to a medication?
Lactose free milk still makes me sick, what is it?
Can having our pet cause this?
Can allergies cause lymph nodes to swell on a 4 year old? Please Help.?
If Hearing loss is present because of Eustachian Tube Dysfuntion?
does smoking a tobacco pipe inside a room leave a noticeable smell?
About Cystic Thrombosis?
Smoking question, Can somebody explain me why is this?
Why is my eye swollen and red?
Any one out there allergic to wheat?
What's a way to treat severe allergies?
What do you think is the craziest thing to be allergic to?
I keep losing the feeling in my right leg?
what is schyzitpol personality disorder?
best workbook for depression answer please?
What are the potential long-term effects of the abuse of adhd medication?
help with cutting......?
Do you think she has a mental illness going on? Which one?
Is 60 mg of tea tree oil toxic? I just noticed its in a yeast cleanse supplement I just took.?
does overdosing on Tramadol make you feel high?
Can you hallucinate from marijuana?
Is there a treatment / formula that can paralyze vocal chords?
Multivitamins: How to take them correctly.?
When I write poetry stoned, I produce better results...?
I am Dizzy all day everyday?
What is the difference of Ketoacidosis and Diabetic ketoacidosis?
can someone be dangerously addicted to caffiein?
i just got diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, I need a blood tester that is anywhere but my fingers because work?
diabetes symptoms? worried?
How likely is it that I'm diabetic (type 2)?
Fruit allergy? I could do with some advice!?
Can my health be damaged if i smoked shisha only 1 time?
After extermination treatment of bed bugs, are you?
A Diabetic Bracelet Question?
Is this normal or a sign of something?
Do I have Diabetes? I need info and help from you guys!?
sugar (glucose) is one of the products of photosynthesis. Name one other product or by-product.?
I self harm and I want to quit. I tried to stop on my own but it was to hard. ?
Number i can text for self injuring?
do i have a disorder? afraid of people walking behindme?
I'm a 17 year old boy and I have all the symptoms of depression. How can I reveal this to my parents?
Is Saliva good for....?
Social Anxiety Disorder, not taking pills?
Read description. I feel nauseated, help?
how to get fair skin fast ?
Treatment idea for swimmers' shoulder...will acupuncture help?
What will help me with this ?
what is the cure for migraine?
are vicodin and percocet the same thing?
are orange and blue ecstacy pills clean?
Ativan)Lorazepam) VS Lortab(hydrocodone)?
part from supplying oxygen and removing carbon dioxide what other functions does the respiratory system have?
Where does mucus come from?
Will a sinus infection clear up on it's own with out antibiotics?
what kind of feeling do you get from smoking? *urgent*?
What would help stop wheezing due to mace exposure?
why are only 25% of students allergic to flowers?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
i burnt my finger with a sparkler it hurts how do i make it stop hurting?
diabetic coma vs stroke-how do I tell the difference?
free health diet on line?
i cant figure out why i am so weak all the time now?
Blood Work Diabetes, Weight Loss?
what is 62/d when d=3.1?
12 month old exposed to mold! long term effects?
Why have my eyes been red this past month?
I can't breathe! I've taken sinus stuff, allergy stuff and nothing is unclogging my nose!?
I can't fall asleep and everyone else is?
Felt REALLY dizzy and lightheaded after a hot shower. Can someone explain this?
can smoking crack effect your jawline?
Do abusive people know they're abusive or are they in denial, and what makes them stop being abusive?
Why do I feel empty, even though I have a boyfriend?
Can someone help? I have an addiction.?
My head always feels a bit funny?
How many hours of sleep does a teenager need?
Is it allergies or may I have something worse?
Allergic to allergy medication?
How to get rid of an allergic reaction rash quick!?!?
diabetes and suger and all other problems?
i think i might have diabetes, PLEASE HELP!?
Do you think I could possibly maybe have Diabetes?
whats the normal blood sugar for a non diabetic after they have just eaten?
Why is it better to get fiber in its natural form as compared to taking a fiber supplement?
Dunking Marijuana In Nyquil!?
Is taking multivitamin supplements accually bad for your health?
Do I take 2 tablets a day together or separate?
Is this significant when it comes to ending a massage?
What is legal bud and whats the best kind?
i use to get bug bites but now i don't, why not?
Is this something i ate?
Could I be allergic to dairy?
Can seasonal allergies cause the feeling of a heavy head?
is it ok to take up anti histamine daily?
Over the counter medicine for cat allergies?
How come when I work, my sinuses act up on me?
help spring allergy. any tips? (don't tell me to see a doctor)?
My baby ate ham, and had an allergy attack?
Why am I having chest pains?
I have mild asthma and am wondering if exercising without an inhaler will make my lungs stronger?
Any one please provide Vaporizer information..?
Is it worth it to seek help for Dyselxia as an adult?
Yet, another inferiority complex, this time its really really bad?
should i leave a suicide letter?
please help...how to get rid of depression?
will 4mg of xanax make me pass out?
what could be wrong with me?
does your suicide attempt(s) still affect your life ?
why are my muscles sore?
I really want to commit suicide but I don't really feel depressed?
Question about hypoglycemia?
Will Medicade cover insulin pumps.?
I think I have type 1 diabetes?
feeling naseous after dessert?
What should I do? Emergency!?
Why am i so thirsty all the time?
natural remedies for food allergies?
If I had an allergic reaction to iodine on my skin, does that mean I am allergic to seafood too?
I have ashtma & i take zyrtec D can i take bendryl?
Vicoden at school? Help?
is it harmful to add a little cinnamon to marijuana for flavor when smoking?
Are cigarettes a muscle relaxant?
adderall isn't for me? it doesn't work anymore -.-?
Whats up with my head?
Cat allergy???? Possible????
Sinus infection or allergy?
i have really bad allergies, boggers are yellow?
Best Air Purifiers for Spring Allergies?
Is it skin cancer? How can i tell?
Why are my nails purple and how do you fix this?
Is poor air quality or cold temperature worse for asthma?
could i have asthma....? what are the symptoms?
What should i do for laryngitis?
I'm sick of breathing in second hand smoke?
how do the PaO2, PaCO2 and pH values in an arterialized capillar sample correlate with an arterial blood gas?
The cause of my mucous?
I have a clogged nostril and a recent bloody nose...?
Hay fever, help!! I'm camping out in a few weeks!?
what should a diabetics blood sugar numbers look like?
Do you think I have Diabetes?
I ran out of Novolog insulin and I'm out of town & don't have my insurance card?
will 2 teaspoons of sugars a day cause diabetes?
How to manage Diabetes?
RUNNING MAD please some advice or help?
Does getting help for depression make me a weak person?
have you ever thought about killing youre self?
How can I raise my self esteem?
Is fruit good for the gut?
Need help dealing with candida dieting?
the medicine Concerta 4 add or adhd how do pple react that take it when they dont have add or adhd?
What did a 2008 study reveal about Complementary and Alternative Medicine?
Has anyone used acai berry and colon cleanse?
whats the best supplement for clean drug tests?
what is this called on the body in Chinese med?
how long should i stay on sub oxen?
My Throat is so scratchy?
Can you die from eating mold?
Do antibiotics help with allergies?
Ear Infection? Please Help!?
can someone explain inhaler tubes for asthma to me?
I had a asthma attack.?
Can you smoke a cigar with a head ache?
What could happen if I shampooed my hair every morning and night?
What would happen if an allergic eat pollen?
Could this be allergies?
Is it possible to be allergic to midol?
whats the best way to quit smoking?
How much can I sell a 5/500 hydrocodone pill for?
Diphenhydramine discomfort?
In the UK, if you recieved substandard treatment from a hypnotherapist and they are not willing 2 put it right?
Do most people that get tested for ADD get a prescription?
is there an alternative to taking radiographs in the hospital?
Can I grow out of a skin allergy after 30 years?
Am I allergic to weed?
Do I have asthma, allergies, or am I overreacting?
itchy throat, itchy ears, watery eyes? just moved from sacramento to phoenix?
I was dusting the patio and my lungs feel closed and i am weezing what can i do?
I am new to the gluten free world! I need support finding gluten free products!?
what is the best icd-9 code for community acquired pneumonia?
How to get my mum to stop smoking?
Yellow thick mucus when blowing my nose, help?
copd. How long does he have ?
Did i smoke weed right or did anything go into my lungs?
Can you extend your life by breatheing less?
What is going on with me?
Do you think I have a mental illness?
I just want it to be over! All hope is gone?
what is a disease where you see people that aren't there?
If my teacher hears about me cutting AGAIN will she have to call my mom AGAIN?
watering eyes....all the time!?
How do you blow your nose with a septum?
Allergic reaction? What is this?
what is the best flea control for dogs and cats?
is there a way to get the artistic benefits that marijuana gives you?or to counter certain unwanted effects?
what is dank when refering to marijuana?
Can you get high off 1 hydroxyzine thats 50mg?
first aid for athritis?
Advil question??????????????
what was up with my weed was it laced or was i just really high?
how do you bring down high blood sugar levels?
glucose normally passes freely from the blood into the glomerular capsule? TRUE OR FALSE?
Does diabetes run in the family?
Can you get type 1 diabetes in three months after being tested?
How high does blood sugar have to be..?
Anyone else allergic to the metal on their belts?
What are headaches caused by and what does it mean if you have one for at least 4 days straight?
Fever of 101, how much ibuprofen?
bad taste after tonsillectomy?
Could peroxide make my skin turn a bright pink color?
Sinus infection, I think?
How bad would it hurt if food got into your lungs? PLEASE HELP?
I can't get rid of phlegm!?
Whats the best way to hide that there was ever a dog in the house?
does smoking cigarettes hurt your throat while your allergies are acting up?
Can allergies get worse?
Whats a good way to sleep through class without getting busted?
what is wrong with me?
is there a desert that does not have any wheat flour?
how do you smoke pure jwh-018 powder?
Why doesn't the FDA regulate the natural/ organic/ naturopathic part of the food and health industry?
to all taking MSM Supplements, PLEASE ANSWER!? :)?
does smoking tea effect you at all?
my doctor just told me to take 4550 mg of metformin per day, is that ok?
Please help!!? I really need help fot right now please!!!?
I have some questions about diabetes. Please help?
what can a person do to not go through heroin with drawls?
Are you drug-free..if not what have you done...Just wondering out of curiosity?
How to get rid of a stuffy/runny nose and sore throat fast!?
How do you get rid of pollen allergies??????
what do you think is wrong with me?
Gluten Free Diet, what to expect?
is it possible to have a food allergy to eggs but only to a certain part?
How was your tonsillectomy?
Could you die from lack of sleep?
can a 26 year old be attracted to a 16 year old?
Whenever I get close to a female, I develop a serious attachment problem...?
Do I have anxiety and trauma?
im not getting sleep during the night time. Always my mind is being by unwanted thoughts and scareness.?
is it true that depressed people don't like winter?
what are the side effects of the whooping cough vaccine?
problem with inhaler please respond?
Why shouldn't I take Serevent alone?
why does my stomache keep rumbling?
Friend Has Gaging Problem?
Am i allergic to propranolol?
Are these the symptoms of Allergies?
what would happen if....??!? 10 points!!!?
For bipolar people: do you think weed ever made you psychotic and how much did you have to smoke?
does natural remedies work?
450 mg dxm enough to trip?
Marijuana for pain relief?
Xanax vs Xanax XR ,, What the difference?
Is there a tea that reduces stress, but doesn't make you sleepy?
How can I get rid of being sick?
How do I get medical treatment without insurance in NYC?
Would my health insurance cover this?
No allergies but still stuffy-ish nose at nighttime?
Why does my throat close up when I smoke a cigarette?
How can I fake a mold/dust allergy to an allergist?
Would an endoscopy have caused these problems?
I can't sleep and I've tried lots?
How to loosen up the mucus in your chest and in your nose during allergy season?
What causes someone to be allergic to pollen?
Should I get rid of my cats because my son has allergies?
I started Levoquin for an ear infection on Sunday and today I have a sore throat How can that possible be?
will i be okay to run around 300 yards with strp throat?
Is there a radius on second hand marijuana smoke? Can i get high from a neighbor smoking nearby?
Pain in chest / esophagus after drinking fast.?
Drawing blood causes 800$?
how to get rid of acne quick?
I have a huge zit under the skin ?
Dry light patch on my face?
Ways to get rid of acne fast!?
does alcohol really lessen the effect of antibiotics?
Are there any medicines that can help you quit alcohol?
Can anyone give advice on my herbal treatments?
Which herbal supplement is better experts?
How effective is Blends body cleanse?
anything wrong HElp HElp?
Can you be allergic to Rye?
Is it possible to get a rash on your skin from shampoo?
A spell for clear skin,i have eczema and my skin is peeling off big time,please help!!!!!!!?
Is there anyway to prevent or cure sinus headaches?
Can't fall back asleep????!!!!?
I go around thinking I'm not good enough; what should I do?
I have a phobia of staying home alone but my family just think i am being a baby !?
i need some answers on this????? 10 pts!?
Why does everyone think I'm the bad guy?
Can trazodone induce mania?
*Help me please* Im 13 and Im very depressed I have suicidal thoughts and Im cutting myself ?
HORRIBLE seasonal allergies?
How do i inject epinephrine?
Immediately after eating bananas, I get a stomach ache? Why?
What is the best thing to take for post-nasal drip?
Serious Coughing, Need help... Please?
do those nose strips really work for nasal decongestion?
Do you think that I could have Asthma?
coughing up blood? what could it be?
Why does my five year old daughter keep getting nose bleeds?
My nose iches constantly & i bleed almost everyday from my nose?
What's this thing under my nose? Is it a rash?
How To Get Rid Of My Allergys?
I can't fall asleep....?
ecstasy alternatives?
Questions about the antibiotic:Sulfamethoxazole.?
What are some natural ways to control ADD?
what's another name for a pill popper?
Why is pepto bismol pink?
What do I need to use a neti pot?
what is gluten free,i need food for my dog that is gluten free?
why does it make me so tired when my allergies are going crazy?
How can I cure my eye allergies (puffy itchy eyes)?
Do I have a Big nose?
heavy breathing, idk whats wrong?
Why is my head so itchy?
How do i cure my acne?
I'm really scared...?
Is there something wrong with you if you self harm?
i need someone online to talk about my problems i cant take the stress?
I'm really embarrassed about this "fetish"?
Can this be sanitized?
i am 30 ,my mom is 60 and she want to control my life. she make problem in my relationship, she try to turn my?
What happens if you are allergic and stung by a hornet, a yellow jacket, and a bee?
Question about using local honey as an allergy remedy?
How do I make myself stop sneezing?!?!?!?!?
Which foods don't have gluten?
How does one avoid drowsiness when taking an allergy medication that has drowsiness as a side affect?
Question about diabetes.?
Is a blood sugar reading of 114 normal if I got a blood test at the hospital 1/2 hour after eating?
What would cause blood in urine in teenage boy?
Is there a chance I get diabetic?
agave nectar good or bad?
Diabetes in teens ????
Is it possible to have a relapse of tonsillitis when...?
need a cure for dry cough?
How do you Document PERLA if the one eye is reactive to light and one is not?
Medical Marijuana Card for depression?
will vicodin test positive for meth in a drug test?
what is a foot detox?
Where can I get cheaper (good quality) essential oils?
Can allergies cause pain full and swollen lymph nodes?
My wife isn't supportive of my asthma allergy?
Im really cold and i think i might have a fever... a little light headed and my throat hurts?
What's the difference between Children's Claritin and normal Claritin?
how to get rid of allergic reactions?
i ate raw almonds and my throat and ears are itching like crazy, it happens every time am i allergic?
Does Spacemountain get you dizzy?
Am I overwieght be honest!!!!?
Blood Sugar Levels Going Crazy?
Could this be Hyper/Hypoglycemia?
Should i go get tested for diabetes?
Smoking weed first time. Help.?
Does this really work?
I had a 1.7 cen complex thyroid nodule 6 months ago. Should I be concerned?
Why is pollen allergy and general allergies on the increase?
Natural Remedies Penile odor?
Has anyone had any personal experience w "diatomaceous earth"?
what's the best over-the-counter cold medicine?
Has anyone used neem oil as birth control?
Why do I get sore throats from random things, even health stuff?
Whats the best way to paralyze myself?
My little cousin says she hears voices and sees people (that aren't there). It freaks me out, what should I do?
what's the difference between Schizophrenia and Bipolar?
Is a person diagnosed with Avoidance Disorder a potential danger to fellow workers?
need help trying to not self harm now ( plz help )?
Self-Harming... Please answer?
I have a really big procrastination problem, help?!?
I think im depressed. How do i get happy?
Can someone be allergic to fish?
Can someone be allergic to raw carrots but not when they are cooked?
How to stop sneezing?
What is the best OTC allergy medicine for young children?
i cant sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some reasons you have nose bleeds?
Is this allergies or is this a cold?
smoking cigarettes ?!?
I just reached my 72 hour smoke free mark, What was your hardest day?
10 mg of phenylephrine (decongestant) & alcohol?
I need to make my immune system as strong as possible?
why does asthma get worse when ur sick ?
I work in a store that recently started carrying perfumes. The scents make me feel sick.?
Has anyone tried the Mineral Lamps?
What works better, a colon cleanse kit or a cabbage soup detox?
Does D Mannose really work against urinary tract infections? It seems it has worked for almost everyone?
why do people get prescribed to methadone?
Home-Made Remedies for Cold?
How to relieve bandage adhesive allergic reaction?
How long does it take for Sudafed maximum strength nasal decongestant to take affect?
My throat really hurts! Help!?
I have bad cat allergies and need something to help me while on vacation?
when i blow my nose stuff comes out of my eye?
if i have an alergic reaction to bees..?
Im always angry please help?
do i have depression!? Help :'(?
Things I can do to help me sleep?
I need help. I'm in a laughing mood and I can't stop laughing!?
I just made an appointment to see a therapist to get officially diagnosed for adhd?
do you know anyone who is manic depressive?
how do i keep my parvo puppy hydrated at night?
I am a teenager with celiac. Any help?
Is it possible to be allergic to glitter?
Can i start wearing nicotine patch after all day of heavy smoking?
CAN'T STOP COUGHING! Please help :)?
If i have asthma can smoking weed be deadly for me?
Ever since the day my children's father died I have had a lump in my throat, literally. What is this?
I think my little sister is purging..But not using her fingers! What are the other ways?
Is it possible to naturally change eye color with hypnosis?
How to increase the potency of Adderall?
i was apost to take pills but its to hard for me to swallow?
When doing Reiki self healing hand placements?
What is a better way to swallow a pill?
numbness in my toe..?
Why do I sneeze when I eat breakfast every morning?
what are the symptoms of allergies?
Major pollen allergy problem? Getting worse?
Help with Seasonal Allergies?
Can i be allergic to seafood?
My Allergies are so bad lately what can I do?
How can I get rid of dust mites in my bedroom?
how can my mom stop smoking?
Does alcohol interfere with antibiotics?
did i break or sprain my knee?
if i just break a pill and put the powder in water and drink it will it work the same way please..... help....?
Soar Muscles and lactic acid?
What herbs can you smoke? And what are their effects?
Is Vitamin E just as effective for cancer prevention as Vitamin D?
help! back acne+homecoming dress=disaster?
What type of weed is better, grand daddy kush, or sour diesel? are they much different?
Claritin alergy tablets?
what are the medical affects in living with three cats in a one bedroom apartment ?
Can I eat after a scorpion stung me?
I am allergic to wheat, soy, and dairy. What can I eat?
How do you get over the fear of being sick?
Need your opinion...............?
I've been suicidal since i was 12...?
was this an Anxiety attack?
Therapy to Change Bust Size Preference?
why can't I sleep without alcohol?
HELP. He is ruining my life?
how often should an allergic/eczema sufferer shower?
Which OTC pills are better for allergies and why? Benadryl or Zyrtec?
Allergic to Anaesthesia?
What would happen if I just drink water and milk; no food or anything?
my three year old wont stop sdy taken him to an allergist.and he gave him a nose spay for allerg. but it seem?
Help! Have extremely watery eyes from allergies?
I'm 13.If I drink a liter of milk per day could I get some sort of allergy or something else later in life?
I'm allergic too chocolate?
Smoking Salvia Question?
What is a good safe site to purchase herbal smoke blend(k2, happy shamon, etc)?
how many milligrams of cranberry pills for uti?
home made enema solutions?
I got a puppy and I've been short of breath. Am I allergic to her?
How do you quit smoking?
How do I get coupons for food allergies?
What the heck is giving me an allergic reaction? Help!?
Help! Allergy Problems!?!?!?
Looking for a therapist?
DEPRESSED because FUTURE and UNIVERSE aliens ...............?
How can I not lose my temper so easily?
I think i might have depression is it possible? What should I do?
i am so lost, please help!!?
Do antidepressants work? ?
I need help with my life?
How do I stop cutting myself?
What are the chances our baby girl could get diabetes?
If you have extremely low potassium and high blood sugar, can you lower blood sugar with potassium rich foods?
is there a cure for diabetes?
how can we manage DKA better esp for a stubborn patient?
i have tingling in my fingers help?!?
i have been diaognosed with diabetes 2 and my blood sugar is 313 should i go to the hospital?
can i die during an MDMA comedown?
What is a good home made hairmask?
Is it true if you eat a gram of Morning Glory seeds you'll hallucinate like shrooms?
Why do I feel like ice water quenches my thirst and lukewarm water doesn't?
How to get rid of a itchy throat? Please help!!!?
Is anyone else coughing like crazy?
what do I need to know about my banana allergy?
does anyone have a home treatment remedey for pleurisy?
I have chest pain, feels like my heart or something when breathing in sometimes?
Is this something I should be worried about?
I think I broke my arm and now....?
What can I do for my burn?
Can a person become immune to cat allergies?
Stuffy nose in the morning?
does any one get internal allergic reactions?
what time of day do you take omnaris?
when chewing gum my nose starts itching inside out why?
Do I have an increased risk of getting diabetes?
Did I smoked laced weed?
what could this have been?
Can i drink tea and pepto bismol on the same day?
how can i get prescribed medical marijuana?
Should I stop smoking weed?
Excedrin medicine help please..?
Vitamin b6 sublingual?
How do i know if the dose of adderal i'm on is to high?
Are my bedtime rituals normal or borderline ocd?
Can't get over high school basketball...?
Why does this happen everytime I try to sleep?
Why can I not sleep...?
How do you know if you have social anxiety disorder?
Should I run the mile at my school if I have asthma with no inhaler?
Sinus Infection moving to chest?
Can even a slight smoke odor (like from dirty laundry) cause an Asthma attack?
A girl told me her liver functions at 20% wouldn't she have chronic liver failure?
My parents smoke and I hate the smell when they come in, so i spray in my room?
Why do you like baths?
is it possible to create dxm with household items or things that could be bought at a general store?
Severe pancreatic insufficiency "treatment?
drinks for ailing throats?
Besides taking medicine, what could you do to cure a sore throat?
Why has my wife tore her toe nails off?
I work in a doctors office and maybe you would like to know?
Why do I wake up every morning with an extremely stuffed nose?!?
Very simple: How do you get Allergies?
Can I be allergic to paint?
Why is My whole body flushed red and then it goes away?
Have you ever used Benadryl to induce sleep? Does it work? Is it addictive? Whenever I have an evening that's?
can i take a motrin if I took Claritin d three hours ago?
Should I get my daughter`s teeth filled?What is safe to use?
can weed help with skitsofrenia?
which natural oils may be applied to the lips without long term side effects?
How can I be in the presence of cats but not touch them?
My nose throat and ear itch at the same time?
What is a good sinus rinse to kill bacteria that causes odor?
idk whats wrong with me, is it allergies and congestion or..?
Don't you think i should end it all?
Does anyone find it easier to write when sleep deprived? At night?
I need help fast ??????
is it bad to do shrooms by myself at night?
Panic attacks food shopping?
Why is SHE trying to get me to NOTICE HER sometimes ?!? but avoided me on the last day?!?
how can i stop smoking?
my mom has sleep apnea and when she sleeps . and snore to hard she tends to like tense up?
what outward effects does tuberculosis have?
What should I smoke now?
I really don't like ProAir, would it be okay if I asked my doctor about switching to Ventolin?
Question about friend who has cat allergies?
anxiety medication stops working due to gallbladder health problems?
my shih tzu ate 2 diffrent batches of chocolate cookies, what should i do?
how do you stop excessive nose bleeds?
what can you do for a stopped up nose that I can never smell from or taste either?
A dying man feels cold air blowing on his face, what does this mean?
How long will weed stay in my system?
would a chiropractor help with a torn rotaty cuff?
Can i get height enhancing tablets from my doctor?
Can I burn essential oils in an oil burner?
Correct Vicodin Dosage?
what is an allergic reaction?
Does using Claritin Clear mess with your feelings?
Could i be allergic to spiders?
what are some common food allergies?
taking Benadryl Allergy while nursing a month old?
How long does it take for Claritin to kick in? (loratadine)?
what is the mist common thing people do in their free time?
I have a bad chest cold and lots of plhegm is stuck in my chest, How can I get it out besides coughing it up?
how can i get myself a cough by tomorrow morning?
are my lungs black from smoking weed?
does smoking weed help seizures not occur as much?
Do I have bronchitis or pneumonia?
Will my nose ring close up?
My grandfather has severe cancer.I need information on what natural therapies are available.?
How do I get the smell of smoke off me?
what can speed up healing?
How to get high naturally?
Why is pepto pink lalalalaallalalalalallaa?
Is there even a way to watch television online?
How do i tell my friends I cut myself?
What to expect from a therapist?
Are these symptoms of OCD?
I have everything I want and I'm still not happy?
How can you know if someone is developing dementia?
I'm scared.................what should i do?
How do you know if you're allergic to bunny rabbits?
Can you pop a nose out of place?
What causes a person to be alleric to certain medicines?
Random nose bleeding?
My lungs hurt after soccer?
I have a sore throat from coughing.?
if a person with no asthma takes asthma medication will it cause any bad side effects?
Can energy drinks help a cocaine come down?
how hangover will i be?
what is the alternative medicine for deziness cause by ear cristal?
Help, first bubbler and I need to how to fill it.?
i am having phlem and runny nose my moms home?
I smoke the occasional cigar, not too unhealthy, right?
How do i quit smoking?
How much does a pack of cigarettes cost?
how do u get sick with a cough? like just a cough by it self?
Can you outgrow an allergy to strawberries?
Should my son be on Zyrtec and Singulair at the same time?
Is an allergy shot same as a steroid shot?
I sometimes get a really bad tightness feeling in my throat. whats wrong?
How to sleep better??
are there any long-term effects to regularly taking Immodium AD?
I never had allergies but now i have a runny nose and itchy eyes and once i sneeze i wont stop. Please help?
Why am i allergic to silver but not gold trumpet mouthpieces?
how can i get checked for food allergies?
How long does Xyzal drowsiness last?
Where is the best place to get a ROOR Bong in Atlanta or Auburn, AL?
Has anyone ever used Botox for Migraines?
Birth control question?
Need info on reliable info on hgh?
hey guys is it unreasonable to stay awake for ten days?
Where can I buy herbal incense online?
Problems with smoking weed?
Marijuana tolerance break?
What does it mean to constantly keep coughing?
i had asthma as a baby and my mom said i grew out of it but im 17 but lately i cant breathe?
***PLEASE HELP** Am i sick?
what helps a sore throat?
Tight chest, labored breathing, and a head ache?
Affrin Sinus Nose Spray?
i tried to sleep naked and could not fall asleep.Why?
Can someone tell me specifically what hospitals will hire a 13 year old ?
can i take benadryl and a sleep aid?
Which medication is causing fatigue?
Is everyone allergic to grass?
ALLERGIES! why do i keep puking whenever i cough?
how much dope will kill you?
Decent amount of sleep?
How can i make myself tired?
is it safe to use beagle oil on people?
anybody a supplement/vitamin doctor?
Are there any websites that have videos that teach you alternative medicine,how it works,and things like that?
How do you use honey to cure sore throat?
Did anyone got treatment for herniated disc's by ozone therapy. Please share your experiences.?
Is it healthier to use a water pipe or vaporizer?
can you be allergic to lsd?
My eyes are really red?
Am i allergic to apples?
I have the sweats, flushed, cannot handle heat. I am a type 1 diabetic that has lost weight recently?
can being hungry of low blood sugar give you the shakes?
How to get rid of Bronchitis?
If i continually swallow the phlegm i cough up will i put on weight?
Stomach pain, backache and fatigue?
Im lactose intollerant and ...?
are there milk ducts under the armpits?
where can i find soap with no fragrance in it?
how to tell if you are allergic to codeine.?
Im getting a nose Job?
Is it possible to NEVER get a nose bleed?
Why is there black stuff in my mucus?
Can Being Allergic To An Animal Make You Have Less Energy?
Does snorting pills like Vicodin give you mouth sores?
Which essential oils soothe and relax you?
Are there ANY regulated vitamin supplements?
What's the difference between a true sceptic and a cheap lookalike?
Fundraiser ideas? please help?
Do sleeping pills completely knock you out?
My husband tore up a floor and it was mold infested...the following morning his nose is running constantly.?
why wont my eyes stop watering?!?!?
What could be causing a faint whistle coming from my throat?
Is there a way to lay down, with a certain head position to relieve sinus pressure or nasal congestion?
Allergy shots for pollen food syndrome?
does smoking affects my work out plan?
I have a cough, sore lungs, it feels like theres fluid in there.. what is it?
reason why a child don't stop his colds and cough?
What would cause momentary heaviness in the chest when I change body positions (stand/sit/lay down)?
My Throat Hurts After Being Around Cigarette Smoke.?
Immunotherapy allergy injections?
How long does it take for Zyrtec to start working?
I often wondered why ear nose and throat are usually hooked up together when you have an infection in one of?
Question about Senna?
What is the name....?
Is it possible to suffer from a 'permanent trip' after smoking marijuana?
Best cure for sore-eyes?
Is this doctors work and studies respected by all of science community?
Has anyone ever used emu oil, if so what were the benefits?
Has anyone who had candida just decided to go raw?
if i was taking antibiotics can i stop 4 a day, drink, then go bake on them?
why or how does vomit come out through the nose?
if my dad is allergic to cats will keeping one im my room harm him?
My left nostril is clogged and nothing I do is working, any tips?
What is wrong with my throat?
Is it possible to get nauseous form perfume and cigarette smoke ?
could i be getting Pneumonia?
Is it harmful to sleep with earplugs every night?
Does this pneumonia sound bad enough to be admitted to the hospital?
When you start to mature, will your allergies start going away?
My sister's gerbile bit my hamster's nose? (lol but really..)?
Do those air purifiers with water work well?
Anybody's spring allergies cause some shortness of breath?
Help nut allergies is their any cure?
What are the effects of eating large baking soda?
what can be put into food to make it addicting?
do you think theres a link between DXM and telepathy?
Am I allergic to chocolate?
How to get rid of allergies when OTC doesn't work?
Is there anyway to use a fan and not disturb dust allergies?
What are the best eye drops for allergies?
What is wrong with a rat that sneezes and coughs, but is otherwise fine?
How to get free Peak flow meter?
why is my dachshund weezing?
How do I get food out of my nose?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Can anyone recommend a good website to buy vaporizer products?
im choking on a chip what do i do?
black mold - deadly??
What is a real function of mucus?
How do I stop snoring? Cos, I need help?
Do I have Bronchitis or Pneumonia?
how do i know if i'm allergic to herbs or bees?
Reaction to allergy shots?
how do i get rid of this plugged up nose!?
Is it possible to be allergic to a food, but it not be bad enough for your tongue to swell? And, what to do...?
what is the best medicine for allergies?
Are there any natural remedies for learning difficulties?
Would a doctor prescribe diet pills to a teenager?
what is the best type of vaporizer?
What is the history of the h1n1 shot?
"Serial Killers Attracted to Medical Profession"?
Has socialized medicine worked out well in Canada?
home remedy to get rid of the itchiness from a rash or hives?
When i pick nose it bleed!?
Besides the obvious, what foods contain pork?
What could happen if i eat to much food with histamine if I'm allergic?
Im getting bloody noses, and they're starting to worry me... Help?
My sister is at the hospital because of an allergic reaction?
What is this showing up on my x-ray?!?!?
why does my dad needs to smoke!! ?
Excessive nose picking help?
Do i have asthma? please help me?
Swollen throat, tight chest, swallowing is uncomfortable..?
Is a stuffy, congested but dry nose an allergy symptom?
Am I allergic to milk?
Besides milk,what other foods/drinks should I stay away from when congested with upper respiratory stuff?
How to best clean out an enema bag?
what is ta feng ho????
Increased muscle coordination and degenerative diseases?
How to get rid of a really sore throat?
Advances in Cranial Osteopathy: Dolphin-Therapists?
post nasal drip everyday???!!!?
How do i figure out if I'm allergic to metal?
What can I take for this irritating dry cough besides mucinex im taking that and its not helping?
Tinnitus/Congestion Open!!!!?
Is pneumonia contagious? My boyfriend has it?
Why do we breathe heavily after holding breath?
Where can I buy silane fluid to make flea spray?
claritin side effects?
When I blow my nose, blood comes out. Why is this?
Allergies making me look like i have pink eye?
what is the best medicine for insomia?
how to clean my blood from thc use?
what shows up on a drug test?
What are some good natural remedies for Fibromyalgia pain?
How long until probiotic's kick in?
Reiki Healing???????????????
Allergy shot recommendation?
my son has hives and has swelling. what could be happening?
I think i'm getting sick..but i'm not entirely sure?
why would there b mold here?
What happens if you take 2 doses of Advair too close together?
Vomit in lungs? What do you do?
i feel like having foregien body in my throat since 3 month, how can i get rid of it?
Ughh..Coughing my head off...?
5 year old with constant cough?
I just took 8 Coricidin HBP pills because i read that it can get you high...!? does it work?
could i be allergic to apple and pears?
got a tooth pulled..allergic to medication?
Is there any bread flour that does not cause any bloating? Would a different type of flour make a difference?
if i am allergic to our rabbit when should i get to the hospital?
do i have an allergic reaction to shrimp?
Why are hippies allergic to soap?
My 1-year-old got hives today after drinking cow's milk yesterday. Is this a typical allergy response?
water is coming out from my nose?
Sinus infection or Hay Fever?
what is the emmediate cure on cold and flue?
i caught my boyfriend taking steroids?
What am I allergic to?
why are my allergies flaring up?
What can I do for a cat allergy?
How soon do allergies symptoms show up after exposure in a 3 month old baby?
I have an sinus infection anything to help me feel better?
I think I might have asthma?
Why can't I take full breaths?
Why am I always cold?
Laryngitis... Quick cure needed! :D?
Help! I can't breathe.?
Corners of my eyes get swollen?
Is Diphenhydramine harmful if taken daily?
what do air humidifiers do?
where can i get this otomax ear medicne without veterinarian prescription?
I need home remedies for gallstones.?
Why are massage therapists always like newagey?
We're lucky to be living?
will i pass my urine test after 16 days of smoking?
I'm allergic to garlic...?
Is it possible to wear cheap earrings if you're allergic to nickle?
do you get sick from allergies?
Have you ever had someone give you your food allergen on purpose?
Is there such thing as a circulation problem and do I have it?
How do you use an inhaler?
Why does allergy medicine say consult a doctor before use if you have thyroid disease?
Friend coughing up blood?
Is it possible so identify mold by smelling it or is a specialist required?
can anxiety chest pain and fast heartbeat last for days?
inflammation of the back of the throat is?
for the past month now. I cough hard&yellow stuff comes out. What does this mean?
what are you allergic to? and what are your smptoms?
Is there away to stop getting bloody noses at night?
Has anyone had to have allergic shots for more than five years?
Is Valium or Xannax better to help a bad acid trip?
Drug Addiction Help Please?
Does marijuana cause "reverse" tolerance?
what does contraindicated in high blood pressure mean?
Marijuana? How come Regs > Kush?
risks of taking adderall the rest of your life if you have add?
is there a kaiser permanente in arizona?
What is the best allergy medicine to take if you are allergic to dogs?
my dog burps is this anything to worry about?
I am fearing I have diabetes, but do you think it is psychological?
Are "net carbohydrates" ok?
Is 86 a low blood sugar?
Really bad cough and sore abdomen after coughing.?
I just got a pneumonia shot and my arm didn't hurt but now it does alot! Is that normal and for how long?
Is Self-Hypnotism even possible? Kind of a scary thought?
do kisses help cure headaches?
Vitamin D - real or hype?
Is it good to sleep a lot if you have a cold?
What are some street names for Ecstasy?
Does 2nd hand breathing in of herbal burning on acupuncture needles treatment cause headaches or problem?
sleeping pill over the counter?
Can you get an allergic reaction to hypoallergenic soap?
What are good type of allergy medicines that work well?
Is it possible to develop an immunity from allergies over time?
I'm sick and not sure what to eat.?
why are my eyes always red?
does the herbal incense "peace out" contain JWH-018 or/and JWH-073?
Can you mix antibiotics and marijuana oil?
what are over the counter treatments for bacterial vaginitis?
Who enjoys Diphenhydramine recreationally?
is accupunture covered by nys compensation?
What is the best way to enlarge my hippo campus ?
Can this type of mold hurt me or kill me?
Nose bleeds****************?
What do you do when your allergic to the rain?
allergic to my favorite kind of animal..?
I am allergic to deodorant. What can I do?
What's wrong? Could I be allergic?
Can you DEVELOP an allergy to cannabis?
What would be the long term effects of an untreated allergy?
why are diabetics referred to Endocrinology? thyroid, pancreas, pituituary?
I'm super super scared I might have type 2 diabetes?
How can I prevent myself from getting type 2 diabetes?
Long term insulin overdose effects?
what's the side effect of cholosterol tablets?
why my 5 year old just started snorting constantly?
asthma attack question?
I can't breath right?
My husband has a second blood clot.?
Is it true that pot has not damage to you whatsoever? Not even smoke damage?
Did I overdose on DXM?
What is biting me at night?
does peppermint stimulate appetite?
Which is better to treat a bad cold?
What's the best Marijuana collective/cooperative in San Diego?
I am allergic to fish, is there anything i can substitute for fish as a meal?
my allergies are constantly making me blow my nose and im stuffy and little comes out what do i do?
what should i take if i am allergic to dogs?
Where else can I perform a hair dye allergy test other than behind my ear?
I got bitten by either a bull ant or a sugar ant, and i think i have an allergic reaction?
What does a food allergy test entail?
I am allergic to Ceclor and accidentally took it. What should i do?
I'd like to take aspirin as a heart prophylactic. But I'm allergic to aspirin. What can I take in it's place?
How do you combat allerigic reactions to perfumes bodysprays colonges ext.?
How to swallow a pill?
What should i write my medical terminology paper on?
how to pass a saliva test for thc?
Were the 4 humors debunked or did they just go out of fashion?
Could I have diabetes? Details below please help!?
can my cousin get diabetes?
i had 2 mild strokes, i'm a 63 year old women,over weight with high blood pressure, i have diabetes 2, i have?
What was Drew Careys diet that cured his diabetes?
what are the symptoms of vitamin D deficiency?
is it time fro me to see a doctor?
I am allergic to cats, but my boyfriend has one. help!!?
Where can I buy antihistamine without lactose in it?
How do you get rid of post nasal drip?
Blue stuff in my nose??? Any thoughts?
Are Copper Supplements harmful?
Anyone ever done gallbladder flush for stones?
how long does a bottle of xanax last before it expires usually?
Has anyone ever done the bladder flush?
what would be your conclusion in using virgin coconut oil?
can you sniff methadone?
hi i have a seasonal Allergy called pollen allergy will it ever go away?
I think i've got hey fever what the signs?
is sulfamethoxazole-tmp prescribed for sinus infection?
I am literally allergic to all raw fruits and vegetables.?
is ginger effective for removing rabies?
what are the best medicine for sore eyes?
can i take xanax and ambien to sleep?
What health risks are linked to smoking?
Should I buy this bong?
Is anyone else allergic / intolerant to eggs?
i have had a blocked nose for at least two months?
why i have short breath all the time my doctor say its allergies but i dont believes help me please?
Should I be checked for diabetes?
Is 5.7 good for a A1c non-diabetic?
Urgent please help I just lost 600 ml of blood?
where can i get paid for old glucose machines?
How can I prevent my Spring allergies?
Can i smoke herbs if i am 17?
Need help identifing a Pill?
What kind of pill is this?
drug test 1 or 2 days away. Home remedies please?
if someone is on heroine and you stress them out can they die?
Exiting the Master Cleanse?
Which illegal substance/recreational drug burns blue when lit.?
Are there any benefits to drinking wine or spirits, after coming thru a bout with pneumonia?
How can I quit smoking? im 17 help!?
Help! Can't breathe at night because throat sticks together! What is causing this?
Burning candles always give me a sinus headache?
what is worse im just wondering?
Can you have popcorn if you can't have gluten...?
I Have A Allergy(?)/Cold Problem?
I had a WEIRD allergic reaction to my deodorant ! HELP ?!?
Why am I having so many bloody noses?
What is mucus (i know it is snot)?
Is it possible to get hayfever now (in february)?
Is Vitamin B6 safe to take?
Where do I hide my bag of magical herbs?
What are some things one can do to have a healthier diet, according to a doctor of natural medicine?
Do you have to be 18 to buy 5-HTP at Walmart?
I need a home remedy for an Ear Infection?.. No insurance to see a doctor.?
can you help me identify this pill?
Massage Therapists: What do we do about SWEAT?
thick green muscus, nose bleeds and sore ribs on the sides?
What causes a nose bleed?
am i getting hives? 10 points!!!!!!!!?
Red/white eye is this normal?
I just found out there is mold in my apartment, how bad is that for my health?
are electric cigarettes harmful to your health?
exactly what is hookah? is it bad for you?
Horrible chest pains!?
i am coughing a lot, but i'm not sick?
i have a slight sore throat and im supost to give blood friday?
allergic to the dog and 23 weeks pregnant?
what should i use when im allergic to mosquito bites?
allergic to benzoyl peroxide?
I've been having this stuffy nose on my left nostril for a while now..?
What Are some good gluten free companies?
what is a photon used for with an xray?
if any you know which herbal incense is better best.?
what would happen if child ate tiny magnet ball?
Key features of alternative and complementary health services as a health issue?
Is shiatzu a good substitute for smoking pot?
does marijuana help you sleep?
If you had to choose between Acid and Marijuana as a better experience, which would you pick?
natural product to get rid of headache?
burn caused by nair on my face, embaressing?
Know of a Cat Allergy Cure?
what are these growing on my skin?