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calcium c vitamin question?
Meds not tested on animals?
if i take four 350mg st johns wort capsules what will happen?
How to get rid of tonsil stones?
what to do when you have a infection inside your mouth?like cheecks infection?
How do i know if i have a viral infection or something worse?
Everyone Are You Geting A Flu Shot?
How often should contact lens cases be replaced?
should i get a flu shot while i have a cold?
If a fish is breathing hard and staying in one place a long time?
Can smoking affect people with low blood pressure?
I have had a nose bleed for 4 days now, not constant but heavy how do I stop it?
Question about Type 2 diabetes?
how to work the test strips on a FreeStyle Lite glucomiter?
todays option medicare?
My sister-in-law has type 2 Diabetes, now she's saying " I dont have it anymore' Is this true?
6.28 creatinine is it required for dialsys?
What can you eat to bring your blood sugar up quickly?
what is a quick way to unclog my nose?
being allergic to raw garlic?
Can you have allergies, and not even know it?
could i be having an allergic reaction to the perfume im wearing?
I can't stop thinking about bad things that happened during the day. I want isolate...?
I sometimes have the urge to kill?
What is this disorder?
Help with bipolar please?
Is it normal that id rather be in a mental ward then anywhere else?!?
Is there a better alternative to Tranquillizers?
What are your thoughts about Melatonin as a sleep aid?
who else likes smoking weed?
What is the best natural way to fight stress?
If marijuana isn't that bad...?
anything to help with stretch marks?
Is it possible for one to actually have eczema on the eyelid?
If I Have A Cold And Took A Really Cold Shower Could I Get Sick?
How quickly would you see side effects from a booster vaccine?
how long does the first garadsil shot stay in your system?
I think I have Staph on my leg, what should I do?
do you need more than one dose if you have had pinworms for over a year?
If a person cant breath due to liquid in lungs what can they do?
Side effects from nutmeg high.?
What are those Doctors called?
Why digoxin medicin is dangerous for health?
I SPit up A LITTLE blood!!! HELP!?
I can move my lower eyelid!!!?
is it possible for someone suffer a compression fracture on his/her back as a result of a concussion?
I fell getting off the bus at school last week and my left knee and ankle still hurt did I tear a muscle?
Toe injury, I think.?
Do I need crutches for a torn ACL?
Is having blood in your stool normal?
Feeling icky after flu shot?
How long should a sore throat last?
how can i get this tiny piece of carrot out of my throat?!!?
Is soy milk safe for someone with an allergy to cow's milk?
My nose is bleeding, but not a nose bleed?
What vitamin should i take?
Prune Juice help please?
What is a good medicine for headache and nausea?
Is there any place you can...?
Cureing through herbs.?
What will happen if one were to smoke coca leaves?
How many people died in the influenza pandemic of 1918?
Is it possible for someone to not have had a cold in 40 years?
difference between mono and the flu? and does this sound like mono?
do diarrhea affect hiv test please help answer me?
What are the causes of the disease Hypothesis?
I'm getting suicidal all the time?
where can i get an article about drug addiction?
What time is it where you are?
How do you think more positively?
Would mixing sugar and lemon juice together clear acne.?
Do I have another case of headlice again?
What disease am I suffering from? Please help!?
chicken pox in the past affect my eye?
Red eyes every day all day?
Can carpet cause hives?
How do I guarantee I will pass a drug test?
How can I treat a migraine?
What is Rhumatoid arthritus?
which is the BEST alopethic med to prevent kidney stone?
promethazine codeine red and purple?
is papaya extract the same as papaya enzyme?
Question on Guaifenesin?
mixing pills like speed and anti depressants?
What does it mean to have a high Eosinophil count? Please Help!?
how long does it take for HIV/AIDS to mutate the cells they mutate?
Does This Make Me Contagious?
do i have tonsillitis?
what could this be??!??? diabetes??!?
What causes spasms? heat? diabetes?
diabetes type 1 ?? what do i do?
do i have an overeating problem?
how can i wakeup in the morning?
X-ray or no???? Im confused...?
Ankle pain keeps persisting. help please?
metal pin inside my foot, help!!! sud i go to doctor?
Knee Pain Problems- (Details)?
Nose bleeds and frequent bruising?
how do i get rid of my congestion in a few hours?
Do I just have a regular cold, or something else?
blood in phlegm..sore throat, not coughing cant afford to go to a doctor?
recurring throat infections please help!?
Have a performance tomorrow! Have cough and cold! Any quick remedies?
How long does it take for your body/lungs to heal after quitting smoking?
HELP panic disorder getting worse!!! lasted an hour n a half this time?
Is this strange? To be stuck on a certain age?
how to drug someone to sleep?
How do i stop eating my roots?
How do I Get my eyes to stop?
How fast do Latex Allergies happen?
What is the best way to clear sinus passages?
Why does my mouth itch when I eat certain fruits?
infants itching skin?
What does low lymph on a blood test mean?
what are some interesting facts about bacterial meningitis?
Do I have an eye infection?
There are mice in my house-I'm afraid of contracting rabies?
what can happen to 16 year old who has toxoplasmosis?
My mother is 92 she has Sepsis and in the hospital on an IV for 6 days, they want to give her a picc?
how can i treat acne before it scars?
What is the best home remedy for acne?
how to get rid of a dry skin rash?
Can I take my own mole off?
How do I get rid of scars & burns that you had since a baby?
Getting warts frozen off?
How do you prevent gas when eating beans for protien because of bariactic by-pass surgery?
will a1c was 6.1 ...three months ago...WILL LOSING 9-10 LBS HELP MY NEXT BLOOD TEST RESULTS ANY...NOT DIABETIC?
Could this really be Diabetes, or be Diabetes and something else or Diabetes at all?
what would be the outcome of me taking 13 of 81 mg of aspirins?
I am getting my insulin pump the one touch ping but what color should I get. 10 points?
what do bloodbanks do with outdated blood?
Why would a non diabetic have a BS of 46?
Gatorade vs Diabetes?
I really want to try weed, what should I do?
cold remedies please :(?
Pros and Cons of Prop 19?
A question on the chemical JWH-018, found in k2.?
whats your family remedy for curing or soothing a sore throat?
Why don't sleeping pills work for me? ?
Will he suffer from Hay-fever abroad?
Why do i feel like this?
nose bleed,my partner woke up the other morning?
Good ways to calm allergies (pollen)?
what does it mean when your white cell count is low?
Meningococcal Meningitis or Malaria?
Could Gardasil cause infertility?
several days after getting the one flu shot that covers the seasonal and h1n1 flu my body feels warm .?
Parents of diabetics, would you wear this shirt?
Where can you buy a sugar testing kit?
Is it possible to throw up because of low blood sugar?
Am I going crazy or just depressed?
could this be schizophrenia?
Easy 10 points, how do i handle a job with my mental instabilities?
I've got a thing for my trainer, but my mom wants to train with them now?
Is it possible that I have a mental disorder?
Can a 14 year old take xanex to help them sleep?
what is that thing called that they put in the hospital on you so that you can breathe?
Will Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride get you high?
What happens if i eat a whole packet of Silica Gel?
Azo yeast for oral thrush?
does the chinese herb don qui make you bleed more?
The Machine Created by Bob Beck?
Is it possible for Vyvanse to cause MDMA not to work ?
If I have latent TB am i contagious?
Tapeworms in people?How do you know?
what is a cocobacilli bacteria and where i might got this?
Does anyone know anything about the flu and shots?
Is there another name for Diarrhea?
HOW do I get through this COLD?
tinea versicolor? HELP please (:?
How to get rid of scars fast?
Is the pink skin after a scab falls off a scar?
what is the best allergy medicine?
I have noticed since yesterday that a lot of my body I have broken out in hives. I noticed it when I came back?
Is it possible to be allergic or sensitive to wine?
what are some home remedies for sore throat?
Where Can I Buy Extacy Pills Online?
do anyone know of a home remedy to pass drug test in at least 24 hrs?
How often do masseuses chat with their clients while massaging?
Why does adderall make me feel like this PLEASE HELP?
natural remedies for tinnitus - does it really work ?
What should i do???? ?
Eczema related to allergies in one-year-old?
how long will it take for my lungs to clear up?
is there a US government grant for asbestos removal?
How can I get rid of the fluid in my ears?
Is Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency life-threatening?
is this flu? (doctor say can't diagnose)?
Is there a relation between having a tapeworm and itchy hips?
i thought i had strep throat but now i have a really bad cold?
I developed a strong fever in less than 5 mins! Help?
When u get a flu shot, dont u just end up getting the flu?
I have had sick symptoms for 5 weeks!!!?
What is the fastest working anti-depressant?
How do I prevent becoming abusive and angry?
I think I mite be addicted to cutting my self?
A therapist told me one time depression is learned helplessness i didn't believe him i still suffer from?
What is wrong with me?
What does contraindication have to do with hepatitis B vaccine?
I was bit by a tick 2 days ago. What do I do?
Flu vaccine verses vitamin D?
What is the shelf life of Z-Pack (Zithromax) Antibiotics?
How do I beat my June/July allergies without taking over the counter tablets?
Can Celexa cause allergic reactions to perfume products?
hubby has been gluten free (GF) for months. Why does he still get "the trots"?
Is vitamin D in milk?
What Happens When Your Sugar Level Drops?
My friend just got diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 14...?
Vicodin mix with percocet?
Can you really "smoke" methamphetamine?
natural remedies for headaches?
Natural alternative for toddler with broncial infection...?
how do you get rid of a pinched nerve,?
Is it true that Apple cider vinegar lowers cholesterol?
Panic attack vs. asthma attack?
how to tell my coach i have trouble breathing?
Why do doctors listen to you breath?
i have a sore throat iam losing my voice what can i do?
i really dont feel good but idk if i have a cold or flu symptoms?
Should we see a primary care physician or ear, nose, throat doctor?
Hepititus B shot, how much does it cost with and without health insurance?
What does this mean about my 12year.?
How long does Diarrhea last?
How can I tell my mom about my depression?
am i addicted? or anxiety?
i noticed the hard way that i dont pay attention to detail i have a hard time focusing for too long?
natural ways to beat depression.?
ABILIFY withdrawal? have you gone through this?
Why does Zoloft take so long to work?
Can you get sick from worrying too much?
How to cure "yeast infection"without medical and surgery?
What are long term effects of lyme disease?
How to treat pharyngitis?
Marijuana in blood tests?
What are the functions of the lungs?
I have a cold and a horrible cough?
Lately, it feels like I'm breathing TOO much air at once?
Why does my little girl have pus in her eyes?
Can you get poison ivy INSIDE your body rather than the outside?
My tapwater says ph 5! Is that safe?
Is acupuncture better than painkillers?
What is the average current or voltage is measured in the heart or other muscles in the human body?
Tired of asking the same question...?
What do you think about using a midwife instead of an ob/gyn?
Question about smoking tea ?
How long should you hold your breath when smoking tobacco to get the full effects?
natural treatments for tinnitus - is it possible ?
Diabetic on Atkins diet?
can I sue a doctor for prescribing the wrong medicine for diabetes that caused my heart problems?
I'm a diebetic my numbers used to be high now they want to run and stay low in 30s what would cause this?
What r the symptoms of Dylexia?
Hepatitis C NEED HELP!!!?
how do I avoid getting mono after kissing girl who had it a few months ago?
what if you have a low t- cell count but feel fine?
does eye contact really lead to kissing?
How to get out of Depression?
I get random fits of rage?
I need advise before tomorrow.?
I need help: Major Depression?
I don't know how to meditate so how do you meditate?
How much benadryl should I take?
Does it sound like allergies or am I getting sick?
I have a benadryl pill stuck in my throat for allergies ho can i get it to go down?
my boyfriend is always growling at me and squeezing my arms he's always mean to me what should i do?
Why do people with leprosy's bones get deformed?
What are some things in the world that resemble the liver and its functions?
can i take the flu shot if i am on my period?
where can I get resveratrol juice blast?
I'm 15 and just took 4 ibuprofens....?
Reflexology? Any one tried this ?
I have really bad hay fever at the moment any natural remedies someone can suggest?
What is the best cure for dysmenorrhea?
is this normal on salvia?
A question about rabies?
When stress causes cold sores does it mean you have the herpes virus?
I have a question about a cold?
Does this sound like an allergy to cats?
What am I allergic to?!?
can you be allergic from meat?
What causes allergies for some people but not others?
What is the maximum amount of carbs and sugars a person can consume each day to not get diabetes?
Why wounds don't heal in Diabetes ?
Does anyone have suicide ideas?
How can i control my bad temper that comes with constant stress?
What are some things you can do to help depression?
Who do I go to about my bipolar disorder?
I feel like depression is over taking me what can I do?
What does it mean when you talk to yourself?
What do you think about my friend's treatment for Bipolar?
How to get rid of a Flea Problem!!! >:(?
My 3 year old has red spots all over? WHAT could it be?
i breathed in smoke from leadlighting?
scientific side effects of smoking?
i tested positive for tb test......?
What can choking be a sign of?
why is it that it feels every 10 breaths i need to yawn in order to get the right amount of air in my lungs?
What the best sleeping aid?
Is it weird that I don't like to take medicine?
whats the most painless non prescription pill to overdose on and die?
im always sick, how can i better my immune system?
how long will thc last in my system?
What is the UK's equivalent to Pepto Bismol?
Has anyone else experienced being too warm sometimes?
Is the Swine Flu still going around even though the pandemic is over?
does antibiotics lower platelet count?
are syringomas spreadable?
What's the best way to get a cold?
i have really bad asthma..can i keep my medical insurance?
Why am i wheezing when i breathe in.?
How to convince my mom to stop smoking?
how do i get the smell of cigarets out of my room and rock band?
Diseases going from a mouse to a human?
Why do I get cold sores?
How Do I Cure A Bladder Infection Without Antibiotics?
How to cure bitter taste in the mouth?
Can germs reside on a bar of soap?
How to get sick in 2 days?
Guys, do you sleep naked?
my friends think i have a eating disorder?
Define stress & list causes of stress?
What physical health problems have the same symptoms as depression?
What is the name of the disorder where everything about everything MUST be perfect?
what are the causes and cures for these?
what does it mean when ur always confused and feel strange?
I want to leave home and go to college but my parents are making me feel guilty about it? Please help!?
Allegery Medication Problem?
Why do I still get sinus infections after my sinus surgery and septoplasty?
Any throat soothing advice?
Can i use ordinary pete moss to grow cannibis ?
Where do you find the FDA black box warning for a medication at ?
if you bought weed and found a seed in it, is that bad?
How can I prevent mastitis after weaning?
gin and white raisin arthritis cure?
Should I stay home today!!!!???? PLEASE HELP!?
can toe nail grow again?
Why do I have a rash on both my arms, almost like im breaking out? new job with hot water.?
Is it the "High Fructose" of corn syrup that can cause migraines or is it the corn syrup?
I ate shrimp and im allergic!!! Help!?
Can Lactose Intolerance start to show symptoms in teens?
Sinus relief? I have POTS?
What can I do to be less afraid of driving?
Why do i feel so sad about people which i dont even know?
what does my 6yr old sis have?
I find death and violence funny?
Why am I so depressed?
How do i lower my glucose level?
How much do dilaudid 8mg go for on the street?
How do I cure this cold?
Why's blood pressure tested using that machine that squeezes your arm?
what is the best remedy to make gas move?
Medicine to help me sleep?
have a light green pill with 833 on oneside with horizontal line below it and the word TEVA on thotherside?
What benefits have you received from Electro-acupuncture?
Microbiology question about Mycobacterium resistant to staining...?
Can you have a deadly strain or case of E. Coli or salmonella and not know?
Quickest way to get over a cold?
is it normal to feel more thirsty when you have flu?
I got the 2010 flu vaccine 2 days ago and today I have started with body aches, tiredness and a sore throat.?
if a mosquito bites someone with aids?
How to feel better?.... I have a sore throat. :(?
Why do i get a fever at night even though im not sick? If you think you know why please add how to get better!?
parasites in intestine?
Are these symptoms caused by streptococcus?
When do you advice of flu vaccine for a healthy person ?
How do HIV patients deal with the disease this days?
Allergies or anxiety?
Is it possible for this kind of allergy?
Sun allergy, please help me?
I got a flu shot on Monday and came down with the flu on Wednesday. Coincidence or was it the flu shot?
If I Had A Blood Transfusion Can I Take Cyclobenzaprine?
How to totally avoid the stomach flu?
Surgical Technologist or Nurse?
best thing for a bad sore throat?
my puppy is short of breath and dying?
I have a bad cold and nothing seems to put me to sleep. What kind of medicine works best for a cough?
When should I worry about my cough?
I Don't Smoke, but I have Leukoplakia?
Is my VA claim for sleep apnea solid?
Can I be taken out of school for a week?
why am i interested in "killers"?
How do I tell my parents I want to see a Psychiatrist? ?
Is there a legal way to commit a suicide?
i self harm, help? i need someone to talk to.?
why do some people tell us Himalayan Salt is bad?
What is the best way to clear a stuffy nose?
Treating a common cold?
What would happen to you if you literally ate weed, without it being baked in anything?
The meaning of skitofrantic?
What's better for smoking a pencap or an apple?
Can You Get High Off Celexa?
My Nose is Stuffed up!?
how do i stop my eyes from itching, allergy relief?!?
Am I allergic to mosquito bites?
why do i have a sore throat alot?
if my face mole is to be excised with stitches, which is better: stitches on top of the skin or under?
I can't get rid of my warts?
How do i get rid of whiteheads?
Did you know this about flu vaccines!!?
Strep throat question......?
Has Anyone Out There Every Gotten A Disease From A Pool?
whats causing my sickness?
What helps a sore throat!!!?
Mom just turned on the heat, and I'm coughing? What's wrong?
I was diagnosed bronchitis. Should I stay home?
I posted a question yesterday and was told I most likely have asthma?
Can you vomit from smoking marijuana for the first time?
Is hepatitis B vaccine good forever or would you have to get the shots again?
my sister has a fever for 16 days.. what to do?
metronidazole help please?
Can you get a stomach bug/virus just from being near the sick person?
Age requirement to buy Over The Counter pills?
Does the burning feeling of smoking blunts go away?
Natural cures for head aches/pains?
How much would you pay for a full body massage?
pills and vodka??????????????????????
Can i put tea tree oil on my lady's garden?
Does this happen to other people with OCD too?
Help with public insecurities ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Does the use of Marijuana contribute to inducing any types of conditions Bi-polar disorder or OCD for example?
Identify seven suggestions that can help cope with the pain and loss resulting from a breakup?
i have a really short temper?
Do you think adjustments will be made to my medication?
What is the difference between dairy allergy & lactose intolerance?
how much peyronies diseas surgary costs?
Did You Know By Saying "Banana" When you Feel a Sneeze Coming...?
What does it mean when one eye is irritated red and itchy.?
how do I sign up for Medicare?
I'm really freaked out and scared that I have diabetes.?
Question about diabetes symptoms?
i recently heard about dogs that can sniff out when glucose is low in diabetes?
Should you stay away from meats if you are a diabetic?
How do you controll emetophobia?
My doctor is going out of town before prescribing my medicine! I need relief! Should I get a new doctor!?
5 things that make genetic diseases different from infections, viruses, etc....?
How do I get rid of a soar throat?
Can You Get A Yeist Infection from Antibiotics?
Help, I think I got mono?
How to get rid of acne and oily skin?
Do you know any home remedies or over the counter products that work well for acne scars?
i have a cut on my lip how do i cure it?
Does anyone know how to get rid of hives fast? Please Help! D:?
My eye won't stop watering...?
Is it possible to get shrimp allergies as you get older?
I have been having asthma attack the last few days how can i keep them at bay?
Can asthma get worse or can other things suddenly start to trigger it?
Why do I have a sore throat, but no coughing?
I have asthma and I live with smokers?
Say I made myself pass out (common hyperventilating method). How long would I stay out for?
does not sleeping make you sick?
Will having bronchitis and still pulling through with singing ruin my vocal chords?
is the h1n1 vaccine fake?
What are the most common diseases among Men and Women?
how to help a sore throat?
My friend found a lump on her throat?
vomiting and diarrhea at the same time {with other symptoms] HELP!?
has pancreatic cancer, treat it by oyxgen?
does viss beauty FDA approved?
Why does everything I eat taste like dirt/ soil?
Should UK-trained Osteopaths be Required to take at least Some High School Science Subjects?
is it safe if i drink a supplement that has not evaluated by FD A?
sleep dehydration from medication?
what are some interesting facts about a cardiac surgeon?
I eat A TON but gain NO WEIGHT...?
How often do type 1 diabetics get low and high blood sugar levels?
Know you a dangerous trigger of diabetes?
what are complex carbs and what basic everyday food have ALOT of them in them? i need to take in alot of carbs?
32-24-33 What is my body type?
What is a normal blood sugar level?
My blood sugar level goes rapidly down.?
Will I be affected by this?
how to sterilize mail contaminated with anthrax spores?
when i finish my antibiotics can i start drinking alcohol in a day or 2?
Can hepatitis return a false positive for methamphetamine in a urine test?
How do you catch malaria?
Does depression make you feel like a failure?
How can I stop being scared of these things?
How can i relieve some of my mum's stress?
How can I stop being so nervous when speaking in front of an audience?
I want to find some information about interactions between Seroquel and marijuana. Who should I call?
Did Oscar Wilde have Aspergers/Autism or symptoms of either of these?
How do you stop a runny nose?
How would you tell someone that they have bad breath (Chronic Halitosis)?
I cant seem to get enough air to breathe.?
What's wrong with my breathing?
Blood comes out when i blow nose?
Is it bad to eat egg when you have chicken allergy?
are people allergic to wisteria?
Red spots in throat but throat doesn't hurt...?
I ate fiberglass insulation. It wasn't cotton candy like the guy said... my tummy itches. what do i do?
does grapfruit extract have any side effects?
is there any way to make a home made version of icy hot, or some other kind of pain releaver?
I hear in some countries, a person can by 'legal marijuana', is this type of pot?
can colon hydrotherapy be used as a prep for colonscopy?
How long does Benadryl last?
Are Antidepressants worth taking?Are there alternative ways to treat depression and the symptoms?
Do People Abuse Dicyclomine Hydrocholride (795 Watson Blue)?
i have a disease???????????
should i do exercise when i am having a fever?
Can reading books in library transmit infection diseases?
If a person has gangrene can it spread to another part of the body?
Is orange oil in my toilet after using the bathroom normal?
how do you know when you have pink eye ?
I want to know what this may mean?
is 2.00 and 2.50 good vision?
what is the bad effect of taking metformin tabs for a non diabetic person?
Can my father take 5mcg Byetta w/ Glyburide and Metformin?
How long does it take for Metaformin medicine to work for a Diabetic?
Need a diet plan for a diabetic who needs to eat 6 small meals a day?
Is Poison Ivy lethal if consumed?
HELP- I'm getting a nose stud and don't know what type of metal I won't be allergic to HELP Yahoo! people?
I cant sneeze most of the time! How?
am i allergic to bananas?
whats the best medicine to get rid of a fever?
whats dose a pharmacist do?
Why do they say not to get flu shot if you think you might be sick?
how do you know when a dog is in pain?
were do you find back rescue remedy?
asthma and natural solution................................…
Singulair, Zyrtec, and Marijuana?
Is it ok to take these all at once? Please read...?
How to naturally treat UTI and how to keep from coming back?
how can i get ecstasy out of my system faster than 72 hours?
My back hurts. Can anyone help?
blowing my nose too much,?
I ate my own eyeball?
If you take allergy shots will u completely stop being allergic to what your taking them for?
Facial soap or cleanser for sensitive combination skin?
A friend of mine has what it seems like to be large deep pores that collect large amounts of oil.?
Did you get a flu shot?
Has anyone experienced an outbreak of Pertussis in their community?
what goes into flu shots?
Will you DEFINITELY develop Hepatitis C some point in your life because of this?
Will kissing infect my canker sore? URGENT! PLEASE HELP!?
I have 9 of the 11 indicators of LUPUS, but the blood work is negative. What could be my ailment?
Would our immune system respond to parasitic worms?
I Inhaled a black and mild?
Why do I keep having a hard time breathing? PLEASE HELP!?
is having a blood clot in the head dangerous?
Smoking herbal incense?
how much can your lungs recover from smoking pot?
Has anyone gotten rid of "the voices"?
Im really depressed can anyone help me?
My psychiatrist gave me Fevarin (Fluvoxamine) for a sleep disorder. Does she know what she's doing?
Any way to get rid of self-harm scars?
How long did it take for prozac to work for you?
What are the worst ways of dealing with Depression?
What happens during an oral challenge test?
I want to get my freckles removed?
Would a medical marijuana card effect a pre employment drug test?
is st johns wort bad for you?
Best beverage to mix a medicine powder into?
remedy for losing your voice?
Does mononucleosis effect older people differently then younger people?
Question about flu shots.?
can an open wound get a parasite or worms inside of it?
Can drinking cause dementia?
What do these symptoms mean?
Colds question, seriously. I don't get it.?
I need a song about Dementia?
how can i improve my asthma?
Can I smoke shisha pipe?
Woke up one day and had "Bell's Palsy"?
whats wrong with me? is this a chest infection?
How do I know if I am gluten intolerant/allergic?
how to cure the swalen eyes from allergy?
Will very hot baths help my body acne?
is it bad if your earbuds shock you when you take them out?
How come I can remember smells?
How can I know more about my OCD?
Mental health - I am 14 years old?
Could someone answer this please? really need help.?
im having panic attacks! what do i do?
what is the benifits in meditate?
How long does it take for THC to leave your system?
Will I pass a THC urine test?
Is AyurVeda an alternative to conventional medicine?
how can we treat a swollen knee at home?
Why do UK Osteopathy Schools Have Such Shockingly Low Standards?
can drinking apple cider vinegar help pass urinalysis?
Dose anybody ever hear that Body Odor Powder can cure body odor?
Will doing a colon cleanse help treat ibs?
cigarettes filter always turns black help please?
Is COPD considered a disability?
Is Dengue is dangerous for health ?
I am coughing up mucus like crazy!?
Friend is breathing deeply?
How to get rid of this sinus headache?
Am I allergic to Chocolate?
why do i have bleeding nose?
My boyfriend/husband can't sleep at night, but isn't tired during the day.?
im always thirsty and i have a headache?
which gland regulates blood glucose levels?
I think i might have diabetes are these signs of it?
Could I Have Diabetes?
What happens when you inhale the smoke from the candle?
How harmful is mr. nice guy herbal incense?
13 yr old female, chest pain??????
How much does a Flovent inhaler cost?
inhailing VS not inhailing?
Does anxiety disorder spike blood pressure?
How can I learn more about becoming an Occupational Therapist?
I sleep all the time, I'm sick of it and it's wasting my life away?
is there something wrong with me?
I randomly got a nose bleed?
What are the pros and cons of Weed?
can you sell zoloft? if so howmuch?
i jus smoked some weed and ....?
"Milk Thistle Liver Cleanse" has an ingredient known to cause cancer...?
Has anyone ever heard of Oscar the Grouch Marijuana Strain?
Allergic to books...Seriously?
What caused my nose bleed?
Do nosebleeds hurt...they look like it?
my husband was mowing the lawn it was very hot , came in took cold shower . He then ate felt faint vomited?
What do I have??? HELP!!!!!! please?
i always find it hard to get to sleep what are some things that will help me fall asleep?
MS/Brain lesions and mental symptoms?
how do people get pneumonia?
what is tuberculosis?
I've been coughing for a couple of weeks, and throwing up what looks like white foam. any ideas what it is?
Going to school with a cold?
Why didn't cystic fibrosis die out before antibiotics for it were invented?
Can a doctor tell if you have been drinking Red Bull???!!!?
I got no sleep tonight?
Do i have head lice again or not?
Why is there no proof that marijuana is so bad for your health?
Can Aromatherapy Prevent Ailments?
Cold-Pressed Chia Seed Oil Nutritional Facts?
Is it okay to smoke St. Johns Wart?
T/F There are only 8 foods that have been identified as causing food allergies.?
Why are my eyes watering?
I'd like to use nicorette gum to quit smoking, but it seems I may be allergic to it....?
Bronchitis Symptoms? I think I have it?
What is that offensive smell in phlegm?
Sometimes i stop breathing in my sleep?
something is wrong with my throat?
Secondhand Smoking Help?!?
Being jolted awake from sleep?
Do you experience any symptoms when you are Bored?
do i have bipolar disorder? please help!?
epiduo with solodyn for acne?
I want to talk to someone about suicide?
Question about suicide?
Question about using birth control for acne?
My Dad drank a little bit last night could this cause his sugar to drop?
Diagnosed w/ type 2 diabetes WRONG?
Help with hypOthyroidism...lab results-my TSH is 0.009, normal is 0.450?
Why if you are diabetic do you get leg cramps?
Can any one explain the following Ultra sound report of gall bladder?
Gluten-free cookbooks?
I got a nasty smell in my nose.Can you help me how to get rid of it?
how to know of you are allergic to pineapple?
how can we know that gluten is hidden in some foods?
why do I have a mold smell in my nose?
does it make a difference if you start a massage supine or prone?
how can i get more B17 in my diet?
which med is best for kidney stone?
Does Bio-Oil really work?
Is it legal for a Dr. to with hold a prescription from a patient?
Could I have asthma......?
Should i be worried lead poisoning?
is it safe to sleep after an asthma attack?
how bad is 1 ciggarette a day for you?
How can I get rid of my dry cough? I've tried EVERYTHING PLEASE HELP?
what is the medical term for coughing up blood?
How to stop snoring ASAP !?
What is the best thing for dehydration?
what does it mean when a non diabetic's blood sugar jump from hi to?
cause of diabetes insipdus?
I have two Insulin related questions?
I'm Diabetic. What can I eat and loose 70 lbs in a year?
Dehydration could I have it?
is it okay to take tylenol and benylin together?
Need a doctor but cannot afford one... I'm 18?
Where can I buy the Lower Pressure Powder?
my tooth hurts and i cant sleep?
i have pinworms and scared to tell my parents?
Home Remedies for ear infection?
Is it possible to find dust in ur blood?
what medicine is good for dry cough?
Where can I get free nicotine patches and/or gum?
how do you actually cure/ recover achoholism?
I'm really hyper and have an overwhelming desire to kill myself!?
Deep Sleep Disorder- Nocturnal Enuresis (BedWetting Cure) ? Really Need Answers Fast Cures That Actually Work.?
Is it psychology that studies mental disorders?
How do i stop feeling excessively self conscious?
What not to do when someone faints?
What happens to a pyciatrist if a patent tries to commit suicide?
My sister just erupted in black heads!!?
Why is my hand and feet so itchy?
how often can you take acid with minimum chance of messing up your brain?
How long should an ecstasy hiatus be?
what is the best cure for arthritis?
I heard that if you take ecstasy you admit things?
How long does weed take to get outta your system.?
Have you ever taken bilberry for cataracts or glaucoma?
I broke my healing crystal, and I'm trying to heal it with my other healing crystal but it doesn't seem to be?
im 17 years old and i have an interview with target soon. will they ask for a urine drug test?
whats wrong with me? should I see a doctor?
Do I need more medication besides Metformin 2000mg per day if I have an A1C of 7.6?
Are the side effects of aspartame reversible after no longer using it?
what is the difference bteween a cold and allergies?
What are you allergic to?
can i get a list of foods that give you food poison?
What medication can I take for a sore throat other than throat sweets?
How can I get rid of my stuffed up nose by tomorrow?
Is it a good/bad idea to work out for an hour or so at the gym if you have the common cold?
Help, what can my sister do about her dry cracked bleeding skin?
How to get rid of warts?
what are these black lines on my nails?
What's going on with my facial skin?
Can meditation be like weed?
Home remedies for sinus pressure?
Whats the procedure called were they take your blood out, clean it, and put it back in your body via IV?
Looking for testimonials on natural mood enhancers?
Is bio-oil safe to use?
What's the difference between a adult pysc ward and a child one ?
How do I get concelling in the UK?
My social phobia went untreated for too long and now is lifelong can I still cure it?
I Got the Highest Mark In my Class but everyone hates me?
I am falling from 80th floor?
I think i have anxiety what do i do?
What's the personality disorder when someone keeps thinking he/she has a disease or a mental disorder?
What's the fastest way to catch up on my lost sleep?
Can you crack your nose?
What are the signs that a person has TB disease?
Someone blew cigarette smoke in my face today will I get cancer?
reason for coughing constantly for over more than 3 years?
Why is it harder to breathe when I run?
When will the infection stop?
What are electric cigarettes like?
causes of orgain failure?
Why? why do I get unclear skin when?
How to get rid of a zit overnight?
What should I do about my "dandruff?"?
What if you don't get any sleep?
Why, when I have a bath, can't I breathe properly through my mouth?
If my brother is allergic to dogs and cats, is he likely going to be allergic to hamsters?
how do tell if you have strep throat?
Allergic reaction to shrimp?
what is the medicinal qualities of different herbal teas?
What is the theory of Chinese ‘foot bath" treatment of hypertension?
What are some natural medicines that i can take to prevent herpes to reoccur so often?
know anything about e cigarettes?
Can lack of nutrients or insufficient eating lead to chronic constipation and watery stools?
What is stronger, 10mg of methadone or 10.5 mgs of percocet?
How long is the longest you have gone without eating?
Why does my hands gets Paralyzed when I wake up from the sleep?
Why do i spit with blood?
I recently just got over a respiratory infection which led to a severe bout of coughing for 2 months,however?
What will help reduce a sore throat?
How can i stop my panic attacks ?
How long will it take weed out of my system?
Is it possible to take your pants off by yourself not knowing while your asleep?
Does ecstasy make you depressed?
Do you have a diagnoses, if so what is it do you believe it's right and how long did it take to get it?
My father he's been taking ativan for about 20 years, he suffers from anxiety he used to take 1mg but since?
Is there something mentally wrong with me?
Can depression cause anxiety?
Do you think it's possible for someone to be in some way addicted to depression?
Nose Bleed Dangerous?
Is eating chicken can trigger a skin allergy?
allergy to Davocet, Is Percoset safe alternative?
This question has been asked but not ever answered. Why do I get hives after a BM?
Does drinking vitamin water daily make me healthier?
Where can I buy liquid testosterone?
colloidal silver, effective medicine or deadly doozy?
When ever i drink i get really upset why is this?
what happens if you take Echinacea and are under 18?
Is there still a hope for me?
Fish oil tablets good for skin?
wart removal problem?
How do I get rid of Body Acne?
How to lose hickies in one day?
Is pulmonary hypertentsion a lung or heart disorder?
Do people suffer when they are taken off a respirator and slowly dying?
25 weeks pregnant and taking Albuterol very frequently?
Does a cough with acid reflux?
Hyperventilating what should I do?
Have you Doctors ever felt attracted or experienced attraction from a patient?
How to get rid of a cold fast!?
Can I get an asthma inhaler for my asthma without a prescription?
do i have pneumonia?? help!?
Is there an easy way of finding out my blood group ?
Not feeling so good right now, immediate help please? Maybe diabetes?
Diebetes Help PLease?
Stoners: What are some places you should avoid while high?
what happens if you drink a nebule?
Feeling nauseous during a meditation?
is 75 mg of adderall too much for my first time taking it?
Do I need a license to open a Chinese Herbal Medicine Store in NY?
Can cranberry juice color your urine so it looks darker?
How do I treat Scabies?
does anyone know where to find these ingrediants to help my eczema?
I have acne scars....would you date somebody like me?
What type of lemon juice do you use to get rid of freckles?
Which diabetes is more server? Type 1 or type 2? And how do you get treat swollen arm for those with type 1?
I Need Some Good Diabetic Breakfast Ideas?
how know do your foots broken?
What were your early hypoglycemia symptoms?
what foods can lower sugar levels?
Im allergic to make-up , even the allergy tested brands?
My coworkers and I get runny noses at work.?
Topical Flea medication will not work!?
Why do people smoke tobacco?
Is taking one X-ray with many different shots considered only ONE X-ray?
I'm 16 and i recently have been coughing up some grayish stuff (smokers or ex-smokers please)?
Has anyone with asthma quit smoking and the asthma attacks gotten worse?
Can nose and cold problem cause ear problems?
When it's a choice, why do we choose to suffer?
Can taking prescribed Depakote and Lithium make a bipolar person more energized/talkative?
I think I have Social Anxiety Disorders.?
How would i know if my shin bone has a minor fracture?
A new approach to Homeopathy?
How to do Apple Cider Vinegar treatment?
What is the relationship between Conium and Sulphur?
What is homatherapy? how it happen? function?
Can one experience back pain due to an occipital condyle fracture years after the injury?
what is the best decongestant for bronchitis?
i am having chest pain!!! help!!?
How long is the average cough?
i know someone who smokes and wont stop coughing!?
What can be a cause to dying in your sleep?
If i smoked a joint after being clean for 3 months will i pass a drug test in 10 days?
When I am sick why can't I taste?
I am allergic to codeine, can I take vicodin?
Is it possible for a person to be allergic to cold?
Could allergies only affect one eye?
Why do bananas make my mouth itch?
My nose is really stuffed up :( Any tips?
Best acne clearing product?
What if i cut off my wart?
Why do I keep getting stretch marks?
My back's been hurting for almost 3 weeks?
HERBALIST ? Natural remedy Ginkgo Biloba safe?
What kind of sleeping aid do I need?
I can't edit my question so...?
If I were to smoke a cigarette.......?
How is it like being a massage therapist?
How can I reduce stress in my life quickly?
should i stay out of school until i get my bipolar meds?
memory recall problem..?!?
I have alot of trouble eating and sleeping... help?
Is wrist measurement a good way to determine frame size (i.e. big/small boned)?
Why can't I go to sleep anymore??? help?
i need help from doctors or from anyone please?
second hand smoke around my kids?
My 87 yo mother is recovering from Pneumonia in a rehab facility.?
What is wrong with me? am i sick? Help!?
i need to take a tb test?
Medicine not helping?
What do I do? I can't fall asleep!?
What is a Hydrocodone apap 7.5-500 high like?
HOME MADE fatburning pill or drink mix?
does valium get you high?
Tea without milk, and lemon a few drops of lemon juice?
Who would need medical marijuana?
Can advair cause severe itching, hives?
What kind of doctor do I need to go to, to get warts removed from my feet?
Where can I get stronger hydrocortisone?
Why are people allergic to things?
What should I Do, my doctor prescribed me medicines, I'm scared to take?
what causes chronic hives?
how do i know how much sugar is too much?
Do you think I have diabetes (See details)?
Is raw cane sugar any less healthy than the sugar in fruit?
PCOS and protein shake?
Can someone with diabetes drink the soda Zevia?
Which type of cigarette is the least damaging?
can mould kill you if have breathed it in?
severe sinus infection...singulair?
Need info on adult seizures?
How Do I Stop Sore Throat?
constant coughing should i see a doctor or let it be?
what can i do to let blood flow through out my whole body?
Is it better to get only two hours of sleep, or to not bother sleeping at all?
If You're Depressed Do You Have to Have Sleep Problems?
What happens at a mental hospital?
How come i cant sleep...................................…
Do I have a psychological disorder? Please read..?
Is it okay to consume alcohol around 9pm if I took adderall really early?
Natural Cannabis or Legal Fake Weed?
Just started taking prozac, looking for some consultation.?
Parents caught me blazing?
[BEST Ans 10pt] Where can I buy ear cleaning kit in Singapore?
Do vitamin waters have side effects?
I think I have food allergies. Can you tell by my symptoms what allergy I have?
Cough syrup problem emergency!?
How Do I Get Rid of This Tickle In My Throat?
Am I allowed to take this drug around 2:00 am?
4 hour glucose test. insulin was high adrenalin was high.Was hypo after 2 and a half hours.?
what to say when someone tells you they're diabetic?
i drink about 6 bottles of water a day or more, and am constantly urinating?
which glucose meter is good?
is it type two diabetes?
What do bed bug bites look like?
What can I do to prevent this?
How to wake up early and not be tired?
Should I consider entering a mental hospital?
how can I hide my bulimia?
Do people cut the palm of their hands?
Im addicted to eating laungry detergent & soap?
Why am I so sad all of the time?
I have a feeling i am going to die soon?
What do you do when you're bored?
Is there a natural alternative to antihistamine?
Surgery dangerous?? PLEASE HELP =)?
is four cigarettes a day a safe amount to smoke?
How to reverse hair fall and get rid of dandruff?
can callisia fragrants plants be sold as herbal medicine in the USA ?
tips to stop the weed high i can't handle it anymore?
should i get a Klub card or wait till its legal?
My Aunt may be getting into medical marijuana, most legal way to get seeds?
can i get lung cancer without second hand smoke or without smoking?
I suffer from sport induced asthma and for cheer leading tryouts we have to run a mile everyday?
Is rubbing your eyes good for you?
What ingredient in T3s cause itchiness?
could i have a food allergy at 23?
Do I have allergies or is this a cold?
every winter i get a cold and my nose is always runny and when winters over it the same?
Are my allergies causing all these symptoms? I don't know what to do as I keep getting sicker.?
Allergies killing me! please help?
Is Going Outside In The Spring Good when You Have Bad Alergies To Pollen?
I just found out that I have a fungus allergy...?
Am I allergic to ants?
Hypothetically, if I were to cut my wrist, how long would it take to lose enough blood to lose consciousness?
What foods should i stay away from that can worsen my acne?
whats a natural cure for colitis in cats?
Does Molly/Pure Ecstasy stay in your saliva?
did i kill this kid ?
Have you tried "Dr. Willard Water"?
Would i for sure 100% throw up if i took 4800MG of Gauifensen (Stuff In Robitussin And Mucinex)?
Should the butane lighter be fired directly in Salvia Divinorum extracts, or should it burn from underneath?
Is it ok to do a colon cleanse if a person has IBS?
What do you do when you have lots of different issues coming at you at once?
Do you scare yourself? Even sometimes?
why do i lash out on my parents randomly?
How can I stop my OCD?
Would you rather cope with your mental illness or with the nasty side effects?
What are the movies and TV shows that talk about OCD?
Sinus problems for months (or years?)?
which is better physical therapist or occupational therapist?
is it possible to burst your diaphragm?
How to load a vaporizer?
how to get sick fast?
Can i take advil with my allergy medicine?
What are the best Gluten-free snacks?
can you have an allergic reaction to an ankle brace?
How can i get rid of a sinus infection by tomorrow?
Vitamins and supplements for teens?
Why do you like to get high?
Natural sleep remedies?
do prescription narcotics have any street value?
Smoking Salvia for the First Time!?
can i take sleeping pills while on minocycline?
how to treat heartburn?
My acne just keeps getting worse?
How to get rid of cracked heels?
questions about shortness of breath?
Should i smoke weed or not?
what happens to dead space in emphysema?
Please help!!! with this What are the values for the tidal volume (TV) and the alveolar ventilation? One is OK?
im having chest pains and just took 2 tylonel codeines and am having a hard time breathing.?
what can cause nose bleeds?
how come i get a really bead pain when i drink chcolate milk?
Why does our nose get runny when we sneeze?
what alternatives are there to almond and wheat flours, I am allergic.?
I always get nosebleeds everyweek, I get them when I wake up, then I go to shower, after the nosebleed has st?
I had blood work done recently and my kidneys came out at 1.34.?
What is the difference between Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes?
How to take thirst away with no drink?
what is the results for diabetes on my blood test result?
why am i craving sugar like crazy all of the sudden?
My daughter slept with her contacts in.?
Why do I always feel alone?
Will I be required to have a physical exam done?
Am I able to get my treatment for depression and EDNOS without parental consent?
anxiety and depression winter months? serious only!!?
Any one else feel like your living as if walking on a high tight wire?
what happens to someone with somatization disorder?
will amoxicillin make a urinary tract infection go away?
How to stop sinus drainage in throat once it starts?
When you quit smoking, how long does it take before you start coughing?
How common are false positives on Cystic Fibrosis tests?
Will my asthma affect General Anesthesia?
Center chest and sharp upper back pain after smoking weed?
Can i use tea to roll my joint?
If one smokes weed, is it possible to lower one's tolerance back to zero?
Can use two kinds of dietary supplements in the same time ?
easy treatment for acid reflux?
My om recently went to patanjali(by ramdev) but she's feeling that the medicines are having side effects.....?
what is the best part of doing aromatherapy?