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Mumps can you get again?
whats the best way to get rid of a yest infection using home products?
Will the military doctors do anything for herpes 1 (non std form)? i?
Dose any body know what Can thinken blood? ?
I'm at the Doctors and Paranoid?
Does this sound like bipolar?
Is this girl self harming for attention?
I am taking one .25 xanax every night for the past two years, Can I be addicted?
Constant feeling of a something crawling on me? help?
Overdose on antibiotics ?
Does lemon juice really help to dissolve kidney stones?
i have ahole in my throat burned from snorting pills what can i do to fix the problem?
Valerian root side effects...?
will smoking pot lessen the effects of hawaiian baby woodrose seeds?
Is rubbing alcohol the same as isopropyl alcohol?
How long will you last on 4 triple C's?
Bug Bite : Should I see a doctor?
How to get a good sleep in 7 hours?
cigarette made me feel a bit nauseous?
How can I dislodge a kidney stone stuck in my urethra?
Could I get Health Insurance with Crohn's?
Why are my tears red, looks like blood?
Cholera in Haiti....?
why is mononucleosis called mono if mono means one?
Do you suffer from the gum disease called GINGIVITIS?
What are the F+, F- , Hfr, and F' strains of E. coli.?
I'm getting all four of my wisdom teeth out through IV sedation and....?
Getting two cavities filled HELP!?
Problems with flossing my teeth?
Is (cosmetic) Dentistry vanity?
Why are my back teeth crowded?
Gum Sore Problems!!!?
Can you kill yourself by punching yourself in the head?
how can i sleep at night after just waking up at 3:20pm?
I'm a high school student, how can I prevent getting sick?
I wake up around the same time everynight for no reason at all... why!?
How long does it take to wake up from anesthesia?
How much water do I need to drink?
Do i have appendicitis?
Cure for Mouth Ulcer?
What's the name of that disease?
I'm having major Tdap side effects.?
symptoms of a half demon?
If I drink my allergy medicine can i eat what im allergic to?
Am I allergic to certain fruits..?
Is it safe to travel to Mexico with peanut allergies?
Giving Morphine when your allergic to it?
Any websites on natural ivf alternatives?
Is psychic surgery a scam ?
Are ducks...ever.....incestual? Spiritually speaking?
Does anyone know an effective natural or home remedy for a head cold?
does toothpaste inhibit bacterial growth better than lemon juice?
How do I regain my voice and cure a sore throat?
By what mechanisms do Osteopathy and Chiropractory treat overbite(malocclusion)?
If you smell marijuana accidentally from somebody smoking it, but you never smoked it yourself, would you be p?
Felt like something pinched my eye..then corner of my eyeball looked bloody and still is. What is it?
Help please I am a sugar addict?
Can HEADACHES leave you with brain damage? Opinion on Headaches?
how did you quit smokeing?
what is colitis.................................…
What are symptoms of parvo virus?
How to get rid of conjunctivitis quickly?
Please help me. I have to sing in 5 days. I had a severe soar throat and lost my voice a couple of days ago.?
what happens if your (UTI) goes untreated?
CHOLERA OUTBREAK:::Billions collected for Haiti :::Yet no clean water?
worms coming from my nose?
is it normal to act like an animal?
i always feel so alone?
I cant stop thinking about suicide please help me?
The weirdest thing i have EVER felt?
Is it normal for a man to refuse to go on medication for Depression?
What would the diagnosis be for someone who has........?
Can you die form the lack of sleep?
Hey guys, is batman real? Hm?
What is the probability that all four wisdom teeth will grow in well?
I hate the dentist?!! I'm scared. /:?
Can a temporary crown cause tooth/jaw pain?
Am I normal to have all my teeth?
can braces make my cheeks look slimmer?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with my leg?
Hurt Wrist, MRI or not?
A long time ago i hurt my ankle in a snowboarding accident?
what foods will help me heal and my skin grow back?
How do i know if i need crutches!?
swelling in my left ankle?
Weird feeling in nose?
tired/lightheaded often?
Pains so bad, What should i do ?!?
Is it safe to take Hydroxyzine & Ativan?
Is there anything like safe steroids?
Where can we purchase a wheatgrass powder online?
what is the harm that urine contain bacteria bring to us ?
How much marijuana do you smoke for insomnia?
How long does surgery take time wise?
I need a name for the Medical Club Im starting?
what is the point in the chicken pox vaccine?
In statistics 3/4 of young women today have venereal diseases, do you think its higher then that?
sickle cell anemia is common in which part of Africa?
do sneezes feel like orgasms?
can you test if you are allergic to a food by putting a bit on your skin?
Can dust Mites do any harm?
Alcohol intolerant and wine in my food?
my throat burns when i eat any thing?
Over the counter antihistamines and alcohol... safe?
what does a hernia in the scrotum feel like and how do I know if thats what it is?
im extremely distressed! can a psycologist help?
How do meth addicts sleep?
whats wrong with me???? please help?
What happens if you enter theta while aware and active?
EXTREME social anxiety? I need help badly?
still a knot on my head after a fall 2 1/2 weeks ago..?
how can i tell if my finger is sprained or broken?
I stomped my toe on my coffee table and is swollen? Preventing me from walking?
Is it ok to take long walks with a broken rib?
when will my broken ankle heal?!?
Is it possible to get a stress fracture lifting weights?
Is there such a thing where you can get your teeth treated by a student dentist at a cheaper rate in Singapore?
My teeth hurt like there is a lot of pressure?
i have my 12 year molars coming in and? worried. (ten points)!!!?
Braces, Impressions, and Retainers?
Should I go to the hospital?
im having a big tooth pulled tomorrow?
why did you have to run your sugar slightly high when concentratng hard?
didja know that the new diabetes jab stimulating insulin to replace injecting it started in britain?
Could this attack be caused by diabetes?real bad attacks.anyone know anything please?? Doctors, diabetics?
Finding it hard to sleep?
Is it normal for my hands to be significantly colder than my chest, at room temperature?
is second hand smoking worse than smoking?
What is the little squiggly light I see in the corner of my eye before I get a migraine?
protector on the floor still ok to use?
I just swallowed a bottle of Chantix (25-30pills) what can I expect?
Why do I sometimes hear a ringing in my left ear?
The first mild sedative-hypnotic that was widely used in the 1960s as an alternative to the stronger barbitura?
Where can I find information on the way shrooms and Celexa interact?
Is there a specialty for a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine that is similar to a naturopathic doctor?
Has anyone had success with treating frozen shoulder with acupuncture?
Theres a problem with my feathers. Is there is homeopathic cure?
Certified vs Licensed Massage therapist?
why did these chinese herbs stop working, what they did to my nose?
will i die if i get the flu?
what is inflammation of lymph tissue in the throat?
A substitute for an antiboitic?
My throat hurts, my lymph nodes are swollen, and I have a headache...?
Does a doctor need to diagnose flu?
My son has mrsa and now has a temp?
How many people have developed HCV or HIV later on in life because of this?
my dog has skin problems. no fleas, but scratching all the time. use shampoo and skin spray but no help.?
Did i have an allergic reaction to marijuana?
How much does Flonase cost?
Info about the poison ivy shot/or shots.?
Weird feeling in my throat when I smoke the herb?
I feel really weird..?
will i die in my sleep soon?
Would you feel comfortable bathing washing & toileting patients?
Painful lump/boil under left breast, and no health insurance? HELP?
why when i get mad i start to tremble an throw stuff?
What is the secret to happiness?
what's the name of the medicine that could help me to sleep well?
Your advice on this.................?
What is the number one reason a guy would still be a virgin at age 40 and unable to get a girlfriend?
How to stay sane? I'm losing it.?
Which of the following is not a defense mechanism for infectious disease?
What does course of infection mean?
I have a really bad cold and I'm wondering what to do?
i have a staff infection?
Which type of food is more suitable for an ulcer patient?
Are you planning to get the flu shot this year for the H1N2?
is it bad to crack your joints?
I have urges to pee even though i just went?
Can you give blood when you're sick?
How can I get rid of my headache?
Causes for dizziness upon standing?
is it legal to smoke herbal incense?
If I subscribe to a Private insurance ...?
Quick medicine cure for oncoming cold!!?
What are the best foods for constipation?
So tomorrow i have to get tooth number 14 pulled.?
I just got my braces today and what should i eat?
Does wearing braces hurts?
how can i pull my tooth out that is BARELY loose??? please help b4 my dentist has to?
How long does IV sedation dentistry take?
Help!!! 10 pts!!!!!!?
Could you recommend a good forum for people dealing with diabetes?
if you have low blood sugar does that mean you have diabetes?
What not to eat when you're diabetic?
I have problems with my blood sugar, Please help?
what are the symptoms when you lack salt?
How do u get rid of my scar!?
my doc said i broke my ankle but it only feels sprained?
how to make curved nose straighter without surgery?
How does a developed country like the US suffer developing world things like bed bugs?
How likely is it to contract a disease by having someone's blood on your hands?
How Did We Ever Live Without Hand Sanitizer?! (lol)?
22 mo old in ICU with Rotavirus and "Cedif" ?
If you go to the E.R. because you are sick from an unknown illness?
Bad reaction to flu vaccine?
I work in a hospital and I want to go get my CNA?
how to quit smoking weed?
What is the best recommended med for wetting the bed?
For those who have had a tonsillectomy as an adult...?
Is it bad if i sleep with my eye's open?
How can I stay awake?
Do you think I have appendicitis?
meningitis or tonsillitis?
How likely is it that I'll have mono?
what could bring this bladder problem on?
If I get a Flu shot will I get sick?
signs your body isn't getting enough food?
i thank i might have glaucoma plz answer asap?
Have you ever had OCD or known someone who has had OCD?
Do I have a mental disorder?
how to stop cutting i need to help im think im going to kill my self?
I have a question about some people?
Depression causing weight loss?
My body is being weird lately?
Smoking Fetish? Way to appear to smoke with out actually smoking?
Bruise where I got blood drawn?
doctors help please !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
@People who quit smoking: has this happened to anyone of you when you quit?
My eye keeps twitching?
Where is the rabies vaccine injected?
I'm holding a bottle of nightquil in my hand I want to drink it all. What will happen?
What does an oxycodone high feel like?
A few questions about opening your chakras?
do chinese herbs work to lower fsh levels and help you conceive naturally?
Why is drug company research likely to be biased, and therefore false?
Can you catch HIV from dried blood?
How can I tell if I have the flu?
UTI or what is going on... help?
last 2 weeks, i just found out that i have hepatitis b reactive. how can i have treatment fast?!!?
how do you get lupus?
When I was child I had a hepatitis (Jundice) A?
Am I allergic to Goldfish? *10 POINTS*?
Shrimp makes me feel sick?
Is he really allergic to pineapple?
Doctors and Nurses: Does anything gross you out?
What are signs of antibiotic resistance?
Can I travel after spinal tap?
Fever continuously for 4 days!?
Does having AIDS reduce/eliminate the effects of allergies?
how come they put the swine flu serum in with this years flu vaccine? it got me kind of sick?
What is this thing on my cheek?
is medicine shown below safe?
when you smoke pot do you feel like you're watching a movie?
Does probiotics really work?
Is it safe to mix birth control, ciprofloxacin hcl and yeast gard?
how can you get lortab without a prescription?
Anyone heard of Nuva Tea?
Is Bay leaf tea safe to drink while pregnant?
can a non diabetic person wieghing 180 die from taking 10 ML of Lantis insalin IM?
Any doctors want to help me out, child with febrile Seizures, and 165mg glucose level.?
how can i control better my blood sugar levels?
I am constantly hungry, but I don't have an increase in appetite.?
food for diabetic patients?
How do you get rid of poison ivy?
What is a good excuse for having big bruises on my legs?
i need answers for my knee!?
Did I break my wrist!? How do i know for sure?
Im Stuck in a Cast for 6 weeks?
can you mixed tylenol kids fever with a multisymptom syrup for kids?
can you get mono without kissing someone?
What are 4 or more bacterial diseases?
What does it mean if urine ferments quickly (6-8 hours)?
How old do you have to be to get ceramic braces?
How to keep your teeth white!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how badly does it hurt when you get your wisdom teeth pulled out?
help with braces??????????
can the flu cause your white blood cell count to be too high?
Why am I still so weak and light headed?
Is there any way this is strep?
Are there any cold viruses going around?
Can rice make you ill? - What syptoms would you get?
Do you think I have mono?
if my fever goes up to 100.5 in the night but drops to 97ish during the day am i sick?
Do i have Asama i run about 2 min or lease it hard to Bethe and hurt my chest?
Is there anyway to trick a blood test?
How much is a pint of blood,Type O worth?
what does all the symptoms mean?
what kind of testing does a baby with high blood sugar have?
my 22 year old boyfriend whos on blood pressure meds is saying his left arm has been hurting all day go to ER?
Did I techniqually smoke a cigarette?
Why would underneath my eye be twitching, like where the bags of my eye is on my left eye.?
how do I avoid getting kidney stones?
Is it safe to take St. John's Wort and melatonin supplements at the same time?
how long do effects of oxycodone last?
who out there knows about medical marijuana?
what is in this funky monkey smoke alternative?
Is Oregano a good substitute for weed?
How much Tussin DM can I take safely?
Hayfever Problems :(?
Can Amoxicillin cause this?
my nose has been congested for the past 3 weeks whats wrong with it?
I hurt my ankle, and I have P.E tomorrow! How can I make the pain go away?
Tip of my finger sliced in half... will the numbness go away?
I got punched in the chest today........?
how do you cure a sprained ankle?
I often find my self having to go to the bathroom like around 8 times a day. Should I get that check out?
What is better High fructose corn syrup or sugar?
Do fish get thirsty???????????????????
do you think i have diabetes?
my dad is diabetic and his big toe and the next one over has turned white what can cause this?
is it normal for a 50 year old asian adult to have a fasting glucose level of 45-55 mg/dl?
What are some signs to strep throat?
do you get a sickness from eating a live chicken?
how long should you wait to eat after having food poisoning?
Avian Flu? H5N1? Help Please?
strep throat or common cold?
How do I cure my cat allergy?
Is there a "cure" for cat allergies?
question about allergy to heat...?
What are the best colors for braces?
How do i get rid of yellow teeth stains?
getting my braces off tomorrow..?
What Can i do about my bad teeth?
How do you get your teeth white part II?
Can tartar come off on its own or was it my tooth that just chipped?
Novocaine or General Anesthesia?
*Is it "Okay" to stay awake for 3-4 days straight?*?
Should insurance companies and doctors reduce prices to make health care more accessible and easier to afford?
period only works while on bc?
Is this a healthy sleep habit?
How to get more sleep?
would a $100 dollar glass bong break or crack in the winter when i keep it in a plywood shed sealed?
How can i improve my eyesight?
What would happen if I ate 2 tbs of nutmeg?
What would you recommend for solving colds?
I was wondering what the maximum dosage of Topamax is?
What are some careers you could have to do with natural health?
What is going on with my arm OWWW!!!?
How do you know if you break your elbow?
Question about broken bones and healing?
piece of tiny hair got into my eye.. somebody help please!!!!!?
Can having flat feet Dislocate your leg?
Why do people turn yellow right after they die?
Been having frequent dizzy spells?
Why do I keep going to the bathroom? I award best answer?
Does laughing actually improve your health?
is drinking a lot of milk really important?
Help, I have get over these problems?
addicted to depression?
Should I talk to my teacher about depression?
my throat is really hurting!?
Swine flu has started to mutate?
Is there a flu epidemic at the moment in the UK?
What is the role of iron in the prevention of anaemia?
what can i buy otc instaed of buying nasonex?
Are there any health concerns with being on antihistamines for a year?
Am I allergic to watermelon?
What do I do about my allergies?
I wake up in the morning with phlegm in my throat, very uncomfortable! What can I take for this?
How can I not pass out when I have blood drawn?
Dose to much sleep or to little sleep cause weight gain?
What are health services?
Best shoes to wear after a stress fracture in the foot?
are these normal for a broken collarbone?
How can i get better at loading bowls? lol?
How long does it take for....?
what red wine is best for heart and chloresterol?
Can anybody help me with a medicine?
Does breathing in and out of a paper bag kill brain cells?
What is the best way to cure a hangover?
What is the best muscle building supplement on the market?
Can a blood test go wrong? Does she have something?
when you are diabetic can you work on a ship?
one touch testing strips differences?
why is tiredness common in insulin resistance?
is imodium a blood thinner?
Do I have type one diabetes?
Hi is it me or the nurses are very rude?
Does drinking too much alcohol destroy villous epithelial cells?
can you take flagyl and diflucan at the same time?
What are appendicitis symptoms?
How do I get rid of the cold?
What is the life expectancy of someone with Glomerulonephritis?
How do i hid my cuts from the doctor?
I have 'hallucinations' about hurting people, They seem so real, and i'm really scared. What do i do?
i feel upset all the time?
Has bullying affected you in the long term?
I am extremely tired?
Whats the longest it takes for ecstasy tabs to kick in?
How long will it take me to be clean?
A cure for feeling overwhelmed?
Carrier Oils for Tea Tree Oil?
how to used apple cider vinegar for gallbladder?
My mom is O+ and my dad is AB- what could my blood type be?
Is $17.99 good for 25 lbs of tomatoes?
Night time blood sugar question.?
Is weight loss common in diabetics?
Do the presence of ketones in urine necessarily point to diabetes?
Why do I get dizzy after having my blood withdrawed or getting an injection?
Why when I drink alcoholic beverages do I turn red in my face?
Why does my nose run when I eat?
Can allergies always make me tired?
i am sick( sore throat and blocked nose and head ache)?
4 strept throats in a year?
list 10 abbreviations for diseases or disorders of the body?
its drinking baking soda with water good for a yeast infection?
invalent in a sick person, correct.?
When did these vaccines come to the United States..?
Can a Urinary Tract Infection(UTI) cause me to feel like this?
How easily can you get alcohol poisoning?
How to keep fresh breathe?
how bad do braces hurt?
biting nails/gum chewer?
I just got a tooth pulled out and now im eating?
Are Asians familiar with the concept of tooth paste and oral hygiene?
What is a legit way to whiten my teeth?
is the h1n1 flu shot safe ?
Who controls vaccination laws at the state level?
left knee pain without injury to knee?
How do you unpinch a nerve in your leg/hip?
Is my foot broken or just twisted?
Do I have an infection where a tooth was extracted?
Where do dental hygienists work?
Can you wreck your teeth if you drink something hot before right away eating something cold?
Does it really matter which toothpaste you use?
Does anyone know how long to wait?
Is minor bruising after a massage normal?
Can you get high by inhaling computer duster?
what are percocet pills ?
Can I drink Bacardi 151 on Zoloft?
Is there an injectable form for most pills?
Why is it when you've been up for around 2 hours you feel tired again?
I been having a stuff up nose at night ? ASAP Getting hard to sleep.?
why cant I feel anything four days after smoking weed?
How can I sleep and wake up in 2 hours?
How much secondhand smoke is equal to one cigarette?
My mom made fun of my anxiety:(?
Good way to deal with stress?
What would you do If your boyfriend has social anxiety ?
How to get over my feelings and be a good bf?
is exposure to heat bad for an existing fever?
Can cancerous cells spread to other parts of the body?
Does ink poisoning kill you?
Is abscess contagious and is my daughter more at risk?
Puss coming from an infected tattoo that has been treated w/ antibiotics?
Could stabbing yourself in the eye with your mascara wand cause your eye to be red the next day?
My baby brother has wheat allergy, is there any vaccanation for that?
Could it be possible for someone to be allergic to bread?
My daughter is having diarrhea after switching from soy formula to soy milk?
How is it possible to be Allergic to an Air conditioner?
When you lose your voice does it come back stronger? 10 points :)?
took methadone, is it alright to sleep?
I keep biting my lip?
My heart is racing, I am really shaky, I am feeling very week, and I am very light headed right now.?
What's wrong with me?
I have a flat spot on the top of my head. Why? Anyone Else?
Temperature of 96 degrees...?
natural seizure controll?
Which should we spend a million dollars on, preventing diabetes & cancer or developing new medicines for them?
gestational diabetes.. blood sugar too high.?
Help with Alcohol at night & fatigue during the day?
is 80 a normal glucose reading?
how do i get the yellow stains off of my teeth without spending A lot?
Does brushing teeth regularly can result in healthy gums ?
How to fix a cavity at home?
do crest white strips actually work?
Nose surgery for broken nose ?
Did I twist my ankle?
Okay so I tore my meniscus....?
shoulder pain from crutches?
Best ways to deal with breathing cold air when sleeping outdoors?
Am I dehydrated...? Please help?
Why do people say you can break your bones with potatoes?
Is it true you can't die from cutting sideways?
Post Traumatic stress disorder, what makes me so dangerous, being an ex-victim of the worst kind of torture?
Boyfriend's acting odd...?
My mind wants me to believe things that arn't true?
I have the flu, is it too late to get the shot?
How do you dispose of deceased cats that are infectious?
Is there any positive impacts disease has on human life?
How long do I have to get the third injection of the HepB vaccine?
Scared bout vaccines?
my dog is recuperating from a severe bacteria illness. when will his appetite return?
found a long blue pill that says WL 93 and a small red pill that says PE on it. Any ideas as to what they are?
I take fish oil and it makes my privates smell like fish...what can i do?
What would it be like to die from DXM?
What is a good-inexspensive brand of odorless fish oil?
wat is sandalwood talcum powder?
How to stop cough!?please n thank you:)?
What are those white, smelly things that are coming out of my mouth?
How common is tooth extraction for braces?
Does getting braces hurt?
Should I get my tooth looked at?
I think i have a Cavity?
raw, sore throat cure?
If your partner tried to poison you depending on what they used could a dr still test you for it?
is my sister sick with something?
elevated hct, low grade temp and aching (flu like aching)?
What is the least common blood type in humans?
What info do i need to give to sell a kidney on ebay ?
Why do my feet fall asleep every time im seated for 10 or more minutes?
Urgent hangover help needed?
I accidentally swallowed a ?
Why is cracking your knucles bad?
What does it mean if you sleep all day long?
What the heck is wrong with my ankle?!?
Did I sprain my ankle?
she wont do anything and it still hurts ?!?
I am super Depressed. I keep cutting myself. it takes away the pain for a minute but then its back?
Why won't my pinky heal?
Im really depressed plz help!?!?
Sometimes about 2 twice a week I get this SHOCK through my brains???
will the therapist tell my parents about my problems?
Is he playing me or am I over reacting?
bestway to cleara stuffy nose?
HELP ASAP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
swollen lymph node in my neck!?
Was I right for not using doctor's order?
what is the best way to get weed out of your system fast?
what is Tahitian Noni juice?
What natural sulution is there to help you go to sleep?
I take "Fish Oil" and it makes "my privates" smell like fish...is there a supplement that's not so fishy?
Marijuana laced risk?
Mad-Cow Disease Outbreak?!?
How do i get rid of a cold that always seems to come back?
why might getting a flu vaccination sometimes cause you to get a mild case of the flu?
is measles considered lytic or lysogenic?
Do ants carry virus or bacterial?
I just drank a bottle of nyquil and now my chest/heart hurts bad?
What Is Wrong With Me? Please Help!?
Is Aspartame bad for you im really nervous beacuse i like to chew sugar free gum?
blood in stool but no pain...what could it be?
I sleep ALL the time?
Acneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? :o?
Is it possible for someone to be a healthy borderline alcoholic?
is this glucose reading normal?
Does this reading show that i have diabetes?
Can i get fully put to sleep when getting cavities filled?
I forgot about my rubber bands in my braces!?
I brush teeth twice every single day,but it is still a little yellowish??????so disappointed?
Why do I have white spots on my teeth?
i hate my head gear (braces) best answer ten points?
is it okay to smoke while nursing?
If you have mild asthma and you leave it untreated, can it get worse over time?
does asthma kills if you dont have your inhaler?
What are the triggers of yeast intolerance?
I have a cough that is almost constant and keeps me from talking properly what is it?
I am scared of shots going inside my skin?
Is there a way that I can prevent headlice?
Do thongs cause urinary tract infection?
why vaccine against chicken pox? why?
Antimicrobials Questions?
why do people go to the ER when they have colds or fevers?
Is it common to be extremely sleepy after getting a flu shot?
Does anyone make a profit off of donated blood?
how can i not be afraid of shots?
How To Get Better Sleep?
Addiction and being sick, what can I do?? Please read.?
I have been smoking cigarettes for a year, will I go through nicotine withdraw if I quit?
lymphocyte equal 53.i am kill?
is diarrhea a bacteria?
Do my symptoms indicate strep throat, or what?
Which is the non-contagious disease that is the most common in the world?
Ever used a detox drink?
why is marijuana worse than pharmaceuticals?
I have a question about BLACK Tea?!?
Is it safe to trip on Benadryl?
Are natural protein drinks potentially dangerous?
What do I need to do to become a massage therapist?
Is spike legal in georgia?
Is it true that allergies get worse over time?
whats the fastest way to get rid of a sinus infection?
What is a good alternative to earplugs, that won't damage the ears?
I'm tired all the time, how can I stay awake?
Any idea what is wrong with me and should i see a doctor?
How long before i can walk normally? Can i do the stationary bike?
how do i get back my lost blood from a nose bleed?
How can you sprain your ankle. And if you do sprain your ankle do you have to wear a boot?
whats up with my knee?
Jaw hurts a month after impacted wisdom tooth extraction?
ugh im having a braces crisis?? lol?
why do i keep picking at my gums?
Hi, has anyone here had 4 wisdom teeth removed at once?
What should i major in for Dentistry?
Braces are cutting my mouth really bad ?
what kind of blow to the head could lead to a blood clot?
I Have had hiccups for 4 hours straight?
is smoking hookah bad for health?
asthma question......any ideas.?
??? What Mental illness(or illness at all) does this sound like?
What is it about depression that makes a person unwilling to talk about it ?
can antipsychotic medicines make you dependent on them?
Is there any treatments that put an end to Brain Fog!?
I've been dealing with a lot of stress recently and?
Is it damaging to take tylenol PM every night?
How long does it take for percocet to completely leave your system during pregnancy?
I just got a pair of reebok easytone tennis shoes..Does anyone know if they actually work ..seen any results?
what's the most healthy position to sleep?
Do you think I could catch this?? 10 pts best answer!?
What's the name of this sickness?
What was the deadliest pandemic in human history?
please answer this right away. question about my bladder infection going away?
Could my headaches be from my glasses?
LSD, my first time tonight, tips?
Over the counter painkillers?
What helps sore throats.?
Has anyone ever changed their childs ADHD medicine to a fish oil supplement?
Can Medical Marijuana Help My Migraine Headaches?
Levaquin side effects !?
are there any supplements to reduce uric acid.?
Am I getting enough hours of sleep?
You know that horrible full feeling you get when you've eaten too much?
Cant fall asleep HELP?
I need help getting to bed sooner?
Has anyone had a Hemorrhoid before, What is it like...?
I'm Trying to Quit Smoking, What Can I Use Instead?
What happens if an RN chooses not to get the Swine Flu Vaccine?
Are you for or against socialized medicine in the USA?
Can my problems be symptoms of a UTI?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
What is Hydrophobia, and what does it have to do with rabies?
My Grandmother Has A Urinary Track Infection, How Much Longer Will She Live?
My Blood SUgar will not go down, what do i do?
I've had a discectomy and that didn't work and ended up with a epidural abscess''m a diabetic?
diabetes and alcohol questions?
At what blood sugar lever are you considered a diabetic?
Throat infection, but don't know which? Anybody know what I have?
are you aware this website might be under attack?
what can i do to be taken to the hospital?
What do I have?! Im sick :(?
Getting Braces Soon, Help??
Do cavities make you have gum pain? ***** PLEASE READ MY DESCRIPTION FOR MORE INFO***** what can I do?
Whats the best method of whitening your teeth without spending too much money?
How much do adult braces cost today?
why can i feel the rain coming?
I think im addicted to Purell. what do i do?!?
I tried to induce vomiting but it didn't work.?
why i sweat real bad when i sleep?
11 letter word that means growing larger:with regard to muscles,an increase in size and strength in response?
i think i have a fever what should i do?
How can i get sick help me nooow!?
Can you get ink poisoning from writing on yourself? And what are some signs of it?
What do i do if i have things that i feel i need to talk about but i have no one i can trust?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What does it take to get committed to a mental institution?
how do I know if I have asperger's syndrome?
Hypoglycemia and heat question?
My ankles get swollen. It is painful when I walk on uneven surface. I am 80 years old and diabetic?
Foot problems and diabetes?
Do you chew apple cider vinegar tablets or crush them or?
i just drank two panadol pills with cold chocolate milk. is that ok?
Can someone who is in a vegetative state be fed into their mouth with a spoon, or is a feeding tube required?
i am a medical student and want you to help me find the best site about my course?
While you are on Amoxicillin, does the infection stop spreading?
Where would I buy Smoke Anywhere Electronic Cigarettes?
caffeine makes me tired?
why wont i get sick? what else can i try?
Am I stressed, and what should I do, if I to have stress?
Having a bit trouble breathing?
is azithromycin used for upper respitiory infections?
any anxiety and panic attack solution?
Can I smoke weed with a fever?
how does it feel to get your tonsils out?
the characteristics of the knee which makes this joint so susceptible to injury?
Is my allergy medicine making me feel this way?
How can I find out if I'm allergic to expectorants?
How can I stop post nasal drip?
Drinking Blood Of Others?
Am I insulin resistant?
Seeing a doctor in his office as a patient and then he goes and tells your employer?
If someone has low blood sugar, can they also be diabetic?
My 16 year old daughter had a blood sugar reading of 135 2 hours after eating. Is this a normal reading?
what are the ingredients in a flu shot?
i took the flu shot a week ago,im now feeling lethargic and as if i were to have the flu,i have no fever?
can I get rabies this way ?
ability of a pesticide to cause injury when ingested ,is called?
what happens if infection from a mother with hidradenitis is passed onto unborn child in late pregnancy?
Does vegetable soap kill bacteria?
can someone with AS blood group married with o+?
My sister contracted miningitis following a Flu, what is the survival rate ?
Old silver fillings in tooth leaking?
Dentist phobia, can someone help me, please?
Can you get lingual braces on bottom and normal braces on top?
I'm supposed to get my braces off in three days..?
Anyone who has ever had their teeth straightened, please read on.?
Is there any way to stop so much saliva bubbles forming in your mouth?
Teeth are so nasty after eating?
Can someone develop an autistic spectrum disorder as an adult or is it always present in childhood?
how do i tell my parents i cut myself?
Memory/focus issues, please help?
Anyone been on prozac and not gain weight?
Have you ever used a neti pot? Serious answers only, please.?
I get high when i smoke out of a bong, but now when i smoke out of a bowl? why?
Is weed and pot the same thing?
What is a depressant?
Its bad for the body to be too acidic, but is it bad if your too alkaline?
Anger Issue Problems- Medicine?
Do I have a UTI, and are they easy to treat?
What can I eat since I have strep throat?
is chickenpox terminal?
following surgery, how long are dressing necessary at the site of the wound?
Are there any people out there who are sick and tired of being sick and tired?
What are some signs of diabetes?
do i have diabetes if my blood sugars are ussually 130 and up?
Can you get a breathing or any kind of problem from the heat and smell of a photocopy machine?
What is Toxicity tests?
i just cant sleep. i have taken medicine and everything but i just cant sleep?
Can I just demand for an oxygen tank in our school clinic?
help cant sleep because of cold?
what happens to food after being recalled?
If 4 out of 5 people suffer from diarrhea then does that mean the fifth person enjoys it?
my boyfriiend has crohn's, is he going to die?
How long does Singulair take to go into effect?
Does Benadryl get rid of hives or just temporary relieve them?
i need a good allergy medication?
throwing up every once in a while?
I think i hurt my forearm please help!!! 10 points!!?
What should I do for my leg?
How to heal shin splints?
How can i make it better without seeing a doctor?
Ever since I've been eating fruit, I feel more drowsy, like my insulin is being used up?
Can you get something from medtronic if you lost it?
how do you lower high blood sugar?
If your a diabetic how would you feel after eating something that has sugar in it?
Would it still be o.k. to use an Insulin even thought it has been taken out of the fridge for numbers of hours?
is this a good bong? for a beginner?
Can i still eat and drink after taking my Nytol?
I swallowed marijuana smoke while blazing...?
doxycycline, does it contain mold?
Do VPXL pills really work or are they scam?
I am constantly cold?
How do you catch a cold?
my dog was vomiting for 2 days can you help?
How do I make my cold worse?
what was penicillin used for in the 1930s and what is it used for now?
how do i get rid of this white patchy stuff on my tongue?
AHH please help mee!!!! MY BOTTOM BRACES R KILLING ME!!!!:'(:O?
Teeth extracted and immediate denture. 3-4 days later whole mouth so sore!!?
how do i get my teeth healthier without going to the dentist?
Do liquid diets make you lose weight?
Why are my eyes blurring out, could this be diabetes?
I recently had my labs done.I had a blood glucose of 130,so a1c was ordered & 4.6 result, is my bgl ok?
type 2 diabetes help!?
What were the symptoms you were having that made you decide to go and get tested for diabetes?
What does medicare part B offer?
Is a fever a sign of infection?
Can a person with the HIV virus drink and smoke?
My hands are still cold.........?
What does it mean if you have aches and cold-like symptoms on only HALF of your body?
it feels like my lungs slid into my belly area?
Where can I get a vaccination for whooping cough in Austin, TX?
Can you get pneumonia from breathing in windex?
Are you suppose to inhale cigars?
If I got new lungs, would I still have asthma?
OMFG PLEASE HELP ! i cant stand it anymore, it really hurts sooo much !?!?!???!?
ingrown toenail/surgery?
Wrist pain!?!?!? Any guesses on my injury?
How serious is my knee tear? please no mean comments?
One A day vitimin dosage for teens?
Is there anything that can help with A.D.D other then pills?
How do the FDA guidelines for approving medicines protect the health of the public?
what could this be??????
Breathing for blood pressure?
sleeping tips for insomniacs?
how long are you infectious for when you have shingles?
How do I check a dead squirrel for rabies and parasites?
is it possible that the Rife Frequency cure virus?
what causes vomiting and dizziness?
I'm allergic to dogs? Please help!!?
is it possible to get vampire fangs?
Dental implants? Answer please!?
How long do you have to wait to get braces?
Why does my teeth do this at night?
Is it normal to have bad breathe after wisdom teeth extraction?
how expensive is it to have my doctor test me for diabetes?
Fighting depression, alcoholism and unemployment. No money for Doctor, need help.?
if you have a muscle fetish does it mean somethings wrong with you?
Why do I do this with numbers?
what exactly does anti-depressants help with?
Counselors? Teen Depression? Where to find one?
Am I depressed?!?! Please help!?
ability of the pesticide to cause injury when ingested is called?
Name a virus or two which I really need?
I have a sore throat and it even hurts to swallow my own saliva.?
hi i'am looking for a disinfected spray to clean and kill any bugs ,parasites,scabies?
how long should i insert a clinical thermameter in my mouth to know my correct body temperature ?
I broke my big toe and the doctor said I had to use crutches......?
My lip is f*k'd up again !!!?
How would you know if you had sprained your wrist?
Can a broken toe be casted?
why cant i be sick, need help?
I have Pharyngitis and Laryngitis...What are they?
Does this mean i have asthma ?
How do I stop coughing?
Is the person who exercise regularly would have a larger lung capacity?
a person with high blood glucose level ,is that person a hyperactive person?
I think I might have Diabetes? Help!?
When you have keytones . . .?
What to do about the odor from high blood sugar?
why is my blood sugar so high in the morn. after fasting 8 to 11 hours?
Is it natural to feel waves of being high when not?
is it safe to take two Hydrocondone /Apap 5mg/500mg tabs instead of one?
I quit smoking, now drinking green tea gives me a headache?
Can you get high by smoking glue?
Are enemas dangerous?
What can i use as a massage table around the house?
How do i dilute tea tree oil with water?
Do you have any remedies for the common cold?
what happens if you have a uniarary tract infection?
Can I get rabies from store bought mice?
shingles without the rash..........?
How can I be sure whether I have Kuru or not?
Is a PDD-NOS patient susceptible to allergy? What food or diet must she avoid?
What is reason to sleep the bed without using the pillow?
Witnessed altercation and cannot help overthinking about it?
Give me a reason why its still good to be living?
I get very anxious at work! How should I deal with this? help!?
what are good ways to handle stress?
feeling old, help....?
do i have ptsd from the abuse?
Why does my saliva taste bad and kind of like mucus?
I was crying and freaking out because of some family issues and now i have shortness of breathe?
Do i have Pneumonia or Bronchitis ?
About 10 years ago I smoked weed for the first time. It wasn't a good experience, and was wondering..?
how does feel to smoke tobcco if you have asthma?
how long to vocal cords take to recover?
Is bronchitis contagious? I'm getting mixed answers online?
can a 16 year old boy lead a normal life if he is suffering from malaria since a year without any treatment?
H1N1 flu vaccine do I need to take it again?
Where can i get polio leg braces?
how do you get rid of a sore throat?
how can i whiten my teeth naturally?
Is my overbite really that bad?
sour taste in mouth but breath smells minty?
Can anyone answer my question about my teeth?
Is it normal that I'm 15 and just getting my 12 year old molars?
How Many Appts Does It Take To Get Braces?
My bottom teeth hurt...help?
Can you file down a tooth yourself?
Is using baking soda and Hydrogen peroxide teeth safe?
How to break my wrist/arm ?
is the a hospital in western africa called st. charles hospital?
i started lifting weights 2 days ago and now my muscle hurts?
What's wrong with my ankle...?
can I my masseuse for a hand massage?
Any great home-remedies for a sore throat?
I'm having trouble sleeping?
Brand names of good quality essential oils?
what is that stuff they snort in fear and loathing in las vegas?
Recurrent patella dislocation, 15 years old, help!?
Am i still gaining muscle mass if am only doing 15 reps and its not burning but i cant do anymore?
How can I get rid of a constantly recurring build-up of phlegm in my throat?
What are the warning signs for a vampire attack? (This is My Homework)?
What could be causing my illness?
Help i have Strep Throat....Im so hungry.?
I think I found a tick in my house?
Is it possible to enlist in the Marine Corps with Asthma?
What physiologic compensations are available for chronic hypercapnia due to respiratory impairment ?
A constant foul odor???????????????
sleeping positions to help stop snoring?
I was exposed to asbestos for less than 20 minutes, should i be worried?
My nose has been dripping white fluid ?
How to fix a swollen eye?
can someone allergic to milk take cipro?
I'm allergic to sunblock,what should i do?!?
I get horrible mosquito bites?
Help to prevent razor burn?
is 15 AND 16 young..?
Is this abnormal behavior?
why is tickling ticklish people so much fun?
What examples of CULTURAL choices affect ones mental health?
i had athletes foot for years, then it went away on its own, am i immune now?
Will drawing salve help bring a zit to a head?
I don't know what this is near my tonsils?
Chances of me getting mono?
How long do I have to wait after taking an antibiotics can I drink?
Isn't blowing out birthday candles over a cake a way to spread germs?
What does a high count in neutrophils mean?
Can you die from getting surgery to get rid of stomach ulcer?
Wud it break?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can somebody anybody help! I will give 15 points to the best answer!!?
is there any skin product that can toughen your skin on your hands?
Can UTI (urinary tract infection) go away untreated?
i have very bad hay fever what should i do to fix?
I got the hepatitis B shot at my school in Canada,To and now this bleeding?
almost passed out again?
Is Otitis Media cancerous?
Can you get high of smoking a Hemp shoe?
How can i get better sleep?
I'm new, and I want to take some legal steroids that shows results, any suggestions?
Can I be allergic to swimming?
Allergies or a cold? Any advice appreciated.?
Does Ginger Ale remedy allergies?
glucose 114 seven hours after eating -- OK?
Help do i have diabetes? If not then what?
How to test for dioxin in food?
I was just told 5 days ago I have diabetes. Is it possible to be both hyper and hypo and hyper?
is continuous nutritionist advice required in the case of hypoglycemia?
well im diabetes type 2 and i get nerve pain in my lags when i want to sleep at night ,is LIRICA good pills?
How do I stop a scratch from scarring?
Help! Treating a sprained foot from dance?
how to bleed a bit when i cut myself?
Should "certain at risk groups” be restricted from receiving the Gardasil Vaccine?
How do i get rid of a fever?!?
can a enlarged spleen rupture?
Strep vs. Mono...Which one?
How long can flu vaccine be out of the refrigerator?
where can a 13 year old get cigarettes?
I have to cough but it hurts my throat?
My girlfriend is really sick, but not enough to force her to the hospital...?
What's wrong with me? Am I having a panic attack?
taking an antibiotic please help...?
Questions about medicine for Concentration?
What do you think of to help you escape from a place that you dont want to be? E.G. A hospital.?
Why can't I sleep? Do I have some type of disorder?
how young can you get schizophrenia?
i was diagnosed with ADHD, should i get medication treatment?
Am i being parnaoid?? Please Help!!?
why do i have all the symptoms>?
Would this make someone diabetic?
Bananas burn my mouth, can I still eat them?
Is it possible to be allergic to egg yolks but not allergic to egg whites?
Am I actually allergic to dogs?
What is pollen anyway? Why do so many people have allergies to it?
dystonia treatment in Arizona?
what do you think about weed?
what are some over the counter cough syrups with codeine?
Does Smoking Pot Effect Your Taste in Music?
What medication drys up some symptoms?
Will one gallon of water work?
what illness might I be catching?
Help with Scabies, Please?
Is it true that you can be immune from getting chlamydia because you're taking antibiotics for acne?
What flu symptoms are these?
Am I coming down with the flu?
love life and shingles?
Background Of Leprosy?
Could i be anemic ???????
what's your hobby, sugar baby?
Why do i get light headed every time i eat a sugary substance?
what major products on the market lower blood sugar?
Is there a way to change prediabetes?
my dog bit me; what to do?
Tested positive for Hep C virus? Do I need to be extremely worried?
Is a flu shot worth any risk?
Stomach Flu Symptoms?
i poked myself with a safety pin?
What is the best OTC allergy pills to treat burning, watery eyes?
is it possible to become allergic?
Eyes are itchy and tear up?
Is there any way I can get rid of my clogged ear?
Diagnose me? I have had sneeze attacks for a few days now, and constant running/congested nose.. help!?
if u smoke weed, is it hard to make a baby?
is copd a injury or a deases?
How to get parents to STOP smoking ?
Does your breathing synchronize with your partners when you sleep?
Weed question on mesurements?
Does Adderall work better if you don't eat much when you take it.?
What are the alternative beliefs to the germ theory of disease?
any natural remedies for a stomach ulcer ?
Can anyone tell me their story about manuka honey?
Survival: Dealing with Ingested Parasites?
Should I use crutches? Easy 10 pts!?
!!!Insulin question? please read?
HEEEEEEEEEEEEELP! i'm i diabetic?
What does it mean a blood pressure of 85/165?
im diabetic last night i experience a lot of sweating i was disoriented and scare is the first time happens?
How bad is this glucose level?
why should everyone in america (and world wide)_ refuse to take flu shots?
Could I be a carrier of mononucleosis?
I feel seriously ill (Food poisoning?)?
Lupus Presentation Help?
I have a UTI infection had it for many years, doctors have always refused to give me an antibiotic.?
Call off work or go with diarrhea?
Is chemical peeling safe?
Showering and little hairs come out of my body and detach themselves.?
What are effective home remedies to get rid of freckles?
5 year old with itchy feet?
Lack of mental energy to get homework done?
Can anyone help me am I mentally Ill?
I Think My Boyfriend is Bipolar?
I need help from other self injurers.?
What excuses can I make about scars? I have a few flea bite scars that I got from India when I was a baby.?
What is the best non-drowsy allergy medication?
What is the best time for cleaning my nose?
what are influenza symptoms?
I think I have an eye infection?
Tonsil removal.. yes or no?
Why can't I catch my breath?
Can I buy a over the counter medicine for Bacterial vaginosis? 2 questions?
is it normal that i still visibly have a canker sore but feel no pain, only warmth?
is it possible to get type 1 diabetes at age 20?
Do I have diabetes...?
what is the normal blood sugar be for a toddler?
diabetes and pregnancy....?
how do i hurt myself without scarring?
What makes diabulimics lose weight?
What are the disadvantages of going on a Medicare Advantage Healthecare Plan?
What is the best super food probiotic vitamins?
What is the best super green food multivitamins?