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Sudden twitch of my left leg?
What makes you sleep good?
why is the salt water flush not working?
Is this thing safe to do?
Best way to cure these symptoms?
what should be taken to cure hairloss?
will 7 750mg vicodon pills and 4 beers kill you?
how to cure a sore throat?
Can someone tell me of an all natural shampoo and bath soap in one?
what is tinnitus causes?
I have taken at least 7 advil/tylonol in the past 24 hours?
please a dear friend of mine suffered a concision?
What is the medical term for 'removal of the appendix'?
Please help: Was this a quick stomach bug or food poisoning?
Optician had to change my prescription who pays for the changes?
I drunk too much last night....How do i get rid of this hangover?
I really want to be a nurse but I have a phobia of Needles and Veins. Advice?
Why does my A N A L caviety itch always after dumping?
the reasons for shaking all the time?
what kind of math does a hemodialysis tech need to know?
So my parents kind of are close to being diabetic. Help? :(?
Can I get fired for having mono?
head pressure like when you are on a airplane. why do I have it and how do I get rid off it?
feels like worms moving in neck?
Please help!I am not sure what is this disorder somebody know please?
can you get flu like symptoms after lowering serquel dose?
Help me please, I'm so scared?
Can urinary tract infection affect you from having children?
Is this strep throat?
What is the difference between a surgical technician and a surgical technologist?
How long on severe antibiotics before it just starts destroying your natural body?
What is the BEST allergy medicine for 12 year olds?
Am I allergic to mushrooms?
Do you ever experience coughing with your allergies?
I opened my compost and inhaled bread mold, there was lots in there. Is that dangerous?
Is this allergies, or something else?
Anything I should do to prepare myself before donating blood?
What kind of doctor treats gout conditions?
Are Tapeworms Dangerous in humans? ^?
What does it mean if your Bilirubin level is high?
Eye lid very swollen after stye surgery, normal? Please help!?
Severe strep throat any advice?? please help?
How do I get rid of my mono?
what is the diet plan if i am on metformen for diabetes?
from a scientific point of view. what is the point in acupuncture?
how to get rid of a cold overnight?
How much intake of heroin will put you through withdrawal?
12mm kidney stones what going to happen?
How long till this goes away, and a bonus.... what is it?
does paracetamol 500 mg contain asprin?
taking expired medicine?
Feeling sad. Need help coping with ...?
How do i relax and get a good nights sleep?
My psychiatrist prescribed me Ambien and said it has abuse potential - what does this mean?
How can i get rid of LADY GAGA OBSESSION ?
Do I have OCD or is it just me?
PLEASE HELP!"""""""depression and anxiety?
can this be true, am i that freak?
why is lyrica making me so fat, i dont eat that much?
Carpel tunnel - does it feel like this?
Why do i get dizzy when i dont eat every 6 hours?
Is anyone battling insomnia?
What kind of work will I find as an EMT-Basic?
what is that thing called that you put in your shoes to prevent your feet from deforming?! pleaseee answer?
Love bites/ Hickeys....?
a baby kitten was bitten by a dog and its foot looks dilocated from its leg...will it heel or should it be rem?
How to get glass out of a wound?
Is it possible to GET the hiccups on purpose?
Why do I feel vibrations?!?
Can taking 200mg of vyvanse kill you?
What would happen if you were to take ADD medicine without having been diagnosed with ADD?
i have Fibromyalgia ? and i need some help mentally and physically?
I accidentally shallow super glue?
I need a good answer from medical expert please.?
What level of dB will damage a persons hearing?
i smoked weed like 3wks ago will i pass my pee test?
Is the pain directly above my heart indigestion?
which parts of the health care bill are good, and which are bad?
Should i get this checked?
Is 109/91 a bad blood presure?
how to treat a 10yr old dog who has diabetes?
Can someone with diabetes become an animal control officer?
A few questions about diabetes..?
Is my nose alright? Please read description.?
my daughter has a fever and chills?
Will pinching your nose everyday make it sharper?
on thhe side of my foot i have a sharp pain everytime i hit my foot or move it wrong?
Is it okay to walk on my sprained ankle?
my left arm or parts of it feels strange need help plz quick?
Do you wait for something to get really bad before going to hospital, or do you go when things start to worsen?
blood pressure and heart rate...?
Finding low cost dermatology.?
person who has diabetes and never treated?
how to lower your blood sugars?
Why am i insulin resistant?
prediabetic? whats it mean?
Is it Ok to sleep immediately after eating your dinner?
Ear Cartilage infection with a gun?
What is the Lump on my finger?
HELp!! MY foot is bleeding!!?
Do doctors lie to kids ?
Is there a way to dry up a scab really quickly?
Is it rare to have scoliosis?
Stomach pain for last 4 years?
does anyone have free samples of adderall?
What does very dark urine mean?
What are some of the causes of childhood obesity?
alchol and sleeping pills?
can i buy these pills ????????????????????????????????????
Questions about medical school. People that are in or have been to medical school helpp?
help with crystal meth comedown?
Does St John Wort work?
I have a prescription for 200mg Celebrex but it expired in 2008 is it still safe to take it?
is Going to massage center risky?
Is Snus not as bad for you?
do the braces alternative invisalign thing work?
Question about tooth please help?
Dentist Appointment?!?!?!?
Wisdom Teeth Romoval?
is it true that if you put toothpaste on your spots your spots will go?
ok i have Bulimia n today i throw up blood what does that mean please tell me am scared?
2 months now i have drank4 beer every night. how long until it effects my liver?
I'm in pain can you tell me what you think is wrong?
what is a good hemroids treatment?
diabetese andsugar dropping low?
I have a non-fasting glucose serum of 62mg. Hands shake when I don't eat. Normal?
What would happen if I ate only pure sugar for a week? SERIOUS ANSWERS PLEASE!?
why did i lose control of my bowels with anaphalactic shock?
does tingling hands and fingers always result to diabeties?
what is a normal range blood sugar?
Is it safe for diabetics to drink vodka and red wine?
Why did my right arm suddenly get really numb?
Drinking Four Lokos and Hepatitis B?
Any advice for recovering from the ghastly norovirus?
How to get rid of daily hemorrhoids bleeding?
Does anyone have Celiac Disease?????
i feel like puking after i eat...what should i do?
My dad has kidney stones for 5 years now and have been through medications but still coming back?please help!!?
Why did she refuse me as a blood donor?
Looking for rehab centers in maine, for strictly bi polar, or that help bi-polar.?
How can you break your addiction to food?
Those of you with diagnosed mental illness, does your family accept?
What is wrong with me mentally? help 10 points.?
I have a huge problem with falling asleep, help?
Eating Disorder Questions?
i took nightime medicine because i was sick and i want to know if this is bad for me. i feel extremely tired.?
Why do I get a severe migraine after only two alcoholic drinks?
I am needing a medical term?
!!Kidney problems!! need help?
loss of sensation in toes?
i cut my finger really bad on a sharp blade how should i treat it?
Is it bad to wash your face w/ ice cold water?
what does it mean when your eye is bleeding or really red?
Do you have to eat with a bite plate on?
My finger got caught at work!?
My tounge is bleeding badly i need help?
Can i wear diabetic socks without having diabetes?
HELP my arm was on fire?
my eyes change shades =/ is it normal ?
chocolate makes me break out?
for people who have used the acne product; Epiduo ?
Where can I buy clove oil for my dry socket?
How do I get rid of my bad morning breath?
Does whitening toothpaste really make a difference?
what is best to use for whitening teeth?
Dental retainer went inwasher and dryer?
Will my gums go back to normal after my braces are off?
Dental Insurance. Is it worth it or is it just another huge cost like health insurance?
How to get rid of bloating?
ok so you die because you cells reproduce so many times.?
Can I catch something by smoking of someone's cigarette?
Did the Swine Flu end?
Fever & Sore Throat, not sure if this may be strep?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from kissing someone???
Please help me I'm really upset and scared?
how to naturally healing for tinitus?
My mother is 82 and in poor health. What are some good nutrients for improving energy and lung function?
whats codeine like compared to dxm in cough syrup when getting high.?
how can i use tinnitus healing?
where must i go to cure tinnitus?
where is a cheap cure tinnitus?
Best place to buy JWH-018?
what causes double vision?
I have a question about the Thyroid. Can you help?
How to treat my infected belly ring ?
What can i do to relieve constipation without a laxitave?
i get chills, dizziness, and an urge to vomit after drinking soda or coffee, what do you think is the problem?
What type of problem is this?
Glycogen is a polymer of glucose with...?
Does this count as a family history of diabetes?
what should i do to help stop smoking?
Red veins in one of my baby eye!?
i feel very dizzy...help?
Is having a cold a legitimate reason for having a day off?
Is there any kind of condition where people can 'feel' sounds?
What are your symptoms of lupus (systematic lupus erythematosus)?
Is this permanent or temporary?
how to open my bloked sinus?
Is it possible to go into anaphylactic shock from dog allergies?
Allergic reaction?! Help!?
Do I have an allergy to sour skittles?
Grandma checked my 3 year olds blood sugar?
I would like to raise my A1C ..How do i do this?
Two ways diabetes can do damage to other parts of the body?
What are the differences between Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?
m357 it small how many mg. is it?
is milk allowed for individuals with blood type "o"?
Please help, Theres is a weird lump on my 3rd and 4th toes?
What is a stroke and what does it do?
secondary multiple sclerosis cure?
i know what i need to do but i dont have the guts/courrage help?
I keep shaking and shivering?
how long does it take to get your medical marijuana card?
am I suffering from insomnia?
Is my sister bulimic? Please help!?
Panic attack help. Please answer if you can help me. I need help?
Anxiety to lights, sound and temperature?
I'm depressed and need a remedy?
is this at all a symptom of paranoid schizophrenia?
i argue because i think its funny?
Please help with Depersonalization/Depersonalisation.?
is it possible to move a bone even if it's out of place?
do i need a shot if i staple myself?
Do doctors lie to patients ?
i step on a plant and my foot stings?
Liquid dish soap remedy?
what is best for a blister?
when someone is in critical care at a hospital can you visit them?
How do you treat a bee sting without an epi pen? Not every one has one so what do you do when your without?
Can you catch the norovirus (or stomach flu) by touching your eyes or nose?
What could be the reason for my non stop nausea and digestive problems? I have had this for a yea.r?
Have you used Airborne to prevent colds?
I have strep throat, should I go to school?
ecstasy and mushrooms cause brain damage?
what kind of Lupus do i have?
How to prevent someone from becoming an alcoholic?
Why am i always really tired?
my blood sugar is 355, what should I do?
Do I have Diabetes? If not what do I have :S?
Do i have diabetes (numb fingers)?
how to lower high blood sugar?
I am looking for a glycemic index for food where can I find one?
Diabetics: What's your a1c?
Help please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
im addicted to heroin. how much will suboxone cost and does it really work?
What is the prescription metronidazole used for?
Is it safe to drink beer while on zoloft pills?
what is an organic and natural deoderant?
is it true that asians have lazer vision?
How Do People Get Autism?
why isn't there a cure for tinnitus?
can babies be diagnosed with lupus?
What is wrong with my thyroids?
At what age can you get your tubes tied/vasectomy in oklahoma?
Do you think its bad to crack your bones?
What if people can't afford health insurance but they have to have it with health care reform?
My left hand keeps going to sleep for no reason?
Why is my eye seem like it's twitching?
Haven't slept properly for 5 nights! Advice on how to make myself feel awake?
Do i need to start drinking more water? 10 points to best answer!?
what would make someones arm feel like its asleep all the time? like numb?
How to prevent black heads?
chicken pox virus concern?
Do I need a another 2 doses of the chicken pox vaccine, if I had the chicken pox 6 or 7 years ago?
how would i get rid of a UTI I have had for 6-9 days with money to see the doctor?
Cost of bladder infection treatment?
Hand sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs, what's the .01% that it does not kill?
can you die from strep throat?
im made of wax lary what are you made of?
What are the best carbohydrate sources for someone with diabetes?
are there any sure symptoms of high blood sugar?
Glycemic index, update list?
How many hours should I allow between snack and meal?
what are some breakfast that will fill me up in the morning.i have type 2 diabetes?
is it true or was it ever thought that fish oil was not good for type one diabetics?
worst part of wearing braces?
would anyone care if i lived or died i got severe depression im struggling?
What could cause someone to puke up blood?
how do you treat a tooth ache?
why do i i always taste sour in my mouth?
Should I bleach my teeth?
How much does it cost to have a tooth surgically extracted?
Is this normal for my age?
Is it bad to bursh your teeth a lot?
A question about my liver..?
What would be the effect on child's heath if the child sleeps less than six hours in a day? Friday?
I drink a lt of water, yet I still fel thirsty?
Scoliosis...can someone tell me about this problem?
Seeking diagnosis for my symptoms.?
I'm bleeding from my back passage?
Doctors only: is it worth the 8 years?
Any option for cureing food allergies?
What can I do to get rid of his allergies of dust?
Solutions for pet allergies?
my son accidentally ate mold on a hamburger bun, will he get sick?
Why are my eyes so red?
Am I allergic to bees?
Do migraines usually go away after sleep?
Have you ever felt terrible the entire day due to be constipated?
i just huffed canned air and passed out for like an hour could it be long term damange?
i had 2 cups of nyquil and tylenol took shower ate went to sleep woke up in the er crashed into a tree they tr?
Do nose rings piercing and diabetes insipidus mix? Is it a good idea to get or just skip it?
Help, I'm afraid to exercise!!!?
If you passed out from a low blood sugar, and nobody was there to save you, would you die?
What could be wrong? fatigue, thirst, headaches...?
what system in the body creates insulin?
Anyone knowledgeable about seizures?
How can I persuade my father to do to what the doctors order?
i have ocd and it is sometimes hard not wash my hands 5x a day and also put purell on my hands.?
What happens if I accidentally double dosed on my 20 mg Celexa? Should I go to the hospital for an overdose?
Shortness of breath and chest pain?
What sickness do I have now?
does cirrhosis cause gastrointestinal bleeding?
my ear has been bothering me lately?
weight gain from a sunburn?
i got a burn on my arm and now its starting to peel?
Cartilage Piercing....Scabbing, Bleeding, Sticking to Backing of Earring...Help?
I burnt the roof of my mouth, how can i speed up the healing process?
what could be wrong with me?! Please help!?
help me deal with these withdrawral symptoms...?
HELP PLEASE!!!! Mother shaking and freezing?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Weird symptoms, not sure what could be wrong?
who does the test for Attention Deficite Disorder?
Is this just more proof that doctors are clever theifs?
Natural ways to reduce intense nausea?
Which natural skin whitening remedy is more effective?
what is a good alternative to marijuana for dysthymia?
anyone successfully gone "cold turkey" (smoking)?
do u know the cure for quickly healing a torn muscle?
Ack. Accidentally ripped off a piece of skin from cheek in my sleep? Healing tips?
How do you get freckles on areas that aren't exposed to the sun?
How to brake your ankle?
Is my thumb swollen, I need help please?
ankle pain.. no swelling?
Can You Tell Me How Long It Will Take For My Dislocated Knee/Patellar To Heal?
what is this medication??
What are the signs of Diabetes?
Help with what i can eat?
how do I control high protein in urine?
Diabetics: How was your blood glucose when you last checked?
can you get diabetes after changing your lifestyle?
I think stress is giving me an eating and sleeping disorder. What do I do?
My fiance is leading me to manic depression... help?
How can i start again and get back up from depression?
Is it possible to be anorexic and happy?
beyond suicidal CAN someone please calm me down? by talking to me.?
Anxiety... Depression... Panic attack?
im scared my myself please help?
help im losing my mind?
my problem is i just stuck a work or any thing for really short period of time?
21 years old with severe knee pain at night typically during the fall & winter, any idea on what it could be?
Why does it take so long for me to wake up in the morning?
Any tips for me giving up smoking cold turkey?
what is wrong with my son?
Can you get a hangover from smoking weed the night before?
WHy do i feel lightheaded?
I'm staring to be anorexic/bulemic. How long till I start losing weight?
Is there any chance of Tuberculosis ?
Is Hydrogen Peroxide solution is safe to gargle for treating tonsilitis?
Hey i was just wondering if i had strep throat or not?
Is popsicles a good thing for an 11 year old to eat while she has the flu?
The disease diphtheria affects?
what is the medical term for left elbow?
Can epilepsy always come back if gone away or sometimes.?
do i have an eating disorder?
Getting my adult tooth pulled out..?
Toothache that hurts whole side of face?
What happens if i dont my braces tightened for a month?
Why do we grind our teeth whilst we sleep?
HELP...!!!!!!!!!!...I prefer to have all 30 teeth pulled...........?????
what are the advantages of novocaine over laughing gas?
What led Frederick Banting into medicine?
Do I might have diabetes?
My blood glucose level was at 104, is that good or bad?
Why am I so thirsty (help????)?
M feet swollen and hurt do i have diabetes?
Am I diabetic glucose level 128 fasting?
Type 1 diabetes????????????
Should I feel sad that my brother is now a Diabetic?
Oral Diabetes medication and insulin question.?
Is smoking really that bad for you?
What to do when you cant read the doctors writing?
can someone tell me whats wrong?
how come I always get dizzy when I get up from sitting down?
Does donating blood affect test performance?
How to sleep with pink eye?
will wearing somone else's prescription glasses damage my eyesight in any way?
How do you stop a runny nose?
Allergic to earrings??? Please help?
How do I consume a food with my mouth?
Will the military pay for rhinoplasty for medical reasons? Ex: Deviated septum/big nose?
How much gluten is too much if you are on a gluten free diet?
who decides whether a 56-year old or a 75-year old person gets a single kidney for transplant?
how long is life expectancy with lupus?
Lump in the back of head ?
Long-term use of Prilosec OTC?
why is there loss of appetite in celiac disease?
remedies for a black eye?
How long does it take for fingers to stop being numb from cold?
what should i do if a bee sting looks like this...?
Tongue piercing aftermath?
Can you donate your liver?
Do I qualify for gastric bypass surgery?
Is tea tree oil safe?
What is biofeedback and Neurofeedback?
Lifting Supplements??
Where can i find kratom in Vancouver?
what does a guava fruit contain to treat diarrhea?
How did ecstasy get it's name?
does arthiritis medicinereally help?
how to treat acne problems?
What are the best Foundations and concealers for covering Acne?
Why are my fingers wrinkly?
I'm concerned. What do I have?
can you get stoned on Acyclovir?
Suffering from school, please help?
Sore throat illness, then sore throat again with white spot within two weeks? is this normal?
Health Problems Cats Cause For Humans?
Why Are My Hands Always Cold?!?
i have something in my eye and i cant get it out!?
I'm afraid a friend of mine may be taking to many vitamin pills! Please help!?
Can analgesic throat lozenges cause tongue sores/burns?
I don't know I'm really tired?
need help to quit smoking?
I'm constantly tired -- suggestions?
Is this a panic attack? Seizure? withdrawl form zanax? any advice is appreciated?
what is the name for the openhing between the small intestine and the stomach?
weird lump in calf/ankle area?
What are the symptoms of glaucoma? 10pts need answer asap?
Is frequent peeling at nights OR during the day a sign of diabetes? Also, can it be a symptom of ovary cists?
My two kids are low on insulin?
can type1 diabetics become police officers?
the muscle at the back of my thigh feels extremely tight. how do I get rid of the strain?
should i get my stitches out?
i dont know if this cut needs treatment (pic)?
Somthing deeper than ADD/ADHD?
Is this anxiety???????
Depression/anxiety medication question?
psychologist help please?
When I was little I????
I feel ignored by my family now...I just want to find a way out of this?
Graveyard Shift negative effects emotionally and psychologically?
I was just diagnosed with hypothyroid?
Problem with my ear. Help! Please?
Help with ringing in my right ear.?
solution to severe itching due to kidney disease?
Has anyone had a stomach ulcer?
I feel like my body is slowly breaking down?
my throat is hurting like crazy...i cannot swallow because it is SO painful! what could i have?
Do I have diabetes? Please help?
Hypoglycemia Question?
If a person with HIV or AIDS spat into your water or on your salad before serving you, could you get HIV ?
My husband got the flu vaccine yeaterday and today he has had severe stomach cramps and vomiting..?
How do I know if I have meningitis?
Is this a serious UTI ?
What is a reliable source to find out about how you get viruses?
Can you get dizzy after wearing prescription glasses?
Health Question! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!?
Felt dizzy, nauseous, tingling in my hands, and started sweating uncontrollably?
whats going on? -eating-?
Does Celexa cause constipation?
My hand won't stop shaking after using a leaf blower?
How to make a cigarette last longer?
I eat plenty of fiber but I still can't hold bowels. I go frequently like 3 times a day soft stool I have acci?
HELP PLEASE: Had TIA Aug 8, irregular pulse, more details...?
Bell's Palsy How long will it last?
how can i not relapse into cutting? please help..?
What high feels better a Opiate high (Hydrocodone , Oxycontin) or a stimulant high like cocaine? 10 points?
If you go to the doctors office high on dxm will they know?
do psilocybin (mushrooms) and lsd have about the same effect?
Adderall patches? 10 points best answer!?
ok my question is about a medication im on and what it interacts with?
should i play soccer with a torn acl and meniscus and bone bruising?
I have a gymnastics meet in 3 days and i just sprained my ankle!! Help plz idk what to do!!?
How long does it take for a torn ligament in a leg to heal?
Does this sound broken or dislocated?
Shadows on edges of kidneys ?
can it be my wisdom tooth?
I have to get my wisdom teeth removed....?
WHile eating a infected tooth came out?? What can i do to avoid infection?
Going to dentist to have 2 cavities worked on...?
Would you trust a dentist who tried to sell you an expensive electric toothbrush on your way out the door?
How much does Invisalign cost?
I burnt my tongue, how do soothe it? When will I be able to taste again?
What kind of bug is biting me and my daughter?
How do I clean and disinfect an infected ear gauge? (0)?
testable about medicine?
Why is someone who is obese at a large risk of developing non-insuin dependant diabetes?
I keep losing and gaining weight for no reason?
Could this be permanent damage or am I being too paranoid?
can i still drink wine since found out i'm borderline diabetic?
what is the difference between cold sores and fever blisterds?
What are the chances of someone developing sporadic CJD and what age does it typically hit?
I might have swallowed my friends blood (read description)?
if a person becomes Brain Dead, what are the chances of recovery?
Can a common flu kill a healthy person in hours?
How long does it take for tonsils to heal?
Do I have a Kidney Stone or UTI?
What causes headaches?
Why would having my gallbladder removed make me end up with pancreatitis?
My blood tests showed low phosphorous & my doc ordered me to drink a regular Coke&get retested in 48 hrs. Why?
Help! Im having sudden chills, body aches, trembling, nausea and dizziness upon standing. What is this?
Does popcorn make you feel nauseous or anything?!?
why my hands are so cool?
I feel really weak, what is wrong with me?
Jobs in the medical field that don't require veins =O?
I have trouble actively thinking - like there's a wall between me and retrieving information? What's wrong?
I feel like I have a full time critic in my head... telling me thing...?
boyfriend does cocaine sometimes?
Can advanced maternal age cause ANY birth defect, or only chromosomal birth defects?
what could this lump on my leg be?
do you belive acholisum is a disease?
Dizzines and blackouts?
The inside of my ears always feel like they aren't clean, and that they are filled with a watery substance.?
health care insurance 22 year old?
Should I stay home or go to school?
why is it that sometimes a liquid comes out my ear?
What constitutes a service animal?
other then lunesta and ambien (cr) is there anything prescription straith that will put met to sleep and keep?
When they give you anesthesia to put you to sleep?
What are the worst most damaging recalled medications ever?
will smoking mariguana and taking fluconazol affect you?
Have you or someone you know used chantix?
Household sick, roommate sympoms?
Bright green poo problems?
How important is getting the flu shot in your family?
Is gatorade good for kids during the flu?
My sister's kids, my picc line and Hepatitis C?
I have Pharyngitis(sore throat) will my antibiotic cover any other infections I have?
Is it possible to have many of the symptoms of this but not have it?
a peeing question i was 12 and wondering if i was the only one?
hypothyroidism. What are some early symptoms of this disorder? What are the risk factors for developing hypot?
seems like i have to pee but i don't?
Could i have high or low blood sugar?
Does this sugar level mean I have diabetes?
How can I lower my blood sugar by 30 points?
I'm hypoglycemic, and I can't stop feeling dizzy?
what are symptoms of diabetes,personal stories?
Smashed finger,blood under nail?
Quick quick question!?
How can I remove my own toenail?
i think its an insect bite?
Im asking again becuse i got no answers.. my brother has a splinter... how can i get it out? please answer?
Ear piercing soreness?
What is wrong with my son?
Why does a Vitamin B12 Shots get rid of the Dark Circles under my Eyes?
IBS? How to deal with it?
What is causing only one eye to be bloodshot?
Woke up with my eye nearly swollen shut, what could it be?
Bright red Blood in stool WITHOUT constipation?
My inhaler hurts my throat, is that normal?
i get a metal taste in my mouth when eating potatoes and no one else has?
I dont know if im allergic to dogs or not?
My eyes have been twitching for almost three months...?
How can alcoholics quit drinking cold turkey?
If i get headaches from tv do I need glasses?
Uncontrollable Shaking, Vomiting, in middle of night?
What could be causing me to be having feeling of passing out?
i go to sleep at 11 and wake up...?
MSG question?????????????
is there a doctor here . when a doctor give you a sheet for a blood test and theres different boxs check?
Do you always gain weight with diabetes type 1?
gestatinal diabetes...please help!?
Is amputation our only solution?
Diabetes in Teenagers (Help)?
cold soar?????????????
What type of disease is this?
Why did so many Native Americans, especially kids have eye infections or eye diseases?
Extreme Diarrhea - I have had diarrhea for the past 2 months,?
Staph Epidermidis in Sinus?
how do you get over a cold fast?
What does the MRSA stand for in MRSA staff infection ?
is it high blood pressure or something more serious?
What illness do I have?
He drank this kind of water, I'm so nervous.?
How to get rid of gas & extreme bloating of the stomach?
How do you know if you have a blood clot in your leg?
Getting braces in about a month. Anything I need to know?
wisdom tooth extraction hurt?
Why does it take 2 years to straighten teeth?
Is it really bad if I can see my cavity?
How do I get my teeth whiter without bleaching them?
Is it unhealthy to share a toothbrush with your husband?
i have TMJ and i was curious...?
What do you do when you lack the will to live?
Is Bipolar disorder hereditary?
I am bipolar with no medical insurance and cant afford medical insurance. it effects my relationships because?
why i shouldnt kill my self?
Does a Brain Injury Cause A Personality Change in People?
How do you know if you have a concussion?
which is worse to tear or do damange to, your ACL or MCL?
My head doesn't feel 100% days after drinking alcohol?
My friends blood boils; I know nothing about it. Can anyone tell me about this condition?
What illness can shorten someone's life?
is vistaril a sleeping pill?
How do I improve the stability of my liver again?
blurring in the eye along with improved close vision in diabetics - early stage cataracts?
I Just recently moved back in with my parents. Oh boy isn't that just fab. Anyways, we just learned that?
Fasting insulin test - how long to fast?
How to lower my blood pressure?
How can I get my pediatric/immunization records?
my lips keep chapping from the cold, what can i use to prevent it?
16yr old girl with blood in stools whats wrong?!?
Whats worst for you? Little cigars or regular cigars?
Why does medication have an expiration date?
When I look at my Hands l can see my veins looking blue,am l sick in a way?
Question about anorexics?
Is Acid Reflux a genetic disease?
Multiple sclerosis??????????
Do you think drug addiction is a choice or a disease?
What are good alternatives to prozac and other anti-depressants?
Legal High Charge, what is it?
Are you against cane sugar?
Has anyone ever used the product CleanUrin successfully?
Can I take vitamin A only for acne?
which vitamins can be taken together?
can i store weed in a smuckers jar?
Can i be anorexic for a month then eat again??
How can I tell which bowel movement is mine?
Female hair-loss ...causes,treatments?
Tinnitus is beginning to get unbearable?
This is gross, but I need a quick fix for hemorrhoids.?
will too much anger cause dizziness,etc. read more i need help!!!?
Is there a disease when your bones shrink?
deficient in B- 12 ,what are the signs?
Can a banana give my body the potasium it needs, instead of using the Plenish pill?
i need a salt free diet for a diabetic?
my sons blood sugar is 128 and he will be 2 in november should i be concerned?
How can salt levels affect your blood?
why is it not feasible to give insulin via the oral route of administration?
is it ok for person who has type O blood to be a vegetarian?
I stepped on a small piece of glass?
I stretched my ear to a 12g, it started bleeding after 3 days?
my nose starts randomly bleeding?
How do I treat my burn...?
What should i do or use?
What is a good way to fall asleep?
My Mother in law, is getting shakey/wobbley legs, dizzy, blackouts & falling a lot - why?
how long does it take to get marijuana out your system, if u smoke everyday 3-4 times a day for a month?
i'm very tired but i can't sleep please answer asap?
Stomach flu or something else?
What causes Flu like symptoms, but no FLU?
Started to get flu symptoms 2-3 weeks after Flu Shot?
My doctor prescribed miprocin for my UTI?
Hepatitis C experts only please?
Lightheaded question help!!?
Cholesterol/Diabetes Questions. HELP PLEASE!!!?
When your Blood Glucose is high, are you less tolerant to pain?
What is the term called when your sugar goes low?
Are bananas bad for someone with pre-diabetes or insulin resistance?
How can i get rid of my insulin lumps please read on?
can mold or mildew only cause respiratory allergic reactions or can it case others such as hives too?
Do you think isolation is always the worst thing for someone with depression?
my brother is on an lsd trip right now ?
scared of getting older?
What is my relationship 'nervousness'?
How much biotin pills should a 13 year old take?
Is it safe to take my meds again?
Where can you buy 'essential oils'?
anyone use curvaceous pills with any results?
what causes sleepiness, muscle aches, and puking?
Taking excederin extra strength for sore throat?
Can you use oil of oregano and tea tree oil at the same time?
what color should i get my braces.?
what can i do to stop drooling after wisdom tooth emergency extraction?
Can clear plastic retainers poison you?
How long do you have to wear your retainers?
The back of my mouth is swollen so what should I do?
Waking up High in middle of night?
How can I cure my insomnia?
I need a Fake illness that needs 1 week off work?
Are my ears normal or wierd?
will i pass a urine drug test, clean for 46 days, heavy smoker for 10+ years, multiple times a day?
how to deal with colotius?
What will happen if I take 400mg of zoloft?
Can someone please tell me a healthy meal I could eat that would not have my stomach growling in the morning?
What is this Lump in my Ear Lobe?
Is it okay to put superglue on a wound that needed stitches?
can u die with appendicitis ?
I've had a stye for about 3 months what do I do to get rid of it??
Old treatments for encephalitis?
What is Mrsa infection?
Why do I feel dizzy and lose my balance when I'm sick?
Which auto immune disorder has insomnia and no hunger as a symptom?
What is the doctor who specializes in iron deficiency called?
can you be allergic to a certain type of cheese? short?
Do you have an allergy all your life or sometimes as you get older?
Weird allergic reaction, how can I make it go away soon?
could a bad allergy cause you to need a blood transfusion?
What is this odd lump on my tummy?
Peanut allergy- Why so common these days?
Color blindness question. Concerned and needing help plz.?
Do I have an eating disorder?
how to get rid of a cold fast! without medicine?
which is the best hgh releaser?
can you drink alcohol with stitches?
What electronic cigarette gives off the most vapor?
What type of massage therapy focuses specifically on correcting muscle knots in the body?
ear candling? (Pros. Cons. Opinions.)?
How do I get my life back on track?
How can I be happy.....?
I am stressed out about school what should i do?
How to stop doing my ocd rituals?
i think i might have adhd?
Brain tumor / Alzheimer's question... ?
what works for you when calming nerves down?
What can i do, take or think to help me to not blush as much?
How can i quit smokeng?
Will someone help me quit smoking?
Is popping your fingers bad?
I got my cartilage pierced 4 months ago..it still hurts!?
is being on the computer for too long damage your health?
I feel sleepy always! help please :)?
What happens to your liver when you drink alcolhol?
Can fibromyalgia and arthritis flare at the same time?
is it safe to drive when u have a phsychosomatic illness that affects u physically?
hypothroidism and synthroid, fatigue?
Avonex users?!?! How long did it take before you started to notice the difference?
is black mold harmful if its almost gone?
How to cure my case of insomnia?
Why does my back near my kidney's hurt?
Swollen face from cocaine?
if i took a naproxen last night around 12am how long will i have to wait to b drug tested?
What foods have alot of acid!!?
What are signs of IBS and how can you cure it?
Is it bad if i can feel my spine?
time diffrence between two conjunctivitis?
How long does diarrhea last?
help me im scared....?
The survival & growth of Pathogens isolated from Effluents from the Federal Medical Centre Owerri?
I feel so helpless & not sure what to do!!! ~ plz help ~?
how to care for a toenail that fell off?
From a scale of 1-10 how painful is a snake bite (piercing)?
I was bitten by a spider & I don't know if I should be worried or not?
what is acid reflux ?
Severe pain in lower back/hip, kidney or intestinal?
Are there risks with sedation?
Unusual lump under one arm?
I can't stop peeing in my pants what do I do?
urinating problems, help!?
Why do I feel like I'm on meth when I smoke pot?
Why would propylene glycol be an ingrediant in any supplement?
Whats good for a sore throat?
What is the difference between lemon juice and lemon oil?
sore throat remedies in 1 day? is this good?
How many .05 mg Ativan to get high?
I am so lazy, and I do not know why...it feels almost like a disease. What could be wrong?
How much about would braces cost for 2 years?
Braces Someone who has had them plz help?
Tooth veeners to close gap?!??
How to get whiter teeth fast and cheap?
lost my inhaler is there anything I can do that works the same?
my eye keeps watering!!!?
Can Allergies cause Head aches, and sore jaw's?
Has anyone else with Chronic idiopathic Urticaria tried a gluten free diet?
Why am i so slow with everything i do?
What is wrong with me?
Cerebral Palsy- help?
Can a panic attack be caused by something like this?
Stroke and Eye loss recovery?
When it gets silent, what is that weird beeping noise in your ear?
Will putting salt on my tongue ulcer make it heal faster? if it doesnt, that will make my ulcer heal faster?
What is the difference between an emt and paramedic?
what is the number ONE reason people become OVER weight?
How do you quit something you enjoy doing?
how to take out my anger?
Afraid to switch my meds...in fear they won't work?
why do i always have urges to kill people for no reason?
Is there a mental disorder for wanting a mental disorder?
does ice really numb?
How to choose a knee brace for a pulled muscle and possibly arthritis?
my ankle lingaments were torn in december.?
HELP! concussion here?
What does the disease Autism do to a person?
Can a person 18+ be forced into treatment for a disorder against their will?
What mainly causes insomnia?
i have a sickness bug what can i eat?
can i die from this kidney infection?
Has anyone or a love one been diagnosed with Hepatitis C, I have a question on treatment?
How much compensation do you receive for donating plasma?
Could I possibly be infected?
Ridiculous Hospital Bill Advise?
dizzy while trying to go to sleep?
what happens if you need to pee during surgery?
Can you become addicted to Tylenol PMs or other such sleep aids?
what can happen if i mix aleve, pepto bismol pills, ritalin, and birth control pills?
Should I be very worried about possible gallstones?
how to stop my compulsive picking disorder (Dermatillomania)?
What health condition could this be?
strain behind the ears?
Dose heated coco cola and cinnamon help stop coughing and sore throat?
Should I take adderall?
what is the name of the doctor who specializes in Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura?
whats the best appetite curbing supplement on the market...?
how do you know you have vit d defencin?
what is a "shock" injury in gymnastics? please read?
Is there a chance for thyroid nodules to decrease size?
How is psychosis treated in relation to hyperthyroidism?
Could the TMJ Effusion be what is causing my chronic headaches and facial pain?
What is this lump on my toe?
My Doctor Says i have degenerative disc disease what is that?
i have throat spasms were i yelp randomly?
can a person control using crack over 15 years?
what should i do about my open bite?
Are you more likely to be allergic to spider bites if you are allergic to bee stings?
Do You need Parental Consent to Donate Blood If You are under 18?
I cut my knee with a can, infection is present help?
will this nail get infected?
How much damage have I done by how much I have smoked (quitting now)?
What do I do?? I swallowed a few drops visine!?
What is this lump in my eyelid?
Does $83,400++ sound like the going rate for cleaning one carotid?
what would happen if you sweated too much?
does this sounds like cervicogenic headaches?
Does this sound like I need to visit my doctor? ankle?
Methods to breaking your wrist? READ DESCRIPTION?
My thumb has had a tingling, numb feeling in it for the past few days...?
How do I make my ankle feel better?
what kind of health problems does alcohol cause?
Does Invisilign really work?
How long braces after power chains?
Is diet soda bad for kids?
why would a persons teeth turn green the guy at work smokes heavy and drinks soda?
what can you not eat/drink when you get braces?
im scared of the dentist im goin to about the shot help!!!?
I need help.. I am way to professional and need to cut back.?
Please help!!!!!!!!!!!?
How come I get depressed for no reason?
Who are you afraid of?
Should I go see a therapist?
i keep getting yelled at over nothing and i cant stop thinking about cutting?
How to get the flu or sick over nigh ?
how to come out positive on a mono blood test?
how to get rid of a sore throat?
A medication has made me lose my appetite?
If I got my lip pierced today around noon and wanna go out tomorrow night around 10pm would I be able to drink?
I had a spine MRI done a week ago and haven't heard back from the doctor. Does that usually mean it was normal?
Cost of ER visit with ambulance ride, blood work, and CT scan?
dull pain around teeth and right side of face?
How to fake pee on a drug test?
Will physical therapy to treat TMD actually work when there is already bone necrosis?
How do you treat Tourettes syndrome?
Where can I find help for dealing with a loved one that has Alzheimer's Disease?
Is it true that if someone is not allergic to a bed bug's saliva, they won't get those big, itchy wheals?
i keep feeling something in my nasal cavity, & i'll blow my nose, but nothing comes out. what is this?
why does my six week old dughter pull on her ears like something bothering her ears or they itch or somthing?
Maximum intake of caffeine...?
Hmm.. My parents weren't home and someone called the FOP called, I looked it up and it means..?
Skeptics: Have you ever used herbal medicine with any positive experiences?
Can i get a medical marijuana card in california if i dont have a california id?
How much gravol does it take to overdose?
What happens if i accidentally take an extra dose of synthroid?
Do I have an eating disorder?
Freezing cold hands, no cirrculation in toes?
I have Leaky Gut Syndrome! I'm only 18! please help?
smoking and eye sight related ?
Can a baby be born with kwashiorkor?
Can Alcohol Drinking Cause Brain Damage even in young people?
Swallowing spiders in your sleep?
Can i eat whatever i want now?
My body feels like its on fire.....?
Tremors, heart palpitations, dizziness?
Can OCD make you randomly grab things, even for like a second?
I have Fibromyalgia and am being forced to go back to work, ideas on what work I can do?
What is the best treatment for hypertension ?
Is there a little more simple treatment of hypertension?
My 6 and 1/2 year old having fever, chest congestion after swine flu shot, not recovering pls help?
Can taking too many aleves kill you?
my brother has a 103 degree fever?
how can i get sick quick?!?
i think my kid that is 2 just ate silica gell do i need to take him to the er?
Stuck myself with parvo infected needle ?
cramps in calves?? 10 pointsss?
What disease has left Hawking in a wheelchair for about 40 years?
Some about getting rid of a lisp?
Temperature is 100.1, headache, tired and sore throat. Flu or cold? What should I do?
What happens when you suddenly stop taking Lofepramine?
what is the relevance of the number 2 and 6 when diagnosing schizophrenia?
i have panic attacks when i don't feel perfectly clean?
Why did I start sleep talking?
how to not care what people think of you?
Can you take lexapro and co-codamol at the same time?
OHNO i sat up all night on my computer i usually wake up 1 hour from now?
i was cookin bacon tday and the grease splashed my hand now were it got me is startin to bubble up wat do i do?
Accidentally swallowed facial cleanser - big deal?
If I get my EMT in one state can I use it in California?
How to care for a possible jammed thumb knuckle?
my ear is bleeding on the inside?
Is Hirschsprung's disease viable for disability?
I have a cold. Why does my food taste weird?
Should drug addicts be sterilized?
Dizzy spells, lightheaded, fatigue, laziness?
FLU SHOT/SHOT HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What causes a UTI, and is it treatable?
Remedy for strep throat?
Do you know what this is?
subject: If Gloxi height enhancer really works?
Can you get Vicodin in Australia?
One capsules broken in the jar, can i still use the rest?
how to exercise your memory naturally?
can you smoke ambien with baking soda?
i am thinking of becoming a holistic health practitioner, or an herbalist.?
What's wrong with our child's liver?
What is a disease that weakens the muscles, and can be passed down through genes?
Excessive sweating problem?
I just noticed a marble sized lump on my 8 yr old Pomeranian, it is found on the lower left side of her belly?
i have appendictis i think?
red,puffy,swollen eyes !! ?
Horrible itchy rash caused by nickle belt?
Can anybody help know about allergic treatment?
I'm irritated with food allergy. Please help..?
commenest joint in hand to get degenerative disease?
Seasonal affective disorder cure for daytime sleeper?
Sleeping after a concussion?
need help on a medical term?
How to avoid tinnitus...?
Cold?!?! Please help!?
Anyone here know of people who had been given blood transfusion and still lived long and healthy lives?
how do i get rid of my pink eye?!?
i had fever of 102F,i was put on calpal&ceftas,i had green Liquid vomit,what would be the cause?
which Mudra for Mouth Ulcer?
I got surgery yesterday, and stitches?
My brother hit his head snowboarding yesterday and today his left ear is bleeding?
i woke up with a bite on my hand what is it?
Hot glue gun smoke harmfull?
Right side of my chest hurts, what is it?
Severe pain after steroid shot for tennis elbow?
how many hours do they keep you in recovery after just giving you a local anistetic and doing a biopsy for?
Did you know that April is Autism Awareness Month?
Swollen and pain on my ankles...pain on all my joints...havent worked out for a month..what can this be?
i just had head surgery and i noticed that sometimes...?
3 yr ol complained for 2 weeks with his right ear hurting. his dr said his ears looked fine. what is it?
Does it hurt when you dislocate your shoulder?
Two wasps bit me in the neck?
Missed Two Months Of School!?
could I be at risk of hearing loss?
What can I eat after throwing up?
How long does it take you to do a number 2?
I can't sleep at night...Help?
When you have a limb amputated, does it ever stop hurting and do you ever get used to it?
My bottom teeth hurt?
how to get rid of mouth ulcers using stuff at home!!?
What would happen if your rubber band hooks came off and you accidently swallowed them?
What are the up's and down's of having braces?
Chemo making me depressed, angry and impatient?
My friend with BPD gets into "silly" moods?
I can't hold anything down?
Do I have a personality disorder?
Why do neighbors get angry with neighbors that they mind their buisness?
my daughter has extremely bad diarroea?
Can HIV live on your hands?
I have a sore throat and catching a cold what is safe to take since am brest-feeding my 3mos old daughter?
H1N1 pneumonia in 2010 new epidemic season?
scared of getting lead poisoning?
Side effects of dog immunizations?
Can/will cough syrup heal a strep throat or a sore throat?
Can diphenhydramine give you mood swings?
Is it legal for a high school athlete to take glucosamine?
has anyone used rogaine?
whats in legal pot and some other blends?
Can I add tea tree oil or rosemary oil to aloe vera juice to make it last longer?
I have a feeling that I have something stuck in my Adams apple?
How do you quit smoking?
I cant sleep what shall i do?
What are salaries for some of these sub-specialties for anesthesiology?
How much sleep should a 13 year old get a day?
Why do my feet always all asleep?
my father is 93 years old with a temperature of 100.6 is this a fever?
How to get sick overnight HELP NoW PLEASE !?
low temperature?? and other weird symtoms?
Can someone explain MRSA in common people terms?
Is it bad to get fevers this often?
Feeling sick after Flu Shot...?
how to set your toe back into place after breaking it?
My eye is swollen from allergies, but why won't the swelling go down?
how to make it Nasal Saline Solution?
Do dust mites live in jeans?
Is it possible to grow allergic to bug bites?
How serious is an overdose of an allergy shot?
I cannot fall asleep?
I want to quit smoking....?
Will you really catch a cold from rain and cold weather?
best antiperspirant for women ideal for 24 hours protection?
How to get bigger veins for plasma donation?
Why do I always get tired and sleepy? no energy?
this is an awkward question but i need to know?
How can I get rid of Parvo on a black shirt?
What do you call someone with HIV ? A sufferer, a victim, a carrier?
what sickness is this?? is it serious? help?
what does a 50% count of lymphocytes mean?