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Should I try smoking?
What is something t eat that Will help my soar throat? Any home remedy's?
Orthostatic Hypotension?
whats the most harmfull to ure heart or brain cocaine or ecstasy?
how much stress is the heart under when it is at 175-180 a minute at rest and can this be serious?
Can you eat an animal that has rabies?
Is high blood pressure considered a heart problem?
Get rid of mole on neck?
what's the best moisturiser you can get at the supermarket?
Sudden sleep attacks.?
I can't go to sleep.?
Why Am I So Thirsty?!?
ladies i have a quesition?
Skinned Knee on Wednesday? Help?
I never thought much of this but now....im scared!!?
I have a breathing problem only at night?
Can people with hypertension still live a long life?
i am 35 and my Cholesterol (210) and trigliceride(230).please give me suggestion how to control.i am worried.?
I have high BP 190/110. A dose of 200 mg of metroprorol is enough to lower it ?
can i take atrovastatin daily?
What to do about heart failure in boyfriend?
Can a heart murmur go undetected?
why is my daugher still collapsing?
how to get rid of constant constipation?
I am due to have eyes drops (to enlarge tthe pupils) put in my eyes today .?
My gums bleed when i brush my teeth.. not all the time but quite often..?
when a child breath through mouth while sleeping is it bad?
Can you lose 5 pounds in one week by eatting one small meal a day and drinking only water for 7 days?
What is the average weight for my height?
whats anorexia and an eating disorder?
I am 35 and 5'7 and am 95 lbs and still feel fat like everyone is smaller than me. is this normal?
What do you know about Bi-Polar Disorderness?
What if i wanted to die?
Self -Harmers Only. (Specifically cutters)?
can someone really read my mind?
i need to find a way to stay awake?
How often do you get drunk?
is my learning disability my fault? am i retarted?
if i smoke weed three or four times a month how long will it stay in my system?
what are some symptoms of cholesterol?
My blood pressure is 110/81 is that high? ?
my heart skips 2 sometimes 4 beats and it hurts. it happens almost once a month? should i be worried?
can stress or separation from your spouse cause/mimic a heart condition?
What are the pros of teens smoking?
Is Weed good for you?
what helps you to relax?
Remedy for jelly fish sting?
Ladies, i'm a guy, are there many male RN's out there? because i might think of becoming an RN?
can you get hurt from taking a very very hot bath and sitting in it for like 40 minutes?
Diabetic and tatoos?
what is worse......?
Question about Lorazepam?
Do I have a big nose?
How can i lower my high blood pressure 151/80 the natural way?
i have very bad heart palpitations, what should i eat or do to make the palpitations go away ?
Heart Problem - Very concerned, please help?
why i feel pain in my chest and sometime shorness of breath?
How do you know when your Hypo tension is getting worse?
What is a sure sign that you have a heart issue.I dont seem to have any symptoms exactly,heart doesnt sound?
I have struggle with acne for a long time now. No over the counter product has worked.?
Is this bullying?
Is there a difference between being "lazy" and not being "motivated"?
What makes you cry?Sad movies don't count.?
I'm not ok, are you?
does this mean I'm going to DIE young? or no.....?
i am not quite sure what is wrong with my bf. He ate about 4 hours ago!?
If someone you care about has diabetes, should you think twice about marrying them?
Can You Help Diagnose Me?
I want to break my foot?
What is the most powerful healing tool available to humans?
What other ways can I take Ibuprofen? I find it extremely hard to swallow tablets. Tips for taking tablets?
what is the best cure for ulcers?
High blood pressure, when to go to the Emergency Room?
my dad age 60 gets light headed/dizzy multiply times thru the day due to some heart disease where not enough.?
my blood pressure was 161 over 81 yesterday morning at work advice?
Frusemide reduces Sodium & Potassium and increases uric acid level. What to do in such a case for HTN control?
Do Cheerios really lower your cholesterol?
is there such thing as diabetic chocolate?
Do I have diabetes type 1 or type 2?
How can you give yourself an insulin injection in the arm?
What's the easiest way to stop clenching my teeth when I sleep?
What is the point of brushing your tongue?
I love boiled eggs, but they give me gas sometimes and it's pretty pungent. Any suggestions?
Scientifically speaking ... does it annoy you?
any opinions on euthanasia?
An Aaurvedic doctor told after reserch "continue Mobile use is a mojor cause of sudden Heart Attack is correct?
My husband only takes his blood pressure medication on days when his blood pressure is high, Is this OK?
Why does your heart hurt when you get heart broken?
Binge drinking?
Depression!! my partner has now been told he suffers from depression it is very bad what can i do to help!?
Nobody likes me. What should I do??
is there any way I can prevent getting schizophrenia?
My 8 year daughter will not sleep through the night.?
Is everyone alright?
Is Bi Polar hereditary? NO bear jokes please?
Why am I such a failure?
Is it normal for me to sleep with Care Bears and watch the movies and tv episodes at age 17?
someone told me that my husband can use this?
What should I do if my Sugar level is high? What should I do if it's Low?
Does an overweight type 2 diabetic person have a chance @ becoming healthy if commited to excercise daily.?
My dad is in really bad pain?
What's the longest you have been off work because of illness?
Yeast Infection... or not?! STD?...?
i can't sleep at night...why?
Is it bad to smoke pot at 15?
Is Heart Disease the Same thing as Cardiovascular disease?
Having palpitation almost one week now...Help?
food to eat to lower high liver enzymes?
what's the difference between a hemorrhage and a stroke?
how do really really skinny peoples hearts look?
I had an EKG an hour ago, Could i be having a heart attack now?
Hi, im getting braces in a few days and im really scared.?
Clear braces or metal ones?
What is the best way to treat a bad cold?
I just found out I have diabetes and I also have high cholesterol?
Any household remedy I can use to put on my 1 year old's nasty misqueto bites?
Is your stomach supposed to hurt the day after you were throwing up all day?
Why does it take me so long to go to sleep?
Will the shadows of my depression ever go away?
I have been raped i hate my life?
I just lost my Mother and don't know what to do. I miss seeing her and talking to her.?
HELP ME!!!!! Im confused and scared!?
jehovha witness have befriended my 86 year old mother, this 'friendship has been going on since my father?
I don’t think I’ll ever be happy, or physically whole… I just don’t know what to do!?
Am I Crazy?
Fast heartbeat and weakness?
how low is too low for your blood pressure?
What does it mean when my heart races suddenly?
well i want to know what kills lice ?
how to hydrate your lips so they wont be dry ?
Smoking cause [wrinkles]?
Is cocaine highly addictive?
Food Allergy - HELP?
How can we prevent children from getting allergies?
What do you do when your braces hurt?
Is it ok to get your tongue pierced when you have got braces?
What can ammonia in a left lung cause to a 2 year old baby?
How much will my health have improved after two weeks without smoking?
Why does everyone smoke!?
I have been told that my blood pressure is high and I need to go on medication?
Blood pressure normal = heart is working normal?
Should i take my Blood Pressure Pill?
Can someones blood pressure really be 188/155?
Can an old pillow be causing my breakouts?
what the best way to remove blackheads?
I Have Really bad acne how do i get rid of it?
Are you taking anti-depressants? Do they make you feel less afraid?
How do I escape from life?
Am I strange?
what are the effects of murstabation and how can some one over come murstabation?
How do you help a suicidal friend when you also have thoughts of suicide?
I cry very easily, how can i stop this....?
Is my blood pressure healthy?
is red wine okey if you have a heart disease?
I have a heart concern? Can someone help please?
Is this heart sound normal?
What happens if you fail a drug test for pre employment?
what is this on my skin????
How can you get appendicitis?
Im 5'7 and 145 lbs, why are people calling me skinny?
i wanna gain 5 pounds in 1 day?
Aren't fried foods bad for you?
Is it ok if I eat oatmeal twice a day?
muscles hurt after push-ups?
My left eye has started stinging and watering every 2 minutes what can I do?
which sting is worse? Portuguese Manowar jellyfish or Box jellyfish?
this is a honest question, my gf is away and my baby keep's vomiting when i feed him hes 11 months old.?
does all heart failure patients goal of blood pressure below 120/80?
Whats happening? Is it my heart mumur?
I need to get Plavix,heart medicine I can't afford it can anyone help?.?
If you know someone who has an STD....Would You?
What std can be transmitted through the mouth?
what gets weed out of your system ?
Is Dope Pot? I thought it Was Heroin?
will her hair grow again?
Does cracking your wrists and knuckles and stuff cause or prevent arthritis? Ten Points!?
root canal tomorrow need answer right away!!!?
why do I feel my heart thump inside my chest on and off...?
If I drink 1 can of beer a night in order to feel drunk, does this mean I suffer from alcoholism?
I feel I'm almost destined for suicide. Please help me?
Why do people self-harm?
Help Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do???????!!!!!!!!?
can weed be addicting?
How can I control my stress?
What are your opinions on anti-depressants? Which one is the best?
How do you reduce clumsiness?
what would you do for a extremly sore throat? any remedies?
Whats the best way to quit smoking?
how do you recognize a cardiac arrest?
Did i have a heart attack?
why cant diabetics feel a heart attack?
how do you know if someone is having an heart attack or if it`s just chest pain?
What's carpotunel syndrome?
is coffee good or bad, i think its bad for you what do you think?
What's the fastest way to curb an oncoming cold?
How can I break my arm quickly first time?
can you die if you lose a lot of blood from your knee injury?
Lately I've been blacking out...?
Im having 2 teeth pulled tomorrow, will 2 glasses of wine do me any harm tonite?
How long does life style changes take to effect cholesterol?
my heart rate spikes to 190 randomly even when im sitting, just want to kno how bad that is?
I was born with a hole in my heart. What's it called and can you give me a little info about it?
For people addicted to marijuana: How easy is it to quit?
My son has 3 or 4 nose bleeds in the last week. HELP!!!?
What was the name of the throat lozenges that everybody took back in the 60's when they had a sore throat?
babys ear is oosying ear wax ( it runs out) whats that from?
High blood pressure?
What is the cure* for tachycardia.?
Why am I having heart problems?
Does it take longer to cure a cold or flu if one has HIV?
Do you normally have a cough w/ allergies?
am i fat at 124lbs at 5' 4" ?
At what age is a first broken bone considered 'normal'? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years? (I've never broken one.)
Serious pain...i need advice quick!!!?
my daddy was hit by a car!?
What to do to stop dirrahea?
Allright....is it normal to be nervous about surgery?
Why do I feel sick after smoking?
I have a habbit of picking my scabs.?
How long does marjuana stay in your system??
Tooth pain how to make it stop.?
Has anyone here had problems with a partially erupted wisdom tooth?
Does Homeopathy work?
My grandaughter is 6 weeks old and has been diagnosed with a heart mumur?
help. im sick and i need a cure!?
What could cause abdominal cramping, bloody stool, chest pains, constipation, an full body tremors?
i keep waking myself up snoring,heeeeeeeelp?
why do i cry?
whats a good way to get to sleep when your lying there tyred but can't sleep?
does this sound like OCD?
some advise please?
im i depressed??
I feel so guilty for cutting and making myself throw up...?
How can I cure a terrible hangover?Do you suffer from it as well?
what happens when you get hospitalized for major depression?
When suffering depression, is it better to talk to somebody or sort it out by yourself (e.g.?
3 year old daughter fell and cut forehead open, had to get stitches. Now they are out and scar looks awful.?
whats the purpose of a finger nail?
How to relieve pain from Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Surgery? ?
what would happen if i placed a magnet onto my pacemaker/defibrillator?
Question about High Cholesterol?
It's been 2 days! My heart feels very weak after getting high.?
howdo u tell if ur having a heart attack:(?? plz i need help fast!?
Does a glass of salt water help constipation quickly?
What would you like to ask?Is there an alternative medicine for epileptic seizures?
Has anybody tried Ear Candles?
What is type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how do you get it?
Dislocated my shoulder last weekend snowboarding?
tomorrow is my 6 month smoke free anniversary!!! how long has it been for you?
the fastest way to remove marijuana out of your system is????????????
Blood Pressure Question?
Can I go on a rollercoaster with heart mumur?
I was high on weed, and my heart beated really fast, felt like it was about to burst for 2 hours straight?
Losartan potassium which kind of drug & what purpose does it used?
What makes pepole think saturated fat causes harm to humans?
am i having a heart attack?
A purpose of defibrillation is?
There's blood in my poo...Should i be worried?
Have i got ocd? Has anyone else had obsessions like these?
my 19 year old daughter is having surgery right now and I am nervous, what can I do to pass the time.?
How can I get my mom to understand this is SERIOUS?
Anxiety?? Depression?? Suicidal??
Do I have mental illness?
Does Bi-Polar Disorder include physical violence toward women?
how do you get over a bad day?
Help!!quick!!doctor?? advice!! My drunk friend just swallowed a pointy at least half inch maybe longer?
Dentures at 22?
How do I remember to wear my rubber bands?
Whats the best over the counter sleep aid?
Would you date someone with an std?
Do i need to goto the hospital?
What the Doctor said? Is This True?
Do I need a nose job?
Do i need a doctor's note to check into a hospital?
do u know anything about anti depressants or anti anxiety pills?
I don't like to be around people who have mood changes?
Can you die from anxiety?
cant sleep?
How do I have someone committed to a mental hospital?
Best way to get high?
What are the benefits of drinking self urine for the treatment of Tuberculosis.?
Please help i need to loose weight :'(?
How many times per day do you have a bowel movement? (sorry)?
Am I considered fat?
Is This Bad For You???
What is a 'snake bite' piercing?
I'm looking for a good list of questions to ask my patients to help differentiate what their main complaint is
Will i pass a drug text tomarrow if i smoked about a week 1/2 ago?
Will I die if I used cocaine once?
Why do they sterilize the needle for lethal injections?
i am 'average height' sorta, but i have big feet. will i get taller?
my hand is stuck to a frozen meatal bowl what do i do it hurts!!?
men & thrush?
Can a pet get sick from licking someone with labial herpes? or transmit to others it licks?
Will I be able to keep my foot once they amputate it?
What's the formal word for dentist phobia?
Spacers and braces?????
What bad effect does smoking weed have?
food poisening?
Does smoking Marijuana often make you skinny?
how do i smoke?
im short help me!?!?!?
Lost all hope? Thinking suicide? Help.?
High heart rate for a 14 year old?
Should I stop or resume my blood pressure medications?
well i am 19 years old boy and i am studying in a college,away from my home, and my problem is...?
Paining in Heart and Legs ?
hi my doctor told the pharmacist to lower my meds from 100mg to 112 could that cause the dizzyness?
Medication -Calcium Channel Blockers Heart Enquiry/Heart Attacks?
My heart murmur is very painful, why?
Am I going to die??????????
Can you get herpes from pop rocks?
i Broke my Finger.Do i still go to school?
Will using Neosporin prevent scarring? ?
Ring stuck on my finger ? what to do !?
i bite my nails alot how can i stop i not nervous i just do it and my nails and skin are looking bad ?
What does Xanex do and how long does it take to work.?
how many hairs are on a head?
how to get rid of a cold REALLY FAST?
so me and my freinds peirced our hips but now they look really bad ( like infected bad) what should i do?
What are the prerequisites for alternative medicine?
What does it mean when an 86 year old person becomes paranoid about missing items?
Blood Clots After Sugury?
The food for person who have heart problem?
im 17 and for the past 2 years occasionally my heart feels like it skips a beat . someone help me :(?
daughter has fever of 103.4 should i take her to er?
Is it true that straws are better for your teeth?
is it worth it to kill yourself?
What is the tingling sensation in my left pinky?
in a pharmacy job do they drug test for nicotine?
Interview tommorow with drug test...I smoked dope yesterday plzzz help!?
whats wrong with me if i like pain?
What is the unit for chi?
Best home made remedy for a cold, runny nose and cough?? :)?
Where did HIV come from?
Oweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee it hurts?
Would you rather die of extreme cold or extreme heat?
Why is swimming good for your back when you have a back injury? Doctor prescribed swimming.?
What is the fastest/easiest way to die?
my noise is bleeding?
When you have a cut, does putting salt on it help?
Will having smoked four cigrattes affect my lungs?
Whats the diffrence between regular cigarettes and lite cigarettes?
Does eating too may cheerios lower your cholestrol so bad it kills you?
Is Size 8 a fat size?
What is the most addictive drug on the streets?
how much sleep does an 11 year old boy need?
what does this mean?
Whats good to use for cleaning glasses?
if you use CC (computer cleaner) will it come out on a drug test?
What are some ways to just relax and stop worrying?
why we wake up in the morning and sleep at night?
i m 73 years &gone through engeoplasty in june 07 .till then i take medicines regular and its quiet ok but fr
What does it mean when your heart hurts when you excercize?
If Someone Has A stroke and cant talk can you reteach them to talk/speak again?
What is the best book to help one learn how to read EKGs?
my heart is beating too fast after eating noodle?
what if blood pressure of 130/110 regullerly in the age of 36?
POOL: do you brush your teeth at work ?
What COLOR should I get 4 my retainer? :)?
What's good for toothache?
can i take fish oil pills? im 14?
How to stop hiccups quick and effectively?
blood pressure machine results anyone know if this is okay?
any suggestions for treating high blood pressure without medication?
safe cholesterol level?
How can i control my high blood pressure?
so worried! pleassseee oh please answer my question! best answer gets all points?
Having babies with diabetes?
Whats wrong with me? could i be diabetic?
I have a sugar debate at school and I'm in the yes sugar side can you help? I need to say good things about it
my urine is dark purple, should i see a Doctor?
What illness do I have? Please try to help. Doctor in the house?
are u happy with your height, would you like to be taller or shorter, does your height cause you problems?
what is your fondest childhood memory of summer ?
Bad cold started about 3 am - its now 10.40am. Is there anything I can do to avoid getting it full on?
I have pink eye, why won't my doctor call in a prescription over the phone?
i am a vergin but how do i know if i have AIDS OR HIV?
I have a water blister on my hand, should I pop it or leave it alone?
I have asthma and i've been on prednisone for almost 4 years and?
Result of heart attack...?
can you die from a blocked artery?
My throat and chest hurt, my heart is beating fast?
is it normal for a person's heart to hurt from time to time?
I am in 40's years old, i need good way to reduce TG (trigelcride)?
Which is more Ridiculous: Homeopathy or Osteopathy?
Why does my boyfriends lips burn after he eats me out?
im so bored!! what else is there to do??
What is the most painless way to die?
i'm nervous and scared about getting my braces...?
Is diabetes a common illness for a 14 year old?
I felt a jolt in my heart Should I be worried?
Could I have had a minor heart attack at 24?
It's been two days without a cigarrette do I got it beat?
Are these the signs of a heart attack or stroke? My mom doesn't want to go to the hospital?
difficulty doing poo, feel sweaty heart beats faster when i strain?
Why is my eye so red?
I'm allergic to gluten...can I eat yeast?
Marijuana and drug testing?
Help! It's almost 2:30a.m. and I can't sleep!?
How much toilet paper squares do you use ?
Why do I get a headache & feel like I'm going to faint every time I get hungry?
i don't know what to do.?
my mom fell and hit her head on the edge of the table,her head is bleeding?but minor.wat should we do??ASAPP!?
How to break your finger really fast and go to the er?
Is there a strain of marijuana that is better with Panic attacks?
I just found a big paper cut striaght across my thumb, I didn't feel it and don't know when it happened?
I'm trying to learn generic drug classifications. Is there a quick way to classify them?
if u give an old person a young heart (transplant), will they live longer?
just recently my heart feels like it pumps funny every now & then???
Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigars ...?
Im 13 and I smoke cigarettes ?
All you smokers out there? Why smoke?
I'm Asthmatic and need to excercise and get my stammer up?
helpful tips for getting to sleep?
This may sound funny, but it's a serious question. I puke a little in my mouth a lot lately.?
Whats wrong with me, could I have a heart attack?
what can i do against lovesickness...?? my heart was badly broken !!?
could someone please explain to me exactly what the results of blood pressure means, mine today was 153/98?
I am a chain smoker and get really stressed out. Can anyone suggest a ten second relaxation technique?
i just smoked a lot of pot and now im so high and feel like im having a heart attack help me?
Does Diet Coke LOWER blood pressure?
What does it mean when Blood Pressure on the Left is significantly higher than on the right?
leading cause of death among teens?
Mother stated this was true?
i am incredibly skiiny yet i eat loads. how can this b.?
Smokers - How many ciggerettes do you smoke a day ?
I accidentally swallowed a gallon of uranium followed by mercury. Should I go to the hospital?
does anyone regret having their tatoo?
Please help me figure out what's wrong with my body.?
how do you take care of a mosquito bite?
OUCH! Help me! I cut myself and am bleeding! Who can I sue for this?
i think my mother came home drunk.?
Can you get an STD if...?
Am I underweight for my age and height?
I'm hungover. Got a cure?
why is my skin so itchy? what can i do to stop that?
What is going on when I'm sleeping?
How to explain on a resume...?
What is the fastest way to kill yourself?
How do you remove Crazy glue from your fingers?
Marijuana drug test?
Why is the skeleton so important to a person's health?
Just a few questions about marijuana.?
Is it girly to get your tongue pierced?
what should we do after wake up in morning?
What are some symptoms of caffine withdrawl?
Is This A Part Of Growing Up?
my blood pressure is 119/69.. what does that mean?
Can I use Saline solution (for contact lens) to rinse my nose?
Allergic to hand wash?
Help I want to smoke!?
Why do my feet hurt?
how do you inhale/exhale while smoking?
Would you date a guy who doesn't brush his teeth~EVER??
I need help...I mean for real, i need help..?
Wierd phobia!?
Psychiatrist vs. psychologist?
Should i tell her that i'm suicidal?
i have a hangover any ideas to cure it?
can you air out carbon monoxide PLEASE HURRY IF YOU KNOW?
How can I get rid of water in my ear?
Is it possible for a 14 year old girl to have a heart attack?
Long term effects of weed? internal organ damage? brain damage?
What is the most physically painful thing you have ever endured ?
How can get rid of stretch marks?
Throwing up, insomnia, exhaustion. What could these be signs of?
need advice. would you believe it if the person you are about to sleep with says he is allergic to latex?
Swollen, itchy, lips?
What is asthma and what is the way of prevention?
Do You Think That Smoke Should Be Banned?
Spider Bite...Im not sure at all?
My muscles are really painful?
What are the dangers of strangling yourself?
my teeth are getting loose and if I press against the gum some times bleeds.?
my daughter got what i think is a canker sore?
What's some emergency first aid tips for gunshot wounds?
at age 56, I've smoked 1 pack a day for 35 years. is there a real benefit for me to stop now?
What should I do about my finger?
Whats that really smelly yellow stuff that you sometimes hack up out of your throat?
I drank last night, and now I feel sick?
When do humans stop growing?
Question about pot.?
i have a question about marijuana?
can u suggest some natural selfe help messures to get me to sleep?
How Do You feel about tanning beds? NOW?
heart pains and only 20?
Why is a safe, healthy way to get rid of all your negative emotions?
Are Dentists trustworthy?
how can i get my two year old son to brush his teeth?
very worried that my baby toe might be broken- do i need a baby toe cast?
What do I do about damaged nerves?
I can't sleep anymore,i'm too paranoid. Remedy suggestions?
..I think some people WANT to have mental problems?
does child abuse or emotianol abuse lead to mental disorders?
Do you Hate Life?
Have you ever attempted suicide?
I feel very lonely?
my brother is on drug and he in rehab what should I do to help him?
Why cant you take sleeping tablets with alcohol?
How to not smell of weed after smoking it?
what is the best natural remedy for High blood pressure 100/170?
Quit Smoking - Any herbal helpers?
are there any foods that promote sleep?
30mg Adderall 1st time ok?
Why is it unsafe to "do it" in the water?
any suggestions on how to quit smoking on my own with no help of patches, gum or anything else?
how many time can you do it in one night?
i really do look worse than the elephant man but i am female why wont a plastic surgeon operate on me?
Would life expectancy drop if you banned Alternative Medicine?
What are the dangers of ecstasy?
Do you weigh yourself everyday? More than 3 times a day?
what happens if you swallow your tongue?
does proactive really work?
How do you cure irritation dry skin when lotion burns and makes it worse?
What do you think would happen?
how do i get a six pack?
I'm only 15 years old. Does anyone think I'm too young to be in love? And why?
I hate vegetables, help me?
i am 13 and i weigh 115lb and im 5'2. Am i fat?!? or chubby of plump? please tell me?
What would happen if i starved my self?
Quickest way to lose 40lbs?
Heart Attacks and Chest Pains?
Honestly.. Does having teeth pulled out hurt?
Whenever I take a sip of somthing my right canine tooth really hurts. What is wrong and what should I do?
I have a VERY sensitive tooth?
I've heard that getting a job as a Massage Therapist is next to impossible if you're a male. Is this true?
If I fill up an empty vile of LSD with water and drink it, will I pick up traces of it left in the vile?
Can a VIRUS be killed? I want as many answers as possible because I have.?
I have Gout and I've lived with it for more than a decade and i was wondering if there is any home remedy's?
how do i sleep well at night?
why my nose is bleeding?????
15 with Syphilis?????????? ?
When will I and my cousin die?
Survey: When you go to a doctors appointment how long do you wait?
what is the simplest way to relax?
mood changedwhile depressed?
Drinking soda and smoking?
My throat is dry, one nostril is running, and I can't stop coughing, what's wrong with me?
what syrup can be used on burns and scalds?
Ex-Smokers: Is it better to quit cold turkey or slowly? Patch or No patch?
heart hurts?
Can INSULIN be used as a form of torture?
Eating disorders?
Should disabled people have children?
I am going to go out back and have a cigarette...?
Why does God let us get old and withered?
how long does love last?
How can I make the cut on my finger heal faster?
NEW SKIN - Liquid Bandage, is it really just Super Glue w/ antiseptic?
Chest Pain--Please Help!!?
Advice needed about high blood pressure?
How long on average does a bypass graft last.?
What should my resting heart rate be?
Would an anxiety disorder cause fluctuations in Blood pressure?
should i be worried if i can't breath and....?
Strange EKG. What could it mean?
Do any of u wake up with dead arms and legs, fingers etc...(pins n needles)?
For years I've perched phone on shoulder when using it.It now hurts and I can't do it.What can I do?
What sickness do i have?
Why do guys like breasts so much?
I'm sick,should i eat even if i don't feel hungry?
is it bad if you just smoke ONE cigarette?
Why are ppl on Y!A and it's like 4 in the morning?(i couldn't sleep)?
Help is needed...!?
Will I still grow?
what is the best thing to take for consipation?
why does it seem the only people at the health food store are drug addicts or ex hippies?
Best way to cleanse colon?
how can i pretend to have stress?
what happens if u tell ya doc that u get thoughts of suicide poppin in ya head?
Do 10 year olds often think about dying?
Do you have a fear of dying?
Difficulty in breathing and heart beating faster and harder than normal?
HELP ME!!!! Please!!!! I think something is wrong with my heart?
What are the difference between bradychardia,and tachycardia?
How can I quit smoking without expensive pills/patches?
my 14year old daughter has body odor.other than bathing more often, what natural remedies/foods to cure her?
How to get rid of a cold sore.?nasty one.?
Hyperglycemia or diabetes? Has my son got any of these?
My sister kicked me in the rib, and now it hurts.?
I have a BIG hangover. What's the best way forward?
My mom is allergic to dog dander and our family really wants a dog!?
can babies have allergies?
Is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
Why am I throwing up food that I ate 2 days ago?
I'm easily distracted. Any suggestions on how to fix this?
what is the best fruit in the world ?
whats a fast way to get rid of a cold?
I only drink when I am alone,by myself or with someone else. Do I have a drinking problem?
Dangers of push up bras? Do they harm breasts/make them sag?
if i dye my hair can i pass a hair drug test?
chewing Lips a Bad Habit?
Am I having a heart attack ? Please help.?
What does the bottom number of blood pressure mean?
If you get a heart transplant, do your feelings change?
What can I do to lower my cholesterol?
I am on Ramapril,Bendroflumethiazide 5mg, my blood pressure is fine now but I get swollen legs and feet. Why?
What would cause somebody to violently gasp for air? Help me plz!?
snoring problems?
My nose is dry and bleeds. What can i do?
Please Don't Judge!!?
what can you do for a burnt tongue?
I stop breathing while im asleep...?
What would happen if I cut my own mole off my face?
Have you ever been admitted in a hospital?
Describe your hair in one word And you can't use any plain colors. Be original?
What kind of fly stings? I was stung by a fly today. My co-workers thought I was crazy. I'm not. It stung me
Why are people asked not to eat anything before they have surgery?
Does anyone else faint when they see blood?
How to pass a drug test?
I was out drinking last night and today my skin is yellow?
What do you do to get rid of a wart on a 7 year old? It is still very small.?
What do you think of Swine Flu?
if someone has broken their back what is the correct way of lifting them into a car to take them to hospital?
My hearing is messed up - help!!?
Quitting smoking causes coughing?
can snorting candy kill you?
my friend just took three vicodin...?
What is the scientific term for " the fear of getting fat"?
How long can a person survive with just one kidney?
what do you do when you get mad to calm down?
DR FRANK and Nurses please? I have a question?
Is it possible to be allergic to my boyfriend?
I have sore throat, head ache, runny nose, sore muscles and the chills?
I'm Coeliac, is it ok for me to kiss non-Coeliac boys at parties?
Does inhaling steam help allergy symptons?
I am obsessed with my height and build.?
my boyfriend cuts himself and he says it "feels good"?
What are some thing to make me sleep?
How to get off ecstasy?
Have you ever lied to your doctor?
What kind of illness does it seem like I have?
I think I might have gotten an ear piercing infection, what should I do?
Is being 5'2" weighing 9st 4lb fat?
what is the name of this surgery?
People make fun of me cuz I'm just a tad overweight. Is it cuz I'm Mexican?
Why do we get sick???
which do you prefer, quick clean showers or long hot baths?
How do you cure crazy people?
Why are so many kids on ADHD medicines?
What can I do to keep myself from going insane?
Last day w/o braces, what should I do?
Does your face look different when your wisdom teeth are out?
My sister has a terrible infection down below?
What's the best STD?
How often do you smoke weed or do any other kinda drug?
whats the best things to stop a panic attack for gettin a hold on you?
Can you swim if you have poison ivy?
Do you think it's bad to...?
bad cough, mucus in it, no fever or side effects. what could it be?
Does high Blood Pressure make people feel like sleeping more?
How does an eye become "lazy"?
if diabetics have to much sugar..?
Grieving and depressed, does it ever get better?
I am only 17 but I keep thinking about death. That scares me. Is it normal?
Do you/have you self harmed? cut?
are you scared of getting old?
How to speak on stage without fear ?
Should i stop smoking?
Is it normal if I find wife beating hilarious?
How can I Cure the Hiccups?
Why do old people smell so bad?!?
i am sick what can i do ???????????????/?
is it normal to have a headache everyday?
How can I remember to take my calcium pill?
If you're anorexic, will your hair really fall out?
can i bath my body and head if i have fever ///?
are there any tricks to unclogging your ears?
What is the best way to get rid of a hangover?
do doctors not have to tell you all the side effects of a medicine?
Help!! ibuprofen overdose ?
Teenage ECG worries?
when is your blood pressure to high?
Can a holter monitor still detect any abnormal rythms of the heart even if you dont experience palpitations?
In radiology department (x-ray) in a hospital what are the walls made of to stop radiation?
anybody help? my man's got high blood pressure how can i help?
where can i cut myself and bleed alot?
help feeling very deppresed and sometimes suicidle?
Why am I still getting spots?
Would homeopathic treatment conflict with acupuncture if used simultaneously on a patient?
How is high fructose corn syrup good for you?
effect of contact with people who eat food i'm allergic to?
i have been suffering from sinusitis for 2 yrs..i need a pemanent solution for my prob..?
how do u unplug ur nose when u have a cold?
Why do I get allergic to alcohol?
I think a fly went up my nose and I have a headache?
How much sugar does it take to become a diabetic?
How do you convince your parents that you are healthy when you can barely stand up?
severe high blood pressure and tiredness?
how can I heal my foot sprain without medicine?
Why won't doctor approve testing so my insurance will pay?
how many people now believe in compassionate marijuana smoking?
I'm only 31 but suffer from arthritis any ideas to help??
What are the benefits of smoking?
I've had this cough for 5-6 weeks, help!?
Is this what a Panic Attack is?
I quit smoking marijuana today!?
is this normal or am i paranoid?
I can't get to sleep! Any tips?
Are you really depressed?
I stay up late because it's one of the only things about my life I can control.....?
i feel depressed and suicidal. what should i do?
how many hours of sleep should a teen get every night?
Advice please (very serious i need help)?
what is it like to live with a heart condition?
why is there an increased/ decreased risk of heart attack in certain races?
Is it possible to die of a broken heart?
My heart rate is about 50, is this normal?
I live in long beach, calif and I have type 1 diabetes how do I go about getting on disability?
Do i have a chance i might have diabetes?
what are the herbs used to treat cancer?
I know it's gross but I saw bugs in my poo?
Help Ive smoke too much weed and im sooo high?
Crowded teeth... braces?
i'm about to have knee surgary.?
i just punched in the nose, how do i stop it from bruising/swelling?
I burnt my finger, its 2nd degree burn. kept my fingers in cold water since last 3 hours..it still burns?
does alcohol cause depression at all?
What's your best cure for hiccups?
I'm so confused. What's a normal glucose reading?
a few questions about diabetes?
what can i do with lavender oil?
what herbs should be used for a colon cleanse?
My boyfriend has a 11" willey, in some positions it hurts can anyone suggest,any position's where it wouldn't?
How long will this weed stay in me for / can i pass this drug test?
I have a hole in the heart (VSD) which the doctors expected would close up by the age of four but I'm now 14..
Resting Heart Rate of 129?
Please help me idk what to do...?
how do you get rid of a swollen lip?
I've tried everything i know to solve the problem, but it doesn't seem to be going away. Help please?
How do you prevent bad breath in the mornings?
What's your drug of choice?
I'm a diligent handwasher but my b/f is not. I'm always getting sick. Any suggestions for boosting immunity?
VERY BLUNT QUESTION: How do you not eat?
i smoked marijuana on friday and 3 days later i went to the lab to get my blood drawn.Will this show up ?
How do I get boyfriend to stop smoking?
is your blood blue or red while still in your body?
How long does it take to recover from severe depression.?
Is it true that you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping?
Help Me I'm so overwhelmed?!?!!?
Is it ok to like self-pain?
Im soo scared, please I need some answers .?
What Is Wrong With Me?
how do you cheer yourself up when everything seems to be going wrong?
Can you soak up water through your skin?
Proactive solution. Yay or Nay?
my eyes are pink but they don't itch.?
Doesn't anyone ever sleep?
whats wrong with me ?
Cutting my wrist question?
Signs Of Deppression..?
my blood pressure is 160/102 should I be worried?
Does severe gas go with heart attack symptoms'?
What kind of food to help lower the potassium?
I have a weird problem...Help?
Jean Size!!! HELP PLEASE ! :)?
Should I loose weight?
I'm 5'11'' and weigh 141 lbs. and I am 16 years old. What's the best way to gain weight?
Is acupuncture good for you? ?
is it possible to crack a rib through coughing a lot?
I have really bad pressure under my eyes what is it from??
why don't they take nicotine out of cigarettes?
is smoking really bad for your health?? help me!?
Can anybody wish me luck? I check into detox for alcoholism in an hour :(?
Medicinal marijuana and asthma?
HELP! My sister is having a BREATHING PROBLEM! HELP! wat do i do?
can't breathe! whats wrong with me?
what side effects do steroids have?
I am confused, sould I have Diabete's?
Have been asked to make an Xmas fruit cake for someone who is diabetic. Is there a diabetic sugar or substi?
My skin randomly turns purple from time to time?
How long would a person with a blood pressure reading of about 180/170 last?
heart problem?????????????????
My blood pressure is 80/60 should I see a doctor?
whats the easiest and safest way to get sick?
what's the best way to get rid of a black eye?
can u give blood if u have herpes?
can anyone help me please?
What is the greatest thing to smoke marijuana out of?
How can you or what's the fastest way to 'cure' diarrhea?
What is it about weed?
what percent of americans have blurry vision?
can't sleep! how to over come this???????????
Should i go to the ER or not?
how do i pop my ears?
What's a good time to wake up tomorrow?
Idea to waking up a hard sleeper?
What does it mean when you can't swallow certain foods-they make you gag? Is that an allergic reaction?
hives!! help! please answer!?
Tired but I can't sleep?
the condition that may cause bones to weaken and break easily is ____________?
what is cranberry extract is it cranberry juice and if so does it really help a urinary tract infection?
What Is Hookah?? Is It Bad For You?? Is It Legal In The Usa?
help i am having a panic attack i can't breath wt do i do?
if you suspect someone of doing cocaine...?
do you think that i have adhd? ?
How do you get perscribed depressants?
Any other ways to get rid of Anxiety instead of using Effexor?
outbursts of anger?
How many Therapy sessions will i need to cure my problems??
I cant work?
Looking 4 food I can eat as much of as I want too,at any time,..Diabetes Issue's can you help?
I am having an allergic reaction? quick answer now please!!?
I have a loose tooth, what should i do?
my finger nails are going yellow and weak for some reason, any ideas what to do and what's the cause?
Do you think something could be wrong?
What are some natural remedies for migraine headaches?
What's in it for the Anti-Altmeders?
does anyone know what is wrong with my wrist?
how may hour of sleep do i need ?
What's your number 1 pet peeve?
How do you pull your own tooth its a baby back tooth HELP?
Is this a real cold sore and do i have herpes?
What could these symptoms be a sign of?
First time smoker. Help? Tips? suggestions ... ?
Smokers only need help?
My grandmother died of emphezema and i'm scared my dad will too?
Is it normal in UK that GP will not examine you for cold ?
Help! My allergies are taking over my life!?
Has any one ever had a really bad throat condition?
What should/can I do? My life is in ruins.?
Ideal body shape??
Addiction and addictive personality....alcohol, etc?
Does it make you nervous when someone stares at you?
Is it wrong to.. just know that you'll one day commit suicide?
Have You Ever Had A Panic Attack Like This?
HELP! type 1 diabetes, help help help ?
what does smoking do to you?
I've heard that if you rub like a 10 karet gold ring on your face & a black streak shows up you have low iron.
my blood pressure is 118/78?
I'm a 41 year old male, cholesterol just came back as 281 total, 187 LDL, 76 HDL.?
PLEASE HELP!! does anybody have any home remedies for ear infections?? 5 points best answer!!!?
No Fluids Before Surgury. Any reasons?
what's the easiest way to get to sleep?
what allergy do i have?
AH!! Why do people say they are depressed when they are upset??
Being admitted to anorexia clinic tomorow?
Songs with messages & hidden meanings?
i cant sleep. is thr any natural ways to help me sleep better?
Do GPs Lie and Why?????
dilated cardiomyopathy?
A few basics about my husband's high cholesterol?
I am a healthy, 55 yr old woman. My pulse is always right around 100, at rest. I'm 15 lbs overweight,?
what happens when someones heart is stopped?
Can you get HIV/AIDS through any type of fluid like tap water, coke where the fluid should dominate the virus?
i got blood taking from me when i passed out, could they detect HIV?
I got a lot of Braces questions !?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do braces hurt for an 11 year old girl?
Every night I am woke up by a stuffed up nose..what can I take?
panic attacks??????????????
I think my son is smoking weed?
What's it called when you can't sleep?
How many push ups to do everyday?
Can Skinny people be as unhealthy as obese people?
How can my sister lose weight?
How Can I Get Over A Death.?
Anxiety...best medicine for?
What is schizophrenia?
Is it better to leave a suicide note or not...?
How do you know if your depressed?
say yes or no,?
How do I forget horrible gruesome medical photos?
How do you strengthen your immune system?
Can somebody tell me if Vaseline will help fight infection if I cut myself to the bone?
How do i get my eyebrow to stop twitching!! It's been 2 days!?
[please help me!! my sister needs ur answers!!?
How can I help my sons sunburn?
Did I have a mini stroke?
I am a heart patient is it good to travel by air?
I have a heart murmur. anyone know anything about them?
can i get my teeth straightened at 19?
Im getting braces...Help?
How bad is it for a diabetic to drink and smoke on a daily basis?
Why is "alternative medicine" so expensive?
If you could prove that any given ALTMED was real, what would the implications be for science?
If someone smokes pot one night..?
can guys be bi polar?
Am I crazy because my cat is my best friend and I don't like people that much?
Poll: Are you a teenager and suffer from depression?
Is it just nerves or is something really gonna happen?
how do you get red of a hang over?
What is bi polar disorder and would you know if you had it?
my mom almost died tonight, i'm holding a very deep secret, help please.?
How do I raise my self esteem up?
Is there anything that will relieve a headache caused by lack of caffeine? Aside from caffeine?
Is there a natural remedy for soft fingernails?
Homeopathic medicine and natural remedies are so popular because?
herbal remedies and supplements?
is legal bud realy legal?
why my friend should not do extacy?
y have i three kidneys?
dilated cardiomyopathy?
Can I lower my blood pressure in a week?
what is best thing 2 do if i am having a heart attack?
High Blood Pressure in 14-year old?
Can you calculate pulse rate from blood pressure readings?
Help with type 1 diabetes? Urgent!
Can a doctor help or does someone help?
i have type 2 diabetes, what kind of alcohol can i drink?
Booking a doctors appointment?
I think I may have some kind of mental illness? How to ask parents for help?!?
what should you try if Zoloft doesnt work?
I'm tired of hearing, "you have to try harder to beat depression"?
help me please y'all?
Is cutting an addiction?
cutting wrist?
have you ever feel so lonely that you wish you could just die?
Will aloe vera gel take your sunburn away?
Question about a splinter?
my blood pressure is 157/89 and getting out of breath to quick is this anything to worry about?
If A Nose Bleeds What Do You Do?
Do you think the volcano ash can make allergies worse?
I never brush my teeth?
Do i look like a geek now?
Do you think I am curvy, chubby, or fat? Should I lose weight?
what are some fun exercises to do?
how much should a 13 year old 5'1 weigh?
How do I cope with depresion when theres nothing i can do to change my situation?
I feel suicidal because I don't know how to survive?
I am a person very nervous and who is suffering anxiety, I tried to meditate I can't calm down my mind my thou
How do i stop myself worrying so much?
When should/can somebody go to emergency room?
I know someone who claims that that she has milk and egg allergies.?
Can eating an overdue moldy donut cause hives?
can people with diabetes drink alcoholic beverages?
how often do you test your blood sugar?
I was with a guy who was positive HIV and i need to know if I am at high risk?
should i start smoking?
HELP! My children have head lice and I can't seem to get rid of the bloody buggers. Any suggestions?
I think of suicide at age 10, is that OK?
Ever Been So Upset, That You Vomitted?
Have you ever hurt a helpless person?
Insomnia, anyone know any ways to fall asleep easily?
Does Nick Jonas have diabetes???
Are these fasting glucose numbers normal?
Is it normal for a girl's cycle to come on 2 weeks after it went off and stay on for like 8 days???
Pneunomia (na-moan-ya)?
Can you die from pneumonia?
What do people use Vicks for?
CLICK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(i have trouble breathing)?
Best cure for a stuffy nose?
Is it true that smoking weed is better than cigarettes?
How can keep motivated to lose weight & enjoy exercising too?
How does it feel after you have your braces taken off?
What can't you eat if you get braces?
do braces close up gaps?
My brother and his family slept over on the weekend and I checked in on my 7 year old niece?
If my bad breath is coming from my stomach and not my teeth or tongue, what's the best way to cure that?
I keep having suicidel thoughts. Every few hours of the day i come up with a plan of how to do die. ?????/?
help help me please i am so so scared..!!!?
Am i a pedophile?
I keep having this?
i have so much emotions and stuff inside of me. So i want to write. where do i start 2 get it out?
anyone start smoking marijuana later in years?
What is my body trying to tell me?
should I panic?
I have the flu. Is eating McDonalds a good idea?
I am 13yrs old, and im 5'2 and weigh 150lbs am i fat?
I have messed up my diet?
how do i gain weight?
How to cure hangovers?
How much does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth pulled?
I never smoke before what m i missing out on?
Is anger ever healing?
What can I take to help me poo more ?
I have a piece of lettuce stuck in my throat.?
Why dont i feel tired after exercise?is that diabetes?
diabetics sugar dropped after eating, should they still take their insulin after eating?
How do I properly disopose of my sons old precriptions?
Guys: When did you realize it was time to get help for depression and what were your symptoms?
What are you afraid of?
anyone been on an anti-depressant for many years?
I cant concentrate, need to do a paper for class?
is this poison?
if i've never smoked b4, it that still cool?
How can i get my boyfriend to stop taking weed?
What do i do if i have a stomach virus for 3 days, and cant eat?
Do I have asthma and should I see a doctor?
best cure for a hang over? I can't stop throwing up.?
smoking ciggaretts!??!!?!!?
What drinks besides tea are good for a sore throat? Cold or hot, doesn't matter.?
My younger brother is named Jayden. He is really sick, I don't know what to do. Help me?
any ideas how to make a sore throat better?
Cannabis is VERY addictive?
I'm sick i'm coughing,sneezing, nose is running, watery eyes, What do i take to help me get rid of it????????
Why am i peeing blood?
need a list of what a diabetic can and cannot eat....?
Am I doped?