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Does getting a tooth pulled out hurt? :(?
What tool is this ? - Dentistry?
would i be able to get braces?
How do I make myself throw up?
Which vitamin supliments should I take to help boost my energy levels?
how to clear weed out of your system in short period of time?
What can you do to prevent mrsa?
Strange rabies case help!?
Why does doxycycline make me throw up?
I believe there is a cure for AIDS/HIV.. what do you think?
What is this sickness?
my dog is sick and im not sure whats wrong can someone help me?
I Am Very Worried About My Tonsils!?
kidney stones..............................?
How to get arthritis?
I'm bulimic...what do I do?
I feel like i might have a mental disorder?
what is a non infectious disease?
Someone bit by cat 5 years ago?
Ever have gallstones or gallbladder trouble? what was it like?
will my ear ever heal?
Help with painfull cuts?
Cast on right arm and air cast on left ankle - how can i get around?
Mosquito Bites are massive since i have been to Bali.?
used a qtip now i feel like i have an ear infection?
what are the things that affect the lungs?
daughter chest making noises like ruckling noises?
was diagnosed with blood clots in my lungs and lungs only, not both my calves are sore?
CT scan findings what do they mean?
How long does it take for THC to get out of your system?
Health Insurance Question?
Chest pain after vomiting all night?
Can my lips turn purple from being sick?
Why can't I wake up in the morning?
How do I disstress my sugar glider?
Tetnas Jab..................?
This contains dead or weakened viruses injected to initiate active immunity.?
Is it possible to experience side effects a few days after starting antibiotics, and not immediately?
why do i have cold, even tho i got my flu shot 2 days ago?
scabies !!! urgent please answer?
Is is ok to eat yogurt if you have diarrhea?
can a bed bug crawl into your nose and go down into your lungs?
Ring around mouth!!Help 10 pts?
Nervous about getting braces?
I've already had braces, but my teeth have started to shift back slightly. Would Invisalign be expensive?
what if amoxicillin dont git rid of the tooth infection?
Taking out wisdom teeth at 16?
Whats wrong with me??? not hungery any more and get tired?
Could I have Diabetes?? PLEASE HELP?
Augen Tablet for 169.00 from Kmart?
Why do some people(and references) say that it is okay to eat fruits like watermelon and others say it's not?
Is there a blood glucose meter that will measure above 600?
Immune system super foods?
Can i try shrooms while im sick?
what is the best food or fruit for constipation?
Nicotine Patches, how do they really work?
My nose is running hardcore, any quick fixes? Home remedies?
Does K2 get you high and is it a drug?
Random smoking feet...?
How to calm yourself? ?
what the symptoms of A.D.H.D?
After you tell the counselor about suicide…?
My boyfriend is on bipolar and ADHD meds can it hurt the baby if I got pregnant by him?
This Could Be The End?
Need help going to sleep?
Always tired in the afternoon?
why does my sugar glider do circles and not sleep?
I took a trazodone to go to sleep but it won't work when it usually does. Is it alright to take another? 50mg?
Health Insurance Question?
Posture Help????????????????????????????????????…
Would it be unreasonable to make such a request towards my siblings? I'm caring for my elderly mom. Help?
PLEASE ANSWER! I have a question about my wrist injury?
How to fix my shoulder?
I have been wondering if P90x worked?
What is the easiest way to go up stairs while having crutches?
can 100 degree fever for over a month cause damage to the body?
Is it OK to shower w/fever?
Does MRSA stay in your body forever?
Scared?:s I'm about to donate blood and I've just discovered I have pinworms?
Can a dog(pupy) bite be treated 5months after the bite..?I did not get shots for it?
Does EVERYONE vomit when they have the stomach flu?
can I get individual health insurance with ear congestion?
Vomiting every time she eats....?
Nervous about my Adenoidectomy?
Good allergy medicines?
How do I deal with airborne allergies?
Injection for the relief of hay fever?
whats going on with my arms?
I have sinus problems are tonsil stones connected to sinus problems?
How long does it take a capsule to dissolve after swallowed?
how to get your mom to quit smoking!!!?
I just started playing guitar and my fingers hurt...how much longer until calluses form?
My finger really hurts. What do I do?
i was carrying groceries and cut the circulation off to the end of my finger and the feeling still?
i have a plugged ear, help!?
i have this giant spot/boil/zit thingy on and in my nose ... help!?
I need women help could it be a bug bite or what verry worried help please?
How to smoke a cigar withouy getting caught?
Can blood test detect if you have asthma?
a 43 year old man has cholesterol of 485 and mild cystic fibrosis what's best diet?
what is a good way to get rid of morning sickness?
Strange flu shot vaccine side affects?..?
i had pink eye for like 5 mins. wtf?
Do i have a urinary tract infection?
cellulitis in the nose?
Does anyone know of any brands of sleeping pills?
Do those iRenew — New Energy For Life bracelets really work? Only answer if you have tried one.?
What is vitamin E, and what is it good for?
what are the 3 cranial nerves involving respiration?
can anyone help me with some sleep remedies?
How to cure a hangover?
What diet pills really work?
was my marijuana laced?
How do you get your voice back? 10 pts for best answer!?
is this carpal tunnel?
Mom is losing voice and won't stop talking.?
How to fall asleep relay quickly?
My right wrist hurts...is it carpal tunnel?
I keep falling asleep?
my toenail is about to come off...?
i slammed my finger in the door. what do i do to make if feel better. besides going to the hospital?
Should i go to the ER?!??! *need answers fast*?
My 22 month son has bruising around his eyes, what could it be?
question for people who have or had braces?
how to swallow a pill?
does it hurt when you get your back molars pulled out?
Normal wisdom teeth?!?
How to get rid of a canker sore?
Will I get staff infection?!?
How can you get a fever overnight?
my neck is stiff, could it be meningitis?
Have I become "addicted" to cutting after just one time?
I think my friend has an eating disorder? Help!?
Side effects of Lithium Carbonate?
cross dressing through trauma?
how long does it take for your new ear piercing to heal?
Can someone tell me when do you put someone into Shock position and Fowler's position?
Why is it better to let people pass out?
HELP! What to do if you burn your forehead?
What should i do to an infected paper cut?
Am I allergic to alcohol?
How do I find out what this fur tail is made of I'm allergic too?
Is it possible to develop a gluten allergy later in life?
I'm 18, and I want to join the NAVY....ALLERGIC TO DUST MITES.?
Tingling in forearm and fingers?
how long does it take a new corpse to void its bowels?
does vaccines cause autism in children?
Mexico business trip soon, is there anything I can do to prevent illness.?
Can you get mono from a family member?
My 4 year old was diagnosed with mumps a week ago when he had a swelling below the jawline.?
what can i do to get rid of my cold?
is swine flu serious anymore?
Do people who work at dispensaries lick the joints that are pre-rolled?
homeopathy for high blood pressure?
Natural Hormone Balancing for a 24 year old Female?
I smoked mj, laced, what was i high on?
Can too much Acetaminophen kill you?
Is smoking k2 Incense safe?
If someone falls on their back from two feet in the air and have trouble breathing, whats wrong?
My asthma keeps on getting worse....?
high creatinine level?
What are some 3 asthma facts that few people know?
i want to stop worry about being a smoker?
I am having trouble breathing! What could it be?
Should you avoid all dairy when you have a cold?
If i smoke weed will it show up on my blood test in 21 days?
How do you prevent the nauseous hangover?
quick ways to get rid of the flu???????
I am having fever with temperature of 101 degrees centigrade.?
What immunizations are required in America?
Can you put alcohol on an open wound if its infected?
My mom and brother both have the flu and I am desperatly trying not to get it. HELP!?
What can I eat if I'm sick?
After you tell the counselor…….?
Has anyone taken Lorazepam before?
Does alcohol actually relax you?
What happens if a school official knows you self harm?
I'm depressed ? help please ?
i have a plugged ear some one help?
Yesterday I fainted durin a short extreme exercise and hit my head. Should I worry about internal bleeding?
What does it mean when a guy rub your hand with his thumb?
when i get out of my school pool or shower?
how long does it take for a blister to heal?
If I get braces on Thursday should I be going to school on Friday?
Braces off soon! What to expect?
will the Lidocaine 2% Viscous Soln, that my dentist gave me help me sleep from tooth pain?
Does interproximal reduction (tooth filing) look good?
Dental crisis, at wits' end, please someone reassure me?
Do you think I'd be able to get the product called invisalign ?
Why would my nose get extrememly itchy while eating sushi rolls and sake?
How do you get rid of a swollen throat due to seasonal allergies?
My ears are bright red and so are my elbows?!?
What is the weirdest thing you've had in your rectum?
I get 9 hours of sleep every night, but I'm still always tired?
can i get addicted from smoking 4 cigarette's?
is true that picking your nose and eat it allows your body to build up defences to any bugs present in the air?
RNs or other nurses, i have a question about my inconfidence to read manual blood pressure?
Diarrhea a symptom with a Umblical hernia?
Does this happen to anyone else and is it normal?
Do I have Insomnia? PLEASE HELP!?
Could this be food poisoning?
I blink my eyes a lot and I have to touch stuff more than once. Whats wrong with me?
My boyfriend has been diagnosed with acid reflux disease, but he has symptoms other than acid reflux?
Is degenerative disc disease in my back which I've been told is arthritis?
How to not loose weight switching onto vyvance?
What would happen if I took 4 paracetamols in an hour?
what kind of meditation is good and easy to practice?
Would the effects of two Vicodin pills last longer than that of just one?
Does vitamin B really give you energy?
what causes a reoccurring fever each month in a 3 year old?
How to not feel a flu shot?
Change of Mucus color could mean me getting better?
What causes diarrhoea and constipation?
HELP!! parasites..feel like worms crawling in throat and inside of head?
i think i have tonsillitis?
Heart racing difficult breathing, ACID REFLUX?
I've had chest congestion with no cough for over a month.?
I quit smoking about 2 months ago. How long until my lungs are healed and normal?
who here has ever had sleep paralysis tell me about it?
Why am I having trouble breathing?
I can taste and smell blood, more info inside, please help me out...?
I fell outta the car whilest window surfing.....?
Whats wrong with my toe?
How can you break your wrist pretty easily?
Funger hurts pretty bad, any advice would help?
I had a concussion 3 weeks ago...?
how deep of a cut do u have to get stitches for?
When a doc. lances a boil does it hurt?
How long does it take for the pain to go away after getting wisdoms removed?
Is it true white fillings for cavities are more sensitive to COLD? MY DENTIST TOLD ME THIS?
White Tongue? 5 stars for best answer!?
whats an easy way to whiten your teeth (no teeth products please ex crest)?
how do i get the pain to stop in my spacers/braces to stop?
Do getting wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Cutting problem. I need some help.?
I'm 45 and I'm losing memory. What is wrong?
how do i get out of depression?
How Do i Suppress This Obsession?
How do I Suppress this tormenting obsession?
The only thing that makes me happy is the reason for my depression?
does brain damage cause schizophrenia?
sick, how do i get better?
Will robitussin take care of a sore throat?
What is wrong with me?! I can't figure it out :(?
What is another word for fever?
My eye is all swollen and I don't know what caused it?
Gluten free lunch ideas..PLEASE HELP!!?
How do I unstuff my nose?
Am I allergic to Bananas?
A guy called me husky...?
Can I take Trazodone & Amitriptyline together?
Difference between Pills and Liquids?
what can actually make adults grow a foot taller besides surgery?
Has anyone had success with an aphrodisiac for women?
Is there any satisfied user of Homeo pathic Medicine in Gyne/infertility problem.?
I drink alot of water during the day, around 5 or 6 glasses a day. And urinate often, please help!?
What else can I do to help my sore throat?
sore throat, cant sleep! help please?
What if i have been taking all this stuff to clean me out and i am constipated? Miserable and hurting BAD!?
Terrible, Terrible Sore Throat. Help? Please?
i feel a cold coming... help!?
How has the vaccine for tuberculosis, influenza, chicken pox, pneumonia, hepatitis B and hepatitis A helped?
glands in the neck? does everyone have them?
Once on antibiotics, how long will it take for strep to go away?
Can you get sick from this?
Do I have a regular cold?
What are the effects of second hand smoke and how can I stop it?
Need help with a cigar question?
What can i do to stop smoking.?
Bad Chest Pains, Scared For My Mum?
what are some ways that i prevent Asthma ?
Why am i nauseous after smoking?
Have you ever pulled a muscle?
Can someone help me figure out what's wrong with my back?
Something bit me. How long until my foot falls off?
I had water around my shoulder joint in my MRI?
My Fiancee has severe knee pain do to an accident how can i help?
Help?! problem with my toe nail! :(?
back injury: dizzy faint and a bladder infection?
is there any way to get rid of a fever fast?
What's a interesting/deadly virus that you can write about?
What works better a manuel or battery operated toothbrush?
I'm fourteen can drinking from a baby bottle cause buck teeth?
How do i get rid of a coldsore in my mouth?
No swelling after wisdom teeth extraction?
I have Canines in my Gums What Should i do?
Are Invisalign teen noticeable on teeth ?
Is the pull of a cigarette really bad when you have just gotten your wisdom teeth removed?
How do you treat a burn? I need help FAST!?
how to treat a mosquito bite is there any effective way to stop the itching?
Minor scratches still not healed after 4 months?
I put hydrogen peroxide in my ear and now it's even more clogged?
How do I get a diagnosis reversed?
Possible emotional problem?
I am so stressed about my life, goals, plans. Help?
Should I go into Mental Health?
Question: Can you be diagnosed by doctors with ADD?
I don't know if I can live with this. Please help!!?
Whatever happened to preparations A through G?
influenza vaccines will that help?
Is there a natural remedy for anxiety attacks?
Hands Free Vaporizing Whip...?
Why does getting drenched in rain causes allergy, but taking a shower reduces it?
My eye is really itchy and sore, what's causing it?
Why does my nose run during church everytime ?
if ur allergic to wheat can it go away?
Why do I sneeze every time I leave a store that is air conditioned?
Taking rest is how much important in a diet?
How do you cure severely chapped lips?
I get light headed everytime I stretch and get up from lieing down is this normal?
Should I get medical attention?
Is it normal to become constipated after the stomach flu ?
How do I prevent a tooth abscess from spreading?
Can an ulcer heal it's self?? How long!!!?
Need information regarding the Hepatitis B tests?
Very out of breath, heart pounding from simple movement?
is it bad to sleep right after eating?
What should we avoid to better our health?
My heart beat 89 times in one minute, is that healthy?
respiratory arrest question?
i think he wants me to smoke?
i'm 13 years old and 5'2 i have asthma and my P.E. teacher still wants me to run the mile what should i say?
im havin trouble breathing help plz?
How to get better from being sick quickly.?
What are the two large lightweight respiratory organs of the body?
Will irrigating the sockets prevent dry socket?
Could i have tonsillitis? pic included.?
If my gums receded from brushing too hard, is it possible they'll grow back?
if i was to double my rubber bands with it speed up my treatment ?
Do you think this would be Meningitis?
What can make the flu worse?
Can I catch a computer virus?
how can you tell the difference between the flu and the common cold?
Should I get my tonsils out?
How do I hide self injury scars on my thigh?
I rolled my right ankle in July, now in Oct, the pain has been gone, but there is still swelling of sorts?
what should i do to this very bad cut?
Is it bad to pop blisters from a sunburn?
How fast should a deep cut on a knuckle take to stop bleeding?
when i get out of my school's pool..?
Weed causing panic attacks?
Has anyone taken Marinol?
Smoking weed for the first time. HELP!?
what is the hippocratic oath?
is herbal life approved by the FDA?
tinnitus cure treatment?
What Race am I or what am I classed as?
Can thc wear off by touching it?
how much does it cost to surgically repair a sports hernia?
I can't sleep. Can someone help me?
Should I gain weight or am i alright?
is there anything wrong with me?
Allergy problem that are annoying.?
I have horrible allergies how can I get relief?
why is this very clear thick snot keeps coming my nose?
If I don't have soap, can I disinfect my hands by alternating between super cold and super hot water?
Can you help me make a catchy warning phrase for Mononucleosis? (Kissing disease)?
Need suggestions for frequent cold and flu bugs and no energy?
Can a patient/client take immodium AD when he has C. diff?
When can I smoke again? I'm dying!?
I don't like my rubber bands for my braces?
what does it mean if you are 18 and your wisdom teeth haven't grown yet?
What's the best tooth paste?
Just got bracess..And the pains killin me?
my teeth hurt any ideas ?
What can I do to relieve Failed Root Canal Pain?
i'm lonely everyday, most of the day. help?
This morning I woke up and couldn't stop laughing, what was that about?
Crying all of a sudden and having panic attacks?
Amino acid therapy for anxiety and depression?
Rotary Cuff injury. Been about 4 months. Rest? or Exercise?
What are the grape-like clusters of air sacs within the lungs?
Is it possible to not get high even after smoking and inhaling?
What are some common causes of snoring?
Two parts: Does cranking up the heat make your cold go away faster? What is the definition of "Fester"?
cigarette question !!!!!!!?
i slept on my arm then when i woke up i couldn't move it what was it?
What can I do about my itchy scalp?
cant sleep, EST. awake since 3am?
Is my dog bite infected?
I'm HIV positive and I want life insurance?
Is it okay to take Tylenol after getting a flu shot?
Name the following diseases from most deadly to least deadly.?
I just found out that my mother has hepatitis C, is she going to be ok ?
I have a cut that wont heal!!!!!!?
i accidently punctured my thumb on a piece of metal it's been about 2 weeks and hasn't healed all the way?
I got a mosquito bite just below my eye and now it has swollen up??
what conventional medicine can be used to relieve swelling caused by insect bites?
Should i cover my bee stink with a bandage?
Is this okay to do when you have a bee bite?
Tinnitus treatment : how to cure tinnitus?
Sinus problems since my boyfriend was little, product suggestions?
What diet pills "REALLY" work? Please let me know, from experience of course. Thanks?
Alternative Medicine Practitioner?? I have questions to ask!?
Natural hair regrowth for Hereditary hair loss?
How to get on a regular sleep schedule?
Second hand cigarette smoke?
Why does it sting alittle when i pee?
Sleep/Staying awake question.?
What is wrong with me lately?
Is smoking 3-4 times a week considered an addiction?
Have you gotten a lot of allergy relief from pulling up carpet in a bedroom?
have anybody every heard someone thaughts without them moving there lips?
why do i have a bloody nose everyday?
what do i do if my daughter is allergic?
please help my cat !!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can you lose your voice fast?!?
hiv is it possible to get it by a drink?
Is it okay to feel so depressed because of mono? How can I avoid being so sad because of it?
How does Rickettsia Prowazeckii (Epidemic Typhus) reproduce?
I feel I was treated badly and very unfairly by hospital staff after I had my baby. What can I do?
Is $1,600 a fair price for a root canal and crown?
Please help me figure out dental insurance?
tooth extraction , smoking, blood clots, need answers!?
What is the best teeth treatment when your fragile dead tooth turns gray?
My joints have a sharp pain every time I run. Is it injured? Torn? Pulled?
What is the best and most affective brace for scoliosis?
how to heal my swollen ankle?
why is my shoulder popping and grinding?
I recently was physically injured and am recovering slowly,?
i am really sensitive to cigarette smoke...?
Why are my lips going numb all of a sudden?
It feels like I have something stuck in my throat. What could this be?
Will Bronchitis go away on its own eventually?
ok i have been to the hospital almost every other day?
tonsillitis infection help?
Needs help quitting smoking?
I Have A Sore Throat And The More Meds. I Take The Worse It Gets , HELP ! ( Please(: )?
Clean my room or go to bed?????
What will happen if you never go to sleep?
what are some reasons for an antibiotic's inability to kill a bacterial cell?
Anyone scared of getting HIV as much as I am?
Is bacterial meningitis "contagious"?
How can a mouth swab show abuse of a medication?
can someone who has hiv without treatment suddenly show symptoms after fifteen years.?
Get piece of grass (I think) out of my eye?
How can I re-certify as an EMT?
Has anyone had a cast.?
I have a blood blister at the tip of my finger for a month now and it doesnt want to heal.?
Paramedic/Emergency Medical Technitian side effects?
How do i stop a runny nose without medicines?
what pills get you high?
How many 15mg oxys can a person take before they kill themself?
Sore throat remedies?
Does anyone know any all natural medication for ADHD?
y dose my friend smoke pot?
If i continually take Advil PM after waking from sleep will i be able to sleep for extended periods of time?
My calf muscles keep twitching!!!!?
Tonsillectomy, Septoplasty?
How do I unplug my right ear?
does taking a laxative when you are not constipated cause health issues? Will it do any harm?
Home work help stress Management Please.?
I am going out of my mind, I have asked for help for depression and not getting it all i think about is death,?
Help, body image question?
My roommate talks and throws fits in her sleep is there any way to help her?
Why do I misspeak so much?
ive had jaw pain for 3months?
i have a dental abscess and pain's killing me?
Help! Sand feeling when i put my teeth together.?
Problem with my gums/jaw?
teeth my little sister just got her teeth cleaned?
my wisdom teeth are crooked?
My gums are constantly bleeding...?
how can i get rid of a itchy head?
I laughed and rice went up my nose..?
I have allergies!! what can i do?
I think I am allergic to the house?
a girl fell down on the stairs and now has a cut on her head?
What type of Shoulder Injury?
Doctor not able to find cervix while doing pap smear?
What are your thoughts on health care?
can i use lense solution to rinse/clean my eyes pleeeaassee answerrrr!!!!!?
Who much time would it take to have a good nights sleep?
Do i have a kidney stone?
How can I stop myself biting down on my teeth when I sleep?
What was the blue light when putting braces on for?
My bottom two front teeth ache after wisdom tooth extraction. Why?
Help, Are my teeth yellow?
fixing my gap in my teeh for good?
What are the risks regarding teeth whitening, if any?
do i need to take physics if i want to become a dentist hygienist?
My permanent tooth is kinda moving.. just KINDA?
Is this appendix failure?
Why isn’t immunity passed down genetically?
how to prevent a sore throat?
This is about Vaccines some help ?
sinus infection or cold? and is it contagious?
I keep getting recurring cold/flu like symptoms every two-three weeks? Can anybody help me?
How quickly can the cold virus affect you just after you catch it?
Does periclean synthetic urine really work?
Is there a fast & easy way to quit smoking?
Why couldn't big pharmaceutical companies make money on homeopathy if they wanted to?
What are some common well known Blocked and Runny nose Cure?
What's this on my nose?
I think I swallowed a piece of my stitch from my wisdom teeth operation...?
Will I get a cavity?--- Description below.?
Elastics on braces / can't eat?
Braces....and teeth pulled?
Does brushing your teeth make the "munchies" go away?
My retainer doesn't fit any more?
are ear infections contagious?
Do I have pink eye or something else?
What can of symptoms are these? what can it be?
Can you get aids from meat? (lol...read)?
Should I seek medical attention about the nail that punctured my foot today?
im 14 years old and i have a really bad pain in my knee what does it mean?
What are good medicines to take if I have gas? I can't swallow pills and I need to take it on a plane with me.?
All I want is to sleep.?
What happens if I leave whole body fish oil out!?
How many triple c's (Coricidin) should i take to get high?
Where do health food stores buy their products from?
I talk in my sleep now... why do I?
is schizophrenia hard to live with?
I felt like i was not in my own body. Like in the film being john malkovich?
I feel so depressed, can someone please cheer me up?
Why can't I ever sleep in?
If i admit i want to die could i be sectioned?
What should i Do? i have depression?
Is Sitting Down for a long time Really THAT bad?
OTC sleep aid (diphenhydramine HCl) question?
how do you clear a stuffy nose (quick??!?!!)?
constant low blood sugar?
Can Two Months of Smoking Leave your Lungs in bad shape?
will cardio help me burn off a fever causing illness?
i swallowed tin foil about the size of a quarter will i be okay i'm scared help me please!?
When I get up from a sofa after a long time , my eyes black-outs and I see nothing around. After 10 seconds or?
How do I know if my ankle is sprained or fractured?
how to dry out a wound?
What did I do to my back?
will boxing with a sprained wrist make it worse?
What can I do to not be so phobic of getting the stomach flu.I get so terrified around this time of yearit is?
My boyfriend has mono, do I have it to?
How do you know if you have tapeworms?
i've just heard from a friend that u can possibly infected by hiv if u kiss a infected person "french kiss" an?
How many endemic diseases do you know?
Can I refuse sedation at the dentist?
help! i have a question about teeth...?
Is it normal for one side of the face to be a little more swollen than the other after wisdom teeth removal?
I've never been to the dentist. Is that bad?
Rubber bands on braces?What should i do?
Can I move my braces to the inside?
Major Case of Poison Ivy, Clearly Allergic. Help!!!!?
if you are allergic to ants and you get bit by one whatshould you do?
My maltese has sniffed something up her nose.?
is sleeping for 6-7 hours and taking a 2 hour nap the same as a full 10 hours of sleep?
My ears ring when it is quiet in a room?
Chapped Lips problem?
What Exactly Just Happened to Me?
Frontline Plus safe for use on humans?
Are steroids natural or is it made in a laboratory?
Does mint water help you stay hydrated durring rolling?
Sports medicine question/ kinesiology.?
Can I do yoga in the afternoon?
What's the best prescription sleep aid for severe insomnia?
Is 250,000 IU of vitamin A about same as Accutane?
Best way to get rid of a cold?
too many showers? please help!?
I slept for 12 hours, and woke up 5 minutes ago. Should i eat something?
What do you like about being an RN and what DONT you like about your job?
Does Calcium make you constipated?
My face tingles and I'm often dizzy, why?
i cant concentrate when i clean my room?
I walked in on my sister trying to kill herself..?
How to be Confident (20 Characters)?
Do I have symptoms of Bi-Polar (Manic-Depression) ?
how to deal with the one year anniversary of the death of a loved one?
Celexa and trazodone...nightmares?
Corrupt dentist trying to get more money?
why do I have bad breath?
Why do I have frequent cavities despite taking care of my teeth?
Can you get sick/diseases from using public restrooms?
Will I Throw Up?????
What are a few examples of Viruses?
How do you get Poliomyelitis (Polio) ?
How to get a real fever?
storing medication in extreme temperature conditions?
Please tell me any option for completely curing this allergy?
hi guys, iam having allergy to the oils that we use to cook .any solutions you guys suggest for this?
is you break your nose badly enough...?
I got a piece of metal stuck in my finger. Debating what I should do?
Insurance and surgery cost?
What do people do, who were denied disability SSI who were eligible?
What can I do to stop my eyelids from twitching?
How long can i remain under my parents health insurance?
A small sleeping problem?
Why is my nose clogged when I sleep?
how old do u have to be to smoke a cigarette in texas?
did you quit smokeing what helped you quit?
Are all natural products good for you?
if your urine is clear does that mean your clean from thc?
Am I getting sonething?
Help me!!!!!!!!! Is a month long enough 2 clean my system of THC for a military drug test?
will smoking balck tea or any kind of tea kill you?
why do i freak out when my nails are painted?
What is wrong with me?
Why did they cut all of my clothes off in the E.R.?
What's wrong with me I feel dizzy all the time?
if i smoked weed about a year ago..?
I am always tired and get weak at certain points of the day. This has been going on for a year. HELP!?
Too much halloween candy, feeling sick?
Filling Removed Still hurts should i get a silver one?
How long will i need to have braces for?
How many teeth in your mouth ?
It looks like my front tooth is moving after braces?
Should i go to the ortho?
Plz help me with my ct scan of my sinus..?
Wha kind of allergic reaction is this?
Toliet gets clogged every time?
What else can I do to help ease it a little?
How would you behave toward a fellow student whom everyone suspects has the Marfan syndrome?
Why does Tourette's Syndrome seem to be seen mostly in children and teens? Do some people grow out of it?
Do I have Bi Polar Disorder?
What is very common disease?
What is wrong with me? Anyone have a dignosis?
I'm getting welts for no reason?
Does anyone know anything that would help, or could recommend something holistic? I need help?
what is this slimy stuff coming out of my body?
Can head lice be contracted from sitting in a chair?
i haven't seeing my period in twomonths and i sometimes feel on and off fever,weakness and noncios?
What dose a water bed feel like?
Anyone have Fibromyalgia? How do you treat it?
Should I use antidepressants?
Hi, I would like to know if eating soy foods affects my tyroid gland...I have hypothyroidism since I was 10 yr?
Will someone help me get rid of my anxiety?
hard lumps behind both ears?
Crohn's disease and scholarships.?
How do you guys determine when you feel really comfortable with a physician?
Can head lice jump, fly or hop from person to person?
Why cant i fall asleep?
Why was healthcare passed?
How long will NyQuil make you sleep for?
Do pharmacies have 'patients' or 'customers'?
I have a liter of cola that has 108 grams of sugar. how much would be in 1mL?
I don't want that my parents know that I have a problem so how can I go to a psychiatrist?
How is coke sold, very important. Please help.?
If you get hospitalized a certain amount of times, do you get committed long-term?
Social Anxiety Disorder?
I feel miserable, and don't know if I want to live?
what's a incurable but treatable disease that you live with all your life...?
How can I get my voice back?
Will I most likely be getting this surgery?
Can non lactose intolerant people drink Lactaid?
septoplasty surgery questions!?
How do I say in french "I am allergic to soy milk, but soyalecithin is OK."?
okay so im highly allergic to cats but i really want one as a pet?
how to play computer less?
What is the best way to discontinue taking zoloft if it is having really negative effects?
what is the best diuretic to use if you are taking prescription ones?
I would like to know how long will take?
Am I going to be short?? ?
how long will xanax remain in system?
are my eye's getting worse?
What do I have and how can I cure it?
I just noticed a few days ago that I can't stop tapping my right foot...?
Sitting in a sunny window?
will coffee wake me up?>?
Cerebral Palsy and Driving?
what is the difference between immunity and vaccination ?
the doctor told me I have more white blood cells?
is it okay to kiss if we both have the cold?
Do hospitals test for HIV when you are admitted into the hospital?
Which Whitening toothpaste whitens teeth the best?
How can I take my braces off?
Is it safe to wrap your teeth in aluminum foil so people can think you're a rapper?
i just got my tooth extracted but ran out of gauze can i use cotton wall instead?
I need to see a dentist, but have no insurance?
Getting braces on wednesday? (:?
my appendix? am i having an appendicitis attack? please help!?
Please read. VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my deaf grandma needs to be in a nursing home but doesn't qualify for medicaid?
Can i take Codiene if i am allergic to Morphine?
Can you be allergic to baking soda?
Any difference between different types of diphenhydramine hydrochloride?
I got a piece of a granola bar stuck in my throat!?
If you have infection and are taking keflex but ran out, is it safe to switch to penicillin?
I got braces yesterday and He didnt let me get colors for my braces?
How can i get rid of mouth blisters from braces?
question about getting a top molar pulled?
Why did his gums start bleeding when he was eating carmel?
Dentist please! :( 10 points!!!?
i think i might have food poisoning what should i do?
can I get rid of marrijuana in my system within a week?
How to get fever!!?? help?
is diarrhea spelt like diarrhea or diarrhoea?
I got the flu shot on Friday. Look at this picture and tell me if this is a normal reaction?
What kind of disease would this be?
can you request a cast after a knee surgery?
Ankle sprain or broken?
Mental illness question!!?
problem with my mum, am I being irrational?
Do i sleep too much?(please read)?
Why do I keep forgetting everyday words?
My doctor made me feel a lot worse?
I always feel sad, I can't laugh, I feel depress, I deserve to be hurt? How do I end it?
Self harm.. need help recovering/strategies?
I found a lump above my ear worried?
What is it called when you start feeling the symptoms of an illness you think you have?
Is there a specific diagnosis for why I get panic attacks and feel like fainting whenever I hurt myself?
can a mental disease cause someone to be violent?
is this restless leg syndrome?
why am i so tired lately and just feel like sleeping?
Is it OK to sleep for 4 hours and then go for jogging and then come back and sleep for 4 hours again?
Sinus Congestion for 4 months now?
i bought this herbal incense and it said on it "not for human consumption" so i decided to smoke it but now i?
This doesnt sound right to me.....?
Suggest alternate medicine for migrine?
do they put a tens unit under the skin?
Whats occupational medicine/physical medicine and rehabilitation? 10 points for first helpful answer?
Any Advice? (Marijuana Related)?
Is Acetazolamide a barbiturate?
Does anyone know if you can get rid of acid reflux or do you just have to live with it all your life?
How do i know whether i have a kidney infection or not/?
Oil in stools?? Please help?
I was wondering about my condition, can you help me?
Is This Autism? Please answer me.?
Won't go to a doctor :/?
what are some causes of frequent headaches?
How do you get rid of a sore throat ??!!?
how do people get ulcers? what are some symptoms that lets you know you have ulcers?
Why is it when someone has taken antibiotics to help?
I have a sore throat what do you suggest I do?
can i drink milk if i have a fever?
how to tell if someone has alcohol poisoning?
Teenager = Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Does gallbladder surgery result in stomach pains and diarrhea every time I eat following the surgery?
there is blood in my poo what should i do?
Huntington's Disease?
Are my feet big for a girl?
myopic macular degeneration?
How to stop nail biting?
Questions about becoming a massage therapist?
can hard thrusting bruise woman's urethra, resulting in urinary tract infection?
how do deductibles work in health insurance?
Why am I always sick and tired?
I fel really nauseous right now and my medication isn't working...?
are all hospitals harsh?
Tooth Feels Funny After Getting Fillings?
What do you think? My dentist told me that my wisdom teeth are already coming in, but not to remove them until?
question about my teeth?
Am I going to fine without a dental checkup for a while?
all 4 wisdom teeth removal and recovery?
Does anybody else find it hard to keep mouthwash in for a minute?
hemorrhoid, please help... (responses severely needed)?
Lets do this again .Bottled water gets bad after its been in the sun . So what if you boil it?
AutoImmune Dieases- Fatty Liver?
My pulse rate is 96 BPM, and I'm having various other symptoms as well?
What is this medical condition in babies?
would blood test show things wrong with the brain?
Do you think OCD is a possibility?
what are some nursing diagnoses for cholangitis?
(I recently started taking Uloric for my Gout. Is burning while I pee a possible side effect?
Will hypothyroid pills help me lose weight?
Flu symptoms need relief!!!!?
I have a serious cold and it's not getting cured?
Undercooked meat and possible toxo exposure?
What's the best flu medicine?
the blood infection is danger?
I think i have gallstones?
If you where contact lenses for 16 hours a day will the oxeygen be cut off and will it affect your eysight?
Is Medicare the same thing as universal health care? Are all systems that are called Medicare run the same way?
How do I help myself fall asleep?! PLEASE ANSWER!?
Justin bieber obsessed help me?
anybody ever try meth?
Does anybody know of any places in the Tacoma Washington area to look for psilocybin mushrooms?
Uneasy about girlfriend smoking incense (K4, Kush etc)?
How do you treat a gunshot wound?
Question about the medication Topamax?
what is a good way to help gain self confidence?
My gf is a saddist, please help me. ?
I'm very stressed from exams, can't sleep, and crying.. How can I overcome this sickness?
What is anemia and can it kill you? Can it be cured?
I know this seem silly but...?
Can you become lactose intolerant for a 2ND TIME??
What type of symptoms with the eyes does someone with MS (multiple sclerosis) have?
Scoliosis questions?!?
I think i have some kind of disease here are my symptoms?
How do I urinate easier and without pressure?
Is it possible to be allergic to chicken?
My son had have allergy with dust , how we get non-allergenic furnitures?
I think I may have broken or sprained my foot...?
Is there something to put over your cast so you can get it wet?
REALLY SORE ANKLE:( PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
did i break my pinky toe?
My knee is really hurting, HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Gun wound recovery in hospital?
Can A person die from MS?
Yellow vomit and diarrhea (6 year old)?
After about a year of heavily drinking (every day) how long will it take for ones liver to recover?
Blood hematocrit is 36, how to raise it?
Moderate Hypertension?
Are there things an MRI or MRA can find that a CT scan couldn't find?
which antipyratics to be given in jaundice?
Should I just go to the clinic?
Did I faint or just severe head rush?
when a person cracks his or her knuckle whats is actually happening?
Do u think we would get extreme make over home edition to come to our house ? ( read all ) No rude answersASAP?
if you didn't have health insurance and have a bad eye where would you go to get your eyes check?
i have antibodies of hepatitus B in my blood n i am vaccinated can i donate blood to anyone?
Why cant you get the flu shot when your sick?
How do i know if i have worms in me?
i have mono symptoms help :(?
can i give the parvo shot alone at 2 weeks?
What are the chances of me getting a stomach flu?
i have gallstones what should i do?
why is my 17 year old son losing his vision?
What happened to me? someone help pls.?
Feeling extremely sick. What should I do?
Voice inside my head.?
i need to stay awake how ?
Sudden onset of dizziness with a cold?
Please help! No blood or bacteria in urine but constant need and urgency to urinate!?
How do I get rid of panic disorder?
Milk bothers my stomach...?
do i have a big nose?
Anyone know much about the incense K2? I heard its got synthetic thc in it thats even stronger than natural?
Im puking green !?!?!?
good remedies for staying awake?
best rolling paper for weed?
How much time it takes to cure dengue ?
how do you get hyperthyroidism on purpose?
I think I may have an under active thyroid, what should I do?
What is this? Sort of like vertigo?
I stopped eating 2 days ago but I get a sick feeling sometimes, will that ever go away?
Am I allgeric to mirapex?
My friend told my teacher im anorexic?
How to treat ongoing jaw pain after a broken jaw?
I have pain from my teeth when i eat sweets....... not all the time and i dont have any decay?
Direct application of tooth paste onto a cavity?
What does having 4 wisdom teeth mean?
Strange squishy lump on my gums?
why am i always so anxious for no reason?
why do i feel somewhat turned on..?
How do u deal with someone close to you being a skeleton?
Mistake at work...How do I recover?
how do you stop cutting yourself?
Why can't the common cold be cured?
red sore lump after getting flu shot yesterday?
do i have appendicitis?
how to get rid of soar throat?
what does epidemiology mean? I dont get the dictionary definition!?
Is there a supplement or something that would help get rid of the ringing in my ears?
What is wrong with me!?!?!?
My fingernails are blue?!?
Cloudy Urine with white tissue like substance.?
chronic fatigue and gastropuresis?
Tips for sleeping well? Help please!?
Do I have Scoliosis? I'm going to an orthopedic surgeon?
19 year old with blood in his stool, and diarrhea?
Being drunk about 10 times on Alcohol cant damage a person, right?
How long can a person stay awake per hours of sleep?
Can lack of food cause trouble?
Why am I tired after school but not when I lay down?
Where can I sell my blood plasma in Santa Cruz, CA?
is there any way i can close a gash besides sowing?
anything i can use in my home will help?
what is everthing in the first aid kit for?
question about a cut on my finger?
How can I get fluid out of my middle ear?
I feel a cold coming on. What do I do to stop it before it gets worse?
What are signs of lice?
my 32 yr old husband had a seizure?
Am I lactose intolerant?
I am trying to find Tinnitus Relief Formula ?
How much water is okay to have at one time?
Bloody stool and severe stomach cramps?
Will 6 benadryl allergy kill a 100 pound girl?
Does one injection of heroin leave a mark?
Help, I'm too lazy to get up and get a glass of water?
How long will oxycodone stay in my system?
Over the counter medication for PMDD?
is it bad to take expired Valium? It's 11 years old.. it's still in perfect condition though?
Shaky Vision? What is causing this?
whats wrong with me?I sleep more than 12 hours now a days???): Help me!!!?
I received a Meningococcal vaccine shot yesterday on my arm and now the area around the shot is swollen and...?
Am I Nocturnal? I need help. Please look into this.?
Has anyone tried "Electric Cigarettes" and been able to quit smoking?
How long does it take to recover from a hernia repair?
I way overdosed on blood pressure and hour ago but i fell no different should i be worried?
Is this a good sign or a bad sign?
help me please?!?!?!?
exhausted and out of breath after eating pizza?
Food makes me feel sick?
why do i never get sick ?
Is there another flu vaccine that someone who is allergic to eggs can take?
When should I be worried that regular food poisoning is actually e coli poisoning?
How long do hives last and can it be cured?
If you Have braces can you buy whitening things for your teeth?
When I smile you can see my gums. Unattractive?
Where to buy teeth whitening gum?!?
i got my tonsils out today will the bb go?
Need advice on this strange problem........?
how can you get addicted to reading?
Why do you think my husband is telling our friends I am crazy?
will journaling help me overcome rape?
Weed gives permanent damage/fear?
Another UTI question!?
what is cancer what does it look like and what damage does it do?
my friend is bulimia and i have no idea what to do?
tylenol extra strenght, 16 years old, in school exactly now, i took maybe 8 or more than 10 tylenol extra stre?
My boyfriend needs surgery. I'm scared for him. :( Can someone tell me what's causing this problem?
I have Rheumatoid Arthritis my legs are giving out first, can i try for ssd i am a senior citizen?
about how many times a day should someone use the bathroom if they have diahrrea?
I have mild COPD with Emphysema, a few days ago my lungs felt inflamed and raw with shortness of breath, I?
what do i do for a childs ear ache?
My ear is full of water?
HELP! I got something stuck in my ear!?
I have a cut-stitches needed?
i got super glue all over my fingers. how do i get it off? HELP?
is coffee bad for your health ?
Is "Gluten Free" important?
Does anyone have a diet for someone with virtually no kidney function, but unable to take dialysis?
What causes your eyes to twitch?
Why do I get this insane pain on the side of my head?
Heard my sternum crack during a wrestling match. Fractured or bruised?
Have you ever had a "full body massage"?
How come I've never had a hangover?
best e-cig affiliate program?
Interested in E-Cigar?
Is there any herb that is really an aphrodisiac?
How should I sit when using the computer to avoid health problems?
Will THC show up on a regular blood test.?
Will aerogramme paper work as rolling paper?
which is a better male enhancement pill?
Could I be allergic to this lip gloss?
How long after you eat can you have an allergic reaction?
Allergy problems! I'm miserable, help me!!!?
Could I be allergic to milk or is this normal?
What is one disease that can take place in the muscular system?
Hi im twelfve and what is this?
how did you break your wrist? please answer im not guna try!?
What to do to help a hurt leg, Maybe pulled muscle?
Got a hangover and have work in 4 hours?
Ive had these blisters on the back of my ankles for a long period of time?
What food can I eat with braces?
Wisdom teeth question...?
My new braces hurt soo bad..?
Braces?? Help, please!!! :)?
do braces hurt????????????
Does coke cause tooth decay?
How can I make my teeth whiter?
How to treat and cure diarrhea?
My stomach is KILLING me and I feel like I need to barf but I can't?
How quickly would you expect to see side effects from a vaccine?
how to cure sore eyes?
how severe is a blood clot in the leg?
What are causes of Autism and Asperger's syndrome?
Can you transfer strep throat to an open wound on your hand like a cut?
Could I have Strep Throat?
Is there anything that can be done to prevent a flu when exposed to friends who have had it?
Why do I always like browsing the "infectious diseases" section? lol?
What does it mean when you have blood in your stool?
Infection help me plz?
When asked why we haven't quit smoking yet?
Accidentally took more Levothyroxine then needed, freaking out help!?
I need Doctor house? Seems no doctor can help?
Lately I feel really tired but I can't go to sleep?
Why do I keep getting electrocuted?!?!?
i was aneamic due to a gastric bypass?
Am I allowed to eat ramen noodles after wisdom tooth extraction?
Im having a problem with my body i find it not easy to wake up in the morning my neck and legs will be stiff?
Is anyone else suffering from post-polio syndrome? I have a ton of questions and can't find...?
Can I be prescribed Medical Marijuana for my conditions?
what are the pros and cons of cigarette smoking?
What does the hand signal mean when u display your thumb and pinky finger?? all the cool doodz do it lol?
How should I deal with a small crack at the pinky toenail?
I had the front part of my diamond earring stuck in my actual EAR this morning.. Does it damage hearing?
What type of bandage is this?
Do I have an outer ear infection or something more serious?
Please HELP!! what is wrong with me!?
My mom is getting a mastectomy and I am so scared...what to do?
Will my depression ever go away?
I tried to use a solution to clean my ear out and now it is completely blocked up. How to get it unblocked?
Being Deaf..................?
Why am I sweating so much in my bed at night, even though I only sleep in my boxers?
Please, please help me? I can't do this?
I think I have anemia?
Can over sleeping make you feel anxious?
oh goodness.. HELP ME PLEASE. 10 points?? ahhh!?
I had a kidney infection I feel sicker than I did yesturday...?
Kidney Stones-Ultrasound?
Celiac Disease Screening?
why is my 6month old one rib cage below then the other one?