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how long could you last without food?
is it possible to have a seizure from drinking to much?
how much should I sleep per night?
What is the healthiest way to walk past people who are smoking?
Free 10 Point To Best Answer,,,,?
I am sick, please help!?
what will dintist do to wisdom teeth?
If you have had or have braces please answer this!!!!?
I have some questions about braces and such!!!?
Small hole in my tooth?
Any home remedies for a broken tooth?
How to fix Bad Breath!?
Do the chiropractors heal? If not, which doctors do?
Torn ACL and MCL question?
Should i see a doctor for my hip pain?
please answer? :( Can you be in coma for just a day or does it take more time?
smoking or asthma? wheezing after exercise?
IBS + Caffeine effect?
Has anyone had experience with Bach Flowers?
Question about Pristiq, and antidepressants in general...?
what are the side effects of percocet?
I had carbon manoxide poisoning !!?
Persistent period, when should i go to the doctor?
Is it normal to have pressure in the head before a pseudo seizure?
First Time Panic Attack?
Can marijuana really help asthma?
Yellow/White Mucus: Sinus Infection or Cold?
Can i smoke cannibas every now an than?
What is the big deal peeing in the shower?
could you die in your sleep if?
What was your wisdom teeth experience like?
Clear rubber bands for your braces?
Can I eat macaroni, noodles, and lasagna after I had my four wisdom teeth taken out 6 days ago?
How much does braces/invisalign cost?
Can you have braces in for a short time?
How can I get braces?
Is my finger fractured/broken?
is my finger sprained or broken?????DOCTORS???? ANYONE??? HELP!!!!?
My ankle repeated rolls when i run. How do i help this?
What do you do if it feels like you have fluid in your bruise?
Can one have an allergy to cats?
help!!! am i allergic?
Am i allergic to fish?
Why do my ears and throat itch when I eat certain types of fruits?
How much fluid comes out when your water breaks? URGENT!!!?
Very deep bleeding cut on my pinky's knuckle!?
Little cousin took hydrocodone cough syrup he is only two?
There is a bite on my mom's arm....?
is it ok to burn poison ivy, after it has been cut and dried?
growth hormone deficiency?
is there another procedure rather than urinary catheterization?
How do I know if my friend has alcohol poisioning?
No medical insurance HELPP?
Sore throat and usually stuffy?
I think i'm getting addicted to smoking weed.........?
Why can I not get pictures of my endoscopy from my doctor?
I'm a 20 year old guy who uses sunbeds, they are starting to give me wrinkles?
how long will my mole grow back?
Is Pepcid Complete going to be back on shelves soon?
Best type of herbal incense for $20 or less.?
Can anybody help me? PLEASE!?
Is Apple Cider Vinegar any less beneficial if it is mixed with fruit juice?
what are the alternatives to alleviate scoliosis specifically for teenagers?
is there a name for this? a disorder?
I really need help mentally. Please answer if you know anything about this or can help?
what are the signs of depressions in kids under 5?
How do you cure a Hang Over?
what is the impact of smoking on children?
pneumothorax and pleurodesis?
What does non-drowsy medicin mean? Will it keep me awake all night? ?
Can you die from anxiety attack? Been wondering....?
it is healthy to sleep for 24 hours straight?
How can i bring myself to do this?
How can I stay up longer at night?
Whats the name for phobia of hospitals?
Clenching jaw in sleep?
Blood on toilet paper and in toilet but not on stool?
after taking pepto bismol my stool turned black two days later. Is this possible?
does a doc. have to draw blood to test for mono?
Cataract surgery anyone?
Getting braces again soon?
I lost taste in my mouth and it feels like a light numbness in my lower jaw.?
why do i always have bad breath?
why do my gums hurt after i brush my teath?
Getting braces off tomorrow!?
Are impressions really necessary for a retainer?
What Will take redness and swelling down down in leg from diabetes?
My eye is really itchy!?
Just started gauging my ears and puffy swollen infection?! HELP?
Small piece of mint possibly stuck in throat.?
What to do if you accidentally puncture an artery? Like your arms or neck's arteries?
i think i'm lactose intolarance?
I have had allergy with Allopathic medication. So is there any homeopathic treatment for weight loss?
Whats the solution for a swollen eye lid?
as you age does your peripheral vision get worse?
Health Insurance Need Some Advice?
How do I get THC out of my system?
I have symptoms of excessive thirst, needing to pee all the time, dry mouth and a metallic taste in my mouth i?
What would happen if I eat a penny?
Can you tell me everything you know about k2?
What is "non drowsy" cough medicine?
Can someone give me some Herbal Medicine info?
Feeling mentally drained...how to relax and be happy?
can an elderly person who has hypertension be put on a low dose of prednisone?
does lice travel or does it not?
can i take my urine sample more than 24 hours before my appointment?
does drinking water help you pass a that is for usage of meth?
I think i have pneumonia!!! what to do?
How long will a line of cocaine be in my urine, if I never do it?
16 yrs old, recently started having knee pain while running. No sports or injury, what are possible problems?
Does Clinique work well to get rid of acne scars?
does rubbing tomatoe on your face help acne?
What is a really good hydrating and exfoliating facial treatment for dry skin?
Is it possible there's a raisin in my lung?
Chest Wall Pain for 2 days. ER dr says it's non cardiac?
how can i order an Albuterol (or generic) inhaler online without a perscription?
Are there any benefits of high Hemoglobin?
I think I have Sports/Exercise Induced Asthma, but...?
What kind of mental illness is it when someone mishears you often?
I wanna break my addiction to technology.?
I need some advice, I'm not sure which section to ask this in?
i must be mentel.....?
I can't pay attention/keep my focus when I'm out; do I need to change something?
Can anyone recommend an over the counter medicine that can get rid of congestion in my ear?
what can i take to get xanax and vicodin out of my system by tomorrow?
Why is this happening (sleep)?
Help I got Braces Today ?
help with my braces!!!!?
is getting you wisdom teeth removed painful?
Ways to whiten your teeth?
I'm getting braces in 2 months.. I'm thinking about getting the colors blue & orange. What do you think?
I'm wanting to get caps on all my front teeth. I'm only 26. Do you think I'm too young. Will they last?
How can I get my wife to quit smoking?
Can you scratch your ear through your nose?
i have a huge boil. will that burst by itself or should i do something ?
I got a nickel sized blood blister on my hand?
Cut a vein, is very swollen?
Anorexia Questions: School Project? ?
How much does a fasciotomy cost?
can you take of the part of the cochlear implant that is attached to your head and what is a cochlear implant?
do you have to wear hearing aids in bed?
Possible Mental Disease? I don't know what's going on?
What are the odds that I'm going to develop Multiple Sclerosis?
What are the symptoms of cat allergy?
Why my nose is always blocked?
Is it possible to develop Allergies towards cats AFTER 40 years?
Why do i have bloody noses at this time of year?
Which of the following do you feel is the most serious problem for citizens of the United States?
Why can't I discuss more than one health issue per appointment with my doctor?
how badly do cigarette burns hurt?
Sinus infection with some hearing loss?
I'm 20 years old and my toe nail died. Would it grow back?
How do you cut yourself properly?
I did nothing to hurt my toe but...?
What would i have to do exactly?
Will I die from mixing Percocet with Alcohol?
What are the benefits of virgin coconut oil? Thanks?
how can i find out if ive been given fake pills?
Bad sore throat and ear pain, already took meds?
Has anybody heard about someone dying from smoking weed?
is this pneumonia or bronchitis. help :(?
Sleep Apnea - How do I stay awake?
Does anyone suffer from daily Phlegm?
Nose bleed! Then I spit out blood?
Terrible sweating during the night?
What are theses all symptoms off?
If you have a thyroid condition, can you have symptoms similar to ocd?
wha is considered heavy cocaine use?
What must be done when witnissing someone having seizure right in front of your eyes?
My mom had a seizure & she wants to go to breakfast?
What is recommended before what - brushing teeth and dental floss, or vice versa?
does getting braces hurt?
How long would I need to wear a retainer post-braces?
My teeth have been hurting a lot. some feel loose. ?
what color should i get for braces?
Help! I am dating a dentist but I am embarrassed of my teeth, how do I get them looking better?
teeth bonding on gap teeth?
How badly do braces hurt?
looking plastic surgeon in Delhi Near My Area?
How can I fall asleep on Ritalin?
So I just smoked my first cigarette.?
Sprained ankle, should I use crutches?
How do I break my foot without it hurting?
Please, please help?!? ASAP, thank you!?
If i take painkillers such as perks,morphine. will i be able to play with a stress fracture in my lower back?
can stress make you not eat enough or not be hugry?
How many vicodin would a 150 pound girl have to take to kill herself?
Schizophrenia Question?
im really going to snap here ,my dads actions are pushing me over the edge and i feel like leaving it all behi?
Any ideas for an "outlet"? I'm a cutter and need some ideas.?
i am going to the doctors to get help for my depression but..?
I'm a perfectionist... but I think I'm taking things a bit too far...?
Crooked pinky finger..?
Blister help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Band Aids ripping off my skin?
how to induce vomiting quickly/easily?
What is the solution for a partial black eye and swelled up cheek(from a punch)?
helpp ! i have somethinq stuck in my eye ! do you have any way i can get it out ? ?
I pee a lot, occasionallu have blood in stool, and have a small lump in the fron of my leg near the thigh?
sounds strange but could i be allergic to bleach?
If you were allergic to wasps, could a sting close up your throat?
Do I have allergies? If so, to what?
Am i allergic to chocolate?
how can i improve my eyesight?
using dxm to get high..?
How much does it cost to visit a doctor?
where can i buy k2 or Herbal Incense?
Should I go to the hospital if...?
I have to have a cast on for 3 weeks. will my calf look any different, skinnier, or weaker?
Pain just under the knee caps any help?
Can a dentist make a retainer or orthodontist?
does a retainer gag you when they put it in or when its in your mouth?
Im getting teeth pulled!!!!?
How do you know if you wisdom teeth are decaying?
What happens if you accidentally swallow a hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening pre-rinse product?
Excruciating tooth pain?
is it possible for a 17 year old boy to get arthritis?
PLEASE help me??? :(?
Have you had this pain with Multiple sclerosis?
Could this be a severe infection?
Sleeping problems, maybe insomnia? I'm 18?
can you get ink poison from smoking receipts?
Which sickness is worse? ?
Are there any over the counter medicine that works; for a mild case of walking pneumonia?
how long should i wait to smoke?
My friend has rib problems?
If a person with COPD doesn't stop smoking how long will she live.?
WILL I GET SICK?????????????????????????
is it true if your bleeding in brain it can then leak down and come out your nose and never stop?
can you have numbness from a pinched nerve?
i got punched in the stomach? HELP PLEASE!?
wait to go swimming after i get my stitches out?
How long does it take a first degree burn to heal?
dissolvable stitches?
Does anyone know the equivalent of Neosporin or Polysporin in Europe? Specifically the Netherlands?
I tripped four hours ago, and my knee is still in intense pain?
Why do I feel dizzy/nauseous/dry mouth?
what is the medical condition where you excessively self-diagnose yourself?
is there something wrong with my bowel movement?
I have a terrible stomach ache and a feeling like throwing up after eating all the time?
If someones mouth releases blood during a seizure does that mean they will die?
Which is NOT characteristic of pernicious anemia?
Can I still fill the prescription?
Does law of attraction realy works.?
Has anyone ever had a coffee enema? Is it helpful?
Will laxative mess up my organs?
Where can I find a good and safe self-injury chat room online?
Why is my ankle still swollen?
Could this be the early stages of an eating disorder?
Are all of these safe to take together?
Is there a help for depression? ?
what's the best option in this case? study all night or go to bed early?
how do i deal with a bipolar boyfriend?
Should I stay up whole night?
How to deal with suicidal tendacies ?
Am I Allergic to Turkey?
Can too much cinnamon be fatal? *10 POINTS!*?
How to stay awake after taking benadryl?
Emergency. puked blood :?
can someone please find me a list of medications not to be taken with asthma?
how to stop smoking ?
are e-cigarettes bad for your lungs and can they cause cancer?
what is the over the counter medication you should not take when you have asthma?
Where can we find a doctor that can help save a beautiful life?
Is there any medical help for me?
Antibiotic stuck in throat!?
Why do my bones crack so much?
Insomnia? Can't sleep, please help.?
How old for a Cartalige Piercing?
What is it like living with autism?
If you smoke but dont take it back is there a hazzard?
what does blood in your urine mean?
Has anyone had kidney infection/stones before?
what would make me lean to the right?
do retainers straighten teeth?
10 Points !!! Why are there so many different types of Crest Whitestrips? What is the difference between them?
How much will invisilign cost between my MassHealth and my Delta Dental *Premeir insurance?
EXTEREME Knee pain!! What will happen?
My Knee has been hurting for a long time now?
if i fell from a fourth floor balcony would i die or just be paralyzed?
Do I have a concussion?
Why can't I stop getting up in the middle of the night to pee?
If my doctor asks, should I tell her I smoke weed?
Are hand veins unique to each person?
Am I Over Doing It or Am I Being Silly?
Grandmother started hallucinating overnight, not better after week on antibiotics?
What is the best way to quit smoking?
Female with trouble emptying bladder?
Zoloft...What are your thoughts on taking this or if you take it,did it work for you?
Medical Maryjuana? Who would know?
anyone know a website that has the science behind native american herbal remedies,?
can you get dope sick from smoking opium?
too much caffeine.. ?
why does my cut burn?
witch is better for swelled leg hot or cold?
I cut my thumb why is it itching?
What could my boyfriend have (he has chronic sinus headaches)?
How do i fix my lisp? help pleasee?
What causes deafness?
a man on meth VS a man on pcp... who wins that fight?
what system are the thyroid, thymus, and adrenal glands found in?
15 years old, dizziness neausea blindness upon standing- wtf is wrong with me?
do braces hurt when u get them and do braces and a retainer look funny together?
Oral surgery stich came out?
Can tap water harm teeth?
My teeth are all crooked! How can I straighten them?
how can I whiten my teeth if I have braces?
Braces tomorrow morning?!?!?
What are some things you can do to sleep better?
Can you call a suicide hot line if...?
Why is it not normal to look up peoples address?
My father is beginning to nag constantly...what do i do about my self-esteem?
Should I make an appointment for counseling?
Is it possible to go through life not knowing you have ADD, ODD, or ADHD?
Pyschiatric ward after attempted suicide?
good pets for allergies?
I am afraid that I may be allergic to bees.?
Is the powder in latex gloves flour?
what are those masks called that construction workers wear when they knock down walls so they wont breath dust?
why am i having trouble breathing?
Is it true that people who have asthma have bad breath most of the time?
i am always sick for years?
does pulmonary fibrosis web your lungs?
I recently had a panic attack?
Feel really sick, how to stop it?
Is my cut on my arm infected? (photo)?
should i go to a hospital if i got punched in the face and have a hole through my lip?
Am I eligible for Medicaid?
Female: pain under left breast?
Do I have a urinary tract infection (UTI)?
do you feel asleep when you get a sedative?
how do you stay awake during class?
How distinct is the "pop" sound when you tear your ACL?
i pulled my friends chair when she was about to sit?
Frequent nosebleeds in the last two days..?
What will the doctor say to me? (anorexia)?
What are some illness or disease relating to lack of nutrients?
What could be wrong with him?
What would be a good way to cure down syndrome?
Help me stop popping my fingers?
Does tums work for indigestion due to the overconsumption of human limbs?
medical terminology class. what does this mean: 28 y.o. G6T2P2A1L2?
do people require more sleep as they age?
cobra running out, unemployed need help now?
Smoked a cig, at risk to relapse?
Is it possible to have bad vision...?
Braces for 2 weeks and the pain's long gone?
how to get teeth whiter?
Where do they put metal bands on braces?
My boyfriend has bad breath?
How long will the numbness take to go away? (cavity filling)?
Dentist/teeth pain not sure what to do?
I cut my finger and might have infected it?
Is there such thing as becoming an EMT in a summer?
How can I make the burn of sunburn go away or dull down?
is it natural for my ear to sound plugged and ring when i have an ear infection?
anesthesia help please?
I took 3 Oxycoden pills, on the pills they say "512," (there is no letter) is this dangerous?
do electronic wristbands work for seasickness?
How can I stop throwing up?!?!?
are shrooms and dxm the same in any ways?
Dropping acid and recovery?
Why is my blood black?
I got a bad burn but i don't know if its serious?
I burnt the tip of my nose, how do I make it heal faster?
In 2.5 months i have had 4 bladder infections and much more?
Are these medical symptoms or something that I should share with a family or doctor?
Is there a low cost form of protonix?
What's is this sleep condition called?
What is the difference between MR and low functioning autism?
Blood clots in mucus?
What could be causing dizziness and blurred vision?
Body unable to turn CO2 into OXYGEN ? Breathless info please?
What is the exact region of the nasal cavity that is receptive to smell?
Random Chest Pains Need Answers.?
Why was i breathing heavily.?
What happens if you leave pneumonia untreated?
Is my cut on my arm infected?
I pulled my quad. How can i get it to hurt less?
How can I get to sleep at night? I just don't get tired!?
My family is becoming very whiny, what should I do?
Y does other people yelling make me upset and/or depressed?
A bit of a strange question - why did i do this?
I am an old virgin (28) and my boyfriend (40) makes fun of me about it and says I am abnormal?
Do i have depression?
A question for all self-harmers?
Is there a way to get rid of allergies without having to take any medicine?
Can I be Allergic to perfume?
what do nose bleeds mean?
Do I have a torn ACL, or sprained MCL.?
Both of my thighs hurt really bad and are swollen,what could do I do?
I hit my head today on a truck door, bulge on forehead now, what could it be?
Does anyone know for sure if xanax (alprazolam) will interfere with birth control?
Does anyone know what this could be?
My doctors do not seem to listen to my problems?
Xanax and 5 Hour Energy?
What's the difference between Cocaine and MDMA?
seeking medical advice about garlic?
How to choose the right weed?
What should I do as a 15yr old that has 12 months to live?
How much candied Ginger for nausea?
If all my blood tests came back normal, and my ALT, AST, and bilirubin is at NORMAL levels, is my liver ok?
bite behind ear and lump on neck?
Whats wrong with me O.O!?
Is it okay to put peroxide in your nose to help a small cut?
how old you have to be to get your teeth whiten ?
orthodontics, do i need to pay all the bracing cost at the beginning or during several months?
braces? best answer 11point?
i just got springs for my braces?
Best toothpaste for bad breath?
How do you get a goodnight sleep without tossing & turning all night, or having a hard time getting to sleep?
Do hospitals keep a patients telemetry records and nurses reports on file?
I would like to know if Kathy, who a few hours ago wanted to drink a whole bottle of Nyquil, was doing okay.?
Why do i sometimes have a stabbing pain in my lungs when i breathe in?
Health Insurance Question?
How to sleep out whole night in 3hours?
About how much would it cost to see a doctor to cure my UTI?
What is the serum they use for TB test?
Do you or anyone you know suffer from an immune disorder such as allergies, asthma, or leukemia? How does this?
Do my lungs heal themselves after i quit smoking for good?
Why did I start coughing 3 months from quitting smoking?
Smoking Cessation And Weight Maintenance?
Does anybody has tachycardia ? ?
i got a tuberculosis test yesterday and theres a big red dot can that mean ive been exposed?
Back/neck injury pain question?
IS it okay to take an antibiotic that wasn't prescribed to me?
Is it bad for you if you don't cough?
What should I do about my ankle? Thank you for your help.?
I fell off bars at gymnastics yesterday and i cant bend my arm or touch it without it hurting is it fractured?
Is it better to stay up all night or go to bed for an hour?
What should I do to stay awake (Quick response needed)?
sleepy but not tired?
How do I get rid of chapped lips?
my fingers wont stay straight?
How do you wake up early?
Taken almost an entire pack of laxatives this week,will i die?
Allergic reaction..............?
I am having Black liguid diarriah?
Poison question, kinda specific?
allergic reaction to cantaloupe?
How do I get rid of this sinus headache?
I heard if you take Adderall and orange juice, it breaks the pill down before it reaches your stomach?
Yesterday I found out that my 15 yr old brother has aspergers. Im not sure what to do?
i need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Prozac treatment or just therapy?
How can I get rid of a hangover?
Effects of snorting Focalin XR?
Proof of food sensitivities?
A man who weigh lift wants to grow muscle mass? What protein powder would you suggest him to take?
Feeling sort of dizzy sometimes?
What can you tell me about Graves Disease? I have it and take Synthroid 250MCG?
Medical experts can you help?
excessive fluid consumption and health complications?
what courses low creatinine level in urine?
How do I clean out my ears, it seems like a q-tip just pushes the wax further in my ear?
Should i be in a US health care commercial?
how do I remove glass splinter from my foot?
got an ear piercing 3 days ago, and was wondering if i take it out and let it close.will i get an infection?
How can you get a bruise or give someone else one?
Would the dentist put me under? How much is bleaching?
How bad is this, should i go on to ER or wait?
I have a bad taste in my mouth how can i get rid of it?
I need a crown on my tooth.?
Is it normal for my gums to still hurt after i've had my wisdom teeth out? It's been 4 years?
How do I remove ceramic braces?
I recently had all four of my impacted wisdom teeth removed, the oral surgeon only used local..and I felt it?
im 14 and i have sensetive teeth?
Please help! Cold sore and school tomorrow. =(?
Does this sound like I sprained my knee? how bad is it...?
Will my knee scar from matt burn?
I shocked myself in an outlet and my arm still hurts. Help?
I am on Zoloft and I can't sleep, any suggestions?
i am always tired and lack concentration ability - what can i do to combat this?
I have this Left Black Eye?
Will this start a fire?
I need to throw up, but I realllyyy don't want to?
How much does soboxone cost?
My ears are blocked and it's ringing?
Will smoking hookah while on the pill cause anything to go wrong?
Why won't my husband take his Advair for asthma control?
my sister has a shadow on her lung....worried sick?
Are there any special occasions where you start empirical antibiotic treatment without Blood or Sputum C&S?
Why won't my cold go away?
im afraid there's something wrong with my mom :(?
do people with aids have hiv?
can i take Clarinex, Keflex, and/or Nyquil at the same time?
How long do symptoms appear if you are lactose intolerant and you have milk?
I have severe allergies and would like to know what helps for you?
Can i be allergic to my face wash?
What is the best chapstick to wear for really dry lips?
Is it better to work out im the morning or at night?
questions about calorie burning?
My fingers nails are white?
Tongue Ring Infection?
My 12 year old molars are coming in sideways?
What anaesthetics are used in dental treatment in Sri Lanka?
How long do top and bottom braces take to get put on?
how can my friend get a black eye?
My chest feels funny when I breath in?
My vein is swollen? It hurts, what is it?
Broken arm is still bent after getting cast removed?
Groin strain please help ?
I have heartburn, i want to take an antacid,but will it mess with my adderall?
Would a blood test detect...?
what is salvia specificly and is it legal?
flourish formulas flower essence?
Can you become immune to the common cold if you don't take medicine?
What kind of bud cause this kind of high?
Heroin addiction money problems?
I peeled off a bit of skin and now my lips are bleeding non-stop what can i do please help?!!?
How long till I can take out my ear gauge?
my ear piercings are so infected, do i take them out or leave them in?
How do i heal a swollen thumb in 1 day?
OMG! Piece of rubber stuck in my lip!?
child spits inside...................?
Could I have Pernicious anemia?
Can a doctor tell if you are bulimic?
Question regarding liver disorder diagnosed in blood test?
Long term effects of hip dysplasia?
What are the possible causes of a nosebleed?
Should I see a cyropractor?
Safe use of Fleet enemas?
Smoked weed, does this reaction sound normal?
In general pointers on having a Tonsillectomy?
Fainting after not eating?
Can you die from a collapsed vein?
what should i do? What can i do about this injury?
Could my wrist be broken?
I got hit in the throat hard multiple times and I'm not sure what to do. Advice, help?
is brushing my teeth twice a day with just coconut oil and then flossing every night okay?
my gums are swollen and are bleeding?
Should I quit college for a while and get a job?
Shrooms didn't work for me?
Why do i feel quilty after masterbation?
Anxiety disorder medication?
I have a very low attention span and I can't multitask very well, any help?
Is it bad if ive been walking on a broken foot for 5 months???
how do i get rid of my runny nose?? im not sick?
what to do about my clogged nose?
is alcoholism a disease?
Could my boyfriend be using cocaine?
Are these symptoms of autism?
Dizziness and ringing in ears?
How can I make my left eye stop twitching?
What is the best thing to do after someone quits smoking Weed?
Why do I always feel dizzy?
My dad has a bad back, not exactly know whats wrong with it. How did i prevent my body from having a bad back?
Why do I have to pee so much at night?
should i go to the hospital?
Is having legs a luxury?
what do you call the little packets of?
Help I have a really bad cold! Home Remedies to get well?
Can you take Robitussin Cough and Cold medicine and a Tylenol Extra Strength pill at the same time?
Have you had the biomeridian test done?
How addictive is coke?
I broke my tailbone and?
Black Dot on my Heel?!? FREAKING!?
i got kicked in the shin, is it sprained? bruised? broken?
I have an expiration date on my foot?
Is my blood sugar too low?
What are some high carlorie foods that are ok for diabetics ?
Is the Paleolithic diet good for a man who has pre-diabetes?
I need to pee really badly but don't feel like getting up. Suggestions?
what do they give you to make you fall asleep during a tonsil surgery?
what can i take to clean me out for a colonoscopy?
Is it possible to survive having a nail hammered into every joint in your hand?
What color braces should I get?
Is pre-dentisrty better than a regular biology major in college to go to dental school?
do i need my wisdom teeth removed?
I have a bunch of cavities and I'm really embarrassed to go to the dentist.?
My dentist didn't say anything?
I'm Getting My Braces Off.......?
piece of gum stuck in between teeth?
Can a tooth be re-planted after an extended period of time, or would it be instead replaced by an artificial?
difference in Doctor diagnosis and Physical Thearpy diagnosis?
does any one no what orange ish looking urine is and what is it caused from?
Is it normal if every time i see a fat girl,i throw up in my mouth uncontrollably?also?
When I get nervous or anxious my eyes twitch uncontrollably,does this happen to anyone else?
Is it normal to be constantly tired with a sever sinus infection?
can you get discharge for mild sleep apnea?
Sleeping Difficulties?
HOME REMEDY FOR Urinary tract infection?
Upper GI Endoscopy, Biops?
HI! I currently got accepted in the respiratory program at my school! Im just wondering how other respiratory?
My tongue hasn't stopped bleeding...?
My foot is swollen, how can i get rid of the swelling?
If a bee was in my home, would it be obvious to me?
How do I treat my infected snake bite?
How fast do ambulances travel?
I feel like I can't help but absorb other people's emotions?
Is there any pill to make you fearless...?
please. can i have some advice?
Feel bad for abusing my cat?
My fiance might have bipolar disorder.. please help?
What are long, and short term effects of emotional abuse.?
what should i do when i feel alone? i dont have any friends really and i m not aloud to go out of my house.?
Should I see a chiopractor or someone else?
Im suffering from malnutrition help how do I get treatment?
Help Please? Weird Question?
I'm 17 and want to quit smoking...?
i just threw up and idk what to do?
1-2 aspirin are not enough, how many can i safely take?
what happens if to take 6 or more xanax?
Is the senate bill 510 a death sentence for the American people?
How do YOU get rid of a sore throat?
where does codeine come from?
who was the tourette's disease named after?
how effective is tourette syndrome?
If I test Very Low for Gluten Sensitivity and Negative for Celiac, do I still have to go Gluten Free?
Could i have a mental disorder?
If an u/s of the spleen shows its enlarged, will they book a suregery to have it removed ASAP?
How dangerous is oil on Gulf seafood?
how do u get rid of a runny nose realy fast?
please help! my right ear wont stop ringing?
Can u get high of an expired inhaler?
How to stop coughing?
My friend suffering with TB, how can i prevent it?
What does being around a smoking environment do for non smokers?
How can I get to sleep?
Weird health problem...?
What can I use other than solution for my contact lenses for one night only?
What can I take to keep myself awake all night?
Can Psilocybin mushrooms be used in the treatment of disease?
how can i learn to meditate?
How do I get bad Ju Ju out of furniture and rooms?
ativan for back spasum?
my daily dose of suboxone isnt helping much..?
What are some good ways to treat anxiety without medication?
What Is This Called, I Can't Remember For Anything!?
Drank too much coffeee this morning, help?
I am scared of everything and its ruining my life, how can i overcome this?
Do I have a sleeping disorder?
I've had self confidence issues?
What do the orthodontists do after they take off your braces?
My braces are poking my cheek?
What do you think of coffee breath?
if one of your spacers falls out will it effect getting your braces?
Do you know anything about braces?
How To Make Your Teeth Whiter?
How can I get rid of the habit of popping my knuckles?!?!? :]?
Please Help me!!!!!!?
Tips for staying positive!?
I NEED 1500mg OF CALCIUM??...HOW??.....HELP?
Can anyone help me figure out WHY my hands and fingers just go numb and tingly at random times.?
Blood moving up to head.neck area, tightness in head, when trying to fall asleep, wake up suddenly, and tingly?
After eating something you're allergic to, how long does it take for the hives to show up?
tinnitus flare up question?
im allergic to cats, how do i get better after being around one?
What are the top 5 things that cause serious allergic reactions?
Will A Doc Do Anything For Sinus Allergies Or Should I Just Wait It Out At Home?
i constantly have rotten egg burps and then i throw up, this has happening since i was little. what could it b?
what is the name of the disease that your nerves system and your brain doesn't tell you that you are full?
what should I do with this skin bubble on my hand?
nausea feeling days after having drunk alcohol?
Quick! I need help! read below!?
What happens when you get shot in the heart?
I need help with my ingrown toenail?
Recently my mom swallowed a...?
my mom smokes, long story short, I really, really want her to quit! help?
I need to know the best way to get rid of bad odor?
how do you know if you have gum disease?
Is autism a disease...?
Should i go to school with a cold?
taking my 3yr old to the optometrist to test for color blindness?
Question on Autism....?
I'm always thristy! It doesn't seem normal..?
reiki anyone? has it worked for sleep issues?
What diet pills are best?
Natural ways to remove moles that actually work?
looking for a cougar(woman) in Montgomery?
can i take pepto bismol and gas x together?
Is there a point to putting antioxidants in carbonated beverages?
What is the best toothpaste?
Braces How Long Will They Hurt?
Porcelain veneers...?
Why don't gums bleed when teeth come through them?
Tooth randomly hurts when weather changes?
Please answer if you know your Braces/RubberBands/Retainers?
Any tips on how to quit smoking?
i have blood type a+. what does that mean?
what to do about a really bad earache?
Do you think Smoking really hurts a persons lungs?
Would getting insurance affect my getting Medicaid?
What's the best way for me to get cheap health insurance?
How much should I sleep?
Can a wheat allergy as a child turn into Celiac Disease as an adult?
Am I allergic to eggs?
anybody know what i have?
How to cure migraine?
What does it mean if your pupils are always dilated?
What could cause my husband to be anemic and vomit blood?
What could be causing tingling in my left hand?
Really painful stomach ache! Help!?
My son has been diagnosed with symptoms of "Menieres disease". Tinnitus and vertigo.?
Test to determine presence of Orlistat?
Dr Jhonny Salomon Review?
Is PMS just a theory that gives women an excuse to nag and vent their frustration?
Health insurance - not covering service on last day of plan.?
My fiance is pregnantand we dont have medical insurance.?
What's better for nausea? Sprite or ginger ale?
My temp is normally btwn 97.9 and 98.6, but today I'm freezing and it's 96.8.?
where to get a job, I am a medical marijuana patient? I live in Oregon?
What Are The Benefits of Organic Herbs?
could you get high by the smell?
where can i find ipsum salt?
Sore throat?????? I need help. Countined?
is there a natural supplement for anxiety disorder?
Help with my Depression?
My friends and family tell me that i am boring. What should i do?
Involuntary Commitment in the U.S.?
What can I do be less self conscience about how I look to others?
Autism in teenagers, late picking up?
Can stress cause seizures?
I'm 20 years and I've been diagnosed with inflammatory arthiritis. What should I do to prepare myself?
How long can a person live when he has swollen abdomen and extremities, confusion, memory loss, jaundice,?
Marfan's syndrome symptoms?
Braces question, can you have coca cola light/zero with braces?
Do I need Braces? I have a slight overbite and a gap!?
I have braces and I smoke ?????
Dentists help...Tooth veneers?
Help how to get white bright teeth in a day?
Elastics and braces please help!?(picture links)!!!?
Why do i feel tingly in the morning after smoking weed?
How to sleep well at night? I think I do have insomnia?
How can I cure diarrhea fast?
what does is mean when you wake up sometimes after 2-4 hours of sleep and cant go back to sleep?
Im having Bi-Curious thoughts.. can i give blood still?
What can be done about poor quality sleep?
Why are some nurses mean?
is my nose broken??????????????
I get heartburn and acid reflux from eating cucumbers. Why does my fiance not believe me?
Why does my throat itch?
How long does a allergic reaction take to start?
Is anyone else allergic to dairy products?
i got burned! please help?
i got glass stuck in my hand?
how to get a rash fast at night?
how to treat gashed lip?
Constipation and Weight Loss?
If there's no way of getting it this way, then why is it out there that it is?
Abdominal pain near my appendix?
What is the rarest disease known to man?=)?
Been to ER twice and clinic 3 times with problems, need advice?
I may have pcos, what causes it?
What's wrong with privacy in hospitals?
I cant sleep..any suggestions?
If you are referred to a specialist by your doctor, do they track you down to make sure you went?
Please help, UHC "incomplete medical records". Refuse to explain!?
Why won't my cough go away?
how do i stop snoring ? HELPPPPP !?
Humidifier vs. dehumidifier for a kid with a cold?
18F overweight, sleep apnea, what to do?
what happens at the doctors office when you tell him you think you have asthma?
Interpret ABG result?
is marijuana bad for asthma patients?
Has anybody been to a naturopath doctor? If so, did it help or was it a waste of money?
What is too much Vitamin D?
whats the difference between muscle relaxers and xanax?
Medicine the perfect solution?
Please help.... Very concerned?
How long does it take to loose tolerance to ecstasy?
my right canine crown came out. I have no dental insurance and ...?
How much do braises cost?
In soo much pain, what should I do?
full mouth extraction.....how bad is it?
whats something i can do that will make me need surgery?
Child with yellowing eyes and nausea?
what is blue waffel?
Kidney Stones and no insurance?
How do i get health insurance?
is it bad to crack your knuckles?
Why use high fructose corn syrup?
How sick could she be?
can the flu shot raise...?
what does this sound like?
Some uncommon but not to gross diseases.!?
Is taking to many showers good or bad for you?
HELP WITH MRSA..metihicillin-resistant staphyloccus aureus?
Am I fat? Bulimic? Anorexic?
i've hardly eaten in 3 weeks?
"keep out reach of children",bad for adults too?
I feel like I might black out...what's going on?
Does marijuana effect the development of the brain of teenagers more then adults?
Can i get coedine otc?
what profession best suites coming up with a cure?
Do i take too much medicine?
what quick home remedy's help cold symptoms?
Is there a pill to Gain Weight?
Does cleaning out a cut make it bleed for longer?
I burnt my finger and for some reason the blister has popped, now what?
how do i get no doz out of my system asap?
Dry, pink skin after the scab on my knee came off? Help?!?
Random question: Can you fake a smile til it becomes real?
which is the best antidepressant for anxiety disorder? Celexa, lexapro, luvox, paxil, prozac, zoloft?
What is typically prescribed for anxiety/social anxiety?
Okay seriously does he need mental help?
How long does it take to become addicted to anti-depressants?
Can you Please Help Me?
Is this crazy (people talking to themseleves)?
what is the best way to have fresh breath all day ?
Dentists don't wear masks?
Is it safe to use baking soda and vinegar to clean your teeth?
what are some natural ways to relieve asthma symptoms?
How to tell if I might have bronchitis?
is there smokeing thats not harmful?
A member of a gang was stabbed in the left side of his thorax....?
21mos old has high fever for 8 days ?
Ear infection question.. swimming?
Seasonal Cold: Help with Treatment?
My husband has bloody stool, what could be causing this?
Please Answers Please?
more than 2 Tylenol pm in 24 hours?
Sore throat and a cough but...?
steroid shot=dizzy is that normal?
Why would a teenager have a stroke and a seizure? Please help me!?
Can medications cause tinnitus or ringing in the ears?
What's wrong with me?
What do you sleep in ? Pajamas, Undershirt, or what ?
Hick ups! What are they? and how can you get them away!!?
Why would ones urine smell like Ammonia?
Will my parents smell weed on me if I...?
Why do I sleep so much?
My husband has bloody stool, wha could be causing this?
How does the Red Cross Blood Donation process work?
I feel like vomiting when I wake up?
How to treat a fever?
What to do If the brace falls off the wire???????????????
Does irrigating the sockets with the syringe hurt?
My 4 yr old daughter fell face 1st off th couch her front two teeth somehow cut her bottom lip. ?
Is generic mouthwash safe to drink?
I just recently found out that a bit of my Wisdom Teeth have made an appearance in my mouth...?
Kind of scared to go back to my orthodontist...?
How do I get my teeth whiter?
Is there a way i can cleanse my body of thc in a week and still smoke? LOL?
Period question.?? Lime juice.? Infertility.?
where do i find the herbal medicine "peperomia" coz i having problem for my uric acid.?
about ritalin before an exam?
What is K18 Herbal Incense?
Is there an alternative to Triscuits in Australia?
i ate something I'm allergic to?
Do cats get seasonal allergies?
Anxiety or mold exposure?
Need Help Please. If you can.?
if been getting headaches for this last past month everday, is this for a normel for a 13 yr old girl?
Sharp pain under my rib cage and moving please help?
Help! Really severe pain in my stomach!?
how parkinson's disease impacts neurons?
How Can I Diagnose/Cure Attention Deficit Disorder(ADD) FOREVER? Can Taking Meds Cure "ADD" Forever?
Is Excessive Sweating a Side-Effect of Levothyroxine?
Nausea but not vomiting?
How to stop bleeding?
How does putting direct pressure on a wound help healing?
Hydrogen peroxide? When you buy it in a pharmacy (to clean a small wound) should it be 3% or 6% in strength?
how do check for bipolar disorder?
About Adderall some help please?
OCD for what?! 10 points best answer!?
Good strategies for dealing with anxiety?
What type of doctor do i need to go to?
I'm so terrified of Dec 21, 2012.. How do I ease my fear? It's to the point I want to kill myself before..?
What can I do to make myself fall asleep?
leg numbness... Need diagnosis?
I have to pee a lot in school.?
How do you sleep?? On your back, sides, or belly?
Could this be constipation?
Brown Flem..gross...throat inflection?
Trouble breating after smoking hookah?
Why is gargling salt water a remedy for a sore throat?
As it gets colder, is it harder to breathe?
my daughter as had breathing problems since birth...please read?
I'm suppose to get Flu shot tomorrow. But i have a cold right now.Will i still be able to get my shot tomorrow?
I haven't slept for 9 days?
erythromycin ophthalmic ointment?
Can i get a Staph Infection, or a disease from writing with sharpie all over my body?
anyone know any SAFE Antibiotics for my 5 week pregnant dog that has been diagnosed with UTI?
Could this be Lyme disease?
What else could this be?
I believe my nephew caught Roundworm from their cat. Does anyone know how you treat Roundworm in a 3 year old?
Did i have a seizure today? please answer?
Is there a website where you can search up diseases,conditions, and syndromes by symptoms?
Please Help Me!!! I'm Scared!!!?
what happens if i take expired pills?
What would happen if someone took Adderall and Roofies at the same time?
how can you easily cure sore throat?
best herbal sleeping aid?
can you get high off of childrens benadryl?
I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
I haven't slept for 49 hours and I'm not tired, what's wrong with me!?
Can you tell me what I might have?
How do I quit smoking?
Will mono be with me forever?
Can aspirin overdose lead to hepatitis c?
why do i have green fuzzy stool?
No war on the face of the earth is more destructive than the AIDS pandemic?
I need help with my molar, it's driving me crazy! I don't know how to pull it out without it hurting.?
Do dentists steralize those suction hoses in their offices?
do i have a cavity or is it my sensitive teeth?
would whitening my teeth even work?
crown lengthening without crown or veneer?
Wisdom teeth question?
What can I ask my doctor to give me for fibromyalgia achy-ness?
What is angina and can it be serious?
Reasons for frequent blackouts whilst drinking?
what can I do for a burn...?
good ways to heal a small cut FAST!?
I burnt my tongue yesterday and it really reall hurts and its bleeding?
New pierced ear is red and tender to touch?
burn?! skin peeling off?!?
is chronic airways disease fatal?
which water ionizer is the best?
Coughing up phlegm for no reason?
what do I do about congested ears?
How did i get asthma?
traditional Medicaid insist I use a new med that cost 10 times the amount of my old med. $100 Vs. $1000!?
Why am I cold when outside while everyone else seems to be comfortable in short sleeve shirts?
i have a wart question?
Hospital bill question?
How bad is smoking 2 cigarette a day?
Natural Remedies for ADD?
Brain power pills enhancing moods?
Is it normal to go through alot of depresion after a death?
How much should someone with epilepsy/seizures go on the computer or play video games?
i need help with my depression/anxiety problems.?
Food allergy help/question? Hidden caffeine/other source?
Are these post-op symptoms normal?
will smoking hookah affect me?
Why does urine smell bad?
can the emergency room schedule me a surgery sooner than my regular doctor?
dont you feel bad for stepping on a balloon?
Salvia dosage and concentrations?
who do people want to become an acupuncturist?
Is it Safe to Combine the Herbs St. John's Wort and Damiana?
What herbs help relieve asthma symptoms?
What would an enema of hot sauce do?
whats teh quickest way to find out my blood type?
I'm sick and don't know what to do?
Will i catch chicken pox?
my son has a fever of 102.3 should i bring him to the ER i gave him medicine but the fever has not gone down?
Pink eye: i've never had it before, can it be dangerous?
Treatment for this annoying thing plz?
How to Keep yourself awake during the day?
how bad could smoking be for me?
My friend is rather ill, please help.?
Why do I keep choking on food!?
Right now I have a sore throat and I can't sleep without my fan on. Is this bad to do when you have a cold?
i get 12 hours of sleep but im still tired throughout the day?
Are braces unattractive?
Do braces really hurt?
what aetna insurance plan to select?
what the best thing for really bad tooth ache!!!!!?
What happens when you hold battery to your braces?
If I wake up and have a cigarette before brushing my teeth, will it make the cigarette taste bad?
My boyfriend has a gash on his head, It doesn't look too bad and he doesn't have other symptoms. Help?
Burn without the pain?
Ingested air freshner oil....Will I be ok?
Ear Piercing Infection?
i need to be sick for tomorrow?
What would the damage to my lungs be if I were to smoke about 8 cigarettes a day for 6 months?
have you ever faked an asthma attack for some reason or to escape something?
Stabbing pain in chest? Please help?
Why did my doctor prescribe antibiotics for my bronchitis?
what is Arnold chiary malformation?
What causes morning vomiting?
what is osteoporosis?
Know any good mental illnesses?
Does amount of protein one consumes affect their immune system?
My boyfriend has blood in his stools. I'm scared and don't know what to do?
I am feeling very hot at random....?
is it worest to be under or overweight?
What do you do when you feel you can't work?
How do I get to sleep when my nose is stopes up?
eye twitching that turns into small face twitching?
Is it Healthy to Crack Your Knuckles?
Severe eye twitching?
Will I be able to visit my boyfriend in hospital ward, out of visiting hours?
How can i control my "Anger" and deal with "Depression"?.?
Fighting aniexty and depression?
How long did it take for you mind to come back after antidepressants?
do my parents want to (mentally) hurt me?
What are lol boosie best songs?
If you get your appendix removed can you still have babies?
Should I go to the doctors and get this checked out?
I think I have a toe infection?
how long tinnitus usually affected?
I took 4 Aleve how bad is that?
What are some natural laxatives?
For those who have gotten off opiates yourself?
how long after getting wisdom teeth pulled do you have to wait?
They put a Denture right away?
Im unhappy with the color of my dental bridge being in front it dosent match my front teeth?