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k2 herbal smoke?really gets you "high"?
What are some good natural remedies for female AND male menopause.?
2 Months of Smoking Maryjane isnt enough to overwhelm the lungs RIGHT?
Question about asthma......?
SOOO SICK! How can I feel better?
Can you get high off Mucinex cough syrup?
which of the following is a chain smoker likely to develop?
can a RN get in trouble for not helping a person with difficulty breathing lying on the street?
Fell of a wall broken knee ?
how do I stop making my tooth bleeding right now?
weird braces situation?
i got a new mouth piece for my trumpet about 2 months and it has moldy spot what can i do to get the mold of?
what can i do at home to stop the pus coming from my gums?
i had braces.i lost my retainer?
Whats the risk of getting dry socket 3 days after a tooth extraction?
Preparing for hypothyroidism blood test?
Can your heart heal from using meth once if you have tachycardia?
I awake with my heart racing and I can hear it in my ear. I feel vibrations in my chest. My hate rate is 58.?
can i stop taking lipitor abruptly? my cholesterol was 65 2 months ago, my dr gave me lipitor 20mg once a day?
Vascular disease involve only the heart and the brain?
my armed just tingled?
blood clots. please help?
My heart randomly at times starts to beat very fast while i'm sitting down?
i watch play video games and go on laptop everyday in the dark, will it damage my eye? plz help?
Can nurses work just with ultrasounds?
Looking for the best way to get CPR trained?
How fast after taking oral benzodiazepi will show positive on a urine test?
I dont feel very well today how can i make myself feel better for this evening!?
Is there an easy way to lose weight?
What size dress should I wear? Are you 5'8" and 140lbs?
do i need to eat protein to get tone up or is that only for gaining muscalr?
Am I overweight for my age?
How can I stay motivated to work out and eat right?
How long does it take to stop being addicted? Will it effect my weight?
Am I fat? I am a 12 year old boy. I am 112-116 pounds. I'm about 5 feet tall plz tell me the truth?
is sulfa in doxycycl hyc?
My child is turning one, she has a dairy, wheat, soy, peanut,and egg allergies.?
What are short term and long term effects of autism?
Acid reflux question?
How can I get rid of body acne??? and where can i buy treatments for it?
How to get rid off dandruff?
Some homemade quick and easy recipe for treating acne please?
Is it ok to leave these splinters in my foot?
how to pop an ingrown eyelash?
it feels like there is a small piece of carrots stuck in my throat?
Is there a fingernail polish on the market that will stay put more than a few days?
I am having some itch in the middle of legs...I went to a public restroom the other day to pee and there was?
Can a heart condition cause someone to be extremely tired?
how is a child's heart problem fixed?
What is "a leaky valve that allows backflow" in the heart?
Abnormal EKG. Can somebody explain it to me?
What kind of bugs keep biting me in bed?!?
why do i feel like this?
What Is A Good Way For Me To Fall asleep ?
Is it safe to leave dead head lice eggs in your hair?
I had a bad reaction to my vaccines when I was child?
which is easier to hide, cuts or burns (self-harming)?
What dose Heroin do to you ?
People tell me i belong in a mental health hospital?! Do you agree?
Diagnosing Bi-Polar Disorder? is there a test or brain scan something? and does meds work?
Is it possible to get financial aid to get checked up with Autism?
how do you hide scars in water?
How to stop self harming?
How to workout &....?
Flat stomach but lower back fat..what to do?
High Calorie Protien Shake?
how can I lose 15 pounds in 8-9 weeks?
sterilization procedures health question?
How do I get my vaccines?
Does anyone know where I can get free Hepatitis B shots for nurses?
What was wrong with me?
can you catch herpes from sharing a drink?
is it possible to have the flue and not throw up?
Is this serious. Choked on saliva and couldn't breathe for a couple seconds. Gasping for air?
How can i increasing my chest.?
Is this coughing normal after running?
whats that big instrument that they play on the ricola commercials...ya know the cough drops?
Is it okay for me to drink alcohol?
Quick Question On Klonopin?
What do YOU think would happen to the world if...?
Are there different types of LSD?
Is there a natural remedy for always feeling cold?
how to curse Constipation quick~? help?
I need pills that make me happy, but I don't know of any?
Is it possible to use a Neti pot too much?
Every time when I'm sleeping I wake up with an itchy ear?
I took a Claritin at about 11AM today, and it is now 11PM and I took a Zyrtec?
what to expect on diphenhydramine?
How long after winning your Disability case, did you receive your lump payment owed?
I sleep 12 hours and still need a nap is there something wrong with me?
What type of kidney stone can not be detected through x-ray? How about through sonogram?
Feel Dreadful (See more detail)?
Could my ankle be broken?
is this a good excuse for a broken wrist?
I think i have got a broken cheekbone?
My friend recently started to bruise easily. What could be the cause?
Should I Tell The Sience Teacher Im Not Comfortable (Disease)?
My 4 year old daughter's heart beat is very irregular!!!!?
Ifa patient develops a blood clot in the femoral vein of the left lower limb and a portion of the clot breaks?
why the right atrioventricular valve has three cusps while the left atrioventricular valve has only two cusps?
Is there any cure/remedy for Right Ventricular Hypertrophy? I need to get rid of it within 5 months.?
How can mouth to mouth resuscitation keep people alive?
Do you get your braces off after you get elastics ?
How long do it take for braces to be put on after consultation visit?
Price for braces . . . . .?
Why is this happening?
Fever after wisdom tooth extraction?
I need help with this painn!?
do i really need root canal treatment on my new crown?
Just got braces yesterday? (:?
Why am I tired all the time?
When the directions say to take the vitamins or other pills "with meal", does it have be between the bites?
what massages would make a girl fall asleep?
What can i do to get rid of cold sores?
I have a headache but no fever?
What is the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes?
Does anyone have any experience with feline diabetes?
High Blood Sugar Regulation?
lost of hearing?>!?!?!?!?
What does the start of a diabetic foot ulcers look like?
Can you get *** herpes?
I have a sore below my lip?
I think I over dosed on cough syrup....How much longer until my dizziness goes away?
Is ibuprofen also know as aspirin?
I have a blood blister.........pop?
Help! I went jogging and I tripped and I'm bleeding!! What's the best thing to do?
is mud good for poison ivy?
i guaged my ear last night and the swelling is huge. what do i do?
Cut of my finger !!!!!!!!?
Honey For Treatment Of Seasonal Allergies? Any Personal Testimonials?
i have a huge test tomorrow and my allergies are going crazy!?
what are eight instances when apical pulse measurements would be indicated.?
i just had hear palpitations when can i have tobacco?
My skin beats like my heart all over my body at times. What could this be?
When i wake up my heart hurts just about every morning?
in what condition would one check the apical pulse?
Would I lose weight this way?
Whats the fastest way to get abs?
Weight loss exercise advice?
what kind of diet should I eat when I exercise?
Is it normal to weigh more after eating?
How much longer should I stay out with mono?
I would like to know peoples opinions on irritable male syndrome?
I frequently suffer from indigestion, but since the day?
My stomach feels as if it's burning?
What is a cure for Anxiety?
Could the heart have any relation to swollen ankles?
How to get rid of oily skin?<3?
What can treat my dry scalp?
How can you get rid of hickeys over night?
HELP! Does this mole look cancerous?
I'm having an occasional burning pain in my lower back, on the left side...?
Help! Stomach Flu Bug!?
When is it more than the flu ?
Information on lyme disease?
Have u ever gave someone the silent treatment?? how did that work 4 ya?
Is AZO good for over active bladder problems and how safe is the AZO?
Could I have gotten dizzy from having a cold?
could you have mono (if you have no tonsils) and a virus?
my boyfriend fingered me and now i keep haveing to pee and it stings?
I can't breathe! Help!?
I was smoking paper. is it bad?
do i have athsma?- i have to yawn to breathe?
Positive TB skin test and Positive Chest Xray what does could it mean?
Coughing up green phlegm, blowing out blood?
having trouble breathing?
I have constant tinnitus(Sinusitis related)?
HELP! I need help with anemic iron dosage?
Can diet pills show up on a urine test?
what would happen if took?
Do chiropractors hurt more than heal?
How do they determine max heart rate?
Scared, I overdosed on herbs and now I have hives everywhere?
what is plavix used for ?
My father has DIASTOLIC BLOOD PRESSURE as low as 58 and the E.C.G report reads Sinus arrhythmias bradycardia?
whats wrong with my kidneys?
Pain near heart?????
Do I have arthritis? My joints lock often!?
supplemental Short-term disability Insurance?
Shaky hands and muscle spasms?
When i get cold my hands turn blue is this normal?
I left milk out on the counter for a few hours will it be okay?
is it harmful to take allergy medication after taking painkillers?
Why can't I stop sneezing? And when I breathe in, my nose runs I can't stop!!!?
What can you take besides asthma inhaler to help you breathe?
I have been coughing up blood streaked mucous?
Pain in right ear. What this could be?
Constipation...what do i do?
How do I get someone checked into rehab?
is it bad to have OCD?
My eye is swollen really bad and it hurts to blink. The outside corner is red.?
Gauged ear infected possibly bad?
Do back tooth fillings hurt?
What can I do if I can't afford a dentist?
Will teeth Inflammation go away on its own?
had a tooth pulled a month ago maybe a month and a half ago?
Wisdom tooth extraction?
Is there any alternative to braces?
how long does it take to get used to temporary denture?
Do getting braces fitted hurt?
Is my blood pressure normal?
How long do you have to wait after a heart attack to detect that someone is dead?
Blood Pressure questions?
Accidentally took my blood pressure meds twice?
Is chelation safe for plaque removal?
Can I get salmonella?
is this a good body????????
Best way to hide weight loss?
Why do diet pills say no to take if under 18?
Tingling after using nair? Please help?
Do planter warts hurt getting removed?
brown spots after getting leg cast off?
how can i have healthy good looking soft lips?
I think I have crabs, how do I get rid of them. Can you see them?
Whats the worst herpes can do to you?
My gauge is stuck in my ear!!?
How do you do snake bites on your own?
boiling water burn to lower arm and hand?
What does it mean when your stitches itch really bad? i know its healing but are they ready to come out?
How do you treat a bruise?
I feel sick. Should I stay home from school?
Does anyone remember the days before Frontline, or other flea & tick spot treatments?...?
naturals ways on how to relieve acute sinusitis?
Common Strep Throat Symptoms?
barfing at random times? Very worried ?
When will i get better?
what's that thing shot called when you want your nose smaller?
What is a good allergy medicine?
Can the Marijuana flower cause a rash or allergy over your face?
should I tell the psychiatrist I lied ?
please help me... i feel like dying?
Does anyone regret not telling their parents or counsellor they were depressed when they were younger?
Panic attacks are ruining my life! I have a few questions...?
cold for 3+months. updated please read and answer!!?
my doctor just put me on zocor 20 mg after reading reviews of how sick its made people im afraid to take it my?
can I refuse to have my blood pressure checked if I have white coast syndrome?
i had documented high blood pressure and was treated for obesity where i was in the hospital for a week-i now?
Constriction Ring Syndrome?
Heart/chest gurgle? Help!?
root canal on canine 3 and lateral incisor?
What is the maximum number of times you can brush, floss, and rinse your teeth in a day?
Wisdom teeth, bleeding after 4 days. Help?
Do dentists go to other dentists or do they just do it themselves?
Yet another tooth question...PLEASE ANSWER!?
How long does it take to get a cavity filled?
Wisdom teeth question?
I need a diagnosis for my mom. I just asked this 10 minutes ago, but there are changes at the end. Please help?
Why does warm water make me feel sick?
Does this sound like anything D=?
Pain just below ribs..?
ive pulled a groin muscle and i havent been able to stretch it out. what can i do?
Minor Head Injury? Should I get it checked out?
Lower Back Pain (bodybuilding)?
How do i smell like smoke without actually smoking?
My daughter (22 months) has phlegm in her chest. How can it be relieved?
What makes you not hungry when you have the flu ?
Stomach discomfort, sore throat, lung problems?
Is it bad to smoke on night outs?
What is wrong with my right lung?
Whats the best medicine to take for a viral cold?
anybody no about homepathic remedys for gallstone? been given china off 6c do they actully work?
what are best ways to control High Blood Pressure?
Can I take klonopin in the same day as drinking wine?
Weird feeling today at work..(my body)?
*What would happen if i didn't sleep for….*?
How do i get Health care???
will one time use crack cocaine show up in my hair screen?
mystery sickness??????????
Does non-hydrogenated margarine still lead to heart disease or clogged arteries?
Why do I feel extra heart beats?
what's an average heart rate for normal activity? Not resting and not exercise?
Is my Metabolism faster?
Why do i always get headaches when i'm doing sit ups?
truth about corn and potatos?
Metabolism: exercise + less food?
did I eat unhealthy so far today?
15 years old, need help with weight problems?
How does bmi tell between muscle and fat?
How can I get rid of this stain ?(photo)?
Are retainers noticeable? Do you have to wear them for life after braces?
How long will I need braces?
Sore Jaw. Advice Please!!?
Could my clogged painful ear be from a bad tooth?
Do you vomit after sedation?
I just found out I have herpes, after the first outbreak how often will I get symptoms?
Could this be a STD!!?
Ugh..licked girlfriend's blood...?
11 year old son has -3 vision.?
How to get my voice back fast?
Why are my stools black?
Can someone help me with my severe constipation?
what does degeneration between the 3rd and 4th vertibray mean?
Does my friend have OCD or anyform?
Can thyroid problems cause crazy thinking?
How does a person high on Xanax act?
Can I take Seroquel while I have tonsillitis?
What do these symptoms mean?
What do people go through before they die with hepatitis C and Cirrhosis of the liver?
how long does the hiv virus can stay alive outside the human body?
My temperature is 99.9 and..?
My boyfriend smells (because of perfume allergy) what can I do?
Am i lactose intolerant?
Do I have a cold or allergies?
Other then warm milk, or just laying there Is there a way to sleep faster and better?
My back has been hurting for weeks?
My skin is turning purple?
How do you treat a ring worm in a human?
how can you get rid of acne ?
What is a simple def for AED?
Strange thing about a cut?
Yellow fluid from Burn?
How to heal a blister on your foot?
I'm scared of my boyfriend, his sting and touch (read discription?
What yoga mat do you recommend for someone with really sweaty, slippery hands?
how can i maintain a healthy diet? what foods should and shouldn't i eat?
Is there such thing as a low-fat or fat-free smoothies?
How can I burn fat faster?
How can I get healthy skin?
What is a really good workout for a 13 year old that is 5 foot 6 and weighs 110 lbs?
How can I lose the last 10 lbs?
Is there a fat burning pill that w0rks even when y0ur n0t excercising?
How to cure a sore throat..?
Is their any Chinese medicine that can help me gain muscle?
Can Tylenol PM Cause Impaired Fertility?
topamax 100mg make's me dizzy can u helo me thanks?
Can I find out what prescripitions that were perscribed to me before through medical records?
completely lost my voice, how can I get it back?
Food makes me nauseous. Help?
What is this ring in my ear? Does everyone get this?
smoking and asthma ....?
I have pneumonia and it is`nt getting better?
Ear infection, Help !?
How do you get rid of a cold in the chest?
14 with chest pains and pains in ribs and stomach ?
Having difficulty breathing? Feels like my throat is closing?
When someone passes out, do they still breathe? are they suppose to breathe?
are blood test uesd 2 determine STD?
I didn't get HPV did I?
what happens when you go for an std test?
What happens if i dont get accepted in the Dental Hygience program?
How to lose a tooth as quickly and painlessly as possible?
fastest ways to get braces off?
What can I do to stop my braces from hurting when I want to eat?
Piece of Life Saver stuck under the bottom of bracket--- help, please!?
Why can't they just encourage people to brush their teeth?
How does a flipper work?
Why yawning makes my eyes and nose drip water?
What to do about my allergic reaction?
Are some allergies hereditary?
I recently dyed my hair and i think i've had an allergic scalp reaction..My scalp itches uncontrollably!?
How to test heart rate?
Is this a Heart problem or some other health problem?
How do most people react to self injury? Is inpatient treatment reccomended?
is it normal to wanna have a mental illness?!?! is there a name for it?!?!?
Anyone have tips for someone married to a bipolar spouse?
Why am i so scared about dying?
what antidepressant is good for anxiety besides celexa?
Is there such a thing as emotional anorexia?
Is it necessary to finish the hepatitis immunization series?
Whats wrong is it the flu or a virus?
i have had a uti now for two months now took like 5 diffrent antibotics and now im on amoxicillin they did a?
how to cure a cold fast!!!!!!!!!! EMERGENCY!!!!!?
How bad did I hurt my ankle?
How serious is my ankle injury?
i have cervical and Lumbar disc herniation , can that cause ( knee + hips + feet + ankle ) pain?
What temperature should I wear my gloves outside?
Can you tell my son's blood type?
Tried to buy NyQuil at CVS (Age 16)?
Do I need to lose weight?
what to stay away from when your on a diet?
Was told to stop losing weight? Why?
Hi, basically I wanted to ask whether my weight is healthy. I weigh 10 whole stones and I'm 5 foot 6.?
I sleep for 16 hours, is this completely unhealthy?
I have Blue Cross Blue Shield - I'm in Oregon - will it cover anesthesia?
14, have high blood pressure, and breath fast? Help. ten points**?
If you've had a heart attack, please answer! *anatomy interview?
Health related questions?
Has anyone tried Neuromonics to treat their hearing loss (tinnitus)? Does it work?
I was sick yesterday and i feel good now, i just dont know what to eat?
Weird head pressure any help?
Spinal Fusion Questions?
Please help does anyone know what I have?
If you had a choice, would you have a thyroidectomy or take hyperthyroid meds? My doctor gave me the choice.?
my small right toe is very swollen,purple and itchy and very sore why?
Cuts/Wounds on the back of my hands?
Why are my finger pads so itchy all the time?
i have a rash on my shin and elbos it itches?
can i get my ear re-pierced, when it has a bubble that formed over it?
Why am I vomiting foam?
Should I pop my foot blisters or let them drain on their own?
Any fast remedies for a swollen scratchy throat?
compacted ear wax, now water stuck in there.. please help!!?
Is it possible for me to have gotten oral herpes from sharing a drink or cigarette and then passed it on to m?
what are the causes of wanking plse help?
Speculums, HPV testing, and pap smears?
is being a massage therapist worth it?
Is this drug, part of this one?
with what i go High easy ?
Dxm + crystal meth? Well it's in the description?
What kinds of soap...?
Transference in chiropractic?
Taking benzodiazepines before LSD?
Is it dangerous to smoke sage?
ERGENT.. Hard to breathe*****!!!***?
How long does it take to get blood test results?
Blood in back of throat while working out?
*How do i make myself stay awake and alert during tired times*?
I'm AB+ blood type, can you tell me about this blood type?
I can't sleep in my own bed anymore?
I've quit weed for several months now?
How long is mono contagious after being diagnosed?
Sore throat and a concert tomorrow? HELP?!?
How serious are daily antibiotics for children as prevention of Urinary Tract Infections?...?
toenail fungal infection?
What happens if you catch lice?:( ?
What does it mean when your stool is very soft?
Could this be a sinus infection?
What's the difference between Pulmonary Embolism symptoms and Asthma attacks?
Im 13 and I smoke i wanna quit help?
Too much low-fat cottage cheese bad?
Why am I always hungry?
Am I overweight or healthy?
I have an extremely small stomach and really big thighs, how can i make them smaller?
To get a flat stomach in my case?
I want to walk but i dont know for how long time ?
How Do I Stay So Skinny After Eating So Much Food?
What will the doctor do for my IT band and knee pain?
How can you tell if a wound is draining serous fluid or pus?
What bones have you broken and how did you break them?
I have Lower back pain still after having my fourth and last baby?
Odd swelling after rolling my ankle?? please help?
fractured distal left ulna?
heart attack in women?
Can you play basketball if you have ventricular hypertrophy?
Medical professionals?
husband has high blood pressure can he take viagra?
Can alcohol affect anti depressant medication?
Electric shock feeling in my brain?
what would happen to a tourette's sufferer?
Could I have cracked a rib?
My son cant pee, what could this be?
Cure for nausea brought on by medications - and can they last?
Am I causing my breasts to get bigger?
What should I expect after having a tonsillectomy?
Can you throw up from antibiotics?
cleaning my ears the right way?
I recently went to the hospital...?
SUNBURN CURE NEEDED!!!!!!!! URGENT, How Do I get Rid of It?
does anybody else feel like they know when their cellulite is forming?
Honey on acne scars? Does it like totally work?
burning neck pain, numb/heavy feeling tongue?
my glasses two replacements temples are spread from my face?
What are the causes of low blood pressure and bradycardia which result in symptoms?
Hot or cold to make flu better?
Exposure to bacterial meningitis?
Can u explain EVERYTHING about dengue?
my friends cat bit me on halloween do i have rabies?
Should I still get the flu shot?
why are countries suffering from malaria poor?
What should i do for my (internal) ear infection?
if possible sunburn doesn't hurt or swell can it still peel?
is there any way to get rid of my coffing?
severe nose bleed how does vitamin k help?
hydrogen peroxide turning hand white?
poison ivy question please!?
My dad's 86 yr old FIL just suffered a stroke. If they can't put it in a stint, what other options are there?
i have to go to the bathroom every thirty minutes?
What are the typical questions a doctor would ask you if they suspected a brain tumor?
What do people think about obese people who go to the gym?
Which is worse, high fat or high calories?
Am I fat? Be honest please?
Is all yogurt good for digestion?
Fruit/Green smoothie detox?
Good Vitamins for a 18 year old female to take?
i am 5''3', 15 years old, weight 137 pounds, am i fat?
If wisdom teeth are so commonly problematic why do they exist at all?
One of my teeth hurts when air touches it or when I even drink room temperature water, what's wrong with it?
How do i stop biting my lips?
where are your salivary glands? 10 points!?
Any feedback if Bright Smile Whitening Pen is any good? Thanks because I am planning to purchased it soon.?
can you snort hydrocodine?
help im having trouble with codeine?
How do I find a good place for a massage?
How much omeprazole a day?
What are these Tablets I found? Their called Catapress 100?
is there a drinking medicine that might help eliminate a blood clot?
Question about honey & lemon?
am i allergic to watermelon?!?
What is a red eye that has no symptoms?
Why do i get a running nose when i smoke?
can long term substance abuse cause mental diseases or degeneration?
Is it true that if you hit someone with a sack of oranges it wont leave bruises?
What could be wrong with him?
burning pain on top of foot after a sprained ankle.?
is it ok to drink coffee after smoking meth?
why can i not stay awake in my morning classes i go to sleep early and all but i still fall asleep in my class?
How could I/Should I stop seeing this gastrologist? 10 points?
Always ill and tired?
Feeling like **** after smoking weed?
is it mold.....or something else Im smelling?
How can I avoid my brother's second hand marijuana smoke?
Pain in chest AND back after swallowing food.?
Yawned and opened up left ear but not the other?
My boyfriend has frequent nose bleeds?
can i get herpes by kissing some1?
Hey, today i got dizzy for out 8 seconds..?
fatal heart condition, 21 year old male?
My dad is 54 years old and he woke up this morning with a "paralyzed" leg?
HELP... Why does my depressed best friend think no one cares about her, when I care about her!?
How can I help myself feel better?
What type of counseling can I do with a master's in addiction counseling?
What are symptoms of paranoid disorder?
Need help with restarting bipolar medication.?
what are some good tricks for falling asleep quick?
Has any one experienced random swelling of lips, fingers, hands etc?
Can I use Nyquil ( cold & flu ) to go to sleep?
i think i have a tumor on my right side of my rib?
Is it a good idea to get my teeth cleaned while I have braces on .. 10 points?
What are bleeding gums a sign of other than gum disease?
my first cavity what do i do im scared?
Help! Don't know what to do!?
What will twilight sedation be like when i get my wisdom teeth pulled?
What is this gunk on my head?
How to get rid of white heads?
how can i cure ecxema?
I have a black eye and I have school and work tomorrow?
How many pints of blood can a human lose before dying?
If someone gets shot (in the arm/shoulder/leg), how soon do you have to remove the bullet?
Back, Neck, and Head Pain?
possible sprained ankle treatment?
Can you bleed to death if you have a bloody nose in your sleep?
my bf has an ingrown toenail...?
what happens if you have an infected toenail from it being ingrown?
Burning watery eyes, what is this?
Really bad gravel rash..?
my son finger will not stop bleeding help?
Sooo tired! What could I have?
i have an ever-lasting cold?
Whats good for a head cold?
i'm always tired? (especially in the morning).?
I have a canker sore that leaves blood on my lips when I wake up, how can I stop this?
what are the symptoms of angina?
Why is it that when my pulse rate goes up my blood pressure goes down and viseversa?
My blood pressure is around 105/58 with about 55 bpm, so not very low, but could this still cause problems?
To give or not to give coumadin to my mom who had heart valve replacement and now has a bleed in her brain?
my son just ate candy with mold growing on it?
Why can I only taste food I am eating if I blow my nose? I have allergies and even on...?
when i hold my nose and try to blow air out of it, it comes out of my left ear.... is that normal?
What is a good natural remedy that will remove my gallstones?
what is it called whena friend rubs your temples in a dark room and tells a story of you getting hurt?
Can i take omeprazole at night?
What's wrong with my stomach?
what causes feet and ankles swelling?
Why is it when we get older, we can't get by on so little sleep?
Gall Bladder problems!!!?
What is the most effective drug in controlling the Irritable Bowel Syndrome in humans.?
Will Drinking Mostly Just Coffee Help Me Lose Weight?
AM i fat based on my height and weight and age?
What amount of calories should I eat?
how do i get pass my plateau?
if i burn off every calorie i eat a day plus more how long will it take to lose weight?
what is the slowest month of the year for fitness at a gym and why?
Where is the proof that rapid weight loss is dangerous?
why do i feel like thiss?
The sleep vitamin " Melatonin" does it really work ?
Whats there to live for?
why can you not do anything to doctors that perform surgery on you and leave you worse than before?
What should I eat by using acne free in 3 days?
why do i have acne when i put my bangs down?
Lice to the EXTREME... how do i get rid of it for GOOD?
choking question.....?
How To Get Rid Of Back Acne?(Cheap)?
Why is my pointer finger slightly swollen in the middle and itchy?
Can i throw up if i cough too much?
how is the visceral pleura attached to the lung?
My gum on the lower right side of my teeth really hurt, they became swollen and is a white color, IT HURTS!?
I have a question about the product invisalign?
Braces question please help?
How do I ask my parents for braces?
What do i have in my hand?
How did I get burnt in my sleep?
Can cactus injury cause joint pain side effects?
My right side hurts when i breathe and when i move,its been like this for days now, what could b wrong?
my son had what i thought was a stye..well he has had it for months now and the doctor just says watch it?
bacteria infection question?
My friend was talking blood from a patient's IV.?
why is my ribs pointing out under my chest?
What does a heroin addict act like?
John Boehner says he has a disease that mimics the effects of alcohol Does anyone know what that disease?
Kidney Infection question please help!!?
Does having a computer (desktop) on for many days make the air dry in the room?
Personal acupuncture experiences?
Did anyone try fenugreek for breast enlargement?
Can i trust WebMD for quality health information?
supplement other than b vitamin?
Why When i smoke weed i dont feel good?
Why do I get jamais vu so much?
Why do my parents act like children?
Is my 16 year old grandson showing signs of depression?
does anyone know why weird stuff happens when I'm sleeping?
Could I have depression?
i feel so guilty even when i don't do anything wrong..why do i do that?
how long should i wait til i go to sleep if i have a minor concussion?
If you get stabbed in the stomach can you die?
My Knees are cracking please help!!!!?
is it possible to stretch your ears to 1 inch and they go back to normal?
how does the nervous system react to your foot stepping on a sharp object?
How much ibuprofen does it take to really thin your blood?
today a guy at the gym told me that i should not do cardio before working out?
im 14 and i dont want to look so skiny?
Does running help get rid of arm fat?
what is the best work out dvd?
How many calories does my body burn naturally?
I need a schedule for excerising in the weight room.?
I wear athletic tights to the gym and I'm a guy. Okay?
Does fast and restaurant food affect your digestive system?
Please help!!! No one answered last time! Panic attacks?
weird fluid head feeling?
What happen if i stop taking levothyroxine I'm not postsurgery i was diagnosed to be a hypothyroidism?
what can I do about burns on a 2 year old?
Do i need to follow any restrictions in my diet after a stray dog bite?
How to treat this burn?
Stitches. Do you believe in 'letting the air get to it' or keeping it covered up?
HELP should i go to the hospital?!?!?!?
How can I convince my dad that I am still ill?
Heard a huge crack in my sternum? No broken bones; really aches though?
help! my teeth get in the way supposivly?
My allergies are so bad? T__T;;?
Am I allergic to peppermint?
If a human contracted rabies is it possible for them to go crazy and bite other people before they die?
Pretty Weird cold symptoms?
i think im catching a cold...?
when can you give blood after a flu shot?
how is avian flu spread?
Why have i been feeling fatigue and tired lately?
I want to gain more muscle, should I take creatine?
has anyone hit a plateau on The Diet Solution Program?
How to lose weight in three months?
Trying to gain weight and tone up.?
Why are DIETS so hard. I lose weight then gain it right back.....ANYONE have a successful diet [ADVICE & TIPS]?
Help! How much should I exercise?
Am i doing everything right? Never tried dieting before...?
Gym Knowledge Help for Weight Loss?
Do you think i've ruined my diet?
What's worse for your health a cigarette a day or a sunbed once a month?
Is this a panic attack or...?
Really Hard to Breath i Am Over Weight... But Besides the point the puffers don't help the doctor had a x-Ray?
Why do I hiccup? Once a day?
My dad has MS, will I get it?
Chest pain after blood donation?
I've had a fever for 5 days, and it doesn't get better, help?
i feel like someone is sitting on my chest.?
what are the chances of hiv/aids from a kiss?
how long have antidepressants been used for treating fibromyalgia?
I'm 13 and I think i have a hemorrhoid?
vision blurred being next to pc?
Have you heard of this medical procedure?
Are natural tobacco cigarettes safer then ones with chemicals in them?
What medicine/supplements would you recommend for my German Shepherd suffering with Hip Dysplasia?
I just got prescribed strattera.. Will it help me in school?
Any good sore throat remedies?
I had the symptoms of a stress fracture, The pain has mostly gone away, Should I still go see a doctor?
After a brain injury if one can't understand speech, does that fix itself over time? Especially with bg noise?
Ways to break a bone in your foot?
My mom refuses to buy me medical tape for my sprained ankle...what do I do?
What would be the opposite of superficial wound?
When can I play sports again?
What is the best acne solution?
How can i becom shorter?
getting bruises all over me?
How will having a missing tooth affect me ?
How can I accomadate my toothache?
If your teeth barley move in ur gums is that normal?
What is the best toothpaste for removing coffee stains?
Some bleeding a few days after extraction?
how to help my low confidence?
How do i get to sleep at night with anxiety and sickness worries?
I feel like I'm going crazy, what wrong with me?
how can meditation improve my health?
how to get rid of sunburn?
Does anybody know a quick fix for an ear infection?
How to heal a simple cut fast?
what is causing liquid feeling inside head?
I sliced my thumb on some foil right next to the nail, and I'm worried my thumbnail is gonna grow into the cut?
Think I burnt my finger?
Help!! Sore throat question!!?
without treatment how long can you live?
My Boyfriend suffers from Seizure activity in the brain but doesn't have full out seizure whats all this mean?
Does it hurt to give blood?
Really bad heart burn..?
My lips are always dry, cracked, and chapped and have a split in the middle?
What is GERD (acid reflux)?
What are the acid reflux symptoms?
what does a urine test determine?!?
Is Vertigo Common in Teenagers?
What/why do we hear sudden Ringing in our ears?
What disease are they referencing in House when they say MS?
I have a lump on my arm?
Having trouble gaining weight. any supplements?
How do I get rid of this under-arm flab?
How to get rid of love handles?
Lose 15 pounds by June w.o changing eating?
45-50 pounds in 5 months?
Can walking/jogging make my thighs thinner?
Good workouts that work everythingg?
Is it okay to brush with pure baking soda once a week?
Tooth ache with swelling?
Molar extraction today. How much pain?
Dental problems ( Please help)?
Can a dentist tell if you smoke weed?
Is getting anesthesia scary?
What are some at-home remidies for colds?
Is it a FDA law that all pills sold in US have some kind of markings?
i have a question about weed and triple c's..?
k2 gave me a seizure?
If alcahol is legal, then how come weed isn't?
Will this help heal a sore throat?
can u be so tired u halucenate?
I dont have health Insurance, or the money to go to the DR but I need an excuse for work?
Is this very serious?should i worry?
He got gas in his eye! help me please!?
Swollen tonsils but no idea how or why..Please help (any doctors maybe?)?
The use of ear plugs for long periods of time can lead to deafness, is this true?
How can i cure my headace?
A CT scan has shown up abnormal blood vessels in my groin - what does this mean?
what are nanda nursing diagnosis for hyperlipiedma?
Why do I lose balance suddenly?
Very high white blood count but cant find out whats wrong is this normal?
the hairs lost due thyroid can regrow again or not?
what happens to someone that has a blood clot on the head?
How do you get rid of a cold?
What is the best way to stop smoking?
If you have both the recessive genes for cystic fibrosis, do the effects begin immediately from birth?
will my doc tell on me?..?
Does anybody no anything about cpr?
Medicine for minor running nose and sore throat?
an egg question??????
How can teens become thin and healthy?
hcg diet-can I have diet pop?
is it possible to lose 10 kg in 4 days?
Is it too much to do cardio everyday?
Can I be allergic to steel?
If I'm allergic to penicillan can I get hives from eating moldy bread?
I took Vicodin and i think i may be allergic..?
How can i tell if im allergic to apples?
if someone is allergic to cats, can i put my cat in a separate room to avoid them having an asthma attack?
Is feeling more sad about animals dieing then humans wrong? If so whats wrong with me?
When you have depression why...?
have you ever gone trough depression?
Why do we sleep at night?
Always tired, please help?
Can't move and hear strange sounds when trying to sleep?
Does anyone also do this but me?
I lost a finger nail?
HELP, with Ear Piercing Infection.?
Burn on arm, what to do?
I am sick and my parent still makes me go to school?
how to stop oily skin?
Is sitting with legs closed on the toilet unhealthy?
Can you wear a heat-pack on your skin?
Lumps in my armpit. 19 years old. What is it?
Stuffy Nose. Please Help Me?
Ive always had this odd feeling, its getting worse?
What exactly do MDs do?
I accidentally slept for 16 hours!?
Body ache, feel hot, headache, very tired, no appetite; what have I got? ?
it hurts to poo help :(?
how can you tell if you're brain is bleeding?
What are the chances that I have fatty liver disease?
I feel dizzy in the morning. help?
Did you ever have sleep paralysis?
I wanna have anorexia !?
i am 13 about 5'3 and i way 8 stone 5 i know im fat how do i lose weight HELP!!!?
is 5 ft 4 inches small for a 15 year old girl?
Would this diet work at all =x?
Some advice with losing weight!?
I lost 12 pounds in 3 1/2 weeks is that good?
Where can i find cheap hcg drops in kalispell mt?
Why does eating the normal amount of calories needed in a day (3 meals, about 2000 calorie make me so nausous?
is it true that Berocca helps you get over a hangover?
what are weird pills used for ?
Can you overdose on MDMA?
Occupational Therapy vs. Physical Therapy?
unemployment and drug test?
What's wrong going on with me?
lacing weed with vicodin after cwe?
I am haveing trouble breathing and coughing?
How can I get rid of congestion?
Does anyone have a saltless water purifier?
anyone try the e-cigarette to quit smoking?
does aspirin 325 mg cause higher blood pressure?
How much would smoking one cigarette a week damage you?
is this bad? how come i didnt wake?
Tiger Pattern marks on my knees?
Checking eyesight online?
What is the condition called that causes you to look at your body in a way it is not ?
my knee is white please help?
i had a brain injury 5 years ago, can i consume alcohol?
can your feet turn purple?
i cut myself all the way to the bone should i go to the hospital even if im not bleeding anymore?
What is wrong with my shoulder?
How do I rid these anorexic thoughts from my head?
do i have a fever???????
How does the smell of cat Feces and Urine effect children in a home?
what would be the best way to turn pool water into drinking water i an emergency?
Can Accupuncture help with a frequent urination problem?
I feel too sleepy and I usually dont take interest in things?
Help Gaining Weight..?
i was wondering how to get girl abs?
Do I have an attractive body? Lol?
Does benching or any type of weightlifting stunt your growth?
Proper Exercises for 13 Year-Old Boy?
exercises plan anyone ?
Anorexia and bulimia worries?
Is running everyday a bad idea?
Exercise tips for men for legs.?
I got hit in the front tooth. What should I do?
Braces wire coming out from back bracket?
Will retainers re straighten teeth?
How long does it take for your tongue to heal?
I just got bit by an ant?
i cut my self shaving, and it wont stop bleeding!?
what is something around the house to put on a burn?
remedies for bloody spot in eye?
can you straight your teeth?
I need braces and a bite plate what is a bite plate?
Can I sue the dentist?
If you bottle up problems......?
i am feeling suicidal....is anybody else?or am i all alone?
Has anyone suffering from trauma/depression been helped by being told to stop feeling sorry for themselves?
Nervousness, stress, and vomiting?
What depression/anxiety meds would you recommend?
What causes hives and Swollen lips?
can you get headaches after you quit smoking?
Pressure on my forehead?
My right ear was almost frozen last night and can barely hear anything at all?
What does "increase cell efficiency" mean?
will naproxen raise my blood pressure?
What is a good face moisturizer for dry skin?
how to get rid of back acne!!!!!?
why there is a weight loss in peptic ulcer diseases?
URGENT! How do i stop the onset of a bug in the early stages?!?
my girlfriend has a disgusting ear piercing infection, and she cant go to a doctor help?
how high a fever in an adult before they have to go to doctor or hospital?
Could I die from HSV-1?
Knee Injury Urgent?!?
Can i walk on my slightly sprained ankle?
I think I sprained my knee! What do I do to help it?
how much does surgery cost to do it in my ears?
Rolled ankle, recommendations for an at home treatment?
how can i get my shoulder to stop hurting?
Broken pinky (little) finger?
What is the average hourly pay for a massage therapist?
Who else here smokes weed?
A multi-vitamin supplement that actually works?
possible prostate problems please help?
Does not talking make a sore throat go away faster?
Help drugggg test????????????!!!!?
what are some natural foods/or things i can do to improve my eyesight?
what test should be diagnosed to treat hypertension?
i'm 14 and i smoke how bad is smoking?
Is it bad to run in cold weather if you have asthma?
Smoked pot, now I'm scared for health problems..?
I smoked just once and?
which of the following are breathing problems? apnea, dyspnea tachpnea,rhinostenosis nasomental, trichomycosis?
Good Health Insurance in TN?
what if I take Ipecac?
What's the difference if pills are taken after meals instead of before? How much before?
My throat feels very dry all week what could it be?
Why do I feel like this sometimes?
How can I get rid of these bloodshot eyes, when eyedrops don't really work?
Do you think I'm allergic to grass?
Spider bite? What would a doctor do? Should i see a doctor?
How can I get rid of windburn ?
i accidentally bit the tip of my tongue and it stings when food touches it... any tips on helping it?
I got sunburn on my face at footy yesterday and im goin to take a bath but what do i put in the bath?
Thorn stuck in my toe, is it infected!?
What is a good cure for a bee string?
what will dog feces and dog urina do to humans after about a year of breathing it.?
what is the best way to get rid of an ear inffection?
I have a mysterious acute (sharp, stabbing) pain in my chest/abdomen and need help!!?
im at my ideal weight but want to lose body fat and gain muscle.what should i do?
Im skinny everywhere else but my stomach buldges?
Im a 17 year old and ive dont know how to loose weight?
Workout question? Pls help?
Please recommend a good exercise dvd for me.?
20 years old, just had a child 2 years ago, but wanting to loose weight. Any suggestions?
Why do bruises swell?
I hit my head twice, but its affecting me hours later.?
why do i keep getting injured? what should i do? help!?
How much do bone fracture hurt?
Soccer Injury(hyperextended knee)... What should I do?
How To Break An Ankle At A Soccer Game?
I'm having Spine Problems?
inflammation and excessive secretions in the airway lead to reduce?
How can i get my asthma to be better?
do i need an inhaler?
can anyone with gerd tell me how many cigereetes they smoke a day and how much is safe?
I've been smoking cigarettes for 8 years. How dirty are my lungs and if i stop well my lungs clean them selfs?
How long does it take prunes to take take a laxative effect?
iron deficiencey question? iron pills?
Does anyone know 5 interesting facts about Vicodin?
Fellow weed smokers - do you think I can do this?
WEED: take in THC better?
Is there any over the counter medicine that makes you hungry?
Why am I always Hyperactive, then suddenly really tired and then over again?
Does my son have a personality disorder?
Did you ever go through rape?
Can ppl Die from taking to much benadryl?
Im so sick and tired of having acne on my face.?
Why does my armpits feel so itchy?
Does acne effect every adolescent going through puberty?
Why am I so dizzy today?
How do you inhale on a cigarette?
What causes dark bags under your eyes , other than a lack of sleep?
seizures happening every 4 years?
What can happen when you use too much salt?
Do you think its OK to Smoke Weed,if you never smoked ciggerettes or anything else before?
How to treat and prevent piriformis syndrome?
why don't i have kidney stones?
How to stop acid reflux?
How do I lose weight faster?
is it normal to be hungry all of the time whilst trying to get healthy?
Weightttt question!!!?
how to find out everything about steroids?
Do you think this could work ?
Supplement stack.....I want to get cut but keep my muscle mass......?
how much sodium should you have in a day?
I sleep all day yet I'm exhausted ?
I have a splinter in my toe, I need some help getting it out!?
how do i deal with a splinter in my hand?
How to treat a minor burn? (Hair straightener)?
why is my ear is bleeding?
any help with my bad ankle?
i had a hairline fracture in my second metacarpal 2 days ago,i have to take part in badminton tournment 10 day?
I was stung by a wasp whilst in Turkey 4 weeks ago?
i'm getting a ct scan with/without contrast?
my height has stopped and bones are weak?
Loose Stools: Help/Advice please?
what does it mean if there is protein in urine?
Whats the bone that is sticking out of the rib cage and its located right beneath the sternum?
Lately I have been feeling really sick after I eat a lot of food. Is it GERD?
Is it possible to have a fever but not throwing up?
How do I prevent myself from feeling this way?
I have a nasty blistery coldsore on the side of my lip should i go to school tomorrow?
what kind of infection is this?
Flu-shot a month ago, but still sick!?
Add medication makes me nervous, what can I do?
What is purple used for in color therapy?
Liver problem -.- ..........?
how to get rid of cold/congestion?
sudafed causing false positive?
How long does it take a percocet to leave your system?
how much would it cost to straighten teeth?
i have lost my teeth!!!!!!!!!!!?
what does it mean when your teeth are really sharp?
Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction Questions?
What Hurts more, A Cavity or A Tooth being pulled?
Need free dental work and cannot afford it!!!?
i really want to get braces?
What do you think about my braces colors?
Why is my mom always coughing?
Is this sleep apnea? ?
Wheezing on inhale, no shortness of breath?
my step dad is having a heat attack, what should i do?
How do you handle boredom in class?
What's the point in life when the hardships outweigh the good?
How to get rid of regret?
How can I feel better?
have a 5yrs that has sores on her body all over her body and I dont know what it is?
How to tell your parents you think you might be mildly depressed/bipolar without them thinking it's a joke?
does accutane actually work? and how long does it take to actually get rid of the actually?
What stuff would you recomend to help get rid of my acne?
Is it weird that I don't like taking showers?
Where could i get a cheap allergy test?
What is happening to me?Throat.?
Why are doctors allowed to do Resuscitation, but NOT Euthanasia?
What could be the cause of green urine?
what are the possible causes of vertigo?
abdomen pain, and lower pain in left side of my back?
my partner is really sick right now and I don't know how to help him!?
what are your pierced ears supposed to feel like when you put ear care antiseptic on it?
my stepdad just cut his finger.?
Under toe nail fungus infection, how to fight it?
Pain in my thigh! Help?
how should i treat my swollen eye?
I have a really itchy/scratchy throat and a persistent cough + sorta stuffy nose. Been going on for 3 weeks?