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What are the causes of clogged arteries?
What parts of the heart will become ischemic and die?
What exactly is a pacemaker?
what does it mean when you have a burning sensation when you pee?
Should I sleep with her or not?
Does this sound like a cold?
Blood Test Tomorrow what to expect?
can you make yourself have a nosebleed?
how do you get more estrogen in your diet?
Is this a good workout to lose fat/weight?
I just ate a giant bag of takis and im worried?
walking twice a day each walk is 1 hour. is that enough walking?
Is this a normal weight for a 13 year old girl?
What can I dip broccoli in and still keep it healthy?
If 2 spiders from the same species bite u,(one small and one big,)are the poison the same from either bite?
I burned my face on a curling iron, and I'm at school. What can I do to help it?
how to heal an embedded ear lobe?
I need some help im not sure what i did to my leg?
getting burned w/ dumb remedies...?
How do you deal with Asthma?
Is asthma worse in the winter?
Why does my Chest hurt??? PLEASE ANSWER 10 POINTS?
what happens when an artery is stenosed?
A friend of mine had a stroke yesterday and I have some questions. Were in Grade 8?
Why does my heart beat fast for no reason?
What do the blood pressure numbers mean...?
Why am I sometimes dizzy?
What is going on with my heart?
what is the term for within + heart + inflammation?
I don't know what's wrong! Help me!?
Can I sleep after oatmeal without gaining weight?
can somebody describe symptoms of an emotional attachment disorder, because my parents thinks that i have it?
I am having a difficult time with insomnia?
I'm not sure how to go about getting a diagnosis for adhd... please help?
I hit myself when I'm angry?
Taking Lamictol for Bipolar disorder, but it's making me crazy!?
is schizophrenia caused by a demon entering the body?
why do i want to cut myself?
What are the simptoms for parvough?
Does the drowsiness from Ativan go away?
Feels like i'm going to black out all the time?
What are two chronic illnesses that can be avoided by a healthy diet?
am diarrhea and dont know what tp eat?
What can i chiropractor adjust?
Why are Supplements considered natural?
Is it ok to chew pills?
Can excessive intake of cough syrup cofton kill me? plz hepl !!!!!!?
How can you stop the ringing of the ear?
Which household items can get some high or drunk or have a euphoric feeling?
I'm really sick with a bad cold, and a really sore throat. I can't sleep!!!?
How long does it take to return to basketball after surgery on an achilles tendon?
Why do I love pushing on my bruises?
How can your eyes begin bleeding?
What's wrong with my ankle/leg?
What does it feel like to get stabbed in the hand?
What are the pros and cons of "water pills"? And where do i get them? How often should i take them?
Why do you need to pee for the doctors?
What are some affordable health insurance in the NJ area?
how come i get turned on when i have to pee? does anyone else do this?
I am really tired whats wrong with me?
Cold Sore Help! Please help!?
Can you get crabs in your eyebrows?
How can I gain weight with ulcerative colitis, hep c, and anemia?
Do you think I could have lead poisoning?
Is there any remedy for itchiness after bathing?
Do I have strep throat?
I am looking for a doctor who can figure it out and find the common “thing” between all my symptoms.?
I need to find a link to Mystery Diagnosis.?
"the cardiac silhouette is top-normal to mildly enlarged,what does it mean?"?
Why didn't anything show up in my Echocardiogram when I can feel something noticably wrong?
who is the top heart surgeon in the world?
heart flutters make me cough and gets worse as i drift off to sleep?
Heart Problems. Return to work or not?
how to get rid of acne.?
What removes super glue from a hand?
At home ways to get rid of acne?
Tingling of hands/feet, and twitching of facial musclses? Lead Poisoning? MS? Diabetes?
do i got diabetes im 15?
I think I have developed type 2 diabetes what is a safe diet to go on?
help on diabetes anyone?
what causes diabetes?
can eating or drinking food high in sugar cause diabetes?
How can I gain muscle, what exercises would u suggest and what should I eat? Ten points!?
Dieting and exercise advise!?
Anorexia or not, what's happening?
I really need to lose weight?
Should my sister's 12 year old daughter lose some weight?
Does spearmint tea help you lose weight?
Does anyone swell up after eating fish?
why am i not able to gain that much weight?
Is this a healthy menu?
why do my teeth feel so brittle and loose and ready to crack?
Do i need to get my wisdom teeth extracted?
is having a gap in your teeth a huge turn-off?
Why Don't Black people wear dental Braces?
Should I smile showing teeth or no teeth? (pics)?
What is life like after wisdom teeth removal?
my son says the smell of lead pencil makes him nauseated any suggestions?
Is this some throat cold?
how can i fall asleep quicker tonight?
Had absolutely NO sleep, not a second, school time?
why would you have a high hematocrit?
I started taking a herbal pill for libido and wowza! every night i'm ready to pounce on my gf..Is that normal?
Why do I keep feeling this pain in my heart?
some health questions.. about heart..?
Blood pressure up and down?? never will completely lower?
Sudafed and rapid heart beat?
High Pulse rate problem?
I have spondylolysis, please help me.?
Well it looks like i sprained my thumb and i have a splint but no tape what do i do?
I think either i broke my thumb or jammed it but how can i tell?
Help with identifying an injury...?
sprained/broken ankle?
I accidentally tripped a girl during soccer and broke her wrist?
Prevent dengue from getting to me from relative?
Do i have the flu? 10 points?
Completely liquid diarrhea?
I think I might throw up?? Ughh...?
how do you get a urinary tract infection?
Dengue fever is spread by?
std transfer by touch?
Can she get those warts?
Do Females have smegma when not being clean?
What is this feeling I have in my heart?
For someone who reached for my hand and touched my heart...?
whats REM Sleep I Dont Know What That Is?
How long des THC clears out your system as a first time user?
Question about Salvia 40x..?
Has anybody gone out of anoxic encephalopathy or has undergone treatment?
what store can i buy 99% isopropyl alcohol at?
Are there any FDA approved medications that a doctor can prescribe for Gaining weight? ?
Shy people, how are you coping in college?
Is this insomnia or something else?
SECOND CHANCES...........?
cant go to sleep what wrong with me?
do i have paranoid personality disorder?
Does every imagine what it would be like to commit suicide?
What is your height & weight?
How much weight loss would cause me to have saggy skin?
How to get abs by summer?
I need some help improving myself?
How to not gain a lot of muscle when working out (woman)?
Will I know before I starve to death?
diet for urinary infection?
am i overweight for my age?
whats the name of this muscle?
How to have a good long night sleep?
When smoking how can you prevent yourself from getting yellow fingertips and nails?
why did my toe go white and numb?
I got punched really hard in the eye PLZ HELP!?
heeelp! feeling dizzy very easily lately?
Experiences with kidney failure?
Can I and am I developing Lactose Intolerance?
Can my brother have visits in a hospital for detox?
I am feeling the frequent need to urinate....?
How long does it take to heal my broken elbow and i broke two pieces pretty badly?
my mom wont take me to the doctor, but i think i need to. My arm hurts.?
Is it normal for an ankle sprain to hurt like this 5 weeks after I twisted it?
is muscle relaxers bad for you?
What does it feel like to lose a lot of blood?
why do babies have holes in the heart but don't need surgery?
Is it bad if i can see my heart beating out of my chest at all times?
What do they do with organs after transplant?
Is muscle ache a symptom of heart failure?
why would a healthy young adult suffer a stroke?
Ways to speed up recovery for strep throat?
What do I have? Really random?
Could I possibly have mono?
My one year old son has a fever of 104.3. He has been on Tylenol, Motrin, having luke warm baths.?
I think I have got food poisoning?
Should I go to sleep? Or stay up all night?
How to help chapped lips when you don't have chapstick?
work out as often as possible?
Reason for yellow nails?
why am i getting parallized in my sleep?
How long does it take to get hydrated?
when people kiss do they leave a saliva trail on people's lips?
can this be some type of flu?
Super Itchy Dandruff?
What are foods to eat that help get rid of acne?
need help on getting expensive acne treatment?
Heart Attack At 19? chest pain every day.?
After 5mins of nonstop walking, i got so fatigued!?
Will this help me drop weight fast?
Can you be under 18 and without a prescription by weight loss pills at the pharmacy.?
Cheerleader Workout Plan?
Is there any way to lose my love handles quickly?
Can I lose ten pounds in a month if I do this?
Can a fat girl be pretty?
does drinking ginger tea make your body smell?
Do these symptoms sound like a bad cold or something else?
Stomach hurts after milk, coffee, cheese, and sometimes things like pancakes, bagels, and waffles.?
How do I legally ask for donations, for my 21 month old son who has kidney failure?
how to get your braces off!?
Does insurance cover braces?
would i have to get braces?
How to look good with braces?
Is three cavities a lot?
Dentist question regarding silver fillings?
can i sue my dentist if.. ?
How do I clean my retainer case?!?
I got a really bad sunburn sledding on a sunny day...without sunscreen. I even have a blister. Time for a doc?
how can I stop my thumb from bleeding?
Got drunk today, I feel really dizzy and unstable?
What do i do if my bee sting starts to look like it is swollen?
Is it safe to take a double serving of NyQuil?
How are plants used to make medicine?
Is cranberry juice bad for gallbladder problems?
acupuncture and moxibustion in LA??
Where can one aquire HGH?
Is there something i can do to warm my naturally freezing cold hands and feet??? acupuncture for instance?
I cant hear out of my right ear?
Can eating red beets make pee pink?
Had blood work done at the doctors and need to know...?
Cigarette damage to your body?
what percentage of highschool students smoke cigarettes?
Why am I experiencing sudden chest pains? please help.?
I worked with fiberglass the day before yesterday and my throat kept itching since then. What should I do?
Why do I having problems breathing after exercising or laughing hard? Is this asthma?
Recently, I've been having breathing problems:(?
What could be causing this chest pain I'm recieving?
Terrible cough and cold keeping me up at night. What do I do?
my 9yr old broke right femer in 1/2 &left wrist how long till it heals?
What kind of knee injury is this?
what do to for a pulled muscle?
Did I tear my ACL and Meniscus?
Will I die at an early age because of hypertension?
Will my cholesterol still be high if....?
I have heart palpatations almost daily?
3/5 - 5/6 and reduce / not with the problem 2/5 of 3?
what causes fluttering around your heart?
How do i Learn to Care about Myself?
Am I completely crazy?
How can my friend understand why I cut myself?
How do i get photographic memory?
Should people cut themselves?
What is going on with my friend psychologically and did I give good advise?
How does rabies affect cells? How does it cause damage.?
Whats wrong with my tonsils? pic included.?
What can I do to get rid of my sore throat?
Chlamydia in eye?????????
Is there a cure for deaf?
who was bad *** in the french revolution?
my half sister has lupus, whats the likely chance i will get it?
Can Lyme disease come back after treatment?
why does my breath smell like onions for no reason?
why me? why have i got tinnitus? what could of cause it?
Can I eat chili cheese fries after 10 days following my wisdom teeth extraction?
Does anyone know where I can get dental caps done cheaply in NYC? The rates are ridiculous for one cap.?
some teeth are sensitive, some are not?
Does my BF have bleeding gums?
Is it okay for an 11 year old to have wisdom teeth?
i think i have a problem with my retainers?
Dental floss stuck between teeth?
Will my face look noticeable different without my braces?
Did I eat okay? On diet?
can a 13 year old use AMP protein shakes?
Weight loss quickly!?
are apple carbs just as bad as carbs in whole wheat bread?
Horrible eating habits?
whats a good protein shake the helps build a lot of muscle mass?
diet change = mood change?
why do i wake up during sleep to pee?
Smoked pot 24 days ago?
Why does cigarette smoke follow non-smokers?
I hurt my ankle but the X-ray show no broken bones.?
how likely is it to survive a bullet wound?
Insulin Resistant with PCOS?
Could this be diabetes?,?
what are the warning signs for diabetes?
Is 4.7 reading for blood sugar level high?
Why is there not a vaccine for HIV?
What do I have? My limonoids and tonsils are enlarged and I have a slight fever.?
Could I be fired from a job for an illness i cant help but have?
Really high fever? What could this mean?
Do you think there will ever be a cure for HIV/AIDS?
How transmissible is herpes?
What is the average liver count for a woman age 57?
Can an eighty year old survive a coma?
Am i within the normal blood pressure range?
Explain how analysis of Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism can lead to the diagnosis of genetic diseases?
What will the doctor ask me ?
Why does one have to fast (no food or water) at least 6 hours before a coronary angiogram?
Which supplement have you had the most success with for fatigue?
what is a good sleeping pill when you are 14?
ear acupuncture for the lung?
Gabapentin for Carpal Tunnel, is it safe.?
Can colloidal Silver eliminate the cholera bacteria ?
Is there a job that I can do where I work with natural medicine?
could my niece have down syndrome?
My daughter (2 years old ) was jumping on my couch and fell and hit my coffee table she hit her ear ?
is strattera atomoxetine hci an antidepressant?
I have insomnia, help?
Sometimes my stool is liquefied after i eat certain things, could that be IBS?
Is it okay to take several different pills at one time?
How do I stop falling asleep on my boyfriend?
is there something really wrong with me any doctors or nurses out there please answer?
it 3:42 am cant sleep.....help?
Okay so I am short, and I was wondering do vitamins help? I know you'll say no but I can explain!?
Are the McDonald's snack warps (grilled) bad for you?
is this a good lunch.............?
Did I do really good today?
does weight lifting help you get taller im 16 by the way?
Lose 5 in. And 10 lbs before prom!?
Is eating 1 can (160 calories) of veggie soup and 10 crackers (140 calories) a day a bad diet?
Why do I weigh so much more than I look?
exercise routine to get a flat stomach?
How do I clean my clear retainer?
Wire came out completely as well as a few brackets?
can you pick the color of braces you want?
Making teeth longer at front?
Is there anyway to ease the pain of braces?
I seem to have a little black dot and a deep chip on one of my teeth?
Can you smoke bud the day after you get your wisdom teeth out?
What should you do for a crushed knuckle?
severe pain in my ankle! i'm scared please help D:?
ls there a way to cut a cracked fingernail without pain?
whats the best way to treat shin splits?
Why did my EYE SWELL like this?
How do you treat a banged up knee?
I am 18, athletic but I have high systolic blood pressure. Why is this?
what would be look like without any muscles?
Could my nose be broken?
Do you think I have a concussion?
why can't I feel part of my pinky?
what is the recovery time for a tailbone (coccyx)injury it has been two weeks since i fell and still in pain?
the pain keeps increesing in my wrist it hurts alot dome one help?
i hit my elbow really hard off the wall.when i lay it down nd bend it it hurts.is it fractured?
can morphine cause oxygen saturation's to drop to 88% in a healthy 28 year old?
I have a sore throat. I usually expierence symptoms at or around bedtime to early breakfast. What is it?
Question about pneumonia! Please take a look!?
what causes your blood to be thick?
what are your experiences of drinking alcohol while taking prozac?
How do I get over my coffee addiction?
Painless way to end a life?
Neurological or stress based?
i have an addiction to making people hate me?
How does a doctor test an adult for Autism?
I'm scared i might have parkinsons?
Should i see a doctor tomorrow ?
Where is some good info about the flu? 2010-2011?
What should i take to get rid of a UTI?
is there a way to cure HIV?
serious questions about my grandmother in the hospital?
I found a random lice bug in my hair, but nothing else. should I be worried? and does this mean I do have lice?
Why am i always so tired?
Is there a condition of sleep when you can't open your eyes and fell yourself moving?
I think im sick whats wrong?
how can someone break the over the counter sleeping pill addiction slowly but surely if they are badly addicte?
I did cocaine less den line like 0.1 whould it show in my drug test?
what happens if you put rubbing alcohol on chapped lips?
Home Remedy For My Peeling Skin On Face!!!!:0?
Hirshsprungs Disease and no funds to help, Why?
how do i get rid of my acne !?!?!?!?!?
after I take a shower, my skin gets dry or rashy?
are glass blood vials common?
can diabetes kill you, if not what harm can it do to you?
Whats up with my Blood Glucose Levels?
my scalp is dry and peeling?
I'm scared I may have diabetes! Help?
What breakfast cereals are out there with a high barley content, if any?
Is there anyway I could ever give blood?
Difference between Glibenclamide and Metformin?
How do you know if you have STDs?
Question about HPV...?
someone please help me? i feel terrible :(?
I have had a cavity in my bottom left molar and I do have a cavity and it looks pretty deep.?
16 year old and tooth wobbly?
10 points for best answer regarding my dental question.?
i havent eaten anything but gum in a month... is that bad ?
I am going to get 4 new braces?
What is a fast teeth whitening method that I can do with things I already have at home?
Is it ok to get your teeth whitened the day you get your braces off?
I'm supposed to get braces, but i don't want them. And my mom won't buy me invisalign teen?
What should I eat with gingivitis?
I have severe ringworm, it's embarrassing!?
Does any one know of any natural home remedies for head lice?
can your eyesight improve?
how to clear all medicine out of my system befor trying to conceive?
home remedies for common cold?
Will taking 1 e-pill kill me?
what food supplement good for preventing prostate cancer?
if i got high on cough syrup could i drink?
How to lose the 10 pounds ive gained since working?
i'm only 13 and have love handles but i am skinny?
What diets would you recommend for a teenager?
i'm a big girl, can i have an hour glass shape too?
What would be a normal body fat for someone who weighs 440 pounds?
Trying to lose weight as fast as possible, should I use protein?
How soon should I see results?
Help with a meal plan for gaining weight?
How to make wide bony hips not noticable, picture provided?
How do I take away my back stiffness?
If your head was cut clean off, do you still remain conscious, even for a second?
got hit and pushed to fence dizzy?
swallowed a small turkey bone a couple of months ago now i have pain in my right inner breast. what can i do?
i have a dent in my right wrist. what to do?
Need a blood test for my Potassium do I need to fast?
Which lipoprotein has the greatest concentration of cholesterol in it?
Does licorice cause high blood pressure? I quit smoking and eat it about once a week.?
Strong Heartbeat in Chest?
what are the symtomps if the baby died inside you?
Can I take all my Triple Omega 3-6-9 pills all together or do I have to take them 3X a day?
What kind of head injury would cause total loss of memory?
What is the proper way to dispose of unused needles.?
Worried about Grandaughter!?
So I'm in school majoring as an LPN......?
Type 2 diabetes lingo?
Can someone help me with my blood counts? 9.4 hgb and 29.9 hct?
hormones and diabetes....is there a connection?
can you be a jag officer in any of the branches with type 1 diabetes?
Where can I find blood test codes?
will kidney problems cause swelling?
How long does it take for you to feel symptoms after you catch a bug like the stomach flu?
what age is the rabies vaccine given to puppies?
I've had mono, and now my boyfriend has painful rashes (possibly shingles) are they related?
How to get rid of a cold?
What to do about bad circulation?
Is it abnormal to frequently eat ice? What may be the cause?
Two people that I love have just found out they have Tumors. Please Help?
What causes autoimmunity?
So My ear is clogged. It was hurting like crazy for 2 weeks until today when I put a Q-Tip in my ear.?
How can I fix my lisp?
I'm in love with someone with FAS and need some help?
how to take off a badage stuck to the cut?
Suppression therapy for herpes.. but it caused an outbreak I think... 38 weeks pregnant...?
Broken my braces D: what to do?
I need my Wisdom teeth out Monday!!!!!?
Has anyone tried clear braces?
Will braces make my teeth hurt?
what is the best country to go to for dental work?
What is the best way to whiten my teeth?
Whats the best way to whiten my teeth?
What is the best sinus relief?
what are symptoms of pneumonia?
Trouble breathing when drunk?
what are the side effects od carbon monoxide?
How to loose weight and gain muscle  for a 13 year old? ?
Is this a good way to lose and maintain my weight?
Everyday weight loss supplements?
I overdid it with exercise what should I eat and do to feel better?
Is this going to make me lose fat?
Top 10 foods that healthy, fit men and women eat?
im 5'5, 29 years old, my measurements are 37 28 37..am i overweight?
Hit head and now side affects?
Need ankle cast, no insurance - help?
One longer leg, and one higher shoulder..? SCOLIOSIS?!?
Do you have to wear a heel lift if you have a 1/2 inch leg discrepancy?
broken wrist with potatos?
has anyone used magnesium citrate and had it not work?
Blood Pressure Monitor?
Please show me all enzymes to look it up in my blood analysis for Liver & Kidneye.Thanx?
Are my cholesterol levels normal?
should i be worried about a low ejection fraction of 28?
Is there risk in taking medications for heart disease 'Every other day' it seems to work just fine?
Survey: If you have a weak mind,chest,heart or any other vital organ-please do not read any further?
can diabetic people live normally?
Can a doctor help me with Folliculitis?
what are the symptoms and causes of diabetes?
At what point do you consider your blood sugar to be "go to the hospital" low? Type 1 and Type 2's?
could I be diabetic?
What is Diabetes caused by?
Does water wash away the sugars in my body?
What is wrong with me?
Hi lately I have been having several health issues not sure if they are related?
Horrible medical history?
how do you tell if a guy has short man syndrome,?
what's the best treatment for fibromyalgia ?
if your folate is high, should you take folic acid?
how often can one donate blood?
i have the flu and can't afford to see a doctor?
Do i have Rabies help meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Two different Antibiotics?
Testing techniques that allow you to detect the presence of the flu virus?
if i find one bed bug, does this mean that i have more?
Had always chewed my tongue...?
Anybody try herbal cigarettes before?
Is there any other cures for broncitus besides pills that I got? 10 points?
Is there any non-surgical ways to tighten excess skin?
Your favorite methods to soothing a sore throat?
What is Doxycycline used for?
why do stoners argue and fight online?
what medicine is completely safe to take during pregnency for a cold?
I have a Blue Cross PPO...instead of a copay I have something that says 30% coinsurance. What does that mean?
heart valves that open and close too quickly?
Why did my heart pound when i smoked weed?
Triglycerides and HDL?
Sharp pain close to my heart?
what is causing my high pulse rate?
Does anybody know if STD's are more common amongst a specific gender?
******* with canker sores?
I got something stuck in my ear - what do I do?
shouldd you pop a blister? or just leave it...?
What is the best thing to do if you have a water blister?
What's the difference between air purifier and air ionizer? Thanks!?
Is asthma curable permanently?
what should I do? Do I have asthma?
I am yawning excessively and am also having a hard time breathing regularly?
My chest is killing me and my breath is shorting out?
Hard to breathe!!!!!!!?
Am i depressed or whats wrong?
How likely am I to get a mental illness?
How to tell your parents you suffer from a mental illness?
Am i Bipolar? Need Help?
can someone in Canada call the Police in virginia on teen supported line ok?
If things of the past still haunt me 5yrs later should i see a psychiatrist?
Is it true that when you are going insane...?
Could I have a concussion?
Why does my back hurt when i breathe?
Is it possible to break your ball on your foot by your big toe?
how long should you have a temporary crown?
Is it standard procedure for a dentist to ask me to remove all my clothes during a check-up?
teeth whitening need help?
When children lose their baby teeth will the new ones grow in the same way?
Braces questions ??????????
Terrified to fall?!?!?
Is it true that if you listen to LOUD MUSIC a lot, that you will lose your hearing when you get older?
Having bad headaches often?
I just drank my brother's PRESCRIBED medicine by accident..... what should I do?
Questions about the tuberculosis test.?
Bulimia ?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Will I ruin all my hard work? 10 points?
How can I get skinny in a month or two?
Anxiety attacks or something similar, please help?
How can I lose weight?
Is this the right work out?
Does TRX work and does it help you lose weight?
Where could I get a list of weight loss tips, that I could like print out right now?
Would you ever deny antibiotics for your child, and does green always mean infection?
I've had a sore throat for 8 days, should I go to a walk-in clinic?
What are the symptoms of a stomach ulcer?
I heard that doctors...?
Is my heart or something in my chest OK?
Thinking about going to be a nurse in cardiac care?
are wrist blood pressure monitors accurate?
If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack should they save him?
Patient presenting with shortness of breath palputations and chronic fatigue?
Why did I get sick anyways even though I got a flu shot?
Which supplements to help protect digestive system while taking long term antibiotics?
Where do I get a B12 Injection?
Can Wicked XXX herbal incense kill you?
help me with my addictin to sugar?
what are the different modern technologies that helps control diseases?
since i eat veggies and fruit im ALWAYS gassy. its very embarrassing. are pills like gas x safe?
Virgins medical issue? Please help?!!!!!?
Why are cold sores so socially acceptable if they're actually herpes?
Question about getting an std test through insurance?
What are STDs?I want to know.?
Whats the best and fastest way to get rid of acne?
Really Bad Dandruff?
ear piercing infection?
Scoliosis surgery possibility?
Do people feel any pain if they are having a seizure?
What causes a cluster headache?
I cant sleep at night.... HELP?
Was this fainting or something else?
How much does a Visit to a Dermatologist Cost in California?
Cant fall asleep, any suggestions?
I have taken all my meds, 2 stool softeners, and now 2 laxatives and I can't get anything moving, help?
how can a hospital put false diagnosis's on your medical record, and how to get it off?
My 48 hour headache won't go away?
Is my foot broken ? xx?
would this be enough to kill me?
Cut bleeding for 8 hours....?
How can I stop wearing out my shoes in the same spot?
will i still be able to drive a truck with a disc bulge?
Did I tear my ACL again?
A person I know is getting a chemical stress test. Recommended by cardiologist, few years after heart attack?
Heart palpitations and scare to death?
My heart hurts and I'm 16 years old?
I'm 18 and have been experiencing bad chest pain for about a week. It is on the left side of my chest right?
Could I be getting diabetes?
Do I Have Diabetes?!?
Whatever i drink seems to go thru me..is dehydration possible?
Is it really bad to go over your daily sugar intake?
Ate breakfast after two hr started shaking. Almost passed out. Then when I ate, I fell asleep. What's wrong?
to reduce the amount of sugar you eat, yu could avoid th following common form of simple sugar?
Is HFCS really worse than sugar?
Wisdom Teeth Removal: Be Honest...?
Is it bad to take out your dental rubber bands when you eat?
Will it affect the gums?
How long does it take for braces to show improvment in teeth?
how much does invisaline and teeth whitening cost?
Tiny wound in gum, heal faster?
Weight loss advice..................................…
Will eating according to my blood type allow me to loose weight?
Ok today at my gym.........?
Uhmm..........Yeah Can You Please Help?
if im not overweight why do i feel like the fattest person alive?
My symptoms... any ideas?
What exactly will show up on an HIV test? all types of HIVs or just a select few? my main concern is herpes?
Could a hairless rat get the bubonic plague?
Do I have tonsillitis?
what is responsible thing to do, re: flu exposure?
what is these small yellow things in the back of my throat?
Do you think Cholera in Haiti and the current unseasonal outbreak of Kala Azar in Sudan is indicative of the?
i cant get rid of this chronic cough...! had it for over a year and doctors say is allergies..?
Finding it very hard to control my asthma?
What is the maximum amount of time it should take for your lungs to heal from pneumonia?
Smoking weed is harder than i thought?
has anybody tried the weed or hashish ?
How deadly is seizures?
Help with Exercise Induced Asthma?
Does popping your knuckles really cause arthritis?
are doctors usually right when they tell you how tall you will be?
Can you please help me?
How to get someones to quit smoking?
Can i survive off jello for two weeks?
why do i sleep too much and i'm tired anyway (please read description before answering)?
How to not sleep through the alarm?
Health insurance for only major problems?
how do i get rid of my acne and blackheads?
Why do people say things like pulmonary embolisms kill you in a few seconds?
Do i have a eating disorder?
Does drinking water help correct electrolytes?
i have a slight heart problem so if took some pills (like to get high) would i die or does it depend?
How can you die from a heart attack?
When is the best time for me to take high blood pressure medicine?
Can a person go into the military while also having Precordial Catch Syndrome?
Is there any way to put ankylosing spondylitis into remission?
What tests are recommended after EKG shows heart attack?
What does pac stand for after a medical providers name?
I need to know how much Magnesium to take for my heart?
belly has pulse and keeps moving moving is this normal?
What should an adult do about a diaper rash?
will laying in a tanning bed help heal poison ivy?
Do I need to get medical treatment for my dog bite?
How to unclog my left ear after a swim?
Vitamins! Am wondering if I'm over doing or missing out on something?!?
Is this a spider bite?
Chest pain & short of breath all day, is this ER worthy or could I just wait until Friday?
Should i be worried or see a doctor?
How can i make my wrist hurt less?!?!?
Will I pass the test?!?
is it normal to bleed when getting fingered?
What if I miss a dose of Flagyl?
Please help me... I just got a tooth pulled. What are some good things to eat?
ive been told i grind my teeth in my sleep and this is causing my front teeth to overlap, how can i stop this!?
Can you get your 2 bottom and 2 top wisdom teeth removed at once?
do these braces cost more..? ones with colored wires? 10 pts?
Does it hurt when they are removing braces?
filling fell out how long can i wait to get it filled?
Is my weight ok for my age/height?
im 16 years old.. I weigh 145 im 5' 10" and my bust is 38" waist is 28" and hips are 38" is that good?
what can help me pee?
I really need to lose some weight. Please help!?
when on a diet would how many pack..?
What is the best diet to get rid of belly fat?...or just "the best diet"?
what allowed to eat when on...?
How do i gain weight and loose fat at the same time?
If I burn 270 calories but then I eat lunch that has 280 calories in it, is my whole workout pointless?
umm need explanation please?
I have a STRANGE Addiction please help?
What causes schizophrenia?
What is the difference between a Psychologist, Physiatrist, and a Therapist?
how to stop self harm?
My son 13 y.o. has fever 102.3 F. He refuses to eat. Can I give him motrin without giving food?
About Polio, can an adult catch polio?
Writing a Story - What would be the best way to spread Ebola?
what does rationale mean?
How do you get over "depression"?
how can hr manager handle if one of their employees found out that he/she is positive in HIV?
WEED: do you smoke on a daily or . . .?
Is this a good multivitamin supplement?
marihuana? yes or no?
what is accutane, and what are the pros and cons?
what is the average dosage of vistaril for anxiety?
Does a heart catheterization hurts?
triple bypass surgery recovery/withdrawal?
Does shaving increase your risk of having a heart attack?
Why and what is maleate in medicine?
Does your heart have an armpit?
Can a Minor of the age (16) Optain a Medical Marijuana Card with Medical Resons.?
What exactly is the virus HPV?
Best way to quit smoking cigarettes?
I took two hits of pot 5 months ago will it show on a hair drug if ive gotten several haircuts since then?
How many people would use contraception/protection for the rest of their life because of this?
can my mum tell i smoke ?
How long does surgery last when removing a stomach tumor?
EMERGENCY! Bf with chest pains?!?!?
I have no idea what this is caused by?
Anxiety attack help??????
Why am I coughing so much? I never coughed so much in my life?
This really hurts i need help fast!?
I have trouble breathing at night what could it be?
How dangerous can Swine flu be?
Ears plugged, please help?
Is it possible to be born with oral herpes?
When you take your pulse is that measuring your heart rate?
Could a doctor tell If i had a heart condition with these tests?
short sharp pains in the chest, left side by the heart?
What things cause blood pressure to rise?
How can i lose weight fast?
How to get a bikini body by summer?
what are your favorite fruits and veggies when dieting?
Is it better to eat and work out or not eat and don't work out?
Okay for 17 year old female?
How can a 13 year old girl lose weight?
How many ponds a week can I lose doing this?
Is there anything I can do to make a strained hamstring go away faster?
What should i do?!?!?!?!?
Fang marks appearing on ankle?
After broken thumb, thumb feels weak, how can i make it stronger?
How would you get crutches ?
can i pick up a prescription that was prescribed to me 9 months ago?
i am currently being treated for bronchitis, but this moorning the health care aide?
Is it bad to sleep for 18 hours straight?
I get REALLY sweaty.. For no reason?
So my friend i were wondering... does cracking your bones cause arthritis?
Toxic level of acetimenophen? Girlfriend took too much NyQuil and Benadryl.?
Can I leave acne treatment all night without washing it off?
Boyfriend has been throwing up for 12 hours- help!?
When an antibiotic binds to bacterial ribosomes, how does that affect the bacterium?
I bought a bat and made it bite me, how long will it take before I transform into a Vampire?
My swine flu cough won't go away.?
Sudden Terrible Flu Symptoms...What could it be?
Do I have a tapeworm?
What are the symptons of jaundice?
can deer carry the virus HIV? and if they do is it likely?
Is this mono or a cold?
Do I have mono? My friend had it and I spent the night at her house because I didn't think I'd get it?
Why does my grandpa's blood pressure drop dramatically when he stands up?
interaction between statin and alcohal?
i have mitral valve prolapse if i work out to much can i have a hard attack?
what vein can be grafted and used for coronary bypass surgery. What other vessels may also be used?
I was at the doctor for a check up, my blood pressure was 168/70?
what is it when my lower left side of my rib-cadge hurts?
Other ways to take pills?
What is a natural energy boost?
will weed stop you from being sad?
is it safe to take all of this?
can my son abuse ritalin to get high even though he has adhd?
Pure Dextromethorphan? ?
is msm powder safe for teens to use?
Will i be ok, will i live, what should i do?
Question about Activia yogurt?
Do allergies cause dizziness?
How do I get over my social anxiety?
So i don't have a problem....right?
Do I have a mental condition of some kind? Or am I just overreacting?
i really need help i am suicidal?
Dating someone with depression who wants sometime alone for weeks to come?
i think im bipolar, what do i do?
STD help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Detailed Workout Routine Needed?
Career: Fitness Model or Bodybuilder?
Push ups/pull ups?!??!?!?!?
I'm 15 and feel like eating ALL THE TIME?
Would this diet shake taste good?
is there another reason for frequent urination besides diabetes?
what are the health benefits of a 24 hour water fast?
How much weight and muscle can someone gain in 5 months?
What age were you when your friends started being put on blood pressure and cholesterol medicines?
I need a friend who is wearing braces that can help me through the whole procedure?
Does a root canal hurt?
Does it hurt gettin' all four wisdom teeth out?
Smoking after wisdom teeth removal?
Help i think i'm allergic to my braces? Can i be?
Teeth problem please help?
Should i stay awake with four hours till work?
should i go to the Er i got blood comming up from my throat once i sniff from my nose my nose is very runny?
why am i so tired all the time?
What causes lower flank pain?
what system suffers damage when an ankleis sprained?
Can you kiss someone if you have stitches in your lip?
Pulled Muscle please help?
Does biking cause your back to hurt?
sore throat, chest infection?
What can I do to cure my cold faster and prevent it from getting much worse?
i need the best hepa air filter help?
How to use inhaler with spacer?
How to convince my parents to take me ?
Is it bad to have stretch marks?
How to remove a mole without surgery?
How to get rid of black heads on the nose?
My face is so oily and i have tryed everything...what can i do?
why is it ok for diabetics to eat brown sugar?
Does type 2 diabetes affect your mood swings?
does eating before you sleep lead to diabetes?
Muscle Building with Celiac Questions/Concerns?
Can I get a Diagnosis, could be Hypoglycaemia?
boyfriend now has diabetes?
Does this sound like anemia ?
What are realistic ways of disposing of a dead body?
where to find a good psychiatrist specializing in eating disorders?
My baby nephew has a tear duct problem.. help?
Now, I know that I don't have Munchausen syndrome!?
who is more likely to get a liver disease? An alcoholic man or women?
i can feel my ribs???
How long should you continue using Nasonex?
if theres 1.2g of codeine in 125ml syrup how many mg are contained in one teaspoon of the syrup?
Does cough syrup really get you high?
How do you know if you're allergic to your shampoo?
Does greasy foods clog your arteries?
swelled up eye plz help?
how can i safe from mosquitoes bite(home remedies)?
how to get ride of bug bites?
How old were you when you got your growth spurt?
[Hunger and sleep] Why don't we wake up starving?
My tooth hurts when I drink cold water?
is it better getting all your wisdom teeth pulled out then getting them out one at a time?
Oops im going to the denstist and didnt brush my teeth?
Wisdom teeth recovery?
I have an underbite but orthodontists can't treat it?
My dog has been shot if she survive's will she get lead poisioning?
How can I get my mom to let me go to the dentist ?
If you get dropped from your orthodontist will another one take you?
4 months before i had pap smear ,it was abnormal ,then dr did hpv it was nagative ,they told me come back?
Am I overweight? I think so:(?
Diet & Fitness Survey?
How to lose 50 pounds in the quickest and most efficent way?
what is a diet that can make you lose 5-10 pounds a week?
How do you.. gain weight?
im 18 and i weight 150. i really want to lose 20 - 30 pounds before prom so that i can fit into my dress.?
About the vaccine. Help me please?
What are laxatives?? (for a anorexia and bulimia report)?
Where can I find good audio tapes to listen to while sleeping?
what will happen if i stop taking omeprazole (prilosec)?
Need to lose my voice and fast?
Expired 2008 nicotine patches?
Today after a party which I don't remember, I've had an unusually fast heartrate. Should I be worried?
What i can do to make a wrist cut dissapear?
running injury (good description)?
did i break my arm or sprain my wrist?
can you tell me what happen to my groin?
Are my symptoms linked to this accident?
Can you die from a concussion?
how do you know if you have anorexia?
I took (1) 5mg valium 4 days ago and need to take a saliva drug test in 3 days. Will it be completely gone?
I have been getting headaches and my eyes have been seeing spots?
My eyes water when I poo. Is this normal?
Why is demi lovato in rehab?
how to cure a yeast infection?
Is it ok to smoke pot with a circulatory problem?
Problem with my lung?
Constant burping please help!?
When wood burns it crackles. Explain?
do i have a heart murmur?
Is a 45 bpm pulse a sign of something wrong?
Do i have a problem with my heart or Is it just Anxiety?
uncle can't walk anymore and lost feeling in hands. Neurology help please?
Are the "Cooties" we call in Kindergarden....?
Will I wake up if I use his plan?
feel so depressed.........?
Tell your story.....?
Can anyone tell me if I'm doing good with my routine or do I need to make some adjustment?
Does anyone take prescription amphetamines?
Please help me. I think I may be depressed. How do I tell my doctor and family?
Has the DAMAGE Already Been Done?
What is a good way to get rid of a little stuffy nose?
HELP! How can I reduce the swelling of the lymph-nodes under my neck?
are these just a ton of mosquito bite or am i allergic to something... (pic)?
Is there any other methods to remove a splinter painlessly?
i have something on the back of my foot?
after treatment ingrown toenail surgery?
my 1 year old has yellow pus coming out of one of her eyes what is it?
The coffee diet??????????????
Taking Vitamins On A Low Calorie Diet?
My friend wants to see her hip bones more?
how do i curb cravings? especially sweet tooth?
Help Please! How can I loose 50 or so lbs in a month and a week?
Why am i not getting ANY stronger?
Why are my lymph nodes swollen?
Should I use crutches for my foot?
how do you tell if you have broken your wrist?
Can you walk on your Tippy toes if you have broken your ankle?
why does my wrist pop everytime i move it?
Extra piece of tissue behind the last tooth!?
I have just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out and is on medicine. Can I give blood in 4 days?
Do I have gingivitis or periodontitis?
Hai, I have a son who is 4 years 2 months old. He needs dental procedure for the?
Has anyone else experienced stinky urine upon eating asparagus?
I HAVE VERY BAD ACNE, what should I do?
What is the best way to get rid of acne and have great skin?
what is wrong with me?
How to stop whole body from itching?
What's the best way to get rid of blackheads?
I was just sitting and my heart started acting wierd :( ...so scared :( ..i need some HELP!!!?
How does plaque build-up in the heart prodcue a thrombosis, cardiac ischemia, and a heart attack?
Help! Girlfriend's heart hurts?
What causes tremors when you have a stroke?
Doxycycline, enzymes and digestion problems ?
what is the best cure for a hangover?
what kind of medicine i take in hemorrhoid?
how do you make medicine from garlic extracts?
best creme for burns..?
can apple cider vinegar be taken with glucosimine?
I stay on computer until 6 a.m. then get up at 5 p.m. then repeat. How bad will it affect my health?
Rolled my ankle, serious or not?
How long does it take for a black eye to form?
Why am i beginning to snore and drool?
Smoking Weed Question?
How much does a Pulmonary function test cost?
Does Amoxicillin help with a cold?
Is suffocating yourself with a plastic bag painful? how long till you pass out?
Am I actually "obese"?
Is it bad for me to live off lean cuisine & smart one meals?
I have less than 400calories a day, should I worry so much about exercise?
How to lose weight fast?
did i mess today up all just because what i had for breakfast?
I'm 15, I'm fat and I need help?
can you get herpes from eating a girl out with no lesions?
I need to know all about oral herpes.?
No sleep for 4 days, feeling tired and sleepy, hospital time?
Can sleeping/napping in the day affect my ability to sleep at night?
Will malnutrition show up on bloodwork?
Am I drinking too much water too quickly? ?
Why am I so sensitive to weather?
I have bad eyesight from far, but when i put on my glasses i see blurry from near. WHATS MY PROBLEM?? :(?
what to expect at a chiropractic appointment?
I'm an alcoholic should I seek treatment?
Blood on TP? (description might be a bit graphic to some)?
How do you stop someone from dying when their overdosing on cocain?
Question about autoimmune disorders?
In embolus-type strokes, what is the usual source of the embolus?
How much money do these cost?
cardiac ablation after care?
Is this blood pressure okay?
What does it mean when I get a chest pain while running on the treadmill for less than 5 minutes?
what membrane is over the heart?
My pulse was 75 lying down but 100 sitting?
Is it possible to take an ecg showing MI using only V1,V2,V3,V4?
My hamstring randomly knots up?
My arm healed wrong, is there a way it can heal?
Why do keep waking up with scratches on my stomach?
how do u no if u twisted or sprained your ankle?
i fell on my arm it hurts a lot what is wrong with it?
Spinal tap to dx Multiple Sclerosis?
Front tooth? Filling is not an option?
What is the best way to whiten your teeth without spending $100?
Can I wear retainers without having Braces yet?
How do I remove a yellow mark on my tooth?
What braces color makes your teeth the whitest?
Why did Whitestrips make my teeth even yellower?!?
does it really matter that you have perfectly straight and white teeth?
my orthodontist put something on my molars?
Why may people think that technology is not a cause in childhood obesity?
low blood sugar ??? plz help x?
Can a 7 lbs weight loss give you drastic changes in glucose readings?
What may cause a person to get headaches, and urinate more than often?
What is glaucoma?????????/?
Where to get free diet samples?
how effective is putting your head between your knees for preventing fainting?
I've got this patch of hard skin between my right thumb and pointer finger...?
Do shallow cuts scar?
So I was watching manswers and this thing about your index finger?
Debating laser surgery?
Help!! Ingrown toenail...?
Symptoms strongly scaring me?
Should I get them checked?(Please read)?
Is something happening?
Is it normal to feel like hurting people if your angry or anxious?
are there any reasons to remove an aicd implant from your heart?
please help me (20 characters)?
Is something wrong with me? Or am I just paranoid?
Does this qualify as 'self harming'? Should I be worried?
My heart started beating extremely fast....?
Heart palpitations at 17 years old?
How long until he has a heart attack?
is there surgery for ischemia?
My daughter's hives won't go away. Is this common?
How long should I stay off gluten to see if I have a sensitivity?
How do I know if I'm allergic to bunnies/rabbits?
I had an allergic reaction to lobster now my face has broken out. i need ways to clear it up asap?
Working over night, Black Friday, need energy.?
Frequent Migranes.. ?
nauseous...things I can eat, 10 points best answers?
Weird sleeping patterns?
can a headache cause nausea?
Scared of getting shots?
Are strong cigarettes worse than weak ones?
Whats a really unusual disease?
i was told someone i love has the disease MS,?
I got the h1n1 vaccine and have had aches for a week?
Is there a website where I could get the name of the disease from the symptoms?
What is the chance of me getting the flu?
Flu or food poisoning?
My girlfriend smells like boiled goose "down stairs". Is that normal?
If I take antivirals for herpes, does this help the other person from getting them?
How many times is considered "normal" to have a bowel movement?
i'm ready to die if things dont get better?
what causes seizures in someone that has never had one befor?
Would I be considered as having OCD?
Bad rib pains after game of football (soccer)?
If you are having a scope procedure is it right for the doctor to also do other things?
can tingling feet come from a pinched nerve? please help me?
I was wondering if you all knew a decent probiotic to help treat IBS?
Dose grinding feel good for guys?
Who are those using viagra is it safe? is there a fake ones?
What is in benadryl that makes you tired?
EAR ACCUPUNCTURE...which point represents the lung?