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How can i get better skin?
When do you do CPR or Rescue Breathing?
How can I be tested for this?
Can animals get AIDS?
Can you get AIDS from masterbation?
What is making my left side Chest Pain? Pls Hlp? 10Pts?
My chest hurts very often. not where my heart is but more in the middle...can anyone help?
remedy for blood clots in foot?
Does anyone know what these heart 'doings' mean?!?
My heart is beating fast but im calm?
Stuffed nose For years now?
Is there a chance i could die?
Do I have allergies? PLEASE HELP!!?
I'm in a bad situation!!!!?
Pretty sure I have Celiac Disease or gluten allergy?
how do you get rid of a cold sore fast?
can my acne antibitoics get rid of my stye?
How do I clean up my acne?
problem with dry lips?
where can I get cheap clonazepan without a perscription?
Why am I feeling dizzy all the time?Please help.?
A way to sleep with the flu?
help please? Am I underweight?
can a doctor to refuse to treat you if you want your mum to come to the consultation?
howto cut the wrist or the carotid artery.?
Ok, How do I get rid of Peppermint oil smell II?
If two headed twins that shares the same body one of them died, does the other lives?
why is my acid reflux soo bad?
have high liver enzymes but in a lot of pain?
Is there a symptom-less disease than can kill an infant within a few weeks of birth?
Did ACL surgery. When can I walk without crutches?
How To Fake A Shoulder Ingury?
help, feeling old please read?
ok so im asking again i have a torn meniscus in my left knee and severe osteoarthirtis in my right?
High school counselor vs regular counselor?
Is depression considered a serious illness?
Is it wrong to want brain surgery?
Anyone have experience with a MCL/PCL tear or successful tx of MCL/PCL tear? 7 weeks still no mobility!?
obsessed with ipod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What happens when you hang yourself?
why do I always feel so inadequate?
why do i feel a deep desire to hurt myself?
When is the right time of the day to check blood pressure ?
My heart just spazzed, shivered and shook.?
Does an echocardiogram also include an EKG?
My Husband's lipid profile report...can anyone suggest about diet to reduce cholesterol?
when did medical marijuana became legal in the state of Colorado?
question about weed?
Did I just find cocaine in my grandma's medicine cabinet?
Can u get high off vicaden?
Where can i find naproxen?
i have a problem and it's to do with dosage?
If i mix baking soda and water then brush...?
I bit my lip, now a football shaped lump appeared?
Do they put you to sleep for tooth implant surgery?
Sores in mouth from kissing or from cold?
I just noticed I have yellow teeth...what can I do?
can you make your thighs slimmer by just eating fruit?
How can i make a more whiter smile?
Are you fat!!!!!??????
ECA Stack Question? Can I lose.....?
Poll: What is Zumba (20 char.)?
I want to lose 20 pounds (Or just drop a size or 2) by the end of Feb?
If I walk 4 miles everyday would that help me lose weight? I also eat when I'm not hungry, help?
What do you do to get rid of cold sores on the mouth (quick)?
how can you spread a std?
can anyone help please... i need ideas for my persuasive speech about the flu vaccine.?
i have an insane bladder!!!?
how can a man test for HPV?
Is can you get herpes the STD from a cold sore?
How can we help people with AIDS?
What is the correct/appropriate blood pressure reading?
What's the right time to use chapstick?
Is it Healthier to take a shower in the evenings or in the mornings?
I have a medical problum.?
Medical Exam Referral--What will happen next?
Should I be concerned about this sudden increase in my heart rate?
Does anyone know why all of a sudden my chest/heart area starts to hurt and feel tight like a cant breath?
is my heart beat normal or i am getting palpitations?
How do you remove a metal washer which has become stuck on a swollen finger?
Ingrown Toenail removal?
my finger hurts!!!???/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Do i have a black widow bite?
I am currently on dialysis 3 times per week,tuesday,thursday,and Sunday night.?
need help with a hand injury??
i cant stop eating ice, is it bad for you?
Does it hurt if you loose a filling?
So, my 13 year old daughter has her wisdom teeth growing in. What do I do?
What is the prognosis for a stroke in the centre of the brain?
Why are African Americans and Latinos more likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease?
My doc said i have High Blood Pressure..he said to loose the weight..question?
Will a nuclear stress test make someone dizzy and nauseated?
What does my blood pressure reading mean (118/91)?
Blood Clots I am terrified?
what are the benefits of drinking green tea?
i wanna lose 10 pounds.?
is cheese grtis good for diet?
Share your weight loss stories here please!?
How much weight could I lose in about 4 months?
How do I put on muscle weight?
Cold water bath vs cold water shower??? (10 POINTS)?
Ingested moldy cool whip. HELP!?
Is this a sign of a thyroid problem?
Some questions on tripping for the first time?
Does Calcium help you grow?
For those who smoke marijuanna?
Why won't this light head go away after a plane flight?
do you think i have a disease?
white patches on back of the throat-time frame?
Should i get a flu shot? and if so what kind should i get the needle on or the mist one?
can i get the stomach virus from talking to someone who had it? I never touched my mouth or face, just spoke?
Is this normal? doctor said i'm not immune to hept. B but i had the vaccine?
How long after you get your tonsils out can you wrestle?
For a 14 year old, is a 134/64 blood pressure safe enough to go on the rides at lake compounce in connecticut?
Decrease in right ventricular function?
Could rheumatic fever decrease your life expectency ?
1+ Tricuspid/Pulmonic valve insufficiency?
My back hurts!!!! Help?
My heel hurts after I got my cast taken off is that normal?
how do i get rid of shin splints?
Help clear my skin! Solutions?
What is this on my neck?
My face feels sunburn and dry after using epiduo for 7 days?
My son called an ambulance for me Sunday morning because I was hypoglycemic and not responsive?
Is it possible for a person with diabetes to have a normal sugar level?
One Touch ultra mini can be tested on forearm?
How can you prevent Diabetes?
what are the symtoms of diabetes mellitus?
how would i know if i am diabetic?
Where in Sugar Land / Houston TX preferably on the West, SW side can I obtain a free Diabetes screening test?
I got a bad sunburn and the blisters are filled with yellow stuff (pus?) now.?
I have a hand infection and its swollen?
i cant hear out of my left ear, but i just cleaned it out?
What do you do if you swallow a nail (not fingernail)?
I have an infected splinter! how bad is it?? Please help!!?
what is the best way to get rid of a burn?
Do I have a mental disorder?
How to deal with not having a family to support you?
what's rong with me ???????????????????//?
Are there any tests to determine depression, particularly bipolar?
do you think adt pills are killing america's youth?
How Can I Not Let Social Anxiety Ruin My Life?
Is it easy to kill yourself via car exhaust?
Why do I forget things so easily?
Just got braces tightened, will the pain be gone before thanksgiving?
Is this a braces scam??? only 24 hours to get the offer so answer quick plz!!! 'revolutionary 6 months smile'?
si i get my braces off in two weeks and i wnat to know how to make it go by really fast?!?
How can I whiten my teeth?
What medicine really works to relieve pain of braces?
Where does the superior vena cava attach to the heart?
What food that are fit for people with hypertension?
The membrane layer of the heart that seperates myocardium from blood is called the:?
what is the average heart beat rate for a 17 year old?
what are all the things that can be/go wrong like diease or arrithmias in the human heart?
Do you smell like cocaine to other people after you do it?
What can I do right away to treat food poisioning symptoms?
Why do I feel dizzy ...?
Some Lice Repellants!?
I have a friend who never drank before her gastric bypass but now is an alcoholic. Is this common?
How can I raise money for a family member to receive experimental treatment for MS?
What other things can I do to help drop my weight?
How to lose weight in the simplest ways?
How do i get 180g protein a day ?
Losing stomach fat queries?
losing 10 pounds in a month?
Will I continue to lose weight steadily ?
Have Scientist found a cure for AIDs?
I heard on a television commercial that you can get herpes in your eye?
i was tested positive hpv does that men i have a std?
Which Race is most susceptible to HIV/AIDs?
How long should a Meningitus shot take to heal?
Do the hepatitis vaccines hurt? Where is it injected?
Is HIV a disease or just a virus?
i have a cold sore...:((?
Is a blood pressure of 137/80 ok for a 16 year old girl...?
I think my dad is having a heart attack?
i had a chest ct scan done, just wondering could the contrast stay in your body and clog viens.?
Numb feeling in leg/can't feel toes?
High blood pressure and piercing?
How do I get rid of annoying flakes?
How to get rid of an oily complexion?
Help I have such Dry nostrils, what can I do?
Proactive Solution treatment for monthly acne?
It's been a year and a half; why won't my acne go away?
How do you get rid of open acne pores and red acne scars?
What is the best home cure for ghonnorrea?
Question about Antidepressants...?
Is it safe for teens to use acai berry capsules?
please help me! i wanna be a massage therapist but i dont know how!?
health occupations question?
How to tell if my fillings contain mercury?
Why am i not allowed to eat or drink 2 hours after a tooth extraction?
Does getting braces off hurt?
I want to get my braces off a little early?
Brace elastics: not wearing them for a whole day?
how does a dentist fix a cracked molar?
Is blood an organ system?Is a vein blue, red, or white.?
dizzy when I stand up?
My lips and mouth are often discomfortingly dry and chapped. How can I fix this problem?
Is there a really really bad dangerous stomach bug going around this week?
Liver Disease: What is steatocirrhosis?
what makes adderall show up as methamphetamine on a panel 8 drug screening?
what are symptoms of a fit/seizure?
How to treat hyperglycaemia at home?
Has anybody else just slept 2 hours and feels wide awake?
who know about graves disease?
my joints had hurt but now its just my left ankle?
Can you get your X rays put onto a CD?
i sctractched my eye ball?!?!?!?!??!! HELP 10 POINTS!?
I ripped part of my left hip tendons, what do I do?
I dislocated my shoulder the other day. I saw my trainer today and he said I may have a fracture. There's.....?
how can i a 14 year old girl get a flat tummy asap?
Will this exercise help with weight loss and fitness?
Will somebody who normally drinks a lot nearly every day and suddenly quits for a diet lose even more weight?
Tell me your weight loss story?
Where to start if you want to lose a great amount of weight?
Does food affect your heart rate?
What is the overall outlook for someone with alcohol induced cardiomyopathy?
Is my ex at end stage CHF?
Can substance abuse cause heart failure?
Could my cut be infected?
IMA BEE!!!!!?????!!!!!!?
Whats the best way to get rid of a cold?
Ingrown toenails!!!!?????? HELPP!!?
What's the best way to deal with a broken nail?
toenail infection.........?
What can I eat when I have Hemorrhoid?
Can someone please explain why I'm having these symptoms?
Do I have to vomit in order to have bulimia?
Does any one know any kids not vaccinated and now have autism?
frequent nose bleeds are they an issue?
my father is showing early signs of alzheimers. help!!?
I think antifreeze is leaking from my AC. What should I do?
when should you worry about constipation?
ANY DOCTORS?! Can I take tylenol or advil while I'm on my antibiotics?
how can i fall asleep quicker tonight?
Stay'd Up all night,... How can i keep myself awake during school hours?
my heart was fluttering and when it stoped i had to urinate like every 10 minutes?
19 and Heart problem??? PLZ ANSWER?
Sniffing deodorant can cause heart failure?
Emergency Room or Make a Dr's Appointment?
What could these symptoms mean?
Black dots in stool? What does this mean?
Need help from Hepatitis C expert about new pain in my side?
What do these symptoms mean?
White pus sacks on Tonsils?
What are some diseases I can use for my disease project?
Is ADHD a real disorder?
I'm a complete nervous wreck!?
Question about meditation?
I have become so confusing lately?
I always remember everything lately I been forgetting a lot. What is happening?
What's the highest dosage of prozac that one can take?
A lie for having a burn on your chin?
How do u get ride of acne CHEAPLY!?
if you take the abortion pills is it ok to dissolve them in juice?
breast cancer: is there any link between deodorants and breast cancer?
what is the recipe for saline drops?
Can I rely on these products to help me be healthy?
where to buy sage herb supplements?
Orovo? Rated the best multivitamin?
How can I get toned in time for summer?
Weight variations question?
is it worth taking the Professional Strength Whey Protein Elite Series after doing a kickboxing workout?
Am I being healthy, what could i improve on?
What body type am I? endomorph or mesomorph?
What are some healthy foods with good sources of protein?
Struggling with weight! Is this normal?
How to lose 1 pound of belly fat?!?
Pelvis/lower stomach/side hurting,doctor visit needed?
Should I go to the doctor?
What causes a heart enlargment?
If a doctor suddenly had a heart attack while doing surgery, would the other doctors work on the doctor or the?
How to Beat Sever Anxiety Attacks??!?!?
what does black heart mean in medi terms?
blood pressure 124/120?
My heart begins to beat real fast then stops?
10points for easy question?
I really need a copy of my immunization records which i had in st.lukes med.cntr.how can i get a copy?
Is there a reason I sweat exceedingly?
Have you ever smoked a joint?
looking for a low costing doctor in Michigan..?
how can i remove decalcification from my teeth?doctor said i cant get braces unless i remove decalcification?
i now have braces Promblem they hurt?
Do braces hurt when you get them on?
Im getting all four of my Wisdom Teeth cut out... what medecine will they prescribe you? will i get a refill?
Do braces hurt to get put on?
do i have OCD, and if so, can i get rid of it?
My 10 month old has green stuff coming out of her eye!its red an swollen,what could it be?
Why are my hand so shaky, and how do I make it stop?
home remedies for the sniffles.?
Bad smell from mouth?
Can i get food poisoning / salmonella? :/?
should i be worried about the change in bowel habit?
How to Produce insulin without using genes?
Do I have diabetes? Or am I just losing my mind?
How easily can you get diabetes?
I have gastroparesis, and my only option is a surgical procedure.?
Some one tells me my Diabetes can go away??? Is this True?
Morning sugar levels?
Very high blood sugar in children?
I think I might have diabetes... Are these the symptoms of it?
How rare are Blood Clots?
snake bite for 13 yr.old in minneapolis minneasota?
should i be worried about a spider bite?
Is it safe to use wax ear-plugs?
how can you tell if you have seperated your knee?
can you put cofee in wounds?
Why is there so much fear of the swine flu?
Is wart picking dangerous?
Can a human being carry tapeworms over 2-3 years?
religion vs. flu shots?
Flu shot????????????
Why do we have a Uvula?
can i get a dieseas..?
I sprained my ankle a few years ago but i keep having relapses. Help?
can cervical problems at c4-c5 cause all this?
Did I break or dislocate my pinky finger?
I fell and twisted my knee and ankle. I don't think it is broken but it hurts alot. What should I do?
whats wrong with my knees?
Weird pressure in left knee?
Dentist vist question?
Tomorrow at the Orthodontics?
What color braces should I get?
Do they bury dead people with their braces on?
How do I get a six pack?
will this help me to lose weight?
Teeth grinding at night, please help!?
what are the best foods to eat after you work out?
Is it a healthy habit to drink lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning?
have i ruined my diet?
Want to lose weight fast! please help?
Which muscles are involved in making a fist? And why can't I make one with my right hand?
sleep is for the weak?
Can you take this combination?
i have bad eyesight please help?
my friend has nits in her hair?
Why can't i go to sleep at night if I take a brief nap during the day?
Ecotopic beats symptoms?
hypothesis on ekg experiment?
My triglycerides are 434 & my cholesterol is 250!?
Is this symptoms of high or low blood pressure?
Does smoking pot impair long-term learning?
what was your gfr before kidney transplant?
What is this illness I have and how can I get rid of it?
I feel horrible why!!?
headaches and heart palpitations after eating?!?
I'm interested in leading a Tai-chi class at work, what kind of qualifications would I need?
Tell me any cure of hemophilia as it is alopathy,ayurved,homeopathy any magic any ritual etc but tell me cure.?
Apple cider vinegar nutritional facts?
Whats the best way to get prescription Xanax?
How do wrestlers/boxers get muscled bodies like that? What type of workout do they do?
I found some gabapentin capsules? What would happen if I took them?
what type of sickness is this ?
strep throat question?
beiber fever????????????
Do i have a cold/flu or is it something else?
is it possible to have meningitis with out a fever or vomiting?
how can i treat my dogs eye if it might get an eye infection with out takeing it to the vet?
I have been operated on for a wrong diagnosis?
What is the best way to stop smoking?
10 reasons 2 not smoke!!!?
what prevents food from going to your lungs?
I've been getting these symtoms for the past few days I was wondering if,..?
Is there a food that can lower cholesterol before a cholesterol test?
Which of the following heart failures will result from this condition first?
Does anyone have info on open heart surgery on a 12 year old?
normals for cardiac enzymes?
Is it at all possible?
How long are incisions to stint an abdominal anurism through leg arteries?
Does a not very deep shaving cut leave a scar?
Someone please help me? half of my face isnt working!!!!!!!!!?
Have you ever had shin splints?
Why is it that the harder I try to lose weight, the more I gain?
why is my body skinny but my cheeks are fat?
Can you lose weight and tighten your muscles by doing yoga?
Couch potato FOREVER, now in the gym and exercising/dieting regularly since August. Why are my knees SO SORE?
Hpw many servings of each food group should i eat per day?
K im 17, 6'5, 268 pounds and i have a diet question?
what is the fastest way to lose weight?
What can happen if you clean out your ears too much?
Is this a symptom of anorexia?
How do you switch the time you take medication?
Could this possibly be mono? or is it just a cold, or something sinus related?
WARNING : You may consider this question gross?
I have a serious, serious Hypothyroid problem and when I take synthroid or?
What sleep apnea cures are known today?
I dont know what to think or do...?
I miss things how they used to be before so much, i can't live in the present anymore.?
How does wellbutrin make you feel?
should she test for hiv?
MY EX FRIEND HAS HERPES!! If we shared drinks could I have caught it?
20 year old male with questionable BP ratings, what can be the problem?
what is the best way to manufacture clopidogrel?
what is it when your heart obtains sharp pains and your ribs are pushing down?
Unexplained chest plains, please help!!!?
what causes blood blockages to the heart?
Is this a good blood pressure reading?
Have you ever taken a heart/chest ultrasound test?
my hands are starting to get really cold?
How should I cure a really oily face?
Is it really a boil or a misdiagnosis?
Does anesthesia cause dry skin?
Why does my naval stink so much? Does it cause my abdomen to stink when i sweat?
Compared to a cigarette, how bad is it to smoke resin?
what can having bad eyesight do to you?
I cant fall asleep till 3 am for last couple of days helpp?
Why do I keep waking up in the middle of the night?
how much does it cost for a 64 year old woman to have health insurance?
How old must you be to become a massage therapist/masseur?
How do I regulate my digestive system?
What are the long term effects?
Natural Medicine Remedy?
what is .................. zithromax?
How long does weed stay in your system if you only took two hits and it was the first tome you ever smoked !?
If my boyfriend is a carrier of strep, can he repeatedly give it to me?
what diseases are in africa?
a child from my daycare has MRSA...is it safe for them to be at a daycare?
what is acute pharyngitis?
What would happen if there was a plague in 2010?
Upper Central Abdominal Pain?
I broke my toe but i still want to?
What's wrong with my knee ?
I broke my foot and the doctor says I need flat bottom shoes when the boot comes off. What does that mean?
can the stresses of compulsive gambling lead to heart problems?
Heart palpitations- a potentially serious thing, or harmless?
what covers the heart?
what type of heart disease is detected when P-R interval is extended?
What about a blood pressure of 222/137?
describe the flow of blood through the heart including cardiac contraction/relaxation?
Help with working out plz?
If someone eats the same amount of calories and purges, would they lose weight?
Heart pacemaker put in May 2010, (DUAL chamber) good diet, and exercise, I have lost 60lbs.?
How can I bulk up fast?
How to lose a dress size?!?! FAST!?
What is a good Kick boxing routine?
How to get rid of double chin?
Diet and exercise routine?
Getting molds done tomorrow for braces?
I flossed too hard and now my gums are bruised and bleeding and my cheek is numb, will it subside? or did i...?
My teeth are shifting even though I wear my retainer?
BEST ANSWER!! Why are my adult teeth not coming in?!?
Wisdom teeth? Do they put you under? Or just numb you?
I've broken six brackets, and my orthodontist hasn't done anything should I switch?
could there be mold in my house everytime I am home for any length of time I am short of breath and feel aloof?
I have a cold! but this time when i lay down my throat and ears start to itch!! why?
Are these allergies please help?
What do you do for severe seasonal allergy symptoms?
Am I allergic to chocolate?
knee is really swollen.. please help?
when i put peroxide on a cut and it fizzes or bubbles...?
my contact lens is stuck! how do I get it out?
I have a small cut that keeps reopening. Anything to make it heal faster/ protect it?
What Makes An Infection Worse?
How long does it take a scab to heal?
My friends uncle recovered from AIDS?
HIV..How long can person live with it?
cocaine and my heart question?
why does it feel like there is a heart beat in my arm?
How many pills of Coricidin HBP to trip?
do i have high blood pressure?
I have a question about sleep apnea and cpap machines......?
What are some things that will help during an anxiety attack?
is it wise to quit "cold turkey..."?
What is the likely cause of my tinnitus?
Weird coughing pls help?
Why does this happen to me sometimes, breathing really fast and cant control it?
graves disease and reactive hypoglycemia?
What are some illnesses of Over Nutrition?
My doctor says I'm a drug addict?
What's the medical term for a missing limb?
What happens if your born and your pee hole is closed up?
Mystery Illness. What could it be?
Can hepatitis result from stress?
When do you take a cold to the doctor? ?
Carrier of Lymes Disease?
Can I get a list of diseases?
I think I've got Hep C (I'm 14 years old)?
Wrist really hurts whenever I try to move it, any ideas?
Ingrown Toenail surgery????INFO Plz?
Why cant you pop your back when there is knots in it?
Help! Concussion and a headache?
Small 3rd degree burn?
did i break my big toe or is it just bruised?
How do i make cough syrup taste better for a kid.?
Will smoking crack make it hard to get pregnant?
If one were to smoke weed, how often would be moderation or 'under control'?
Contantly need to pee which keeps me awake at night?!?
I have a 9 year old son and I dont have any health insurance. Any free clinics near Denton, Texas?
how to figure out how may points are in foor for weight watchers?
whats the best leg exercises?
I'm 13 and want to know how to get stronger without doing wheights ?
We are supposed to have 5 portions of fruit and vegetable per day, but...?
How to build larger calves and glutes with exercise?
i need to put on more weight?
Hypothyroidism: Any way to lose weight?
Am i fat? Should I lose weight?
I hear about some food is not safe ,i want to know what is it.?
is it safe for me to take xanax?
Info On massage therapy Classes?
What type of weed should I get?
Still stoned days later?
Psyllium Husk is making me constipated?
If your blood pressure is 96/55, will they allow you to donate blood?
What does a .75 tsh mean?
how long does it take for gaba to work in your syetem to lower blood pressure?
What is this heart "flutter" sensation?
Recently had major surgery did fine for 10 days went back and had emergency surgery. ended up with?
Can someone get herpes by sitting down inside a shower that hasn't been cleaned in a week or so?
Can antidepressants cause hair loss ?
Does hipnosis work for public speaking anxiety?
Am i bipolar?????????????????????
How can I tell my friend I cut myself?
What are some healthy obsessions?
Difference between "Brain Hemorrhage" and "Brain Attack(stroke)" ?
I have been tired all day every day for 4 years?
This is a really weird question, but.. ?
could this be possible or is it a lie?
Whats this like vein on the back of my knee?
I have a hernia with no insurance and no money to pay for surgery. What can I do about this?
Sleeping Medications and Alcohol?
do hemorrhoids go away on their own?
Why is my vein twitching?
my heart hurts all the time?
If you have a resting heartbeat of 61 bpm, is that good?
My dog has an enlarged heart and fluid on her lungs,also has diabetes, anyone know how long she may have?
I have a cold. Can anyone catch it from me?
How to get over a flu quickly. Does anyone have any tips? Please!!?
Could you describe what a stomach virus is? I hear you throw up when having it, not the ''other way''?
I keep getting a soapy taste in my mouth and I haven't eaten soap. What could it be?
All of my lymph nodes hurt, what could this be?
Do sonographers need to get vaccines in order to work?
19.6% body fat , is this healthy?
how much do you think i weigh? (PICTURE)?
Is burning 50 calories on the rowing machine enough to loose 14 pounds in a month?
Is losing weight really as hard as it sounds?
Question about Insanity workout dvd?
How do i get a 6-pack?
Girl, 15 years old, 47kg, minimal exercise. How long could I survive on only water and no food?
Am i overweight for my age and height?
i have a hair problem i lost my lots of hair please tell me the cost of the treatment in richfeel?
how many hours of sleep will i need to reduce my dark circles, or from what time to what time?
Why no grapefruit juice while on calcium channel blockers?
Is there actual PROOF that high cholesterol does not cause heart disease?
Anybody here understand blood pressure readings?
Why does my heart beat so hard?
What system does heart disease affect and how?
How many aspirins should I take? Help?
How much sleep does a teenager need and what happens if does not get enough of it?
Celiac disease or IBS?
Poor circulation? Cold hands?
Is there a cure for major headachs that my brother has?
Information on the antibodies against certain kinds of red blood cells?
Do I have an eating disorder?
is a shot liver and a failing liver the same?
Is all oral HCG homeopathic HCG?
I'm looking for guided breathing excercises to reduce stress...?
can an counselor who has hiv give an ORAL hiv test. or is it just certain states?
What does an ECG of 135/w means? If in the diagnosis section it is written:H/O blackouts ECG -sinus tec 135/w?
is constrictive percants progressive?
Help. I am mega nervous about getting an ECG?
high blood pressure for a 16 year old girl?
Low blood pressure...What does it mean?
What is the word for "something that can possibly cause some type of disease"?
Is it normal for your doctor to want to do a HIV test because of a slightly low WBC?
How long after starting antibiotics are you contagious if you have c diff?
Do I have appendicitis?
is my thumb broken or sprained?
Broken foot and leg that has never healed!!!Please help =(?
Leg pain? What might this be?
what is a hot spot on an x-ray?
I dislocated my leg...pain management and how to move it back into place?
I hurt my foot, do I need to remove the skin?
black widow spider in my room wtf!?
My Ear is bleeding !!?
Healing time for 2 busted knees?
How do you stop the swelling and itching of a honey bee sting?
Feeling horrible after a blood donation, am I getting sick or is this normal?
How can i stop my endless congestion :( help...?
my ferrets have been sneezing and coughing what should i do?
illness of the lungs?
Waking up multiple times a night unable to breathe?
I have tonsillitis really badly!?
I don't want to live anymore?
How do I make myself sleep?
my 12 year old brother is annoying me too much and its coming to stage where i have to move out :(?
how can i help stress?
Am I suffering from serious depression?
Is their a mental illness, where someone can create dulusions of a sickness or disease in their mind?
I have an anxiety disorder and need some guidence.?
people whom lost weight?
How to get rid of junk food addiction? HELP?
Am I fat ? 5'6ft 136lb?
Will I lose weight with this diet?
i need a work out routine?
i weight 70 kilos 154 pounds im 17, overweight?
Help with bodyyyy!!!?
can i get abs in 3 months?
why do my legs sometimes get a wierd feeling when i pick something up?
What's the average out of pocket cost for a human rabies shot?
Do I have cold or flu?
whats the best time to sleep ?
My father is taking several prescription medications at once and I was wondering if it is harmful short term?
what if a kid drink urine?
I have irritable bowel syndrome and i am currently constipated HELP!!!!!!?
What helps a sour stomach?
How do you treat Fragile X Syndrome?
When should someone file for disability?
Why do I have cold sweats /chills, mostly at night , but thru the day too?
what may cause a high liver count and how bad is it?
How do you get more blood tests done, if docs think you are ok?
Heart murmur and now... ? Sorry its kinda long.. but I need help :)?
My daughter has had a loose tooth since June! It still hasn't come out and she plays with it all the time...?
What are some good ways to whiten your teeth?
What color braces should I get?
What are the two main functions of teeth?
Does an abcess mean you have hiv or aids?
Can you catch an STD if you used the same shower loofah and someone that has an STD?
There is a mosquito on my screen?
I hav this pain that feels like im hungry but i know im not and it hurts a lot. What is it?
Could I have a fractured bone?
What are ways you can break your arm?
I just had a nosebleed for no reason, what happened & what should I do?
i know i have pin worms how should i tell my mom?
Anti-candida diet, headaches, no energy?
What to do about a really bad cold?
Do I Have An Illness?
what are my chances of getting dehydrated after throwning up 15 times?
I'm sick and it's about 80 degrees in my office. Doesn't the temperature make it a breeding ground for germs?
will smoking pot increase blood pressure?
Could I have had a heart attack and not realized it.?
Will this help lower my cholesterol levels by a lot, or a little, or not at all?
how can i fall asleep... i have not sleep in 3 days?
I'm really stressed out. Should I go see a doctor? (+Advice?)?
Accutane and gluten intolerance?
can some become so stressed they have nose bleeds?
Allergic reaction to marijuana caused by angina?
How do I get a medical waiver for military service? 10 points!?
What are 2 factors you should consider when choosing an OTC medication?
Is laughter the best medicine?
How to treat a patient?
I need a good home remedy?
what can i use as a Natural stomach coater somthing that wokes like pepto bismol?
i am 41years old and have high blood pressure. most of the time my pressure is around 125/92?
What to do if emergency room doctor doesn't know about your condition?
Why does my dog have really bad breath?
Does this Look like regular Lesions for MS diagnosis?
How do alcoholics mange to drink the amount of alcohol that they do?
i cannot pass stool for 2 days, but eat many things .What will i do?
Should I go to hospital? or the Doctor's?
What can you tell me about snake bite lip piercings?
what can i take for nausea?
Is this a safe alternative to a traditional MedicAlert bracelet?
is there a scab when you bite inside your cheek?
i got a hot water burn scar what is something good to get rid of it?
In a diet the breakfast has to be the larger meal of the day or the lunch?
I gained 6 pounds in one day?
I want to loose 20 LBS! HELP!?
Fastest, most effective diet?
How to lose weight quickly?
first time ive been to the gym after sitting at home being lazy...is it normal to be this sore?
How does a wrestler loose 10 pounds in a week?
Hi everyone please answer this question!!!!!!?
can sever back pain put stress on an already bad heart?
if a good nurse is 'hard of hearing' how does she take blood pressure with a manual blood pressure monitor?
will it hurt someone with a heart murmur to tickle them?
angioplasty vs bypass surgery?
How do Beta blockers and ACE inhibitors work?
Why do people keep saying HPV is not cureable ?
question about herpes?
are there poeple who won't ever produce antibody to hiv?
Help!! omegle im scared :/?
I feel like a psycho..what's wrong with me?
Does this sound like ocd?
Most boyfriends who are caught cheating beg for their girlfriends forgiveness. What happens if he abandons you?
why do i have the feeling to kill someone?
Issue: Interested in causing harm to others.?
how to diagnose depression in teenagers?
Does getting braces and spacers hurt?
my gum is swollen what is wrong?
I Broke My Thingy In The Top Of My Mouth!!!?
my teenage daughter severely needs braces, but i am a single mom and can't afford it, or at least, all of it?
Should you brush your teeth after drinking alcohol (like for example beer)?
I had a tooth pulled about a month ago and it feels like the a toothpick poking through my gum what is it?
Do I have to brush my teeth straight before I go to sleep or can I stay awake for a couple hours?
If Domestic Violence is a health care issue, Is a Domestic Violence Center/Shelter a Health Care Facility?
how do i get my toe nail off?
Why do people crack their knuckles before fighting?
I have been cutting for 3 years and at the moment its getting a lot worse, what do I do?
Wierd feelings in my body?
Are these myths or are they true?
I have uncureable anxiety?
i have a question....any doctors out there? please help?
Could I have food poisoning...?
Last year I contracted the swine flu and was in the hospital for a week, almost died from it.?
How to treat a bladder infection?
I put hand sanitizer on my pee hole by accident!?
Insulin is a protein that is produced by pancreatic cells and secreted into the blood in which order?
Can expired blood test strips read really high in error?
Can not eating enough cause tingly feelings, uncoordinated,ect?
The purpose of gluconeogenesis is to maintain blood glucose levels between meals to ensure fuel for ___?
if i take metformin for diabetes will it be a forever medication to take even if i get a lower glucose count?
Are you aware about diabetes type 1?
Have pneumonia, dr. note says stay home in bed 1 week, work won't let me.?
Do I have whooping cough?
I hurt my knee how can I help it get better?
What does the cillia do in the lungs?
Has anyone else gotten dry throat this winter?
Question about cholesterol lowering crestor?
Is there a really good way to hide a heart moniter?
Q-wave in V1 and T-wave flattening?
can anybody let me know kidney specialist in chandigarh?
should i check myself in the hospital?
Does It Sound Like I have Celiac's Disease Or Am I Over Reacting?
Sore kidney area, blood in urine?
UTI symptoms, blood in urine but NOT UTI?
does anyone know wt it means when your ear get hot and red for no reason at all?
how do you get rid of acne quickly?
I am in great shape, and 12% body fat, but I look fat?
What is going on with my body?
I hate food is that a bad thing?
Help me with my problem plz!!!?
I'm twelve and I feel fat?
Any opinions? Be honest!!!?
when you run do you breathe through your nose or mouth?
I don't have a gall bladder and lately whenever I eat I end up throwing up?
Cutting yourself? Helpp?
How long does it take weed to get out of your system?
Is it bad for you to move your neck?
my heart rate was really really fast after smoking weed why is this?
Why does my lip split open every night?
Why isn't Nyquil working?
Describe your first Salvia experience?
i need bong help????
What is the name of the herbal remedy that can help with reducing alcoholic withdrawal symptoms?
Is it bad to take unperscribed medicine to aid sleep?
What is a natural way to reduce pulse rate?
I'm wondering if kratom tea will effect my bipolar meds.?
how to get rid of black heads?
Serious medical question about a bruise?
is there any antidote to build up your immunity so you wont get Poison ivy?
What did I do to my knuckle?
i have glass in my finger. whats the least painful way to get it out?
When You wash your hand, are you supposed to use COLD or HOT water?
can you burn your hand with a lighter?
I burned my hand on a pan...please help!?
why do all potassium supplements have such a low level of potassium?
I have a pulse rate of 84 per min..Is this normal?
if an angiogram is the gold standard for diagnosing coronary artery disease why even bother with stress test?
Hard heart beat at night?
Big meals, alcohol, laughter and tachycardia.....?
Could it be C.diff? or just a stomach bug..?
Why can’t we develop a vaccine that will prevent the flu every year?
Why should we pay for prevention when health care is already expensive?
what do i do i think i have an infected big toe?
Can my school legally make me get a flu shot?
What are adrenal glands?
can you be born with STD's, Aids, or herpes?
What color is chlamydia discharge?
Why do Anorexics Drink Coffee?
How long is the life span of Parkinson's disease?
why am i feeling nervous all the time and cold sweating?
I have Mono and i dont know how i got it?
How frequent you can use a hand massager machine a day to treat trapezius muscle pain and how long?
Motrin when hit head?
Is my ankle broken or sprained?
neuromuscular diseases?
i got a sharp pain in my heart.?
Not feeling normal at all, disorientated, seeing spots?
I had a echo cardiogram jan 2010 it as fine 10 days ago i had a stress thaluim 3 days ago I was told my?
Questions about Valve Disorder?
What causes a person to think something is funny?
Sinus Infection Symptoms (Please Help)?
What foods can soften stool?
Is a tonsillectomy painful?
Will my tonsillectomy be painful?
What does fiber do to the body?
What's the best way to get bigger for me?
Do I have abs!!!!!!!?
Approx. how much money do you think it would cost to remove some loose skin from tummy, chest and love handles?
Will drinking 2 gallons of water a day give me a flatter stomach regardless of diet?
Whats the best diet for a 15 year old boy.?
how can i lose the last 3 present body fat?
Wisdom teeth pain!! Help!!?
problem with my braces please answer?
Can wisdom teeth cause TMJ and Malocclusion?
would hot pink and black look good for braces colors.?
unemployed need teeth removed?
Heart attacks and alcohol?
Heart Problems? caused by anorexia?
My girlfriend has a heart murmur since she was born, her parents dont care, what can i do to help?
What to expect from Bypass surgery?
What are the three main parts of the breathing system?
Is it normal to be sneezing a dozen times in the morning?
STEROIDS bad or good idea??
Can Cefalexin and Robitussin be taken together?
Pain in chest behind breastbone moments after swallowing food?
kidney stones surgery??????
why does it feel like im being stuck by needles every time i come inside?
Any had a kidney stone before?
How to stop seizure that is happening?
how do i keep dead skin of my lips and keep them from being dry?
What gets rid of kidney stones? no myths please?
Has anyone gotten botox?
What can you do for an ingrown toenail without doing surgery?
help my sweating hands!?
can you spread herpes through saliva?
Can germ be passed on phone?
At what temperature should i go to the hospital? ?
how do you get sick over night?
How much vitamin d should a 35yr old female take?
can people get in trouble for poisoning the dogs?
i have had a fever for a few days now i just recently turned vegatarian to if tht has anything to do with it.?
Should i workout with the Stomach Flu?
Online prescriptions?
Allergy + Vaccine = No? Substitute?
Is Vinegar really safe for facial use?
can a 17 year old be forced into a rehab in texas?
Any home remedies for sore throat, body aches, and headaches?
HELP Spilt superglue on necklace and myself!?
I am so tired what can I do about it?
is it bad to choke on soda?
can i get high off of weed mixed in with a cigarette?
I often have fevers, but I'm not 'ill' per se... Any reason?
do you wear socks with foot splint?
Should i get my Meniscus Surgery?
should i go to the doctor?
Badly skinned knees...how can I shower?
Will being a clinically diagnosed "sociopath" hinder me from becoming a psychiatrist?
How do I talk to a cutter?
Is this OCD or I am just thinking too much?
How to deal with a drug addiction?
How long does it usually take for a pink eye to heal?
I recently got stitches on my hand...?
Blister. And what to do with then?
What's wrong with my finger?
What do I do with this minor burn?
My blood pressure seems to be high.. what next ?
What does it mean if I have high cholesterol but normal triglycerides?
I have a question about HLHS?
will this routine give me results quick,body wise?
Which company(s) makes prepackaged dietary meals, breakfast lunch & dinner for people that want to lose weight?
How many calories are there in a food with 20 grams of carbohydrate, 10 grams of fat and 5 grams of protein?
Where do I lose weight last?
What I must do to gain height?
How do I get a flat stomach?
How many calories should i eat a day?
I am a very athletic teen, how should I be eating to support this?
Will this workout give me any results?
what can i do to help my grandpa?
Ok so I smoked weed, not that much of it but its realllly strong **** my friend says, but I dont feel it?
Am I free from it ? ?
How to clean crack cocaine from urine, done 10p on Monday, scheduled for urine drug test on Wed @ 3:30p, ?
Hi can any 1 hlp me!!?
i got this big problem with sleeping...help!!!?
What happens if you hold #2 in for too long?
I take 10mg ambien and I have to take 2-5 a night for them to even work.Is that ok?
What's Wrong With My Lips?
I've had to pee 3 times in the past hour or so without drinking anything...?
Is heart-disease treatable?
Why do I have chest pain when I sleep on my left?
Can Cipro cause heart palpitations?
Would I die if I took 53 expired pills?
i snor night times , im 27 yrs, 92 kgs , it means any heart disease ?
people lacking insulin have more or less energy?
When I don't eat chocolate or something that contains sugar, why do I get sweaty and don't feel right?
PLEASE. I'm really scared and I need your help?
I am a 256 pound male I lost 13 pounds in 3weeks doctor said I don't have diabetes I been losing weight rapid?
what will happen if you have elevated rennin?
Extra Medtronic pump supplies?
what type of organism does hiv affect?
Sore throat for a week?
my baby girl has MRSA,should i be worried?
Do I have an infection?
how long is smoking marijuana dangerous?
can a 13 year old smoke hookah?
collapsed lung or nothing?
How can smoking an incense kill you?
Black Friday: Staying Awake Tips Please?
I can't sleep. Should I sleep for an hour, or stay up all night?
health problems caused by obesity....?
For teen girls: What is the best underarm deodorant?
Ways to cure soar throat?
my liver enzymes are high could omeprazole be the reason?
Can you use k2 with a vaporizer?
Any good home remedies for a sore throat?
Do the nettle really have anti baldness properties?
Do breast enhancement pills really work?
wttffff... is that normalll?? labia?
Second Toe longer than the Big Toe?
i started drinking some really strong coffee back in 2000 and it wasnt until several weeks, months ago that i?
help im a hypocondriac?
136.6 12 year old 5'6 am i fat?
This what is the most attractive body fat percentage from a female perspective ?
Soy protein help!?1 Parents vs me?
im 13 and weigh about 73kg, am i fat?
does anyone know what percentage one notch equals on the total gym?
Vegetarian, bought vitamins, help?
I want to lose weight I am short .?
I fell off my sisters bike... Lol I was on the back, and I arm hasn't stopped bleeding since? Its been 4 hrs?!?
is milk cholesterol bad for you?
i have a really rapid heart rate?
Vasovagal syncope in 14 year old boy?
Low blood pressure..is it dangerous..?
can you have svt without high blood pressure?
Heavy bass causes heart palpitations?
Can a person catch the Shingles more than once?
How can I improve my blood circulation in my foot?
If my grandparents (on both sides) had diabetes, am I likely to get it?
blood sugar disorder? my hand shakes when i hold it up?
what if i feel dizzy and no i dont drink achohal?
lpn work in nutrition?
what are some signs of gigantism?
what is the herbal medicin for DIABETIES ???? AND WHER WE CAN FIND ?
How To Get Rid Of Oily Skin?
who do you get rid of skin blemishes?
How can I make my toenails stop looking cracked?
i accidentaly scratched off a mole?
How can you keep your skin hydrated during the winter?
HELP!!! I burned my thumb but I don't have any aloe vera!!! DETAILS!!!?
OMG! HELP! I was cutting open a coconut for the milk inside and I cut my thumb!?
how do you fade bruises faster?
How do you get over the nausea of a caffeine overdose?
mosquito-looking bites?
Help Got bite my mosquito under my eye?!?
Chinese food causes me sore throat.?
Why does my throat hurt worse as I take antibiotics?
my husband's body is always hot as if he has a fever, this really worries me. What do you think the reason is?
When people are released from prison are they tested for communicable diseases?
Am I having the stomach flu?
can anything happen to me?
heart palpatations and migraines?
What causes B P (Blood Pressure)?
Advise on Meidcation Prescription for patient undergone Bypass surgery 6 years ago.No BP/diabeties,pulse is 60?
Doctor says I have prehypertension but didn't elaborate?
have a pain in heart/chest area?
Why do i get so emotional at the smallest of things?
Why am i going to sleep late?
How do i stay motivated ? (depression possibly)?
What do I do with my anger issues that lead to homicidal thoughts?
PLEAS HELP!is this a phobia?
Chiropractor? Better option than therapist?
My husband is complaining of aching under arms. What could cause this pain?
Am I short enough to be considered a dwarf?
Why I'm I so hungry? Girls only please?
Is about 19% body fat a lot for a 94-95 lb 14 year old girl?
how to loose 20 pounds fast..?
Elliptical or treadmill?
Personalized workout routine?
Detox Diets to LOSE WEIGHT?
i have questions abou the heart?
Unable to do heart bypass surgery, what now?
My blood pressure is 178 over 112 is this normal?
What medications should you not take with Plavix?
Do people with heart failure need more sleep?
Tooth ache!!! teeth cleaned 3wks ago....?
Could I eat normally just after getting my braces?
Dental Implants. Terrified. Help please?
please help with Dental question?
where can i sell diabetic test strips?
In terms of blood types, which blood type is considered to be the universal recipient?
What is the gi of Equate Ultra Weight Loss Shakes?
Do I carry a risk of diabetes?
Seriously, 20 mg of Cialis does not work. What if I took double? or 30 mgs?
I'm suffering of itchy skin all over my body with rashes and I'm diabetic what does it cause?
i had to retake my diabetes test?
If I buy a BONG at a convinence store, what should I be looking for?
What is the best natural remedy someone could use for ovarian cysts?
Work with Medical Marijuana?
Is 36 too many of alka seltzer?
Could I have tonsillitis?
Have you ever had a weird twitch?
I need to pee way to often and when I do barely anything comes out? ?
Does anyone know how to select the right equipment to ensure a goodnight’s sleep?
How i can reduce my sleep time ? * Important?
Sharp stabbing pain in left temple?
how do you tell whether you've sprained your ankle?
help!!!!!!!!!!!! ASAP?
what degree of scoliosis do you need a brace for?
i think i broke my pelvis..?
Kidney infection/UTI isn't going away!?
Ok. My daughter was just diagnosed with lupus and she is 14 years old?
can hypothyroidism make you sick?
am i fat and bulimic ????
How did research in brain tumor begin?
what can blood in urine mean?
Thyroid disease questions?
What is wrong with me? Do I have the flu?
is it normal for your arm to swell after a flu shot?
Do I have tonsilitus?
A medical Question. Some symptoms.?
my friend has meningitis, will i get it?
What exactly is gangrene?
Sick After A Flu Shot?
Guys i m feeling pain in my chest?
What, exactly, is producing the murmur?