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I think I might have a tongue infection after 5 years of it being pierced... Is that possible?
how do your make a cut heal faster and less painful?
Theres something in my arm?
Smoking out of aluminum can?
How to treat my 86 year old grandmother's face, hand, and knee?
what burns the most bactine, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol?
at night my legs keep fidgeting and its really unpleasant.Any suggestions?
my body is twitching very often and it's a rather strange experience, help?
How Can I Quit Smoking?
I have sleep problems at night [read for more info]?
My son has blood shot eyes that will not go away?
Who is likely to be affected by OCD?
I hear crackling in my ear and it really itches?
Really fast pulse??????????????????????
Can I start an iv in an artery?
Does the common cold lower cholesterol?
I'm going to be doing a portable 12 lead EKG in home on a guy with a Pacemaker?
My dog got carsick and I was just wondering if you can catch anything if the germs from it touch your mouth?
Any way to make a cold shorter?
Any serious diseases spread through kissing?
How does a female urinary catheter stay in place?
What is a great workout routine to do every night?
Which will you lose more weight in?
In the UK they are doing this with childhood vaccines?
How long does it take to lower your heart rate?
Why am I not losing weight?
diet and fitness : can you give me some info about p90x?
My stomach shrunk and now I have a real problem with food?
What is the max weight I can lose in a month, without totally starving?
my ears are stuffy from a concert??help!?
Blood in my mother's stool? Please help?
Doctors refusing Medicare patients?
What do i have?? 10 points for best answer!!?
Is This Normal After Fingering?
Is it normal for the bottom of your front top teeth to have ridges?
Should I rinse my mouth out with hydrogen peroxide before or after i brush my teeth?
can humans have sharp teeth?
is it normal to get a coldsore in my mouth?
If you don't wear your retainers..?
Fastest, painless way to lose a tooth?
Is it normal for ur braces to hurt on the second day ?
What does it mean if your heart beats so strong that you feel it?
Does anyone take fish oil?
Can medical-marijuana make you do something you really don't want to do?
who is Jerry L. Tolbert?
can you name steroid brands?
Home remedy for an ear infection?
could i be diabetic ?
Can the freestyle lite strips be used in the freestyle freedom monitor?
is it safe for diabetics to use Pomegranate juice?
I am Diabetic, 16 years old , my urine is yellow.?
my sugar level is fbs134.4,ppbs178.6,whether am diabetic or not?
Nausea and hunger at the same time?
Looking for bath safety devices for someone to have a safe bath who suffers from seizures?
I fell on my tailbone at the skatepark and i think its broken.?
How do i explain cuts on my leg?
Really painful canker sore :(?
Help With A Sprained Ankle (And The Situation??)?
What could be wrong with my ankle? (break/sprain/something else?)?
how to deal with street molestation?
Can antidepressant as Zoloft cause Dry mouth ! Help?
My girlfriend is dying...how do I cope?
OCD or just a severe habit?
how can i resist the urge to try weed?
going into school with no sleep?
Ok... It's 3:41am... Mtn time! For you who just called me an idiot... Ur the idiot!?
how to kiss......help?
how to get free sample of plastic-pants?
What are the clear fluid filled sacs in my mouth?
In a resthome, why do they serve food that is has no taste (no salt) to people who are dying?
I really want to quit smoking?
Woke up randomly panicked and scared?
What is a urinary tract infection?
Why am I always cold?
Do you think it is pneumonia?
My daughter has had fevers, of and on for almost 2 weeks, a sore throat with a cough, and off and on earaches.?
i am 14 year old and i have chest pain?
May my brother have a neurological pathology? He needs Pediatric Neurodevelopment?
Does the HIV disease kill you?
Is all joint pain caused by inflammation?
Am I an alcoholic and should I get help?
Doctors please if possible... Marijuana used heavily... Can I pass blood test?
How many std's are there?
how do you get a person to confess to you that they have an std?
Is there any natural pills(or anything) you can buy for help to lose weight?
How Do I Get A Body Like This?!!?! (pic included)?
im 5'4 n weight 100 to 104 lbs. on & off how much protein shake should i take to gain weight?
how many pounds do you think i could loos in 17 weeks?
Easiest muscle to grow.?
Ewww I just ate 3000 calories of FOOD TODAY?
I'm thinking about going on a juice diet, Is it unhealthy?
What could I do to get a bigger chest?
45 yr. old female got a sting or bite on the toe/top part of foot , swellin, red and throbbin, what can i do?
How to keep my finger from bleeding?
I have splinter. can u help me?
My boyfriend cut the tip of his thumb off yesterday...hurts him now. Should he go to the ER?
i got a paper cut between my finger and nail. will it get worse or better?
How do I remove a piece of glass from my neck? Help?
Just chapped lip or herpes?
What does it mean to have moderately high white cell and lymphocytes and monocytes?
How to not get sick, like the flu?
How do i get rid off verruca's?
Do i have Mono from kissing him ?
Ways to avoid armpit odor?
I have this green dot on my arm?
How to get a stubborn zit to rise to a head?
I have a dark discoloration on my foot by my lower ankle?
What kind of food has enough iron for me skin?
Can stressing out a lot cause an enlarged aorta?
does your heart skip a beat when your nervous?
Tripass surgery questions. Please we need help?! :(?
how serious is right heart failure?
How in the world did I get aids?
Can you get an std if a stripper at a strip club spits on you?
i just got an abnormal pap smear. positive for HPV?
People have um been talking about it but um what is masterbating?
something wrong with my heart?
Severe chest pain, what could it be?
my son is 17 and has bradycardia but his heart rate is contining to drop now its at 31 is this normal?
need help with science biology, can a stroke be stopped?
Why do ankles crack sometimes ?
if you smoke weed in a filtered cigarette do you lose thc?
am i sick, do i have a fever? is it something else? help from doctors please?
Which is better for my back - a hard mattress or a soft mattress?
IT WILL NOT GO.....?!?!?!?!?
what can i do to improve my body image?
How much calories do i burn sleeping?
I need some motivation on my diet!?!?
how can i lose weight?
Avoiding muscle loss?
What is a good way to get toned before summer?
what food has the most protein?
i have been giving my little dog Brewers Yeast and she has dry patches...how much should i give her?
What are the benefits of a colonic?
my lttle dog has dry skin patches...what can i do?
Pills: is this dangerous?
Pain in arm from nicotine patch?
Why are Vitamins alphabetical?
How do you know if you broke your finger?
i had a brain aneurysm clipped 18 months ago and i'm still having headaches what should i do?
Could I have broken my arm?
Do you think my elbow is broken or sprained?
how does it feel: to be all alone?
I think my mum has depression?
Is this really weird? I have a MAJOR obsession with eyes...?
possible bipolar symptoms mistaken for Gemini traits?
I have had thoughts that don't feel like my own, please help.?
Negative Thoughts? Help Please?
Vaccine questions! help please?
Can people develop HIV or HCV with contact with other blood?
What do my symptoms sound like?
Stomach cramping but no vomiting?
I have a mycoplasma infection?
my 6 yr old has been complaining of a headache and has been running a fever all day. His temp now is 103.5?
The idea of cold sores is making me go insane, heeeelllppp?
feel sick and sore throat?
I'm getting a coldsore. Any way to get rid of it quickly?
I used to not be able to eat and never be hungery. But not im like always hungery?
how to save myself if i take to much advil?
my ears keep like almost popping every second what is it anyone please help!!?
how to cure tinnitus quickly?
How can i stop my "Regurgitation" problem?
I am a 6 year bypass paitant throwing up food wont go down should I go to the hospital?
can tension cause a heart block?
Blood Pressure can some one tell my if this is bad?
what would cause me to feel as if i am having difficulty getting enough breath?
could this be a sign of a heart attack?
I keep getting rapid heart beating after drinking water, what would it be?
Can Herpes cause HIV phobia?
What are the chances of cervical cancer from chlamydia?
if poked by an infected needle how long do you have to wait to get tested for it to show if i have aids or hi?
Is it bad to sleep with a bra on?
Anyone have any ideas for bad posture?
what type Insect Bites make the body go numb?
how do i get a wort of my finger?
Does the knee cartilage show in a x-ray?
Lump on the back of my head?
For some reason, I smelt cigarette smoke while no one can?
what is the difference in having a stroke and a shock?
what is the difference between cardiogenic shock and the heart failure?
Tachycardia and Anxiety around Women?
I don't have high blood pressure but?
How do i make the swelling go down? (URGENT)?
injured arm doctor not taking any notice?
Shoulder surgery question?
If you were hit in the head with a gun and had a concussion but the hospital didn't keep you overnight........?
how to make your self have a little surgery but big where it will keep me out of work for a week?
Confused as to whether I have a UTI or not?
what are 5 genetic diseases?
The past couple of days it has been hurting my right Eye to blink or be closed ???????????????????????????
Why do I vomit when I have a sore throat? ?
Will I get Huntington's disease?
In the late 1800's, a Frenchman observed that individuals who recovered from a disease were not susceptible to?
I am havin cloudy Vision at the corner of my left eye, it is as if something is blocking it?
Red marks on the face?
I'm getting a mole removed on my face and there's going to be stitches there for a week. I want to hide it?
How do you reduce the appearance of scars ?
How much (on average) does a Deep brain stimulation cost?
i have a fatty tumor on my back and it hurts bad?
what does it mean when somebody says its pathological?
Race specific diseases and illnesses?
Is this a case of acid reflux?
why does my jaw hurt when i open my mouth?
What is wrong with my braces?
How long would i need braces?
Does chewing sugared gum make your teeth yellow?
My tooth is broken and i ate a hamberger and the back cracked but it does not hert and my mom does not know?
What is the best OTC medicine for a stuffy nose ?
I took sudafed and nyquil like a few minutes apart. Will i be okay?
how can we make a facial skin moisturizer at home?
If i mix cough syrups together can anything serious happen?
about a macrobiotic diet?
What weight gainer for fat not muscle?
What's the best exercise to do at home that burns fat?
food questions, including best brain food, best food before+after gym?
Where can I buy legal herbal incense?
do anti depressants or happy pills or prescripted medication really work, please help!?
I'm a 5'10 22 year old male?
Tea tree oil for athlete's foot?
Weed: do you get the same amount of THC if you don't use water in a bong?
can a 17 year old buy "azo yeast "?
Is a bench press of 115 bad for a 15 years old, 134 pounds, and 5'8-5'9?
How can I lose 3-4 pounds every week without exercise and diet pills?
What should I do??? (Weight Loss)?
After having hiatal hernia repair, what would be symptoms of it coming undone?
Does blood pressure mds.. thin your blood?
HELP! Did my cousin just have a mini stroke?
How do I fall asleep faster?
please help :/ doctors? nurse? please?
which of hte following is true about tpe 1 Diabetes?
My blood sugar goes high after eating and then drops?
I want to raise money for diabetes!?
Diabetics , where do you like to take your insulin?
Is It Normal to Think In Second Person Point of View?
How do I comfort someone who lost their Mom?
paranoid personality disorder?
I don't want to hold grudges on anyone, but don't want to be a pushover?
Low blood pressure problems?
Different test results on electrocardiogram and CardioLite?
Why does my "heart" hurt?
Supplements or "miracle foods" for high cholesterol before resorting to medication?
Should I get a heart screening?...?
sufferin with LBBB as heart patient may it cause to danger to my life in what respect?
I am only 21 and I have a large forehead, help!?
Should I stop using crutches?
shoulder pain after working out?
Im getting braces on my teeth.?
What is......................................…
Will this cost more ? I'm getting my braces soon.?
braces?!!?!?!?!?1 plz answer 10 points for right answer?
what are the best colors to get for my braces?
what do i eat for thanksgiving with braces?
Why when i brush my teeth in the morning it bleeds?
Could I have been exposed to EBV already?
How common is it to get hemorrhoids?
can you catch rabies in uk?
I have recently drunk a backwashed drink as a dare. Is there a chance for any diseases or infections to be spr?
Still having Cigarette cravings?
Why do I feel tired after I get a full 8 hours of sleep?
Should I be worried that my sister is smoking?
Question about possible MS Diagnosis?
Diagnosed with 2 major medical problems?
what are the odds of surviving a 4th open heart surgery?
Can talking to the nurse when she is doing my ekg cause false results?
when is the best time to take a low dose asprain?
What is a grade 2/6 systolic heart murmur?
Is it possible to lose stomach fat without eating healthy?
I'm overweight? Can I lose weight?
How to lose weight off stomach quick!?
Good things about being tall?
Wellbutrin + a diet pill?
prom..3months..i need diet tips fast!help?
I have Keratosis pilaris all over my body..what can i do to treat it?
my face burns!! help?
how can you tell the diff between a blister and a plantar wart?
Can gas and indigestion cause these symptoms?
my knee hurts it pops and swells up?
What is causing my knee to give out while walking?
I got stung by a bee 9 days ago, at first it only stung a little, but now it itches a lot, is that bad?
how do you get a side splinter out?
Spider bite?? 10 POINTS BEST ANWER?
How do finger nails heal?
Son has a concussion and was at er on friday. I called to ask if he can go to school tomorrow an dthey wont a?
What kind of cold medicine gets you high, how much do you take of it?
Which of the following individuals would most likely be recommended an iron supplement?
remidies to get rid of my cough?
is Tinnitus Miracle a scam?
Does anyone have a cure for the hiccups?
Do I have type 1 or 2 diabetes?
How long before i can take my medication?
About insulin pump costs?
Do I have diabetes or am I just overreacting?
can seizures be caused in a haunted house?
Black diarhea help please?
Help with a sore throat?
can someone lick you and get mono?
what can help gum disease?
how do you unclog clogged arteries?
question about blood pressure?
why do some blood pressure meds cause you to have low potassium?
Weird issues with my heart?
What can I do to fix my teeth?
What are some ways to whiten teeth without getting them bleached?
can i lose 50 pounds doing zumba everyday for 2 hours and diet?
I do 60-100 situps a day does will that get rid of my huge stomach?
How do you tone muscles?
Am i overweight for my height?
how can i gain weight to build muscle?
will drinking 2% milk ruin my diet?
Are you up for a good breakfast?
How do you fix glasses that break in half?
What are insurance options of a 19 year old in southern California?
I am going over my CPR Final Exam questions and I am unsure on a few?
Verify this story about a tapeworm?
My temperature is 96.4-96.9 and i feel strange?
I feel like burping but i always have to force my self to do it !?
Effects of Multiple Sclerosis?
Is there any illness worse than a clogged colon?
Why do i feel like crying every second of the day??? help :/ ?
Why do i think of my dead mother when im lonely, desperate, when things go wrong? am I insane?
low blood pressure..is that bad?
anyone know anything about the med-labetalol?
Bone fractures as a child....is there any method of fixing my father's long-time injury?
How did you recover from your eating disorder?
How do I know if I have sprained or broken my knee?
what is bipolar disorder?
What everyday object (NOT BRICKS OR WEIGHTS) would break my foot?
Do I have Herpes???? =(?
Sore throat? How do I make it go away?
what are the sympyoms of mono?
Where can I get the FluMist vaccine?
Hep C guy wanting a child question?
How to prevent/manage a cold?
How long after drinking can you take your temperature?
Is this pink eye and should I seek treatment?
Can you take Force Factor and high blood pressure medication together.?
what test do doctors need to do to find out if your child has diabities?
Anyone here have a family member undergo (quadruple) heart bypass surgery?
High blood pressure meds stop working?
Is it normal to go into a seizure after holding your breath?
When trying to lose weight, is it better to...?
Can I use a sea salt water rinse instead if mouthwash for my tongue piercing?
does getting a tooth pulled hurt after the operation?
why does my jaw feel tight?
HELP! Is this a wisdom tooth?
What exercises can i do at the gym? i want to lose weight please help me?
Approximately how many grams of protein am I consuming each day?
How long does it take for sit ups to show on your abs?
Does anybody think that i am fat?
i need some ideas for weight loss/dieting?
How would i be able to gain weight...im such a shrimp?
Worried about Dental Xrays .. To many?
Wat r some ways 2 lose weight w/o exercise?
500 Calorie Diet & Thigh Master?
Is smoking weed as damaging to your body as smoking cigarettes?
Is there a specific type of magnesium that is better than others?
What are benefits to taking cod liver oil pills?
My Left Ear Is Clogged Remedy's to Fix ?
Is hydrogen peroxide safe to drink?
What kind of homeopathic remedies help a fever go down.?
why do the skeppies have such a problem with michael adams and nateral news?
How can i get a splinter out?
I've got a tiny scab on my nose, quick way to heal it?
Did I break my finger?
how do you make sunburn less pain full?
what is the absolute best thing to put on a sunburn to make it heal quick and not peel?
will a small wood splinter be removed by itself over sometime?
I have a VERY small but deep cut?
Does my son have a growing hemmoroid or a hernia?
If smoking weed about 4 times a week is compared to drinking alcohol once a week, which one is worse for you?
How do I ask my doctor about prescribing Adderall?
URGENT!! 2 days ago i smoked but i still feel weird and im freaking out. an i okay? plz answer! :(?
What Do You Think Of This Injury? (picture)?
Will cartilage damage in my knee stop me from horse riding?
How do I prepare for TWO parents with Alzheimer's disease?
how to prevent pouches under the eyes?
after having food, 1 hr or later i feel like burn in the food pipe fromchest region to stomach, what symptoms?
Breast reduction and DVT HELP?
Post Op Heart Surgery?
Can you die from stroke..after?
[Dr. Needed] Is it normal that my head pulsates/throbs to the rhythm of my heart?
The best and fastest way to get rid of lice?
Is this a tumor??? SCARED!?
Will a Heart Murmur go away itself?
What can happen if your Thyroid levels are high?
What makes the finger-tips turn white and tingle.?
Why do I always itch after I wash my hands?
I got blistex for my lips b/c they been puffy and red and its making them sting ? ASAP?
What do they do to test you for an STD?
Is atheletes foot curable?
How long does it take to get back results?
I'm about to tell a guy who seems to really care about me that I have herpes...?
why do headaces occur (especially the ones behind the eyes) and how can we get rid of them? thanks in advanced?
reoccurring chicken pox?
What's a UTI? something someone wrote on a question.?
When is it acceptable to use an alcohol hand sanitizer, instead of washing your hands in the health care field?
Polio Research Paper?
Can fingering with dirty fingernails cause any deathy diseases?
Could this be my anemia or something else?
How do medical walk-ins work?
I have a hard time getting to sleep at night?
should i call 911 i got blood comming up from my throat although just a little bit its in my mucus?
1 week after wisdom teeth extraction, still in pain?
How do you survive the first day after oral surgery?
Will fixing my overbite affect the way i smile?
Whats the best pain killer when you have spacers?
Is it dangerous if I wait til January to remove my Wisdom teeth?
Retainer after braces PLEASE HELP?
i am a fatty?????????????
How many bottles of water is healthy to drink in one day?
Bistro MD? Diet to go? or ediets?
Do you like it when people comment on your weight loss?
What is an easier way the get abs?
will pullups give me a six pack?
How do you lose inchs off your waist? ?
Is this a healthy enough breakfast?
I am VERY scared of the exorcist Face!?
Seriously, what is wrong with you?
Is it weird that I hate sleeping?
What should I do please help me I don't know what to do ?
My body is always cold and my hands are shakey, how do i make it stop?
i am sick of cough so which medicine i take best?
Can I use Pine needles in a cup of tea?
How to cure palpitations?
Bizarre health claims my father has made, are any of them true?
What are light yellowish popcorn like particles that come out of the trout? they look like flat popcorn ?
Brewers's Yeast or Vitamin B Pills.... Which?
Do the gem stones really help someone about health? Which one is the best for stress and negative energy?
How do you treat a sprained ankle?
my wife stepped in a whole in the street and hurt her ankle badly do you think that is a personel injury case?
how to hurt your ankleto get a cast?
It wasn't until after the bruises healed from the car accident that I found a lump on my left hip.?
what do you do with a sprained ankle/knee?
Does anybody know about Emery-Dreifuss muscular dystrophy?
Should you worry if your blood pressure is high only in certain situations?
Intravenous fluid regulation?
does hunger effect your sleep patterns?
How can I get to sleep?
how can I fix my sleeping pattern?
Why are my right fingers bigger than my left?
What do my sister, mom, and I have?
i've always heard that it's impossible to catch an STD from a handjob is this true?
what are the signs of an infected tongue piercing?
my but hole hurts an it bleeds why?
How do I get rid of acne spots?
can c difficile be fatal in children?
Can i use dermovate on a sore jock itch due to scratching, if not what else can u suggest it's so irritating?
Can you get an infection from wearing contact lenses for a longtime?
Should I go for urgent help of i have had a fever for 2 nights?
Is it possible to live in a completely toxin free environment today?
Could I get shingles if I've had a chickenpox vaccine?
Can you go to a dermatologist even though you don't have bad acne?
What benefits will my dad notice after quadruple bypass surgery?
What is a normal blood sugar like 30 minutes after a meal in a type 1 diabetic?
what should i do if my cortisol level is high?
price at walgreens for seroquel?
Why did I receive 2 different blood sugar readings?
Help - I have this weird stomach feeling like im hungry(but Im not) a few days ago my legs were itchy in bed?
why am i peeing out blood?
how many calories are there in a shot of smirnoff?
Sheltie is 6 years old and may have eaten sugar free chocolate brownie.?
Why when i exercise i get tired fast?
Is hamburger meat bad for you?
I want to use chewing gum to help me lose weight - is this a good idea?
should i start working out everyday?
Am I fat for my age and height?
i broke my small toe what should i do?
i got a concussion last night in a football game. can i smoke weed today?
What could be causing my face to feel like its burning?
Is hookah smoke as bad as cigarette smoke?
In terms of circulation.why is it important to?
How much sleep do you really need per night? What happens when you don't get it?
overbite questions !?
clear or metal braces?
Does orange Fanta hurt your teeth like Pepsi?
Braces. Help me out please.?
How to get rid of bad breath Other than Brushing teeth and mouthwash?
I think there's something in my fingers, but I can't get it out.What to do?
I fell asleep with peroxide in my ear! please help!?
I think I just got struck by lightening... What do. I do?
what do i put on a childs sunburn?
Cartlege peircing infection. PLEASE HELP.?
Glass Cut on finger Advice or help?
help, i sewed my finger, what should i do?
My big toe nail ripped off. Can you help me?
Do people abuse metoprolol?
What could this be...?
the doctor said they only way to fine out u have herpes is only when u have a breatout is that truth?
whats an STD????????????
what is the best way of preventing AID/HIV infection?
Is the cerverix vaccine safer than gardasil?
how do you get group b strep?
Dont want a flu shot (canadian)?
How much is the treatment for parvo?
brownies and salmonella?
Mucus coming from my nose going down to my throat?
THC Detox question????
What can I eat to make my sore throat feel better?
Hodgkins Lymphoma Stage 3B - Natural Alternatives?
Is there any alternatives for sleeping pills?
Is it safe to take 2000mg of expired tylenol?
Ok, so i think im allergic to caffiene, not sure though?
Allergy Help Please!!?
What are the rules to hospital stay?
Please help, my fingers are tingling for about 3 hours now?
help 22 yersold don´t know if my sys and dia and pulse is okey?
aahhhhh i am in pain.....?
was this a PVC? Help?
This is the conclusion to my Transthoracic Echo Report on my Heart can any body tell me what it means?
what is the first thing that develops the brain or heart?
Is it true that 1 in 5 people have SOME form of mental illness?
What is the difference between mild and moderate depression?
Why am I so moody and sad?
Can you get addicted to anti-depressants?
So I got this electric shock...?
How would i bruise myself?
my nose hurts please help?
What's wrong with my wound?
What is going on with me?
Where in Houston, Tx Can I Get a FREE Pregnancy Test & STD Test?
why can't we just eradicate people with AIDS?
Ok so i try to go on a diet today and my dad buys me mcdonalds?
am i over weight?????????
What is a good diet pill?
What is your everyday diet like? What do you eat?
What's the bad thing about being underweight?
What are some illnesses that make you tired and weak (non-contagious)?
Compressed heart feeling and slowed heartbeat?
Can you get a fever from dehydration?
Can you have stomach flu twice in 4 months?
On and off diarreha for the past 5 days?
Lump in throat/hypochondria?
I think i have a UTI?
I think I have Urinary infection. it's ok if I will drink vodka? is it have an effect?
wat could be done about having a hole in ur heart?
having sickness of lupus hair loss, can growth after using olive oil?
Can I use crest white strips if I have a labret piercing?
Help on tooth injury from practice.?
Getting braces tomorrow? any tips before i go?(:?
wisdom teeth coming out this fridayy?!?
What is the American Red Cross known for?
My body seems to react to warm water, is that normal or abnormal?
Is it sensible to get up at 6 every morning and go to bed at 11 every night?
Veins in arms????????????
Ovarian transplants are one way to treat female infertility. As a judge, how would you handle a case in which?
Am i able to drink after popping antibiotics + flu medicine.?
digestive aids make u fat or skinny?
I cracked my neck?? It never felt like this before! Please help!?!?
Are Walmart vitamins and supplements of good quality ?
how much nyquil to get high?
low blood pressure what is too low or too high?
Do I have heart problems?
Whats wrong with my heart?
Does anyone know about reversible ischemia?
what do you think the overall damage from the bp oil spill will entail?
Could I have a blood clot?
what is the best fruit for diabetes patients ?
Ideas and recipe for a diabetic friendly covered dish or snack to take to work.?
im 19 years old 6'3" and weigh 145 and i bounce between 145-155?
what is major physiological functions of carbohydrates?
I have type 2 diabetes and my blood sugar's 336?
I have an ear infection... is there somthing i can take to make the pain go away for a bit im tired.....?
How do I reduce bruisning?
I had a soccer game today and got blisters on my toes. How can i get them better or cover them up by tomorrow?
Anybody got A Quick Cure For A Minor Sunburn?
What do the AHA CPR Certification cards look like?
Does anyone know how to adjust hospital beds?
Headaches & Dizzy..??!?
Never been able to breathe well through nose?
I feel disgusting since last night .. how do i stop it?? =(?
Side-stitch won't go away.?
should I consult my doctor first before seeing a specialist?
possible food poisoning?
Why do I have headachas?
Ringing in ears for 12 days..?
Have u ever been punched in the face?
How long does it take to heal from a mild concussion?
broken toe :::::(((( answer ASAP :''''(?
when I talk and am having a great time my blood pressure rises to 150's over 100. Anyone have an explanation?
what is a heart trace?
Why does my heart aches whenever i feel so much happiness?
The major reason for lowering blood cholesterol is to?
Glucosamine - safe for people with heart conditions?
How long is a stomach bug contagious?
What are the Symptoms of ADD?
White thingy on my left tonsil?
is it possible to find out the impotence in Post-mortem ??
i haven't had had a bowl movement in 5 days?
Isn’t there a disease or illness you can catch from being around corpses for too long?
Urine infections in 12 year olds?
Anyone know what my illness could be?
Need help dealing with panic attacks?
If this normal? I'm afraid of being home alone at night...?
Eating disorder?????????????????????????????
I think I am schizophrenic.?
I have all these symptoms of stress and dont know what to do?
I like cutting myself?
Is it possible for me to get High Rate MOBILITY?
i am always sweating.....anyone have this problem?
Is there any good natural cures for itchy scalp?
does everyone get dry lips on accutane?
How can i build more muscle without using weights?
Help losing some weight?
Am I a healthy weight?
how to get big biceps without wieghts?
What Should I Eat ! (cause yeah i dont know...)?
how much does miley cyrus weigh?
am i at a good weight for my height?
Can you help me please?
Now a days I feel hungry often and often , any Devil sat in my Stomach?
I take two ambien at night, I still wake up at 3-3:30 am, why don't they work?I am really desperate!?
Is thick blood a factor in tremors and involuntary movements?
Is damage to arteries and heart from cholesterol permanent or can it be reversed?
My heart has been feeling uncomfortable?
Shortness of breath and swelling in only my left leg for the past 2 weeks?
STD's and Raves... Anyone first hand accounts of this happening?
Should I take Lortab 7.5 to get high?
How long before its out my system?
Question about going to a dance on Ecstasy?
Question about Vitamin C flushing?
Can you give evidence, not studies, showing that drinking cow's milk WILL help build strong bones and muscles?
I wanna know if it does or nah?
How to tell allergies from a cold/fluu?????
what is called '' Allergy '' and what will be the remedy ?
Why does the smell of dog make me nauseous?
how to take the redness out of a sunburn FAST!?
My friend just cut part of his arm off?!?!?
an earring post is stck inside my ear?
my friend just cut his finger! help!!!!?
what are the physical signs of alcoholism?
should I call poison control?
Is it bad to take a sleeping pill when I'm already taking Citalopram and Losartan?
a positive kidney for donation, 30yr old female?
I accidentally took an extra dose of 125MCGS of Levothyroxine, what do I do? Please help.?
How constipation occurs?
Throbbing head pain, low heart rate but normal blood pressure. what does it mean? HELP!!!?
Question about blood clots please help?
My grandpa just died I need help?!?
Does "bidis" have more nicotine than cigarettes?
i have constant palpitations, and sometimes my heart feels like it stops?
Oxygen therapy for stroke patients?
I Jarred My finger hard!!?
Do you think my arm could be broken?
Strained forearm, remedies and advice?
i sprained my thumb i need advice please help?
can i pull the jammed finger out?
What happens before appendicitis?
Random question about bed bugs and other blood insects?
I have O.C.D and cant keep a job anyway i try, will i get illness benits?
Does Medicaid support paying for physical therapy?
How can you tell whether you have an ear infection? And what?
Stool Problems (graphic)?
What is the best and easiest way to help an elderly person stand up?
im scared to go to bed tonight...?
Is this a good or bad body..? I'm very self concious?
How many calories should i be eating per day?
how much should I weigh?
so i need to lose 60 pounds in 5 months how do i do it please help !?
Should I keep dieting?
What's the best music to keep me going while working out?
Mothball taste in my mouth?
why i am a big looser ?
once you have a abscess on your jaw that is swollen should you go to the er to get it cut open right away?
what does a tooth nerve look like?
I have 2 bad teeth and my dentist recommended root canal, i can pull them if i chose which one should i pick?
why should I kill my self?
I'm depressed and don't have time to go to a therapist but I don't want to go on medication. Any suggestions?
How would you hide scars at a water park?
Should I explore my emotions more?
I really really need advice because I have no idea what to do anymore.!??!?
Help me. I'm addicted. This isn't a joke. Help?
Do i have a mental disorder or am i just weird?
Should my mom feel weak and wobbly at 89?
Problem Falling Asleep HELP!?
It feels like theres something slowly cralwing down my throat, right above my diaphram?
What time should I got to bed so I am not tired tomorrow?
How do i get my mom to believe me that i'm not starving myself?
How can i cure bad breath?
is having a swollen foot for a week normal?
how to know if my finger is broken or sprained?
I got two black eyes a few days ago?
Inside my nose is bleeding but not much.Only when i put tissue i see it and also when i look in the mirror.?
whats wrong with my knee!? ill give you as much points as i can!?
Can I get sick from this?
What is Merca Staph symptoms and treatment?
She's Bleeding from her mouth and nose? She died?
are there any doctors or nurses on this forum who are against vaccines?
nausea for about 3 months now?
In simple figures what is the chance the HPV vaccine will cause an adverse problem?
Teas, herbs, vitamins to help reduce anger and stress and help calm someone down?
Childhood asthma; why take risks with alternative medicine?
questions to about modern medicine versus herbal medicine? URGENT!!! Due tomorrow!!!!?
How long will THC stay in my system?
ASAP, Medication reaction maybe?
I need ways to detox kidneys and lungs!?
Natural cures for crabbiness and stress?
Is it rude to not want to drink after someone with AIDS?
STD help? I think i may have one. What should I do?
if some one with herpes licked a popsicle i had and i didnt lick it until 3 sec. after them, will i have it?
does planned parenthood do free STD testing?
Sea Salt Vs Salt? (Ear Stretching)?
Do you know a straight guy with spider bites?
How do i diagnose reat my burn?
If you got bitten by a big spider, would you see a mark immediately?
What's a good way to gain weight??(guys)?
Is it normal to be this sore?
Is this a good diet for me to go on?
im a little thin and i want a little bit more weight on me?
My left arm bicep is somewhat smaller than my right arm. What should I do to quickly let my left arm catch up?
How come as I lose weight I look weaker?
Sore throat on one side from wisdom tooth infection?
what is teeth bonding?!?
Scared about Dentist?
I have 3 really big noticeable holes in my teeth?
What can I do to make my tooth crown stop hurting?
Do I have a heart condition.... (read symptoms)?
I need help educating my physicians!!?
What could cause this condition?
does applying ice on face cure acne?
Bed bug problem, will my solution work with my situation?
93 yr old amputee having problems sleeping due to stump keeping her awake.?
Best treatment for severe dandruff?
Should I go to sleep now?
I started getting Rectum bleeding?
What kind of doctor for Ocd?
Can anybody tell me whether Plantar fibroma?
what should i tell my mom if theres puke on my sleeping bag?
Questions about Constipation...?
is there permanent damage after one Ecstasy pill ?
How do I make my Hiccups go away?
what happens if you dont treat anxiety?
Should I be worried about my dizziness?
A patient with a heart pacemaker received antibiotic therapy for streptococcal bacteremia (bacteria in the blo?
How to reduce my high LDL Cholestrol?
how do i know i have high cholesterol?
My family has a genetic heart disease and our parents wont tell us what its called, please help!?
Will i pass my Nicotine/Drug test?
Do subhuman primates (Gorillas, Apes, etc.) suffer from coronary heart disease?
is dying from a heart attack pain full?
what is the best ab machine to buy?
Was my food intake okay today?
What is a healthy weight?
Can someone please help me?
How many teens each year turn to suicide because they have been bullied?
how many calories should i eat to lose weight?
When you say like 6stone what do you mean?
Would you say that I'm not eating enough?
Rabies virus mutation...?
Why do some bodybuilders lift without using full-range motion?
How to remove stuck tablet in your trachea?
I have had a cold for twelve days now and have new symptoms - Is it just a cold?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! (stomach flu)?
Congested Nose and Sore Throat?
is it bad that reading about how bad peoples lives are makes me feel better about mine?
When do side effects start after being exposed to the flu?
If me and my girlfriend is hiv/aids negative is it possibe to get it?
Should I continue taking my ADHD medication?
how to help anxity with out meds?
I got my finger pinched by a door how long will it take to recover?
neck popping everytime i look directly right?
Crutches needed but where can i get some?
what is the most painful thing, physically, you've gone through?
Can I go running if I just got scratched by a cat?
Overactive bladder problem. Please help?
How much would health insurance cost to bring my sick grandma to the US?
Help! Where Can I Find a List of Every Medical Facility in Georgia?
im getting really bad headaches?
What is the primary factor in health care expenditures?
Can someone please tell me what they would do and if it is ok?
my dumb *** friend just downed robotussin cough on a dare....?
Whats the best vitamin u can take?
Can mixing green tea and honey help with sore throat and if so what are some benefits?
Drug conviction in california...?
what do i do when i have clear snot, but irritating throat?
My engagement ring is 10K white gold but is coated in nickel. I am allergic to nickel.?
My grandson hasn't eaten anything for nine days except 6 crackers and little bit of yogurt. Says it hurts his?
do i need to be gluten free?
What are the steps of putting on braces/ how is it done?
help! getting braces tomorrow! any advice?!?!?!?
if my gums are sore and red should i continue to brush them?
ohk so im getting braces, would i have to get spacers?
What color braces should i get?
how can i get something out my teeth if floss is not working and toothpicks aren't either?
what dogs have the least hereditary health issues?
Is this mono or something else?
Whats wrong with me? I feel really ill?
Need help with a medical question that has to do with flank pain?
What vitamins to give an active alcoholic?
any idea of what this could be with my heart normal or not?
My heart is pounding. Help?
what is transient left bundle blockage in healthy persons?
How to get rid of Keratosis Pilaris and Keratosis Pilaris Scars?
How to get rid of red acne scars?
How can you get rid of dryied skin overnight.?
Is my belly ring truly infected?
Slammed finger Nail how should look by now?
what happens when you put bleach into your eye and don't put water on it?
How to make a bug bite not itchy?
What to have in a first aid box?
Index finger/Ring finger ratio?
Why do men read womens Health in yahoo awnsers?
I'm feeling really fatigued lately. Any suggestions?
How often do you shower/bathe?
Can you really die from biting your own tongue?
what could be the problem ? am not my self..?
i do a 50min jog every two days, is it weight losing effective?
How do I lose a lot of weight and get toned?
How can I lose weight?
Overweight people: What do you eat on an average day?
What are better for abs, Sit-ups or Crunches?
steamed white rice diet bad for you?
really bad muscle aches..?
What is the best supplements to take to get big fast?
Is it okay to wear a shirt if it had the blood of another person on it that has had AIDS?
What happens if you have a poitive HIV test?
May have a concussion, can't get to the doctor until tomorrow, and I need sleep?
How to hide cutting(self harm) scars?
What does it mean if your arm feels like its on fire and your fingers are numb?
My nose was hit in between my eyes. theres blue black under my eyes.?
When is blood pressure considered low?
Heart beating really fast when I wake up at night to go to the bathroom?
Im afraid my best friend who is studying abroad is about to commit suicide?
Can Lorazepam increase anxiety ?
What should I do about this height difference?
prozac users<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<?
lost my voice? 10 points?
is there a lazeric method in surgery of prostate?
Where can i buy Sodium Ascorbate in Canada?
do you really need supplements to gain muscle?
Questions about going "natural"?
Organic and proper daily multivitamin?
Why does your breath smell only when you wake up?
What is a good remedy for a "fatty Liver"?
Do you know what is Antabuse ?
how do i know if my gums are swollen?
Can you get invisalign if you are missing a tooth?
Does it hurt getting braces off?
Can braces fix this problem?
My tooth hurts to have anything cold or breathe air in it?
i get really bad stomache aches everymorning....?
Diagnostic medical sonographer?
How to deal with a fear of shots and should I get these shots?
Shivering uncontrollably?
Is vomiting enough of a reason to go to the emergency room?
Can you catch molluscum at school's pool?
What should one do if they have side effects from expired antibiotics?
My Boyfriend has very bad stomach pains and i think it might be food poising what should i do?
Could this be an infection or what?
Is vena cava an artery?
Is my heart going to burst?
when you smoke weed and you heart starts to race is it because of dehydration?
Mild chest discomfort, need some advice?
can i have a baby with a pacemaker located in my stomach?
Lower right back pain.?
how can I tell if my ring finger is fractured?
what vitamin or protein do i need to lose weight?
Can Regular Push-Ups alone give you Developed Arms?
If I have high muscle content (146 lbs) and my weight is 237 and obese with 96 lbs of fat, what is my bmi?
Am i a healthy weight?
I need to lose weight and I've started making myself sick but i don't want to. gym and diet don't work. help?
started drinking green tea and odd side effect!?
I'm hungry all the time!?
what is the best snacks for people with AIDS?
what are the important heart vessels?
Is a blood pressure reading 114/65 to low. If it is how do i rise it higher.?
What are the causes of low BP?
Question about irregular heart beat?
When your heart stops do you die right away?
Does the drug Aciphex for acid reflux cause fast heart rate?
Can inactive ingrediants in medications be harmful to you?
Question About HeartBeat?
Is it OK to sleep during day time?
I have noticed that the veins on the side of my head are showing more, almost sticking out?
How do I get my boyfriend to quit smoking cigarettes?
My younger sister has burning around her lips. Why could this be?
Will a urinalysis and blood tests always detect signs of kidney problems?
does gout affect your walking and balance?
I have a small hiatal hernia and have to get a endoscopy done should I do it?
my eye is swollen =[ and its itchy?
What would happen if i took two muscle relaxers for my back?
Is it possible to have weak tendons and ligaments?
I think I may have a shin splint but not sure..?
Is it safe to get the Gardasil vaccine? ?
what causes reacurring uti's?
Temperature of 104 ?
How to help a swollen eye? ?
How much times does it take for Paracetamol to work?
Do emotions damage my liver?
what is the best way to cure shoulder imbalanced?
what is something you can do?
aloe vera juice,anyone use it and what for?
whats up with my stomach?
What fruits and vegetables will keep me full?
Do i have to calorie count inorder to lose weight?
How can a 16 year old bulk up?
Healthy Breakfast or no?
whats the first step of herpes?
i have to take a beta blocker?
If you were a doctor would you put her into a rest home?
IS THIS a good resting heart rate?
My heart beats extremely fast at night. What's wrong?
what is arterial steno-sis?
is it possible to fall asleep like this?
Can I take Imodium even if its expired?
How can I get my sleep pattern regulated, again?
Are Pharmacists allowed to question people about medication prescribed to them by their Doctor?
how do i get rid of a scratchy throat?
Sunburn issue!! I got sunburned today and need some help!?
Should I finger myself?
HELP.. I think my friend broke her ankle?
my kid put a crumb in my ear n i cant get it out! what do i do?
I don't know if I have poison ivy or not?! Please help me I need to touch my eyes?
My face has blotchy red spots?
Can eczema be caused by a vitamin deficiency?
How to help my friend get rid of blackheads?
Racing Heart, Help!!!!?
Do I have heart disease?
What happens to the heart when no oxygen is getting pumped?
Heart palapatations and headache in 6 year old?
Pacemaker needs replacement but doctors says no ?
I really need someone to talk to about this.. idk what to do!!?
I'm thinking things aren't as normal as I believe they are.?
I use to do cocaine now my mind feels kinda messed up?
please help, I like cutting myself?
Do I have some kind of disorder?
I NEED HELP PLZ EVERYONE TRY TO ANSWER PLZ!! Im very depressed (im 16 in grade 12). I have a lot of problems!?
Who is the best orthopedic/spine surgeon in Houston, Texas? Or how do I find a good one?
Did i pull a muscle????????
How to get rid of tendonitis in heel?
What could deafness in ear be caused by?
Vomiting, diarrhea, sore throat, loss of weight, and fever what's wrong with me?
What should i do if i vomited my antibiotics?
Do I have scabies on me?
how do i find one of the best brain doctors i have had tumors removed but that dr was not so great?
basic tinnitus treatment?
Question for the smokers?
should i be put into a hospital?
Help! Is 20/40 vision really bad?
numb spot on left side of abdomen?
Is it safe to serve hot food directly on old silver plated dishes?
Tooth is sensitive! do i have a right to see a dentest?
How can I stop my tongue from thrusting against my top row teeth?
tooth started hurting yday, if i tap it, it really hurts, but is not loose and was not hurting previously?
does it hurt getting braces?
My wisdom teeth are growing in and my right side of my head where my temple is hurts and it hurts to run.?
How do I know for sure if I have herpes?
Can a blood test or urine test detect chlamedia?
Any girls between 5'6" and 5'8"?
How much time a day should I walk to loose weight?
Is it possible to lose 20 pounds in 4 months?
what is the best diet?
How long would it take to healthfully lose 20 lbs?
In need of a simple weight training/fitness regime for men?
What's the quickest way to burn belly fat? :o?
Is my heart rate normal?
What are medicines like darvacet prescribed for other than pain?
Anything to take to numb your face before getting nose piercing?
Medical marijuana? can i get it?
why do i keep coughing if i already drank cough medicine?
What are some home remedies that are used in your family?
Questions involving Crohn's Disease? ***Please Answer***?
Heart palpitations triggered by deep breath, yawning, sighing.. normal?
how much does morphine lower blood presure?
does anxiety cause high blood pressure or does high blood pressure cause anxiety?
Throbbing pulse on neck?
Do i have heart problems?
my parents want to look at something on my chest?
Does smelling your breath harm you in nay way?
what is the best medicare coverage for Mesa Arizona?
is still weed in my system?
How can I acquire Parkinson's disease?
I have strep throat..?
Do i have an infection?
Would this give me mono?
Will i get Shingles (Herpes Zoster!)?
I like getting shots? ?
Why are my pin's in my ankle hurting!!?
Need Help Losing Body Fat/Weight for a 13 year old male!?
What does bulimia do to your breasts?
Is My Diet Good OR Does It Need Work?
will i end up losing weight this way?
Do you think I'm a healthy weight?
Help me with my Food Diary! ♥?
i am 16, 115 lbs, have a high metabolism and do not work out i am getting drug tested at home in around a week?
Foot Splinter working itself out?
why didnt my friend get better? :(?