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What are the chances of me getting this stomach virus?
I had pink eye for a few days and Now I have a Cold?
Cut my hand pumpkin carving and have now lost touch perception?
How to get a burn to stop stinging?
Is it a bad thing when your eye hurt from seeing someone you don't like?
how to stop my crutches from rubbing my armpits?
i sprained my ankle last week and need some advice?
Vertigo? I get really nauseous when I stand up, etc....but not dizzy?
My first meal of the day starts around 5PM.?
What could be causing this extreme stomach pain? Been to ER several times!!!?
Besides std's and a UTI, what can cause urgency to pee?
what are ergonic aids?would you recommend them for sports person?
what doctor do i see for phimosis?
What do people call the Heart a Heart when the shape is not a Heart?
My heart randomly beats really fast?
Do I look fat/overweight ?
if i gain weight will my breasts get bigger?
Excersing but my body doesnt change. why?
Fasting? Dextoxication?
16 year old tryng to lose 100 pounds and get ripped while at it?
How can I lose my stomach fat? But I have an issue..?
What makes someone normal?
Feeling guilty for shoplifting... how can I move on?
Dose anybody out there has aspbergers?
How will I keep from crying in classes tomorrow?
I think that the girl who sits beside me in class cuts herself...?
ear infection maybe? something else?
How often should I clean my cut and replace my Band-Aid?
burned my hand while cleaning with boiling water, it hurts?
I burned my hand with molten plastic. What degree burn is this?
swollen help me what to do?
If my cut wants to stay open, will my body make new skin to fill in the gap?
really bad heartburn?
OMG my dog has worms, could we?
Hi, Which doctor should i go for sleeping pills?
What does this mean.. Have I got a health issue? ?
how to get asleep at night?
My heart is beating so fast?
I'm 22 and I have high blood pressure. How can I lower it?
Why would a heart murmer not be detected in the womb?
Can obese children get heart attacks?
My resting heart rate is 90bpm is this bad?
I had blood work done last week and the results are in, i need a little help!?
What is a heart palpitation and how dangerous is it?
Trazodone and citalopram question? HELP PLEASE?
Home remidies for uti?
What should I look for in fish oil?
Help!!! Soprano singer with sore throat and concert quickly approaching!!!?
how do you lower your THC levels?
Is this just bad karma or peer reviewed and double checked surgery?
Are there any tips to get a fever down in adults in the next 24 hours?
Does this happen to anyone else after taking UTI antibiotics?
my body is exhausted after the flu, is this normal?
HIV/AIDS test results question?
How to control Psorasis and PA flare ups after pregnancy?
Emergency question!!! Will I get a cold sore now?
My mom broke her ankle at six flags can we sue them?
I fell yesterday and now my ankle is bruised and swollen. Could I have a fracture?
I have a broken wrist and a cast, so should i play my saxophone?
What's wrong with my sister's shin?
Throbbing, really sore chest and ribs? Please answer as quickly as possible!?
will the clinic find a way to contact you if you have an STI?
please tell me all the symptoms you know or find on anorexia or send me links to websites. thanks.?
could everyone be asleep at the same time?
whats the absolute fastest way to rehydrate yourself after years of being borderline dehydrated?
What causes a person to tremble after drinking. HELP FAST!?
I slept in for LONG time?
Losing 12-15pounds of fat by May 20th?
How to thin my thighs? (Please read inside)?
Just started back working out after I had the baby? Please read? I need advice.?
Weight Watchers Point Plus Formula?
does creatine and whey protein from following brands contain gluten:?
I want to lose weight, but bread is a big part of my life. What can I do?
how many weighted squats should i do a day?
I'm 13 and i need to know if im fat?
Crystal Meth stays on your system?
how does the health care system work in the U.S?
Black out/Pass out moments?
Does stress really cause your hair to turn grey and/or fall out?
i crack my bones a lot...?
What's really happening when your stomach is a knot?
I have frequent ankle pains in my right ankle what should i do?
Sprained Ankle yesterday ?
what is herpes ? i don't understand?
If I'm pretty positive I have an STD that's incurable is there a need to tell my mom?
I really need a real doctors advice. Please do not answer in you are playing games.?
Is this Heart Palpitations?
what is the good medicine if you will have a rheumatic heart?
I dont know if you can help but worth a shot ?
Having common angina?
Is it bad to be able to see my own pulse?
do bloodtests hurt? im really scared!?
can ayahuasca cure schzophrenia?
I want to add flavors to my herbal smoke blend...What can I use?
How long does THC stay in your system?
Is it harmful to take Melatonin after drinking alcohol?
Can i drink water after i drink Pepto?
does it even make a difference?
I feel tired even when I'm getting plenty of sleep?
My boyfriend has pink eye and i have been contaminated. What can i do?
how to get rid of sinus infection?
I have bronchitis, cant breathe well. Any hope of getting better soon?
I need a good remedy for a chronic cough. I was in the ER today and was diagnosed with bronchitis. The doctor?
Anxiety sufferer who has had a job for several years?
Bad congested cough out of no where?!?!?!? HELP ME PLEASE!!?
the doctors told me that my son might not live long?
can you die from an intestinal blockage?
What is a viral infection?
Please help me! am i over weight? (please read)?
is my weight/height healthy for a teen girl?
Is there a way to stop my muscles from deteriorating while I am losing weight?
How to reach my goal weight of 115?
Will I lose weight from exercising one day?
Help, I think I have a problem?
How many days should you workout in a week ?
Is blood type -O the Inferior blood type?
I keep measuring my pulse ?
can arguing raise blood pressure?
Irregular heartbeat smoking weed?
is something wrong with my lips?
My dad smokes Crack.... Help?
If i call my pediatrician and ask that he takes steps to give me things that make me grow, how much would he?
where does bacteria grow best?
I have knee pain, especially after running and my orthopedist said i was fine. what's wrong?
How do you treat a back spasm?
how do i fake a sprained ankle?
Advice for deep finger cut?
Should i x-ray my finger?
Why cant i walk??????
What's with the bottom of my foot?
The ingrown toenail on my right foot now bleeds whenever I wear shoes. How can I treat this?
Sterlized Surgical Gloves?
Ear infection or earache, wait is that the same thing?...please help?
how to stop a swollen eye from poison ivy?
Do you wake up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy?
i feel like cutting myself?
best way to get rid of the smell of smoke?
I feel out of place in school! How to not feel out of place?
I want to kill myself, but I don't want to die? What to do?
I have a problem, how would you solve it?
Can my doctor tell from a Regular Check up that I'm starving myself?
Is it time for me to see the doctor?
A person's expectations, mood, personality, the setting, ect. are __________ of how a drug will affect you.?
Help Needed: My symptoms can't be diagnosed?
Shaky, nauseous, weak and cold?
why do some types of viral infection only occur in a specific age?
Help! i have a cold!?
If i have a stye, how can i get rid of it?
I have bright translucent red blood in my stool past 4 days.?
How do i mange my fine hair?
Does anyone know of a good neurologist that specialize in Chiari Malformation in south GA or North FL. if not?
Problem going off Crestor?
heart rate keeps changing!?
Are avocados high in potassium?
I have recently been diagnosed with WPW Syndrome. Has anyone had the ablation procedure done?
What is a good workout plan for a 13 year old boy that is 5'6?
Is it possible to GAIN alot of lbs in a week & it looks obvious?
Clean eating. Do i need to exercise to lose weight or just tone?
How does modern conveniences reduce the need of physical fitness in your daily life ?
When was the last airborne aids transmission?
can baby get herpes from mother?
I am 22 yrs old & height is 4.10'' .can i increase my height by using Amway NUTRILITE Lecithin-E?
Are Azo Cranberry Pills safe to take while breastfeeding?
natural home remedies ONLY?!?
Is extacsy worse than acid?
Does acupuncture really works?
Have anybody used Honey( Sidr/Manuka/other) in relieving Asthmatic complications,?
best remedy for a sore throat?
questions bout why im always cold?
Bad Habits, Please Help!!?
white spots on fingernails?
Stomach cramps or something else?
What type of shoulder injury is this?
how to make your finger look swollen?
I got the tip of a pencil stuck in my leg, what should I do?
my ankle hurts, what should i do?!?
what could be wrong..(heart..)?
Please look @ my thyroid levels & tell me what you think?
My friend is awfully dizzy allot of the time. His vision is blurring and loud sounds give him headaches..?
Is there a reason to get final diagnoses of autism?
Swollen lymph nodes in neck?
when i whip my rear there is blood?
say im getting a blood test in 2 days and i smoked weed today...would the blood test be able to tell that?
Where can I get cheap, bare-bones health insurance?
Are visible, blue veins on your hands a bad sign? I can feel them when I touch my hands?
A weird noise in my ear?
lips always chapped, no matter what. why?
If wrist sweat band is to wipe sweat from forehead. What is forehead sweatband for ?
Am I eating too many eggs?
am i at a healthy weight? 13 year old girl!?
When is it okay to lose your virgenty ?
How to lose weight? No time frame just wanna lose the weight.?
I am too skinny and eat like a whale but don't gain weight Help!?
losing weight, bra size?
Need to lose inches?also other question?
Gold's Gym or Planet Fitness?
I have heard cold sores are herpes, but what causes canker sores?
Is it just a cut or a STD?
warts killed by using nail polish?
my blood pressure is 148/101 I am on 2 types of bp meds and I am so tired . My thyroid is normal? what next?
Hipotension can be a indicativy of something serious,as neurological disorder,heart's problem?help me!!?
SVT or Supraventriculiar Tachycardia?
Carotid Doppler US---Meaning of findings, please?
High Blood Pressure And Big Headaches!! Please Help!!?
When quitting smoking is it common to cough up blood?
feel all queasy and strange taste in my mouth? What is wrong with me?
I have to get my blood drawn?
popcorn I have a picture of my husband who passed away just over a yr ago and I want to take oxygen tank out?
whats the difference between bronchitis & sinus infection symptoms?
What happens if I inject air into my vien?
How do i prevent Upper Respiratory Tract infections?
I know this may be gross but i don't know what to do?
How can i wake up at the time i want every morning?
Can't stop coughing!?
Having trouble breathing from bronchitis. Can i use an inhaler to help?
I CANT fall asleep!!!! Help!!?
Smoking weed after 2 weeks of soberness?
What is wrong with me?
Help --- !!!!!!!!!!!!?
Can i play soccer with bone bruise?
i jammed my thumb?????????
Bug bite dark after two months?
Strep throat and going to doctor?
Can i have the stomach flu without actually vomiting?
weird **** help??? what disease or sickness is this?
Can you deploy to Iraq with hepatitis c?
My child had a heart defect with Oxygen Sat is 65-69. Do you think she need a oxygen during flight?
what is genetic screening?
Is there a treatment for a clog in the heart?
86 year old woman with 101 over 63 blood pressure how dangerous is this ?
What can I do to increase my stamina?
Which brand is better- GNC or Shaklee?
How can i lose weight?
How to get big arms? not toned... BIG?
How do you give a good Prostate massage?
Should I really drink eight glasses of water a day?
What's a ssri? And what's it for?
i need cold sore remedies that with ACTUALLY WORK.! PLZ (:?
how many people exercise only when trying to lose weight?
I constantly fidget, am I losing weight?
Is it possible to gain muscle and NOT burn fat?
apple seed poisoning?
canker sores or herpes???
Clearish/white-ish discharge?? normal?
Question about CHEST PAIN!!?
how does a blockage in a coronary artery cause a heart attack?
my cholesterol is over 200 is it really dangerous?
Is a diastolic blood pressure of 53 too low?
why is my heart rate always up?
My boyfriend hit his head really hard, could this cause brain damage?
small dizzy spells help?
is there something wrong with me?
So let's say something is wrong with my kidney or liver....What could happen if I don't go get it checked?
Did my friend faint or have a seizure?
started having hallucinations and serious headaches?
How do I know if I sprained my ankle?
why do people not walk properly after an epliptec seizure?
i might have coronary artery disease, is there anyway to prevent that if so without going to the doctor?
what diet pills can i take if i have high blood pressure?
Can a Nurse give ECG results? (UK)?
My father had a CPK of 1222 where the normal range is 35 to 232, what does this mean?
my bp is 149/66, is this normal?
can i laminate my CPR card?
How long will it take to get weed out if my system?
What could cause recurrent water retention after heart surgery?
UGhhhhh?! sunburn!??!!!!?!?
What's the best way to reduce a swollen black eye?
sac-like membrane surronding the heart?
Worried about beetle bite?
i just threw up black and clear liquid...?
my nose burns from wiping it what should i do?
Attracting Aids and drawing it out like a Magnet what is Aids attracted to and who do I contact for this Idea ?
If you snore really loud does that mean you have sleep apnea?
Strange breathing when asleep?
Is it bad to skip doses of cough syrup?
Nose bleeds at night?
Is it possible for one child to have cystic fibrosis while another, from the same parents, not have it?
Are plastic surgeries worth the cost and recovery?
Smoking Weed Can the doctors tell?
Hey i smoked a bit more pot then i am use to then that night i got a little paranoid ?
Do nurses actually come to your house when you have an ear infection if you pay for the service?
Ways to get rid of spots on your face?
I need an at home AB ROUTINE please?
I have 7 lbs left to lose any ideas how speed it up lol?
Was this enough food? :)?
typical day of food for me , how does it sound?
Noticeable weight loss?
question about height for weight loss?
With out using any gym equpment what r some of the best exercies 2 help loose wait and get in shape.?
Going from Beta Blockers to Calcium Channel Blockers Need serious answers PLEASE HELP?
Mystery Illness-Pituitary Disease, now Heart Problems...help!?
What is the best at home bp monitor?
I'm 14. My heart is beating really weird?
How is the human heart, a complex but single pump, can pump twice in one action?
Weird Sensation In Chest?
What are good Wilderness Therapies?
Sinus help??????????????????????
Where can I find an article or journal that reports its null and alternative hypothesis and p-value?
Is meth amphetamine bad for you?
Can autism disappear?
lethargic flue feeling [please dont ignore]!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
i need to know if what i have is a urinary tract infection or not?
Does this guy have a disease or..?
I might be infected of rabies even i was bitten two years ago?
How to Control Bowel Movement?
do you go to the hospital if you have a broken toe?
I broke my toe and my parents think im faking and its pussing and red purple and way bigger than always?
Why cant my grandmother sleep at all?
Can an anesthesiologist do this?
Im sick with something, should I go to school tomorrow?
am i getting sick with a cold?
Could this be from VRE?
How does cholera avoid white blood cells and antibodies?
Does anyone know if there are any risks in traveling by air with a major heart condition?
change in blood pressure?
They told me I was anemic so I started taking iron, and I'm still anemic?
taking blood pressure?
Anybody got sleeping tips?
Pressure in head and vertigo?
What program do you think works better to increase height?
What can I drink to keep my public speaking voice in good shape?
Urgent!!Centipede sting. Help!!?
my tongue piercing has randomly started bleeding?
Is it better to wear shoes that cover your blister or let it air out?
Any products that can be used to stop cracked lip bleeding?
why does my girlfriend bite?
Does aloe vera heal or just sooth?
How to heal a bruised hand?
If I eat 1250 calories a day and burn 700 of them in gym how much weight can I lose?
Is 12o pounds five foot five fat?
Weight question.... Why?
Can I start to do some heavy weight exercise?
Where can I buy online weight loss pills without any medical prescription?
Are there any dangers in eating too many carbohydrates?
What excercise makes you lose weight in ur hips?
How much calorie should i take?
Should I see a doctor?
What is Acute Hearing?
What terms should I know about gastric bypass surgery.?
Can acid reflux make you hard time breath? ?
What will 6 little white xanax's do to me?
will taking 50.000units of vitamin D cause noise bleeds?
Just bought a memory foam mattress. Is it okay to sleep on it while it decompresses?
Quit smoking tips... help!!!?
are you asleep when they take you appendix out?
What happens to an individual when they take penicillin and they are not suppose to take this medication?
Can you reassure me on this concern ?
Conditions/Disorders that have to do with heart/pulse rate?
omg am i having a heart attack!?!??!??! help!?
i just had a aorta stent put in how long will it last?
My chest is hurting. Is it heart burn?
How common is sudden cardiac arrest in children?
Blood pressure/pulse rate question?
So I was dedusting my computer with compressed air when...?
Florida I need to find a low cost doctor to get looked at (no insurance)?
Whenever I wake up from a deep sleep I wake up feeling numb?
my husband has a cold we have no health insurance please help...?
what pain relievers are ok to give your dog for a sprained leg?
is a colon cleanse safe?
I'm not sure whats wrong with me..lol?
What age do guys stop growing?
Can I take Melatonin everyday, for the rest of my life without any heath risks?
What can I do to help my really sore throat?
need help! urgent! doctors PLEASE!!!!?
I'm afraid to take my antibiotics for a UTI infection?
What are the dangers of intestinal blockage?
Part 2 to my question from yesterday?
Virus and bacteria!!!!!!!! Need to know now?
I have a sore throat/neck and a lot of mucus?
Why is my eyebrow twitching?
Why do women ignore advice from doctors and do as there friends suggest?
how long does it take to be a nurse?
Can you get herpes from sharing a toilet when the person has an outbreak?
Why does research indicate that most heart attacks occur as ppl get out of bed after sleep?
Which do you think is worse for your health.....smoking a spliff a day, or six cigarettes a day?
Sudden high blood pressure?
cholesterol 201 lab results say hi, HOW HIGH?
Is it normal to feel light headed when..?
Could My Sore Glands with no other symptoms of cold or rash be signs of HIV?
Blood pressure with and without meds; With-118-60-68 pulse-without-131-62=72?
can i go on a "just white rice diet?"?
how can i lose some weight?
Gym help??????????????????????
Do you workout in the mornings or evenings?
Help with nutrition balance of a diet?
Six small meals not doing it for me...I need bigger meals?
what is the best cereal to eat and how much of it, when on a diet?
Will I lose weight?!?!??!!?
I cheated on my diet???
Im Not Feeling So Good How Do I Get Better:(?
Good affordable healthcare?
I just recently stopped smokin marijuana and cant sleep and feel like im flippin out its starting to hurt the ?
is running your hardest 4 hours a day good or bad for your heart?
Medical Condition and Work?
which stethoscope should i buy?
Some Questions Regarding Sinus Tachycardia and Surgery - Please Help?
PAROXYSMAL ATRIAL FIBRILLATION - hospitalisation or not?
Cost of CT Angiogram Abdomen?
if you get ran over by a car can your guts fly out of your mouth?
think ive torn my torn meniscus in my knee?
i hit my wrist on a wall, is it broken/sprained or have i done somethin else PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
If your knee 'shifts' laterally when it is kicked from the side, what injury does it cause?
i have bad side effects of my medication i am on only one.?
Do I have bronchopneumonia?
I need music to help me through my grandpa's passing please help?
A couple times a year I wake up randomly in the middle of the night, gasping for air with a horrible taste....?
I have a Crooked Spine?
Please Help! I am freaking out!?
Does anybody know of physicians and/or optometrists giving free exams to Peace Corps applicants?
What is wrong with me?
Disease causing shaking?
What is on my lip? Please no sarcasm or making fun.?
What can cause stuttering?
How can I meditate? Beginner?
please help what do you do when you feel this?
I am really scared can someone help me?
So afraid of the end of the world? It's scaring me, help?
can smelling your breath kill you if you smelt it alot?
Contagious Virus helpppppp!!?
Is Blood In Stool Common With the Stomach Flu? 10 points?
Do I have a anger mental problem? Help please;/?
Unknown sickness HELP!?
how to get sick?!?!?!?!?!?!?
what is the difference between cpr, bls, and first aid?
The middle part of my finger is swollen and itchy can anyone tell me what it is?
When will my CPR, First Aid, & Lifeguard Certification come in?
i burnt my self on bacon grease at 830 this morning?
how are industrial first aiders taught c.p.r. in america?
What happens if I overdose on medicinal charcoal?
Do you think I need to changeā™„?
can someone who smoked a ciggete still smell weed?
How long does photo sensitivity last after your last dosage of St Johns wort?
scared about getting a tb skin test?
Can you help me please! ?
What is the treatment of a slipped disc?
I need to loose weight!!!! BTW Im a teen ?
In order to lose weight, would adding a protein shake before/after I run help?
Is it a realistic goal to aim to lose 3 stone by summer?
how to lose weight fast?
How to lose 10kg in a month?
what if i miss 2 weeks of the P90x program?
Medical books, any suggestions on reading?
How Can I avoid getting acid Reflux when I sleep?
I take forever to fall asleep, but I'm not stressed.?
How bad are my blood test results?
If you may have a stroke would your pupils become small?
Has anyone had a Child born with a heart defect called SupracardiacTotal Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Return?(T?
my heart is running fast and my bp is a bit elivated i have this hard thump that happens like 7x in a min?
what are ways that YOU lowered your blood pressure?
How to gain energy back from possible B12 deficiency?
Someone hit my head kind of hard. Am I okay?
canker sores, swollen gums... help please it hurts so bad...?
I think I need surgery.. but I have no insurance. .HELP!?
I popped my cold sore and my lip is swelling up!?
i need an excuse for why i have a wrist splint on?
I have a scar on my wrist that i wrote on with sharpie and now the skin is raised.. why?
What now for my hamstring?
hi i`m 5`4 n my weight is 164 how to loose weight within a month?
Is it true that you lose weight faster if you don't chew your food properly?
Can i lose weight by skipping rope and running?
Is it possible to get this skinny if you're not...?
Hey guys! How can I lose weight fast in 15 days?
Does starving myself make me gain weight?
I have a corn on my foot.?
What is the hint of heart attact problem?
how to calm my heart and nerves?
Is this gas, indigestion or a heart problem?
treatment for high potassium count?
is there something wrong with my heart or something?
My mom had a electrocardiogram, and it came out abnormal. Can this result be causes by things like stress,..?
Vomiting and diarrhea from cookie dough!?
how to get rid of a cold?
My tonsils are as big as rocks. ?
when did freddie mercury get aids ?
How do you make a throat/ear infection stop hurting?
Do TB Tests hurt real bad?
How do you convince someone not to smoke?
Do you think I have asthma?
TB help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
why my boy of 5 years is not diagnostic with asthma but the doctor prescript proventil?
What do you do if you have been coughing up blood?
If youve had sleep paralysis help plz?!?
Problems with Imodium and number 2's?
What is under a persons left rib cage?
Could I be suffering Insomnia?
If you had a friend who needed a kidney and you were the only match found to date ?
Can you get rid of a lisp?
what are the alternatives to treat scoliosis?
How long do the Nicotine cravings last!?
Does a codeine high feel the same as a vicodin high?
i have a question about laced marijuana,?
Need help falling asleep?
What prevents blood from flowing back into the Inferior Vena Cava during Right Atrial contraction?
Is it Panic attacks???
Is it normal to have have heart pains after a break-up?
Help please? My heart hurts?
Will Gardasil help after you have HPV ?
What are the contrast normal with abnormal structure and function of affected parts of the body from syphilis?
Has anyone ever intentionally contracted AIDS?
Working out too long, arms won't straighten without pain? Help?!?!?
fractured toe help?!!!!?
Is my ankle broken, or just sprained?
I had recently got a haircut, and the barber nicked my mole, well maybe got into it a bit?
can you get aids from someones foot fungus?
My ankle hurts really bad?
How can i lose 30 pounds in 4 months?!(10 pointss)?
how to loose belly fat /inches?
Is breakfast still a breakfast if I wake up at 2 Pm everyday?
is it good to mix heavy weights with cardio?
How can I get a bigger waist?
What is your weigh loss story?
Can I lose this much weight by?
What should I do to lose weight?
Smelling things that aren't there?
my stomach is bloated and I feel nauseated when I lay on my stomach. My bowel movement is fine. What's wrong w?
drinking before surgery?
So i have a swollen tonsile.. and im treating it with everything i can and at every minute.?
Where stores have niacin that DOES flush out your system and gives you the itchiness, burning sensations,etc.?
Is Coca-cola good or bad for diarhea?
blocked ear really irritating!!?
A big earing went through my foot, how can I help it?
Bee sting concern..please help?
Burns and water loss?
how to hide my cold sores?
my finger is really swollen help!?
how to hide self injury cuts?
Is my finger jammed or fractured?
Surgery Success rate for a fracture Knee Cap?
I hurt my foot at soccer practice the other day, and was wondering if anyone knew what is wrong with it?
Anyone know what is this is called? Or just what it is?
Do Human Growth Hormone pills make you taller?
I have a l5 year old male mixed beagle with arthritis. He is on Deramaxx. Is there a comparable OTC med I?
I there any vitamins/medicines/herbs/foods that will help skin heal faster ?
Cannabis Alternative?
how can i massage my boyfriend whos bigger than me?
what is the best prescription sleep aid for me?
Bartholins (duct) abscess?
I am sick with the flu?
Help!! Details! What is this?? Sickness?
I have a sore throat. What medicine should I take?
Can you get mucus in your ear?
Why am I never hungry?
I think she wants to die. I need help?
What's wrong with me?
I lost motivation to do anything...help :(?
Lower stomach pooch...needs to go!?
how can i get stronger/physically fit?
Why am i so afraid of people physically hurting me?
healthy breakfasts? for doing weights?
how to slim down my weight?
i have been on my medication for one month now,?
Can a Doctor in the E.R. Refuse treatment?
what is parkinson's disease?
What are Symptoms Of Coeliac Disease?
Help...Am i suffering with any kind of personality disorder ?
what are the conditions of a squatter settlement?
i lost 5 pints of blood without realising how can this be?
my heart is beating really fast when i take a deep breath?
How Come I Faint so easily?
Brain Stem Stroke Question...is Recovery Possible after 5 Years?
Tingly feeling in left arm?
Can heart disease be diagnosed by electrocardiogram?
How To Get Lead Out Of Your Hand?
How do I get my cold sore to go away?
If I get my toenail removed, how long will it take to grow back?
swollen bubble on side of tongue?
Weird feeling near my stomach...?
what is munchkins disease?
i have an inner thigh lump/cyst?
Bulimia and your teeth?
Can low thyroid give you head aches?
How to get the red out of my eyes in like one day?
How long can a person live with high blood pressure?
clumped platelets - will aspirin improve bloodflow ?
How to make your blood pressure rise?
What do you call the sickness that have symptoms like increasing heart rate and being hyper active?
what should i expect during a lexiscan nuclear stress test?
hi im looking for help from health professionals.?
Is my blood pressure normal?
My sister needs help losing weight. Can you please give her advice?
What Foods Go To Your Hips?
how much is a 12 year old supposed to weight at 5.3?
What Kind of Weight Lifting Plan Should I be on?
Guys, how is this workout?
Stopping Creatine Use?
Trying to lose weight over 5 months?
which more effective: Capsules, tinctures, or teas?
How can I get motivated to exercise?
took human worm tablet 3 times still have worms?
what if I missed 4 does of my bactrim?
Will i get yeast infection from eating antibiotics?
My pug has mucus in her eyes and the sniffles I think she has a cold what can I do to help her?
Please answer this question?
Ldh is 250 clinic said this was high? ?
What is the good things?
What is a good immune booster for me?
how can i do a proper brand myself?
What is a good alternative to drinking alcohol in the evening?
Chewing on tin foil cures depression, bird flu, HIV, spinal injuries and athletes foot?
is there a way to improve eyesight?
What are some natural remedies for sleep insomnia?
Can someone explain my cholesterol levels?
Any lung problem in this x-ray report?
Where is nattokinase available in India?
How long after a persons heart stops would CPR not work?
What are the chances Ciprofloxacin can cause long QT syndrome?
Is My Blood Pressure High!?
What is this disease?
Do I have obbsesive complusive disorder? (OCD)?
Advice on Scoliosis surgery?
I think I'm developing an eating disorder?
Is my liver ok? What else could be the issue?
Banged my knee hard during basketball..help plz.?
How Long Does It Take For Toenail To Grow Back?
when to go to the doctor?
Can I workout while injured?
OK to miss school because of concussion?
Have i sprained my ankle? please help!?
do i have pneumonia (ASAP!!)?
ive been coughing.. i think its because of my excess drinking on the weekends.. how do i stop coughing?
How does asbestos affect a person's lungs?
what happens if UTI is not treated in 1 and a half month?
a serious question !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Concerning children smoking cigarettes?
Would they pee test me..HELP!?
should I get a doppler with an echo?
After heart attack and drug coated stints, why is there still pain?
Why am i having rapid Heart beat?
do you think BP oil should.........?
What does smoking do to your heart?
How do I lose weight?
Is herbal Life good? its good but my weight is stable:((?
my plan for a flat stomach? will it work? HELP!?
Muscle building question?
how much do you run on the treadmill?
I have bad smell in my mouth.It altime stayes here.I have tried many ways to fresh it but i cann't. ?
How long is it after oficialy another day so I can eat without exedig calories for the day before.?
How to get a splinter out of my hand?
. What can be safely used to treat a wasp sting?
Found a small tiny black bug in my bed! Under pillows...help! What is it?
What is the point in trying if we are all going to end up dead anyways?
im 25 and have a VERY poor work history due to mental health and am unsure what to do?
Im so stressed, how can i relax?
i've started piling heavy objects on my chest..? :S?
Do you really think music enhances stress and depression?
How do you know if you have acid Reflex?
are their any side affects to mastrabation?
Is my liver already damaged and how can I help it?
i think i smell smoke?
What exactly is an Eating Disorder?
How can I stop throwing up?? Ahhhhh!?
I believe I have a problem with my heart. I had an echocardiogram done but am still skeptical, help?!?
heart racing and feeling terrified please help?
how strong is a taser?
aveage blood pressure for cdl?
My heart beats really hard and fast for no reason?
I went to the hospital a few months ago and I was wondering what this might mean?
best health insurance?
Is it safe to clean a cut/scratch with a mouthwash?
stitches in my arm NOT working?
Fractured and dislocated metacarpal on the third digit. How long does it take to heal, and will I need a cast?
Batteries swallowed the other day?
is it ok to play basketball with an inflamed sciatic nerve?
Should I use an enema?
Please suggest basic books on homeopathy?
How much does it cost to have glasses replaced ?
Ear Wax PROBLEM!?!??!?
Do vitamin pills really work?
std?!?! help!!!!!!!!!?
Is this herpes or not?
Can you get HIV and/or STDs from open a door or holding on on the bus?
emotional eater..help plz?
I want to get skinny.. WITHOUT gaining muscle?
Weight plagues my mind? Why? Help?
I'm thin, but I have a belly. How do I get rid of it without getting too skinny ?
That hard feeling you get on bicep during and after lifting.?
erhlos danlos weight?
blood pressure??????????
Sudden change, high blood pressure?
highblood preasure any advise mvp?
can stress progress ms fast?
what is the best way to get sick for 1 day?
Can you get food poisoning from Toaster Strudels?
i finished a 6 day doesage of the generic brand of azithromycin,i still have a raw throat and a?
What does cpr-basic compared to cpr heartsaver/aed mean? do they include first aid or is that separate?
what does it mean if I apply hydrogen Peroxide to a cut on my finger and it didnt hurt.?
How to heal a blister quickly?
Do I need a prescription to buy an IV bag of plain Normal Saline (0.9% NaCl)?
HELP ! Fingernail is yellow !?
Girls Only. What is the most effective to hit guy in the groin?
my arm muscle keeps twitching?
what would happen if some hot oil got in your eye?
Should i put ice or heat on a pulled muscle?
Lower back pain, left side.?
What is the point of attachment of a muscle to a bone that doesn't move?
My heart beat per minute is 99, is it still normal?
My fiance has had several tests done that always come back with a low BUN, Potassium and INR. Why?
What Are some positive effects of heroin?
Do new bottles of herbal supplements always have cotton in them, I got one online that didn't have cotton?
Drug questions for a school project.?
HELP I overdosed on 7 allergy pills?
What is hernia? Whats the cure?
How does a 15 year old girl lose weight for march !!!?
How much time will I need to spend in the gym?
Am I losing too much weight?
What should i do to loose 10 pounds in 2 and a half months?
what do you do to make your bones harder?
is it good to weigh 119?
Poll: If you are morbidly obese, do you not like many fruits and vegetables because of the texture or taste?
I am on a diet and can't eat desserts so i was wondering is icing a dessert?
What can I do to go from 190lbs to 140-145 lbs?
Heart beat fast? why? is this normal?
Is this a clog in a vein?
bad immune system, i need help?
iam so scaredd!HELP ME ASAP!?
What did I do to my finger?
I'm really sore from a tough workout...?
What are these breathing exercises I should be doing?
Concussion or something?
I recently broke up with my boyfriend and my heart rate is 108 beats per minute what's wrong with me?
How can I say, in legal terms, that I don't want surgery if I have a heart attack?
My therapist and my mother kept in touch. Is it a breach of trust?
Does anyone have any suggestions about this?
How do I get an anti-anxiety prescription?
Too many suicidal thoughts, I need help?
i have a really bad memory at 19?
What do you guys live for? Other than loved ones.?
Do you think this could be from weed?
My throat hurts like carzy and I am super hungry what can I eat?
can a doctor be sued for not administrating enough anesthesia before an operation?
Is it bad that my temperature has been around 96.3 (give ot take a couple) for the past week and a half?
Is Grand Mariner gluten free?
Sharp pains in stomach, everytime i eat i vomit? ( 4 days now )?
Why does it feel like something is stuck in my throat when nothing's there?
Just a Question about HPV,?
my son who is 14 yrs. old has been having issues with his right side, now we are having to have a EDG done....?
I have a united states airforce drug screening in about two weeks last time I smoked was 3 days ago any help?e?
what does drinking water with clorox do?
Mental thinking causing physical illness?
How can i get albuterol out of my system?
how do i get my brother to stop smoking pot?
Is there something wrong with an uneven sternum?
How to shrink down muscular calves?
A good workout routine for a teenage girl?
I'm trying to lose weight, but I gain muscle instead?
HCG diet or the starvation diet?
how can i lose weight with out exercising ?
how 2 get rid of leg fat?? tone legs?
What should i do next?
Am I fat? Please help!?
can stress cause an iron deficiency?
Am I suffering from malnutrition?
How i can give my heart to someone in need while im still alive?
i am 15 years old and my blood pressure is 142/81 how can i lower it before football practice starts?
Are there such things as liquid antibiotics?
Torn white tissue in my throat?
Hot body temp to Cold body temp: fever?
What disease/virus is this?(i'll give the symptoms)?
The Human Immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infects helper T cells. What is the role of these cells in the immune?
Is this more than the common cold?
Anyone know about the hepatitis shot?
Salvia (diviners sage) Info please?
Seeking a good naturopathic doctor for candida/parasite treatment?
Dosage calculations for nurses?
all i need is $1,000,000 out of you several billions?
are narcotics physically addictive or psychologically addictive?
I wear one smokey quartz on my wrist and an ametist bracelet on the other wrist. Is it OK to wear those two?
Where can I find a free STD clinic?
My Friends is dying of Aids!! Help me!!!?
how can someone come up with a statistic about people not knowing what they have?
Im nervous about taking crutches to school?
Is it okay to workout the same muscle group every other day?
Can't bend knee for more than 45 degree after accident?
Funny question, how do you make your hand cramp up?
Is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
Pulse reduction - good or bad?
Is this a healthy blood pressure rating?
Going to go get my heart monitored at hospital and I was wondering if..?
when i worry about things, i sweat, my fingers get cold, and my heart races? what is this?
on Amlodipine for high blood pressure how long does it take for it to start working?
Can two pacemakers be implanted to a person simultaneously?
what are the symptoms of a heart disease?
What does an " abnormal EKG result'' mean to a heart related problem?
what should you do if a victim refuses first aid help?
Does my wound need treatment?
help me please? swallowed..??? please help me xx 10 points?
To who do you belong to?
I have a small chip on my front tooth.how much do u think it would cost to fix n wher shuld i go. i liv in phx?
im excited to get braces?
who has/had dry mouth?
Do I look like a freak?
My teeth feel like it has pressure?
Do I really need a gum graft?
How much water should I drink a day for weight loss?
am i fat with 5'2 height and 112 pounds?
How can i tone my stomach?
Who decides what a "normal" weight is?
Would you say I'm fat/skinny?
Real ways to loose weight?
. . What is bulimia????????????
Does chicken pox leaves scars?
What precuations should be used when coming in contact with varicella?
Ear infection that wont go away?
what is wrong if my 19 month old child has diarrhea for the past 5 days?
What is the best lice treatment ?
are there any foods that can cause your appendix to inflame?
Elevated Cardiac Enzymes don't always mean that you have had a heart attack?
Echocardiogram...Heart Ultrasound?
If you are having early warning signs a few weeks before a heart attack, is it possible to prevent it?
what is the diet recommended for bicuspid valve patients except for less salt, no overwt, no smoking habit?
my heart rate is normally 80-95, but it randomly goes up to 110-161 bpm is this ok?
high blood pressure , kidneys creatine, platelets?
does tinnitus go away on its own?
What can i do for cracked feet?
How to get rid of pinworm?
how to HEAL/CURE aching legs after I exercised?
Do I Need To See A Doctor?
Self injury (cutting)?
i started using Prozac a little over 2 weeks now and i hate the way i feel!!!?
Can Anxiety Cause This?
My life is out of control, how do I get my life together?
Would it be a bad idea to drink energy drinks while on medications?
What're your favorite home remedies for getting over a cold?
Where to buy "Thieves essential oils" blend?
I want to do the Master Cleanse, but I don't want to do the salt water flush or laxative?
Do green tea help with memory?
Does being depressed and somewhat sad has to do with having vitamin D deficiency?
Can you throw up blood from stress?
What ECG abnormalities are expected to be seen in a patient with hx of MI and/or CABG?
What does an abnormal ekg mean?
Why does my heart pound hard?
Why is my blood pressure high?
what does it mean when left axis deviation in sinus rythm?
How can I live a healthy life with my current situation?
How to burn ALOT of calories on a treadmill?
Does green tea help you lose weight?
How to loose a lb a day!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What am I doing wrong?
How many hours should I be at the gym for?
Possible Eating Disorder Developing?
i have a sewing needle stuck in my arm very sore and swelling?
Girlfriend hurt her knee, should she go to ER?
do you take celebrex once a month?
Was this a nose bleed?
How to write a letter to a doctor regarding a back injury?
How make headaches go away?
My 3 year old have a fever over 102.9. Was the hospital suppose to keep him until it went down?
Am I at risk if I am living with a person who has Jaundice?
Is myopathy is a curable dieases? Wt r the treatmant to cure it?
what do nurses do to cheek for Bacterial vaginos?
When I wake up there is a white mucus type substance on the roof of my mouth and all over my lips ?
What do you think about smoking and drinking?
How do you get asthma?
Is it possible to have asthma without coughing?
What is a safe thing to eat or use for constipation with Adderall?
whats the mental disease where out of nowhere you feel depressed for no reason?
Gluten intolerance symptoms..?
Anorexic then bulimic and now binge eater! Has this happened to anyone else?
How to get over a cold in 1 day!!!!?
how to cure UTI///what works?
The Best Way to Bring Your Blood Pressure Down Fast?
Advisability of thyroid surgery, 7 years after bypass surgery and valve replacement?
Heartbeat keeps missing beats?
Is the training for a cardiology specialist longer than one year after the general residency training?
I am experiencing heart attack symptoms. Have you ever had those symptoms but it wasn't a heart attack?
What is the easiest way to break some ones nose?
My sunburn just leaked a fluid?
How do I stop a bad nose bleed?
When I went on a small roller coaster, I got an arm bruise.?
I pierced my ear myself, HELP!?
I want to lose 60 pounds within 6 months please help?
Designing a workout schedule?
What does not drinking water, or any other drink do to your body?
What is the best diet I can follow to get 100 pounds off>?
How much weight will I lose in about 28 days?
What do you think about the Special K Diet?
How to say no to junk food.?
My hips look weird! (pic)?
I feel like there is pressure on my brain, like its being pushed, i'm really scared, please help?
Can chiropractors remove hair (electrolysis)?
Is this fake ecstasy?
Feeling sick from smoking?
What the best way to quit smoking?
if i have drank alcohol and i take loxopine will i die in my sleep?
Ssris dont work for me?
can ur bone die from being broken?
Benefits of eating garlic?
I went to my first party and still feel bad 3 days later.?
Can I pass a pot test?
why does pinching give you bruises!?
My shoulder hurts REALLY BAD and I can't sleep!?
Some one please help!!...My left ear has been clogged for almost 2 weeks now and Im afraid that Im goin deaf!?
question about hiv im confused?
friend has herpes how can he cope?
Where can someone get tested for STDs for free?
I got tested positive for HPV 1 & 2 recently, I just spoke with the guy i have ever been with & he told me?
I have elevated blood pressure and would like to avoid medication. I average 157 ober 85 usually.?
how long can you live if an artery from the leg pop?
Could i have something wrong with my heart? Family History?
Does drinking alot of water lower blood pressure?
Can .367 BAC cause a heart attack?
Do I have a hole in my heart?
How to quiet my mind?
what makes a woman stalk a man?
I believe that my brother-in-law has narcissistic personality disorder(NPD). Help!!?
What are the symptoms of Skitsofrenia in a teenager?
Does This Qualify As Binge Eating Related To An Eating Disorder..?
How bad does a staph infection hurt my 9 yr old has one and wont stop crying?
can an infection from a cut infect the muscle under or near that infection?
Do I have Mono throat???????
Antibiotics not working?
Can anyone tell me if there is something wrong with my heart beats per minute?
Medical issues for misplaced heart?
Leaky heart valve and blood pressure?
Recovery after Angiogram/stents?
my heart is making these bouncy feelings help?
please help anybody...im really lethargic !!?
What kinds of illnesses could be cause by second-hand smoking?
Help me feel better? im sick.?
What type of infection can be caused by septicemia?
chest pains when angry?
Tuberculosis help pleasee!!!?
My mom is very sick...?
How To Gain Weight Fast?
Why am i so fat? Please help me with my problems.?
Whats the best Bodybuilding supplement? for Protein? and does Creatine Fuel work?
am i too fat to wear a bikini?
Does throwig up after you eat to maintain weight,make you gain weight?because iv been gaining weight.?
I feel really fat. Am I?
Any simple changes in food diet that could be a healthier choice?
I smelled a used sanitary napkin which had menstrual blood on it. Can this lead to HIV?
HIV test question: RNA test?
my knuckles are dry and when i apply lotion it burns. Help?
Anyone know what peeling skin is the symptom of?
What was the original source of insulin?
8.8 for random blood glucose... I don't get it?
tingling feet from diabetes?
If someone has a blood sugar level of 230, what would you tell them? How many milligrams/deciliter is that?
my heart beats very fast ,is that normal?
why would the doctors send someone who is in ICU to state hospital?
How many PVC's are dangerous?
what does BP have to say about moneh?
How do I calculate/obtain the atrial rate in atrial flutter on an EKG?
Is it safe to eat mushrooms 3 days ater best use date?
Over the counter pills to treat anxiety/stress?
Is my sister by polar?
What Are Some Legitimate Online Pharmacies That Require No Prescription?
How do i get my eye to stop twitching?!?!?
Ok so I work the grave shift... And I get home at 8am and feel kinda tired, but can't sleep?!?
how to get a bad cough to go away?
If a person talks loud, are they apt to experience hearing damage from their own voice over time?
Is this normal? Or should I go to the doctors?
beach street health insurance?
Is it normal to have very bruised eyes after a nose job?
My permanent tooth fell out. What do I do?
Are dentist's open on Thanksgiving?
How do I stop the (braces) toothache?
I dropped my toothbrush in the bathtub where its super dirty?
does it hurt to have braces?
can you walk on a hairline fracture?
How can I make crutches more comfortable?
I have Ankle/footnumbness and want to know what might be causing it?
If I tore my Labrum muscle in my shoulder should I do surgery or physical therapy?
what exercises are okay for my ankle?
How do you heal a weakened knee?
How long before withdrawal from Lamictal kicks in?
Is there a possibility I will be crazy?
Am I chlostrophobic?
I feel guilty because of my mum?
What are your views ADHD?
Pepsi Max and PVC's/PAC's?
how can I prevent malnutrition as a normal citizen?
Any good heart breaken songs.?
a stroke damages a major portion of the gyrus just anterior to the precentral gyrus as a result of this damage?
does high blood pressure cause a high sugar count?
If you take muscle milk, can it help build muscle when you just swim?
How can i burn 1000s callories at the gym a day?
What are the best workouts overall body fat loss?
Will I get results with this nightly exercise routine?
how much weight should a 5'7" 114 lb girl lose to be a size 0?
How many calories are in a baby....?
Why can't crunches give you a flatter stomach?
How much weight should i lift on my dumbells?
slimming down without bulking up?
A question about body building?
how long can bacteria live on surfaces?
oral with lips bitten?