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what is the name of the area of your arm, where blood is drawn?
what type of blood do i have?
im 12 and im depresed what do i need to do?
Can a heart attack just go away on its own?
Blood pressure of 124/77 and another time it was 130/60?
Does my genetic syndrome shorten life expectancy (PLEASE ANSWER!!)?
Heart Beating faster than normal. Hypothyroid.?
is cholesterol and plaque the same thing?
The roof of my mouth is bleeding?
My teeth feel loose after I got my braces on?! Help!?
My two front teeth became slightly gapped this year i never had a gap tooth before how did it happen?
Help with wisdom teeth?!?
Is there any way to speed up the cleaning of teeth?
why is my whole top foot covered in blisters?
How do you get of big zits fast without spending too much money!?
After shower, wrinkly hands. What is the term?
my finger is really fat swollen! help!?
Up your nose with a _____________ ?
Is my head injury serious?
I messed up my knee, can anyone tell me whats up?
Carbohydrates Diet: Care to give advice?
Whats the quickest way to lose weight and get a 6 pack?
I need to loose weight before prom, how do i do it ? im 4'11 in and i need to loose some fast im 142 lbs?
Would it be better to just tone my body up or to loose the weight?
Do you think I need to lose weight?
Is this possible? I'm just too concerned?
does heart really feel hurt?
How long does it take for Amlodipine to start noticeably lowering blood pressure?
Postural Hypotention?
How safe is cardiac catherization?
Echo-cardiogram...heart ultrasound?
my lips hurt soo very bad!!!HELP!?
Acne treatments?????????
What are some good home remedies for acne?
should a person be able to move the inside of the stomach?
What effect does 3 beers have?
is it wrong for a 20 yr old to date a 15 yr old?
how can you tell you have a brain tumor?
where can i just plug in symptoms and get a list of possible diseases?
I'm hungry, but when I think about eating I feel like I'm going to throw up?
What is the possibility that I have vertigo?
Taking HGH to grow taller? DESPERATE!!?
Do anyone know how to cleanse aura?
How to cure a sore throat?
Reverse lookup phone numbers? white pages?
How can I cover up my acne + red spots without making my skin worse? (picture)?
antibiotics for acne !!?
Just found out i have a heart murmur?
Blood Pressure Question?
Have any of you dropped your cholesterol levels significantly in a three month time span?
Received a Disturbing Email From Doctor?
I had an echo done the other day and i have a mild thickening in my posterior wall. what does this mean?
Will I lose weight by eating only fruit and water for a week...?
period after anorexia?
How does one lose weight if they have tried virtually everything from Excercise to diet?
If someone was to eat nothing but drink plenty of water, would they lose weight?
Where does the weight go when you sleep?
Is it okay to jump rope everyday? and what are some good cardio exercises?
What can my brother eat? He got his tonsils removed?
Help with an unknown medical condition?
I have a 11 year old boy who plays soccer practically day and night 61 inches tall and weighs 70 lbs. What can?
How to stop anxiety causing shakey hands?
I was born with out a femur bone, but how do I have one now with out an artificial bone?
whats going on with me?
beside cosmetic reasons, why do varicose veins in the legs need to be removed?
how can you get rid of a suction-cup mark on your face?
What is this? What could it be?
The bottom part of my lips is chapped?
What else can I try to get rid of acne?
how to remove psoriasis?
Is there any chance of a zombie type infection affecting people?
if your ill and you share a drink with someone will they get ill too ?
How to get rid of a sore throat?
Is it possible for your body to get used to the cold so that you don't feel cold anymore ?
What does it mean when under your eye is puffy, pink, its itchy and it hurts?
Are periods contagious?
joint swelling in fractured finger?
Could I have Cystic Fibrosis?
What is a mucous plug?
I was diagnosed with Emphysema when i was 15?
Asthma is getting worse *need help*?
Took 1.5 MGs of Xanax, will I be OK?
What could this mean.......?
should i be completely honest?
Got a new prescription?
What's the difference between an irregular heart beat and palpitations?
I need heart surgery and the surgeon is refusing to tell me "the chance" of success, what does that mean?
nuclear stress test results?
why does my heart feel so wierd?
i have left ventrical hypertrophy and?
How can I get rid of Blackheads?
Why is my scalp tingly?
How can I get rid of eczema?
Does face steaming really help clear up acne?
What website is good for buying a mini bong?
After almost an entire year, my dad is getting further with his mysterious nerve damage. No one can figure out?
What the heck is wrong with me?(ED?)?
Did I get a stroke? (marijuana related)?
what can i use to smoke this?
How often do you take a shower?
Are dental implants the way to go?
The bottom of my two upper front teeth look transparent?
What is this on my tongue?
Jaw popping when eating and opening mouth?
I just got my braces tightened for the 2nd time, and my teeth don't really hurt. Are my teeth moving fast?
Yellow stuff on top of braces?
What Should I Expect When Getting a Tooth Pulled?
do braces affect your talking?
What effect do diabetes have on a person's life?
I have tested my blood sugar twice in the last 24 hours.Both times it was over 400...Should I wait to see my d?
my palms are peeling! :(?
how do you get rid of a cold sore?
Cetaphil face wash makes my face really dry?
How to get rid of Acne?
can u have a postive test for herbies if u have hpv?
How do I explain to my boyfriend I have a STD?
I think I have crabs, what do they look like?
information on difibulator?
Sharp, stabbing pain by heart?
Why is my heart pounding so hard and my limbs feel jumpy?
ACTUAL DOCTOR PLEASE ANSWER: Heart problem? Here's what my doctor said.?
Is homeopathy a good therapy ?
what is meant by dietary supplements with high vibrations?
Can nutmeg get you high? Is it dangerous?
what is a good alternative to methadone?
How do I push myself?
Can you mix 2 opiates at the same time?
Sister in law is 36 and had stroke, what can I do to help?
Is this a healthy weight?
I have a Weight question?
Is it possible for me to lose weight on a raw food diet? 10 points?
How do I gain weight in less than five months?
Weight loss question. ?
Has anyone else done Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred workout vid?
hey i have a ingrown toenail and i just squeezed it and green/yellow puss came out what should i do?
Help?? Wart on my foot!!!?
will a first degree burn heal by next Wednesday?????!!!!!!!!!!!!?
HELP PLEASE Lower back pain into neck and hip/knee in a 12 yr old?
Moving around inside my knee?
Why isn't my toe healing?
Can you use IcyHot to help a hurt back and still play basketball?
Can you move a thumb with a torn ligament?
how to clear up acne on the forehead.?
Why would my acne get better during my period?
My lips are really dry around the edges and burn when i stretch my lips!?
Getting rid of acne.? ://?
What is getting an EKG (electrocardiogram) like / How will having anxiety during the test affect the results?
Why dose my heart beat faster after every meal? a.s.a.p?
i think i have heart burn. i burping and its hot and very uncomfortable. im seeing a dr in a few weeks?
Why does my heart beat fast all of a sudden for no reason?
How do you lower cholesterol at home with daily changes?
Are we being mind controlled to euthanize the uninsured sick in "You Don't Know Jack" about Jack Kevorkian?
What can I do to help relieve my nose's dryness?
Howcome i sneeze when i look at the sun?
Lately when I drink milk I get really nauseous & have terrible headaches?
Last night i had a bad trip Serious answers only?
What can i use to clear up my eczema?
How to take acne off?
keyhole surgery to my shoulder, to big scars that look horrible, how do i get rid of them?
There's a chunk of skin out of my foot. Will it grow back or heal?
**Six Star Whey Protein?!**?
how can i lose weight at my thighs?
If u drink a whole bottle of lifewater tht says 0 calories still have 0 calories?
what is a good way to lose weight? healthily, without not eating, and binging because of it?
How much weight has she gained?
easy ten points? healthy or not? please help ;]?
Is what i have the stomach flu?
How do i get rid of the flu?
What do we call the immune response caused by the first exposure to a pathogen?
nausea after eating but no vomiting...?
how to get rid of blackheads...please help?
What acne product really works?
Anyone out there have Peripheal Artery Disease?
Can a 67 year old person with an enlargement of the heart can undergo laser treatment for her cataract?
What is Malic acid? Does it really dissolve plaque in the arteries?
hi my name is william. my total cholesterol is 153. I'm 17 years old. Is my cholesterol level good or bad?
How to heal or make a canker sore go away?
Teen with pressure on chest and short of breath. bad Anxiety?
I think the air in my apartment is toxic but what toxin could it be?
bronchitis symptoms help?
Is it gross for a girl to smoke?
What is love? How does it feel?
Why should i sleep at night?
Do doctors make a lot of money when they prescribe medications for you?
Weird sound in head....?
how to cure hyperhydrosis syndrome?
what is the best home remedy to heal an open wound?
I feel nausea whats best medicine for hangovers?
Antidepressants question?
I heard Gingko Biloba tablets don't really work, but what are the dangers/negative effects?
COLONIC...what does it entail?
Should I tell my therapist I want to take xanax?
Why do I feel less nervous when I see some one else is nervous?
What does anxious in this situation mean?
Post Dramatic Stress Syndrome? ?
why do small things catch my eye?
Plz help sleeping promblem?
Why do I like eggrolls so much?
How to Get Rid of Blackheads on My Nose?
My acne is killing me?
What is the fastest and most-effective Acne product you can buy in Wal-Mart?
I have numbness in the left side if my face and I did have tingling in In my finger I hav RA?
Is trichinosis that serious now a days?
yes I am a 34 year old male in decent shape and found out in the er i had something called pvc's and vtac?
stabbing pain centre of chest slightly to left?
Can a frozen heart be restarted?
does high blood pressure cause dizziness?
Why do we need to fast before cholesterol test ?
What are some good anti-stress food ?
Help please!!!!!!!!!?
I cannot breathe when kneeling what do you think it is?
infected fingernail how to solve?
can your eyes really pop out if you keep them open while sneezing?
When will I know it's alright to eat something without throwing it up?
how do get rid of a fever so bad that you cant even breath well?
does anyone know of a good online pharmacy to buy birthcontrol without a prescription?
16 years old with chest pains?
Cough syrup? really ?
is there something other than a drug to relieve runny nose symptoms?
How long until i can eat again?
Which is the best electronic toothbrush?
I have small teeth and big gums I need help!!!?
will someone please tell me, what crabs are..?
Will this get worse if I brush my teeth normally?
What is the best time to go to bed?
Can you get AIDS by sharing a drinking glass or utensils?
can a yeast infection go away on its own?
I have stuff on my scalp and dont know what it is. Help?
proactive made my skin really dry and flaky?
My finger is broken!!?
Is this good to eat every day?
Average Weight for Female '4"11 14/15 years old?
What would be a good 1500 calorie diet? I am 5'11 175lbs, goal is 155lbs.?
Help! I know im hungry but i cant eat?
How much weight would I loose if I do Zumba 5 times a week?
can inhaling sharpie permanent markers give u a dirty urine?
Can a Living Air Purifier Enhance the quality of the air that you breathe indoors?
I got in a car accident and now my chest is in immense pain?
Ok i have been having burns in my throat that make me cough and unable to breath.?
my niece was just diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.?
Please help with info on stroke?
gerd/Heart Burn,wont go away?:(?
What is berry failure?
Holding breath cause brain damage ?
celiac disease vs chronic ibs?
Will the Make A Wish foundation grant a Wish to an anorexic child?
Why do I get sick from taking a bath?
I frequently have tingling feelings in my feet...?
Can sciophobia be coupled with panic disorder?
How to cure skin sorosis? Serious problem-help needed!!?
Second degree burn on thigh?
How to fake popping a pill?
Do percocets expire after a while?
what is the difference between sweet and bitter aloe vera?
what dosage is one pink adderall tablet?
What strains of marijuana are high in CBD and lower in THC?
yoga poses for balancing hormones?
How would i know if my organs started shutting down?
Why am I always thirsty?
Does valarian root really work for people with hyperthyroid?
why does my dogs blood glucose drop after being regulated for quite awhile now?
Heart beating really hard when I'm trying to sleep?
Blood pressure question?!?
any other 42 yr. olds with heart disease?
I am worried about a heart surgery that happened to me when I was a baby?
If one were to convert 2.9 mg/l to mg/dl, what is the answer, and how did you arrive at it?
I am bi polar and Schizophrenic is there a cure ?
I cant sleep! Help!!!?
How did you beat your depression?
Onset of sorrow, depression, anger only in home?
what do you do when your family causes you (mental) pain?
How would amnesia benefit you?
Best ways to prevent acne?
Does Urine Help Clear Acne?
Will i get chemical burns?
Bed Bugs ! Will this work?
Jobs that would need my ring finger?
Is it possible to break someones arm with a punch?
Ear lobe is really swollen after stretching it?
Woke up with a swollen eye?
blood in my stool, is that bad?
How do you know if you have insomnia?
Hypothyroid/High Cholesterol/weight loss plateau?
Am i too skinny? anorexic maybe?
Is 8 grams of fat enough?
How long do anabolic steroids take to "bulk you up"?
How can I drop 15 pounds in 50 days?
How do I lose weight by summer?
do i have a eating issue?
Phyciatric nurses!!?!?!!?!?!!?!?
Question about head lice,help asap!?
I need my hepatitis B shot. What is the schedule to get them like?
Would it hurt me to get the Hepatitis B shot again?
Is fatal familial insomnia a common disease?
Flu, or what is the deal?
tetracycline for acne?!?
How to get rid of canker sore?
y do some people have acne?
i had liver damage a couple of years ago, will st. jhons wort damage my liver again?
do i have heart conditions?
my heart feels like it's being squeezed and sometimes it goes to my left arm?
this is for doctors. please answer.?
Do you have Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Do I have a heart problem?
Have I got a serious problem?
Pneumonia questions for project!! 10 pts!?
Where can I purchase a lung flute for removal of mucas in the lungs?
Can i give my 8 year old robitussin dm?
my earring hole is all nasty?
Does Epiduo really work???? more details inside....?
What is the best dietary cure for acne?
how to clear up my chin?
need to heal my acne. what products work?
Severe pain near spleen?
Do I have a mental disorder?
Why am I always cold but never feel it?
Could i get a medical marijuana card for Scheuermann's disease?
Is Acai Max Cleanse safe for teens?
is it safe to smoke weed then take adavin?
what medicine is gucasamine?
how long would a blue dolphin triple stack last?(escatsy)?
Does A Tetnis shot protect me from getting HIV?
What kind of blood testing does an ER do?
What colour bruise is the worst?
Do I have a concussion?
Hit my head...wondering if there is a problem...?
After ten months of healing and therapy how do I know when to return high performance activities (tailbone)?
im quiet and calm doing a puzzle this is an example and for no reason my heart starts beating very rapidly?
Is my heart okay? Please help!!!?
My triglyceride level is 66. However my total cholesterol is 123, LDL 78 and HDL is onl 30. Am I on high risk?
Can one die of a broken heart?
really bad pains in my lowers sides.?
cut tiny piece of thumb off?
Breathe out of your nose or mouth?
I have a black mark on my pinky knuckle.?
what to do about internal dissolvable stitches?
what is the best liquid bandage?
Where can sleeping pills be purchased?
Particular sounds give me a high.?
Can it be harmful to hear voices?
I am considering taking my own life?
Is it true that people can become schizophrenic from smoking marijuana?
Weed has given me panic attacks,help?
How can I lose 20lbs?
Rest time between sets?
Am I eating to many fruits? I just wanna be healthy! Is my diet ok?
What is needed for p90x?
How many push ups should I do to get quick results?
I need to lower my bad cholesterol, what do I need to avoid?
Red itchy spots on my face?
There's a rash between my thighs near "down there" Please help!?
I've tiny rashes on my face and its been around for 2yrs. dont know how to get rid of them. any suggestions?
I have a cleft chin, can I have surgery to fix it?
Braces as an adult to fix TMJ problems?
Lost my retainers. : ( Can u please help?
Im having my wisdom tooth removed. ?
if i smoke a hit will i go mental?
if i smoke pot on October 29th and had a drug test today...?
What happens if i take citalopram? But only once, will i feel better after?
PLEASE HELP!! severe food poisoning?
how do you know if your an alcoholic?
Can they find if you been smoking cigarettes in any drug tests?
If I hang up-side down long enough will I get taller?
How to stop sweating!!!!!?
What can I do about my dry scalp?
Do I have an ingrown toenail?
Can HIV be found in a normal blood test?
i have a lip percing and i want to know what kind of nasty things that i can do with my gf?
Why does it take a week to get rid of a cold?
What antibiotics treat UTIs?
Could this be flesh eating bacteria ?
What happens when someone has appendicitis?
I cant tolerate antibiotics well?
Help, I need an insulin dose chart to correct high sugar?
How long does it take to get an insulin pump?
i want to smoke salvia?
Salvia i want to buy some where can i?
Hi, i just filled my prescription for amphetamine sa, they gave me a different brand pill this time?
Is it safe to take Xopenex HFA when it expired a year ago?
Fast Way to Treat a Cold?
Is Emergen C good after it's hardened?
Heart rate of 47 bpm?
Is Mitral Valve Prolapse worth worrying about?
my heart is racing and i am sweating?
Do you have to burn off everything you eat?
How to get a body like Victoria Justice?
Does whey protein powder help you build muscle faster?
Can milk help you grow taller?
Why can't i gain muscle?
where to find cooking classes for gluten free casein free diets?
Do you have insomnia?
Tumor? Do you know what its called?
Is Turner's syndrome a gene or chromosome disorder?
If I have been starving myself will my doctor know?
please help this cephalexin makes me crazy?
Why do i still have acne?
how to get rid of acne?
My dandruff problems?
my calfs are scaly from tanning to much!?
my toddler has insect bites on his head below his ear they are round with red rings what could have bit him?
What's the best product on the market for flea bites ?
former ingrown toenail?
can kiwis give you a splinter?
i m 20 yrs old is 46 heart beat normal?
I need help with my Blood Pressure.?
Heart pounds for no reason - what is it?
My blood pressure was taking 3 times ( 134/80) (130/76) (176/74) 2 x right arm/ 1 x left arm?
Is there another cause for high blood pressure and cholesterol-underlying disease?
can high blood pressure make you nervouse or think negtive thoughts?
Laser resurfacing???? co2 or erbium, help acne?
I almost always have this slightly redness pinkness in my cheeks?
what to expect at a mole examination by MD?
What's the best lotion for cold weather?
Does RAI for graves disease cause eye problems worse?
is it normal to feel (NOT palpate) your blood circulating through your major arteries on rest?
does anyone in CNY know of a good dr for fibromyalgia?
Worried one of my friends may have an eating disorder?
How should I sing with cold?
Should I feel horrible with chest pain and shortness of breath when I run?
I have bronchitis and shortness of breath but the doctor said he heard no wheezing when listening to my lungs.?
what does yello green dry heaving mean?
What can i do to help my bronchitis/asthma?
What is a good healthy lunch?
Is too many oranges bad for you?
im 14. i weigh 109 lbs. i am 5'2 am i overweight?
I have muscular myopothy... how will this restrict me in life?
How much does sleek liposuction cost?
If i go to the gym 2-3 times a week will i start to notice differences?
How do I stay positive?
Could I have a heart problem?
my hearts hurts and i am 15?
Blood Pressure headaches?
Help, I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
Did anybody ever have an Atrial Fibrillation before?
Can people with diagnosed Heart-disease play physical sports?
i am taking celexa for the 1st time, i dont think im depressed but i am having anxiety attacks. would it help?
If I just ignore my depersonalization, How long will it take to disappear?
Why am I such an embarrassment?
What to do about panic attacks?
How can i avoid an aspirin overdose?
I am starting to get a little worried, for 2 weeks now my right hand has gone completely numb, tonight my?
what is the most commonly prescribed adhd medicine?
Is it normal to want to chill at home?
Body rejecting iron pills?
Too much pepto bismol?
Should I try Shrooms or salvia?
Any home remedy to help ease nausea in pregnancy?
What exactly is Yoga?
Is there a better natural product than Immunocal.?
Hands get cold very easily?
Feeling like peeing all the time?
Dysphasia/Migraine worries?
What could cause rapid breathing, dizziness and cold sweats?
Why does my heart beat fast out of no where?
Is there a free website for people with herpes can join ?
Sometimes I get random heart beats.. not doing any physical activity.. help?
Is it normal to have sharp pains in the area of the pacemaker?
56.1 hours per month?
am i experiencing cardiac arrest?
what do you call a deep cut or wound on the body?
I have dry skin REALLY bad! Any tips!!!?
seborrheic dermatitis?
What drives people to chewing on the skin around their fingers?
I have a medical question.?
Anything you can tell me about AIDS in the 80's?
in the world we currently see the doctors have got the cure which 90% cures HIV AIDS this will prevent AIDS?
Yellow Toenail? Fungus?
Taking Fluconazole causing smelly discharge?
What are the common causes of diarrhea?
Hey I am 15 and have been getting precise boils a staph infection ?
Can you guys tell me if I'm overweight and what I can do to help?
About Pilates exercises?
Do you prefer to run when its cold outside or Hot?
Can someone explain the BEST way to diet? No fads, no lies, just the truth because Im so confused :(?
In all this hype about Detox, can anyone recommend the best out there. Too many to choose from!?
what are good lower ab exercises?
Important weight loss question?
How To Loose Weight Fast...?
I am having a thyroid problem since 12 years, did not use any medicine, my T3, T4 and TSH was increased.?
i have got a swollen finger its got pus, can this also affect other organs like heart, chest?
what are symptoms of kidney problems?
I think I have a brain tumor?
Child doesn't speak! Could it be autism?
Ulcer Colitis: Whats the fastest way to cure it?
Nuclear stress test question.....?
Is it true african americans have high blood pressure?
what is a normal blood pressure reading?
why do i have rapid heart rate?
Am i having a heart attack?
why does my heart flutter all the time ?
Is ciggerates really that worst than alcohol? i always see dont antismoke banners/commercials but nto alcohol?
Protecting New Scar from Sun?
my 10 month old just got bite by a tick?
My scab is pussing and raw?
gettting thc out of my system please i neeed FAST answers..?
How can you tell the difference between asthma and being out of shape?
Will weed in any way interfer with my pneumonia?
how can u get someone to stop smoking?
how long will it take for this to heal?
I took 50 mg Xanax, drank 2 beers, and 11 mg Ativan, will I be okay?
what to do if you found a person on the floor?
REALLY need your advice,should I go to the ER?
Best Cough Medicine for a two year old?
What would happen if you take two different muscle relaxers at the same time?
Same Old Acne Story, I have Tried Everything! What's Next?
how do people get addicted to xanax?
What sleeping medication do i need to take?
Can a person start developing acne 2 years after puberty?
What can i do to help relieve stress and anxiety?
has anyone gone cold turkey off celexa?
I started cutting myself again....?
Why does everyone expect me to take this so lightly?
How can I stop my akithisia?
Generalized anxiety disorder?
Why I Am Forgetting So Must Stuff At An Young Age?
Why do I feel sad all of a sudden?
I took off my cast today!?
after i cut myself, it stings for awhile, is that bad?
I have a question about a ecg?
the FDA oversees the safely of what?
How long does it take to diagnose a heart murmur as innocent or non-innocent?
what does a doctor mean by treating my hypertension aggressively?
how do i know if i have a heart ulcer or a problem with my heart?
How do you cure insomnia?
Ok seriously medical question?
Where should I go to relieve boredom!?
what to do about a kidney infection?
16 yr. old laced weed dementia?
Can I take amino acid pills throughout the day rather than all at once?
Whats a crash diet????
How to lose belly fat?
Weight loss exercises and workouts?
Is it healthy to drink garlic in your milk?
How can I lose ten pounds in a week?
i have a huge rib cage o.O?
Is accutane banned or can i still get it?
How do you cure dry skin in cats?
Why do I have this sty?
How do i stop from my breath from smelling terrible?
How can you smell your own breath?
Will my braces suit me?
what colour braces should i get?
Can braces causes diastema ?
are the Fancy tooth brushes worth the fancy price?
Missing dental appointment for braces?
Randomly bled while brushing my teeth..?
How do you know your heart beat is irregular?
If i only had a heart!?
can you die from hypo thyroid?
15 year old male with low blood pressure?
What the job market look like out there for cardiac sonographers/ echo techs/ echocardiographers/ EKG techs?
what ribbon is for heart disease?
cure for cracked skin on thombs and pointer fingers?
How to heal really dry skin?
Repeat course of Roaccutane?
How to prevent cold sores ?
I have a question about testing for gluten intolerance?
My face and ears have been getting hot & red for about a month now, it happens at different times throughout?
I have lupus and I wanted to know will it go away?
What would cause right side pain and swelling near bra line?
how to get rid of a cold fast?
is it bad when i smoke cigarettes and it feels like my face is vibrating?
Something in my throat is swollen/messed up?
Flu/H1N1 Vaccine & Still Have Deltoid Nerve Pain 2 Months Later?
My friend said she has to get drainage and its gross and painful?
Should I get a flu shot?
spleen and vomiting......?
do i have an infection?
how can i heal my cold sore fast?
I hit my head on the ground while running full speed playing no pads football. Been out of since what do i do?
Really severe abdominal pain! (advice please)?
how to walk on a fire and not get burned?
Can U Get Blood Taken And Stored For personal Use?
What are some possible symptoms of low cholesterol?
Does smoking pot make you tired?
what type of pathogen causes heart disease? (virus, bacterium, fungus)?
Does Apple cider vinegar work for removing warts?
Tricep dips do something to my heart? Help?
Beta Blockers and an Unknown Heart condition?
If I were to take 5 Nyquil pills, will I feel a high?
Cold sore + me = herpes?
8 year old niece has insomnia..?
My son is depressed, is there a safe, inexpensive, natural & effective regimine for him to follow, what works?
Can i get aids from someone who dosent have it?
How do adult film stars like Jenna Jameson and Maria Ozawa not get any STDS, but many normal people do?
How Long Does It Take For Oral Thrush To Go Away?
Once the scab has formed, do I still need to wear a bandage?
my eye is bleeding what should i do?
I got a tick bite...?
how can i make a blow dryer burn heal faster?
Is eating a bucket of KFC each day bad for your health?
how to loose weight that's fun and easy to loose about 20 pounds for the end of march?
Is it unhealthy to do abs hard everyday?
is my friend too skinny she cant fit into a size 0?
has anyone have experience with hemp protein does it work good?
I need help to lose my baby weight!?
What kinds of supplements should I take?
Do I have a pretty face?
Is it all right to sleep without washing my face at night (I don't wear makeup)?
how do i build up my chest??? also how do i reduce the sight of strech marks?
A question about eczema?
Walmart foundation for acne ?
How can I test that my son 3years old has Autism symptoms? The methods to confirm before going to a doctor.?
My Girlfriend has a minor cold soar?
whats the cheapest, fastest and most effective way to get rid of an extremely stuffy nose?
Help Health Insurance?
I was on a plane a week ago, and...?
Did I accidently overdose?
Is there a diet or specific foods that are really good for treating acne?
scab in my mouth!>>??? help?
how can i get rid of cellulite on my *** cheeks?
Teenage Acne Help!?!?
What is the cause of these symptoms? 10 points!?
So is coughing bad for you or good for you?
What is effected in the body during a stroke?
My asthma is really bad is this normal?
ECG showing Mobitz 1, worried because I am having heart palpitations?
what would happen to you if you swollow the ashes from a bowl from weed?
which medicine is very suitable for cold and sneezing?
I am getting a stress test on my heart what are the chances of me having a heart attack right there?
Breathing and heart rate problems?
Feel like im going to pass out and my heart starts beating really fast and my arms tingle?
What is atheromatous aorta?Below are the additional details.?
what benefits do i get for being a cardiac surgeon?
Can a doctor limit how many hours a week you can work?
How to feel better after you throw up?
i recently hurt my hand,ive had an x-ray but nothing showed up but is still quite swollen ?
Can all fractures repair themselves? If so, please explain why that is.?
I got punched behind the ear?
Do you have to get a nose job if ou break your nose in a car accident?
why do frequently get a canker sore on the side of my tongue (at least once a month)?
I itch when I eat pineapple is this bad?
Blood in stool, what could it be?
Is it healthy to sleep/nap 2-3 times a day?
What is the normal work schedule for nurses or nursing staff?
Large lump on outer thigh?
alguien me puede dar informacion sobre el medicamento accutane?
How do you heal a cold sore quickly? 50 points for answer?
Rubbing alcohol helping acne?
is walking on your tiptoes normal?
I have a colonoscopy tomorrow and my golytely is not working?
How do I deal with a borderline who seems from the outside to be unreasonable?
suggestions on how to relax and not get sooo stressed .....?
Can you guys please tell me the symptoms of borderline personality disorder?
How to prevent stress ?
I worry about others when I should be worrying about myself or not worrying at all...?
Afraid to go to sleep?
How come Im always tired?
Do you think I'm too fat?
Is 2 Pounds A Week Possible?
Please name a lot of good bodybuilding foods, I need a list! thanks!?
Why haven't I have lost any weight yet? :(?
how many pounds should i weigh?
Does anyone know of a way to lose weight without exercise? i weigh about 150 and want to go to 120 10 pts?
Is it safe to eat now?
Am i overweight or fat?
how can i repair my liver due to alcohol abuse?
My DR. heard a heart murmur during a routine checkup. He said it's nothing to worry about. Should I worry?
could i get an infection if its been like almost one month?
Can i contract the herpes virus from borrowing a friends lipstick?
how to know if your Girlfriend dose not have a std?
Is using a computer all day bad for you?
Sleep paralysis?!! help please?
how can i "style up" my walking boot? tips, please?
How many people die on average of the Black Death per year today?
how contagious is strep throat?
Could you get treatment at an ER for something like this?
What is the main problem with Antibiotics?
We have these stink bugs in my area & my husband put one in a cup is that dangerous?
What happens if I take medicine past due date?
Is there a natural cure for hashimotos thyroditis?
blood tastes way to copper.?
Wake up with sore throat every morning?
what natural supplement can i have for anger or stress?
my friend has varicocele from past 1year is any possibility cure varicocele through yoga without surjery?
Is it true that the first 8 hours of quitting smoking are the worst?
Can someone explain how tonifying or tonification using homeopathy works?
is this a ringworm or what?
How do i treat a koi for fungus?
Can you get lead poisoning from writing on your skin?
How can i get rid of my skin problems?
How do i get rid of red veins in my eye?
Can you smoke an electronic cigarette or smokeless cigarette on an airplane?
What is the best way to fend off cigarette cravings?
Is not eating a cause for a blackout?
My fingers just turned blue?
Question about an itchy ear?
my heart feels like bein stabbed?
shortness of breath and strong heartbeat?
The broken clavicle (collarbone) was caused !!!!clavicle?
Muscle weakness and twitches?
What should I do with blood in toenail?
Baby of 3 fell on a glass table, cut her wrist affecting median nerve and tendon,yet to start moving fingers ?
I got into a car accident approx7hrs ago & the neck pain I walked away w/ is gettin A LITTLE worse. DR?
My 14 yr old cat scratches constantly,no fleas. has small scabs on his back by his tail.?
Please help me and my bff?
How long can it take to go from stage 5 cirrhosis to stage 6?
Can insomnia and digestive problems start after a month quitting smoking cigarettes ?
Does salt water ( not from the ocean) clear up acne?
I have an open sore and it oozes and when it does the secretion smells like rotting flesh, and it hurts.?
how to deal with sweaty palms?
what kind of piercing method hurts less?
What Are Some Causes of Grand Mal Epilepsy/Seizures?
Awful ongoing symptons and a borderline lupus test.....?
Does anyone have any suggestions for curing vomiting?
I have bad circulation, my hands and feet are always really cold, does this mean I have a weak heart?
Help... I found worms in my tomato sauce?
Is there any way I can fix my bizarre eating habits?
am i fat............?
How can I be productive, when I have to go to sleep?
what could go wrong in a tonsillectomy?
Is it normal to sleep with gloves on?
losing weight questions?
What is the point of squatting?
How come I still have a flabby, chunky stomach?
Would you/should you have your kids tested?
How do I reduce the apperence of a scar on my face?
I have extremely dry lips help?!?!?
I seem to have suddenly develped eczema...?
How to get rid of a bad facial breakout?
if u have a heart disease can u still be a policeman?
can a baby be in cardiac arrest for 2 hours?
to pacemaker-do you have many symptoms still after having icd put in. i still get short of breath, not as bad?
How bad is a pressure reading of 139/90?
Help! Really concerned about my friend who has a swollen artery in her head due to blunt trauma, can you help?
What is niacin? In nutrient category.?
If I purposely "put my leg to sleep", can that cause permanent damage?
What is a home remedy for cracked, chapped, dry lips?
I'm Receiving Headaches Quite Often?
sleep question please answer?
Kinda feel like I'm about to pass out, and feeling like I'm about to cramp up?
What is the recommended amount for Xanax prescribed?
Why do you feel cold when you have a fever?
Excess water retention?
is it okay to put aveeno on a sunburn?
What is the easiest way to get a splinter out?
whats best to use on carpet burn?
how do i treat a ow burn on my ow hand?
Emergency!!! What should i do is this serious?
Hi, Is there permanent cure for labyrinthitis? It makes me so sick and imbalance feeling most of the time?
does the sea salt flush really work?
Would it be harmful to drink Neocitran (lemon medicinal tea) when not sick?
What is the best remedy for insomnia?
How to get a doctor to prescribe adderall?
How do you remove skin tags?
Is a dermatologist considered a specialist?
Alprazolam (Xanax) issues.?
What is the best acne face wash?
what causes brittle fingernails?
what to do about acne on my back/shoulders?
How to stop him from snoring?
Mini head rush often, even when I don't stand up fast?
if i tell my therapist i cut my self?
Why can't I cry, How do I cry?
how and who can i talk to about a crooked nose caused from being broken a couple years ago?
Really bad back pain. (10 points)?
When the systolic is high (the top on bp) what does that indicate?
My grandmother had Parkinsons, what are the chances I will to?
High LVEF reading from stress test?
Heart condition that causes dehydration? Any way of making it better?
What is this called and what to do about it?
how can we improve panic lanth and improve sax time?
Where could I get steroids?
can i go into a physical by myself?
I think I ate too much sugar...?
something's wrong with my hand?
Is it because of the Black Widow Bite?
can i do my blood test in red cross?
can amoxicillin get rid of chlamydia in men?
How do i have a shower without getting both of my arms wet?
Cure of Psoriasis disease?
What can i take that is not topical to cure eczema?
Why do I shake during work out?
Is it possible to lose body fat and get stronger?
Should I join Curves gym and not eat as much if I wanna be a size 0?
how do i get model skinny?am i fat?
I Need to lose weight help pls?
Bulimia versus anorexia?
Do you think I have a brain tumor?
I have Acid Reflux everyday all day!!!!?
what happens if you do have thyroid problems?
Food Stuck Somewhere?
How to stop my nose from bleeding so much?
Will the hospital cancel my op if i have a slight cold?
Does anyone know a vaccine friendly ped in the royal oak, mi area?
Really bad infection in between 4th and 5th toe. It does not look like athletes foot but I cant rule that out?
Know a good facial moisturizer for extremely dry but sensitive skin?
Why is my head so itchy!?
How do I get rid of acne in about 1 weeks?
do all girls have bat wings that flap of skin that hangs off your arms?
give me list of vitamins and their food sources that helps skin become fair and glow?
which is worse for your vocal chords: drinking or smoking weed?
Are asbestos gloves safe to use?
I took about 40 puffs of my moms inhailer (Ventolin)?
Will they let people with something like cystic fibrosis be a police officer?
Throat bleeding during running?
Is this an infection ( girls only please!)?
can someone help me with this symptoms?
Question about fever.?
I recently read about a woman who had a heart attack. Her LDL cholesterol was 0. Her HDL was 20. How can?
Sudden rise in blood pressure?
How serious is preeclampsia, my blood pressure was 142/95 and had protein in my urine and Im swollen.?
am i hypervenalting or is this sypmtoms of cardiac arrest?
What would a DOCTOR do if this happened to somebody?
can someone other than my mother take me to the hospital ?
What could I have, and what should I do?
Is this normal or should I be concerned?
Really Tired?????????????????
Will vomiting make my cold feel better?
method to completely get rid of two moles i have?
is it normal for cuts to itch after a day or so?
Can I get hydrochloric acid (tablets) at wal mart? Or.. where can I buy it? Can i get it at a drug store?
how long for ectasy to get out of your system?
can i take the powder out the amoxicillin capsule?
Bruise salt and warm apple cider vinegar and apply it to the bruise Do I keep it on all night or rinse it off?
l glutathione side effects being a natural antioxidant?
Dose the irenew/power core bracelets really work?
Can I fix my ingrown toenail from home?
What are some of the phychological stages of healing following an injury?
How much force or impact would it take to cause brain damage?
I twisted my ankle! HELP?
My cat has some sort of open wound, and it has pus and some blood on it. What could it be?
what if i feel nauseated out of nowhere?
What are the symptoms of low iron?
What does blood test mean? (short)?
Has Anyone Took Medication For Hypertension And Had Increased Tinnitus Noise In Their Ears?
Constipated for a week?
How do you know if you are having headaches or if it's migraines?
Suggestions on how to quit smoking?
I dont understand Why am i never?
What do you do when you try to get back to sleep?
I got lip herpes from a girl..?
does this sound like herpes?
can i catch something if i eat a girl out thats a virgin >?
Are kid vitamins equivalent to prenatal vitamins?
How to start eating more?
Question about Calories and loosing weight?
Is it okay for me to eat a protein bar for breakfast?
Teenage Girl Weight Loss Plan?
Is 9 stone/ 126 pounds heavy for a 15 year old girl thats 5' 8 ?
how do you lose weight in less than 3 months?
I think that I may have heart disease and I'm 17. How can I tell?
Chest pain near heart?
Chest pain, sudden light headedness?
I have red dots all over my thighs. What are these?
How to cure dry lips?
using the same towel?
Sweaty Hands On A Date?
Has anyone used listerine on ringworm?
Is there a way to prevent split nails?
Am I dehydrated???????????
scam job on craigslist?
Cipro & dairy- how long to wait?
will they find thc in my blood?
Is cracking your fingers bad?
how early can scabs come off of your throat after tonsilectomy?
My nephew's MRI stated that he has "borderline inferior cerebellar tonsils without frank ectopia"...?
My bladder itches..what do i do?
Are you able to smell the iron in blood?
How Can I Calm Myself Down About This Test Tomorrow? I'm Afraid Something is Wrong?
is subconjunctival hemorrhage contagious?
What gets rid of hiccups?
Passing out, is this Hypoglycemia?
On and off uncontrollable dry cough?
Did I get bit by a spider?
i got stung. my foot is swollen 2x the size it was this morning?
How do people get pneumonia?
During a muscle contraction, what happens to the sarcomere?
how is coughing and sneezing the same?
blood in my mucus? (ASAP)?
Cold or cough after marriage?
Help im so dead inside...?
what kind of running shoe is better for someone with bad shin splints? Barefoot,stable,cushioned,or dynamic?
i had a blister on my foot. it doesn't hurt any more should i peel it off?
If someone falls into a full coma, how many people wake up with full health?
What's wrong with my wrists? HELP PLEASE!?
what does it mean when your diagnosed with a Rib Contusion?
How do you get my foot to stop hurting?
Experiencing cramp pains in heart?
How do I tell my doctor I am very depressed?
I've been dazing out a lot?
Can you go to jail or get sent to court if you tell someone something that causes them to commit suicide?
Why do I have high cholesterol?
My uncle, 60 yrs known case of OMI(Ant.septal) with LVF .Now he needs Angiogram for further management.Now i a?
Hypo Thyroid...Different tests ?
Atrial Septal Defect in adult...should I get surgery?
what can cause prominent pulsations in the abdomen?
My mum is on Warfrin and has been for a long time now since after a heart op, well lately when she has a blood?
what are 13 year old girl physicals like?
Which would you choose?
STD Guaranteed Drink?
How long would it take till HIV shows up..READ DETAILS PLEASE?
what's a blue waffle?
What OTC meds can get u high?
Did Robitussin make me feel this way?
i can't swallow pills! what should i do?
Any body know about legal bud/herb?
How many calorie should i intake?
I'm 12 years old, and I'm 5'9 and weigh 92lbs. Is this normal?
How to get celebrity thin legs?
has anyone taken the diet pill apidexin?
5'3 110 pounds fat!!!!!!!!!13 years old plz answers?
Is it bad to eat only 2 meals a day?
Does walgreens make you pee in a cup for an antibiotic?
my doberman is really skinny and poping blood what do i do?
My pup has a swollen jaw,, why?
At the starting of high blood presser,what are the common feeling?
My left eye won't stop Twitching. ?
On a nursing course but keep getting sick.?
What's wrong with me?
How can I get a good nights sleep? I'm so exhausted.Need some help?
How often should I visit my doctor?
Why is my urine so dark while I drink a lot of water?
Fish Oil pills and Calcium pills?
I am 19 years old with a weak heart?
Many Heart palpitations? teenager?
What are the symptoms of low BP?
When i smoke marijuana my heart beats very fast, why?
my heartbeat is 53bpm is it normal?
Why does my rib feel like its popping?
Tore ACL, looking for exercises to tone legs?
My baby broke his arm should I be concern his bone is not strong enough?
Why does my ankle hurt for no reason?
Does it hurt to have IV needle in arm for 2 weeks?
I broke my foot, and didn't get it fixed now it always has a tingling feeling?
Pediatrician told to call him when my sons fever gets 104? I was thinking to myself seriously?
Fever..I think. Sore throat. Shortness of breath... help?
is it ok to wear the same underwear you wear when you have gonnorhea afterwards?
Might I have parasites? I chronically struggle with extremely slow bowel movements?
How do I request my Dentist to remove my dental braces?
I have a cold accompanied by 2 white sores (pustules) in my mouth, what are they?
i cant sleep at night?
Health Insurance HSA vs PPO?
My mum told me not to carry heavy stuff or else my womb will collapse!?
What does this word mean: Syncope?
make shower in the evening its ok for lowering the blood pressure?
Can I use Beano while taking Metoprolol?
What do people think when they hear about open heart surgery?
Is 60 a normal heart rate?
Hypothyroidism questions?
Why do I have huge insomnia in my apartment?
I'm eating a ton, sleeping all day, but losing weight?
Could I possibly have epilepsy?
Is This Normal With a Stomach Virus or Is Something Seriously Wrong?
Wondering about chlamydia?
Where did the grapefruit diet come from how is it supposed to help you lose wieght?
Child losing too much weight?
Do fat people grow when they lose weight?
Can your body gradually get used to coffee/caffeine?
Does the Thermo Phen Phen Work?
I need help about my body!?
how can i stop being so hungry?
since I can remember every time I drink soda or something my eyes start to water?
i dont have any question ok!?
Weirdest thing happened to me this morning.....?
My blood pressure is 148/198 is this really bad?
What if I swallowed some plastic?
Master Cleanse Savvy?
do multivitamins really work?
How Much Do You Think 6g of Skunk Should Cost?
A cure for not being actually sick but not feeling well?
Will weed, k2, or tabacco show up in a blood test?
Tried and Tested Hangover Cures/Helpers?
After the operation of ASD Closure pulse rate remains low. Is this is a problem in future. Preventions to ov?
Is ECG can clear that person have blockage ?
my boyfriend's heart is beating weird?
HELP PLEASE breathing problems and not being able to breathe at all?
How To Become a Clinical Hypnotherapy specialist ?
Cigarette questions!?
What is it like to have a tracheotomy?
I work in a casino 8 hours a day. Does second hand smoke affect me.?
How many years does an average smoker loose ?
Is it bad if i smoke a lot of weed and ciggarets?
Best Food for Kidney?
Quit smoking, and can't breath now?
I was Diagnosed with p/ovary years ago,the doctor told me that I need to lose weight.?
Recurrent food poisoning?
Have you had Scoliosis surgery?
A particular rare disorder...?
How do you use psychedelic in a sentence?
I have diarrhea, and i feel weak. if i get up to fast i feel light headed and not hungry?
is it bad to have a gallbladder polyp?
Im worried that i might have meningitis?
Name 5 diseases caused by pathogenic protozoa & the organisms that caused them?
Is Pink Eye a symptom of something worse?
What would you do as a course of this life changing decision?
How does lyme disease reproduce inside the host?