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is it weird for a 14 year old to have arthritis?
urinating blood please help medical info please?
can i have bronchitis?! asap!?
Is coughing up blood normal for a cold?
Does high heels easily lead to knee arthritis ?
does promethazine vc have codine in it?
Does this still mean that i have an eating disorder?
Questions about thyroid disease?
Is it bad to eat cough drops like candy?
Seems like I can't take a full breath..?
Are chickenpox painful?
is there any way to train your skin not to over produce oil/acne?
I have alot of acne on my face, especcially on my forehead,i need help.what can i do to prevent it?
That bubbly feeling that you get in your ear?
i got this bug bite under my eyelids when will it heal?
what is the easiest way to get a scab?
Why do your ear hurt when your on a airplane? and how do you stop it.?
What is the purpose for learning Medical Terminology?
How can i make a PSA annoucenment about the dangers of overdosing on Oxy Contin (oxy codone)?
Dr Reckeweg R9....viridian childrens synbiotic?
Is it safe to take this much Oxy Elite Pro in one day?
what type of tea herbs are good for liver detox?
Any recommendations for new age healers in New York City?
Does coke make your pee darker?
When is worldwide AIDS day ?
what does a gyno do to to check for std's?
is my friend bad for me?
Why am I so tired all the time?
Is it normal for your stomach to feel like its buring whilst drinking alchohollllll?
I have trouble falling asleep at night?
When I am resting, I am constantly wiggling my foot.Why is this?
how come it is difficult to treat a viral disease?
How do you Treat ebola?
I need relief from stomach cramps the stomach flu is giving me?
Could this be a bladder infection?
How does just replacing fluids treat cholera?
Why do I get thrush all the time and I'm Only 14?
where do get a ring removed when your finger is fractured?
Im worried I have a scar thats not growing new skin yet. What should I do?
If im getting Ingrown Toenail Surgery today.. How do i get my Podiatrist to put me on Crutches?
If I lost a toenail, will it grow back?
Sprained or fractured wrist?
Can ADD be treated without making an eating disorder worse?
How do I get fat? Please help!?
computer game addiction. plz help?
Recovering from anorexia and someone called me fat...?
how do i know if someone is depressed?
Do you think that my parents are in the right?
Zoloft it cause you weight gain or loss?
What's the best acne scar eraser?
why are there cuts on my hand?
i need help with back acne, how do i get rid of it?
How Can I Treat My Burn?
How do you get rid of zits overnight?
Why do some people gain weight from eatting out once?
A Heathly Daily Food Schedule That Will Help Me Lose Weight Fast?
Help disabled and need to lose weight?
What are different types of dieting? What are their advantages and benefits?
Megan Fox's weight loss?
I dont gain weight? :S ?
If I switch cholesterol medicines, should the dosage be the same?
Creative heading for Tachycardia?
can you die of a broken heart?
What are the preventive measures against heart trouble?
Weird Heart/Chest Burp Question?
Is it alright to take Aspirin and Simvastatin at the same time?
i have severe backacne....?
omgshh how can i get rid of this acne?
How do i get get rid of redness around lips?
I used to have acne and now that I don't I want smoother, brighter skin. What products should I use?
Does snus affect digestion ?
Stomach is soooo sore.?
is it okay to eat chips when your coughing ?
Help- I think I've taken too much paracetamol!?
my left arm feels dead ?
What is a genetic disease?
can someone tell me if its a disease or just normal...?
Does anyone know the odds of having tendon related problems from Cipro?
Swollen tonsils for two weeks, whats wrong?
How can I treat Shin splints?
Pain my foot question?
What does it feel like to get your eyes shot out of your sockets?
I think I poped a blood vessel will it heal on its own?
My foot hurts when I run.?
ok this is about HIV, and to help explain a few things?
what are the dangers of taking ketamine?
zig zag harmfull? empty rolling paper chemicals in it?
Should I do a Dr Hulda Clark liver flush/cleanse tonight or wait until Monday?
My husband takes Tylenol PM everynight to sleep?
Any home remedies for excessive sweating?
my mouth ALWAYS taste bad?
my childs adult teeth are coming through a yellowy brown colour why is this and what can be done?
Question about Wisdom Teeth?
do i have black teeth?
Is a wisdom tooth coming through? (im only 15)?
Teeth are tender after getting braces on?
Swollen , Itchy , Slightly Red , Burning Eye Lid ?
dose a Bee die after it sting?
I have a piece of food stuck on my tonsil. I've tried everything.?
I have a cracked toenail!?
Measurements 36-24-36 with 22 inch thighs?
what is a website where you can blog about your weight loss?
How do I eat healthier when I can't stand raw vegetables or white meat poultry?
Can you have breakfast at 5am?
What are some cheap healthy foods I can buy to eat in my dorm?
How can I burn 150 calories fast?
Weight loss experience?
How much weight would you expect me to lose per week?
I have 1 slim fast can a day but no food, but now i am afraid to eat anything?
2 of my cats are covered with small red itchy dots all over them. what could this be and how can I help them?
what do you think of fat people?
Can you guys please help me out? I think I have a fever, but I am not sure. It also hurts to swallow my saliva?
I get diarrhoea and tummy pains once or twice a week, can you help me please.?
Ok like can you get turberculosis by just touching a person with the disease?
Can you actually get rid of salmonella?
I've had a cold for over a month and it won't go away?
i have a bad prgnacey problem cont.?
How harmful is cannabis compared to alcohol?
Why are fewer people left handed?
How much stool softeners to take to have diarrhea?
Is GlowStick liquid harmful?
I have a bit of a blue waffle situation going on?
Do I Have Stress Fracture In My Foot?
i think my finger might be fractured?
What's Wrong with me? Doctor's again?
Sometimes when I play guitar, my skin really hurts.?
does this look like wrist cutting or bracelet marks?
What are the signs you are loosing too much blood?
redness on the inside lip burning?
really flaky scalp, why is this?
Why Do I have these lumps on my Scalp?
the best vitamin for acne is?
what is too much smoking(pot)?
Why does my boyfriend have seizures?
Why is my asthma like this?
A friend of mine seems to have bronchitis. What can work as a good self-treatment?
every morning i cough up hard phlegm and its very hard to breath...why is this?
Is It Possible To Over Dose On Vitamins and That Hurt You?
Weed in a pipe chamber for long time, safe to smoke?
what is in the legal bath salts?
Can you grind vitamin talbets in blender with your juice?
how can you get more energy naturally?
Anxiety question ?????????????
What's the best treatment for seasonal affective disorder?
Father in law not feeling well....might be a sign of a stroke?
What's the best strategy for getting your "body clock" back into a decent sleep routine ?
Loose weight everytime i get sick...?
How do I get rid of a sore throat FAST?
i need help with this problem what do i do?
Thermogenics Supplements, What does it do? Any experiences?
How Can I Lose 20 Pounds In 2 Months?
Tips for toning up and losing a bit of weight?
I'm a 17 year old girl in desperate need to lose 94 pounds?
how to loose weight & tone my thighs?
I want to be fit as soon as possible.?
How can I gain 40 pounds?
What can you do when you are dizzy?
i want to punch someone in the face so bad how do i calm myself down ?
I am so depressed can someone please read this?
i don't know if its disorder or not but every-time i see my mailbox i always have to check it?
Is my teacher bipolar?
Can cigarettes cause psychosis or dissociation?
Help finding a dermatologist?
all of a sudden in the past 3 months ive had acne on my cheeks, bottom of cheeks, and near my mouth! WHYYY!?
How do you get rid of these purplish rings just below my eyes?
what type of foods are good for decreasing acne?
can one have chicken pox even if he is already vaccinated with it a year ago?
Chrones Disease has got me down?
where can i find a local free hiv testing clinic?
What are some symtoms of strep throat?
Has anyone had flu symptoms as of yet?
is my shoulder oror shoulder blade broken?
Is my thumb broken? Whats wrong?
strained muscle question?
Is my ankle sprained, or something worse?
I burned my hand Should i put more ice on it ?
Why is it more difficult (and painful) to work out after donating blood?
why do i feel this way?
What is my body temperature according to this screenshot of thermometer?
All I can see is doors and windows. Do I need glasses?
In severe need of help to pass this drug test!?
Side affects of stopping Seroquil 300 mg?
Ways to get rid of stretch marks... that work?
I have very dry skin. What can I use so that it isn't dry for the whole day?
I have a cut inside my nose for over four years that has not healed.?
How to get rid of dark spots?
Will painting your face cause brain damage?
SHould my friend be stressed out if her blood tested for positive on Syphilis and on Hepatitis B Core Antibody?
Does a tooth abscess have to be drained ?
To be a dental hygienist do you have to get certified in the state you plan to work in?
I can't breath can you help me?
I haven't had cavities since I stopped brushing my teeth. WTF?
How long will it take my gum to heal after i got 4 teeth extracted??and how can i make them heal faster?
Does anyone think it's strange for an adult male to get braces?
help please, my jaw hurts really bad!!!?
Is there anything I can do to keep my son from getting bug bites?
Which is more severe, bleeding arterioles or bleeding veins?
what dose it mean if u hear nosie in ur ear?
Sleep Aids and Alcohol?
Have you ever smoked salvia?
Why is it hard to pay attention under the influence of marijuana?
Are there contact lenses for an astigmatism that you can sleep in?
Industrial peircing healing and swimming?
i took 60mg adderall........?
12 Year Old Checkup! AND PLEASE QUICK!!!?
Does Clean and Clear work for acne?
What Is the best acne treatment for oily skin or any skin type?
Accutane, dry, chapped, discolored lips?
How do I have less gross skin?
Should I see a doctor about my finger?
My hands are dry/itchy/burning! how can i help it? lotion just makes it worse.. even Eucurine!?
Tips to help me stop eating so much?
Anyone no any good diet pills?
I eat 4 pieces of Wonder Bread toast for breakfast?
I am on a diet and all i eat is almonds cashews and rasin well i put on weight or loose weight?
I really need to lose 20 pounds in the next two months because I am overweight?
What is the safest, effective diet pill?
Can push-ups be a substitute for weight lifting?
will i be taller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????
How do I get rid of something in my throat?
How do you get hiccups?
PLEASE HELP I dont know what is wrong with me?
Can i Use Clorox clean up with bleach on my ringworm?
Black Spots. What Are They?
Anyone know a brand of lipbalm that actrually helps dry or cracked lips?
what helps cure a blood clot?
What are some cons of a shiatsu massage?
Is it ok to take Imovane while on birth control pill?
I need some help for my mom!?
What's taking Oxycontin/oxycodene like?
DMT and other personel experiences?
Please help! Sick! Can't figure out what's wrong! Scared!?
i am constantly afraid my bladder will burst?
why do i feel sleepy when i'm full?
Addicted to salt! Help?
I need to stay awake please help?
I have a scar, please help?
Should I be worried about a mole on my arm?
how to get rid of acne foreverrrr?
health care administration,nursing,or physical therapy?
I don't know what to do :(...?
I always pretend to be someone else? Is it a problem?
What is the best way I can relieve stress? please help.?
Think I might be ADD, tried to talk to the counselor?
heat feeling in my thigh?
Could you get stung by a jellyfish if you only touched the top of it?
I got a cut in my mouth?
What to do with human bites?
cooking oil burned about an inch of my hand. what works well in helping it heal? the burn happened several day?
Is there a solution to remove 1st aid adhesive from skin?
what will happen if some one drink deo spray?
Irritable Bowel Syndrome (who has it)?
Synthroid side effects?
whats better shrooms or lsd and should i do cocaine or ecstacy ive done ecstacy befor but nvr cocaine?
How long can a cystic fibrosis patent live without food?
How long until after eating a big meal can you work out?
How can I get abs fast?
I can't lose weight! HELP?
How come I can never loose weight?
How to get a six pack?
Tips on losing at least 10 pounds by May?
Any tried and true exercises for toning up arms quickly?
Does my plan sound like it will work?
Can anyone tell me about Herpes type B?
Would you date someone with herpes?
What helped control your cystic acne?
how can you get rid of cold sores?
Will my "outie" ever become an "innie"?
how do you get rid of chapped lips?
How can I get my sleeping pattern back?
Perferated eardrum ? or not ?
how do i stop my nose from running?
What do you do when you have insomnia?
Is inhaling this bad for you?
Can long hair cause back pain and vomiting?
I have a lump on my head, it wont go down.. help?
Who already had a broken bone?
how much does it hurt when you break ribs?
Can I Eat Sushi if I have Strep Throat?
I have had a fever ranging from 100.0 to 101.8 for the last 5 or 6 days, should i be concerned?
Taking Multivitamins with a cold/flu?
Smoking Cigarettes While Sick?
How can i treat a bladder infection?
how much doe's it cost to have a broken tooth removed?
I chipped my tooth and the piece is gone. how do i make a temporary fake one? Please Help?
Fast and cheap way to whiten teeth?
has anyone tried that root touch up product? does itwork?
does drinking coffee & tea make your teeth yellow ?
Weird question... getting a massage with bug bites?
Is it safe to drink coke when given anti biotics through an IV?
Will it hurt a 24 yr old to take multivitamins & multi-minerals for seniors 50+?
herbs,fruits,extract to increase production of bile?
What does light poo mean?
What's going on with me?
Janumet for Type 2 Diabetes. Anyone having complications from taking it?
can anyone tell me where?
diabetes and tattoos?
Could I be diabetic (are these the signs)?
How To Get Rid of Pockmarks?
How do you get excess skin?
what is rosacea By: Markel Gore?
prevent breaking out?
i know 2/3 years ago salvia was not detectable, but is it now in urine and hair drug tests?
Have you ever fallen asleep in front of your computer?
How can you fall asleep faster?
Experience with electronic cigarettes?
I feel so sick and i don't know what to do?
Is it good to donate the blood every now and then?
Does depression cause u not to eat?
i have headaches all the time on one side of my head? brain tumer?
I'm having trouble coping with my boyfriend's Lupus. Anyone else having this problem?
Will the Make-A-Wish foundation grant a wish to an anorexic child?
Does holding someone with Parkinson's Disease help calm the tremors?
Should I go to the hospital?
Where can I chat live with a physician about my medical symptoms?
My arms are really really sore(10 points)?
Weight question?best answer gets 10 points..?
Ever taken Hydroxycut or Xenadrine?
Dieting and working out..?
How many minutes should i run on a treadmill to lose weight ?
Is anerexic good or bad?!?!?!?
what is the reasons make people gain wight?
Am i under weight healthy weight over weight of obese?
How to build muscles without instruments?
blood test or pap smear for herpes test?
who got aids ?????????
Giving up on acne products?
how long does this swelling happen and how to i clean it i perice my self last night?
I have scales on face what wrong with me?
Dry, flaky skin. really bad. it like dandruff on my face.?
What could this facial rash be?
Broken toe(s) question?
What are true "emergencies" for the ER?
My foot got ran over by a car?
How can I fake swelling of my knee?
Could black mold have caused my pituitary adenomas?
why is my voice gone from a cold?
Health insurance question?
Is it actually unsafe to sit on a public toilet seat?
If you donated your kidney to a sick relative and they died, could you get your kidney back?
Can you get headaches from not eating much?
Need advice on the health condition of my three year old...?
I have a bad sore throat, please help..?
could you please help me?
I had an ear infection?
does one marijuana cigarette have the same amount of tar as a pack of cigarettes?
How do you get rid of sunken eyes?
I am pretty much always sweating what does this mean?
is eczema like itchy, very dry skin?
Which is best in the below 2 pills ? Edegra or Caverta?
i need help to stop smoking!?
Does sage raise blood pressure?
Is there any alternative medicine that has definitive proof of efficacy?
How do I get a marijuana club card?
i have always wanted to try PCP?
What does the symbol † mean when reading ingredients to a supplement?
Hair color of mixed race babies?!?
Can withdrawal from klonopin cause depression?
I'm being abused.. Help me please?
Don't you think that everybody has a disorder...?
why does my mom sleep all the time?
What would cause someone to kick someone else when they're down?
I feel like I need more attention than I'm getting, is there something wrong with me?
I become depressed from watching romance shows?
How much will i grow?
Do people think it's gross when your stomach growls?
is there anything to make me taller?
Is there a way to heal mouth?
What is wrong with my ear?
whats worse a vampire bite or a werewolf bite?
What will happen? A bruised finger?
Woke up to a bunch of bites!?
Took out stitches in 7 days like told, now gaping would...what do I do?
I have a sore throat and it won't go away, any suggestions?
EASY question about the lymphatic system, anyone?
Sore Throat, please help!?
Will marujanna show in a blood test that is testing my medication?
If a person with HIV and a person without HIV both got an infection, for example, a cold, what do you think wo?
Can I heat Johnson baby oil to use it for warm massage ? and how ?
Acne help please.........?
What is good about sugar scrub?
Why does the back of my hand have red spots?
Whats good for acne or what can help?
Does anyone know the shot that has to be taken before entering college?
I was anorexic for 2 years now my ribs stick out a lot, is there anything i can do to get them bk in place?
when your fat . do you start losing weight when you become bulimic?
my doctor told me i will die?
How can I get a tighter stomach?
How can I stop these dangerous habits?
I had a food binge 4 hours ago would it be a bad idea if i went for a jog?
How can I stop eating? ?
Do you ever have days where you can't think straight?
My tooth hurts when I chew gum?
Getting Wisdom Teeth Pulled out?
Does Invisalign work?????!?
How to pull a tooth, without it hurting?
Can anyone have a palate expander?
What does it feel like when your wisdom teeth grow sideways? When should someone seek help?
Please help with my teeth, widening arches with traditional braces?
HELP please needle injury!!!!!!! help me?
Is my ankle broken???????????????
How long does Tendinitis last?
Do i have a concussion?
Please help, I'm not sure what to do.?
Possible stress fracture? Please answer ASAP.?
I have the flu and I feel like i'm going to throw up all the time?
Can you become addicted to smoking if...?
I took a sleeping pill but I still can't sleep?
HELP!!wil i still GROW TALER?!?!?
How can I get rid of my stuffy nose quickly!?
am i still going to GROW?!?!?!?
Why do some marijuana users get straight A's while others are burnouts?
what could be wrong with me?
Is this good for my skin?
Extremely cold hands (to the touch)?
How did you clear your acne for good?
I have sweaty, or damp palms ?
i can smoke marijuana the 21st of June 2011?
how to make liquid codiene from tylonol 3's?
should i smoke salvia?
where can i get aroma therapy kits?
Is k2 herbal incense bad for you?
i really need so advice!...?
would smoking one month old weed make me sick?
I was just diagnosed with HPV "higher risk" can anyone explain in their own words what exactly this is and how?
Will this help me lose the rest of the weight?
How do I run faster??
How many days a week is it best to work out?
What are some fun weight loss challenges?
Syntha-6 or whey and casein?
I'm 14 and weigh 84 pounds. Is that bad? I'm in a size 00?
How can I loose weight with out working out?
I want to try weed but am kinda scared...?
Really sick and dunno what to do :(?
If I have bronchitis, can I go out and do stuff?
If you stop talking, will your vocal cords stop working?
I have a problem with back acne?
Is it true that this can get rid of hickeys..?
How to clear up acne in a week?
how do you get rid of acne fast?
how to get rid of red skin that occurs in the day?
I m 36 Years old male having weight of 73.00 kg and 5.6 height. today i hv got checked my sugar lavel and it?
how does insulin help the body maintain homeostasis?
How can I prepare myself for the death of my cat who has chronic renal failure? She is 15 and...?
Is it better to snack or not snack when diabetic?
whats so special about AB+ blood type?
Is my mom's doctor wrong?
Is there a way to get Diabetic medicine for free?
Is it a blood disorder?
can OCD be cured? my friend wants to know....?
How can I get rid of a cold sore, fast?
my dogs joint pain he's 10 years old now and approx 80 lbs?
financhial help for a liver transplant?
Home Remedies for Acne ?? ):?
Is full body itching a symptom of a migrane?
Why do i get red dots whenever i shave my p*bes?
what does ringworm look like?
What happens when your head falls asleep?
How to stop a nostril bleed?
how can I tell my doctor to do me a blood test to see if I have mercury in my system?
What is the best brand of laxative to use?
I'm hungry two hours later..........?
Have anyone ever been electrocuted somehow?
Everytime I stand in a long line I feel like I'm going to faint. What causes this?
What do you think of my voice?
Why do I randomly black out?
How can i help my body to grow taller?
Is being a massage therapist a good profession ?
Have I had too much magnesium?
what are proven benefits of alcohol?
Help-too many cafe au lait spots?
How can I improve my eyesight naturally?
Help, I'm so close to cutting, can anyone say something to stop me?
A question about anxiety?
Do I sound immature to you? (I'm bipolar)?
How long does it take to become positive?
I think I have insomnia. Any opinions on whether or not I do?
How can I get over my irrational fear of taking pills?
Question about rape and herpes?
what if hpv isnt taken care of?
fever blister i have a fever blister im using acitop but its not going away i need it to go away quickly help?
If you donate blood, would they tell you if it was tested positive for HIV?
how can you get rid of blackheads?
i have a dent in my right wrist. helpp?? what to doo?
where would it hurt to most to get stabbed on your body (nerves)?
I think i fractured my elbow a week ago what would the doctor do for it?
Does caffeine cause damage?
i think my ankle is dislocated or broken?
signs of a stroke and heart attack?
what's wrong with me?medically?
Heart diseases.................?
what is a normal heart beat per minute?
Nervous feeling ALL the time/can't eat/heart skips beats?
EXTREME nasal congestion?
I want to start smoking again after a year quit?!?!?
what to do about post nasal drip?
i've been sick for 2 days now when would be the correct time to go to the doctor?
What could this be????
what insect can cause bites that itch then look like bruises?
What should I do to treat a ruptured eardrum?
does CPRandFirstAid.net really certify you?
I tripped over in a pot hole in a car park and knocked myself out. I cut my face and had to have stitches,?
what part of the hand is the easiest to break?
Can someone please tell me how to getting my swollen gum to go down...?
I got my tooth pulled out by my dad but now a piece of it is still in my mouth!?
what is the differents between pepermint tea and mouth wash?
free or low cost dental care?
Wisdom teeth pulled today, what can i eat?
where can i get crest whitening strips coupons online?
How to pull a tooth out?
im curious to knoww....?
What does it feel like to be knocked out?
does drinking raw eggs really help your immune system get stronger?
I have a ringing in my ear?
does proactive work for removeing ance?
How Can I Get Ride Of A Hicky?
what is this? please help!?
Dry, cracking and now bleeding hands!!?
heart and circulation My heart misses a beat at very irregular intervals?
Lowering blood pressure in a 26 yo female?
how much money does a heart surgen usually make monthly?
High Heart rate and blood pressure?
Is it a blood disorder??!?
Am I losing motor control in my hands and why?
Hi after P.E evertday I feel like I am gonna throw up.?
Can you have a grand mal seizure even if you don't have epilepsy?
Insomnia????? Please explain.?
How to I get help for being a compulsive eater if I can't tell my parents? (I'm under 18)?
Can I get monthly bloodwork done.. Just because?
how do i get better faster while being sick?
Do I have head lice? White dots at the end of hair strand..?
How can I treat a possibly infected toe?
MDMA damage. Has anyone experienced it?
Steps to ferment apple juice to cider?
what is hemorrhoids and how to treat it?
How To Get Smooth Skin?
Have you ever tried a mole remover? and did it work?
Over the counter treatment for Tinea Versicolor?
what do they call the first person who got AIDS?
Why am i eating so much..im always hungry?
What should my waist measure be?
Fitness question...help me?
What are good foods to eat or drink that make you lose weight?
Is it possible to loose your endurance after 3 weeks of not working out?
if i want to lose weight, should i stop eat breakfast?
What is the fastest way to burn fat while maintaining muscle?
Ways to grow taller during the summer holiday?
How do you get rid of hiccups real fast?
Radiation Sickness or Poisoning (See Description)?
healthy rolling paper for weed/marijuana?
How would a doctor fix someone up if they bit their tongue off?
Why do I need to keep my arm in a sling for 3 months?
I woke up and my ankle hurts?
what would be the emergency room procedure for a patient with a serious gunshot wound?
My cat is injured and cant drink water?
124 over 74 a good blood pressure reading?
what are some snacks that i could have that would help lower my high blood pressure?
High blood pressure, low resting heart rate, and low body temperature...could this be hypertension?
Heart pain and chest tightness connected?
need help tanning please ill give you best answer?
Does weed affect your skin, Like getting acne ?
Itchy blistery skin rash on fingers...what could it be!?
Why American people are reddish pinkish white?
Why do I talk/yell in my sleep?
How can I ease my anxiety before a job interview?
Wondering if I have aspergers?
How do I tell my mom I want to see a therapist?
i need to change my personality!?
what are some signs or symptoms of a person using heroin?
I'm feeling depressed/paranoid please help?
As a non-dependent full-time student, can my parents health insurance cover me?
Stabbing pain on the sides of my lower back?
Is it true that anti-psychotics are not effective when the blood sugar of the patient is high?
does diabetes cause low back pain and tingling feet?
is blacking out with type 1 diabeties normal?
Why have I lost so much weight?
what does it mean when a diabetic has a head ache?
I have a few multiple choice questions concerning diabetes. Please help?
what are the symptoms of diabetis?
What do you do to hear again out of your ear, after you have been in an airplane?
What can be found in a 1940's medical kit?
is 1 week long enough to change your ear peirecing?
is there a home remedy to treat eczema?
How to heal a bad burn?
I accidentally swallowed my taper?
My heart always skips a beat and i cant breathe?
Excuse for going out to smoke weed after dark (5pm EST, but still dark just not late), during a snow storm?
Does CoQ10 really help one's energy level for a person with mitochondrial dysfunction?
Is fiber important in maintaining proper bowel funtioning?
What part of the human body is called the "lat" ?
Ate something hard and scratched up the roof of my mouth?
How much is it to remove mole?
what would cause someone's eyes to get dark circles under them like this?
Does Ginkgo Biloba really work? and if so what is the recommended dosage?
I have a good knowledge of using herbs, could I be like a herbalist or something?
Where to purchase Salvia in West Virginia?
My wife was recently exposed to high levels of X ray radiation in a clinic. Can she take legal action?
correct usage of modern and traditional medicines?
about treatment of acupunture?
Would it be good if i did the p90x classic and lean program at the same time?
do you lose the strength and size when you stop taking creatine?
I need a pro ana buddy?
Is the diet pill "select" a good choice for effective weight loss?
What are some good Bicep and Tricep workouts?
I'm SUPER fat, and I need some help PLEASE!?? :(?
Is this an unhealthy approach to weight loss?
do i ice or heat my sprained elbow?
How to know if you broke your toe?
Help with my knee!?!?!?!?
I just got my tounge pierced yesterday, How do i know if the piercer hit a vein?
Is my thumb sprained or broken?
if i am exposed to herpes 1 does it mean i need to take medication for it?
Acne treatment NOT EXPENSIVE that works?
bellybutton ring question?
How do you get rid of a hickie?
i have a strange rash?
At what Temperature does the aids virus die at can we Kill it at Lower Temperatures or extreme Temperatures?
is good to take lotrel and blood pressure response?
I'm trying to find out if anyone has had some heart issues the way ive been having?
How do i get my pulse rate to go down?
Can someone tell me about Heart Murmurs?
Light Headed what can cause it?
Looking for a great affordable and accurate personal blood pressure monitor?
Pectus Excavactium anyy help?
Is there a chance that I have mono?
How is pink eye caused?
do cold sores always appear in the same spot?
Do kids still get the chicken pox these days?
what is going on with my body?
I have blood in my pee. Is this from doing exstacy? how do i make it better?
why doesnt my mom care about her high blood pressure?
i nearly died tonight will that affect my brain?
Does my stomach look fat?! (picture)?
What Is a good acne face wash?
What is a good at-home remedy for scalp psoriasis?
How can I dental work done free/cheap?
which toothpaste is better arm & hammer? or crest pro health?
What should I do????
Do you use whitening strips?
How do you wash a retainer?
what dentist do you recomend I go to if I want to get vampire fangs?
I often talk to myself in the mirror when I am mad at someone?
is it weird that i hang out in bathtub?
I have depression but Im always angry?
Absentminded or something else?
Should I tell everyone I know I have Aspergers Syndrome or Avoid it and pretend I don't have it?
Do you have schizoaffective disorder? I'm looking for a friend.?
Can being diagnosed with ADHD at 18 be detrimental to one's future?
Excerise workout burn fat?
What p90x workout schedule should I use, classic or double? I am thin with a tummy!?
why do i look in the mirror and see fat?
What's a good way to lose body fat? I already know that its not fast and easy, but i would like to know ?
What's a normal size?
What's the best thing I can do to get in shape?
How do i actually get a six pack?
Does swallowing $2.50 worth of pocket change per week increase youthfulness and vigor?
Are there any home remedies for?
What Bongs Work The Best For Smoking Weed?
What are the side effects of getting drunk off mouthwash?
Um, its kinda personal but its also an opinion i want from guys and girls.?
Will clonazepam Help Me Overcome Social Phobia?
what happens when u fall on ur knee on a hard floor?
What's it mean if there's a hard lump (inside) underneath a (healing) bruise?
I slammed my finger in the front door?
how to tell if you broke your finger?!?
my vet says that my 5yr old bijon has a heart murmer because i never has her teeth cleaned. is this true?
How old should you be when you have oral?
I think i might have Asama, Help please?!?
Chlamydia phone results?
Smell if i breath in and out quickly?
prevent secondhand smoking by wet handkercheif?
fast heartbeat from time to time but usually in morning and sometimes at night?
My daughter is bronchitis, what the best medicine ?
My friend's cat stratched my chest?
My pet tarantula bit me, how should I treat it?
My mole got scratched and is now bleeding, is it okay?
how do you get a splinter out?
20 paracetamol in 5 minutes?
i jumped a fence and got a tiny puncture wound can it get infected?
Is it bad to take symptom relief medicines during a cold?
Salt tastes like sugar?
is there anyone i could talk to about running away and killing myself and things?
Will i pass a drug test?
my hands are too hot in summer?
It is possible to get a rash from a pad?
Cold Sore... i'm only 13? Wierd?
Huge Blister on the bottom of my foot and i have soccer later?? what do i do?
What's a good face-washing plan...?
What exactly is the definition of a smoker?
Both of my big toes are ingrown and infected. What is the best thing I can do right now?
Lump found in my armpit?
why am i always fainting?
If one of my ovaries is not functioning properly/at all, how would that impair my ability to have children?
Is my blood pressure normal? 100/88, heartbeat 55?
a mosquito bit me!??!!?
Is it good or bad that my body sweated out a fever in one night?
I have a condition on my face, it's on my forhead, on the top of my nose and on each side of my cheek bones?
I got a ringworm .please suggest me what to do ?
how can I keep my rosacea from getting out of control. I now have rashes and feel like killing myself?
I got bad acne......Help Me?
How do I tell if I have a broken nose?
Scalded feet, i am in agony. It said on the tin 'Pierce lid and stand in boiling water for 10 Min's'?
Complex Concussion help please?? :)?
....10 pounds of waterrrr a day....?
i have problem exercising...?
Healthy food choices when you don't have a kitchen? Esp, eating out?
How can I get rid of belly fat?
Trying to lose weight a little faster, has anyone tried Oxyelite Pro?
why shouldn't I take creatine under the age of 18?
Ideas to lose wegth fast?
My blood pressure last week was 124/64. Suddenly as I was walking last night, I felt really dizzy,?
Why might i have high BP?
Heart Symptoms In A Teenager?
Can you develop coronary artery disease without hypertension?
What's the best product to help with acne?
getting married...ACNE!!! help please!?
Oil glands in the skin secrete a substance that helps kill the bacteria. What do you think will happen if you?
Red circle on leg, not ichy or scaly. Doesn't hurt. What could it be?
Is there a better sticky stuff remover than googone?
which is the least important sense organ?
I am tired because of my work load?
Sore throat what's good to get rid of it oh and a stuffy nose?
Any tips for someone considering quitting smoking?
Deformed pinky toe and nail?
Doctors: If a patient has low blood sugar - what do you do to cure this?
Why does my heart beat so fast?
Can Nash be reversed? and what i have to take instead of Avandia?
Can I breast feed while on insulin?
my rondom blood sugar is around 125-140?
tingling feet and diabetes?
Do you think I am anemic?
Who's taken Valerian root before?
Can I cut open gel pills?
Does having citrus while you study help you remember it?
any natural pills that can suppress my appetite?
What would someone want with a snippet of hair and someones hat? o.O?
how can i get rid of these marks?
Why do my hands start itching at night?
Does this seem trustworthy/reliable product to heal my scald scar?
Are there any skin transferable diseases that you can get from wrestling that would cause a wrist rash?
What is it when you have a rash down there and it starts to bleed?
i am breaking out which has never happened!!!!!?
How can i make my teeth longer?
I have a bad habit how can i fix this?
rate my teeth please - be honest?
Im 17, Gums are receeding from brushing too hard?
How long till I get feeling back in my chin after wisdom teeth removal?
Is Depakote a good choice as an anti-seizure medication?
what disease(s) do you have that you didnt know you had?
I have a stomach virus, and I can't eat anything. Help?
I am urinating blood and snot, what should I do?
I got a tatoo and they told me that my blood was watery. What does this mean.?
My heart beats so hard I can't get to sleep?
Chances of me having Long QT?
My lab work came in at the Dr.'s office today and they said my thyroid test came back with a 5.8 .?
my cardiologist wants me to have a stress test?
Heart Pounding, Dizzines, Blurred Vision?
How much fish oil and flax seed is the best to lower cholesterol?
What does this mean on an ECG heart test?
Seeking Advice For this behavior?
Weed and food addiction ?!?
What Does The Government NOT Provide For The Mentally Ill?
How should I tell my mom about my bulimia ?
I've lost more weight..anorexia?
Was he flirting with me or was i imagining it? Terrified to make a move since engagement ended! Advice?
How long till Bulimia is noticeable to doctors and people?
Why can't I stop cutting and burning myself?
Where can I get health education experience?
Will lying on my stomach aid digestion?
Does the full moon make you not sleep?
is there a name for this anxiety?
Numb finger non stop for 2 months?!?
I have a sprained pinkie. What should i do?
I sprained my ankle yesterday...?
Knee pain; pain radiating down leg into ankle and foot?
Bad dandruff, even right after a shower...?
Will cucumbers help dark eye circles?
I need help with acne :(?
Ringworm on my scalp?
How to lose weight when you are round?
I'm planning to become a vegetarian?
I'm a 13 year old guy, and Im trying to lose about 10 to 12 pounds. Can somebody please give me some tips?
What are some good workouts with minimal/no equipment?
Am i at a healthy weight?
help me lose weight!?
One meal a day?...........?
Is it normal if your heart makes a funny noise?
am i experiencing hearattack?
Medical Question : Heart Problem ?
What besides pomegranates is good for the heart?
A stroke may also be referred to as a “brain attack”. In what ways is a stroke similar to a heart attack?
if you plug your ears with your finger can u hear how u sound to other people?
Why is my eye swelled up like this?
I got a really bad cut on my thumb?
If a bee stink me, what should I do ?
i have a whitehead on my lip and i need it to be gone overnight?
How to get rid of a coldsore?
Doctor gave me acid to put on a wart.?
Pulling an all nighter?
Reoccurring Night Hot Flashes?
how to stop my habit of biting my nails?
Why is my stomach burning so bad?
I found a tiny worm that looked red or brown in my bed?
Can a cold get worse if you are exposed to the cold for a long time?
How long will i have mono?
What is the most resilient parasite?
help i got a stye!!!!?
What do you think about Miley Cyrus taking that bong rip of Salvia?
HELPED, I smoked something and am not sure what it was?
Is my adderall dose too high?
Prescription acne meds and tanning!?
Shaved face for a week on a dare now what?
Are there any home remedies for psoriasis?
constipation is there something else wrong with me?
Father had a stroke and now the doctors want to use a feeding tube?
In my family someone is having decrease in kidney size her age is 46 and she is also having amemai?
MY Tonsil Is Swollen on one side and It hurts so much I can't get to sleep!!! Please help!?
Borderline hypothyroidism or hypothyroidism?
How contagious is pneumonia, really?
kissing a smoker affect me and my health?
About asthma please anyone help?
Horrible cough that won't stop -even cough drops barely help -it's been going on since Friday?
How much damage have I done for smoking for 8 months?
B) Arteries carry oxygenated blood; veins carry oxygen-poor blood. correct?
Can someone please explain a Heart Holter Monitor to me please?
How to get your father to quit smoking cigarette?
How can I raise my blood pressure?
Heart attack or heartburn?
magnesium deficiency?
high blood pressure (160/99), ringing in ears, spots in vision and feeling unwell, will they induce after 37wk?
I've been told suicide is a selfish act. How? Why? Explain this to me please.?
Does my son have a type of learning disorder?
i hear voices telling me to beat people up what do i do?
is this just anxiety or something more?
Who is depressed ????
Is it true you get a natural high from staying up really late?
How can i stop cutting?
do you think i could grow to be 6'6?
what are good ways of dealing with stress when some one very close to you is dying?
how to Help to go # 2?
How long would it take for someone to die from drinking gas?
How long for HIV antibodies to show?
thrush all the time....help?
why are most spinal cord injuries in the cervical or lumbar region?
i ate my foot, will it come back?
Knee injury question?
Need a workout schedule PLEASE HELP!?
5'4, 153lbs 18yr old female.. overwieght?
Why am I getting headaches post-exercise?
I'm cutting out sugar, what are some sugarless breakfast option?
What foods should i eat with low carb diet? please i need suggestions!!!!!?
Ways On How To Cure A White Tongue?
A little peice of wire is sticking out my back braket is this normal?
Any dental discount plans or insurance that covers orthodontics for adults?
Why don't they just pull out my teeth?
What's the worst thing A Gingival sulcus can do.?
braces adjustment?????????
should i go in the er if i have the flu and have diabites?
Diabetes?? Can height-weight charts determine high risk for diabetes?
Could I be diabetic!? Im showing symptoms!?
I am looking for any organizations that help find a cure or raise awareness for diabetes?
I am 18 do I have Diabetes?
is there surgery for diabetes 2?
If you get a mole removed can you get rid of the scar? 10pts?
Does this sound like athletes foot?
What do I need to do to get rid of acne?!?
Medical ID Bracelets?
what should you do if you are stunk by a bee?
my dog bit my eyelid and pealed it off. should i go get it checked out?
What is the only difference between....?
Is there any treatment for breathlessness and a weird feeling in throat ?
Plz help me I'm so scared!!! Low fetal heart rate!!!?
what is a quick fix for really low blood pressure?
is it possible to have heart attack symptoms at age 16?
when does strock sympoms appear?
Question about the heart organ?
Recipies for someone who just had a stroke?
Is it ok to alternate acne medicines or should you stick with the same one?
Single clear white hair growing out of chin?
Is there a home treatment for heartworms in a Mastiff?
am i allergic to pot?
How do I know if I'm allergic to poison ivy? Please help now!!!!?
which meds are best for insomnia?
What is the best way to treat a hot oil burn?
How do i cure double vision?
How to wake someone from a drug or alcohol related stupor?
Is it fine to use an isopropyl alcohol for facial cleansing?
what are the ayurvedic remedy for good body shape?
My knee hurts really bad. Help!?
HELP!! Is it normal for your knees to click and grind when you move?
how to make a cast for my pinki finger?
what does it mean if every time you run you twist or almost twist your ankle?
Is my ear piercing infected? If so how can I get rid of the infection?
what will happen if i smoke cigarettes?
I hurt my ankle in volleyball! Help!?
My boyfriends' BP is 160/101 but he doesn't like to go to the doctor. What can I do to help?
I think I have Trichotillomania?
Is Man committing mass suicide in the name of profit?
Help please! Stepped on a nail?!?!?
what's the treatment for a bad kidney infection?
why bilirubin rise ?? mt bilirubin is 1.5 can in consume alcohol in a week ? three or for pegs in a week ?
Why don't I get E .coli infection when rimming my wife?
Can i drink vodka in bilirubin 1.5 , two or three pegs in a week ? ?
Good foods to ease off or ward away colds??? URGENT!?
I have a sore throat?
How can I prevent cold sores?
How many calories does 10 curl-ups burn?
can someone give me a good weight loss diet plan that doesn't compromise my nutrition?
a easy diet to stick to?
My BMI says I'm normal but I look overweight?
Would I have loose skin after losing weight?
What's the best way to gain weight FAST?
which vitamins help reduce dark circles under the eyes?
Tell me please how to get rid acne?
can you smoke weed while taking an antibiotic for uti?
I had an asthma attack at swim practice and I'm afraid to go back. Should I go or wait until I start meds?
Could my asthma be partially responsible for my constant weight gain?
Panic attack because of my ex boyfriend?
Is Respironics’ BiPAP a reliable brand?
Blood thinners + Rollercoasters?
medical marijuana card?
2 days after flu and pneumonia vaccine blotchy red spots around the site and slight red line going up arm?
how can i take care of my face in winter?
Lemon on face home remedies?
Why is my skin so freaking squishy?
i have white looking blackheads on the corner of my nose what are they and how do i get rid of them?
What should i do about an ingrown hair?
Is there such thing as too much protein a day?
Do birth control pills cause body changes such as loosing weight?
how much weight can you loose with no carbs and lots of blueberies?
How to tone muscle and loose weight for a fifteen year old?
Do you think i fat?!?!?!? (pictures avalible for viewing)?
I'm looking to lose weight I have fat on my stomach but otherwise I'm athletic. Help losing stomach fat?
has anyone lost a large amount of weight in a short period of time? if so how?
what can happen if you take a boot off a broken foot too soon?
Twist my knee and it popped?
how should i treat my ankle?
How bad would the burns be in someone got steaming hot water dumped on them?
is there a cure for herpes?
I have a friend who just got Aids, I feel so extremely bad fo her but at the same time I feel uncomfortable?
can sores on the genetals be something else?
Very itchy legs at night?
How does one achieve perfect skin?
i havent had time to eat, and for some reason my stomach is making a weird noise?
drug test i need to pass?
Do i need to get them removed?
Am I going to be alright?
PLEASE ANSWER! I don't know what to do about an issue with a teacher, she thinks I am hurting myself.?
Do You Have A Clue What These Stomach Pains Are...?
i get dizzy and almost pass out. please help me.?
I have a heart Murmur can i.. Please Help me..?
plz help me.... what do u think.... of this?
mums doctor has prescribed morphine for her cellulitus and heart problems is she dying?
Where can I find Ace bandages in the UK?
black ant bites...I woke up in the middle of the night two nights ago itching my?
What's a good/quick way to heal up a cold sore?
How cand eath growling, if it cana t all, make your tongue sting and burn?
Something in my eye(?)! And its been hurting... HELP!?
what are the requirements to draw blood?
i just overdosed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do you cure hiccups ?
How easy is it to overdose?
Someone explain how adrenal fatigue or something works?
what are the long term effects for getting high off pills?
Mixing Zoloft and "legal weed"?
Would Huffing Nail Polish remover Kill you?
What is wrong with me?
Kidney Problem (doctor HELP!)?
How big are lice. . .?
IS cellulite cause by stress?
rash under breasts and armpits? Help!?
How do i clear my acne ?
How to get rid of Eczema?
I'm starting to not ever want to leave my house in fear that everyone is out to get me. what's wrong with me?
How can I improve my self-esteem or confidence?
How do i act confident when im feeling down?
I'm haveing weird fellings?
I am frustrated with my life, it feels like a cold world?
Why am I in such a bad mood? Plz answer!!?
56 year old man unable to lift up left leg. Also has Type Two Diabetes which is under control.?
From where I can find best recipes for Diabetics?
Diabetes Insipidus... does it get passed onto the kids?
I took a blood sugar test like 8 months ago and it said my levels were elevated please read everything?
who has hypothyroidism?
Question about the effects of marijuana use?
What is wrong with me?
Why am I feeling so sick?