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i think i broke my ankle? PLEASE HELP!!?
I may have a few broken ribs, should I go to the doctor/ER?
How Do I Get Rid of Dandruff For Good?
Weird circle rash??!?
Does anyone know a good medication for eczema?
mild comedonal acne and blackheads?
Hypothetically... if everyone had 1 partner...?
Do I have Oral Herpes?
I think my ear is irritated. Please Help?
I accidentally took two Motrin's and you're only supposed to take one, what will happen?
Green mucus on the top of my ear...?
i started smoking again...help please?
What happens if you get baking soda in a cut?
Can smoking weed make you sick (read story inside)?
How much Amp does it take to kill a person?
What part of the neck is it that if it gets hit really hard you pass out (or at least fall to the ground)?
what dip is the best for you?
can i go to an optometrist just to look at the glasses they have?
What will green contacts lenses look like?
If peptic ulcer is an erosion in the lining of the stomach, what is "stenosing peptic ulcer"?
Under HIPAA, are doctors allowed to? PLEASE HELP?
Parkinson’s disease/Alzheimer’s disease?
I had a very bad corneal ulcer that left a very cloudy pupil- how can I get a clear pupil again?
i want colored contacts, but my eyes are fine and i dont need prescription lenses. QUESTION ABOUTORDERING THEM?
Is complete heterochromia a term applied to eyes of complete different colors (ex: blue vs. brown)?
Contact Lenses Help!, Please Give Advice, Thank you?
Should I sue the eye doctor for giving me steroid eye drops and caused a Gluacoma?
What the different between a postive and a negative eye grade?
Help! I've gotten a cold and have class in an hour!?
Sick? :( help plz!!!!!!!?
How to look good in a bikini? Do I have to lose weight?
How many grams of whey protein do you have after workouts?
What are easy ways to lose weight and get a six pack?
breakfast ideas to keep me full for 5-6 hours????:)?
whats a binge eating disorder?
I want to loose weight, will my plan be effective?
I keep getting spots on the top of my head?
What is and easy, fast, and painless way of getting rid of a blister?
does amerigroup cover braces?
Braces are KILLING me :/?
im getting braces in 2 weeks and my doctor says i need rubber bands,?
Will super glue work to repair my broken plastic retainer?
at what age are all deciduous teeth gone?
Can You Get Invisalign With No 12-year-old Molers?
how long does novocaine stay in your system?
what medicine will i get when i get all four of my wisdom teeth cut out?
Can some one please help me figure out what theses x-ray results mean?
How likely is it to survive when you have a trauma ...?
Convinced that I had a stroke?
is my heart beat normal?
Am I underweight? Or is it stress?
i feel like i cant breath?
How can i get rid of methamphetamine out of my system within two days ?
What would happen if someone had no eyelids?
My child was diagnosed with PDD-NOS I asked the Dr on a scale on 0 being?
what do i do please help?
what constitutes mental health?
Do I have A mental Illness. ?
Is this a mental illness?
how can i not get homesick on a 30 day camp ?
Is scoliosis treatable for 13 yr olds / teens?
Question about rolling a joint?
Crack cocaine question ?
do anti-depressants really make you happy or feel better?
Do shrooms grow in the winter?
Has you done Salvia before?
how do i cure my daughter, she has pain insider her ear?
How do you avoid ingrown hairs?
how can i get rid of a cold sore?
can i use petroleum jelly for cold sores btw its for myself?
Why and how do I get rid of vulva swelling?
whats up with my jaw help me please?
how do you know if you have torn or pulled the tendon in your hand or finger?
How bad does it hurt when you cut your wrists?
What's wrong with my knee?
What should I do about cutting my arms?
What am I sick with, and how can I help it?
how to smoke in my room without getting caught?
is it bad for a tweleve year old girl to cut herself?
I have had Diarrhea for most of the evening what could this be caused by?
can you die or get ill from drawing on yourself with a permenent sharpy?
metalic taste in my mouth???????
Surrounding the alveolii are the branches of the pulmonary artery and vein. The pulmonary artery brings what k?
i have Pectus excavatum and lately my chest has been cracking?
my friend was wondering how long does weed get out his system when he hardly ever does it?
I wont to be sick again?
Should I purchase eye glasses in China?
How much do contacts cost?
I fell asleep for 3 hours in my contacts what do i do?
How do you know when to take contacts out?
I keep reading things in the wrong way?
How to get rid of dry skim?
What is a fast and healthy way to treat acne?
lemon juice for acne scars?
If I have recurring strep throat am I at risk for getting meningitis?
Can Men Catch Vaginitis?
my son is unwell and im worried if it just a cold or not?
I have a high fever and a really sore throat?
What is this white gooey stuff inside my eye?
what is wrong with me?
Stopping the ganja habit - should I smoke the last of my stash?
Cutting Yourself............?
ear feels like it's full of water, occasionally makes sound or has pain. whats up?
how does the body regulate sugars for diabetes?
my friend wants to be diabetic?
what is borderline diabetes?
I'm 15, glucose a little high?
Concerned about my frequent nose bleeds....?
exam-a cpr-adult component?
Sunburn Can't Walk! Please HELP!?
Popping ear after a dive?
Is this a serious bug bite?
How can I help an injures bee?
looking for best answer! what would happen if one consumed only water and protein shakes, veggies, fruits?
Question to those who have the Zumba workout videos?
My daily diet/workout schedule. Is this good?
Will running reduce muscle?
100 calories snack before bed = bad?
Can I really lose weight by just cutting calories?
How many calories should I be consuming daily?
how come when i am laying down i can hear my heartbeat so loudly at first i thought it was some kind of machin?
Does hot weather affect your blood pressure?
cardiovascular heart disease problem????????
I worry about a heart surgery that happened to me when I was a little kid?
I've been having painful heart pains that won't go away?
what are some good foods to eat when you get your wisdom teeth cut out?
Does it hurt to get a shot in your gum?
Should I brush my teeth after every meal?
Does it hurt to get your baby teeth pulled if not loose and how do they do it?
Do I have an infected socket?
Can x-rays tell the difference between a filling and a cavity?
Why does my breath smell sweet, like chocolate?
Why is it that my eyes always feel like there burning?
Does this sound like Lupus to you?
What are the 5 signs that a person is an alcoholic?
Medical opinions, fainting?
Are my thyroid blood work results major or minor hyperthyroid?
Ranitidine was prescribed twice a day,when should it be taken?
I think i have anemia?
What are things I can do to prevent my eyes from become worse?
Why do I see black font as rainbow colors?
Will I have arc eye from welding?
Can a scar ever disappear from a bullet wound?
Whats the juice that comes out of your eyes?
What will make me go to sleep (cough syrup, pills,ect..)?
How much coke does it take to Overdose?
how come all of a sudden my contacts are hurting my eyes?
Help...Back Pain...what should i do?
Is there a K2 substitute?
Do osteopaths and herbalists work together?
Broken pinky maybe, need help right now?
Whole left side of my hand is numb?
It feels like somethings touching me?
How do you sell hash?? if i buy an oz how much would i get it for and how much can i profit?
I have a quick question about some meds that i want to try?
i do urine tests for probation and i have a question?
How to prevent your hands from getting red!?!?
Keloid scarring? Pleease help?
Small red lump on my tongue?
do milia laser surgery hurts?
im having surgery today to remove an ingrown toenail...?
Steamed and massaged olive oil on my acne. Next day, I have plenty of white heads in the affected area. Why?
Top 7 unhealthiest ways to be underweight?
how do i lower my systolic bp?
Is an Audiologist an ear specialist or a ear doctor?
Why do I feel car sick when I'm in backseat of car on twisted road?
Can I grow taller than I am now?.............?
If you bottle up major problems when younger ............?
Why Are people clingy?
Has anybody else felt like a dying old man inside?
Information on Asperger's Syndrome?
i'm 14 years old and i wake up in the morning with food caught in my throat what does that mean?
Could I have a minor case of pneumonia?
Is it possible to lose lung capacity over time?
For how long does someone with MRSA take daily doses of colloidal silver?
Would could happen if I get the chicken pox at 21?
tonsils look huge and have white spots on it.?
Red eye for several days?
Blisters on sunburn! Help!!!?
Washing My Face Makes Acne Worse?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Fast heart rate and chest pain?
What is the scientific name of this kind of Eye Doctor?
Hey, does the power vision system help improve eyesight? does it work?
How can I help my boyfriend lower his blood pressure?
What are good Contact Lenses (Brand)?
does reading in the dark and reading too close to your face ruin your eyesight?
what do these results of my daughters EKG mean?
my blood pressure was 138/86 and pulse 119?
can you improve a weak heart !?
How long have you gone without having a contact lens checkup at the opticians?
Answer This Health Question For Me Please?
P90x, For free...Where can i get it?
How to achieve a lean body?
How long does it usually take to get rid of belly fat?
How do I deal with an acidy stomach? Without pills.?
Trying to add weight machines into workout but dont know what to do when?
what is the easiest exercise or fastest way to exercise to lose weight?
Why do you have to spit with chewing tobacco?
Can you make your teeth whiter without buying expensive treatments and products, if so how?
Im 13 and have two baby teeth left but my dentist told me there's nothing underneath, is this normal?
Baking Soda & Peroxide home teeth whitening?
My Canine teeth are still baby..?
Dentist tomorrow, getting cavities filled.....Advice....PLEASE HELP!!?
Is there a way to whiten teeth at home for free? and that doesn't harm your teeth?
How long do you think my braces will be on?
What's it called if....?
I was stabbed with an ink security tag 8 days ago?
how long does it take to get test results back for hyperthyroid ?
Should i add xanax to my celexa regime?
How can you get rid of a lisp?
can you name a disease where..?
HELP ME PLEASE! - thanks :)?
Really bad pain in my foot arch?
Broken Hip What To Do?
What's wrong with my calf?
Why does my four year old brother have TWO LONG HAIRS under his chin?!?!?
How to intensify high on weed/marijuana?
Did my hand heal completely?
Tingling before you get a cold sore?
how do you know if you have std's?
if a person with cancer catches the hiv virus?
Which is the hiv test available with the shortest window period?
My doctor would NOT perscribe natural PROGESTERONE for my arthritis in my?
What is an acid trip like?
Will i pass the urine drug test?
is green tea good for your immune system and fighting off sicknesses?
How bad is my acne and what to help it?
What can you do about acne that is really ichy and dry????????????????????????????
How long will my face be swollen for?
What is worse, a middle ear infection or an inner ear infection?
can you get your stitches wet?
Can a bee sting neutralize a wasp sting?
How do i clean out my ear?
i peirced my hand between my index finger and my thunb.the flagina.how can i help the infection go away?
i just got bitten by my dog. nothing serious. there's just a tiny puncture right above my finger nail?
I'm going into Eye surgery to correct my lazy eye. I want to know about it.?
How long can I wear contact lenses?
Nose pad problem, cant fix them and frames falling off!!?
Could I get the stomach flu from my friend?
i spotted fungus in my house, should i be concerned? Is it bad?
how many people got side effects from flu shots?
i think i feel a cold coming on help?
Can you get leptospirosis from a dogs urine/feces after they have the vaccine for it?
Does everyone get Diarrhea?
How to avoid getting sick from others' coughing while in public?
draining fluid in lungs?
Do I need to get whooping cough vaccine if I had whooping cough as a child ?
Daytime sleepiness and a runny nose?
my 5yo has a cough with a whoop?
how to get sick just because?
iv heard somewhere that you can loe weight by just stop eating after 6;30pm?
i am 185pounds 5foot 7inches and a 13 year old girl...how can i loose weight?
Since Ive started my diet 2 weeks ago I have lost 9 pounds. Is this good or too fast?
I weight 235 pounds and 5'4 20 years old?
What is the best way to lose weight in your belly area?
What is the best way to lose weight?
So am I too skinny?......?
Please help me lose weight, 14 year old...?
What to expect at a mole removal?
How do I dry my face out!?
i wash twice a day and my acne still won't go away what do i do?
What is the longest somebody can live with dementia?
Mixing Medication with Alcohol?
What is the best way to get rid of a crook in your neck?
Does wearing a moisturizer with SPF15 inhibit Vitamin D absorption?
i had this school fight a long time ago, could i not have killed him?
What could I have with these symptoms ? ( related to breathing / heart / anxiety / nerves )?
Can you actually die of a broken heart?
Can someone explain to me the difference between a seizure, stroke, heart attack, and epilepsy? help pleasethx?
Pulse rate is 103. Is this high?
Which is better - sugar or substitute - when trying to lose weight and be heart healthy?
Why is your colour vision better in one eye?
My left eye is very itchy in inner corner?
Colored Contacts Help?
What's that eye drop stuff that makes your eyes not red?
What's the best type of eye drops for after removing my contact lenses?
back acne!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how can i get ride of backne?
Laser technology for toe fungus?
I fractured my elbow, i have a cast and my hand is swelling...?
I strained my belly muscles, my ribs are hurting almost unbearably! How long will it take to heal?
What are some reasons that you're required to wear a foot brace?
Has anyone tried eswt (Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment) for Sesamoiditis?
Can't taste anything?
I have a tooth that had a cap when I was a kid and the cap fill off a long time ago now the tooth is decayed?
What kind of benefits are there for doctors? Health? Dental? Company car? Do they provide their own services?
What is the best whitening toothpaste?
Rubber bands on braces?
Will my tooth grow back?
Permanent filling after root canal?
Can I request to have my wisdom teeth pulled?
thoughts of suicide. please help! :(?
i never sleep at night?
what to do when u feel really depressed?
Am i crazy or do i just feel crazy?
Hpw to cope with anxiety and stress?
Do u let the sun go down on your anger?
Can caffeine pills give you an Adderall type of feeling?
is there anyplace i can order weed, salvia, or shrooms online that isn't a ripoff website?
Is Heinz Apple Cider vinegar good for acne?
Why like omg this soo weird?
good cold & flu medicine?
how do you stop a razor cut from bleeding?
i pierced my own ear will it heal properly?
numb a patch of skin?
I got stung in the back of a head by something yesterday, should I go to the doctor?
What to do with second degree sunburn?
Which drug is the strongest? in effect?
I have never secreted at any time in my life.?
i found a light green or yellow round pill.. it has a score on one side, and nothing on the other.?
Question about pipe smoking and tobacco?
I Have diarrhea and it is orange and blue, AM I DYING?
Is this still strep throat(more white spots)?
Common cold/difficult swallowing?
How does H1N1 replicate?
can being forgetfull be a sign of a major desease at 14?
Could this be the flu?
Am I developing Ptosis?
Why is it expensive to eat healthy?
Did I eat enough today?
What is a healthy amount of weight to lose and how?
Is 123 pounds and 5'2 fat ?
What are some good exercises for fat loss? also what foods to eat?
How much 'whey protein' do i need to take ?
What weight loss medicine can 14 to 16 year old's use?
what is the average weight for a 5' 4 girl (in stone please)?
why do my ears pop when i'm exercising?
My glasses aren't clearing when side viewing. Normal?
please help having eye problems?
Getting headaches while reading?
Help!!! Question about my eyes...?
Should I go to the doctors?
Am I experiencing Sleep Apnea?
Why does my heart beat really fast in hot weather?
How do you know when a cold sore is almost done?
What product best removes acne scars?
Was that a small seizure?
I dont have a family doctor, who should i see?
What is this disorder called?
I have fibromyalgia & I feel like I'm getting Alzheimers!?
how do i stop sweaty palms?
Project on Multiple Sclerosis?
Can you catch anything if you sat down on a toilet seat with urine on it?
Random Poll: Would you rather have chlamydia or unfix-able bad breath?
Can crabs kill people?
Is there risk to the wrist after a boxer fracture?
How long would it take for 122-130 degree water to give a 2 1/2 yr old 2nd and 3rd degree burns?
whats wrong with my shoulder?
i feel sick to my stomach. i drank too much rum. is there a cure?
Does drinking the blood of others give people a high?
Why do I have random body twitches?
Is the androderm patch bad for you in any way?
Can i get the stomach flu, even if its been a week? PELASE HELP?
What is this desire to look up at the ceiling?
Help on keeping shrooms potent?
The easiest, cheapeast, simplest and most natural alternative to deodorant / perspirant?
how do i no if a friend is overdosing on roxycodone?
mixing prescription medications?
Does Vitamin D supplement during the winter help?
Is Echinacea tea bad for a 13 year old?
Can i take sleeping pills at my age?
does ''dermalogica'' work well on acne?
What are these purple things on my legs?
How can I make the acnes disappear?
How do you get rid of a planters wart on your foot?
If I use wart removal medicine, will it work on a mole?
How do I get healthy, Glowing Skin Again?
light circles around my hair line?
Daughters eyesight? + 8.50?
Eyeglass prescription?
Can a person's eyesight get worse in just 15 days?
is there anything wrong with switching between prescription glasses?
repairing broken nose pads on glasses?
Any difference between different pinhole glasses?
My Teeth have gone slightly not white...?
What happens if I dont wear my retainers for a full week?
Do Crest whitening strips work?
When you get braces when does it start to hurt?
I had an intense toothache, and now my mouth just feels strange?
can a dry socket not hurt?
I just used Crest 3D White Whitestrips Advanced Vivid?
Is store bought gallon deit green tea healthy?
If running SERIOIUSLY tires you after 5 minutes, is that an effective cardio workout?
a kilogrsm is approximately------------pounds?
Which of the following is beneficial to human health and the environment? Multiple choice, 10 points!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some tips to stop "Binge Eating"?
Canned Vegetables or Frozen Vegetables - Which is Healthier?
1244 calories to much?
What are some of the things that you have done to lose stomach fat.?
What does it mean when you shiver but you have a fever?
What do I drink and eat when I have sore throat?
How does a naturalist determine if someone is full of parasites and worms?
I have a cramp thats on the same side as my liver and I need to know if I should be concerned?
how much money would it cost to go to the hospital for a sprained ankle?
how to be confident and secure with youself?
Having truble going to sleep?
How to convince a friend that salvia wont kill you?
I have question about my mind?
why can't i sleep?!>!?
I have thoughts that my ex is going to kill me?
Pain in the sole of my foot?
so i broke my wrist last year...?
Why do I always feel degraded by other people? I get talked down a lot?
My anxiety is only getting worse!?
Im convinced i have ADD what should i do?
I love smoking but what should I do?
I feel so depressed at home?
My mom has really bad acne scarring?
Danimal Yogurt Container causes disfiguring?
what is a very hard rash to get rid of?
Eczema is going really bad :?
I recently got a small crack on the sole of my foot what could be the cause?
What is it like to smoke weed?
i have an ear problem?
Chastity Belt Keyholder?
how to pass a marijuana drug test the day after smoking?
my 6yr old has been having bowel movements on herself at least ten times a day....?
when i get gastric bypass sugery will i have a catheter in?
can you have herpes in your blood but not have herpes?
My heart starting beating strangely fast last night...?
is 121 a high number for heart rate?
Sick please help!!????
Blood donation side effects?
I am currently on anti-biotics for bronchitis. i end my 'treatment' on friday. is it alright to drink?
Am i supposed to spit out the phlem when i cough?
I always get bloody noses for no reason?
What color eye contacts should i get?
converting glasses pres. to contacts! PLEASE PLEASE HELP :(?
cutting lenses from specs?
Question regarding this answer on yahoo and contact lenses.?
Are there any cures now for side effects of LASIK eye surgery?
I've 2 prescriptions. Cyl 0.50 axis180 for both eyes. Other cyl 0.50 axis180 right eye only. Which one is ok?
my left ear is red and hot?
Help me! I got stung by a bee!?
Are there any home remedies for mosquito bites?
What is the limit you need to pump up to for measuring blood pressure?
Owww i just got stung by a yellow jacket help!?
Can you use Oragel to numb your ear when piercing it?
how to lighten ur groins and armpit?
What are some old back in the days natral acne treatments?
Does GNC sell Maqui berry 6?
When working out, how do you breathe?
i am 12 and 138.8 pounds kinda fat how can i lose fat and be more muscular by just doing stuff at home?
Has anyone ever had their nose get smaller after weight loss?
What can i eat that has no carbs? ?
what are ways to gain weight ?
I'm 17, 5''6 i weigh 140 how much should i lose? Please opinions? thanks :)?
how to recover from a binge episode?
How do i get this to budgee?
Which is easier to treat?
naturally cure obsessive thinking?
Natural remedies for anxiety?
blunt or a SWISHER help please?
Ways to treat bacterial vaginosis?
can you extra virgin olive oil to make eyelahshes longer?
Why is one of my pupils bigger then the other?
Can I smoke pot while on Epival (Divalproex) ?
Do you even feel like vomiting for no particular reason?
How do you feel when taking pain pills?
I have a few questions about my mouth surgery?
questions about wisdom teeth removal ?
Does invisalign work?
Getting my wisdom teeth removed...?
how much does invisalign teen cost?
B R A C E S Q U E S T I O N Pleeeeeease Answer if you've had broken braces and have had them d?
what is the easiest bone to break in your arm?
I got ina wreck about a month ago and now i have frequent headaches? Explain.?
If I grabbed both electrodes of a welder in my hands, would I be electrocuted? to death?
Bruise that wont go away?
Did I sprain my left shoulder?
Could it be the new contact lenses?
What are the best contact lenses for retaining moisture?
My eyes hurt from too much smoke at a bonfire?
how long to contacts take to process?
My contacts burn my eyes...?
do I have a scratch on my eye?
Do I have a fever or not?
does conjunctivitis hurt?
how long for glandular fever to recover?
I'm unsure what occupation to go into but I really enjoy learning about diseases...?
I think i Have Tss? I'm not sure and i need info . pleease help?
My blood pressure is 104/60?
What is a disease I believe begins with a "C" when blood pressure raises and drops and a person passes out?
the broken heart need your advice please help?
Just a curiousity. Does anyone knows roughly how much does a heart transplant may cause?
My Grandmother had a heart attack, I need to ask something. Please help me.?
I have a rash on my hands. its like 1000 mosquito bites on the top of each hand?
Golden Vortex is making my heart feel weird. Is this normal?
I can't stop coughing, what do i do?
What insect could have bitten me?
cardiac enzymes level?
blood pressure questions 229/129?
How hard is to sell something on Craig's List? I have a really nice CPAP (Sleep Apnea machine) for sale?
I just started using Accutane, need help/suggestions...?
I have a sore on the inside of my mouth that hurts and it red what is it?
Acne help :/? please answer?
Health risks of a weak respiratory system?
Should I wear hearing aids?
I need help with my Infected toe?
What are the effects of smoking weed?
Nausea last night, Stomach cramps today?
How to ease a stomach ache?
I heard drinking too much coffee is bad for the stomach, because it makes you generate too much gastric acid..?
Do medicinal marijuana clubs give you more bud for your buck?
what are some ways to get rid of acne without having to buy really expensive products?
HELP. My mom is having a lot of pain, and I don't know what to do.?
Is this ok........? please answer?
Can i go ice skating if i have mono?
What type of eating disorder do you think I have? I need doctor's perspective or Psychiatrist?
the meaning of PD in eyes?
Where can I get custom-made, NON-PRESCRIPTION lenses for glasses? I already have the frame I need?
WTF is up with my eye?!..?
can i still get coloured contacts if i have an astigmatism and have bad eyesight?
Eye damage from being on the computer?
Is it possible to get your eyeglass prescription from your contacts prescription?
flashes of light in eyes?
I have these flea bites on my legs and arms, help?
Can this Acne Scar be Removed?
Is doing this to my teeth safe?
dental advice needed. what should I do?
why are my gums bleeding?
Getting Braces tomorrow?
How do I stop biting my lip at night?
What are some good diet pills?
How make alopecia less noticeable?
how can you make a sore throat feel better?
Is ativan .5 mg a low dose?
What's a good, all natural, cough suppressant?
How do you treat rug burn?
Why do girls with a bite or a banana break?
I need advice, PLZZZZ!?
Veins, Arms, Medical Questions!?
Easiest and quickest way to remove wort's?
I have these random bubble like things on my heel that aren't blisters?
How can you tell the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion? PLEASE ANSWER?
How can a heart condition affect your breathing?
In ANA Profilte test, my wife got Positive Results for SS-A/Ro-60, SS-A/Ro-52, SS-B/LA. Can u please explain?
i want to communicate with best medical doctor?
If you are a renal/dialysis patient and your blood pressure is 196 over 100?
Is gas bad for your intestines?
Is it legal to administer sample meds, then bill to the insurance company?
What makes a broken bone shattered?
My toe nail fell off, do i need to have the doctor look at it?
A question about Knuckles?
Is it bad to sweat when you have the flu?
How to go to the school nurse (embarrassing)?
How is it possible that everytime my family and I are near a certain family we become ill?
Why is my sight suddenly changing?
Iron deficiency? Hair loss still happeneing?
does irenew really work?
Why are diet pills bad for your health?
Do you think smoking marijuana is cool?
how to get rid of BACNE PLEASE HELP ME ILL DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Will vinegar help razor itch?
Is it okay if my doctor used two different types of eye drops in my eyes?
Just got contacts, kind of hurts?
Sometimes I see stars?
Scientifically speaking, why does the heart hurt when you are sad?
Have any of you ever licked the anal area? If so what did it taste like.?
Can you get HIV by sitting in a chair?
advice on dating if you have an std!?
Having Trouble Sleeping!!!!?
My friend has made herself throw up 4 times! please help!?
Throw up to calm myself down? Is this normal?
Self harm/aspirin overdose?
I pull out my eyebrows?
whats this scab on ma head?
How to get rid of back acne?
Ewwww... a zit apeared on my armpit?
Ughh I think I have pinworms help pls?
Was lyme disease genetically modified by the government?
did i scratch my cornea?
Something's wrong with my lips?
what diseases can you get by drinking someone's blood?
What rare heart diseases causes death at young age?
my blood pressure is 110/50 is it low?
i can feel my heart beating in my chest?
I'm a 15 year old female, short, 99 pounds. Is this normal?
am I too fat to be a model ?
Im 18 and thinking about diet pills?!?
how long does it take to get addicted to clonazepam?
I feel something wrong with me and i went to five hospitals for test and all say that i am fine, what to do ?
does muscle milk build abbs?
Why have I got flabbier but am still the same weight?
Am I fat for a 13 year old?
What are some good workouts for developing nice toned 6-pack abs?
does severe brain trauma ever actually heal?
Can a portable oxygen concentrator be use with a cpap?
i feel my chest hurting while walking upward the hill, what would be the cause?
Blood in snot from sinus cavity?
My eyes are really red, and my mom thinks I was smoking.?
What can I do to allivate sinus/ear infection? HELP!!!?
I faint, Will i be fine?
Is there an age restriction on picking up Vicoden at the pharmacy? (USA)?
Kidney Stones, please help?
What do you do when you cant sleep?
What's wrong with me?
my eyes change colour?
Can being hit in the eye make your vision better?
Is there any way to get bigger pupils in a well-lighted location?
How to improve eye sight?
Can I buy my own glasses rims and get a prescription lens?
My right foot gets tense when I run or walk fast?
Should I go to the doctor?
Help with getting rid of acne and whiteheads?
How can I hide a scar on my wrist?
Personal experiences with Accutane?
Do you know of any home remadies for a yeast infection my Shihtzu in her toenails?
Should I take a laxitive?
What happens if someone takes 8000 mg of methocarbamol?
whats it mean by blood being negative?
i have a problem and i dont know whats its called can u help me?
what affects the heart]?
Worried about my future?
Body aches after drinking alcohol?
what is the best way to eat shrooms?
can a EKG tell if you had a heart attack?
I've always had some sort of heart problem, do u know what it is?
Grandma has dementia and still driving after dr told her no more driving. Need some advice?
can removal of veins in the leg cause heart problems?
Making out with braces...?
nearly all my friends have braces. and now i want them is there anyway i can make mine crooked?
Small Black Spot on Bottom of Tooth?
What happens when you swallow your tongue?
What is a full mouth extraction with oral conscious sedation like?
should i get teeth removed? or cavities filled?
is it possible i have marijuana induced psychosis?
Leg cramp???????????????????????????????????…
What kind of weed would you recommend for a first timer?
How do you reduce oily skin?
What are some of the best defenses to prevent staph infections?
Can someone please help me?
Please help! I am trying to order glasses online.?
what do you think of...?
How much calories a day should I eat?
Need a fitness plan combining gym and nutrition?
why am i gaining wait now?
Weight reduction - need to lose 50 pounds?
Help with weight control?
Working out questions?
How can i loose weight Naturally?
What happened to me yesterday morning, should I go to the doctor about it?
had palpitations in my chest?
what is Cardiac arrest?
high blood pressure to low blood pressure with pacemaker?
can masterbatin cause heart problem?
hurts to walk on my knee?
I had a hip replaced last June.Tonight I felt a lump their at the incision . I pushed and it went away,?
Scab and pus under toenail...fast answer please?
My ankle and the top part of my foot have been hurting and I don't know what to do suggestions?
Is my leg badly injured?
Did I fracture my arm??
my finger is still really swollen?
Stiff knee, doesn't straighten?
Does anyone know how effective home microdermabrasion kits would be for acne pock marks?
Why are my fingernails white?
This cold sore is itching & slightly burning, what can i do?
pityriasis rosea and eczema help please.?
is this a vitamin overdose?
Can an infection still be treated by taking an antibiotic once a day instead of twice?
I did some blood work for HIV testing, am kinda anxious for the results!?
Can you pass a sports physical if you have herpes?
Do you agree or disagree with this doctor about what constitutes a delusional disorder?
people who have cured from panic attack..tell me the way to overcome ma panic attacks?
True or false? Your body only produces lactic acid during intensive physical activity.?
Woken up with swollen jaw...?
How many beneficial bacteria do I need in my digestive tract?
Burning in upper stomach?
Help! my boyfriend vomits almost every day?
best ways to get a fever or get sick overnight or in a couple of hours?
I've been sick for a year now and I'm looking for HELP!!?
do seniors need to take the pertussis vaccine?
Crohns disease weight gain?
Flu shot side effect!?!?! PLEASE HELP!?!?!??!?
I have regular contact lenses. Not color ones, and I see alright, but not as good as with glasses?
How many mm is a normal eye?
Is one of my eyes crooked?
Why red eyes........?
For people who wear reading glasses!?
getting high on pills, question please?
Can my first weed trip cause schizoprhenia?
Professional Tools/Resources for EFT Therapists?
Why is the FDA and Pharmacy companies so reluctant to promote the health benefits of Vitamin supplement?
I have a quick question about suppositories used to help ease pain?
I suffer from hypothyroidism. I would like to go back to 100 pounds. Which is the easiest way to lose 100?
Is my anxiety severe?
How do i stop this bad chain of bad habits?
Isn't a lack of a sense of belonging a death sentence; why I should I continue to live without one?
Thinking of cutting my wrists to control stress...?
How to stop facebook addiction?
is my blood pressure to high to play a sport?
how do you know if your chest pain & shortness of breath is a serious issue or just stress related?
i am 18 years old and have high blood pressure and my ekg is abnormal why?
Does whole milk effect blood cholesterol?
Is this an alright blood pressure?
My heart feels numb.?
What the heck is happening to me? I can't get to sleep because my heart starts beating faster when I fall out?
Seborrheic dermatitis help?
Why is there a random scab-like thing on my face?
How to set the diet to prevent aging skin?
Will a splinter work its way out on its own?
splinter cell the black arrow organization?
How can I tell if I have internal bleeding?
what do i do about an in-grown toenail?
What should I do after removing steri-strips for surgical incision on my foot?
Is aloe vera gel or an aloe plant better for a reaallllyy baddd sunburn ?
What is the significance of not skipping meals for a Diabetic person?
I was wondering if this would be a symptom of Diabetes?
I think I have Diabetes? Help!?
What is wrong with my knee?
If I get shot by a gun, should someone put pressure on My Wound?
I hit the back of my neck hard?
Is it broken? Or the bone bruised?
Should I keep my elastic bandage on?
Hurt ankle? What exactly did i do?
Can taking one sleeping tablet while drunk before bed do any long term damage?
Is it normal for a guy to have naturally curly eyelashes ?
How to relief strees ?
How to make feet soft?
How long should you wait before brushing you teeth?
I have severely impacted wisdom teeth on the bottom can't afford to get them out?
How do braces move your teeth?
a person with no teeth is called?
How many invisalign trays do you think I would need? (picture included)?
How bad does it hurt to have wisdom teeth removed?
I have a patch of red itchy skin on my eyelid. What is it and how should I treat it?
flaxseed oil or evening primrose oil for eczema?
what do the lines around the neck of ampules show?
can bacteria live on soap?
The low carb Bacon and Eggs diet?
How can I dehydrate my body quickly?
whats the best way to lose 15lbs?
How many grams of protein does 4 egg whites offer?
Is drinking Lipton Tea daily good for your body?
What type of exercise will make me loose weight the fastest?
How can i trim and tone up?
How do I convert my contact lens prescription into mail order contact lens standards?
a question about glasses?
heart attach is the most common cause of sudden death?
i have a really bad problem waking up for school?
Do men care about stretch marks on breasts?
How do I get rid if a ringworm?
How to get rid of a cold sore or canker sore? not sure which one it is?
what vitamin fights acne?
the skin on your face?
TriPollar STOP? Reviews please? Any experience with it?
Is this grape seed extract a good product?
Any home/natural remedies that you swear by for the flu?
Do i have to have a priscription to buy 5 HTP?
please tell me a successful cure of hemophilia(factor VIII deficiency).?
My boyfriend has cold sweats, is vomiting?
I got the flu shot today ?
What are some signs of having rabies?
How can I get a fever overnight?
Painless shoulder popping(Doctors advices would be helpful along with people who had it before)?
How do you heal cuts on your wrist quickly?
HELP!! Facial Injury!?
my finger is really fat?
the nanny said my baby fell off the couch...can falling off the couch cause such trauma blood on the brain?
One of my friends mom just died from a blood clot. Now im totally freaked out!!?
what is a myocardial infarction?
Is whooping cough Fatal?
rumbling in right side of chest?
Just a statement about cpap machines?
When does morning sickness usually stop?
are online colored contacts good?
Whats causing my eye glasses to rub against the right side of my nose?
What happen to my eye?
Eye color? Will you help me? I dont know..?
will my vision get worse if i dont wear glasses?
Can anyone help diagnose me?
Is there a way to stop getting a bon*r?
can you die from doing ecstacy?
Why do people with mental disorders in general usuall have bad looks? doesnt make sense?
Can someone tell me about their experiences with foreign online pharmacies?
does the gardasil shot give me arm pains?
how can i loose weight in a healthy way?
Have a P90X Question?
I have lost my appetite for over a month. Help? ?
What is the difference between Krill Oil and Fish Oil? What's the best?
How can I do Push ups?? pleaseeee!!?
is this unhealthy for me?
what should a 5 foot 13 year old weigh?
Will I lose weight?!!?
Does coffee really stunt your growth?
Long sickness..dragging on for unnecessarily long..?
dark cloudy foul smelling urine..but no pain?
my 2 y.o. son was just diagnosed with autism?
What kind of health problem contributes to sudden dyslexia?
How to not feel sleepy during the day and concentrate more?
what is a believable excuse to get out of p.e at school? + what is a quick way to get rid of verrucas?
On my leg; are these scars?
How to get rid of your tan?
Is proactive effective?
I woke up && my face was red?
Peppermint and acne...?
i sweat alot nd its embarrassing!!?
My teeth are kinda see-through?
How to tell a baby tooth from an adult tooth?
How long does it take for 'Rotting Food Particles' to start putting Cavities on our Teeth?
How much would it cost to get this gap bonded? *pics included*?
How much do braces cost?
What can you eat after jaw surgery?
What is it called when you have anger problems but can control them pretty well?
Why don't they work on curing mental illness?
How can I cope with my mental problems?
uncomfortable relationship with my mom?
does anyone else feel like theyre being watched?
Is it normal to be super thristy for up to 8-12 hours after smoking weed?
What can cause me to sleep extremely long?
Will having TOO much sugar in my body affect me in weird ways?
My ear keeps pouring out wax?
How do you heal a stubborn bee sting?
what is the insects i found in bed and it bites then itches so bad?
what does it mean when your thumb itches?
Can't hear out of my left ear well?
Can you get drunk without hurting your body?
How do I tell if I have concussion ?
i hurt my lower back really bad yesterday doing the linear leg press. i want to no how long do it take to heal?
When can I walk again?
i have a fiberglass ankle cast question?
Red spots help on my body :( :o?
Is there an alternative to a ChapStick?
My mum has had chin hair for many years my nan also had it will that mean i will get it aswell?
Is dandruff hereditary or contagious?
Is this normal, in any way?
been having blackouts?
question about contacts lenses PLEASE HELP?
Does Bates Method help to reduce / get rid of one's myopia?
parents wont let me get contact lenses?
Question about prescription?
Laser Eye Surgeon in Phoenix, AZ?
Has anyone passed out at a contact lens fitting?
How much do contact lenses generally cost?
My dad had a stroke. i asked this before but i need more help!?
Im 16, just found out I have high cholesterol...I'm scared?
Is my blood pressure too low?
Please help me with this?
Odorless garlic tablets/pills.. Is that for real? Have you found one that lives up to the claim?
why should any one use a supplement for body building?
if you puke right after you take ecstasy will you still roll?
Are sleeping pills bad for you?
Seriouseee people only plez?
Who knows some natural cures for ovarian cysts?
i had herpes test done my hsv 1 came back 4.71 and my hsv 2 came back 1.16.igg could it be a false positive?
can someone get herpes by a kiss?
im so freaking nasty?
IS there a problem where your hands are big but your head is really small.?
does anyone else use vaseline as a moisturizer?
How to get rid of cold sores in the corner of my mouth?
P90x, Slim in 6, and Insanity--experiences?
Whats the best program to folllow for acne?
I am 6 feet tall guy with weight is 100 kg, i hav a fat belly and want to reduce my weight and need flat stom?
How To Lose Weight Fast?
Why have I hit a plateau in my weight loss?
how can i gain weight?
Cabbage Soup Diet....doesn't it seems a little counter-productive?
gold standard whey protein?
What food and drinks should be in a 17 year old boys diet?
What makes glue dangerous to smell?
I'm having a tough time breathing? Could I possibly have Sleep apnea?
fingers crack when clenching in a fist?
Is Tylenol p.m. a blood thinner?
My hands are numb often?
How do i get rid of a cold sore?
Can Celiac Disease cause anxiety?
Please Answer RIGHT AWAY?!?!?!? 10 points??? Lost Voice?!?!?
why do we waste water through urine?
Why does my bottom lip quiver sometimes?
Why is K2 bad for you, even now when JWH has been taken out of it?
Do you ever sleep with an embarrassing object that you just can't get rid of?
What band is better power balance or iRenew?
I keep hurting myself lately?
4 year old son broke Tibia bone and Fibula bent. Need feedback. X-rays attached for your review.?
How to break your wrist at home?
question for hand specialist?
When you get the needle for anesthetic, when you wake up does it feel like you just fell asleep?
Myalgia due to Metformin or even januvia?
Is it ok to use splenda in a renal failure person with diabetes, and what is a good diet for them?
Could I be diabetic if I show many of the symptoms but have a blood sugar of 5.6 (normal)?
I always feel hungry, even after i eat. is that normal?
What's a good diet plan for a person with Type 2 Diabetes?
does anyone els have seizures at night? please help?
is that true that a man with diabetes is always high temper?
is it possible to have Acanthosis Nigricans and not have diabetes?
I am so tired to go to school in the mornings, EVEN WHEN I GO TO BED AT 8;00?
How can I get rid of my Spots?
My daughter has a small dry red spot under her left eye...what is it?
I have a coldsore and alot of people have told me to use nailpolish remover, how long do i apply it for?
How to Get Rid of Acne?
How to treat a painful bruise?
I have to get 6 teeth pulled out. HELP!!?
what happens if you don't get a root canal?
How do you get rid of cuts on the inside of your mouth?
are braces really that bad?
How can I stop biting the inside of my cheek and my lips?
how do i tell my boyfriend that his breath stinks?
Can I take phenergan with codeine after I have taken vicodin?
What kind of doctor should my friend see for alternative treatment/natural therapy?
you know how if you wake up and smoke...?
Can Anethesia Damage my Brain?
Can I take rifampin 300 mg for cold like symptoms?
how can i clear my nasal passage?
Random cough after smoking marijuana?
Ex smoker for four weeks.. I really want to smoke!?
Bleach inhalation.. itchy throat?
Bad Cough , occasional gag and puke feeling?
My Boyfriend fingered me and now I think I have a cut?
what disease is symptomatic of greeishyellowish vagial discharge & itchig?
What exactly is being bipolar mean?
is this a sleeping disorder or is it normal?
im a recovered cutting addict, but lately i cant get the urge out of my head?
I think im depressed? help. don't know what to do?
Is this part of anxiety?!?
where can I try MDMA (ecstasy) in psychotherapy or research?
Is this considered being "double jointed"...?
what are good quotes to put as a status on facebook about weed <3?
Why is my daughter skinny as a rail?
Is it normal for my kidneys to hurt while being treated for a uti?
My daughter has yellow finger and toenails?
burnt my wrist accidently, it hit the green vein.. should i get it checked out?
burnt wrist on hot pan, its burning what can i do to prevent scaring?
What caused me to throw up?
Can you get sore throats from having someones tongue in your ear?
Tightness and swelling in finger?
Could I possibly lose 60 pounds by June 25th?
How many cups of water should I drink in 1 day?
How does Nutrisystem work? (For people who use it)?
I need some tips on eating healthy?
Does being overweight stunts your growth?
How can I lose 70 pounds fast?
is it true is you drink only water you will lose weight fast?
Is it weird to rub cake on your face?
my scalp is smelly ,help?
i broke my toe and insurance will not cover anything - where would i find a foot brace at? thank you!?
did i sprain/brake my wrist?
Has anyone been diagnosed with Reflex Dystrophy Syndrome (RDS) after knee surgery?
what happened PLZ HELP!!?
Is my friend schizophrenic?
I am trying to deal with what the MRI said can you give me some ideas please?
I'm working on paper for my A&P class. Can I get some opinions?
What's the best way to calm my nerves?
Is it safe to swab off a tonsil stone?
I accidentally a WHOLE can of WD-40?
I'm 4 foot 8 at 17. Do you think I will grow anymore? ?
Is it normal to apply aftershave on armpit after shaving it?
i picked at my zit! help!?
I've had these hemorrhoids for a while now and I don't know what else to do...?
does the flu shot really have 90% mercury?
Ways to boost immune system?
where can i find a legit reflexologist & therapeutic massage therapist certfication?
Am I gonna get the flu and how do I prevent it? (details)?
is enough being done to prevent aids worldwide?
What Started The STD AIDS?
does anyone know any statistics for Chlamydia?
HIV family problemsI I need help my dad has HIV and I need some awnser of how to deal with it I just saw him?
how to loose weight ?
i cheated on my diet,what should i do?
What should I do if I am embarrassed to go to weight training?
Do you have ANY tips for losing weight?
I'm a 13 year old boy thats 68kg and 165.10cm. Should I Diet?
if i do 30 push up everyday?
Can a 16 year old take protein shakes?
what i need for a diet?
What should i do if my tooth falls off together with my crown?
Is it okay to wear 2 rubber bands at once on my braces?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled and a piece of nut is stuck in the hole, how do i get it out?
What can I do about this tooth?
How long does it take to get used to wearing your retainer only at nights?
Braces!!!!!! Actually need Help!!! ?
do you have to loose all your baby teeth to get braces?
i have bad acne what do i do?
How do i deal with blisters?
how to get rid of canker sores?
how can you tell if you have a toe nail fungus?
i slipped and hit my shin 3 days ago?
Which of the following things can get damaged in a spine injury (multiple answers possible)?
What can I do to myself so the doctor will give me Vicodin?
There is something wrong with my ankle help! *picture included*?
Could this be a mild concussion?
Every teacher you have ever had is trapped inside a burning building....?
For some reason I want to experience some possible ways to die, what can I do?
im pregnant an my husband is schizophrinc please help asap!!!!?
terrible diarrhea, nausea and really bad stomach pain?
What happened to me that night?
I'm 13 and want to be a doctor when I grow up?
i inhaled the air from keyboard duster?
blood pressure of 149/83 at 19 years old????!!!?
I need some advise...?
Can an inner ear disorder cause more symptoms then just dizziness?