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Are contacts good for tennis?
Do I need to wear glasses?
my daughter had and eye exam and she is farsighted im debating on gettin her glasses her rx is+4.00/+3.25?
My mom had severe chest pains ?
is cracking your knuckles bad for you?
Will my friend be ok?!?
Should I be worried? - Hand injury?
Help! I got stabbed by a pencil and I don't know what to do...?
extremely skinny or majorly obese?
How can I prevent calcium and plaque buildup in veins & arteries?
is my eye color rare at all?
My 4yr old had an eye exam and is getting glasses but I would like to know what this script actually means.?
Hey I was told by one optician that I don't need glasses just a sunshades?
Will this do anything to my eye?
Can a person blind in one eye wear C Lenses?
The boy I like has cold sores?
how much do contacts cost?
If you only had one eye are you blinking or winking?
why is my vision getting worse?
LASIK surgery...should I?
Is there any way to stop my vision from getting worse?
how to improve eye sight naturally?
anyone had to stop wearing contacts due to 'dry eye'? ?
Is it safe to refill water bottles from the tap & if so how long will the water be good?
Help my hand is on fire?!?! HELp!?
Does anyone know how to talk and carry on with a stroke person that can't talk at all?
Should I be worried about my heart?
after have more than three orgasm in a day don't you notice that your heart beats are faster??
My Husband in his early forties recently undergone a cardiac procedure. I need to know some receipies.?
How could I get rid of heart burn?
my throat feels tight!?
Where can I buy contact lens for my prescription online!?
Do I need glasses???????
How to get this thing outta my eye?
what makes me lose my hair at 24 years old?
what is wrong with my eye?
is this myth true? that cracking your bones will lead to arthritis?
Don't read the question if you're eating!?
My fiance told me she's not a virgin?
Does anyone else get floaters on there eyes?
Do I need to get glasses?
Am i legally blind if?
Can you get ill from been out in the cold?
in the uk when u ask for ur eye prescription will they tell u?i want to get contacts.?
Anyone with good knowledge of eye-glasses?
can eye sight improve?
Bifocals at 25? Not a great look...?
thin plastic lenses for glasses uk?
i was invlolved in an accident now im getting these horrible back pains so what could be the cause?
My 15 year old son has an ingrown toenail and his toe is all red and puffy. I told him we will have?
Injury on my toe,dark red in nail?
I have a cholesterol of 215?
What foods should I eat to lower cholesterol?
Is there such thing as Heart Rate tooo low?
My Feet Hurt?!! HELP!!?
The left side of my lower stomatch hurts?
My ex boyfriend has been with a village 'bike'. Should i get checked out?
My boyfriend and I don't have any medical insurance and can't afford doctor/dentist visits...What do we do?
natural memedy for burns? i've just burnt my lip.?
can you use daily contact lenses again and again?
Help! What causes bad breath and how can I get rid of it?
How Can I Show my husbandI Am Sick of it?
Please Help: Do I Have The Flu?
im so confused swine flu?
How do I get rid of a fever fast?
Can you have strp throat if you don't have tonsils?
is AB positive blood type rare?
Would peeing too much be a symptom of?
my dad blood sugar is to low what can I give him to raise it. Lasted I checked it was 64?
Can diabetes cause painful, swollen ankles?
If you have type 2 diabetes, is it possible to then later get type 1?
Can a 18 year old donate a heart to someone who's 16?
I take lot of oily food. Is brisk walking a solution to avoid block in heart ? is there any other solution ?
How can I make my voice sound like I'm sick?
Why do the skeptics have to be so negative towards alternative medicine?
is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
contact lenses (quick question)..?
Does this sound like an infection?
What Are Some Funny Things I Can Do To My Gf While She's Sleeping?
how to make yourself sick?
My daughter sprayed colgone in her mouth. Should I contact poison control? It didn't say anything on label.
I just swallowed my lip bar?
Whats the best way to give up smoking?
is 114/84 high for a child's bllod pressure. She is eight.?
how do you get rid of spots?
My throat and neck HURT!?
toothache remedies please
retainer question?
I can't seem to sleep....?
I'm possessed with a Satan from a magic n my stomach. is there any medicine?
My son is 28 years old. He had lost his hairs. Can anybody help him in suggesting some homeopathy medicine?
What is more likely ro break your foot?
how can i stop tha bleeding nose now that pushing on my front teeth and gums doesnt work anymore? quick please?
is treating colds without medicine good for you?
Realistically, what's the deal with Swine Flu? Should I be scared or is it no big deal?
Do I have the swine flu........?
bit worried due to Swine-Flu ...?
Why do i weight a lot but I don't look that big?
WHAT DO YOU THINK? Am I too thin?
Am I underweight or just right??
Is it better to workout/run in the morning or at night?
eating disorder maby ? help?
can i grow taller by skipping? how can i grow taller?
how do to get a stuck ring off my finger?
How to remove band aid without hurting?
how long has it been since you've cut your toenails?
is it normal to have a cough for years??
What is your opinion on weed?
What can I do to boost my immune system?
My sister threw a hot pizza roll at my neck, not the skin is burned and bubbly, what do i do.?
What product can I use to obtain whiter skin?
I'm having a huge problem involving abscesses and I am afraid to go to the DR.?
I am a 16 and always feel dizzy and run down, I have low blood pressure ?
Difference between Heart Attack & Stroke?
Whenever i smoke a cigg, my heart starts going fast and crazy. what's wrong with it? (BTW, i'm quitting)
what does a person suffer from when getting their numbers in the wrong order of writing?
Question: Are fleet enemas good to releave constipation? I haven't had a bm in 4 days! Doe the fleet cause bm
Is my cutting really bad? like a serious problem???
I'm really worried about the Swine flu?
Swine flu is a scam..do you know who is getting rich off this scam? The manufactures of face masks, kleenex,?
What should I do if my mom has all the symptoms of the swine flu but won't take herself into the hospital?
is there an antibiotic for the flu?
Swine Flu. Wanna help me please :]?
Why do i get heart palpitations and feel like I'm going to have a heart attack after everytime i smoke weed?
Do a blood test reveal all STDs?
Light headed, always??????????????
I'm getting an injection soon and i don't like the pain...?
My back is killing me!?
Why would someone wake up in the morning with headaches when they didn't go to bed with one?
I'm in pain please respond quick!!!?
is there an natural way of getting taller?
i've got really really bad sunburn on the top parts of my arms and the bottom of my leg?
What do you think will help my daughter?
How to convince someone that smoking is bad?
my heart hurts anyone know?
If I have to stay at hospital ?
Which places in d UK are confirmed to have the swine flu ?
How is the avian bird flu virus passed to humans?
Is the brain a nerve? can or does it move !!!?
Should I Cut My Wrists?
how long before stitches come out?
I'm entitled to free NHS dental treatment, but can only find private dentists.?
please I need your advice I don't have enough money and no dental insurance?
Brace help! (The teeth kind)!?
What up with my bad breath?
what kind of braces would look better on me (pics)?
Are there any natural remedies for headaches?
How 2 smoke a cigarite?
Can u get addicted to tobacco through 2nd smoking if around for only a couple of minutes at one time?
Drinking & Smoking are affecting us ,then why this things are not stopped?
Do u think my shrink is rude?
How Can I Help My Friend Stop Using Crystal Methamphetamine?
Dealing with my emotions...?
Does anyone know the symptoms of being bi-polar?
Why is it so difficult to convince someone that they are crazy?
what's the point of life?
I burned my neck with my hair straightener this morning and it really hurts now. What should I do?
what is worse a broken nose or broken neck?
Tooth ache or migrane or WHAT?!!?
My 3 year old has a stomach virus and fever!?
my son has had a fever ranging from 103-104.4 for about 6 days now. What should I do.?
How to get rid of back acne?
the outer lips of my vergina itch why?
Tension, headachs, anxiety, irritable...what do I have?
Alternative ways to help migraines?
what is this pain in my heart?
Can a grown up develop lactose intolerance?
"how can I tell I'm allergic to cats?
This is weird...but why do I always start hiccuping after I eat McDonalds?
whats the worst that can happen eating mentos and drinking diet coke?
Is it really bad that I hit myself in the temple?
weird bruises?
What's the best method to quit smoking?
Should i go to the docs?
I've burnt my hand, not badly, but it really hurts. What can I do to stop it hurting?
What do I do if I get stung by a jellyfish?
Do you think I'm bipolar?
how will i know if my antidepressants are working ?
Ive been smoking weed for 7 years now, is this dangerous?
why does my head shake when i smoke?
How do u make a person stop snoring?!?!?
Tips for falling asleep?
How important is exercise as a stress -reliever?
pleeeeeaseeeeeee help! just read the details!!?
Which is worse: Marijuana or Cigarettes?
Do you know anyone who has food allergies, like corn & soy?
Why haven't they found a cure for allergies?
how do armless people blow their nose?
I swallowed 7 vicodin thinking they were vitamins. Now what?
What's a good way to prevent a morning hangover after a night of drinking?
what causes recurrent lower back pain that leads to shortening of right leg?
Help! Would you please share your remedy for bruises?
I think I got some blood in my lungs?
My back has been hurting for the past week and a half whats wrong?
On a scale of 1-10 how bad are they?
I have a niece who is allergic to everything, including household cleaners! Does anyone know any natural ones?
Cigarettes - Which Is The Best?
can anyone remind me of the reasons not to smoke?
How do you loosen up the mucus/plegm/congestion in your chest during colds/bronchitis, etc?
is smoking weed bad for you?
Can ear cartilage piercings get infected from being banged?
ive been feeling dizzy and slightly sick all day today what could it be?
Does smoking weed make you smarter?
im going to sleep?
How to stop the hiccups?
Is This Normal After Smoking Weed?
5 ways to prevent addiction from marijuana?
if i have a drug test monday i stop smoking weed that friday what are the chances that i would pass.?
Should I see a doctor?
Is Tylenol PM bad for you?
what is a good relief for a stomach ache?
I Can't move my neck!?
I wake up every morning with back pain, what is the best/quickest way to prevent this.?
does an x ray show ligiment damage?
I hurt my foot, is it broken?
I need to fall of the stairs!!?
I need an excuse for breaking my finger?
I have the worst allergies in the world!?
Doctor told me that she will take photos of my body n tell me my aura through a software. is it possible?
im 5'3..and 117...is this fat??
HELP ! am i going to have my middle finger cut off ?
What's the best way to drink barium?
The skin around the ends of my fingers crack and stay sore for a long time.?
Listen, Iv'e smoke pot moderatly(once a week) for about year and have done a lot of reading up on it.?
where can i get a swine mask?
i have a sore throat and am all out of cough drops?
Can you smoke a whole pack of cigarettes at once?
How long does an ear infection last for?
Is it unusual to feel like something is poking or moving inside your leg?
What should I do to relieve my back pain?
can you take advil and tylenol with codeine together?
I burned my hand badly...?
Am I at a normal weight?
I fell and i can't get up.?
please help asap !!!! injured !?
Am I bad luck?
My nose always seems blocked up?
My heart is beating a little bit faster and it feels funny. Should I be worried?
What's the one thing you look for in your doctor?
If you get stung by a bee do you need to go to a doctor?
Raw(chapped) NOSE...................OUCH?
How can i stop my wife's wind its terrible?
My mom hit me with a wooden spoon and my arm still hurts?
what color should i get my braces?
TEETH PULLING... tomorrow. Help!!!!!?
I'm getting braces on Friday and i want to know more about it. and also, will they hurt?
hey, getting braces soon (train tracks) can someone tell me what i can not eat?? 10 points!?
Is a blood pressure of 60/36 dangerously low for a 19 year old?
How to fake a bruise?
i twisted my ankel on monday & i can hardly walk i think that ima die help?
whats good for cold sore? please help?
Question about mosquito bites?
did the devil just come and visit me, or was i sleep, i 've been having pain down my left arm and numbnesshand
I'm 65 and on pain management. I really like the way it feels. Can I be a addict?
How do you act when you're high, like could you be high around parents?
Took overdose wth prescription meds & alcohol.. Im now left with yellow & bloodshot eyes, should I be worried?
okay i need a really mature person who has some knowledge with stomach problems who will not make fun of me!?
whats the easiest way to get pink eye fast?
My Brother got H.I.V!!>:(?
Do you think I need braces on my teeth? {pics}?
the tooth before my last one is wiggling and hurts what do i do?
do braces hurt when you put them in?
What colors should I get for my braces?
Abusive, Neglectful Mother
is autism a REAL disability?
i cant go to bed what should i do?
Is this an allergy? Scratchy throat like something stuck there, coughing, sinus drainage?
What is a way to relieve asthma (weezing) without an inhaler?
Do i have heart problems??or lung?
How can I stop a canker sore before it gets really bad?
I got my ears pierced a long time ago. Whats wrong with them?
If you are going down stairs and know you are falling what is the best way to not get hurt.?
my heart was pounding for 30 minutes?
Can I have a heart attack at 17?
aortic valve stenosis severe amemia hemoglobin 9.1 ?
How long does Chiropractic care take, and when should I finally leave?
Is it safe to clean out my dog's itchy ears with Tea Tree Oil anticeptic?
will it hurt and be uncomfortable?
im 26yrs gal,i have a pain in my hand (wrist area) a doctors said that there's liquid collection inside ....
I accidentally cut off a finger and im not sure what to do with it?
what will i supposed to when my feet is dry???
Is there a Schizophrenia gene?
I want to crawl into my bed close my eyes and die?
is high blood pressure a cause for coronary heart disease?
a guy with hiv bleeds on another is it transmitted?
Allopathy (English medicines) to Homeopathy...?
Why always i wake up, with extreme dry mouth?
I have one toe that itches, no redness, no scales, nothing, just itches. What could this be?
Broken finger help?!?!?!?
Why Does Orange Juice Erode Teeth?
Should i get braces?
do braces hurt getting put on?
Can High Blood Pressure due to preeclampsia affect someone the rest of their life?
Fast Heart Rate & Anxiety?
Hungry, but for some reason nothing sounds good.?
How come im not losing any weight ? ?
300 pound teen!what i got 2 start dieting!!!!!!! PLEASE LOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are some of your home remedies?
best cure to get rid of sore throats?
What are some natrual remidies for a headache THAT WORK no medicine?
Insulin Pump...If you use it..do you like it?
If i were to get tested for diabetes what would they do?
How can I explain to my three year old daughter that she is going to have heart surgery?
Question about STD's?
Im engaged but dont know if i still love my fiance!!?
Quick way of killing myself?
how do i get rid of REALLY bad toothache?
i have had this dry cough for like 3 mouths i have tried water Alot of water what do i do it wont go away?
My wife Just quit smoking with no help -- she just quit?
how bad does it hurt to get your ears pierced?
when do braces stop hurting?
Which is a stronger pain medicine?
When you wake up in the morning you...?
has anyone ever had a problem with your throat cracking when you inhale deeply?
Answer this from an alternative medicine user who blocks answers?
What are the benefits of turmeric?
I just woke up and my heart is beating abnormally fast?
I got braces today and I cannot chew?
help me i am scared?
I feel so depressed and scared why !!??
Ok this is an unusual question....?
why boys don't have senses/mind?
will i EVER be happy?
Am I weird?
I dont want to grow up...?
i slip and landed on my base of my spine and for the last week i had nothing but pain?
What is a Mirgrane Headache?
OMG! am i emo!!???
Do you trust black doctors?
heart /alcohol???
I get tired easily and my heart beats fast?
Ok so if you have crabs...?
My friend found some marijuana.?
do you think this is bulemia?
What is the best antibiotic to treat Urinary Tract Infection.?
How to get rid of blackheads?
Blisters on my feet??
Does water make you fat?
How can I loose 20 Lbs. in 1-2 months?
My 75 year old grandmother is having open heart surgery, should I be worried?
Why Do My 12 yr Daughter knees click and she has a lot of pain....?
Did the kid in the frosties advet really commit suicide?
hi everyone, I have this weird disorder. When I read or write the letters become differnt ones! what is it????
I feel like I'm losing my intelligence, I'm only 22.?
Can depression be passed down from mother to daughter?
UK residents only........?
wat does it feel like 2 be dead.?
burt's bees face products?
how to tell if neck is broken?
I think I may have hurt my sister?
how can I make my friend at dancing break her ankle?
OMG I'm only 16!!!!!!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What the most painful thing you have ever experienced?
How can i break my leg without it hurting?
how do i stop smoking? i got caught...?
How To Controll asthma or get reduced.?
I want to try smoking?
do i have a disease .?
Why do I feel like a failure?
Worried sick about heart attack.?
what is the normal heart rate?
I've got a little piece of glass embedded in my hand. If tweezers won't work, how do I get it out?
I am certified by the Red Cross on CPR and first aid, should I put that on my resume?
Can I get new allergies?
Im 16 and i smoke cigarettes but my parents dont know, and im addicted like crazy!?
does anyone have pain in the pelvis and lower back before?
Is blood pressure reading of 114/70 normal for a 57 year old male.?
does drinking coffee cause heart disease?
High blood pressure ?
What do you think of Cosmetic Surgery??? I NEED 100 answers!?
i stepped on a nail it went threw my fooor and broke what to do??? i cleaned it but its killing me now?
I've had a cold, and, I know its gross, but since I've been wiping my nose so much, its raw. What do I do?
my friend has Sore's?
Heart pains?!?!? What does this mean?
What's the quickest way to cure a sore throat?
Vampire Thumb bite: What do 4 vampire bites on the inside of the thumb means?
What's the worst physical pain a human can feel?
What's the best way to deal with an asthma attack if you don't have your inhaler with you?
Is this possible? Coma for 3 days?
Why do people here answer medical questions when they aren't remotely qualified to be answering those question
My Thumb is Swelling up, its itchy and there is like a red mark going down my hand, what is it?
What hurts more. Banging your little toe, or banging your funny bone on your arm?
how to bring down swelling in left middle finger?
I want to break my arm?
How do you clear up Athletes foot?
Life or Death Situation. right now I need answers quick please. (feeling suicidal)?
Does cocaine give you chest pains?
hey im 16 and today i found out i have back chronic pain, and i just wanted to know how i can take care of it?
do pain releivers really get you high?
what causes the heart to pump?
I have Congestive Heart Failure and have severe pain in my left arm and my right neck?
Will a pig heart work in a person? If Yes for how long?
What medical condition is this?
Help! My nephew didn't use protective gear in welding?
what does gay really mean?
So much swelling! Is my tongue piercing Infected?
what will smoking a tea bag do? ?
are wine coolers bad for kids?
Is it possible for me to be allergic to something that i wasn't allergic to in the past?
Some ways to deal with stress?
I want to kill myself so f*cking bad?
suicide from depression , anorexia, bulimia are they mental illnesses or selfish people?
I just took 12 nyquil softgels will i die?
help ; i wanna smoke week?
anyone have asthma, and know a home treatment?
can't get to sleep, keep thinking im going to stop breathing?
Help, quitting smoking?
What can I do to make myself taller?
What are risks of plastic surgery?
someone please help me :/ im crying im in so much pain?
I have a really really bad sore throat. My inner ear hurts and i have a stuffy nose. What can i do? ASAP!!?
Whats the best thing to put on a open wound for it not to scar?
why did having my ears pierced make me ill?
wtf is going on?
I'm allergic to marijuana. I need a natural way to destress.?
what happens if i ate my own head?
i have insomnia, what can i do?
Do you think playing games like chess or sudoku improves IQ?Why?
Why is suicide seen as a bad thing to do? Why do people want us to prolong our emotional pain?
It's very very rare that I cry... Is this normal or what?
Do you think psychiatrists are too quick to prescribe medications for mental illness?
does this mean im paranoid?
5 to 6 headaches a day?
can you sneeze and keep your eyes open?
My heart rate or pulse is normally 110, when I get upset it goes up to 160, could I have a heart problem?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
first or second degree burn?
How can I quite biting my nails? I've tried everything.?
what is the most natural and best way to overcome a cold? (sickness)?
what foods should i eat to gain weight quickly?
i am 11 years old and i weigh 111 pounds. i am five foot three(tall) and i want to know if this is over weght?
does smoking while your...?
My 5 year old caught me smoking! What should I do?
Which one is worse for you: weed or cigarettes?
Accidentally ate chocolate right before blood test?
how do I lower my sugar?
dont answer this if you are eating or have a weak stomach?
alternative to self harm?
Florida is too hot/humid! Where is a cold & dry state to live in?
Will my braces stop hurting?
can poeple with braces help me please?
Have you ever experienced a kidney stone??? What were the symptoms???
For anyone who has suffered a heart attack or survived this incident?
Foot '?' (please if you know anything....thank you)?
Why is it HIV affects more people in Africa than lets say here in England?
itchy burning eyes?
Am I allergic to pineapple?
Hypothecially if I really wanted to do ecstasy this weekend but I have mono, would this really mess me up?
has a person ever made you so angry that words fail you ? you can't speak because you are choking on rage ?
Could I be depressed?
What does it mean when they say that put a cold compress on it ?
Whats the best way to cure nausea?
Why do they do it?
how to stop smoking??
girls please help!!?
My brother has smelly feet how do we get rid of it?
Swallowed pill, now stuck in throat?
My right nut hurts and I don't know why?
How do I relieve my canker sore?
What does "Passing a Kidney stone" mean?
Natural remedies for depression?
What's the cheapest way to get rid of yellow teeth?
Did I have a mini stroke?
how do i get superglue off my hands?
If my hair got ripped off by accident, would it grow back?
I haven't slept, i'm afraid i could die?
How do I get rid of this cough?!?
I've always had asthma but within the last couple of years, it's changed. I'm constantly out of breath. always
How am I suppose to tell my mom I think I'm suffering from depression?
Home Remedies For a BAD Sunburn?
Help.... My boyfriend is allergic to my cats!!?
can i be allergic to weed?
I don't know why my face turns red, itchy,and swollen whenever I eat meat and seafood.?
Natural Sunscreen?
Feels like a pill stuck in my throat?
Can a lack of caffeine make your headache? ?
I have a severe flatulence problem. What can I do to make it stop?
Why is it so hard for smokers to give up smoking?
I REALLY want to "do it" with my boyfriend ( of 6 months)but i also don't. Help!?
What should a person do after a sudden drop in blood pressure?
Is cholesterol level related to heart attac in diabetes?
How can I raise my blood pressure?
how will you take care of your heart?
I feel really sick... Please be mature or I'll report you.?
If I drank a mixture of mountain dew, honey, and taco seasoning would I get sick?
Ladies, can I have your honest advice please on important question?
How long will it take to grow my toe nail back??
how can i break my wrist easily?
What would you do if the doctor told you that they couldn't tell if you sprained or fractured your ankle?
my friend has a sore in her mouth?
i recently noticed my 4 year old son has a dip in his cheast im concerned what could this be?
my heart beats very weird and sumtimes beatsfast even kno im sittin down i need 2 kno wuts goin on im 12?
does thicker blood stop the flow of blood to the heart?
Sudden rapid pulse and starting shaking. What's going on?
mitral valve disease (MVD)?
My boyfriend has oral herpes and I don't what should I do?
donating blood please give me advice....?
The noise last night from fireworks going off was awful,does anyone agree it's time to ban them?
Am i suffering with depression?
of the 5 senses (smell, sight, hear, touch, taste) which one would you loose if you had to give 1 up?
What do you do to cheer yourself up if you feel depressed?
When you are stressed out, do you get moody (up and down)?
Please help, I'm really scared!?
Please help me. im 14, and my life is horrible. i hate it, what should i do? im always sad and depressed?
Do people with bipolar disorder have hard lives?
What to do if my man is allergic to my indoor cat? He's doesn't have a severe reaction but his eyes get red?
Is it Possible to make yourself Lactose Intolerant...?
Do allergy shots really work?
Why can't I smell?
Can you cure sleep apnea without using a CPAP machine?
Tell me how I'm supposed to breathe with no air?
Is coughing up blood a sure sign of cancer?
can thyriod be treated with homeopathy?
I am interested in becoming a herbalist and/or nutrionist. where do i start?
Haven't gone #2 in almost 6 days! what could be wrong?
I'm eating too many sweets.?
Would you sue?? Advice please.?
Have been on hypertension medicine since early 2006, now BP is reduced, not sure whether to reduce dosage ?
Should I be worried about my EKG saying "inferior and anterior T wave changes are nonspecific?"?
Do any doctors out there know what the blood pressure of a 57 year old should ideally be?
Stress test on a 16 year old girl??
Orthodontist - Braces ?
How Can I Get A Better Sleep ?
i bit my tongue and it wont heal?
Whats the easiest way to get a black eye?
witch way should i cut my arm?
What's a way to heal a cut that refuses to heal?
Why do people get mad at someone who commited suicide?
Help! What should I say?
Womens problems ?????? can i have some answers plz cuz ive posted this once and only one person has answered?
What's your addiction these days?
How do I get my wife to stop smoking?
Why do otherwise intelligent people persist in calling alcoholism an "illness," when it quite clearly isn't?
can i die?
what is a easy way to break my arm?
im a very active person,and sprained my ankle pretty bad.what can i do as far as sports go? im on crutches?
My finger keeps clicking when I flex/bend it. What can I do to cure this?
i am on crutches now due to my clumsyness and they are really uncomfy is there a way to make them more comfy?
Cutting myself... what should I do?
How much are you paying for your child's braces?
is it possible that dentists can also have bad breath?
My Son is having 3 teeth removed. Is it going to hurt him ? He's really scared . PLZ ANSWER. WORRIED MUM.!
how do i tell the father of my child who i've been with for 3 years that i have HPV?
I Keep Coughing!?
How can you get excessive perfume smell out of a house?
How can i Stop have diarrhea?
i'm going blind help me?
Earring hole!!!! Help!!!?
EMERGENCY!!!!!!!PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!......?
Do i have a disorder?
I haven't spoken a word in three days.?
Its Like My Heart Is Sad Inside.?
anyone who had depression/anxiety, did going doctors even seem too much hassle?
i am so afraid to die and i think about it all the time i am ruining my life?
Scared At Night!?
How do I handle this!?
What do diabetics eat?
Is it asthma or more?
what is the best remedy for morning sickness?im in my 7th week and i can't work because of this.?
What are some good ways to relieve nasal congestion with out having to use meds?
I think im having an allergic reaction to my medicine called AMOXICILLIN?
Are Cigarettes suitable for Coeliacs?
I'm frustrated right now. What should I do?
exactly how bad is weed for you ?
How to make yourself sick?
Can I pass a urine test for marijuana in three weeks?
Does pain on left arm mean heart problems?
I believe my dad just had a small stroke in the middle of the night. Did this do permanent damage? ?
How much does a cardiac catherization hurt?
second opinion cardiology?
piercing advice needed? does it hurt? scared of needles aswell haha?
i took 7 Advil's and don't feel so good?
Is it normal for your braces to hurt..?
What can i do to help my sore legs from exercise?
Why is my sister's leg hurting so much?
Omg Help Please.....Urgernt!!?
how do you break your leg?
would you rather not wash your face for a week or not brush your teeth for a week?
It takes me way too long to fall asleep at night. Then I wake up too early. I'm a teen, I need to sleep!?
I've just drank a quantity of dihydrogen monoxide . What should I do?
My Medicine is gross? (Please aanswerr!!!!)?
Is cleaning my colon worth it?
Home remedy for a way to make bowel movements less painful?
LIFE OR DEATH Situation?
im going 4 blood tests at 7am but i woke up at 4am. is it ok to eat?
is it possible to function on 3 hours of sleep a night or less?
is it safe to have pets if u have asthma?
remedies for constipation?
My throat hurts when I swallow...what should I do?
how to grow taller faster?i am 17 and i am 5''5.?
Will marajuana show up in a drug test?
My friend slept outside the other night and got a lot bug bits now his wrist is really swollen and hot?
Head injury and my head went numb after?
i have been Smokin weed 4 about 4years .i have a job interview in 2days Hw could i get clean?
at what age did you have wisdom teeth taken out?
Have you or someone you know cured cancer, diabetes or autoimmune diseases using alternative medicine?
ok, what's the best way to keep mosquitoes / blackflies off your body?
Is it proper to remove a woman's bra before preforming cpr on her?
Help! i have a ring stuck on my finger how do i get it off?
My husband is 30 and was put on medication for his high blood pressure and cholesterol. What can he eat now?
double heart beat? or just anxiety?
Is this a heart problem or asthma? URGENT?
What does a pierced heart sound like?
my 28 year old fiancé had high blood pressure today.why?please help.?
Are cigars as dangerous to your health as cigarettes?
what is an interesting disease/disorder that i can research for my jr fellow [nyam] project?
Does anyone what to do with a 80 yr old woman that can't stop insulting her grown children like idiots?
is it bad that i self diagnosed myself with.....?
Stomach Virus?
what if my blood pressure is 200/110?
Hi, im a 16 year old female and my resting heart rate is so high!! what do i do?
Blood clots in my stool?
Can heart problems cause your teeth to hurt?
What is a good remedy to quit smoking?
my brother said you could trip from mucinex?
is one aspirin a day good for you?
Is it legal/ethical for a nurse to date her patient?
i smoked marijuana?
I think i broke my arm :(?
my boyfriend passed out?
I've gone to the er about 4 times...
Help. My husband had a heart attact Sat night. He told me that he will NOT quite smoking.?
19 year old male with a resting heart rate of 90 bpm?
Why do people yawn??????
How tall is 5'2 in "cm"?
whats worst marijuana or cigarettes?
What's a convenient source of fiber ( I'm in college ). Something that doesn't require cooking.?
What are some natural ways to help to fall asleep?
How to get rid of a headache?
what stuff can i safely get high off of?
Why Do I Always Get Sick From This?
Depression is driving me crazy.....any advice?
can you see me?
What emotional response do you have when you think the word "tickle"?
Is being in therapy something to be ashamed of?
help i am on depression meds and now i wanna kill myself?
Go to a doctor?
how to control your emotions?
Can u really find someone to love online?
I have been breaking out in hives for 11months? what is wrong with me?
I'm very confused. I'm 13 yrs old, im 5''3 and weigh around 125. I want to know if this is normal... Any help?
I'm 5'1 and I weigh 145 pounds. Am I fat?
What is sodium? and what does it do to your body?
my chest hurts and i don't know why. help?
lower back pain on my right side?
im worried about getting poisoned by black shoe polish. i didnt eat it but got some on my fingers?
is mastrabating bad for you?
What could be reasons for me getting such bad headaches?
Please help girls only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why do my eyelashes hurt?
Exposed to an STD... Help!!?
I might have a disorder?
Do you consider caffeine a drug?
Is there a name for people who drink blood?
What are the long term effects of smoking marijuana?
what sport should I play if I have heart problem?
if you're nervous.is it normal to have high blood pressure?
Is red wine really good for the heart?
14 years old, and heart problems?
How long do you have braces for?
Suicidal thoughts?
When i walk to the store by myself i start to hyperventilate and freak out. how can i overcome this.?
how old do you really feel inside.i'm old but i feel the same as i did when i was 25.?
Any other insomniacs on here?
am i having a breakdown?
Really depressed--what do I do?
i need advice on my mental problem?
Should i see a doctor about this yellow jacket sting or just let it be?
can you remove dewclaws from puppys yourself?
what the best way to get ride of mosquito bites?
How dangerous is cutting your wrists?
ways to get you sleepy befor bed ?
what could be the cause of this?
How long does it take for a child with autism to respond to a gluten free diet?
Flu Shot Side Effects?
i have diarrhea any help please?
I'm about to throw up!?
i can not drink alcohol anymore?
did you give me a cold????
Do you look after yourself?
Is it a scratch or something else????
Baby brothers death 10 years ago........?
How do i persuade myself not to commit suicide?
can anyone go to my 360 page and tell me what facial disfigurement i got?
I have blocked a lot of the past and am scared to remember it??
How do you cope with anger?
How serious is an insect bite with a red ring around it?
What Does Green Tea Do for Shyness?
which colour is YOUR hair ?
I am 5'3 and 94 lbs....is this unhealthy?
Bellybutton piercing?
lifestyle do's and don'ts living with 100% blocked carotid artery?
I've noticed some people refering to an ECG as an EKG ...?
My heart is beating 51 beats per minute is that ok my blood pressure is 124/85.?
My son was born with a hole in his heart?
My husband had a heart attack back in 2002 and they put a stent in at that time.?
Why doesn't everyone smoke pot?
What's the best way to die?
Why is MacDonald's so popular when people say it's so unhealthy?
its about my grandson?
Should I trust my dentist and get a small cavity filled without novacaine?
What makes your liver work too hard?
Has anyone ever had an MRI before?
i have headaches all the time! ?
Is Ciprofloxacin. effective in treating congestion in heart failure?
whats a good blood pressure level?
High blood pressure 18 yrs old?
A person wearing a heart defibrillator can they fly on a plane?
For the past few days I've had constant palpitations and irregular heart beats. What can it be?
why do you have to be 18 to smoke?
Is it her fault if she gets raped if....?
I hate myself?
Do i have dyslexia?
Who are You (really...not your avatar)?
what is the difference between 'depression' and being 'sad'?
What should I do?
help!my tummy is big!?
Does stress make you hungry?
Honestly, Do you think I'm fat?
was this healthy? or do i need to be really careful for the rest of the day?!? 10 points!?
Alot of mucus in my throat?
Which kind of STD's can you get from a toilet seat?
Can you overdose on meth?
can you die from smoking weed?
Why don't you put ice on a burn?
How unhealthy is it if you drink a 24 pack (12 pack of pepsione & 12 pack of grape soda) in 24 hours?
Can teenagers have strokes?
Is my blood pressure high?
Is my toe broke. Please help me?
I've been having a pain in the back of my knee, there's no swelling, hurts when going up stairs.?
Whats this called?
I broke my toe tonight, and can feel the bones moving as if it's a clean break - should I just tape it?
Does alcohol help you with mental disorders?
Affect of Divorce??
if i boil my pee will it get the thc out?
Guys: What do you think about chubby girls?
What should i do when i have a panic attack?
How can I smoke weed and not ruin my singing voice?
During swallowing, the air passage way of the pharynx is covered by the...?
which dose of aspirin reduces the chance of heart attack and or stroke please?
Help please!!! I really need an answer.?
Can you be a cocaine addict, and fat?
How can I help my anxiety?
could i get an std from this?
Is this internal bleeding?
how to heal a burnt tongue fast?
what is the full form of W.H.O?
Chest pains/palpitations?
heart pain while eating?
Possible Heart Attack Symptoms?
Husband had heart attack - feel like complaining about the hospital but not sure?
I have a defective heart valve and am tired all the time..could the heart thing be causing the tiredness ?
Does Green Tea Help lower Cholesterol?
i can't work due to injury and have no job what can i do?
I slammed my thumb into a car door. When should it stop hurting?
Does it hurt to get a cast taken off your arm?
I can't get to sleep! Help??
im 19 and i am a social phobic.Can i date ?
Does anyone have a sure fire way to help major depression even when you know your life is more then good?
What is the BEST cure for OCD?
How do you learn to be more open and forget other's negative remarks?
Am i suicidle?
What can I talk to my therapist about?
Do I have to be license to Practice Massage Therapy?
is it possible to be allergic to pads?
If i ask the dentist will it be weird?
I had my braces put in yesterday, and one of my teeth is really painful. Is this normal?
What do nice teeth tell about a person?
how do u prevent toothpaste from going all over the sides of my mouth when brushing my teeth?
Question about STD's?
Where does a guy go to get tested for std's?
Why i can't sleep at night?
I'm home sick, and I feel guilty?
Is lupus heritary?
my vision slowly turns black for a few seconds & lose balance when i suddenly get up from e.g.bed/chair.?
When you are hyperventilating, why do you breathe in a paper bag? Why can't it be another kind of bag?
My Girlfriend in Hospital?
How are you all keeping this morning?..No head aches, or regrets?. Hope you had a nice time, and all the?
Arm pain after flu shot?
I'm being teased because of my crutches!!?
My son appears to have hurt his heel, although he can't remember doing this?
Breathing problems and heart racing?
Numbness in the face and one eye acting weird?
I'm I having warning signs of a heart condition?
is it anxiety, my SVT, or the meds im on? (beta blockers)?
low blood pressure question?
Chest Pain, I'm young?
Which is better, Ayurveda, Homeopathy or Naturopathy?
a question for all you smokers out there..?
I have Flu and fever, It's night and i Do not have any medication? What I can Do???
Would you rather be dead or mutilated?
what to eat for snacks?
um, will you get fatter if you dont eat?
Could I loose 40 pounds in 20 days ?
Why do scientists and doctors say the "toxins" massage therapists claim to help flush out of you don't exist?
i burned my finger?
does deoderant/antiperspirant give you cancer?
Am i crazy?
Ok so I have a problem.. read inside please?
Why does my ex now want to meet?
HELP Imediatly !!?
How do i make myself feel happier?
i am so nervous. any way to calm me down?
Dealing with anxiety?
Do i have social phobia..?
i want to cut myself?
How do i fix a bullet hole wound to the right shoulder with out going to the hospital?!!!?
Do I have ODC (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
how can i cure my bladder weakness.?
my stomach hurts so bad!?
Am I having heart problems lol?
normal blood pressure..?
How would you feel about this ?
a hole in the main blood vessel that couldnt be closed in time.?
what's wrong with me..my heart is beating so fast, i'm red my face and chest, muscle aches, pressure on chest
My eye hurts???
how could i get rid of a headach with out medicine?
What is it called when you do not believe in the use if medicine?
can you get syphilis from licking someone's underwear who might have syphilis?
AM I DEAD???????????????????????????????
How can I grow 1 inch taller?
Would 120/90 be considered a high blood pressure for a teenager?
Question about death certificate?
Can axiety tablets become addictive? & also will my anxiety panic attacks stay with me for life now?
What is the difference between heart attack and heart fail.?
how do i cure a wound within 48 hours?
why do we have 2 kidneys, lungs and ovaries, but only one heart, liver and spleen?
Effective Remedies For Really Bad Sunburn?
How do I change from sleeping in daytime to sleeping at night? (PMs don't work)?
what does it mean when a guy has both ears pierced?
Feeling confused and like you aren't really there......?
What do I do if I'm a spoiled brat?
My boyfriends health Problems.. I need advice..?
Absolutely gagging for a cigerette.. But I have a chest infection.?
what happens when you drop a bar of soap in jail?
i started smoking. please answer.?
I've given up smoking.?
I am 16 and getting my wisdom teeth out tuesday. Will it hurt alot?
Has anyone ever had a heart attack from eating too much McDonalds?
Half of my toe was coming off so i took it all the way off. Will my toenail grow back?
If you slipped and fell in a store would you...?
My toe next to my big toe I think is broke what is some at home treatments?
What diet pills are best to lose about 5 lbs?
do glasses give head aches?
i hate my life. what should i do to change it?
what do you do, when you are on the verge of tears, wanting to explode inside but have no body to talk to...?
Should you smoke pot while taking xanax?
how can i stop cutting?
Here's a question for ya?
Do you have an alternate world in your head?
I REALLY need to loose 10 pounds in about a week?
How much did you weight when you were 12? 13? 14?
How does a fat 12 year old lose fat and gain muscle?
Why doesn't my boyfriend want me to lose weight?
I'm 14. Why do I pee so often?
i got to lose 50lbsin 5 weeks do you think i can do it.?
is it true that if you don't eat after 6pm, it helps you lose weight?
Does anyone know how to strengthen your teeth.?
How do i get high without using weed?
If someone is 5 ft 3 and 3/4 inches, should they consider themselves 5ft3 or 5ft4?
My right elbow is inflamed from pitching. How do I reduce the inflammation and pain in a matter of a few days
If you smoke catnip does it have the same effect of smoking marijuana?
any other herbs/suppliments for morning sickness?
Is it true marijuana can cause schizophrenia and other mental illnesses?
What's your vice?
Is too much excessive bleeding a bad thing?
I guess Ive got a cough; Is my Pc in danger to get infected by this VIRUS?
HELP! I am scared, I don't know what I have....?
I'm having an asthma attack right now and my inhaler is empty!?
Pleases advice..I'm having a veri bad cough..wat cough mixture helps?
Do i have just a bad cold or the flu?
what all can cause high blood pressure 160 over 98?
wat is best to do wen you have sun stroke?
How Can I Not Dread Going to Bed?
isnt it embarassing to be labeled the top contributor of the STD section?
Take your pulse now. What is it? (don't say heartbeat!)?
how does smoking marijuana affects a persons ability to do well in school?
Is this a normal thing?
is it normal to feel your heat beat without putting ur hand on ur heart?
can you die from a heart attack from just being scared?
Will I die if I eat a triple Baconator?
got stitches 2 days ago, how do i clean it?
How can you soothe a bad sunburn?
I need to know the Swine flu symptoms?
How long does it take for 2 extra strength Advil to wear off?
i went to the docter today and she said i may have an eating disoder?
About asthma...im scared, help?
I smoked for the first time the other day?
how can i control my asthma?
If my heart is checked and results are normal,can i die from heart attack?
whats wrong with my heart?
how could an otherwise healthy teenager die of a heart attack?
If diagnosed with heart failure - how do you know if it is due to pulmonary hypertension?
Here's a topic no one likes to talk about. Suicide. What are your views on it?
Do you ever feel like you're outside yourself?
Which is more selfish?
What are some symptoms or characteristics of someone who is an alcoholic?
SICK !!!!!!!!!!!! please help,?
Why can't I stop going number 2?
I get weird highs when i smoke weed? what should i do?
How do i get rid of acne on my face?
What can I do for a bad sunburn?
why would someone fingernails turn purple?
Heart palpitations?
Low Blood Pressure Question?
what is conjestive heart failure?
Does smoke effect allergies?
i had surgery and my stitches are too dissolve, but i have two still there. how can i remove them?
if mankind,womankind could stop or reverse the aging process(were close now)what would be the ideal age to be?
how do u judge things u did in life so far..satisfied or disappointed??
I've been dizzy for the last 9 months..At first we thought it was from a fall I had.?
heart attack at age 14?
Where cna i find a place where i can donate my heart ??
what is the normal person pulse rate per minute?
What can cause my higher blood pressure?
I can't swallow pills. Can you tell me how to swallow pills?
Can You Die???????
Will cutting out soda alone cut out some weight?
am i too skinny for your taste? pics (im a guy)?
Do I need to lose weight? (pictures)?
are these signs of depression?
Is there such a thing as internet addiction?
I want to commit suicide, but I keep thinking of my family. Any thoughts?
I want to commit suicide?
how do you cure bordom?
teenage boy needs help?
Do you believe in God?
Sleep deprivation? Does it really make you hallucinate? best answer gets 10 points. =]]?
Do you really put an ice pack into a bag or wrapped around a towel before applying to injured areas?
Last night I hit my head on a bathroom door. My head really hurts today. Should I have it checked out or....?
Do you burn calories when you sneeze?
I like to hurt myself and get hurt, and afterwards I love looking at my wounds, is this an obsession?
How can i fall asleep ?
give me a 2 or 3 minute speech on why i should'nt smoke?
lately i have stomahe problems i throw up whatever i eat?
Ok....... This is a really random question but...???
what would be possible resutt of heart attack?
what can i take that's over the counter for high blood pressure and high cholesterol in a pill form?
My mom has congestive heart failure and it's pretty bad help!?
heart beating fast for no reason?
If your blood pressure is always around 118/80 does it mean...?
hayfever? It's never been this bad!?
Serious answers only please. Can the use of cocaine...?
why do i have to go to the bathroom right now?
What's the best and fastest way to get rid of a bad headache?
blood pressure reading 79/56 pulse 59- normal?
Is my Heart BPM normal?
Is this a real bad blood pressure?
can a person smoke if they are fasting for lipid/blood count?
i think about commiting suicide..?
What type of doctor do i need to go see about having depression?
what is an alternative for taking pills for anxiety and depression?
I feel so suicidal, is anybody willing to talk to me?
I cant sleep tonight...I'm all hyper...?
Can children's toothpaste be just as effective as adult toothpaste?
worried about my mom. shes 40. her heart starts to pound, make lots of noise you can see her chest blow up?
Missed A Lot Of School Please Help?
How do you convince someone to quit smoking?
I have a temperature and a tight chest. What's wrong with me?
How do I get rid of ingrown toe nail when you can't get to the part that is ingrown?
My 7yr old daughter got a bad sunburn being at the lake all day, her face is swollen, and she is in a lot?
Have you ever had an insect fly up your nose or in your ear?
What are the alternatives to angioplasty?
Reduce risk of Heart Attack?
If I was having a heart attack?
When is blood pressure medication absolutely necessary?
Do childrens' heart rates go up as they get older?
Why aren't my teeth white(r)?
do having braces requires a dentist's supervision?
How often do you floss?
Does it hurt getting....?
I've just lost my job - what the best way to stop myself getting too down?
I don't make anyone happy anymore. I've made everyone of my family miserable by not conforming to their way of?
Is stress good for us? Why or why not? ?
What's the best approach to take if you know someone who may be considering suicide?
should i kill my self?
how do u cheer yerself up?