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Sick and shaky after I eat?
What is the fastest acting insulin?
Someone pls help, glass in my foot ?
Will it hurt to remove my toe nail, or should I just go to the doctor?
Back pain: Showed up out of blue, PT didn't help...what next?
im suffering from an acl tear and its been 1 month my leg became a bit thin is that normal ?
Can I get rid of extra skin without surgery?
What causes my legs/thighs to get itchy when I run outside in the cold?
why does my head get very itchy?
my boyfriend wants to eat me out....but i have razor burn? do you think he'll care?
Rash around arm pits?
a bit overweight HELP!!!?
what is the best diet for a man 69 years of age who is diabetic?
Normal blood sugar for a non-diabetic?
What does blood sugar mean?
is .15 considered a critical lab value for TSH or just low?
What other tests are there to diagnose diabetes besides fasting glucose and A1C?
Should I visit my therapist?
Wanna ask a question about weight and depression but everyone missunderstands it? anyone that can?
Please help I'm really scared, what do I do?
Do you think more organized people have less stress in their lives?
why do people treat me like im mental just because i have a mental disorder?
I think im starting to go insane?
How different would a contact with a prescription of 8.6 for a base curve feel if I need an 8.4?
Eye help needed please ?
How Do I Keep My Contacts From Ripping?
Do transition lenses really get clear indoors?
Do you have or do you know anyone with a lazy eye?
Why am I waking up with dry eyes?
Do mobile phones give you tumours?
what are the symptoms of lymphoma?
testicular torsion, I am also very afraid of getting it?
what to look for in an MRI image of my pelvis?
the pain on my left testis spread up to the left part of my abdomen what could cause this?
My mom has breast cancer and im trying to help....?
uhmm help meeeeeeeee?
When you take a bath do you lose weight?
How much weight can you lose from switching to all water for your drinks?
Is 2% milk really bad on a diet?
Is it bad for you to barely eat anything all day?
How many calories are burned on the average school day?
How can I gain more energy without exercise?
I need help anyone have advice?
What Can Make Me Get Taller, And What Can Help?
How can i drink robitussin without throwin up?
What happens when your on shrooms?
How much would the following medications cost without insurance?
what's the best remedy for cough, congestion and cold?
Acne all over my body?
Can dermatologists also inspect the mouth?
chickenpox or measles? HELP!?
How can I clear my face over the winter break?
doxycycline- is it the same as tetracycline?
Sweet taste in mouth?
What is the difference between high fructose corn syrup and sugar?
How much water does a person with diabetes drink a day?
About my insulin levels to John e Russo how to contact you email?
Does anyone know about a insulin level < 2 mean ? My a1c level is 5.3. I fill tired and have nausea a lot?
DIABETICS! I just found out I'm pre-diabetic and want to start monitoring my blood sugar?
Could these be signs of me getting diabetes?
how bad is this blood pressure?
Can you get aids from a dog?
Should I be worried about bed bugs?
can coughing lead to throwing up..?
I do not have enough blood in my head?
Smoking Weed Question?
Is there a way to cure throat mucus/phlegm for good?
How long can live with lung transplant & possibility of rejection?
How can I stop snoring?
Door of radioactive room was left open..can this be harmful?
What are good Cancer Club Names?
Call Back for a Cone Compression Mammogram - help please?
i want to ask about my one swollen lymph node in the neck.it is slight painful.?
How soon after chemo can i dye my hair?
Chapped, dry, cracked, and flaky, lips?
What is a good moisturizer for dry skin?
Did i really get stung by a bee?
What's the quickest/easiest way to get rid of razorburn in the 'bikini' area?
What could this be??????????????????????/?
Injury? How do I help I get rid of it?
For how long are you "out of sorts" from rotator cuff shoulder surgery?
Should my sprained ankle still be unable to bear weight a week later?
Is my dad an Alcoholic?
Diabetes? Please help?
Can prior stress fractures in your shins be a cause of Peripheral Arterial Disease?
Can my head each s be caused by dehydration?
Coughing fits with green flegm? Not feeling well..?
Eye Excercises Help!?
Are colored contacts covered under insurance?
I wanna wear a coctact lens! Plz help me!?
The black of my pupil is gone- how can I get it back?
Is it worth getting glasses with .50 eyes?
is there an eye disorder in which a person sees dark spots in front of him?
I am one of those people that is never sick but does that mean I am very healthy or just lucky?
i think im getting sick? HELP?
Diagnose Me? Please!!!?
why am i tasting soap?
Question about Blistors. ...?
The bandage is stuck to the stitches?
He smashed his hand in the freezer...Is there anyway to get the swelling and black and blue to go away?
Does my aunt have a physiological problem?
how long does it take for a ciggarette burn on ur face to heal?
Eyelash stuck inside eye won't come out?
I didn't realize I got stung by a jellyfish?
What's your opinion and experience with marijuana?
will vitamins make my sugar go up?
can a 12 year old go on a treadmill?
What's a normal fasting blood sugar?
Diabetic body builders only?
Where can I buy Glucola 75g?
what happens when u eat a lot of sugar when u have diabetes?
What factors increase the risk of someone developing diabetes?
If I had a kid at what age do I start brushing their teeth and flossing them?
Braces are hurting my teeth/gums!?
Can I drink soda with braces?
I have 4 molars but im growing another one is it good or bad and why?
I'm getting my braces off in 2 days and I'm nervous..?
Will excess skin go away on its own?
HELP!!! Secrets to clear skin? How do you get flawless skin?
does general admission get a good spot for lady gaga?
Will Chemotherapy Work?
Is there a cancer link in Maine Coon Cats. A friend has lost 3 now and all to the same kind of cancer.?
can depression cause cancer?
lung cancer, combined with alcohol & prescription drug abuse...?
How can you tell and help high blood pressure?
my blood pressure is 150 over 61. What does this mean?
Heart Racing!.....................?
Iron level is low .age 51 need to get iron up but how?
My grandma has a cholesterol level of 6.7. Should i be worried? Thank you?
Im 22 yrs old im taking beta blocker tartrate to prevent migranes.?
I have had a painful life due to Diabetes and complications from this. Neuropathy is a main part of it but ev?
i really wanna wrestle but my mom is worried about my insulin pump being ripped out!?
Suger in my urine is it most likely diabetes?
convert 7.5ml to liters?
i think i have diabetes.... im scared to find out.?
What are some of the best foods to eat?
should i do yoga or pilates?
So im trying to lose weight but i was just wondering if tequila makes you gain or lose weight?
Help! How can i gain muscle!?
Is being 15.1 in the BMI scale bad?
How can I convince my mom that I don't have an eating disorder or get away with not eating?
Worried that eating 2 servings of frosted flakes on weight watchers (within allowd points) will stop my losing?
How can you treat eczema naturally?
Does lemon really lighten your skin?
My skin is dry and peeling, what should I do?
What products can I use for dry skin?
Is there any chance I could have a pituitary tumor?
At what point is cancer terminal?
Can cancer tumors be crushed?
how many stages are there for Pancreatic Cancer?
What Causes Cancer? please this is kinda urgent?
what will happen if we have more than 40000 WBC in our body?
Blood marker test following stage 1 colon cancer surgery is elevated what does that indicate?
what is the most common age?
Is this doctor right?
Blacked out in shower today?
Can't get up in the mornings? seriously worried?
COME ON PEOPLE, its herpes here!?
Hiccups Cures, PLEASE!!!?
Got poked in eye by my daughter?
harmful not to wear sunglasses?
what happens if you never close your eyes?
where can i get cheap acuvue oasys hyrdaclear plus online?
My eyes are red when I take out my contacts?
Do I have an eye infection/pink eye?
I have a horrible wet cough, a high fever, runny nose, and a very sore throat. What do I have?
I inadvertently ate a cabbage worm, what's going to happen to me?
where can I find info about parasites in humans?
Is there any possible way I could stop growing?
Extremely sad after smoking pot?
If I take a motion sickness pill, will it enable me to read in the car without getting sick?
Do I need glasses?? >.<?
Artery and vein pain & chest pain when I smoke weed ?
Vinegar found in teenager's room... Should I be concerned?
fever blisters/ cold sores HELP PLZ?
Burning itchy feeling.what can i do 2let it stop.?
can a survivor of brain aneurysm work?
i want to understand about water treatment?
Has anyone had this or know about it for mama's only!?
Is there anything anyone can do for my great uncle with stage four liver cancer...?
does the body have an impact on the brain?
Is this glucose meter still usable?
Why does one crave sugar,when ones insulin,glucose levels are normal?
hi, does nicotine withdrawal elevate the levels of blood sugar and uric acid?
redness on cheeks and body pains?
Why does getting your feet or head wet cause pneumonia, does it have to do with your immune system?
Cabin crew interview do i need to declare i have cystic fibrosis to them?
Stridor occurs in which upper respiratory disorder?
Do I have toxic shock syndrome?
please help i forgot how to breathe?
What is wrong with my heart?
can I have lapband surgury if i have an efi #of 40% with 3 stents I am on several medications?
Occasional Arrythmias. Can I exercise?
Quick question regarding the heart!?
What are some Acquired Heart Diseases in Children that require surgery's over the course of the child's life?
skin on top and bottom of my lips are oozing clear yellow pus?
does walmart repierce ears?
Hair thinning and Acne getting worse!?
Do I or Should I Get Glasses?
Is there a procedure for eyes that slant down at the ends?
I'm having contact lense issues.?
Can you wear contact lenses if your eye goes around the corner by itself sometimes?
do you wear contacts?
How to lose weight? N E E D H E L P?
All fruit diet? 16 yr old?
I would like to get your opinion about my weight?
I have a lot of leg fat on my thigh how do I get rid of it please help!!?
If you don't eat for about a week and drink tons of water will you loose weight?
HEY! How long did it take to see RESULTS!!!!!!!!!!?
i really wanna loose weight wondering what would be the quickest way to?
is this a good workout?
I am 17 years old and my mother is recently deceased. How do I collect survivor benefits for my brother and I?
where can I buy breast cancer awareness items in the inland empire?
I might have lymphoma but I do not have health insurance.?
What do they look like?????
Are my bottom front teeth suppose to touch the back on my two front top teeth?
haven't worn my retainers in a while?
Why does toothpaste have to have mint?
Is it common to get a filling with no numbing shot?
Do braces hurt n do they make you talk funny?
Someone wana unconfuse me? Diabetes?
why do i urinate to much?
I was eating very very much like 5000+ calories now I'm doing diet ..but always very hungery ..?
can glaucoma be fatal?
Is This The Skin Condition Vitiligo?
What is this hard, round thing in my cheek?
I want to sue my son's doctor.............?
If your arm get amputated and there is no professional how do you treat it?
Can you get hpv from a puppy?
Do you think a Zombie Outbreak would ever be possible?
I have got a horrible discusting taste in my mouth. How can I make my mouth taste normal again?
I know this is a weird question.. but when I'm older.. will I grow out of my fat?
What all can I do to juice up my veins?
My wife is sick! What is wrong with her, and how does she get better? 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
Why do i feel sick on the stomach at night?
Do I have some kind of depression?
Is it safe to get a tattoo on ur arm if you have terminal cancer?
Is it possible that I have lymphoma cancer?
pancreatic cancer that has matastasized in a 78year old male?
I have stage 4 brest cancer and my insurance doesn not want to pay for it , what can I DO?
what is lymphoma? medically speaking?
Is chlorine painful or deadly if enough is ingested?
how do you feel about AIDS?
Difference between infection and rejection?
If I had infectious mononucleosis and it went away, is there a chance that I get the herpes simplex 1 virus?
Will nail scratch leave a mark?
Stop a red chin after kissing?
Can 97.4% pure aloe vera gel get rid of dry skin on face?
i have a red blotch just underneath my pupil but on the white part?
How do I get rid of chapped lips?
I think I have vitiligo.... besides looking bad..are there any bad side affeects..?
y do physicians prescribe antibiotics like clindamycin n treating acne though da cause isnt an infecton?
What do you do to treat auto immune skin rash?
What does it mean if i keep getting these little lumps under my arm?
Heart Fluttering, arrhythmic beat?
Which part of the heart creates the impulse for pumping?
how to get my adrenaline pumping?
how to take care of circle lenses? please help! ><?
People who are blind from birth, what do they see?
Do I need some eye help?
Do ALL people w/ glasses have bad circles/bags under their eyes?
does having contacts damage your eye?
what can I do to supress sugar cravings?
If you have low blood sugar and consume alcohol how will it affect you?
Is insulin available over the counter in the US?
Can someone please help me... I have so many health issues, and I'm worried about cancer?
Does tanning using solarium cause cancer?
need answers as soon as: small amounts of blood comes up when i cough?
my daughter has a horrible cough going on a month?
Post-Blood Drive Help?
Light headed after smoking?
My hand is weak and slightly numb and I'm having trouble gripping writing utensils, etc. What could this be?
How can you treat (or even better, cure) telephobia?
Dementia/Alzheimer's question?
Is their a possible way to regain hand strength?
Why does my son get bad headaches and lose his eyesight for a few seconds?
Need to weight lose really fast! Can you tell me everything on losing weight? Thanks!?
Is Powerade Zero Bad During Dieting?
How to lose tummy fat?
Push ups? Gain muscle? Please read!?
does cardio workouts help burn BELLY fat?
One bicep bigger than the other one?
do you hate when you have a problem with your body that no doctor or anybody can understand?
been smoking for 5 months.?
How long can I leave a cup of water sitting out for and still drink it?
Uh... what just happened?
Cold sore and the corner of my mouth? help!?
Is my cell phone going to give me cancer?
I have a rash on the side of my forehead, is it because i'm vegan?
Should i smoke? im sick and want to smoke?
QUICK HELPP!?!?!?!!!!!!?
Is it true, if you spread tooth paste over a bruise or hicky it will go away ?
Should I wear a sling if i strained a muscle in my shoulder?
what is wrong with my knees?
What would what happens if you drop a guitar on your foot?you like to ask?
My toenail is coming off! Tips? Help?
I treat everyone I come in contact to like they have a disease (ex. aids). I dont believe in relationships?
do animals get std's or herpes?
What HIV and STDs can be transmitted through saliva?
can i sue the health dept. or a hospital if they tell the news i have hiv b4 i knew i was poz?
While "going downtown" you see what could be a harmless blemish -- OR AN STD -- what do you do?
treatment?still constipated?
How to cope with cancer diagnosis?
Any body here a PATHOLOGIST?
Why isn't Cancer Treatment Centers of America Ranked?
how early on in leukemia does blood tests show lack of red cells?
Lump in neck - cancer? 10 STARS FOR BEST ANSWER?
Can sweetener give you cancer?
Does it sound as im suffering from depression? I dont no where to get help?
i have been told by the doctor i am very highly functioning?
Why do I feel so unenergetic and depressed?
When someone has multiple personality disorder can they choose which to be?
My teacher thinks im depressed?
What are some good eye exercises to effectively improve eyesight? Should I do these exercises w/ glasses on?
Theres a white thingy on my cornea?
I have a small cornea abrasion on my right eye, it is going on 3 weeks now of limited vision, had all kinds of?
My spectacle power is -4?
possible damage? please help?
reduce eye redness??????????/?
Pain right above the patella?
Red scar looking things appearing on my skin?
Acne and facial hair growth?
No matter what I do I can't get rid of my back acne ?
What does a double bypass heart operation entail and what are surivial rates?
Is there a relationship between Diabetes and Autism?
treatment for diseases when you are over weight?
Could I have diabetes, please ANSWER?
What are some symptoms of Diabetes?
What diabetes test should I ask my doctor for?
Blood sugar after eating?
Dry Skin, Help!!!!!!!?
Hand sanitizer and hand moisturizer?
is it okay to mix aspirin with clearasil face wash?
do you think i'm going to be alright? 10points?
what are the symptoms of anxiety?
My hand started shaking?
Can drinking too much soda cause ribcage/back/chest pain?
one hit of weed how long to get out of my system?
A person gets sick and has no antibodies, and then later the infection clears. How did this happen?
Things to help soothe a sore throat?!?
I have a stomach flu..how long am i contagious?
can zypreza cause hallucinations?
Does monistat cure the infection or just the symtoms of it?
whyy is it taking so long to find cause of death from hospital my grandmother died 3 weeks ago?
My wife had breast cancer two years ago, we had a mammogram two days ago and got a call...?
Is a white circle on a suntanned back a sign of skin cancer?
how can I lose a quick 15 pounds?
Only drinking water and black coffee?
If you cut down on sodas and sugary juice and just drink water, will you lose weight?
Exercise question :D?
what the best way to Gain weight , I need to gain weight for football season whats the best way?
how do I lost 30 pounds by April 21?
Easy exercise routine to do at home?
Did I eat a healthy amount of calories today?
What are good home workouts?
Eyesight still blurry with contacts and still straining to see?
Help! Please! My eye?
How do people get lazy eye? 10 points!?
I'm too freaked out putting contacts in my eye!?
when i put my contacts in my contact case,the next day the lens got bigger and hurt my eyes.how did this happe?
What type of towel to use for cleaning eyeglasses?
Will Medicaid pay for replacement glasses?
what is the best food for my pit bull with dry skin?
Why does my face turn so red?
Best remedy for shiny skin during school?
Cut from dry humping?
How To Sprain Your Foot/Ankle?
How to get rid of an oily forehead?
When will my cuts heal, and why is it numb?
Why does my knee hurt?
Scar on head and around the scar it is hard ?
Is it really possible to stick your finger so far up your nose that you reach your brain?
how do i know if my leg is fractured/broken?
Does HPV ever go away in females?
Which sicknesses start with coughing and can kill a person?
Rib pain, Coughing up blood?
what are the symptoms for the bronchitis of the lungs?
So what did you do today for the Great American Smokeout?
......Sinus rinse packets?
Can i do mammogram test?
What are my risks of Cancer?
My grandma has very bad old people cancer?
How do I find out if I'm a match to donate bone marrow anonymously?
Can I go to the doctor alone at 17 in Illinois?
how to ask if know if some one has cancer?
swollen lymph nodes? Something to be worried about?
Can puppies live or outgrow a heart murmur?
I have sinus tachycardia and arrhythmia. What does that mean for me?
my lungs feel small and tight?
What is the name of this cardio medical condition?
Difference between crystal meth , methamphetamine, and amphetamine?
How low (weight) can I go?
Causes of hot flashes?
why am i too stressed!!!?
How to decrease my hearing?
any wrong with my ear, i feel like ringing over there.somebody please help me with this conditions.. thanks !?
What levels of what blood test prove someone has a fatty liver?
Is it possible to get rid of lice in one day?
how many ibprofin can you take at a time without causeing sever problems?
I have insomnia, there is any calming drink that i can take to fill less hyperactive?
how to stop oily skin?
What is the difference between poison oak and poison ivy?
I have been using the neutrogena acne wash the grapfruit one for a week?
I have one dimple?(opinion)?
Pityriasis Rosea Solution?
When you go to the dentist & get fillings do they hurt?
Why can't I eat with my braces and how long will the pain last.?
Molar abscess and swollen neck...?
What do rubber bands for braces do to your teeth?
I just got braces. Am I aloud to eat..?
Lost clear retainers!!!?
How long can I wear my contacts each day?
How can I bring down redness in my eyes from contacts?
People who have turned to contact lenses?
Where can I find exercises for better eyesight?
water intoxication please help?
Get legit steroids online?
First Time taking a Yoga class?
Is this a good workout schedule?
how much calories should a..?
Losing 40 pounds????????
how many calories should i consume a day ? if i would like to gain weight (healthy)?
I just scored a BMI or (%fat) of 14.4 ....is that unhealthy?
I'm doing a project on Bulimia, how fast do you see results when you make yourself throw up?
Is this a good diet and exercise routine?
Will shaving my head get rid of head lice?
I have scars on my forehead..?
Would it be weird if a 15 year old girl went into a shop to buy bio oil?
Insulin diabetic I can't lose weight and my sugars are always high, how to lose weight and get sugars down?
feeling sick after drinking soda?
I was checking my sugar levels and my boyfriend was curious of wat his was so i checked it it was 182 ?
Can a type 1 diabetic eat TURKEY bacon freely?
Is energy made of glucose and oxygen ? If blood sugar is not regulated will energy not be produced?
how do i make a diabetic pumpkin log?
How long can you go without a diagnosis of diabetes?
If the Doctor tells you that your Pre-Diabetic.?
URGENT! How do I keep him from killing himself!?
Does anyone have any idea what this could be?
Why is the sound of snoring so annoying to some and not to others?
Taking a bath REALLY hurts my toes, does anyone else get that?
I wont get marijuana in my system will I?
Help me please (pain with swallowing)?
will antibotics help to clean this fluid out of my left ear?
What is Chronic disease?
Should I be at school if I have bronchitis?
Constant throat clearing/coughing?
What is Hypertrophy Training?
procedure for heart stench surgery?
what is normal heart rate variation?
Is heart disease reversible?
plz help..!!ppt. on nervous sensation through human heart..?
Im 17 years old with a mild valve leak in my heart, but i want to join the police academy is this safe?
How long does it take for a sprained ankle to heal after swelling is gone ?
My ankle was sprained 4 months ago and it still hurts. Any ways to make it better?
What are some things to do at home while you have a broken leg?
I like to feel sharp objects..?
Can you walk on your foot with a stress fracture?
Just got a job at a restaurant, we need to wear headsets. Is this a risk to your health?
does this mean I have herpes?
why would someone hide the fact they take valtrex?
what do you take valtrex for?
what causes in grown hairs?
How do I get flawless skin?
I am 15 years old and I have undereye circles what to do to get rid of them. I am so fed up of it.?
how long does it take before your natural tan starts to fade?
how to get rid of spots on your chin?
How can I get this glass out of my foot without going to the ER?
what happen if kitten bite and puncture the skin?
How to get ACLS renewal?
How do you get superglue off your hands?
Fingernail split and bleeding, how do I know if I need to go to ER?
Need help ! I have this little cut that burns in my finger !?
My friend pierced my ear last night and it stings now?
how can barbeques cause food poisoning?
What foods can you eat and not eat when you have a cold/flu?
What is wrong with this woman's teeth it's the strangest thing?
Can anyone recommend a cosmetic dentist in DC who does invisalign? Thank you?
How long does it take to recover from wisdom teeth?
Is there any benefit from wearing a nightguard for TMJ if don't grind my teeth at night?
Can you explain why procedures on Molar teeth are more expensive?
help,im getting 4 teeth extracted at once for braces?
I need help with my braces please....... :)??!!?
If a person has a cancerous mole on their head and doesn't know it how does it kill them?
which vitamin e product should i use to get rid of a skin tag?
My skin on my arm pits & inner thighs is turning gray, I shower every day, what is causing this.?
Hunger headache yet not hungry..why is that?
unhealthy weight loss?
How can I get great abs for summer?
what does it mean when you lose a pound?.?
harder push ups ...............?
Heart Disease or Clogged arteries?
question about palpitations?
My heart feels like its going to rip out of my chest. Whats going on?
how can you stop heart palpitations?
Night contact lenses?
what doctors can prescribe isotretinoin like accutane?
is a dermatologist the person to see for acne treatment?
How do you remove blackheads?
Do you think I have dandruff or lice?
Why do I cry when I'm about to sneeze?
Why is the inside of my nose burning so bad?
How Long Does It Take To Get Marijuana Out Of Your System?
Can i grow taller by inch even if im 17 year old?
What is Clinical Strength by 'Secret' for?
i can't stop shaking ?!?
Cam i still get hiv or other stds if?
What should I do about my wart?
How to get rid of dark circle around the eyes?
Does anyone use the proactive acne treatment?
I have little red scabs that look like my skin burst open on my leg What are they? Should i be worried?
my ears are always itchy inside?
How do I get over my fears?
What could be the cause of my problems?
how can i make myself happy ?
suicide? or no suicide?
Free online email counseling. in desperate need of someone to talk to!?
Injury related question?
is a cracking wrist serious?
can short and long acting insulin given together?
Blood sugars are in normal range but lower than normal.?
Moving to Spain from the UK, how can i get my perscription as i am diabetic???!?
diabetes symptoms question here?
hypoglycemia or diabetes?
my son is 18 months and they took twice the blood test both arms and hands and no blood come out just 5ml?
Swelling around one tooth.?
best tooth replacement after abscessed comes out?
Please help me, periodontal disease?
How bad does it hurt to get a tooth pulled?
How can i make my teeth whiter?
How long will take you to be a dentist?
What colour do certain brace colours turn when you eat certain foods?
why doesn't your mouth grow mold?
can leaving a cracked tooth unattended make me sick?
What is my contact lens eye power?
Is there any way I can change my frames everyday?
How do 13 year olds go blind?
Can I wear colored contacts if I have astigmatism?
I have problems putting on contacts?
Contact Lenses advice?
Should I be concerned about my heartbeat?
Can someone help me with ECG Reading?
whats wrong? High ESR = 55, Low Heamoglobin =5.8,?
What 'disorder' do I have?
My hands and feet are always cold.. should I be concerned?
i took out my tongue ring after a week, what can i eat? when can i kiss again?
what is going to happen to me?
lose weight in a month?
The chewing tobacco habit is disgusting. How bout chewing chocolate or candy and spitting in public?
If I do all of this, how much will I weigh by June?
would you rather be old or be fat?
Help.. can somebody explain this to me?
I have very chapped lips?
dry skin nose and forhead?
how to get rid of a boil fast?
How do i stop my tongue from bleeding?
Can small intake of mineral block boost human immune system?
looks like mosquito bite but hurts and is can not breath normal?
How To Treat An Ingrown Toenail?
i got bit by a tick it left a weird mark?
My son could have gotten some metal flakes from the faucet in his mouth...Dr says to watch him...can it hurt?
I need help I cant feel my finger after a large cut and some bleeding?
Should I go to the hospital?
Why am I feeling dehydrated ?
Low TSH levels = hyperthyroidism...but why are many of my symptoms HYPO?
What happens when u get high? and also would ur parents be able to notice?
Should I take Airborne?
Which protein powder is better?
i have abnormals cells that showed in pap smear?
can you get hiv/aids from touching blood?
I'm making a strange noise in my throat?
Can smoking cause pneumonia?
diffrent types of respiratory diseases?
Coughing, heavy chest, hard breathing...Whats wrong with me?
Why are my cheeks always red?
Make the scars go away?
Need To Know What These symptoms Mean, (informartion below)?
whould it ever get better?
Blood sugar's all over the place?
Are there any tips to recover fast and safe recovery after surgery?
Diabetic and CKD &&& throwing up ?
My friend is diabetic, but she is now bulimic too?
Is it good to raise blood sugar?
what should i do about this?
Bordrline diabetes-What do I need to be doing?
What does diabetes do to you in the longrun(type 1)?
If you have type 2 diabetes how often does one have insulin injections?
Popping in elbow while excersising?
should i go the hospital?
injured shoulder question?
If i dont wear contacts all the time, can i use the monthly ones for over a month?
Help! What is this neck pain?
Are all eye test charts different?
Why is my left eye open wide like a fish eye?
Question about prescription number for nearsightedness?
Does weed show up in bloodwork?
can your heart go back to normal size once its enlarged?
What should I do if my heart is always beating pretty fast?
Mom has a heart murmur?
is my blood pressure high or low?
Should I be worried? braces?
How to get white teeth at home?
Will braces fix my TMJ Disorder?
I have an extra tooth in my gums. Help!?
Why do my back teeth hurt?
Im getting braces soon, does it hurt?
i need braces sortaaaaaaa what should i do?
If I wash my face with soap, and use moisturizer/ lotion after...?
How to get rid of acne fast?
Can a rash, that was caused by an allergic reaction, be contagious?
why does the gym feel like sucha chore?
How much should a 11 year old weigh?
What is the normal weight?
Drinking water for only & eating balanced meals, help me lose weight?
Did I eat healthy today or did I eat too much :(?
Question about calories and weight loss?
What is the fastest way to lose 15lbs?
Why is My Blood Glucose So High in the Morning?
Why is it that diabetics should have 45 to 65% of their meals should be CHO and monounsaturated fats.?
Is it okay if people with type 1 diabetes eat sugar all the time as long as they take insulin before?
Does having type one (insulin dependent) diabetes disqualify me from military service?
I am depressed & worried the Dr just told me I am pre-diabetic.?
Which insulins should never be mixed?
High then low blood sugar questions?
Does Castor oil really help prevent acne. treats skin etc?
Can Famciclovir be a substitute for Acyclovir?
Does it worth to spend a few hundredth $ to go to dermatologist just to ask a few questions?
what is this red rash that is all over my son?
Is this an ingrown toenail?
lots of tiny bubbles in my hands?
Common cold - do you think I'm still contagious?
What are the major childhood diseases in Brazil?
how long does hiv hepa b coinfected person live?
Im getting a bloodtest tomorrow? 10 POINTS!?
Can head lice spread things like hepatitis or AIDS?
Does ojo de venado really work.?
Adderall side effects?
How do I know I have enough "good bacteria" working properly in my gut ?
what are causes for nerve ticks?
Help ! Eye Problems ? Second time asking..?
Some questions about contact lenses?
homeopathic drainage to remove heavy metal toaxins?
What is hematogenic eyes/Iris ? 10 points !?
Is a hucka high like a high from smoking pot?
When I make eye contact with someone, my eyes water. Why?
What could this be.....Please help!?
Is this a medical condition?
Is heart rate of 40 too slow for 70 years of age?
my father 88 years has atrial fibrillation and takes tab ecosprin tab.?
Why my heartbeat is high and bp so low?
i keep having chest pains?
Is this reaction to pot typical?
Is it true that certain foods are bad for your colon?
I spent all night throwing up & now throat, chest & upper back hurt when breathing in?
I have a deep cut , how do i know if it's healing?
Did your dermatologist clear your acne?
Knee injury: I have a slight constant irritation just below my knee cap. How would I treat it?
i popped my jaw out at some point how do i fix it?
I fractured my knee a year ago?
Is my arm broken or what?
Back strain/sprain from work 5 months ago? More sensative than ever?
why do some people bruise easily?
What is a healthy weight for a 14 year old girl who is 5'8?
Am I too young for the p90x?
Is there any downside to eating sushi a few times a week?
is it ok to do push ups, or will it damage my wrists in the long run?
Question about eating healthy?
Will working out 30 minutes a day help me lose weight?
How can i get in shape/lose some weight and gain muscle?
do people with bipolar disorder have wear diapers?
I'm taking ativan for anxiety, can I drink alcohol?
Why am i always tired?
Why do people self harm?
Is this depression or something else?
If my psychiatrist diagnosed me with anxiety?
do i need to be on medication?
can you use expired blood glucose test strips?
Bad situation here. What is the SINGLE best time of day to test glucose? Type 2 diabetes.?
could i have diabeties or high blood preasure?Optition asked me few times..?
what is the cause for toe numbness?
Can you faint from being scared?
My Wife is a Diabetic and recently was tested high levels of SGPT & SGOT they are 200 & 290 what does it mean?
Could my child have diabetes?
is it okay to brush your teeth within 15-60 minutes?
Do retainers hurt n do they make you talk funny?
im getting braces for sure and i need some guidance?
Can I get invisalign?
lip ring, will my teeth be ok?
Does this sound like fibromyalgia?
Could this be gastritis?
Head, Neck, Hands Trembling ...?
Question for people with relapsing/remitting MS?
What to do for insomnia?
How do I get rid of scars?
How do i get rid of my wart?
So i'm the only one in my grade who has acne is that normal?
Which acne cure is the best?
Walmart eye center contact lens?
getting contacts for the first time..what can i expect..?
Could being naturally underweight be hazardous to your health?
Should i see a doctor now?
I am slightly near sighted?
How bad is my eye sight if my doctor tells me I'm -10 in my right eye and -9.5 in my right eye?
I did not get my PD This month?
How does 2nd hand smoke kill!!!?
Will my insurance cover eye aliment surgery?
I recently had cataract surgury on one eye and the surgeon billed medicare for 2500 dallars. a few day later?
positive home pregnancy tests negative doctor pregnancy test?
i am 44 and was just diagnosed with hpv. should i panic?
should i get my spider bite checked by a doctor?
How to tell if you have an ingrown toenail?
How long do you stay in the hospital after a snake bite?
whats the best way to treat a dog bite on your hand.?
How do I heal a cut finger?
My mom has severe high blood pressure?
Do you think I have PVC's?
Why would my blood pressure go UP when on blood pressure lowering medication?
What does it mean if your heart enzymes are off?
What would be the best way to raise my HDLs without medication?
help with sore leg.afraid of clotting.preferable for doctor?
Can they tell ur smoker by lookin at ur blood?
How much does a TB test cost without medical insurance?
Okay i have strep throat.. & smoke .please read?
Albuterol giving panic attack like symptoms?
I took my mates inhaler and my hearts beating really fast help?
What is the best tasting Halls cough drop?
I peeled my plantars wart on my heel of my foot and the wart has black dots. What do I do?
Will my acne scars ever go away?
I have a cut on the roof of my mouth. Is there anything I can do to speed up the healing process?
Is walking good exercise?
My hips hurt when I do ab exercises?
weight and endurance training question?
Losing Weight....Will this work?
Professinal and docters plz help....liik now!?
my eyes tiny red veins how do i make them go away?
Why can't I wear my contacts anymore?
What does it mean when your right eye twitches?
How long do color contacts last?
Why do these contacts hurt?
can anybody tell me what this pill is?
I need to know if am fat?
MEDICINE? im feeling like ****!?
Can you get high on Adderall?
Is weed a horrible thing? also what are these pills?
If a toenail is rotted and falls off, will a new and healthy one grow back?
Stomach Cramps, Diarrhea, Almost Fainting?
What does this sound like? :O?
My boyfriend keeps throwing up someone help please!?
Is it normal to bleed this long after loosing my virginity?
How do you pop vicodin?
How to report unhealthy condition online?
Do you think I have diabetes?
Why diet sugars (Splenda, Equal, etc) are bad for non-diabetics?
my friends pees all the time does he have diabetis?
How does type one diabetes differ from type two diabetes?
how long does it take for a broken finger to heal?
Does a hip replacement permanently disable you, and in what ways if so?
Pulling the plug on John Doe?
How do I get glass out of my toe, help please!?
How to stop excessive sweating?
Super Glue accident....foot stuck to side of my head....?
Both my parents smoke, and cigarettes can cause acne?
Please HELP I have a question about HERPES !!! PLEASE!!!!?
How do I get rid of crabs?
How to lower high cholesterol fast?
high potassium levels?
Can an EKG tell you if you have had a heart attack previously?
what does upward movement of a waveform on an ECG mean?
what is the object use to check you heart at the doctor office is called?
Can eating disorders cause black heads/ acne?
What should I give my 13-year-old sister who has just had surgery?
I am a male 35yrs of age, married.I have been facing migrane for many years. Any home base preventions?
is it true that if u put onions under your arm pits for a few hours u will get a fever?
is this a real medical condition or just superstition?
I am pretty sure there is blood in my vomit...it's bright red. I'm not in much pain. ?
Stye looks like it's ready to pop?
how to maintain circle lenses???
How much does double eyelid surgery cost in Taiwan?
I want non prescription colored contacts. and can i get a prescription from the doctors if im under 18?
how to ask mom for contact lenses?
Strange eye problems?
is jock itch the same thing as athletes foot?
If you have had no acne problems in teenage years will you get some in adult years?
why can't you prevent vitiligo?
im sick, what should i do?
Bad Hangover question ?
passing a drug test for reefer?
whats wrong with my ear?
Frequent Urinations, Often clear or very light yellow, and it happens usually after I eat lots of sugar?
does invisalign actually work?
Why would a surgeon need to do a bone graft if the dentist said my bone looked good?
Help I am really scared?
How can you get rid of garlic breath?
Is there any way to move teeth faster with rubberbands? (Please read details)?
Can the first sign of diabetes be tingling feet?
energy drinks and diabetes?
What is the top 10 question do you get asked if you have Diabetes?
are these symptoms of diabetes?
What can sweating be due to?
so confused with the diagnosis?
How much should an 11 year old whos 5ft5 weigh?
Which is better an elliptical machine or a treadmill?
I hurt my chest somehow?
how quickly would i lose weight by doing this......?
what are some ways to make my muscle mass on thighs bigger?
can cats catch colds?
seizures In an 11 year old dog. How often will they occur?
I need to get sick! I'm almost there?
Should I Wear A Shoe Over my sprained foot?
Should I sue the doctor's office?
I have had appendicits but i didnt need surgery but a few months later it started hurting again wat do i do? ?
Physical therapy vs Occupational therapy?
Is it safe to rinse a Visine bottle out and put salt water in it?
Is it possible to gain height naturally?
The best supplement for fatigue and tiredness?
Does Gargling Hot Salt Water Help Sore Throat?
how long does 2 hits of acid last?
I have had recent blood tests done and don't know what they mean.?
I have a guest who came about 3 day's ago with many problems, sleeping too much and other's, on my wifes?
What s your blood type?
total of kidney function do i have?
Emergency!! Super quick zit-zapper!?
Facial burns how to heal/cover up?!?
how can u get rid of herpes?
I think i have high blood pressure but i'm not really sure?
echo and heart murmur?
Help please I NEED ANSWERS!!!!!!!?
Why don't I feel cold in 10 degree weather?
Does hanging make you taller?
Am I sick, and with what? (Descriprion below)?
Why do people insist on asking medical questions on these sights?
Any way to recover my eyesight?
Physical illnesses can trigger mental problem?
Small Black dot in eye?
how bad is my sight at -6 with astigmatism and myopia? and what stage does blindness occour?
How do I get rid of eye irritation due to contacts?
Eye Contact problems!?!?!?
I have eczema around my eyes=/, is there any home remedies to get rid of it?
chapped dry chewed on licked a lot lips?
I'm having acne problem right now,it annoys me much.Anyone know how to get clear this off my face?
Diabetes symptoms but normal blood sugar?
My best friend is worried she might have diabetes?
I feel normal when my blood sugar is 200 and lightheaded when it drops bellow 140. Is that a sign of disease?
Is blood sugar of 150 high? For a non diabetic?
How long till diabetes neuropathy occur?
I think I might have diabetes....?
is there something wrong if there are weird vertical ridges on your fingernails and toenails?
i have an infected piercing and it wont go away!?
i cannot swallode anyting and if i do i vomit?
Right Hand Side Abdominal Pain.?
does this count as an etiology of a disorder?
I was involved in a fight. how to cure the wound?
Why i can't sleep while in fact...?
I need my teeth to no look so yellow?
If the back of your jaw hurts should you call a doctor or dentist?
problem with braces should i go back or not?
What's the best way to fix my front teeth?
What do I do???????????
If im a rehab aid do i need to take First Aid?
why do cuts itch when they heal?
I am 55 years old and I still bite my nails. Why do I do this, and how can I really stop?
Im male NEW Jersey certified as EMT-B can somebody help me to volunteer?
Is there a way to stop yourself from crying or tear's from coming down?
how can i get rid of my mosquito bites?
Docotors, what are your views on electronic cigarettes?
how can i remove heavy metals from body?
do you have to have eye problems to get contacts?
Contacts:Any Tips????????
Does using a computer a lot really effect your eye site?
Can I use this for eye drops?
How do you improve your eyesight without glasses or contacts?
what is up with my contacts? hazy vision?
what to do whn chillie gets into our eyes immidiate help required!!!!?
What is a rare skin disease that i can write a 2 page report on!!!?
Dose she like me????????
how can u get rid of a fever blister ?
why are my hands always cold?
how many calories have i had today?
does cinnamon extract help you lose fat?
what is the average weight for a 13 year old that's about 5 ft?
What do Hollywood celebrities do when they are hungry, so they don't eat?
Is anyone 5ft5 out there? How much do you weigh? Age?
How much weight will i lose?
do growth pills work for height or are they a waste of time?
What are the steps to becoming an anesthesiologist?
Im on prozac and its really not helping?
Do u think apple cider vinegar is good for you?
Could this be dandruff?
Ordered a bong online! HELP!?
should i go on Accutaine?
My feet swelling? frostbite?
Is there anything I can do to help my skin?
dry itchy scalp!! it hurts!?
Who had a 60s No 1 hit with Wooden Heart?
Heart starts beating really fast? Plus I have low blood pressure? Help!?
How is the rehabilitation of cardiac patients influenced by the psychosocial impact of the disease?
Cholesterol medication -What to do?
Would drinking a liter of water before an ECG effect the results?
Anyone who is depressed, please answer this question?
I attempted suicide, but I failed, and noone knew. Do i tell my therapist?
How does the pill cause depression?
When is the best time to think about and acknowledge the concept of death?
When do the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder usually first appear?
What are some pills that could make me happy and how can I get them?
I have eczema and I need a cure for it.?
can i make my scars go away cheaply?
How to take care of skin in winter?
How can I get rid of my few spots of acne and blackheads in THREE days?!?
can a strain or sprain go away by itself?
I've badly sprained my knee, will my doctor sign me off work?
can one survive in the wilds, while missing lower half of the face?
Cheerleading Injury! I need some questions answered!!?
Is a concussion the second time more common than the first?
What drug stays in your urine the longest?
Can't eat without feeling sick?
how should i make sure i wake up?
how to pass a drug test fast naturally?
Is it ok to sleep with my contacts in?
I just got a contact lenses could you answer a couple of questions about them'?
Sleeping with eyes open?
So I'm almost positive i have a uti & a bacaterial vag.?
what is the percentege of a young woman getting an STD when performing oral on a guy whom has also no STD?
what cause of coughing?
do you think I have cystic fibrosis?
Impact of marijuana smoke on my lungs?
Do I have step throat?
I'm 15 weeks pregnant, My mother is in bad shape in the hosp. with pneumonia, should I visit?
Need advice and encouragement?
I can taste blood in my mouth?
Is there a connection between Type I Diabetes and Asperger's Syndrome?
How do I know if I have diabetes? Do i have diabetes?
can a Illinois School bus driver have diabetes and drive?
Can a 13 year old have circulation problems?!?!?
heart palpatations and high blood pressure?
Estimated Recovery Time?
My heart, head, ear, and back hurt?
If you've gotten your wisdom teeth pulled..?
I am getting just about all of my teeth pulled and they are getting me laughing gas?
Heart flutters when I lay down?
what is good for whitening teeth?
Why am I cold and sweaty at the same time?
How hard is it to quit smoking?
does 70% alcohol sterlize instruments?
In USA does it cost money to go and see a doctor?
How to get rid of whiteheads?
I'm 17 and I have two dimples on my lower back and I want to get dermal anchor piercing on each dimple. ?
Best Home Remedy for Anal Skin Tag ?
Worried about parasites?
Is it possible to get a cold by having a sick person cough into your mouth?
How To Avoid The Stomach Virus?
Can you tell me do I have a cold, a flu, or strep throat?
How long do I have to stop leaving the house to avoid getting the flu?
Can spiders have aids?!?!!?? :3 lol?
when should i exercise?
Is fat free chocolate milk a good p90x recovery drink?
How can I loose weight on my calves?
Is weighing 129 overweight?
I think I messed up. I feel guilty?
whats the quickest way to lose 20 pounds?
Sick nose burning helpppp me?
Does anyone know any websites that will help me?
for the past week i feel nausea / sick to my stomach after every time i eat like i could throw up!?
Why do we stretch when we wake up?
constipation!! help please?
what would you do if you were in this little situation?
Can you get a breath back after you have missed it?
What is a hypodense liver cyst?
Why does my feet itches?
how do I stop myself from sleeping 12 hours per day?
i have digestion problems can someone help me out?
Do I need to get a prescription for color contacts if I just got one for clear within the last six months?!?
Will being in front of the computer too much damage my eyes?
white discharge from the eyes?
Several lens-makers and eyeglass stores turned me down, where can I get custom made non-prescription lenses?
How long will it take my eye to heal after Cataract surgery?
What can I do about dry eyes in the morning?
Why am I not allowed to put contacts on by myself the 1st time?
How can I tell which shrooms are safe?
i'm getting addicted to heroine?
Oil of Oregano instead of Antibiotics?
Why do potassium supplements only contain two percent of the daily required value?
Reverse osmosis does not remove all of the fluoride from drinking water. Is there an affordable...?
Herbal teas that improve life style?
Home remedies for curing a cold?
What is wrong with my wrist?
Can you sprain your ankle by cracking it too much?
Did I burn out my taste buds?
is it broken/sprained/fractured/bruised (toe)?