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If someone is healthy but constantly experiencing hot body temperature since teenage til now that he is 28yrs ?
when i eat a lot of sugar i have to pee a lot. that's a sign of diabetes, right?
If a person has low blood sugar...?
How do I raise my blood sugar without eating garbage?
how do i know if i have good blood sugar levels?
About Diabetes; I would like to know.....?
Dry flakey skin on face peeling of?
Help with hyper pigmentation after acne!?
How do i stop dry skin on my scalp?
Is there anything i can do to cut the dad off?
Mild hallucinations when high & do you twitch ? LOL?
Question about Marijuana?
Sounds like im being yelled at?
Cannot fall asleep, HELP!?
why does it take more Marijuana to get high?
Is there a chance I can get breast cancer?
Would you trade your life expectancy for a dying parent?
can phenylalanine cause cancer?
Are there health risks to take into consideration for getting a tattoo shortly after going through chemo & rad?
My mom had breast cancer, and never knew it til she went to the hosp. My grandma doesnt. will I?
My wife had copper t one year before now she gain all most 12kgs of weight so what is solution for that?
How fast will I lose weight?
I'm 20 and I want to no if it's ok to take all these vitamins??? ?
how many calories should I eat - new office job?
How do i get abs? Help!?
I weigh 146 and I want to get back to at least 120 .. what the best fastest way to so that?
Do people with OCD disorder, always have rituals? or just some people?
I let my insecurities get the best of me in a relationship?
Dealing with depression? Help?
My friend says "I'm too emotional" cause I cried when my Aunt died, I was very close to her...?
Acne question (spot redness)?
how to get rid of scars?
How do you give CPR to someone with 3 fractured ribs?
When you twist or sprain something should you keep moving it to get better?
Why does the outer corner of my left eye hurts when I blink or touch it?
Is it bad to go on roller coasters if you have a mild case of whiplash?
When your eye twitches, what does it mean?
Question about Acuvue Oasys contacts?...?
What's wrong with my eye?
Can I take my Urban Outfitters readers to an optometrist and get them fitted with prescription lenses?
can u get a fever by wrapping yourself in a lot of blankets?
My Fiance has the tummy flu what can i do to make it go away and make him feel better?
What are the Symptoms of mono?
Is my impetigo MRSA? What's going on?
What can bleeding from the throat mean?
Are tomatoes so great that it can prevent all kinds of cancer?
how is breast cancer caused ?
I fainted and I dont know why?
Is 36 HDL-C really that bad?
What Is A Mild Stroke?
Is it dangerous to have blood pressure the top number and bottom number are very close?
why is my pulse so fast?
I don't want medication even though i'm sick?
Why does looking at bright lights help you sneeze?
What could these things mean?
is it bad if you sneeze 15 times in one day?
Can someone answer my anatomy question?
How do you get rid of acne on your back?
If i eat nongreasy foods, will my oily skin fade away?
Will Daytime Cold Medicine Keep Me Awake?
Tdap or TD immunization?
My feet: one is tingling, the other hurts.?
Lose of vision what do I do?
Diagnosis for what I was in the hospital for?? Fainting/possible heart attack?
What is huntington's disease?
i ate watermelon yesterday, then i have a red blood like in my stool, is it blood?
how to stop the continuous hiccups?
While a person waits for a celiac blood test, what are some foods to avoid?
My eyelid is swollen from allergies! What do i do?!?
my eyes are so red... WHY?
What is the difference between Type I Herpes and Type II?
Am I Allergic To Mouthwash?
Abdominal pain from HIV?
I don't know if I'm dieing?
Why are my scan results taking so long?
What does having cancer feel like?
MY Friend has Lung Cancer?
Can I get skin cancer?
What can I eat to lose weight?
What would happen if a person was just over300lbs. lost it all from an eating disorder then gained it all back?
will i loose wight if i do this ...?
How do I lose wight fast?
Can you eat enough...?
How do I achieve this?
Dieting Tips :) ! Please help :D?
I am about 100 lbs overweight. I would like to lose weight quickly. What are my options?
Should I get the permanent or temporary contact lens?
My mom thinks might have diabetes because I have glaucoma...it this possible?
does bad eyesight make you sleepy? if i dont wear my glasses?
eye drops for burning eyes, that can be used with contacts?
how to get rid of irritated skin?
How to tell my mom I sweat too much?
What is the fastest way to get rid of acne?
is this normal? please help?
I'm 18 with nerve damage, what do I do?
What is the phobia name for fear of car crashes?
What time are you going to bed?
Can i get an boot cast walker?
Do you think my finger is broken?
Can my finger(s) be broken?
Hurt my knee, whats wrong?
Can someone please explain to me what an anterior cortical defect in the knee is? My husband had surgery?
water gives u cancer?
How to prevent/reduce chances of getting cancer?
My mother was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer,Needs a pen pal...?
How long after a doctor receives a patients test results do they have to deliver the results to the patient?
breast cancer question....?
If the common cold attacks you by airborne virus, what does putting keeping warm have to do with it?
Do I have Asthma? And if not what is this?
Can a hospital refuse to treat a patient with pneumonia who will not stop smoking?
Why would my sinus infection return a few days after I completed the course of antibiotics?
Why do I have trouble waking up in the morning & doing things I want to do unless a person is expecting me?
Its been 6 days since i first smoked very powerful weed and everything is boring?
I think I have a cold/sinus infection?
Why do my lips go numb after I give my boyfriend head?
Has anyone ever quit taking Imodium after long-term use??? I really need advice!?
Where can you find if complaints have been filed against a doctor practicing in Connecticut?
Is a physiotherapist a doctor or not?
my sister is sick. what could it be?
Missed a dose of my antibiotics?
How rare is scarlet fever in adult male?
HELP!!!! I NEED to get rid of my ance marks/scars. Any ideas?
Any Cures for Toenail Fungus?
is there a stretch mark cure?
How do i take my pulse?
Is Weight lifing Good and Safe for Heart Patients?
Is it possible to die from a broken heart?
Obbsesive thoughts about heart attack is driving me insane please help .?
What are the signs and symptoms of an angina?
causes for pus in urine?
What do you think is wrong with me?
Do I have an allergy to my contacts?
is there any way to get better or completely get my sight perfect?
how bad is having eye floaters?
dropped my contact lense on the floor?
Am I able to get contacts?
how to help a cat with a weeping eye?
how do you get rid of the hiccups?
I think I could be dying?
How do they remove your tonsils and adenoids?
What about stage 4 cancer in lungs and moving to brain in a week?
Serious, no bull advice needed......?
How deadly is colon cancer?
My niece is having stage 4 cancer?
Does anybody out there survive breast cancer stage 4?
Do/Can cancer patients get Disability?
Can Teenagers Get Non-Cancerous Thyroid Nodules?
one of my mates has just been diagnosed with a serious terminal illness.?
i it safe for me to eat fruitsand vegetables only and some oats?
Dieting and exercising but no weight loss? help?
How many times you go to a mirror everyday?
What's a fast way to get abs?
Is pain good in weight lifting?
I don't know if I'm getting enough calories?
How much does a gym membership cost?
is it better to workout b4 bed or in the morning?
Why did I get a gap from braces?
What muscle moves the tongue?
Do i have to wait to eat after getting sealance put on my teeth?
antibiotics & abcessed teeth?
At what stage of tooth decay does it cause permenant damage or death?
I have had braces for 6 years. Is it possible that my braces aren't working anymore?
How can I reduce the redness on my face left from acne?
What is this on my face?
What makes a persons hair dry?
Small raised dot on foot?
Is there anything my dermatologist can do about my acne craters?
How do you sprain your foot or ankle?
My arms in a sling..?
Is it a Sprain or Fracture?
My Ankle Hurts When I Walk?
Lump on my shin...don't know what it is.?
if my platelets n WBC are abnormal cud i have leukemia?
Is it true that when a father passes hair loss genes, it skips some of his offspring?
Does punching someone really hard in the arm/back/etc cause cancer?
what does this mean: terminal ileum normal with very prominent lymphoid tissue in a band?
What type of cancer is it when you have a brain tumor?
how long does it take for garlic oil to kill warts?
What is a great face cleaner for oily skin?
Does clean and clear advantage acne control kit work?
I have stretch marks..?
I'm Allergic To Benadryl, But My Allergies Are Killing Me.?
will earrings ever close up again after there fully healed?
coughing,sneezing,sore throat,and runny.stuffed nose?
can allergies or toothache increase blood pressure?
can someone with a major peanut allergy eat frango chocolate???
Energy Drinks and Heart Murmur?!!?
I'm doing something that keeps the heart pump harder, will it kill the heart?
Is there something wrong with my heart?
Can High Blood pressure be cured or is it controlled by medication?
I had a heart transplant?
what is wondering aortic pacemaker? is it comon or not?
What could it be when your heart feels like its "dropping" or "jumping" in your chest?
Will i have heart problems later?
Is a -3.00 diopter lens an indication of strong myopia ?
my eyesight gets 10x worse when wearing contacts rather then wearing glasses//why?
please help, my girlfriend is having eye problems.?
Why do I feel hot at a temperature lower than my temperature?
How long after you lose your hearing do you get a deaf voice/accent?
Puss coming out of gauges?
Is restless leg syndrome genetic?
Is my blood type normal?
Can I get a disease from kissing?
is this a cold sore its been 3 months help?
where do they inject hpv shots?
I think I may have gonorrhea, what do you think?
What are the early symptoms of hiv?
I am very depressed...how can i cure this?
What nutrient or lack of nutrient would cause calcium to rise?
Drink a lot of water and not peeing?
How do you wake up when you take a sleeping pill?
Group that helps Fibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome...?
What should I do? :'(?
What is a teacher suppose to do if a student doesn't eat lunch.?
why does smoking crack cocaine feel so good?
Can you drink your own blood and sweat?
Why are my feet always cold -- I know it's not JUST poor circulation?
Burnt hand? (blonde moment!)?
What happens when you dislocate your finger?
When is it better to take a shower?
What to do about this fat lip?
i got bite by some kind of bug on my ear.. and now my left ear is swollen is red.. what should i do?? help plz?
What type of doctor should I go see if I have a skin infection?
unknown bruises on the skin?
What is the best acne treatment, besides proactive, for sensitive skin?
Pediatric Oncologist Nurse help!?
photos of swollen lymph nodes on a dogs neck?
How does one get Cancer?
Neighbor has cancer, now I think I have it?
Approximately how many cigarettes would it take to induce lung cancer?
Is this a sign of oral cancer?
Is it possible that I will get skin cancer just by tanning for a week?
Is it bad to tan (in a tanning bed) on and off?
strange problem with hands?
Is America's Best ( contacts and eyeglasses ) open on Labor Day?
I am not getting any taller. I am 5 ft?? Are any of you this height?
is it weird to lose weiht while being sick?
health problem / how can I stop crying?
How do I know if I broke my toe?
Can you learn how to swallow tablets?
how to easily and quickly sprain your ankle?
Would they put me on crutches?
I have a concussion.......?
Heart murmur- genetics?
What is the name of the med for the heart that starts with Nitteo?
Why was my blood pressure so high at the doctors?
can you have heart problems if blood pressure/weight is healthy?
Topiramate / Topamax Irregular heart beat / PVCS Anxiety?
My heart beat raises when listening to rock. And I keep listening to it all day. Will my heart break?
Can high blood presure cause chronic coughing...?
Should I be worried.?
can i develop cancer? leukemia?
Can one twin have cancer but not the other?
cyst or zit... red thing coming out?
Specific vitamins/minerals/foods to help acne/healthy skin?
What are great ways to get rid of acne fast?
what if my temperature is 97.3?
Is it safe to use alcohol to sleep occasionally?
Health Insurance for a young adult?
My body is weak,im tired and im eating alot. what does this mean?
Why is my left ring finer and pinky numb?
Xenadrine/diet pills?
I weigh 125 pounds and need something to help me pack on about 20 more pounds.?
What foods make your metabolism go faster?
Do sprints or jogging long distances burn fat faster?
does P90x really make you stronger?
What are the benefits of drinking tea regularly?
Is it easy to take creatine monohydrate?
does a person need to be infected with oral herpes to spread it to someone else?
How do you know if you have herpies or not ?
bone tissue has fibers and a hard mineral substance that provides for protection and support of the body?
How could he have gotten cancer?
what Yall Think about this?
Research for my Book?
what can i do to help, cancer. help please.?
Can you give me some information about faquamous cell carcinoma?
Benign (non-cancerous lump) help?
Can aspartame in Diet Coke really cause cancer?
My face turns really red whenever I have to do presentations in front of my class?
Im confused on what to be when i grow up?
Please help! Woman Question!?!?
I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and looking for help...?
Is it true that ones family is charged when a person donates their body to science?
Questions about Anxiety Issues?
I think my bf has a metal chip in his eye!! Should he go to the ER?
Scratching sensation after first pair of contact lenses?
i have a question about this?
What's wrong with my eye?
banana peel on a boil?
Skin is flaking from the top of my hand?
how can I get rid of eczema from my hands?
Why are black dots appearing on my face?
What can I give my 4 year old for cough relief?
When does not smoking get easier?
Sick with cold should I stay home from school?
Asbestos in my moms old home- she invite us over for thanksgiving- go or no?
my blood goes out throught skin?
What are the effects of smoking weed?
Having real problems breathing - doctor says is not ashtma?
is there hayfever allergy seen in florida?
Is it possible to develope being allergic to marijuana?
Can you be allergic to lettuce?
What can I do to relieve vertigo caused by allergies?
Should I be going to school when I have pink eye?
wondering,and concerned?
at what temperature should you not go to school :)?
Stomach flu or pregnancy?
What are these symptoms of...?
My cuzin said my hairline need surgery was that lame?
does cucumber juice and lemon juice mix together help fade acne scars?
How to stop biting my fingernails?
What will happen if something forces the heart beat remain elevated during deep sleep?
Im 18 f heart problems.. Dr says I have a murmur did an EKG and is sending me for 4 more tests....TERRIFIED?
Symptoms of low blood pressure?
Are these blood pressure readings ok?
Ok, I'm paranoid how do I put my mind at ease?
Problems with sleep, waking up, and alertness?
Do you think this is right about me bein anorexic?!?
How come I have no fears?
i have a deep obsession with penguins i need serious help on how to become one please help?
How can I make myself less weird?
if i do sit ups will i get a flatter stomach?
Why many plump/chubby girl don't have a boyfriend?
I need help with weight loss......?
Is it possible to lose 40 pounds in 2 months?
Tell me how i look! Rate me, comment, idc. PIC INCluDED. I HAVE ABS ;)?
Chocolate milk: how much is too much?
Does bulimia ruin your singing voice?
The 2-4-6-8 Diet.? The inside scoop.?
smoked pot and regret it?
can 1 abdominal ct scan do any damage?
Is Cml leukimia treatable?
Can blood test check for skin cancer?
has any one tryed any colon cleanses and compared them?
What do I do if my girlfriend has cancer?
Were Bates' findings ever investigated?
how do blind people pour a drink?
My Glasses are scratched?
Cure for poor sight or hoax?
What private health insurance plan covers optometrist visits, in Ontario?
Do you think I'm going blind?
why do i want to die?
Why do my hands get so cold they feel like theyre going to break off?
I'm 28 years old and i feel so old; is this normal at this age?
what is the best medicine for a fever?
Why do I get so tired so quickly?
I take doxycycline for my acne should i cleanse my face also?
why do i have acne on my chest (under my neck)?
How to get rid of double chin at home?
How can I treat my mosquito bite?
Are Centipedes Poisonous?
I hurt my finger on Monday, and its still bleeding randomly....?
Is Bruise Blood Really Those Colors?
I was burning plastic,&it got on my hand,&now is a white-ish bubble blister, what should I do?
any tips on how to reduce redness and swelling?
How long does it take for blisters to show up after you are severely sunburned?
I fell down some stairs today, landed on my nee, it dosnt hurt but I cannot move it, it is limp. whats wrong?
so I cut my leg while shaving and now there's a giant bruise?
Is my foot broken? Please help!?
broken ankle. trapped in room.what to do?
What is AIDS/HIV and what causes? What does it do?
If you liked a girl, then found out she had an std?
I got my test results back for HSV-1. My test results show positive for HSV-1. Does that mean I have STD?
Can someone help me with different types of cigarettes?
what are the signs of cervical cancer?
I believe I have testicular cancer has it spread?
cigarettes that taste really bad ? related to lung cancer ?
Do guys care if girls have a little bit of acne?
my skin gets really dry during the winter months, its also very sensitive! what cleanser should I use?
How did you clear up your acne?
My teacher has purple toes?
Can A Triple Bypass be fatal?
Really bad chest pain? Please help!?
Help am i having a stroke?
How do you know if u have skin cancer?
does breast always spread to the lymphnodes?
I'm fifteen and I feel back pain were my panercreas are, cancer?
What type of cancer is this?
How long does it take to remove a mass in the brain?
Could a 16 year old girl possibly have breast cancer?
my eye is really red after taking contact out, its white where the contact was.?
What are the contacts that make your pupils look large called?
Anyone with amblyopia...?
Does getting teeth pulled out hurt?
My eye vision is -8 and I'm only 17 years old?
Is it dry eye or some thing else?
If I'm wearing contacts, does looking at a computer screen for an extended amount of time really dry out eyes?
i went to the eye doctor today....?
Toric lenses that look like this?
How possible is it to get diarrhea from an antibiotic?
Passing a Drug Test...?
Do braces hurt while their putting them on?
How to get rid of mouth ulcer caused by stress?
Do I have whiplash after dancing to a song?
Any way to stop talking in my sleep?
what happens when you sneeze with your mouth closed?
ativan stays in your system how many days?
Melanoma?Please help!?
can a person drink alchohol and be around infants,without a direct effect?
How can i tell if blood in your urine?
Should I ask my therapist if I have an eating disorder?
My ANA came back boarder like positive with a speckled pattern - What does this mean? Should I be worried?
I just found out my 41 year old boyfriend is doing meth.?
Do you think that I have Tinnitus?
What is wrong with me?
If i run 5 miles every night how muh fat will i lose a month?
How to lose 100 pounds by April?
how many calories should i eat a day?
Guess my weight.....?
how many calories should ieat a day?
Hips hitting the ground doing crunches? Ow?
Working out at night?
i think i pulled a neck muscle?
Should I just go home? Ankle Sprain.?
Swelling after bandage?
what do you do if any injury occurs in boxing?
Is baking soda legal in USA for cancer tumor medicine?
Can you get cancer from smoking weed 5 times?
Don't you need to have a biopsy done in order to be diagnosed with cancer ?
i slept 18 hours and a half?
Is is possible for someone with spinal cancer to get a partial spinal transplant?
Colon cancer at age 19?...Doctors PLZ!?
Can a thirteen year old get oral cancer?
Is smoking only 1 cigarette/ day REALLY that bad?
What is the correct way to breathe when your tired?
Nursing question help?
Can you can high from Coffee and lack of sleep?
Is it dangerous to hold your constantly hold your pee? Even with abdominal discomfort?
Brown blood 4 weeks after Cryotherapy?
What does it mean when you cough up blood?
What will happen to my body if I drink Half and Half?
What do you use for your dry skin/eczema?
How do you get rid of acne?
How do I make my skin clear without acne again?
Proactive Help!?!?!!!!!!?
Accutane users only....?
Grandfather has diastolic heart failure how much time does he have left?
is bypass advisible at the age of 78yrs?
Ugh! High Blood Pressure...!?
Heart Palpitations from anxiety or something more?
Is it possible to do this?
How many people could not work without glasses?
where can i find colored contacts if i don't need any vision correction?
What is the best contact solution to use?
will being drunk effect eye exam?
My eyes feel like if i have sand in them or salt water?
Does swallowing after oral have side effects?
who is the best type of doctor to see for lymph node problems?
Can you get too much sleep?
Would it cost money to go see a dermatologist?
why are my viginal flaps itchy and sore?
My fingernails are cracked?
Does wearing your bra to bed increase your chances of getting breast cancer?
It is hiv or not.plz help me?
I was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids?
My mouth keeps watering!?
sore throat question?
I have had ,on average, a 103.5 temp the past 4 days....?
Any doctors or nurses that online that can help.?
i need to pass a drug in 30 min what do i doooo?
Am I going blind (answer plz) !?
what liquids have the same acidity as your stomach?
I have really bad headaches all the time can anyone help me?
Why do toddle get sick so fast?
Does eating testosterone containing foods increase chances of having a son?
how do i loose weight by march 1?
I'm 6'2 and 185 pounds?
How could this happen? Is not fair.?
My new weight loss plan Please improve!!!?
How to get bigger and gain weight?
Any small healthy lunch ideas?
Help with being Anorexic.?
Points plus daily target?
Could I have bruised my bladder from a fall?
i think i just broke my wrist..?
Why didn't it hurt when I put rubbing alcohol on a wound?
My calf is swollen and hurting, could it be soft tissue?
Having a cyst lanced?
What type of anti aging treatment should I have?
Why is some of my dead skin white and some yellow?
where is a good place to buy eye contacts online?
Long-term effects of contact lenses?
why did i wake up with a swolen eye lid?
Contact lenses burning sensation?
What causes darker vision on 1 eye?
Could this be cancer?
Do i really need to keep going back for MRI scans?
What percentage of brain tumours are cancerous?
How many people have beat Cancer twice? if different types, does that change the odds?
Breast cancer help? please?
The odds that she'll die?
Superficial Blood Clots - do they cause swelling?
why do i get palpitations?
blood pressure symptoms question?
Did I have a heart attack?
is heatbeat that is below 50 normal?
why checking for pupils equal diameter and documenting PERLA are standard neurological signs?
Having strange symptoms lately.?
How do i get my skin clear fast?!?
Astringent stinging ?:/?
My ankle hurts really bad!!!! Can you help?
What are some good back acne products?
What the heck is on my leg?
A Tick Bite? Or a Reaction To Dye?
does honey help get rid of acne?
Anyone knows what this bug bite is? And how to treat it?
What is gonaherpasyphilaids?
In a blood test would hepatitis show up in it?
could a 16 year old have a yeast infection?
sorta goofy HPV question...?
How to unplug ears?????????????
crutches for Dysautonomia?
what are scientists currently studying for alzheimer's disease?
i keep getting random head rushes?
How did you get rid off puddi ?
I QUIT SMOKING but very tempted...help?
About thc in my system.?
My Great Grandmother is in a home and is 94 years old, she has just started to refuse to eat...?
Is chocolate ok when you have a stomach virus?
I'm considering taking lsd...?
What to do for rectal bleeding?
What Kind Of Sickness Do I Have?
What's wrong with my stomach?
what drug do you think he was on?
my counselor called the police?
I can't stop crying.....Help?
Trouble Sleeping....will someone help me?
Do antidepressants treat all types of depression?
Will a dirty house affect chemo and radiation treatment?
Is it possible to have esophageal cancer at age 14?
has anyone flunked a hair test after smoking some k2?
How long before my mum's cancer will kill her?
Brain Tumor, and Group A Strep?
I'm terrified of Cancer can someone please help?
Are these the symptoms of leukemia?
What is the fastest way to get rid of hickeys?
Anyone out there that is also a suffering from Eczema ?
I have growing stretchmarks, what's the best way to get rid of them or fade them?
Can I take Loratadine with Azithromycin?
How can I find out what I'm allergic to in my house?
Oatmeal making me tired and sleepy?
Meal suggestion for "difficult" eater. Allergies/ intolerance's?
What causes a dry throat?
does pizza hut have any food that is gluten free?
Kosher salt for salt water cleanse?
Is it better to exercise in the hot or cold?
How much calories is considered 'starving yourself'?
trying to lose my fat stomach (whats better to put on my sandwich the cheese or mayo?)?
How to avoid sugar on diet?
Tummy Tuck HELP, cheap/free?
the doctor says that i have an symptoms of a potential brain cancer?
is it okay if i keep a guinea pig at home when someone in the house has been chemotherapy?
What pain is expected without treatment of lung cancer?
New chemo drug specifically for metastatic breast cancer?
What Are Signs Of Leukemia?
is neurofibromatosis deadly?
I feel like I'm overreacting to these moles, maybe I should get checked?
How bad is my blood pressure?
do i need medications for life?
I just don't know what's wrong with me?
Is it possible to have angiosarcomas along with fibrosarcomas?
Why is my blood pressure low now?
My husband needs a defibrillator implant. Are there any Charities that can help?
where can you buy a fetal heart doppler?
Is it true sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can cause a heart attack?
What vitamins should a 15 year old girl be taking to get clear skin?
Lumps Under My Skin On My Inner Thighs That Has Puss In Them And Have White Heads And They Leave Purple Scars?
How to get rid of acne scars!?
What are the syptoms of your appendix bothering you?
can humans get lymes if dogs have it?
Can anyone explain in detail how HIV the virus works and Where it starts in your body?
This is an awkward question. But could you have waste that's old?
What can i do to stay up in the day?
i think i have the flu?
How much do we change after teen years?
how do i get rid of weird tingling feeling in my arm?
what is the pathophysiology of diabetes mellitus?
Could it be possible for me to have diabetes?
15, thin, and possibly diabetic?
Do you believe that the diabetes type 2 reduces the intellectual coefficient?
Is there a form to record the date and time I take my insulin shots?
Could I have diabetes?
my gf had a cold sore and I'm scaredddd?
i got a bj about 4 to 5 years ago and im scarred about hiv/aids? help? i have no signs of it?
Is it true that being celibate increases the chances of you getting Aids?
why does my ankle hurt so bad?
In a cast and having really bad muscle pain?
my doctor gave me contacts that are too big (picture included)?
How much do colored contacts cost at EyeMasters?
What is causing my eyes to be red?
cosmetic surgery for lazy eye?
Which side of a contact lense goes on the eye.?
Do I need some eye help?
Is it possible to forget to breathe?
About a month ago, I was sick and went to the doctor who drew my blood and said everything was fine.?
my boyfriend has asthma?
Can smoking get you sick?
What types of tea are good for coughs?
which name brand helps get rid of acne the best?
How does stress cause zits?
I have recently discovered some chest pains and idk whats the problem, like if i walk up stairs or get nerves?
My daughter is throwing up?
If I sleep only one hour for three nights and drink coffee and energy drinks ans study, will I remember what?
Cancer, please be honest?
Likelihood of cancer from a cigar?
Does anyone know where I can find Ensure for cheap?
Do physicians in hospitals perform Vitamin C iv treatment for cancer patients?
I jut got braces and im wondering if guys think there hot or not?
Cusp of tooth fell off, no pain. No insurance, please help.?
How long can i take penicilen for infected tooth before having removed?
what toothpaste works best for?
Dentists, Please tell me how common it is to drill through a patent's sinus when getting an implant?
I just got braces? NOW it hurts?
Children & badly chipped teeth: tell me your story?
any child healthcare providers?
How to help a friend with night terrors?
is the ER trying to rip me off on my bill?
Will a tanning bed help heal a cut on my nose faster? Or what will help it go away the fastest?!?
My 9 month old fell off our bed (2ft drop), landed on forehead and has a rug burn. anything i should look for?
How much does it hurt to have a hole poked in your fingernail?
how do u know broken ur hand?
How long will a nose cut take to heal?
How long after taking theraflu can u drink?
Do I Need Help?? (((I HATE eating))!!!~?
How does my doctor know where my organs,and blah, are just by feeling my stomach?
how do i get rid of dandruff or lice?
My 10 month old has a terrible face rash? Possibly from teething?
help me fast?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?
Feels like heart is skipping beats :( Any advice?
what are the symptoms of a blocked artery?
When a label says 0 cholesterol does that really mean no cholesterol?
electric line in my eye- is it a stroke?
Why do we need to have an automated patients record in a clinic?
Good Way to Lose Weight?
Since our body does NOT store protein, in theory woudnt that mean it would be best to workout in the morning?
I'm a FATTY and sad =(?
How to get your mind of of hunger when your skipping meals?
do i have pink eye? it really hurts?
Circle Lenses bothering eyes?
One a day contacts compared to the 2 week ones?
Ughh! My contacts don't have the same vision?
my eyes feel really dry and drops are not working?
Hard contact lenses to a theme park?
this is about your thigh bone.?
Cancer in the Liver and Spine?
Could this be a sign that my Dad has lung cancer?
Problems with an Enlarged Pituitary Gland?
Can you cancer from smoking 15 joints?
Does makeup cause cancer?
What causes body odor? anyone know?
how to get rid of acne and blackheads?
best skin bleach for dark spots?
Why does my eyelid itch?
is this herpes? i'm scared?
I have a pill with 457 on it can you tell me what it is?
I pulled a muscle? Help? 20 char?
how do bowlers hurt there arm?
How contagious is lice?
Any Good tips to NOT get sick in the winter?
i have a fever of 100.1 but i dont feel sick?
Is it possible to get mononucleosis twice?
chicken pox in throat!?!?
I'm just curious. How can you distinguish the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and symptoms of nerve damage?
Lump behind right ear?
Constipation! Help me, please! :( 15 year old girl :(?
What are the characteristics of a seizure, and what are stroke-like symptoms?
What is the significance of changes in early proliferative phase, secretory phase, and early menstrual phase?
Has anyone ever TRIED to perform surgery on a terminally ill patient?
how to stop yourself from throwing up?
Having sleeping issues any tips?
How long do you stay "high" after smoking a cigarette?
Why is pee always yellow or clear?
At what time of the day do you grow most?
What might be the impact of a cure for cancer on welfare benefits and pensions?
Bone pain and leukemia?
do you agree with the stem cell therapies?
Can you get breast cancer at 29?
Random breakout all over my face that won't go away?
Why black shortest vertical lines on edges on the nails?(for months)some of them fade and appear again...?
how to see when I'm blind?
How do I get rod of dandruff?
Can i get rid of this?
Lump under my skin and swollen eye?
Why are my inner thigs darker than the rest of skin?
Bad effect from smoking?
Do charcoal cigarette filters the cigarette healthier?
Doctors waiting rooms make me feel so nervous; what can i do?
How does one use covert hypnosis?
Surgery and IV? Is it painful?
I lost my contact lens case, what can I put my lenses in so they wont shrivel up?
eye hurts after wearing riped contact?
Eyeglasses prescription help?
Lasik surgery questions?
Can someone please explain my eye test?
what happens if i eat something high in sugar (low blood sugar)?
If I had diabetes would glucose show up in my urine for sure?
Which is worse for you?
I might be being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, what kind of changes will happen?
Mary is five months pregnant and has been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She is 5’ 4” and her?
Does anyone use Humulin M3 insulin?
My daughter's urine smells sweet - I'm worried!?
I have hepatitus c and I drink, but I still drink occasionally. I am scared I might have cirrosis of the liver?
What is the difference between Open Heart Surgery and a Heart Operation?
Should I get Heart Surgery for my ASD?
Hard time breathing? Pleas answer?
What is an EchoCardioGram like for a teenage girl?
Does this affect sports for me?
people who have heart arrhythmia what medicine are you on?
My total cholesterol level is 304. Help?
OMG i found a bald spot at the back of my head!?
I have a terrible chickenpox scar, will mederma work on it? Wat can i do to remove this scar?
can you get jock itch in your armpits?
if one has cancer, and they get surgery to remove the tumor, would they still have cancer or are they perfectl?
Do I tell people he died of cancer?
A scan revealed a cyst on my ovary i have been having symotoms of a UTI (sane as cancer) what are the chances?
Is testicular cancer something I could miss if I check myself?
This is a serious question. One of my good friend's wife has cancer. I think they have two children. -?
Can a cyst in the pharynx cause constant migraines & nosebleeds?
Can I get a Lipoma removed at the Emergencey room, with no health insurance?
Do you think i'm a freak?
I am too worried about the future. Will someone help me keep calm?
Phobia or normal reaction?
I have a lot of trouble sleeping.?
Should I see a doctor?
Can you go to the hospital for suicidal thoughts even if you know you aren't going to do it?
do you smoke weed?????
help - boyfriend feeling very sick?
I'm addicted to pop...?
shaking and sick to my stomach ?
Am I eating too little?
Weight loss. 15-20 lbs in 1 month?
how long will it take me to lose 17% body fat?
Ate Ramen at night, tips on not getting puffy tomorrow?
Can anyone estimate how many calories I've taken in today?
how do you lose weight fast and without speding money?
My industrial piercing has made my ear swollen and purple , what do i do ?
Stitches out 5 days ago now can I...?
blister infected, can water get rid of infection?
What's the best way of getting rid of acne?
What is the best way to get rid of dandruff?
I have a mole under my armpit!?
Is "plastic surgery" the only way to get rid of sunken scars from acne?
how did you break your..........?
I got injured a few weeks ago.?
Can a cut start becoming infected just after a day?
Why is the Polio vaccine important?
Late Stage Liver Cancer?
My bone density test, my third one, shows that my hip bones have some bone loss....?
How can you ever know if you have cancer?
can smoking cigarettes for 4 years give you lung cancer?
Help with my story (Cancer?)?
im 14 and i smoke so do my friends how do i quit?
I have a lump on my ear that has been getting bigger over the past few weeks.?
Is it bad to get a vaccine too many times?
is there a cure for hepatitis c?
this isnt the flu, is it?
infected cyst on back need internal are external med?
how to get of a bladder infection FAST?!?!?!?
What's the best ways to get rid of blackheads?
Can you get scabs and/or blisters on your face from scratching off blackheads?
what if i want to take a nose ring out? will there be a hole people will see? or like a scar or something?
I have been having Sharp chest pain... I need help?
The air is very dry here (for long time now) What can I use to moisten my sinuses?
not being able to breathe during wrestling practice- Causes?
Does anyone out there have problems with night time coughing that's not due to a cold or...?
if i have exercise induced asthma should i still wear a medical id bracelet?
How bad is my Myopic Degeneration?
What subject do optometrists have to be good at?
Should I go to the eye doctor?
What sort of chemicals if ingested can lead to blindness?
why cant i look people in the eye when i talk to them?
Came from Optometrist and he said OD: -.25 (sph), cyl is -.50, and axis is 050 whereas my OS: -.25 (sph) only?
I have severe pitting edema in my right ankle (and some in calf). Began early Oct. No Injury/blood clot. Ideas?
can a doctor please tell me what's wrong with me?
What could be causing me to feel like this?
on which chromosome is autism found on?
is lung cancer can be diagnosed through X-ray only?
I am 13 years old and i have been constipated for most of my life, what do i do?
Anything other than pain pills I could take......?
does i migrane means that you are sick?
How to heal a cut on face? and how to prevent scarring?
Save my dry hands!?!?
How To Get Rid Of Acne?
How To Get Rid Of Hickeys And Fast?
propranolol and COPD?
I'm 17 and im a male and I've been having chest pains on the ride side all day. Am i gonna have a heart attack?
I have low blood pressure, and i need to get blood work.. open please!?
72 yr old sibling has bicuspid valve. should elderly sister be tested?
Why do I feel like I might have a heart attack? HELP?
Aneurysm FULLY TRAINED DOCTOR OR anesthetist PLEASE answer?
my white blood count has came back slightly high?
is this possibly type one diabetes?
what do you think the chances are of me getting type 1 diabetes if...?
How to avoid diabetes..?
What can you do to help you keep your energy levels up if you have hypergylcemia?
Today Just now I had a hardcore meal with 2 candy bars im 20 years old and decided to check sugar level?
My blood glucose levels?
If your glucose screening shows gestational diabetes, what do they do about it?
help im not feeling very well and im not familar with these symtoms help..?
Belly fat burning workouts?
I'm slighty anorexic what do I do?
I want to work out while not losing weight?
I am 13 and weigh 175 pounds. Is that normal?
I have mild acne all over my face and it's getting worse, despite me doing everything possible to clear it?
how do I lose weight? (please read, but don't be mean)?
How to get rid of acne?[Home Remedies) Plz Plz Help?
my lips look coarse, how do i fix it?
how do you cure bed sores?
How many girl and boy push-ups should I be able to do at the age 14?
did warm massage work for you to treat chalazion?
eye question someone help me?
Contact ripped in my eye and now i cant see where it went, its starting to really irritate my eye??/?
Why cant my dad see 3d?
Why is my eyes a little bit blurry?
Please help.. I choose best answer?
Hurts while I'm taking off my contact lenses?
My vision is all cloudy and distorted, what is wrong with me? Swimming and visine...?
Urgent! Is it safe to drink alcohol tonight?
What is a white oval antibiotic pill with light blue speckles?
how many bottles of water does it take to clean out system for a marijuana drug test?
How do I get a body like these movie star guys and still have time for my job and social life?
whats the best skin care product?
I itch down low, low!?
Scratched eyeball help?!?
I hurt my ankle, but I don't know if it's sprained or something, HELP!?
Signs of broken finger?
Is my arm broken or just bruised?
I accidentally a whole coke bottle.Will I die?
How do you get better at smoking weed?
Itchy red spots all over my body!?
PLEASE HELP ME ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
can you catch hameroids off other people?
How do i get rid of the mange on my puppy?
is it possible for a sore throat to go away pretty fast?
My bestfriend has mono and she refuses to rest?
How to reduce redness when you have pink eye? any good eyedrops? ive tried everything!?
Am I immune to black fly bites?
How to get rid of a ringworm?
my friend cut his wrists,how to stop it bleeding?
I fee like my new glasses are too strong?
Do I need glasses???
My contact is irritating my right eye, It feel as though it's scratching my eye?
Would it be harmful to my eyes if I wear different companies' lens in both the eyes?
what is a good site to order colored contacts on? and do you have to have a prescription?
Which eye problems cause one to see bright little lights that aren't there?
Do I have pink eye!??!?
do i have acanthamoeba keratitis?
What's wrong with me?
What is the best way to take prescribed Klonopin?
i drank a whole bottle of nerofen today 100ml whats going to happen?
If I get back on prozac will it effect me the same as?
Marijuana Withdrawal.?
my hdl cholesterol is 56? is that good?
blood pressure question?
Do you always have a pre-op appt?
why cant i remember things?
Do you always vomit when you have a stomach virus?
Was i having a fever?
How can i get rid of the flu fast ?
what part of the brain controls the apatite?
Can i damage my health if i smoke 1 cigarette for one month?
My wife's doctor told her that she's as good as worm food?
if you got paint that contain cancer on your fingers can u still eat?
can a doctor please help me,its urgent condition?
How Long Will He Live?
how long should you weight lift for?
Are there people at local gyms to help you get the body you want?
will cardio burn off my new muscle?
I thought when bigger people start to lose weight, it's a substaintial amount? (3+ lbs.??)?
Can cigarettes somehow overtime cause you to gain weight?
I'm 5'6 and 128lbs, would I be considered fat?
Is it safe to burn 1000 calories or more a day?
How to get rid of scarson my face, not from acne?
what can i use to get rid of acne?like fast?
anal pain and irritation?
Why does Neutrogena oil free acne wash leaves my skin dry?
Best acne product out there?
How to react to someone who's family member has cancer...?
Throat Cancer? Help me?
Should I take egcg pills to prevent cancer?
If my 15 year old's white blood cell count is pretty low, but all the other counts are normal, would Leukemia?
what is the symptoms of stomach cancer?
Is it true that people with blue or green iris have better vision than people with brown or black colored iris?
My eyes keep get watery today. Please help?
One Dilated pupil (left eye)?
Can a computer screen permanently damage yours eyes / vision ?
How do I get scratches out of my prescription glasses?
might i be nearsighted?
how much does an eye doctor make?
What do I have? Frostbite or something else?
Will Accutane cause conflict with Salvia?
my skin is really transparent?
what shape of face do i have?
How do I grow before I turn sixteen?
So should I use ice or heat?
can you see past relatives during a hallucinogenic drug trip?
what should i acpect/ bring?
Headaches on one side of the head,temple pain,back of head,neck pain,very tired,...?
why does this happen to my second and third hole in my ear?
I am on crutches and i have a leg cast that goes to the top of my calf, can i ride a school bus!?
what do you do for a sprained thumb?
diabetes or not confusion?
can i take smoking aids if i am diabetic?
i have been feeling really hungry?
Regarding Diabetes diagnoses?
How to help my dad eat healthier?
Worried about diabetes?
Can high blood sugar cause yeast infections in women?
My boyfriendd has skin cancer soo?
I know this may be a bit delicate but I really need to know about cancer symptoms please?
my blood pressure is about 78/58 . Is this normal or is it too low?
heart rate and blood pressure?
after a massive heart attack..what happens after 48 hrs?
I just had a complete blood work done by my work it is done yearly this is what it read.?
what happens to you if u have high blood pressure?
I had a bunionectomy and I have come down with a fever, and need to know if I should call the doctor tonight?
how can we avoid getting cold and throat infection in coming winter season?
Are these the symptoms of strep throat?
If you have a cold but you're mucus is clear is that healthy?
Opinion wanted on symptoms?
Does the flu shot suppose to make back your back hurt?
How do you get ride of acne ?
How do I get rid of this thing?
How can I get rid of my freckles or bleach them so they don't show up or just lighten them?
How to stop a zit from coming?
What causes your body to itch?
What could this dry stuff mean?
Random numbness & swelling in fingers & palms of feet...anyone what could be the cause?
What is the best way to whiten my teeth?
is whitening teeth naturally possible?
how to actually whiten teeth?
Can I eat chicken with braces?
does it hurt to get bone fragment taken out of wisdom teeth extraction site?
pearly whites please!?
I haven't worn my retainers in over a year....if I start wearing them again will it have a negative effect. ?
does the 1200 calorie diet work?
when will you lose weight?
what motivates you to work out?
Would you say an egg and bacon sandwich is healthy, average or incredibly unhealthy?
What is a good teenage diet or exercises?
can you get a work out like this?
cant keep my heels down while squatting?
Can high blood sugar make your kidneys hurt?
Is 145 blood sugar high?
Once you are Anemic are you always Anemic?
What is the best glucometer in india?
Diabetic with no insurance?
For patient with Breast Cancer, when would you give radiation therapy?
Cancer: My mom died age when she was 38, 1987, and my bro died at 38, 2010...?
Do you have cancer or know someone who does?
red spot on my breast?
i have lung cancer im taking radation and im still smoking will this hurt me?
Should companies be allowed to use the breast-cancer "pink ribbon" symbol for money-making purposes?
Will it be hard for a 12 year old dog to recover from breast cancer surgery?
Please help me I don't know what's wrong with my eye?
Do I look better with or without glasses on (pic)?
does wearing glasses make my eysight better?
can you get prescription lenses in normal frames?
should i cover and infection on my toe with a bandaid?
Why did this happen??????
Things to relieve jellyfish stings?
i got extremly drunk wed and friday and i am going to MEPS on wed will i pass any alcohol test they give me?
how do you pop misqeto bites?
how do i get rid of chapped lips?
if a cold sore is treated right away, will it heal faster?
tennis elbow,the condition/treatment/in humans?
Weird burning feeling? 10 pointss.?
Why can't i see what's biting me!? I can NOT figure it out, please help me!!?
What does it mean when my mom tells me apples a day keeps the doctor away?
how to get rid of a stuffy nose at home? How about getting rid of a cough?
Just curious about the symptoms my cousins are having.?
how long do you usually stay high after smoking weed?
anyone know how to get rid of ringing in the ears?
i have a question for severe anxiety sufferers and people who suffered from it previously?
How do people get stomach cancer?
About the HPV or cervical cancer vaccine...?
cancer or growth spurt/pain?
What are the chances of a 13 yr old to be diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer?
what are early detection methods for breast cancer and cervical cancer?
what are the foods that can cause you cancer?
can colitis turn into colon cancer?
What do you think of the Stevia sweetener ?
What are the chances that I have diabetes?
Blood Glucose 151...Diabetes?
Do I have diabetes?????
Blood glucose is 74 after dinner?
How to know if i have ketones in urine?