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If u throw salt two times over your sholder ?
How can I easily break or sprain my ankle?
I pulled a muscle ..should i wait until it heals before working out?
If I jumped 12 feet onto grass would i break my ankle?
How to get rid of signatures on my cast.(its white)?
Why is my vision getting worse?
My left eye waters almost every time I eat. Been happening for years. Any ideas why?
RPG lenses? I Need help. Please?
How do eye doctors determine what strength your contact lenses should be?
How do you permanently change your eye color?
Why does your chest hurt when you have emotional pain?
Terrified of feet. Please help?
Why is my vision suddenly blurry?
i'm 60 years old, disable and need health and hospital insurance in USA but cant get medicaid what can i do?
How to get rid of eczema?
Why do cold sores form on the lips? Whats the cause? And how do you get rid of them? ?
gettin rid of scars!!?
would it be ok to take a person with eczema to india for a month during the summer?
How can I get over my fear of eating in front of people?
I feel I haven't lost enough in 3 days?
how do i get myself into a good eating habit?
Why do people eat when they are not hungry?
How can I gain 20 pounds in 7 days?
Do u think im in a good shape? 10 points?
JILLIAN MICHAELS WORKOUT VIDEO or workout videos in general (INPUT)?
Will this work to lose weight?
How potent is pandora potpourri?
if you are on you 4th stage of cancer how bad is it?
can teeth pain indicate brain tumors?
I developed small cell lung cancer January this year. I have not been able to eat since this time.?
An orchidectomy is the surgical removal of what?
How long does he have?
what do doctors do if they don't find anything after a colonosipie?
Eat breakfast first or brush teeth first?
How to get rid of bad breath? Even after brushing, flossing, and mouthwash my breath is bad?
Should I get a dental crown? ?
Do tongue rings make your teeth fall out?
dental braces question!? please help!?
Is it bad to put Pine Sol cleaning agent on ringworm?
Hhow do u get rid of dandruff?
How do I get rid of acne scars?
My lips are really dry?
Acne is embarresing!!!?
where is the heart located?
Aneurysmal Septum- Heart Abnormality?
Extremely accelerated heart rate...?
During a treadmill stress test, I reached target heart-rate in under 1 min. Good or Bad?
normal t-wave ecg ekg?
what is a funny show?
Sunburn/swelling need help!!?
What is best for a wrist sprain?
Ahhh glasses are bugging me!!......?
Spot on my left eye... Birthmark?
Is this weird? Everytime i see stuf like this?
can you get high from sitting around people and breathing in secondhand smoke from pot (weed)?
what other alternatives r there for sleep apnea cpap?
Does this sound like a cold?
We just got Direcct TV & my daughter insists it is giving her headaches &nausea? Anyone else had that?
Sore throat and bad cough! help?
What is this? I'm burning?
Im worried something might be wrong, please help!!?
Does HIV virus replicate in collected (packed) blood outside the host? Why or Why not?
Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy?
Raising money for a cure for caner-can anyone provide good fundraising ideas?
How many months does it take of having a skin cancer mole before it advances to Stage 1,2,3 and 4?
Are my lymph nodes swollen?
Does breast cancer skip generations ?
why am i sooooo lazy? i dont want to be but....?
is it bad to workout with a soar throat?
How do I get rid of an ear infection?
What's a Good Cough Medicine?!?
What are different ways of getting rid of normal waste?
Acne and Drinking Water?
Im only 13 , and i have 4-6 gray hairs . Is that bad ?
Should I use oil free lotion after a shower with acne?
how much hydrogen peroxide will hurt you im am really worried please help?
How to make cuts heal fast?
My girlfriend was squeezed extremely hard from behind around the abdomen.?
My mom doesn't believe that I hae a broken finger ?
Does a paracentesis hurt?
Does this sound like diabetes?
i'm 17 and my hands shake involuntarily, what's going on?!?
Help with planning my type 2 diabetes meal plan?
If a diabetic eats sugar before her second shot?
what can a diabetic eat before going to the gym and what to eat after going to the gym?
Does anyone think they are close to a cure for diabetes?
Endocrine System question?
How many calories a day should i eat?
What's a good amount of calories to lose weight in 4 months?
The regaining cycle: maintaining weight-loss?
good way to start a healthy diet?
My daughter is 8 yrs old and suffers from dry skin behind her ears.?
My acne has gone from not bad at all to bad over the past 6 months?
How do you keep your eye open through lasik surgery?Is it uncomfortable?
Can you get prescription lenses for non prescription frames?
what can i do for my friend that's getting eye surgery and will be out of school for a month?
how come i cant wink with my right eye?
Any info on colored contacts?
What do dietary aids usually wear in a nursing home?
Is this and irrational fear?
I can't swallow food well!?
How can I quit smoking?
What is the best way to prove I had chicken pox as a child?
I have 4 hours to sleep. Help please?
What Can I Do To Make Myself Sleep Hard ?
does scoleosis qualify me for a medical marijuana card?
how to get rid of a cold asap?
Can staring into a lightbulb cause eye cancer?
Bad fear of vomiting, solutions?
how long does it take for a vitamin pill (not capsule) to dissolve in the stomach?
Help, my foot's been asleep for 30 minutes?
What causes more damage to the brain, marijuana or or tobacco?
What is Venous Statios Disease?
what are symptoms of low blood pressure?? could you feel like you are going to pass out, faint?
Is being 5'8 and 144 a lot?
i need answers about heart rate?
What causes changes in blood pressure?
did anyone ever take a hot shower then when doing so you get dizzy?
Ok so basically i f****d up my face by waxing it?
How do I get rid of my wart?
I have a reddish purple area (from a five day old burn) under a callus on my foot. Any suggestions?
Could I catch Bot flies from my boyfriend?
What may be the first symptoms of contracting esophagus cancer?
Thyroid gland removed ?
What would be my risk of getting oral cancer if I take these precautions?
I just found out from my dad (whose a doctor) after my mom went to the ER last night for gallstones?
Does anyone know the price of Coumadin injections?
glasses changed the shape of my eyes?
How can I stop biting the skin around my nails?
Is it normal to breakout after a acne facial?
Why have i got pernament undereye circles?
hi i burned my finger and there is a big huge bubble , i left it for 2 days but it wont get smaller , help?
broken toe? please help?!?
AS an EMT can i do this?
is this an ear infection i really want to know pleas tel;l me i am a young teen age if this maters at all than?
this is for my friend who need to know; how do you get crabs?
i feel like i cant breath?
What's the cure to becoming a Ginger? ?
My entire left hand is numb and tingling, what could this mean?
How to tell if meth was smoked?
I broke ribs 6 month ago and they are still not healed?
Would eating this every day for lunch help contribute to obesity?
is angel food cake ok to eat when your on a diet to loose weight?
Advice on losing 20 pounds?
Do sit ups help flatten the stomach?
I Need to start working out?
young people today are addicted to junk food. do you agree?
how can i go to sleep?
35 ' waist, but 185lbs?
As an almost final shot at Obama's sodomized medicine, what do you think of this?
how can i stop smoking ?
Would 2 people each from different places have different immune systems?
What would cause a person to constantly get shocked while touching any metal?
Can someone help me with my heart test results?
why am i outta breath so easily ?
Why do doctors prescribe Statins for cholesterol when they seem to do much more harm than good?
Is there an at home way to remove fluid from lungs or must this be done at a hospital?
Heart pains while running?
How do I get rid of a friend?
My back, stomach, and scalp itch horribly after I exercise or being in a awkward situation.?
can sitting cause cellulite?
Anyone ever gett depersonalization/derealization from weed?
I need some help...? Fear?
As a psychiatrist, do u ask ur (depressed) patients to maintain a journal?
Can a bipolar person get a medical gym membership?
do you have any advice for a first time "therapist" ?
Advice on depression. please help.?
How can i deal with my feet fetish?? Please help me please?
Where can someone in Ohio get help to get a fan?
Do you think that cancer is on the rise here in the United States?
Breast cancer? Ultrasound scheduled?
Where can I buy Cesium? Know anybody using it?
My pair of glasses were 344, why are glasses so expensive?
My eyes are too sensitive for contacts?
What is this called, what is it doing and how do I treat it?
Reading or distance glasses?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Please answer quickly!?
my eye power is -3 in both eyes. Is it correctable to 20/20 ?
Why does the wart on my hand have a pulse?
Reducing appearance of stretch marks?
would something that gets rid of acne scars get rid of any scar?
Why do people react so badly to fainting?
I need a doctor or a nurse so?
What are some possible sickness i got?
How can I stop my horibble coughing?!?!?
What Causes Daily Nosebleeds?
Why do I get really dizzy when I wake up in the morning?
Possible Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? Help?
My Sleeping Pattern is VERY Messed Up!?
Cannot wake up in the mornings :(?
Need to go to the ER right now!?
Why does my skin itch when its cold?
Throbbing, swollen, and red cartliage piercing?
Do guys really notice when girls have moderate acne? Is it a huge turn off?
does thyroid disease causes skin problem?
I cut myself so many times on the inside of my arm..how do I get rid of the scars?
How long should you wait before fully eating on your new filling?
what is happining to my gums?
how come dentist get so angry if your only 5mins late?
wisdom teeth takin out...what to expect?
I'm getting BRACES! (Yes, I'm excited)?
how can i loose some weight what do i need to buy?
Whey Protein, for me?
How many inches would I increase my vertical if I do P90x?
Can Someone Still Lose Weight If ... ?
where can I find Sensa weight loss system in Dubai?"http://www.trysensa.com/"?
Peripheral artery disease?
does anyone know about this disease?
If i tested negative once for ms, should i get another test?
help with lice?!? i think i have it?
For a liver ultrasound do pants have to be taken off or lowered?
My right eye is blind?
what's wrong with my eyes and what can i do?
Diabetic test strips are so expensive. Help?
I'm a 49 year old type 2 diabetic. I take Metformin and I am down to 94 lbs.peop le say I am too skinny, but?
What happens when I wear contact lenses that has a lower grade than what I'm supposed to?
Is it possible to permanently change your eye color? If so, how?
What is Maturity onset diabetes of the young (Mody)?
Funky Lenses Colored Contacts?
I am a diabetic 2 and just found out my A1C is 8.1 how high does it need to go before I am on insulin?
Is there insurance program for minimed quick sets and resivoirs? Please Help!?
Bloody nose help? Not to treat but what to do.?
what happens if you mix diphenhydramine hydrochloride and dextromethorphan?
Is 125 systolic a normal blood pressure?
Chest pain that wont go away?
I feel a slight arythmia at sudden changes of position?
i have a birthmark in the shape of a question mark on right arm about 4-5 inches above the bend of my elbow?
Why is my baby's hand peeling?
How many times should I take a shower a day for better skin?
what type of skin do i have?
How do I help my sore foot and still go to school?
Should my ankle still be hurting?
Ugh, I accidently scratched my scab off my arm and now its bleeding, if i glue it back on will it stop bleedin?
Scarphoid fracture didn't show up on x ray, should I get a second opinion?
Hiccups: what are good ways to get rid of them?
can i take dyquill instead of nyquill at night?
Do I have really broad shoulders? or do I just have body image dysmorphia?
weird reacton to weed.?
why do i suddenly have to pee alot?
what to use instead of contact solution?
What if I get bit by this spider?
I know no one here is a doctor....but please... Cancer?
what causes complete hair loss in women?
My girlfriend has cancer is there any group/charity that helps pay medical bills.?
Do natural fruit juices or High Fructose Corn Syrup feed cancer cells? Are they both equally bad for you?
Do anyone know about bacteria vaginosis? And how to really get rid of it?
how long does a man carry chlamydia?
can you get tested for AIDS? how much does it cost? would a state college have tests for students?
What are the best ways to get rid of acne?
Why do I have so much acne?
My hands are dry and really, really red ALL the time. What gives?
What is it call when you have like a dent on your skin?
I have really dry skin on my face what should i use?
Is there glass in chapstick?
Lasik eye surgery???
Are you aware that someone always has it worse than you?
Can i have children even though i have Bi-Polar and ADHD?
Is throwing things away a type of OCD ?
Why do I always think about Suiciding? Please Help Me with this situation!?
I think I have ADHD? But which type am I?
I have bipolar disorder and social anxiety and have missed a lot of school.?
how to make a sunburn not hurt?
Tameka and Brandon shot after accident in 7 eleven?
what do you put on an ant bite?
My throat, eye, and ear hurts :[ help?
I sliced half of my nail off with a knife. It doesn't stop bleeding!!! Please, Any help?
How should I treat an ingrown toenail?
Does chemo cure cancer?
What causes cancer (details please)?
do computers,tv,and phones... cause cancer?
how will the doctor examine you wanna test if you have breast cancer?
What is the most painful illness that man has?
What are some gentle, non-medicated soaps I can use?
Get redness and swelling from acne out of face fast?
How do i prevent acne and black heads and how i do i get rid of acne and black heads?
I think I might have shingles, but I'm not sure. help?
Got a sore throat !help heal!?
what is the future of respiratory therapy?
I need to get rid of a cold, FAST!?
I have had a cough and a stuffed up nose for a month!?!?
Is it normal for a pneumonia shot to swell and itch?
having chest pains what could this be?
Can an STD show up for the first time years after contact?
Can it be detected who a person contracts AIDS from?
How do people with herpes pay for Valtrex if they don't have Medicaid or insurance?
Is jogging good cardio for lowering blood pressure and losing?
when is the heart rate too low?
My heart beat is not steady at all?
My blood pressure is 90 over 66 is this normal?
was this a heart attack or stroke?
Should I donate blood twice in a month?
Why am i always thirsty?
can glucose be converted to proteins and lipids?
I'm 20 years old weighing 155lbs and my blood glucose ranges from 110-155 is that normal?
Problem with blood testing?
I have a question about pill intake?
Are hand warmers bad for diabetics?
500mg= how many mcg would that be?
I need to lose 5-10 pounds in 2 weeks!?
Are Froot Loops fattening?
would doing sit-ups and sticking to a strict diet help me lose weight all over or just my mid section?
What brand of vitamins are best for women?
Diet pills?!?!?!?!?!?
What is a good protien/supplement to take for pre workout and post workout?
Does it matter what kind of green tea you drink? or are they all equally good?
Fastest way to tone abs at home?
what is a good workout plan and diet for wanting to burn off weight?
Should my oncologist go ahead and do a pet scan?
Is it normal for a person with a brain tumor to start acting good all the sudden?
Question about armpit cyst ( i think)?
Might this be cancer ?
COPD with stage II cancer with no treatment...?
Skin Cancer (spreading?)?
Should you shower everyday?
How do I use lemon juice to remove my acne scars? please help?:(?
What do you think about Accutane?
What can I use for dry skin?
Do eye exercises work to improve vision?
Eye space out and lose focus?
how do i make my lazy eye have the same vision as my other eye?
why do i get chronic head aches?
What Are Some Good Contacts That Last Up To One Year ?
What's a good home remedy for getting rid of a cold?
Tay-Sachs Disease Topic?
My urine tastes like pee, is this normal?
What Dose Eye's Sunken in with Black Circles under them.?
how are bed bugs killed..?
my appetite has gone,why do i keep feeling dehydrated?
I laughed so hard, I almost fainted. I'm now worried!!?
What is that high pitched noise ?
one month after stomach surgery, yellowish sticky fluid oozes from the cut area?
Is it ok to smoke out of a bowl that has been glued back together by superglue?
Swimming after Tooth Extraction.?
What color braces should I get?
how long do you think i will have to wear my elastics for my braces for? ( pic included)?
What is the procedure called which makes you have perfect teeth like celebrities?
.Should I get braces?
How do i get really bad breath?
my tooth won't grow back?
Seeking advice whether to pursue legal action towards a DDS?
Is a CT-Scan every 6 months useful in detecting Lung Cancer at an early stage?
Is it possible someone is sick, thinks they have cancer, but don't?
In case of supra-dosage of marijuana with negative effects, in how much time will it pass away?
when i grow up. cancer feild?
does cell phone usage cause brain cancer?
Radiology and cancer?
is it true that nurses tell patients the bad news and doctors tell the good news?
Anywhere else i can put it (hickey)?
how to get rid of forehead acne?
Why do Asian People never have problems with acne and what's their secret?
Uncontrollable armpit sweating HELP!?
My best friend has a cold sore?
Marijuana question? Drug testing?
How do you fall asleep (techniques)?
is this crazy or is this just me?
My stomach is always making weird noises! Help?
How do I get rid of the hiccups?
hurt ankle.....what to do???????????
Bit by a yellow spider with a small red circle on back?
knee pain...please help!?
Low Pulse Rate- Cant stay awake- help!?
I can barely feel my heartbeat when resting..is this ok?
what is the rate of heart attack if my bad cholesterol is 169 mg?
what heart arrythmias are considered wide complex tachycardias?
If a guy that was about to die in the electric chair had a heart attack would they save him?
I've been really thirsty lately?
do all people with diabetes go blind? is there a way to stop the blindness from diabetes?
my daughters iron levels read L they said it was so low . she was put on 300 mg a day..is that low not to read?
Is 5 vials of blood to much to take from a 13 month old girl?
what would make the better career registered dietician or genetic counselor?
What are some tests to check for cancer.?
Is it better to do shorter workouts or just one long one.?
Can you count your calories weekly instead of daily and get the same results?
what do you eat on your diet?
how many calories do you have a day?
why does my son break out into a rash when his body temperature goes up?
what can i eat to get fat?
Exhausted after eating + in general?
Why is drinking water good for loosing weight?
Forget BMI for a second, really think about this.?
Why am I so itchy?HELP!!!?
Help calculating weight loss?
im already skinny but i want to lose the fat and build muscle. what should i do?
Unhealthy snack options?
When I put my contacts in it feels like soap in my eyes?
I just got new glasses and I am seeing slightly blury out the sides?
OPTOMOTRISTS ! ~ I am a +12, and i'm soo worried :"(?
How can you get rid kidney stones without having surgery?
Is my doctor telling the truth? Weird situation... please help?
Does smoking weed make you feel like your in a cartoon? ?
What type of seizure was this?
Am i still protected from whooping cough?
how to write ventilator settings in case study?
Chest pains(ex anorexic)?
Mild Asthma and Smoking?
am i a psychopathic person?
My boyfriend is taking pills for depression, will this change how he acts?
What would happen if I took 800mg of Lexapro in one go?
How can I get off my meth addiction?
Cold sore Help. Do I keep it dried up or put some neosporin on it?
how do you cure a fingernail scar on your face?
How do you get rid of zits in a day or two?
Does soap really cause acne?
How to get rid of reflux?
What Is Wrong With My Body? I Need Help Please!?
Car Accident Question.?
Is incontinence inevitable as you get old, and if so, at what age does it tend to kick in?
What does a bubbling sensation below the left rib cage mean?
what are the signs of lung cancer?
DId anyone feel funny with the CT contrast liquid?
help with feline leukemia?
how long do you live with stage 4 cancer all through the body?
does sometimes with herpes you have a white discharge with a smell?
Why is exercise treatment for hypertension?
Low blood pressure and Atenolol (beta blocker)?
how long take to recover from a hernia surgery?
Klonopin for racy heart?
heart problems ? Arrythmia problems MAYBE?
Oil well and truly stuck in ear?
what is the easiest way to extract an ingrown hair?
Bit by a wombat when I was 11 or something?
What to do about this spider bite?
what takes the sting out of a fire ants bite?
question about contacts!?
How long does Zenni Optical take to ship?
Cornea damage because of contact lenses?
can I wear contact lenses if I had dry eyes?
What is a normal amount of floaters to see?
i get dizzy all the time for no reason?
Is the time it took to heal a torn ligament normal?
How would you fix several broken ribs and how long would they take to heal if you didn't have modern equipment?
How can i heal my broken foot faster?
What is santas address?
my vein popped today on my thumb finger today...?
How much do crutches usually cost with a prescription?
Are fried eggs bad for you? Do they cause acne?
I have scars on my leg from playing ruff when I was younger I'm 13 now and I want to know how to take them off?
Olive oil for dry skin?
Burn with water stuff in it?
I have a purple tooth and I dunno how it got that color it wasn't like that yesterday what do I do!??!!?!?!?!?
so i just got my wisdom teeth out..?
I can't move the right side of my mouth!?
Is it necessary to extract all 4 wisdom tooth at the same time even though only 2 of them are having issues?
when I bite down on my tooth it hurts ?
Is it ok if i drink milk after i brush my teeth? is that bad?
Best Gym Workout for Weight loss?
What am I doing wrong in my healthy eating and exercise routine?
Lunch: 330 calories, 9 grams of fat - good or bad?
is 900 calories enough for a 15 year old on a diet?
I need an exercise routine for my legs. Help!?
Does eatting the Weight Watchers food products really make a difference to your weight loss?
Ideas for teen school lunches?
if someone has celiac can they drink jagermeister?
My kids is 12 her blood pressuer is 100 over 57?
Will my dad be ok, he's in a coma.?
do i have diabetes or not.?
How does diabetes affect you getting glaucoma?
Good food for diabetics? Berries?
Do you believe the CDC's prediction that 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2020 is true? Why or why not?
can anybody discribe lymphoma to me?
Any idea what these blood test results mean?
I have heard cancer has been cured and web sites have you heard this?
Does this tan look cancer-ous ?
Is Ensure Or Something Like That Good?
Why do people see cutting as bad?
Why is it so hard to fall asleep!?
How to get rid the hiccups?
Help! I havnt had a regular BM in forever!!!!?
What does exfoliating do to your skin?
what causes acne? i need good answers !!?
Is it required that I take birth control pills while I'm taking Accutane?
i have a mole that went from a skin colored scabby feeling to a brown itchy scabby mole. is it cancer?
What should I do? Please.?
I am scheduled to have a colonscopy done.?
questions about lump armpit?
is being an oncologist fun?
Is my mum going to die? =(?
what does "ovarian cyst" mean?
breast cancer question?
High blood pressure and cholesterol?
So, children can die of sudden cardiac arrest?
my dad had surgury for afibralation on his heart the surgine perferated the heart then he had open heart?
what if your BP is 108/47, and the heart rate is 127, and the baby's hr is at 179?
Do i maybe have a heart problem?
Can anyone tell me anything about left atrial enlargement and mitral valve prolapse?
Whats wrong with my eye?!?
What is wrong with my eyes? PLEASE HELP!?
Glasses VS Contacts!!!!!!!!!!?
Can someone tell me what's wrong with my eye?
is this normal for people who need glasses?
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD, Acid Reflux, Heartburn)?
What is the reason of decrease in IgG blood test?
Okay weird symptoms, IBS? not pregnant, don't have low iron?
What disease do i have?
My coldsore outbreaks are about once a year,but suddenly more?
can you get HIV or AIDS by kissing?
Do you think acne scars are embarrassing?
if powdered sugar gets on your skin for a while, maybe in some sensitive spots, what happens?
How to Get Rid Of Blackheads?
Products that really work ( acne )?
what are the reasons for getting this disease....?
punch biopsy? help..?
Is prostate cancer an endocrine system disorder?
If I have leukemia will it show up in a blood test?
How often should you get checked for cancer?
Green tea with Jasmine - essential for weight loss?
can colon cancer be treated?
can you have lymphoma but not the fever sweats and weight loss?
Can stress cause Cancer?
plzzzzzzzz answer it's veryyy important :s?
Is protien powder helps to increase body mass?
How can I slim down? Please help :)?
I wanna do things & I want to do them my way?
Im a skinny guy looking to gain some weight and muscle help!?
how do i loose weight fast to get that summer glow?
Should i eat more today or not? (Easy 10 Points)?
I might have injured my back, is this serious?
I pulled a muscle last night, i must of slept funny...How do i cure it or make it not hurt befor..?
how does a wound or cut heal?
Did I break my knuckle ?
My big toe hurts, anyone know why?
I can't pee after drinking alcohol?!?!?
How can I help my mom with her medication?
Why is smoking considered disgusting?
So, am I going to die if I have a large red circle on the bottom of my foot?
pass drug test? (marijuana)?
ATTENTION!What do I do!!?
Question about a ER bill?
A friend of mine is allergic to tofu and soy milk, but she can eat soy beans. All soy. How is that possible?
What's wrong? AM i Allergic?
im getting tested for asthma will i get made fun of?
my BS is 553, called the Dr. he uped my onglaza from 5 to 10 mgs?
Urine production is controlled by ____?
What are some foods for people with high blood sugar and high blood pressure?
Are there alternatives to METAFORMIN to control type 2 diabetes?
iv got spots around my chest and shoulders...?
Can you shave dead skin off your feet?
What really helps to prevent cracked lips?
i got burnt in my face,will i go blind?
best place to get eyes examined and buy glasses?
Do I have bad glasses?
How can I see what i look like with pitch black iris and pupil?
I have contacts but should I get glasses too?
How bad is me wearing contacts 24/7 for months at a time?
My eye is red, stinging, and light sensitive,Should I put a warm or cold cloth on it?
possibly eating myself to a heart attack maybe?
How fast is dangerously fast for a heartbeat?
HELP: High blood Pressure ?
How much does a non invasive facelift cost?
what is the role of apoptosis in transposition of heart great vessles?
What do PAC's feel like?
.......Breathing problems?
i have clear liquid that turns to blood coming from my left breast and green stuff coming out of my right brea?
Why do I get dizzy when I cough, and why am I so tired?
is it normal to gag when you cough?
Do you think I have asthma?
Please help me, my throat and chest hurt when I breathe?
Am I at risk for breast cancer?
Where do I send money that I raised for breast cancer research?
symtoms of liver cancer?
Had an ultrasound on Friday and the tech focused on one nodule shaped funny and the center was white. Cancer?
I have breast cancer and have been diagonsed with arthritus, am a little person and would like to know what?
Is it common for someone with a mental disorder to think they are sane?
how to stay motivated in college?
What can i do to feel better?
What would u call this? is that whats wrong with me?
i think theres a name for it?
Could I Interview You For A Book If You've Overcome Anxiety Of Any Type?
What should I do about my depression?
Acne Scar Treatments/ Remedies ?
Some help with Dandruff?
what do they mean by external use?
is vicodin and Acetaminophen 500 mg ever mixed together by the pharmacy?
POLL:What would you rather be deaf or blind?
i have a 2.3 x 1.4 x 2.0 cm heterogeneous relatively hypoehcoic nodule, could this be cancerous?
would a torn ligament cause swelling 4 weeks after accident?
Please help me!?!?!?!? ?
Shoulder burn?? what should i do?
why would a cut on the wrist hurt, turn purple and be unmovable without pain?
I have horrible teeth that cause me constant pain?
Do you think my orthodontist would refuse to give me braces a 2nd time?
What is exactly a Rubber Dam for?!?
I can't move one side of my mouth properly!?
Heart racing after novicane shot at dentist, is it normal?
Why does my teeth hurt when I have to touch chalk?
Help with root canal..?
Is it true if you leave glass of water by your heat source it helps skin to not dry out?
what to use on severley dry, chapped, cracked skin?
I have acne how can I make it less noticeable ?
how to get rid of acne fast?
Im trying to get contacts, but I don't know my prescription?
Glasses help please, kind of confused here?
Contacts?? 10 points!!!!?
How can I slim down my legs by the summer?
Ive done weightlifting yesterday but?
Is this a healthy snack?
Does the ab circle pro really work?
Drinking water with lemons for weight loss?
A good way to loose weight?
Will drinking crystal light stop you from losing weight?
Losing at LEAST 30 pounds in 6 months?
my 11yr old son has been diagnosed w/autism but as of lately he is ocd and odd. plus i am wondering about sch?
What does it mean if im always dissy and feel like im going to throw up?
is tourette syndrome real desease?
Took overdose of tylneol 30 hours ago.....when does liver failure start?
dizziness and slight pressure in the left ear?
How do I know If i have Diabetes?
I am pre diabetic and don't qualify for any supplies. The dr is working on it, but .....?
Whats The Difference between type 1 diabetes and Hypoglycemia ?
THYROID ISSUE: I have thyroiditis and am waiting for my TSH to come back to normal. Is it true that if the TSH?
If you blood sugar is too high do you have type one diabetes ? HELP PLEASE .?
I'm a diabetic and I have trouble losing weight?
Can you Give blood when.....?
if you had heart problems would it always show with your blood pressure?
When taking HPB meds, is it normal for your BP to drop a lot the first week the go back to the usual pressure?
What is my life expectancy?
What is involved in having an EMG nerve conduction test?
Guys: Areola Size on Women?
body feeling hot then cold what is it?
How do I get nice and comfy to go to sleep,I have 3 pillows,and a comfy mattres,but I just cant get comfy?!?
i don't have medical insureance i need to see a doctor what do i do?
How does a doctor find out a person's blood type?
When i stand up i can't see?
home remedies for dry itchy cracked skin?
Very Simple Home Ingredient to get rid of acne?
Nighttime rashes - Any idea what's wrong?
How do i get rid of acne completely and does anyone know why it seems to become more intense at times.?
I took Zofran this morning and I still feel really nauseous...?
Being put to sleep???????
Why is there a five year survival rate for cancer?
My Dad died from cancer.?
I don't think the treatment for gonorrhea worked?
So I f'd this girl in Utah two weeks ago?
Does getting a blood test hurt?
Can you buy hepatitis A prevention tablets?
hepatitis C, progression of disease?
Goes my daughter have a stomache flu ?
how to get rid of nits?
just poured boiling hot water on my foot?
I have a cut, not sure how its going to heal...?
how can i get cpr and first aid training?
Snake Bites (Piercings)?
Being sick and always shivering, please help !?
What is the best moisturizer for oily skin?
why do i get zits EVERYWHERE?
How do i prevent a cold sore if i was exposed?
how to get rid of blackheads?
Why can't you wear contacts during surgery?
Why is it when you close your eyes you see pictures?
Contact Lens hurting my eyes?
My contacts keep me from seeing up close, can I get contacts that let me see near and far?
Where can I get free pink breast cancer awareness bracelets?
Is a colonoscopy safe?
Throat Cancer? Please read and help quickly. It's really important.?
What is your experience of quitting cigarettes using Chantix?
whats wrong with me? is it allergies?
what's the blue waffle disease?
how many gout flare ups can u have before ur kidneys fail?
I have insomnia what else can I do to make it better?
I donated blood, and know i feel sick?
Two questions about hemoglobinemia?
What do I need to take if I have a sore throat?
does exercise make you grow taller?
I've had my cold for three days...?
Do you think I'm done growing?
How do I get my normal sleep schedule back?
can afib be caused by an infection in copd?
Is being nauseous the day after having a cardiac ablation normal?
Is chest pain normal on ritalin?
Heart transplant question?
Acne help!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~?
Cuts or burns...? :D?
Fat loss or water weight?
why is my belly fat doesn't decrease>?
i have a party in 3 months and ide like to have a slim and toned stomach by then?
Fiber One, Total or Quaker Oatmeal are all healthy. Which is the healthiest to start your day to chose one?
How many calories burn on hard strenght stair stepper?
i really need to bulk up fast..help?
Weight loss??? Help.?
Im totally fat and my wedding is in the next year?
Problems with losing weight?
Im not sure what happened to my finger, but it hurts :(?
Is my wrist broken???
Mild Head Injury, should I be worried?
can you get casted for a one week old fracture?
can a teen get mouth cancer?
melanoma may have spread?
prostate cancer question please.?
Symptoms.. what do you think is wrong with me.. ? leukemia?
i was wondering what leukemia looks like? like does it look like small bruises?
Could this be something serious?
Help with a sore throat?
How does smoking damage the lungs?
i think i have asthma :/?
is it okay to put vicks vapor just slightly into your nose?
is incense sticks like second hand smoke?
Is it safe to keep using the same paper bag for hyperventilating?
is mini aspirin good for diabetic person?
I might have diabetes... and I'm military ..?
Do you have or do you know anyone w/high cholesterol?
Does low or high blood sugar cause loss in fingers or toes?
Why does sugar make me feel sick?
Low Blood Sugar...Do I Have Diabetes? (Please Read Details)?
Is my blood sugar count normal?
what is it called when you sleep lying down but wake up sitting on your bed?
when you get a stuffy nose and you keep whipping it off then your nose gets red and the skin is dry kind of?
Dizziness/ lightheaded out of nowhere. whats wrong?
Is drinking beers really fast bad for you?
How to fall asleep the night before your birthday?
What damages can Ibuprofen do to your stomach.?
Tinging in left arm? like its falling a sleep?
how do i get rid of the bad smell coming from my under arms?
where does cellulite come from and how do you get rid of it?
I got these hives all of a sudden?
how do i prevent cold sores?
Is it better to study late or get sleep?
ADD and memory problems?
Do you think I am depressed?
For someone suffering with depression, how healthy is it to cry?
Is this considered an eating disorder? How bad is it actually?
Major depression, no money....?
*Please Help* What Helps With Mild Social Phobia?
Gynecologist help! std?
i got treated for gonorrhea but my parnter refuse to &' avoiding me, what should i do? (he give it to me)?
The iron is plugged in. I get sick.?
How do you feel after being sedated for an upper endoscopy?
Yuck... Diarrhea question, HELP?
What can I do to prevent myself getting the flu?
limb lengthening surgery in iran?
eye drops from the opticians?
i like SUNGLASSES but my eye power is +2.5 both eyes, i dont want to wear anymore , can i go alternativies ?
Can Lush cosmetics products cause eye floaters?
I have an Amway link, and an Avon link can I advertise it on your page.?
I need help. pre FAINTING TIPS?
How much does an 1/2 gram of powder cocaine cost?
Help!! i dont feel like eating ( i hate food) but if i dont i throw up HELP!!?!?
My ear feels like it wont pop?
I have this disease of wanting to live in a shoe & I need help, so I can be normal again.?
Can you touch dry ice with your hand?
How to tell if I have dandruff?
I want to die. Is this normal?
does this mean its testicular cancer?
I Keep Forgetting Things, I'm scared I have brain cancer..?
why would my blood cells don't look right?
can you get cancer from smoking a few cigarettes in your whole life?
Breast Cancer Charities That Do Not Support Animal Testing?
I have a weight loss issue, can you help?
body fat percent for a 4-pack?
healthy snack for a sweet tooth?
could drinking gnc products hurt you?
are the hcg drops concentrated like the hcg drops or injections given by doctors?
Does grapefruit really burn fat?
I want to lose 60lbs by June Help!!!?
How do I lose weight ?
How do i stop my bad breath?
Do braces make you talk funny?
Question about braces?
what can i do to get my braces taken off?
Nervous about tooth extraction?
I Have Two Holes In One Tooth.?
White Stuff in My Mouth?
What can cause a loud popping sound in chest?
heart palpatations ...constantly for 3 days?
took blood pressure at cafeteria machine, said stage 2, im 22. this is wrong right?
What are same ways to naturally lower high blood pressure, no prescriptions?
How many quarts of blood are pumped when exercising?
Does it mean lung cancer?
what are the exact differences between acute and chronic leukemia?
how do you know if you have lung cancer?
question for people who used Accutane/Roaccutane for acne?
white spots on my skin?
how to get rid of acne scars?
This morning I saw a really long worm in my stool, it was as long as 3 inches and had all the features of tape?
Could you still get HIV/AIDS if your gay (Male) ?
Can anyone give me three types of inherited diseases?
OMG , worms ... im freaking out?
Can a water jet cut off a finger?
Really painful ear infection?
Is it bad to pop a Blister by yourself?
should women in california be required to take aids test?
why do i go dizzy and everything goes black when i stand up?
Should I take a shower everyday?
Can Marijuana damage your brain?
How come my head is spinning?
Why is it that whenever I walk into bright sunlight, I sneeze really hard?
how do i get rid of a bloated stomach?
Can your body become dependent on melatonin if you take it too much?
how to hump pillows? ive heard people do it and its good?
whats worse for the eyes computer or reading?
can my scratched glasses ruin my eye sight?
if I join the B.U.D.S with glasses do they give a free laser surgery or how does that work?
What is Red eye.......?
Why do you need a prescription to get contacts?
Drink a lot but no sleep?
plz help me urgent this is kinda gross but help?
Low heart rate as about to fall asleep, scared I was going to die?
how long does a blood test take to get results at a hospital?
does anyone have cruthes i can have?
Knee surgery recovery?
How do I hide my wrist cuts?
What should i do about my acne problems?
Getting rid of acne scars?
Wart will not go away?
Eczema remedies and help?
Has it been proven that milk causes acne?
Is my ear broken or is this cancer?
Is it possible to donate blood while on Metformin?
is this poisoned or diabetic emergency?
Why would my blood glucose be high when I am on a low carb diet?
Can diabetes cause false negative pregnancy blood test?
If you have diabetes and you diet and eat healthy can you stop diabetes?
good cleanser and moisturizer for oily skin, and occasional breakout?
Is there a cure for stinky scalps ?
how to heal over exfoliated skin!?
how to get rid of a pipple?
What are the fastest ways to get rid of acne?
i have an acne problem and uneven skin tone , plzz tell me can i get rid of this by the help of yogurt ?
I drank a lot of water now it burns when I pee?
My dad has prostate cancer..?
Pain on the frontal lobe of my head (just above my nose)?
Will I get leukemia too?
The white of my eye is swollen. What to do?
How do you get rid of hiccups? Can someone tell me.?
Am having fats at the back of my leg,what can i do to this.?
What is this pain on my right lower rib area?
Whats wrong with my body, do i need to see the doctor fast?
Why is caffeine bad for you ?
What are ways to keep your hands busy?
What Could I Do To Lose 4-5 Pounds In 1 Day?
I feel sick after sultanas?
If I jog 90 minutes a day, 4 days a week....?
Fever, cough, headache, runny nose/stuffy nose, and sore throat. Should I go to school tomorrow morning?
How can I stop a runny nose?
Why does anxiety happen?
I think I suffer from teen depression?
Need help with a serious issue?
Friend in hospital, need help?
I experimented with adderall,,,,and im having some problems....help?
heart pain..stabbing sensation?
I've been diagnosed with mitro valve insufficiency. When should I be concerned?
Do I have a heart problem?
i am tingling around my heart, and a little in my back. Then my left arm is cold?
Coreg,Bisoprolol/HCTZ,Tekturna and Tinnitus?
Any information about strange heart palpitations?
What Happens To Heart If You Press This?
I think my heart keeps stopping... strange feeling that I've never had before. Help?
i have a knot w/white spots on the roof of my mouth?
Can heat from a flat iron cause cheeks to turn red?
i have a sweating problem please help?
What is good for dry winter skin?
what can i do to get rid of my acne scars?
My 14 year old sister told me this and I don't know what to do! Please help!!!?
What's wrong with me?
do i need to go to the hospital if im constipated?
Is it bad to sleep for 19 hours straight :S?
can it be a brain tumor?
Is it true that white mice cause cancer?
If you have breast cancer is it?
Can anyone help me? Some one with experience in radiation oncology?
do cancer in the breast feel like a slight burning sensations?
How to cure a friction burn above lip?
I have a real loss of appetite because of flu. Should I force feed myself?
do girls stop growing after thier period?
Why is this occurring to me?
Long-term effects of bad sleeping habits?
why does milk gives me gas and diarrhea?
Knee surgery issue(aftermath)?
Please help, this can be extremely embarrassing?
How can I get rid of acne, I have mega sensitive skin?
why is my skin shedding so much?
Can I NOT use a facial cleanser?
how do u get rid of acne scars?
How would I order contacts & glasses online with this prescription?
In an optometrist's prescription, what is OD and OS?
Where can I find a table magnifying glass for my son with cataracts?
Everything about contact lens?
Can I fix my uneven eyes with any kinds of eye care products?
I want colored contacts..!!?
How can i help friend who's cancer has returned?
What can this be? Breast Cancer?
can a soda cause cancer......?
do i have cancer?????????????????
How to get rid of dead skin on my hands?
It puts the lotion on its skin?
what cause people over 50 to get acne??? I have this one bit zit that i cover up with?
Does anyone else get little sores behind the top row of teeth?
Do I have heart disease?
If you have heart disease, what are the chances of you dying?
how can you tell if you have congestive heart failure?
Stroke symptoms after i drink lots if pop?
I need help. Which high blood pressure medicine should I take now?
Is it ok to take a 40 mg of vailum?
I got back from the beach yesterday...?
What does this discription match?
How long does it take for cocoabutter to get rid of stretch marks?
I have acne and I don't know how to get ride of it HELP!?
Is there a way to legally buy adderall or amphetamine/dextroamphetamine online?
Are guys okay if girls have some acne on their face?
kids eating body lotion!?
I have Cystic Acne and seem to find no cure please help :( any suggestion or ideas on how i can get rid of it?
Are Swisher Sweets Bad For You?
i cannot stop yawning, not tired, very short of breath.?
Why does skin split at the corner of your finger nails?
my bathsoap is very effective to all kinds of skin diseases even psoriasis.how can i contact concerned people.?
My Throat Is VERY dry?!!?
If a child is born with a mole, does it become raised as he ages?
A sixty-six-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of chronic liver failure.?
What could be the cause of these hand tremors?
Is this normal when you're tired/extremely sleepy?
Is smoking weed is less risky than puffing on a cigarette? ?
My acute bronchitis is worse?
JUST...10 things GOOD & BAD about being short!!!?
Ok I just got my MRI results today and they said I have a bulging disc...?
How can i get sick until morming?
Is his an STD that i have or what is it?
I have a lump on my tonsil?
How serious does this breast cancer have to be to...?
i have esophageal cancer and no insurance..how much will treatment cost me?
Where can I go to treat a benign tumor that nobody else will treat?
Could this freckle be cancerous?
How I can help my mother in law be more comfortable when she comes home from breast cancer surgery?
I wore contacts at dishwshin, and due to the steam, i think i damaged my eyes?
Today I fell asleep with my contacts in ?
Can someone help me with contact problems?!?
what exacly does eye contacts do to your eyes?
Can someone help me out with an eye question?!? @[email protected]?
Eye glasses with an uneven curvature? Plssss helppp?
How do I get rid of a GIANT zit fast?
would i lose much weight if i go on a strict diet?
Does working out build muscle alone?
I can only do pull ups with my hands near cant do it at wide grip?
how can i cure obesity totally without insition or too mush stress?
How can i stay focused on my diet when my family doesnt support me?
Why do i gain weight when all i do is exercise?
im on a 1200 calorie diet, how many calories do i burn to lose weight?
how exactly to rip off those muscles?
Advice on how to lose 20+ pounds somewhat fast?
If you were dieing of cancer ... ??? ...?
Does drinking out of a plastic water bottle cause cancer?
If you had cancer, would you try to fight for every single day more to beon this earth?
Will rain affect my ankle cast?
What kind of specialist do i see for skull/head injury?
I getting a new long leg cast tomorrow, what color should it be?
I have a really weird problem...?
Is there something that you eat that makes your nose grow faster?
People can have red eyes from albino. Why does everything say they cant?
how do you get rid of a chronic cough? ANy home remedies?
Will it be out of my system by january 10th ?
I have a nose bleed. What do I do?
am i allergic to vodka?
What is a good over the counter allergy medicine?
Hydrogen Peroxide in my ear?
large ball under my ear...what is it?!?!?
How long do Steam Burns last?
help to reducing swelling?
Is my wound infected?
Is my ear infected after gauging it 2 days ago?
help with my bleeding lips?
Is it good or bad to put an icepacks on a sunburn?
What is wrong with my jaw?
does veneers cause receding gum?
How can I whiten my teeth?
Am I the only one who is deathly afraid of shot/needles?
even if i drink water my lips are still dry?
what is the best thing to do to get rid of spots and spots that have already been popped?
What do you think of plastic surgery?
what will lighter fluid do for ear wax?
Face itchy after using ?
can i still wear unopened contact lenses after an year?
contacts, high school, help?
Eye glasses with an uneven curvature?
Can you wear circle lenses if you're inexperience with contacts?
can some one help me find out what's wrong with my eye, and what i can do to fix it?
Is it usual to wear glasses full time with a prescription of -3 & -2.50?
Do I need to get my eyes checked?
Why is my nose numb after taking off my glasses?
if you have sarcoidosis should you eat a lot of calcuim?
hemorrhoid gangrene! worried....!?
Why am I not hungry anymore?
Based on symptoms, what would you say this is?
I have a quarter with a bubble in it on the back side an feels lighter than a regular one is this worth money?
Left abdomen pain, schocking pain when cough.?
A person close to me( around 7 feet close) ,he has HIV and gingivitis and he sneezes. Can he infect me ?
can you get STD or other infections from this?
How safe is blood donation?
is it irrational to take a shower after defecating?
Please please help, I am so so scared?
What fruits are highest in iron?
is staying up all night bad?
whats that sound when you crack your own joints?
should i get 2 hours of sleep or no sleep?
Information of diabetic?