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What's the chance of this being a spinal tumor?
is it safe to have a baby with a blood cancer patient?
My husband has to have a bone marrow transplant.?
Can painful swollen tissue/lymph nodes be lymphoma?
How long does each stage of cancer last until the next stage?
when you start experiencing the early stage of rabies is it already to late?
Is Soap and Water the only way to get Dirt off your body?
why do i feel so itchy when i dance?
Any good lotions/acne medication?
Please someone I need info on Choroidal Neovascularization.?
Whats Laser eye Surgery? And what does it feel like?
do contacts make you look different to wearing glasses?
Constricted and dilated pupils scare me to death. Is that weird?
Eye issues please help?
Why do I want to be sick?
What are good hobbies and talents for kids with ADHD?other than sports and art?
What kind of depression is this?
where should i go from here?
wondering if i have a mental illness?
is there anyway to get rid of acne scars?
is there any awesome magical acne treatment?
after i shower my legs turn red.Then after i get orange spots on my legs and itching .what is this?
will my teeth work for invisalign?
Yucky toenail fungus...?
how does brain cell store memory?
i got a mammogram done and?
What is the soursop fruit known in Telugu, Kannada, Tamil?
Help people with cancer?
Is the Glucose tolerance test mandatory?
responsible for regulating blood glucose levels. What illness results if this system no longer functions prop?
Can you get diabetes by eating too much sugar?
do diabetics have to get insulin injections everyday?
How to increase my testorone levels?!?!?
I eat about three apples before I go to bed. Is that to much sugar?
I am worried about getting car-sick?
I paced myslef, why do I still feel sick?
Clonazepam and alcohol?
Its the middle of winter, why do i feel like im on fire?
how much taller can i get?
How many beta-blockers?...overdose?
i am having headaches so bad that my vision is crossing (doubled)?
How to stay awake? ive had 2/3 hours sleep but i dont wanna sleep in the day cos itll mess my bodyclock help?
My cousin's blood pressure.?
is something wrong with my kidneys?
do Diabetes patients have to eat fruits?
my heart began beating VERY fast and hard?
what does it feel to be high?
I had a physical last week my hld is 63 and my ldl is 120 i ask for interptation of this at my doc office ?
Red skin after Clean and Clear Acne kit?
My cheeks are always red? How do I get rid of this?
Having a little skin trouble...?
How long will my loose skin last?
Helping inflamed eczema?
What happens, internally, when you 'jam' a toe,finger, etc?
hyperextended knees????????????????
What happens if a strained muscle isn't taken care of?
Question about unopened contacts?
Color contact lenses?
just woke up and eyes blurry?
When I wear my contact lenses...?
Due to the rising increase of illegal aliens with TB should I get myself vaccinated against it?
HPV in men...what kinds of cancers?
I have to have a colonscopy done.?
what are the signs and symptoms of lung cancer?
a bowel resection was performed on mr. smyth, as part of mr. smyth's treatment strategy, a drainage tube were?
Is it normal to get a headache when hitting your chin or do I have a brain tumor, I'm 14 years old and a male?
Can a person with a brain tumor have headaches in both left and right sides of the head?
why would a cancer Doctor give medicine to a person having chemo to slow down the central nervous system ?
Pushing on Lymph Node Under Armpit?
Could this be skin cancer?
Can pale skin get a tan?
Ingrown toenail/Surgery?
what can I take to prevent diarrhea while taking metformin?
Is it easier to draw cold insulin than room temperature?
Why am I so dizzy and lightheaded today?
What happens when you have a low blood calcium?
Ways to cure a hangover?
Can I gain my hearing back?
Im 17 and 5'4, am I going to get any taller?
Can sugar cause someone to be forgetful?
Why does my tongue and roof of my mouth feel a bit tingly after I eat a cantaloupe?
Can anyone tell me whats wrong with me?
will i get any taller?
breast cancer questions...?
what are the common symptoms of Pleural Mesothelioma Cancer?
Can you get cancer by picking scabs?
Where do I get tested for cancer in Massachusetts.?
Is it possible for cancer to be hidden?
Can I take a mammogram test at only 16?
Quit smoking and i am happy about it but...?
Best chap stick for dry/chapped lips?
Ma tongue peircin is infected but I don't wanna take it out how can u get rid of the infection ?
I have some kind of fungus around my nose... I know gross but please help!?
how to clear up my skin fast ?
I need a doctors opinion?
Blood in stool and pain in stomach?
Should i bother going to hospital or will i just leave it?
i have a contact prescription for acuvue oasys for astigmatism .. can i get acuve ADVANCED.. contacts instead?
Is playing video games from a distance from the t.v. better then playing pc games up close?
Does anyone like men in thick glasses?
Can firefighters wear glasses?
Will my vitreous hemorrhage go away?
Taking a stress test sometime this week, a few questions?
Does exercise help Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)?
I have heart failure and would like to know who is a good doctor to go to in the Fort Lauderdale, FL area?
every time i eat or drink i get an irregular heart beat?
18 year old male with alot of stretch marks how to get rid of them?
What is the best thing to do about acne on your back and chest?
Help! I have a very, very dry itchy scalp?
Pleez help i hate having rosacea is their anything tht will make it go away ?
fell down the steps early today-- ankle and knee really hurt?
Cut my finger now its numb?
Is 30 minutes of cardio a day with weights rotated every second day good for weight loss and diabetes?
pulmicort causes diabetes?
Is sweet smelling urine indicate you have diabetes?
my blood sugar level is 129,is it normal?
What are the Symptoms of Kidney Failure?
im diabetic and on metformin 2 x a day. but im just wondering what will happen if i have a some chocolate?
How do i get rid of my lisp?
Can Honeycomb be digested by stomach?
So I think I want to be a doctor when I grow up, but I dont know what kind of doctor I want to be....?
Can anyone tell me what I might be suffering from?
Tingling feeling in arm when emotional ?
How to treat pepper spray or mace in the face?
What could be this sore on my leg?
should i get my mole removed (with pic)?
is aleo vera good for burns?
can a man catch something from toilet seat?
Can Keflex cure Gonorrhea?
how do i no if i have a bad UTI or not?
What is the test for HPV called?
14 year old... i think i might have breast cancer?
What are the chances?
Suggestions for quitting smokeing?
i just yesterday had a out patient procedure called a hysteroscopy and d and c and i?
Questions of lung cancer?
My summer just went from one stage to another and i really don't know what to do?
Do I need reading glasses?
When is my vision going to stop getting worse?
HELP! Static shocked my eye.?
How can i get it out of my eye?
Acne Struggle & Desperate for Improvement?
What if I keep a removable retainer in while I eat?
I have TWO HUGE GAP in front of my teeth?
if I don't get accepted to any medical schools, can I switch to dental schools? and a dentist career?
I think my daughters(3 years old) dentist over looked something, what should I do?
what is the difference between rabbie and bear elastics for braces?
Can a patient have heart stents removed if they are unhappy with them does patient have final say?
Do you go for an annual checkup with an MD?
When was the first documented heart attack in the United States?
New blood pressure medicine?
Sick, no insurance, treatments for viral infection?
Urinary Track Infection?
why some people snore very loud.?
what is left maxillary sinusitis?
I have body acne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
my hands are always sweaty is this good or bad?
How do yuu cure a 2nd to 3rd degree burn , if it's realy bad and the skin fell off without goin to the ER !?
What are some way you can get rid of acne?
I have lost my ADHD meds...?
how long does it take to die this way?
how to cure an awful cough?
Why is my mom always sick ?
why wont he sleep with me?
where do babies come from?
Can having a tonsilectomy make you gain weight?
Is it normal to feel small node/pea sized node/lumps under your armpit?
Cancer is cured, but why do people still get chemotherapy?
I am so worried about having a colonscopy done.?
have i got breast cancer at 16 years of age?
A Insulin question- By giving of 1cc injection of Fast acting Insulin say Humulog.......?
What diet would make somebody lose weight but become diabetic?
Why is 70-120 the "normal" blood sugar range is it can change so much?
if my white blood count is 32 what does that mean?
what do you do for living when you have diabetes?
How is an easy and quick way to catch a cold?
What happens to someone's weight if they eat nothing and do not exercise?
I dont feel hungry anymore at all, so i dont eat?
My hands are purple does anyone know what's wrong?
is it possible to recover your eye vision instead of wearing contacts and glasses?
Do boys or girls have better hand-eye coordination?
Is prophylactic 360° laser retinopexy protective?
I lost my eyeglasses. Help?
why is my eyes always low?
I tried on a newbproduct on my face and it gave me a rash. What should I do to get rid of the rash?
how long does it take for Claravis Accutane to start clearing up your skin?
Hamstrings too stiff and lower back to painful to stretch what do I do?
if you have a lot of muscle will that make you less vulnerable to injuries?
could a bee-bee gun make you bleed?
Broken Wrist? Please help?
how to get rid of the redness out of your cheeks due to good blood circulation?
what do you do if you slice your finger oopen through your finger nail?
what do i do if my ear is clogged with peroxide?
I breathed in a piece of chewed up paper.. Will I be okay?
can anyone make sence of this? really need your help?
trapped in selfharm? please help!?
Why Do I Feel Like This?
My psychiatrist is weird?
I am so very Angry..Please Help?? :(?
Is this what a panic attack feels like?? PLZ HELP!?
Help, please!!!!!! <3?
what is the problem with my knee? NEED HELP IMEDIATLY!?
No food, sleep, water, for 3 days?
How can I help people? I want to be a doctor but Im too young!! Help?
How long does it take for marijuana to leave your system & is there something to drink for it to leave faster?
Is gatorade as good as pedialyte for treating diarrhea?
What is the most effective treatment for acne breakouts and blemishes?
What, by far, is your favorite acne medication brand?
Is Glucerna okay to have if you're not diabetic?
How long will it take for your body to eat the fats when you stop eating?
my blood group is A+ and my fiancées blood group is also A+, will be there be any complications in future?
Im going blind, what should I do?
bloodwork normal for underactive thyroid....?
My Mom Is Diagnosed with Diabetes?
Freakish HDL and LDL Cholesterol Levels...?
What does "Borderline ECG" mean?
If I have got right atrial hypertrophy would I need an operation?
Could a man have a stroke and not ever know it?
Can someone help me understand this Cause of death?
What are my chances of getting skin cancer?
I knew when my grandpa was going to die?
He has been smoking for over 35 years?
My mom told me she has a tumor on her brain?
What is the percentage of people having or having had cancer in the world ?
Where can I buy contacts in a store?
Subconjunctival Hemorrhage?
Can I go jog and work-out even with having 'Pink-Eye'?!?
Why Do My Eyes Hurt ?
Do I need glasses? Please help :)?
Can meth (and other substance) abuse cause lazy eye when nervous?
How is LASIK Eye Surgery?
How to get rid of shaving red spots?
How to reduce dark circles under eye?
I had a bladder infection last week. I was rechecked and told it was gone, but I have still have burning.?
Constantly running trace amount of ketones?
Anyone Heard of Hypothyroidism?
When trying to diagnose diabetes, why is it important to have knowledge of a patient's lifestyle and habits?
What are the first symptoms of diabetes type 2?
glucose blood levels mmol normal?
Having problem sleepings at night for two weeks now anyone help?
Can you tell me if I'm sick?
Umm...Weird Question..?
How to stop a runny nose fast?
Hard time swallowing help?
Problem with swallowing?
I have athlete's foot in my neck..please help!?
I have some scars from picking on my arms and chest. im medium skin tone. would tanning help?
I have adult acne all of a sudden, how do I get rid of it?
My eyes all of a sudden are super sensitive ?
Can you use a disc wart remover on skin tags?
What is the real cause of blue/black circles under the eyes?
how does the female brain work?
Can chemo make you get a headache?
do i have leukemia!!!! please help?
What is a good gym to join?
What are some good motivations for weight loss?
need healthy breakfast ideas?
what is the survival rate after diagnosed w/colon cancer stage 4?
thyroid adenoma or carcinoma?
Any tips on losing weight?
How can i excersise in my house without buying anything?
Do I need to make myself eat more?
Are porto's pastries healthy ?
pain meds questions any nurse or doctors?
Should I go to the Hospital or not?
Emergency , finger wounddd!?
i get really bad headaches. at the base of my skull it feels like two bands.?
Can smashing your toe cause a sprain?
Acne Left Dark Marks! WHATNOW!?
clear sticky substance out of a rash?
My acne marks won't go away!!!!! I have tried everything I am in tears please help me?
where to buy bowls (for weed)...?
What's the best weed to smoke?
How do I get rid of my acne?
What to do job wise with spiritual healing?
Is it okay to fix a broken glass pipe/bowl with super glue?
I'm really scared of throwing up. can someone help me calm down?
at what blood pressure number are you at risk for a stroke or heart attack?
consider atropine, a muscarinic antagonist, this drug would increase or decrease heart rate?
Is this normal? what could this be?
my blood pressure is 150/110 what are my risk?
During exercise the most important control mechanism to increase cardiac output is?
My heart rate at rest is 120, I'm 19, what does it mean?
I have a glucose test tommrow and ate some chocolate this morning will it effect my test?
how are you coping with type 1 diabetes?
low blood sugar - what is best to give orally?
when you have diabetes what are the effect on organs if there not treated?
The only question I asked is can peach schnaps give u diahrea. no other?
Theoretical type one diabetes question!?
what is LUL pulm nodule?
What are all of these mobile lumps in my neck?
What kind of throat cancer does Michael Douglas have. Is it larynx or esophagus?
Anyone have any information on outcome of stage 3 Lung Cancer?
can you get lung cancer from smoking tea bags?
What causes Throat Cancer in a woman?
got pre cancer cells?
Natural acne wash for oily skin?
does botox hurt? what are side effects?
My acne doesnt seem to get better. I'm 21 and suffer from mild to severe acne. I need your help!!?
extremely weak and fatigued. is this normal with ulcerative colitis?
how long does it take to get memory back from marijuana?
I accidentally mixed bleach and ammonia just now, what do I do?
Why do I always get stuffy noses even though I'm not sick?
I've smoked a lot, yet not addicted?
How many people have diabetes in Long Beach CA ?
Are these symptoms of Diabetes?
What impact can illness have on diabetic patients?
what is a normal blood sugar level in a male age 48?
Is coffee food oe bad for diabetics?
whats the best sugar substitute for diabetes?
Has your excema ever gone away completely?
I have a sweating problem help please?
How to get rid of a zit?
how can i get rid of this friend?
Is there a certain type of solution you have to use when you first start wearing contacts ?
if i go to the eye doctor to get a prescription for contacts would it cost any money? if so. how much?
What color eyes am I going to have?
I hit my eye o the corner of my windowsill now eye is blurred up.?
i got these FRESHLOOK handling tint contacts withBC:median and DIA:14.5 and i feel crosseyed.? r they correct?
i have a 33month baby boy with a blister in his mouth how can i get rid of the blister?
What exercises does my body need? (video)?
What should my daily calorie intake be? Trying to lose weight?
What should i do about my weight ?
Why can't i gain weight?
How Can I Gain A Huge Amount of Weight?
My best friend just told me shes anorexic?
Ok sorry I have had 2 abnormal EKGs and my Echocardiogram was perfect. I have also had a nuclear stress test?
what is myxedema madness?
What are the dangers with medications that slow your heart rate?
why are cranial nerves not included in the central nervous system?
Are there any good head lice removal salons around Perth, Australia?
How do you treat a jammed finger?
can you cast a 1 week old fractured to the ankle?
How do i cure a knee injury in two days.?
Why won't my acne go away?
Acne questions please help(20 points)?
what is the best acne product?
Loose adult tooth, help! ?
Getting braces off SOON, but teeth not in center of nose?
How to heal a cut in your mouth.?
How can I make my baby teeth fall out faster?
Braces queation? Help?
I'm getting braces in four weeks... help?
should i get braces, PLEASEE PLEASEE PLEASEE ANSWER.!?
How to be a vegetarian, eat low GI foods and try to stick to blood type B diet?
bad sunburn on shoulders with blisters?
my friend got injured really bad, help?!!?
help something is wrong with my roommate?!?
What happens if you eat chips for one month?
Can you get high off nutmeg? If so how much do you take?
im sick of being sick help!!!?
How do i get a hearing aid?
How do you stop stomach pains?
If someone had brain cancer and the hospital put them on life support, could they keep them alive forever?
is it true being struck in the breast hard enough can give u cancer?
How can i get rid of my acne... ?
Should I put Abreva or Neosporin on my cold sore?
Every winter my skin gets very dry and itchy...any relief?
Why am i the inly teen with severe acne?
what is the differance between a corneal erosion and a corneal abrasion?
Can I still wear my contact lenses?
long time on pc blood shot eye problem.what is best remedies for this?
i got dawn dish soap in my eye, what should i do?
My contacts are always dry by the end of the day?
any Ideals on what color contacts I should get.?
Are Halloween contact lenses safe?
What can you tell me about mold?
problem in halitosis what's cause and what kind of medicine i should take?
Help reading chest x-ray report.?
i took antibiotics this morning nd had 2 drinks tonight. what is going to happen?
Do i have central sleep apnea?
Felt faint, sweating, shaking and confused. Took blood sugar is was 61. Should I be concerned?
is it alright to eat grapes if one has high sugar count?
How much does a usual blood test cost?
Worried brother might have diabetes. Help?
could i possibly have diabetes?
How can I get rid of acne scars?
Why are my hands so rough and dry?
how can i get rid of my acne?
I am 35 years old and ocassionally experience memory loss, maybe once or twice a week.?
do you think i have OCD?
what are the potencials signs for abuse or harm?
What are the best stress reducing spa treatments?
I have been taking zoloft for about ten days now, and have had diarreah for three days.?
if someone has an std, does the partner automatically get treated or has to be tested first?
Just found out a girl i like supposedly has some kind of HIV. Hmm still kinda like her but what do i do?
info about passing herpes?
my husband has liver cancer, he is taking chimo and he hasn't eaten anything the last couple of day. He is now?
I'm really debating whether to get the cervical cancer vaccine or not?
Help Me Please My Grandad?
To all with colon cancer...would you delay the diagnosis till covered by insurance?
ultra sound after ;mammogram, worried?
does wine cause diareah?
Mole help in chemisry please?
What do blind people see?
I have AB+ blood.. is this rare?
How Do I Stop My Horrible Disgusting Habit?
How can i lose my belly fat?
Quick diet evaluation?
Has anybody experienced p90x, or know of someone who did?
Did I eat okay today? I am trying to lose weight?
Will I lose weight if...?
Why am I not seeing weight loss results?
Can eating too healthy be bad?
How much oatmeal should be consumed daily for better diabetic control?
what is the lifespan of a type 1 diabetic?
can you tell from a urine test if you have diabetes?
Is it safe to use sugar substitutes even you are not a diabetic?
Planning to eat non-diabetic-friendly stuff on Thanksgiving?
Which moisturizer are you using?
Does Proactive actually work?
I went to the dermatologist to remove a mole (nevus)?
Acne on forehead what should i do ):?
I get red easily, not just a bit blushing. Help?
My ankle hurts!!! ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$!!!!!!!!!!!?????????… !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!?
How Painful is Open Hip Surgery? and How long is the procedure?
Whats the general price of contacts?
Will prescription glasses be different from reading glasses?
i really want contacts but my dad said no!?
White spot right under bottom eyelash line?
Contact lens questions!?
how far have we come in the last 10 years in treating cancer?
Does the clearisil over night wash work? is there something i should substitute it with?
how to get rid of blackheads in less than 20 days...?
Help with the zeno heat treat?
What Is The Best Way To Control Acne?
When a person has extremely low blood sugar..Does that mean its impossible for the person to gain weight?
How do you pass out from low bloodsugar?
Should I be on medication for diabetes?
i am 29 and i'm asking if i'm diabetic?
question on diabetes....?
i am wondering if i'm diabetic? i took a blood glucose check and it read 137. so am i diabetic? i am 29.?
If I wanted my blood tested for genetic screening, about how much would it cost?
what are the symptoms of diabetes?
Is it bad if I wash my hands too much?
WHat to do i have a popcorn kernal in my ear and wont come out?
what is the best treatment for vitiligo?
OMG please help, is this a cold sore?
Just pulled an all-nighter and in dire help of staying awake!!?
Do you still have alcohol in your system if you have a hangover?
how do laughing gas have affects on people?
how do i reset my internal clock?
Snorting meth hurts your teeth?
Could I have gotten a contact high?
How long would theses contact last me.?
How do i tell if i have an eye infection from contacts?
Has anyone had an eye removed? What was the experience like?
When my eyes water, my vision improves?
how to remove scratches from eyeglass lense?
why are my eyes so tired all the time?
Can my friend with diabetes eat cooked onions?
What causes Cataract?
Could I have diabetes?
Can someone without diabetes take insulin? ?
Can Humulin 70/30 be taken from mouth (Oral) instead of injection?
is diabetes linked to respiration?
How can I get rid of a birth mark and pigmentation?
I need help with this skin condition?
extremely itchy toes?
What is the difference in Eczema and Dermatitis?
what to do when your ear i stopped up?
is your job liable for spider bites?
the backing of my earingg went into my ears and they had to cut the back of my ear to get it out?
My 4yr old daughter has a cut on her wrist that we have been treating with antibiotic ointment, it is now warm?
I got pee in a cut??????????
Do I have sleep paralysis?
Will my cheekbones show if I lose weight?
Embarrassed of running in my neighborhood?
How long will it take to get abs?
So im kind of embarassed ive gained 10 pounds?
Do you think this kid is working out properly?
How do I stop myself from eating so much in the evening?
What are the white dots on my gums?
Question about Braces?
lymphogranaminghana: what is it?
Can i give someone herpes/shingles without them coming near my rash?
Can i punch when my thumb is sprained?
ORGAN DONATION: A question...?
Does it sound like this could be stomach cancer?
I think my friend is lying about having cancer. What do I do?
My Boyfriend Just Told Me Last Night He Might Have Cancer?
Help! Abnormal test results - could I have Leukemia?
do you think I have leukemia?
What's a really good pill that will clear up acne fast?
i have horrible itching problems its getting really bad?
bump next to my nose ring?
how can i clear away all my acne including blackheads with a cleanser that works?
do guys really find stretch marks gross?
Why Are My Fingers So Itchy?
I Have Severe acne!? Help!?
Whenever i eat i feel like i'm going to choke?
I coughed blood. What do you think? ?
What is less harmful, headphones or earphones?
my height is 5 feet 1 inches or you can say 154 cm and i am 12 years 9 months is that height normal for me?
don't answer, if your gunna be a wiener.?
Need help getting asleep!?
When and why wax grows in our ears?
Question for recovering alcoholics!!?
How to get rid of a terrible headache?
do you know about the endocrine system?
Does anyone know anything about imodium?
I think a friend has diabetes, can you help?
can my partner sue a hospital for wrongly diagnosing him with diabeties and making him inject himself ?
should you eat eggs if you have high blood sugar?
What to expect when having a glucose test?
Could I possibly have Diabetes?
Xanax, the best thing to take for anxiety. ?
can someone with type 2 diabetes live a normal life span and be resonable healthy?
anyone know a list of pancreatic secretions?
Taken antibiotic and sinus meds nothing works stuffy on left side, sinus pain,what's next?
How to get antibiotic without a prescription?
Pulmonary hypertension- Is my wife dying?
Hiccup center in brain?
What does it sound like my weed was laced with?
could i take honey with warm water in morning for cough & cold problem?
How to make old contacts feel more comfortable?
why do i see circles as squares?
i need help getting glasses and have no why in paying for them at this time i need help?
Acid in the eye, chemistry class ?
Can -5 rx eyeglasses be done wth flat front lenses?
which is the good hospital in Bangalore for LASIK eye-treatment for cylindrical power?
I put the wrong contact in my eye and I can't get it out?
My visions noticeably not as good as it used to be. Why?
How can i naturally lighten my period?
there are scabs all over my head?? some reasons of why they are there?
Why between my toes is the skin red snd dry?
multiple myeloma; experiences?
how do you give a hickey?
What can make people suffer from breast cancer?
Can anyone help me I think I have skin cancer?
Will being a caregiver affect my sisters benefits?
Is accutane really worth taking?
Do you think I have Cancer?
Breast cancer walk team name ideas?
What could cause a person to have normal blood pressure in one arm and low blood pressure in the other?
Am so freakin worried about my fiance's surgery tomorrow!?
Is hypoglycemia curable?
sometimes i crave candy so bad and i can eat a ton of it. why is that?
what four places can insulin be injected into a diabetic?
gestestional diabetes?
how much does cataract cost?
flashing white lights that last about 5 seconds when I wake -up.Im diabetic.?
I have type 2 diabetes can I have a colon cleanse?
I dont know what to do to ive been sick for three weeks throwing up and everything else my fever wont go down?
How old does one have to be to donate plasma and make money?
The beds of my finger and toe nails are purple?
Questions About Crying?
Frequent urination (please take this seriously)?
Question for Pediatrician and/or Parents?
Should i pop this big zit on my chin?
Are there any treatments for hormonally influenced acne in men?
Acne serious problem!! Need HELP??!!?
Dandruff problem: How do I help get rid of dandruff?
too much splenda? side effects?
My aunt was just diagnosed with triple negative stage three breast cancer. can u expound on that for me.?
how do I not look new at smoking?
Are there any known causes for pancreatic cancer?
Skin around Rectum Purple.?
Am I exercising enough?
protein shakes and weight loss?
weight questions: underwegitht overweight?
How many calories would someone burn by doing this every day?
Are there any mixtures of food that are bad for you?
Weight loss ideas? Please?? Lifestyle?
I lost 4 pounds because of diarrhea, isn't it great?
whats wrong with my eyes?
Colored Eye Contacts?
does anyone have any idea what this is on my eye (picture)?
Using expired contact solution. Should I stop using it?
Do I have a concussion?
Ok. I broke my wrist six weeks ago and I need an answer. This is serious.?
How can you get rid of scars?
For people with moderate acne: What medication or regimen from your dermatologists works well for you.?
I have shingles and a young baby?
Does food cause acne?
Does anyone have any insight/advice on how to get rid of a double chin?
what are some ways to get rid of acne?
how weird is it that i sleep in a wardrobe?
Can a lack of sleep cause adderall to be less effective?
OCD superstitious or just weird?!?
This is depression or a nervous breakdown?
What are the best medications for a gerneralized anxiety disorder?
When is a good time to tell my boyfriend...?
Lump on neck? pleas help!?
theky took deeper biopsies in my mom's stomcach and came back as cancer are deeper biopsies worse?
how long brain cancer 4?
what are some touching movies with cancer kids in them?
T does blood sugar of 308 mean?
Does it hurt when you get blood drawn?
anemia and low blood sugar?
Can diabetes be reversed?
Does it get easier to maintain lower blood sugar levels?
How much does it cost to receive help for eating disorders?
Could this be Fibromyalgia? Please help!?
What do you to get rid of severe headaches?
Can Huntington disease be detected before the child is born and how and can the carrier be detected?
What if you do cocaine one time?
What can i get high off of besides weed?
My face turns red when it's cold outside?
Why do I get high anxiety during movies?
i want to die very soon.....?
Why do some people have panic attacks when they smoke weed?
Swollen Lymph Nodes? Questions!!!!!!!?
My husband was told at some point he will need aortic valve replacement...?
Blood pressure increases when standing.?
i have aortic stenosis and will be have open heart done soon should i have a second opinion?
Do heart patients have to sleep immediately after eating!?
Anemia? Cause of low blood pressure?
What are the pros and cons for Reveal Monitor implant (heart)?
Help with dry skin?!?
How do you get rid of dark circles?
I have a rash/hives on different parts of my body. What is it?
how to reduce acne on back and chest?
After smelling smoke for 5 years, can it cause more acne and premature wrinkles?
Is it dangerous to my health?
Uncle is dying from emphysema, please help?
Shortness of breath and cant walk?
can you use too much vicks vapor rub?
Blood clot? Is it harmful or harmless?
every time I get the least bit congested I also get dizzy? What could be causing this?
how the lungs are used by the body to solve both alkalosis and acidosis conditions?
Will I ruin my eyes if I wear glasses?
Does the lens of your eye also flip an image left to right?
I just got contacts, when will I be able to wear them in school?
My Eye Doctor said I had a Hole in the front of my left eye?
eyesight problems - is there a best way to solve the eyesight problems?
Where is the best (affordable) place online to buy contacts?
Radiation or Chemo treatment and positive results for 4th stage mastersized rectal cancer to lungs?
after 20 years of mastectomy is there any need to take hand precaution?
how to get a tan in the sun without getting skin cancer?
Would someone be extremely sick if they had stomach cancer?
is this mole cancer??
What's the most common cancer in children?
my friend has ovarion cancer, and her body rejects chemo. shes in stage 3 what other ways can they use?
If someone really loves you, will they most likely stay with you after testing positive for HSV2?
Chlamydia in the throat???
can fleas transmit STDs?
General Anaesthesia for teeth extraction?
What should a 14 year old weigh?
How to loose weight the heathy but fast way ?
ok help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Why am i really skinny?????
filling but low calorie breakfast?
How much calories is Meatloaf?
I'm being teased about my body?
What is a good weight for a female who has medium bone structure and is 5 feet, 2 inches tall?
How to care for a dizzy friend?
How can I speed up the healing of my finger blisters?
How do I care for my friend when she gets dizzy and her head hurts?
ear bleeding from q-tip. what should i do?
i have a fairly large piece of my thumb missing, how should i treat it?
is it possible for someone to keep growing in their twenties?
Does smoking weed as a teenager affect your growth?
Is there any hobbies to do if you have arthritis?
I want to know if what i have is gas or not?
Do feet hurt more when you gain weight?
When do you begin to notice withdrawl symptoms from antidepressants?
I randomly started over-salivating. It tasted abnormal, and my stomach got upset for a moment. What happened?
Need to stop growing taller?!?
Bump behind ear right on top of piercing HELP!!!!!!?
How long does it take for skin to grow back after a 2nd degree burn?
ever since I shaved my legs these dots have been on my legs, help?
I just noticed that my son has red spots and blisters on the bottoms of his feet?
Is it possible for a right forearm amputee to be a plumber?
im havin a d&c procedure. will it be painful and how long is recovery?
what should i do about my sprain ankle?
What will promote healing of a broken wrist?
My left thumb is numb?? Advice needed please.?
I pulled a muscle in my upper back..?
My friend hit her head multiple times while drunk, is it possible she has a concussion?
Are daily contacts better?
I just ran out of contact solution?
What's the difference between glass lenses and plastic lenses for glasses?
Is it hard to put contacts in?
can you get thyroid cancer by talking on a cell phone too much?
testicular cancer question?
What could be the cause of swollen lymph nodes?
Why is my 15 year old sons white blood cell count still reading?
what are the chances of getting breast cancer?
do they reqire money and is there list of what a patient needs?
What is the percentage of children and teenagers getting this cancer?
Is Quakers Oatmeal healthy for diabetics?
omg any type 1 diabetics out there?
Am I underweight for my age?
Am I diabetic?My fasting blood sugar is 92mg/dl. And 1 and half hour post meal is 158mg/dl. Am I diabetic?
Am I at risk for Diabetes?
im a 40 year old with type 2 diabetes and have dry orgasams is this caused by my diabetes?
is there an over-the-counter urine test to determine diabetes? I have cloudy odorous urine which changes day?
Is there a specific medical test to determine blockage in arteries?
What do i have? please answer?
What's the best way to remove blackheads?
What's a good face cleanse product/soap for oily skin?
Will my younger sisters scars (from scissors) on her stomach go away?
any ideas on how to get rid of blackheads?
Could this give me warts?
I just had surgery on my inner ear and cannot get it wet. Does anyone know how to shampoo hair without water?
Why do my normally cold hands warm after eating?
I seem to be developing a lisp?
i have found a mature robin on a road. it doesn't move or keep its eyes open? i think it might be dying!?
Lump In Side of Neck...Lymphoma?
What are the odds of passing away from lung cancer?
Does a high WBC of 15.2 mean cancer?
bad cold while doing chemo?
can lump on neck mean cancer?
How to clear a breakout in 1 night?
Help with super dry skin....?
What is up with Angelina Jolie's arms - the blood veins so huge and close to the surface?
Why am I eating constantly?
Sore throat, coughing...?
Taking a vicodin then smoking marijuana?
Here is my symptoms, can anyone tell me what is wrong with me?
I need Reading glasses but how do I tell my mum?
can pregnancy cause more than one false positive HIV test?
In terms of eye care, what would you suggest?
if your contacts lens dried is there any way to restore them?
What does it mean to be double jointed?
Eye Doctors: Is there any way I can just get my old prescription?
can cracking your neck make you puke?
Difference between calories and calories from fat?
I have a question about cardio and burning fat?
I need to lose weight help?
What's a normal weight...? PLZ answer!?
I seriously need to lose weight?
Will my acne EVER go away!?
what is the best way to get rid of acne and acne scars?
How do you get rid of Cold Sores?
What is an acne treatment that really works?
itchy breasts what to do?
Is it true that biting your fingernails can give you cancer?
i need to know somethings about please help!?
How can I take swelling down?
how to stop sprainig my ankle?
How long will my nail be black for?!?!?
2 years ago, i had fallen on black ice and i broke my ankle in two places and i know my doctor told me that i?
Want to Get Rid of a Bruise on my Face =[?
How to reduce acne on my back, arms and chest?
How do you clean bedbug from skin?
How to get rid of a oily nose?
I got something in my armpit,I don't know what it is...?
i cut myself will the scars last forever?
Colored contact lens prescription?
Is it bad for your contacts and your eyes if you leave it in the solution for months without wearing them?
Is Computer Vision Syndrome true?
weird feeling in neck?
what causes high blood pressure for teenagers?
AED's and manual defibrillators?
Electric shock through arm?
how long does it take to know if you had a tia?
Does it sound like I am dehydrated or just sick?
these unhealthy signs?
how do you make your stomach stop hurting without throwing up?
My whole body hurts... I'm very sleepy and I get so dizzy when I get up. What can I have?
is sleeping on the floor bad for you?
terrible non stop diarrhea?
i'm tired and dizzy all the time recently?
What is glucose in the form of starch? Is it a polysaccharide?
Am I Diabetes? Or Sugar Junky?
Why do patients with DKA have lower blood sugars than patients with HHNK/HHNS?
Is it possible there is a cure for diabetes, but there too much money in the treatment?
Should I be worried about my blood pressure?
can i be dehydrated and what are the signs of dehydration?
Does Radiation Kill Fetus'?
what is lopus, I want to know more about it?
Could you have a tumor on your colon or colon cancer and not notice any symptoms?
would you recommend Nexavar for a stage 4 inactive neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer patient?
How to clear zits/acne? HELP!? I'm female tho:)?
What age does acne start going away?
whats the best moisturizer for dry red skin?
Is it possible to incorporate the HIV virus in a pill?
Can you tell me how thrush feels?
signs of a boyfriend thats dangerous?
How do I know if i have BV?
bashr nut diet pills ?
what the best way you lost weight?
How many calories do I burn after 10 minutes of running?
why am i soo hungry ?
How do you lose weight at a young age?
Can you help my eat healthier?
Is exercising for 2 hours straight to much for someone who takes n about 400 calories a day?
ammount of calories i have had today?
is ragweed bad this year for allergies?
Is this considered an allergic reaction?
Help!! Toilet Tablet 111 11 11 1( sorry 20 characters)?
How to stop coughing!?
antibiotics didn't help my sinus infection... now what?
My friend's chest x-ray was positive for Tuberculosis, can I still hang out with her?
I have trouble breathing?
how to peel off the skin of the upper part of my upper lips?
Is ring worm contageous? ?
how do YOU wash your face?
I have Extremely Dry Palm Skin problem.?
how to get rid of red skin?
How do I use Similasan Healthy Relief Pink Eye Relief Eye Drops to its fullest potential?
how do I clean off the bottom/inside of my nose guard on my glasses?
Is It Possible To Learn How To Wink With Both Eyes?
eyesight correction - Is there a natural way for?
What causes refraction in the eye?
How do I convert my contact lens prescription to an eye glass prescription?
Whats wrong with my husbands stomach?! :/?
Please help!!!! I am really worried about my grandma! Help please!?
What is wrong with me. Please please help me:/?
Do you think i passed my drug test?
ways to stop a wet cough ? im desperate :(?
I just got new contact perscription and its making me feel dizzy.?
Is it bad to wake up with my left arm completely numb?
Are water pills good for lowering blood pressure?
To wake up feeling the most alert and ready, what is the best stage of sleep to wake up on?
Im 14 and just got caught with a pipe and a container that used to have weed in it. Any advice would help?
What is terminal cancer?!?
does bleeding every month mean it's a tumor or cancer busted?
It's been 18 months since chemo and my hair still comes out but not always?
medical case of pad-prognosis?
Are fleece hats ok for chemo patients?
Can you get into the National Gaurd if you have cervical cancer?
Dark skin between thighs and underarms?
When will the lump in armpit go away?
honey and lemon to cure acne?
Why does my puppy have red scab-like sores and itch all the time?
How can I improve the blood circulation to my feet?
if i stop drinking whiskey will my diabetes disappear?
what is the main cause which increase the level of uric acid in humain blood which is absolutely vegetarian?
What are the symptoms of kidney failure ?
Type 1 diabetics, have you noticed this?
Do you have to wear your retainer forever?
Gap forming in between two front teeth?
is there rubbing alcohol in hydrogen peroxide?
How many teeth do you have?
im homeless and need dentist?
help colgate toothpaste please?
Can anyone suggest the best teeth whitener?!?
Please Answer! My knee has been hurt really badly!?
Fell and hurt my knee, now 2 weeks later its swollen up?
What noise would you make if someone stabbed you in the face?
Is this a bruised bone? Or what kind of injury is this?
Does placing salt on a wound cause it to heal faster?
Slammed my finger on the door now its blue and numb?
HIV window period,6 months or 3 months?
STD testing in Vermont jails?
Has anyone had a microwave endometrial ablation. I had one 3 weeks ago and I`m in terrible pain still?
my wifes father died at a young age due to heart attack, her uncle did and her aunt has a messed up valve in?
WHere to buy Niacin?Now?
Is it possible for someone's pulse to be 147?
THYROIDITIS: Has anyone had it? Does it ever go away to the point where you never need medication again?
I have a little spec/dot on my eye?
Can Blind People Draw?
I looked at the sun before.....?
i got contacts from my doctor but he didn't do the fitting for contacts..will my eyes get damaged?
Does too much TV/Computer weaken eyesight?
Can Lasik fix my nearsighted vision?
what's making me feel so cold lately?
What is a good workout routine for a 16-year old girl? (10 pts best answer!)?
How long to see improvements from gym?
Would it be better to eat before..or after...?
is spaghetti bad for losing Weight if you only have noddles?
How many calories a day should someone have?
what is the hormone released during the alarm phase of flight or fight response?
Will my tinnitus fade away completely?
Can benadryel (pill) absorbed sublingually in an emergency?
What syndrome is this?
If You Smoke,Could It Affect Your Singing.?
does baking soda help clear up acne ?
What is the best acne treatment you have used? laser, sets, anything?
How to get rid of persistent verrucas?
Missed period-- definitely not pregnant?
What's it called when acid comes up to your throat?
Will I get any taller?
Weird artery pain at 14 years old!!!!!!!!!!?
What is considered a normal Lymph node size?
What are the most common areas of breast tissue where malignant tumors form?
Can I get lung cancer by smoking Doritos?
Does Cancer run in everyone's family now?
Can i rule this out with my anemia?
Sharp Lymph Node pain.?
How can i get rid of scars fast?
What can i use on face for acne?
What anti fungal soaps can i use to treat my ring worm?
Itched like crazy all over?
Its not Pink Eye buts its been red for 2 weeks?
where can i go to get my eyes checked if i have no health insurance?
I get eye irritation and dryness problems even with less than 30 mins of using the computer or gaming...?
This is my perscription -4.00 Left eye, and -3.25 Right eye. I wanted to know if my astigmatism is mild or bad?
Is my eye bigger than the other one?
Can you all help me With my glasses?
Can stomach cancer kill you?
Blood in Stool, should I be concerned?
Could this percentage be true?
Will I lose weight or muscle if I donate plasma?
im worried i have testicular cancer?
Im writing a book - need experiences.?
Ingrown Fingernail problem.?
Cut on bottom of foot hasn't scabbed over?
is it ok to let my ear heal on its?
Is it okay to put Vaseline on an open wound?
What if your friend suffers a serious sunburn?
Does diabetes cause MEAN leg cramps?
What causes scalp infections?
Good acne cure (black heads)?
How much does surgery cost?
Laser Acne Treatment for scars? How much may this cost?
What is the best acne medication.?
is the medicinal marijuana from the dispensaries somehow different from marijuana off the street...?
What would be the largest blood donation that someone could make during and emergency? In pints please.?
Does a Bone marrow biopsy hurt?
Does cocaine affect your athleticism ? ?
Why cant i stand up for a long time?
What happens if you don't eat?
can you get chlamydia from drinking someone's vomit, if that person definitely has chlamydia?
Could he get a cold sore?
Need a physicians opinion I've been having numbness, no paresthesia, B/L hands, sometimes arms,?
Should I go to the E R?
Iv sprained my ankle help!?
What can help shin splints?
Foot problems help please?
Im 17 years old. I quit smoking for 4 days. I smoked 3 cigarettes. Im crying because I feel so guilty.?
Anyone caring for someone battling terminal cancer?
why is childhood ultraviolet exposure considered a risk factor and not life-long ultraviolet exposure?
Is early loss of a parent uncommon in any way? Does anyone have a website that has statistics of loss?
how can i dry out my oily skin naturally?
Should I use oil free moisturizer after a shower with acne?
Seeing a doctor for acne?
How do I get rid of smelly feet and toenails?
does stress affect my eczema?
Should i lose weight to get a six pack?
Is Mozzorella a low fat or high in fat cheese?
help, Im Trying to lose 20 pounds ?
What is the best material to wear under sweats for working out?
Am i fat....... ??????
Is this a good diet for a 13 year old?
Chicken or pork what is healthier?
Can you develope eczema later in life or are you born with it?
Why is my scalp always so dry, itchy, and flaky?
can sleeping on the carpet cause bed sores?
I had my lip pierced for a year now and.....?
How do u get rid of bad dandruff if shampoos don't help?
Hi I'm 14 and I gotten circumcised but some skin grew back not all and there's yellow stuff please help?
will carrots improve my fuzziness of my eye sight 5 points!?
Is there anyways of improving my eye sight ????? 5 points?
Acuvue Oasys contacts are 2 week lenses, correct?
Where can I purchase online, colored contact lenses, perscription, I want light light blue, almost white.?
Eyes go out of focus,?
what is wrong with my eye?
Help! swelling in the ankle area and slight redness?
how do i lower my high blood pressure?
Systolic Blood Pressure over 110 for a while?
how can i lower my cholesterol fast?
I've recently lost my appetite, and everytime i eat, i feel really sick..?
Can you still grow after age 15 In the summer time!?
Medical attention for nose bleed?
Is 2g of vitamin C too much?
what are good websites about cancer?
What to eat after chemo/radiation?
can you have cancer and leukemia at the same time?
Could it be cancer...help?
Chiropractor is "concerned" about my x ray wants me to come back for consulation?
Will everyone get skin cancer if you tan?
There is a small white lump under my right breast, possible breast cancer?
Will My Father Become Incontinent?
Hyper-focus becoming more of a burden to me, anyone else?
How to get over depression because of hairloss?
what happened in my sleep?
whats the difference between bipolar and schizophrenia?
Girls, help with insecurity issues?
can you help me with my science homework - what eats us in our own home? (like dust mites and things)?
is there a natural way to get rid of allergies?
I get a nosebleeds at least 3 times a Month for at least 15 minutes, nonstop. but i don't know why!?
if i get hives from a new laundry detergent, will it only happen once or constantly?
i ate a lot of raisins today and i have terrible smelly gas, what can i eat to stop it? and am I allergic?
How to get rid of my dandruff?
is this a canker sore?
Will drinking more water rehydrate my skin?
How to quickly get rid of bad back acne?
Eczema, Vaseline, and clothing?
how to get rid of a common wart fast?
there's a really small cut on my lips?
all day long i got tested for a infection but it tested negative i'm starting to think its axiety but i dont?
Pregnant with Chlamydia?!?!?
Can cancer lumps only occur in your breast?
what you conclude about gene therapy?
my boyfriend broke up with my, after he new that he is cancer free?
Where can I get some volunteer to answer my questionaire online?
Colon Polyps, Please help?
Can habaneros peppers really cure Cancer and Shrink Tumors?
what is the main difference between a stem cell and a cancer cell?
Help! I have been diagnosed with uterine fibroids and hyperplasia. Is there any hope?
Can skin cysts (such as on your back/neck) cause cancer?