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Every time I walk into my math class I get itchy, help?
Do I have a skin problem?
What can I do to get rid of my mild psoriasis?
can benign ovarian cysts make you infertile?
what are symptems of a brain shunt working improperly?
had partial hystorectomy still have ovaries have mass on ovary should i be worried?
Are the words "mass" and "tumor" synonymous?
Are there any statistics for children with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia?
do you have to take your clothes off for a tilt table test?
Is it good to take hot baths when you're sick?
how many chiropractic patients are there in the world?
Is Having Liquid Oozing From The Inside Of My Ears Bad?
How long can hallucinations last?
how long can the HIV virus live in the air?
What STD thats a virus can affect your liver?
is it possible to get inseminated successfully by someone that is HIV positive?
Lip Blister on my lip? Answer?
Is it okay to not wearing sunglasses after eye dialation exam???!?
Pills for headaches: easy ten points!?
Am i going blind? please help?
What does it mean when your eye twitches?
What does my eyeglasses prescription mean?
What does my eye prescription of -1.00 mean?
help! contact lens worries! am i going to be blind?
Is it normal for a person who just turned 13 to get acne?
Am I over doing my moisturising?
anyone out there ever have shingles on the face?
how can i get rid of strech mark and celluite?
Do you guys have any ideas on good face washes?
can bronchial asthma appears at elder ages without previous history when child?
Coughing up brown blobs?
Is this chest pain something serious?
is loss of appetite normal with a common cold?
How can i tell if my attic has asbestos in it ?
question about sore throat/cough that keeps coming back?
im having gall bladder attacks everyday?
When I lay down (on my side) there is a wheezing/gurgling sound in my chest?
im 38 weeks and i have a heart problem an i want to be induced?
Where is the best clinic (or country)for curing bone cancer in the world?
Do you think my grandpa will be better(Cancer question)?
swollen and painful neck gland on left side?
What were your symptoms? (Cancer)?
Name of a rare cancer that is treated like colon cancer?
bleeding of the brain.....?
How long after injury does bruising occur?
would wearing dr schools stop my feet from hurting?
How to stop sweaty hands ?
Is there a way to get rid of a hicky?
Any suggestions? My acne got worse!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How can I get rid of my sty quickly (without surgery)?
What type of medication would you take for a stomach/anxiety problem?
Back in the 1960/70's, they used to make diet pills with amphetamine, do they still make those?
Can all of these things cause cancer?
What vitamins for beautiful skin, hair?
I have pain in my belly, but it is not my stomach. I only hurts when I cough?
How to fix the little holes on my face left by acne?
Who is the youngest patient to be diagnosed with a brain tumor?
About my eye fatigue?
What is the difference between buying contacts in a vial and a box?
Can your eyes be healed naturally?
Eyeglasses: Glass Lenses Or Polycarbonate?
What is going on with me?
problem with my contacts!!?
Is it true that people who constantly think about being in a mental ward have depression? I think i need help!?
why do i get emotional if someone is really nice..........?
what are all the types of eating disorders ?
Is this the start of cutting?
I can not sleep at all?
Does anyone have any ways to help with Keratosis Pilaris?
Wat do little white marks mean on ur fingernails?
why does sweating cool your body?
do you know a cure to this illness?
How many of you out there Have JRA?
Is there something wrong with my brain?
I'm only 19. Can I suddenly have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)?
what would happen if i ate this?
How big is a "5mm subcortical cyst"?
Do they even make LSD anymore?
Do you sneeze out of your mouth, or do you have a nasally sneeze?
My feet always turn inwards when i walk, or even just standing or sitting.?
how to get rid of mucus in throat?
everybody is sick if im on antibiotics am i safe from getting sick?
Does beeswax in facial creme or moisturizer clog pores?
Help please one year old with severel cold sores!?
when do i stop treating tinea versicolor?
How much liver tissue do you need for it to continue functioning?
Certain Dri , dangerous ? cancer ? closing up pores?
does glow in the dark silly bands give you cancer?
What does it mean if a intraosseous ganglion shows increased uptake on a scintigraphy?
how do people know if it is a painless death or not?
If you ate a piece of cancer what would happen?
Can contacts damage your eyes in any way?
Can eye color change and change back?
What causes eye blood vessels to break?
Adult onset myopia/nearsightedness?
My heart is beating really hard and I feel nervous. Could it be the mochacchino or the guy I saw last night?
Question for people who have had lasik?
my 4 year old has no problem looking directly at the sun or bright lights?
My Blood Pressure Keeps Changing..help!?
What is the cause of a slow heart beat in an elderly person with high blood pressure and diabetes?
Help with my health condition?
Non invasive treatment for heart blcks?
What braces colors should i get?
Why are my canine teeth so pointy? Will they dull down?
What kind of meds do you get for wisdom teeth?
Will I have to wear my retainer for the rest of my life?
What color braces should I get?
Get rid of tea oil on my retainers?
Does the dentist pull your tooth with a cavity or fill it?
question about stitches?
How do I get rid of bad acne?
How to warm up my legs on a cold night?
Eczema? I need Help! Please!?
Cancer is changing my life what do i do?
Does weight watchers really work?
What foods help you to lose weight?
Will track help me lose weight?
what do you think is wrong with me?
Cardio Workout ! 10 points !?
Could my friend walk 2.5miles/4km in 30 minutes?
Can earwax squirt out and cover a fly that has landed in your ear?
How can I grow taller (10 points for the best answer)?
Stress and health issues :/ help?
What can I do to get taller?
why does herpes cause frequent urination?
Can flagyl be use to treat climadia?
Why do I feel weak and shaky everyday?
5 questions that you would use to investigate the diet of someone with diabetes?
Do I have hypoglycemia or diabetes?
Does drinking Alcohol lead to over-eating or dependency on substance?
Glucose test nessasary or can I refuse it?
are there any Asthma remedies besides medicine?
Weird breathing problem?
how do smoking joints differ from blunts?
Can't get rid of this cough.?
which is left eye/right eye on prescription?
Drove home without glasses after eye exam?
had eyes dialated at doctor appointment. no sunglasses!!?
Where can I get prescription Ray Bans?
Need help with a problem zit that needs to be gone in a week?
Why does my skin dry up?
Do you know of any laymans guide to understanding what to expect getting treatment in a hospital?
does drinking orange juice really help fight against cancer?
What is the best treatment for radiation burns from cancer treatment?
what is the sign of cancer?
lump on neck please help?!?
How to improve health with the chemo treatments?
weird sores in mouth worried i might have oral cancer?
at what age is a colonoscopy recommended?
Can someone give me a little bit of guidance?
Do you find that the winter has affected your mood?
is it possible to have withdrawals from not cutting?
how do I find out if I have anxiety disorder?
How can i get over my fear of clowns?
URGENT!! Crutches or just limp?
Does putting ice on an injury really work?
why does my 1 knee hurt and the other pop when bent?
Broken or bruised rib?
What should I do about my cut?
if i overdose on multivitamins, aspirin, hedex and paracetemol what will happen? will i die?
How long does Diarrhea from a hangover last?
How long will I keep getting smoking urges?
Can somebody tell me what's wrong? I have bad headaches and weird vision?
Does soda cause acne breakouts?
How do you get rid of a big zit in one night? ?
Black head treatment? Help!?
Which of the following STDs is often asymptomatic among women?
Whats the name of this AIDs movie?
what is a good moisturizer to use for dry skin?
what is a good acne cleanser, toner and moisturizer brand to use?
Red Spot on tip of nose!!?!?
Whats the best birth control for acne?
what is cholesterol and does it cause heart disease?
what causes heart palpation's?
If re-polarization is a negative movement, then why is the T-wave on a normal EKG positive?
How long does a "stress test and echo cardiogram"appointment take?
are eye floaters permanent?
Can doctors permanently change the color of my eyes?
Can you buy contacts & leave 'em sittin' in solution 'til you get around to wearing 'em?
colored contacts......?
How do i stop my eye twitching!?!?
my eyes are changing color?
How do u get rid of acne scars?
what percentage of the body is involved in a burn that covers one arm and the head of an adult?
Is lemon good for acne scars?
how do you grow meth?
I have a really bad headache?
Sick boyfriend. Already saw the doctor, need advice.?
lots of white blood cells? cancer?
Benign tumors??????????????
cancer cells in the cervix?
Do i have any type of colon/stomach cancer? Or what else could i have? Please name anything. Thanks!?
epekto ng radiation ng computer sa kalusugan ng tao?
My Cousin has cancer :"""""(?
I believe that I have strained my hamstring about a month ago. Any measures I can do to make it heal faster?
i went to the ER after a car wreck and the Dr. failed to diagnose a rupurd spleen and let me go home?
Is terret syndrome common?
Can you tell me how doctors years ago, would have diagnosed what is now called, bipolar....?
Iam sad doctor say to me that ur mensis will and my mom also say that my mensis will come in 12days but it not?
Im not sleeping regularly?
what is a good home remedy for psoriasis?
Acne help?? Quick fix?
What can help take care of my psoriasis?
how to treat a blackhead scab?
What should I do to over come from pores and red marks of acne from my face?
can you get herpes from blood contact?
can you get herpes from a toilet seat?
I have questions about osteosarcoma survival rates?
How much smoking would it take to....?
What does the eye doctor do to you? Do i need glasses?
How to prevent people from seeing that you are cross eyed?
are reading glasses the same as nonprescription?
Do they check your pupillary distance during a contact lens fitting?
Is it ok to put contacts in water for a few hours?
Stressed/Depressed making me feel uncomfortable?
anxiety, clausterphboia, wrestling?
I feel depressed... I'm 16...?
Can drinking too much water be dangerous?
Can a cold cause dizziness?
Are you suppose to feel your kidneys through your back?
how do you get rid of a scratch in a day?
Why are my eyes like this?
Do you think weed is bad??
Why do I have buzzing in my ear?
Why must hair on armpit be remove?
does tea tree oil help acne ?
Does salt and ice really burn your skin?
please help me with..............?
Is this a good blood pressure for an 18yr old female?
I had a massive heart attack back on August 26. This question is premature but I have 4 weeks leave left.?
what part of the brain is damaged?
What does having Leukemia feel like?
Brain Tumor Symptoms?
can we have foreplay with a blood cancer patient?
My dad had Colon cancer and survived?
Although a pathologist does not usually see patients, can a pathologist do basic "physician work"?
can i neat bbq wings with braces?
I can taste my filling, is that bad?
HELP I can’t find my retainers?
I've brushed my teeth with lemon juice like 5 times already to whiten teeth? Is it bad?
what should i do to keep my teeth healthy and fresh?
Teeth are shifting after getting braces off?
i need clear skin. . . . . .?
How to get rid of love bites?
How do you get rid of white heads and blackheads ?
Why do contact lenses hurt my eyes?
What could be causing this eye irritation? It isn't pinkeye...?
Do you know what's wrong :(?
My eyes change color, and I think I know why?
Question about coloured eye contacts? (non-prescription)?
Contact lens stuck/lost?
Is it okay to take a nap with contact lenses on?
what are all the symptoms of hiv?
Can HPV Vaccines give abnormal pap smear result?
wat are the causes of dried lips?
What's the difference between AIDS and HIV?
chances of getting hiv from female 5 seconds penetration?
i think i lost a nerve - is it possible?
Help pain in neck, back and top of shoulder near neck after cuff surgery?
I just got hurt and cant go to doctor?
Numb knee after fall?
Please help me with my life...?
Does beauty generally signify health?
Am I sick, or something?
I used nair on my face, and now Im red?
strech marks??? there deep... how to get rid of?
Why do some people walk on their tip toes?
What to do with my acne?
question about lactose intolerance?
Do kidney stones cause blood in urine?
Tardive dyskinesia symptoms.?
How many Xanax would it take to od?
My meds gave me insomnia...HELP!!!?
what does it feel like when your appendix burst?
im the 2nd born son . my mom needs a liver transplant so i want to be her living doner . will it work?
White spot on inside of cheek?
A new anti cancer drug is effective at treating tumors, but it is not very soluble in the blood. Why might?
How did lance armstrong beat his cancer?
I smoke weed a month ago is it still in my body?
I need help with a patient diagnosis.?
how to use crewing tobacco?
My 10 year old beagle has bladder cancer:[?
Could this be excema?
What acne product works best?
I grew up with a clear skin and never had problems with acne.. until recently :(?
How to get rid of back acne?
Should I take Tramadol?
does this mean i have stomach cancer?
What is this lump in my moms throat?
How do Cancer cells replicate?
What percentage of non smokers die from smoking related diseases?
Who do I call to get my workplace inspected for asbestos?
tumor or cancer on bottom of rib cage?
I am scared to have a colonscopy done.?
Why Bill Gates dont do Lasek surgery? it means is there any risk in Lasek?
how has a haemorrhage at the back of my eye left me with 70% vision loss?
Does Caresource cover contact lenses?
my left eye looks like its fogging over?
Why is my eye color this weird?
Do sunglasses ever stop working?
Does poor blood circulation worsen eyesight?
I don't have a gag reflex?
why do i feel sick when spend to much time inside?
short term effects of alcohol?
Why do you get nosebleeds and how do you stop it?
What does a regular bag enema feel like?
Will taking a Zinc pill daily help a cough?
What does it mean when you stare at something?
I don't want to be circumcised anymore?
Depression question..no smart comments?
Why am I so itchy??????????????????????
can seroquel worsen depression?
Did anyone on Lithium gain weight?
Should I let my mother and doctor admit me to the hospital?
What are the cancer risk factors of becoming a radiology technologist?
Will I get any sort of cancer/ other disease from smoking as much as I have? See details please!?
Double mastectomy being offered?
Hard ball under skin at the bottom of my neck (right side)!! Cancer?
Final Stages of Leukemia?
Can i still have my 3rd cervical cancer injection?
touching someones blood?
Do i take an HIV test right away?
Is there a cure for herpes?
can i carry a glucose meter to school?
blood in spite? normal every once in awhile ?
Does lack of sleep increase your risk of diabetes?
what is the role of the hormone glucagon in getting your blood sugar back to normal?
Could i have diabetes?
sprained ankle tape or bandage?
Is my back ok now that I popped it?
my ankle hurts when i rotate it!!?
my finger is still swollen after 3 weeks?
riding injury in leg muscle?
I got a scab on my head, should i wash my hair?
Sunburnn Help????????????????????
Red painful spots on index finger pictures included?
how to get rid of HUGE scar on my forehead :(?
What do you all think of my project? (Please Answer)?
What's the death rate for aortic aneurysm surgery?
Does any one know if this is harmful?
how to reduce you waist size when you have thyroid disease.?
if you have misaligned eyes can you wear contacts?
my girlfriend had breast cancer twice and she wants us get married, what should i do?
What does non consistent thin stool mean?
can u increase height?
Empty Stomach, Feel like throwing up, But Can't Eat?
Half of my hand falls asleep. Why?
When a person dies suddenly do their eyes remain open or closed upon passing?
What medication should I take when I'm having panic attacks?
how can i get my liesence for marijuana?
Scars to disappear before PE starts?
how do you get rid of seed wart on toe?
Help?!!on skin problems!!?
what are good household items to get rid of ring worm?
Why do eating disorders cause growth of fine facial hair?
Should I take accutane?
Ever had that internal itch you can't scratch? What is that?
Is there any program to get asthma medication for cheap if you don't have health insurance?
When i write consistantly for more than 20 minutes or so my hand hurts.......?
Exercise-induced asthma and smoking: Will it stop?
Is it safe to use Johnson & Johnson baby oil as lube?
Why can Chlamydia be treated and cured with antibiotics?
herpes?? help me please?
is there a fast way to heal cuts?
What's the best way to get rid of Back Acne?
I sweat alot.......………§§£)..?
what can you do to get rid of skin tags besides going to the doctor?
Asian-brimmed nose for eyeglasses.?
Eye surgery , is it recommended or not ?
Which eyeglass index lenses are suitable for -7.00?
Do I need glasses? If I do would it be for distance or reading?
i want to buy contect lenses ,which company iz best?
Whats the name of the sunglasses you get when you go to the eye doctor?
why do i keep getting cysts?
Hurt toe :( PLEASE HELP!!!?
Do you think this is infected?
Clear body acne before prom?
I need help, how to get rid of acne scars in 2 weeks or less?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?
Body acne!! I'm 16! Please help...?
A wart or Chilblains? help..?
Is 8 Hrs of sleep compulsory to grow tall?
what happens if you are supposed to take doxycycline on empty stomach but eat food to prevent nausea?
Are there any companies that specifically deal with poor credit auto loan ?
I cant sleep, but i have to stay awake tomorrow(today) what should i do?
can black peoples face turn red?
if i have a tooth abcess should i see a dentist or my dr?
How long does it take for a dentist to be able to notice tooth decay from bulimia?
How do I know if I'm healing okay after my wisdom tooth extraction? I'm feeling pain like crazy!!!?
Front Tooth tender to the touch after getting fillings in other teeth?
cavity's in my front teeth?
How can you avoid cancer and what is the state of cancer research today?
using any medical condition of your choice (cancer) provide general information about the condition (disease)?
Is it possible for a 67 years old to have bones as solid as a young person?
Whic types of doctors make the most money?
A person who knows that another person has taken an overdose?
What are my chances of passing on my epilepsy to any children and what are my chances of?
after cancer surgery i had 2 clear pet scans.nw after 5 yrs the pet scan is abnormal.what can be the reason?
Can cancerous lumps move?
anyone else who takes zantac?
WONDERFUL DAY!!! Just found out I'm cancer free!!! :D?
HPV Vaccine Tomorrow :(?
does hypoglycemia last forever?
Red dots on skin? Especially arms! How do I get rid of them?
I have this small cluster of spots down there.....?
how to prevent acne from happening?
can a toe infection spred?
Does correctional eye surgery (LASIK) wear off?
What's wrong with my eyes?
A bug flew in my eye and it feels like it's still there. Do I need a doctor?
Glasses or Contacts???????
Help! I can't get my contact out!?
Isn't HIV also an STD?
Pericarditis- If a marine has it will they be discharged?
is there a dr or nurse on here?
If a patient has a heart rate of 120beats/min should you administer medicine to slow the rate?
Why is blood pressure lower in hot weather?
Can i mix alcohol with my medications?
Is the government really looking for a cure for cancer?
Morale Vitamin cause _E_ _E_ _I_N ?
Does it hurt to get radiation to your ribs?
Mom is in last stages of colon cancer and is shaking badly and has a temp of 103. what is causing this?
Can these shoes give me cancer?
why am I so itchy all over?
Get rid of eye bags with Cucumber slices?
skin products to reduce the apperance for acne that worked for you?
is pot supposed to hurt your lungs?
Taking Vitamin C every day?
What is the best way to get rid of hemorrhoids, preferably without surgery?
Having trouble swallowing pills.?
Delsyn vs Robitussin DM Max?
What works better and faster, robitussin or theraflu?
Why do i feel like i'm someone else, like i'm not actually here? Please Help :(?
How can I stop being like this?
How do you know if you have Superior Autobiographical Memory?
Why does my body get cold when I get mad? And is that bad?
can i use this please answer?
Girl on tumblr is commiting suicide, is there anything I can do?
Which anti-ageing strategies are the best?
Why can't I taste anything?
is 18 inches too big? :/ help!?
Chest pain for 5 years....Any ideas??.?
What does it mean when you cough up blood?
Why does my chest hurt and i have a sore throat?
Which one of the following is continuous with the esophagus?
Why does it suddenly feel like I'm not gtting enough oxygen?
I think I’m hyperventilating? Can you help me?
If my ankle broke or sprained tonight would i still go to school?
Did i dislocate my toe and should i go to the doctor?
Possible broken toe/Foot?
has anyone ever recovered from head injury?
Can you sprain your knee from running?
What if i dont wear the spectacles i need?
When will my eyes stop getting worse?
Can you wear two prescriptions at once?
my gramma's eye doctor said she has a prism in her eye what does that mean?
My eyes water when I lie down. Why?
is it bad if there are bubbles in my eye drops?
Is this normal for an optometrist?
ACNE and Accutane HELP!?
What is the point of moisturizing?
Why is my skin so blemished? Or what causes my skin to be so blemished?
Paranoid about Cancer?
tumor or fatty tissue?
My friend is dying from pancreatic cancer. What can I do to help?
Scary situation: Is This Cancer?
What could this lesion be?
Can you get Herpes from non-physical contact?
Do they test for HIV in jail?
how to get rid off acne scars?
Why don't doctors agree that diet is a major factor in Psoriasis?
Only one year of acne?
i was on medication for acne, the dermatologist told me it was a concentration of vitamin a?
How can I get rid of this acne when I always have to wear make up?
In Kentucky how can you get heart surgery without insurance?
Is this likely Mitral Valve Prolapse?
Such thing as a hole in the heart?
my mother has a hole in the heart can you help?
I am so hungry I feel like I'm going to pass out?
does writing on your hand give you blood disease?
I have Neurofibromatosis I Haven't been to NF Dr since i was 19?
Just diagnosed with vitamin b12 deficiency?
what is causing my muscle fatigue and soreness, and frequent sickness?
What are the symptoms of a bleeding ulcer?
I drank 4 monsters in 2 hours on the weekend and now i am extremely sick, why is this?
What is the difference between these two?
what can i use at home to treat a herpes out break?
Skin care experts, or people who've experienced acne, please help!?
My eye is randomly red!?
Glasses question Please help?
Those who had laser eye surgery, was it worth it?
How can I change the color of my eye naturally?
Using eye drops while wearing contacts?
How long will my contacts take?
Im concerened about my friend. shes 15, and im 15. is their anyway im allowed to take her to the hospital?
How can i grow taller when i'm in my teens?
So you know those energy pills you can buy at convenient stores? Well now I can't sleep.?
is this normal when smoking weed?
Can you move your ears?
When would I be able to play basketball again after tearing my ACL and meniscus?
I fell down some stairs please help?
I had a cut on my big thumb and my 2 year old son licked it while I was busy on the phone , is that ok?
What should I do, I think I have a concussion and I'm in college?
Throat swollen??? HELP?
Where's the chapstick?
how do you make mosquito bites stop itching?
how do i get rid of black heads on my nose?
Why is my unexposed skin darker than my exposed skin?
How to clear my face,full of oil clots & black heads,and sometimes,breakouts.Help me!anyone?!?
What illness do I have?
In your opinion,do you believe standard cancer treatment is based on what is effective or what is profitable?
Is this colon cancer? 10 points for best.?
are herpes contagious even if there are no cold sores present on the infected person?
I was having Low Blood Sugar Level 4 months back, but last night it was 314. Can anyone guide me?
When should diabetic have last meal of the day, Does it matters?
When I go into the clinic to get my blood type...?
One hypoglycemic episode?
Diabetes question (High blood sugar)?
can you eat leafy vegetables on plavix?
large selection of eyeglasses?
is -6.00 diopters strong myopia ?
What is the safest eye whitener to use?
Clean lens case with bottled water instead of boiled water?
Where we can find a Rimless glasses?
Ocular Herpes... Questions please anyone answer thank you?
Could this be caused by my contacts?
Is this skin rash? How do I treat this?
What Clindamycin medication helped you with acne?
What do they do in a pulmonary breathing test?
on blood pressure systems, what do the top and bottom numbers mean?
RR111/68 mmHg, Puls 93/min, normal?
high blood pressure, in a normal healthy person?
Do i need coronary angiography? I am only 19!?
Pharmacy Technicians this question is for YOU!!!!..?
Is alcoholism genetic?
How to increase testosterone?
Do you think marijuana is bad?
How to cure Gassy stomach?
question about claustrophobia?
What are the chances of brain tumors?
does my boyfriend have lung cancer?:(?
Ways to prevent getting prostate cancer?
is there such a thing as a pediatric oncology nurse?
Why do they tell you to get medical attention if you swallow mouthwash?
How old were you got your wisdom teeth taken out?
Oral Surgery.. Sedation.. IV.. What is it like? help please?
locked jaw?? Pain and clicking for a week?
What is this... thing in my mouth?
does accutane continue working after you're done?
i need help with psoriasis treatment?
Any acne advice (pic)?
What should you do if you have sore feet?
snake bites or industrial piercing which hurts more?
how can i make skin grow back quickly?
How bad does this burn look?
looking for diagnosis code 716.90.729.1 is doctor would not tell me?
If I hold my ears back at home, will it work? If so than how do I do it?
is it true that if you get punched in the kidney you will pee yourself?
Why is my little sisters scalp so mushy and lumpy feeling?
Do all GERD/Aceif reflux people get GERD symptoms at night while sleeping?
How to go about treating post-abortion depression?
How do you deal with other women who are always irritated?
What is my psychiatrist doing?
Do I have a learning disability?
Depressed but need job. Have masters degree. Help!?
Does extra virgin olive oil really cure acne?
whats skin made out of?
How can I deal with my acne?
at what age did you get contacts?
Are eye contacts supposed to burn?
My contact lenses won't come out!?
My contacts lasts so long?!?
How do I rehab my formerly broken foot?
Sprained Ankle 5 weeks ago (FASTER HEALING)?
If you ever been on crutches would you mind answering the following questions?
Is my arm sprained, fractured? Did I tears tendon? I have no clue. Help?
How do u make the swelling go down?
what is the perfect gift for someone with cancer?
if it has been a month and no signs or herpes should i still worry?
How does herpes spread?
What percentage of young people have an STD?
does anyone knw who it was that had AIDS in/around 1990's?
Scared to take Penicillin for an infection I have?
When do you think i will die?
Help me please?! I took expired cough meds!?
If I smoke weed twice in one week but have only smoked it once before in my life..?
is it true that the majority of nurses are from Minnesota?
I'm 18 years old so why am I having hot flashes?
Sweat??!??? How to stop? ?
Skin trouble -.- help :)?
what isthe average hospital stay for an abdominal aortic anyerism?
I donated blood and it says that my cholesterol is 171 is that bad or good?
Is putting ice cubes on stye/chalazion helpful?
My vision blurs at times...?
can I wear my contact lenses after one months ?
How long do contacts last?
Can i watch a 3D movie using 3D glasses while wearing contact lenses?
How can I get my skin to retain more water?
What's the best over the counter treatment for eczema? ?
What to do about my acne? (Picture included)?
What is a good home remedy for acne. Pleas help I am about to cry?
What should i do if i lost my voice?
Is my piercing infected?
Can socks shape my foot?
what type of people buy acid? whats the average of teens? and whats the average of adults?
why do i get such a bad nights sleep after drinking alcohol?
best way to get rid of a hangover?
I got 2 bloody noses?
If the brain died, does that mean the heart is going to die too?
Has the mayo (or any clinic for that matter) cured Ulcerative Colitis through Stem Cell Treatment?
Afraid to give myself an enema?
I drank too much last night and am extremely sick today. Hangover cures?
What are some of the best most effective vitamin supplement brands out there?
Swallowing mucus//itchy throat?
Can I somehow grow taller through homeopathy?
What is wrong with me?
Could someone tell me if this is eczema?
How do I get my mum to let me look after my own meds?
If I get diagnosed with cancer and THEN get married, does my husbands insurance have to cover me?
Can you get Pancreatic cancer for no specific reason?
Do you want to help save a little girl's life?
Acne help. Dry skin and mild acne..how to get rid of it.?
Accutane - I need your Advice?
What can cause sudden cardic death in a heathly young person?
What is with my heart rate?
blood clot symtom and what is the age to get them?
is there anything to worry about when your heart misses a beat?
Is there anything wrong with my Heart?
Do I have a heart problem?
b4 6months my open heart surgery was done.since 3 months i have so much pain in neck and shoulders?
Blurred Vision in One Eye?
Can the laser under your mouse damage your eyes?
I got bleach right under my eye and it burns could this damage my eye?
Should I wear my prescription eyeglasses while I'm working near fryers?
arm stings????????????????
What to do when someones airways close?
Where can I get Cpr and first aid certified?
How do I stop the bleeding!?
is bacterial vagicitis an std?
Can men get Human Papillomavirus?
Metatarcal stress fracture? Treatment?
can burnt eye lashes grow back?
when should a toenail start growing back?
How long does it take normal toothpaste to whiten teeth?
Could the dentist have made it up?
Dentist filled chipped tooth, and now I have SUPER sensitivity to cold...?
How much do braces cost in my area(Info included)?
Do I have a dry socket? Wisdom teeth recovery...?
What is the best whitening toothpaste?
is it good to swallow what you cough up?
weird pain when I breathe in in my chest shoulder and throat.?
i stopped smoking 7 days ago. when will i start to feel better and have more energy?
I've had this weird cough for 3 weeks now?
has My mom lost her mind?
Is this depression? or just me being "sad" phase?
Why am I so affected by her death?
depression? possible bipolar disorder??? HELP!?
i'm a self harmer, i can't stop and...!?
What is the history of Paranoid Personality Disorder?
What disorder could this be....?
I can't cry anymore, help?
Can I become addicted to .5mg ATIVAN 1 or 2X daily prescibed in hospital after attack I almost died from...?
incredibly scary medical issue?! HELP?
What is wrong with me?? I think im sick?
Does lack of physical activity stress out the body?
My right ear hurts when i swallow?
Does smoking weed make you dangerous and crazy?
Please answer! (10 pts) WORRIED?
What works best to get rid of spots/acne/blackheads?
How to get rid of a double chin?
How to get rid of a big spot quickyl!?
Itchy scalp, hair falling out?
prostate cancer question. please help?
My brother has been diagnosed recently with Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cancer. What are the chances that i will get it?
Can lung cancer go undetected in someone?
does anyone know any teenage cancer patients? that would like a pen pal? PLeaseeee?? :)?
What is the best acne product that I can buy over the counter?
Help determining wether this is a scar or not!?
What is wrong with my foot?
How can I get thicker ankles?please help?
Does avoiding touching your skin make an impact on how clear your skin is?
My right eye is red for no apparent reason...?
Circle Lens Users ONLY?
Is it bad to wear two glasses with two different prescriptions?
Is it medically damaging to wear sunglasses at night?
Does corneal abrasion require medical attention?
Are things in your field of view supposed to bend when wearing glasses?
Can you get HIV/AIDS from saliva?
to cheska xD who told me that i might have a parasite that would kill me in 5 months?
My throat makes noises when i'm stuffed ?
I always feel really tired. What can I do?
When you have a regular health physical do they drug test you.?
How do you get rid of the hiccups?
what can i do if my doctor does not have any records of my treatment?
I'm going to be put on a drug called Adderall for ADD/ADHD does this drug make you lose weight?
What's best for cracked/dry feet?
whats the best way to get rid of acne marks? tan?
how do i lighten my now darkened skin from the work i did in the hot sun this summer?
Help with skincare routine/acne help..?
Does no one has a gud answer to my question on Pityrosporum folliculitis?
Gardasil side effect?
I want to get involved with teenage cancer patients?
what is a thyroid gland?
Does having a palliative care team mean you're dying?
does tanning cause skin cancer?
I took 12 laxatives in a 1 & 1/2 month span..are my organs possibly damages?
Acne...Please help...No really.?
I accidently cut into the cuticle part of my fingernail...?
Is it dangerous to pass out when youre drunk?
is crazy glue good for open wounds or cuts?
how to help people in a car crash?
Is there any way or getting an operation or something to make her thumb smaller?
can i put normal body moisturizer on a sunburn?
How long will it take for the pain to stop?
Is it normal to be confused after talking to a counselor?
can a person with schizophrenia lead a normal life?
hi im having the same thing since october i got ill physical and after thah anxiety why ?dont know but im dizz?
Are contacts difficult for people who have Astigmatism?
Is there anything a person can do or look at to go blind?
are glasses referred to as corrective lenses?
Am i far sighted or nearsighted?!!?
What do you call it when your vision is blurry?
My contacts aren't working very well for one eye... should I be worried?
a rock hit me in the eye?
Do you think this is Lymphoma?
i have a little lump in my neck?
What are other causes of lung cancer besides smoking?
My doctor suspects i have stage 3 ovarain cancer?
Question for doctors, nurses, etc. Thyroid Nodules?
Do e-cigarettes give you smokers breath?
is it normal to have veiny hands at 15?
Armpit sweat stains?!?!?
Removing beauty marks on my face ?
Wart removal help(serious answers, really embarrassing)?
will diarrhea side effect go away once my body is use to multi-vitamin?
Is it normal 4 my cheeks to be red after a couple glasses of wine?
Urge to throw up after ive eaten. Why?
Sides/back hurt after drinking last night, what do I do?
Different types of the HIV virus?
Do burn marks go away?
My acne is killing me?
what can be the causes of these stretch marks?
how long will a blood spot on my face take to go away?
What are the best contact brand to buy? + costs in canada?
do you have to have contacts to get colored contacts?
How can I convince my doctor to give me a doctor's note?
Is there an alternative to orange juice?
Smoking Tea get me high?
what kind of massage is best for firm pressure?
can lasiks fix ambliopia?
What happens if you take the wrong dosage of medicine?
How much "actual" Zinc in Zinc Gluconate?
injection side effects?
how do you treat a sore throat with cough?
Can someone still be diagnosed with Testicular Cancer, even though there are no 'tumor markers' in bloodwork?
i want to know whats wrong with me!?
how to cure a soar throte by monday?
I keep shaking a lot and I'm not epileptic, what's wrong?
What happens if a 13 year old is caught smoking cigarettes?
How many people here have Crohn's Disease? Do you have classical symptoms?
whats the best teeth whitening system to use?
what is the best way to get rid of a big appatite? what foods will help with that?
Do oral sutures usualy cause discomfort?
I have to get braces soon. Can you please tell me what to expect?
When U bite down on my tooth it a it nervy?
Are my teeth going to have white spots on them after braces?
which teeth are extracted as part of orthodontic treatment?
Ice Skating = Broken Coccyx?
My lips are dry and chapped?
What do I have on my arm?
how do i get rid of smokers' skin..since i quit i still don't like the appearence of lines and gaggy skin.?
What activities use the most of your brain?
What can I do to feel a bit better?
How can an organ donor save eight lives?
Does this happen to anyone else?
I can't get rid of my headache ne ideas how to get rid ? ?
Is it bad when your heart randomly slows down then speeds up rapidly and then goes back to normal?
Is coronary deterioration inevitable?
Can't sleep because of sudden heart flutters and they make me feel light-headed?
does a heart surgeon make good money?
What heart problem do i have?
heart problem?!?!?!! clot?!!?!??!?
breast cancer and metastases?
if you quit tanning can you decrease your risk of getting cancer?
Where can i donate hair to cancer patients?
What are the benefits of cancer?
If a person is diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer, can they live?
Do you know anyone with Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer?
I got a burn on my lip and there is a big white spot, what is a good excuse to use how i got it?
Is it bad to work out drunk/buzzed?
I have pityriasis alba on my cheek. Any recommendations for something to help clear it up?
Umm.....Is my lip infected?
is there any way to cure acne?
glycolic acid peel under the eyes for wrinkles?
how do i get laryngitis?
If you have cystic fibrosis do you have to take enzymes?
Will it hurt if I eat too many cough drops?
How can I help my mother with her muscular dystrophy?
Please answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Every once in awhile I will hear a train when there isnt any train tracks near me?
Do deaf schizophrenic people hear voices?
When you have OCD, and you want help. Do you just go to your GP?
where to get contacts (for life)?
White/opaque spots and flashes of light?
Is a shadow on a hip x-ray definately bone cancer? Can it be wrong?
Acne marks/scars question?
I waxed my upper lip myself, now it is sore, dry and red allover? HELP? I ? ?
how much does it cost getting a wart burned off by a doctor?
Does Proactive Really Work?
how do you get rid of acne?
How can I grow taller?
need health care no money?
I dont have a doctor?
taking pills and feeling sick?
Any Anti anxiety medicine?
End-Stage Renal Disease?
What does it feel like to be high on meth?
Why are my feet swollen?
doctors note for gout?
I feel shaky....what's wrong with me?
Can you get Gynecologic Cancer at 16 years of age?
Can you tell the difference between a blood clot and a Tumor using a pet scan and MRI?
are brain tumors hereditary?
Is this bruise normal? how lon will it last?
what are best colon cleaner products on the market?
mild pain in heart......?
How long does it generally take for hearts to become available for heart transplants?
Is my heart going to be alright?
Have you used crutches before?
How do I heal this...?
neck injury settlement question?
Getting back into shape after an injury?
threw my neck and back out.?
My skin is blemished & dry, what is the best product to use?
I have mark on my arms? How I get ride of it? ?
Alcohol for Acne worth a try?
Punched in the eye. What should I do?
Do eye infections hurt?
What scary experience have you had with monthly contacts?
Worst acne in the world at such a young age?!?
Extremly dry corners mouth help?
does bad/fatning foods cause acne breakouts?
Why does my cheek turn red after eating certain foods?
How young is too young for Accutane?
How to get rid of nausea?
Okay. My feels all red and sunburnt. why?
Breathing is off at night... always tired?
when i use the bathroom, i ALWAYS wash my hands after. why is it that most men just walk out without washing?
What makes a area where you have cancer feel hot?
how long will it take to get results from a fine needle aspiration biopsy of the thyroid?
What could a painful, swollen lump where a few teeth used to be mean?
Where can I get a pet golden locust with ruby eyes?
Is being a dentist boring? What does a dentist do daily?
When I chew gum my jaw cracks?
Is regular salt just as good as sea salt to treat a abcess tooth?
i have oral herpes and now worrying?
How would you get rid of Yeast Infection?
Is something wrong with my colored contacts?
Can I continue to use the same contact lens case indefinitely, or do I have to get a new one every so often?
please help me convert this?
my eyes are hurting, should i put my contacts back in?
HIVESSS... whatt does it meann????!!!!!!!?
what to put on my burnt finger?
i just got mosquito bite on my face, how do I get rid of the redness and swelling?
What If: I have been bitten by a snake.?
i accidently ate oven cleaner?
what is the absolute best and easiest cure for acne? preferably nothing store bought unless it like peroxide.?
Whats the best way to get rid of anoying zits !?
I have a red spot on my tongue ?
I eat a lot of sugar. Is this hurting my pancreas and can it lead to Diabetes?
gestational diabetes... or diabetes all along?
What else does the pancreas do other than produce insulin?
My toes bleeeding...alot?
I went in to give plasma, and my temperature was 94.8ºF?
How do you check for diabetes?
Our loved one has recurrent throat cancer. Stage 4 - is there a stage 5?
Why do doctors say that chemotherapy works better with Triple Negative Breast Cancer when it in fact doesn't?
Any one been diagnosed with CIN1 and later becomes dormant naturally?
Could this be cancer?
What does this mean on my dads death certificate?
what can cause your heart to flutter?
what are the chambers of the heart in order ?
Should a person with a heart Murmur Smoke weed?
I had heart bypass surgery 10 years ago. can I get a MRI?
Im gonna have a heart attack if this keeps up?
Does this condition have a name?
Once you have a stroke, would the signs of another possible stroke be the same as before.?
Likelihood of getting speech back after a small stroke?
I have Very Cold Feet?
What happens to your body when your DR. says you have thyroid disease? What does it mean?
What happens if you dont get any sun light for a long period of time?
Is a brain MRI the best test for Multiple Sclerosis?
My boyfriend is severly depressed and I dont know what to do please help!!!?
I don't know what I want to do with my life?
hi im currently a student in college and i am suffering from what i believe is anxiety and mild depression?
Help...depression...i think?
What do you do when stress consumes you?
Quick medication question?
If hot tea with honey and lemon gets rid of a sore throat, then what gets rid of a scratchy throat?
Help Im feeling sick, etc. (so's my mum) what have we got?
Why does marijuana make my body ache?
What generally costs more, X-rays or an ultrasound scan?
what does this look like? ringworm?
Vitamin D for clear skin? ?
Good way to ask docter about acne?
I have a small, egg-sized lump in the middle of my back that appears to be on my spine.?
I went bowling and now my wrist hurts?
contacts , I CANT PUT THEM INN!! ahhh?
can a contact go behind your eye?
piece of little hair in eye ball SOMEBODY HELP?
Anti-glare and UV protection for Power spectacles - Are they good?
What is this tingling sensation between scalp and brain?
How to get rid of scar?
can i cure sunspots? someone help?
How can you get rid of a scar?
Skin Infection? What does this sound like?
Will they ever find a cure for cancer?
i m looking for a tea and they say is make tumor go smaller?
stage 3 and 4 lymphoma?
Mind/disease connection?
I have a large lump that start out small it keeps getting bigger?
Is My Grandma Going to Die?
What are the chances my father is alright?
A little bit of knee trouble... an injury?
Remembered my broken jaw!?
broken? jammed? nothing?
My ankle is really painful?
can someone tell me about the scoliosis surgery?
Is it possible to be hungry and thirsty at the same time?
What causes low blood pressure ?
What does it mean for a patient to have a periodically idioventricular rhythm?
What is that certain term that is used to classify diseases that are unable to know its cause?
reduce LDL cholesterol for an overweight male?
Fatigue and chest pains?
Do you think this is serious?
Can i still grow taller at 18?
does piercing your own ears hurt?
Ive been feeling very sick in the mornings. Sometimes i will vomit sometimes i wont?
i need IMMEDIATE help about what to do with a child who drowned!! PLEASE!?
Why does our stomach rumble when we are hungry?
How to cure Fungus Nail?
what is the best way to put lotion on your back?
what is the best acne treatment there is?
Does eating fast food cause acne and skin problems?
Do I have breast cancer? I have a small hard spot on my right breast?
Emotional Dependence with Cancer?
Do I have lung cancer?
Are there organisations that help people who have lost loved ones to cancer?
If a zombie eats a brain with brain cancer, will they get stomach cancer?
what is lypocycoma cancer?
My friend has a bad back? help!?
What can I do naturally to shorten/end my period quicker? Any herbs/ exercises/ foods or drinks?
How to avoid vomitting/ nausea on oxycodone?
Is Lortab or Darvocet better?
Sometimes i smoke alot and cant tell if im high so?
what helps with a toothache besides advil?
Have you ever been dizzy and in so much pain from a secondary sinus infection?
Why do I keep burping?
When you blow your nose is it normal to feel pressure in your eyes?
can taking asthma inhaler to much can flood your heart?
My child keeps coughing and getting hives. PLEASE HELP!!!?
How do you know if a contact lens has slipped 'behind' your eye?
What kind of glasses does Joe Jonas wear?
Seeing small black dots.?
Could this possibly be lupus?
On very hot humid days my eye glasses (spectacles)keep slipping down my nose from the sweat.?
What does it mean if your brain twitches?
what is this in my blood? (sorry if its weird)?
What causes you to get the shivers? (those random shakes)?
I have a question about my calorie intake....?
Can diabetic people eat brown rice?
what exactly is glycogen?
can someone please tell me how i can get free one touch test strips for my 9 yr old son who has type 1 diabete?
what foods or fruits are good for the skin?
How to get rid of excessive dandruff?
Will an ear piercing eventually go away?
Second Degree Burn: How Long Does It Take To Heal?
How do I heal a cut faster?
Whats up with my leg?!?!?
Would I be able to sustain no injury after a 10 foot fall to grass?
Help please!! I think I broke my elbow? I have to go back to practice on Monday.?
How can I tell if I broke my foot?
Why is it that people say "grow up" when your young and then when your 45 like me they tell me to still grow?
Have i got something wrong with me?
Am I going to suffer major valium withdrawals?
Hypertension Symptoms ?
Places to stay while trying to get on your feet?