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Is it possible to be allergic to water?
If I had an allergic reaction to a detergent, is there a span of time that I can wear those clothes again?
Could I have an allergy to chocolate?
Undereye irritation.?
What type of radiation is used in yellow fever?
Food Poisoning HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
could this be from an std?
wich disease is not caused by a viral infection?a)ifluenza b)hepatitis b c)herpes d)tuberculosis?
Help with my ear infection please?
If i have a sore throat and headache and my tempurature is 97.1 is that bad?
I'm tired. any ideas on how to wake myself up?
Please Help!! :(....? ?
Eyelid twitch for over 3 weeks?
Can't lay down/thus can't sleep due to extreme chest pain aggrevated by laying down. What to do?
contacts and eye color?
Why am I too young for doctor prescribed eye contacts?
I wiped my eyes when i was making jalapeno poppers now they sting, help?
Judging by the questions in Y!A Optical...?
How to clean annual/yearly contact lenses like Natural Touch?
Is it possible to read out of the corner of your eye?
I have no idea what I want to do with my life, should I just end it now? Please Help?
Is ambien or lunesta more powerful?
Why would a man have a problem with someone's virginity?
Why don't i feel like myself anymore? i feel like im not being myself?
Why am i always tired....-_-?
I accidently ate some dog food now I can't stop barking!?
Where do I go and who should I talk to now I cant seem to get any help?
my girlfriend has got the ball from her piercing stuck in the helix of her ear (the cartlidge at the top) help?
What is this coming out of my wound?
how to get something out of my eye?
What is this bite on my arm??!!?
I bite my nails. HELP!!?
i got bit by a spider a little red under its belly what should i do or is it nothing?
Why would I be referred to an Oncologist for a Thyroid Nodule?
What is the difference between tumor and cancer?
Advice or ideas on improving my Cancer Website?
does your cell phone give you cancer?
What happens when you get punched in the thoracic spine?
How is chlamydia formed.?
i had a hiv test 5 years ago it said negative 5years later i had one it said non-reactive what does that mean?
can you get high with .3 grams of weed?
Why does hyperbaric air cure most diseases?
Questions about medicine?
Where should i buy a bowl online?
How can i lessen the intensity of my ecstasy crash? ?
what is the quickest way to treat a sore throat?
Does Apple cider vinegar really helps to get rid of acne? (Any experiences?)?
How to treat Keratosis How to clean a little girls face that has it?
Could I have skin cancer?
Why do i sneeze when i get horney?
i am retiring how much notice should i give?
Is a holter monitor uncomfortable?
Did My Dad Have A Heart Attack And A Stroke?
Blood Pressure Meds and Wine Tasting??
what are some of the names of heart surgeons ?
I twisted my ankle should I go to sleep with something wrapped aroung it?
Knee Popped during soccer, can walk again but i can't fully extend my leg.?
How can I help my lower back injury?
Think I broke my pinky?
what is the normal temperature of living organism(cells) in the serum?
hi! i am at present 35 now and got TB treatment in 1993 (at the age of 18). and think again got infected.?
What happens if you get 4 hour old urine in your mouth?
2 year old with a cold?
How do you get over a cold fast?
can my doctor do anything for my cold sores?
diabetes question? I dont know?
How can I deal with dehydration?
Why is my blood sugar high ?
what does it mean to be pre-diabetic?
i eat 5 meals a day type 1 diabetes, and loosing weight real fast. Don't have much more to lose Why?
Bowel Care organic india capsules review?
I know it is breast cancer awareness month...?
Why does morphine have speed-like effects on me?
What are some early symptoms of colon cancer?
"i like it ___" for breast cancer awareness?
When will I get used to my new glasses (Astigmatism)?
If I can't manage to put in and remove contacts can the optician do it for me every month?
Using color contacts?
How long would I have to look at a 5mw laser to cause eye damage?
Do you wear glasses(because you cant see)......?
I really need help!!!!!! Please help!!!?
Why am I not hungry lately?
how do i get rid of my cold sore ?
What causes high cholesterol in humans?
is this irritable bowel syndrome?
Can someone provide me links about government funding for breast cancer as opposed to prostate cancer?
Do i have smokers lungs?
Recently i stop smoking...?
which is better for chest congestion/viral infection, Robitussin or Mucinex?
Could this be sleep apnea or just too much sleep?
what are the main componets of the respiratory system?
Chest pains in the lungs and around the rib cage?
if i have diarrhea, is it bad for me to eat a lot of food?
Why does my boyfriend have a terrible cough in the morning?
I have had a cold for over 3months is this normal?
what could i have because i feel terrible?
why do I smell cigarette Smoke when no one around is smoking?
Would it be wrong or offensive to ask?
eye twitching remedies?
what is a good way to fall asleep?
how long does it take for a hairline fracture in the foot to heal?
How does a 42 year old man pay for his medical bills?
MRI and laser and eye?
Why do people make noises when they stretch?
am i having an allergic reaction?
I tore my thumb nail...what should I do?
New grown fingernail is in weird shape. Help?
spider bite on my foot? and track n field 2maro?
Any tips on how to relieve Pink-Eye?
i have a bad headache and exams!!!!?
Can you get a ACL injury from not doing sports?
Am i OK? i got hit in the head with a cane to the back of my head?
How serious is this toe injury?
I think I broke my nose. what do I do?
My dad has a heart efficiency of 20 % , what is his prognosis?
why does my heart rate increase after one beer?
Assignment problem - Cardio.?
why do smokers have a higher chance of getting a heart attack?
Does this sound like heart burn?
can walking cause a cardiac arrest?
is a blood pressure of 232 of 139 high?
Does anybody have any experience taking diatamaceous earth to cure parasites.? Where do you buy it?
Opinions on Adderall?
Do you any good websites about Alternative medicine, Self- healing, Meditation etc.?
What is the best suppliment to take to increase my energy.. and if possibel I would like this to be natural.?
Valium (diazepam)....?
stage three C colon cancer with five out of 11 lympnodes?
Please serious answers only?
i'm Anemic but now i have to see an Oncologist?
y did scientist should investigate about cellphones and possible health hazards?
How long does it take to get results from a uterine biopsy?
a pill that can help with cancer and is the equal of chemotherapy?
Mild bleeding in the lung + chemo?
could i have lung cancer????
Recently diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma (stage 1) breast cancer and the doctor wants me to have a lumpectomy,?
Does anyone have an irrational fear of choking on food?
Going to the Doctors for Depression?
How to make my mom schedule a psych appoitment?
How Do You Cope Living With OCD?
Trouble remembering details?
I don't know how to explain it. Depressed Maybe?
Sore throat; please help?
Have you ever had pink eye before?
what is projectile urination?
Does Tea Tree Oil in your bath really get rid of scabies?
If i did this would i get sick by tomorrow?
Are circle lenses (colored contacts) safe?
Contacts move with my eyelid and go up when I blink.?
My vision has gotten worse?
so my eye squeaks when I put pressure on it what does it mean?
Why can't I wake up in the morning?
About how much $..........?
Can a urine sample evaluate accurate vitamin deficiency in your body? What about Blood testing?
question on cutting..?
Why is it bad to have blood transfusion carried on while fever is still present?
What's wrong with me?
do i have oral herpes?
Best way to fall asleep?
My boyfriend is really sick, what do i do to not get what he has?
How often do you get constipated?
How should I start raising money for my friend with leukemia?
My cousin has stage 4 Lung Cancer(non small cell) and the doctors seem like they are taking their sweet time!?
how long has cancer been around? Or been know about? Also how long has cancer been common?
I have had lumps in my breast since i as 10 years old.?
Is it true that axe causes cancer?
swollen lymph nodes in the neck?
Please answer my question no one is answering!!!?
Have you ever broken a bone?
Does stretching and warming up help your body in the cold?
Is paralysis possible without spc?
How to keep fever from worsening?
Strep Throat: What parts of the body are affected?
do freezing temperatures kill bacteria?
Does it sound like I have mono or just the flew?
Help me out? Runny nose, chills, tired...?
Can a hospital throw a sick patient out?
strange reaction from drinking coffee. Why does this happen to me?
How low is 1 ng/dL of Aldosterone?
When treating someone who has CHF with the drug Orencia would more diuretics be given?
i think i have lung cancer..?
How has LASIK eye surgery benefited society?
What is the base curve of my eyes?? Can someone please help me?
My friend's dad has cancer...?
If you have ptosis; are you still able to see?
Why are there no blue ribbons for prostate or testicular cancer awareness?
What kind of glasses are these?
help! i can get cancer or birth defects because of my wallet?!?
Why is it that I keep missing words when I'm reading?
is it possible for your eyes to change color?
If I can see about 20/60 vision in my left eye, and about 20/40 in my right eye, can i still join the Marines?
I have freckles on the Iris of my eye. Have you ever seen this before?
what does a spider bite look like?
my sons legs are really sore through sun burn whats the best thing to use?
feels like there is water in my ear + ringing noise?
Burn bubble care..........?
could someone pls. help me?
this is driving me crazy, and i just paranoid?
What does this nightmare mean?
What happens when you keep "everything, bottled up" inside?
How do I get rid of this feeling in my ear?
I have a toe problem?
Im biting around my nail and eating the skin?
Acneace. Does it work?
i need ADHD and depression meds but don't want to...?
What will help me sleep tonight?
Do you have anxiety over rejection...perceived or actual?
I have anorexia, please help me?
I feel dead inside help?
Generalized anxiety disorder?
If you had no choice and you should bomb one of these countries, which would you choose ?
Are there cancers that cause hair loss?
Do bone marrow transplants and chemotherapy affect a young males fertility ?
How much of a chance does a 1 year old have at surviving after ingesting Methadone?
can a nodule on the right lung be cancerous?
Could I have stomach cancer? Heeeeeeeeeeeelp I'm scared!!!?
What is the best over the counter medicine? ?
Where can I find good massage therapy in Chicago?
what are the essential oils with anti-inflammatory activity?
any one know how to make a hole in glass?
will I suffer from a over dosage of robotsion if I took it two hours early?
Blurry vision after massage?
Would you let your 6 year old child who is ADHD take Vyvanse 30 mg?
i saw these black and white dots moving in circles. and i was dizzy?
Does my girlfriend need glasses?
Can you wear rgp contacts, if your trying to apply to be a correction officer in California?
Do I Need Glasses? PLEASE HELP!?
This rule doesn't make any sense to me with contacts and glasses.?
Interpreting my eye prescription?
are these blackouts or something else?
What are the signs of snorting herion?
what are the health effects of smoking 1 cigarette a month?
what happens in cystic fibrosis?
what are the side effects of oversleeping?
How high should a fever be to stay home?
Can Ginger tea help relieve coughing?
I am having a hard time sleeping at night what should i do?
Can someone help me find this website?
Should I get myself checked out after last night?
My mom might have lung cancer...again? Help?
my mom was just diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer what is the progression to death?
could it be a medic issue?
Just found out my dad has a tumor could be cancerous ? don't know how to feel ASAP ( read all please )?
Do I have a gallstone?
What is an affordable health insurance for an adult male with diabetes?
With fructose intolerance am I more susceptible to type 2 diabetes?
What is a transdermal infusion?
what can i do to get my sugar level higher?
how high are my risks of getting diabetes ?
where does a diabetes insulin pump go?
do you think i broke my pinky finger..help?
I lost 7 pounds in a week, is this healthy?
how can i speed up the healing process of a tongue piercing?
Need sunburn help redness remedies?
Daughter has an infected toe/toenail from where she stubbed it........QUESTION!?
Pic Included What kind of bite/rash is this.. Please help me ASAP?
VERY SCARED! i have numbness around my nose eyes and just before my ears?
Can super-loud bass alter a heart rhythm?
what should i do to reduce cholesterol (fatty substance) in the blood .?
How do you tell your ailing grandmother who might go any minute (due to heart conditions) that your uncle...?
Heart Attack or Heartburn? Please answer!?
What eating disorder may this be?
HEEEEEELP! IM DYING! Instant relief? ?
Clear pee and drug test?
What happens if one conjoined twin dies?
Is an hour of smoking shisha in a hookah equal to 100 cigarettes?
I have 20/70 vision? Bad?
What kind of contacts are good for cold weather?
what is going on with my eyes?
I have something stuck in my eye?
What's wrong with my eye?
If you close your eyes and move them from side to side, what do you see?
10 points! My knee keeps clicking since I fell over! 10 points?
What do i need to do in order to become a chiropractor?
What does dilaudid use to treat?
who wants a free foot reflexology session that is foot accupressure?
MS contin 30mg first time use what will it be like?
For someone with blocked nose from allergies, aside from removal of allergens, any alternative med advice?
I am very self conscious about these marks on my skin. any help would be appreciated.. or tips to conceal them?
Itchy scalp, but not lice?
my insecurities eat me up inside how can i get over it..?
So depressed and fed up...what do i do? What reasons do i have to continue living? Scared for my future?
How can you fade a scar?
Taking Showers and Acne.?
Are these symptoms of bipolar disorder?
3 Year Old Cousin Zoning Out?
I'm going to the hospital and I'm SCARED! Please HELP!?
I used the same nailclippers as my sister who has fungus. Will i get fungus?!?!?!?!?
How do I cut out my naps? ?
How to get rid of acne fast?
If you can't sleep at night?
Boyfriend worried about me ?
i'm becoming an alcoholic, i can't stop?
how does cancer start?
How long does it take to get your contact lens after you ordered them?
I lost a tooth and they made me get IV antiobiotics. Has this happened to you? How long for?
Is it worth it to be an Oncologist?
what is causing the tingling through out my brain?
Should you wash your eyes?
yellow stuff coming out of my eyes?
is it normal for my eyes to hurt after I just got glasses.. ?
which is better for eyes cucumber or potato?
High blood pressure teen?
can you ck out a heart stint for clogging without an angeogram?
What happens with renal failure and heart bypass surgery?
need interpretation for my ecg result...asap pls..?
I just used my grandmas blood pressure moniter and my blood pressur was 225/117 is this bad?
I had a pulmonary embolism in 2008. Now a new doctor I'm seeing wants me to discontinue my Coumadin. Should I?
What are your chances of getting herpes from a water fountain?
How to tell a possible new boyfriend you have herpes? >.>?
HWats a common age for tourettes to be diagnosed?
Is it possible to have permanent circles under your eyes from crying too much?
my hands and feet are always cold?
Will you still scar from cutting yourself no matter how deep?
Does anyone have a high metabloism?
How to overcome insomnia?
Alcohol makes my stomach hurt?
Why was my finger moveing on it's own?
Can being born with underdeveloped hips lead to hip problems later in life?
breast cancer ( Brac Test ) I have heard that there is a link between breast cancer and prostate cancer...?
Do I have lung cancer ?
Hard quarter size lump inside breast?
Does cancer die in oxygen?
Child with cancer _fundraiser question?
Umbilical Cord Blood Donation?
Whats wrong with my foot ?
How much a contact lens and eyeglass exam cost?
What are Walmart's prescription glasses and contacts prices?
What has happened to my eyes?
GEO Super Nudy lenses the right way?
Why are my eyes always red?
I want to buy photocromatic lenses, do I need to buy anti-glare?additional uv-filter?
Long-lasting light impression on eye?
how can i intensify the fx of klonopin?
My dad has cancer. My siblings doubt his recovery they're upset. How do I stay hopeful?
I'm 16, and can't seem to be 'happy'.?
Can warts spread to your actual eye?
Is there anything stronger than Ambien?
need help on my project! what should be on the warning lable on self-harmingig?
Rapid heart beating and Shortness of breath....?
My dad for the past 2 or 3 days has noticed his heart beating rapidly but then it stops.?
can a 14 year old girl( almost 15 in two weeks) have heart valve disease?
Echocardiogram / Mitral Valve Prolapse?
I am just performing an open heart surgery on myself. Can someone walk me through it?
Chest pain, arm pain?
Type of heart disease, chest pain, or just scaring myself ?
What is the best water distiller?
If THC is fat soluble...........?
How can I (legally) stimulate my CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors?
how effective is alcohol for extracting THC?
Is there something wrong with me? My discharge is weird?
MY FOOT JUST FELL ASLEEP!! ithink im gonna die..wht do i do? :((?
The toe next to my big toe has been numb for 2 days.?
how do you treat a hurt ankle and can i go to school tomorrow?
If I fractured my arm about an inch above my wrist would i still be able to move my wrist?
swollen lymph nodes in abdomen?
can you get mouth cancer under 20 ?
Is There Any Chance I Can I Get Cancer?
what is the cause of fluids in brain ventricle?
Is there anyone who can and is willing to help a cancer spouse get back to his family?
How to get help for chemo side effects?
if you feel your contact lenses in your eyes, does that mean you have dry eyes?
Contacts not as clear as glasses?
can someone tell me what is wrong with my eye please :( ?
Can I still wear theses contacts, I ordered the wrong one?
Why is half of my eye brown?
Eyes go blurry when wearing contact lenses?
What does a pet-negative from a pet scan mean?
can getting in touch with erogenous zone help wish away cancer?
what is stomach cancer?
I am experiencing similar symptoms of Lymphoma.?
Do I Have Skin Cancer?
What is the difference between a diabetic diet & the low glycemic index diet?
What could be the cause of my frequent trips to the restroom?
Would I get diabetes?
Two people talking to me at the same time?
after eating thanksgiving dinner my blood sugar was70 is that bad?
Am I going to grow any taller?
How to barf?Help me pleasseeee i need to!!!?
How much marijuana will still be in my body?
Why do I get sick so much?
Why do I always pull my hamstring?
Experiencing a long, horrible hangover, should I be worried at this point?
My heart hurts when I breathe?
why does the first heart sound occur at the same time as the QRS wave?
What hospital is the best hospital for cancer patient?
Can you inhale smoke from Santa Fe Cigars?
Could we get herpes!?
Yeast infection or Trich?
is there public records of people with aids or hep c?
Could I still get colored contacts even though I have heavy astigmatism?
Are Clear Eyes Eyedrops similiar to Visine Eye Drops?
Is there eyedrops you can buy to help vision a little in one eye?
Contact lens remover brand?
The corner of my eye is twitching?
whats the term for people with multiple eye colors?
iam 45 and have had av ery heavy period for appx 3 weeks should i see a dr?
Help me PLEASE. 10 points? please HELP ME?
ok i smoked for 2 years ( cigs )?
Which stethoscope is better?
Interview for smokers?
How come adderall makes my mouth so dry?
where can i get zinc supplement pills?
is green tea diuretic?
What natural items can I eat to fight the cholesterol that is produced by the body?
I have a really bad sore throat what can I do to cure it?
Help me please...im going to kill myself.?
how to stop depression?
What what does a lobotomy involve, what are they used for and what are your views on them?
how do i improve my memory?
Can someone tell me the defintion of ocd and the symptoms please and thank you?
What kind of Mental Illness do I got?
Why were they doing this creepy walk at the mental health clinic?
My boyfriend's really worried about me?
Is it bad to take antibotics when your not sick?
Are Organ Transplants Good or bad?
What is a discease that affects the muscular system?
Constipation help please?
Starting a Club about Cancer awareness at school?
is they any cure for breast cancer?
Which is safer, dip or cigars?
current uses of nanomedicine against cancer?
Can you have peau d'orange on both breasts and it not be cancer?
I have a cancer, and need to know about Chemo.?
Wear can i buy non perscription colored contacts?
Buying Prescription Oakley M Frames, Visible insert?
What's up with my eye color?
Is watching tv with a dark screen good better for eyes then bright screen?
I have 20/20 vision, but my eyes hurt. It feels like im straining them.?
Do I need to glasses?
How to tell if my contacts the right size?
Why is my resting heart rate so high?
how will blood pressure measurement be affected if excessive pressure is used in cuff inflation?
Is it noral to have a racing heart every day?
I just got a pacemaker implanted, will i ever be able to dress and bath elderly after it heals?
what happens if an artifical artery clotts?
I am confused about an enlarged spleen/liver and anorexia?
Does anyone know any home remedies to get preganet?
What is a mini seizure?
HELP! Can't stop coughing.. what should I eat?!?
will shaving my head get rid of lice?
what are causes of nosocomial infections in hospital setting?
Blood Clot On Breast?
Does anyone know about Ovarian Cancer?
Could this be bone cancer?
How to talk to kids about cancer?
Just got my wisdom teeth out and I need help?
Canine tooth up high?
Dentist and smoking question?
Dentists, Hygienists, how often is it recommended for children to have a fluoride treatment?
Can you get porcelain veneers if you have fillings?
Why am I allways tired?
How can I fall asleep when I'm sick?
Am I going to die ? Will I need a new liver ?
Why do my eyes feel so heavy?
How long eyes could stare on computer screen?
How to make my eyes feel better?
I am scared to take contacts out!!!!?
where can i get free eye exam?
Is this normal when i don't wear my glasses?
My third to last toe is really red and swollen and itches really bad?
My son has very bad cuts on the bottom of his foot any one knows what to do?
If cancer is not contagious, what is the reason someone with cancer cannot donate blood?
breast cancer tumor markers up?
What happen when cancer spreads to the intestines and you have a blockage and cant stop vomiting?
What's it like living with AIDS?
How much cancer can you have before you die?
Someone said to me that people get cancer so the population doesn't get too much?
Question about a polyp???:((?
Is this a HIV risk - Should i get tested?
How is a BP of 120/65?
did people have herpes back in the day?
Adults 60+ taking MultiVitamins, Niacin, Vitamin D, Omega3, Resveratrol, Any benefit to it?
my heart beat sometimes Pops?
Is this worthy of a trip to the doctorssss? Please help!?
What should i do? Anxiety is really bad...?
What are some possible causes for bad memory/memory loss?
I think my doctor's are misdiagnosing me.?
Voices in my head are yelling at me?
Is this a Mental issue?
Why do I feel so tired and irritable all the time?
Should i get glasses for astigmatism?
How long will my eyes stay dilated?
1 year old white out special fx contact lenses... are they still ok to wear?
Please! help. i have a question about a scratched eye. (white area)?
Why are my eyes really red and vieney?
Is there a way to order colored contacts in any prescription?
Question about blindness and mind...?
have you ever gotten sick from a hot dog with a dry spot?
I keep having orange urine, ive had it for a few days now?
What Is Wrong With My Asthma?
Can a person lose their hearing or vision from accidentially overdosing on a presciption mediacation?
what to do i'm a young teen, who might have breast cancer?
how do you know if you have skin cancer?
are there higher cancer rates near golf courses?
What are the chances of getting cancer from a pilonidal cyst after having it for about 2.5 years?
Have you read/heard about any of the new studies on nicotine?
Is SAMe good for liver problems?
Are there any sleeping pills that don't cause constipation?
How much money for weed?
How many things does windex cure?
does weed change the way you think?
Can you travel with ecstasy?
Whats a natural way to decrease your teeth sensitivity from hot and cold?
what is the signs of a dog developing cancer?
could i have lymphoma or leukimia?
Cell phone radiation- could you potentially develop cancer in your legs from carrying it in your pocket?
do i have testical cancer?
Is lung cancer worse than gum cancer?
what are ways to avoid getting leukemia?
Help? Scared of cancer?
HLHS and chances of having a 2nd baby with it?
What are the names of the four chambers in the heart?
Am I having a heart attack?
Why are you able to see your breath when it's cold?
Am I addicted to smoking? And if so... how do I stop?
What to eat when you are sick?
Am I addicted or is it mental?
HELP!!! How to efficiently increase height?
I was diagnosed with breast cancer, low grade ductal carcinoma. Mass is small, 9mm.?
i only smoked cigarettes for?
pros and cons of laproscopic removal of ovaries vs radiating ovaries?
Is there anywhere in the human body that can't develop cancer?
how long can someone live with Melanoma Cancer?
Does this necessarily signify cancer?
tingling and numbness all over body after having chemotherapy..?
What is wrong with my eyes?
i am seeing a single floater , how can i know if its normal or a serious retinal detachment?
What is wrong with my eyes?
is there a polish for fine scratches on eyeglasses?
Eyes are itchy, red, eye lids are swollen, sensivitve to light, and cant keep them open?
My eyes are bloodshot past several days, it is NOT pink eye. No itching, pain or?
I need a diagnosis quick!! :(?
My grandpa declared septic?
Should i bother the E R whit a mile case of stomach ulcer?
do i still need to go to the orthodontist after i get my braces out?
Fully Grown Wisdom teeth?
Is it easier to pull wisdom teeth once they are surfaced?
how can i hide my braces?!?!?!?
My teeth are growing in decayed?
I Have A BIG Lump in My Left Breast , Im Only 13 ?
How do you get brain cancer?
My dad is slowly dying and no one knows why?
Does listening to the radio cause brain cancer/tumors?
What cast color should I get?
what information do i need for psychological financial aid at a clinic?
What are the best things to do while your suffering from anxiety?
i self harm, and i get insane triggers. please answer, because i can't look at other questions?
Why do I get random accents?
things for a runny nose?
Tips for not being able to sleep?
High pitched ringing sound in my ears?
Why do old people die?
If I go to a tanning bed once or twice and week for 5 to 6 mins, will I get skin cancer?
Does cola cause Cancer?
How do you go about getting a free wig for a cancer patient?
Can you get throat cancer by coughing all the time?
Is this an early sign of Leukemia?
Is there any disease that stops the production of blood cells either erythrocytes or leukocytes or both?
Are heart angiograms accurate?
can a 14 year old get breast cancer?
Can someone please help me...!?!?
Is it normal that my heart rate increases as I breathe in and decreases when I breathe out?
Whats the diff between nitro and epi? Parameidc?
short term and long term effects of high blood pressure?
Should I get contacts now?
Do circle lens hurt at first?
When I am looking at something for about a minute or two my vision suddenly gets blurry.?
Why is it that now and then I get random blind spots in the centre of my eye which last maybe half a second?
Can children get eye floaters?
Which is better in your opinion: Contacts or glasses?
Would it be okay just to buy glasses from the net for reading without having my eyes tested?
my freind is trying to stop eating sugar out of th e bag,whats a good ideal to make him stop?
Is it possible that i could be anemic?
5 things you need if stranded on an island and you also have type 1 diabetes?
Could i have breast cancer?
Are these symptoms of stomach cancer?
What's the survival rate for stomach cancer in women age 40+?
is it normal to STILL lose weght after cance is removed?
What's self concouis?
My dad keeps having seizures?
What's the best medication for a sore throat due to a cold?
Anyone else different like me?
College student not getting enough rest?
I have urethral stricture.4 times docter do opration.but after 2years i feel this prablam cameback.?
have you seen the young man, who has his feet turned backward, by birth?
My boyfriends lips are dry, cracked and feel like they are on fire.?
Is it possible to increase kidney function rate?
what is an underactive thyroid?
The Tuskegee syphilis experiment was a 40 year old government secret, could HIV/AIDS be an experiment?
Are these symptoms of herpes?
i have just found out i have chlamydia and had a baby 8months ago would my baby of caught it?
There is a black dot in my vision that moves with my eye?!?!?
contact lens has a scratch on it?
Has anybody had the laser eye surgery done at LASIK Vision Institute in Rancho Cordova?
Are all black contact lenses difficult to see out of?
Experiencing accelerated heartbeat?
can a substance be ingested to cause a stroke?
What is causing my chest pain?
Magnesium Oxide 400mg?
i have heart palpitations...?
19 with a heart problem, needs advice?
What does a cracked bone feel like?
do i have a torn acl, or a torn mcl? (people who have gotten them torn before?)?
I tore my ACl right after I was awarded a scholarship to play basketball. I didn't get surgery.?
How long does a sprain ankle take to heal?
I have a pain in my foot and ankel?
What is the treatment for beaning Leukemia?
If animals have cancer and you eat them...?
how long a person suffering from leukemia can live?
I have stage 4 malignant testicular neoplasm with metastasized to lungs and abdomen I have palliative radiatio?
Found a very hard lump in my breast .. im only 13 ?
will one hit of weed do ANY damage at all to your lungs? brain?
I get nightmares at night what do I do?
I'm scared to sleep.?
Why is schizoid personality considered a disorder and mental health problem?
what kind of disorder is this?
I want to kill myself? Help?
How do you cope with your fear of flying?
im going for a x ray and i have a metal bracelet wat will happen if i dont take it off?
How can I overcome my panic attacks?
After waking up from a long coma, does anyone ever want to back into a coma?
Cough and Cold Remedies?
If I eat anything, I throw up. If I cry, I throw up. Why is this? It's been happening for a week now.?
could I use plain glasses instead of computer glasses to protect my eyes while working long on computer?
does anyone know how ed hardy lite eyeglasses fit?
How old do you have to be to wear coloured contacts?
is it possible to wear two contacts in one eye??ANSWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR MEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!PLZZZZZZ?
is it possible to wear two contacts in one eye?
if you are infected with hepa b,will something appear in ultrasound in the liver?
Please help with asthma!!!?
my grandma is at home with pneumonia how can i help her?
I need to make lungs for my science home work and I need help?
I have a cold, and when I cough my left breast hurts and burns inside?
can chronic constipation over the years put me at risk for cancer?
can you in detail explain to me what causes Anal cancer?
Is there a great need for Pediatric Cardiology?
vomiting blood and heart attacks?
The Best Cardiologist in Jacksonville, Florida? Anyone know?
If I stick needle in someone heart will it kill him ?
Side Effects of Acitrom Tablet?
Is my ankle sprained?
how did this happen to my arm?
My niece is 18 old years, had a baby in April 09 and another March 10,she has 2 huge lumps over both ovaries?
Swollem lymph node...and I need help?
typically, how long during chemo treatments does it take for your hair start to fall out?
What is chemotherapy?
leukemia question!!!?
Questions to ask a person with leukemia?
What is under my eye?!?! Pics!!!!?
What can be the cause of a slight headache and a difficulty to concentrate?
How can I cough up the phlegm instead of swallow it?
Unplanned pregnancy advice needed please!?
I burp and something hard came up in my throat I freaked out a galp a lot of water?
Is 5 advil an overdose?
does any body know were 2 get oxycontin the oc formula not op at a pharmacy in new mexico?
How can I get taller? Im 19 and turning 20 this September nd I still want to increase my height?
How long will braces hurt? How long will I have to keep them?
How to fix my teeth without braces?
Eye surgery advice! Lasik?
Correct Astigmatism - how to overcome astigmatism?
Are the little eye squiggleys normal, or ..worms?
Why does my left eye keep twitching?
My vision begins to shake when I'm looking at my laptop?
How much does a yearly eye exam plus contact lens exam cost with no insurance?
Left eye: 25 degrees. Right eye: 125 degrees. Should I wear glasses? Will it help to correct the disparity?
if you take an std test and you are said to not have anything youre worries should stop right?
Why Africa has the highest rating in AIDS ?
Can you test for hpv by type if so where?
Is it right for me to feel like its my fault my granny had a stroke?
what cancer cells can I use to establish a cell culture?
How should a mole look, for me to go to the doctor to examine for skin cancer?
what is multiple myeloma?
can birds get cancer?
i live in CA, and my neighbors smoke cigarrette, we dont, what should we do?
How do you get rid if a blocked ear?
Can I get a medical weed card for having mono?
I need HELP, I have insomnia !?
what should high end progressive prescription eyeglass lenses cost?
I'm out of my contact solution... Help?
What does -0.25 contact prescription mean?
Seriously what is wrong with my eyes?
treating a scratched eye?
how do i get rid of red eyes wihout clear eyes?
weird waist to hip ratio?
Is my blood pressure normal?
A drop in blood pressure would cause the glomerular filtration rate to?
Why does my heart speed up faster than normal sometimes?
Why did I suddenly pass out? Yahoo?
I've got a strange chest/upper body deformity that I can't seem to find an answer for?
what illness has the SAME EXACT symptoms as anemia ?!?
Newport menthol cigarettes?
How do I get rid of laughing a lot ?
I'm curious on Autism - if a person is autistic how can doctors know this? is there certain tests?
Is There Any Remedies To Not Get Sleepy When Reading?
Are these side effects of Citalopram?
Are these signs that I have OCD? (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)?
Should I suggest therapy to my ex?
What is wrong with me? What should I do?
can i receive medi-cal benefits if i live with my mom?
How is Mandibular cancer caused?
i have a few feeding tube questions?
What is this lump on the back of my neck?
Can you get away with smoking cigarettes in a non-smoking hotel room?
is my nose broken?xx?
Why can't lift my foot up with my heel on the ground?
I smashed my finger on a car door please help?
have a deep cut that happend last night ..and it is black where all the blood was and inside the cut..is it in?
is kissing strippers dangerous?
yes. sorry another question on herpes?
Could one of our bedroom toys have caused my boyfriend to get an anal fissure?
Is there a certain type of eye-drop?
GEO Contact Lense QUESTIONS!?
Hey is it true that to have 6/60 unadided vision. Your vision can be anywere from about -1.50 to -4 diopters?
can someone below 18 wear lenses?? and does it cause any kind of health problem if yes ?
Why are still pictures moving?
How long for eyes to recover from contacts lens?
I woke up and I saw green color?
my dad accidently shined a laser in my eye for a second and my eye hurts but i can see. should i be ok?
Bad asthma! Need inhalors! No money!?
What are some simple ways to reduce or stop snoring?
Has anyone experienced this?
What's the difference between an MS and DPT degree in physical therapy?
Experience donating platelets by apheresis?
Urgent! How survive school after an all nighter?
why is there puss coming out of my ear?
Should I go to school with Kidney Stones?
I can't eat anything, please answer?
Could this be cancer or not?
i am looking for my great aunt who went to america?
can dogss get hemorroids and can one use preparation H?
Let's say someone I know has lymphatic cancer. They gave her a diagnoses of six months to a year to live.?
Can someone have a minor or small heart attack and not know it?
i have a defibrillator implanted for dilated cardiomyopathy and recently felt a massive kick in the centre of?
Is my heart rate something to worry about?
wats the way to cass a heart attak?
I'm a teen, and my heart often skips a beat followed by a really hard heartbeat, anyone tell me what this is?
chest pain that comes and goes- heart tests were normal?
How can i lower my high blood pressure with out pills?
can a person with diabetes collect ssi?
fainting and getting thin?
What could be causing this lower than normal blood sugar?
hopw can i cure diabetes?
Is my blood sugar high for being pregnant? Would I have gestational diabeties?
How To Know If You're Lactose Intolerant?
Does anyone else have Mild Cerebral Palsy?
Fibroids How long does it take to shrink them?
Kidney stone passing?
What to do when you feel numb in life?
If an anorexic goes into treatment and slowly eats up to healthness again will she not over gain weight?
can you die from a root canal infection?
I want to get a tattoo for my mom who had breast cancer and how it brought my family together. Any ideas?
pallative care chances of going home after being admitted?
where can i buy breast cancer awareness items?
Does the fact that Dr. Oz had a cancer scare make you less confident in his advice?
Have you ever been so cold you get numb ALL over your body?
If a pregnant woman gets a severe injury and suffers from severe blood loss, can she loose her baby?
Multiple sclerosis MRI this week.?
How can I make myself throw up so I don't ave to go to school?
Why do I have no appetite?
Tips on staying up in class after an allnighter?
Are medical transcripts outsourced from India safe?
I have always had arguments..,?
Typically does soft and gas permeable contact lens have the same curvature?
Is it normal to have blurry vision right after you wake up from sleep/nap?
What happens if you have cataracts & you don't have them removed ?
My glasses prescription is -1.5, i am required to fill a form which asks what is my vision on a 20/ chart?
Contact lenses: daily or monthly disposables?
which one is better ?plastic lenses or glass lenses?
std cultures...accurate?
My toilet is broke: Is this healthy?
what are some different stds?
How am I supposed to stay awake?
wow and wow i really need help please?
Where is this random burst of energy (lasting) coming from?
Quitting Smoking Affecting Mental Health.... 10 Points...?
I am 26 year old in fairly good health. Sometimes I feel like I'm having a heart attack. Should i b concerned?
Why does my heart randomly start racing?
what types of microbes cause heart disease?
how does the heart usually keep it's beating regular?
help me please thnk you xx?
why do i have these symptoms lately?
Can a Sinus infections spread to your brain? I am so scared now I keep getting them and scared!?
what happens when you dont eat for a day & so on ?
It's 4:40am and I have to wake up at 6 got school. I slept until 4 today.will I make it through tomorrow?
More deaths in the U.S. result from _______ than any other cause.?
the cervical cancer vaccine?please help?
What are the differenes between breast cancer lumps and other lumps?
My sister died last year...she hated pink cuz of the 'cancer ribbons'?
Should dislocations... should I see my doctor?
Please help it hurts so bad :(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Could an egg give you a concussion if thrown very far up in the air and it landed on your head?
I jammed my thumb four hours ago, and after icing it for several hours between then and now, it's swollen stil?
Can you get a concussion without hitting your head?
Could my arm be fractured?
I need help bad please ABOUT AN STD?
Quick! What's the number for the ghostbusters?
What are the known and proven CANCER-CAUSING FOODS & DRINKS (generally or specifically)?
Is it bad that I feel guilty about eating?
Where Should I Go to Get Stem Cells for My Brain?
What happens if a laboratory loses your urine sample in the mail?
What causes spina bifida?
can someone tell me what to do about this?
Have you used 1-800-Contacts?
Can we use an eye moisturiser while we are wearing contact lenses?
does wearing sun glasses protect u from pc and tv screens?
Could my astigmatism have been misdiagnosed?
Something wrong with my eyes?
Is it unusual to be sensitive to bright lights and sun beaming through windows?
Why has my eye been so itchy?
can an astigmatism go away on its own?
Can an Atrial septal defect cause ear problems?
Why do people prefer cigars to cigarettes?
I cannot sleep................?
Is smoking marijuana good for you?
Pulling an all nighter.?
Why am i so sleepy in the morning when i wake up?
Third-degree burn first aid?
Help? My legs, face, arms, stomach, head, ears, throat are all itchy from something I ate?
If you know of any kids on Abilify: how does it effect them?
i have an obsession, is it weird.?
How should i tell my my my brother has OCD?
i just started crying for no reason?
I want to change an old behaviour(worrying), but I don't know how?
How can I stop coughing at night so I can get some sleep?
I have a persistent cough that won't go away.?
soooo did i have an asthma attack or what?
Possible asthma symptoms? ?
How can I prevent second hand smoke?
Abdominal discomfort, blood in stool?
Am I at a greater risk for Lymphoma?
What is the affect of removing gallbladder?
Couple of Questions about Thyroid Cancer...?
infection after operation to remove cancer?
Is BZYR a good investment?
are some kinds of cancer more painful than others? which are the most painful? why?
How do Buddhist monks stay so slim when they do not exercise or workout?
rumbling stomach 24/7??? so embarassing!?
Why does everyone want loose weight in this section? I'd rather lose it.?
im 5 feet 3 inches and weigh 113 pounds am i fat?
Am i overweight, average, or thin?
if i have a little scholiosis in my back will i get a little taller after doing yoga and pilates?
how much should I weigh?
Only eating in the morning can make you lose weight?
How do you whiten sensitive teeth?
Is it wrong to cut. Even if it makes me feel better?
so i hurt my ankle a week ago now im having dull pain around the ankle bone?
Ok my toe is very swollen and I have a cheer competion this weekend.....?
If you cut your wrist and it bleeds for a long time but then stops after, will you need stitches?
Elbowed 2 weeks ago still hurts?
recovery time for thyroidectomy?
I can feel my lymph nodes but i feel fine?
Can Leukemia Be Cured For A 2 Year Old WIth 8 Months?
Why isn't chemo injected straight into tumours?
colonoscopy and barium enema details?
Question about melanoma skin cancer?
i want to donate bone marrow - but i'm scared?
what are the side effects of herpes? like...why is it so bad? what happens?
How can I ask my mom for diapers ?
Should I tell my mom I want to wear diapers?
Can a person die from lack of sleep?
How to fall asleep help?
What can I do now to avoid this happening again?
What is a safe amount of water to take by injection?
Is having open heart surgery considered a disability?
i was supposed to take off my holter monitor myself?
medication interaction? Heart med and pain med?
do you think he can survive cancer?
how long after radiation, can you tell if radiation has shrunk lung tumors?
Can you get brain cancer from smoking cigerattes?
How likely is a lymphoma to need removed?
do you have to go to the doctors to get contacts?
What does the eye doctor do to you at the appointment?
do contacts damage your eyes?
How long can you ware daily disposable lenses for?
Going blind possibly?
How to cut rid of cut on face?
Very sensitive hands what will help ?
will my stretch marks disappear!?
What causes someones skin to turn black, right after death.?
If i go to the hospital for what I'm thinking is anxiety, will they drug test me?
how much mercury has to be in your body to have mercury poisoning?
At what temperature can a person freeze to death while sleeping?
I can't sleep and I have to get up at 6amD:?
I need to get clean for a drug test in one week!?
I keep having crying spells?! What should i do?
Shanda Sharer was a 12yr old who was burned alive and EVERYTIME I get in the bath or the shower ....?
Isn't this ignorant for a spokesperson of the Suicide Prevention Hotline to say?
Is there somthing wrong. ?
Dealing with repressed memories ?
Help with depression with no money? Dallas Tx?
fever and rash on face?
I think I might have shingles?
how do they get rid of athletes foot (for kids)?
Can you get hiv from someone licking your finger?
Just found out my dad has cancer...Please help with info?
How to not be tired during and after school?
Will someone please answer my other question about my big toe nail falling off?
how to make thick wrists?
Any home remedies to get rid of canker sores?
Is it normal to feel dizzy once in a while? ?
What is wrong with me?!?!?
Tourettes Syndrome and Medical Marijuana?
Blood Shot eyes??????????????????????
what is the prognosis and etiology of OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder)?
i need glasses helpppp! DD: would my eyes be damaged if i wear the wrong prescription?D:?
Anyone know what is up with my eye?
What should i do if my contacts are constantly bothering me?
Is there contacts for my eyes that will make my eyes look like a venomous snakes eyes?
How do I prevent diabetes?
any doctors/lab techs know results for benedict's?
what kind of cereals can a prediabetic eat?
Eating disorder..will something show up on my blood tests?
My gall bladder has been acting up for a few days now.?
Is my blood pressure reading good?
Can you get medication for low blood pressure?
How do you get rid of a cold sore?
Home-remedy cures for acne?
Where can I purchase Accutane?
are docs looking for tumor?
Thyroid nodule questions?
My mom had a pap smear and uterus biopsy. Her doctor called back saying she had bad news. What could it be?
Neuroendocrine tumors?
will my mom survive stage 4 breast cancer?
What's the difference between being numb and getting that "pins and needles" feeling?
Am I done growing? Will I get any taller?
How to fall asleep fast?
I've been smoking marijuana for at least 5 yrs. And I have a drug test in 35 days.what can I do to get clean?
Will I grow out of it?
where would i get tested for ADD?
What are these symptoms of?
Has anyone found contacts like the old focus night & day?
Can I get contact lenses for free at 15?
Where Can I Fine Lye Bar Soap?
are rashes normal in the winter? ......?
what causes itching,..........?
how do you get rid of ringworm?
how are you supposed to know when your skin is too dry..?
What does it feel like to get braces?
would i be able to bend my finger if it was broken even a teeny bit?
What determines if you need chemotherapy or radiation?
My friend's mother is dying. How can I help him feel (a bit) better?
difference between radiation therapy vs chemotherapy?
Why do scientists need money for cancer? Why can't they just get it for free since it is important?
Do I have Mouth/Oral Cancer?
What are the differences in stage 1 2 3 and 4 of cancer in detail please?
Melanoma under toenail, worried.?
Does alcohol effect your liver if..?
What's the difference between ADD and ADHD?
I cut myself one purpose (please read)?
What do these symptoms mean?
Can getting contact high make me fail a drug test? / kinda contact high?
I don't know what to do tonight?
can you get sick if a roommate never cleans his room?
Is it possible to feel effects of withdrawl after getting off caffeine?
why am i shaking.......?
Does everyone enjoy fantasies of injuring/killing people you have never met, and destroying property?
Can you get body pains that relate to anxiety?
What if anti depressants and therapy arent helping your Major Depression?
who should I see for possible anxiety disorder?
can i be sectioned against my will?
What happens after two days of no sleep?
Questions about OCD....?
what causes new freckles?
How does olive oil help your skin?
Do you believe acne is related to diet (in some cases)?
How can I get longer legs?
How to get rid of acne when nothing works?
Fear of Leukemia, does this sound like it?
Type of tissue found lining body cavities and on the outside of all organs?
Does anyone else have an obsession with cancer?
If you had cancer would it show up in a blood test?
Breast Cancer stage II?
MS or Brain Cancer now what?
Eyes changing color ?
Is it unsual for children under 13 to have floaters?
Questions about contact lenses?
i herd u can actually change your eye color, is that true?
what could be wrong with my contacts?
What does 20/50 vision mean?
I have a huge Guy problem i need help with?
Do epsom salt baths really remove heavy metals from the skin?
i have really bad dry skin on my face?
How to stop sweating?
What would cause strange fluctuating fatigue?
What should my mom do about her high cholesterol?
I have this sort of condition....?
Is this unhealthy/sick? looks & feels so?
Is it possible to detect a tumor when looking at pictures of eyes?
Itchy skin all over body, rash?
Home remedy for a nasty zit?