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Cell Tower in my son's Pre-School. Caution? Safe?
Smokeless tobacco facts?
Should I go to school if...?
Can this person be sectioned under mental health act?
if i stop self-harm, will my anxiety get better or worse?
i Can never sleep probley i always stay up to like 5 in the morning what should i do?
do you believe in psychiatry?
Heart getting enlarged?
150/81 bp good or bad?
Can you take tylenol (acetaminophen) for cardiovascular disease if you can't take aspirin?
Why am I having Chest/Heart pains as an 18 yr. old?
Heart rate is around 80 during the day is this ok?
Can't feel heartbeat and get very anxious?
Cardio???? Pilates???
my doctor said he wont test me for hpv?
How can I lose weight?
Is a StairMaster a effective way to lose weight (fat) while maintaing muscle (not burning it)?
What's the best way to stop compulsive eating?
p90x equipment? What do i need if not anything at all?
Does this look infected?
Do programs like Jenny Craig and Medi-fast work?
Whey Protein or Muscle Milk?
I have a bad diet? How can i fix this?
What is the best way to lose weight in your face?
Why am I not losing weight?
my ex fingered a girl. then did that to me. can i catch any std?
Is it unhealthy for me to crack my back on my own?
have to get blood drawn 1/3/11 will weed be in my system?
Nasty cigarette burn?
3 Beers and your Immune system?
Is my eyesight really bad?
Why does this happen?
Pregnancy & dry cracking lips?
natural treatment for acne scars?
i have had a leg rash on my legs for almost 6 months and i have scars due to scratching what can it be?
When you go for a check up at the doctor's, do they usually take blood?
What do you do when you can't fall asleep?
what happens if you have alcohol while taking amoxicillin?
Can stretching make you grow taller?
what is flexeril taken for?
is there a natural alternative to viagra ?
What helps lower blood pressure?
Why should i not drink caffeine products if i have anxiety?
MS contin vs oxycontin?
Should I stop taking this..?
should i go to the doctor?
Can you get a skin graft for minor burns?
I took 2 hits off a joint ab 2 months ago...before that i hadnt smoked in over a yr...should i worry?
If I fell down the stairs onto my knee?
Can my glasses give me lazy eye?
Does anyone have recurrent corneal erosions? How do you deal with the pain?
My neck hurts and I get headaches, sometimes my ears get hot...what is this?
Grease in eye?????????????????????????????????????…
Can you say that a healthy diet moisturises your skin?
I'm going to my grandmothers? how can i still keep up with my diet? (10 POINTS)?
What is best diet for someone looking to get ripped? Not a strict diet?
How can i incrise my weight fast?
Emergency workout help?
My doctor Said I need to eat 3,528 calories a day ... I'm only 17... I need a 7 day personalized meal plan?
Do Any Kind Of Ab Exercise Will Help You Burn Belly Fat?
Will my chest get smaller if I lose weight?
frequently i face a serious problem ...loose motions...please give me some suggestion?
Nasal congestion help please?
what are symptoms of insomnia?
Symptoms of a teen with autism?
does benadryl helps mosquito bites?
Making yourself sneeze?
what type of Allergy I have, n what should be the remedy for it?
Does herpes on the lip start off as small little cuts?
When you donate blood, do you get tested for STIs?
How do you get rid of COLD SORES?
Question about energy drinks & fast heart rate?
My blood pressure is 85/53 and i have been feeling dizzy, sick and high fatigue, what do i do?
why is the survival rate for gasping heart attack victims more then nongaspers?
If Ritalin is abused, will an EKG definitively say if any there is any damage to the heart?
My heart started beating fast and without a normal rhythm...?
young adult with high blood pressure?
finding hard to sleep?!?
Why do i like the feeling of physical pain ?
when you go through puberty how long do u think it takes for ur voice 2 change?
Ruptured Kidney? Help me understand.?
Is it possible to pass a drug test by doing this?
Is it true when you sneeze your hot stops and restarts?
Chances of me passing a hair sample drug test?
is there a possibility of me being diabetes?
Diabetics and what foods to eat?
is this good sttory i am good at readings?
How much sugar are you suppose to eat in one day?
If you are a diabetic would you take a chance eating Lays chips and drinking beer or fried chicken?
what is the maximum of sugar grams that a low sugar cereal can have?
how to improve brain?
Brain surgery for anxiety?
My psychiatrist prescribed me seroquel for bipolar disorder...?
Electroshock therapy for anxiety?
Do I have to sit straight or just comfortably while meditating?
how has the average life span changed over time?
I don't have any anxiety problems but why do I get nervous when it comes to doing something new?
can some people NEVER get the chicken pocks?
Do I have meningitis?
I have chickenpox do I have a weakened immune system?
Sore throat, ear ache, Extremely dizzy, think it's an ear infection?
Should I go to the dermatologist or the infectious disease doctor for my recurrent staph infection?
Stopping methylprednisolone after 2 pills?
flu-like symptoms before period?
I have constantly been feeling worn out for no reason.?
Doctors out there: How do you become one?
What is the best way to keep feet warm in the snow?
Any advice on how to prevent fingers from freezing?
Should you quit smoking cold turkey?
can you drink water on morning of Colonoscopy?
Can you get lead poisoning from (self harm question)?
What are my chances of getting Retinitis Pigmentosa?
Is it true that ulcers come from stress?
Do i have tourettes? 10 points best answer!?
Chest pains, please help?
I sit at home all day..what can i do to pass the time?
Should I take this drug! ?
i burnt myself pretty bad. . .i know i need help. anyway i need some excuses of why i have blisters on my arms?
How should I treat my acne?
Earing problem! Is this normal?
Toe nail turned to green...?
what is your experience with an irregular heart beat?
what is the success rate of cardiac ablation for IST?
Low Blood Pressure? How to treat it?
Does Having your Gallbladder removed effect INR readings?
Why is my tongue so swollen?
do i have asthma? or allergy?
Why does the back of my throat itch?
Why do we put our fingers under our nose to stop a sneeze?
Do you or anyone you know get allergy shots?
Is it normal when things appear to shift?
if you can't afford to get eye surgery, is there a way you can reduce the appearance of a pterygium?
Why want my bowels move naturall?
What happens if your contact stays stuck in your eye?
Glasses nosepads have pushed down my overtime?
What are some slang terms for vicodin/ hydrocodone?
Has anyone had to take famotidine ?
What are the best features of using Smoking Alternatives?
how do you get rid of Sulfur Burps (rotten egg tasting) or is there a way to cover them?
Where can I buy high quality herbal tinctures?
A 45 years old man has had a fever and dry cough for 3 days ,and now has difficulty breathing and a cough prod?
Why is my vomit clear, but with Green stuff in it?
what makes one run out of breath when there is no physical activity involved?
just found out my girlfriend has pneumonia?
How do you cope with unexected stuff when quitting smoking?
What is the most effective method to lose post baby belly fat?
Does Alli work i just bought a bottle?
I have an eating disorder ( bulimia ) . Any suggestion on how to beat this disorder without the help of a dr.?
Am a 54+ female veggie. 5'1" tall with statistics of 37-36-39. Want to get 37-29-39. Recommend me exercises?
how can i get quick muscles ?
How to pass your plateau?
What's the easiest way to gain weight and muscle healthily?
Im 4' 11 how much should I weigh?
I am 24 and my Pap Smear just came back for HPV. I am in a live in relationship with my boyfriend of 2 years.?
I feel a weird pulsing feeling below my left breast, feels like its on my ribcage?
What does acid make you feel like?
I sniffed white-out once to be a rebel in health class, is anything going to happen to me?
a deficiency of vitamin C, can and will result in this condition?
If you read with little light will the eyes become defective?
Which color contacts are better: Freshlook Colorblends, Coopervision, Adore bi-tone or Adore tri-tone?
i have a eye glasses problem?
can i wear eye contacts when my eyesight is (plz help)?
Is there eye lenses for -3.75 eye sight?
Can pink eye cause blurriness or vision problems?
Do I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
Why do people answer with "See a doctor"?
what exercises can i do at home to help me lose weight?
Im 6'4 and 43kgs am I overweight?
for seasoned bodybuilders?
Why do I look like I way less?
Does the shake weight actually work?
How many calories would hot yoga burn in 1 hour?
What exercises flatten the stomach?
What is the reason no food or drink after midnight?
Does every suffer from cracked lips all the time?
What do you do if you have to pee really bad during a final?
Can taken a shower causes not to sleep?
Is this something really serious?
As a CNA, what do you do during a night shift at the hospital?
How do i know whether my glandular fever has gone?
Do you get cold chills before or after a cold?
Reason for sore throat?
can someone please tell me the bad effects of vaccination?
How much acyclovir is safe for a 2 year old?
Can this cause a UTI?
how to get rid of hives and rash from reaction to and oil on skin?
Why did a wart appear on my hand?
My Son is constantly dizzy ,sun causes rash with blisters, sleeps 12/15 hrs a nite and wakes with no energy...?
Can you ice your wrist too much?
Can you get a concussion from getting hit in the head with a basketball?
... Pain is all around?
Anyone who knows someone with Alzheimer's?
Can you do strenuous exercise if you have OCD or anxiety disorder?
My memory needs serious help?
Cars... Obsession or love?
Basics of buying/smoking marijuana?
When would a stomach bug start after you've caught it?
How long would marijuana last in a persons system?
My ears keep itching..help?
Should i get my tonsils removed?
If I'm keeping contact lenses overnight, without a case, what do I do?
My eyes go all werid sometimes, whats wrong?
Is there a limit to wearing colored contact lenses?
Does your vision get worse if you don't always wear your glasses?
how does dim lighting effect your eyes?
eyestrain not going away?
What can help my stomach flu?
How many ecstasy pills..?
Is Pepacid AC good for gastritis?
I have this very wierd condition?
What would happen if you didnt treat a yeast infection?
Can you snort Clonazepam?
is there a home remedy for a cherry eye in chihuahuas?
please help me i cant stand it anymore i dont know what to do!?
Why is my upper lip swelling?
Any tips to help feel better with Allergies? It's Almost Autumn and I think im allergic to Goldenrod :(?
Ive been doing ab excercise for almost a month.when am i going to see some packs?
More calories beer or juice/pop?
Help with exercise & diet plan?
Weight/laxatives to help stay thin? ?
How much do I look like I weigh?
Do you think this girl is fat?
I can't stop eating! Help?
Do you think i should do this??
having a stent put in my heart how long will my stay be in the hospital?
what is normal human pulse?
elevated heart rate after exercise?
My 14-year-old son's blood pressure is 141/81. He is not obese. Should I be concerned?
Dad has alot of health problems, Help?!?
Can you tell if a person has HIV/STD by their scent?
do you need a prescription to buy eyeglasses at walmart?
Bates Method for fixing eyes?
Can someone go blind from not changing their contacts?
are whooping cough and tuberculosis the same thing?
Can you ALWAYS smell smoke on a smoker?
My brother has a mild case of cystic fibrosis?
Where can I get some cheap colored contacts online? Around $40.00?
Why does the respiratory system need to pass oxygen to the blood?
Coughed up blood??? HELP?
A 57 year old male goes to emergency room with shortness of breath and chest pains?
does pulmonary embolism qualify me for ssi?
what to do after getting depressed because of ritalin and alcohol?
Right or Wrong chocie to make?
Long-distance friend is depressed and suicidal?
Drug testing question?
im not sure if my nose is broken?
Will you cut your nose off or die?
How to do a fake doctors note for a fake leg sprain?
I am 5" and 84 pounds. is this considered SCARY SKINNY?
Healthy meal/snacks for on the go?
Cardio vs Weightlifting WHICH IS BETTER TO BURN FAT?
Is 9 pounds a month a reasonable weight loss goal?
How do I lose weight fast? I am over weight and tired of it?
would taking phentamine help me lose weight quickly?
Im eating a lot more than usual and im always hungry! Help!?
am in danger?? or should i be worried??? Please help?!?
Easy at home way to get rid of stretchmarks?
Can strong deodorants cause dark patches on you armpits?
Any ance scares treatment ?
WORST pain in my chest... heart palpitations?
what are the best foods to eat to lower blood pressure, and what are the best herbs to take to lower blood pre?
Why is it that i always cough in the morning and no other time?
Sharp pain in left chest followed by fluttery type feeling?
what is collateral circulation?
left upper quadrant chest pains do i go to er?
cardiac ablation question?
should I investigate my deceased father's doctor?
I've got an Itchy sore throat?
what is cardiac arrest?
what eye color would you say this is?
what are the best exercises for you triceps? best answer!?
Will I need glasses I have 20/40 in both eyes?
Best powder protein supplement?
Im ready to hear it am i overweight....?
What are good workout techniques for toning your stomach?
Glasses pop right next to eyes in half?
if you only eat one meal a day will you gain weight?
How can I lose 20 pounds in two months?!?
Has anyone ever used one of these advertised Payday Cash Loan for business?
Why does smoking/vaping Marijuana gives me bad headaches coming from neck pain?
Are there any local online dating for free you can recomend ?
Why is my body reacting this way help?
Whats this strange feeling? Panic attack? Epiepsy? Trigger? Please help.?
how can i make my sore throat feel better asap?!?
Can I use Valerian Root as a anxiety/stress relief pill?
Greatest cancer prevention supplements?
Which is better warm or cool mist humidifer?
What supplements should someone take every day?
Eqyptian Healing Rods?
how do hemorrhoid suppositiories interact with high blood pressure medicine?
What exactly is hash?
Is mental health taught in Germany?
I just went off the medication Metformin and I am experiencing pretty severe depression?
Can I be a psychiatrist if I have a slight mental disorder myself?
Is there something wrong with me?
I can't sleep from stress and exams :( what can i do?!?
Is this strep throat?
how does sanatizer work to kill bacteria?
What can i do if i have a soar throat?
What does blood in stool mean?
my nose was cut off by a jigsaw yesterday i put some bandage on it but should i go to the hospital?
i have a swollen face and a black eye how to the swelling down fast?
how to get wheel chair up and down stairs?
Can you damage your kneecap?
Is cat hair bad??????????
Overeating and Anxiety?
I put worms in my bed and I slept in my bed. I put a squirrel in my bed and mustard in my bed and I ate it?
Emergency! remedy for bleeding throat?
Im sick someone help ?
how is smoking tobacco is unattractive?
Sinus Infection. Can it make you feel this way?
when i cry does that mean low blood sugar?
My husband has heart blockages and I have some concerns.?
what is pulse? i need the definition.?
is lukemia a heart or blood disease?
My heart was beating really hard, and now I'm light headed?
Can atherosclerosis be reversed?
How much does an eye doctor visit usually cost?
How do I safely use Chloroform to knock myself out?
I have an order for an MRI and have no insurance or money?
Why is this little tin man still in my eyelids?
why can't you tickle yourself?
Am I HIV negative? look at details.?
STD's from handshake?
2000 calories too much too little for p90x?
How come I keep throwing up my protein shake?
How to lose 30 more pounds!! I need MOTIVATION?
Does P90x really work?
What Will I Need To Do To Get a Six Pack?
Besides caffeine, how can I keep my energy level high throughout the day?
whats a really good Moisturizer for dry skin?
Have a lip rash or something from my clarinet?
Naturally achieved "French manicure" toenails - is this a sign of some illness?
Why are the tips of my fingers grey?
Swallow food wrong causes sinus infection?
How do I get rid of an abscess under my tounge?
I have been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy Somebody please guide me?
Skin Cancer Question.?
is cancer 100% preventable?
how would i find out if my older house is causing cancer and illnesses?
Can weed cause cancer?
Do people need an injection for CT Scan?
Help to find the most famous americans' forums related to cancer.?
Quick help! how can I hide bad bruises from my parent?!?!?
What can i do for my broken toe?
Why is there a bubble on my finger?
How do you purposely break your arm/leg?
how do you get the stomache flu?
constant Fever, chills, body ache, hard to breath and more....?
How can someone catch meningitis?
Can you get a fever this way?
are the calories burned counter on the treadmill correct?
What are the cause of unexplained nosebleeds?
i woke up with a nosebleed, anyone know if it's normal it happened a few time.?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose?
How many crunches do you have to do to burn a pound of fat?
Does Bulimia work in making you thin?
Can I lose 35-41 pounds in 6 months?
my weed is wet and smells weird?
are dramamine safe to take with vicodin?
How to gain weight?????
how can i work out my lower abs without any excersise equipment??? Best answer gets 10 points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What are the best foods to eat during the day?
what could be a remedy to lower my stomach acidity.?
how can I get my red hair back without dye?
Is it bad if I want to send strangers naked photos of myself?
Vision/Hearing while high?
WHat is a good breast cancer saying I can write on a t-shirt?
What is the best method to screen for colon cancer?
How long would it take before you get to wear leg prosthetics after an amputation?
What about the other cancers...are they not as important?
if bleach kill everything could it kill cancer?
I used to live in Southern California, now i live in Utah, and its winter out here and I've gained weight...?
Can a healthy diet lower your immunities or immune system?
my friend is diabetic , when will she pass out ?? URGENT?
Can someone help me with these Diabetes-related questions?
how do i get over chronic fatigue syndrome?? its ruining my life :(?
How to tell if your body is properly hydrated? What are the dangers of dehydration?
Help, I couldn't sleep at all last night?
Recently diagnosed with hpv..?
what are symptoms of chlamydia and gonnorea?
Why do people get high ? (marijuana) :P?
please, if anyone can help?!?
I feel hungry but when I try to eat I feel sick?
How to get rid of a Stuffy Blocked Nose?
Are there any clinical trials for Hemochromatosis in Tulsa, Oklahoma?
Is my eye going to be okay?
Can someone help me with this? I don't exactly understand what they're doing here?
can i use these frames or not PLEASE HELP!(PIC)?
if you weigh yourself in the morning is that your real weight?
what color are my eyes?
is this a good weight loss plan?
if you eat fries more than twice a week are you more prone to breast cancer?
The chemotherapy process?
swollen lymph nodes only on one side of neck?
Will Yoga Make Me Flexible? How long does it take?
How does water help you lose weight?
What would a stereotypical model's diet consist of?
Stands the too long sole long cocoon to meet the pain?
Help with a project on throwing up.?
Is it ok to eat after taking Milk of Magnesia?
ok what does this mean?
Why when I take a hot shower and let the water go on my back, I start to feel relaxed in a matter of seconds?
I am recently becoming very dizzy when I have to stand still for a period of time. Why?
how long can you go without washing your hands?
Why has sodium flouride been added to tap water if it's proven to be toxic and causes problems?
What are thes symtoms ?
I am Unable to breathe through my nose and i can only breathe through my mouth... not good?
I have some serious problems?
I can't burp. Does anyone else have this?
If you don't inhale the smoke when you're smoking, will you still have all the negative side effects?
I am spitting out blood and have a slight headeache. PLEASE HELP!?
Do I might have some form of eating disorder?
Anemia? I really don't know?
Does putting olive oil in your ears to removve wax hurt?
what do nurses make you smell if you are going to faint?
do you think i am asking too much from my mom?
do you know someone who has died from melanoma?
What are symptoms of breast cancer? Besides lumps?
I think i might have an std can another girl get it?
What do these numbers mean on a prescription?
My 6 month rottweiller has in her right eye a fatty tissue. what could that be?
I have small yellowish "things" in the inside corner of my eye. My Dr. says it's cholesterol deposits, is that?
Question about contact lenses?
Trouble with depth perception?
My optician advised me against me wearing corrective sunglasses?
is it bad to drink my weight in calories?
Fitness Slubs + Trainer?
Which is better, a treadmill or an exercise bike?
prom coming up and i need a diet plan!any good ones?
Should I lose weight?
How many calories should I eat?
do you eat breakfast?
Is it bad if you eat around 500calories a day?
Whats a way to lose weight for a 12 year old? Please read...?
Can pills you don't buy from the store have germs?
I have a mucous cyst on my finger and I popped it. I'm afraid of infection.?
How do you know you have Pink Eye ?
I have a heart condition, do I need to be careful with Swine Flu?
Do I have kidney infection?
what are nice things to write in a card or letter to a family of someone that died from cancer?
How do you check your breasts for breast cancer?
Can i make myself have pancreatic cancer symptoms by think about it too much?
health,mtastastasized colon to lung ?
is there any side effect of the body building supplements?
Can I buy any medications for reducing cravings for alcohol in BOOTS?
How to end yeast infections? ?
How can i help heal my teeth?
how to get a medical marijuana card?
Does taking a few paracetamol's & downing a few bottles of beers help you SLEEP?
how many robitussin gel caps would i have to take to get high?
has anyone ever fainted after smoking weed or passed out?
i have high blood pressure and a heart problem how long do i have to live?
Is there any truth in that a creased earlobe may signify coronary artery disease?
once you have high cholesterol can it go back to normal?
Anxiety causes me an irregular heartbeat. Should I worry about this?
Is there an online test that says if u qualify for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)?
What are the signs for liver damage?
Do you think I should go to the doctor?
weird disease...insane.?
In this cold / windy weather, how should I keep my hands moist?
scratchy throat allergies?
I'm fascinated by nut allergy?
Does there is side effect of spem?
Will poison ivy leaves get you high?
You respond to the scene of a 9-month-old male who stopped breathing after having a seizure.?
I smoked a cigarette today ?
how to smoke in my room with getting caught/?
What is the antibiotic Vancomycin?
why does my chest hurt everytime i take a breath when laying down?
help quitting smoking, I'm 14?
Can you tan with a uv fluorescent light bulb?
Why do my underarms constantly itch?
For Deep Cheeks Acne Scar PDT OR CHEMICAL PEEL?
Un wanted acne out now?
Murasil medication... active ingredient?
My mum has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer it is in her lungs ,adrenal glands,liver and bones?
Can someone with lung cancer be at end stage even without coughing up blood?
What are the chances of a 14 year old having bowel cancer?
my dads breast cancer?
How do you know if you have breast cancer?
How do I fall asleep fast?
how to get rid of anxiety?
How long would a person have to sit to form a blood clot?
How come everytime I think of being sick, I get sick?
How tall can a girl get if she is 5'4 and almost 14 years old?
is your eyes supposed to do this?
GLASSES WEARERS: How do your eyes feel/respond when you take your glasses off?
One blue eye, one half brown half blue eye?
how to cure red eyes fast without eye drops?
is there an STD that makes you miss your period?
Herpes?? oral please help any advice?
How to get dieting started?
Are fruits bad / good for you?
Dieting questions! :) Best answer!?
How can i lose my belly fat?
I'm 115 pounds, 5'3 and I want to loose 10 pounds?
14, weightloss need some help?
How can i lose weight even though i have an injured knee?
Fasting for blood work is at midnight or 12 hours?
If someone's terminally ill and has no living relative who has the right to pull the plug?
what should i do about a torn muscle in my leg?
Can someone set me daily tasks to do?
So, I have a bit of an eating disorder. Help?
This thought makes me feel even worse :( ?
Do I have depression?
At what poing during depression do you need to see a doctor?
My stuttering is coming back?
am i being pathetic?! HELP?
Mind Body Connection ?
I'm supposed to think of 3 good things about dying?
I breathed in some second hand smoke will I get cancer or emphizema?
Why can't they always transplant parts with cancer?
Question about sunbeds?
What are three risk factors of heart disease that cannot be changed?
My heart rate is 40bpm but it makes no sense...?
Tachycardia question?
Does a lower pulse rate ammount to higher blood pressure? Does BP cause tinnitus?
how can I have 2 abnormal EKGs but my ECG was perfect?
is it possible to have your heart explode?
Are there medicines to treat Swine Flu?
Can I get swine flu from eating or preparing pork?
what are three ways to treeat bacteria?
Worst disease in America?
can I get a doctor's note for stomach flu?
How do you make yourself have a sore throat ?
Have malaria and I'm feeling dizzy which foods do i eat?
Can my child get high off these pills?
Vision problems, I really need help!?
whats a good muscle relaxer?
is it possible to smoke pot with chronic?
How do people stop growing at an early age?!?
is k2 band in temple texas & is the fda coming out with an approved k2?
seeking help for my erm... problem?
My stomach hurts REALLY bad.?
If i hold my breath longer than i can and keep holding it in then will i die?
Im 13 and bleeding HORRIBLY?
bone scan. I need some answers?
What might cause swollen lymph nodes?
Do you believe the projection that 50% of smokers will die from a disease releated to tobacco smoking?
foods that fight gastro intestineal stromal tumor?
Why exactly does chemotherapy cause hair loss?
Does the ER doctor have to change a med that I'm afraid to take due to the life threatening side effects?
what is the cure of an asthma?
Im 17 and having lung trouble?
How do i overcome social phobia? Axiety?
Is my sleeping schedule bad or very bad?
Question for people who have an allergy to cinnamon?
what do i have? not sure if i have the flu?
What can I do to get rid of stress?
Are these the symptoms for a human to a dog?
Has Anyone Found A Good Air-Purifier For Pet Allergens?
how long can i keep my earings out for?
I have constipation but...?
how much do opticians get paid?
Why do I get styes every time I wear eye makeup?
What's the easiest way to put in contacts?
Where can i buy color contacts?
What does this mean??????
Advantages of having a smaller internet browsing font?
Can you get treated for a suspected std while your still waiting for results?
If you had chylamydia and got that cured does that mean it cleared it up in your throat as well?
If I eat more protien and fiber will I lose weight and get slim?
How can I get chubby fast? (but not too fast)?
i'm fine everywhere but my belly's huge?
Does Green tea or green tea capsules really help with weight-loss?
im 13 and i want musules can u help?
Is gaining weight to fast just as dangerous as losing weight to fast?
Question about flying with lung cancer?
What is the best way to tell the person that you work for that you've found a new job and are putting in your?
Why is it that everyone is only focused on breast cancer?
What is the diference between diabetes type 1 and 2?
What diet should be diabetic cat be fed, and what is the best insulin treatment?
Do you think it's a good idea to play soccer tomorrow at school?
"Abnormal" ECG - should I worry?
Is this a serious heart problem?
Is a resting heart rate of 75 too high?
Normal blood pressure?
How can i prevent chicken pox when i come in contact with some who has it?
can i catch the disease?
Can you contract HIV from chewing gum?
I have the flu, what to do?
I just had a blood transfusion a couple of weeks ago. Should I get a flu shot? Or a pneumonia shot?
Should i go to the hospital?
i was in the hot tub and it felt good?
My temperature is 96.3?
I cant sleep help please!!?
How to fall asleep quicker?
I got high a few weeks ago (i am 14) and now my head hurts a lot lately?
Lasting effects of a concussion?
I hit my knee today? What should I do?
how do pro athletes heal so quicly from injuries?
dcs is giving me a drug test tommorow how can i pass it?
(For Girls) Do girls think "too big" is a turn off?
so sick that i have to sleep with a puke bucket in bed for almost a week?
how to get rid of zits overnight?
why do i bite my lip and how can i stop?
I can't sleep and it's nearly 3am!?
what is it called when under your tongue 'spits'?
How to get my vision to 20/20 for my drivers license test?
In what country are blue eyes most common?
Why do my contacts make my vision seem blurry and worse than original?
i became addictive to the internet therefore i use laptop alot around like ten hours a day although i dim the?
I'm off to get an eye-test soon. However I have lost my prescription. Can they do me a new prescription?
why am i breathing hard?
Why cant I breathe throught my nose everytime I go to sleep ! ?
What is worse in moderation: Alcohol or Weed?
Are cigarillos unhealthy to smoke?
where can I get artificial lungs for my mom?
what can mean when somebody is having shortness of breath in the night?
does children's triaminic night time cold & cough make you sleepy?
How often do you eat popcorn?
Anyone used ideal protein or know anyone that has?
Should i exercise everday to maintain my weight?
How can I get motivated to work out? I've gained weight and need to get it off. Can you help please?
Heart Health Question?
could I be having a heart problem?
Quiestions about high cholesterol?
I had a seizure but it didnt show up on my tests?
Does anyone have stabbing chest pains and shortness of breath when walking up stairs?
Does the anti-depressant Doxepin work?
does vitamin c powder have caffeine?
how can i improve me eyesight and get rid of my spectacles?
My boyfriend has ADHD and takes pills, but they make him very skinny?
What are the effects of world hunger?
Im craving alka seltzer! what should i do?
Skin condition... very worried?
What does a hot, flushed feeling face mean?
What are these dark circles?
Why does exposure to the sun clear my skin ?
Do eczema wrinkles go away?
Did i crack my tailbone?
Have you broken something and needed a cast?
what's good for back muscle spasm?
I am having extreme pain in my left side and back.?
Do I really need to get my cast removed, what if keep it?
Is there a slogan/saying for leukemia?
Can pepperoni give you canser?
Can getting in touch with erogenous zone help wish away cancer?
Should I go to the doctors?
How do i treat myself if I have a fever?
How to get rid of a cold?!?
Why is my left eye twitching?
Eye illusions.Has anyone had this happen?
How to know if my lenses is undercorrected?
What's the difference between a 8.6 and a 8.9 contact lens?
My eye hurt after I rolled my eyes?
Where can i get color eye contacts?
are there anything similar to circle lenses (doll eye contacts) in the united states?
got hit with a skate in the ribs, are they bruised?
how long can i live with tonsil cancer if chemo and radiation don't work?
Bowel cancer and unripe bananas?
My experience of me as an effective with my aunt?
Cancer Medication Help!?
what are the chances of getting mouth cancer?
I have a question about cancer and chemotherapy.?
is 118/79 high blood pressure?
what is the effect of holding breath on heart rate?
how to unclog an artery?
4 questions about blood pressure.?
What to make of what the ECHO tech said?
How does it feel to be in a Coma ?
Is incense dangerous?
what are the best brands of dehumidifiers, also.....?
Oxygen of 81, is that even possible?
Is it that bad to have an STD?
Once you have herpes....?
a woman is pregnant and has been married for several months. she has been tested for gonorrhea and she has bee?
Why haven't anyone found a cure for AIDS?
Can herpes outbreak over a year after being infected?
When your muscles hurt after a long workout, does that mean the muscles are developing?
stomach "bug"(?) lasting almost a month??help?
I just found out I have ADD?
i wanna wear a bra really super bad?
Why do I have shaky hands?
Will I test positive?
I overdosed,am i going to die?
Why do we blink? How does it add moisture to the eye?
My eyes are RED, for no reason....?
how soon does bacterial conjunctivitis get better when treated?
Does anyone know where to buy low priced contacts online other than 1-800 contacts?
If you were diagnosed with breast cancer, would you take any topless photos of yourself...?
is it possible to have the flu for like two weeks ?
Some Allergy Tips Please!?
Arm is swollen, red, and itchy after shot?
Can I use Hydrococortisone on my dog for allergic rash?
Is mild tricuspid regurgitation something to worry about?
I had Pre-Clampsia with my first child and I delivered at 34 weeks because of high blood pressure.?
effects of High Blood pressure and how to control it?
During a very stressful situation why did my blood pressure go to high?
Someone said that the systolic pressure can be higher than the diastolic pressure, is this true?
Had a bang to the head what can happen?
red bruise the size of a quarter on my forearm...slightly painful when touched...no idea how it got there?
Something is wrong with my neck, HELP!?
Sprained ankle, need to be ready by thursday, best treatments?
are there any people who have celiac disease fat?
Do I have insomnia or even just a light "case" of it? Or is it something else?
Do I have a lung disease?
I see alot of dots!!!!!!?
Drinking water with Hexavalent Chromium: Long-term side effects?
Contact lens fitting and scared?
What causes styes??????
eye problems help plz!!!!!!!!?
Seizures and weed? Help me :D?
help me please thanx?
Cancer Cure coming soon? a myth?
what could this be? please?
pea on my self twice a week i think is there something wrong with that?
Should my friend get screened for lung cancer?
has anyone passed a drug test after smoking k2?
when cancer spreads to your liver and intestines, how long would you live for?
Have you or anyone you've known suffered from breast cancer?
alternative to smoking tobacco?
whats the best way to get rid of the hiccups?
what is the best head cold med?
Was that stuff laced or what?
Well tomorrow i have a doctors appointment and they are going to take ...?
whats good for colds?
something to clear your throat?
Would it be possible to place seeds in a lead based capsule to prevent them from being rendered sterile.?
Do I have mono??????
my ex had herpes and i never slept with her during an outbreak. i test negative. wats the percent i got them?
help me with this medical questions and you get 10 points?
Is it against the law to smoke with your teens/kids in the car while doing it?
What is the cause of my stomach discomfort?
Can Candles help relieve stress?
Is it true that if you lay on you bed and do not move for 10min and then get up and then run you will faint?
What's the best way to get rid of old, outdated medications?
how to help a drunk sober up?
I never want to go to sleep and I don't know why?
I heard that if you have a concussion and you go to sleep, you could just not wake up. Is that true?
how do i get rid of a coldsoar fast?!?!?
i have a upper respiratory infection,so the home care aide we have is asking me to spray?
Breathing problems help!?
40 Apneas an hour. Sleep apnea success?
Hi am 13, and do you guy's think i have Schizophrenia?
Why do some take great joy in tickling someone crazy?
try not to advise me ,because i need someone that it never gonna happen ,tell me the exact ways?
Can someone help me with this? Is this a phobia?
Is it weird that I feel like this?
What's wrong with me?
Is it possible to have esophageal cancer when you're only 17 years old?
Help diagnosed with leukemia Im 17 and have a new boyfriend do i stay with him?
Afraid that I've brain cancer?!?
Pink eye from make-up remover lolol?
could not prescribed colored contacts ruin your eyesight?
what's problem about my child's eyes-cross-eye?
Will pouring bleach into your eyes lighten the iris?
Are contacts always suppose to burn my eyes?
Flashes in my eyes, does that mean something?
how much do colored contacts cost?
what are the first signs of a heart attack?
What factors lead to an increase in cardiac output by influencing either heart rate or stroke volume?
Please help me, I'm scared:(?
Edema in legs and feet?
etremely horrible shoulder pain?
How to get over the flu fast?
I feel sick. Is it the flu?
do i have hiv?????????????
Can Smz/Tmp DS 800 be taken with Benadryl?
I have mono!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't know what to do!?
Should i go to centra care or the ER for this?
What makes people have to dookie when they eat???????
why do people get crazy and go to a mental hospital?
What helps yooh go to sleep?
Is stump the only name you can give to a remaining body part?
I don't have ADHD and took adderall, but I had excellent concentration?
Is it bad to smoke weed and take birth comtrol??
Effects of standing up for a long time?
i always feel like i am going to throw up?
Why is eating suddenly repulsive?
I almost fainted, was it because of lack of sleep?
How to stick to a routine...?
How can I take a nap during the day?
Can someone with type O- blood donate an organ to anyone?
Ear hurts when I give put pressure on it?
Best friend's husband in ICU right now after trip to Mexico... need to know...?
Why am I always cold?
if u could get implants to learn instantly or to prolong your life 100 years, would you?
My mum had cancer and my dad got stabbed but they recovered. Is that a bad experience?
Does having cancer affect getting a job?
i have a painful lump on my right axilla,what does this mean?
what types of tumours are there? benign tumors....?
What do I do if I ate shrimp and I'm allergic to it?
can surgery cause a stroke 6 months later?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how serious is an angioplasty procedure?
heart cath problem? should I be concerned?
Cardiac event monitor... help?
My heart hurts..... please help?
my pulse is fast?? please help :(?
Does clonazepam work the same as alprazolam?
something stuck in my eye. help?
How good is a 6 inch bong?
Is it okay to drink visine?
Can someone figure out whats wrong with me?
Eye Glasses Prescription HELP?
How come when I take painkillers like oxycodone I like to smoke alot of cigarettes?
how can you say natural options wont work when you dont have acure?
I wear contacts, and lately after I taken them out my left eye gets real blurry. Any suggestions?
What is wrong with my knee ?
Did I rupture my eardrum or just broke some skin?
What did I do to my ankle/foot?
Douse this cause disease?
Hearing a ring in my ear once or twice a day?
how do i make sure i fall asleep?
how is your life without gallbladder?
Should I go to the hospital? Really bad fever?
Stepdad has shingles - scared?
Can a nurse (RN) tell you...?
Examples of uncommon viruses?
Can anyone recommend a NICE SMELLING mosquito repellent to wear? Must be effective?
Should I be worried about 3rd hand smoke?
is it true tht smoking weed is good and helps get rid of asthma,?&if someone was smoking weed would it be bad?
Is pneumonia contaigous?
Does No Sleep Cause Seizures?
My mom fell on the side of her face ,close to her eye. Should we go to a doctor?
In the winter time, I can't sleep at a decent hour?
Does it sound like i have diabetes?
Feeling sick for about 2 weeks!?
How much Vitamin A is too Much?
Why is there so much advertising for breast cancer?
Name a type of cancer?
Internal Bleeding in brain?
Help! My friend has cancer?
Which colored contact brand is better?
Could I have Pink eye?
Am I farsighted? Should I get glasses?
ray ban optical glasses, help.?
What color contacts should I get if I have blue eyes?
Are there color contacts + color vision contacts put together?
Red spots on my fingers and toes that hurt and occasionally itch?
Breakouts before period?
Why does no one have ACNE in old pictures?
Best way to get rid of acne?
Difference between sugar and sugar alcohol?
can praziquantel caulse dehydration ?
What test do the nuerologist perform when you have a seizure?
diabetes and weight loss?
What are some limitations in life for people who have diabetes?
why is my bowel movement soft and sticky?
Do you ever get sharp stabbing pains in your heart.?
How stop anxiety attacks from happening?
my pulse is 106 per minute is that ok?
What is the factor that causes cancer more than others in the UK?
I have degenerative disk disease and spondylosis. I worry about bone cancer. Need help please?
Why does chemo work for some people and not for some people?
My mums breast cancer help?
what is a ileorectal sigmoid anastomosis?
Could I have leukemia with these symptoms?
cancer patient without insurance as the same outcome as those with insurance an hypothesis?
Why was I given Metronidazole (Flagyl) 500 MG for Chlamydia?
chlamydia.. what do you think ?
Why is she touching my head?
what does it mean if your pee is so yellow?
Is it possible for an bullet to cause cervical dislocation in humans?
What would happen if you eyeball popped out?
I got a basketball to the face yesterday...?
Hurt my pinky finger?
do it hurt when someone throw a knife at you and it get stuck in your arm?
How can I wake up better?
I cut myself for the first time...?
how bad can this be? i once made a homemade bong out of a water bottle, pen, and a pencil eraser metal.?
What percentage of men in U.S. are not circumcised?
Why do people say "hold your nose" when taking bad tasting medicine?
i cut the tip of my thumb. do i need stitches on the tip by the nail?
tingly/numb hand???!!!!?
How much is a massage at Whole Foods or at one of the massage stations in the mall?
Infected splinter..will it come out by itself?
I need to know if a 9yr. boy has been taking adderall for the past 6yrs. and he also takes Clonidine 0.1mg.?
why cant you drink alcohol while using metronidazole gel?
Nausea while eating food?
Name of the medicine/drug used for studying?
Does Green Tea Help to Prevent Colds?
What are some signs of an overactive thyroid?
do i need glasses?help!?
How much are these eye glasses?
watery n teary eyes after wearing lens?
random eye flashes every now and then?
are contacts better than glasses?
whats wrong with my eye?
my contacts cost $300, but i look so much better!?
What's wrong with me?
Is it normal to have two episodes of sleep...one that lasts 4-5 hours and another that lasts 2-3 hours?
How can I make my veins pop out PERMENANTLY?
Is it weird? Shuld I do it?
does pot kill your brain cell is that fact?
question about hiv and cancer?
I have thyroid cancer!?
Do I have Breast Cancer?
testicular cancer please help me out?
im twelve and ive lost who i am, please help urgently?!?
I can only sleep at my house?
are people dangerous when having a panic attack?
I have been depressed for long time?
Whats that flu called that people get at the start of university?
can someone help me with my strep throat? i cant tell if i should go to the doctors? should i come to school?
roommate has the flu!? what do i do?
Are viruses infectious?
I have mono, what are some things I can be doing to help?
If you're just starting to gauge your ears, and they bleed, what do you do?
is everything gonna be ok? im scared to grow up?
Does drinking regular (black tea) have any negative effects?
How are we all sick????????????
can you get a liver transplant?
What can be wrong with my thyroid?
Is it bad that I found a worm in my panties?
how to lower my triglycerides?
what is D- Dimer? let me know what it is?
10 Science Facts of a Stroke?
Is it a blood pressure for teenager?
What age for aneurysms?
Is fasting safe when you have an enlarged heart?
Does your heart beat faster when you're sick?
Whats worse for your eyes? Too much TV or computer?
How free protective glasses will helpful for my eye ?
Is it possible to become blind as a teenager (or older kid)?
Would it be dangerous for me to use circle lenses?
IBS or other food intolerance?
Is it possible to be allergic to your own tears?
Dry rash under my eyes?
If I have a fever blister, will I have herpes for the rest of my life?
my imaginary girlfriend gave me aids?
I Have A Cut Near My Vigina?
HIV non reactive after 5 months?
percentage of the america population people with hiv/aids?
Helo ? did i hurt my kneecap ?
why is my dads thumb swollen for a long period of time?
Anyone a doctor? What is wrong with my arm? please help?
What to do.. elbow taken to the face in basketball?
Lump on Roof of mouth.?
What do you understand by mesothelioma? : http://mesotheliomamesotheliomayo.net.tc?
how do i get rid of this LaunchEmptyResponse? and how long will it last!?
How can i heal in time?!?
Good place to get online CPR certification?
I burned my thigh with a curling iron...How to treat the burn?
i got bitten by a flying?
i have a blood blister the size of a blueberry on my finger! what should i do!?
does anyone know how to affectively cover up the smell of marijuana smoke?
Loss of Memory, possibly TIA?
How do I overcome my fear towards alcohol?
What side do you sleep on?
Are Osteopaths Outside of the U.S. Very Similar to Chiropractors?
can black mold make it hard to breath?
Is it bad to massage your muscles while stretching?
Itchy/tingly feeling in back of throat/upper chest area?
When does it get nasty?
is there any Homeopathy for height growth?
how to get rid of dizzieness?
Snorting Vicodin 5/500. . Where do I ask for help first?
Coughing a lot..green plegm?
what are essential oils and where can I find it?
How to get rid of a cough?
Why can I hear the blood rushing through my chest?
What are the most common types of cancer for women of ages 19-24?
Canker sore on the floor of mouth: cancer?
i quit smoking 9/10/10, haven't had one puff and plan to never smoke again. period. but i miss my cigs so much?
Lasik surgery .. does it hurt ?
Is there anything I can do to enrich my eye color?
Can some one tell me how much it is to get colored contacts (year supply but the ones that last for a month)?
can HD vision glasses protect eyes?
i need help on bathroom tips at school, anyone?
Should I see an eye care professional?
How much does it cost to get tested for std's or hiv/aids?
does having bad anxiety especially when i go to the doctors office cause very high blood pressure?
cholesterol level lowered, why does one to still have to take statins?
chest thumping when trying to go to sleep?
I am 78 years, my blood pressure is 112 over 65. Is it normal?
how can i lower my blood pressure, sometimes it gets high?
Did anyone ever have a set of keys drop on their head?
Stress Fracture help?! please?
Pain on right side from under my armpit to under my rib?? Hurts!?
Is it normal to feel sore all over when you have mono?
Does this sound like serotonin syndrome?
What is ALS and how does it affect people?
Am i a bad person? i was admitted to A&E?
i have been having random headaches and very bad stomach pains, as well as being very tired and hungry?
Is blood coming out of my mouth a bad sign?
How Do You Grow Taller Or Is It Just Your Genes ?
Is it true that your nails and hair still grow after you die?
What do I do if I took 8 acid tabs and nothing is happening?
Should my friend and I shave our hair for cancer?
Cancer cured( i will choose a 10 point best answer!)?
Worried I have stomach cancer?
swollen lymph node on left side of neck?
I have psoriasis so is is possible that i can have bone cancer?
Girls, cervical cancer jab............?