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can you snort hydroxzine?
What can i do to feel better from flu like syptoms?
Is phimosis an STD [20 characters]?
So about contacts and astigmatisms..?
help asap....Anti freeze in eyes?
please help me about Insomnia problem?
How do I treat a sore throat?
Is it regular to feel symptoms from my immunizations?
Is there any treatment for a ganglion cyst other than surgery?
Legal Blindness Questions?
Subconjunctival hemmorhage in eye and drinking?
Can I buy just one eye's worth of contacts lenses online?
My grandfather is 72 yrs old and diagnosed with gallstones, should he have surgery?
I Think a bug went in my ear!?
Took CoQ10 is it normal to feel like this?
Medications that can be used to stop high blood pressure?
7 year old son coughing and being sick but insists he feels fine?
can I take penicillin for an ear infection?
what over the counter pills would be easiest and least painful to overdose on?
I took 2 hits of weed 19 days ago for the first time...?
what works best for migraine?
How much do vaporizers cost?
Should I go see a doctor about a re-occurring sinus infection?
Which communicable disease is easy to speak for?
What temperature should i go to the hospital at? ?
How bad is Huntington's Disease?
This cold!!!!!!!!!!! Help me?
There is a problem in my tail bone?
I woke up this morning...?
Where does this emotional numbness come from?
Why is it that Doctors Call Pain, Pressure?
help someone please i have really bad pain?
Why won't my headache go away?
Need help. Strange rash just came out on my wife`s skin. Pics included. Please help identify.?
Acne product problems?!?!?
can i apply tea tree oil directly to the underarm or do i have to dilute it in some way?
how to get rid of back and chest acne?
my 2 year old has blisters on bottoms of his foot and a few toes. Should he wear shoes?
what happens when i do not wear a hat in the winter?
What gives us the uncontrollable random urge to cough when we are sick?
Prednisone and alcohol?
is it less harsh on your lungs to smoke out of a tobacco pipe vs cigarettes?
Er sent me home with chest pain?
I sprayed to much nose spray in my nose, it now hurts, what do I do?!?
Do I Have a Cold or Allergies?
I need to lose weight fast and im always hungry!?
Does the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet work?
how do you become very scrawny?
Am I fat pic included?
How long will it take to lose 15 pounds?
Died tips to fit into a dress?
What are intresting things to do in Blue Springs Mo. that would help me lose weight?
how can i motivate myself to work out, and stop eating unhealthy?
I got a bad cough , should i go to school tomorrow?
Need t grow 4 inches. Can I?
what is wrong with me?
I'm having issues with my antibiotics?
Can getting hit in the head with a ball cause damage to your eyesight / brain damage?
I have one BIG tattoo on that covers half of my lower arm, removal costs?
I drink about 20 beers everyday and do not eat or sleep much, how long can my body handle this?
How many squares of tissue do you use to wipe your bottom?
It feels like I have been stabbed?
What happens at A&E for a faild suicide attempt?
Pain in the back of my right bicep?
How is it that ppl can take like 70 vicodin in one day (not me!) and live?
Coffee Gives me a stomach ache?
Help!!! Help!!! What can I use to keep my gums free from any pain.....?
Considering this, do you think I have 'OCD'?
Can Schizotypals degrade into Schizophrenia?
I want to kill myself i need help.?
Is there something wrong with me ?
Is it normal that i feel emotional after a car accident.....?
Can a type 1 diabetic can be slightly underweight?
what is hemoglobin a1c test?
My Vag is smellin very foul and fishy what can this be I am so afraid I may have caught something from thisguy?
A guy put his fingers in me ..can I get infected?
I'm 17 and my vision keeps getting worse and worse, I am afraid I'm gonna be blind by like 25 help.?
Can multipurpose solutions cause distortion of rigid gas permeable contact lenses?
blood shot eye ball with a clear bubble on it?
whats causing my staticky eyes?
is it okay to temporarily use rewetting drops as contact solution?
so i have an torn acl and the doctor says i need a replacement so my question is it a good ideal to do so?
Is my nose bleeding because I broke it months ago?
Is it possible to get hold of an old Xray Scan from the Hospital?
is a crushed disk easy to diagnose?
What is causing a stinging feeling in my left hand?
I need a verrry good female internal medacine or general practicioner/ family doctor primary care physican?
why does my leg feel like it has a heart beating in it?
Why do I get a headache when I weight lift?
Sharp pain in my chest everytime I breathe in..?
i dropped something heavy on my big toe?
Irregular heartbeat every few days.?
Does high cholesterol mean my liver isn't working properly?
Can a 13 year old have a heart attack?
MRI after you had a mini stroke?
I have a fever , but I'm freezing cold?
how can i soothe my 4 year old sore throat while having mono?
DO I have Shingles?????????????????
I just got a flu shot, and my arm hurts!!!?
Im 6 feet tall 150 lbs is that skinny?
A Question About Phentermine?
I need some advice on my own perception of my body?
Im 5"11, 16, and 110. gaining weight, at what weight will i notice change?
Does microwaving food take away vitamins?
Help? I need to get the baby weight off!?
Is 200 calories a lot.....?
Is it wrong to dislike eating?
What is a good massage to get for your first massage?
Could I have lice again?
How do I hold my pee?
What is wrong with my bladder? ?
why some people touch my hands feels electric shock?
why do i shake when i get Novocaine? please help?
What is the best pain reliever that is not aspirin?
Why does my face hurt (serious)?
Constant Pain in Lower Abdomen?
Are anxiety disorders common among teenagers?
Is there such thing as free Rehab for Drug addicts?
Help with my swollen eye?
I guess I'm lactose intolerant . But..?
i have a weird eating disorder i believe. i eat but lose more weight then i eat.?
Allergies causing a swollen face in the morning?
where can i find clean care contact cleaner?
How long does it take walmart to 'make' your glasses?
I haven't slept for a week now?
HELP please im having a herpes outbreak and it burns?
What does "draping" refer to in massages?
What is it about a cold that makes you lose your sense of taste and smell?
Granules vs Tablets: Which form is better absorbed by the body?
Where can i order propofol?
Methadone please answer?
Quick constipation relief???10 points best answer?
getting headaches around my boyfriend?
my dad has a lower abdominal pain what could it be?
can i have appendicitis?
Need help relaxing hamstrings and muscles after surgery. Any suggestions?
Why are doctors prescribing valtrex/anti viral medicine for canker sores?
Black Blood Colour (reposted)?
Help what can I do to ease my pain?
bleeding under nail, god it hurts so much?
K this is gonna sound gross and all but, how do you get rid of really rough feet?
I want perfect skin . How to get rid of acne scars ? Help !?
question about marks on my legs?
Legs turn randomly blue? Thighs calfs and sometimes arms?
sternal closing on an newborn after open heart surgery?
how many hours should diabetic be fasting before testing sugar level in blood?
Blood sugar level of 108 after being intoxicated the night before?
is this too much tylenol?
how long does the pain last?
What are symptoms of diabetes?
A normal A1C level is under 6.5 for a diabetic.What is the normal A1C level for someone who is not a diabetic?
Diabetic? Hyper? Sugar?
What is wrong with me? I have a severe headache and sore throat and I'm sneezing blood?
what is the functional reason why the tricuspid valve has three cusps and the bicuspid valve has two?
Increasing muscle at the gym?
im 13 and my blood pressure is 130 over 80 is that really high?
Is it possible to have a heart attack and not know it?
PLease help- Does someone's Edema increase when they stand up or does their pressure stay the same?
5'4" / 5'5". 135 pounds? Overwieght?
Is it OK to eat six 200-calorie meals a day if you're trying to lose weight?
Is this healthy for him? I'm worried...?
Am I fat? Be honest please?
Foods With Negative Calories?
if you swallowed windex how long would it be before you die?
I was grabbing some laundry in my daughters room and found a bunch or ripped up scouring pads. Is this somethi?
i have VD and blue waffles is this bad?
Is it safe to put contacts with non-toxic marker on the outside, in your eye for about 30 seconds?
How bad is cannabis really?
Whats the best way to smoke without it showing up on a drug test?
what are the pros and cons of wearing prescription contacts?
Why do my eyes turn green when I cry?
Can you get yellow fever from the yellow fever vaccine?
Can this hematoma kill me?
what does it mean if you are throwing up blood?
Crohn's Disease l need help..am 21 yrs old?
what can I do for my thumb?
i have a lump below my left thumb on wrist?
Can you worry about someone to the point where you're physically in pain?
Why does my head hurt so much?!?
Is this the proper way to go about losing leg muscle?
Who has or has gotton STD's before?
after a persons pap test come back abnormal what would their doctor recommend?
Should I have washed my hands?
I've got a question about what they might find in my blood test...?
Do you think people should get tested for AIDS? and why?
after brain surgery.. does my family member still live??? :(?
Would you get hypothermia if...?
What causes your hand/fingers to become numb, purple, and freezing cold?
Am I becoming lactose intolerant?
Do i have allergies or cold?
How heavy should you be at 12 years old and 5'4?
Any tips on how I can incorporate more Iron in my diet?
Should I hold off on running?
I heard losing weight helps you grow, well i want to lose weight for basketball and get my skills on point?
How to be taller than my current height?
Will one packet of sweets or one chocolate bar ruin a six pack diet?
What is the strongest, most effective weight loss pill available on the market?
Can you lose weight by just dieting?
is there something in my throat?
Help please... Urgent, swollen throat and have court in 2 hrs?
if you are having gallbladder problems what can you?
Looking for a treatment for hip pain?
Sprained my ankle....having trouble with crutches?
I had bloody stool today, it was dark, I am going to the dr.s, but i think its from NSAIDS?
Can Hip Bursitis come back?
What eye colour is this?
dog ate my seeing glasses?
Fell asleep with my contacts! What do I do?
Temporary blindness and weird eye pressure?
Why are all the crazy animation contact lens in plano?
Is it normal to see little flashing things everywhere?
eye question?????????????????
to much stress need to relax!?
Can you take too much Vitamin C?
What can I do to help my cold?
How long does Marijuana THC stay in your body?
Do I have a cold or sinusitis?
Is this a panic attack or what is this? Please help?
Is hash any worse for you than marijuana?
Is there a way to stop a cold before it happens?
Question about Cystic Fibrosis?
Reducing the amount of secondhand smoke I inhale?
are there any homeopathic medicine you can take to get high?
Slight shortness of breath?
Is this typical pain for crohns?
Bongs vs bowls on the throat/lungs?
Will an ionic air machine get rid of nasty secondhand smoke smell that comes from neighbor's apartment to mine?
Do antidepressants work?
Why does my knee keep getting all hot?
Upper-left chest pain?
High blood pressure or Exhaustion?
do y'all think my right big toe is sprained?
What are my sister's chances of developing Huntington's symptoms?
I missed the 5 year hepatitis b vaccine booster, 8 years on do I need a booster or to redo the primary course?
Can I call a pharmacy to ask them this?
My sister has hepatitis C and shes Pregnant, will the baby have it too?
Did I get herpes by kissing my HSV-1 infected gf?
my sister has a burn on her tummy and it is starting to itch what should i do?
I have 2 little dots in my eyes when i close them they start to away then come back when i open them plz help?
I have very sweaty palms.?
How to get rid of warts natural in 1 day with home remidies?
extra virgin olive oil on skin help plzzzzz?
What is Considered Depression?
i dont now if i have this?
Why whenever I look at the clock at night and want to go to sleep it read 11:02 which is my birthday?
How do you know if it's just depression of a dopamine deficiency?
How to get through the tough times?
do i have herpes from this girl?
I need websites about eating disorders?
How do these athletes get these muscles?
Is it safe to exercise when you're tired?
how many calories would i have to eat and Burn to lose 15 pounds by...?
Can you answer these questions on vitamins?
How much water do YOU drink every day?
are there any good diet plans out there????
How many calories would you burn doing this?
Am I Doing something Wrong?
I need your help! Can you identify with this type of pain?
Would a tylenol 4 show up in a drug test?
Its hurts when i swallow?
extreme pain : ( please help?
What is the conversion of Vicodin 10/325 to Oxycodone 10/325?
I'm 18 and my back gets stiff whenever I pick up anything that's even slightly heavy.?
is there any difference in novolin insulin 70/30 and humilin insulin70/30?
can someone with type 2 diabetes eat fresh grapefruit?
Diabetes- What are the symptoms for diabetes?
how does type 1 diabetes affect the body's ability to maintain homeostasis?
Shortness of breath and very thirsty?
Normal blood sugar range?
my glasses number is (LEFT EYE) -0.50 ,-.075 AND (RIGHT EYE) 0.00 , -2.75,?
Can i wear my glasses whenever?
Anyone ever have discomfort in there eye when they take there contact out?
Something wrong with my eye?
My right eyelash keeps twitching, what is this about?!?
Is there a way to fix a lazy eye naturally for a 17 year old?
Is it ok to wear contacts while playing sports?
Am I somewhat of an alcoholic?
Kidney pain?? advice would be appreciated ?
How can I deal with having Celiac Disease?
my stomach is really killing me...?
What is this? I've never had this problem before?
I smoke a lot of weed. Is it safe to donate blood even though I have a ton of THC in my blood?
Passing Drug Test In a Day.?
What do I have (I'm sick)?
Sleeping for the past 2 days, why do I get so sleepy?
when do teens hit their growth spurt?
how can i fall asleep with out knocking myself out with nyquil every night?!?
At what point in time did body odor become a bad thing?
Why can't I fall asleep?!?
Why am i peeing a lot?
do you have to sleep early in order to grow?
Dancing with a broken/injured toe?
pain and tingling left knee started 5 hours ago. please help.desperate?
Last night i smashed my finger in the door...?
if i cut the blood circulation in my finger off what will happen?
How to break my index finger by myself right now?
What do I do if I fainted after a razor cut on the lower lip?
I just got an allergy test I'm highly allergic to cats and dogs but my mother wont get rid of the animals?
What is the Sneezing thing that happens when u like someone?
Why are my allergies so bad?
Im allergic to acrylic nails, are there any alternatives?
how long will 250 jumping jacks everyday plus a healthy diet take to show me some results?
How to lose weight fast?
when i was liftin at home i was able to bench 225 four times i went back school a few days later and i can?
Is this ok??????????
How much calories are in my salad?
How to lose 15 pounds a month?
Would you say I ate to much today please answer means alot x?
How do i lose my body fat without losing my muscle? Help!!?
Do you think I'm too skinny?
How bad is it if your blood pressure is 160/110?
Pulmonary valve open during systole....? correction with this sentence?
Significance of blood pressure difference between right and left arm?
Who does cardiomyopathy affect?
Food poisoning possibility?
Always sick with hives?
A Disease that can kill within 24 hours of not taking meds?
How do i know if I have UTI (urinal tract infection)? What are the sypmtoms? ?
how to get rid of a stuffy nose?
If you go to a doctor and they do a normal blood test to check red blood cells. can they tell if you have HIV?
How long does it take to get test results back for herpes?
how much would lens approx cost for my vision?
does anyone know where you can buy in canada the anti glare sunglasses that the chile miners were using?
Contacts causing redness?
How Large is the Global Supplement Industry?
Is it ok to get contacts but no glasses?
Of what value is B12 shots?
How much does an eye exam and a pair of contact lenses usually cost?
How do you read the astigmatism angle on the prescription eye glasses?
What do I need to know about the basics of meditating?
where can i find hyperbaric oxygen chamber?
How can i cure my IBS?
How do you make a hot totty and does it work to cue a cold/ sore throat?
epsom salt - how long will i be stuck on the toilet?
Does a child with Hemophilia need to see a nurse daily or semi-regulary at school?
how does someone get high? and what causes them to get high?
Kind of a weird q but i need help to stop licking my lips?
Is it just a bad cough?
How can I stop from being Dehydrated?
My friend snore too loud while sleeping?
House with asbestos!?
sweating problem..? help please, 10 points for best!?
What make up is good for rosacea?
My therapist is away for 3 months for emergency, no replacement, when should I call?
Is it a bad thing i cant think of anything that makes me happy?
what can i do to improve my son's memory?
I dislike being alone and also dislike being around people? Why is this?
Is there anything wrong with preferring to be alone sometimes?
i need some help please!!!?
Does diabetes affect alcohol consumption ?
Please help me with this problem!?
My a1c is 5.8. Is this good?
what causes tolerance breakdown of insulin dependent diabetes mellitus?
I need advice for my mom. She has diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, overweight and hyperthyroid?
can a diabetic take hair vitamins?
Serious question, please answer?
What is the difference between diabetic 1 or 2?
why do i lick my lips alot for no reason!?
Is my three year old okay?
Can you get an STD in your eyeball?
Anyone take Lobelia to help quit smoking? Ten Points!?
if I got head from a girl who had a cold sore is there any chance I wont get herpes?
What does it mean when green veins show up when I flex my arms?
Can two people who don't have std's, get them by being physical with each other?
I'm Trying To Quit Smoking?
I just got extremely dizzy and fell over...?
what kind of disease is this ?
Do Kromos line of ophthalmic lenses from Essilor Offer UV protection?
i'm supposed to wear glasses, i want contacts?
Do I have an ingrown toenail?
Bad knee pain? HELP!?!?
Is p90x a good product?
If i eat fruits and vegetables 2 or 3 times a week and stop eating junk food and eat every 3 to 4 hours will?
working out to get a 6 pack...?
can dilated cardiomyopathy affect your eyes at all?
I need a Bulking up routine?
Bikini wearing help for a curvy woman?
Is metabolism the rate of building energy or burning it?
Anyone have a good Diet that I will lose weight fast or excercises without taking pills and stuff?
Why do people smoke???
how long does it take for weed to completly leave your body?
I almost blacked out, what happened?
I need to know of a very good over the counter allergy medicine for people allergic to cats?
If my daughter has an allergy to apples, can she still eat them?
i have a cold or something?
Is it normal to get dizzy with the flu?
Why Do I Do This is it a disease?
Sounds like something is cought in my puppies throat. What do I do?
Is this considered pica ?
What are these symptoms of? Should I be worried?
is my doctor an idiot or should i get a diffrent one?
Carbon monoxide where they are commonly used?
My friends mom has a collapsed lung? Is that really serious?
What would cause me to feel like I am drowning from fluid in my chest?
Can I still use my contact lenses?
How muched do colored contacts cost?
Trouble Driving at Night?
Questions about laser eye surgery?
20/50 vision. Do i need contacts?
Methods/Ways on how to improve your Eye Vision?
How can I get colored contacts with my Astigmatism?? Plz Help(:?
How do I get rid of stretch marks?
what causes fatigue and constipation in women?
my boyfriend smokes weed?
Can anyone please explain what's happening?
What's the best working acne medication you can buy off the shelf?
Want to see if im anorexic?
I practically don't eat much through the whole day, and I keep have burning pain in my stomach?
QUICK QUESTION before heading out to the gym?
How important is the Yoga in P90x?
How do I get rid of blackheads?
What are some foods I can eat?
I'm on the weight watchers diet and I'm always bloated? ?
How can I lose weight without being unhealthy about it?
OMG I think I've figured out how to avoid shinsplints!!?
Will over eating affect my body tomorrow?
How soon after you become official should you suggest getting STD tested?
what is medicence of diabetic during free check up last week my results isalmost 179 mg. hope you can help me?
What exactly happens when you have appendicitis?
Where can I get an Ultrasound without giving my name ?
When medical people talk about kidney function, and arteriosclerosis effecting it, what do they mean?
What foods should I eat?
My hands keeps shaking?
What is it like to get really high when smoking?
I just like coughed up blood? :S?
Help I get really sick when I don't eat meat?
When you have your tonsils removed, do they dislocate your jaw to do so?
Survey please participate!?
Is it okay if I'm 15 and still under 5'4?
Natural Remedies: Daughter Always Has Lice?
When your wearing night vision glasses does it hurt to turn on the lights ?
Gastric bypass and very painful gas! plzzzz help!?
does chewing tobacco slow down healing?
Lyrica?? and weight gain???
smoking weed will put me to sleep?
Protein Powder or Creatine ?
If a child has sickle cell anemia, doesn't both the parents need to have the sickle cell trait?
Is there any way to prevent a cold sore?
I have never been so scared of germs in my life...?
How to take baby aspirin?
Is Atrial Tachycardia (Paroxysmalatrial tachycardia) a heart disease?
Essential Hypertension?
Can i FINALLY sleep without my studs now!!?
right before going to sleep - can anyone explain?
looking for a product that will clean out my system?
I wear regular (perspcription) contacts - Can I wear colored contacts for Halloween?
14 years old with lazy eye?
I feel suicidal after being broken up with, how can I ever get over this?
Why can't you skip your muscle relaxant dose? Help!?
How to be yourself without being arrogant?
Is there a genetic link to schizophrenia in familys and autism?
Do I have to have an eye problem to wear contact lenses?
is your vision straight with a squint eye?
I am depressed and I need help?
why am i always so hungry?
Still sleep in my mom's room?
My psychiatrist is not helping?
is it ok to take xanax for my social awkwardness?
Borderline personality disorder?
How do you stay off cigarettes after quitting?!?
Why do I feel so sleepy after working?
Can someone explain 'electrolytes' to me when it comes to fasting/extreme crash dieting?
what tea helps weight loss?
Do diet pills make you gain weight after you stop taking them?
P90X Not Wanting to lose weight?
Help, with anorexic ?!?
how to make arms same size?
What is a yeast infection?....I'm confused, if u have had this please help...?
How can you cure the 'annoying' blocked nose?
My brother is 11 and throwing up and then his nose bleeds?
Possibly Allergic To Wheat?
What is a NAET doctor?
Pineapple made my mouth hurt?
help for a broken toe?
can't bend knee after 20% of meniscus got removed?
My boyfriend says im crazy?
I have been feeling weird?
After i have a poo on the toilet i shiver?
Is it appropriate to call a doctor "DOC" ?
Tiny little veins on my face?
what type of acne do i have and how can i get rid of it?
How to get rid of dandruff?
How long will my hand hurt after having a wart frozen?
My mum's face has swollen up entirely, one day before a vacation !?
Sickle Cell Project.?
Can you get sick from handling food that a sick person has half-eaten?
is it diarrhea or a stomach virus ?
Would u consider 99.7 a fever?
Can pinworms cause migraines?
How long does a 24week preemie have to stay on the ventilator?
im am soooo sick! do i have pneumonia?
can inhaling mousse get you high?
What is the fastest way to get over coughing and sore throat?
Does anyone know anything about the Lumineyes surgery?
Could you regain lost peripheral vision?
What's wrong with my left eye?
contacts or glasses ?
Is this a sign of a for-sure eye infection?
Subtle twitch in eyelid?
i accidently hit myelf in the eye and my eye is twitching what do i do i put water on it and it still twitchin?
I'm 24 and have -2.5 vision. I cant see far. Can I get laser eye correction?
Is it possible to pull an eye muscle sneezing?
Can anyone interpret my ecg, please?
i had a fine ekg while my heart rate was over 130 for a considerable amount of time, should i still be worried?
want to know about heart disease?
Need weight loss advice! Where do I start?
Any good tips for weight loss?
Any good tips for weight loss?
How can I lose weight when i have type 1 diabetes?
So I have been eating healthy recently but..... (kinda embarrassing)?
Can I do high instesity cardio everyday for 20 min and still maintain my muscle?
How should I cycle Clenbuterol for weight loss?
Is this gym membership package a good deal or no?
1200 calories a day make you gain weight?
Can someone get oral herpes by using someone else's petroleum jelly?
Does anyone have any home remedies for constipation?
what might I be sick with?
I'm 15 and 5ft7, is there any chance i'll grow any taller?
At night i always hear my stomach make noises? Like i am not hungry? What is it?
can you get vitamins on prescription?
Question about Omega 3?
researching stem cells and sight restoration,any good websites?
how many tylenol pm Xtra strength pills will make me go unconscious?
what did they take out of Nyquil to no longer cause drowsiness?
Why does tea help sore throats?
On a scale of 1-10 how effective is xanax for calming nerves?
How do you eliminate yeast from your body?
Multi vitamin supplement causing nose bleeds?
what happens if you accidently splashed it in your eyes?
I am so excited! But I CAN NOT wait..... ):?
How do I deal with constant nausea? Will it ever go away?
Does the PPO insurance covers Lapband surgery costs?
I lose my sight every time I stand up?
How can i get medical help for my insomnia?
are these seizures? I do not know?
Why are they still classifying Schizophrenia and Bipolar 1 (with psychotic features) mental illness?
My boyfriend has night sweats pretty bad and I don't know what to do about it?
How long does weed stay in your system?
What is wrong with me ?
Food after Tonsillectomy?
I have scapular winging?
does it hurt to sprain your ankle?
Broken nose, should I be worried?
How long would it take to heal from arthroscopic surgery?
Is12 sprints for two minutes at a time was better exercise than consistant jogging?
Best # of sets & reps for building muscle mass?
Am I not eating enough to lose weight?
Weight loss and muscle advice?
Does smoking weed/marijuana help or make you lose weight?
Is walking just as good exercise as running?
How to lose 4+ lbs??
Can I kill excess fat deposition in my body and change to an athlete type body?
What if someone has HIV? and doesn't tell their partner.?
Does the HPV Shot Hurt? (first dose)?
Should people with HIV/AIDS have to notify potential employers?
is it normal to skip a heart beat?
my heart beats faster when i stand but when iam sitting it is around 80 i am very thin and about 6 feet?
Husband had another attack what do we do if we need help?
How much does a surgeon make? A brain surgeon? A heart surgeon?
I have this chafing on the inside of my upper legs and at times on my private parts?
i have ocd and when i get stressed i pick at my skin until it bleeds because in a way it helps with my anxiety?
The Poison Inside A Glow Stick?
oily skin! plleeeeeaasee help?
Help!!! Acne treatments, blackheads?
What's the best thing to take at the onset of a cold to shorten its duration?
How do you get coxsackie Virus??. Anyone heard of this?
Why do I get sick when I don't eat?
Are cold contagious??
im sick i dont know what to eat becuase i have stomach flu what do i eat and drink?
I temporarily lost the ability to walk?
What to do after a binge?
After getting a spinal fusion for scoliosis, is it possible for your curve to increase?
For Maria Juana users?
What is an effective weight loss supplement not prescribe by a physician?
How can someone be allergic to beef and pork but not chicken?
Has anyone on here been diagnosed with emphysema and sleep apnea?
is it ok to sleep too much when you have a cold?
Strange Cough, Not Going?
If I have bronchitis do I need to go to the doctor? ?
please, please help... i feel so sick and panic attack/nauseas, please help me!?
Honestly, is it dangerous to quit smoking?
My eyes are always dilated.?
How much do colored contacts from walmart cost?
Is there a reason why people have 2 different prescriptions in either eye?
Question about contacts,cleaning solution etc.?
Can I catch oral herpes from kissing my boyfriend even if he doesn't have an outbreak?
I'm suppose to get my wisdom teeth pulled soon, and I'm afraid the anesthesia will make me vomit.?
Question about my son's coughing! please read!!! 10 points!?
Why does someone have to be with you when you have a seizure?
What happens if a person is shot in head with a revolver?
Thyroid nightmare?lots of answers please?
How many hours sleep should you have per night?
Do I need to see a doctor after sticking a QTip into my kids ear too far, that had dried blood 24hrs later?
What does it mean when you have really bad headaches and you throw up?
Everytime i'am scared or worried of something, my stomach hurt? is this normal?
Am I going to die because of this?
Honestly, do you think this is possible..?
Can Bipolar disorder manifest itself into anxiety?
Can somebody that's a "normal" weight but lost over 100 pounds be classified as anorexic?
My stomach has shrunk!!!!!?
what is a hernia in the groin?
How to wear yourself out?
I accidentally had a plastic bag catch fire and need help?
How unhealthy is it t sleep for only an our or two?
How can I fall asleep?
is it really possible for me to get muscular with eating right, lifting and protein shakes?
How can i practice yoga ?
Weight training for fat loss - is cardio requiered too?
How can i play yoga ?
Help me get over this plateau!!?
Im i at a healthy weight for a 17 year old?
Stomach sagging and tightening?
Apple Cider Vinegar against acne?
what is the best multi vitamin?
What is more painful a kidney stone or an aortic dissection which ruptures, or bone cancer?
How do I tell if an ECG chart is showing STEMI and NSTEMI?
what happens if your heart rate is over 100 beats per minute for an adult women ?
Can Nadolol 20mg taken after 5 years cause irregular heartbeats ?
What does it mean if it feels like you have growing pains after acupuncture (to treat poor circulation)?
Ecstasy tablets information?
how long can someone have low blood pressure?
would you be really tired the next day if you took 6 mg of melatonin as opposed to 3?
Is it alright if i take two cough drops within two hours?
How does gargling salt water help sore throat?
Keep hurting my arms and legs in my sleep?
Can someone please help? The part below my ribcage is bulging and it isn't getting any better.?
Can high heels help your calves?
I've got a "cut" that appeared on my toe. It is pretty deep. I have no idea how it got there. Then, later, a?
why did i wake up with blurred vision in one eye?
Why is it bad to use expired contact solution?
Advice about eye allergy relief? Can't take much more of this!!?
Hey, I've been reading about plus Lens therapy. Has any one used to to reduce shortsightedness?
Tips on how to convince my mom?
I had nose surgery, and now have dark circles under my eyes, how do i get rid of them?
Why do we blink, what is the reason of blinking?
I have astigmatism on my left eye. Can I wear regular lenses?
can staring at a candle flame damage your eyes?
Is there any STD that can make a red spot appear on your belly?
What can registered nurses NOT do?
Im Sick But whats wrong with me?
What is the difference between oxycontin 10 mg and 15 mg ms contin?
Can I overcome insomnia without medications?
Why am I not losing weight, I eat pretty healthy? What am I doing wrong?
How would a 14-year-old build muscle?
whats the best exercise?
Slow carb - fast carb - protein diet?
Could i put on 60-70 lbs of muscle in 2 years, please answer!!!?
Good diet & exercise plans?
Is this a healthy lunch?
Can I get A Lipoma(fatty tumor) removed at the Emergencey room, if I dont have health insurance?
Red "rash" above lip from being chapped / dry?? Help it's EMBARRASSING!!!?
Burn mark on my forhead?
do i feel bad all the time because i quit taking thyroid meds 2 yrs. ago?
my mastiff has a 4 in long lump in his stomach and it is painful. what is it?
yeast water should be 80 degrees. How warm does that feel to finger touch?
Bells Palsy - night sweats shaking very nervous on my 18th prednisone pill HELP?
What if I have Chromium 6 in my city's water?
Why when I go to my medical Doctor he never tells me about my weight?
what are vovulus symptoms?
How do I measure out 100mg/L of H2O2?
Any good herbal medicine for diabetes?
My legs and ankles are swollen, I have type 2 diabetes.?
i tested my sugar this morning and got blood from my left index finger and it was high so i tested again using?
what has sugar got to do with low gi?
is this diabetes?????
Is my contact still safe to put in?
Will a rip in your contact lense damage your eye?
Where can I get good non-prescription contacts (preferably online)?
Is it bad to wear someone's really strong glasses for just a few seconds?
what is wrong with my eye?
is there a way to get rid of bloodshot eyes?
Can someone put AIDS in your food?
symptoms of angular cheilitis?
Why exercise doesn't relieve my stress?
HIIT and Cardio question?
Please tell me what to do?
My friend is hurting himself on purpose, what can I do to help?
Help me please?! I am very serious about this!?
should someone on a Low carb Diet avoid BANANAS?
I am trying to diet and eat less calories?
how long does it take to get a 6 pack?
Do meal replacements work?
Dieting: how long will it take me to see results?
Do I need to lose weight?
Any miracle cures for snoring?
Pulmonary Edema would see the biggest change in what? PCO2, PO2, or pH?
coughing and hiccups -- help!?
I think I get panic attacks but I'm not sure?
how to stop congestion?
Remove thumb? (Read detail)?
at what pressure should you go to the emergency room?
has anyone had a hickman line in there chest the same time as having a mastectomy?
Do you have much respect for doctors?
what is mechanism of activation of SA node in heart?
How would you describe a heart palpitation?
Is Now Essential a good oil brand?
is it safe to take another 10mg adderall xr if its my first time...?
can i make an anesthesia?
What should you do if salt water doesn't help?
Is k2 safe enough to smoke?
Do Halls Cough Drop help a sore throat?
Im always sick?! help!?
I hear electricity in the walls?
I cut my finger to the bone?
How to break both of your arms at once?
Head Injuries please?
I think I broke a toe?
can u buy nonprescription colored contacts lenses in walmart?
WIll I Get A Black Eye?
can you build up muscle without weights?
Contact Lens Exam vs Eye Exam?
I want to grow taller!?
Household remedies for canker sores?
i have never been in so much pain! doctors? nurses? please?
What kind of magnifying reading glasses for working on computer?
i need to know how to fall asleep?
Running in 5k for charity. Should I wear glasses or not?
A prescribed eye drops used to stimulate eye tears, i forgot the name?
I need to lose weight and lower my blood pressure.?
Do you ever feel guilty about eating?
do you weigh more with all your clothes on?
I'm a guy who is 5'10" and 205 lbs. I'm athletic but is this overweight?
If im keeping up with my calories, do I count drinks?
How much weight do you loose when you throw up.?
Reduce Sugar?????????
I dont understand...?
Bright red blood during bowel movements? help!?
I have an odd tingling feeling in my brain?
Will prime rib help you go to sleep?
I never tried air dusters before. But I did last night and now I feel weird.?
Cause of my left eye twitching..?
Is it possible to catch a cold when you already have one?
What to do when you think you got a flu?
Can you catch diseases off a public toilet?
Is leprosy communicable?
bloody mucus, sore throat, hacking cough?
One ear pierce infected ?? ?
bloated and harden stomach for past two years?
I have trouble sleeping, do I have insomnia?
if i know someone who always smoke weed what shall i do?
What should i do about my insomnia?
What Can Cause Petechiae...?
Acne - does eating chocolate make it worse ?
Is this fat or loose skin? pictures!?
what is the best birth control for acne?
Alopecia what should I do?
I have a scar :( your opinion please??:'(?
What are some ways to get rid of acne fast?
How long is someone kept sedated after having CABG surgery?
Is 133 80 high blood pressure for a 15 year old female?
Should I wake up my parents?
Have you had Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Any advices on this , please?
How much does laser eye surgery cost at BostonLaser.com?
When should I do this surgery?
how would a medication that causes vasodilation affect a patients response to IV?
What happens if someone takes a lot of caffeine and then gets drunk?
What can you do to maintain eye health?
can a stroke cause stuttering in an adult ?
Do I have to go naked for an ACL surgery?
What would you consider this really weird eye color?
Help reading my contacts prescription?
Can a virgin have BV/bacterial vaginosis ?
STD question/concern for teen daughter?
When and where AIDS were found?
Is this a healthy weight loss or is it too fast?
Eating disorder??????
Is 5'2'' short?????(20 characters)?
can u be around 5ft 9 in if u r 5ft 4.6in boy in 15.4 years old?
can i gain 3 kilos in one weak ?
need help with my physique i want to get cut up?
Has anyone had great results with the shake weight?
If you do not have asthma can Ventolin hurt you?
im tired but cant sleep?
i inhaled burned plastic, will i be alright?
Why would I have a 7mm tb test result? Does it mean I have tb?
im so sad- i burned my tongue from hot tea. it is blistering. How do i stop this torture?
What's happening with my knee?
knee surgery, please help?
i need to know when im checking my blood glucose checker?
Foot tattoo and Diabetes!!!?
okay so do u think i have diabetes?
How do I tell my Mum I think I have diabetes ?
Sick: In so much pain! What do I have?
Can you take pepcid and gas-x together?
If a person gets HIV + blood on a razor, will the razor be contaminated forever?
Strange swollen lump on my chin. Help?
Is this a good state of mind to lose weight?
i think that i may be depressed?
How do I convince my Mom hallucinations aren't my hormones?
How can i convince my self that there is someone better out there waitting for me?
Is this normal or just a really weird habit...?
smoking weed while on adderall xr?
What r some good high fiber foods drinks?
i hear you can have a sychedelic expierence by meditating yet so many who meditate don't, why is this?
Where can I buy tahitian noni juice?
Has any one ever taken Melatonin?
Is there a pill that puts you into a coma like state?
So I want to try Salvia, How many leaves do I smoke for the first time?
is my vision prescription bad?
Got poked in the eye awhile ago and now my eye doesn't open as far.?
What does it mean when you stretch and bones crack?
Can I just get an eye contact fitting at the eye doctor?
Eyesight blurry for no reason?
Can a certain lifestyle cause myopia?
what are the effects of wearing your contacts while sleeping?
My Pinky Is Numb! Someone give me advice??? D:?
I think I have food poisoning. What should I do?
Why are my contacts making my eyes watery and sensitive?
Does Claire's have good fake eyeglasses?
Please help! My face is twitching badly..especially around my eyes?
is it weird to crave a cigarette when you don't really smoke?
What exactly is a rebellious teen?
Why do people cry when hurt?
Why am I urinating so often?
How many valves total are there in your veins?
How do I cure a sore throat?
Im 14 & im addicted to Cigarettes , can i die ?
I can't hear out of my left ear. What do I do?
sudden need to sit down?
If you had a microchip implanted inside your body what would cause it to vibrate?
Can My Boyfriend's Heart Condition Be Passed On To Our Children?
Horrible chest pains and leg swelling. Is this a sign of heart disease?
ache in left chest, irregular heart beat, what could be wrong?
Mother of 2 year old struggling to lose weight?!..?
How do I lose extra flab off my thighs and upper arms?
How do I get faster metabolism?
Do I have fast metabolism?
Does weight watchers food work if you only eat there food?
i eat three to four apples a day, and most of the time a banana too. Is that a bad thing?
how to get a toned body?
Lose 2 dress sizes in 3 months?
Can someone please help me make a workout schedule?
is it possible to get a type of STD from a person who doesnt have anything?
i haven't eaten since 2 yesterday?
Sometimes I wake up with a blood taste in the back of my throat. What's wrong?
what is the best home remedy for treating poison ivy?
I have developed these purple spots, size of a pencil eraser, on my forearm about two weeks ago. Any idea?
how do i get rid of shaving rash for prom?
Does aloe vera help clear skin if ance marks?
could eating junkfood give you crohns disease?
Should there be a required english course for people using Yahoo?
why are my eyes watering and turning red when i put my colored contacts in?
If iv Worn Bifocals all my life do i have to get reading glasses when i get contacts?
what website is cheaper than 1800 contacts?
Help meeee how did she find out?
How can I elongate my legs the natural way?
Does this mean im in love?
My stomach hurts when I smoke weed?
I have a really bad cough how do i get rid of it?
Public speaking.............?
Irregular heart beat? Help!?
Could this be a serious medical problem?
My temp was at 97.1, rose to 102.8 in a few hrs & is now fluctuating 3 or 4 degrees every few hrs.?
What does right atrial hypertrophy mean?
How accurate is a Nuclear Stress ECG at detecting Narrowing of the Coronary Arteries?
Unusual blood pressure readings upon waking up?
What happens when you are low on vitamin D?
what could this illness be?
Hepatitis B Vaccine in Newborns?
how common is it to have diarrhea after a new antibiotic?
Does anybody think nurses are crazy...!?
Cold hands, more than others?
How do you pick someone who is heavier than you up off the ground?
Why have I been getting nosebleeds every single night?
Did I take too much Vitamin D?
What is the white stuff on my underwear? (female)?
awkward question.. O_o are we diseased?
how soon after you get tested for herpies do you get the results?
Question on HIV and temperature?
Dizziness from giving blood?
How can i control my strees?it is really bothering me...?
Can you get pregnant if you have hypothyroidism?
Normal Thyroid tests, but I am still sick. Advice on what to ask Dr. needed please?
where to go on ecstasy?
What to do so I get healthy faster?
Why is this happening?
Yohimbe? Where can I get it?
What happens if you take pills with alcohol?
Having trouble swallowing pills?
Do vitamin pills really give you as much vitamins as they say they do?
Need to wear sunglasses with blue eyes?
Do safyr bleu eye drops make your iris lighter?
Contact Lenses Help Me?
High risk vision problem?
Frustration with my contact lenses?
how to read eye test results, e.g. 20/50?
What are the risks of laser eye surgery?
Is there a way to make it look like you don't have pink eye?
what might happen if a blood clot forms inside the circulatory system and lodges in a major blood vessel?
How does asthma effect/contribute the following :-?
My 10 year old daughter is throwing up, no congestion?
Is there anything that actually works for snoring?
I'm 15 and i can't do a single push up?
what is wrong with me?
Have I had a healthy day?
Hard weights training everyday. Is this good for cutting fat and toning body?
How can you tell if breasts are sagging too much?
things to help you not eat?
Is it possible to lose a kilo in 10 minutes?
would i loose weight?
How much does bone age test cost?
Does stretching make you taller?
How does cannabis affect people negatively?
If having a heart attack, should you remain standing while waiting for EMT?
what is meant by alexia?
Why is my girlfriends heart rate so high?
Heart condition diagnosis?
Heart problem , please help! tachycardia and irregular heart beat?
How Should I with Asperger’s Syndrome Treat The Neuro-typicals?
My mom is extremely depressed, help!?
Is there a working cure for clinical depression?
Could it be depression, bipolar or just a teenage thing.?
I have an adult-onset allergy to strawberries. Are there *actual* strawberries in Faygo Red Pop?
my nose is stuffy..how to unstuff it?
can you become allergic to otc nasal sprays?
Allergic reaction to the Septra drug?
whats worse? corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup?
My allergies are so bad! What can I do at home that will help?
What do you ask your doctor if you want to get tested for every STD? Is there a name for that?
Do i have an STD? or is just a burn in my mouth from a Burrito?
Can I get HIV/AIDS or any other STD from a feminine period bin in a bathroom?
I took an HIV test on Monday... now what!!!?
I ate about 40 prunes and I'm STILL constipated!!?
How long before sleep can you drink alcohol without it bothering your sleep?
I've dropped a lot of weight in the past two month but have maintained eating habits and don't exercise.?
How should I approach tomorrow ?
Is it bad to crack my wrists and toes?
Eye vision going more worse?
peripheral vision??????
Thing I can see when I stare don't know what it is please help.?
Whats going on with a person when they have a zoned out look?
Can I develop A lazy eye From having 1 eye closed for to long?
i took a nap with my contacts in!?
how do i get rid of a squint?
Red wrists and red/purple knuckles?
Is it possible to have an allergic rash for a year without the area of infection increasing or decreasing?
I'm trying to lose weight, can i do it if i still eat rice?
What's the most accutate exercise that can burn fat ?
What's that word called when Doctors kill you?
How much does your face change if you lose 40 lbs?
How to get over a cold fast?
How do I get rid of a stye in my eye?
Does it hurts getting tonsils out?
Am I reducing calories this way?
what is a good routine to follow at the gym to lose weight and build a little muscle?
What is the best way to reduce body fat (best exercise and things to eat)?
how to lose 20 puonds in a month?
Which fruits and vegetables are the low in calories, and high in nutritional content?
What happens if you Guage / Strech your ear piercings too fast?
what was wrong with me?
An embarrassing problem...?
I have bleeding when i have a bowl movement?
Does a multi-vitamin give the same effect as food?
im 21 and diabetic but i would like to go it alone,so no more diabetic clinic if so would my gp get in touch?
Glucose strips? Accurate or Reliable?
what is superfine sugar?
Do people with Type 2 Diabetes ALWAYS end up having a low resistance to other diseases?
What is the best blood pressure reducing tablet on the market?
where can i go to chat with older insulin pump users?
Is it a bad sign if I am sweating a couple hours after a back injury?
DOes the back of your fingernail grow back?
Possible casues for knee pain?
how to heal a bit lip?
Concussion? Doctors or Rest?
Finger injury, bruised and swollen?
My friend cuts, help?
has anyone tried a herbal chinese supplement called SAGEE? its suppose to improve brain function?
are all paracetamol tablet (the stuff in it) all the same?
Vitamin and mineral supplement questions?
I weigh 46kg and I have no allergies. Would 200mg of Phenergan kill me?
what family is Thallium in?
Wht r d chances of a 21 yr old man havin a HEART ATTACK if he has smoked since 14, normal weight but bad diet?
supraventricular tachycardia?
which medications are essential in the treatment of septic shock?1antihistamines2vasodilatorsCantim…
Do I look fat to you?
Whats the most amount of weight you can lose in 6 months?
How much do i need to eat to gain weight?
exercises to lose wait after c-section?
Whats the most amount of weight you can loose in 6 months?
Why do people who are not in shape have faster heart rate?
not taking breakfast?
is 13 grams of fat too unhealthy for one serving of food?
Sparkling water vs tap water?
help! i recently took a pill, and have bein informed that it is speed?
HELP! do u really have to trow out my contacts?
Starting to write letters backwards?
eye design (iris) question?
Which contact goes in which eye!? Please help!?
I'm miserable w/the flu today bigtime, is it realistic to think tomorrow I'll be able to work 8 hrs.?
How to get rid of a cold?
should i get my tonsils out PLEASE ANSWER!!!!!!?
what are the signs of foot and mouth disease in animals?
What are some old wise tales on how people cured diseases?
Eosiniphillic Esophagitis HELP ASAP?
Easily Obtainable Inhalable "Smoke" That Wont Cause Adverse Health Effects?