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how can i make my thumb stop hurting? and is it sprained or broken or just bent the wrong way?
hurt my knee playing hockey?
What causes ringing in ear?
If my boyfriend has pneumonia, will I catch it?
who is cystic fibrosis named after?
whats the best quickest way to get rid of a cough?
Incredibly irritating cough and hard painful lumps in my mouth and throat?
My throat is hurting , what can I do to stop it?
Should I go back to the chiropractor?
How can you tell if you break your bone?
What causes pneumonia?
My insides are falling out. And doctors say not to worry to young for a fallen blader.?
I've got a bruisewhich has lasted for 4 weeks, what do I do?
While driving I feel like I'm not moving and everything moves towards me?
My eyeglasses prescription is +1.25 in my left eye, 0 in my right, do I need them?
Question about diabetes and insulin?
I think I may have diabetes but I'm not too sure?
What causes you to black out or faint?
what are the signs of kidney failure?
Why do i have raised creatine in my blood?
Sudden nasea and weakness?
Symptoms of a uti infection?
I pierced my ear and began to feel really dizzy, What happened?
Am I being paranoid, or does this sound like hypothyroidism?
Do I have the flu????
what might cause your feet to suddenly swell on top and near your ankles on both feet that causes lots of pain?
How to get rid of the hiccups?
ok i think i got the flu?
can you catch aids from cats?
Can i get more sick overnight?
what illness do i have and what do i do?
Sick with a cold, but my ears are kinda ringing.....?
Wrist Piercing Healing?
I have pain in my right knee, since Sept..I had a cortisone shot two weeks ago and it hasn't helped at all.?
I feel a very bad pain in my throat?
What is wrong with me? Please help.?
Does anybody know why smoking a cigarette helps my cough when im sick?
Is taking a herbal tincture safe for long term, I'm just abit worried as it contains Alcohol.?
The phase in the cardiac cycle in which the ventricles relax is called what?
Diatomaceous Earth - Food Grade?
Can alcohol make you have aches or feel sore?
Is this a niacin tablet?
Help with really bad earache?
I have a Lesion on my gum?
My wisdom teeth never grew in so they have to cut open my gums to take them out. Will this cause extra pain?
Does cinnamon or mint breath smell better?
I banged my tooth on steel by accident, will it fall out?
Do i really need to get my wisdom teeth out?
my daughter fell at school today and I brought her to the hospital right away and got an x-ray done?
I'm a singer with a throat problem!!! D:?
Having trouble sleeping?
going dizzy ,feeling weak ,cold ,shaking and sore eyes what could it be ?
What's the difference between a DO and an MD?
Do kerosene heaters produce low or high levels of carbon monoxide?
my toe is white, why!?
Will my acne go away if I only drink water??!?
Will the redness from epiduo go away?
How can I get rid of eczema on the side of my lips?
This mole...is it something I should be concerned about? (pics)?
whats a good way to eat healthy?
Any good acne treatments for a guy?
So I have blackheads on my lip what should I do?
how can i loose weight fast?
I want to lose a pound a day, whether it is a healthy diet or not. But no throwing up. <3 Tanks bbs!?
Is it better to eat before working out or after?
Is This A Good Health Routinee(im 13))?
am i eating enough for p90x?
what is this pain in my leg?????
Tenderness in upper abdomen...black stool?
how do you get a needle go in your upper lip without much pain?
Having Problems taking full breaths?
Will anesthesia work if I smoke marijuana 5 times 9 month ago?
Can you put the contact lenses both ways?
Would you pay for laser eye surgery in Canada? It's $1000 cheaper.?
how to measure my eyesight?
Can i wear circle lenses occassionally?
Vision question...Why do i see very unnoticable double edges on some object?
I fell alseep with contacts in, but I can't find one contact?
Do Damon braces require bands around the molars?
Which active ingredient is the best?
Do crest white strips really work?
Do schools around the U.S check for scoliosis?
Question about IBS medications?
how can i get rid of incipient decay?
The end of the wire of my braces keep getting off.?
My knee hurts for over 3 weeks what should i do?
why do i have cramps but i havent started my pierod?
I am a student who needs knee surgery but cannot afford it. What can I do?
please please help.. boyfriend doesn't remember me because he hit his head?
I was in a motorcycle accident 3 months ago. I broke both of my legs, my left is healed but my right is not.?
help with an injury i got from a mirror?
When you get your leg amputated.....?
What are some signs to look out for in a head injury?
How could I have gotten this?
why is the progression of the anthrax bacterial infection and why is it so toxic to humans?
I need to get a fever overnight. Help?
what causes soar throats and how to avoid it?
what are 3 diseases caused by viruses? by bacteria?
Will I Grow Taller ? 16/Male.?
what is wrong with me?!!.......please help!!?
How can I control my stomach when it rumbles?
How can I be more physically attractive?
HELP what should i do!!!?
Can't sleep, what do I do?
diagnosed with HPV like 6 months ago?
my pulse in my neck.......?
arm pain, tingling fingers?
Arm pain plz answer asap (2nd q)?
Why do utis hurt like a *****! i have no idea how i got this and i it hurts to pee !?
Headache Help! Please!?
should i do weights im 13?
How can i lose weight fast?
Health & Fitness Help?
Whats the most healthiest way to lose weight fast?
Is 2500-3000 calories a day ok if you workout?
How to lose weight without giving up...?
Is flat bread heathy for you?
Do I have Sleep Apnea?
Bad cough and shortness of breath! bad mucus!!!?
cpap machine follow on?
why do i have blackouts almost 10 times a day?
Cant seem to breathe?
Why do I break out in hives when I exercise?
Why am I sneezing so much?
Why is my nose stopped up? What is it!?
Back pain- teenage girl, what's causing this?
Sharp Pain in my right side! HELPP!! does this sound like ECTOPIC PREGNANCY?
What is the procedure for getting stitches and does it hurt a lot?
I have Alot of trouble at home and need advice?
I had blood drawn to check my cholesterol. I received a note saying it was "stable". Is this a good thing?
can a heart problem develop suddenly?
Are swings used in rehabilitation centres?
how about if you have high levels of cholesterol?
I feel like there's something in my eye, but I don't see anything?
How long will it take for Wisdom Tooth Surgery recovery?
teeth hurt after getting braces?
i just got braces and i want them out?
my teeth feel really gross after eating?
Do you think that I need glasses?
My Foot Is Cramped And Stuck In Same Position..?
what do i do if i have ten toes?
I had sharp, tightness pain in right side of head near temple for 30 hours, now my right side of neck hurts ..?
How long does it take?
Should I see a theripist?
Question: what is anxiety?
social anxiety and high school help?
I just started smoking cigarettes and have this notable chest pain and some trouble breathing?
I have a bad cold and both my nostrils are blocked and I can't breathe!!?
!!!!!!!!!!ASTHMA HELP!!!!!!!!?
i have been having these weird symtoms, can it be liver failure?
can you eat oranges when you have the flu?
Serious answers only....gastrointestinal problems, prefer a nurse or dr?
If you get vaccinated does it lower the risk of getting a disease? if so..why?
What are the symptoms of muscular dystrophy?
Is giving a handjob to someone that's uncircumised different than giving it to a man who's is?
Do you think I have a eating disorder? ?
I have a constipation problem.?
What is the best and fastest way to get marijuana out of my system?
question about resting after weight bearing exercises?
How much Muscle Milk should I be taking?
How to get 6 pack abs in 7 months?
Would a diabetic diet help a none diabetic lose weight ?
I'm a type 1 diabetic have been for 6 years i take novorapid & lantus,I want to lose weight?
how to count carbohydrates for diabetics?
am i addicted to sugar?
Potato bread has less carbs then wheat bread so is it ok for a type 1 diabetic to eat?
I need a diet to prevent diabetes and to lower cholesterol?
girlfriend hugged me when i had broken ribs...?
Do you think I have a concussion?
Back popping after spine surgery...normal?
How do I get to full strength without going to a physical therapist?
i got hit in the eye 5 days ago, I went to the doctor and he said I'll be ok but i think now im seeing floater?
Will a person who doesn't smoke, starts smoking, loose weight?
Can you get ripped just doing pushups?
anyone have any ideas?
How many hours of sleep do you get?
the hcg diet someone help and explain .?
Why do I completely Black out when I stand up?
Has anyone ever tried Shaun T Insanity program?
Has anyone tried this cleansing system?
fastest way for obese to lose weight?
Did I get a good deal on my gym membership or no way?
A smelly white discharge is usually Wat STD?
tongue is swoeen, trouble breathing?
I had my appendix removed 4 days ago and I still cant pass a motion, is this normal?
What should I do? My knee keeps swelling!?
Can i give my 11 yr old daughter vicodin for pain from a badly sprained knee.?
what will take to dissolve kedney stone?
Amphetamine salts mixed with alcohol?
How does moonlight cleans crystal energies?
what is Quantum-Touch and light of hand?
Pills that a 16 year old boy can buy that would help you sleep?
Does computer cleaner make you high?
What is Speacial K like?
i have wisdom teeth at 13?
I am getting 4 permanent teeth pulled... advice?
Getting teeth pulled. How does it feel?
How do you know when you have to get your wisdom teeth taken out?
Are my teeth going to fall out?
When will my braces be put on?
do braces look cute on girls if their teeth are already straight with them on? ive been told they do!!?
Can i have bright blue eyes if i have dark drown eyes ?( contacts)?
How are the eyeglasses used to supplement the functioning of the lens?
do you think that i need glasses?
left contacts in three days longer than prescribed?
should i get lazer eye surgery?
Should I be wearing my glasses all the time?
Lower Abdominal Pain? Advice needed.?
If i took pills then threw up, should I take them again?
Should I consult a neurologist?
My epididymitis has come back, and the pain is extremely severe, please help me!?
Bad pain in my right shoulder, EXTREME Pain when I move neck!!!?
If my wrist hurts like this, is it bad?
How do i get rid of all the dust in the air in my house?
Why am I having these chest pains?
I seem to have asthma but asthma medications do not seem to work?
I have a pain in my back between my shoulder bones can this be pneumonia?
Can my daughter have acid reflex?
Collapsed lung question?
I am having nausea, night sweats, and loose stools...?
Weird pink stool? What in the world is this?
Can anyone tell me what's wrong with me?
can i stil exercise with Left ventricular hypertrophy?
is it dangerous to have strong heart palpitation?
I doubled my medicine dosage by mistake today?
How can I control my fast pulse when I go to the Doctor?
how many times does your heart beat in 15 seconds?
Went to Emergency room, told they heard extra beats. What can it be? Please help!?
Could I be lactose intolerant?
Will I be allergic to hair dye if i have had a reaction to a black henna tattoo?
Why bother spending big bucks on an air purifier?
Are fruits okay for Lactose people?
Do i have pink eye? my eye is perfectly white?
How do you get rid of dead skin cells?
Is accutane really the best?
How do you get rid of your acne?
Dentists made my tooth worse?
My back problems? Whats your advice?
can 12 grams of acetaminophen kill you?
is there such a thing, as a super low cost Dentist?
My sides hurt Can anyone help?
Can dentistry be considered a dentist's place of practice?
Careington Dental or Aetna Dental?? Which one is better?
What is honestly the best weight loss pill at walmart or walgreens?
When should i drink my weight gainer?
What is the fastest way to lose weight?
How can I lose 30 lbs of baby weight? Help plz?
Heeeey Anyone outthere pleasee help..im 14 going on 15 and need to lose 40 pounds by march..Help?
How to stay motivated in eating healthy?
best way to get protein?
What is the fastest way to lose weight if your a teen(13)?
Is Diarrhea after one week is hiv symptom please help?
can you get chlamydia from a toilet?
STD from making out? Severe sore throat and other cold-like symptoms?
AIDS/HIV Essay, im freaking out!?
Scared that i stepped on a needle?
Should I feel safe after having 4 bed bug treatments?
how do you feel about the new 2010 flu shot?
Is it considered Malpractice If a doctor does not give you a diognosis imediately, and I get worse?
HIV test results question?
How much damage have I caused myself from smoking?
Is TB gram positive or gram negative?
Tabacco question *needs an answer*?
how fast does it take to get addicted to tobacco?
what are the best ways to get rid of shyness?
missed one day called in sick do i need a doctors note?
What is wrong with my feet!?
i'm having knee pain, what could it be?
What should I do?(I can't sleep, awake for 30 hours)?
Why doe my head hurt after playing too much video games?
I got sprained on my right foot. It is persistently painful. I have it massaged but still painful.?
Why won't my headache won't go away?
Getting wisdom teeth pulled...?
What is this on my Teeth (pic included)?
Tooth Extraction. . .?
Does drinking milk strengthen your teeth as an adult, or just as a child when they're still growing in?
GIANT dental abscess? what would you do?
i been having pains in my head and the side of my face and sometimes when i bit down my teeth...?
Grinding teeth in my sleep! why?
After you brush your teeth at night before you go to bed is it okay to drink diet sodas or splenda sweet tea?
if iam 210 pounds how can i get down to 130 pounds?
I'm trying to get in shape...and I have a question ?
What's a good workout for a 13 yr old kid?
How fast will I lose weight if I do 3 reps of 15 sit ups& push ups,30 squats and 6 reps of jumping rope for 5?
Where is a good place to find a good diet?
How many calories do you burn from running 5 miles?
Hi im 14, 5ft 6in. and i weigh about 210 and i need to loose about 60 pounds by the end of march?
p90x bodyfat question?
How do I stop the ringing in my ears?
Why are painkillers so addictive. And what is the easiest way to get off them?
Sharp chest pain when waking up?
What is the worst physical pain you ever had?
eyes itchy and watery, the tears smell?
Why do i still cut if im happy?
health insurance alternatives in minneapolis?
MRI found 2mm bulge that might turn into aneurysm lost insurance but doc wants me to get MRA every yr to watch?
Please help? Anything would be helpful?
Can anemia be fatal?????
How do they see if you have Celiac Disease? Help!?
my mom found chewing tobacco in my room. what should i say?
Morphine sulfate 15mg?
I took one aspirin for a cold...?
what are some cures for nausea?
Anyone ever had an inner ear infection?
I have a really bad sore throat and cant swallow..what will make it feel better?
Better and "safer" ADD medicines?
am i underweight? or am i normal?
Am I a hypochondriac or is this real?
I have low blood sugar and need ideas on what to do during work so I don't pass out?
if blood type AB and Blood type O compatible?
What is a sugar daddy?
PCOS, Hypothyroidism...diabetes?
I had my blood checked, and while the nurse was doing it, quite a lot squirted on the wall, on the floor. Help?
How to strengthen my arms with a wrist injury?
Friend is hurt no insurance. HELP!?
how do you know if your legs broken?
How Do you know if you broke your foot?
i got my navel pierced over a month ago and there is still a small amount of green puss that comes from it. I?
How to stop a toenail from falling off?
how do you know if there is a tick on you?
my brother in law got stung by a bee yesterday. and today his eye is swollen all the way shut!!!?
anyone know how to make canine teeth longer?
Can you listen to music on your iPod while getting braces?
Do orthodontics charge more each month for braces color change?
I need help with a dental abcess?
I need help with Expanders.?
Do I need braces? (Pictures included)?
my upper left arm has been paining suddenly for no reason?
how will cleanliness reduces the chance of infection ?
Why has this not been discovered before?
Are we in the clear from the Stomach Flu yet?
What is the difference between Naproxen and Oxycodone?
Is it possible that I have mono or not?
Lyme Disease, anyone who can help ?
whats worst physical pain or emotional pain?
Do I add heat or ice to this type of pain?
Left side of my face hurting SEVERELY?
Extreme Back Pain. What do i do?
i have a very red eye it sores after i wear my contact lens. i removed them and cleanse with the contact lens?
How to convince parents to get coloured contacts with power?
OPTOMETRIST HELP!!? scary eye lenses?
does anyone know where i can buy the coach anita eyeglasses in black size 52?
Question does anyone wear glasses or contacts with -5.00 diopters or stronger? If so I was just wondering what?
My eyes are becoming blurry?
why do I get diarrhea when I eat chocolate?
Accidentally ate expired mayonnaise?
Did you have Measles when you were little?
Herpes, Jeans Rubbing, Poor Hygiene?
have you told your partner you have herpes? how did they respond?
Can you contract Herpes from changing your tampon after touching a cold sore?
Are these risks of getting HIV or any kind of STD?
how many hours is the interval for taking benadryl?
Why is my nose so itchy even though I don't have any allergy?
should I believe all the medical websites about allergies to antibiotics?
How do I stop taking energy shots?
does cancer/tumor do something too your white blood count?
What would happen if i stopped weightlifting for 2 months?
how do you lose weight fast?
How long does it take to start seeing weight loss results?
Any tips on my weight loss/ muscle gain program?
How can I lose a weight off my hips...?
What is the average weight for a 5"3 13year old girl???? PLEASE HELP!!!?
What should I do about my weight?
how can i lose weight????? ...............................?
Why do you get a headache after you've been crying?
Possible to straighten neck?
My bones are grinding and hurt?
It Hurts!! HELP BEST ANSWER!!!!?
4 day gas pains or sluggish gallbladder?
I have a jaw issue called TMJ. Any advice on what to do when my jaw starts popping/locking up?
insacure about myself, BAD.?
Do you think these things are abusive?
How to get out of the sleep coma?
is depression helped by finding a suitable partner?
How to stop self harm?
What do you do if someone posts 5+ questions relating to them going to commit suicide?
What is this red patch beyween lip and chin?
What Clindamycin medication helped you with acne?
if i have blood clots in my lungs and on blood thinners can i still run?
Can being sick make your skin breakout?
does mole removal hurt, and does it leave a scar?
Braces: Two questions about headgear?
who has celiac disease,and what is it like to be it?
I have noticed I havent eaten in 4 days! no hunger?
Why do I keep having fainting/dizzy spells?
I feel like I'm going to throw up... help?
My hair is falling out!!! HELP!?
omg please help me fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
will I get tired fast if I only get 3 hours sleep?
My ear is making a popping noise and it's freaking me out.?
What signs do children have dealing with growing pains ?
im really constipated!!!! please someone help me!!!!!?
Coughing up blood? Help, please?
What's causing my dizziness?
My eyes constantly burn?
I have a question about eyes ?
why do my non prescription colored soft contact lenses move when i blink? 10 points!?
eyeglasses and vision question?
Process of getting contact lenses ? Please read !!?
What the site to get safely diet solution program ?
most ppl yell while getting waxed( hands or legs especially),why do i enjoy getting waxed ?
How do I address the problem of bedwetting?
I have major pain when I sneeze in my lower stomach?
what do you think we have shoulder blades?
Can't stop sleeping and feeling groggy?
i burnt my finger and put it on running cold water for 10 mins then on ice for 30mins but its still burning do?
what does a fractured or broken bone feel like, just wondering?
how long until my ankle injury is fully healed?
If a guy has herpes but no outbreak can we kiss ?
Why are black people getting aids?
How do I start a HIV/AIDS Foundation?
Can anyone help me n my itchy gums?
Braces off - swollen gums?
Lack of appetite and eating pains?
major nausea after gallbladder removal. Is this normal?
My mom gets upper back pain in lung and then burps to ease it?
Would my knee start hurting again after 2 weeks of rest?
Can you take Apo-Naproxen and Tylenol 3 at the same time?
Is this over weight or just normal?
How do I loose 50 pounds in 5-6 months?
Helth issues? Calories and eating disorders?
What are some safe diet pills for teens?
How to lose weight without losing your curves?
I have the flu now for a few days but my hands are trembling slightly and I can't control it! what can i do?
Question - MSRA Threatment?
What type of pathogen is hiv?
Deadly disease that you can get from open wounds?
Can activity increase a fever?
Is this the Stomach Flu?
Holter Monitor Results??????????
Chest infection or just a really bad cold?
First time smoking hookah, and have never smoked anything before.. Is it normal to still feel it in my throat?
I can't swallow tablets e.g. vitamins and paracetamol help!?
How do you become an anesthesiologist?
I've been having serious neck pain...?
Has Microvascular Decompression worked for anyone suffering from Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia?
Can I buy one box of contacts instead of one for each eye if they're both -2.00?
What do it mean when your left eye twitches?
what are the possible solutions for protruding mouth?
can someone help me? what is wrong with me?
which part of cancer is more spreadable?
Black and green gums?
How do you wash a yoga mat?
if you wear glasses do your eyes go small?
How long can I leave my contacts soaking in their Solution?
How can I be "insensate" when I don't understand what that means?
What is the difference between an Optometrist and an Ophthamologist?
I have a heart problem am I able to get disability?
I have a abscess tooth, the penicillin does NOT work,help?
What would happen if you mixed every single medicine in your cabinet and drank it?
Will my eye doctor give me a pair of contacts of my current prescription until I can see him in 2 weeks.?
how come Listerine doesnt make toothpaste?
I need someone to tell me how to help him.?
Does anyone know about pink eye caused by an allergic reaction?
a cavity question for dentists ?
Medicine help?????????????
Why does pulmonary embolism cause increased heart rate?
why do I have heart pains?
Do any of you have cardiac arrhythmia? what is your experience?
Does it sound like I might have heart disease...at 14?
Short sighted with implanon ?
does burning open wounds heal faster?
so i have a bad addiction to cocaine and i had been clean for 2 weeks but i let up and now i feel bad?
Throat problems! Please help, I'm not sure if this is severe, but I need help as soon as possible!?
Is it possible to forget thirst? I don't feel thirsty anymore!?
What are medical terms for this?
What Could This Pain In My Foot Be?
Why does herpes happen to good people?
Lice help!!!Please Read the details!!?
Can crystal meth be laced?
What is your view on marijuana? medical and recreational?
How long does it take for water to get from your mouth to your stomach?
Hi i am 17 and my height is 5'3.6" and i want to grow taller what should i do i haven't grow since two months ?
what will help pass a drug test in a month?
will drinking alot of water and cranberry pills help me pass a drug test in a month?
the lower left side of my stomack really hurts, why?
Do nose peircings hurt?
Best way to get rid of a hangover?
I have been having headaches for the last 5 years?
Is there really a such thing as a caffeine headache?
every days for years, when i wakeup i have a stuffy nose why?
Constant stuffy nose and sneezing/runny nose?
A cat scratched me, now its swelled *lik it usual just does* but it also itches?
my cat has diarrheaa?
I think I'm having an allergic reaction to something!!?
Why am I so cold all the time?
Headaches constantly, more like migraines. please help.?
How do you make yourself throw up on purpose?
this might sound dumb but can you get high off snorting paper that's lit up? Paper is made up of trees so?
Who has a good prescription card program in Texas?
I feel like I'm always nauseous?
What's up with me, is it flu or something?
How does HIV evading the immune system support the idea of an evolutionary race between pathogens and hosts?
can drinking vinegar lead to esophageal varices?
name an infectious disease caused by each of the following a virus, a bacterium, a protist, and a fungus?
Can an infection of the finger cause me to feel or get sick?
I do gymnastics and everytime i try to lift my leg, my bone cracks!?
Shoulder Problem?? What should I do?
How do doctors fix a rib that has broken through the skin?
13 and a broken back?
My ear was bleeding?!?!?!??!?
Help me make my thermometer say 100?
I accidentally cut my finger on an empty can. How do I know if it becomes infected?
I had my right big toenail removed today. How long will the bleeding last?
Bee sting that won't heal?
Does anyone know of any homemade remedies for rosacea (skin condition)?
clindamycin 1% and benzol perixide 5% Has anybody use this?
Does Medicaid cover for braces in Louisiana?
For those of you who have had a root canal?
Girl chattering teeth?
I HATE my chipped teeth!! Repairs?
What kind of meds do you get for wisdom teeth?
Pain after root canal...?
how much would braces cost for me??? pics included ??how much did yours cost?
How to whiten teeth ?? ?? ?? ?
what is the highest Cylinder level in Toric in contact lenses ?
how to make your eyes red?
How to cure a stye (in my eye)?
What is wrong with my eye? Help?
Can I wear my monthly contacts for 16 hours a day?
Am I using my contact solution correctly?
What kind of eyeglasses does the kid from honey i shrunk the kids have?
How does a lazy get worse?
I dont understand why...?
what's wrong with me!! :(?
Dose the Rice and vegetables diet work?
Lose weight with a GOOD diet?
how long do you think it will take to see results?
How much calories does one boiled egg has?
is throwing up to loose weight that bad?
Is it safe for a girl to take muscle milk?
What's the best way of dealing with a Charley Horse?
sharp pains in ovary region?
i overdosed and now im back at home....help?
am i sick or what wrong with me?
having multiple health problems but why?
How many times have you died before?
Is a blood pressure of 120 over 84 for an 18 year old okay?
why is my ear ringing?
please help!! can't seem to figure out what's causing this?
What happens when you smoke with writng paper?
Iam short for my age? How can I grow taller?
Have I got low blood pressure?
what are signs of a heart attack in women?
what happens when blood pressure increases?
im on omeprazol tablets can that cause irrigular heart beat?
Every time I move I feel like something is in moving in my head?
my finger tips go cold for no reason what does that mean?
Can I work out with enlarged spleen?
I got shingles does that mean that I have a poor immune system?
is a canker sore really considered herpes?
Can you get herpes from sharing a joint with someone who has it?
embarrassing question! I'm peeing kind of darkish...?
Owwww....my aching back?
what is wrong with my hands?
can you get a stiff neck by sleeping in a cold draft?
Why does it hurt so much ?
Too many and now my stomach is killing me please help?
little pain on left side of the chest?
Horrible pain on right side of rib cage when touched or when I stretch?
Why do I sleep for so long?
please help me. i dont know what to do.?
I get really bad head aches/migraines all the time...?
health on the bad smell of squirel in car dads car?
I'm a compulsive liar and i hate it?
I'm starting to feel bad because of my family...what should I do?
Does self harming for a release mean that you have depression?
vicodin 5 hours ago. sleeping pill ok?
Why doesn't ambien work anymore?
can I mix Ibuprofen and Nyquil?
Help! I'm having trouble swallowing NyQuill LiquiCaps!?
home remedies for stuffy nose?
My right pinky hurts when I...?
how can i relieve stomach pain?
Eye Pain (please help me)?
Can you fix (or make better) a lazy eye?
should I wear my computer lenses all the time?
Question about contacts?
I have a question about my eyes?
how reptitions is toning on the bench press?
Starving yourself to be skinny?
Is this weight normal for a twelve or thirteen or fourteen year old girl?
How long would it take to lose 23 kg?
How much can a average 13 year old bench?
Can I take protein shake If I want to loose weight but I also want to fain muscle ?
How to lose a bit more weight?
I think i broke my toe?
Swollen cartilage piercing?
Question regarding pus forming on the side of my toe?
How do i get a chiseled jaw line?
The wire on my bottom tooth came off the bracket of my braces.?
question about braces.?
My nose started swelling after I sneezed, why?
Do I have allergies or a cold?
I have a blackish stain on my tooth - more inside?
I quit smoking 4 days ago and I feel awful, why do I feel so bad?
Do I have hppd? I am so depressed?
Quitting Smoking??? E-cigerette?
I have constant gas and its so annoying and gross?
What are quick ways to feel better sooner?
Feel ill after having a tooth out?
How do I get mucus out of my nose?!?
What do these symptoms mean? How can I fix this?
Might be allergic to nose piercing? Please help.?
I have 12 cavity's HELP!?
If I inject air into my neck do I die?
My OCD is stopping me from thinking normal?
Should I get Invisalign or regular braces?
Do I have a cold or the flu?
Do I hQve the flu? Or just a cold ?
Male nurse? Yes or No?
Should I go doctor for cold/flu symptoms. ?
Does anyone know what this bug is?
hiv from a dried towel?
High blood pressure & stress ?
can only one time intensive running without pre exercising (warming) cause heart disease?
How to explain a weird pain in chest?
Name this disease? Please.?
how many types of MS are there, and what part of the body does it affect ?
What causes to lose weight? Is there any bad conditions related with losing weight?
hi, i have this thing on my head since high school,?
Whats a good way to stay awake at work?
Is sleeping late and waking up late the same as sleeping early and waking up early?
How do people become pigeon toed?
Ways to make your ears pop?
Can I take Mucinex and Tylenol Sinus medicine together?
my boyfriend just had his appendix removed?
What's wrong with my feet?
possible hemorrhoid? need help please!!!!!!?
I woke up this morning with a pain under the right breast, in the upper rib area.?
SEVERE headache that made me throw up then the next day i HAD awful back pains?
help with dry/ oilily face?
Will this cause me to have more acne?!?
How do I make my stretch marks on my thighs dissapear!!!!!!!?
when my mother was diabetic?
Is my blood pressure normal?
Does green tea make your blood thinner?
I have a range of symptoms but I don't know if they are all related?
Prostatitis symptoms help plz!!?
Has anyone ever recovered from Diabetic Neuropathy?
Can i pierce my lip even though i have braces?
Breathing problems at night?
Toothpaste? Any suggestions to whiten teeth?
Why does my throat feel dry?
what were your teeth like when your braces came off?
would this require braces or is there something else that can be done?
i had a bad bronchial infection,i took azithromycin for it and a month later i was still?
What is a urinary tract infection?
i feel sick, dizzy, light headed?
I need to know if Xanax cause chest tightening ?
Why don't nasal steroids work for me?
i might need glasses?
Contacts keep making my vision blurry?
My eye Doctor gave me my PD of 56/53 what does that mean?
what can help take the redness from my eyes caused by sleeping with contacts on?
Problem with glasses?
i need to loose about 40 pounds but i am unable to exercise.?
Is this anorexia or is she just too weak to eat?
Im 15 & 5'11, & I want 2 kno is ther any kind of food that makes u grow, because I want to hit a growth spurt?
I'm a teenager trying lose a lot weight!!!!?
Do you think I'm anorexic?
How to get rid of insomnia?
What's wrong with my eyes please please help!?
Can people with severe alcoholism or other addictions get better?
can you bleed from receiving a hickey?
What will this do to me?
Feeling slightly dizzy after walking into a big room or store?
Does getting a cold sore mean you have herpes?
Please tell me why I'm having this chest pain!?
Im 34weeks and FOR A WEEK NOW,,I've been having back-pain and cramping.I don't know should I go get seen?
So I've been feeling sharp yet deep pains starting in my lower back..?
I have this lump in the back of my head right behind my right ear?
Does vomiting always occur with appendicitis?
Do you believe humans immune system has weakened through evolution?
what is the malfunctioning genes in sickle cell?
Can females get hemophilia?
Am i sick? Feel like i have fever?
I am cutting my gums off....help please! and cavity I'm messed up..?
What can I do to make my braces stop hurting?
Is it normal that if you get emotional attached with your dentist or doctor?
should i workout with a hurt ankle?
If you've had knee surgery, please answer?
What do i put on my injured foot?
Twisted my ankle in August, keep getting random pain in it?
How is donating plasma compared to donating blood?
My 2.5 year old got fever caugh and stop urinating for 12 hours. What should i do?
What causes fainting in tenegers?
my 3 years doughtier just wake up and she has bad bad Smell comes out of here mouth, what would that be,?
Swollen Lymph Nodes in neck?
How can I deal with Irritable Bowel Syndrome without medication?
Can a UTI go away without biotics?
how to get rid of oily black head things under my nose and chin?
Who drove the vehicle that hit Denise Darvall?
I experienced a random rapid heart beat?
My 1 year old son has a heart murmur.?
heart problem After going to china.?
please give me answer fast right now emergency?
Friend's mom has pain in right arm, leg and her chest? ?
Why does my mouth still hurt after almost 2 weeks of wisdom tooth extraction?
What does it mean when the left side of my body is numb?
Should I go to the ER or wait to see another doctor on monday?
My aunt has weird habits?
bpd social services stopped me seeing my children?
Do schizophrenics only have paranoid hallucinations?
What is wrong with me?
Should I stress out in yr 10 if I am goin on to yr 12?
I hung up suicide hotline....?
Is is possible to genetically inherit dementia?
How did i become allergic to cats all of a sudden?
i am looking for live chats that are for people with anxiety/panic attacks. anyone with any good sites?
can i smoke weed on claritin and prescription steroids?
why if you eat a nickel it comes out the other end?
Am i allergic to alcohol?
After trying to set something alight with a magnifine glass I was looking at the circle of light...?
Is there a way you can have the size of your pupils reduced?
Will my vision stop getting worse?
Painful speck on cornea?
eye surgery! please read...?
Anyone ever experience eyes changing colors.. Why does it happen?
What number do I need to keep my blood sugar at to lose 15 lbs by next week but without going into a coma?
I had the stomach flu which showed ketones in my urine, is this diabetes?
If you are weak does it definitely mean you have Diabetes?
I'm 42 usually a normal bp of 117/70 today tested at 177/98?
Does protein shakes increase iron level?
Please tell me I didn't just get herpes from cleaning toilets at work?
Why is it MAINLY black people that have AIDS ?
Is coffee / caffeine a placebo?
How can I com myself down?
How do I make myself really sick?
Questions about medical marijuana?
Would i pass a drug test when i have only smoked pot once?
Im a teen. How do i stay fit and healthy?
how can i lose weight really fast?
how do i clean marijuana out of my blood?
quickest way to lose 20 pounds?
What diet pills can i use to help me lose wiehgt ?
I need some workout advice?
Would you consider me to be fat?
When you have muscle pain is it better to ice it or heat it?
what is wrong with my body!?
Hurting all over My body what can it be ?
shoulder blade pain !!?
how often do dentists brush their teeth?
why doesnt table sugar contribute to t decay?
i have a bubble in the inside of my lip what is it?
which tooth brush is better? manual or electrical?
At the top of my front teeth are blue greenish and I don't know how it got that way. Should I be concern?
My front left tooth hurts when I touch it with my tongue since i got smacked with a snowball.?
Shortness of breath and more?
Has anyone had such a sore throat they can't even breath?
It bleeds but feels good how can this be?
I have an obsession with burning Tickle Me Elmos?
Coughing after a cold?
What do i havee if i have problems breathing??!!!!?
Back pains when i breathe?
are these the symptoms of being high?
Questions about the flu? How to get over it FAST?
I had the stomach bug and...?
What rare or normal diseases can be prevented through healthy eating?
what are the symptoms of the flu?
I have a fever but my mom wants me to go to school?
What will a shock pen do if it is applied to the neck area?
Can you take tylenol pm while drinking?
Fractured Tailbone From Years Ago. Will It Ever Stop Being Painful?
I have a pain in my upper outer thigh, what can I do?
How to cure constipation quick? HELP!?
I have stomach pain...?
Every time i sit down with my legs straight my back hurts.?
Question about bowel movements?
Which side of your body do you sleep on if you have a cold ?
What happens on a yearly check up? (Teen male)?
Stopped Taking Phenytoin "Dilantin" for seizures?
I've been smoking weed and the parents will be home soon?
Why are my feet so cold all the time?
My heart is racing up from last few days...Help me?
Will someone help me with this heart rate activity?!?
Wat happens if u snort alka seltzer? ?
during my ecg the result was RBBB w/c i havnt understand well. the doctor said i have a haert problem...?
Does this sound like a heart problem or anexity symtoms.?
Do you feel sleepy alot when you dont get enough rest ?
Which drug is this related to?
what are the chances of a 14 year old getting atrial fibualtion?
mitral valve prolapse syndrome?
Can I take Inositol with Warfarin?
heart condition problems? questions?
What could be causing my high eye pressure?
my mom says that if i read in the car i get blind is that true?
Question about red lines in eyes?
My eye sees double, please read!!!?
What is my vision on a 20/20 scale?
wearing one a day contacts longer then directions say?
Can a laser damage eyes if viewed indirectly?
Why did this happen? what should I do?
Will this scar go away?
i have a rash on my arm and i don't know what it is?? help please. 10pts!!!!?
What is the best face wash for acne?
My face is dry and oily how do I treat it?
Cough, vomit, stomach ache and bleeding defecation. I need help.?
I need a drug to help me relax while im studying?
why is there still redness on my face 6 months after an acne extraction?
Can't sleep???????!!!!?
Question about panick attacks, answers fast :(?
Please help me, I can't take this pain anymore!?
can doctors tell you have had a std after its cured?
Left neck pain when swallowing? What could it be?
WHAT does disc degeneration of the l4-l5 disc with small disc bulge and a tiny central disc protrusion causing?
I am on antibiotics for Chlamydia and my boyfriend was fingering me and then touched himself.?
I am Having sharp pains on the sides of my stomach? Should I go to the ER?
Wat would cause inner thigh pain?
Swollen lymphnode under right armpit?
Why do we cry when we are in pain?
What to do for brusing?
how long will it take to get slim?
no arm muscles from p90x?
Losing 20-30 pounds by summer. Possible?
If i eat a lot of protein will this little jelly roll on my stomach just turn into muscle?
is my body athletic looking?
He has diabetes and doesn't take care of himself..?
diabetic pt who is out of control. her blood sugar fluctuates from low to high. Goes low every night?
Does Metformin cause sleepiness?
Would a cut affect the circulation in my hands?
Blood type lifestyle eating. Reviews/questions?
What is the best method to quit smoking?
Chiropractic acupuncture weigh control ears?
why would i feel weird the day after getting stoned?
is there an herbal supplement thats like xanax?
Do Centrum multiviatims make your stomach hurt?
Has anyone taken courses/enrolled in courses in the Global College for Natural Medicine? (GCNM)?
Will my toenail grow back?
My nose randomly bleeding?
How do i know if my coccyx is broken?
How to sooth my aching rib?
what are reasons for a leg to suddenly hurt?
what's wrong with my knees?
I pinched/hurt a nerve in my wrist a week ago.. Need help please!!!?
I have a UTI with chills and flank pain, should I go to the doctor?
I broke my pinky 12 years ago but why is it just starting to hurt again?
Beyond depressed? Help?:(?
I have some Sleeping issues?
Is anyone actually happy?
social anxiety confiders?
How can you tell if you have Insomnia?
How to forget about bad memories? (School related)?
Am i border line personality disorder ?
How do we shake the whole seasonal depression thing?
Will I get a yeast infection?
Do you think i have mono?
was swine flu over exaggerated in the UK?
My daughter had a high fever last night and started to shiver. Her temperature was 102.3,why is she shivering?
can someone help me with this? why does my contact lense burn my eye when i first put it in? (short ten pnts?)?
Where can I donate used eyeglasses?
Ordering contacts online...basecurve?
Sinus Infection Help!?
Blood mixing from different people = HIV and or Hepatitis?
How can I fix my clogged ear?
Help! I'm sick and can't eat.?
Should I wear glasses all the time?
I woke up with a bloody nose last night, what do I do?
My daughter has lost interest in school and has stopped doing it? She is home schooled.?
is it possible for me to work with one good eye?
Do I have OCD? (examples)?
contact lenses question..?
What kind of health conditions would result in a feeling of extreme heat in the heart area?
how to get rid of redness and swelling from acne really fast?
how do I prevent myself from waking up with bad breath?
do ferrous sulphate tablets cause black stools to be passed?
How bad do cartilage piercings hurt? Do they hurt more when it gets done, or after?
I accidentally took too many aleve?
Why does my stomach hurt so much?
Vertigo and headache causes?
in virtual families when your person gets sick what kinda medicine do i buy?
Is this Sleep paralysis?
Why would someone walk around on their tip-toes (without realising it)?
Dont know what to think?
Why does it hurt when i try to sleep on my stomach?
Pacemaker/heart questions?
I was shocked by electricty, what are the risks.?
long time raised blood pressure?
my friend is having some kind of vascular surgery?
Why does my stomach get huge when I eat?
i think im fat but other people say im skinny and totally not fat at all?
I'm on the verge of playing WoW again after a one year hiatus. Can someone please stop me!?
Im going on vacation in a month, how can i loose weight to look good in a bathing suit?!?
Did I go overboard with this meal? 10 pts?
Am i average or thin or skinny?
What can i eat while on a diet?
Should I lift weights at 13?
plain green tea or green tea with honey?which one helps loose weight, tastes better and which one is healthier?
Im 14 and I have Tinnitus?
Does the FDA overreach when it restricts medical treatments?
The Medicine Predisone Help!?
can the co2 from you breath kill you if you smelt it alot?
shortness of breath as a child... what was it?
What ages are considered children in medicine?
Low income Medical Clinics and Prescription help!?
Does anyone feel dizzy when they go to a store?
when you have chronic sinus do you suppose to have pressure in the back of your head?
How do I hide the that I smoked weed?
Pain with Cortisone shot?
can you get TMJ from head trauma?
how to fix back pain without spending money?
my chest really hurts?
is this normal and what do you think might be wrong with it?
Would doctors know if a baby had AIDS?
Can i go to the GUM clinic, but not be examined?
Vision problems..Click to read more?
First time wearing contact lenses, any advice?
Why can't we use eye drops over 30 days after opening?
how to get rid of a lazy eye?
HELP ASAP why do my ears always pop?
my ear has some problem it's paining heavily,help me please?
Does getting a cyst removed hurt?
Swallowed a huge pill now my chest hurts real bad. WHat do i do?
What's the best thing to eat after a work out?
Im 280 lbs and have been dieting??how much weight will i lose in 5 months time?? Please help?
i need to loose weight?
Help with Belly fat? ?
How can I get taller? I am a 13 year old girl that is 5"1 all of my friends are so much taller than me!! :(?
I fell on my knee and it is still swollen?
A table fell on my ribs yesterday and I got pinned between two tables for a couple of seconds?
shoulder blade pain when i walk?
Burning pain on sprained ankle/foot.?
What will happen if...?
Can you control your blushing?
What causes muscle spasms in face?
Cocaine a week ago now im going to surgery tomo?
Extreme pain, shaking during, blood on tissue and shaking uncontrollably 20 minutes after excretion?
What time should I go to bed to avoid weight gain?
advil pm every night?
Where can I buy These roots for my herbal Tea?
Curing ear infection naturally?
Is it okay for me to be drinking alcohol when i take daily diet pills in the morning?
How can I stop feeling so tired and sick?
How safe is tums for calcium?
Can I suddenly stop using paracetamols after using them for 4 days ?
Hi, I have had a severe headache now for 5 days. Thought it was sinusitis, could this be serious though.?
how long do colds normally last?
what do you think i have?
Should i go to the doctor's? I think i have a cold?
Why is the typhoid fever called so?
Chances of a 14 year old to have a heart attack?
My father said I had low blood pressure?
if you have a short pr interval in a normal sinus rhythm what does tha mean?
Recent heart palpitations.?
What can I do about acne breakout during the winter?
What does it feel like to be high?
Best way to rid of blackheads?
I have been using proactive for 3 weeks, it hasnt helped what do I do to get rid of my acne?
Is there a suicide hotline like chat room that could just provide me with someone to talk to?
Do I have a eating disorder?
How can i step out of all of that??? please help me im suffering ?
why am I uninterested in the things that I like to do?
Can Psychiatrists override a Psychologists diagnosis?
Can i take Ibuprofen with Tylenol?
night coughing from the last two weeks, specially late night, tightening chest. what to do?
I have sharp pains in my head. What do they mean?
Why isn't there a cure for HIV, people are dying...WHY?
why is the FDA hiding the aids cure?
where in america did AIDS originate?
Can anyone recommend a brand of contact lenses ?
What website can I order cute dolly-like contacts?
Helps!my contact lens keep breaking!!!?
Something about my eyes ?!?
How long will it take me to lose 5 to 10 pounds?
How much weight should I lose (pic included)?
Is drinking 23 units of alcohol in one night at the age of 14 bad?
overweight...what excercises can i do?
How to get rock hard abs as quickly as possible ?
Losing weight in a certain area?
drinking too much water too fast is it bad?
Is there gluten in rye?
Right hand side of face swollen?
How do I kick this sinus infection?!?
How do you stop an Asthma attack?
Having some difficulty bteathing?
Why is it that when i smoke this time, I feel dizzy a lot?
My doctor told me that I have arthritis.?
Did I Overdose? I need to know NOW!?
what are ways i can do to cure my leg pains?
How long is a migraine supposed to last?
What do you do if your on your own and hyperventilate!?!?
Why are some people naturally cold or naturally hot .?
what are the names of some diseases that don't allow you to have children?
I'm still worried... will I be alright?
How to stop cracking my back?
I am having small poo's and i have a pain in my abdomen for 5 days? what could this be?
should u miss work if u have herniated buldging disks?
cant move my neck to one side because of the pain?
Wrist pain in both wrists?
Over the counter ear drops for pain?