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Why am I so obsessive over EVERYTHING?
Anorexia is going to kill me?
whats a good job for someone who's bipolar?
Why is it after I wach TV or play video games I think slower?
Is it normal for personalities to change during the start of puberty?
Is this a normal age to have your wisdom teeth come in?
does getting braces out hurt?
Gums suddenly come down and overlapping more than half of one tooth?
Can you feel it when you get a tooth pulled even though it has been numbed?
Teenager With Bad Teeth?
would dark blue braces look nice?
Do I have an allergy?
why do i do this every time i drink milk?
Are these dairy allergy reactions?
I am a 13 year old boy and I think I should shave my armpits and stomach, leave a happy trail, should I?
Why are my hands constantly shaking?
Why do doctors leave the room when you change? They're going to see you naked anyway.?
I am 14, and 5 feet, and would like to know how I can grow taller. Help!?
what happens when someone prays for you and you get a hot/warm feeling on the right side of your body?
Do you think smoking as a teen is bad?
My throat hurts X( please help?
does acupuncture hurt?
how do i get pencil lead out of my head if i got stabbed with a pencil?
what could be migranes and constant hot and cold flashes im only 17 guy?
I just had my tonsils out?
What kind of doctor diagnoses heart attacks?
How do you know if your really inhaling a cigarette ?
What is a suture kit ?
how can I tell if there is asbestos in my food?
What's a good and inexpensive Air Purifier that also eliminates odors including smoke odors?
Ways to get to sleep faster?
I drink a lot of coffee almost everyday for a long time?
Should I buy a stethoscope?
How much food to eat with ibuprofen?
does tulisa have ashtma because of weed?
Why do I have a sore throat in the morning?
Adderall as a weight loss drug? ?
How much weignt can i lose in one month ? ?
How to get toned in one week tops?
For serving sizes, half of a cup or 4oz?
food that has or is protein rich?
Is it possible to drop 10 pants sizes in less than 6 months?
Can smoking weed cause me to spit blood?
Best Time Of Day To Weigh Yourself? Need Some Advice,?
I Really need to lose at LEAST 60 lbs in 8 months and have a bikini body?
What should someone who is 5'2" weigh?
Why is it so bad to eat less?
does P90X really work?
can an infant (10 mo.) catch the virus that causes shingles/chicken pox from someone who was just vaccinated?
What kinds of diseases could be transmitted via small amounts of saliva?
Pinworm Advice Please?
Bacteria spreading my disease if i have it?
mucus when i open my bowels?
help! I've been mosquito attacked!?
How long will I have to wear my retainer?
is it safe to rinse mouth out with hydrogen peroxide?
Is it normal for a Root canal to hurt after getting it fixed?
I really want cavities !?!?!?!?
18 years old too late for wisdom teeth?
my tooth is very stinky?
Should I take my pain medicine?
I keep having these weird back aches..?
why do i have extreme sinus pressure?
Whats wrong with my back?
Feeling a lot of pressure in my throat help?
Whats causing these headaches?
What could be wrong if I have neck, shoulder, & upper back pain on the right side?
is there re treatment after broken bone growth in wrong position?
Iliotibial band strain and recovery time?
ACL/meniscus knee surgery?
Why are my feet so cold all the time????????????????????????????????????…
why do my sons burps smell like vomit?
i smoke on and off. im just starting with my on phase again and have been off for 4 months. how do i stop?
I got 2 questions in diff categories.. i got zits on my chest below my neck an tend to itch? i want6 pac. how ?
my upper lip itches and burns!!!!!!!!?
Why do some people want to have double eyelids?
Does anyone know of free STD testing for a Paulding County Georgia (male) Resident?
what is a good attention grabber for a HPV speech?
Why is LSD still illegal?
Can I swallow capsules with yoghurt?
what are the best probiotics on the market for boosting the immune system?
What are some of the negative things you've seen or heard about Methadone clinics?
How much does a gram of dried salvia leaves cost?
How can a Electric Cigarette safe the life of an Individual?
can marijuana make your eyesight better and clearer?
I'm a 16 year old girl aspiring to be a model. How can I grow at least an inch taller?
oh please help i only got a few answers on my other questions!!!!!?
What is the name of the surgery for removing glass from someones leg?
please oh please help me i have an issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My dog ate human food and it upset his stomach?
$28,000 medical bill?!?
I lost my retainer, what do i do in the mean time??? VERY IMPORTANT?
Which is better for your teeth, brushing with cold, or warm water?
How is it that I have soooo many cavities and I take care of my teeth?
why is this happening?
Why do am I feeling so weird?
Help! My throat really hurts?
Is This Safe For My Teeth And Does It Work?
What to do for a bitten cheek?
I have to go for an important meetingbut i have a severe earache.?
is it bad if your lower back hurts where your kidneys are?
I've got this bad right knee pain could somebody advise(I'm only 15)?
what's your diet plan?
Have you ever had a fat person plug the toilet at your house?
did p90x NOT work at least ok for anyone here?
How many calories to lose weight?
if i am drinking a half of glass of lemon juice and water would that help me loose weight?
I lost 10 kilos/22 pounds in 9 months. I did it very slowly, with breaks,exercise and diet. Is that too slow?
How do I make my calves smaller?
Can a latex glove lower my risk?
1 hour to get a fever. what can i do?
I have a sore throat and a lump feeling in the bottom left half of the throat?
A cat tried to scratch me---do I need to get a rabies shot?
The tendons in my wrist are so tight that my fingers can't go straight up. Does anyone know what this is?
Whats a sist and a hemroid?
If i take 4 or 5 sleeping pills at a time, will i finally be able to sleep?
Does a tragus piercing hurt a lot?
Is it normal to be short of breath with a cluster headache?
What helps move glass through your digestive system?
My boyfriend is often nauseated, anything I can do to help him?
Urgent medical help!?
Took urine drug test after not smoking weed for 79 days. Pass?
What does high protein levels in urine mean?
What's the point of drinking lots of water while sick?
I have smoked about 10 packs of cigarettes over the course of 3 years, is there any chance of a full recovery?
Can an eye infection make the eye sight worsen once it's healed?
do i need glasses?? what do you think?? easy question....?
my nose always bleeds and my docter tells me to always put vaseline in my nose but it doesent work?
Why so many people going gluten free?
Does kleenex hide dust particles into their tissues to make you sneeze more and buy more of their products?
Is it weird that I like sneezing?
I gust found out my mom has Meniere's Disease?
I always have post nasal drip.?
I think I am having pleurisy. It is Sat evening. Can I wait until Monday to visit my doc?
(need ppl who have had lung collapse) lung hurts, previous pnemothorax. and ideas?
Always have a lot of mucus in my throat?
My Doctor prescribed vitamin D2 1.25 mg tablets for me.?
My sisters a diabetic and i wanna make her a birthday treat and dont know if i can?
What makes you thirsty and lose your appetite?
Is this possibly diabetes?
What is a truly normal blood sugar number?
Wow... Could I be diabetic? And with which type?
how do i get my braces to look really shiny?
My teeth aren't together, Do i need braces?
Im 15 and in good health, but I have been tired lately. Im always thirsty, and have to pee alot.?
How can you get rid of heartburn...?
My Lip is Swollen After Kissing. Is It A Sign of Herpes?
low temperature what couls this mean?
If you have a disease, how is it that you're more prone to other diseases?
how many time should i take a bath?
What causes nosebleeds?
How to control blushing?
I think i might have Iron deficiency anemia? help?
Can i use hand lotion (Jergans soothing aloe relief) lotion as lubrication? Im a guy?
do i have tmj please help?
Chest in pain. need help fast.?
can i take atarax and imitrex together?
Lower left abdominal pain, can exercise be related? 3-4 days?
why headache and dizzy?
How do you make yourself throw up?
I need a water bottle that doesn't leak!?
I lost 7 pounds n 4 days is this unhealthy?
Will I gain weight or get bigger if I eat foods high in protein?
Does the P90X Ab Ripper work with my routine?
Does calories turn into fat or does carbs? i am in school and need help!?
Am I a cannibal.........?
i think i might be depressed?
Help with derealization?
How can i stop getting so stressed and angry or ways to help me calm down?
My mom is depressed?! :(?
Can you be an adequate parent if you are bipolar? any body dealt with there husband or wife is bipolar.?
Tomorrow I'm going to the doc for antidepressants. What to expect?
left hip mri w/contrast showed 'there is a top normal size left iliac node noted"? what does this mean?
What is wrong with my foot?
HELP wrist hurts when I bend/move it!?
Pain when swallowing.. even just saliva?
how can i get colored contacts if i have 20/20 vision?
Headaches and strained eyes?
How do i get free colored contacts send to my door for free?
At night i have really snow like vision, very small dots all over my eyes?
30mW Gree Laser Pointer in my eye?
getting braces soon!?
How long did you have braces/how long do you need them?
Is it possible to get braces off in a shorter amount of time than the orthodontist said?
Can someone explain the procedure for braces step by step?
Does getting teeth pulled out hurt?
When recovering from not feeling good,what light things can you eat?
My baby has a slight fever and rapid breathing! HELP?
what is gonnococcal tonsillitis ?
how to get rid of/reduce duration of the flu?
I have UTI for 2 months....please help me....? ?
Normal to have mono for a year?
What medicines are best for treating sore throat for pregnant women?
My ears leak at night. In the morning both ears are crusted almost closed. HELP?
if i get my medical card in california will my parents see it since they pay for insurance?
I had 2 ibuprofen an hour ago and can can I take cold medicine too? HELP?
I can't swallow pills. Help!?
How do anti-radiation pills work?
Axiety & panic attack?
I think I've got a cold...any suggestions?
Helping to get rid of my cough?
can i take cipro antibiotics for pleurisy?
Help! Sinus infection relief?
What is a great product to keep lips unchapped?
is this excema?????????
How can I grow a foot on my forehead?
What is the cheapest/easiest way to get rid of stretch marks?
Why do rashes seem to itch more at night?
My headache isn't going away?
How to make my back hurt more?
popped blister on the soles of my feet?
Pain in armpit lining bench press?
I'm getting circumcised I'm scared, will I get pain medication afterwards?
Lump on husbands neck?
I have some knee pain... help?
what do i do when i broke my nose?
I Swallowed Toothpaste Wrong ?
Why do I burp when Im chewing gum?
Help what is wrong with me?
Do you know anyone who has overdosed on Marijuana?
explain how the umblical artery and vein in a fetus . are similiar to the pulmonary artery and vein in a adult?
Sinus arrythmia question?
will aerobics help me lose weight?
What can cure a weak stomach do to blood?
Can I get fit in six months?
Uh-oh please help ASAP :,(?
what went wrong with this?
weight issue need to lose 50 pounds please help what should i do ?
Why won't my daughter gain weight?
does insanity work wihtout the diet plan?
Im 5ft 3in female what should i weigh?
How many days a week is it safe to jog 5 miles on treadmill without possibly injuring myself?
permanent filling after root canal?
wisdom teeth removal?
Do i have dry socket?
is it true that when you get braces your gums enlarge?
Can u drink Coke zero with braces?
If I do this daily will it visibly whiten my teeth?
My braces are severely cutting my cheek....?!?
How do I use baking soda + toothpaste?
pain im my leg above the knee and it hurts when i move my leg or try to walk what is is?
How to get rid of canker sores?
What Should I do about this Knee Problem?
Where can I go to get help for my cutting without my parents being notified?
What does heartburn feel like? ?
My fiance' sprained her wrist at work. If she were to get an attorney could they do anything for her at all?
I have a pain inside my tonsil and it feels like something is stabbing inside ?
is it better to get different prescription contacts if one eye is weaker than the other?
Do you think i have pink eye?
Why do you get cravings for junk food or random foods?
Shortness of breath and chest tightness?
is this some chronic disease?
I have Asthma what could this be?
Help.. My Right Chest/Pec hurts when I breathe. What can I do?
i have pectus excavatum?
How old do you have to be to smoke a cigarette in Texas?
my knee hurts really bad?
my right side of my head goes numb and tingles i get dizzy and my eye sight went out one night?
i have a bad sore throat??!!?
Is there a higher risk of infection if i get two piercings at once?
What are these symptoms of?
Any relief for severe varicose veins during pregnancy?
i have just had brace fittied last week and i really want them off will the orthodontist take them off?
My tooth has broken, how will they fix it?
How to make teeth whiter?!!!!!?
My nan has lost a partial denture.?
braces are making my teeth turn yellow?!?!?!?
getting invisalign teen in one month! do you think it will work!?
What happens if a sinus infection is not treated?
Both Knee & Tailbone Pain?
how do you get rid of shin splints..?
Whats wrong with my throat?
When do you lose more weight?
Can a skinny girl beat up a fat girl and why?
Skinny everywhere apart from stomach? Help please!!!?
Does caffeine stunt weight loss?
What foods can you NOT eat during the 'no whites' diet?
P90x and things needed to do the workout?
how many days you know have a gonorhea?
Whats the difference between a yeast infection and chlamydia?
Could he have an STD?
are there any see able STDS?
Help .. im really illl !! answers asap !!?
Diabetes and Twitching in the face?
Advice on good "comfort" gifts for someone with neuropathy?
diabetic husband overdose accident?
Is it bad for me to be addicted to sharp things at a young age?
What foods/drinks calm a stomach ache?
Why don't my pupils dilate?
My Friend told me something about her daughter?
My stomach problems just WON'T stop and are ruining my life.?
what type of stomach problem this might be?
How much nutmeg do you need to eat to trip?
Can people get OCD from chemicals and hormones in foods?
Shortness of breath and shaking?
Breathing problems!!..Please ..somebody help me with this ....read and give your answer...?
why would they be doing a PET scan and what is it?
Help me please! is these normal?
Smoking effects ?! ...?
How can i tell between marijuana strains?
What was your worst psychedelic trip?
I got Acne and Ive heard Acneace really works but doesn't it?
Where can i buy peppermint oil capsules or peppermint oil tea?
why does my jaw lock up?
when brushing your hairand u start hering popping noises, what does that mean?
had back pain for 2 months negative mri and having severe pain and pain down legs sometimes but theres pain?
can i take percocet before doing chest because of shoulder?
my right side hurts, why?
im 14 and i have chest pain, what do i do?
How Designer sunglasses will helpful for children's?
Wearing Contacts Over a long time?
Can the tinting film on eye glasses be removed?
Bleeding in my eye? Please help?
how to make home made solution for contacts?
What is the difference between optician and optometrist?
Will Jaw surgery make my teeth stay straight ?
im so scared getting two teeth out, does it hurt?
Flossing Teeth Worrying?
how to reduce the bad smell from [email protected]?
my front four teeth are crooked..?
Okay I think I sprained my foot!!!help?
ankle surgery???????
I got hit by a car and I can't move, what should I do?
Can I go to sleep tonight?
Hit the top of my head on a car door about 4 hours ago?
My boyfriend got bitten by sumthing but dnt knw wat. It turned black and purple has pus and dnt itch?
Why do I have these small smalll small little black dots on my nose?
What stores can you buy acne treatments in?
Bump on breast when squeezed pus came out and knot undearneath?
How to get rid of back acne?
Why am i always freezing cold?!?
what happened to pepcid complete chewables?
How can I get a fever overnight?
how can you rid yourself of lice?
what helps unblock your nose?
My girlfriend and I madeout 2 days ago and she came down with the stomach flu last night. Could i get it?
if a student used to self harm, would a teacher still report it?
Can you overdose on fiber, and dieting benefits?
after you become bulimic is it normal too....?
. Which statement best describes the relationship of body weight to physical fitness?
What else should I add on to this lunch???? HELP ME OUT HERE:D?
What happens in counselling?
Is there something wrong with me?
what should my back workout look like for a wider stronger back?
Will these exercises remove my layer of fat?
I went from eating fried foods and takeout everyday to 1200 calorie diet, is this healthy?
How can i lose a few pounds and get slimmer?
can you lose wight by doing zumba?
*Please Help* Am I Overweight?
What is a 'Chill Blain'?
Pain in side back, after panic attacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i get rid of a migran?
best way to sit in a chair in front of a comp? or stretches to do to get the blood flowing in legs :).?
Migraine's at my age??????
Why do I feel like my body is vibrating in my sleep?
the result of the ultrasound says there are lithiases in both kidneys, what does that mean?
how to get rid of constipation with a hernia?
What is the average 72 year old like?
would it be okay to take two ambien?
Have you ever fainted?
when you breathe through mouth, does air go automaticly into lungs or into mouth?
I have been breathing in harsh chemical vapors at work and i am wheezing. is that the cause?
my ferret is not moving but breathing what is wrong with him?
left the gas stove on for about 15 minutes? carbon monoxide?
Does my boyfriend have sleep apnea? Poor guy woke up having a fit in middle of night!?
Can someone with AIDS be a surgeon?
I'm extremely concerned. I feel I may have gotten HIV.?
Does taking medication with Coffee waste the medication?
What would happen if you drank bleach?
What Do You Do When He Might Be Smoking Weed?
What helps best with lower back pain?
can you tell me the name of this gel for back and leg pain?
Help my dads pain go away naturally?
Hit in the mouth, weird cracking feeling...?
I swallowed food and it HURTS!!!?
Do you have to get a palatal injection for...?
I think I have Hypothyroidism, but my parents think I am being a hypochondriac?
My feet smell real bad. My wife will not let me stay in the room. What can I do to make them smell better?
My Mom's Liver? What should she do?
Do hemorrhoids heal on their own?
How soon do you feel the effects of vitamin D?
Is my piercing infected?
Can someone get a heart attack when getting raped?
Uncontrollable rapid heart beat?!?!?
what causes low potassium?
I have a very weird heart problem?
what is happening to my heart rate?
When I read the bible with my mom im always skipping words.What does this mean?
Broken eyeglasses. Can they be repaired?
Can colored contacts blind you?
Is this normal ???????????
What are your opinions on Air Optix Aqua?
Tadpole floaters in the eye?
I have a TERRIBLE migraine? Can I take more medicine?
what foods if any give you heartburn?
any advice on dealing with sciatica?
Tramadol 50mg not working?
I was in constant excruciating pain for over a year...?
What are fast easy ways to loose weight?
Does this sound like a good idea?
Is randomly losing 6 pounds bad? What do you think its from?
Can I lose weight from my surgery i'm having?
Too heavy for my age and height?
Is 48 Minutes Jogging A Day Enough?
My boyfriend wants me to buy hamburger meat with less fat?
Why can't I lose weight?
I m 17 and i havent got the flu or cold (symtoms) in 2yrs should I worry?
Shortness of breath Dangerous?
is it ok if i have my four mouth old around my step father if he dont take baths and have fluid in his lungs?
i just got the biggest nosebleed of my life in the shower?
Can smelling/breathing in hay or wheat cause a reaction if you have Celiac Disease?
Why am I sneezing so much?
does poison ivy cause blurry vision?
When was the last documented case of Rheumatic Fever? How rare is it?
What can I take other than antibiotics for a urinary infection?
Do I have Meningitis? PLEASE HELP?
How can I prevent shaking hands with people?
my son cut himself with a razor, could he be infected with HIV?
Can, or does osteoarthritis cause fatigue, feeling feverish and generally ill? I'm new to this. TY?
what's the best thing to do if you're stuck in a room with people couching and sneezing?
Please help, ankle sprain pain & worsening.?
Is this something to worry about?
How can I get rid of a knot in my lower back?
I got real thirsty during a activity and became delusional?
How come everytime I lie down to go to sleep my sickness suddenly gets worse?
Can a 23 year old woman, who is NOT pregnant, get medicaid in Alabama?
Drinks to help immune system during a cold?
How can i fall asleep, im tierd but i cant slep?
my teeth are really messed up, how is the dentist going to fix this? (more detail below)?
Can i return crest whitening strips?
What does it mean when your tounge and the roof of your mouth go numb?
I have a dental problem can some one heeelp me!?
Took Tylenol-Codeine #3, nausea lasting for 10+ hours?
pain under tongue????
What is this pain I have in my upper back/spine?
When jumping, I noticed a slight pain in the top of my head, should I be concerned?
sharp pain in abdomen?
i went to the gynecologist and tested positive for Hepatitis C and Chlamydia?
How many days does hydro coding stay in your system?
My husband vomits if he gets up early..?
How long does it take for weed to wear off like when your high?
I have a question about oral steroids?
Is vision loss in early 20's normal?
what can cause long term diarrhea?
does anyone have any idea what this could be?
Can anybody be myopic (short sighted) at birth?
i have a pea sized lump behing my left ear almost touching it and it hurts when i touch it?
how to get rid of a cold sore and stye?!?!?!?
Stomach problems . been 3 days now 24/7 durinh the day and during the night along with soft stools?
What do my symptoms lead to? ?
Why does my throat burn?
My husband is taking pain meds for a work related injury, we cant have a baby and we are trying. Is it the med?
What type of headache is this?
i am 15 and have horrible Migraines help me?
Dental Abscess top left molar. How Long Can I let it go before seeing a dentist?
Is Listerine Zero effective?
i'm going to get 11 fillings ?
Gap between front teeth after getting braces off?
Braces question........?
how to cure bad breath or bad smell from mouth?
please help me!! why hasn't my big tooth grown yet?
Is there any reason i shouldnt be smokin weed?
Did I have an Asthma Attack?
Wet cough, please help-___-?
Im sick, what do I do?
does mucinex d work for a sinus infection?
is it true that you can self apply CPR by taking deep breaths and coughing every 2 seconds?
My heart feels like it is trying to pump through jello, what do you think might be wrong with it?
Why am I turning grey and SOB?
How does a small amount of this epinephrine cause such a rapid and large increase?
Best Childrens Cold/Cough Medicine?
What are the initials for a certified herbalist and a professional herbalist?
Is it okay to take xanax occasionally?
What's the price of nicorette(a pack of 10) in India and where can I get it in hyderabad?
I have an ear wax problem and will anyone please help me about the best product?
How is emt b training?
Am i bipolar?or just anger problems?
Would I be considered Paranoid?
Is it strange that I talk to people who aren't there?
anxiety anti depressant medicine help what should i do?
What can cause teen stress?
how do you like yourself?
what happens when you take in more calories than you burn?
What are some healthy foods to lose weight?
Looking for healthy snack ideas!!?
i am 5'4" an 105 pounds, my BMI is labled underweight. how is this possible if i still have fat everywhere?
I want to stay up late at night and play my video games besides engery drinks what can I take to keep me up?
does cardio exercise really shorten your lifespan?
What is the average weight for a 14 year old girl?
What food has a great source of vitamin b, but that is a healthy food?
Please answer, 10 points : )?
What are the major side effects of getting a flu shot?
How do you get an HIV test?
Possible cure for Aids found, If true how will this change to world?
can you get chicken pox more than once?
do you think i have swine flu?
Hand Washing and Your Immune System?
My thumbs itch? Diabetes?
What will kill Nick Jonas first: his diabetes or his AIDS?
I am so anerexic!!!!!!!!!!!?
Is my iron level to high?
What are the long term effect of LOW blood sugar levels?
what does it mean to have blood in urine?
Refined sugar is said to be bad for you, does that include honey?
Is it possible to pop a blood vessel when peeing too hard and long ?
i have a dandruff problem. :(?
how do you get over a cold overnight or at least really really really fast!?
acne issues please help!?
I have dandruff-type stuff coming from my eyebrows and the space between my eyebrows, how do i get rid of this?
What should I do if I am at work, unable to leave, but ill?
my stomach has been hurting for 1yr 1/2?
where do they get their research information at?
Head feels funny about half an hour after eating, wind, indigestion, burping lots, feeling shaky?
If you take vitamins after you drink, does it replenish the vitamins that drinking takes away?
I have eye floaters.. ALWAYS?
What is the legal age for the HPV vaccination?
Why do my ankles and knees always "pop"?
My stomach hurts! Help!?
Can I take another ibprofen?
what website can i go to order hydrocodon online with no prescription needed?
have an ear ache i thing but its hurting from my ear to my throwt n to my neck, any1 help?
What's so great about vicodin?
i was not bitten and my lip is swollen?
What's a dry socket, why this occurs and how can it be treated?
what to do about really bad breath? please?
Can anybody answer this question about braces?
Did I get a good deal from my dentist?
how to kiss with braces?
Can an onlay treat me or is the crown really my only option?
My friend eats the dead skin off her heels?
Is my Eye Scratched? Do I need to See a Doctor?
Is it true our heart stops when we sneeze? ? ?
can asthma inhalers kill you ?
asthma attack.. Ugh what to do?
does' pipe tobacco have nicotine?
Wheezing pain reliever tips?
What does a spot on my lung mean?
Will stretching my right split ruin my left leg split?
Why do my calves hurt after running?
What Could Cause Back And Side Pain?
I bite me arm but im not sure what i have?
i can pop my fibula bone out?
Back trouble? It aches a ton and it's very consistant. ?
Are Heinz Baked Beans Bad For Weight Loss?
Calorie intake problem?
How can I get muscular?
can chicken vegetable soup make you fat?
Difference between bulking up and toning up...?
why people make fun of skinny people?
how many steroid cycles is bad?
I've been eating healthy & working out. Its been 3 weeks, I feel skinnier but my weight hasn't changed. why?
how to get my braces to not hurt?
I have eight Cavities?
Getting braces tomorrow, clear on the top & silver on the bottom?
Bracket loose! should i wait?
is it true that drinking coffee daily will stain your teeth?
What foods are fine to eat if you have signs of acid wear?
How to deal with shin splints?
How to relieve back and neck pain at night while sleeping?
Bruise won't go away?
How many years is it safe to wear contact lens for?
Are contact lenses cheaper than eye glasses?
My eyes get so fastly tired? (SHORT)?
In contact lenses, is it a big deal if the base curve is bigger by 0.1 from your actual base curve?
Is a high minus eyes child allowed to play basketball intensively?
how often do you have to go to a doctor for a check up ?
I'm worried about my health getting worse, is these bad signs?
What is really considered a good time to go to bed every night?
What does yellow stuff and drops of blood in diarrhea mean?
Question for Cigarette smokers?
My hemoglobin is 190 and I am 20 years old. What maybe the problem?
I just got over my tonsilitis about a week ago, i took all my medicine and all symptoms gone, its back again?
can holding you breath give you asthma?
I have had a bad cough for nearly a month. Whats wrong with me?
is it bad when it feels like you heart is beating hard and your chest hurts and it makes it hard to breathe?
What can happen if you have "low blood pressure"?
Heart rate fix medication?
major aching legs and lower back...doctors here haven't helped much?
What should i do....?
Metoprolol-in regards to Atrial Fibrillation?
What helps the medicine goes down?
Taking Acuutane with other supplements?
Can I use omega 3 and co Q-10 at the same time?
What does the word 'ipsilesional' mean?
What pills can i take for my anemia that wont make me sick and that i will like?
i'm scared to sit on a boys lap cause he gonna get hard what should i do if he gets hard?
OMG whats happening please help me?
Can i take multivitamins with tums?
Does marijuana increase your heart speed?
when you die do you come back to life?
CT SCAN MRI Question?
I got kneed in the thigh?
Do they make 30mg oxycodone capsules?
The elastics that I got for my braces hurt so bad! Tell me something that will make me smile?
why is it when i try to figure out something my head hurts?
Can my current dentist withhold x rays I gave him from my past dentist?
No no no!! Panicking...one of my permanent teeth fell out, if I glue it back in will it reabsorb into my gums?
How to grow some fat when you're thin?
i n need help on how to gain the healthy way?
Why am I sore 2 days after my workouts instead of the day after?
Can I put on weight with low body fat?
If I drink milk only once or twice a week, will that affect my health(I mean the bones)?
What is going on inside of my body?
Why do the P90X and Insanity fitness participants look like twigs with small muscles?
What do you think of mtv's new show "I use to be fat"? 10 points!!?
I think I might be allergic to fish?
The person across the table has peanut allergies and I ate a mini snikers bar. Can that person become ill?
i need an allergy test..... what is the procedure?
Why do i get nose bleeds a lot?
can abilify give you hives?
sharp pains in the stomach?
What causes this headache?
mri came back negative for low back pain its chronic because its been 3 months but pain meds help alot?
why cant i stop cutting my wrists?
how to get rid of a headache?
My throat is CLOGGED help I can't talkk?
I just found blood in my feces?
how to get rid of this cold!?
Can people get a job in the health field if they have a contagious disease?
How can i get rid of this?(pic)?
very itchy scalp.. its not lice?
How can I prevent warts coming back?
What is wrong with my eye?
Do I have lazy eye? How to fix this?
How much would it cost for me to get prescription contacts?
I'm 17 years old & I wanna know.?
Is my shin (tibia) bone in danger of getting broken if I have no fat/muscles covering it?
Please tell me if I have a broken nose?
**** How long have you kept your BRACES on for?
My puppy just ate a tissue with vicks on it. Should I induce vomiting?
help with smoking weed!!!!?
Why do you cough when it's cold out?
Can i grow out of asthma?
What happens if you take too much Advil?
DR gave me percocet for my strep throat pain/body aches WHY AM I ?
How can you tell if your ears are infected?
Having a really bad night with OCD?! I feel like i'm gonna cry! :'(?
i think i have scoliosis...?
What should I do about my possible insomnia?
my neck hurts what could this be?
Sevre insomnia feeling suicidel?
Is this a healthy breakfast for weight loss?
Whats wrong with my daughter? help me please, should i take her to childrens?
Addicted to 9V batteries: Will this kill me?
where is your lower back?
If I smoke a few cigarettes a day, what will be the immediate effects on my health?
Confused By Blood Glucose Levels From Recent Oral Glucose Tolorance Test! Please Help?
How does refined sugar contribute to inflammation?
I am 43yrs old. My blood sugar is 6.5 on 4th December 2010. What type of care should be taken?
Who are the Diabetic?
Question about my blood sugar?
Why are people who do P90X, Insanity, and other "ripped" programs, not look like Flex magazine bodybuilders?
How many pounds should I loose?
how to make ur stomach flat but not lose weight?
morbidly obese exercise question?
Guys only: do you like fat, chubby, skinny, extra skinny, mediom, curvy, muscular or avarege weight on girls?
Why are marines so big when they dont lift heavy weights ?
help! i can't stop eating!!!!?
Do you know what train track braces are?
Can you chew chewing gum when you have braces?
Do I really have to see the orthodontist?
extreme pain in braces. HELP!?
what causes your front upper teeth to get noticeablely thinner in a short period of time?
Is it okay to brush your teeth once every three days?
Best natural pain relief?
Continual Ear Pressure When Landing?
How dose appendicitis start?
Why does my lower back hurt?
Please Help Bad Back Pain After a sneeze?
Headache...test tomorrow :(help pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz ?
Is my blood pressure high?
what are the risks of smoking after having artery stints?
Lost glasses. From Lenscrafters. Help?
Can glasses leave an imprint?
can i sleep with my biofinity toric contact lenses?
How bad is my eyeglasses perscription?
What would cause my eyes to be so dry for the past week or two?
I might have pneumonia...what should I do?
Can i be sick all i do is sleep?
how do i get rid of my mild sleep apnea?
what causes sleep aphnea?
What Month is Crohn's disease awareness month?
Oxycodone, hydrocodone and morpine cause hives...would Levorphanol do that as well or is it made different?
Is Levorphanol made from the same meds that oxycodone, hydrocodone and morhine are?
pain under left rib cage hurts 2 breath in deep?
how can i touch my right elbow with my right hand?
Feeling dizzy all the time?
Please help! Horrible arthritis.?
What causes depression to come back?
In regards to depression. Which is worse?
URGWNT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i need to stop my girlfriend from cutting. HOW????????
Would these count as hallucinations?
Is biting my lip a form of self-mutilation?
Is this dangerous? I have BPD?
i have had molloscum for over two years what should i do?
is homeopathic treatment genuine?
I have loose dental work and need advice?
Is dental surgery in philippines cheaper than australia yet still high standard?
is it malpractice for dentist to leave a root canal unfinished?
Is hibiscus tea alkaline or acidic?
How to get whiter teeth?
is it bad for a dentist to leave a root canal half finished?
If I just ate a burger, and I cant brush my teeth because I'm out, what should I do?
How do I tell if my tooth is infected?
Why Do I feel empty inside?
Home remedies for constipation?
oohch my tooth really hurts!! help everyone and dentist!!?
I am so scared! PLEASE HELP!!!!!?
I think i'm getting carpal tunnel?
did my nose get broken or not?
Why does my foot hurt when I run too much?
Do i have a mild concussion?
jammed/broken finger?
I just had meniscus surgery, what is wrong?
why oldest kids get allot of attention not youngest?
I hit my knee against the corner of a cabinet now it has a deep black cut?
Should i get this checked out by a doctor?
why did my doctor tell me i cant play video games?
why is my knee swollen all of a sudden?
please hep in math! please!!!?
10 Points!!What treatments can be used for salmonella?
Will hot tea raise my fever higher?
Flu? Just a cold? What is it?!?
hiv blood transmission?
What are the dangers of antibiotics?
how are diseases caused by bacteria prevented/treated?
can 13 year olds get parkinsons disease?
New years, a urinary tract infection, and alcohol.. help?
Medical question...Is it possible for people to be resistant to bruising?...?
I dont feel tired at night?
is there something wrong with my lungs?
Small Gas Leak from Gas Stove, Carbon Monoxide poisoning?
How much does er doctors make?
What is my mom smoking?
Is it ok to exercise if you suffer from sciatica?
Nose stinging constantly for 3 weeks?
I have mononucleosis and i leave for disney tomorrow?
What is wrong with my eyes - please help?
Eye problem this morning.?
I am nearsighted what is my vision(read below)?
Why Does Around My Lower Eyelid Twitches?
Why do some of the eye textures (specifically the iris) look stringy and others look some what spongy?
Shard of glass in eye, out now, eye still irritated?
I have a problem with yellow teeth?Any help??!!!?
How often do you think dentists like to hurt people?
I'm 28 and would like to put braces , is this possible ?
Help me please please please!!!!?
High blood pressure foods (best answer)?
Cardiac conduction begins at the _________________ node.?
I just had my tongue pierced on Friday and i was wondering are my Lymph Nodes suppose to swell too?
does muscle milk help you lose weight?
im always hungry???????
Would taking pain killers for back and neck pain work?
Short stabbing pain in and on the left side of my head?
smoking and bodybuilding?
what is hcg diet and is it safe?
Guys, Is it reasonable to kill yourself over herpes?
Xenadrine Weight loss supplement Reviews?
is it now time to work on my abs?
will doxycycline treat bacterial vaginosis?
HELP! I'm probably gonna ruin my diet today!?
How to reduce muscle on the side of my leg? :S?
So are cold sores contagious when there is not an outbreak?
how does hemoglobin carry blood?
strange noises when breathing out?
Coughing Bloody Mucus?
I have a Asthma question?
medical question, when i breathe , the air in my lungs feels like it is damp or humid, it feels like the air?
I have Teenage spots and want to get rid of them!!?
Moisturizer's for cracked feet/dry skin?
How does stress make us itch ?
Will it affect my chances of becoming famous if I have braces?
How far along to you have to be in pregnancy do you have to be before you are able to see the dentist?
is it bad that i dont floss?
whats best vitamins good for teeth?
I have super sensitive teeth!?
how do i make a fake retainer?
Wisdom teeth removed without getting put to sleep.. how bad is the pain?
leg growing pains :(?
Can a 115lb girl die from taking 5 7.5/750mg Hydrocodone pills at once if she's not a regular user?
How painful is a spinal tap (LP)?
Need some advice~Problems with my joints?
Strange dizziness? Anything Major?
is it normal to have migraines at 14? :|?
Insomnia?!! Please help?
What could be wrong with me?
Constant Involuntary head movements. please read?
I was diagnosed with Lupus and will be returning to work but I still get tired walking a short distance?
I think i might have mono...?
Can any parasite or it's eggs found in food live through over cooking?
I'm a 19 year old Californian citizen, can i get a medical cannabis medical card for anger issues?
Can Pouring Cooking Oil on yourself and Sitting out in the Sun kill you?
Needlestick with hep c positive pt..?
What is this ? Please help!?
why do you get vaccines at different ages?
Is it normal to throw up after eating too much?
I get blood tests done every month because I'm on Accutane, does the derm. test for marijuana in blood?
What are these signs of?
what is the fastest was to get over a cold?
Ecstasy Come Down????
can you die from using to much of your asthma inhaler?
Can i take clindamycin while taking azithromycin as well?
Could this be a Thyroid problem? Help!!?
What food is best when sick?
Marijuana leads to paranoia?
Are there any herbs that help put on weight?
How to make non-addictive/mock cigarettes?
Is it possible to experience alcohol withdrawal in just a matter of hours?
What are some healthy snacks that I can pop in?
Why do I weigh more now than I did 2 weeks ago?
I really hate being fat but it just doesn't change:(?
What happens if im 20/400 without my glasses?
Can any prescription wear contact lenses?
where can i get fake cheap colored contacts?
Don't you think sandwiches are the best way to stay healthy?
I have been drinking/craving a lot of milk lately, is something wrong with me?
can you help me with an excersize plan?
Is it possible to lose 20 or 15 lbs in 1 month?
what would be the visual acuity measurement if the lens power required is -4.5?
Is my new eye prescription a reasonable change?
My ankle hurts! What should I do?
Weired (Read Description)?
My knee pops out of place, what should I do?
So i'm kinda on a last resort.?
All protien diet? What do you only eat?
recovery time for a meniscus scope?
what was the shot in the 1950 that left a scar on your arm?
what is being done about people with AIDS?
I need a household cure for a male yeast infection. Quick?
My girlfriend bit my toplip and now its swollen it looks like i have a giant cold sore on the inside of my lip?
How do I stop cracking my knuckles?
When should you start worrying about headaches?
to real doctors and nurses ONLY: how can i walk on my sprained foot w/o crutches?
Is it ok to chew pills instead of swallowing them whole?
Any good way to get rid of a huge headache?
If some one smoke one whole year it wont affect them right?
What could cause a person to emit an involuntary vocal sound that wakes them when they try to fall asleep?
I can't sleep because of my cold but I have work tomorrow?
My granddaughter has mild right side hemoplegia (Cerebal Palsy).?
I just breathed in burning plastic and got an extremely sharp pain?
Can anyone help,how can i stop excessive sweating and body odour? ?
I have to go to the dentist, but I don't have any money?
Hypergyceima: hyPO to the brain?
What are the main symptoms of diabetes other than frequent peeing? Also, can frequent peeing be a signal of?
I have Diabetes Type 2: I shiver and have difficulty in breathing whilst sleeping. Any ideas why?
why is it that after i eat i have to go to the restroom i have diabetes?
gestational diabetes..wtf? What does this mean?
What should I do if my father beat me until hurt in the heart ?
is this normal???????????????????????
palpatations for 11-12 years?
while excersing should you want a higher or lower heart rate?
my dad has low cholesterol- what does this mean?
Symptoms of a gallbladder issue, but all tests say that there is not a problem?
Does anybody know if I need a US prescription for a medicine that will be shipped from overseas?
Horrible stomach aches?
Should I go to the doctor?
What are the symptoms of Endometriosis? Any herbal cure?
How do you deal with losing a loved one to an incurable disease?
I ate bad, didnt i? :S?
why does lying hurt people?
I can't move my knee! Any help as to why this is?
how many miles or calioire are in 10000 steps?
Right wrist hurts when I bend or move it. Strain/sprain?
i have a scleral buckle and i'm supposed to have an MRI (help)?
back pain can anybody help?
Why do 3d glasses hurt my eyes?
What is the best way to get abs and can someone please give me a good weight lifting plan?
Need information about eye squint?
Eyesight Prescription says Inter-ADD 9.00 what does this mean?
How do you get skinnier fast-ish?
Best way to lose stomach fat?
What is the best tasting diet that achieves the BEST results as well?
Can you please name some good exercises to get a well-defined shoulders (for men)?
Is dark chocolate a health food?
Can 2 hours of sleep per day make you disoriented?
how does hiv/aids start? they say if 2 people are negative no one can get it so how does it come about?
Why do I stop breathing on my sleep? ?
What's the best home remedies for coughing?
What are some ways I can soothe my cough?
Whatis a good diagnosis for having constant headahces, dizziness, loss of apptitite and nausua?
how can i get rid of this cough?
if i dont have time this weekend or today of tomorrow to go the health department can i?
Ways to get rid of chlamydia other than antibiotics?
how do i get rid of dry air?
Is this expected after falling 2.5 to 3 metres?
How long does it usually take for an injured knee to get completely healed?
right forearm soreness after badminton?
veins in my thumb visible?
My pinky toenail got ripped off completely from the nail bed?
Can I rub bleach on my scalp to kill dandruff fungus?
What is the best treatment for stretch marks?
I think i'm addicted to cough syrup?
Can wheat allergy treated fully?
am i allergic to chlorine?
good gluten free diet for someone illergic to gluten and lactose?
trouble breathing after working out?
my grandson is whistling thur his nose congested he is 3 weeks we call the dr no answers there wat do u sugges?
Is this Colgate toothpaste?
Why do I feel sick after eating bee's pollen?
anyone hear of or use careington dental?
Can I drink warm cocoa after an oral surgery?
Toothpaste?! Whitening? 10 points!?
Painful wisdom teeth removal?
Cracked tooth or just sensitivity?
My heels hurt bad... Help please!?
why do I like pain HELP?
why did mri show nothing but my back still hurts?
Why is it harder to combat a disease caused by a virus than one caused by a bacterium?
i had a bad infection from the hospital-not sterlizing equipment what do i do next?
Do you have any diseases or are you born disease free?
How to get rid of strep throat in a day?
Is 100.1 considered a fever?
could it be appendicitis?
Does the Tuberculosis Shot hurt? Please help me!!!?
How do u get rid of pink eye?
Methadone and benadryl?
ADD, Rittlin, and MDMA.?
Which k2 brand is the best, and sure to have effects?
can you be sent to jail for smoking herbal smokes?
Can i take 1 ecstacy a month?
I need some help. yeast or bladder?
my son was diagnosed with crohns disease, could he be eligible for disability?
Endoscopy for Chronic Liver Disease?
Is Dialysis expensive ?
What is Meth made out of?
i haven't been sleeping good for almost 2 weeks dunno but now am fainting almost everyday any help?
What is wrong with my brain?
Is it normal to feel your heart kinda slow down or skip a beat?
teenager... chest pains?
Caffine intake while having a chemical cardiac stress test using Dipyridamole, Persantine?
my blood pressure is 198/113. What does this mean?
what does an abnormal R wave mean in an EKG?
what is it called, when someone stops breathing, and they have to make a hole in the throat to breath?
I'm sick and been so for 3 weeks. help?
What could be the cause of frequent pneumonia?
My eyes are small, how can I make them look bigger w/o glasses?
Help! I am 13 and I have had a vitreous hemorrhage for 1 year?
my eye is all red but it doesnt really sting (i wear contacts)?
Is there anything I can do about losing eyelashes?
If a person sees a blurred image, then puts on magnifying glasses, what does she see?
Why are my eyes red? Is it caused by contact lenses?
can any one tell me about Fashion glasses ?
contact dryness trouble!?
i smoked hash oil the other night?
Is it normal for a 19 year old to suffer from orthostatic hypotension?
Problem i can't get away from me?
my 17 month old has a ear infection all the time, he is always on antibotics?
Braces? Good or bad idea?
how to pull out a permanent tooth?
doctor left part of prescription refills number blank can i fill it in myself and give it to my pharmacist?
Where do they put the novocaine shot for a root canal?
Ok this may sound crazy but I had a tooth removed a few days ago,the dentist said that it was a baby tooth.?
I have a gum abscess and swollen lymph node on neck. I have made appointment with dentist but it's in 5 days?
Can retainers move your teeth back?
What is an Orthodontist?
Boyfriend's Father cheated before he was born...HIV?
What do you think about hooking up with a girl,at the STD clinic risky or exciting ?
What causes discharge from the ear?
What is the best way to relieve sinus pain?
Cramping in lower stomach since I woke up this morning?
What does it mean if I have pain when I pee?
why cant I fall asleep supine?
I have had three hernias and my stomach bulges out. Is this normal?
antidepressants and alcohol?
Safe mixture of Oxycodone and alcohol?
How do I stop myself from cutting?
What are the signs of .......?
I'm having mild hallucinations?
three questions, flaaab.?
Is it better to exercise at the same time everyday?
Gaining weight because of my friends and eating at night .how to stop the habit or find ways to work around it?
I have a bmi of 17.3, but is that bad?
Why do I see myself as fat?
Muscle building and what to take?
whats the fastest way to lose stomach fat?
what should I eat to lose weight?
How can I think positive?
I need something to distract me; please help me?
SSDI question...........?
Question about schizophrenia?
I cried myself to sleep last night? What should i do? :/?
Look at my teeth. So awful?!?
Will propoxyphene show up opiate in urine test?
Concussion question .?
6 month braces in mobile, al?
what is happening to me???I will vote for ur answer?
My orthodontist refuses to put me braces !!?
Twisted/Sprained Ankle?