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My great grandma is 91 and has congestive heart failure. is she going to die?
What vein is this in my neck that has started showing now that i've lost weight?
I have a cough but no other symtoms.?
I have a severe cough with phlegm & a stuffy nose. What Do I Have?
My boyfriend won't brush his teeth. how do i handle this situation?
Why do you have to change contact lenses monthly?
Can't get to sleep?
what is the biggest organ in the body?? anyone know?
what's the harm in trying to smoke only once?
what is uti?
hi, HIV doesnot spread by mosquitoes,do they?
Tums or Rolaids?
i have a massive head-ace and i need something other than medicine?
Women Only: Be rid of yeast infection quickley?
what temperature kills bacteria?
How to prevent the swine flu or AH1N1 virus?
How far do you think swine flu is gonna spread?
What is the normally blood pressure? Is179/72 high for blood pressur?
weird heart rate, should we go to the ER?
Is my heart normal??????????
Help!!! I've got high blood pressure in my neck and it's suffocating me!?
is there any evasive forms of healing clogged arteries for somone who couldn't survive open heart surgery?
i can lick my elbow. does that mean im double jointed?
ive just took a load of tablets?
i just gave blood today and i have a really painful bruise and because of it i took of my bandage early?
black bruise under my toenail?
what are some fast ways to break a leg?
Can removing all the toxins out of your body get rid of any genetic disorder or genetic diseases?
Is high fructose corn syrup bad or not?
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
What's the best thing to do for a major case of the nerves?
Do you believe that people with anorexia just choose not to eat?
Snake Bites (piercing)?
Has anyone else got this horrible cold that's going round in england?how long doers it last?
It Hurts When I Pee?
I had a bad reaction to the H1N1 vaccine last fall. Is it safe to get the seasonal flu shot with H1N1?
I have the flu?
How do i get rid of a sore throat?
High blood pressure?
I have a weak heart that doesn't pump enough blood. What should I do?
I am a 51 yr old man. Had a stress test that showed 8% of heart not getting blood. I am 160 lbs and 5'11''...
Poll: Acupuncture - yes or no?
I put my contacts in hydrogen peroxide?
how muck are unperscribed contacts that only change you eye color?
My teeth hurts really bad and I can't go to the dentist...?
My wisdom teeth aren't showing, but could they still be squishing my front teeth together?
what can I do for a toothache?
Whats a good cough medicine?
could this be serious?
Are Space Aliens reading my mind?
Do you have any obsessive compulsive habits that you HAVE to do through out the day?
is suicide selfish?
depression without support?
where is the least expensive place to get eyeglasses asap.-like same day or next day?
foot cramps!!!! eeee-youch!!?
Sharp pains in chest?!?!?!?
What is the weird sensation I am having in my right ear?
i use the computer all day at work, and my joints in my hand are starting to hurt.. what is this pain?
What is the best way to achieve discipline in life?
Suicide and Abortion?
My Doctor..............?
can a fat person call someone else fat as long as they're not as fat as the person they are calling fat?
why do mosquito's follow me ?
Does anyone else think soda is addicting...?
What is the difference between a cough and a sneeze?
Why do you think that mosquitos don't like me very much?
What does it feel like to break your arm?
I Was in a fight and some guy hit me in the head with a pipe?
Any tips on how to get to sleep?
Is there any correction for lazy eye?
What has a heart, but can't feel?
Do braces hurt when their being put on?
Are you a pathetic loner?
what's the best cure for being worried to stand in front of an audience?
Is it wrong to seek emotional support outside of your marriage?
I was raped last night.?
At night i cannot sleep im only 12 - can someone tell me how to sleep??
Do you think autism is caused by vaccines?
past mistakes?
i feel like im wasting my years as a teenager. NEED ADVICE!! 10 POINTS!!?!?
milk and diabetes?
I've got diabetes melitus II, what can I eat?
My diabetic diagnosis is driving me mad?
What is the fastest way to raise your blood sugar?
Can a person who never eats sweets and doesn't drink anything but water get diabetes if they eat candy once?
How do you get your diabetic teen (age 19) to comply with testing and taking insulin?
Question about Heart palpitations?
What does love feel like? I have this warm achy feeling in my heart.?
I have sudden sharp pains in my chest around my heart?
My wife resting heartbeat is 102bpm?
I'm Pregnant and i worry about having a heart attack. What is wrong with me?
I have 2 different eye colour! Help!?
are there natural or better alternatives to anti-depressants?
Is it possible to be in a romantic relationship with a person who is clinically depressed?
Need help immediately. My mom wants to commit suicide!!!!!!!?
Ok i am fifteen years old and i truely think i found my soulmate, am i too younge? is it just a huge crush?
Friend has a fever of about 105 degrees! PLEASE ANSWER!!!!! THIS IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!?
I can't swallow pills, how should I do it?
i have a serious mood problem please help?
How do you swallow a pill?
Very dehydated..water not working...would salty broth help my aches and pains? Feel awful achy all over! Help?
Feels like I'm having an almost gallbladder attack?
Should I be worried about my toe?
Can you take vicodin and percocet at the same time?
If you have a blister on the inside of your gums, is it always an abscessed tooth, or something that requires ?
im 16 male and i think i have bad breath i honestly only brush my teeth in the mornings?
Getting Braces?
Should I go to see Specsavers everytime they send me a letter?
how do i tell if my contacts get flipped?
how do you make heart palpitations go away?
how can I make my liver function more efficiently?
what do to about high blood pressure?
I need some help, I can't live like this anymore!?
does anyone know how to cure a hangover?
My church says im demon possessed and not schizophrenic?
should i kill myself?
I cannot eat chicken and eggs on the same day.?
i do u wake up ?
How can you tell if you sprained your finger?
Will boots opticians adjust my glasses?
how to protect our eyes vision from pc monitor?
First Time wearing Contact Lenses - Concern
Why does my girlfriend think that giving birth is 'beautiful', when in reality it is completely disgusting?
Do Emos have to cut themselfs?
Why do sleeping pills have warning labels that state :'Caution: May Cause Drowsiness?
Have you ever been cured from a health problem by using natural remedies?
Why Can't I stop lying???
Serious question! someone who has loads of sellotape hidden away do u think they self harm?
HELP!! There's a HUGE spider in my room! - It's bigger than my hand!?
How can I get to sleep easier?
Today I Have Felt I Always Have To Pee.. I'd Pee And Have The Feeling To Again Right After I Pee..Help?
How can prevent fainting when giving blood?
Whys is it bad to crack your fingers / knuckles?
Why are so many people against psychiatric medication?
Suicidal thoughts...?
Is it allergies or am i sick?
Tooth pulling (details) please help!?
can u have just top teeth braces?
what's it called when you perform surgery on teeth?
teeth whiting, what is better then going to the dentist? what products would be better.?
anyone who's ever had there wisdom teeth takin out?
Could i be allergic to alcohol?
Help! My grandma's fruitcake jumped out of the pan and bit me! What should I do?
What to do if my new glasses make my vision more blurry?
so i hit my temple on the side of my computer..?
Why do i feel dehydrated after i have a headache for a little while.?
I get horrible charlie horses in my calves and behind my knees at night. How can I stop these?
Is this a real mental health problem or is it just a joke?
i have been feeling depressed and am a complusive worryer help?
are u afraid of being alone?
help, what can i do??
I'm so sad...?
I really don't want to live?
How to remain active and cheerful throughout the day?
What's wrong with me?
I think I have swine flu!!!?
Are wearing Clear contacts bad for your eyes?
My tear duct on the top of my eye is swollen and hurts reallly bad?
How do I get a stuck (real tight) contact out of my eye?
10 easy points. colored contacts?
Where can i get colored contacts? without an eye exam, i dont need glasses or anything?
What's wrong with my eye?
Why is it that females always seem to be cold when it's blatantly not cold?
I burned myself what do I do?
Where do you put crutches when you're in class?
Is it possible to bruise your ribs from profuse vomiting?
how long to black eyes last?
I have to get fillings? Then I'm getting braces?
what if i don't have wisdom teeth?
I'm seconds away from kicking my co-worker in the teeth, he's that annoying... any suggestions?
I got my braces yesterday and they literally kill so much, how can i stop this ?
I would like to get my tongue pierced but what about the complications?
Got the flu after getting a flu vaccination, why?
H1N1 and all these other vaccines, are they necessary ? Are there natural alternatives?
what happens if you get hit in the kidney?
I have a lump under my armpit that is causing pain.......?
what chemicals are in cigarettes?
why do we laugh when we're tickled?
Does marijuana cause heart attacks, and does it cause cancer?
Is High Cholesterol possible for teens?
blood pressure is this bad?
is it dangerous if some1's eye pressure is 38? is it 2 high?
Pain in chest when i breath in?
Side of my knee hurts??
Swallowing tablets..................?
Getting a cold sore, need help finding pain relief.....?
whats the best treatment for sciatica?
i lost my voice! help?
i think i have a urine infection? :l?
is this swine flu(H1N1) or a cold?
would it hurt my teeth if i brush them every 30 min?
Can Crest Tooth Paste in the tube, go bad?
how can I whiten my teeth? it's really yellowish and i really think it looks nasty.. it's been annoying me...
Does anyone know of an herbal or natural remedy that has sedative or relaxing effects?
what is your opinion on marijuana/cannabis use?
What's a good way to settle your stomache?
is it harmful to use visine every day? if so, why???
How do I take a piece of lead out of my arm?
If You Saw Some One With Bandages Around Both Of Their Wrists What Would You Think Had Happened?
Red dots in the strangest places? Anyone else?
how do i get rid of the dent in my nose from wearing glasses?
How long will Marijuana stay in my body?
Do Contacts Hurt?
When I just recently ate pineapple my lips became swollen?
is there any home remedy for stopping the swelling of an allergic bug bite?
Should I do shrooms, or acid?
What's your favorite toothpaste?
are thirteen year old posed to have wisdom teeth so soon?
i think i lost my contact in my eye?
i cant see with one of my eyes when i try to see someone standing next to me.?
wat do u eat if u get high blood pressure?
Would garlic PILLS help to lower cholesterol?
im really worried, my heart keeps missing beats and i feel faint, what could it be??
getting palpitations. should i see a doctor? x?
my grandfather's blood pressure is 169 over 110. Should I be worried? ?
What is the worst kind of pain a person can experience?
my left ankle joint has swelling and pain. i am 41,female.there is also pain in my arms joints. why?
should i trust my x if he wants to get with me after cheating on his girlfriend with me?
When I wake up in the morning my fingers are usually 'sticky' and I do not know why??? any suggestions ?
i am 15 year old and weight 215 pounds and 5'7 cand i loose 70 pounds in three months?
what is best shampoo or remedy for dry scalp/dandruff ( besides Head&Shoulders shampoo ) ??
Have you ever tried marijuana?
Why can't we sneeze with our eyes open?
Why does this happen when I get up?
What's that weird body odour smell that occurs only after a nights sleep???
can you get cancer or the flu by drinking your own blood?
Why wasn't a vaccine being made after the first outbreak of Swine Flu?
What Deseses Can Humans get from rats,goats,pigs, and cows?
When faced with a potentially fatal illness..?
What is your opinion of the swine flu.?
I took my son to the doctor and was told he has a slight Flu Murmur. What is that?
My left eye has felt like it has sand in it for 3 years now?
HELP something is wrong with my eye!!!!!?
Are there any medical advances on treating macular degeneration disease?
what are those dots that I see?
How to heal a bitten lip?
Should I take a statin for high cholesterol?
Is it possible for a male in late 40s to suffer a series of heart attacks?
my heart rate is 108 and all i have been doing is sitting here.?
How long did it take for Saddam's heart to stop beating after he was hung?
could i have a skin disease? or just bug bites?
My mom has reading troubles(mostly with her vision) how can i help? any ideas?
I need serious help with my contacts, will I go Blind?
How long can you be on the computer before it starts to damage your eyes?
regular Vapor rub on my daughter's chest?
what's better?
who can tell me what i can do to prevent masterbating?
Is it better to brush first thing in the morning or after you eat breakfast?
How long do you usually have to keep braces on?
Can these teeth be saved? Please Advise?
how come for the past 3 days ive been having bad headaches?
My toe hurts ... a LOT ... why?
I've just eaten lunch now i have this sharp pain in my back what is it?
How many painkillers should i take to kill myself?
What causes diarrhea?
Do you stay off work/school with a cold?
What happens if you're in the dark for too long? Let's say, over a year? Is it even possible?
eye contacts help please! 10 points best answer!?
i think i scratched my eye?
My resting heart rate is 66bpm..is this normal.....?
Michael Jackson killed by Cardiac Arrest or Heart Attack?
I have high cholestrol. Iam taking medication.Should I take this for ever, like BP tablet?
What is a irregular heart beat?
Do animals have heart attacks?
Are plastic frame eyeglasses better about not sliding?
WITH OUT GOING TO THE DOCTOR,Is there any where i can get free color tiral pair contacts?
contact lenses hurt!!!!! help?
Ok another question on contacts?
Ways to touch your eye?
I just found out .?
Here are my symptoms? What are the possible causes? I'm only 27 with no health insurance...?
What's the syndrome called that is when someone speaks of a particular pain, you feel it, too?
Can you wear 2 contacts in one eye if the top ones aren't prescribed?
Does it hurt to get a tooth pulled?
does getting braces hurt?
Question about braces/retainer?
what is ur favorite candy?
On Toothpaste: Why must I squeeze from the bottom?
Is ringworm contagious and should I keep my daughter home?
are you worried about bed bugs?
Could the Swine flu mutate and become even more dangerous?
What does this sound like to you?
i hate being tall?
is eating cookie dough bad for you?
Why is it when you're in a car wreck your back, neck or head pains like a day or two after?
how do i get rid of head ache with out pills?
i've been lightheaded for aout 2 days what could it be?
Is it better or worse for your eyes to be on the computer in a dark room?
is this normal??? maybe low blood sugar i don't know?
I've had rubella when I was a kid, can I still get chicken pox as an adult?
does smokeing shorten your life spand & doesn't it knock off 10 to 5 minutes of your life everytime you smoke?
Swimming with contacts?
Is it ok to use over the counter artificial tears without being told by an eye doctor to use them?
Help! My Contact Is Behind My Eye?!?
what should i soak my contacts in if i dont have contact solution?
How to lay in a tanning bed?
how could someone in their right mind posssibly fall asleep while driving?
were can I get braces? I really want medal ones with rubber bands! thanks !?
Clear braces or colored?
how can i get rid of my acne!!!!!!?
How to go in the snow with a cast?
I'm worried about a boy at school?
sprained ankle?
is this a bad habit or something more serious.?
What should I do...I'm sick?
If i have 5 out of ten symptoms of swine flu, should i be staying home from school?UUURRGGEENNTT!!!!!!?
How do i prevent myself from catching Swine Flu?
What is your eye power?
Does anyone have any tips on getting used to working the night shift hours of 10pm to 6am?
I shower twice a day and still I have this odor. I can't figure out where it's coming from.?
my throat hurts when i swallow!!! pleaseee helpp mee?
I got my appendix out a week ago and im now getting pain in my lower right abdomen...what could it be?
A desirable level of total cholesterol for adults it ?
does getting your wisdom teeth hurt that bad?
Post wisdom teeth extraction a week later, your advice?
Foul smelling tooth and it aches?
Ive never needed glasses and now.... :(?
Punched in the eye..what to do?
How many blind people are just faking it?
What are some pros and cons of having contacts?
Do you believe that Reiki is fraud?
I have a sore throat, Do anyone have a remedy solution that I use to get comfort for my throat?
Is it a sign of Cancer when you sneeze and pee in your pants?
do you like your height?
how can i sprain my ankle during dance?
my son plays football and got hit in the chest pretty hard with a facemask. what should i do?
It feels like there is something in my eye when I wear contact lenses, but there's not. Help!?
is it bad if doctor make me put on glasses, make me read a sentence with them on and i say the words are clear?
Do you think eye exercises work to improve vision and can you give me some please?
What should I do: Sleep or jog!?
i am heart broken and i need advice?
My Husband has got to have a Heart bypass has anyone been through this who could give me any advice?
Systolic/Diastolic? 108/67?
what is a dillfibralator it has to do with the heart?
what is CHICKEN POX?!?
I have this really huge blister on my pinky toe, and it's basically covering the whole toe?
Stomach feeling bad......any natural remedies?
ahh what bug lives in peoples rooms and gives you more than 15 bites a night?
I just cut myself...help?
My ear is stopped up, help!?
if you stare at the sun for a long time; will it change your eye color?
i need heeeeeeeeeeeelp plz super glue in my eyes and i can't open it what should i do ?
How do I cure this cold?
Is it ok for me to take a Tylenol today even though I took a Vicodin last night?
I know it isn't a nice question but I am wondering?
how do you get rid of hiccups?
I need to vent! AHH!?
do braces hurt?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm getting braces next week, and I'm really scared...How do they put it on, do they hurt when they put it on?
Runny nose in class. Ew...?
allergic to cheap metal earrings?
how to get rid of a runny nose?
what hay fever remedies can i give my three year old?!?
my dad has been vomiting for the past 4 or 5 hours about every 5 to 10 mintues, what should i do to help?
Who here is sick and tired of hearing about swine flu? READ DETAILS?
What's the best way to get over a sore throat quickly?
how do you feel about getting old?
Smoking Tobacco/Marijuana/Alcohol - which one is worse and why?
How old do you think I am?
what do you like better??
I hit my head quite badly!?
Converting Eyeglass prescription to Contact lenses prescription?
if i dont wear glasses will my eyes get worse?
i got a bug in my eye when jogging?
Is it safe to do this with my contacts?
What is the most addictive substance known to man, I need facts and figures if you will?
What happens when u don't go to the bathroom when u really want to??
How do you get a piece of cotton swab out of a 14 year olds ear. Or should the best thing is go to Dr.?
Whats best for cleaning my eyeglasses?
Chest feels tight a week now, having discomfort,what should I do ?
high blood pressure and heart disease....?
is it possible to suffer from an abdominal aortic aneurysm at age 18?
Can anyone suggest potassium-rich foods?
What's the best way to cure/treat a stomach ache without any medicine?
Is is true that people die and come back to tell the experience?
What's the worst way of dying?
can you please give me your opinion...about braces?
Braces :D colors?!?!?! :D [: =p?
How to get rid of smokers cough?
is inhaling burning paper bad for you?
what is happening to my heart?
why my blood pressure is high?
Can a contact stick to an eye and I not be able to see it?
Cant get contact lenses out of eyes ?
Weird eye spasm help!?
What is my eye color?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Is it common to develop a food allergy in your 20's?
Whats the worst thing that cann happen to me if i eat gluten?
Why does this happen in the shower?
Help I've got poison ivy.?
If you've been around ppl smoking marijuana does it come back on your drug test?
husband punched my ear and now I'm deaf on one side?!?
I have a job interview, what should I eat to be sure I'm sharp and not sluggish?
can you get aids from?
I have pink eye right now and have a dance tomorrow. Options?
What did you do today since you woke up?
headache help?
Help with acne around the lips?
can oatmeal effect blood pressure medication?
Im only 25, but I feel like im about to have a heart attack?
After a cup of coffee, my heart pounds hard and causes pain..is this okay?
Does anyone have an irregular heart beat? If so, what was done to stop the disorder?
What is the correlation between heart attacks and strokes.?
Can you die of a broken heart?
Whats the best way to get rid of sore throat by... tomorrow?
If there was no alternative, could YOU remove your frostbitten toes with a jigsaw?
I have to have surgery on my wrist.It is for a cyst.?
I dropped 20 kg on my foot HELP!!?
I cut myself on a puppy cage a week ago and the wound won't heal...what should I do?
can you break your tailbone?
What's the best way to treat a sunburn?
my kids have nits please help don't want chemicals?
how long does it take you to fall asleep?
Eye vision improvement - is it possible?
if you have ever had braces, tell the truth.....?
I need braces badly but my dentist said I have to lose ALL my baby teeth fist so even though they aren't lose.?
does it hurt when you have an adult tooth pulled out?
I think i may have diabetes?
Low blood pressure?! I'm 18!?
Why am I having chest pains? What's causing them? (Continued)?
High Blood Pressure for a 19 year old?
multiple ekg's but still worried about heart?
blood pressure was 128/95 is this a concern?
how long can a heart last without the brain?
Can you tell me anything interesting you know of the shoulder chakras?
Why do people say Marijuana is bad for you?
Clear white eyes?
I have been told that I've glaucoma. My right eye is OK, but my left is failing me. Can anybody help?
blackheads how to get rid ?
Does novacaine (shot in your mouth at the dentist) hurt?
What are the differences between NHS root canal treatment and private root canal treatment?
If i smoke and the dentist tells my parents, is that a violation of doctor confidentiality?
my nose starts to hurt a little bit?why?
why do i have frequent back pains?
How much Ibuprofen is lethal?
My eyesight is getting worse and worse?
Whats the difference between Anorexic and Bulimic?
I took to many Aspirin.?
Can I get smoke inhalation from a candle?
tell the name of sleeping pills?
I am allergic to egg. Can i use it on my hair?
My Index finger is swollen ?
If cigarettes are bad for you, then why don't they stop making and selling them?
i need help what is diabetes?
Is there any medicine to remove the heart blockage?
Why alcohol is the cause of high blood pressure?
What happens when your blood pressure is too high?
Hard and fast beating heart. Slight aching and out of breath?
What is the total cost of angiography and angioplasty treatment in INDIA.?
Is there anyway you can cure acne in 24 hours?
How do you reattach a finger at home? URGENT!?
Opthalmologists, the healthiest sunglasses?
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?
why do ppl clean their teeth......?
How do get rid of a popcorn kernel that's stuck in throat, it's been there since Sunday?
over the MMR controversy, has anyone else noticed something uncanny about Andrew Wakefield's trial?
it's sick that somone would do that?
How can I fake throwing up?
Can a optometrist recognise his patient after 2 years?
are there contacts that....?
headache after a week after the accident?
Can I smoke weed with an irregular heartbeat?
High blood pressure that won't come down. Any ideas?
A question about my heart beats?
How bad is my good cholesterol?
Problems sleeping any advice.?
I picked up a rock with my mind?
Is there a cure for ADHD in children?
I am severly depressed. I am scared because i feel like killing myself and i have a 3 year old daughter ?
i like to smoke weed all day everyday is that really bad?
Regarding coughing up green lumps....?
Is my friend choking me on purpose?
why is it harder to give up smoking the second time?
Am worried my hubby?
Why do peoples' eyes get smaller after they cry?
I think i have a sinus infection?
Are the doctors wrong?
Any stories of how you broke an arm or ankle or finger?
I'm itchy all over, a hurting itch, what is this?
Is it true that an aspirin will prevent a heart attack?
A friend of mine has a heart murmur and wants to try Ecstasy ?
Is it true that people who swear have lower blood pressure?
Whats the longest you ever slept?
Is rabies foam good for shaving?
is toothpast suitable for animals?
any connection of Wisdom tooth with wisdom or intelligence?
OMG wait untill you hear what has to happen to me on Jan 5!!?
Canker sores?
What is the cure for HIV/AIDS?
is "black" an eye color?
I wore my 2-week disposable contacts for over a month, bad?
What happened to me?
I've lost my eyelashes!!!?
Vomiting all morning, cant keep anything down?
What can happen if you don't pay a hospital bill?
I swallowed my tongue piercing..am i in trouble?
Headache everyday please help?
help, I got Shingles please help..?
how would you like to die natural,shot,sickness,drowned, ECT?
i have mono. am i more likely to die from swine flu?
Why is everyone freaked out about the latest swine flu?
Has anyone ever had the flu vaccine?
can i get a disease from licking public tolite seats?
Symptoms of diabetes?
what is the most common eye color?
Do contacts hurt?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Lost vision in one eye what does it mean?
if you dont know whether or not you want contacts and just want to TRY them, do they charge you for it?
Does anyone know what the contact lense prescription - 4.50 translates to in terms of 6/12 6/36 etc?
problem related to eyes plz help out......?
what would you suggest for a 15 year old? glasses or contacts?
How do I get rid of so much ear wax that it's causing me to not hear?
HELP!!! do i need to go to the hospital? 10 points?
have a cut on my finger from a knife?
is it safe to smoke at 16?
In what ways do you cope living with a smoker if you are not one?
I've had a really bad cough for two months...?
Is it possible to intentionally blur your sight?
Is their something wrong with my eye?? pic of eye included. please help!?
My Husband has something wrong with his eyes?
Can you please answer my question if you had to get fillings? ?
What Can You Eat When You Have Braces?
any tips for a toothache? and dont say dentist, he he he?
vigina ?? help here!!!?
Is it worse to lose your right leg or to go blind?
can asmatha kill u???? and does it make u cough alot ?
is it true that the people who had the flu shot are the ones who ended up getting h1n1?
Swine Flu Injections?
I have a cold and need to get rid of it ASAP as going to barcelona on Wednesday...any good remedies?
has anybody ever been addicted to painkillers?
Are there jobs that won't hire people with red-green colorblindness?
Given my eye glass prescription, how can I convert to contact lens prescription?
Pen ink got in eye ???????
Should I purchase eye glasses?
Do you think this is bad?
I have "Lazy eye" so i have to wear glasses, But will i have to wear them for the rest of my life?
How do you fight a cold?
How long does Marijuana stay in your system?
What is the best way to get rid of hiccups?
I have a small black dot on my eye. It's on the colored part?
I work 10 hours at the computer, my eyes hurt, what can I do?
Is this a sign that i need glasses ?
Any way to improve Vision without Lasik?
Why are my eyes...?
how does Tobacco smoke causes Coronary Heart Disease?
Who here F*ckin Hates spiders!?
Seven/eight year old -- should they get braces?
Question about smoking ?
i drank bleach last night cuz someone on yahoo told me it would bleach my teeth.. and my throat burns?
I can't afford an tooth implant or a bridge, what should I do?
is laser eye surgery safe100%?
contact lense question?
Eyesight/ Vision?
anyone had laser eye correction surgery?
acne help???????????????
i got a tragus piercing a month ago and there is a large lump formed inside my ear. why did this happen?
I have siatic nurve a can not walk what can i do?
Wat's a good way to lose 10 pounds?
My sister scratched the white part of my eye. What do i do !?
Anyone ever got your hand stuck in a car door? sore isint it.?
does weedd really make you happy?? thinkin about tryin it..?
I don't feel good about my heart and chest?
My husband's blood pressure dropped to 105/55. Dangerous?
Should i go to school with an ear ache, head ache, stuffy nose, and bad sore throat?
Does anyone know how to cure asthma in toddler?
My son is allergic to dog saliva, does it follow that he'll be allergic to cats?
is this overwight?
I just made myself throw up for the first time...?
is 81 lbs for a 14 year old girl who is 5ft3in fat, skinny or average?
AM I FAT??????????????please help?
How to get a six pack in a week ?
How do I get rid of these mildly baggy, dark circles under my eyes?
medical ?. my bfs dog jumped on me and?
what is the tube next to the esophagus?
Any one cough so hard they throw up?
For the regular marijuana smokers .... do you believe it is addictive?
When u get braces i know that u can get colored ones.. which i think are pretty cool..?
I haven't gone to the dentist in 10 years...?
do braces hurt when you have them?
i swallowed a crown tooth while eating, its been 3 days, it hasn't passed yet, how long can it take?
i have high blood pressure and am on medication. pressure is 86 over 53. is that too low?
Do glasses improve your eyesight?
Eye astigmatism problem in my 6 year son?
Is it possible to have one good eye and one bad eye?
my arms are numb when i wake up in the morning... completely. takes a few seconds to get feeling into them.?
Can you kill the bacteria in raw meat by making it go below a certain temp.?
How do I prevent chicken pox?
My boyfriend and i hung out last night, and he woke up feeling like he has the flu.. could i get it?
can u die from food poisoning?
Swine flu: Why are people making a big deal out of an old disease?
What is the best way to get rid of hicups?
help me give up cannabis?
whats the best way to get rid of a cold?
HIV. . .If your soulmate was infected would it prevent you from making the decision to stay with them?
My finger hurts, why?
fluid on the kneee?
should i go to the doctor now?
Popped my knee?
My eye prescription is for Cooper Proclear, can I order Acuvue?
Any suggestions on how to pass a hair drug test?
Why am I always so tired. my dr said i'm ok just a little anemic. I get so tired so easy and my pulse is 110.
I have another question about braces.. How long do you usally have to wear them for?
I just got braces and they're really sore! When will my mouth get used to them and i'll be able to eat again?
how to get teeth whiter.?
why can't i sleeeeep?
Do you use hand sanitizer?
why are my eyes turning yellow?
What color is my eye?
Is it possible for a poor eye-sight person to regain 20/20 ?
Is staring at the moon harmful to you eyes or vision?
Why is it bad to sleep with contacts in?
PLEASE DON'T ASK WHY...wanting to increase glasses strength(farsighted) By +1.00 /+2.00 Any ideas.safe bst way
i'm getting headaces everyday but i already drink a lot of coffee?
Am I helping or hurting my Carpal Tunnel by using these?
Sciatica can it cripple?
What is wrong with me?
Why can't I wake up in the morning?
I'm 35 years old and I still wet the bed. Any suggestions?
Re.SMOKING BAN: I'm a non-smoker, but am going to miss passive smoking when at the pub. Anyone feel the same?
ever felt like youve lived before?
help im dieing arrrrrrrgha im having a stroke errrrrrrrghraahahhahhrehahahehrehrharfff… what do i do
When someones eye is damaged, and they are now blind, does their eye color change?
where can i find clear lense glasses?
what is a flu shot and what is a flesh wound?
how do i get really sick??
Is the Swine Flu pandemic going to turn out to be something like the Black Plague?
do you have to get chicken pox?
can you list me more ways to get hiv?
is it broken??
have you ever rubbed your eye so much that afterwards, it hurts when you blink?
My dad was working on his car and the jack fell out and the car is crushing him..what do I do?
why do people with freckles have clean shiny soft faces?
How much do you get paid for giving blood?
Lately my right hand is cold while my left hand isn't. Can someone tell me what this might mean?
Is my blood pressure too low?
My cholesterol is super high , how can i lower my LDL naturally?
If I have a heart attack why is it called an attack? can you have a liver attack?
What kind of effects can chewing gum almost constantly have on you jaws and teeth?
How do you get water out of your ear?
Please! ive asked this question 2 times and havent recieved any good answers about a scratch on the eye?
can i wear lenses for more than 8 hours?
please help i think i have damaged my eyes?
how do people get lazy eye?
Random question!! eyes?
I suffer fron frozen shoulder, please suggest remidies?
Is it safe to take percocet with atenolol?
does getting a tongue ring hurt?
Will Penicillin get rid of a bladder infection?
Once you've had the swine flu, can you get it again?
this Swine flu has really got me freaked.Help?
good diet for a 13 year old!?
What are the most amazing things about the human body?
Is Weed bad for your health? ?
Tell me the name of most powerfull sleeping pill & frm where I can buy tht???
i am diabetic person and one of my friend refer me to buy "hypoglycemia" ?
i drink way too much tea daily, but im kinda concerned about the amount of sugar i intake with the tea?
can i sue the person that gave me herpes?
broken nose yes or no ?
Why do you americans have to pay for medical treatment?
Broken toes?
My girl part hurts bad?
i am 14 years old and have been smoking for about 5-6 months now?
Has anyone quit smoking for a new years resolution and how long has it been?
Ok what could a 13 year old do to get cigarettes?
ahhh what's wrong with my eyes?
what happens if you accidentally spray deodorant into your eyes?
can wearing the same glasses for years make vision worse?
does carrots and vitamin a helps in eye vision?
If I wear my contacts in my sleep?
if i cut my arm and my blood is green.. what does it mean?
how do i know if there is a stye in my eye?
is it rare to have 20/15 vision at 41?
My 3 year old keeps on getting continuous colds, coughs and never ending coldsores.?
What's the panic about swine flu when 36,000 die every year in the US from regular flu?
what is aids and how do i get it?
What kind of doctor treats backache/back pain ?
tooth hurting alot!! please help?!?!?
i sometimes get killer headache's what is the best pain killer?
How often you wash yourself in winter?
Urgent question!!! Please help me!! 10 points and 5 stars for best answer!!!!!!!?
anyone who knows FIRSTHAND about CHF & leg edema please reply(MD's preferred but all welcome)?
What is it really like to have ur Wisdom Teeth removed?
i have the dentist tonight nooooooooooooo!?
How often do you change a new toothbrush?
How do U get a gap in your teeth fixed?
please help my braces hurt so bad what will help?
My cousin is in Coma, she had haemorrhage in the brain, and she'll die! i dont know what to do ?
My kids get sick every other week, throat and ear infection?
Has anyone heard or ever had...?
my brother has been asking me for?
sleeping problems! please help ?
I can't fall asleep please anyone i need help really bad!?
is there contacts youwear at night and you tkae them off and improves your vision?
I think I'm allergic to bananas, can someone fill me in on this?
Allergies can they just come up suddenly for the first time ever?
Which is better for a cold:Orange juice or Apple juice?
what can help heal my wound?
If you knew what countries the flu vaccine came from would you still trust them?
My 14 year old son is sick and running a 101 fever but is refusing to take any meds?
what should i drink or not drink when i have diarrhea?
Irregular heart beat? What do I do?
how do u know if someone has a STD when u first meet them and don't want to ask?
(I'm pathetic)I know but I have a contact stuck in my eye.?
Should Smokling Be Illegal?
sore throat please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how do i break my arm?
Hey guys, i've been told i'm going to die?
What is the best way to fight depression without taking any medication?
How do I keep a sharp mind 24 hours a day?
how can i sooth my sore throat?
Why do I kep getting this cramp.. Please answer i'm in agony!!
Would you stay with your doctor if he said this to you...?
i get headace when i don't do any activity?
to scared to go to doctors :( clicky jaw?
My brother is having hicc-up since 5 hours continously.tried all home remidies- hold breath&drink water.advice
is it normal for mouth to be hurting after having a shot in your mouth from have a filling.?
what do you do when you accidently rip the tongue web?
Please could you help me (it's serious) ?
Can't one survive without drinking liquor?
Do i have swine flu?? should i go 2 the doctorS?
What are physical symptoms of a heart attack besides chest pains?
How do I afford laser eye surgery (Pregnancy)?
I have pink eye but i have a date!! Help me pleaaaseee?
what are the symptoms....................?
I don't think its fair when someone smoking right by u?
Is this pink eye or somthing else?
i have blurry vision but when there's tears in my eyes i see good like an eagle whys that?
Will these feelings lead to suicide?
What can i do to get rid of my pain??
do low sodium diets mean you have to cut out salt completly?
Pain in heart..Am I going to die?
Has anyone on high blood pressure medication been on it for 30 years or more?
Does anybody know if I can join the Air Force with a heart murmur and high blood pressure?
I superglued my private to my girlfriend's private, how do we detach intact?
i jus got ma tonuge pireced a few days ago an it swallon and it looked kinda greenish like a bruse,, wht do i?
my daughter has knee pain,around the knee cap,it's swollen and hurts allot?
i have a really bad stuffy nose...?
Why hasn't someone ever invented some kind of windshield wipers for eyeglasses?
can my eye doctor stop me from getting contacts?
What brand contact lenses is the best?
Ringworm! I need help!?
Could i have asthma? i need answers!?
how many teeth have you had extracted at one time?
Braces and gum?!!?!!?!?!??!?!?!?
Is alcohol more good or bad for one's body?
do you wake up or open your eyes first?
Will drinking lots of milk everyday.......................?
Are my legs really strong or just fat?
AM I FAT?? ****im sure this link works***?
Do you think I need to lose 10 pounds? (pics)?
what does it mean when you have a low heart rate?
What mask is the best at preventing the swine flu?
why should we blam god for the swine flu?
Is a -2.00 bad for short-sightedness?
Getting eyes tested is there any point?
when i got fingered why did it sting?
how can i break my wrist/arm on purpose?
What will happen if you take pain medication, but you have no pain?
ok personal question...so please dont open if u are squmish and dont like the talk of bodily functions...?
Can I use my right contact lens in my left eye?
Cheap Prescription Glasses ?
A question for people who wear eye contacts...?
Is it bad for me to wear one contact lens at a time?
Can someone help me find the difference between a inside out contact lense and the right side?
My Dad has Heart Failure, Just had an angiogram and it showed no blockages and was clear. So what now?
Is her mouth weird looking?
Do braces hurt?
I'm sick what do I have?
what's the best way to quickly get rid of acne?
Symptoms of a stroke?
Heart blockage and brisk walking?
what does braille look like to someone who is blind?
I am having my eyes dilated today. What can I expect?
which d&g eyeglasses color looks better?
eye contacts!???????????
why did i get dizzy when i woke up & got up?
i have a pain just below my stomach. It's like a cramp but a lot sharper.?
sick for almost 2 weeks why?
asthma?? please help?
What to do about a violent cough?
Hi, I've tried everything to stop smoking, but I'm still smoking?
What can stop me from having a panic attack in school?
When you have a cold ??!!?
How dangerous is pepper spray?
Possible eye problem?
colored contacts?
Eyesight's getting worse...?
Contacts Question Please helpp?
Are carrots really good for your eyes?
Will i go blind with sleeping in my contacts?
Have you ever had a filling?
How can I get rid of a blocked nose?
when i eat apples my lips itch?
When should children stop taking a children's vitamin and start on a regular vitamin?
Why is toilet paper perforated? ?
OMG is this possible? Very simple question? I need help?
Do you think my gym teacher will let me not take gym tomorrow?
i accidentally swallowed half of a grape!?
Does popping bubble wrap relaxes you?
Do you know any Homeopathic Factories in UK?
home remedies.........?
Is America Killing us?
What are some herbs for anxiety issues?
why do family doctors?
My blood Pressure is a bit high. What are some ways to make it go down?
Im going to give up smoking tomorrow, any advice?
Please please ...help i just don't feel that pretty ?
if your in the water for to long, does your skin rip off?
Smoking Ban! Good Or Bad?
How to pee with out makeing a noise?
My ankles hurt after walking fast for a short time or running for a short time. What is wrong?
Are u affared of death?
any herbal remedy to cure diabities for ever?
having really bad cramps but I'm allergic to pain medications. are there any home remedies?
My heart beats too fast?
cholesterol help is so needed?
Fastest way to lose weight? I'm 14?
what should a 5'7'' woman weigh (in your opinion)?
I got stung by a bee. Is it poisonous?
I cut my finger and passed out, why?
ummm bugs are in my cut?
I'm 18, but found out some bad news that i'm sick?
what do ido my 1 yr old bro has a fever ov 102 and i cant go to the doctors right now?
how to not catch conjunctivitus?
I think I have the human version of rabbies? Help!?
Do i have swine flu?!?
How can you get Diabetes?
is there a food that would keep me through the night?
my friend has some problem related to blood ? his blood lost the capblity of bieng red..ne suggestion..?
Am I heading towards diabetes with this diet?
what damage has smoking done to me?
I've had a heavy cough for awhile and now I am having a hard time breathing. Are there any home remodies?
Do Dr's. get kick backs for prescribing certain medic ins.?
As an alternative medicine doctor, what would you have prescribed to King of Pop Michael Jackson?
how can i avoid sun burn when i go to florida?
Strange numbness in my left hand and fingers. Sometimes feels like pins and needles, but its not. Any ideas?
How Do I Deal With Such Pain?
Should I try to tell the ex-boyfriend's girlfriend that he has herpies?
Can i drink Alcohol while taking Antidepressants & Anti-Anxiety medication?
Which is worse for you?
Is it bad that i accidentally slept in with my contacts for about two hours?
gum! what do you think?
Just a question........?
Birthmark on my eye...what does this mean?
Do these products that claim to naturally cure myopia really work?
Symptoms of worms?????!!!?
Am I the only one afraid of getting sick?
I Know this seems strange but 2 years ago i started pulling out my eyelashes i want to stop but just can't
im 13, and 5'2". what is my average wieght supposed to be?
BEE STING?! immediate help please.?
AM I NORMAL?!! I am questioning if i'm overweight.?
My heart beats 65/second...?
Is my heart skipping a beat?
How do you cure constipation?
whats the longest time you've been awake?
Do anyone like turning over to the cold side of the pillow?
Is it weird that I want to get branded?
What germ killing spray will get rid of roomates sneezing and coughing all over the place?
How do you get rid of asthma for good?
Just found out that Im allergic to wasp stings and 13 weeks pregnant?
My lip is swollen due to an allergic reaction? What can I do to make the swelling stop?
Sometimes when I eat fruit or veggies my tongue tingles?
Lasik eye surgery.. is it for me?
if i have oral herpes (cold sores), do i have to tell my partner that i have an std?
my daughter is 10+age but feels very strong heart beatings and remains restless what would be the reason?
Is it normal for a guy to be a nurse?
Help!!! I cant swallow a pill?
Can I remove my own appendix?
i have [email protected] with my pillow im so desperate?
Should I go back to work this week?
What should i do with my hemroid?
I Have to Pee, but Family Guy's On!?
I've been bitten by an ant today.?
I was wondering if I should go see a doctor? Here are my symptoms, can you help?
Autism or other developmental disability's?
what are the medicines diabetes can't take?
I am having a problem with my legs, They are swollen to the point of shininess and are leaking water. HELP!!?
what contacts brand do you wear?
can i use store brand contact solution with acuvue 2 advance lenses?
Can something be wrong with my Heart?
Blood Pressure ? Stress ?
how can i lower my blood pressure to normal?
Can energy drinks help increase blood pressure? Eg. Red Bull, Monster and Rockstar? ?
What to do if kids are smoking weed on the bus?
My 11 year old daughter has had a cough for about 2-3 weeks, What should I do?
Smoking--> risk of asma?
im havn chest pain??
Vision in left eye going blurry?
Help! How to fake sick from school?
i cut myself for no reason?
i have a fever of 99.6...?
Kidney failure: While having a dialysis, can comeone also take herbal medicine?
I'm on two 80mg pills a day of Lasix,my Dr. is giving me a booster to take for 5 days,I have heart problems.?
should i go to the A&E with my bp this high?
Heart Attack??
small brown spots on top of hand?
How do you get rid of a cold sore fast?
At what age is it safe to use contacts?
how can i convince my dad to let me have contacts?
what the deference between fanting and pasing out?
If you wear glasses that you don't need, can it ruin your eyes?
Bi-Focal Lenses?
do i need glasses? please help?
does wearing newly prescribed glasses make your eyesight worse?
Is reading in the dark bad for your eyes?
Marijuana heart flutters?
can you get rabies from babies?
my daughters school sent a letter home yesterday saying that a child had swine flu but didnt close the school?
Will my finger grow back if I cut it off?
I'm 42 yrs old and I want to know what type of medicine Ineed totake to prolong my menstrual period?
i have a growth growing out the end of my toe first it looked like a callous but now it is growing?
What's the best way to get rid of a cold?
im am getting these flashing llights, dizzy, and have a dry mouth and troat im 13 can some1 help me please!!!!?
what would cause urine to be dark yellow, almost like the palmolive orange?
lazy eye since birth....?
my daughters eye screen?
Is it true that vision can be blured at will?
cheapest opticians for eye tests...?
does eye surgery hurt?
Can a heart attack cause your nails to turn purple?
Help Idk if its heart attack!?
I'm over tired...had only 6 hours sleep in 48 hours...what can i do to make myself sleepy?
Do you think I am a druggie If I have only taken 1 ecsatcy?
Are you supposed to loose the baby tooth behind your K9 tooth?
Are retainers painful?
Is there something wrong with my jaw?
Could I stop using my bladder infection medication?
Do I need an extra pillow?
Should you go to hospital with chest pain?
i cut my thumb and it was bleeding alot how do i stop the bleeding?
I'm extremely scared of getting blood tests how can I get over this fear?
my mouth got bit by red ants. now, it's swollen, and it is big.. what should i do now!?
palpitations of the heart?
Mitral Valve Prolapse - Am I going to be alright?
What Can I Do To Faint????
i hav always chest pains 24hrs and also hav high blood pressure...........help?
What can help lower cholesterol?
Can changing my contact solution irritate my eyes?
can steam from boiling water such as in a saucepan when cooking noodles burn your eyes?
Things floating in eye?
Is this normal???????
What's India like internationally in eye treatment? Which are the best eye hospitals or centers?
whats wrong with my eyes ?
How can people get nosebleeds from cold air?
HELP:how can i stop constant diarrhea and vomiting without any medicine?or wiht something natural?
should i have a it cut off?
those anyone know a medicine that helps you go to the bathroom?
I smoked weed for 4 days straight. I hadn't smoked a year prior. Can I pass a drug test in 2 weeks?
High fever...How do I get it down in a hurry?
If all the Mexicans died of swine flu, who would inherit this territory?
Why don't they give the victims of Swine Flu oinkments ?
Fed up!! now had swine flu for 8 days and feel terrible.?
Do i have Swine Flu??
What effects will your body take if Influenza/Flu is not treated over time.?
PVC's (Skipped Heart Beats) Make em stop!?
Should I be worried about this blood pressure reading?
What is in Mexican food that causes my blood sugars to sky rocket?
My daughter just found out shes is pregnant ,im worried she is type 1 diabetic,would welcome any advice?
seeing at your corner of your eye is called what?
why does some peoples sweat smell bad and others not smell at all?
My doctor was soooo rude.?
seizure from fasting?! PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Why won't my dry skin go away?
can you use the pages from the bible for rolling paper?
This has been bugging me all day, whats it called?
Why is it wrong to drink urine to save on your water bill?
How Can I Cut My Wrist In A Way That Is Not Painful?
What's wrong with my ankle? Broken? Sprained?
My wife was punched in the back and now she can't feel two of her fingers. What could be the problem.?
what causes "heart disease"?? and in simple "laymans" terms what is it?
What are the causes of Rapid Heart Beat?
Blood Pressure question?
Paying for glasses in full time education?
I haven't been to an eye doctor in years but my sight is good. Should I visit one for a checkup any way?
can i sell my prescription glasses online?
Is it possible for new glasses to be ready in a day, or two? Help!!!?
Buying a pair of glasses from Specsavers?
Do people with glasses/contacts usually have better vision with those in than people who don't need them?
I think my cat ate rat poison what should i do?
what are you allergic to?
Any natural Remedies for night cramp in the legs?
Is there any herbal way to cure sinisitus ? if somebody had suffered from it ,lets share the experience?
how many tylenol does it take to kill you ive taken 14 650mg tablets?
Im uncircumcised and have had a herpes out break?
What is the eye prescription for normal eyes?
Eye ball spasms? not eye lid, but the actual eye ball.?
Is it normal for contacts to make my vision blurry in the first couple of days?
My eyes are starting to turn yellow?