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How long does it take a person of thirst, and hunger?
Can you use a baby's urine for a drug test?
Eyes red after taking contact lenses out?
Is contact lens solution the same as dry eye stuff ?
Addison's disease and not take steroids?
are contacts right for me? pics included?
Would someone that has diabetes constantly keep eating junk food all the time and also?
How can I improve circulation...?
i need some info on diabetes type two?
not quite diabetes orrr...?
where to get tested for diabetes?
diabetes, eye styes and other symptoms?
did Bulimia cause type 2 diabetes?
A question regarding digestion (corn)...?
What foods are good/safe for diabetics to eat?
Is growing pains serious?
Why did I get dizzy while I was working out?
What is wrong with my wrist? Please help!?
its been three months and Im unable to move my neck?
My foot is killing me what can I do?
Please Help Me!?!....?
Where can I purchase pain relievers?
Im freaked out right now about my std tests.?
i think i have herpes. help please...?
What does it mean whenyour coughing up yellow phlegm and the next lot you cough up is white?
Can one disease trigger another?
What does blood/yellow sputum mean?
Can I stop prednisone after taking for only ONE day?
Can you get the nicotine from a cigarette with out actually inhaling the smoke into your lungs?
What if an ant enters my nose while I'm sleeping?
How to help large, painful, open blisters heal faster?
Burning Youself With Hot Needles? / Self Harm?
Did I overdose on tylenol?
What do I do if I hit my head on cement?
Do you have bulging/herniated discs and is the pain worse during the winter?
Wisdom teeth pulled yesterday now my stomach hurts a little bit/Feel like puking?
POLL: How many times do you brush your teeth?
Do the dentists put on the braces the same day they pull out your tooth ? :B?
Dentists: which one do you recommend: Filling teeth with White (composite) or Silver ones?
While being a patient for an orthodontist, how can you tell if your braces are ready to be removed?
How to convince my parents to get me braces, i'm 17?
Do I have to worry about dry sockets if the sutures fall out?
Sprained muscle healing time?
When they say that eyeglassses correct your eyesight, what are they saying?
I am really nervous and worried ?
what are pros and cons in keeping contact lenses?And how much do they cost ?
can you have more than one color contact in your eye at a time?
can a contact lens be dyed with hair dye incidentally? if it get on your lenses and temporarily tints it...?
I am worried because my eye vision becomes blurred after I went swimming in the chlorinated pool YESTERDAY.?
What happens if i instiled an eye drop after one month?
Will someone give me information on my eye problems?
could I have sunburned my eyes?
Do I have something wrong with my heart?? D:?
Reading Cholesterol Levels?
My Daughter was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome and Not diagnosed at Pregnancy, Do I have a Lawsuit?
Going for a ECG/EKG........what to expect?
what to do about a minor heart attack?
Did I eat good or bad today?
How should i point my mom to this exercise program?
Is losing 25 pounds unrealistic at my age?
Is this healthy for someone who's dieting ?
Work Out Equipment Question...?
Is it possible to get muscular without getting fatter?
Good Ab workouts that show results fast?!?!?
How do stingers sting you?
Please help i'm 12 in pain, Am I gonna die?
I touched an ant trap, what should I do?
How long does it take for a wound to heal ?
peeing in my pants when i laugh really hjard?
I smoked weed on Jan 1st I have a drug test tomorrow the 10th is it out of my system? and if not what can i do?
What drug should I try using?
i'm 14 and going to be trying canobis for the first time and only time just to see what it's like?
How to treat test anxiety?
Knee Cap Dislocation surgery QUESTION?
What medicines should I take for headaches?
what are the differences between snorting vicodin and oxycontin?
how do i relieve myself of well normal thoughts?
Could I have Parkingson's Disease?
How to get rid of a terrible cold?
How much drinking does it take to get fatty liver disease?
Dizziness and ringing ears?
I think my mom peed out a goldfish?
What of the name of this condition?
How to get rid of a stuffy nose?
My normal temp is 97.1, but when I don't feel well it drops to 94.8-95.2...why?
How to get rid of acne scars?
Does proactiv actually work?
Is Accutane worth it?????????????
How do I get rid of these red marks?
Can the Flu shot make you sick I got the flu shot on Thursday lastweek. I havent been feeling well I feel run?
How are viruses spread among people?
Can human's get worms?
Help! How do i stop the food poisoning from setting in?
does acyclovir go bad?
Where can I seek treatment in Singapore for STD?
Are these the signs of a mosquito bite or spider bite?
I have two finger nails on one finger now? How do I fix it?
Do i need to go to the doctor for this spider bite?
I might be slowly dying?
I'm very interested in going to Fastbraces in Dallas. Are there any former patients ?
i two oral extractions two and four months ago why would my dentist wait until feb to do my cavities?
Wisdom teeth removal????
Are two sets of dental x rays in a year bad?
Can anyone give me some information on cavities?
My lower back hurts only when I set . What could be the cause?
What leg motions can be done after an anterolateral total hip replacement?
Why is my leg still hurting? I scratched and bruised it about 3 weeks ago the bruise and scratch are healed.?
I can't go to the bathroom what should I do?
My knee is hurt and I need physical medical advice.?
Why is my stomach getting sore after every time I eat?
will my new cartilage piercing hurt while taking a shower?
Help!Why did my contacts turn pink?
how much do contacts cost?
Do most head/smoke shops card?
If I drink too much colloidal silver and get argyria can i just take some homeopathic silver to clear it up?
Do you get dry eyes from sitting in front of a screen too much?
How do I do my contact lenses?
What supplement should I take?
I Have Issues With Eye Contact?
My eye prescription changed axis - would these contacts be okay?
Do vitamin patches really work? and..?
What happens if u get lipstick in ur eyes?
What is the way in which a super centenarian remains healthy throughout the life?
A few questions about kerosene heaters....?
Can poking cause internal bleeding?
Why do most people think bad of cutters?
Why do I get sick every three months?
Sore throat, throbbing headache, sore neck?
How do you make your back feel better without going to the doctors ?
Nothing showing up on MRI..................?
My back hurts a lot, what should I do?
My mom's having pains in her shoulders?
will a dry ice burn go away?
How to heal sunburn faster?
how do i stop my hand from oozing?
Is sun burnt skin peeling bad?
Question about my blister?
Walking/weightloss question.?
what is the best way to lose weight?
Need diet advice please !!?
I'm 13 and I feel so overweight... Help?!?
how do i loose 20 pounds and how long should it take?
How much do you weigh?
How to get a Beach Body in 4 months!?
Has anybody become more attracted to their wife once she gained weight?
Need help planning to lose weight over the summer?
My thumb has been jammed for almost four years now, what do I do?
If someone twisted your arm behind your back to break it, which bone actually breaks?
Do i have a broken knuckle?
What is being shot like?
Weird bruise-like spot after blood test.?
Your Food Allergies? Please Answer!?
Does frog pee really cure chicken pox?
how can i get this out of my sytem faster?
URGENT: cannot stop coughing, any tricks that can help me sleep?
Do you breath in fully?
Does anybody else have a sensation of choking while eating or drinking anything?
How can I stop my asthma from getting worse?
what causes one nose to start dripping blood?
How long will it take this sore throat from my albuterol to go away?
what are some treatments for heart disease?
I had an EKG well several that showed possible left and right atrial enlargement since then I have had bouts?
i want to publish an article on cardiology?
I think I have High-blood-pressure, should I take a paracetamol tablet?
how you know if you have any heart problem ,how the pain of heart attack is like?
what causes heart palpitations?
I am getting a root canal on tooth number 3. Will I be prescribed something for pain?
can an untreated tooth infecton hurt my baby ?
how much would 2-5months of braces cost? in australia?
Does it hurt when you get your teeth pulled out?
Tips or tricks on braces?!?
White spots on teeth withbraces?
I'm getting all 4 wisdom teeth removed Friday...?
which Kaiser plan(Cheapest please) covers jaw surgery for braces?
My First Cavity Ever?
i have left lower back pain, and bladder pain, but i don't have the urge to urinate frequently, is this a UTI?
How to relieve sore muscles fast?
tempurpedic mattress?
What is wrong with me?
I have heartburn all the time what to do?
How could I get rid of a soar throat?
Pain in knee, but not constant?
HELP!!! green discharge and blisters on VAG!!!!!?
Can having dirarrhea for a day result in a small amount of blood in your stool?
How fast does the stomach flu come on?
sick what do i have soar throat?
Do I sound like I have the flu?
Extremely sore throat relief?
What are the symtoms of Parkinsons Disease?
What are fashia lesions?
Can I get snake bites at age 15 in the US, specifically Pennsylvania?
First aid or buy it all seperate?
help SUPER bad sunburn!!!?
I cut my leg open & wondering how to keep it clean?
What kind of spider is this and is it poinus?
This region of the vertebral column makes up the neck.?
my boyfriend has serious back pain .. i think its a bulging disc..can anyone help?
Which way can you die the quickest & less painful?
Pain in my left abdominal?
How can you change you eye color with out contacts?
Michael Ealy's eyes? are they contacts?
if you have a lazy eye and wear an eye patch can the eye be straightened?
Why is it that weed gets you high but dip does not?
I have every single light on in my house...will someone still try to break in?
Ativan for anxiety safe to take?
What are the harmful effects of overeating on your body(besides weight gain)?
I took half a zannex bar.?
Is there anything I can do to test if these tablets are reaL?
Do these symptoms match diabetes? If not then what?
am i gonna get diabetes or something?
What is a good home remedy to lower blood suger?
Is it okay to skip my sugar bc pill?
How much sugar can I consume before it kills me?
What is the best fruit to eat for raising blood sugar?
what happens when you are stung by a bee?
I overdosed on iron! please help me!?
my ear is bleeding please help?
If i had a sty do i need to throw all of my makeup away?
i got a mosquito bite behind my ear and they really ice and they really hurt!!!!!!!?
I know first aid...but I couldn't go through with it today?
I had my wisdom teeth removed March 2010, that's almost ten months ago. How longs does it take to fully heal?
I'm really worried about my oral surgery in a few days?
Whenever I run, my knees hurt really bad. I'm only 14!?
Headache and dead arm!!!?
Pain in my side of my hip?
I havn't had the chance to sleep in 75-85hrs, if I go to bed now can something happen to me?
Do you have an unusual way to get to sleep?
Ive already slept but i need more sleep!?
Is this unhealthy, if so, How can i fix it?
I have a Cold, and I just blew my nose and a good amount of blood came out?
Hospitals and oxygen masks?
is it bad to try to go to sleep when your not tired?
What should I do about my infected toe?
Does insomnia cause bad social interactions?
can blood cultures tell if liver cirrhosis is cause of death?
???l?? can you die from dieing ?
there's blood when i go #2? help?
Why is it not good to take aspirin if you are a kid?
what are 3 factors that can lead to heart disease that we (can) control?
After getting a rug burn on your knees, should you just let it be?
Just got tongue pierced, Is a little puss normal?
What are some good mosquito repellents?
Is it possible to have a stroke while sleeping, and wake wondering whether you had?
How to get rid of sun-burn? Please help got really bad sun-burn very pain full!!! HELP!?
any good ecg interpreters here ? can you interpret this rhythm strip?
Is hot chocolate safe to drink if you've had atrial fibrillation?
Can you catch an STD like Herpes or Syphillis from using a thermometer after somebody infected used it?
I got hit in the leg?
can taking 20 grams of tylenol pm kill you?
I bruise way too easily?
What are the best ways to treat cystic acne?
"Correct posture" is causing me significant back pain?
This question is about acne and how things are changing. the main question is this normal?
A good skin regimen?????
Why do your fingers get wrinkly in water if they're there for too long?
diarrhea, cough, spitting up mucus, throat hurts, threw up super last night, chills, im 16, whats wrong?
Any physical danger to inhaling the stench from feces?
Have You Ever Been Sick From Black Mold Exposure?
I can sleep in the daytime but not at night why is this?
Is herbal incense harmful to smoke?
does lavendar really help with insomnia?
How do they make Vitamin D pills?
Why is their no cure for viruses?
Melanine and sleep???
Alternative (natural) skin products for diabetics...ideas?
So why is it that we're supposed to wait 45 minutes after eating before we should exercise?
Did an acupuncture needle break?
When will I start see the results of the creatine I'm using?
3-4 sodas a day bad for me?
How many calories do i need if i am gonna exercise for 6 hours today? 10 points!!!!?
can i lose wieght by straving myself?
What is the easiest way of losing weight?
Will this help me lose weight ?
Trying to gain muscle...?
Eye sensitivity and shingles. How long does the light sensitivity last?
Will wearing contacts visually make your eyes brighter?
My boyfriend got a tooth pulled 2 days ago and..?
How to stop braces from hurting?
How bad does it hurt to get a tooth extracted?
something on my gums?
How do doctors find out you're lactose intolerant?
so i had an allergic reaction...to something?
Can you develop an allergy to gold?
Help! ( Nose Question)?
When should you go to the er for sunburn?
Bug bug bites out of nowhere?
Should I go to the Doctor?
does anyone know about interstitial cystitis? my daughter has it and is in so much pain.?
Why am I having pain in my stomach and back?
the top of my foot hurts. what could it be?
It is physically possible for someone to kill off every last one of their brain cells?
I'm getting an endoscopy.. are the sedatives used going to make me throwup?
who gets bullied more, boys or girls?
My Grandfather is in the hosipital...What should I do?
Friday I gave my counselor a suicide note saying?
My boyfriend says he doesn't have feelings, why?
Do I have some kind of mental disorder or something cause I keep smelling weird things out of nowhere?
Strange long-term illnesses. Please help!?
I'm afraid to up my dosage of seroquel xr please help?
is it normal when feeling depressed to sometimes hate the human race and think about widespread death?
If you are shot through the hand can it heal?
Does jumping down the stairs onto an outstretched leg actually break your leg/ankle?
What can I do to make my fractured arm heal faster?
Does icing cold sores help?
possible nerve damage?
Doctor said my elbow did not break?
can head injuries get worse over time?
If you are constipated for too long can you die?
what's the difference between strep throat and tonsillitis?
Anything to ease flu and symptoms?
How to you get rid of a soar throat?
WBC count 8.9. What does it mean?
I wake up to pee, I can't fall back asleep?
Struggling to get to sleep!?
How often do you go to the doctor when you are?
Is it OK to have two glasses of wine every day?
Last night I woke up in the middle of the night,?
Do 'free clinics' offer quality healthcare?
eeekkk! help with chapped lips?!!?
What is a spinal tap like? Does it really hurt?
Body pains right chest/left hip?
Are physical therapist and Massage therapist allowed piercings/dyed hair/ect.?
Stone Bruise or Bone Spur? ?
My Hips are uneven and i have really bad lower back pain why?
in the middle of the night i get really angry i start to flip out i woke up with a 6 pack whats wrong with me?
Why am I getting chest pains 18yrs old?
Have you had Invisalign?
how to whiten your teeth?
Looking for a "quiet" nebulizer for a 2.5 year old?
Did my asthma go away?
Is This a Sign of Asthma?
Can fake vampire teeth straighten your teeth?
I had braces for 4.5 years and now I have white spots what do i do?
why do i keep yawning?
How long does one episode of Acid Reflux last?
How do I know if I have toxic Black Mold or if it's harmless?
How can I stop myself from clenching my teeth when I play sports?
im having horrible taste and smells?
making my teeth whiter?
does the special k chanllange really help loose weight?
Will my cellulite go away with my weight loss?
How can I lose alot of weight in a month and a half?
When you do cardio everyday..?
Enough calories for dinner?
I bought a new elliptical...?
Is lifting wieghts everyday bad for your body?
I just had a plate of pasta thats made with wheat flour...is this ok or should i avoid this stuff?
Anorexics and Bulimics ONLY?
if the veins in ur hands put out does dat mean ur strong?
I got into a fight and my face is swollen I need help?
what does it mean when a blister comes up when you burn you self?
can you swim with a boil and a band aid over it?
The skin right underneeth my eye were my bottom eyelash is hurts?
A couple of weeks ago, my ophthalmologist told me I had healthy eyes, now I have floaters?
Why does my heart skip or stop a brief moment and take my breath away? Its really scary!?
why heart doesn t get tetanized?
I am studying Atherosclerosos and am getting confused regarding calcium and cholesteral. Which is responsible?
I had an Ecocardiogram and had abnormal readings. What is an Ejection Fraction?
Which is worse, a migraine or a toothache?
My upper back starts to hurt?
Why do I keep feeling dizzy?(guy)?
I just cracked my dogs foot do you think that hurt her?
Popped intercostal muscle?? Had cough for week and a bit now. Two days ago, everytime i coughed it hurt a?
How can you heal a cut without having it leave a mark ?
how to treat a second degree burn?
I got a bee sting like last week or 2 weeks ago , & it wasnt itch but now it is. whats wrong?
How to treat a foot injury?
Identify this insect bite.?
How long do silver fillings last?
Help! How do I whiten in between my teeth with my whitening gel?
Is there any way to restore tooth enamel?
Any cosmetic dentist that take medicaid?
Children loosing teeth?
What am I sick with? (sinus pressure, ear pressure, headaches)?
Tips on how not to be scared please...?
Aching heart,burning stomach?
Stomach aches in the morning?
how can i get rid of a stuffy/runny nose by tomarrow?
Why is it that only my feet are cold and no other part of my body is?
Anyone know what is causing these symptoms?
can your throat swell up from cat allergies?
Is this related to black mold?
what is more price elastic, nasal spray or insulin?
Why does your nose run when its cold outside?
dog has constant diarrhea?
Burping is my only relief........?
How do i prevent cramps in my calf muscle?
Do I have abdominal pain because I am a new vegan?
should I be concerned about my knee..?
lap top screen hurts my eyes wat to do?
I have arthritis, anyone have any suggestions for managing it better or limiting it?
How can I get rid of this migraine?
How Do I Fix My Thumb?
can I have pancakes and sausages 3 days befor my colonoscopy?
Question for Diabetic Moms!?
I'm 15 years old is it okay to take 300 mg of niacin?
should i tell the red cross or not?
I am diabetic and pregnant and need some good ideas for meals and snacks?
Anyone take Crestor with adverse side effects as a result?
can eating alot of white rice cause diabetes, cause of all the carbs?
Could my toe be fractured?
Knee injury really bad I have crutches at home shall I use them? and Shall I see a doctor?
is having only one meal a day that unhealthy?
Did I eat enough and get enough protein?
Im always hungry I eat lots and I don't gain weight!!?
is 117 a healthy weight for a 5'6 17 year old?
What is a healthy weight for someone who is about 5'2?
P90x recovery drink or whey protein?
How to condition myself?
Stye on my right eye?
A laser was shone in my eye and their is still and after-image, what should I do?
Can i get the Bunions on my foot Removed?
do nose percing hurt... should i take 2 ibuprofens?
My jaw feels out of place and hurts badly, for no reason?!?
what happens if i bring oxycotin in my check in lugguge would i get in trouble?
My freinds aunt hands are so dry and She put on a lot of lotion and it will not work. What do I do to help it?
Where in wal mart would stretch mark treatment be located?
My eyes are sore, red and itchy?
What are some naturally effective laxatives?
what is the first aid for burn?
Does airborne really as cold and flu preventive remedy?
What is Acacia juice good for alternative medicine wise?
What is a safe and natural way to encourage normal elimination of the bowels?
what is the best coughing Syrup's brand name?
Does anyone know about alternative medicine at University of Chicago Hospital?
What was your experience like at Alternative Health Group LLC Chicago?
Has anyone been to Source Healing (holistic healthcare) in Chicago?
Any good home remedies for morning sickness?
What happen when WBC count is high? What does it mean?
how long does flu take to go away?
What is this sickness i have?
How long would it take to die from not urinating at all?
What are some examples of retroviruses other than HIV?
what are the symptoms of the flu?
Sore Throat: Any idea's on what it might be or be from?
Am I getting Strep Throat?
How do I get my voice back?
I'm having trouble at the moment sleeping does anyone know anything that could help me sleep?
Should I go see a doctor as soon as my insurance kicks in?
what is wrong with my mouth it waters all the time?
What sorts of things could you be asked to have checked through a blood test?
I'm getting braces tomorrow!!?
Why can I brush my teeth in the bathroom but can't eat pizza in there?
best way to whiten teeth?
Are my teeth supposed be like this AFTER braces?
what might happen to your mouth if you dont clean your teeth?
What to expect from a root canal?
Please help. is this a good plan?
Someone posted on tumblr that they're going to comit suicide?
Could my daughter really not be able to do her homework without her own room?
whats the most times someone has died?
Is this strange......?
How do I overcome these painful memories of the ppl who hurt me?
Chest pain problems & shortness of breath?
My glutes, pelvis, hip flexor, and back muscle on the right side hurt like ****, what should i do to heal?
my scalp has been hurting lately, why?
Is it safe to smoke hydrocodone?
My blood pressure is 101/61 is this bad?
what does this pain in my chest mean?
What are your effects when you smoke weed?
Do you think I have OCD?
Could they hospitalize me?
I am really sick can you please help?
Good idea for a genetic disorder report?
What could this be? An infection?
I can't stand my mom and her cigarettes anymore!!!! Help!?
Does this sound like dehydration?
Does the respiratory center of the body is Medulla Oblongata?
name of a broad spectrum antibiotic?
Sleep apnea: Can an ahi of 15 cause depression?
Do i have bronchitis?
What happens if you take 6 midol (extended relief) pills?
Does percocet have hydrocodone in it?
im 13 and i have back pains????
What's The Worse That Can Happen?
Would you consider me fat? ?
Im 5'2 and weight 92lb at 15?
Is it okay to add solution directly to your eyes?
How do you reduce swelling in your gums?
If you have two insurance will they pay in full for a root canal?
Should I get glasses?
Can astigmatism make you go blind?
can the cross eye be cured at age 16?
What kind of teeth whitening is best?
what prescription do i need if i wear -1.75 contacts and 200 glasses at the same time and my vision is perfect?
Why is my tooth filling so sensitive?
will contacts cause the blood vessels in your eyes to burst?
What would cause pain in my eye when I blink?
Will i get an eye infection from this?
Ten points to.best awnser.....how do.i get abs?????????!!!!!!?
What is going to happen to me?
Do I have and STI or STD?
chlamydia and HPV...treatment?
Feels like there's a lump in my throat?
Side abdominal pain that spread?
Smelly belly-button problem?
Did i just faint or something?
If you donate blood and they happen to find something wrong in your blood do they notify you to let you know? ?
Why I this happening? Can I stop it?
What is my problem? Sleep problems?
should i take yellow fever vaccine?
How can you increase a fever?
why staphylococcus resistance to penicillin ?
how long after you are exposed do you catch the flu usually?
How to tell I have multiple sclerosis ?
Do i still have latent tuberculous if I took isoniazid for a year?
How long does weed stay in your body? ?
red and blotchy chest when nervous?
Why do my feet turn purple?
Why causes puffy eyes?
Eating Big Then Showering.?
Hi. Im 13 and i still wet my bed. Everyday. I think its nasty 2 wake up and find everything wet. Help please!?
why do people smoke weed?
I haven't vomited in 8 years?
Can getting a vaccination too many times be bad for you?
why do i wake up with a headache every morning?
Hips hurt after laying down?
abcessed tooth question?
Getting my wisdom teeth out this friday and have questions?
can a cut on your tongue get infected?
Im having problems with my tooth.It hurts when i chew gum and i spit the gum out and it doesn't hurt anymore.?
When do the braces stop hurting?
What is it? I have like a green little circle inside my mouth?
What does it mean when you're brushing your teeth and your gums sometimes bleed a bit?
Is there a way to stop the ringing in my ears (tinnitus) without medicine?
my heart feels like its skipping beats?
difference between systolic dysfunction and diastolic dysfunction.?
Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy BiPAP machine and pulse/oximeter pulse dropping low 40s during sleep. Danger?
What's wrong with my stomach? 10 POINTS!!?
My husband has an enlarged thyroid and symptoms of hypothyroidism.What can I expect from his next appointment?
which foods help lower blood pressure?
what would cause someone to pass out under these conditions?
I have pain in my upper belly, but it is not my stomach. I only hurts when I cough?
My nurse told me that my cholesterol level is dangerously low. What exactly does this mean?
Lowering High blood pressure?
How to convince my wife to go a hospital and OB-GYN instead of at home with a midwife in water?
What is the name of the allergy to chocolate?
how do u get rid of nausea?
What are some good natural ways to gel anxiety ?
suggested moisturizers?
How can I get rid of acne scars on my back?
My chest is sore and tight :(?
What type of pain reliever can I usr for my cystic acne? I do not want to make it worse than it is.?
How to relieve neck strain/soreness?
ive been drinking and feel terrible, what should i do?
please help quickly i dont know what this is...?
What is wrong with my back?
help horrible diarrhea?
How to recover from short sightedness without any surgery?
Is it possible to have conjunctivitis without my eye actually being pink?
I cant see. What can i do?
What is this condition of my eyes?
I think my contact lens is stuck in my eye?
How much are contacts at the optometrist's?
I might need glasses, will not being able to see far going to be a problem?
is it a good idea if you get prescription contacts if you have dry eyes and slight allergies?
Can you crush Womens Ultra Mega Vitamin(GNC) ?
hi all!! my age is 20 .i'm urinating frequently and my hair fall is also high.does dat mean i have sugar?
I can't get my BG number down even with a strict diet, 20% carbs, does it take time?
Could I be too skinny?
I am 47 years old. within the last 5 years i found out that i have type 1 diabetes & high blood pressure. ?
eating to much gluten can cause diabetes?
C-Peptide, Insulin help with child?
what are the solids that result in kidney stones?
Can someone in a coma hear everything thats going on around them?
Are these foods good for someone diabetic?
What is the best type of sweetner for diabetics?
Should I eat in the middle of my workout?
My mum isn't in and I only have an iPod?
I started taking a multivitamin and i got sick a few days later, could that be the reason?
Do I have germaphobia or ocd or what?
What's a possible action to take on doctors over prescribing medication?
I'm really worried about my little brother...?
how can I quit smoking?
Does anybody have this problem?
What is wrong with my mother? and what can I do?
Is this normal. . . . .?
why do i shake whenever sad or scared?
How long should you rest hyperextended elbow and what treatment should you do for it?
Chest Pain under my breast on the left side?
my knee has been sore ever since i hurt it skiing?
I have taken Darvocet off and on for years. Now that it's gone is there a substitute? I'm allergic to vicodin.?
Dull back aches in upper and lower back and left side above my waist?
I am determined to find a reason for my migraines. Where do I start?
Why do I always feel like I'm gonna throw up in the mornings?
Low dose CT scan contrast or Non contrast?
Don't you hate it when people snore?
Can you get a buzz from smoking tobacco from a pipe?
How can I get my mom to quit smoking?
Why is there blood in mucus?
I have a question about oral surgery in my mouth?
Do those snore mouth guards really work?
Best homemade teeth whitening.?
Why do I feel like it's too late for my teeth =(?
My Back Teeth Are Coming Out?
how to know if your braces are working?
Is getting your wisdom teeth the same as getting your teeth pulled out?
So i went to the ER because my dentist wasnt open and i thought i had an infected tooth...?
I took a piece of my gum off?
What to do when you have a bad cold.?
If you have a stomach virus and can't eat much for a week or so can you get an ulcer?
Overall health have you tried coconut and olive oil and matcha?
What's a super good stomach medicine that works for the symptoms below as far as anyone is concerned?
Help do I have a brain tumor??
horrible shoulder pain?
Really bad pain in my foot?
hurt ankle! please help! sprained?
Should I bother going to the hospital or just wait it out?
What to do when you get a cut?
if my strep is resistant to ceftin and keflex, would another cephalesporin work for me?
Am I positive? I'm scared!?
I feel sick after I eat?
Help reading Hep B results?
Why are my hands ALWAYS cold?
Can you infect someone with HIV without getting it yourself?
How can I handle my UTI until tomorrow?
I have heartburn alot now and I think it's cause i gained weight?
Why does my right ear hurt each time I yawn and burp?
Too old to eat straight pins?
why does my back hurt ever time i lay down? help please?
Sleeping problems every night?
I was recently diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?
Why have I been feeling nauseous for the past couple of days? Acid Reflux?
Is there any way to get rid of or control insomnia?
Drank a ton of beer and 24 hours later I'm extremely sick?
what is causing the black circles under my eyes?
What are those glasses that look like sunglasses?
Why do my eyes burn when I put in my contacts?
Question about buying colored contacts?
How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?
Do fake glasses make yor eye sight worse?
How much does an opthalmic scribe make per hour on average?
is this normal, my rate of nearsighteness getting worse?
I have my first orthodontist appointment in a couple of days?
Are spacers (retainers) supposed to be wedged on a relatively normal side?
To what extent can braces reposition teeth?
Can braces fix underbite?
i get gel pen ink in my mouth what do i do plzz help fast?
Why can't I gain any weight?
How much do I need to lose to look good?
What can i do to lose the last 10 pounds?!?
How can i feel sleeply?
Eating ALL the time....?
is my best friend showing signs of becoming anorexic?
Ive been jogging for 5 days and the area below my knees is still sore each day?
Is 250 grams of protien way to much for a 15 year old boy?
Beta Blockers and shortness of breath?
Why does my heart beat super fast right after i woke up now?
Gross question: my *** burns when i go to the toilet?
Is Crack Bad For You?
If i quit smoking will my lips go back to the bright color they once were?
I have an odd question please help?
Does peeing on a sting really work because this bee sting hurts?
My Nose Is Stuffy And I Blew It So Many Times Blood Just Came Running Down?
Should I smoke cigarettes after having a TMJ surgery?
Always tired, and can't sleep at night?
what hurts more (piercing)?
Pain in my right side? (female) help?
Question related to weed, help!!?
what to do for crabs?
does weed stop affecting you after a certain point?
What medical problems do you have to have to get medical marijuana?
Shyness and blushing.?
I accidentally had 2800 IU of vitamin D today from supplements alone?
differences between green tea and herbal tea?
I asked this before,but this time is more detailed,what to think of my body? Read till the end!?
Can you get an std from a fingernail cut?
What i can do to be a bit taller:)?
Smallpox shot...painful?
Can Coca-Cola get you kidney stones?
Possible UTI infection. help?
does heat kill nits or just lice? I don't want to use chemicals!?
kids with chicken pox?
spit out blood whilst brushing my teeth?
How will my teeth look after braces?
Do braces leave a mark when you take them off?
just got me braces off! =D?
Some questions about my teeth :)?
What did you do after you got your braces off?
do 16 year olds have to pay a fee for missing a dental appointment in the UK?
How to get rid of a Tonsil stone?
Glasses/Contacts causing headache and light headed.?
How long will it take until I get used to my new reading glasses?
Whats the best way to get something out of your eye?
I used expired solution on my contact lenses. Can I reuse the contacts If I clean it with new solution?
What is wrong with my eye? 10 points?
Can the reflection of light of the back of a cd harm your eyes?
What does it mean if I cough up mucus every day for a little over a year and cough a ton and cant breathe?
can a eyelash in your eye blind u?
How bad is smoking hookah 1-2 times a week? for 1 hr.?
Question about the evaluation at the ENT?
Can acoustic guitars mold since they're wood?
Why am i coughing i dont feel sick at all.?
I have been coughing up Phlegm...What is it!?
Orange pain medication? ?
Do I need to lift heavier weights since my arms aren't sore anymore?
whenever i pull her close, her breathing gets messed up?
Why do people snort pills?
Forearm is hurting for no reason?
How do i keep my legs from hurting?
What are the symptoms of gout ?
What's worse for your stomach, Advil or Vicodin?
what does it mean when you throw up and have diarrhea?
Can malnutrition make you shrink in height?
Possible UTI? Frequent urination?
Please help with my stomach symptoms!?
does duct tape really remove skin tags?
How do I get rid of this dry skin issue?
I feel weird???????what shouldi do?
I have a problem in Hypothyroidism..Please help!?
Why do I have cataracts if I am only 17?
Could I be diabetic? I'm not so sure.?
how to increase insulin with naturally treatment?
If I am allergic to penicillin can I take..?
I have a runny nose and i want to stop it.?
How to heal a black eye?
What could be the cause of underweight, constipation, blood streaked stool, anxiety, and more?
I got an an allergic reaction what do I do?
I have been blowing bits of bloody mucus out of my nose (i know gross sorry). Should I be concerned?
Can someone be allergic to air?
what stops a nose bleed?
Can you become allergic to your dog or cat?
how best to get rid of stuffed nose?
i get horrible migraines. whts wrong?
I have no period going on 2 mnts and have right side pain for 3 weeks?
Looking for any home remedies for relieving hemorrhoid pain?
i twitch sometimes !! HELP?
is this a cold sore? help?
can a heart murmur cause shoulder pain when running ?
Are these the symptoms of heart brokeness ?
How to lost your past memory?
What to do after ...?
Opinions on effexor please?
Why do you sneeze when you are sick?
Why am I addicted to hitting myself?
How did my Great Grandmother die from a brain aneurysm when she was only 38?
Really bad heartburn what could help? Tums are not working. Thanks.?
What can I do too keep anxiety off my mind?
How to force myself to fall asleep?
I can never sleep at night. I need help?
What is wrong with me?
I just watched Paranormal Activity and I'm scared to death can someone please help me?
If you have never had any symptoms of herpes but tested positive for HSV1 antibodies,?
How many people world wide have an STD?
how do you get tested for herpes? Is there a blood test for it or is it strictly visual?
My braces hurt so much that I can't brush my teeth as well as I should be brushing them-what should I do?
HIV/AIDS. Please help?
is passing out a common side effect of huffing bleach an ammonia?
what could these symptoms be caused by?
Are cigarettes dangerous ?
my husband has been since he 2years old, he is 57now, he has black lungs, how long does he have?
Any tips to lay off the weed for a couple days?
what's another way of getting rid of mucus in my lungs than coughing it out?
okay i got bleach in my eye's ....?
What are the proses to wear a rimless glasses?
Does eye drops removes redness of a zit?
Do I change the Clean Care solution after each use?
Can i color my contacts?
Is there an eyewear to combat computer vision syndrome?
I think I have an eye infection, for the third time!?
A physically fit person can fight off infectious diseases better than other persons can?
i just recoverd from the cold how can i prevent this agian?
What happens if strep throat is left untreated?
how to get rid of a cold...FAST!?
i am worried, would i have caught it by now?
Flu incubation? Could he still get sick?
how do you fix pain in the arch of your foot?
Is it a migraine or a headache ?
can you snort a pain killer called nor co?
how will u know if u have an appendicitis?
i think i might have an eating disorder or something?
Can I take two Advil and drink tonight without worrying about additional stomach or liver problems?
question for marijuana experts, can you only get so stoned......?
You know in England, that bit tower?
If I'm under 18 and being drug-tested on probation, will I be tested for nicotine?
Is there a cheap way to make a good marijuana vaporizer?
Cure hiccups! please help!?
Am I a Natural Born Drinker?
What is a good way to build muscle?
HOW do I keep the weight off if I absolutely LOOOVVEEE food?
why do you want to be a dietician?
Good workout music>>?
is this a bad workout routine?
How long till I start seeing results ?
how much would braces cost? for a adult who has overcrowding?
tomorrow i have to get filling?
Why am I so afraid of the dentist?
how to whitten your teeth with household products?
Reasons to skip my dentist appointment?
My daughter had alot of fillings and spacers/rootcanals shes 5 now 7months later hermouth hurts gums r black ?
what kind of braces are there for adults? ....?
My knee popped, plzz help?
Is there anything to make knock knees less noticeable?
i tore all my ligaments will i ever be able to play sports again?
pleaassseee Heeeelllllppp?
Is this a bad broken arm?
What is the difference between a concussion and a closed head injury?
What do you think is sleep apnea?
Do I have Bronchitis?
Pains in my chest & ribs?
I had 2 X-ray ,1 bone density and 1 abdomen CT Scan in 2010. Is safe to have a chest CT scan soon?
Can the doctors get in trouble for this?
Coughing and Wheezing at Night?
can you die from busting a vein in your lip?
When I'm High my mind feels like its going to literally explode.?
My left ear feels plugged!Help!?
What are your experiences with the drug Gabapentin?
cough but no runny nose?
How do you suspect that you are lactose intolerant?
Dog food for dogs with allergies?
What to do with visitors who are allergic to my pets?
alot of people got hit with a virus?
what is the best way to fade or remove facial acne scars in the shortest amount of time?
Severe lower back ache and stuff?
Doctor Got mad bc I didn't take adderall today (supposed to be 5th day on it)? It makes my heart hurt.?
flutter in sttomache whats wrong not preg?
I am feeling Pain on My Left arm since last one month my cardiac tests are good what should i do to get rid of?
Spitting up scabs after tonsillectomy?? ?
I just recently got a palate expander and my tongue hurts so bad from the wear and tear, how can i help it?
chest pains, tingling finger, body feels weak. legs and hands shaky. hurts when breathe in fully. nauseous.?
Could having mild anemia be the reason my lips get really chapped now?
How can i get free health insurance?
eyes lose focus or zone out easily?
Sore Throat will not go away?
is it a bad idea to wear glasses that still make you slightly short-sighted?
How do some old people grow horns?
I had eight pins and 3 plates put in my hip. Should i still be in pain?
Is there a med that can wake up a patient that has been put to sleep? Need Answers!!?
Heart rate 143+ Am i in danger?
How can I pop my ear so I can hear again?
I got shocked last night and my heart hurts, am I okay?
Hyzaar as a first time medication?
Can high blood pressure cause seizures? Or could it be something else?
Electrocardiogram/ECG/EKG question?
What should I do if I got colored hairspray in my eyes?
Question about macular degeneration?
Why are my eyes are still red after new prescription glasses?
Which artery is best for checking your pulse?
what is swine flu and it good websites?
can someone with Hepatitis B travel and live in the US?
What are all the symptoms ?
Can I still kickbox if I have mono?
Has anyone had these flu symtoms this year?
For my braces, I hate wearing bands and headgear.....what are some ways to MAKE myself wear them?
do i need to get my teeth fixed?
Should it be illegal for parents to force minor children into dental braces for cosmetic reasons?
my jaw hurts for awhile now?
Dental Insurance for 18 year olds?
I have yellow teeth, what should I do to make them white??
How long does it take for penicillin to work on abscess tooth?
can i join the marines with VERY mild asthma?
Does water infact help clear a persons system of weed?
i have had to use my inhaler 2-3 times a day everyday for the past week?
A couple of questions about recovering from Pneumonia?
Why are my fingers swollen?
can too much ibuprofen cause ankle and leg swelling?
Will these antibiotics make me sick?
Why do i wake up in the middle of the night with my pulse beating loud in my ears?
Do you think my headache is sinus or something else?
I think I broke my foot/ankle?
Is there any cure for sciatica?
Sore knee in Cold Weather...?
I get the hiccups at least 5 times a day?
I have a sleeping question?
What's biting me? What is going on?
I have fibromyalgia and osteoathritis if anyone has the same how are you being treated for it?
Diabetic Question....Help............???????
How do I know if I have low testasterone?
Help, need a general checkup for boyfriend but have no insurance?
Funny ear adjusting feeling?
Safe dietary supplements for a 17 yr old girl?
What can help get rid of mucous from a cold?
do i have the common cold?
Do you think I will grow any taller?
Why is it not possible to sit upright in a chair and rise to one's feet without first leaning forward?
What is wrong with my leg?
Why does my back hurt with my broken rib?
What happens if I wake up tomorrow morning feeling like P Diddy?
Pain in left breast, what could this be?
Having pain on upper right side of chest what to do?
Severe back pain , help?
what are the best colors for braces?
What Are The Cause And Effects Of Having Black Teeth?
What should II expect at the dentist?
I have to get full braces and a gold chain to pull up a tooth after my tooth exposure. Is this necessary?
is my elbow broken/fractured or just bruised?
If you break your jaw, can you still talk?
What's wrong with my hip?
how long do i have to keep the splint on?
Have I broken my thumb or just dislocated it?
Stye in my eye.......?
Where can i get non perscrption colored contacts for a cheap price?
question about my eyes?
Eye Glass prescription of -.50, -.50, 95 (right) -.50, -.75, 85 (left) What does this mean?
What does my boyfriend wear contacts?
How can you tell if someone is wearing contacts?
why do your eyes look tiered when you take you glasses off?
Did I Put My Contact Lenses In The Wrong Eyes ?
Are multivitamins good for depression?
Am I a Natural Drinker?
What are the effects of a cold water enema?
What are knifes made from?
How to forcefully pass out?
I have not been able to sleep for over two weeks now! Whats up?
bacteria in urine that starts with an m?
Does This Sound Like Chlamydia?
Is there any signs of aids and HIV?
what to do for my heel pain?
Hydrocodone 500mg???????????????????????????????????…
My forearm hurts, why?
How can I strengthen my thenar muscles?
Drug test for a job and my prescription?
dirty bread stapled to my wifes forhead?
late for third dose hepatitis b vaccine?
am i suffering from internal bleeding?vvvv?
Got shot with bb gun yesterday?
Is it food poisoning?
Kinds of nurses please?
Getting Discouraged....Day 7 of Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred?
How do i get skinny legs FAST?!?
is there Salt in celery ?
Does doing Zumba make you lose weight?
Which is better for losing weight?
is it bad to do the same exercise every day?
Will I lose weight? Quick question?
I didn't know what apnea was or that I had it during military service. How do I prove it now to the VA?
husband hospitalized 3 times in last 2 months w/ recurring pneumonia, gets better, comes home and symptoms ret?
How can I loose 10-15 pounds in a month or two?
what things make up carbohydrates?
Am i allergic to Acrylic paint?
How long did you have your braces for?
I have teeth growing on my gums, is it bad?
can i rinse with salt watter 2 days after tooth extraction?
my back teeth havent came out?
Other than taking off the braces and cement, what do the orthodontists do? Personal Experiences Please.?
Does magnesium increase a low blood pressure ?
how does heart rate affect blood pressure?
my blood pressure varies is this bad?
Sever upper abdominal pain for the last 3 days.?
Twisted ankle BAD hurts more when elevated... What's that mean?
Is this normal after a heart cath?
my back hurts when i stand up for even short periods of time?
My upper back is hurting?
my head hurt so bad i don't know what to do?
How do i get my headache to go away?
does diverticulitis go away?
I do not drink or smoke nut i have an enlarged liver how can i correct this?
keep thinking im going to be ill when my stomach makes noises help!!!!!?
What is some great dandruff shampoo besides selsun blue?
I have two red, itchy dry spots on my upper and inner thigh. They are about the size of dimes. What is it?
i have a slight rash on both of my upper thighs? what kinds of things cause rashes? should i be concerned?
Help my acne is broke out really bad please help!!!?
Drinking the same night as when you have a slight hangover?
Can you get warts from touching slugs?
How can I stop myself from scratching my scalp?
Am I getting sick from not eating?
Is it bad to quit two addictions at once?
Which hand do you brush your teeth with? ?
Dose this happen to anyone else?
Is it okay to soak your contacts in redness relief eyedrop fluid?
question about eye doctors?
I had a really painful calf cramp yesterday. Isn't it supposed to stop hurting?
Why am I getting and how do I get rid of this awful heartburn?
What might have caused this?
I am suffering with chronic pain and I?
Why are my ears popping so much?
does smelling your breath kill you like smelling glue does?
my braces really hurt! what do i do?!?
Is my filling going to be obvious?
Whitening teeth when i have veneers?
Do I need braces? What kind?
Can't open my mouth after wisdom tooth surgery?
Is this normal for new braces?
Is it better to have one deep cut or many shallow cuts?
I had ankle aurgery 2 days ago and bleeding out of cast. is this normal?
My mom twisted her ankle, and now it's swollen, what should she do?
Why do my hands turn purple in the cold !!?
Thirty-two black spots on bladder?
How can I stop a cold from coming?
We had a maltese that die from narcotizing encephalitis. Can that be passed on to humans? or the infection th?
scoliosis spinal fusion recovery?
Migrane- fever- pains...?
I took 6 pain relievers?
Heel Pain All the Time!!!!!?
Horrible side pain.............?
cost of insulin 100 unit vile from wal mart phcy.?
Is green/white tea good for diabetics?
Could I have Diabetes?
Will antibiotics help fight this infection in the toe?
i think my mom has depression....i don't know how to tell her though?