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Bee sting during pregnancy question?
Will "after bite" help me in a bee stng that was a day ago?
Bruising. Is there a vitamin I'm missing?
if i lick a girls hand and then bite the fingers off what will happen and what will she do to me and what will?
Will a splinter under a fingernail come out on its own?
anything i should do the night before i get my braces off?
I got a root canal a few weeks ago, and have not gotten a permanent crown yet?
Should I be scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled?
Should I get a new retainer if the back of it chipped off?
Does invisalign take longer to make your teeth straght then braces?
Does chewing gum helps...?
I think a piece of my wisdom tooth is still there after extraction?
is it possible to have a payment plan with a dentist?
Why do I wake up at midnight every single day?
which is more addictive nicotene or marijuana?
What can I take for my joints?
Tips On Growing Taller?
Old injury - what should i do?
what helps a pulled muscle?
What disability is this a symptom of?
126 RESTING heart rate?!?
What could cause my blood pressure to be different from the left and right sides?
how long until my blood pressure goes down after i stop drinking?
ex smoker is still stuffed up and can't breath?
when you have a heart attack, why is does the pain run down the left side of the arm?
Concerned about my life?
my achilles tendon area is swollen what can i do?
Can you break your growth plate in your wrist, without breaking your wrist?
I have a popped blood vessel in my eye. should I go horseback riding tomorrow?
Is bubbling pus bad?!?!?!?
Stinging Nettle question, please...?
When 'stinging nettles' (sting nettle plant) come onto contact with skin, what can?
Does Compound W Wart Remover work on Plantar warts?
Which sting is more painful, the bullet ant or the scorpion?
What do you put on a really bad sunburn with no aloe vera?
When i was 1 I moved to India and I got bit by fleas and the bites turned to scars. Who's fault is this?
Is there anything I can rub on my skin to avoid getting poison ivy?
Where can I buy cyanide?
What medicines help get rid of constipation?
I really need help..........?
cutting ur wrist vs cutting off your hand?
I wear my prescription glasses all the time because i like the way they look, will this affect my vision?
I need eye help fast.?
Is Alexandria's Genesis real?
How does smoking affect contacts?
I hate hard contact lenses, and frankly I cannot maintain them, should I get soft lenses?
Will I gain weight when I quit smoking?
Can someone help me with workout and diet ideas? Please?
Which of this is the most rich in calcium?
I gained weight trying to maintain my weight! help!?
On a Low Carb Diet can you cook w/butter that has 0 carbs?
Can I get rid of this excess fat?
Problemo that needs some answers,(:?
How to Clean Retainer?
what causes infection after root canal and apicoectomy?
what color braces can you get?
Is it normal for teeth to only meet (when biting) on one side?
Which gum brand is better at preventing cavities Orbit or Trident?
Why do my gums hurt when I brush my teeth?
My sister was stung by a wasp and her arm is swelling?
Raised splinter?? What is it?
What are the Concussion symptoms?
I just stayed up all night and i've been feeling burst of small energy?
What is this????HELP I feel like I am about to pass out!?
Is their any way to give yourself a fever? ?
Whats thrush? and what does it look like... help!!?
What is your diagnosis on this infection?
omg i think its a tick!?
why do i feel like crying after i wake up from a nap?
nose bleeds please HELP NEED HELP?
What do you do to take away stress?
Why am I getting the urge to smoke Marijuana?
Sometimes, when I wake up tears are in my eyes and they're rolling down my cheeks. Why does this happen?
How tall do you think I will be?
diabetes-weight loss?
Do you think I might have diabetes?
Blurry eyesight! Help?
havent ate all day..we have a stomach bug...took my blood sug..76..ate some junk carb/sugar 10 min later 165?
why does my blood glucose meter read lo?
Is apple cidar viniger is good for type 2 diabetics ?
Are these good blood sugars for a diabetic?
Help am I dangerous? Am I a danger to myself?
can anyone tell me more about triad asthma please?
Do I have a sinus infection?
What happens if you swallow cotton?
i have a weird feeling in foot?
Is there something wrong with my pelvic area?
What is wrong with my wrist?
sharp back pain, i cant move, HELP!!!!!!!?
Does bad neck posture make you look pale?
Methadone causes Euphoria right? Is its euphoria...?
Stung by a yellow jacket on my toe?
What should i do with my hand?
How to treat a foot blister?
no smell irritation and burning and white clunky discharge?Can this be from using old razors?
I am hiv negative i had unprotected with my girlfriend she told me she is negative too.this is a week now im a?
What are different way I can get HIV or AIDS? HIV or AIDS?
Can Teenagers get High Blood Pressure, Heart Problems etc,?
I can feel my heart skip a beat... ?
Why do I need a 72 hour holter...why can't I just have it for 24 hours like most people?
Does giving blood help lower my cholesterol?
is it possible for the heart to stop for an extended amount of time then restart or drop below 1 b.p.m?
Natural ways to lower my very high blood pressure?
How do i make the Tiny holes 0n my face disappear and blackheads go away and the wrinkles 0n my face g0 away?
Does bacitracin ointment help reduce acne and or acne scars?
Dermatologist or plastic surgeon?
Should I have to tell my parents about me fainting!?
Personal experiences for people with MS?
Getting braces off, but teeth arent touching!!!?
What colour braces should i get?
When you get your braces off..?
Will the antibiotic omnicef at 300mg doses work for a bone abscess under a tooth?
What are the best teeth whiteners?
Did I scratch my eye?
why is it when i yawn tears come out of my eyes?
Every time I turn my pupil to the left, my eyes hurt. Does my eyes have a disease, or is it just sore?
Are UV glowing contact lenses bad for your eyes?
can certain types of tea get rid of under eye bags by putting them under your eyes?
is it possible to loose a pound a day?
What are some good warm up/workout/stretches to help me loose weight?
How do you get an hourglass figure and flat stomach?
Should I exercise before or after breakfast?
i workout 3times a week?
what is a good 5 times a week work out?
I'm a naturally very skinny person...do guys find that gross?
My muscles hurt the day after gym. What should I do?
Sudden random chest cramps while breathing?
My right wrist is very sore and weak,moving my thumb hurts and when lifting ,I havent had a fall?
Hurt my knees doing squats, when should I start exercising again?
Is Chiropractics for real? A few Questions about getting CRACKED.?
What is causing my back and leg(right) pain?
Why does my arm hurt?
How to take the redness out of sunburn FAST!?
When to remove stitches?
my son has a bite that is hot to the touch and is red and hard what do i need to do?
My big toenail is falling off, what to do?
Why does my ear keep bleeding when I try to put my earring in?
when i bend over my air is cut off?
i need help writing a story?
Is my finger broken...?
Nutcracker in 2 days and i have a lil bit of a twisted ankle. need it to heal fast!!!?
Help i need advise please?
Need some information about chewing salvia.?
possible torn knee meniscus help!?
I think I'm coming down with a cold. Is there a household remedy for a cold?
Can pain pills possibly calm anxiety?
What is better for thyroid, for most people? Armour or Synthroid?
Accidentally put a little Comet cleaning solution in my meat loaf, will I be ok?
is advil pm a strong enough pill for my situation?
Releasing air after you die?
Why do my legs pulse like a heartbeat?
What's the latest you can have a growth spurt?
What are the short term and long term effects of marijuana?
What do you do in times of insomia?
What is the best way to make cramps go away.?
how to change my shirt without it hurting?
when i drink water it feels like it's going down the left side of my chest?
hi i am having total knee replacement on jan4?
What is most likely to be causing this back pain?
I burnt my tongue while drinking a hot drink with a straw. How long would it take to heal?
Water trapped in my ear?
Please help! I have 57 bites on one leg, 61 on the other!?
i got a sand fly bite at the jersey shore..is it poisonous and will i be ok?
Can you break your jugular vein?
Spider bite? Inside my ear..?
Does getting your braces off hurt?
did people use dental floss 60 years ago?
Cracked tooth and I'm broke?
Mouthwash produces lint-like substance?
Do you think my teeth are okay?
URGENT: Wisdom Teeth Removal?
New name for type 1 diabetes?
what would happen if a non-diabetic took synthetic insulin ? e.g man made insulin for diabetics?
When people have diabetes they say they knew they had is becuz they lost a lot of wieght randomly.?
Why do my blood sugars sometimes spike 2 hours after I eat but not at 1 hour?
Why does excess weight around the middle lead to diabetes?
Does everyone have MRSA-Staph living on their bodies?
what if you miss your tuberculosis meds for a day?
I'm kind of paranoid that I have mono... is there any way to prevent it?
how to avoid the stomach flu and the anxiety that comes with living with someone who has it?
How much did the government spend on mass producing the MMR vaccine?
how many pins worms is a lot?
Does he really have to get his tonsils taking out this young?
Im 14 Im Not Fat Just Dont Have Abs, Any help how i can get them ?:)?
Whats the best dumbell to get as your first starting?
My height is 175 Cm, Weight is 80 KG's So is this a bad combination or a sceriously bad Combination,?
Are pancakes that unhealthy?
I notice I'm starting to lose my friends.. Help?
My face is fat! help! xx?
Where exactly did AIDS come from?
A patient presented to the ER with chest pain and has a ventricular pacemaker?
my doctor told me i have a heart murmur, and i almost fainted today.?
I can't fell my heart Beating and i can't breath very well i'm really scared.?
Is this sign of heart attack? ?
Who has taxen pradaxa dabigitran as alternative to coumadin?
Whats wrong with my sleep?
Severe sore throat!!! What's wrong?
Shoulder blade pain when I move my head.?
Fast way to fall asleep?
How do I get rid of a really stuffy nose ?
Is restless leg syndrome real? It seems anything fits in?
I have a sharp sharp pain in my side?
Im clearly not going to sleep and I have school at 7:30 (It's 1:32am)?
Things to do when you can't sleep.?
What could cause abnormal fatigue first thing in the morning?
How many pilows do you sleep with at night?
Is taking "stay awake" pills daily bad for your health?
how long should you sleep when you have the flu?
My vision is blurring very suddenly. What is up?
Rgearding Rx value of eyeglasses?
what happends if i used a pair of contacts for more than one month?
How can I stop my eyes from getting worse?
im thinking about eye removal surgery?
How can I prepare to stand and stay awake in heat for potentially several days straight?
what are the chances of dieing of alcohol posioning?
Are these things poisonous?
friend with alcohol poisoning?
How do you set someones nose?
I got a bruised knuckle i think...How do i fix it?
Are some paramedics able to preform tracheotomy's at all?
I cant eat and keep throwing up?
i got a problem i have help coming to my apt.?
My wife and I (and newborn) just got back from the doctor's office?
Why is my immune system so terrible?
Sleeping 6.5 hours is enough?
Mosquito Allergy - Bedroom with Mosquitoes every night, help! How do I get rid of them?
Sinus Infection or Allergies?
How to ease wisdom teeth pain,Please?
What will they give me when they take out my Wisdom Teeth?
What is the best way to heal a herniated disk?
Left lower back pain and right calf pain.?
Should I go to the doctor?
How long does it take to die after cutting own wrist?
Need a diagnosis for my pelvic pain!!?
Huge Headache please help:(?
What are some good ways to close a wound?
How long for stitches to dissolve?
What is the best way to get rid of a facial sunburn?
will epson salt help sunburns?
Can I take a warm shower when sunburned?
I'm going for an endoscopy. More afraid of anesthesia than procedure.?
Serious question..........?
Help! This is really worrying me!?
Why do i sleep so much? Am i sick?
Can being in a turned on car with the fumes entering the car through the open trunk lead to CO poisoning?
Are you a doctor? Should I go to the doctor?
why can't i move my foot?
its getting harder for me to breath?
What is the best pain medicine for bad arm pain?
Overweight, normal or underweight?
Can you help, Im trying to lose Weight?
Girl that has bulked up (thoughts and opinions )?
is it possible to lose 20 pounds by summer?
Soup and yogurt diet?
How many times is it possible too relapse with Anorexia?
I heard when you use Acne medicine there is supposed to be a phase where you grow more undercover acne?
proactive vs. neutrogena vs. what ever else?
Can I use the over the counter wart freezing stuff to freeze off skin tags?
does anyone buy eye glasses online?
i have something in my eye i need to go get it checked how much does the cost range to?
Is my mattress getting worn out?
Why have I been feeling so nauseous lately?
What is wrong with my back?
It burns when i pee and i have to go alot?
how to help my sciatic nerve pain?
Weird lump in neck/under jaw?
I kissed someone 3 hours ago that has oral herpes but has no cold sores or anything. will i contract it?
When you go to the dentist, are you supposed to pay for your root canal before you have it done?
What will the dentist do to my tooth?
Does Crest 3D White Work?
can i eat tamales after 3 days a of tooth extraction?
Is it possible to never loose a baby tooth?
toothpastes without cinnamon or mint?
Does smelling mariquana plant make you fail a drug and does eating a weed leaf make u fail 2? test ?
i have a really sore throat. what can i do to make it better?
Supplements for PCOS?
is it possible to create the same device to hold thc that holds the nicotine in an electric cigarette?
How can magnets help blood flow?
What are the early symptoms of heart attack?
Smoking with heart problems, risk?
Is Vital Wheat Gluten, gluten free?
Why is my stomach so loud lately?
surreal feeling when kissing? anxiety? something else? please.?
Is there any worse way to die than radiation poisoning?
How do people with anorexia lose weight, if starving yourself only decreases your metabolism?
What to do if someones guts are hanging out?
should you wait until the sun goes down to pop a blister?
So my scabs, will they be better by the time i go to the beach?
Stomach ache keeps coming back?
I am afraid of needles and need to go to the doctors?
Am I going to get my period, or is this just a bad stomach ache?
I need to go to sleep but I can't. Any suggestions.?
Can someone give me an answer please?
When I drive at night I get blackouts and I can't see really good, should I get glasses?
How much sleep do you really have?
I have been smoking cigarette sense i was 15 and im 24 now?
Do you think this is a bladder infection? Or any kind of infection?
my daughter got the flu mist 4 days ago and now she has a fever 101.6.?
How Do I Stop A Fever?
two kidney infections in one week...help?
What are symptoms of pstd?
How can you be immune to a disease without ever having suffered from it?
See a doctor or wait?
Any suggestions on what to do?
is it possible for a mosquito to go in your ear or nose?
I got burn by a 400 d oven will it go away with out a scar ?
is my ear infected? how do I disinfect it?
how to get of reid of poision ivy?
How long would it take an ear piercing to CLOSE?
does it hurt getting your teeth cleaned?
I think my lower left wisdom tooth is coming in, what should I do?
can i still kiss with a dental appliance?
Is there anything to worry about for getting my braces off?
I feel a sharp bony thing near my extracted wisdom tooth?
is it worth it to transfer your dental x-ray?
I recently had a back tooth pulled. I have tiny bits of bone coming thru my gum now! Do I have a big problem?
Do you guys think most people only really cared about mj when he first died?
What can motivate me?
do you use depends for incontinence?
Why do i cough up mucus? What is this condition? What is wrong with me?
How can a 13 year old lose weight?
what is the best vitamins for me to take and will not feel hungry?im on diet?
What's the best way for me to get into shape?
what are the most effective workouts with quick and effective results for my fat arms ?
How do I get rid of fat on thighs?
This whole 1000 - 1200 calore a day thing isnt working?
what is the fastest way to shed water wieght?
Who has water fasted before?
Shin Splints! please help?
Can I take these painkillers?
How do i know if i broke my finger?
How do you make swelling in the lip and chin subside?
I have had diabetes for 50 years, now having sudden spells of chills, why?
what do i do if my blood sugar is 585?
Will I most likely get Diabetes given it runs in my dad's family or will I not since I eat healthy?
What causes kidney infection in a child?
Why can't I hear out my ear after going to a water park? Could this be swimmers ear?
best remedy for a wasp sting?
swollen hand from bug bite?
my leg+the doctor= HELP 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER?
Wasp sting infection?
Blister that broke on its own?
When should you worry about a spider bite?
Have I broken my toe?
Why is my throat bleeding?
Can injuries make you better?
Sleeping during a Concussion ! help?
Can I do push ups with a broken ankle just a week ago?
Quick Question? I'm scared?
COLD SORE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm 15 and gave oral..?
I am 16 and have been diagnosed with mild acid reflux. help with medications working?
Im having trouble sleeping any suggestions?
16 years old already has cholesterol?
If you tell a doctor that you were raped in the past and now you'd like help with things do they have to tell?
Pain below the knee on the right leg on the right. Please help i am only a teenager?
Chest pain in the left side, help!?
Today I woke up and was shocked to see my right foot and ankle are really swollen I have no pain what could be?
i had surgery on 11/29/2010 and they gave me oxicodin for pain and tramadol and i think im getting hooked what?
How do i know if my hand is broken?
Drilling without novocaine?
How much do braces hurt?
is secondary dental insurance a waste of money?
do i qualify for dental care with this insurance?
Should I become a dentist?
I had my wisdom tooth extracted i was only giving 6 pain pills that lasted to days?
How long will it take before I don't feel my braces? ?
My wisdom teeth are growing in and it HURTS?
Why can't vitamin E be taken when a person is on blood thinners?
Does Green Tea Increase your Blood Pressure?
Can an allergy be just a cough?
How does one know if he is having a allergic reaction to medications?
Do I have allergies.....?
Gluten free, soy free, yeast free and dairy free recipes?
Poll Are your allergies really bad right now?
What's the best allergy medicine?
how do you treat a huge blister on the palm of your hand?
Can a mosquito bite cause an eye infection?
i got bit by spider that stung like a wasp stung me what kind of spider do you think it is?
agh! i got a bite idk what it is!!?
Cartalge ear ring came off and I put it back in and now my ear is all red what should I do?
how do i get a splinter out?without having to dig in deeper?
Coughing up blood and deep yellow mucus?
If Snoring related with Body Obesity?
Where can u find steroids?
what can you do to nicely help someone stop smoking?
does anyone have good home remedies for chronic cough?
Why do medical practitioners insist that I get the H1N1 shot when?
What's the difference between anxiety and stress?
I really want to cut right now?
Need help dealing with a strange phobia?
Can I drink a beer after I have taken 10mgs of Hydrocodone and 2mg of Ativan(Lorezepam)?
Woke up this morning feeling really sick. Any ideas?
I have really bad knees but I'm only 20?
How to stop grazed skin hurting?
My very first Tension Headache. Help!?
does drinking milk cause more acne?
I have a boil at my rear side (BUTT ACNE). I really hurts.?
How do i remove scars left by acne?
Can drinking milk make acne go away?
Eye sight???????????????????????
Eye twitching??? please help?
what does -3.25 sph right eye, -3.00 sph left eye, 67 far, 64 near eye prescription mean? Need to get glasses.?
why do my contacts burn after a few hours?
Can somebody become color blind?
Bulimia!!!!???? HELP PLZ?
how much is it to get contacts at walmart if i dont have anykind of insurance?
how to put on weight?
Haven't seen any changes after 2 months?!?
Four pumpkins weigh 7 1/8 lb, 11 3/4 lb, 6 7/8 lb, and 9 1/4 lb. What is the total weight of the pumpkins?
Hey, i need help with making my abs be more visible?
What're the ups and downs of using creatine?
appendicitis treated with antibiotics is this normal?
How do I rid this cold, fever, and sore throat?
How long will it take to get dehydrated?
why is my stool light green?
mrcr or merca or something?
what are in flu shots?
Would you say that a zombie outbreak is biologically possible, however unlikely?
what happened to my body at school today?
New Year’s Resolution - please help me? (10 points!)?
Are there any VALID studies showing the effects of microwave cooking on human health?
how long does marijuana and vicodin stay in your system?
i got stung by a wasp. now it is itching what do i need to do to stop it?
I got this huge blister when I was golfing..?
how do i treat a mosquito bite on my 2yr lod?
Bad cut on finger, help?
Is it dangerous to have a glass splinter in the finger?
after a deep cut on my finger, if the skin is dangling on a little, should i cut that extra skin off or heal?
why do I wake up with pain every day?
how to cure knee aches?
what causes continuous headaches?
how do i reduce swelling from my toothache?
I have water hammer pulse.Do i need to see a doctor immediately?
I'm getting my wisdom teeth out Monday....?
Will my under-bite get worse?
Will a retainer still close the gap between my teeth that has reopened?
Is endoscopy really needed ?
Which ethnic groups are more likely to get Sickel Cell Anemia ?
what does a recovering alcoholic do on her 21st birthday?
I think I'm a midget?!? Its not that I'm short (I'm 5ft8), I just FEEL like a dwarf!!!?
Urgent help needed please?
What should I do about this?
Whats wrong with my finger?
What do i have to use to clean&heal my snake bite piercings?
Do Paramedics Have There Own Meds?
Any Other Ways I Can Treat My Finger...?
Can you get oral herpes from making out with someone?
Mid and lower back pain due to cold weather?
What kind of leg problem is this? And is there cure to it?
what could be wrong? I'm 20 and my left leg often begins to tingle then goes numb...why is this and what can?
What can cause liver pain after overeating?
My belly ring hurts really bad!!! please help?
help I can't see 3D!!?
on a box of contacts what does the + and - signs mean for example my contacts are -1.75?
Purchase eyeware glasses?
Should I go to the eye doctor?
Can I wear contact lenses with a glide?
Question about running?
Help! Get in shape quick plan?
how to get a six pack?
What's th fastest way to lose 5 - 15 pounds in a short period of time?
what can i eat in p90x?
Indoor exercise routines for weight loss?
Deep cut not healing. What do I do?
how long does someone have to wait for marijuana to leave your body?
why do I stutter real bad when I am angry?
I think I have Gall stones, but don't have insurance?
Why does my stomach get upset after eating?
Why do most people stop getting fatter?
How do I remove a piece of fingernail that is lodged under my nail?
did i break my finger?
How do I treat a busted lip, in the inside of my mouth?
what is better for a sunburn? aloe vera or vinegar?
what does it feel like to get stung by a yellow jacket?
should i clean a cut with hydrogen peroxide?
How much longer will I have my braces?
What causes pain after a root canal and temporary crown have been performed?
My dentist said I need to remove my wisdom teeth because the way my jawbone is shaped arround the teeth?
How can I get to sleep?!?
I smoke leaves rapped in cigarette rolling paper dose that count as smoking?
Will 1 in² of plastic wrapper be fatal?
Its 1am where i live i cant fall asleep and ive got school tommorow?
what causes my back to crack/pop sometimes?
Help my friend smoked weed and it was laced with something bad?
The veins in my foot seem to 'stretch' and hurt when I walk.?
Chest pain...potential causes of?
How to pop back between shoulder blades?
What dose A.D.D mean?
where to buy brewer's yeast in the USA?
Do Vitamin D3 Supplements have any effect at all?
Why do u get anxiety from methadone widthdrawls?
can i drink sweet tea whhile on ecstacy?
How do you cure stuffy noses without medicine?
I need help/advice for severe food allergies(if you have any look here)?
Is there a certain age you have to be to buy Visine?
For K-Y touch Massage ...Hot?
My eye's been red for a few days?
I chewed tobbaco and now i feel nausea?
was i bit by a brown recluse?
What do you do if a child gets covered with oil?
My Dad has been experiencing nausea every morning. What is he lacking?
How do you treat a red ant bite?
Swollen Bug Bite on my arm?
Does skin peeling/falling off indicate that you've damaged your skin using benzoyl peroxide?
i cut my foot at a bar and got 8 stiches can i sue?
I cut myself on a razor used to shave a person with HIV should i be worried?
tension headache watery eye upper back pain and tightness in chest?
I don't know what is wrong with my calf, is it torn?
Treatment for TMJ Problem?
Should i wear an ace bandage to svhool?
pain on inside of my ear?
I been having heartburn everytime i eat lately and why?
Best Brand of 30 day extended contacts?
Is it normal for my eyes to be bleeding?
i have a small lump inside my eye :(?
eye test right sph -5.50 cyl -0.5, axis 175: left -5.25 sph, -0.5 cyl 155 axis?
Will eyes get bigger and eyesight will improve if you read a lot?
Can I enjoy a 3D tv(does my lazy eye ruin it)?
is there something wrong with my eyes?
poor eye sight in right eye?
What is causing allof my stomach pains over the past 9 months i have tried everything?
What does it feel like smoking weed?
What could be causing this?
im having trouble sleeping?
When you have alcohol poisoning, and given activated charcoal?
Should I be worried about my braces cutting the inner sides of my lips?
I have a cavity and have to get it checked. Whats the dentist gonna do!?
Can braces cause dimples to form?
what are some toothbrush brands?
why is there dead skin on my lips?
infected skin tag, help?
Any suggestions for treating a dry, itchy scalp for a ten year old girl?
blood sugar between 300 and 400 for the last week?
My doctor said I was over weight?
the past day I've been needing to urinate constantly?
diabetic foot prevalence in iraq?
Can young person get a stomach ulcer?
how do I not drink tonight?
what does this mean i pee alot,lower back and stomach pain, have to throw up but cant?
Why do I get tired by the computer/tv, lights and sounds?
are breast in plants safe?
i'm 14 year old boy and 172 cm tall( 5'7) will i still grow....?
is there a cancer where the heart and arteries get smaller?
can a wasp sting kill you?
my son is 3 everytime he gets a bite it swells to the size of large grapes or bigger what could it be?
Liquid secreting from sun burn?
I got burnt in the leg by a can of paint and its the burn is swelling up and its surrounded by red?
Mosquito bite help please? ):?
Help what do i do with a bad splinter?
How can I get a more lean/slim body?
How to lose 70 lbs by may?
How much does a size 8 women weigh?
What motivates you to get back on your diet?
Does swimming bulk you up?
How can I lose from 5-18 pounds?
loosing weight help!?
Sinus infection and severe stomach pain?
Scoliosis Surgery question?
i ran short on my oxycotio which is op now same dug just cant be snorted?
I hit my finger really bad and now its stiff, swollen, and very painful?
I've some bruise under my eye. I use aloe vera to reduse the bruise but how many time do I use it every day?
i have an injury to my foot.. help?
Did I fracture my tailbone?
Basketball- Is my nose broken?
PLEASE HELP! i think i broke my ankle!!!!!?
Swimming First Aid Help?
What to apply for a rash caused by a allergic reaction?
Acidental paracetomol overdose?
I ripped the bottom of my mouth under my tongue.?
Hey Guys Really Need Your Help : ) My Friends Eye is On The Line?
i loste my tooth when will da tooth fairy give me a pencil?
Will this hurt my teeth?
How bad is recovery for wisdom teeth removal?
Home remedies for chapped lips?
i feel weak,tired and got a block nose.what is it?
Took pre-empoyment urine drug test. Should the lab notify me if my results are positive?
A firecracker blew right next to my ear, and now it's ringing for almost over an hour. What should I do?
Good tisps on geting to sleep?
How do I get to sleep?
Do Urgent Care Clinics check Medical records?
i got face paint in my eye will it be ok?
I can't see!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What causes far-sightedness? 10 points!!!!?
How to tell if my contacts are inside out?
Ear lobe repair and stretching?
What helps a sinus headache?
Does getting a novocaine shot hurt??? D:?
Left side back pain, below bra strap?
What do these symptoms sound like?
what are the differences between an ear infection and a ruptured eardrum?
I cough alot and want to stop..How can i cure myself? i hate it?
What medication can I take to help my sore throat?
Is Anyone Else Sick of This?
Could I have fractured the cartilage between my ribs by coughing?
Please answer this question?
what would be the easiest STD to get rid of?
take care of burning eyeball?
Can you die from a wasp sting?
What is the best way to get rid of an itch in your throat?
My gas was on. How long can you be to be expose to Carbon monoxide Poisoning, after leaving the gas stove on?
How much time does it take to be completely healed from a regular flu?
Can a two week old baby use erythromycin ophthalmic ointment USP for pink eye?
Are the hepatitis B vaccination series different shots?
Can I take childrens tylenol-cold and flu-as a teen?
Strep throat or something else? how long? what should i do?
What makes you get urine infections ?
My father ............. a long story plz answer?
How do I make myself more motivated?
Does Hydrogen Peroxide become dangerous or anything when it gets real old?
How to reduce bulging stomach size?
Does smelling marijuana affects the human body?
How many calories have I had today?
What weight should females lift?
How long does it take before I'll see results?
I dont have any time to workout lately...?
I'm looking for a simple, healthy diet to reduce visceral belly fat, will just following the my pyramid guide?
Is there really anything wrong with eating say pizza for breakfast?
Do I have appendicitis?
What could cause swelling joints?
5 hours later and my head still hurts?
Can I have braces even if I had a chipped tooth?
i dont want teeth anymore can i still have pancakes?
how can i get rid of a sore on my tongue? are there any home remedies?
Is it possible for this work to be completed in two weeks?
Does a Horsefly bite really hurt that bad?
5 yr old got finger jammed in car 2 months ago now fingernail is hanging by a tread, what to do?
Help! I got cut from a piece of metal and I have a cut and I have a hard swollen spot on my foot.?
I am a cadet in AFROTC, I was just told I have CPVT and I got a ICD implanted in me. Can i stay in?
I am allergic to pet hair , if i take allergy medicine , will my symptoms go away?
why i am feeling dizzy when drink milk?
What kind of tea bags for eye swelling?
eye hurts when I blink?
Can you use any Ray Ban frame for prescription?
Popped blood eye vessel?
Could reading with glasses not prescribed to in poor light make someone need glasses?
Can light reflected off of a cd damage your eyes?
How much do colored contacts cost?
Who has the best price on contacts?
KILLER head ache around the same time everyday?
I think i might have fractured my foot?
What are symptoms of a Roxy withdraw?
what is arthritis?????
i have a hard lump under my bruise??im scared please help!?
I had an accident and I cant walk on two feet how do i reduce the pain?
Pulled my groin. I need a quick easy way to heal. ?
Has anyone had a surgery on a small thyroglossal duct cyst? How long was your recovery?
What's going to happen to me? (Read details)?
I fell and injured my knee the other night, How long is it going to take to heal?
I have a concussion what do I do?
How to cure a sunburn overnight?
Vaseline on large scab?
How do I get this annoying trapped water out of my ear?
how do u heal a burn?
i got a burn on my foot, best way to heal it?
Blood test done wrong?
What is a blue waffle and what does it do?
What is wrong with my grandma?
Why am i always sick?! im only 13!!?
crohn's disease people?
What are the benefits of early diagnosis of HPV?
what STD's can a man get but not effect him and only the female?
How to lose weight before prom? ?
Do I have some type of eating disorder?
I weight 160 pounds. Tips to lose weight?
Questions about sit-ups?
What is up with my body?
Is this a good weight for someone like me who has....?
black spot (is it cavities?) on my teeth, what's the solutions ?
How long does wisdom teeth pain last. . .?
Awoke with a swollen upper lip?
Is there any where you can buy an replacement tooth like walmart walgreens etc.....please help?
My braces were purple and now the color changed after two days from putting this color. why this happened?
what do i have to do to grow taller?
please answer this Health question for 10 points should be an easy question for you?
How can I get rid of a cold fast?
Ringing noise in my ear?
Does the "clove toothache remedy" really work?
Is there a drug (cocain, lsd, ect.) that will destroy the uterus or stop periods?
Is Hydrogen Peroxide safe to use in a water pick?
is there an alternative medicine to shrink or stop fibroid growth?
Can weed itself give you a cold?
what are really good sleeping pills?
When your high do you have better perspective?
What could the pain in my chest be?
where does the pain usually center from irritable bowel syndrome?
I got battery acid on my hand and now my hands are crinkled? Please Help! What should I do?
Aching from cold on previously broken ankle?
I just got my legs waxed and there are some hairs left. Normal? ?
products that contain salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide for acne treatment?
tell why acne medication clears acne?
I popped a whitehead and will I get an acne Scar?
swollen spot under my chin?
How can Tuberculosis become like The Black Death?
Did anyone get the chicken pox vaccine?
Urinary tract infection? ?
Can getting a flu shot every year prevent you from getting pneumonia. ?
Sick, and clue what I have?
how do you treat scratches and open cuts?
Is watching TV bad when you have a stye?
How do you treat a swollen lip wound?
what would be the first aid for internal hemorrhaging for a cat that has be in RTA?
Why do my knees ache so much?
Where to get Vicodin?
Migraine help?...easy points here :)?
is it safe to pop my fingers and toes?
How does sugar cause obesity?
Blood Sugar after meals?
Do I have the symptoms for Type 2 Diabetes?
do i have to go to an endocrinologist to be tested for diabetes/hypoglycemia?
How much is 185 grams?
Remove Chromium-6 from water?
Are the top lenses of bifocals for nearsightedness?
Can reading from electronic readers cause eye strain?
Not wearing are a retainer?
Question about my prescription glasses?
I have no money to buy new glasses or contacts.?
Are carrots good for eyes?
I got a blister from a sunburn?
has anyone suffererd from nausea, vomiting, tingling in your feet and hands ?
is this infected or...?
How many carbs are in a chicken breast?
i want to get in shape?
can you mix shaun t insanity with weight traning?
Any ideas on how to lose 15 pounds in 8 weeks in a healthy way?
Is it true that you shouldn't do ab exercises if you want a six pack?
is my weight healthy for me?
problem waking up??? help!?
Pain in the right shoulder! cant do push ups!!?
How to g through pain a different way?
Help do I have a ear ache?
i broke my neck i take 2mgs of dilaud how much do i need to take to get relief?
I am scared!"" please help me...i have a weird clogged feeling in my brain...i fill like i cant wake up..?
Can you do this ... ?
What causes my back to hurt when I sneeze?
If you brake your arm and go to the emergency will they put a cast on you right a way or.....?
My hip is swollen and the vein is popping out/: ?
Does my insurance cover a HPV DNA test ?
Question about HIV/Aids??!?!?!?!?
can hiv be transfered from a B J?
how many days will take to cure first infection of hiv and std( flu ,dierreh and chill)?
Can you use crest teeth whitening strips on your teeth if?
how long does it take fore the swelling and pain to go away after getting wisdom teeth removed?
PLEASE dont try to scare me........... but tell me truly if braces hurt?
Burned my ear with Hair Straightener?
my finger nail is falling off...?
My 2 year old was taken to urgent care last night with a bad reaction to mosquito bites. The bites swelled and?
how do I know if I've got an infection?
what do i do? do i have ringworm?
What is that feeling of your stomach swooping?
Can't sleep because I feel like I'm not going to wake up?
i have VERY strange addictions?
would you feel it if your spleen ruptures?
alcohol makes me ill most times i drink it. why?
48 hr Holter test...can you exercise with it on?
Is having to use a Holter monitor something serious?
Abnormal heart beats?
What kind of food or drink that lowers the blood pressure?
doctors gave me atarax is it good for my condition?
Glare, anti-reflective coatings, and polarized lenses?
What is the healthiest/organic eye drop which will benefit my health and feel good?
Can the axis on an eyeglass prescription be a fraction?
how can i stengethn my eyes? they feel weird lately, even tho i get good sleep...?
Can any one suggest a good Rimless glasses for my eye ware?
Do I Need Glasses? Please Read All!?
Do you have Rheumatoid Arthritis?
hi guys, i'll just wanna know something bothering me on my right side upper waist, under my ribs cage?
I am constantly stuck in the middle?
lots of headaches??????????
Fainting help please!?
Can you still get an infection if a scab has formed on a wound?
Where or how to get a pet jellyfish?
is there any home remides for sun burns?
What could cause these problems?
What are the signs that someone is smoking?
I just accidently inhaled a Xanax but was able to cough it back up. Should I be concerned?
I was diagnosed with Bronchitis 1 week ago, I still have it, Im also coughing up fresh blood, is this normal?
Does anyone have any suggestions about how to treat Bronchitis naturally?
I need to quit smoking but don't want to?
Am I overweight or normal? or what? Dieting tips?
How do I lose weight by the summer?
20 pounds by june? is it possible?
My workout is this the key to a flat stomach?
no push up?? but why?
How often can I have a non-diet day while dieting?
What type of foods can help me build muscle through out my chest and variest other parts of my body ?
I have a toothache but I already visited the dentist ?
Why is there flouride in water if flouride doesn't help your teeth out?
Major Questions about Braces (for teeth)!!?
The cost of normal braces on average with your regular dentist :S?
what can i do to get red of these red marks?
The Inside Of My Nose Is Dry!? Help!?
What is a good plant that can heal cuts quickly? ( a plant that grows in N.Y. or Maine?)?
HELP!!! I got soap in my ear!?
My right ear wont unclog.. I have cleaned it several times. Ideas?
I have a burn on my calf don't know what to do or if its infected?
Why is there a sharp pain in my lower left part of my stomach?
My girlfriend is in lots of pain?
I need pillow for under my knees. because my lower back hurts. I've heard there are inflatable and foams.?
My tragus piercing hurts?
Do I have pneumonia???
Throwing up Bile and Diarrhea?
If you donate blood, will you be contacted afterward if you have a disease such as HIV?
why do i keep getting the cold?
I have the flu, what are some natural ways I can make myself feel better?
What can't I do with mono?
Is there any difference healthwise between clove cigs and regular cigs?
is inhaling cigars bad?
Why does the center of my chest cave in?
Does anyone know the easiest way to get off the h-train?
What are the side effects of Bee Pollen?
I bite my nails a lot. Is there anything I can do to quit?
What is the best method to cure dry nostrils causing epistaxis, also known as nosebleeds?
throat hurts when swallow?
do you hate it when you get a itchy nose but you cant itch it because it looks like your picking your nose!?
Am i allergic to gluten?
can someone tell me what kind of bacterial infection this is?
what are AIDS/HIV symtoms?
Can you get hickeys on your top lip?
Should I get a second opinion on my knee?
MY LEG HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Ive had a tiny shard of glass stuck in my toe for about 4 days...?
Can my foot be broken if I'm able to move it?
Are male enhancement pills safe?
Can't swallow pills, help?
Can pediatricians test for yeast infections or do I have to go the gynecologist ?
Herbal shisha vs tobacco?
Is Naproxen good to cure migraines?
Opinions needed (eyesight,pc games) ?
optomotrists!!!!!!!! i am a plus 12 :( is that normal???/?
I have myopia. Why is it that when I frown when looking at something, it becomes a bit more clear?
How do i get rid of blood stain on the white part of my eye?
I put my contacts in the lens case and in the morning one of the contacts folded itself [like a taco] and is?
i just opened my new contact lenses yesterday and they were perfect but now they sting whys that?
Is it normal that one eye is open?
Teary/scratched eye, what's wrong?
what should i do if i fall outa bed?
my rib and my heart hurts what should i do?
How to relieve Constipation?
Am I Getting Migraines?
a casualty is bleeding profusely with no signs of breathing. should you start CPR or stop the bleeding first?
LIVER TEST, please answer i need to know.?
stung by wasp, painful and swollen, been 2 days ,what should i do?
Ear problem, help please?
Will this Banana Boat Aloe Vera gel help my new sunburn go away?
what causes babys to be hair pullers?
I'm not diabetic, however I checked my blood sugar as soon as I got up and the reading was 137.?
high blood pressure and sugar patient don't take tablets and feel better.. ?
questions about diabetes?
anyone know what is the muculytus diabetis?and what is the causes of it?
went to give blood iron level off chart how to get it down to normal?
Will porcelain veneers fit better than temporaries?
How long does the pain of wisdom tooth extraction last?
does getting braces hurt?
Is it possible for braces to get braces off two months early.?
ive lost a tooth the other night the one next to my 2 front ones, what can be done?
Why don't I get cavities? I can't brush my teeth?
my teeth aren't that bad but..?
route canal tooth broke and...?
What workouts do you do everyday to get abs?
What's the best and fastest way to get rid of fat like love hands?
What should I do to lose weight?
Is it okay to have an "off day"?
Trying to Losse Weight !!!?
What is a fast way to tone your body?
What should i do to lose weight?
trying to cut down on sugar what can i drink that does not have sweetener in it?
Fastest way to lose 7 lbs?
Does drinking too much water cause headaches?
I have a headache, fuzzy vision, and I get confused. whats wrong?
5/500mg vicodin and a sore jaw?
i have a headache could anyone help me?
Has anyone here ever taken Chantix to help quit smoking?
Why do parts of our body fall asleep?!?
has anybody tried that electronic water vapor cigarette?
Should I go to the ER? (serious answers only please)?
Why is pee a sorta yellowishhy color?
Ways to Get to Sleep?
Damage to lungs over a year of Canabis use?
can quitting smoking weed influence a break up in a relationship?
Does one cigarette a day turn later into a pack and so on?
Constantly feeling short of breath?
Does sniffing hairspray make you high?
I get sick ALL the time.?
blister poped and squirted nasty stuff at me?
My earring is slightly pushed in my ear???!!?!?
Is my ear piercing infected?
I got a bad sunburn andddd....please read!!!?
do stitches hurt when they put them in and out?
I have thyroid diease and I keep forgetting to take my tablets. How can i remember?
I'm tired all the time what can I do to not be?
Why do my hands turn discoloured?
How long does the constant shortness of breath from bronchitis last?
i think i am anemic, but not sure?
After a high fever last week, my 20 month old toddler now has a bad limp....?
Do i have lymphoma or just impatience?
my friend has some of prostate signs ,all i want to know what are the basic signs for this cancer?
What month is testicular cancer month?
Do I have breast cancer?
I'm bleeding more than usual?
How much do cartilage piercings hurt?
i have no idea whats going on?
Random loss of vision, headache and..?
I am a 13 year old boy, and I was wandering if I should shave my armpits an stomach?
i dont no whats wrong with me!!!?
should i tell my pain doctor ?
how do i shake off the nerves?
Why does my foot feel cold on a heating pad...?
Severe Pain! Please Help!?
Ive had the same headache for 2 1/2 days. how can i get rid of it?
painkillers, milk of magnesia?
Is it ok to give my uncle a back massage?
mouth gaurd question?
Can I get braces if I don't need them?
Need help with guaranteed auto credit?
I have just had a filling: so I can't eat for 24 hours?
help? im really worried!!! Braces!!?
Is there any reason why someone would temporarily lose the ability to read?
Is it possible to get herpes from a ********?
Does anyone know what i can use on my skin so the bed bugs dont bite me?
Can clorine do damage to you?
Is there a medical expert here? (Ringworm or something that looks like it.)?
Are there any quick/easy treatments for psoriasis?
Need to hide scars by tomorow! How to hide scars in water?? At a water park?
Are there any other vaccines that had mass hysteria excluding the MMR?
should i be worried of my tonsils are getting covered with white stuff?
I am suffering from fever? Please Help?
Am i pretty im doing everything i can to loose wight...?
how can i loose 10lb?
Can you gain a lot of weight by drinking wine?
What vicodin is white small and has the letters IP109?
feeling lightheaded sometimes when i stand up?
HERBALIFE is it worth?
Constant pain... Advice?
Hand pain, over a month?
Why do I gain so much weight when I eat?
*****Is it POSSIBLE to lose 15lbs in 3 weeks??**** 10 points?
Is there such a thing as eating too much and STILL not meeting calorie needs?
How to get more exercise in the winter?
Sunburn . . . . . . .?
Is it bad to get neosporin in your eyes?
What could this be??????????????
Is it OK to put Hyrogen Peroxide in your ear?
Is my cartilage ear piercing infected?
Loose tooth, spongy feeling gums, and lumps on inside of mouth?
How much do u bleed after a d&c?
What do they do in a root canal, would they pull my tooth to get rid of the infection?
Braces - Gums Hurt, help please?
getting wisdom teeth out...?
Is it true crest whitening strips are bad?
can you go to work on the same day after having happy gas at the dentist?
how did i not get drunk?
How to fall asleep and get back into my normal sleeping routine?
How to sleep better at night?
How to get ear wax out of ears?
twitching feeling in my stomach (what is this?)?
Mid-back pain around my spine, please read?
How do you pop your back without having another person around?
I have tendonitous in my pointer fingre from my mouse at work. What excercises can i do to help?
Weird pain in arm and side...?
do i have a torn rotator cuff?
Pain when i look around?
Why do i always get cramp?
will zyrtec make me drowsy and if i take two will it make me sleep?
Am i allergic to apples?
What's a good nasal spray that I can get without a prescription?
How to get really sick in an hour?
Why do my ears ring when it's relatively quiet?
If I smoke Pot while driving, that won't be as worse as drinking while driving, will it?
Will one of the lower ribs grow back if broken or removed?
Questions about Upset Stomach?
If a bee stings you in the chest, could the stinger pierce your heart?
According to the red cross what does RICE stand for?
What happens if you leave a bee stinger in you?? HELP (read description)?
What are the signs of blood loss?
Can you get a disease from cutting yourself on a dirty piece of glass?
How beneficial are perfumed lotions on sunburn?
How long after taking a vitamin D supplement should I start to feel better?
How to cure urine infection?
Is Q-Link Pendants a scam?
When Is it better to drink earl grey tea for insomnia?
What is a disease/condition that makes person angry, short-tempered and childish?
How long will it take for a colour defect cure in genetics?
Has anyone ever bought sunglasses or eyeglasses from UnitedShades.com or Otticanet.com?
I went to a new doctor( my old one retired) and I have an inoperable tumor on my hip and pelvic area?
Is a drooping eyelid always "Ptosis"?