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How can I avoid getting more spider veins?
Whats The Best Way To Hide Cuts On Ur Arms?
My right eye is itchy and dry, but it's leaky. Is this allergies?
What is the street value of hydrocodone 7.5?
How do I fix my terrible Posture?
What are the chances of surviving open heart surgery?
I have wrist pain/problem?PLEASE ANSWER!!!?
Congestive heart failure and ascites?
Hey, can someone tell me if a 'hole in the heart' can be treated by laser procedure.?
Extreme aching what do i do?
Dull, aching pain in the right of my chest?
Why Is My Hand Swollen ?
Chest Pains? Getting Worse?
how do you reward yourself for meeting your fitness goals?
Which of the following is a heart condition characterized by an abnormal heartbeat and reduced cardiac output?
Good tasting proteins?
Do crash diets work, and for how long?
will riding a stationary bike everyday help with weight loss?
Can you help me with a diet plan?
Losing weight advice? :S:S?
Ear piercing trouble?
how can i remove a love bite faster?
Should I squeeze the 'juice' or pus from my mosquito bite?
Is there a pill I can take to prevent bug bites?
foot injury help?! 10 pts.. ?
Gum over my tooth(Serious question)?
How can you push back your teeth even without braces? I'm only 14. :)?
Can you still wear my retainer after a relatively long period not wearing them?
What is the cause of an Eye Stye?
tools or method to extract a piece of sawdust in my eye?
Hi eye problem any know whats wrong?
Will I Grow Any Taller ?
Can a doctor screen you for stds without your permission?
How much do your contacts cost?
why am i like this during the winter and fall?
Cataract surgery: Will sneezing dislodge the replacement lens?
strabismus the eyes question?
mom and dad smoke cigerattes, will it really make me a bad runner?
My one contact different shape than the other...!?
Is this a migraine headache?
My friend has a pain in her chest, but its only in one spot, but it only hurts if she takes a big deep breath?
What is wrong with my throat???!!! It hurts really bad!!!?
Is there anything i can do about an aching back?
My throat hurts really bad, please help!?
what do you do when you have a headach?
i burned myself what do i do?
my girlffriend is bleeding from both her ears, what could it be?
how do i relieve redness of a sunburn?
Wound under breast won't heal?
my puppy just got stung! but i dont know what stung him!?
What do you think of Quantum-Touch?
Should I continue to take a multi-vitamin while doing a colon-cleanse?
how to hide weed smell?
Easiest way to make Psychedelic Drug?
is avocado carrier oil safe on skin?
Question about Apple Vinegar Cider(ACV)?
help about ashtma medications?
Mold poisining? help!?
Anything wrong with my bad lungs?
Friend has punctured lung for multiple years. See's doctor regularly. Has not closed. What is wrong?
I puked blood last night & I don`t know if I`m sick or what. Help?
What time should I wake up in the morning for school?
All day arm pain HELP!!?
Should I go to the ER? Or Wait?
everytime i swallow my spit or drink something my ears pop..whats wrong?
I have braces, and my teeth are not as white as they should be, and I'm getting my braces off on January 8th?
I need help naming a body part (in the mouth)?
Eating things with braces.?
is it possible to be addicted to gum & how do i stop?
Getting Braces Tomorrow. How Do I Tell The Dentist What Color I Want!?
I need to know anything I can about diabetic commas.?
Ddo i have a bladder infecton?
my father has diabetes due to which his both kidneys are falied. He has got an infection in his feet. Can he?
What goes into basic first aid kit?
I got a really bad sunburn last week and now I'm sick?
What is wrong with my foot?
Am I diabetic or just dehydrated?? :/?
Cut my foot on a piece of glass.... how likely it will get infected?
I burnt my hand while backing...?
i have a diabetes question?
Is my daughter anorexic?
How much weight do I need to lose?
How do I lose weight without excersizing?
Can you get liver cirrhosis at age 22?
My brother has been sick for 4 days! Flu? or what? URGENT!?
touched someone that is sick with the flu!?
Is there a nurse or doctor on yahoo answers ?
What Is The Fastest Way To Get Rid Of The Flu?
Can you die from a nose job?
Is it wrong to avoid family members with contageous diseases?
my eyes is a bit itchy?
What's wrong with my eye?!?
do i need glasses Help please?
Is it possible to get contacts -and- glasses?
Where we can find a Varifocal glasses?
the other day i got stung by a bee?
when you get a sunburn is it bad if you dont peel?
If I pour gasoline down my ear drum and then stick a lit match in it, will my brain burst into flames?
I accidentally swallowed my tongue!?
Splinters? Deep ones?
I went swimming friday and i got a sunburn.how long does the burning sensation of the sunburn last?
What is wrong with me ?!? anxiety or a tumor? pleaseee answerrr !!!!!!?
did my stomach rupture?
what does it take to be a hardman & fearless?
how long does it take for marijuana to come out of the system?
What are some uses of Tobacco?
Lower throat pain what is wrong?
Foot pain!!!! help 10 points best answer!!!?
does the appendix have to be removed?
Why do I get lightheaded when I stand up?
how do i unpop my ears?
Should I Get Surgery for disc herniations?
What causes some people to have bad breath?
Why do I get this taste in my mouth? How do I stop it?
Gap on tongue!!! What should I do???!?
does invisalign really work for overjet/overbite ?
i have hooks on my braces so if i make out w/ someone else who has braces will they get caught?
Can I still go to practice tommorrow?
What happens if you have loads of cavities?
DENTISTS PLEASE HELP!!!!Description below........?
sprain or something else?
Ear piercing question ???
Medical Help- Ant Bite and infection.?
i burnt my self last night and now i have little air pockets in my skin?
Does it hurt to get stitches taken out (under the tip of my nose)?
i got a blister on my hand?
can you let a ingrown toe nail just grow out then cut it?
I had a horrible sunburn and my arms blistered up..?
signs of hemorrhoids please help !!!!?
Are cures to illness not found because a cure is not profitable?
How can I get rid of inner thigh fat and stomach fat??(10 points!!!!)?
How do you get inspired to start exercising and lose weight?
Would eating 841 calories per day put my body into starvation mode if my RMR is only 1341?
So do the P90x workouts really work?
weight confusion... lifting weight, help!!?
What's a Healthy Weight for Teenage Girls?
will a "cheat day" keep my metabolism up and help me avoid plateaus?
Struggling with acne for about 3 years now?
Why do we get wrinkly if we stay in water too long?
Getting rid of back acne!?
Why is my tongue white and peeling?!?
Fast heart rate, heavy breathing and excitement ?
i have a pump in the middle between my breasts above my heart and my blood pressure is always low?
What makes the heart beat rates increase?
intense pain in stomach. almost like a contraction.?
What's up with my knee? How can I cure it?
Can I go home because of really bad cramps?
what causes headaches? what can make them go away?
rheumatoid arthritis, or something else?
what's the difference between a busted knuckle and a broken knuckle ?
If you have water stuck in your ear; what's the best way to get it out, without having to visit the doctor?
Are my contacts okay?
Questions about my eyes?
my baby rubs her eyes too much?
Did I make my vision get worse?
what happens if i wear my contacts for more then 2 weeks?
Got back from eye dr; with glasses one eye nearsighted and other farsighted... why?
I think I am getting a kindey infection...?
Is swollowing really healthy for you?
how do i get a fever?
flu? cold? something else?
Based on my symptoms, what do i have?
Do I subtract my burned calories from my calorie intake?
can weed be laced with shrooms?
How would I know if my antidepressant isn't working?
please answer :( ..............?
How do you get up early?
Will i grow taller? How much? HELP!!!?
Does getting a cavity filled between your teeth hurt?
What are some things that you can eat with braces?
Half of my tooth is off, but the other half isn't!?
Why do some people have calcium spots on their teeth?
braces question????????????????????
How soon after getting your wisdom teeth removed are you allowed to eat?
i had a root canal & crown done 2 yrs ago. once in awhile i feel some sensitivity. i was going in for?
what is happening to me?
I wake up with numb hands, anything I can do to prevent this?
pain in joints and super sore?
I noticed whenever im hot or take a hot bath/shower i get this weird sharp tingling feel all over my body.?
why is my arm so numb?
Palatal injection pain 1-10?
Will the pain ever go away?
Can you take lortab and zoloft together?
Valerian made me hallucinate?
what are some tips to get really high the first time smoking weed?
What should I do to leave smoking?
Home Remedies for Lice.. eww?
Help, My Mom Has High Cholesterol?
when i brush my teeth, most of the time it makes me gag...how can i prevent this from happening?
Is it scientifically possible to make a cure for the Common Cold?
Swollen Cartilage Ear piercing?
What will happen if you take out your new ear piercing?
Help me is my ear infected or what?
emergency bee sting help.?
Lidocaine patch questions...?
does rolling around on a tennis ball get rid of the knots in your back?
Sharp pain in forearm when i turn my arm a certain way or pull on something?
Hand/wrist suddenly went numb?
Urinary Tract Infection?
It feels like my lungs are hurting?Help!!?
Is it safe to work out when you are having shortness of breath problems?
Pneumonia or Bronchitis?
Is this a proper chronic illness?
How come you never hear about AIDS anymore? Has it been cured?
can a father take away a child if the mom is sick in hospital?
i have a TB TEST issue?
does anyone know if you can go swiming with a blister?
Do hydrocortisone tablets interact with alcohol?
What on earth is wrong with me?
Really bad mosquito bites?
i burnt my thumb on a sparkler,what should i do?
I am not allowed to use the internet really, so I have to make this quick and sneak but I just got home from h?
I just got bit by a poisonous bug..?
I'm going to perform a venipuncture on myself. Is there anything serious that can go wrong? (first time)?
my left foot and ankle is swollen and looks bruised?
I had an eating disorder in the past got better and now..?
Where can I download the P90x workout online?
How to get a body like this(picture)?
How can I lose wight?
What if i went about like this for awhile?
Can I buy the P90x workout in stores?
i think i might have.....? what do i do? PLEASE HELP.(dentist or orthodontist advice needed most)?
what will happen if i chew gum with braces?
I have a red lump on the right side of my upper lip.?
How often can I use baking soda and a hydrogen peroxide solution to whiten my teeth?
What do cavities look like?
I have Braces, read Discription?
I just got new glasses with anti-glare lenses?
Wearing glasses you dont need? HELP PLEASE!!!! :)?
what if maggot guts squirted in your eyes?
how do eyeglasses with colored lens help people with dyslexia to read?
how can i improve my vision?
Will my son qualify for disability in the state of Indiana?
i have a lazy eye but i got an operation for it when i was little how can it be fixed?
Is this a sign of diabetes?
Insulin Pump Question!?
is this diabetic site a joke?
can a diabetic feel low when the blood suger is high what does this mean?
What are some easy lunch recipes suitable for diabetics?
diabetic blindness :'(?
Why does my arm go numb while im sleeping for no reason?
Is it better to sleep on one pillow or two following a neck injury? How can I alleviate this intense pain?
Omg worst pain ever??help 10 pts?
Pain on the right side?
Anyone have any home remedies that actually work for muscle spasms in your back?
What should I do about the pain?
What is the most painful injury?
Scars on fingers being constantly re-injured?
did i break my pinky toe?
How can I heal a fracture faster ,and how to deal with a cast ?
do i have heart problem?
What would cause blood pressure of 280/150?Blood tests come back all negative?
would large blood clots in foley catheter bag cause anemia?
what is Myocradial Ischemia?
Is it ethical for a therapist to talk about a client [anonymously] to another client please RE:?
I was molested...um question is inside....?
Why do people keep saying im weak?
Crying uncontrollably help?
how do i deal with withdrawal from painkillers while pregnant?
have you ever been so depressed it leads to anziety attacks and you feel like dying?
Please help! What's Mentally wrong with my mum?
What's your point of view on smokers?
Is it the stomach flu?
Does your nasal discharge have to be yellow/green in order to have a sinus infection?
Nose bleeds? random.....?
Do you think Gabrielle Giffords knows she got shot in the head?
How do I fix my ingrown toenail?
How to treat a sun burn, other than aloe?
Can you help me with my problem?
need help, have a really bad sun burn :(?
i have a spot on my foot that looks like one huge mosquito bite, its a little bigger than a tennis ball.?
I don't know what I have. My throat hurts, caughing up mucus, coughing like crazy, fever( but not to high), i?
Is it okay to exercise if you have a sore throat?
Taking a kitten from HIV positive person.?
Do I have strep throat?
Alternatives to opiods?
ive been having chest pains?
Did I hurt my collarbone badly in cheerleading?
Do braces hurt when they get put on?
I hurt my neck what can i do to help it?
What is a good anti-inflammatory, drug that doesn't hurt the kidneys but works better than tylenol?
How do i grind orange peels?
Vitamin E Oil On My Face?
had big toenail removed but know i see pus under cab?
What type of anti aging treatment should be applied for your neck?
can acne scars be slightly raised?
i cut off a layer of my skin the size of a coin. its white and i can see blood vessels... what will happen?
Which is more unhealthy?
Howmuch should a 15 year old weigh?
How can I get a bikini body fast?
is it possible??????
What does it mean if you feel nauseated when you're brushing your teeth?
How to starve your self (kind of) without gaining all the weight back?
Does eating before bedtime really cause weight gain?
What to do if I haven't worn my retainer in 4 months?
what is causing my tooth pain?
How to get a Bikini Body in less than two-three weeks?
What is the best flavor for optimum nutrition 100% whey protien?
I want to slim up before summer?
is having calculus on teeth good or bad?
Rubber bands and braces?
what does it mean if i have a lump under my breast?
Is it normal to have foamy and bubbly pee?
i got this problem feeling tired mornings and i dont feel like getting out of bed,?
Someone help quick, big white thing in throat?
Hey, um, is this even possible?
what happens if you have been changing your bed sheets every 4 months for 10 years?
Would it be a bother if I returned to my doctor for more help?
Severe pain below my rib cage on the right side?
is my foot broken or just a bruised bone?
When I wake up I can barley open my eyes.?
If I have a cold sore, does this mean I have herpes?
excess computer use may cause strabismus?
Need advice on lasic eye surgery- Should I do it?
I can't access or add my contacts. It says I have 0 contacts.?
My eyes change shade?
What am I supposed to do if my contact lens falls out?
using different vitamins in a day has any harm for our health?
Acupuncture just had it today..?
Im a paraplegic t4 how long do I have to live?
Is it safe to make a homemade douche?
Bug bite turning brown and bluish?
reviews on Bach rescue sleep spray?
Quack doctors, Faith healers, Albularyo, Tambalan: Is it good on the society or not?
small burn, help!! need to heal?
Stuffy nose: why do I have it, and what are some remedies?
My friend took 12 Aspirin Pills what to do?
Pain in my back when I breathe deeply?
Why does it seem like mosquito's bite me more then other people?
What jellyfish stung me?
when you snap your finger which one makes the noise?
What kind of bite is this?
What are these mysterious bites all over my daughter?
does your pulse always slow down when dying?
when having a heart attack do people remember what is going on around them,?
Do heart attacks relapse?
heart issues very strange heart beats and chest pains?
heart attack or panic attack?
how long do average fillings last in front teeth? and after that long do they need to be replaced or a crown?
What is the average price of having a root canal redone?
What type of brace do i need? (PIC's included)?
What is this lump on my son's gum?
got wisdom teeth out and now stitches are coming undone?
Is it too late for me to get braces?
How much is the average cost to get a cavity filled at a school?
i was punched in the head and now i'm having a lot of symptoms?
Whenever I walk...ALOT or really fast it hurts my feet?!?
Is numbness okay even now?
ok im not emo but I REALLY wanna break my ankle/leg?
Does anyone know of any at home body detox remedies that i can try?
16 can i still grow taller?
I just bought a vaporizer, does this mean I can start buying reggie instead of high grade?
Weird twitch below my eye?
what is in heroin, what does it have in it?
can i keep eating like this?
power 90 or p90x for weight loss?
If I was to become vegetarian...?
Which burns more calories: crunches or sit ups?
How can a 14 year old girl burn 1000 calories in golds gym in one day?
how much should i weigh?
Is diarrhea a sign of liver failure?
can i continue breastfeeding my baby after having dengue?
Can swine flu kill you now?
what are the symptoms of the chicken pox?! HELP FAST!?
I am 25weeks pregnant should i have the flu jab?
My Body Feels very Weak And Numb And Im Coughing Up Mucous And I Also Seen A Doctor He Said It Can Be The Flu ?
How Does your Body Feels When You Have The Flu ?
Can anyone tell me where can I buy hand sanitizer refills without wasting a lot of time?
If a 13 yr old girl overdoses on tylenol (more than 8 w/in 24 hrs) what will happen to her?
if i don't get my stitches out in time what could happen?
Ear Piercing Infection?
Dog bit out a neuter staple and moved the other one!?
I got really bad sunburn on my cheeks, forehead, and nose?
do you get injected when you get a cast?
Why dont i wear glasses?
How can reading weaken your eyes?
I have +0.5D. Do I need glasses?
Do people actually like violet eyes? or is it weird?
I have trouble getting my contacts in?
what would cause my ears to hurt?
im going to get surgery on my acl what will i have to go through after and during the surgery.?
My neck muscle really hurts what can i do to help it?
my dad hurts me what to do?
What are causes for ear numbness while sleeping?
Ventolin for cough/ cold?
Can old carpet cause you to get continuously sick?
What are the Effects on DNA from smoking weed ?
I have a Hiccup question!?
What does it mean, for a diabetic, if their hands tingle continuously for a day or more?
human blood test without needles using sensor?
Under medicare do the primary doctors make a bonus by having the patient elect not to rescitate if needed befo?
is it possible for the clinically isolated syndrome MS to be cured?
Am I a bad person for having mono?
Why do children have health issues, what causes that?
Does marijuana have an affect on short term memory?
Is It Normal To Think I Have Cancer Constantly?
What brands of milk help make your teeth stronger?
Can a resident perform oral surgery alone?
Need orthodontic help?
Back pain on left side, some nausea off an on... Whats going on?
My mum has been suffering from bad chest pain today, is this bad?
I got hit with a soccer ball on my head, what can happen to me?
What should i Do? My ear is throbbing and when i woke up this morning I could feel it "popping"?
Why does my left eye hurt? im ill and have a headache anything to do with it.?
Why are my eyes hurting?
Why does my stomach start hurting when I lie on my left side?
Why does the inner corner of my left eye hurts ?
insect bite turning black?
how can i remove a bebe from my finger with out to much pain?
what do i do for a ingrown toenail?
I think my cut is infected?
How do I make a bee sting better?
I just got stung by a bee twice and I feel dizzy?
What are these bubbled dots on my palm?
acne is severe on my on my back it,i consulted a dermatoloist and he has prescribed me isotretinoin,is it safe?
i dont know if i have a cold sore or not!?
i shaved my groin and now it itch... any ideas on how to relieve the itch?
How long do you have to have an STD before you can claim it?
How is syphilis contracted?
I have had coldsores all my life and I got one yesterday . I was wondering do I have herpes ?
How do STDs occur in the first place?
Someone explain this 2 me?
HIIT video - interval training?
Why ain't I loosing weight (10 points for every answer)?
i know that balanced diet is best but are humans built more to eat meat or veggies?
What is a really good ab workout?
Ok I seriously need help?
what exercises should i do to tone my stomach?
How can i get rid of this painful lump behind my piercing?
Should i go to the doctor?
Is this a heart attack?
Spinal Fusion surgery?
Does Dr. Wheatgrass heal Hemorrhoids?
my neck is hurting so much when I turn it to my right side. So what does this mean? How can I fix my neck?
Is there a cast or something for a hip?
i hit my head a few weeks ago now my head hurts worse than ever!!?
Have i fractured my elbow?
I sprained my knee cap...?
Home remedies to whiten teeth?
For teeth, what is the best kind of fillings to get, is resin based composite good or bad?
how much for oral surgery?
Loose tooth will it heal on its own?
im 12 and im getting braces tomoro morning...how should i prepare?
Does this sound like a bruised vein or an infection?
I already have sunburn but I am going to the beach tomorrow for 3 days for vacation. What should I do when ...?
do i need to wear glasses...HELP PLEASE?
what is this thing in my eyes?
Have you ever had a case of sinusitis so bad it affected your vision?
Whats the best way to treat pink eye?
Very irritating dry cough and chest pain?
How long will it take my brother to die?
Do I have H1N1??!! PLEASE HELP!?
I have an AICD, it went off last weekend. Should I have been checked?
What is a normal blood pressure?
Is an inability to swallow in a stroke patient a sign that the end is near?
Where does cholesterol form?
i always feel lightheaded when i stand up?
I'm a 19 year old girl and my blood pressure is 117/64 - is this normal?
How does oxycodone affect a person when taken ?
Can you mix colloidal silver and hydrogen peroxide for an ear infection safely?
Question about Prozac?
Can you mix dmaa with alcohol?
Did the subjects in the Milgram experiment believe they killed the person they were electrocuting?
Can marijuana induce hallucinations?
are contact lenses safe to use?
Does anyone know about pedometers?
What hospitals or med groups do no not accept tricare?
did they make drug tests for chemicals in legal weed?
what is it when your left arm is numb and can't move it?
whats going on with my tastebuds?
i sleep regularly during the day...is it bad for my health?
rotator cuff, any idea?
I got kneed to the head and have a massive headache? Will I be ok?
What can we do with this physical therapist?
Severe knee pain! Can someone help me?
Does anyone know if Levothyroxine makes someone gain weight?
Memory and vision issues... i wanna be around for my two year old son?
Is it possible for a guy to develop a symmetrical face (what women love) without plastic surgery?
have i got insomnia or something similar?
How to stop the pain of sunburn/reduce redness?
Which is better if you have sunburn. A cold, warm, or hot shower.?
My Ear has Water in it!!!!! SO ANNOYING!!! Help?
Is there a blood test for food allergies?
Are red eyes common with a sinus infection?
why do people sneeze when the get drunk?
Sometimes,why am i having pains passing urine?I brush my mouth three times daily but i've bad breath,why?
why is my tooth sensitive to the cold?
Bleeding after teeth extraction?
Lost a spacer, what can i do?
Can u eat chocolate with braces?
I cant afford braces but my teeth would look so much better if they were straight !?
what is a good pill for fat burning?
Help!! I want to gain Muscle!!!?
How many calories do I need to eat a day?
work outs...help!!!:(((?
Whats it mean when people say?
Why do Americans avoid pear-shaped girls?
Lose weight/tone body?
As a big guy should i double my pill intake?
self inflicted whiplash? please help!?
Why do my ribs hurt ?
Chest Burning and Pain, What could it be?
how do you not get glasses?
Why do I get styes so much?
crazeyglue othe eyelid,eye sealed shut?
InGrown Nail.......................?
shoud i wear a bandaid or not?
I have a fatty gash on my foot. Should I cut the dead skin off or "hope it reattaches"?
bee sting relief home remedies?
Can a cold cause you to get dizzy?
Is being a vegetarian the reason I always have chapped lips?
EXTREMELY cold fingers and toes?
i have had horrible pains in my neck for a really long time?
Where are headaches in the head?
is it bad to have a spider bite on the back of your neck?
bug bite on my foot, now whole foot is swollen?
How to deal with a blister?
I got stung/bit by a bug and I have a huge welt on my back?
big swollen mosquito bite?
if a dad puts wasp Poison in a pool and kids put in there mouths could it kill?
Can I still grow taller at 17?
im a 19-year old guy.20th nov.1991 born.im 6'1 tall.my question is that i want to grow my height an inch more.?
Do you know what happened to me?
Continuous Morning Sickness?
Why is my memory so rubbish?!?
What is wrong with my knee?
severe pain in dental bridge/implants,can a regular dentist know if there is a abscess?what could this be?
so i went to the dentist..?
How can I make my teeth WHITE? please?
How to relieve tooth aches?
why do i only sweat...?
Why do i feel sickkk 24/7 its neverending!?
white patches on inside of both cheeks?
Someone please give me an answer?
Eating disorder??? Help please?
Doctors/nurses: Numbness in hands and weakness, like I can't get a good grip?
can a girl pass a home drug test by using someone elses pee and putting it in a baggie in their bra?
does scoliosis qualify for arizona medical marijuana?
I just got a cortisone shot, there is no improvement?
Hyper thyroid. was just diagnosed and have to see an endocrinologist. what should i expect?
Cardiovascular Questions?
do i have a tapeworm?
What to do if you have worms?
How to do I get rid of my illness? I think it's a flu?
Is a dog's mouth cleaner than a human's mouth?
Can i drink alcohol while on Doxycycline?
URGENT ! Is it dangerous to go out while recovering from tonsillitis? Need to know asap?
How can I get rid of pink eye symptoms?
what foods help with libido and impotence?
Hypothyroidism? How did you know?
Does this mean i have diabetes?
CAn a person with high blood pressure, diabetes (controlled) and high cholesterol get a tattoo?
how to know if i`m a diabetic without a blood test at home?
Is asthma a disease that you are born with or something that you can get anytime in your life?
I'm having trouble with sleep, please help!?
How can I relieve excessive constant buildup of mucus in my lungs?
is it safe for blood hemoglobin to be 13.6 g/dl during the second month of pregnancy?
does anyone suffer from this disease?
I feel sick.Do i have a fever? Please answer.?
Could I have Asthma? Please Help!?
Im Getting A Hida Scan And Egd Tomorrow and Need Information.?
Why do i get headaches in the morning when i wake up?
What's wrong with my back?
Sometimes I get pressure headaches when I stand up, what could be the cause?
How to heal a paper cut really fast?
HELP! how dangerous are those packets of crystals?
Stung 4 times by a Yellow Jacket?
Do mosquitos die after they bite you?
Gain weight,5'8 male,fast metabolism?
near blackout while exercising?
How can I lose a little bit of belly fat in about 3 weeks?
Losing a large amount of weight?
How can I Lose 65 lbs in 8 months?
Is losing weight as simple as eating less calories than your body needs to maintain it's current weight?
Is jump-roping considered cardio?
my eye feel strained for 5 days now?
Whats the best supplement to help you gain size?
Can you take two different E pills?
What happens if you drink catnip tea?
i want to auction over 100 year old sanjivanibutti?
I have back issues what forms of alternative medicine is there for this?
Has anyone used Holistic Dentistry?
In an Alternative Medicine Brochure, I became aware of Raindrop Therapy, what does it do for you?
Looking for a Natural Vegetable Supplement / Multi Vitamin.?
Severe pain below gumline!?
How much advil should I take in?
Hands hurt/cramp when i write too much (Exams Monday) What should I do?
Girlfriend having Unusual Headache?
Weird pointy shaped teeth?
I reallyyy want BRACES?
What's a good ELECTRIC toothbrush?
how to whiten teeth at home in the next 3 days?
does getting braces off hurt?
Bubble on Cartilage Ear Piercing????? HELP!?!?
Eye contact stuck in bottle. help!?
i was told that for a few months after a dog bite you shouldn't go in chlorine. is it true? and why?
Can anyone tell me where these bites or what seem like bites are coming from?
Is cool ice better when your sunburn starts to peel or aloe vera lotion?
I take 2 mg of folic acid daily. If I bought an otc brand that was 800 mcg, how many a day would I need to tak?
Can freckles have 2 colors?
Will I get any taller?
Tall people: Did milk help you grow taller?
What are the negative effects of marijuana?
symptoms on teen depression?
would my body get damaged if a 3 year old kid steps on my stomach?
running nose itchy throat and bloodshot eyes and feverish suddenly?
What if im washin dishes with a cut on my hand?
what is causing my hives?
I can't stop eating oranges?
What to do if you believe that you broke your arm and your appointment for an x-ray is not until sometimes ..?
Could It be my appendix?
Im in so much pain. It hurts :(?
My grandmother is having sharp foot pain in the morning?
What is the blue waffle disease?
What's the chances of me getting strep throat?
Could I possibly have Mono?
All my siblings have the stomach flu...I don't want it too!?
Why do I always get cold sores?
Help, I got a small blister on my heel?
Broken thumb knuckle?
Bee Sting?!? Help please!?
is a cold or hot shower better for a sunburn?
Ankle pains, help? *10 points*?
Weird question, I think I have a bug in my ear?
Is this good weight for a 12 year old?
Bodybuilding supplements; Creatine or whey protein?
Atkins Diet or Diet Shakes?
Typically when does a girl start putting on weight in puberty?
Good ideas for fat loss?
How do you get abs like this(picture)?
how many calories does a 13 year old girl need?
How come i get head aches when im in math? ?
Do I Have Hyperthyroidism?
is it possible to break your arm and not feel it?
What do they do for a mild concussion?
sometimes my own throat bone gets stuck when i move it with my hands and it hurts?
My eye hurts when I blink?!?!?
halloween eye contacts help!?
Can really bad eyesight lead to blindness?
Am wearing glasses and i still see blurry from a distance?
How to make contacts last longer?
Three questions all about contacts. Help?
What could make a 14 year old need glasses?
Can a dentist tell if you smoke meth?
Can I eat pizza with braces?
Should I pull my tooth out?
My gums on my teeth are opening and bleeding!?
Need more information on Braces?
Instant tooth pain from sugar and cold?
Waking up with a headache?
Why does the back of my head hurt & never the front?
i have foot pain becoz of i injured my left foot in soccer what should i do ?
What is this pain in my right side?
cramps during my soccer game?
Getting braces tightened first time tomorrow..?
my friend got chemical burns?
Do splinters come out on there on?
why does hydrogen peroxide burn your skin when you leave it standing in open air?
I have an ingrown toenail but i can seem to find it is it too low to get to?
How to treat my dog at home that has cut her mouth?
How can you give someone a heart attack?
what is a heart murmur?
What do they do in a physcial exam?
What are the earliest symptoms for asbestos?
If you used to be a smoker but quit...?
How fo u get rid of blackheads?
How do I get rid of itching on my body?
Can I drink Tea instead of Water to get healthier, more clear skin?
what can i do about a reaction to a skin product?
My friend has a rash on her leg?
getting addicted to cigarettes..?
Is it ok to take mucinex dm (dxm) while on percocet?
Am I smoking too much?
Does smoking a pipe makes you look smart and cool?
What is the best way to ease the pain of a herniated disk?
my ear feels clogged :/?
What is this crackling & popping noise inside my ears when I blow my nose?
whats your favorite way to deal with pain besides take pain pills?
Mederma or Bio Oil for scars?
What do I use for Itch relief on a burn?
Help quick!!! I have a small cut on my tongue?
What things go in an apocalypse survival kit?
Advise needed would it be okay too?
Any alternative cure for Social Phobia? The Medical cure did not help?
what are the best medicine for sore throat?
In studying alternative medicine can someone tell me what Ayurveda is and how it work?
How can i gain weight (please read question)10 points to best answer*PLEASE HELP*?
what are some effective diets you have done?
I am 14 and I weigh 115 is it normal?
how much weight can i lose in one summer?
At what age is best to start working out?
Is 130 pounds over weight for a 12 year old .. i am 5 foot 2?
GUYS: how would you define a curvy girl?
Are gronala bars good for you and weight loss?
the TEENIEST tiniest part of my contact lens ripped?
Has anyone ever tried lasik eye surgery?
converting contact lenses prescription from glasses prescription?
Can a natural treatment to reduce eye sight will work if we use contact lens/spec's?
My elbow hurts after i lifted weights?
Question about weird pain I've had for 15 years?
What could these be symptoms of?
how do i lower my liver enzymes?
Do you think i have strep throat A?
how to cure a strep throat?
Are any of the Swine Flu conspiracies true, & if so please explain?
Sick with sore throat and fever, manager still wants me to work?
Why do doctors prescribe antibiotics to you when they have not done a culture to find the bacteria?
How do I remove a wood splinter under my nail?
My 2 year old has a blister?
What is the best way to keep a cut from scarring?
Laughing to much builds muscles in cheeks? Resulting in Big cheeks?
Went camping last weekend. Now I am getting eatin up by chiggers on my legs?
how much does it cost to get pectus excavatum surgery?
I'm drinking a lot of water but I'm still thirsty?
is it possible to have gout at 13?
Why is there blood in my stool?
what food has very low carbs and sugar?
can a diabetic experience both high and low blood glucose levels?
Diabetes possibility?
I take Metformin pill for diabetes?
What causes higher blood sugars 2 hours after eating than 1 hour after?
Can a Diabetic drink Pomegranate juice?
Is hpv the same thing as herpes ?
butt itches does it mean i have aids?
how much alcohol does one need to consume to develop cirrhosis of the liver?
embarrassing question but kinda freaked out?
how does marijuana affect your Reproductive system?
Does bulimia make you gain or lose weight?
If I went to the gym 5 days a week and speed walk on a treadmill, do you think i can drop 20 pounds?
How many miles do i need to walk to burn one pound?
How to thin my thighs?
Is Sushi fattening or healthy?
Anyone similar to 5'10 250lbs? And lost weight?
How to lose 10kg in 2 months? ?
What kind of injuries can make a person slip into a coma?
Can you fracture your wrist and not know it?
I fell and hit my head today...?
How severe is my concussion?
Broken little finger + splint?
Popped burn blister - what should I do?
Is this an insect bite?
I pierced a second hole in my ear & how likely is it to get an infection ?
If you have gout, which would be the best reliever? Ice or heat?
im having upper back pains and have a soccer game tomorrow what should i do?
IN HORRIBLE PAIN!!!!!!!! Help me?
Can you give a shiz-tu tylenol?
Chronic Pain? Any Ideas? please?
So angry I feel like having a heart attack?
triglyceride is 53 , but LDL is 127 and HDL is 46?
high blood pressure? should i be worried?
Will the babby come before or after Syd's rise to el four power?
These daily tablets to beat fatigue?
headache, clogged nose, and visual confusion what could it be?
if someone has allergies to dogs how long will they be sick?
People with experience/ medical knowledge please, what do growing pains feel like?
How could I learn how to give massages?
Would you get a lower back epidural?
How do you remove a gauze band-aid?
If a bee/wasp stung you in the forehead/temple, would you die?
i got a blister from really bad sunburn and im on the swim team...is it okay to still swim?
While piercing my 3rd hole in ear it randomly started bleeding ALOT!?
Is This An Ingrown Toenail ?
Ingrown toenail or not?
I keep having frequent nosebleeds i mean i wouldn't be so worried if it were 2 times a month but now i've been?
bloodpressure was93/58.What does that mean?
why does my mouth feel dry and dehydrated in the middle of the night?
Help I have Eye floaters?
Do Contacts Hurt When You Put Them In And Out?
Are pink eye dangerous?
I keep blinking..whats wrong with my eyes?
when you get food poisoning,?
What does it mean when you have a high White Blood Cell Count?
Can pinworms kill you or are they just a nusiance?
Please what are first Hiv symptoms?
I am looking for this website Research on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, can you help?
Natural/herbal remedies for heartburn?
What is a really good Garlic Supplement I can find at a health food store?
i love weed but i dont know what to do?
How many medical marijuana card holders are there in California?
Is it safe to take cialis that has been expired?
How can I actually wake up in the morning?
so tell me forum, whats under your bed?
Does cannabis lower testosterone?
As long as I wash my hands a lot, avoid raw meat and drink only bottled water, I wont get a tapeworm RIGHT?
How do I know if I have heartburn or acid reflux?
This is a strange question.?
is the pelvis proximal or superior to the knee?
What does it mean when you have a pain on your throat that feels like a needle?
i have REALLY bad migraines and acetaminophens don't help anymore...why and what causes them?
What's this weird feeling I get everyday? Please, please help..?
Will Excedrin extra strength work for pain due to piercing infection?
What is the reason for these symptoms? Cramps, headaches, back pain, fatigue, food cravings, ?
can smoking cigarettes lead to depression?
what disease does a person have when she is afraid of her own relection?
cat urine very loud in smell?
How can i lose my weight by green tea?
Everyone says diet sodas are bad for you... Does that mean this is too?
4 day diet menu loose 18 pounds?
Took my before pictures for p90x?
What food should i eat and not eat during exams? how to keep focus and untired?
What do Girls like more??Arms with Muscle or Abs?
Protein Powder Recommendations?
I have water really stuck in my ear.?
i may have a spider bite, help!?
Mosquito bites? I'm not sure?
I got 15 stitches on my hand, why didn't I bleed?
Can chlamydia cause a false positive on a oraquick hiv test?
Back acne, please respond quikly!!!?
is it bad to put blood on your face?
what homemade suff could get rid of acne?
What do u do when u a bored a lonely at home?
i think im losing my mind. what should i do?
can mental problems in guys be caused by hormones?
I'm 40 years old and i think alot about dying, is this normal?
Which HCG priduct have you used and which one is recomended?
I'm hungry but I can't eat?
My friend is diabetic and always thirsty?
what is the best method of maintain weight for diabetic patients?
**single humalog pen?
Could someone have bad circulation in their face?
Heart Race, And shaking?
question about anxiety attacks?
Can purposefully breathing in and out really fast affect your ECG results or no?
How dangerous are Trans Fats for my father?
My four year old had an abnormal EKG result?
Has anyone experienced anxiety from multivitamins?
Broken finger means slower finger growth?
painful bug bite...help?
Help With 2 Straightener Burns?
will my burn bubble-blister scar?
Is it normal to be in so much pain and misery that you wish you was dead?
My hands are sore, how can I help this?
Physical therapy after surgery on heel?
Besides Midol, what's the best way to stop cramps? :(?
why do my ears......?
why wont my wound heal fast?
I dislocated my knee back in September (my knee just gave out all of a sudden) Should I get Surgery?
Whoa did I almost just pass out?
question about contact lens?
Is it ok, if I wear my contacts in the wrong eye?
im short sighted and have to have glasses?
is it actually possible to sleep with your eyes open?
Is my eyes light brown , or hazel ? Help needed .?
Help with eye drops...?
HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!! I'M IN PAIN?
How Fast Does Vicodin Tolerance Build?
I'm sort of sick, should I go to school?
I have a bad head ace? What do i do to help it?
I have scoliosis & my back cracks every time I breath. Sometimes it hurts my spine, is that bad?
what does it mean when you feel weak and have pain in your shoulders?
Extremely allergic to cats?
Hives along my waste line?
Frequent bloody noses?
does anybody know if there is a way that i can go online and see my vaccine records?
Pros and cons with having medical degrees available online?
Does anyone know what white pus from a blackhead tastes like?
my throat feels cold=/?
Do I have acid reflux, or is this something else?
My stomach hurts. ??
I have a medical question? Does ot sound like i have ibs?
Whats an interesting Disease or Disorder?
Is it better to do crunches on the floor or on a mini aerobic ball?
is a real fruit/veggie smoothie just as healthy as eating the fruits & vegies whole. Especially for fiber.?
Is it necessary to do a body cleanse?
I lost 10 pounds in two days.?
How does the "I can't wait to move out of the house and finally eat healthy" mentality work out?
Why is my stomach so flat in the morning?
How many calories should i be consuming each day?
If someone has a cold and performs fellatio can they pass on the cold?
My friend got herpes?
Can you ger bv from a man that was with a woman that had bv?
Will my arm ever be 100%?
Digestive Help Needed, NOW.?
how do you guys feel about chiropractors?
BAD Uti, need advice?
Something is wrong with my back. Help?
what could make left hand and sometimes up to forearm go numb?
Headache lasting 5 days, and counting?
14 yr old with hemorrhoid, help?
Did i break my toe? or whats wrong with it?
Can someone help snoring?
Everytime I smoke cigarettes I feel like I'm gonna die?
i think i may be very very sick?
It feels like there is dust in my throat........?
I can't stop coughing?
How often can I use a nebulizer for asthma & wheezing?
ways to get rid of nasal congestion?
Should fingernail and toenail polish match in color?
How do you reduce heavy swellling in bug bite?
how do i get rid of a briuse?
How to heal my broken pinkie toe.?
the nail on my index finger is purple.?
I have an ulcer in my mouth?
Hi Guys, I have a really bad case of the flu... need advice?
strep throat please respond?
how to relieve constipation (ive had it for eight days)?
If a patient in the surgical icu has to undergo dialysis, wouldn't it be easier on them?
My blood pressure is 163/81 and heartrate 102 should i be worried?
what exactly is the therapeutic effects of beta blockers for heart failure?
My heart beats faster then before?
can people fake high blood pressure?
Bee sting on foot, what do I do?
What does it mean when you hear beeping in your ear?
how do i know if my ear gauge is infected?
Whats up with this spider bite?
I think I had pink eye yesterday. It was all red inside and irritated. I went to sleep and when I woke up the?
I cut my thumb nail too short?
Help, please. A question about stomach pains.?
Chest pain? Help please?
Did I give myself arthritis?
Experiencing lower back pain?
Why does it burn when you pee after using soap on your junk?
Help! I have braces question?
Can you lye down after wisdom teeth extraction?
how many bacteria does brushing your teeth kill?
Is mouthwash the most effective product to eradicate oral bacteria?
wondering if braces hurt when you get them tighened ?
Types of Teeth Whiteners?
I have been suffering from bleeding gums and a horrible toothache...and my dentist is scary. please help!?
Why does my friend have 1 blue and 1 green eye?
Can I have laser eye surgery with a severe astigmatism? ?
Red glossy eye! No idea what's wrong! Help!?
is contact lence can harm my eye?
Any Optometrists out there?
How to fall asleep when scared after a movie?
What do you think is wrong?
I have hemorrhoids and I have a problem?
Has your brain been damaged like mine has?
With a torn meniscus and ACL, when should I be able to return to playing basketball?
Carpal tunnel syndrome treatments?
My Nose Ring Fell Out And I Cant Get It Back In What Do I Do? !!?
Why do I get so many bruises?
Snowboarding and dislocated shoulder....?
is there any home workout to get me a muscular body?
i heard people with strong legs are the strongest, is it true?
Do you think that the lighter you weigh the easier it is to exercise for long periods of time?
i have been weightlifting for two months, if i stop today....?
What is underweight for a 13 year old 5"5 girl? ?
will the belly fat ever go away?
Does vitamin c help with bruising?
What to do to my burn blister that popped?
Many Bug/Mosquito Bites?
Help.! Tongue Infection.?
Put Q tip too far in my ear??!!?
Poison Ivy Help Please?
what could be the cause of pain in the middle of my abdomen right under my chest?
Severe Vomiting what to do!?
Showering with a dislocated knee?
What is the best over the counter medicine for headaches around the temple area?
how to heal a scratch without leaving a mark?
Permanent / long lasting acne?
I'm so scared to get my wisdom teeth out!!?
what is the best way to get perfect teeth like the people off the hills?
soon I'm getting braces.... do thay hurt?
Bulimics: Did your dentist notice?
Scared to DEATH of having my wisdom teeth pulled out because of anesthesia?
Very heavy nosebleeds for no reason?
is it possible to remove a 1/2" thyroid nodule without removing part of the thyroid?
Is this a disease?????
Have you had, and do you recommend, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery?
how do i treat an infected ear piercing ?
Swollen angel bites!! Please help!!?
my knuckles hurt so bad after dog bite HELPP!?
question about popped blisters ?????
I got bit by a spider and now its really swollen. Is that normal?
Ear is bleeding from the inside!?
Question about diabetes...?
Question about kidney failure and diabetes?
diabetes- why would one even go to the doctor?
What is a seizure???????
about 4 weeks ago my doctor told me i have pre-diabetes and he placed me on a drug called Welchol?
I have alot of the symptoms of diabetes?
I just drank a smoothie and I have some seeds stuck in my throat. How can i get them to go down?
if I took an antibiotic three months ago, i wouldn't be allergic to it now would i?
Lips blistered after eating balsamic vinegar. Help!?
Why does my mouth shift to the left side when I talk or laugh?
My right wrist hurts after i crack it?
I think I popped my hip please help?
Why should our lifestyle include excersing,eating right and getting plenty of sleep?
How do you improve your eyesight?
My husband has retinitis pigmentosa.?
prescription contacts with non prescription glasses?
how do i stop my eye from twitching?
I slept with my contacts yesterday and today my eyes are superrr red?
can contact lenses be colored and prescriptions?
What do people do to need glasses?
Mescaline or Peyote/ what's it like?
I'm dropping acid for the first time tonight, any tips on staying calm?
Do nicotine patches work?
Niacin flush question.?
Tell me all you know about watercress?