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My Blood Pressure Is 126 over 89 is that good or bad i am only 19 i need help plz i am scared?
Would a cardiac ablation be good for my irregular heartbeat?
Do you think this patient had an MI? Explain why or why not. What alternative diagnosis might be?
What is this chest pain I keep getting?
what are three risk factors for stroke?
Does heart murmurs give you health problems?
Can intense fear damage the heart?
My new glasses are hurting my eyes and makes me dizzy?
can the kinect infrared damage our eyes?
How much do contacts cost?
my eyes change color a lot, but white? what?
Pink Eye Protection help?
Is drinking 24 oz water today good?
How can I get a six pack or maybe even 8?
Best way to loose weight on legs and thighs?
How to get skinny fast, but healthy?!?
How many calories do I need in my lunch and per day?
Gum infection please help?
What 2 do after i get my braces off ?
Is It bad if I brush my teeth with braces like how I did without braces ?
Why dont 3 of my baby teeth have permanant teeth under them?
If i put in a retainer after a year will my teeth be aright?
Some people have other colored wires instead of silver for their braces?
How BAD is my GUM disease?
what can cause a puntcure wound on the beach?
Sunburn question, help me out please!?
I got a blood blister help!?
EAR PROBLEM PLEASE HELP...........?!?!?!?!?
Do I pull this skin off or press it back on?
HELP MY ear piercing is?
Do I have Leukemia????
Hypothetical question- hairloss and wigs?
if you had cancer today what would do and how would you handle it?
where is southern california can I buy at a store a breast cancer tshirt for survivor?
Im 17 and breast cancer is hereditary in my family, is there anything i can do...?
My husband is having his thyroid removed it's quite enlarged, he's been having neck pain...?
Is 8 hours enough sleep for a 14 year old?
If you are taking a daily aspirin does it help against DVT?
What are my chances of dying from anesthesia?
Is it ok to take 4 mg of clonazopam and 1 mg xanax? I did and this is what im feeling?
IBS? colon cancer? lactose intolerance?
Help, what illness does this sound like?
Pre-Diabetic, fasting BG?
Is it dangerous to stop having Metformin?
how much sugar in puffed wheat?
What exactly is Diabetes?
Do you think this is diabetes?
Reactive hypoglycemia?
a few questions on diabetes type 1?
What to do if you think you were bitten by a spider?
Help burned hand/fingers with flamethrower?
What do I do if a bug flies into my eye?
I got got hydrogen peroxide in my eye?
Terrible sunburn yesterday! HELP?
Do I have sunburn sickness?
i think i broke my finger what should i do?
I have athlete's foot bad on my feet- how can I get rid of it?
Cleansing skin after exercise?
How do I clear up my skin?
What can I do to help my scars from being noticeable?
What's the fastest and painless way to die?
What is the Medical term for excessive nail/skin picking ?
Are there any ways to get high for a short period of time?
24 sleeping pills in 2 days?!?
do black people like hallucinogens?
what is the best way to lower triglycerides?
I'm way too dependent on cannabis?
What is the most effective way to break my nose with minimal damage?
What are these pills for?
Is vaseline okay when doing anal?
Can it be Wisdom teeth? ?
Bloody tooth?? HELP!!!!?
How much should I brush my teeth?
Has anyone out there reversed tooth decay?
Do side lip piercings hurt ?
Does crest white strips work?
Wisdom teeth sutures have not dissolved after one week?
Eye color changing contacts?
i lost eyelashes and have a gap now after finding out i have pink eye, will they grow back?
Can I wear 'Solotica' Colored Contact Lenses if I have Astigmatism?
I Need Help With My Eye Color Please?
My contact prescription is -7.50. what is the worst possible prescription for contacts?
What is bad/ what are the effects of popping your fingers?
Whats a normal walking and sitting hart rate?
what does it mean if you suddenly go from not being hungry at all to being starving?
Is there a word for a person who is skilled in knowledge of herbs and their medicinal uses?
Do You Think That I'm Too Skinny?
having trouble with weight?
in order to loose weight do i need to sweat?
Are potato chips and pretzels bad for the cholesterol?
Do you get more hungrier when you are more muscular?
How do I get in shape in time for summer?
is thsi okay to lose weight?
How much will i loose ? help?
What are the diseases attributable to invasion by S pyrogene, Beta-Hemolytic group A Streptococci?
what will happen if i don't take all my medication? will i get a relapse?
Can i get the stomach flu, even if its been a week?
Is it safer to breathe from your mouth or nose?
What is the treatment for a burst appendix?
bad blister. need ways to help it heal quickly!?
I stepped on a bee and my whole foot is swollen.?
are fly bites contagious? it's very itchy and swollen red...?
Mosquito bite problems?
Do You Think These Teeth Need Braces?.?
Can wisdom teeth move your teeth?
what can i do about my teeth (pictures)?
When I brush my teeth they bleed why?
I'm getting braces Tuesday, what can I expect the process to be like?
my cap fell out and I cant get to a dentist rigt away. I cna I keep it in. Would super glue work?
Little fruit fly got stuck?
What happens if you swallow your own blood?
its about my ear please help?
really swollen mosquito bite, it feels warm and its really big, how can i treat it?
Help please! My leg hurts like crazy!?
were did i get my 0+ blood type from if both parents blood types or not an 0?
What do you think...diabetes or not?
Which is the best alternative drug for curing diabetes?
Typically at what blood sugar level do you die?
What Diebetes is worst?
What's the difference between GLUCOSE and CARBOHYDRATES?
Could I be having a heart attack?
I feel sick...what's wrong with me?
Will washing a load of clothes with poo on 3 times at 90 in the washing machine kill the germs and be ok?
What causes this knee pain/why does it lock up?
Why do sum people have 1green eye & 1blue eye?
I got enzyme cleaner in my eyes!! what should i do?
i barely tore a contact lens? can i still wear it?
Contact lens question.?
do LCD monitors have the same affect on eyesight as CRTs?
What is the best exercise to do to loose weight in my thighs? ?
How can I lose 30 pounds?
how can i loose weight?
how come when i do something strenuous i get shaky and dizzy?
i need diet tipppppppppppps!!?
how many calories should i be consuming a day?
is rice chex cereal fattening would you eat it on your diet?
bigger calves? how can i get them?
could I possible have herpes?
If a person have herpes or any std's can it be passed by kissing or saliva?
When denoting blood to help out others, do they check your blood for all STD's?
Does 800mg of Ibuprofen 3x's daily seem like a lot?
How can I kill myself without any pain?
Is it just a regular old headache?
Everytime i squat my knees pop. How can i fix this?
getting my teeth whitened soon at the spa with a LED whitening light (whiter image). will it work or hurt?
Do all dentists let you design your retainer?
It's been exactly a week since I got my wisdom teeth removed (all 4). I have a throbbing pain on my left side?
Dealing with cavities at home?
Why do my teeth bleed - I brush, I floss - Why do they get yellow?
Have you ever got braces off due to gum problem, inflamming gums, etc??.....?
Bad ankle pains? Need crutches?
Severe Ankle Pain. Fell on the icy driveway. HELP!?
cracked rib????????????
How do I help my swollen finger?
i hurt my foot! please help?
how do you cure strep throat (see in details )?
How come after I puked I felt really normal?
Am I still contagious?
Can chronic sinusitis affect vision (double vision)?
do i have the stomach flu?
I ate accidentally ate something a mouse had chewed on, is it possible I could get rabies?
I have a weird toe problem?
i fell down icy stairs and hurt myself?
what makes a good pain kiler!!!?
Home remedies to get rid of a TERRIBLE migraine?
im 16 and i had a horrible migrane a day ago.. i woke up this morning and im seeing double vison.is it normal?
Do you have to touch your eyes to get pink eye?
Steps to getting an eye exam then the glasses?
My eyesight is terrible?!?
My son swallowed eye drops?
Wearing +0.5D glasses, should I?
How long should my eye stay dilated?
What affects growth besides gender and genetics?
Could this be stress symptoms? or should i see a doctor?
will i freak out in a mri?
Should I go to school tomorrow or wait till I get better?
what is an easy way to get rid of bug bites?
how do i treat a cut between my pointer finger and middle finger?
how long will it take to get my metabolism higher while drinking green tea ?
How To Lose 40lbs Without Excersizing?!?
How long would it take to get a body like this (pic)?
What is the best way to lose weight without buying something for it?
Question about Water Weight?
how many calories lost swimming two hours ?
How long does it take to get abs?
Should i drink protein after working out?
What Is The WHOLE Procedure Of Getting Braces?
White patches on throat, swollen gums, painful swallowing..?
Getting Braces Today!?!?! Help!!!!?
Which chewing gum is the best ?
Is age 4 too young for dental sealants?
What are some good alternatives to braces?
Possibly going into the dental field?? HELP!?
what is difference between tooth powder and tooth paste ?
Always sleeping on right side?
Odd base thumping in my right ear...?
Do bones get crushed into pieces if one sleeps heavily?
how to reduce the pain in eyes after working for a long time in front of the pc?
Antidepressants for pain?
How do I know if my ankle is broken?
I've been having really bad heartburn lately.?
How long after being around a dog will someone get allergies?
I have a constant runny nose.?
do i have a lip allergy?
Epipen Problem!!!!!!! Help!!!!?
why is my heart rate randomly so high?
Does Drinking water help you with lowering your blood pressure?
how high is my risk of developing blood clots after a heart attack by having gallbladder surgery?
Is 100/60 blood pressure normal for a 24 year old male? ?
occassionally i get these heart pains, my mom said when i born i had surgery.. and the..?
What could be the reason for heart pain, if treadmill test and angiography are clear?
Why do i feel this way! im diabetic and HBP ?
What does Iron in the blood do for us, And if you have low Iron what are the symptoms?
cant breath well, weak pulse, cold sweat, pupils going crazy? is this low blood sugar?
What happens if i consume to much suger?
Blood sugar spikes-how normal is it?
Is there a higher risk that a girl with type 1 diabetes could get PCOS than a normal healthy girl?
Thinking about becoming an EMT?
Got rubbing alcohol into cut?!?
i got stung by a bee for the first time.?
What to put on my bite to stop the itch?
What is the best and fast way to make fresh red stretch marks fade?
What do you mean by Decollete Treatments ?
why does my foot itch?
I have stretch marks on the side of my thighs, and i cant wear a bathing suit?
is fibromyalgia hereditary?
My stomach hurts but not like a stomach ache?
Have 100.5 body aches, tired, slept over 13 hrs yesterday. Taking amoxicillin for a week, neck really hurts.?
Is there any physical condition that can mimic anxiety?
unknown cause for dizziness?
i have these symptoms does anyone know whats wrong with me or feel the same as me?
Is this a cold or is it something else?
Is it true that when you hold in your sneeze you can get a heavy infection and damage your brain with disease?
Does it hurt when you get your braces removed? Any Bad Experience Stories?
is there such thing as a "free clinic" for braces needs?
Good teeth and heredity?
when did your 20 year old molars come in?
Is it possible for me to whiten my teeth..?
Real important question!?
whats the reason you smoke weed?
Are those websites that sell bongs and bubblers legit?
Apple Cider-Vinegar remedy for tummy issues?
What's wrong with this?
please start a new category in health called emergency medicine?
Will sleeping in contacts make you blind?
question about contact lenses and crying?
is herpies type 1 a big deal?
ne way to not pass herpes?
can lip to lip cantact w/o kissing cuase HIV/STD?
I woke up & my lip is swollen what should I doo ?
One of my stitches fell out, should I Be worried?
Can i go swimming with a burn on my shoulders?
my hard contact lense just went down the drain. is it ok to wear a 1.5 year old one?
Have you ever given cpr/needed cpr or watched someone get cpr?
How can I be sick for a long time and go to the hospital?
Black spot on foot, any ideas?
any good websites for girls going through puberty ?
can i take an advil pm that expired a month ago?
Did he break his ankle?
OMG my HEAD! (20 characters go here)?
What can you do while sick and it is snowing like crazy?
What Body shape is this? Pear, Apple, Hourglass, Rectangle, etc.?
Why can't I bend my knee?
pain in shoulderblade/back ?!?
Can you get CJD via blood?
Does it sound like i have strep throat?
i was tested hiv - at 88 days is this fine?
what sre some diseass that young people die of?
I Just Had Food Poison Yesterday...?
Left Lower Back Pain?
what is the treatment for scoliosis?

camera put in my pee hole now have the worst pain...?
My left part neck is dry?
How many oxys to get high?
Why does my left shoulder hurts when im bench pressing?
I just landed face first on the ground and landed on my temple!!!?
Unbearable sunburn itch on my stomach?
how do you treat a cut on your foot?
i burned myself what should i do?
A piece of my boyfriends tooth chipped off, should I be worried?
I have jaw and tooth pain?
How long does your face stay swollen after you get your wisdom teeth taken out?
Not having a root canal done risks?
Braces off, now my bite feels weird?
COPD and Running a Marathon?
I have a zpack that was prescribed to me of Azithromicin but I am afraid to take it bc I am scared I am?
Smokers Help Please ?
Im wheezing (asthma) with only expired meds...?
my 10 month old has a lot of chest and nse congestion how do I break that flem up?
What helps with hormonal/tension headaches?
how to get rid on pain on tongue?
If i sliped in the shower, and hit my wrist on the bar really hard, will it break?
My eyes are turning yellowish? My side is hurting? What is happening?
Mouth & Throat Pain..?
if my grandfather has a heart attack, will a red cross message enough to get me home?
High Blood Pressure or anxiety?
do i have a stroke or mini stroke ?
what cause heart burns?
Can blood clots cause high liver enzymes?
i became dizzy and winded while walking in a store so what does this mean?
How to fix an ingrown toenail my yourself?
Weird...fleshy white thing in one of my bite wounds?
Really Bad Sunburn Yesterday...?
Need help on a foot burn?
Will the docter be able to tell if I have anorexia?
What exactly is MS (multiple sclerosis) ?
how to get rid of my lisp without therapy?
Do contacts damage your eyesight?
Is the degree for contacts and eye glasses the same?
How protective glasses are useful for eye wear?
What's wrong with my sternum?
I slouch alot, what can this do to me?10pts?
why does my body feel tingly?
Last week I broke my foot and today when I took my sock off it was completely bruised. Is that normal?
What is wrong with my leg?
Feeling left out for being drug/ alcohol free?
Any suggestions on how to relieve loneliness and depression, besides exercising?
What would you rather have in life? A or B question?
Help : I feel like I have a constant hangover and I don't even drink , what is wrong with me?
What is depressioon.....................?
I tHink I'm having nervous breakdown?
Short..Do u find this weird? Am i heartless or normal? people who lost their dad early can relate?
Do I have diabetes possibly?
What are the signs/symptoms of diabetes?
Help for possible Diabetes Symptons?
How Can You Make You're Teeth Whiter?
Is it safe to eat orthodontic elastic rubber band?
Why are my teeth like this?
good dental insurance?
How to clean clear plastic retainers?!?
What is a good alternative to chewing on plastic?
Problems with Spacers. (earrings)?
how to reduce swell and itchiness of mosquito bites?
i think my friend is over heating after taking xtc what do i do?
how is a good way to get rid of a sunburn?
how do you make a REALLY bad sunburn stop hurting?
Does anyone know a child with autism who was never vaccinated?
I have bad personal hygene?
When ur partner is having depressions ?
Why do i have a yellow coting on my tongue? i don't smoke.?
can a faithful couple get clymidia?
My friend has herpes?
Neck Muscle Twitch, Stress?
I'm on crutches and have now rubbed my hands and pulled pretty much every muscle in my upper body?
Why do I have tongue pain?
Help any1 with my headaches?
Why do get dizzy when i stand?
What should I do? I might have appendicitis....?
Is it okay to run even though a have a slight cough and runny nose?
Nose bleed alot recently?
cilantro or chipotle pepper allergy?
How can i tell if i broke my nose?
How do you keep your appetite in control after you work out?
I am 135 pounds after losing 30 how many more do I need to lose to wear a bikini?
Why do parts of my body turn cold during workouts?
When was the last time you binged?
Preteen workouts??????
Are the measurements 34-26-34 big?
Is being vegan unhealthy?
is being 5'2-3'' and weighing 127 lbs normal? how can i loose fast and easy.. i am not a vegitarian?
i don't feel good...(could have the flu)?
Fever with sore throat for 3 days?
i have a fever really bbad plz?
Whenever winter comes i suffer from cold and get irritated.suggest some home made remedy..pls.?
does huffing sharpie kill brain cells?
i got a bee sting yesterday afternoon and woke up with swelling all the way to my elbow the sing was by my?
Do fleas bite only during the night?
daughter burned herself?
Im a too thin, brewers yeast pills?
is strattera like aderarol?
Does coconut oil lower your blood pressure?
How to i cure my sore throat really quickly??? HELP?
Found a light blue round pill anyone know what it could be?
How do I strengthen my lower back had disc taken need my muscles stronger ?
is there an acne system that doesn't have bensalproxied?
My lips keep pealing and flaking even though I apply medicated moisturizer 24/7. Why?
After I wash my face, why do I feel a tightness on my face after a couple minutes?
What are these red blotches on my skin?
how much would retainers cost only for my top teeth?
Are teeth considered bones. ?
Would I need braces ?
Hey Im 12 and my tooth is wobbly can i telll if its a milk tooth or adult cause im worried?
Is there a proper way to bush your teeth if you have braces?
Any bad breath remedies?
Is it normal/possible for a teenager to have Glaucoma ? ?
Can I improve my eyesight without surgery? ?
Eyelid swollen!? (10 points to best answer)?
Do computer glasses really reduce eye strain?
health questions please answer?
Huge stomach pain and vomited different colors?
need help with back pain?
I just sliped on some Ice and hit my head, I have a little head ach and feel a little pressur where I hit my?
Why does it hurt and i didn't do anything?
This might be wierd but can you help?
Percocet and constipation?
I have had an echocardiogram and it was perfectly normal so why is my heart rate raising when I stand up?
i have a systolic pressure of 142 and a diastolic of 98, should i be concerned?
I am 22 yrs old are there are any chances that i can increase my height at this age if yes please tell one pl?
i have a blood pressure of 132/100?
Help im scared of my blood pressure?
Why do troponin levels increase when there is a cardiac damage? It makes your heart contract faster too right?
is a heart rate of 90-110 per minute resting high?
Do I need help if every time i am near porcelain, clay pots, or a chalkboard i get the urge to bite it?
what do I for a black aunt sting?
Say I take 7 ibprofens, 2 midols, and 2 benadryl. What would that do?
Bug bite on neck hurts, no redness but very painful?
What kind of doctors appointment should I take my alcoholic mother to?
Brown taste buds!?!?! (pic included)?
Bulimic for 4 years, no noticeable symptoms?
What can i do to help me grow taller?
How expensive are Scrubs?
Why do people "hate" water?
What is the bone below my Adams apple?
What should i do about all this? Whats wrong with me?
How to??? my dad wont take me to a docter?
How do you lower blood sugar levels instantly?
how insulin works when injected in our body?
Can you have high blood sugar and NOT be diabetic?
how come im not afraid of get my bloodtest ?
Is drinking Diet 7-UP and lemon lime type drinks basd for you . I have a friend who is diabetic and Refuses to?
I hear a weird noise in my ear sometimes.?
Pain on inner arm /'Ulna' when resting?
Could this be my gallbladder or something else? (WARNING: TMI)?
got pain in upper back from degenerated discs any suggestions on some pain relieve exercises?
I took another 2 Aleve and 2 Tylenol PM's is it safe?
I BURNT MY THIGHS -ssunbathing?
Can I put Neosporin on a cut, on my dogs eyelid?
really itchy cut? help?
Cut myself.. what do i do?
how to make a cut heal faster 10 pts for best answer?
How many calories should a 17 year old girl consume per day?
Work out affects height?
am i anorexic/bulimic reallyy? annd if so what one...?
How to get bigger calves?
can you flush out junk food with water?
My Fiance is looking for Muscle Mass Building Advice?
What is going on with my metabolism?
CAVITY!?!??!?!?! NO!!! PLEASE NO?
HELP please..I got my 4 impacted wisdom teeth taken out on monday..?
How old is too old for braces?
Some questions about braces? Worried?
if you dont brush your teeth before sleeping at night for about two months, will you get a cavity?
Are scissors effective in inflicting Self-Injury?
Where is most of the pain located for an ACL tear?
About an hour ago I fell on my back onto a log off my roof, what should i do?
Why do my shins hurt?
i want know how to treat my partner when i have pid cause of chlamydia, do i just treat him with chlamidia?
what does it mean when someone says they got the clap?
Popping when I rotate my right wrist?
The cause to neck and back pain?
my sister randomly cant move her neck... what should we do?
I have a heartburn please help?
can you Hydrogen Peroxide as an eye wash?
I have a severe sun burn on my back that began to blister the day after it happened. How can i get rid of it?
What is the best way to treat mosquito bites?
any good bee sting remedies?
I got a blister with sand inside the blister. Should i try to remove the sand which is painful or leave it?
Weird fall. What do you think?
Advice for a cold? Please help?
This is worrying me, is my ear infected?
Hemorrhoids -- Fatal?
what causes urinary track infections?
What does it mean if I have continuous bloody nose?
what would you do, best antibiotic to treat strep throat!?!?????
i have an astigmatism and i'm wearing contacts that don't correct astigmatism?
What happens at the eye doctor?
Strong Colored Contacts for Astigmatism?
Why is my eye twitching?
Why is anorexia a disease?
Fast food and restaurants....the same?
Do I get hot flashes?
lump near my right ear?
How does a child get ecoli in the urine?
I have acid reflux what should i not eat?
Do they clean your plaque off your teeth after you get your braces off?
How much numbing does the dentist give you during a root canal?
is it normal for my teeth to shift while on the braces?
should i be worried about two small hairline cracks in front of my teeth?
Problems with cartilage piercing?
will i die? i poked my temple!?
How can I be less emotional?
I'm 14. What will happen if i smoke weed?
how does amoxicillin pill looks like?
Cheerleading accident, am I ok?
How can i get rid of this foot cramp?
What will happen to my finger?
Whats wrong with my finger?
can postinor cause high blood pressure?
my 2 yr old keeps getting infections when bite by bug and when gets a sore it doesn't heal. could this be diab?
How do I stop a wound from bleeding from a diabetic 68 year old?
My thumb was recently stung by a bee and now is fat and swollen.... How do i make it go away?
i think a bee stung me?
do is your outlook on paramedics' reputation?
help. i burned my hand?
Do carb blockers work?
I want to loose weight but I also want muscle to grow?
Can i do p90x without losing weight?
Any good tips to avoid binging (overeating)?
Does anyone have any tips to help me stick to my diet while keeping my husband from starving?
Is brewers yeast good for bodybuilding? I heard it was.?
i am 109lb 14 years old , 5 "4" how can i lose 5 lb in a week?
Whats wrong with my nose ?
Lactose intolerance questions?
What causes nosebleeds?
Am I allergic or like what?
Can a dermatologist solve a skin directly in a single operation?
My scalp feels dirty even if i wash it?
Spots that hurt on finger ?
Constant headaches, loss of appetite, always tired?
10 POINTS ! HELP! my arm hurts from breakdance?
What are some really good shoes for standing long periods of time for people with flat feet?
I got a bug bite on my ear it swollen to 3 time it Original size, How to i minimize swelling?
How do I get water out of my middle ear?
My blister (from accidentally burning myself) is about to pop, what do I do?
Extremely sensitive teeth after filling?
I just had my wisdom teeth removed, food advice?
when should i get my wisdom teeth removed?
What does it mean when my gums bleed?
could there be something wrong if the skin where my tooth was pulled swelled and then collapsed?
how many (amalgam) fillings are normal for a 35 year old man to have?
Is it too late for braces?
does pectus carinatum affect breathing?
i know this guy who was in the air force and "caught" asthma. he got a medical retirement at 100%. i thought?
I just started coughing really bad tonight and it is starting to feel very hard to breath..any ideas?
How to get rid of a Sore Throat fast? help please.?
I had cold symptoms for 5 weeks...?
do i have bronchitis?!?
When to go back to the eye doctor.?
should i go for an eye appointment? could i need glasses?
moving your eye frequently can cause strabismus?
Does Similasan’s Dry Eye Relief work for marijuana red eye?
i saw contacts that were for sell at a mall here in San Diego are they safe?
Anti-Static Wrist Bands?!!?
Back pain in a fifteen year old boy?
bad heel pain after a run?
how long does cocaine remain in the system? what is the best way to remove any trace?
is it dangerous to use memory enhancing pills everyday?
What are the rewards of going truly sugar free?
HELP ! Emergency - What to do if accidentally swallowed menthol eucalyptus inhalation?
Stomach Virus remedies?
Are there any home remedies for Hyperhidrosis?
What are some good foods for anti-aging?
a question about Vitamin d deficiency?
Question to others with severe reflux- does drinking water make you sick too?
when declared brain death, when does the soul leave the body?
Should I see a doctor again?
What are some ways of preventing arthritis?
Ok, this will sound insane, but I'm 13 and a girl and I have a muscular build,...?
I cant look at myself without crying because im fat & i hate the way i look please help?
How can i lose 30 pounds in 3 months?
Im fat and i wanna loose weight but i feel like i cnt do it alone & my family & friends jus bring me down?
Am I too skinny????????????
How to get fast abs from workout?
How do I bypass fast food resturants when I'm out?
What vegetables are actually carbohydrates?
does anyone workout after 9pm?
how do you get high off of nail polish remover?
What are peoples reasons for being emo?
Help!! what will help with my anxiety attack right now!?
What surgical procedures against overweight are there?
Whats a custom fitted splint for my thumb going to be like?
nail and cuticle slammed in car door?
I got stung by a wasp on my eyelid.?
I cut my head kinda bad, and i was wondering if there is any homeade coagulant i can make?
How much Clorox bleach should I use to make my teeth white?
How to Whiten Teeth Easily and Quickly?
should i have root canals on 4 teeth or have them extracted and wear a denture?
Any medical people out there got a question about pin like pain in my elbow?
Is it ok if dentist deny to give me x-rays that I paid for?
I accidentally ate the wax from my braces! help!!?
do i tell my dentist that my son is gay?
Why does one side get congested, and later the other?
my teeth hurt ?? cavities?
how to get rid of an ear infection?
Can or does smoking cause tonsil stones?
my dog has white blodd cell infection which is way off the chart and he has breathing problems?
Temp if 104.1( best answer )?
What is the best way to come off pain pills without going to rehab?
why a person has to lean towards right when carrying a bag in his left hand?
My teeth are causing me pain :(!?
Which one hurts more?
I have a problem with my foot! I'm not sure what happened but I can't walk. Any ideas?
Why does my lower back hurt?
I think i might have tendonitis in my hand/wrist?
Is my foot broken or sprained?
what are side affects of accidentally injecting air into the muscle from an injection?
I think I popped a vein in my nose?
Will this wound ever heal?
how much does it cost 'in australia' for an echocardiogram test?
Headache, Tremors, Memory Loss, High Blood Pressure, Arrhythmia, Full Body Seizure.?
16 and certified EMT in california?
Whats so wrong with a love bite?
Blister on a burn drained itself?
How do you make a sunburn heal faster?
can a kidney be transplanted twice?
Just Found Out I Am Anemic How Do I Help Myself Until I See My Doctor?
my 2 year old has some symptoms of juvenile diabetes but not all. Is it worth getting her checked out?
Is it a good idea to drink for a type 1 diabetic?
What's the lowest blood sugar you've ever experienced?
Sweet smelling urine, what could it mean?
How low does your insulin have to be before you go into hypoglycemic shock?
RE: insulin isnt working?
How much do contacts cost?
Is 20/40 and 20/50 eye sight bad?
How Can I Change My Eye Color ?
I have blood in the white of my eye what does this mean?
I was rear ended by a hit n run, been going to the Dr for 15 months, what do I ask for pain and suffering?
Suggestions to relieve heartburn?
If I stick something "up there" should it hurt?
If you slouch when you're young, will you inevitably have a double chin when you're 40 or 50?
My backs SOOO much worse after i had a baby, could the pregnancy made my condition worse?
Neck, Shoulder and left arm pain playing the violin?
i have lower right abdomen pain and it increases when i urinate or sneeze or cough?
Help! Urgent! Am I infected or not?
AIDS/HIV birth statistics?
To give blood do you have to be clean of any STDs?
nasty little bug bites!:(?
I burned my hand! Help!?
I popped a burn blister what should i do now?
passing an at home drug test?
can a 17 year old get a medical marijuana license with parent permission?
Really shaky no idea why ((10 points. ))?
Is it medically possible to resuscitate someone who has died after going into shock?
I've been depressed my whole life?
Is there such a thing as Free Wisdom Teeth Removal?
Can a person get AIDS or infectious diseases at the dentist office?
Why do my gums look like this? (picture included)?
I got my wisdom teeth extracted last saturday (5 days ago). Everything seems to be normal except for a hole?
can getting wisdom teeth removed kill you?
How to get rid of mucus build up so I can get my voice back?
Whenever my nose gets to dry it starts bleeding? Is there anything I can take...?
Tips on dealing with the pain?
Back pain,in the lower half of my back?
Is this Carpal Tunnel?
abdomen/side pain??any ideas?
Woke up shaking????.........?
Is it possible to swallow your own tongue and die?
What kind of illness do I have?
Is there a way to know if you have a blood clot?
Is it possible to have good looks but girls dont feel bad for you?
is this a panic attack?
menengitis? possisbility?
What kind of bite does this look like?
I got something stuck in my ear - what do I do?
Howe To Get Rid Of Bug Bites?
i have a strange bite on my leg?
I got stung by a bee yesterday in my 3rd toe when wil the swelling go down.?
I have a funny feeling in my head that i have just noticed the past week?
What kind of over the counter pills ( brand name) can be fatal?
Help this is serious bad headache?
why do my teeth itch?
What's the difference between visual snow and floaters?
I need a recipe to give me energy?
Aanybody kno if ultram (tramadol) has codeine in the pills?
How do you treat a ucler?
Can i take 4 Centrum Forte pills a day?
how much iron is healthy to consume as a supplement?
Please help! Question about probiotic that stopped working?
Can you make yourself have PVC'S!!!!!!?
If my grandpa and uncle both died from a heart attack is it possible I can too?
Does anyone else know of SVT?
is it considered rest?
How long (in your opinion) will my mono be contagious?
what do you give your dog to keep them from getting urinary tract infections?
Is this just an ordiary flu?
Days- Someone catch me up on the whole....?
Can someone walk with a broken rib? Or is it too hard to stay upright?
when you come back from a injury....?
can anyone tell me why i am feeling sick?
What are these headaches caused from?
What happens when you don't have enough protein . . .?
Why does my earing hole smell bad?
I have constipation now and i want to use the bathroom tonite without an enema!! Help???!!!?
Girls how close am I to getting a beach body?
I just binged what should i do?
I feel fat...........?
I have lost 5 pounds in 2 weeks but I don't look any different?
should i become vergetarian what benfits can i get from it?
Is 5'5 too tall for a girl?
If suction is no longer effective to remove venom from snake bites, what else can a person do?
Is there a way to fake faint but make it look real?
Will ice stop my cut from bleeding?
how could you get a piece of glass out of your foot without tweezers?
the dizziness is getting worse?
will they put you to sleep for bunion removal?
Slight pain below chest for over 1 month? Please help?
Does a herniated disk eventually go back in, or is it out for good?
HELP with blood test results (for stds)?
Do you think I need braces?
I need a dental answer?
Do dentists use the same surgical instruments and tools on different patients?
Im concered about my teeth.. just got my braces off!?
Will my teeth shift after 3 weeks without retainers?
I need help, desperate help..please answer this question ASAP I will be forever grateful.?
I think I may have OCD, how do I know?
Is something going to happen to me, or will I be ok?
Should i go to the hospital?
I feel like I'm going to faint?
Humidifier or Ionic Breeze?
I was bitten by Insect but no clue which one?
Sinus congestion and runny nose only on left side?
Is Anaphylactic Shock the same thing as Anaphylaxis?
is it ok to put rubbing alcholo in your mouth?
what type of bug bit me:/?
Home remedies for a bad sunburn?
What makes mosquito bites itch?
Insulin isnt working?
Can these be the signs of diabetes?
Blood test negative for diabetes, but I have a lot of symptoms?
Does medicare pay for cataract surgery?
What should be my blood glucose levels when i take?
How many calories a day should a 24yr old Diabetic consume daily?
Why am I always thirsty?
I had a urine test with sugar in it, could that be contaminated?
My neck and shoulder hurts so bad.?
like to ask if anyone thinks I may need surgery on my broken kneecap.?
i am not feeling jack3d. can someone give me some directions or help on feeling it?
What are some foods high in calories that have no starch no sugar and little protein?
Can i lose 90 pounds in 5months Im 14 ?
what can i take to gain weight, muscle, and size?
if i jump rope 1,000 times, how many calories will i have burned?
How to lose weight by June 10th?
How can I loose 23 pounds in 2 moths?
Good Poison Ivy remedies?
PLEASE help I got a burn on my thumb!!!!!!!!?
I touched a smoke bomb and got my finger got burned how do i make it better?
What can I do about my friends finger dilema?
How long does a CPR certification last?
What does it mean when your cold after getting burnt?
How to stop chewing the inside of my mouth?
Swollen cheek due to braces?
I want to whiten my teeth, but I don't want to lose enamel. Suggestions?
How do you get rid of saliva in your mouth?
What do dentists do when they give people filings?
anyone with experience getting there wisdom teeth removed?
How do i get my teeth white without goin to the dentist i smoke ciggs and i eat candy 24 9 lol help meeeeeee?
I went to go take a #2 and it was really dry and it got stuck. What should I do?
How to get rid of acne fast ?
is it bad to do sports with eczema?
Proactive or Murad for acne?
Can I get back my permanently removed toenails?
Is there something wrong with my elbow? seriously please help me? please..?
I cut my fingers and they went numb?
Upper back and neck-muscle pain from sitting at the computer?
Is it a hipaa violation if a doctor checks your pharmacy records.?
i have a fuzzy feeling in my chest when i breath?
HOW to pass a marijuana drug test. PLEASE help. fellow pot smokers? 10 points!!?
Is it true that when a person looks @ something they want or desire their pupils dialate?
HOW to pass a marijuana drug test. PLEASE help. fellow pot smokers?
I took acouple of hits of weed and 18 days later took a drug test. I've been clean otherwise for 6 months.?
I am really sick with a fever and..?
Could i be losing my hearing?
what would happen if you snot vulums?
I think i hav an infection!!!?
What could these symptoms mean?
I just overdosed a bit on gummy bear vitamins. And now my throat hurts alot. I'm 15 -?
copd smoking related?
I have a throw up feeling?
I'm coughing up green phlegm but no runny nose and no cold. my throat feels bad too?
can you smoke hookah while on metformin?
Help Quitting smoking .. HELP?
Husband snores!!! help on sleeping?
help with treating wasp sting?
My mosquito bite turned into a bruise?
What causes frost to show on the inside of your roof and turn black?
Can mosquitoes bite through jeans and socks?
What's the best way to treat a minor puncture wound?
can you become blind all of a sudden?
what color are my eyes?
Why can I still see my glasses when I take them off?
SOS my eyes are burning! Y did this happen?
How do I know if my dog is blind in one eye?
Age 16 knee hurts from running?
I hurt my back at work workers comp should i go and get myself on it?
How to get rid of crabs?
What do you do if you taste blood when kissing someone?
Do blood tests, urine tests, and cotton swap tests test for every STD?
Throat really hurts, trouble swallowing, fever, feeling nauseous, headache...?
The back of my throat is all dry and sticky and hurts to swallow, why and what should I do to help it?
Is Percocet [Oxycodone] safe to take?
FIngernail ripped off.?
My ear is bleeding.. help?
what happens if you are pregnant and you get stung by a wasp?
Really bad blister on my toe?
I got something stuck in my throat and it wont come out! help?
What's the number for 911?
Do you think she is fat?
I'm feeling hungry but I don't know if I should eat again?
am i overweight or normal?
What's a good workout song?
how are Victoria Secret models so skinny?
Diet to lose weight.. I have some contradictions?
My Arms Feel Weird when I Woke Up?
17 and lower back pain, what do I do?
Pain in Calf Muscle and Arch of Foot?
I have a cold, and I took Hydrocodone. I'm scared, please help!!?
These Omega-3 capsules...?
What is the best muscle gaining supplement i can buy.?
Has a pregnant woman ever consumed hallucinogens?
what is the best kind of weed to smoke fore the first time?
Do any incenses get you high anymore?
am i diabetic? read...?
what is osteoporosis?
Which foods have a naturally high level of glucose?
Will insulin or shots cause black & blue spots?
2 different glucose meters-2 different readings?
HELP! Accidentally took Humulin N without rolling it!?
Can't sleep at night?
Can you die from smoking marijuana?
How Do I Make My Fingers Skinnier?
Crash diet?? Please help?
I'm thinking of trying ecstasy?
I vomit/dry heave daily. I have been sick for 3 years. I have had no right diagnosis. What is it?
i sneezed and now my ears and clogged?
Today i was playing football i cought the ball and a kid grabed my feet and another jumped and took me down?
i have a weed question...?
What if I drink grapefruit juice while taking Simvastatin,a cholesterol lowering drug?
In 50 years from now will there be people above the age of 80?
I get a sharp stinging sensation in the heart area when i breath?
Is my Heart Normal?????????
What's it called when someone wants/acts as different people? Read inside.?
How would you feel if?
am i insane....................?
can you help me stop thinking about Sonic the Hedgehog?
Will a band-aid stick to my cut?
Whats the best way to stop a burn?
is NEOSPORIN good to put on a piercing? And anything else that prevents infection?
I cut my toenail too short 3 days ago and fear it may be infected...?
I just got stung by a wasp. What should I do?
What does extreme fluctuations in blood pressure mean? Possibly adrenals?
my stomach hurts sooo bad! :(?
why are my fingers swollen? is their a cure?
Which is more effective: At-home teeth whitening systems, or In-office treatments?
is there any thing for toothache for now?
is there any natural way to recover from Long Sight (Hypermetropia) problem?
Please Help, may be a serious condition...?
Why does my right eye twitch? ?
Is it bad to read with nearsighted glasses on?
Eye Doctor questions?
Is it bad to put sharpie on your contacts?
what can i do to stop cramps?
Help!! My legs aren't growing!!?
I have a really bad headache and feel really dizzy..?
where can i order soma online without a prescription?
How many ibuprofens does it take to kill some one?
When I get up in the Morning why do i have Pins and Needles?
Pain in my shoulder, can't move my arm?
Very swollen mosquito bite?
could this be from my cuttiing?
How do you get rid of sunburn pains?
did i have a heat stroke?
Should I get stitches for this?
How do I heal a minor cut FAST?
What are the chances I have an STD?
Is it ok to exercise everyday for an hour and a half?
am i the right weight to become a model ?
I need to lose maybe 5 lbs before Friday night.. how can I?
How much should I weigh at 5' 8"?
Tips that WORK for getting rid of my acne.?
Am I eligible for a wish from the make-a-wish foundation if I have a cancerous mole on my body?
Is it possible to develop allergies over time?
My son is 5 years old. He is allergic to milk (i.e. Doritos, Pizza Hut), but not little Caesars pizza. Why.?
i dropped my textbook on my foot.., help?
If all of your body weight landed on your ankle (fell down stairs)?
Broke My Collar Bone and My Arm is Numb/In Pain?
what should i do for a concussion?
Is it safe when you have an overbite and they only tighten the bottom?
how to relieve my sore gums?
Dental extraction when can I eat?
any one know alot about braces????
How can I get my teeth whiter?
Fever just went away, but should i still see a doctor?
What should I do to recover from throwing up?
Cold, Flu, or Pneumonia?
what's the best remedy for flu?
Getting my gallbladder removed?
Whats Wrong with me? Please give me Answer fast!?
Am I really terminally ill?
I feel really sick. whats wrong with me? i have been sick like this for months.?
help!!! drug test this week?
Ever since I started wanting to lose weight I've been getting occasional stomachaches and feeling sick..?
Why do I have extreme shoulder pain only during workout?
swollen, red, puss, after gauging my ear?
Sunburned skin has started to peel but Aloe is making the skin underneath sting.?
I've got these mysterious bug bites.?
I have a poison ivy blister between my fingers?
What to do when somebody is chocking on a piece of food? (Adult + Infant)?
HELP!! i think my fingernail is stuck in my eyelid?
I lost my glasses, does anybody have any ideas on where they might be?
I have been using weekly contact lenses ..... and I take them off after 2 weeks....Is it okay?
left eye strong right eye weak?!?!?
Do I need glasses? What do I do? Please help!?
Question is for people with glasses? :)?
My contacts, feel like I'm rubbing hot charcoal embers in my eyes...?
how much weight do you lose on a weekly basis when doing cocaine ?
what does it mean when half of your body turns ice cold and the other half over heats?
I want to smoke cigarettes so bad.....help?
What types of illnesses do we isolate people for and why?
When you donate a kidney can you feel that it is missing?
How do i lower my systolic and diastolic blood pressure?
Does the drug Simvastatin work quickly? How soon can I feel results in energy?
Which one means blood pressure SYS or DIA??? Plz answer?
What effect does nitroglycerin have on blood vessels? What mechanism does nitroglycerin use to cause effect?
Should i go to doc? Hard to breath, Can't talk, Scratchy throat, Hurts to touch on the outside of my neck...?
My left side stomach hurts and i have back pain I'm drinking cranberry juice. Well that help?
is hydrocodone the same as oxycodone?
Is this all in my head?
Ok so I have sum what of a sore throat by it's lik everytime I look up my head hurts how can I get rid of that?
did i hurt my rib or lung from coughing?
What is the best way to lose weight fast?
how do I lose 10 more pounds?
Need to gain 20 pounds before june!?
Do personal trainers flirt with you just for business?
Does insanity workout really work?
Isn't gatorade bad for you when you're not being active?
I don't eat for 6 days, but then I eat a lot for 2 days, so its obviously not anorexia right?
I got a bad sunburn on my arms what can I do to make it heal fast.?
I GOT STUNG by a beee help?
I had a blister, now the skin is peeling, what to do ?
How to treat a wasp sting?!?!?
Chin implant Lip numb?
Back bottom tooth really hurts! Help?
i biting my lips all the time?
Do I have gingivitis?
why does my tooth hurt?
home remedy question?
Liver making me nervous?
What Are The Common Side Effects of Protonix?
Being sick from pills?
Why have i been dizzy for a couple days straight?
Constant stomach pain story. please. thank you.?
what's wrong with my elbow?
Gotten over Flu. Now have painful stomach?
What causes headakes? + Whats happening in your head when you have one?
How does this opiate agreement work?
I fell warm but inside I'm cold/shivering?
Is it bad to smoke candle wax?
what is causing me to be so dizzy all the time? It doesnt make sense.?
Could i possibly have an STD? Please Help?
Teenager, possibly pregnant with possibly HIV?
Can I eat cereal after a stomach virus?
Are any women here who dont have herpes in relationships with guys who do?
what is the best way of preventing the contraction of stds?
Can i get STD evne if it was our first time?
Could a fatty liver go back to it's. size. with a good.diet d ?
i recently had what i thought was a seizure.?
Do apples have sugar in them?
symptoms help needed?
In my latest blood work I was told by my doctor that I have high cholesterol, blood sugar and ggt is high?
Explanation for FBS (fasting blood sugar) higher than RBG (random blood glucose)?
can urine be a substitute for water?
Could this be a flu bug or virus or maybe something else?
Please help i have the stomach flu?
Can you get an infection if you cut your leg in a lake?
Getting rid of pin/ thread worms?
What will happen to you if you eat a pencil lead?
Is it better to wash your hands with only soap or only water?
How do you make an ear infection feel better?
What kind of shower should I take for my sunburn?
how old do you have to be to start working as a paramedic?
I have a blister (size of a quater) on my heel. Should I put any oinment?
Is it a pulled muscle or just sore?
When should I go to the hospital after getting back to back concussions?
is it possible to become too dependent on your glasses?
What brand should i choose for my Contacts?
what index of lenses should i get for my glasses?
Does anybody read with prism glasses?
Im 13 and have a lazy eye,will an eye patch still work?
can somebody help me to interpret my eye exam result?
help really bad headache?
What medications are like Ultram?
Entire right leg is somewhat numb and tingling. What could this be?
I am currently taking Hydrocodone for pain on prescription.?
Pain killers please help?
Numbness in mandibular canal because wisdom teeth not extracted?
Rubber Bands in Braces Question?
Wisdom teeth question?
Cut my leg shaving and i can't get it to stop bleeding!?
How to get rid of sting of a BAD sunburn?
my fingers! very urgent!?
constant nausea, gas pains, time to time bowel moments?
What does cigarette addiction feel like?
Smoked weed, felt something pop, am i internally bleeding?
How can I sleep without hearing people walk home?
something to help queasiness, stimulate appetite?
What time do you sleep on school nights?
I have redness around my nose since I was in fourth grade. what is it? and how to get rid of it?
what is the best way to keep my skin clear?
What is the best way to get rid of acne?