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I spin in my chair 5 times but before I leave I have to go backwards 5 turns. do i have OCD?
what should i do about my finger ?!?
the nail next to my toe came all the way off!?
Help on getting something out of your foot?
question about Jelly fish sting?
how do u make a blister stop hurting?
how long will it take for my lip to heal?
Swollen lymph nodes...?
Ok I keep qettin scarEdd cuz this little few lumpy thinqs are scarinq mee! Is it possibly breast cancer!!?
Is this male breast cancer?
it started about 3 weeks ago, i cant sleep that night no matter how i try.i tried to imagine but failed help!?
how many hours of sleep?
Always wondered how it felt to be on shrooms?
I'm experiencing being cold 24/7 and I try to keep warm but it isn't helping me a whole lot. Please help?
My parents refuse to take me to the doctor and I'm in so much pain right now!!! Please help!!?
When did you start smoking weed?
Question about my rectum? Sorry if it's gross?
How long before weight loss is noticeable?
What are some simple ways to loose weight?
How many calories do you eat in a day?
Why can't I lose anymore weight? I need to lose weight?
i quit my p90x workout?
Am I really way too skinny? (I'm a guy)?
14 with new diet? too risky?
Are fat peoples heads bigger because of the fat surrounding the head or because of the bone?
How do people get STDS?
Lower right abdominal pain?
Okay so my right breast is larger then my left one, and it has a lot of pain what does this mean?
How to cure neck pain?
what do i do if i lose feeling in my finger?
Popping Joints Finally Taking A Toll On My Body?
can kids get chickenpox at six weeks old?
I got dermatitis from my exam gloves?
i have a small cut on my lip?
I need help with Acne, blackhead, enlarged pores, scaring, really oily skin, and want to whiten skin?
how to cure angular cheilitis its really annoying?
What Type of Shoulder Injury Do I Have?
i am a righty and i have a cast on my right arm!? TIPS! thankss 10 pts?
What is wrong with my wrist?
What's wrong with my ankle?
What will happen to my nail?
question about spacers and molds for braces?
How much does invisiline cost typically?
Is it safe to stretch a pulled muscle?
Wisdom Tooth Question?
post wisdom removal teeth question?
can i just a retainer instead of braces to fix my teeth?
Do getting dental fillings for cavities hurt?
Is zpak for tooth infection?
What does my eyeglasses prescription mean?
I fell asleep with my contacts in and woke up this morning took them out and when i did i scrathed my eye?
Are there any food, fruits, vegetable to improve the nearsightedness?
What to do if your cat pokes you in the eye?
My eyes are always twitching- why?
Can any one suggest a good Fashion glasses for my eye wear?
when i close my eyes, my eyelids flutter?
my throat hurts so much, it hurts to swallow now i have the flu?
Can u get diseases from kissing?
can a splinter give me hiv?
Throwing up and nausea?
what is ESR westergen higher?
My eyes always sting often when light hits it?
how do you treat a second degree burn that is infected?
how long does it take for swelling to go away after a wasp sting?
tramadol 50mg?????????????????
How much does an average Oncology nurse make in a MONTH?
can dca give a longer prognosis of small cell lung cancer?
How does using a mobile phone increase the chance of cancer?
I want to donate blood!!?
WHy is everyone else getting sick but not me?
Think of an everyday position or movement, such as scratching your forehead or sitting with your hands in your?
How come women have periods and not males?
I am about to have gallbladder surgery and want to know has anyone lost weight after this?
Can anyone tell me what this back pain could be caused from?
I have a continueos pain in my thigh.?
What is better than rolaids or tums?
Why does my hips hurt?
What cures a straightener burn?
My blood presure is below when i testsed it at cvs, should i be conserned?
A 51 year old man had 2 heart attacks in 3 months, is there hope he'll make it please help :,(?
unclogging your arteries o.O?
Does anyone know about heart rate watches ?
Can People With Tourrete Syndrome Donate Blood?
Why is my pulse so fast? (10 pts)?
Germaphobic freakout?
looking for a good medical insurance to pay for out of pocket?
I cant get to sleep at night?
what are those things that doctors use to shock you?
Is it ok to urinate in your bathtub?
I have a dark spot on my tooth, is it a cavity?
Can molar teeth grow back at the age of 15?
Do Crest Whitening Strips work as good as they say they do?
Can you get braces from school?
My canine teeth is growing on my gums over another tooth growing underneath?
My jaw bone pops when I open my mouth !! :(?
Is it safe to put neosporin on lips?
How to heal Scab/Scratch mark ON FOREHEAD? PLZ help!?
how to look after daughter?? and son?
i have an ingrown toenail!?! help please!?
!!!!!please help!!!!! bubble of blood or something on neck under my left ear.?
Can u get parasites from?
*Please Read!!* Any tips on how to kick this illness/virus?? Thanks!?
How do I get rid of a bladder infection?
is the lymphatic system the same thing as the immune system? what are all the structures of the immune system?
What exactly does a flu shot do?
How long until impetigo is no longer contagious?
is it possible to be allergic to nitrates?
Puffy lips problem since last summer. =('?
can you be allergic to sterling silver?
PLEASE HELP ME!!! Is it true that I can't go for a third strabismus surgery?
My eyes are dilating?
Are there contacts available for those with astigmatism who also wear bifocals?
Blister in my eye. How can I heal?
I heard that if you dip a tissue in milk and?
infected toe.. dont read if you dont want to :P?
What causes Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) ?
I have a blood test tomorrow. Will doing aerobic activity today lower my liver enzyme levels or increase them?
Why am i boiling , usually cold?
How to tell if my glasses have high index lenses?
Is it true that when your drunk your brain bleeds?
I am physicion. my wife is 25 weeks pregnent. usg showing bilateral hyperechogenic cortex of kidney with mild ?
What might I have from these symptoms?
Do you think i have an eating disorder?
What are some excersizes you can do to workout your lower abs?
how do i lose 20-25 pounds without staving myself?
wanting to understand protein shakes. . .?
***!!!***Self-Image problems! how to gain weight? Please Read!***!!!***?
Is eating one to two meals a day healthy to lose weight if I take a vitamin?
something under my tong?
Am I way too skinny? (I'm a guy)?
how bad should contractions hurt before going to the hospital?
My big toe hurts sooo bad! Please help!?
How do I get rid of Ozgood Schlaaters pain?
Hip and back pain twisted, pics included..Desperate, Please Help..?
is my Tylenol Sore Throat med bad now?
Does anybody know any hangover remedies?
What would happen if you took a sleeping pill along with a caffeine pill at the same time?
How could i go about smoking weed for the first time in high school?
unprescribed clomid ?
Why would my doctor put me on adderall and strattera?
Has any one tried herbalists for your medical problems? I have been going to a Chinese herbalist?
Natural Earwax Removal?
homeopathic remedy: ferrum phos questions?
What % of Men get Colon Cancer?...Prostate Cancer? in their lifetime.?
What are best things to do to avoid colon cancer?
If you have breast cancer, will blood tests show high white blood cell count?
Is it herpes or a canker sore?
What just happened to me??!?
painful bruised lump on the middle of my shin!!?
once you get a broken jaw how long does it takes to get better from it?
Have I broken my foot please help?!?
How long does it take a sprained or boken toe to heal?
Is this tennis elbow or something else?
What is the total time for dental implantation?
Little black lines on the surface of back bottom teeth?
Have braces, they need to pull teeth, will it affect my facial profile?
Can dental scaling wash off black dots on your teeth?
sensitive tooth question??
Is it normal to get wisdom teeth when your ten?!?
Wisdom teeth infection!?
bad sunburn...PLEASE help!!!!?
How does one get the sting and itch out of a wasp sting , the day after . I?
My second whole ear piercing is bleeding?
will my hole close when i take my earring out?
stitches on top of my foot , how to take care of it . etc ?
How do you soothe a mild stomachache?
when you donate your eyes to someone after you die can the person you donate them too see out of your eyes?
Does the heart really stop for a bit when you sneeze?
What if your health insurance deductible is MORE than what your first doctor's visit costs?
what shuld i do about my shyness?
Whenever my neck feels stiff I tilt it and it makes popping/cracking sounds?
Very sick! What do i have?
Why are my fingers swollen?
Why has my stomach been hurting for a week non-stop?
Can VapoRub get you high?
what's the difference between a mole and a wart?
How to get rid of redness from acne?
Muscle Pain or is it the bone?
Cramping on one side only?
Why are my fingers still numb when I was outside yesterday in the cold?
my calves of my legs hurt!?
Why do I feel nauseous whenever I eat anything?
Why is my left leg often hurts when I'm doing a evasive side kick?
What is breast cancer and how can you have it ?
how to heal my skinn?
So my dad got gasoline all over himself?
what i need to do if an ant is in my ear ?
My week old piercing fell out while I was cleaning it for the night and the ball fell in the drain. What shoul?
Is this ok to eat or should i be gulity? diet?
Am I fat? Do you think I have an eating disorder?
A a couple of questions for people who are on a low carb diet?
How much weight do you think I can lose in 3 weeks, following this plan?
Is it better to work out in the morning or evening in order to burn fat? ?
What would you consider thin for 5' 1" ?
Does this look like retinoblastoma (pic)?
Does acai really work when trying to lose weight?
Is this too much exercise?
Am I too skinny/ underweight?
Is it okay to get a flu shot even though i had diarrhea the day before?
what is clindamycin for?
stomach virus? PLEASE ANSWER!!!?!?
what type of sickness is this and when will it go away?
My tonsils are mouldy!?
Can an optometrist tell if you have contacts in your eyes while he does an examination?
How to put in eye drops more comfortably?
is it healthy to layer contacts?
it take my eyes 5 seconds to see something far away, why?
Hard lens contacts questions?
what happens when contacts roll back in your eyes?
how can I better take care of my daughters teeth?
Is it really necessary to get my wisdom teeth removed?
What can I do about bad breath?
how to stop the pain of wisdom tooth?
does pallet expander hurt??
how does the tooth paste not mix inside the tube?
my 2 year old just got stung by a bee right under the eyebow?
When someone is choking,do you only call 911 if they go unconscious?
What is the first thing you should do when you feel chest pain and are worried it may be a heart attack?
Upper back pain - only 13 yrs old?
Achy pain in upper back and shoulders?
Upper Left Abdominal Pain..HELP PLEASE!?!?
i have a never ending migraine?
Need help figuring out whats wrong with me.?
Do you think there might be something wrong?
how do you plug the ecstasy drug molly?
Trouble falling asleep, waking up and staying awake?
Why do i get dizzy when i stand up?
will two girls bj-ing you can make you have some sort of sickness?
Chances you can get AIDS ?
How do i get over this anxiety attack?
My breast r leaking yellow and sometimes blood i am 36 is this cancer?
Can you be allergic to Oreos?
Lymph node removal: Where can I find the percentage of "loss of limb use" resulting from lymph node removal?
Roswell Park Cancer Institute?
cancer survival without treatment?
What is the best antioxidant out there?
What are some foods to eat, which help with Arthritis and joint problems?
do Fluid pills help clear thc from system?
what do you recomend, Vitamin supplements?
Social phobia & homeopathy.?
Should i be concerned over the bruises on my legs not healing?
My daughter is 12 and taking alot of naps?
What is my problem? Vertigo?
Is there something wrong with my hearing?
stomach pains every once a month/3 weeks Help?
Sore throat, neck pain, ear ache, head aches, chills, fatigue, weakness?
Accidentally ate mold?
dentist/ tooth decay help?
How much vicodin do I take?
I have the worse jaw pain HELP!?
what are false teeth made of?
If my root canal is infected, what will they do?
Should I get a permanent retainer?
What kinda braces should I get?
Can you get your wisdom teeth out with a sinus infection?
Heart pains, what could it be?
getting off of the pill lopressor?
if a person is in serouis condition 3 days after a heart attack, is this ok?
whats the atrium of the heart?
please answer??????????????????
potassium and spironolactone for heart failure?
i just found out the dr who did my heart transplant when i was 13 days old died?
when a person is in bad condition a day after a heart attack does that mean he is just still weak?
Menstrual cramps!!!!!?
My throat hurts and I don't know why?
Left Side Pain Under Rib Cage?
My eyes are red and hurt when I move then ?
how to warm up your toes and your finger mega quick?
How long will it take to recover from bulimia?
Howw Do i Lose weight FAST! Its really important...?
Is it possible that I have some sort of Tick transmitted disease?
Why is my face so much thinner in the summer, and what can I do to get back that thinness?
Where can I get a tapeworm pill in the US?
If I test positive for HIV?
do you have more of a chance dying or living when you hav TSS?
How many sit ups should i do a day to Develop curves?
Do i have a cold or the flu?
How can I lose weight faster?
How long should you wait to drink after throwing up/dry heaving all night?
PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
My ear is oozing out red stuff. It is also swollen and hurts really bad..?
(Toe) Nail coming off :( HELP?
I Took a tick thing out of my hair and when i squashed it with my lighter black stuff came out of it?
Just got my earlobe pierced with needle and ear is red?
contact lens make things look bigger?
Please Help. Weird blotches of green?
how to convert eyesight power?
I'm experiencing bloodshot eyes after getting glasses. Could my prescription be wrong?
Why do my lips turn blue in the Cold?
Is it bad to crack your bones every day?
is it advisable to get the swine flu jab one a year?
Does Mucinex help allergies?
How would they treat some one who isn't getting their period if it's caused by taking a medication?
blood test? I NEED SERIOUS HELP!!!?
What wrong with me? Hair loss?
HELP!? spot trouple!?
I need an acne solution!! PLEASE help me?
What are red scaly itchy blothes on random parts of the body that do not go away?
what is wrong with my nose?
I have dry throat. Should I go for Warm mist Humidfier or cool mist humidifier?
Chest and back acne help?
Blood out of eyes, nose and ears?
can surgery fix this?
How much does it cost to get rid of stretch marks?
White little zit thing on my bottom lip?
i threw up on my cast (on my right arm) last night, how do i clean it?
Athletes, outside of knee pain! Any ideas on treatment or whats wrong?
how do i mend a strained wrist?
This guy claims his asthma is cured?
I'm sick with some strange respiratory illness. Help?
Is it possible to get sick from breathing in too much dust?
What should I do? I have cough that is producing phlegm(greenish), and shortness of breath.?
Smoking pot for the first time?
How long will teeth take to grow back ?
what are the chances that my two year old kid's underbite will go away without surgery or braces?
There May Be A Problem?
My dental bill will be $4,000.....is it worth it?
Wisdom teeth removal?
How do I get neck pain to go away from workouts?
what can this numbness in my arms be?
My throat hurt so bad but now its gone, help?
Why do i keep getting Heartburn?
Possibly broken heel?
Could I have hurt my arms or are they just sore?
Why is my Lower foot numb and upper calf?
my sister got paper stuck in her ear how can we get it out!?
Clogged Right Ear...Water or Wax?
how can you die from bleeding?
If mosquito bites itch does it mean their healing?
If you give blood, will they check it for AIDS/HIV?
well i ever have a boyfriend or a husband, when i have to disclose i have herpes?? #sad?
What should I do if I have HIV/AIDS?
Gas Permeable Rigid contacts hurt so bad! When will I be used to them?
anyone have lasik eye surgery?
Any idea what this might be?
Anyone alergic to apples?
What are some Soy/wheat Free Foods I can get at the Grocery Store ?
Do all sunglasses have an SPF in them to protect the eye area from sun damage/premature wrinkles?
if i am allergic to shrimps would it be safe for me to eat squids, and octopus?
how can i lose 20 pounds in 1-2 months? what is the fastest and easiest way to do it?
What are foods that are really high in protein?
How do you loose fat from your lower belly?
When do i drink a protein shake?
BMI of 26. Can someone put that into perspective for me?
How much weight can i lose and still be healthy?
Is 100% orange juice really 100%, cause it would take........?
How long should I work out to lose weight like the kids on the show I Used To Be Fat?
Question about brain hemorrhage?
Why cant your body get better from cancer like it can from other things?
what colleges should i look into if i want to become a children's oncologist?
what is the nature of lung cancer?
what's d symptom of brain cancer?
Do you only get radiation if your brain tumor is malignant after brain surgery?
brain tumor, radiation?
Are Spring Valley vitamins all natural?
I feel really sick after taking my vitamin?
I took a gel cap filled with off white powder that had crystals in it it was called maddy?
Is it natural to feel this way?
Is there a wesbite that gives natural cures for all symptoms?
Does smoking cigarettes ruin your teeth?
Why does my gum bleed when I brush my teeth?
Invisalign for teens?
Could this be appendicitis?
Swollen hand :s Why did i do this?&&& whats gonna happen?
Can anyone tell me what kind of spider this is that bit me,thanks?
I was Stung by a wasp!?
Serious Dental Question?
do i keep a wound bandaged until the scab falls off or until the scab forms?
Splenda poisoning? Something else?
Rash from contrast after MRI?
Which body change is not triggered by epinephrine?
My jaw is locking, has been for a while.?
really really sharp pain in my diaphram and i have no idea what it is?
How can you fix a pink sock?!? Please answer ASAP I am in A LOT of PAIN!!!!?
What are the six components of Health?
Is HELPO a scam or does it work?
Strep throat and on antibiotics ?
Sore throat, fever, achy, white sores on throat?
Would severe chickenpox as a child increase my chances of developing shingles later in life?
can iv ciprofloxacin be used as a prohylactic antibiotic in CABG ?
My bloodpressure is 103/63...?
What is the cause for this pain on my ribs?
In medical prescriptions what does 0.125mg and 125MCG mean?
is it possible my feet are growing from too much standing?
Lipid test from a blood lab question?
Would the pain be a 100% chance with this cavity?
Bite on my breast...Help? Is it damaged?
My dad just took his blood pressure meds which he hasn't had in two months, and he's sweating like a pig and?
Is taking an aspirin a day too much?
Can anemia cause cancer?
How many believe that cancer is link to too much acid and toxicity in the body?
Is breast cancer or testicular cancer more common?
lymph node "down there"?
Head injury, Should i see a doctor?
biten on wrist by a dog 6days ago, weird swelling and hand feels.. ((HELP!!)?
I am deformed a little bit, should i cut it off with a knife?
Ear Piercing Infection that Won't Go Away! HELP!!!?
how to get rid of a spot after a wasp sting?
i got poison ivy!! what to do?
my mind wakes up from sleep but my body is paralyzed...?
What do my symptoms mean?
what is your opinion on not giving yout child immunizations?
Im bleeding every time I go to the toilet and occasionally coughing up blood?
Something moving inside the ear?
should i be worried about this?
How thick would my glasses look with this prescription?
Contacts burn..New contact wearer?
My left eye has 20/150 vision and my right has 20/200?
How do you know you are ready to take your glasses off?
A lump on my eye lid?
does lemon juice help get rid of acne marks?
What is the best SCAR removal product?
How can i get rid of acne on my chest and back ?
how to get rid of dandruff?
Back pain is getting unbareable. any tips?
I have a leg cramp, how do i cure it?
Is surgery needed for hernia?
i think my hip is out of place?
I have a pain in my Chest when I take Deep Breaths?
What does "Axillary nodes are seen bilaterally" in a mammogram result?
Should my mouth still be numb?
what is henry's law? what use is made of this law in the treatment of cancer?
Is there a a free treatment for enlarged prostate?
im only 12 and im scared because im going to have to get a dental implant. any advice?
How do i get tested with out my mom finding out?
Can I get rid of crabs without going to the doctor?
Could it be a sign of skin cancer if you get a spotted rash on your chest?
how can you prevent having too much saliva?
How can I tell the difference between my wisdom teeth holes healing or having food packed in the hole?
Can you get HIV or other stds by fingering someone?
what's the difference between melanoma, sarcoma and carcinoma?
Eating before surgery & after?
My Dog has a lump on the bottom left side of his jaw!?!?!?
does leech bites swell?
I have a bad spider bite i need help!?
what to do with a burnt finger?
how to treat small third degree burn?
Blue bruise on scrotum.......?
Can the HPV jab cause sickness?
Can you get a suntan in mild,cloudy weather?
waking up at the same time everyday?
How to get rid of ringing in ears & what is it caused from?
When can I smoke marijuana?
Could I possibly have lice?
Best medocine for a cold?
What causes packet loss?
Is this the flu or just a cold?
I have stage II Lyme disease. Is there any known cure?
Why does feces harden in your colon over a long period of time?
what illness do I have ? HELP !!!?
what eye disease can cause strabismus?
can eye color be changed?i wanna change the eye color to green.?
how much longer will someone live before going blind from glaucoma?
What is the average price that people have paid for Lasik eye surger?
Somebody congratulate me, i lost my first 10 pounds!!!?
What is the best GREEN TEA for health benefits?
I have an extreme case of dry eyes :( . Any suggestions to find some kind of relief. I've tried just about eve?
I am having lower back pains and i don't know why. Suggestions?
after eating fish how much time waits for take a cup of tea . I mean milk tea .?
what crunches work what abs?
My lower back hurts, please help.?
Intense Pain + Throbbing on my right middle finger?
Why do people flex their biceps?
Question about ZUMBA?
my mom twisted my finger all the way around but i feel no pain...what should i do?
Ho do I get rid of my stomach fat and love handles PRONTO?
Blunt in the mail€€€€€€€?
Can you smoke happy shaman herbs in the military?
Could acupuncture help with men' hair-loss?
is there medicine for hairless?
why is it that every time we see fleas, lice or any bug we start to itch?
has anyone ever had a hair dye allergy?
whats the best fabric softener for allergies?
sore throat question EASY 10 POINTS!?
What is it like to quit smoking cigarettes?
I burned myself, how do i get it to heal faster?
I have a HUGE mosquito bite on my face!?
What's the best way to deal with Poison Ivy?
Do you pop brown recluse spider bites?
Can my nail which is bleeding inside heal?
I am so scared I have a brain tumor!?
What are the statistics for smoking deaths and drinking deaths for teens?
i think i have brain cancer?
do medicare or tricare help with caregivers who is taking care of a cancer patient?
How to attach the pink breast cancer ribbon to a football jersey without pinning it?
Is it true that there is nicotine in fingernails?
The back if my foot is blue, what do you think it's from?
Pain in center chest??????????????????
Why am i getting Left side pain?
i have kidney stones, what do i do?
why do i keep getting calf cramps?
why is it important for older adults to have their blood pressure monitored?
heart palpitation's and high red cell counts? any link?
How can I produce MORE urine?
A person has 2 heart attacks in 3 months, will he make it?
Can you be a surgeon if you wear glasses?
Both hands stuck in seperate jam jars. How can i get them out?
How tall am i going to be and I want to become taller!?
Is this psoriasis ?????????
Can a person infected with herpes A transmit the disease only while they are having a breakout?
How accurate is an Orasure advance oral swab HIV test at 8 weeks?
I sit with my legs crossed an where my leg sits theres a red circle.?
Does proactive actually work?
please help embarrasing problem!!!?
how can mersa be transmitted?
does anyone have home remedies to get rid of ringworm?
Why do I keep getting anxiety and fear over the possibility of catching HIV?
do does maderma work?
how do u get rid of mosquito bite?
the best remedies to relieve mosquito bite itching?
How to cure an icepack burn?
Is this a spider bite? {Read Description}?
what to put on sunburn that wont break out your face?
Why can't I sleep???????
How can I fall asleep faster?
Is my girlfriend paranoid?and crazy?
What's it called when dead people walk?
where can we find high rise toilet seat?
how long does it take to get weed out of your system?
Why does medicine takes long at pharmacy store?
hawk eye vs green arrow?
What solution should I use for my Solotica lenses?
how do i preserve an eyeball that falls out of someone's head?
If you can't put your contact lens in solution ?
What type of eye glasses are these?
Going to doctor tomorrow- will she give me glasses?
What axis 1 day Acuvue Contacts for Astigmatism should I get?
etiology in a sentence?
Do all types of cancers cause death?
question about colonoscopy?
neurosurgeon will be taking fluid off my childs brain.how long will she be in the hospital?
what caused the toxic waste in hungary?
Why am I getting headaches all the time?
Please Help!!: Seeing weird spots, then severe pounding headache on left side of my head, nausea, and dizzines?
Is it dangerous to take Ibuprofen 600mg for an extended period of time?
Headache for the past 3 days! i need help!?
My stomach hurts can someone help?
Reasons for sleeping all the time?
What is wrong with my leg?
Why do I hear a high pitched noise in my ear when I bend over or when the pressure is increased in my head?
If you get kicked in the throat, can you become a mute?
i have head lice and cant seem to get rid of it?
Do I have fibromyalgia?
Have you ever been stung by a velvet ant?
Why do I get more mosquito bites than others?
Licking a skin burn...?
My right ear was bleeding when i used Que Tip?
concussion do i have one? please help?
My inner arm below my elbow hurts especially when turning it or closing it. Wrestling bent it back.?
I need a way to help me sleep, without taking pills?
Is it true that semi precious and precious stones have healing powers?
Cheap detox drinks/pills that help remove thc?
Is kombucha good or bad for your liver?
Are E-Cigs relatively safe?
Why do I get sick with one thing than catch another bug right after!?
Is it considered sick if you cough and have a runny nose?
my sister threw up once but hasn't thrown up since that time. could she have a stomach bug?
I haven't eat anything since yesterday?
Sore throat 3 days after smoking Black & Mild should I be concerned?
How can i forget my past?
I need suggestions. Just help!!?
My upper body is thin as compared to m upper body?
Smoking weed and feeling high later?
At MEPS when they make you pee in a cup and get blood drawn?
Shaky and weak but don't really know if it's a medical thing?
The tap water in my apartment tastes like some metal, what could it be?
Why do I feel nautious when i'm hungry?
Tips on how to fall asleep?
Will contracting aids help lower my cholesterol?
Mom can't breathe when she lays down for bed at night?
Am I having a anxiety attack ?
How to sleep when somebody is snoring?
how do they know about emphysema?
I have a pack a day. Is that bad?
How to get rid of constant nasal congestion?
Yellow Jacket Sting? Help?
Aloe vera lotion or gel for sunburns?
Can the palm of your hand sunburn?
is this ok? or did i ruin my diet? (10 points)!!?
I gained 2lbs in one day?
Should today be a rest day for me?
How many calories per day should I be consuming in order to lose 6-8 pounds?
How big can pushups make your chest become?
Has anyone else noticed that salads are not useful in losing weight?
How can I get a big upper body?
what is the best whey protein to buy?
if you get dirt in your eyes can that give you pink eye?
Why are my eyes like this?
Do you think I'm going blind, I'm 13.?
Am I going blind, please help. I'm 13.?
I am 13, do you think I have cataracts.?
how can i get coupons or cards for free plavix!?
Does Norepinephrine increase or decrease Preload and Afterload?
powerpoint on heart???????????????????????????????????…
I would like a picture of Susan G. Komen?
dying hair----skull----brain?
A new cure for cancer?
Pea Sized Lump On Neck for a year...?
What part of the body contains iodine?
What is a good acne wash that has gotten rid of your acne?
How do i prevent losing my hair from stress?
Did i just overdose from dxm?
how to get rid of a local reaction from a bee sting?
Why is my first degree burn wrinkled?
What happened to me? I couldn't move?
I can't sleep. Any tips on how to fall asleep fast?
Weird feeling before bed?
excruciating pain in cavity?
Will my teeth ever get fixed?
How can I whiten my teeth?
Does it hurt when you get braces on your molars?!?
How to get a soreon the gum in the mouth to heal?
dry socket and smoking?
teeth hurt after eating a cookie?
Will i come up positive?
I have the flu...? please help?
Why do I have these symptoms?
After 4 days of hiccups how is the effective and for sure way to get rid of them?
Can not wearing a bra lead to breast cancer?
is it possible for a teenager to have a BENIGN thyroid nodule?
should i be worried doctor wants to see me 48 hours after chest x-ray?
what causes malignant brain tumors?
Large Lump Behind Ear?
does cancer have a smell?
Leukaemia? I have a 2and a half year old daughter shes started saying shes tired more often lately and shes...?
What is the injury that hurts the most and how long does it take to recover?
mfy pinfk is stusck if a sdoda cand helpf?
could a skull fracture/crack cause internal bleeding quickly?
ouch! help on a hurt finger?
what could be wrong with my ankle?
Can i wear eyeliner if i have pink eye?
How to remove scratches from glasses lense?
Could my finger be broken?
What does it mean when your eyes are strained?
Contact Lens Solutions?
What is the best medicine to take to lose weight?
What Can I Do? Can I Get Out Of It?
Salvia: the facts? tell me your experiences?
.05 Xanax withdrawl symptoms or side effects. ?
Can you take Omega 3 pills while you are on other medication?
My doctor wants to test me for ms, lupus, and arthritis, and I am pretty sure I have fibromyalgia.Advice?
Is liquid mercury always silver or can it be red too?
How will I know if I'm addicted to narcotics?
when i eat - i feel very guilty. I try to eat as little as i can- do i have an eating disorder?
could a person get HIV by a used needle?
can you get HIV/AIDS through french kissing?
How was aids discovered?
Sore throat help needed. Cure me fast?
My husband has a high fever, swollen glands, a very sore throat, chills and body aches. Is it the flu or strep?
Is this strep throat or just a regular sore throat?
is there a definite drug for malaria?
cystitis..home remedies.. answers fast please?
Why do i bite my lip?
How to help burned finger?!?!?!?
bee sting swelling / itching - I need advice?
Do i really have to wear my retainer 24/7?
i got a lot of work done on my teeth will it be uncomfortable for a while?
Do I need to get my wisdom teeth extracted before getting braces?
Is there a new Dental surgery I could have?
Some confusion in the dentistry fields.?
Does anyone much about the heart ?
When people get very angry and irriated, Does their blood pressure goes high?
if you take your blood pressure too often in a days time can it give false readings?
Am i diabetic or just over reacting?
plz help friend possibly in coma!!!?
Will a fiber rich diet bring blood sugar back down from 270?
Diabetes or hypglycemia?
Do you think this is type 1 diabetes?
Could blood thinners affect a BAC level, like Coumadin?
I found out on friday that my mum has only 3months to live?
hodgkins disease or not?
How long will it take do get rid og kneefat? please anwser?
Swimming and fitness for thinner legs?
Am I a healthy weight--how to lose more weight?
how to shape up your bust area?
My legs have got bigger and my upper body has got smaller?
How can I permanently get a good posture?
Is there anyway to hide a chubby belly ?
I dont exercise anymore, will i gain weight?
Boyfriend Cigarette withdraw symptom?
how much does smoking a pack a week affect health?
help please, toilet troubles !?
I can't sleep???????????
How to fall asleep quicker?
Why do I keep vomiting in my mouth?
MY head is plugged up help?
Constant bad breath. Do I need medication?
Which one is better: speed or weighted jump rope?
Can you honestly get "high" off nutmeg?
How much Delsym should I take to get high?
Are you a registered organ donor ?
can dermatologist stop my oily face?
Dandruff help?!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!?
Lemon Juice to lighten skin...? Problem..?
what bites are hot to the touch?
Thumb Tack in foot please help?
I hurt my knee today!!?
heyyy help i might die! JK?
If my glaases prescription is -4 diopters with -0.50 of astigmatism, corrected to 6/6/20/20?
Recommendation for a Fractured Coccyx?
My left shoulder isn't working properly after training biceps with a 9kg weight in a long time.?
How do you stop an injury from bleeding? How do you stop and heal infections?/?
My dog accidentally cracked my thumbnail?
How can I tell if I broke my toe?
why i cannot see clear at night ?? help me guys?
do i need glasses...looking at computer...vision a bit blurry?
Is the alignment of my teeth fine?
Did using an electric toothbrush for the 1st time tickle your mouth and make you drool all over the place?
Is it normal to have a loose tooth at 12?
I have crooked teeeth ?? BRACES // INVISALIGN ?!?
what chance do i have of getting breast cancer?
Funny feeling movement on the left side of my body under my peck.?
could this be a breast cancer lump?
Any experience with brain tests?
Cancer and the School?
Protein substance developed by antigen?
how to stop spider bites from itching?
my dogs got in a fight about 3months ago and my boxer// pitbull got a piece of his ear bit off at the tip of i?
HELP! I burned myself?
Swallowed plastic nestle pure life bottle cap by accident...?
agh splinter ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
bit by a tick, plz help?
Is this the flu.. and How long will it last?
is yeast infection dangerous and how could we stop it?
My throat hurts. Help me?
I don't know a whole lot about the aids virus, but why is it so prevalent in Africa?
Does The Second HPV Jab Hurt More Than The First?
How do you now if someone has Alzheimer at a early stage what are the side affects and is there any behavior?
If you are exposed to HPV do you automatically get it?
Year-round allergy?????????????????????????????????…
Hepatitis B vaccination made my arm red, swollen and it hurts?
i'm think i have a vitamin deficiency, want to get blood tests?
Can you die by scratching your head a lot?
Why is it that when you have gas, your heart hurts?
I'm a 12 year old boy and 4'6 how do i grow taller?
how do i pass a drug test the same day?
I accidentally swallowed a GooseDown Feather...am i gonna die?
Do I have high blood pressure?
What is heart catheterazation?
Is it bad that I bite my nails?
I brush my teeth without toothpaste?
How many teeth do you have?
Can anyone read an EKG / ECG?
Why do I have this vibrating/shaking feeling inside my stomach?
Why my gum bleed when I floss?
How possible is this?
Can wrapping something to tight 'cause the extremity beyond to get swollen?
Leaking ear fluid in my ear is that a sign of an infection?
bee stings/ anaphylactic shock/ homeowners insurance?
Some IBS help please?
Just wondering: Are skin care ingredients made from Pulp better than Extract ingredients?Any special benefits?
What should I do for my long lasting constipation?
what is unrefined copper?
What is your hangover cure?
I saw Dr. OZ use this Sinus Drainage Method where it looked like a little teapot. Where can I buy one?
Cancer...white eye in photos?
i have a friend with cancer?
Feeling kind of down?
After exercising, how long does it take for your heart to get at rest again?
Do you have to sweat to burn off calories?
I have no idea what to do about health Insurance?
How many calories is in my breakfast?
Dieting And Exercising?
How much weight would I lose and healthy foods?
Does smoking make you put on weight?
Howe can I lose weight with less effort ??!!'?
i want to lose my weght & dicrease my tomy?
How can I get cardio indoors? Dont want to freeze and gym isnt option right now.?
i got bit-en by a fat spider is it Poison?
Question on fingernail falling off?
I spilled bleach on my arm and now it burns what do i do?
I just drank probably a quart of tea probably 2 hours ago? I haven't really had to pee?? Why!?
Help! How do get free insulin?
Diabetes keytones help?
Possible diabetic with no family history? HELP!?
How must a diabetic change their lifestyle to be healthy?
What is the function of the pancreas in the endocrine system?
help with seeing a dietician?! xxxxxxxxxx?
141 blood sugar, I'm not diabetic?
What is a port? [in chemotherapy]?
could i possibly have cancer?
What happens if an AML patient doesn't find a donor?
Flu like Symptoms.. Coughing up blood?
does picking the skin off your lips cause cancer?
I have breast cancer! Pathology indicated a 9mm low grade ductal carcinoma.?
How can you get rid of a bruise that has been there for months?
Do you think my foot is broken?
do i have achiles tendonitis ?
how can i remove stucked metal piece from my throat?
Can mosquitos still bite you through clothes?
how to break ur foot in 1 day?
My brother got stung by and odd bug?
How do you decrease redness from a facial sunburn?
My bee sting still hurts, really bad. Can anyone tell me why?
How do i make myself sick, an easy way?
What are the long-term effects of blowing blunts ?
Can the pharmacist give me generic pills?
What do live enzymes do? How many enzymes can you have before you get in serious medical trouble?
Whats better abreva or denavir?
Could my UTI still be here even after I finished my antibiotics?
I think I'm starting to catch a cold. Is there anyway to stop it before it kicks in?
Is this a side effect of antibiotics?
Which are worse: viral or bacterial infections?
In our school we are getting a cervical cancer jab...?
stage 4 aggressive cancer how long do i have left?
I have white hair, and im only eighteen.?
Why does milk cause prostate cancer?
Is there any chance of getting Hodgkin's lymphoma for a 20 year old girl who is unmarried......?
Can freezing or heating somthing in a plastic container and then eating or drinking it give you cancer?
can I take tamoxifen with anti anxiety medication? such as lexapro..?
what is this rash? please help /:?
What is the word for bacteria that is on the outside of your body (skin) that is not there on a normal basis?
What is a good exercise to get rid of the fat pouch on your stomach from having a baby?
Doing push ups becomes ineffective when trying to gain muscle?
Can running everyday give me a flat stomach fast?
When does a double chin usually develop?
My age is 20. But my body is very thin (weight 43kg, chest 70cm). I feel so bad whenever goto outside.?
sometimes bananas give me heartburn?
By which type of excirse we can build good body and gain weight ?
Why am i having sharp pains around my heart?
diastolic pressure is a specific measurement of what?
borderline ECG what does this mean...?
heart attack from 14?
A lady in the 80's that was 57 years old but looked 20 something?
Fast, hard pounding heart beat?
Why do i feel like throwing up when i'm hungry?
Is It Permanently stuck in my ear?
poison ivy!!!!!! ahhh!!!!! help!!!?
Broken finger ?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
2nd degree tongue burn?
What to do with a bee sting?
my face swelled up after i used proactiv!?
Why does chocolate break my face out?
Why Do I get Nosebleeds after a hot shower?
Allergies or Whooping Cough?
Do you have celiac disease?
tumour ????????????????????????????????????
Why does breast cancer get twice as much government funding then any other cancer?
Is it safe to eat baked weed food stuffs even though i had leukemia?
A question about blood cancer?
How can i get cheap Medical Bills for Treatment of Leukemia?
how to heal cancer yourself?
Is there any possibility of getting breast cancer if.......?
How painful is acupuncture?
What size of roor bong?
How long would you be in the hospital after an overdose? 10 points?
Why does a massage feel good when...?
Is Latero Flora dietary supplements FDA approved and Safe to use?
Does Omega 3 Really improve your memory?
Does it sound likely that I have diabetis?
are there any injections that you have to get by law?
Are there any minerals or vitamins that can help reduce my diabetic father's temper problem?
*****Can i drink?*****?
My blood sugar is 368?
To all the diabetic people out there?
can somone tell me whats up with my ear?
Im I dehydrated or not?
How do I care for a bad burn and how do I prevent it from scaring?
What do I do if I have swimmers ear?
What is the most painless way to die when you get old?
I acadentally got some base coat in my mouth will I die?
My dogs stomach is really tight and I have researched a twisted stomach.?
HELP :( :( :( :( How can I escape this bad person's shadow?
If i don't want to get drunk, how much should i drink?
how to cure a stuffy nose?
Do i need to lose weight or do crunches?
How much weight can you lose on hcg diet?
How do I tone my arms?
How To Get A Body Like This(pic) im 13 ?!?
Is 15 minutes of exercise a day enough? Either brisk walking or jogging on a teadmill?
What to eat before a morning run and the night before?
Will someone give me advice on losing weight?
My 1 yr old drank from a cup that had been setting out for hours from a person with mono what should I do?
Can i get rabies...please read? o.O?
What are the best ways to avoid over eating ?
whats a bird flu outbreak in 2012?
Get rid of uti with out going to doctor?
Medical Emergency!? URGENT.?
hwhat are my chances of getting mono if?
What does Hypothermia feel like?
My grandma fell and shatter her shoulder?
Canker sores/ulcer on my uvula, and sides of throat?
I have a friend that has leukemia!?
Could the lumps in my breasts turn into cancer and if so, what would i feel when i checked?
Is it normal to feel dizzy and lightheaded after a higher Lens prescription?
Eyeglasses - Can a bad prescription glasses affect your mood?
Do Oakleys filter all UV light?
Daily contact lenses?
is there contacts for being farsighted?
What is the "power" for my contacts?
I'm really struggling to get to sleep. Help?
How do I get to sleep?
hi my stomach hurts really bad?
passing a kidney stone? could this be it?
my mum has an overactive thyroid, does that mean i will get it too?
Does anybody else feel like their head is going to explode when vomiting?
Cut Finger - Should She Go To The Doctor ?
what could be wrong with him?
which one would you use to clean a wound?
help ! how do i get the stitches out ?
Should bee stingers be removed or left inside a patient?
Past 7 hpv tests over the last 4 years came back positive?
ive been tested 2 swobs and 2 blood tests came back just negative but i had somthing come up on my leg that th?
HIV test ,how accurate this test is?
How to lower blood pressure?
Heart problems and bulimia?
Could this be a heart attack?
Can anyone interpret the Holter narrative?
Why wont my nose stop bleeding?
how do u get rid of the bubble in the back of your cartlige pericinng on an ear?
if an 18 lb dog gets stung in the mouth by a bee, how much liquid Benadryl should you give him while you are t?
How do you make the breast cancer symbol with your keyboard?
Are there any breast cancer surviors on here?
lump on chest under collar bone?
mammogram tomorrow im so scared?
How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
How many women die of breast cancer vs heart disease?
Suggest Homeo or Chinese medicine for stomach obstruction after stomach cancer surgery stomach?
waht is difrent betwen cancer and tumer?
Not able to fully exhale?
do i have whooping cough?
Cough that lasts for 2 weeks?
The doctors said my mom have endstage emphysema but can we do to help her cause every. day is a battle with ?
is throwing up a lot of blood something to worry about.?
Why are Americans so naive about genetically modified foods?
How old were you when you started taking pills?
Shortness of Breath after just walking?
Does having scoliosis stop your spine from growing?
Does anyone know any good medical enrichment/research internships for high school students?
Why is it like a chain reaction when someone yawns?
what the blind spot in our eye is?
i get floating zig zags silver in my left eye during the day and it takes a good 15 mins for them to dissapear?
Is .75 eyesight bad and what is it on a 20/20 scale?
do you have to get new contacts every month?
what is wrong with my eyes??????????please :s?
i was playing some football in the rain and some raindrops got in my contact lenses, can I still use them?
Question about Bee Stings?
blood blister, what to do?
If she went to the hospital because she was extremely dehydrated how would she get treated?
bruising/swollen bug bites (or some other weird infection)?
Birth control for acne?
I have dry eyes, sensitive skin, fatigue? What could it be?
Best Whey Protein Shakes Recipe?
what are the best bodyweight exercises to strengthen the core?
How can i gain weight...FAST?
I gained 10 lbs, how can I loose more?
i had this weird stomach bug it lasted for 5 days?
Concerns about immunizations...?
is milk bad for your bones?
Can you get glaucoma from looking at the sun ?
does Zentel kills worms inside stomach?
recovery from kidney failure?
Could it possibly be meningitis?
How does a guy get hemroids?
heeelp, my throat hurts!?
Is being able to do 15 push ups with a 12kg backpack on good?
What is the cure for septicemia?
i found a red vial in slackers by the cds.wtf is it?pic shown.?
Are AZT type meds for AIDS really safe?
So I read up on the wonderful benefits of juice fasting and have decided to do it regularly. What do you think?
Major sore throat for about a week and a half?
Natural home remedies for "chicken skin"?
in regards to cancer what does matastisized mean?
What bug is this bite/sting from?
Does my cut need stiches?
Spilled boiling water on my hand?
Make sunburn peel or try to prevent it; Duration of sunburn?
Possibly sprained my pinky finger, not sure how to tell?
Can i still train with light meniscus damage ?
Dissolvable stiches left holes?
Why do my teeth feel crooked, but look perfectly fine when i have my retainer in?
How long do I have to wait?
AHhhhh help? Braces question?
What groups or institutions are known for their diabetes research?
how do diabetic people...?
I do not have diabetes, however occasionally my blood sugar levels are high. What do I do?
pancreatitis and alcohol 10 points please help :)?
My wife has been diabetic (type 1) for years now she has had her gall bladder removed?
What day is breast cancer awareness day in 2010?
How long does it take to treat Bladder Cancer?
Swollen Lymph Nodes in your stomach?
Do you think my mom has throat cancer?
Is it possible for a 16 year old to have ovarian cancer?
Please help me, I think my mum has cancer?
If my shoulder hurts and 2 of my fingers feel differenT could cancer of got there?
I accidently cut myself and the cut wont close?
I have a very small cut on my leg but it will not stop bleeding.?
what is the first aid? read details....?
would it be safe to pop an infected bug bite?
If you dont have anything in your stomach could you still throw up?
Is making someone else faint for fun dangerous? If so, how much?
Why am I still high, after five days?
Does anyone literally get nauseous while watching videos about the human anatomy?
Why is my stomach so bloated?