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Is it normal to be alone?
Im looking for a good anti anxiety med over the counter or herbal any suggestions?
Wasp sting? Is this serious and should I see a doctor?
what are asthma symptoms?
Does smoking make your anaemia worse?
does anyone know what this could be?
my stools are green and im so angry?
Is it legal to discharge a person from hospital without diagnosing an illness?
Do you think the gap will close after I lost my spacer.....?
Can braces stop someone from grinding their teeth at night?
Dental implant process?
I'm getting braces and i need to know a few step what are some?
How to brighten teeth without going out and buying teeth whitener?
Can I wear my retainer after i whitening my teeth?
What can I apply to my gums to remove or relieve the pain from a canker sore?
What kind of knee injury is this?
What is it like when you bruise a bone?
What are your choices for cast colors?
knee twisting injury?
Is eyes Lasic surgery good?
Going in for surgery in 2 hours... I'm so nervous... any ways to help panic attacks?
Can scratched cornea cause cross eye?
Would an optometrist miss Keratoconus?
What is your opinion on Iridology?
Eyes go lazy at different ranges?
I lost my $200 eye glasses that i just got over the summer, should i tell my parents?
Why does my neck feel good after cracking it? And how can I stop this continuous cracking?
What painkiller is this?
Bleeding from ear and headache?
I have been getting a headache for the past 2-3 weeks non-stop and I don't know what to do.?
Crashed and hurt my heel?
Why do I feel so shaky?
Why would my vitamin d be low?
should i be walking around on my healing foot or use crutches?
REALLY chapped lips!!!!!! HELP !!?
are tanning beds really that bad if you only go a few times?
can just smelling weed get you high?
Any home remedies or anything to help sunburn?
Hit my toenail and it's bleeding?
Spider bite is getting worse?
i have a partially removed fingernail i can move it up and down like a car hood?
how can i boost my immune system?
Your opinion on Blunts or Papers?
Should i take anti depressant pills?
How is it that you plant Mariguana? ?
How is there Mariguana with different flavors?
Why Marijuana give me headaches?
Ephedra. were can i find some?
Is it bad to treat myself once a week to nuttella on wheat toast?
its been 3 weeks on my diet and im doing amazingly good, wheres the major results?
My teeth are straight, can I get my braces off early?
Is jumping rope a good idea to lose weight?
Are Crest White Strips worth my money?
what color braces? brown hair blue eyes?
Super weight-loss plateau. How do I overcome it?
What do YOU clean your retainer with? :) ?
lose ten pounds in two weeks HELPHELPHELP!?
Do I HAVE To Get My Wisdom Teeth Out?
What happens if your anorexic and you start eating again?
Im 13 and 5'4 . I weigh about 160 ish, I really want to lose weight. Please help?
best fat burner out there?
what should i do about a swollen eyelid?
Is it ok to apply lotion into your head?
Does anyone else have PVC's?
What does "a coronary on the cob" mean?
What is an optimal blood pressure for a 17 year old girl?
My heart always feels relief after being with my boyfriend?
My heart hurts when I dance?
Anyone here have an with an irregular heartbeat. What is your experience?
Does repeated pinching cause blood clots in the arms?
perform CPR with a External Defibrillation for a patient with a Pacemaker?
Why won't my headache go away? Please read below.?
Why do I get a headache everyday?
Will amoxicilin reduce the pain and swelling in my lymph node (neck)?
Taking pills when u run out of suboxone?
Does cracking your knuckles actually harm you and/or cause arthritis?
What does the pineal gland do for our bodies?
I dip maybe 3 small pinches a day, can i get cancer?
here me out i believe i have the cure for CANCER?
Can men get breast cancer?
How long does it take for Adenoma to change into Adenocarcinomas?
Is there a site where you can look up doctors?
Had a problem with my vision?
Fever/Sick a good reason to call 911 or not?
Will anyone help me with my bed bug problem?
my child eats bugs is that bad?
Does anyone know number one dating site without paying a fee ?
Dont you mind telling me the best payday loan sites ?
How to lend a hand...?
i just got burnt by a pot of boiling water?
How would I treat swelling from a sunburn?
why should you not release a child who has been crushed for longer than 15mins eg by a heavy object on foot?
Treatments for a 2nd degree burn?
I occasionally get this sulfur like (rotten egg) taste in my mouth. What is it?
Health Care options if I get laid off?
Do they have to look at you to tell if you have a bladder infection?
trying to kick the habit (cigarettes) and ex smokers out there with tips?
Smoked weed 3 days ago, and feeling really weird!?
Important Help!?! Can i just admit myself to hospital?
I feel sorry for my mum?
Meditation week - any ideas?
How would you feel if you found out someone close to you self-harmed?
How to get help for depression?
Am i wrong for laughing at this?
Will My Eyes become smaller?
Is okay to wear contact lens that weren't in solution for a day?
How can i get dried glue off of my eye glasses?
What should i do when i wanna remove my lens and keep them into the case?
HELP! I am having trouble reading my eye prescription ?
Is there a possible way to change eye color naturally?
should a 13 year old be watching chitty chitty bang bang?
How much do contacts cost per year?
I need help about my jaw, pretty please?
cavity and painful wisdom teeth?
Braces or invisiline?
Someone help me, bad cut, urgent care, seventeen?
My big toenail hurts really bad?
One of the bones in my spine sits unevenly...How can I correct it?
just got broken-up with and now i feel sick?
What are my chances of getting cancer?
Can a basic routine blood test spot signs of cancer?
What disease is this?
how to be faster and develop longer strides?
My husband might have laukemia, help?
I can't stop sneezing!?
FOOD INTOLERANCE- a few questions?
why is my so itchy lately?
What is the best kind of over the counter meds to buy if you have pain?
Why is there a small pain in my thumb?
Why does it hurt to breathe deeply?
Severe menstraul cramps?
Couldn't get IV into vein Why?
What is a good home treatment for swelling caused by a yellow jacket sting?
Under bite, what should I do?
Will a bee sting you if you stay perfectly still when it lands on you?
i was stung by a bee two times. now haveing chest pains.?
what does it mean when your throat is sore and you cough up blood?
Has anyone had a VP shunt for pseudotumor cerebri?
My 4 year old niece was diagnosed HIV +ve. what can i do to give her a normal life? i feel hopeless!?
Help releiving pain from a mild ear infection?
Could my family sue a doctor or hospital for putting donated blood in a patient that was tested with HIV?
Are all almonds healthy?
how much cardio should i do for my goals?
Should i Lose weight?
i'm 16 and havn't gaind any weigh what so ever. shall i go see my doctor?
What is your workout routine (if you have one)?
question about colon cancer?
Question about removed toenail. HELP ASAP PLEASE!!?
why does my nose hurt/sting when I apply lotion to it?
How do you heal a burn?
Is this road rash healing normally?
PLEASE HELP ME im having to go walking in the woods with my bro so what is a way that i can prevent snake bite?
Whats wrong with my shoulder?
How much does a upper right premolar implant usually cost?
Why do i hear a sound when i chew?
fluoride in the water, good or bad?
Why am I getting so many darn cavities?
A desperate mother seeks for help!?
kidney transplant questons.?
Why can't I control my startle reflex?
How do i talk to my teacher about me maybe have add?
What is this white rash thing on my tongue?
My boyfriend finds it necessary to drink a lot of Monster energy drinks a day , can this effect his health ?
i have a red spot on my eyeball what should i do?
What do you think? I'm too skinny?!?
Whilst fasting how can you get rid of headaches?
How come when you're sick, NOTHING sounds good to eat!?
What does it mean when you pee out the drink you just drank, same color and everything?
What problem do I have?? ?
I can't sleep on the bottom bunk.?
What happens when you crack your back?
My 15 year old son has been complaining past two days how cold he is. Body Temperature is 97, why?
My Tears Were White? Anyone know why?
I was just wondering, my eyesight is -2.25 in one eye and -1.25 in the other but what number is blindness?
any major difference between +.5 and +.25 in eye lenses prescription for left eye?
Rainbow halos around lights? I am 13.?
How can I find the prescription of my glasses?
B+L PureVision 2 HD vs Acuvue Oasys?
my chest hurts when i breathe..?
my ankle is in pain for about a week can you help ?
im a Mixed Martial Artist, and i just had an appendicitis surgery last month?
why do my achilles heels hurt?
HELP!!!! I'm 40 yrs old, in great physical shape but weird pains in arm.....?
Question about meds - freaking out!?
If I finish z pack on the fifth day and by day 8 I'm still not well... How soon should I call my doctor?
Should a person be prescribed an antidepressant...?
Why do I feel high when I did not smoke anything for hours?
Does your country practice "the lemon therapy"?
how to get rid of sore throat?
can your lungs clear up if yu dont smoke for a year?
Are small cell lung cancer and colorectal cancer x-linked recessive?
A jellyfish bit me today? HELP!?
remedy for a spider bite?
Do country tomato seeds cause cancer?
I cut part of the tip of my finger off with a potato peeler.I am on coumadin & it wont stop bleeding.?
Diabetes Question...?
my blood sugar is 580?
lysozyme is found in the body secretions called?
do you think I have or will get diabetes?
What is hepatic shock ?
30 yrs old and I think I have a drinking problem?
Whats Wrong? Light headedness, sweating, shaking...?
is 197 normal for a non fasting glucose .?
i burnt myself please answer?
whats the easiest way to give yourself a swollen lip like you got punched?
Can a tumor lead to death?
Where can I get help financially so I can care for my daughter whom was just diagnosed with Lymph Node Cancer?
Why am i suddenly getting bruises all over?
Canker sore turned into a couple sores now??!! help!?
Another sprained ankle?
Please Help! I think i have an emetophobia..?
Do you think knowledge leads to depression?
Do schizophrenia is genetic ? how much chances are there in child from one parent is schizophrenic ?
Weird fantasies that i'm not sure are normal!?
is it hard to get off valium?
Do you think I'm fat?
How many calories in a serving?
Is 45kg a healthy weight?
Will diarrhea help you lose weight?
what is a stroke and what part of the body does it affect?
How to go about getting a 2nd oninion?
Cold hands all the time?
A stroke is also known as what?
My brother's scapula hurts?
Dull stomach pain for 2 weeks consistent.?
Do I have appendicitis?
what would you recommend for a hurting ear?
What does it mean when the back roof of my mouth hurts/burns when I swallow?
i took 10 equate pain killers.. now i feel extremely sick and nauseous and am throwing up what should i do?
Who do i see for a tingle feeling in my arm?
Can sinusitis be a good excuse for not going to school? PLEASE ANSWER.?
How to get rid of acne?
Wassermann Reaction for Syphillis?
Should I get tested for STD?!?
Someone that has has hepatitis?
Do Milk & Cheese Cause Acne ?
is there a type of STD that only affects girls and not guys?
HIV/AIDS question [20 characters]?
Do fever reducers make it harder for your body to fight off cold/flu?
Do I have Tinnitus? please help!?
how long does it take for lympohcytes and neurophils to go back to normal after having a bacterial infection?
What cancer treatments make you lose your hair? Radiation or Chemo?
If you have a lump in both breasts does this mean cancer for sure?
Is colonscopy enough to rule out cancer /??? plz help?
Can teens get prescribed medical marijuana?
Where do you send the can caps to help Breast Cancer?
(Hodgkin's lymphoma) what does it mean when .......?
Has Leukemia ever caused an epidemic?
How will I be able to live up north with asthma?
How can I give up the smoking habit?
Sinuses. what kind of over the counter medication to relieve nose congestion?
What do you think of heavy smokers?
I am a nursing student and am having a hard time not irritating patients skin when removing adhesive tapes,?
Why do I get welts when I get mosquito bites-Help?
i have water stuck in my ear, really painful!?
What to do about these mosquito bites?
Urgent Answer Plz Help?!?
What is this red in my eye on the white part?
who wants to play doctor?
Seeing explosions of stars when I look away from a window/lamp/lcd screen?
four eyes or six eyes or five?
my eye gets more lazy at night?
Will I need braces on my bottom teeth as long as I need braces on my top?
yellow spots on my teeth?
At age 11, how many teeth are you supposed to have?
average cost for braces?
do rubber bands help gaps close faster nd how long does it take for gaps to close with braces in teeth?
how long will my consultation take at the orthadontist ?
why is my dentist SO rude and arrogant?
Why do people faint at the sight of blood, whether their own or someone else's?
Can anyone help with advice on ME(Myalgic Encephalopathy/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome?
Lump on forearm and behind ear?
Is it okay, for my friend to give me penicillin shot if I am sick?
What can i do while I'm really sick? ?
Is there anything you can do/eat to make you grow faster?
Any suggestion to prevent tonsillitis from recurring? remedies?
I have a pain behind my eye?
why do the bottoms of my feet hurt?
I get nauseous all the time. Sometimes i throw up, but for the most part i feel like im going to throw up?
My eyes hurt and I keep getting tears and when i shake my head it hurts aswell?
I have two lumps on the right side of my neck..?
Can i clean my ear once with hydrogen peroxide?
How do I make mosquito bites heal faster?
I got my first wasp sting what should i do?
Painful lump under arm? (Armpit)?
Write one paragraph outlining which treatment you think is the best. Include at least two peices of evidence?
is a breast biopsy only to check for cancer? or can it be used to check other things? if so what.?
Write a brief entry about what causes cancer cells to develop.?
Can a dermatologist easily identify a benign mole from a cancerous one?
do doctors only do a CT scan when they think its cancer?
i have a lump on my ankle?
My friend fell and cant walk!!!!!?
Do you think this tea has health benefits?
I am 16 5'3 and 196 pounds..?
How to tone the triceps part of your arm?
I am on a 1200 calorie diet, what is a good number of calories to burn a day to loose weight?
Am I fat for my age and height?
When will working out results start to show?
if i did sit ups for half an hour what changes would be made?
Can anyone suggest a good diet/workout, that will keep me motivated enough to stick to?
Which is best dental insurance I can get to have braces?
silver filling to white fillings?
Smooth lump on upper right gum alongside about 4 teeth.?
How much would braces cost with empire bluecross insurance?
How can i make my teeth straight without braces?
can you reuse rubber bands on braces?
Why can't I stop drooling?
Aggressive Feline Mouth Cancer?
How likely is it for an adolescent to have breast cancer?
My breast feels weird breast cancer?
Do I have Lymphoma? (please help.)?
Sore Throat, swollen lymph nodes?
How does one get health insurance?
On and off, stuffy nose for past two months. Why?
HELP!!! are contacts hard to get in?
Can eye colors change slightly every once in a while?
How bad is it to wear contacts for.......?
Is cocaine a Central Stimulant Opiate or CNS Depressant?
I don't really understand..?
Schizophrenia Medication Question ?
Is it true that some epilepsy medications have been linked to causing autism?
What should she do if she is really scared?
What are the symptoms of depression?
I got a wasp sting, how do I stop the itching?!?
I think i have a brown recluse bite?
I got a small cut on my finger, and it is crusting over and oozing. Is this normal?
how do u heal a headake?
help i just burned myself really bad what do i do?
why does my chest hurt on the left side?
Can i sleep with a heating pad?
What's the best way to take morphine pills?
Will taking lortab and nyquil hurt me?
Severe stomach Pains help?
Anybody know why i would be having severe pains on my right front side beside my hip im a female 23 yrs old?
I need headache relief can anyone help me?
Will I get herpies from her?
Can I wear makeup when i have an outbreak?
why is this it that i...?
im like hungry all the time?
if you get your tonsils removed will you be able to deep throat better?
What will be your first reaction when you know you are about to die after 24 hours?
I just licked and swallowed a blob of my own blood?
What is the recommended limit of radiation for people?
How can a 16 year old male ?
Can you overdose for taking 6 benedryls?
Where can I buy RAW apple cider vinegar?
Can someone be addicted to salt?
My muscles ache when I eat carbohydrates?
whats the point of herbal cigarettes?
I am 8 weeks pregnant and had to give a speech. because i hate public speaking, my heart rate went way up.?
a fiend of me has this medical problem?
What observations do doctors make on a paitient with coronary heart disease?
do i have a heart problem I"m 19?
Do you feel the same way as me with the children that have cancer?
can you get cancer from dipping tobacco 4 times and just a little?
A bunch of Breast lump's?
do you think i have breast cancer?
i just got bitten by my hamster that i just out had skin cancer will i get skin cancer too?
Should I donate all my money to susan komen and breast cancer?
Staying up at night thinking of my medical results for my biopsy?
Treatment for late stage leukemia?
How long do braces take to get used to?
What Can I eat With My Braces Today?
good way to whiten teeth ?
Will I look better with my braces off?
how can i whiten my teeth ?
i took two pills that said for one it should last for 4-6 hours does this mean 8-12 hours for 2 pills?
If I become a dentist do I have to pull teeth?
Im taking terbinafine , its a prescribed pill for toe fungus?
Is it possible to have only two of your teeth straightened?
Lots of symptoms, hypothyroidism?
Appendicitis? Or something else?
why do i have this crust around my gauge hole in my ear?? it's not Ear cheese ..it's like dry skin..any ideas?
Wasp sting. Please help?
i was bitten or stung by an unknown bug?
Is this a spider bite?
fingernail bent backwards help!?
how to treat these burns please help?
suffering from lip wrinkles?
Whys do I itch with no bites or dry skin?
i quit smoking pot now tons of acne?
What does it mean if you get an inconclusive hiv result?
What are the chances of not getting the norovirus if a family member had it last week?
Why did so many Native Americans die of the common cold?
How do you know if a round of antibiotics hasn't completely gotten rid of strep throat?
is it safe to be around newborns after getting the chicken pox vaccination?
if you're in a car accident and you're unable to call your family who calls them?
Can someone please help me with this shoulder problem please?
Really bad Nose blead?
Does this look infected (Picture)?
Is this a concussion? Is it doctor worthy?
What is this vibration in my neck?
left side of face going numb randomly?
The left side of my throat, neck and ear hurts?
underneath jaw bone i have a moveable ball that hurts when i press on it?
I had a Migraine today. Is this OK to eat for dinner?
Has anyone experienced this problem with hands before?
5'4 and 64 kgs is that overweight for a girl?
what is a healthy weight for a 15 year old girl who is 5 feet 10 inches tall?
I want to gain weight?
Help? Health question?
Will muscle milk make you fat?
Is this normal if i just got my first pair of glasses?
Should I wear glasses all the time at my prescription?
Colored cones in the eye?
is slight eye pain a symptom of nearsightedness?
Can people get their eye color changed surgically?
How bad do your eyes have to be to wear contacts?
i have an inwards turning eyee!?
my right arm & armpit hurts really bad. in 06 i had cancer they took out a lymph nobe.?
Need some opinions on my problems.?
Do laptops cause cancer ?
Is Melanoma the only type of Skin Cancer that comes from moles?
does tea cause cancer?
Can the dentist pull my tooth?
Causes of extremely enlarged lymph node under the jaw?
what is the survival rate stage 9 prostrate cancer and life expectancy ?
HELP HELP im rely badly sunburn HELP?
boyfriend got bit by a small baby recluse!!!.... help!?
Besides scratching, what causes mosquito bites to get big?
How can you put your earring in your ear if the earing wont go through?
whats the best and fastest for poison ivy?
How Can One Tell If A Cut Is Infected? Please Help Me!!!! Remember 10 Points for Best Answer!!!?
How to cure thought broadcasting?
Why do I sleep in pieces at night?
im a bully that feels guilty, please help?
The best way to gain confidence?
I Don't wanna grow up..please help?
Dont you mind telling me the best online site to get best payday loan lenders ?
Do you eventually get used to sleeping with noise?
Cutting off blood flow when waking up after sleep?
For how long does the AIDS virus survive in the atmosphere?
Why does my foot feel this way right as I'm lying down to sleep?
how to not fall asleep after school?
I am 15 and is 10 hours of sleep too much?
I always wondered If a woman has Herpes will it effect her having a baby or getting pregnant?
I sleep for only 8 hours after being awake for 48 hours, does anyone else have this sleep schedule?
why i am suffering a brownish menstration?
How to make scoliosis worse?
phenoburbital or morphine better for a withdrawing infant?
I got hit over the head with medal fist device and I have been having trouble remembering?
what pain level is equivalent to a cartilage piercing?
surgery tomorrow, any tips?
Prognosis for brain cancer?
Is a leg lymphnode sign of cancer?
Celebrates who have, or died from Pancreatic Cancer?
How long should you ignore chest pains before they go away?
Anorexia -hear murmur?
I'm thin with high cholesterol!?
When you stop using the, "Nose Right", does your nose go back to how it originally was?
How long does it take for a blister to heal?
What's the best thing to do after a really bad binge? ?
Help me please! Bulimia :(?
does jump rope make you lose weight?
Do sit-ups help you lose weight?
How many calories is in Pizza Hut and Mozzerellis Pizza? HELP!!(:?
will i get fat if i eat 3000 calories a day...?
Am I hitting a growth spurt?
what to put in your bath when your sick????????
i am having my 4 wisdom teeth pulled. all 4 have cavities and are erupted. should i get local anesthesia or?
What do Latex Elastics help when you put them on your braces? what are they for?
If smokes take 15 to 20 years off their life, does that account for people who smoke weed?
OPINION? Should I get Veneers?
Can GABA be used for opiate withdrawls?
fluoride-free toothpaste?
Can i purchase books and electronic points counter at weight watchers locations?
Would I be a good candidate for Invisalign?
Braces questions about improvement?
My teeth are shrinking?
Wisdom teeth coming in?
best DMT smoking methods?
turmeric milk(haldi dood) can it cure throat infections?
unclogging toilet that is full?
What kind of doctor do you see if you think you might have an ulcer? ?
What kind of sickness? Am I even sick?
Do a lot of people die from pneumococcal meningitis?
How does putting salt on your ulcer feel like?
how does a virus like ebola jump species?
What do blind people see?
is wearing glasses classed as a visual impairment ?
Eye won't move all the way to the side?
Difficulty in total eye transplants, optometrists please help!?
Help! Sleeping with your contacts in?
My eye sight is -3.5?
How to get a deep cut on my thumb to stop hurting?
Ankle the size of golf ball and no bruising, hard to walk?
orthopedic specialist?
I was in a car wreck and my head hit the windshield, it cut my head but didn't crack the windshield,?
My boyfriend is allergic to shrimp...how long do i wait to kiss him?
What can I do to help my son's allergies to cats?
I there really such thing as a hypoallergenic dog?
how do i unpop my ears after blowing my nose?
Hole in back of throat, directly above back of tongue.?
Somethingg wrong with mee... PLEASE HELP!!!?
Serious digestive/colon problems! Someone please help!!?
head hurts HELP ME!!!!!!?
Which therapy takes physical pain away faster? Ice or heat?
I have a MASSIVE headache. Is there anything that can lessen the pain?
Very ill last night and throwing up, what do I eat?
Why do my elbows crack when I do push ups?
I can't vomit. Any tips?
drops of blood from rectum?
Is cancer gonna increase by 2030?
PSA levels 3.2, 6 weeks later 3.1, age 54, what do you recommend?
Swelling lymph node on right cervical area?
Is this lymphoma.....?
Can a person survive with 1.4 cm brain hemorrhage ?-Urgent Pls.?
Has anyone ever gotten cancer from a tanning booth?
Will an infection heal?
Will pouring salt in an open wound do anything?
I have a piece of wood stuck in my knee. What should I do?
Why do some people get mosquito bites more than others?
How can i heal a cut super quick?
Abdominal Cramps (feel like labor contractions), followed by diarrhea, sweats and chills?????Any advice?
I have just been diagnosed with hypoglycemia. Im 19 and need help!?
I just ate lunch and i feel like i havee ate in days?
If you poke the toe of a siamse twin, will the other one feel it?
if you dont walk outdoors every day 15 mins and dont get sunlight if that bad?
How bad is taking Ibuprophen 800 twice a day for you liver?
Do you have to get the whitening before fixing cavities?
what are retainers used for?
What happens if you eat poison oak?
Does YAZ, the birth control work for acne? Anyone have experience from it?
Could my acne be caused by chocolate?
How common is it for mole changes to be cancerous?
I have a very thin cut on my cheek thats 1 inch long, will turn into a scar? What should i use if it dose?
what can get rid of a tooth ache?
I can't afford dental work...? What do I do...?
How can you get really white teeth without the dentist junk??!?
Scared to sleep:(? Nightmares?
When does men's body reach maturity?
Should I call in sick in advance?
My doctor took me off concerta and replaced it with 70mgs of vyvanse. But....?
I'm at the point of begging for help!?
if a doctor proscribes you antibiotics, what are the requirements to get them refilled?
Need opinions on my concerns?
my nana's got cancer... what are the chances of survival?
Could 2 weeks have a major effect in the diagnosis of cancer?
How to help the children's cancer society?
Are my thyroid results normal TSH 0.55 & Free T4 0.67?
What type of nut is best for targeting weight loss?
how can i impove my body PLEASE?
Why Can't I stop eating.?
can i eat my own ribs?
How many calories are in a pound?
how can i lose belly fat?
Diet help/calorie restriction?
HORRIBLE headache at work?
what is the length of time of percocet withdrawal?
How can i get cramps to go away ?
Why have I had a nonstop migraine headache for the past three days?
What does it feel like to get staples out?
why is one pupil smaller than the other?
is fluorosilicone acrylate a soft Lens?
Optimax eye exam vs. standard eye exam?
how 2 make things look blurry?
How could I make myself need glasses?
Can you develop and STD with your boyfriend?
Finger won't stop bleeding! help!?
Can you still drink water after you just put neosporin on your lips?
I have a bad ear infection and ive tried just about everything, i tried peroxide and it just got stuck?
What spider bit me?? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
My ears are bleeding...a lot!?
has anyone ever experience a really short gasp for air just before falling asleep or that wakes you from sleep?
Best ways to fall asleep?
Need tips to flush my system of weed smoke?
Does Nyquil have any calories?
Why can't I go to sleep?
Recent lacrosse injury need help figuring out what could be wrong.?
Snowboarding accident, whats wrong with my friend?
What should I do about my ankle?
how do i know if i tore my meniscus?
what would cause legs to be numb and to be lightheaded. and heart to race?
does hcg cause rapid heart beat?
how to lower my blood pressure without a doctor?
i have pressure on my left chest and pain on left shoulderblade..?
project about a disease?
Is it likely or even possible for a sinus infection to last over two months?
how much time will my chicken pox last?
Would a throat numbing spray interfere with the results of a strep test?
if chemo doesnt work can it still of made a difference?
Did your hair change color and texture after chemotherapy, and if so, did it ever return to the way it was?
can bulimia cause throat or esophagus cancer? what are some signs or symptoms?
What are the chances I'll be getting lung cancer?
i think i have esophageal cancer.?
Can an E.N.T. treat thyroiditis problems?
does getting a tooth pulled hurt?
3 bites in a row and more on me?
extremely painful and discomforting mosquito bites, please help?
How to go about Healing a green cut?
what does it mean when your eyes burn?
Has anyone with PCOS taken cinnamon extract pills to aid with losing weight?
Whats the best thing to use on a coldsore?
What sleep aids are safe during pregnancy? (FM and Insomnia)?
I took tylenol & it hurt my liver?
blood in stool for about 3 days explanation everything else is fine?
where is the best place to buy ginko biloba in the uk?
swollen feeling in my throat?
Egg allergy question? (10 pts)?
I seem to have dislocated my neck?
Will moving from Oregon to Florida help my back pain?
my skin hurts for no reason?
Substitute for vicodin?
help. why is it when i sleep with a headache i wake up with a bigger one?
is 5mg of vicoden a lot 2 times a day?
My back hurts me evely time i wake up from sleeping?
i have taken vicodin for 2 and a half years for pain in my wrist and knee my doctor always hymms and hawwss ab?
My left Ear have been blocked for a week?
I caught the cold and now I'm coughing up blood?
How to get rid of a bad cough?
Do I have Bronchitus?
things to help you sleep?
Why should all patients pay for medicine when half get placebo ?
Is it acceptable for 18 year old girls take wheat grass vitamins?
Should I talk to my theripist about acquiring a Medical Marijuana Card?
Why do I get such awful hangovers? Vomiting, etc.?
My dad always gets this deep, loud cough at night when it's cold?
A slanted nose or over reacting?
How to get rid of earwax?
best cheap redness eye drops?
if nose drops fall in your eye can you go blind?
How to gain weight fast?
How many calories should I daily, I want to lose weight?
two green-eyed people can have what eye-colored kids?
Am I at a healthy weight?
should i lift weights in my house or in the gym?
How to burn stomach fat?
How to lose weight Fast?! Help!?
How much do contacts cost?
What is wrong with me ?
Meals/foods to eat after weightlifting?
How harmful is it to puff on a cigarette compared to inhaling it?
does anyone know anything about this cancer? no one seems too...?
wearing a human hair wig while doing chemo?
i just got a bite from mouse and blood came out of the wound i cleaned the wound with soap and also got Tetanu?
are germs on the mosquito bite?
can a 14 year old go to the orthodontist alone?
Braces... Can someone help?
Drinking alcohol and smoking the evening after wisdom tooth extraction?
What can I do to help ease the pain of an abscessed tooth?
Recently doctor diagnose OPTICAL NERVE DRUSSEN ON ME... anyone can help me to understand more about this?
Anesthetic injection + Sleeping Pills?
Is this heartburn? if not what is it?
My left ear won't pop!!!?
My throat is burning in my neck! more info below. HELP!!?
Why does my knee and ankle hurt so bad?
Chronically dry hands?
Should I stop using Clinique Acne Solutions kit after burning and itching...?
Will this cause skin cancer?
If a person has a vision of -1 -3 in their eyes is it considered legally blind?
I had a panic attack in the middle of my speech?
OCD-What action should I take?
i need help from a cadiologist?
what does a hole in your heart mean?
very minor chest pains near the heart..more like uncomfortable than painful.what could it be?
I have a really bad cough and i need to get rid of it, what will help it go away?
Do I have a serious medical problem?
IN ECG interp. can someone tell me what IVR is exactly?
A freckle I've had for years has turned into a mole?
HELP!!there is a lump on my cervix ? why? can it be cancer or something?
What caused your cancer?
Is this a good balanced lunch?
Want to gain muscle, be more fit?
I heard ballerinas lose a lot of weight in training?
how is she so skinny?!?
What are some breakfast foods that can keep my tummy from growling in class?
Am i eating to many calories to lose weight?
which do u prefer treadmill or eliptical?
What would be a good age to get braces for minor straightening?
When trying to brush the back of my teeth I gag?
Missing my lateral incisors?
Is 11 years old to early to have bottom wisdow teeth extracted?
Why do I feel like im going to puke when working out?
Easy tips to help me fall asleep fast!?
Is it ok to eat mac and cheese after wisdom teeth removal?!?!?!?!?!?
question about getting braces?
My orthodontist told me that my lower jaw is still growing, does that mean I can still grow taller?
What is the best home remedy for whitening teeth?
Should I go to the hospital ?
What are these symptoms of?
What is anaemia?? help?
Do antihistamines help with anxiety?? how?
I got something in my eye, looks like sawdust?
What is the best way for an 11 year old to put in contacts?
Help me by the end of today...Pink eye?
Should I have new glasses?
Can blue eyes be dominate over brown?
what's an Opthamologist? How are they different from optitions?
Can you give dogs benedryl for the itching of mosquito bites?
does this burn need medical attention (pic)?
tick bite? (pictures included)?
Help! What do I do, if I scratched my eye?
Are snake bite piercings of the hole noticable when you take them off?
Why does my left ear hurts when I press on it?
I stabbed myself with my toothbrush and it still hurts?
What could be the cause of my jaw/ear pain?
How long should I not do gymnastics after a minor head injury?
FRACTURED ANKLE? :/ help.. please?
Should i go to the doctor for my elbow injury?
What Happens When You Sit For A Long While ?
when are you most likely to develop breast cancer?
My TSH level is 4.3H and the report shows abnormal.?
A chat-room for cancer survivors?
my husband has lip cancer came back after 5 yrs inside of his lip do you think it has spread?
what are some CONTROLABLE factors of Breast Cancer?
My husband cut a chunk of finger off with glass, still bleeds and he gets lightheaded what should we do?
How do you get glass out of a finger when you can feel it but cant see it?
Is my belly-button piercing infected?
How can i get rid of my mosquito bite?
Does a novacaine shot at the dentist hurt?
Does My daughter need braces?
Is my lip infected or is it normal?
Is it considered rude to chew and pop gum out loud?
Tooth gap question...please help if you can?
Seeking tips on home remedies/recipes to put w/ water in a humidifier.?
Can I take these both daily?
alternative treatment for low potassium?
What methods do people use to remove heavy metals from their colon?
Would surgry on my testicules Hurt?
im sick and clueless any help appreciated.?
how come my back hurts and when will it go away?
EXTREME headache above and around ear/temple.?
i am 27 years old. Since November i have had a headache through out the day.?
What's Wrong with Me?!?
is the growth of hair different after chemotherapy?
How can you tell the difference between a cyst and a breast cancer lump?
I have glandular fever, but after 2 weeks it seems to be over?
How does vaccination protect us?
Can I do small exercising if I have/had mono?
What to do when you have a sore throat and a cold?
Can an animal bite transfer a virus?
What colour are my eyes?
I'm 18 and I want to have eye laser surgery, am I too young?
My eyes have to refocus everytime I look up.?
Finding health vacancy in delhi. help please !?
Contacts please help?
why do people eat and why do they even sleep?
Eyesight deterioration because of pubery?
Isn't the human body a amazing thing?
how do you cure really dry chapped lips?
Did i break my finger?
How do i stop biting my nails?
sharpie in a cut D: ahhhh help plz :{ idk if it will get infected?
Help! I got a little blister behind my tongue. What could it be?
What happened to me? Was I bit or stung?
Preventing a Coldsore?
Are there dentists who charge little or nothing?
Is getting braces worth it?
I'm getting my teeth pulled out on Friday?
Will my wisdom teeth surgery be healed enough in a week and three days?
My back hurts after yoga...?
Proper warm up procedure?
I have had dinner now I'm hungry?
Do you guys see a difference in my weight loss? (pics)?
why do your pupils enlarge when you are under the influence of weed?
What to drink for a sore throat?
Does living w/someone who smoke could affect your health?
How can you end your life quickly and painlessly?
why cant i get medicinal marijuana in va i suffer from T S?
Do doctors know that you're lying?!?
What's wrong with me?
what is the cure for cancer?
A Question About American Hospitals....?
My High & Low Risks Of Getting Cancer?
Whats the main difference between non small and small cell lung cancer?
Question about Heredity and Cancer?
how to get rid off acne marks?
How do I get rid of my stretchmarks?
Why do I get acne still?
Two Fractures in Ankle on Sept 19th. Still not healed. How long will it take?
How long do you keep on a knee mobilizer?
Twisted ankle falling on ice patch could i have sprained my ankle but have no swelling?
If you cut off a layer of your toenail, will it grow back?
I have been having migraines a few times a week. Any tips on what to do?
I hurt my leg snowboarding?
Do I have a concusion?
persistent tension in the center of my forehead?
I have an insanely painful headache. Should I go to the hospital?
How can I prevent getting a migraine?
Can a fatty tumor cause problems?
What is anemic exactly?
im 15 and i want to donate my kidney to my father figure am i allowed to at this age?
Freaking out, heard my mom say something about stroke ?
Fast heart rate and light headed?
How do i cure hiccups??? I have heard a lot, but none are working.?
Hole in my heart as a baby and im now concerned 20 years later?
Please help. Chromosome disorder?
What are the chances someone can survive having 2 heart attacks in three months?
Can xanax stop heart attack symptoms?
Is this dog bite serious enough to go to the doctor?
Did I get bit by a spider?
How to soothe/heal sunburn?
i just got stung by a bee. plese help?
Looks like a mosquito bite, but why am I in searing pain?
Deep sedation? ( 20 characters )?
does all dental insurance cover braces?
Good foods to eat the day after having your wisdom teeth out?
Question about wisdom teeth removal?
yesterday i asked yahoo answers that i am having all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out and the oral surgeon is?
I am going to quit smoking , any tips please ?
could these be melanomas?
I have slept between 2-3 hours a day for 3 days now?
can someone give me a published article over the benefits of quitting smoking?
what time do you usually go to bed and what time do you get up?
I can never get to sleep?
Have long, very thin colorless hair on ears? wtf?
Is being nocturnal bad for my health?
Help falling asleep:/ please give me your suggestions!?
Good name for a Bike team raising money for cancer?
how the heck does this support brest cancer awareness?
I'm dying of Brain cancer, but before I die:?
Could I have an eating disorder? And if so what kind?
Fight with Dad- Who is in the right?
if i lose weight, will my stretch marks fade/go?
My mom says weight gain powder is bad for you and I shouldn't take it. Is this true?
In terms of growing taller would it be better for someone to diet or eat alot?
I'm 5'7-5'8 and 115 pounds, I need to lose more weight but I can't. Help!?
How do you get something out of your eye?
Sneezed while in a tanning bed.. opened eye..? Eye damage?
Glaucoma Question plz?
can lazer surgery/intraocular lens fix strabismus/cross eyed?
if your Rx is 20/60, what prescription is that? do i need glasses?
when will my eyeglasses be ready?
please help me to explain this eyes est?
Can I exercise with extremely sore leg muscles?
I tore my ACL, is there any way for me to still lose weight?
gift ideas for boyfriend that always has neck and wrist pain?
sore throat and it REALLY hurts to swallow?
Does anybody have any gout remedies?
What to do about a migraine that i've had for about 2 weeks now?
What are the chances of my friend having HIV?
Why did my nose randomly start bleeding?
Hives after getting shots?
is it possible to be infertile due to a std?
Blood from nose ? all my snot and bogies are bloody?
Food Poison or something else?
possible bug spray poisoning?
I have an acute breathing reaction whenever I'm around "Simple Green" cleaner. Anyone know why?
Why cant I get rid of this cold I have had for two years?
How can I bring up my immunity?
Sore throat for 2 weeks?
Prednisone side effects?
quickest and easiest way to get off heroin?
What is the best way to protect babies from mosquito bites without using chemical repellents?
How do you make a spider bite go down?
I accidentally got paint thinner on my skin?
Why is only one hand really cold?
What kind of sickness does this sound like?
Can you die from Inhaling Helium?
my best friend's sister does weed...?
Why am I always tired?
If a biopsy test came back negative why would they want to operate?
If my boyfriend smoked ciggs for four years and quit, is there a good chance he will still get cancer?
What are the cause of Asbestos Lung Disease?
Do I have a brain tumour?
what can i do for my school for breast cancer month?
Breast Cancer.......................?
Could this be skin cancer (photos)?
Marijuana Hallucinations ?
Anyone knows a quick way to cure a sore throat?
Has anyone heard of EMDR (sort of hypnosis?)?
Questions about smoking Salvia Divinorum...?
Should I go to work with a sore throat?
I fatell over - does my finger sound like its broken, sprained or what? (read details)?
how do you get rid of a tension headache????????????????
toes and fingers feeling numb all the time?
Pain in my left side, underneath my tummy.?
is 50 7.5 lortab enough to die?
I have trouble swallowing?
Nurses / Doctors??? Got wasted and was sent to emergeny room.?
i find it really hard to pee ?
Right Ear Keep Ringing for past 3 years. need help?
Sometimes i start to go really weak and start shaking?
Should I wait or go to the doctor this week?
Why can't I sleep.. it's been 70 something hours?
The lining of my Dental crown has broke off.?
Can you eat toothpaste? I accidentally swallowed some?
is it normal for your mouth to bleed the first night you get your wisdom teeth out?
What's the most common reason why people would get their wisdom teeth removed?
can i eat rice after wisdom teeth removal?
white filling problem please help?
why does Daffy Duck have teeth?
Does anyone else see spots in the sky?
i am seeing random colors?
Contact lenses shift/blurry around the edges?
Scratches on spectacles?
Sometimes whenever I look at the computer screen with my glasses, my eyes burn?
Colored contacts for perfect vision?
What does it mean when your heart starts to beat real slow, but hard?
Can ponytails increase your chance of fainting?
Elevated blood levels of what protect against heart disease?
Anything else I should do for my toe?
Are there ways to prevent heart disease?
How to cure a spider bite?
if you lick your cut, does it heal faster?
mosquito bites in babies?
what should i do with my finger?
Are Jellyfish stings supposed to itch like crazy?
Question about heart monitors?
How to lighten arms]:?
"my neighbor" has really dry, flaky, crust heels. ?
my 3 year old son is having dandruff, he keeps on scratching his head? pls advise?
is lupus a sign of cancer?
stage 3b cervical cancer what the servial rate?
Long Term And Short Term effects of Colon Cancer?
i thought only men had colons?
i want to donate plasma but was told my blood would kill their patients. has anyone ever heard of that?
Do you know of any hard evidence that second hand smoke causes cancer?
is it possible to get cancer through x rays?
I haven't had my third cervical cancer jab. what can happen?
why do you yawn when you tired?
What happens to you if you drink a cup of your own blood?
does marijuana kill or harm the human body?
can a 16 year old become a hospital porter in canada?
whats it like to have an MRI?
Does getting numbed up hurt?
Does anyone else suffer everyday headaches and what do you do?
i have numbness and tingling in my left arm?
Did i get stung by a bee or a wasp?
How to treat blisters on the back of your ankle?
my nail is bleeding and it burns really bad?
anyone know how to make a homeade cast?
I am pregnant, my thumb got swollen and made my ring get stuck on my finger?
I got a Crown and pain keeps returning?
is brushing teeth without toothpaste bad?
How long does it take to get a dental crown put on?
How do you get rid of sores in your mouth?
Will I get another blood clot where my wisdom tooth was?
swollen gum (braces)?
my wisdom teeth cut gums, then go back under, and repeat this for years?
Questions about braces?
What kind of treatment do orthodontists give you to prepare you for braces?
I've had herpes type 1 since I was little?
Are there any grants out there that help vets pay for chairs or lifts that help them up stairs?
The other person in my cubicle chew ice everyday, what is wrong with him?
What can I use for extra padding on my crutches?
Do I have a kidney infection?
Can I refill a script than cancel my health insurance without fear of being billed?
could have I gotten a concussion?
Shin hasnt healed and its been 5 months.?
twitching on left side of tongue and left side of head at temple and shakiness?
*10 points* How long for my leg to heal?
I have too many red blood cells. What foods do I need to quit eating?
Why are some people born with born with one kidney, and others two?
Ankle scar tissue months after surgery?
Just got my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days ago...the anesthesia still has my stomach really sick?
somethings wrong with both my thumbs?
How do i treat a busted lip?
how do you if a person as tapeworms?
I poked my self in the eye now theres puss coming out what do i do?
waht should we do to prevent our lips from getting black while smoker?
I was accidentally wounded from a needle used for anti rabies vaccine, what should i do?
what cause thrush in the mouth?
How do I disinfect bite/scratch wounds myself?
What is the best way to stop bleeding nose?
Mosquito Bite Itch: What if you don't scratch despite feeling itchy?
My bug bite wound looks really infected..help!!?
Why are my contacts making a circle in my eye?
Why is it bad to sleep with your contacts in?
im tired of wearing glasses. i want to try lasik eye surgery in the future. is it safe?
Best country for laser surgery for cataract?
Have you ever heard of these eye drops?
How bad is my eyesight?
what is this armpit pain I'm feeling?
Why does my feet hurt after wearing wet socks the night before?
i have really bad pains in my toes..?
I've been having back pains?
Why do my knees ache so much? X_X?
Going to the dentists later on, and very very scared?
how to get rid of these mouth sores FAST?
braces & my teeth :S?
How long do i have to wait to smoke after getting a tooth pulled?
does getting a filling hurt?
Help? question about sinus infection.?
Humidifiers: Where can I find the following?
Unable to breathe while sleeping?
My son is eighteen months and weighs 33lbs. can I give him something for his cough due to a cold?
How is omega 3 fish oil good for your heart? What does it do?
my son is 12 years old and keeps having nose bleeds and all and I dont know why or what is the reason behind i?
are angiodema and urticaria the same thing?
mouth ulcers due to allergic reaction?
Allergic Reaction to Shrimp?
Mitral valve prolapse?
What happens at an ECG?
Are people who smoke only marijuana compared to just cigarette smokers a lot healthier?
What causes high PTH and normal calcium?
Can it be unhealthy to keep doing this, can too much cleaning be bad?
Im constipated will cranberry juice help?
HGH pills for teenager?
whats the difference between hot hatha yoga and hot power yoga?
how do you get water out of your ears?
How can I grow taller naturally?
how to pass a hair drug test?
cure marijuana in there baggies?
Grey's Anatomy Season 7 Episode 12 Start Me Up?