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i knocked my piercing yesterday and today its all red, swollen and throbbing what should I do?
so i was in the ER for constipation from my hydrocodone and percosets..?
My lower back and side have been hurting on and off for a fee weeks now..?
How to get a kink out of your neck?
terrified of dental cleaning?
How long until i notice my braces working?
Tooth ache bad help!!!!!?
Wisdom tooth question?? Scared...?
I have a retainer, and it is impossible for me to get it out. Help!?
How to stop Grinding my teeth at night?
Is it too late for my teeth?
do walmart vision center eye doctors take your blood pressure?
Mysterious double vision?
Farsighted? But I can see clear at close range?
Help! Recently, I haven't able to focus my eyes?
How many pages does The Ear The Eye And The Arm have?
Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
I have a blister in between my toes, what is the best way to care for it?
How can businesses obtain epi-pens?
How do I treat a burn on my forehead?
i was bitten by a bug 4 days ago outside and now the bite is still bright red?
what to but on a blister on the back of my heel when i gi skating?
How Do I Lose 30 pounds by June 2011?
Can I have advice on how to lose weight ?
I hav 15 apples, u take 7 but now I only have 3?
How do I lose 20 lbs by april?
how much weight would you lose if all you ate was celery & only drank cranberry juice & water for two weeks?
Good cholesterol or bad cholesterol?
how to i get my high cholesterol to lower?
i want to lose weight fast?
will I lose weight if I do this for a month?
How much weight would i lose in a week if i run and lift weights everyday?
I'm planning to lose 20 pounds during the summer.?
Is it possible for the vascular system to break down in a localized area?
If you press on ya stomach can you feel a baby heart beat ?
how long can the heart muscle be without oxygen before a heart attack occurs?
Can you die from eating styrene foam ?
is there a cancer in the chest other than lung?
Whats so bad about stem cell research?
how to stop ear pain when swallowing please :(?
lower back pain when doing sit ups?
The pain after Kidney Stone Surgery?
For the last couple of days I have been feeling this tingling sensation on my left breast?
how can i get back into my regular sleeping schedule?
What are some natural remedy's for stress related migraines?
What do you do if your friend is dying of cancer?
What causes pain inthe top part of stomach around ribs?
My doctor doesn't want to give me medicine for anxiety?
Got a problem so please help?
Can i have leukemia for 7months without having symptoms get worse?
punched in the stomach very hard....should i use ice or heat?
If I wanted to flay open my arm like a fish..?
What to do about my Gap in between my front teeth?
Getting braces questions, out-of-pocket money, etc.?
Is there more people living in Africa with HIV/AIDS or without?
Does getting teeth pulled hurt? Please need answer asap?
Wisdom teeth - necessary to pull out?
I am 23 years old, I live on arizona and.go to mcc. I am currently in extreme need of dental charity?
what is the best medicine for a cold?
Should a cold/flu postpone my hernia repair surgery, scheduled in 2 days?
How long does it take to get weed out your system?
How many hours of sleep should an 18-year-old get per night?
why do i always feel so tired?
whats in your blood that starts with c?
Is it true that your Nervous System control and coordinate all of your body functions?
Ant bite on left foot..help!?
Can you get a frostbite from an ice cube?
have you ever got stung by a bee? if yes, what did it feel like?
when should i get my stitches out?
Is it possible to get scratched without feeling it?
Do I need therapy because I panic?
after 15 years of doing cocaine,drinking,xanax,vicodin, will the paranoia and anxiety ever go away?
How do I want to be happy?
what exactly is anxiety?
what do u call someone who thinks there the best at everything?
Will I be sent to a mental instution?
Can u take ultram with naproxen?
Bach Original Flower Remedies?
Is there any video to hypnotize you to need to pee?
Quick cure for bloating?
Water pills question!?
How do i cure a sore throat quick?!?!?
I have a blind character and I was wondering about her eyes?
Do coloured eye contacts damage your eyes?
What's an easy way to put contacts in and out?
Have a red blood patch in eye?
What is wrong with my eye?
I have a lump on the right side of my neck close to my throat. It doesn't hurt but it feels swollen. ?
What causes pain in middle of stomach?
Can bad sleeping positions cause Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis?
For the last 5 years, I have been blacking out in my left eye only and here lately it's becoming worse.?
Dry Laundry Soap in eye?
Where can I get these First Aid Supplies?
Toe/Toenail Question! Urgent!!!?
i have a curling iron burn. i put neosprain on it and cover it with a bandage any more help. please help me.?
I accidentally the whole thing. Is this bad?
If you have an ACL tear what is the recovery length?
Would Yoga or Pilates be best for helping a back injury recover?
How to break your arm when falling?
Is there anyway that you could get a paper cut in the eye?
have i broken my arm?? please help !!?
Is My Foot Broken? ! ? !?
I this a winter allergy?
Cactus attack? Can people be allergic to the spines?
Is it possible to be allergic to magnets?
how to get rid of my double eyelid that just appeared ?
My scalp is very itchy?
Dark circles . Help:"(?
Does aspartame really cause cancer?
Can you give your pancreas to someone who has cancer?
my dad has stage 4 melanoma...its bigger than a tennis ball?
sebaceous cyst treatment?
im not sure of what this is , but can someone help me ? PLEASE ? :/?
my baby has got a tooth ache?
How likely is a numb lip and chin after wisdom teeth removal?
How much will 6 month smiles cost me?
whiten my teeth? any suggestions?
My friend wants to stop eating !?
I need to lose weight as fast as I can !?
Lose 50lbs in 5 months?
How can I gain muscle from push-ups?
Average height & weight for a girl?
What is the average weight of a 14 year old?
should i pop a blister on the bottom of my big toe?
Bleeding under dermabond?
a bite on my leg, hot to the touch but can't find where the bite is?
what can you put on a severe burn to cool it?
how to get rid of pain?
Strange movements in my elbow?
i cant make it stop! please help me! when will it go away!!!?
What is a charlie horse and what causes it?
what is hernia and what are the symptoms you might feel?
Why am I always tired and cold?
Can you get an infection when cutting yourself?
Medical Prescription meaning..Hope the Dr wrote it right!?
health issues, anyone?
What is an "average person"?
What does cocaine high feel like?
Is there anything you can eat or drink when youre sick and throwing up to make your stomach feel better?
I have a really bad cold that has lasted almost three weeks now. I have a bad cough especially when I lay down?
How do you get rid of a horrible sinus headache?
What can i vaporize in my vaporizer?
My boyfriend had just eaten edibles (weed) and it seems it had meth in it, how does he get rid of the feeling?
Asthma attacks? Chest pains...?
can a spider bite possibly pass on a virus like Influenza, HIV or Ebola for instance?
UK: Worried about Swine Flu...my wife is 26 weeks pregnant?
I threw up blood! Plz help?
What do i do if i cant sleep or eat when i have the stomach flu?
what are causes of a 3 month caugh?
how long does fainting last?
Inside corner of eye is swollen.?
how long is pink eye contagious?
There is a possibility I am terminally ill and young..?
What is diastolic and systolic terms in high blood pressure?
Causes of High Blood Pressure and possible treatment?
Heart Palpitations? Why do I have them Im freaking out!! im 5'1 209lbs...?
what should the blood pressure be of a person between 50 and 55?
Can you feel atrial fibrillation ?
blood pressure please answer?
Clear, serous fluid coming from wound.?
Blood under my fingernail?
I got stung by a bee, how do i disinfect it?
How can I deswell my gums while I have braces?
My gums are so swollen. What do I do?
Do you get a shot when getting your braces takin off?
Do U Get Braces As Soon As U Pay For Them Or Do You Have To Wait?
On and off tooth pain?
tooth is extremely sensitive after having a filling done.?
Do the clear retainers cost different from the traditional ones?
Could I have gotten HPV by fingering a girl that has it?
tonight i came within a hair of going after my very mentally sick dad just like he does to me?
Will I get the stomach virus? HELP! I'm really paranoid.?
Does spending a lot time in concerete building increase depression ?
My toe hurts every time i take a step?
can I take Concerta at night?
Is it normal to thank about killing people?
question about bruise on hand?
Sports bras = back pain?
How to get rid of nausea, stomach pain dizziness?
Can you watch my video and give me tips on how to lose weight?
What are the side effects of bulimia?
Is sleeping alot bad for weight loss?
How much water do you put into a cup of soup? A cup? Two cups?
would 100% whey gold standard be good for turning my fat into muscle?
how much calories should a 15 year old girl who's on a diet have?
Please help eye doctor can't find anything wrong with my eye?
semi-rimless eyeglasses' vs regular rim eyeglasses, lifespan?
Can I wear glasses again after using contact lenses for a while?
I got this lump on my head is it cancer possiblyd?
ingrown toenail help? 10 pointsss?
Should I throw my cell phone away due to cancer risk?
Why do kidney cancers, leukemias, and CNS cancers have such a high pediatric rate?
What is like right after ACL surgery?
Can smoking for two months give you lung cancer?
Can i play football without acl tear surgery?
uhm, i just hit my head on the couch and it hurts, click for more information.?
Shouldn't products that benefit cancer research at least be healthy?
PLEASE HELP!! My toenail and the skin under it got ripped off!?
How to get rid of a stomache ache?
why do my knees hurt?
Do you think I'm going to faint soon?
Whats a more painful way to die?
where do i get health insurance for a very sick baby to travel from argentina to the united states?
Concerned about my boyfriend's seizures?
If you don't know how to burp, is that normal?
I accidentally burned myself from the oven.?
What is wrong with my foot?
I was stung by a wasp and i'm pregnant, we got the stinger out, is there anything else to worry about?
What to do for a bee sting?
My eyelids are swollen?
HELP - I just had 20mg of Oxycontin, 2mg of Xanax and 2 Tylenol Tablets?
please .. im worried for my dad :(?
Question about chronic constipation?
what happens if you take an advil pill and smoke weed?
How long will it take me to starve myself skinny?
why i feel dizzy all the time?
Some good researching sites for diseases?
is it legal for a dentist office to charge for a broken appointment if I HAVE NOT signed any paperwork?
dry cough and wisdom tooth removal?
should children have caps or crowns on baby teeth?
What are ways to cure bad breath?
I want my braces off now but how do I tell my dentist?
What is your opinion on weed?
Does St. Ives Naturally Clear Green Tea Cleanser Works?
Does Zicam really work to shorten a cold?
H.Pylori Bacteria Treatment question. Please help!?
What is the magical substance that cure all ailments in the book 'one minute cure' and how is it used?
The strongest muscles in my body? my guts my spine my . whats it mean?
I bought the pills Kalms, and they contain ethonal I'm allergic to alcohol. Can I take the pills?
dry cough burning in my chest?
Alergic to just about everything, is there anyone else like me?
itchy throat with irritated cough?
What is the right amount of protein the the diet of a woman over 70?
trying to lose weight but here is the problem..?
Workout tips for flat abs and toned arms?
How can I lose weight?
Is 1,435 calories too much to lose weight?
How to help anorexic fast?
Can someone help me calculate how many calories i would burn from jogging in place?
What should i do with this liver pain?
Ew! My knee cap Moves!?
How to get rid of a headache?
I have a pain on my left side?
i got bit by a horse is it possible it broke my wrist!?
i have a friend with rsd and he needs a specialist in ga.he has been to many drs. with no relief.or do you?
Really bad night sweats - lymphoma?
my mom has adrenal gland cancer and a brain tumor and is taking the drug mitotane what is it?
what is the relationship of soy and breast cancer?
can a teenage girl suffer from breast cancer? help answer pleasee..?
Can I practice with pink eye?
I look blind, What do i need to get contacts?
What are contact lenses like?
What's wrong with my moms eyes?
Get money for being legally blind?
My eyes are flashing (20char)?
what are the random itchy blisters that i'm getting on my feet?
Should I pop a large blister on the bottom of my foot?
How do you unclog or "pop" your ear?
oozing scab...should I go to the doc?
I peeled all of my sunburn off after a shower now it stings and burns like crazy what should I do?
I have a BIG bug bite on my arm?
Will a UTI (urinary tract infection) go away on it's own?
how can i reduce my fever with out seeing a doctor?
Who has a cold on tonight?
I have a cold can i ?
Anyone have any idea on these symptoms?
what happens if the EKG report is not normal?
Weird Heartbeat? Insight?
Are my cholesterol levels okay?
Please tell me Did i have heat stroke?
Why arent women victimised of heart problems and attacks often like men...?
Marijuana "supposedly" increases risk of heart attack after smoking, how come this NEVER happens?
pain killers dont work for me?
How to get rid of earache?
my neck hurts. how do i make the pain go away?
Which hurts more? Lobe or cartilage piercing?
I had an arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery on my right shoulder couple days ago?
Can you brush you're teeth after a molar extraction?
Why do people squeak their teeth when they sleeping?
Can a tooth infection make you nauseos.?
Will this help me get braces off sooner?
Does the toothpaste overnight cure for zits really work?
Back & chest acne, HELP ME!?
Back aches at 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
How much weed would I have to eat to get high?
How to grow taller a couple of inches?
Why do I feel like I can't breathe when I get out of the shower?
Who can give me the most reasons why smoking pot is bad?
My guinea pigs mouth is bleeding what to do?
How to heal a hole on a finger?
Is there any other way to breath for someone who can not breath?
ear problem!!! please help?
What is the treatment for an unstable ankle ?
ankle pain AFTER playing basketball?
Why does my ankle kill???????????????/?
My knee is having visible muscle spasms?
why does my scar still tingle and hurt after 11 months?
Vitamins that clear up acne? And your daily routine?
Why are my hands so rough and can anyone give me any suggestions from keeping them that way?
what is wrong with my brother having white skin rashes on his stomach?
what are the advantages of medical research for cures for cancer,HIV and diabetes?
What can bring down my A1c?
is weighing 203 a good thing?
Is the gene for diabetes recessive or dominant?
how does Hypoglycemia become Diabetes?
are there any health risks in eating 'splenda' (sugar substitute)?
Please help with diabetics?
I want to be a size zero in jeans?
How to loose belly fat?
How can I lose weight?
Hi I'm 15 years old and I weigh 250lbs, I want to Lose weight badly.?
Is this okay even if i'm trying to lose weight?
How to throw up on purpose...read details?
Why does my head hurts really badly?
Should I need to seek medical attention this second? Help, my life could be at stake?
My right hand moves by itself?
I have pain in neck, upper back and shoulder. What should I do to relieve it?
I'm in alot of pain, is it safe to take two 5/500 vicodin pills instead of one?
How can I tell if my tooth is dead?
Why do dentists make so money?
Are your top canines supposed to be pointed?
How do I pull a tooth that isn't that loose?
Is putting toothpaste on a cold sore bad ?
People make fun of my teeth, what do I do?
Are My Eyes Amber, Light Brown, or Regular Brown?
Can I change my contact lens solution?
If my Mom has Blue eyes, and my Dad has Green or Hazel, what color should my eyes be based on genetics?
My left eye is sooooooooooooooo itchy HELP?
Is it better to go asleep early and wake up early or stay up late and sleep in late?
8 hours every night and i'm still really tired when I wake up, why?
How to quit smoking from the start?
Tonsillectomy? Questions about a couple things.?
Should I be concerned about this spider bite?
Dizzy, Nausea and Very Tired?
pease read and answer this if you have a medical experiance etc or if you might know what this is??!! thanks?
are panic attacks more of a psychological thing?
Why are girIs saps for Sociopaths (Iike me)?
Isn't it weird how some things in life seem to change?
help with self harm scars?
how do i get over my anxiety?
Can this be characterized as depression?
I am severely allergic to milk. What can I have at Starbucks?
What do you do when your nose is running, and you don't have any tissues nearby?
Is chap stick dangerous if eaten?
I am getting continous nose bleeds....what could this mean?
huge stomache ach from eating something im alergic to?
what is abortion, its only taking medicine or something else?
what is sciatic nerve problem?
What are the uses for Oregano Oil?
Does Marinol, THC, Work?
Things that could help me to stop smoking cigs?
how do I find a blood donor?
i think i have cancer (please read)?
How could old time movie actors like John Wayne & Jackie Gleason smoke so much and live into their 70s?
What is this weird lump?
what can we do to help find a cure for cancer?
How long does Hypotension last?
Adderall? Will I have a heart attack?
what can this be????
I was involve in a car accidennt where I took a hard blow to my head every since , I see little lines floating?
function of life support?
What are the bad effects of fluroride in drinking water?
what could I possibly have that has these symptoms?
Panic attacks from/after weed?
Why do I always feel so hot?
Why Does My Stomach Hurt?
spider stuck in brace?
my 2 1/2 yr old accidentally took a bite out of one of those generic otc ibuprofen pills?
HELP bandage stuck to cut how to get OFF?
I ate too much. What should I do?
My dog has an ear infection. Will pouring peroxide into his ear cure it?
what happens if you have a cut or a wound and ant poison accidently gets in?
how do you know the difference between a incect bite or a spider bite?
white spots on teeth, help?
bit my mouth, how to make it go away.?
Do you need spacers if you have crowded teeth? (front teeth)?
Why do black people have big gums?
how to take a moller out with no plain?
Brushing teeth with Baking Soda?
My braces were removed on november 2010 and my teeth hurt when I eat meat, what could it be?
Wisdom Teeth Surgery after math?
could knee pain be related to back pain? and do i need chiropractor?
Why is my eye hurting so much?
Why do i keep getting a sharp pain in my left side?
Upper Back Pressure Problems....please help!?
how do i get my knee to pop?
Is there a way to breath and blink AT THE SAME TIME?
How much does it cost to go to an opthamologist?
Do I need glasses?? Help?
my boyfriend hits himself in the head alot when hes mad, how can i see if he has caused harm to himself?
What causes double vision in dim light but not in broad daylight.?
What happens when you go past your range of motion?
Is this heavy enough to break a metatarsal?
i have tunnel vision the doctor said along time ago but so how do i know what my field of vision(view) is?
Im trying to buy some colored eye contacts?
i am unable to read some thing if that is one feet form my eye,font 10,but ok if that goes to two feet away?
My knee is killing me!?
Shaking Hands - Is this normal?
health insurance question?
is arrogance a disease or condition?
Invention of an object for a handicapped person?
to all doctors/nurses or anyone how knows about health.please read and answer.?
my ear is really hurting i have tried the simple stuff but it didn't help. i need help asap?
Why does my ear infection seem worse after a night's sleep?
What are the signs of pink eye?
Ear Wax? Deaf? Please Help?
Just jammed my finger. Starting to swell, should I put a cold or hot compress on it?
what would happen if you poured glue in your ear?
Do spider bites look like mesquito bites?
Gauze is stuck to cut, help?
Can you catch a Sickness bug by being around someone?
What is the easiest way to break you hand?
What does blood look like in vomit?
When I walk I feel dizzy why does that happen and when I'm sitting down I don't feel dizzy?
Has anyone else with seizures been giving a certain amount of time to live by their doctors?
What is the best 'cure' or 'treatment' for a cold?
What causes alzheimers disease?
How much vitamin D3 should be given to someone who has been afflicted with a terrible autoimmune disease?
Am I at risk of geting psychosis or schizophrenia!?
Do I have Throat Cancer?
What's the name of the man who cured cancer with his programmable cells?
60 year old, history of cancer, any hope of changing health insurance?
hope and prayers and thoughts?
Who discovered breast cancer?
Can a patient die from chemotherapy? Or do doctors know when to stop?
is invisalign cheaper than braces if you have healthy families insurance?!?!?!?
What do i do about this abscessed tooth?
Tooth extractions for braces question?
will dentist know ive been smoking?
what could be wrong with my tongue? its seems almost...eroded?
How long do I have to braces?
Body or organ failure? Honest answer?
I have the sick flu! Need help!!!!?
What should I do the morning after having food poisoning?
Arthritis and bean sprouts?
I think I might have a problem, but i'm not sure.?
what to do about deep cut, help ?
What to do with a BURN MARK turned into a BLISTER ?
My dad got burnt in the face?
What's the correct way to put on eye drops?
Is a cut through a vein basically the same as through your flesh?
Spider Bites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Would vinegar help unblocking an ear?
Does anyone have any acl recovery stories..?
i have a sharp pain in my lung?
What causes my headaches/migraines and how can i get rid of them?
Does Icy Hot work on hernias?
anyone know a quick headache remedy...?
can leg pain also be a sympotm of angina?
How bad is my heart if I have a Aortic and Mitral Vaule heart Murmur?
plz help!! i just came back from the er, and the doctor said i was having a heart attack, and all he did was,?
My friend has been getting sharp pains in her heart?
I recently just found out that my boyfriend knowingly gave me an STD . I say knowingly because everybody i fou?
What happens when a pointy branch pokes your eye.?
Why do I  have two diffrent eye colors ?
My prescription for contacts is -4.25. Is is safe to get contacts that are -4.50?
Can massage oils damage eyes?
I can't fall asleep because I have so much on my mind!!?
Is There A Way to Get Rid of Indigestion?
How many hours of sleep does one need, really?
I have a hard time going to sleep?
I slept 11 hours last night & tired already.?
Teeth whitening.....?
What is wrong with my TOOTH ?
Do I have to have an injection to get my tooth out?
How do you. :'( please help me?
Can i not wear my retainers in school ?
My 8yo has a reoccuring pus pocket inbetween two teeth. It comes every 4mos or so. Change dentists?
With Pyorrhoea, after all teeth fall out, what is the next step to prevent further damage?
best way to pull a tooth?
Does body fortress Super Advanced Whey protein really work?
can someone give me healthy diet meal plans for a week (im a 14 year old girl)?
Do you think/agree that my mom is fat?
How much situps should I do a night to lose belly fat?
Does flexibility affect your weigh?
What are the best ab workouts I can do that do NOT strain the neck?
How can I gain weight?
What's the best way to get a six pack and better toned chest?
what can I use to get rid of my acne?
Face troubles!(acne)?
accidental antifreeze ingestion?
How can I dislodge a small chicken bone from my throat/chest?
What can I put on my face to make it less dry after using my acne medicine?
What is the difference between Migraines and Headaches?
pain in lower left abdomen when i pee?
How would seeing a physiotherapist or musculoskeletal specialist help my rotator cuff dislocation?
Help fast?! A serious cut..?
Most natural tasting ecig?
What are some natural ways to grow taller?
Melatonin - what's the right dosage?
What are some good tricks to help a sore throat?
What can i do about my sun burnt it hurts so much!!!?
How do I tell my coach that I hurt my ankle?
One weak of low grade temp, diarhea and shivers - on antibiotics?
Body Rash after antibiotics for Strep Throat?
I slept for 28 hours and im still tired?
Vomiting, bad diarrhea?
I have had a fever for three days?
how can i tell if what i'm feeling are lymph nodes or superficial thrombosis?
i'm scared i have leukemia?
How long can you live with testicular cancer before you die?
natural alternative to stage 1 cancer?
Anyone know how to help chronic neck and back pain?
I get headaches every single day?
how does squishing a balloon bare foot feel(without it popping)?
What is this likely to be?
Why does my knee hurt when i walk?It also makes a popping noise.?
is tylenol 3 more addictive than morphine?
im always tired, please help?
what are some common causes of stomach aches combined with nausea? (not the flu)?
I have a hard time breathing?
how do you deal with paper cuts?
whats the "funniest" part about having aids?
Is it okay to work out when sore?
How much does it cost to get a scaling for my teeth?
i got my wisdom teeth removed and my jaw is stiff which doesnt allow me to brush my teeth?
What's wrong with my eyesight?
do semi-rimless eyeglasses last long?
what is kochs infiltrates?
Help Im dying Inside x(?
Dry skin while going through chemo?
is rectal cancer and colorectal cancer the same thing?
What guidance would you provide to someone to meet the goal of reduced risk of breast cancer?
Okay so I have really awful lungs. Anyone have the same condition?
Nose Bleed due to sinus infection or what?
Could my pneumonia have stunted my growth?
im having trouble sleeping!?!?
Is tonsillitis contagious? My bf had it but was on a few different types of meds and I was kissing him?
I need to quit smoking! Will this help?
Allergic to Petroleum Jelly?
my mom is all itchy she had an allergic reaction because she took a pill because shes sick what do i doo?
What is the reason I bite the inside of my lips?
how can i get rid of hand blisters?
Can I get paid to donate blood? If so, how do I find out where to go locally? I live Morehead, NC?
Do I have a big or weird head?
Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Tylenol, Aspirin questions?
the left side of my chest hurts and my left arm hurts from my hand to my shoulder what could that mean.?
I have a small pain on the left side of my head does anyone know what could be wrong?
Medical help, my wrist?
How do painkillers know where to find the pain?
can sudden spikes in BP cause attack?
what precautions should be taken after angioplasty?
what is global lvef 50%?
What should I consider when getting a pacemaker at 19?
My heart really hurts. Please help!?
Why does my heart keeping racing and my throat get so tight!?
So i brush my teeth and eat two breath mints before i go to bed.But every morning i have terrible breath?
is my tongue infected? (pic)?
i have an abscessed tooth ....?
I slapped my ear and now i hear a high pitched noise?
I have a volcano mosquito bite; how to get rid of it by tomorrow?
I want the Ulzzang look, but where can I get the contacts?
Is my vision OK??? PLEASE HELP!!!!!!?
Is fasting good for me?
Rarely, When I take a drink of any random liquid, I get a horrible pain in my chest.... any reason why?
Frontal headache radiating from eyes. Is this due to sleep deprivation?
Muscle aches after blood donating?
Constant head pains, please help?
What should I expect for the cost of gastric bypass surgery?
Blood in my daughters urine.?
Serious head issue! Please HELP ASAP...?
I’m very fatigue and have been diagnosed with narcolepsy and sleep apnea. Can you help?
I broke my finger, now what?
im frightened i just got a cold sore? please help so upset.?
Please help me ankle really hurts?
???????What is the medical term for when ur not allowed 2 sleep???
HELPPP?!?!?! Bad knee pain!!!!?
I got a concussion and i cant stay awake and my moms no help?
What is this dent in the back of my head?
Things to help a sore throat?
What's your weakness?
I have pinkeye should I cancel party?
New Year's Eve Party - Feeling unwell need instant remedy that works like magic?
My daughter was told today she has strep throat?
If you have a fever do you sleep with a lot of?
what do psychiatrist mean when they say some people canT take antidepressants?
Unblocking/cleaning my ears?
How much total DXM is in this bottle of Robitussin?
best protein supplement for a cheap price?
cigarette smell??!??!?!?
Is it safe to drink echinacea tea while taking nyquil?
can a urine test find both marijuana and nicotine?
Question about adderall!!!!?
What grade would you give this article about health and diet myths?
Health insurance needed for med. marijuana?
Can fasting for one day be beneficial?
Would u gain a ton of weight if u ate 3/4 of ur normal # of calories a day, but only ate candy and junk food?
Why are products containing "sea salt" listed as lower in sodium?
Working out and eating normal,but not loosing weight?
How do others see me?
is 2 scrambled eggs a good breakfast for someone on a diet?
Will blood tests always reveal cancer? Leukemia?
gallstone and dilated pancreatic duct, what's wrong with my mum?
Iv just lost my only son to cancer how do parents caryy on?
Picking off dead skin?
Scar removal help?!?! ?
How Do I Get Rid Of These Blackheads?
Can the biopsy be wrong?
Can you get cancer from drawing on yourself?
How much to donate plasma?
How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Ear?!?
i have wat i thought to b an infected ant bite, but now i think its a spider bite, an its bleeding black blood?
Feel anxious and throat is closing up like i can't breathe - what could this be?
My ear started randomly bleeding?
Any remedies for bug bites?
Do you drink tea with a straw so it doesnt stain your teeth?
What can I do with yellow teeth?
braces! help please.?
Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?
something weird came out of my nose...?
my sleep has buggered up?
It's 5 school starts in one hour, and im to hyper to sleep, what should i do?
Access health insurance?
How much time/days/months can you stay without sleeping?
Is my husbands smoking affecting me and our kids?
I need help...BADLY!?
What is this red spot that hurts?
When I jog, my brain feels like it's floating....?
What can I expect during my therapy session tomorrow?
I don't feel like going to school anymore; I think I may be depressed?
Bipolar boyfriend afraid of getting help because he is afraid he will be discharged from the Army. Help?
I'm Starting to See Things That Aren't Really There?
Is this natural or do I have a problem?
Help. I have a serious case of arachnaphobia and my new teacher is getting a pet trianchula.. I WILL PASS OUT.?
Whats this bubble thing on my burn?
Mosquito bite looks like purple bruise? huh?
What kind of bee is this?
How long to heal a cut?
Should I get my fibrous taken out?
i have 2 or 3 lump on the left side of my neck.im 14 and im very worried?
If Obama care goes through and you were on the board to decide who gets what treatment....?
Is it possible to get ovarian cancer when you are 13 or 14?
what is meningeoma of the brain?
What are the chances of a contact lense falling out from your eye?
Effects of smoking purple kush?
I feel dead how can I get my heart back?
Why can't I stay awake?
Is Amazon.com discreet with packages?
constipation help?!?! now!?
What kind of doctors make the most money?
Dental insurance carrier change during a procedure?
How do you prevent Osteoporosis?
i had a d&c a few weeks ago now i have what i think is a yeast infection could these 2 be linked because i was?
What are the pains and troubles of having braces on your teeth?
do we HAVE to have our wisdom teeth out?
What could happen to an uncapped root canal?
I'm getting confused. Asking a question about HIV that wasn't answered properly in class?
How do I make this tooth sensitivity stop?
Can u still die from std's?
Insulin pump users with diabetes answer please?
What's the point of living with Diabetes?
How should I acknowledge this?
Could I possibly have diabetes? ?
which is worst nearsightedness or farsightedness?
Abdominal Pain......?
What could cause constant burping and stomach pain after eating?
If you sit in the same position for a long time does your back hurt?
How do you know when you threw your arm out?
Upper stomach pain ?
Do I have Mononucleosis (Mono)...?
Worried about wound infection?
when do fevers go away?
Problem Sleeping, Any Ideas?
What to take to go to sleep?
Accidental put walgreen's vaporizing chest rub in nose?
What will they do at my x-ray?
is there any sleeping position that would help me fall asleep faster?
what could be the problem with my knee?
I was snowboarding and I fell on my elbow and now i have alot of pain and little movement?
Why cant i move my fingers after having a cast?
Will this cause heart attack ?
did i break my finger?
Is this really a sprained wrist?
Are your feet more prone to injury if you wear a shoe size even a half inch too big?
What are the chances of receiving a heart transplant?
all night had heartburn and left arm hurts could this be a small heart attack?
Ive had episodes where my heart rate would get up to 160 everything is normal so whats wrong?
should i be able to feel/see my heartbeat?
What health condition do you think I have?
smashed finger..will it heal by itself?
O.K Theres a spider in my slipper now what ?
Do I need to do anything about this small cut?
What is Color Cancer?
How do parents with hospitalized or terminally kids deal with discipline?
What causes extreme gas?
what does it mean if you go to pick something up or try to grab it and your wrist starts to throb?
my feet kill me after being on them all day at work, especially my heals and the back of my heals.?
HELP rili ill, headache, vomiting, sore throat and really achy neck?!!? what it sound like to you?! x?
I took 24 - 32 500mg Tylenol Extra Strength. I threw up right after. Do I still have to see a doctor?
Broken knuckle and not being treated properly?
morphine vs morphine sulfate?
My wisdom teeth taken out a few weeks ago. I bit into a hard piece of chocolate today & heard/felt loud crack?
Is it normal not to have wisdom teeth?
How long does it take to get braces REMOVED?
Pink Eye...putting in contacts?
which part of the eye regulates the size of the pupil?
How fast do they eyes heal themselves from?
I think I might have pink eye?
What's the best cold remedy?
My Bulimic Friend How To Make Her Stop?
i need vitamin help please?
I heard that if you just eat meat for an entire month that you can lose 20 pounds?
Healthiest cottage cheese?
how to gain muscles fast?
What are the affects of combining a small amount of Hydrocodone and a small amount of alcohol?
Is there a natural way that I can decrease my blood pressure other than cutting out salt?
Why does it hurt so bad?
Do you have 2 rest a day after lifting excercising?
Are marshmallows still used as medicine?
Does a prescription have an expiration date?
What part of the body bleeds the most when cut?
If you normally eat junk food, can your body react negativly to healthy food?
If I take 500 mg of Aleve is that the same as 500 mg of prescription Naproxen?
Will it hurt to go to the bathroom after rhinoplasty?
How do you know If you got a pinched nerve?
can 83 years old male undergo a inguinal hernia surgery and successfully recover without any complications?
I often oversleep / sleep too much?
Why does licking your lips make your chapped lips worse?
any way you can get rid of acne marks within a couple of hours?
How do I fall asleep?
Raising arms during sleep?
Can a foot doctor fix my toe?
How much does a gene sequence cost?
My father-in-law has end stage liver disease. What is happening to him now?
Is it a disease when a person gives inanimate objects feelings and personalities?
Im takin Sertraline HCL 50MG wht are the risks?
does rubbing alcohol harm your face?
How is it possible to have sugar in urine but low blood sugar?
a nervous tick like when you dose off and feel likeyou are falling?
i have to go for drug test how can i tell if i'm clean?
Why do i feel little stings on my body..on my legs...forehead...?
Any words of encouragement?
i have general warts?
Why am I peeing blood?
If my results for STD aren't back yet when they said they would is that a bad thing?
can infected mosquitoes bite you if your wearing bug spray?
High school Football Player + Ingrown Toenail?
Cause for random nose bleeding?
Is it safe to drink water before having a blood test?
I have chipped front tooth If I Buy Insurance Now?
So is it normal for your lips to be a little swollen if i just got braces yesterday?
risks and benefits of immunisation?
Do you think I have dry socket?
Pseudoephedrine reaction?
what's inside a vaccine?
Does anyone know the latest news on Mercury fillings?
Need some help with my teeth pls!?
o_o My gums are . . . pulsing?
what does it mean when you get cold sores often?
How come, only part of the wound is wierd?
have i broken my arm??? please help!!?
Continuous chest pain?
Haveing sharp chest pain every few mins?
Did I give someone pulmonary fibrosis?
did i have a panic attack?
Excuse for bruise on arm?
Stress Fracture Boot!?
I suspect I have sleep paralysis but two things have not been explained?
how do you know if you have a broken arm or ligament damage?
Which is better, knowing or not knowing?
Fell on my hip, it wont heal?
Is it brokennnn? My wrist!?
What Are the 4 classes of cancer?
What food help prevent Cancer?
How would I get my parents to stop smoking?
Do I have whooping cough?
Did I eat healthy today?
I really want to loose weight im 15 220 5'6?
I've stopped eating? Please help?
i weight 183 lbs and im 13 i dont look wat i weight thank god.. how can i loss some of it?
Keep craving pasta with tomato sauce and pizza with tomato sauce. Is there some nutrient my body is craving?
how to burn calories without exercise?
Should I go to the ER?
my backs sore here today and well been out alot this cold wheather alot.?
Are these symptoms of allergies?
Does it hurt to take a Antihistamines?
Can you develop a dangerous food allergy as an adult?
I can't blow my nose. What do I do?
What's wrong with my nose?!?
what is a pain clinic?
How to get rid of after-exercise muscle pain?
Stomach ache with vomitting and diarea?
anyone know of quick heartburn relief?
How different eyesights see? Vision?
What does this eye perscription mean exactly?
PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Question about contact lens.. help!! im a newbie and still confuse.!?
Are there eye drops to brighten the whites of my eyes?
How do you check if your eyeglasses have anti-glare coating?
My husband's triglyceride levels are over 1000. What do you think?
if you're throwing up and you have high blood pressure is this a sign of organ failure?
Should I get eye contacts?
Counseling problems, please help?
does the pertussis shot hurt?
My heart is making gurgling sounds?
When should I have my blood taken ?
Could it take more than a week to adjust to eyeglasses?
why do I still have high blood pressure after losing 100 pounds?
how do you calculate the stroke volume for an individual whose resting heart rate is 90 bpm?
What time should I go to sleep?
have i broke my finger ?
Mosquito Bite question..................?
what to sooth sunburned face?
Earring in my ear!? Help!? Please!?
is antiseptic used to get rid of pain?
My lower right back has been feeling dull/achy for a few weeks now. Some discomfort and few pains of sharpness?
why are they hurting so much?
headache for week straight?
Chronic supra orbital nerve pain, tried everything, last resort options?
Any one ever heard of home magnet therapy. ?
I died and was brought back to life and now street lights and computers turn off around me.?
how many bananas equal the amount of whatever makes you happy in one 5htp pill?
does drinking Lemon juice and vinegar make you loose you voice?
Full Body Magnetic Therapy Set - 8 Pieces?
Probiotics are useless?
I lost my Permanent tooth!!! Help?
I would kill for braces!?
please help.kinda worried!!?
How can I beat tiredeness?
I am 16 years old and get regular indigestion, is this a problem?
Dental Insurance and Discount Plan Question?
I have a viral throat infection?
can smokeing 1 cig for the first time cause hair loss?
hearing loss from ear infection?
Cory's mom has several non-controllable risk factors for breast cancer, including her age, race, and heredity.?
Advice please for a woman with breast cancer 48yo?
I have a stomach bug and can't stop throwing up? Can I drink something?
Ways to GET the flu????
I've been flossing for years, why do my gums still hurt and bleed?
How much weight can I lose if I run everyday?
Clogged Ear Treatments At Home?
How much sleep should I get every night?
Help! I was riding my skateboard, fell face down, and busted my two upper teeth. I'm really worried!?
Please help me make my crutches not hurt my arms?
The glue under my brackets isn't sticking the bracket anymore?!?
Any tips on stopping a bleeding injury that doesn't respond well to direct pressure?
I need a 6 pack ASPAP !!!!!! Please help?
I'm always cold and tired?
i need to write script about breast cancer link to deodrant?
What is chemotherapy?
skinny girl wanting to gain a little?
i think i broke my foot?
weightloss help please?
Do you have experiences with Active Release Technique?
Is 101 pounds at 5'2" underweight?
How long after I exercise should I weigh myself for an accurate weigh?
What is a good way to loose weight fast?
anyone wanna be my teen weight loss buddy?
help me please? ? ? ?
Can you catch STD's From worn panties...?
my eye is red and itchy?
Am I allergic to shrimp?
Is there a way to tell if I'm allergic to tarantula venom?
my room ate is shaking all the time is he a drug addict?
What do you think about marijuana?
LASIK question...is it worth it?
my 15 year old is really sick and wont go to the doctor?
Can doing certain streaches increase height?
I can't do a sit-up.Help?
which drug is the most addictive?
What am I sick with? Please help?
how do you heal your finger when you slam it in the door?
ive drank sooo much water but dont need to pee?
how do you treat a wasp sting?
Correct posture to position someone if they faint?
Ok QUICK how do I get this marble out of my ***? it has not come out naturally since 2008 PLEASE HELP?
An ant bit me on the tongue?
How does vaccination protect against Polio?
What are the symptoms of autism?
I when to the beach yesterday and got a sunburn. What's the best treatment 4 the burning feeling?
whats going on? Yeast?
A lot of blood in my stool?
Would they check for contacts at MEPs?
When reading, the page disappears...?
I have had my left leg and foot tingling for about one month.?
Is headache a symptom of Depression?
Lower back pain when leaning?
woke up at 5 am with pain in chest?
Cracking the back is it bad?
my girlfriend is having some strange leg pains?
Growing pain in left knee? Remedies?
Tramadol weight loss?
What are some alternatives to amiodarone for a-fib?
Who is a winner, Head or heart?
which b blockers have a low effet on heartbeat?
What would happen to a persons cardiovascular system if they started to hemmorhage?
How long until the pain goes away?
retainers, what does it do ?
Does weed make you not want to try? And if so how to i stop it?
Why does he have no cavities?
I have tooth ache on my bottom jaw and it is swollen under my line and the gum is red! what is this?
I am applying for disability and was wondering if I could get encouragement?
I've heard that extravagant gift giving is sometimes one of the signs of a manipulative personality...T/F?
Are there any mental health professionals that I can see, that aren't super expensive?
How do i get help to stop cutting?
How do I stop being scared to live?
what what animal has the highest cancer rate?
I have the stomach bug?
why doesn't neutrophil can be cultured such as macrophage?
Didn't breast cancer awareness month feel like a whole year?
Cancer is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. There are many types and causes of cancer.?
Hepatitis A and B..How Bad can it get with this problem ?
i found out i have hiv positive?
Is it food poisioning or just a bug?
Weight gain help for male teen?
What to do for a diet?
Is it good to count calories?
if I am not eating lactose and gluten am I likely to lose weight?
what's the easiest and fastest way..?
What is the easiest way to gain weight?
Are your parents allowed in the room while you are getting checked out for an injury?
hit my head snowboarding?
Whats wrong with my ankle? PLEASE help me!!!?
Need help with a car accident issue, from 5 years ago... Still a major problem with my back?
If you throw salt at a zombie’s open wound, would they dry up and become weak over a period of time?
do these symptoms sound like diabetes?
What is wrong with my wrist?
if u eat a little a piece of candy and drink a sugary drink everday (20oz 3 cups)?
what is the significance of high IgM levels with concurrent splenomegaly, fatigue and hair loss?
Does altering the PH levels higher than 7 in drinking water good for the human body?
Help :( I have diabetes?
is imodium good for coating stomach?
what can triggers diabetes?
8 month old with black tongue? medical?
What actions should I take if I begin to spontaneously combust?
Why is there a glow stick in my Johnson & Johnson first aid kit?
Curious possible bite... Itch and strange mark!?
My hand is sore why is it sore?
i have bad arthritis is it ok to take 5 excederin twice a day?
Why does my left breast hurt sometimes?
sore throat , stiff neck stomach aches?
What is the cheapest way to get a prescription for ADD medicine?
What is the best remedy for a sore throat?
Any natural herbs you can give a child between the ages 5-7 for a.d.d or a.d.h.d?
I started smoking , because the doctor said smoking and coffee will increase ur blood pressure , i?
Is there any Cherry Extract or anything like Cherry pills that you can take for sleep?
Eye patch please help?
Contact Lenses Info --- Help appreciated?
What's wrong with my eye?
pink eye: if you think you know what i have..comment pleasee (:?
Am I sick??? last 2 weeks I've been coughing, sore all over, extremely bad headaches,and always very tired.?
How to fall asleep faster?????? ?
How not to get bored in the hospital?
Lump on bottom inside of gum?
Some Braces Questions?
Dental , could alcohol damage teeth?
The stiches from my wisdom teeth came undone. Help!?
I want my two back teeth out!?
Can you get braces, even if you have an uneven number of teeth?
do i have bronchitis?
Ways to get rid of hiccups?
How do you breathe?!?!?
can you smoke straight tobacco through a bong and not get tar coated lungs?
How many cups of green tea should you have?
Did I eat healthy today?
is 105pounds , height 5,2feet considered fat for a dancer?
How do you get a tummy like this?
How to lose weight and gain muscle fast?
What's a good weight loss device?
what does esr above 70 suggest of after trauma?
what is this a possible symptom of?
Please help my grandmother has a pill stuck in her throat ?
Could I Have The Stomach Flu?
What do my symptoms mean?
Which part of body is busiest heart or Liver ?
could drinking tap water over a long time cause an irregular heartbeat, what about leg numbness?
treatment of torsades de pointes?
how does obesity affect heart disease? Answer ASAP Please?
Am i lowering my cholesterol level?
What are the signs of anxiety and does it affect your blood pressure?
is egg is dangerous in high blood pressure?
Please help I feel so depressed.?
am I still mentally ill?
i am diagnosed with adhd and depression would i qualify for ssi?
possible Ibuprofen overdose?
What are the effects of sniffing tipex?
In the last month I have lost 14 pounds.?
Do i have Testicular cancer?
Easy drug test question ? ?
how many patients in st judes?
Can Doctors be wrong? About Cancer?
Breast cancer awareness, why the emphasis on the breast?
Can you have colon cancer 3 years after colonoscopy?
radiologist job drug test?
I smoked weed and took anti depressants for a while and now my heart beats really fast, why?
Parents are driving me crazy about my anorexia!?
i have a steam burn on my palm?
Will I get taller???????
I'm getting a blister, how do I prevent it?
How should I treat this?
Can school councilors help with a break up?