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my right hand and arm go numb throughout the day several times why is this happening?
I dislocated the tip of my pinkey finger. What Do I do? ?
I have pain in my hand, more near the ring and middle finger. What could it be?
A drug test question, but not your stand question please help (Time Sensitive)?
Doctors: Please answer this about pain referral...?
My ears keep clicking/crackling/pop when i swallow!! HELP!! Does it have something to do with my throat?
How tall will I be? Please just estimate :)?
What happens when you chew and consume flavored chapstick?
Taking adderall and not getting enough sleep. (HELPPPPPP)?
STD? weird discharge but im a virgin?
How long until the Herpes die?
How long does someone have to get medicalattention after shot in the gut with a SniperRifle?
IMPORTANT..Will azithromycin cure a UTI infection?
Best ways to treat stomach flu?
Can an ear infection be treated at home?
What does it mean if I am doing this at night often?
How to not be tired all the time?
Whats wring with me? i know iam not pregnant?
my left rib pops out and looks different than my right rib?
my friend is coughing up blood, fainting, and having trouble breathing. should he contact a doctor?
I found one dead silver fish bug in my bathroom. I don't know where it came from, but should I be worried?
is this spider bite safe?
How to treat a swollen Vastus Medialis?
Could and insect be in my ear?
I got bitten by an ant what do i do?
Puss coming from cut?
how do you know if your finger is sprained?
i keep getting random cuts on my hands?
It turns out that I had a small fracture when I thought I just sprained my ankle, and it has to be rebroken?
Will this help me lose weight? ?
can i lose 25 pounds in 4 months if i go to gym 5 times a week and shift calories?
Should I be 90-100lbs? I'm overweight?
How Healthy is subway?
Is it just me or does it feel like your body is swollen when you eat junk food?...!?
wot pasta dish is can i use to gainer wight?
Can you look or get FAT without gaining any weight?
How important is running if i want to slim down?
medicinal use of marijuana for cancer patients?
I need a team name for this year's Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure?
What type of cancer does chicken cause?
Do I have Vertigo or is it something else?
do i have a brain cancer please give me peace of mind?
how can a neurologist help a schizophrenic patient?
How can I keep my breath fresh all day without eating gum or mints ?
A guy with brown teeth?
My retainer is KILLING me?!?!?!?!?
I've had a sinus infection for three days and now my gums are soft and bleeding.?
Pain in chest when I swallow....?
my head is in pain,which is really bothering me?
I injured my head/neck in a fall 3 days ago . How long til the pain goes away?
what should I do for my foot care?
Interested in becoming a musician and a pharmacist......?
Can one hit of weed fail a urine test?
pain on lower left abdomen everytime i cough or sneeze?
Is my ear piercing infected?
Where can I get a free first aid kit?
You walk into your boss's office for a meeting. You see a cup of coffee spilled on the desk. You find her lyin?
Snake bites, and ear piercings?
is Bleeding severely when it is seeping out?
Whats wrong with me eye sight?
question about my eyes?
Does anyone know any way I could improve the lens in my eye naturally?
does eye color affect personality ?
Have I had too many CT scans?
I am bleeding and think out of bandades however if just let it sit for awhile will the blood dry up?
Does your body warm up fast if you put on a wool hat?
How painful are snake bites (the piercing)?
i'm supposed to get my second ear piercing, does it hurt?
How long does it take for a Tylenol to take effect?
Does a cartilage piercing hurt?
Why do i have headaches in the morning after i stay up?
Help please, emergency?
My appendix area hurts. Help please?
Do you ever fell sick/gross after eating Mcdonalds/fastfood or just eating out in general!?
Are there any Women who like to Gain Muscle and Get Big?
can you help with binge disorder please!!!?
advice, on how to get skinny fast?
can you talk while going for a run?
does mosquitoes carries HIV?
dizziness and nausea, vomitting?
bacterial antibiotic modal expariment?
If ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate)is 80mm/hr in female what kind of disease she is suffering from.?
Should I go to the doctor with these symptoms?
Dental: How do you know if you need braces...?
What are these white spots on my teeth?? im 12 plz help?
Am I at risk of getting psychosis or schizophrenia!?
How to ease abscess tooth/gum pain?
Cocaine questions???
are sleeping pills good or bad?
can you take OTC meds after BCT (Basic Combat training)?
cuase of blackout when i fight?
Is prozac for anxiety?
15mg of hydrocodone.........?
Wwhats the best medicine for exzama?
Is it dangerous, in any way, to take Melatonin, not just in early winter and early summer ...?
Is there any alternative medicine for muscle twitching?
How do i help my girlfreind with bulimia?
How can a guy grow breasts?
what is wrong with me?
Serious side-effects of cutting?
What mental illness makes people think they are really vampiers?
Why do all living things NEED sleep?
Why am I constantly dizzy?
how to get rid of a splinter even though i waited too long?
My 17 month old has pink eye what is the best way to soothe it?
Will Bactine work well on pierced ear lobes?
My blister/scab fell off?
A mark from a tick bite is still on my skin, is that a bad thing?
Questions about stitches (medical)?
Sudden bladder type pain?
What medicine should i take for a headache?
Stage 3 B Lung Cancer?
stage 3 blood cancer prognosis?
Skin cancer please help me?
What else can i smoke other than cigarettes?
How to get a non profit organization going for a cure that helps raise funds for all cancers?
if i have prostrate cancer what can i expect?
which is better to check for lymphoma, an mri or a ct?
My head starts to hurt after one shot?
Does agonal breathing/gasping only occur after the heart has stopped?
CHEST PAINs near the heart; heavy feeling?
On average, how long is a person out after heart surgery?
Is a high max heart rate bad. Im 40 and i got my heart rate to 206 today.?
Should I ask my doctor about this?
why the hospitals have their ac so cold?
jaw surgery sometime this year?
manic depression + SMOKING WEED...?
Why am I so hungry all of the sudden?
What to do if you get a cookie crumb stuck in your eye?(not joking)?
huge question about my eyes?
Are there any jobs that require 20/13 vision?
I want to buy Ray Bans with clear lenses but I don't have a prescription?
very low glasses prescription for seeing far?
Is it normal for stitches to fall out on their own?
What is the best thing to put on an open burn from a curling iron?
i just got stung by a wasp what do i do?
I have a cat bite, when should I go to the Dr./ER?
My Nose wont stop bleeding!! help?
im getting all four wisdom teeth out?
should i brush my teeth, floss then Listerine? or floss, brush, then Listerine?or Listerine,brush then floss?
what's that little thing called at the bottom of your gums?
Why don't I need spacers?
How long did you wear your braces?
My throat is clogged anyway to clear it out I can't even talk?
can someone help me? I have seen 3 DR. in 4 days.?
what happens if you drink something with mold in it?
Do you ever get nosebleeds?
Does anybody else have those days where you can eat all day and never be full?
how to stop eating when I'am bored?
Question about Creatine?
is my diet a good healthy diet?
I'm 40 and I've gained 35 lbs in 8 months.?
Help with my benchpress?
Can you lose weight without going on a diet and just exercising?
If I Lose 35-45 lbs,Will My Face Be Slimmer?
Really confused about calories, carbs, exercise and weight loss.?
is it bad if i keep feeling thirsty?
How concerned should I be about my grandfather developing adult-onset diabetes that require 2 insulin shots?
Why am I so dehydrated?
How bad can someone's A1C get?
If a male interacts with the Plan B pill, can he get sick?
what caused this to happen?
Pencil tip in my hand?
What does this lump on my neck mean?
Cancerous colon growth, should I be worried?
please help i don't know what this means?
is smoking k3 harmful to your health?
Thyroid question help needed?
recurring sprain, torn ligaments, stress fracture?
pain in the thumb when i extend my hand?
my neck feels swollen?
Why was I stabbed?? ?
I have crams.in my hands i have like a chaks .and in the libs to in my legs my hand?
Did I damage my right eardrum?
Help! Bee sting! What should I do?
should i drain the fluid out of a spider bite?
bad bite, please help!!!?
Do you ever feel the effects of mono ever again after it goes away? ?
What are the chances I could die from my Pancreatitis?
What foods are good for someone with mono?
Xray question. Help!?
Does bronchitis cause shallow breathing patterns?
My 5 year old daughter says she can not breathe after eating?
Did i just have a seizure attack?
Pain in back tooth after wisdom tooth removal?
I made a mistake & smoked weed, When will i feel normal again?
Why does my hand 'thump'?
Desire to hear joints crack?
How come getting ONE more hour of sleep, makes such a difference?
had no sleep but need to work out?
Awesome question about stool?
If you had been getting cold sores ever since you were a child, is that herpes?
If you slept with someone six months ago and they gave you an std...?
What's wrong with my sister's eyes?
Advantages And Dis-Advantages Of Using Glasses When Gaming For Several Hours?
supplements and exercises to grow taller?
how to get rid of depression?
My dad is really sick and no one knows what he has?
is it normal for a 12 year old girl to wear tampons?
What desserts to eat with a sore stomach?
What time do you think I should wake up in the mornings?
do i have cancer im having headches all the time?
Elderly On Morphine with cancer?
Does the symptom of coughing up blood appear to the Squamous cell lung cancer of 0.5 centimeter?
Leukemia Vs. Bone Cancer?
Does having one type of cancer increase your risk for another type?
Will a chest xray show cancer?
Was Susan Komen a liberal, is so why isn't she sharing the wealth with other cancer charaties?
OK look, if you have cancer.Can you survive fallout from an atomic bomb?
My back ALWAYS hurts. Help?
Head problems... Is it just a Migraine?
how do i get my left splits down im really close.?
I have a pain in the lower part of my back, right to the spine, not actually on the spine?
How to get take out my ear piercing?
How do you get water out of your inner ear?
what, besides vinegar and aloe, can help quickly ease a sunburn?
First Aid for fainting confusion?
My finger lost circulation for some time what will happen?
How to stop craving for chocolate?
Does juice fasting (detox) work for losing weight?
Is it true that the more you eat at one time the body wants to store it as fat?
I eat about 1000 calories a day. If i start eating around 1,600, how long will it take me to gain a pound?
How can you tell if you are too skinny?
Please help! I'm so frustrated!!?
i have pale skin and....? advice?
How to get rid of scars?
How to shave without getting razer burn?
stay home from school because i got poison ivy?
i have red dots all over my chest and arms whats are they?
My heartbeat is acting weird?
Why would you stop surgery for low blood pressure?
What is the average blood pressure for a 17 year old boy?
How fast does Magnesium citrate work?
Why did my dr, tell me to eat more salt?
Can kids die of a heart attack if they hit the griund in there sleep?
is there a herbal form of viagra that is sold at drug stores if not sold a stores where can i get it?
Does milk thistle really help your liver?
I'm a smoker with add, is I safe to take adderrall when I am not high? ?
does laxative clean urine for thc?
When can you tell if a tooth is loose enough to pull out?
orthodontic rubber bands question?
Deep self harm cut, what to do?
How injured is my knee?
Muscle question for muscle people?
A pulled muscle or fractured rib?
Tired and headache after knocked out?
I just drank bodywash by accident?
Help i swallowed a silly band ring!?
I drank 6 hours ago and got a bit drunk and i just took gentle laxatives (normacol),so is that fine?
can circuits cause cancer?!?
help me please asap...please?
Terrible headaches everyday!?
Pain in left upper rib cage ( Around there)?
morphine, oxycontin, hydromorphone?
My lower back hurts ridiculously bad?
How do YOU deal with chronic PAIN, 24/7?
Chronic neck and shoulder pain?
Bloodhshot eyes for a week and a half,yellowing?
Is this true about eyes?
Dyslexia? Please help!?
can i used AQUIFY multi-prupose solution with a different case?
What should I eat when I have diarrhea?
Why do I get the chills when I'm sick?
Why do i like to wear diapers?
I have many questions about medical marijuana cardholders?
Does stress cause hair to fall out, or just turn gray?
Is sleep necessary or will a nap be sufficient?
I don't have a job or go to school and my sleep schedule is messed up. What time should I go to bed & get up?
I really need to quit smoking..?
what is the best way to quit smoking.?
what would happen if i would delay my 2nd anti-rabies shot?
What Are Signs Of Mono?
Do I have strep throat or something else?
How do I find a Doctor to help me through Post-Polio Problems?
Have you had mono ? for how long ?
What if I took unprescribed vicodin?
What's wrong with me?do I need to take my appendix out)?
What injuries can occur as result of keyboard typing/mousing in an incorrect/uncomfortable position?
Is it ok to double/triple dose on Ponstan (Ponstal in the US) if the standard dose doesn't work?
One day my tailbone just started hurting...?
I like to hurt the soles of my feet. Why?
are orthotics in shoes uncomfortable? And is it a podiatrist who prescribes them?
im going to put my own stitches in but......?
i just burnt my hand and its blistering, i have to go to work in 1 hour.?
How come your ring finger is weaker than the rest?
Will u plz tell me how to minimize or remove stress level?
Does this look infected?
Finger swollen after removing splinter.....?
how many calories in a salad?
what can i do to loose weight?
im looking for a nutritionist to help me with a menu for hypoglycemia.?
Is starvation mode a myth?
how can i fit into a size 1 again?
Eggs, is it healthy if you...?
Can you take Protein Shakes when your Diabetic?
What benefits may a mother to be expect if she is well nourished?
I'm under weight?! Say Whatt?
a good birthday gift for a 36 year old woman with cancer?
Pressure under my collar bones?
why netherland has highest cancer rate ?
What effect does Coca Cola have on teeth?
just had oral surgery a few hours ago(4 stitches) can i drink alcohol tonight?
just had oral surgery 3 hours ago(4 stitches) can i drink alcohol tonight?
Is a gum disease or bleeding teeth contagious. For example kissing.?
Getting braces this month? Could I have info on it?
Do they bury people with their braces on?
How much does std tests cost?
Can you get HIV or STDs by kissing?
What city has the highest aids problem?
do men get rid of hpv too?
my upper lip is swollen/ got a little bigger?
What is needed in a first aid kit?
huge ingrown hair issue?
Scenario: A man dives into shallow water and is floating face down in the water..?
Are inexplicable chest pains common?
Was supposed to have left subclavian to carotid arterial by pass.?
Heart Condition – Shoveling Snow Poses Any Risk?
How do they transport a heart to be transplanted?
Was it an Anxiety attack or a Heart attack?
Heart Palpitations followed by dizziness.?
what does lung cacer look like?
Other than a veneer, are there any other procedures to alter tooth color?
My gums are all swelled up in the front?
braces, pronunciation and singing?
Does a root canal hurt badly?
my right hand has been numb for 2 hours and it wont go away?
is it true? colds and flus can't be cured by medicine?
question about my wisdom tooth?
How long does hydrocodone stay in your system?
What hurts more? Pain or emotional pain?
Is a broken leg stronger when it heals?
After getting your braces tightned and a couple weeks has passed does the braces still move your teeth?
How come people have raspy voices when they wake up?
What sickness is this?
How can I get a back bone?
when i bob my head side to side my right ear sounds like theres something going back and fourth? what is it?
Accidentally inhaled a lot of lighter gas?
how do you make gauged ears close faster?
can you tell me about bone graft surgery?
How To Get Rid of Cuts on My Wrist?
How to cut off your arm at home without it hurting?
Is it normal to get itchiness and discomfort while having cast on?
What diet plans should i follow? I have antral gastritis.?
Can someone explain epilepsy?
Do I have hypothyroidism ?
i hear 1 in 60 boys now have autism. does anyone know the autism rate of other countries,like europe?
Swollen glands for a long time?
How bad is 1-2 cigarettes a month?
Help! I burned myself and it stings SO BAD!?
my 3 yr old son got stung by a yellow jacket yesterday and now his arm is swollen and real warm what should i?
Why do you throw up when you have sunstroke?
After a successful resuscitation with AED, what steps should we take?
What are these types of bites?
Why does my throat feel clogged when I smoke?
I got food poisoning what should i do?
Doctors and the answer they gave?
very important serious health issues?
are there eyeglasses with leather temples ? are they cheaper ? are they any good ?
Why do my eyes change color?
my eyes are -5.5 in one and -4.75 in the other how bad is that?
Should i Take my glasses off ?
did eye drops cause this ...?
could I, can I eat something?
Is it normal to be in your 20s and not have health insurance?
popping chest pain on the LEFT SIDE? PLEASE HELP?
does omeprazole really work for acid reflux?
What plants are used in medicine?
Should I Keep Taking My SSRIs?
is it dangerous to breathe smoke?
anybody know what pills can make me eat?
What is everyones honest opinion on ProBiotics?
My mother might have stomach cancer. what am I to do?
Mom diagnosed with breast cancer..questions?
Mum has just been diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. what does this mean? and what is the outcome?
With dehibilitating and degenerative disease what are the stages of grief?
What percent of women that get breast cancer are obese?
Can you get Skin Cancer at 14?
I have just eaten. How long should I wait before I excercise?
have been working out for a while and aren't getting bigger?
whats the best way to get faster?
Is 1% milk okay????? Are dairy products with fat in it bad for you?
who thinks kim kardashian is fat?
Weight lifting routine 3 days a week?
Which eating disorder do i have?
What is Antiseptic? What does it do?
What percentage of heat is lost from the head to the cold ?
I have a giant second degree burn on my thigh?
is this a hemotoma on my arm?
How can I get rid of a huge blood blister?
Is diphenhydramine physically addictive?
Help with allergies to dogs?
Can You Get Back Pain From A Cold?
Why has my back been hurting?
im trying to ween off oxycodone 5-325.....?
Pain in back of head?
having hard time keeping my breath fresh!!?
How can I stop my jaw from locking?
How do I get rid of bad breath If I brush my teeth and use mouthwash every morning & During the day people?
what product on the market gives the best results for whiter teeth?
Does anyone know of low income dental help?
What are the best DIY ways to whiten teeth?
how do i get rid of this cough?
Will exercise reduce my asthma?
Tightness in my chest???????
Did i have a panic attack?
Feel as if I can't fully inflate right lung?
Blood clotting during donation?
Is it true you can clean your piercings with sea salt water?
Would this be really bad?
why does my vision go black everytime i stand up?
Why does my airway close up when I vomit?
Uncomfortable with the idea of being an organ donor?
Where can I buy tumeric?
How can you identify cancer cells from normal cells?
Why is cancer more common in older people?
Breast cancer in the family?
does the size of a cancerous lump matter?
Can i go to USF for Medicine and then transfer into Johns Hopkins Medicine in Washington D.C.?
What is locally advanced lung cancer?
can you drive with one eye?
If i marry an indian woman with hazel / green eyes what color would my clildren's eyes be?
Weird thing my eyes are doing?
What does this mean ?
Are there such a thing as eye color enhancing contacts? Can i buy them without a prescription?
any at-home remedies for an ingrown toenail?
help! i just burned my finger with a uv lamp and it stings and looks nasty what do i put on it?
What kind of bug bite does this sound like!?
What is good to make a steam burn quit burning? I burnt my hand taking some food out of the oven.?
What I can do in case of an inflammation of the airway?
Moaning when in pain?
Pain in lower left back side of head?
Popping cherry by being fingered?
What is the result of my friend takin three oxycodone, three mortin, six advil, and six tylanol pills in aroun?
If I caught a cold from my girlfriend, can it get worse if we rest in the same bed?
Regarding Triple Bypass Surgery.?
Do i have a stomach virus?
Why is a stomach virus so contagious?
went to hospital for nausea.?
what is the normal blood pressure and heart beat?
Dry Mouth and Throat?
Has anyone had the flu? My husband has had the flu for two days.?
could "Red Bull" cause a heart attack?
Sore throat for over two months. What could it be?
Do I have to have salt tablets or....?
questions about irregular heartbeats?
whats the best way to whiten your teeth?
Is the bite off on my crown or is something else wrong?
Heart problems. ? Help please ?
Dentist with needle phobia?
keep getting low blood pressure?? what to do, please help?????? :(?
Can penicillin vk give some sort of heart failure or malfunction i took half a 500 mg pill and my hearts weird?
Let me know what you think (Pictures included)?
Is it ok to eat some candy sometimes? i still have 17 pounds to lose....?
Going on holiday and need severe exercise! Pleaseeee helpp!! :)?
Will i gain? Im scared to get on my scale! (10 points)!!?
mom cut her finger...HELP?!?
I picked off part of my scab from my stitched finger should i worry too much about an infection?
How to bring down swelling?
Why does getting stung by a bee hurt so much?
Why is there so much spamming in this section?
i am getting so fat help?
How can I lose weight in less than two months?
How much weight does one typically lose on the Atkins diet, specifically, phase 1?
Im scared to get on scale after yesterday!! help please?!!?
Are my knees supposed to pop/hurt?
how can i cut myself without hurtting alot and without killing?
Son still has knee pain 1 year after MCL surgery?
why does the side of my tongue hurt?
Popping Knee..... Any Ideas?
how do i stop smoking?
can you take cough Medicine if your already taking amoxicillin?
Why do i get so cold?
what would cause numbness on the left side of the body?
Im worried about a friend :/?
What causes someone to look younger or older than their counted age?
how to cure myopia?do i have to wear specs for life long?
why did i get sick when i smoked?
Do I need glasses??first timer?
Why can't I see far away?Am I nearsighted?
Veteran contact wearer now having trouble with contacts. What's the best brand?
What causes/corrections exist for distorted shapes seen with progressive lenses?
Is herbal incense illegal now?
What do you guys think of this workout supplement website? I really need some input!? I?
Grow Taller Pills? Real?
what is the technique used in The Doctors show...?
what are some natural ways to get high?
Is QualityHealth.com a Scam? "Free Samples Offer"?
Is it possible to get an STD if you and your partner don't have one?
my 4 year old just got her shot and now its swelled and hot to the touch?
Earring hurts and is bleeding?
Is this reaction to a bee sting normal? help!?
splinter stuck in my hand for 6 years?
Did a scorpion sting me?
Problem with my clogged ear :/?
can i take cold meds if im on a antibiotic?
Chest pain? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
What does yellow/brownish/greyish phlegm mean with some blood?
Smoking weed and Cigarettes, how bad is it for?
Blood glouose leval ?
Lump inside of gum? What is it?
Teenage chest pain - what could it be?
fingers tips cracking and bleeding?
My ribs hurt when I run.?
Question about tooth extraction gaps and braces please help me!?
is there such thing as sympathy pain?
Had a tooth pulled two years ago and my gum is still sore what can i do?
Can I use listerine....?
Could my appendix be going to burst?
pain in knee any ideas?
Horrible heartburn and stomach gnawing please help.?
why do i have knee pain?
My hands were shaking uncontrollably in math class and now it's starting to shake again?
Is this a seizure or something else?
Unusual bleeding and long menstrual period?
im always tired and have no energy?
Non prescription sleep medication?
My friend misses school all the time because of diabetes. How can I help him?
What happens when sugar water frozed?
can you get diabetes from drinking diet soda?
which is better for me a sugar glider or bunny?
Could these be symptoms of diabetes?
Diabetes or anxiety? please help am scared?
The Pill And Breast Cancer?
when is breast cancer month?
Not eating to lose wieght?
How can I motivate myself to want to eat less? *anorexia*?
good diet and simple exercises?
Family Link? Can someone answer this for me?
how many women die from cervical cancer each year?
What is the ideal weight for a 5'3 girl?
Where can I find business that support the susan komen foundation?
how much muscle can you build in 12 weeks realistically?
I feel different, am I fat?
I want to gain weight..?
I ve bn treating an infection called staph A. its so persistent and stuborn for over 8yrs. ?
My gf has the flu how do u get rid of it?
How do I not catch a cold? Brother and Dad have same cold!?
i have a kidney infection and im on antibiotics and painkillers...?
Can I kiss someone who has had mono?
HOW TO MAKE A LIP SWELLING GO DOWN FAST ? I banged my lip on my sisters head :(?
how do u make the swelling go down?
What is wrong with my shoulder?
I Need Help With Ear Stretching.?
when i breath my breath goes in short bursts like when you cry?
Pain 2 months after galbladder surgery?
2 weeks with hoRrible headache?!?
Is it bad if I am 15 and I have horrible knee pains?
Im 15 and I all of a sudden feel dizzy and SO tirid?
How does conatct lenses feel First time?
Can I wear eye makeup with pink eye even if it's new?
How likely is it for a contact to slip?
The first appointment I can get for my eyedoctor is January 3rd...?
What can I do; hungry, but can't eat?
Why are my friends Nails grayish black?
what if your Ingrown toenail makes your big toe turn purple?
Can I get secondary medical insurance if im currently in a rehabilitation home?
Could this possibly be OCD?
I'm getting drug tested in a few days.?
PLEASE ANSWER i really need help with this?
Do bic ligheters have a flame adjuster swich?
my period won't stop! help!?
I have pretty bad pain in my ear when I bite down.?
how deep does a cut have to be to NEED stitches?
Should i brush my teeth or rinse after coffee?
when getting crowns placed on teeth?
I have missing laterals and went to get Implants. They stopped in the middle of surgery...?
Wisdom Teeth Coming In?
Can a dentist charge for writing a prescription?
what can i take for swollen gums?
Whats wrong with my mouth?
I'm self concious about my breath..?
Do retainers always have a silver line going across your teeth?
Lunesta® is causing death?
Heart palpitations-getting worse or...better?
weakness of legs,has diabetics,blood pressure and chf(once).any treatment?
history of the old day in 1400s thousands?
What is the cost of a heart stent?
I m suffering from heart disorder called sclerosis in aortic valve. How can i overcome this ?
What is wrong with me?
Why does my 2nd ear piercing still hurt?
Strange Cramps? Help?!! It Hurts?
If you have an allergy to something, do you have a reaction every single time?
am i allergic 2 hair dye?
I think Im allergic to my carpet?
What is lancing something?
How do you get a rock out of your foot?
I ripped my scab off too early :/ what should i do?
I got bitten by an ant on my finger foot and the next day i have this big transparent ball of water!?
will a spider bite you if you pick it up?
I cant get my ring off turning red and swollen?
I think I swallowed some wasp killer spray?
Is it possible to lose 100 pounds in 6 months?
What can I do to lose weight?
any recommendations for putting off weight FAST?
Is this an effective way to lose weight?
Am i in my weight range?
5'4 inches at 13 years old what will be her height at 20?
Do i have an eating disorder? am i fat?
FRUSTRATED! How can I lose my excess weight?
Perioral dermatitis best treatment for kids?
HELP!! how to get rid of dandruff?
does anyone else have an excessive sweating problem?
I'm ER+ PR- and HER2+, but been told I have Triple Negative breast cancer. How is that possible?
what could this possibly be?
what are my chances of getting lung cancer?
in what locations can you get lymph nodes?
Do you think the Research Groups would release a Cancer cure if they found it, or are too many people employed?
How to select a safe combination of vitamins?
Omeprazole & Alcohol?
Vicodin Robaxin and Marijuana?
is the lapband system safe and effective?
Would this make a good herbal tea?
i have a question about adderall?
How to make your skin very white naturally without bleach?
prevent spots from braces...?? 10 points:)?
How to get rid of severe cramps FAST!!!!!?
For the past 3 days I have had some type of pain under right ribs...even hurts when I inhale...?
I really want gauges (stretched ears)?
Should I go to the ER? Headache for 3 days and randomly lightheaded?
Why is yawning so contagious?
what does it mean when you have liquid comking out of the side of your eye & your throat is bleeding?
I think I have an ear infection, I can't sleep and I can't see a doctor for 30 hours or so.?
How do you detect a China made contact lens ?
My vision is 20 in one eye and 160 in the other. Is that a big difference?
Give Me A Reason Why Not To Use Glasses When Playing Very Long Hours Of Video Games/Work?
Where can i get good quality of Designer sunglasses?
Is it really bad to shower after a good, long hard full body massage?
What would be a reasonable time to go to sleep each night?
I want to grow at least 3 inches, how can I do this?
I Lost a lens in my glasses and am on medicaid I live in Illinois.. will they cover the cost for a new lens?
Does smelling gasoline really hurt your body?
i think i have constipation: what should i take for it to go away? (without using suppository)?
I haven't slept all night, what can I do to make myself alert for my exam at 9am!?
what to do if somebody gets tackled really hard (playing rugby)and cant move, lying on the ground?
Does stop drop and roll work?
How can I stop the whizzing in my ear?
Sudden numbness and now it's spreading?
did you know i cure snake and spider bites?
What Happens If You Eat Fire Ants?
Can nail polish cause cancer?
if you get rad on your neck but it goes up to where your hair starts will that hair grow back?
How much pink is to much pink when it comes to breast cance awareness?
Liver Cancer.. someone please give me some info?
Me and my friend are starting a fundraiser for Breast Cancer?
can a urinalysis detect leukemia?
I fall down on the sink so I have bad bruise under my eye now. What do I do to reduce it?
Question about MRI on my right ankle?
How to break foot?? Metatsarsal?
fixing a broken nose ?
Is this self injury? I don't think it is?
Does anyone know where i can get a specialised (or sports based) Hypermobility knee brace?
thinking about dieing,sometimes killing myself but I wont really do it cus I'm somewhat a religious person?
I am on zoloft?what should i do?
Why does xanax make me very irritable and angry?
whats your opion on add/adhd medication?
i'm so afraid of death- how do i distract myself?
gum vs mints, which works better for fresh breath?
can i get braces????
Help!! Wisdom tooth advice? I need some quick questions anwsered. Any and all help would be great!?
Weight Problem help plz?
have you lost pounds on the liquid diet?
Will I lose a size or so in a month with this?
Can a teen lose weight fast?
Stuck at a certain weight, need to get past it.?
Workout routine that i can do at home, no money for gym and lack of motivation!?
What's a fast way to... End it all?
Can sulphites in wine intensify the pain in my tennis elbow?
My left eye feels like theres something in it..?
stomach and back pains?
Everyday i wake up and something on my body is numb?
If radioactivity can cause cancer, do cancer radiation treatments radiate the people around the patients?
Do people still die of cancer? And more questions about cancer...?
Please help! Question about STD's?
Do I have lip cancer, how will I know?
How far can mutations go?
Shared razor can get HIV?
Not a joking ? it is real?
i need hpv help.............?
Medical Question : Why am i so ill?
I have 37.7 Celsius in the rectal thermometer (mercury), but i don't feel hot at all. is this normal?
How can i overcome depression?
I have baby blue eyes never had the chance to wear contact Lens due to my dry eyes is their any?
I need a way to relieve stress...?
Need help in Health questions.?
Are these contacts safe?
Why haven't I got used to this brand of contact lenses?
Eye question: In details?
Do you think I should go get examined for glasses?
my head is being all weirdd?
I am always low on energy. I feel weak. ?
What does it mean when people "crash" after pulling an all nighter?
Dizziness ?????????!!!?
A quick question about pulling an all-nighter?
Nurses, Do you have any tips on caring for confused patients?
would you use crazy glue?
Feeling tired and weak, and i drink a lot at night. HELP?
Should i see a doctor about my sunburn?
What does the acronym pressccrab stand for?
Can foam ear plugs get stuck in your ear canal?
pictures of cellulitis in leg?
15 mouth ulcers! This morning I had 13 and yesterday I had 6!?
what is this thing called?
How do u get HypoTension?
chest pains and shortness of breath?
I am having burning leg cramps. I am afraid it's vascular... can u tell me what it could be?
STOP AF, what is your opinion about this therapy?
can i switch from enalapril to losartan?
What should I do if my boyfriend is allergic to cats?
I keep having the sniffles because of my allergies. People always think I am sick and it isn't very attractive?
Allergic to cats and took in a stray?
Major pains in my neck spine and between my shoulder blades?
Troubles breathing; sharp pain?
Pain in my lower back?
Anything I can do to ease the pain of my ear infection for 5 more hours?
My bug bite hurts still after 2 days?
I have a small cut, is it infected?
What to do for a burn?
How long can it take for Local Anesthesia to wear off?
Do people about to die from liver/bone cancer sleep alot?
Symptoms of HPV vaccine?
Does Bulimia make you lose weight?
what liquids should i drink on a liquid diet?
Am i fat? do i need to diet?
How much weight can i lose on a liquid diet?
Can no white diet, and intense weight trainin g help you lose weight?
if you are nearsighted what would your power and bc be in contacts?
can goat eyes be fixed for man?
Acuvue for Astigmatism?
Contact lenses sterilizing help, to make contact lenses last longer?
what is the new zodiac sign?
Is it True That When You Take Extacy You get holes in your head ?
How do you meditate with out losing your breath?
Can any doctor or physician remove earwax?
My dad is sick? Help please?
Shavings effect on acne?
Wanking = Acne or No sleep = Acne?
How can I treat my very dry, flaky skin?
My skin is driving me crazy!!! HELP!?
Necklace is giving a rash?
How can I get rid of this really bad scar?
How to get to sleep every night when I go to sleep at irregular times?
Will I be in pain soon?
Is there any pain worse than stubbing your toe?
what causes sharp chest pains?
my shoulders ache and so does my head how do i give myself a shoulder rub?
i have been having chest pain and also the pain goes to my back what do u think? it this?
I keep getting sharp pains in my chest, help?
I have a bug bite but i don't know what kind of bug bit me; someone help?
what is used by a paramedic to awake a unconsiocous person?
is my finger infected n what should i do?
My daughter smashed her finger in the door?
what are the risk to your health if you stop taking a prescription before the end of your medicine?
Where can I buy 99% Resveratrol or Trans-Resveratrol powder in US?
What strain of cannabis is best for asthma?
Whats the best thing you have done when your high? Funniest? Weirdest? ?
I want to tell my parents i smoke weed, what is the best way to do so?
Is there a way i can make my breath never smell bad?
Is it possible for teeth to straigten them selfs?
how long will it take for my third tooth to come through?
Is a platelet count of 30 considered dangerous?
How can I stay hydrated during a stomach virus?
If we Get vaccinated once shouldn't we be Immune to the virus?
is it safe to take antibotics 9 hours in between eachother?
plz help me!!!!what helps you from not vomiting.?
Am I going to get the flu from my girlfriend?
stp dad hurt back at work. disc hittin nerve?
Headches everyday.. what could be wrong?
why do i get dizzy when i stand up?
how hard do you need to get hit on the adams apple for it to affect you and swell up?
Sudden left knee pain :(( ??
my wife and i been separated for 9 months. she found out that she has herpes can i have it?
Heavy heartbeat? Sleep Apnea?
Help!! Whats wrong with my chest?
What's the best way to get rid of a strep throat fast?
when is a cold a sinus infection?
Is severe back pain normal with bronchitis?
Had a severely cracked An discoloured Tongue, and strong smelling wee for same amount of time, is it related?
Is There Fluid In My Lungs?
My BP is 160/108 is it really a high and need madicine ?
Fulness on left side of chest?
Peripheral Resistance and blood pressure?
Can taking E once damage your heart?
Question about calorie intake and diet info.?
my height is 5'4 and my weight is 63. i want to reduce weight around 2-3 kgs please suggest me some tips.?
How much should my short term weight loss goal be?
Iam a boy 19yrs old i want to grow 5.11 (or) 5.10,now my height is 5.51/2,at the same time,i want to improve m?
Can I get toned in 4 months?
How can i burn fat quickly?
What is the best time of day to work out?
What is the exact amount of meat I should take?
Help with workout plan?
How to lose weight without losing curves?
I have a brother who has a cataract?
Is it true that your pupils dilate when you're looking at someone you love?
are cheap reading glasses from wal mart bad for your eyes?
Remedies for bee sting to relieve itching?
which insect are safe to bite in navel for extreme navel torture?
Stung by Yellow Jacket around nose and eyes, I think 3 of them, swelling is bad, what should I do?
I've accidently cut my little finger off can anyone advise me?
When should I stay home for a sunburn?
life insurance for friends father who doesn't take care of himself, how to talk to him?
I just took 4mg of xanax plus 10 or 12 30 mg DXM tablets close to the same time. Help?
pleaseeee help me? pretty please?
Backwards Schedule .... Please Help!?
What can I expect my first day as a CNA?
2,5h of sleep or no sleep at all?
How can I sleep with a stuffy nose?
So I can sleep easy...?
Does any one have any tips for quiting smoking?
I don't have health insurance, what's best for me?
is showering after exercise bad?
Question about shoulder pain?
Cause of constant lower back ache?
I think I pulled something in my leg?
Throat feels clogged up?
why are you more likely to get cancer as you get older?
How do I Ask My Grandmother to Stop Smoking?
I need help with an alzheimers patient please?
can plain stomach x-ray with no contrast show stomach cancer. PLEASE READ EVEYONE?
help! i overdosed....?
Is it possible to hurt the heart if pushing chest compressions in CPR too hard or too deep?
Does peppermint gum help with nausea?
First Aid question....?
will my permanent crown look better than my temporary one?
is biting normal for teens?
Would teen celebrities be scared or nervous at the dentist?
if my teeth fall out due to periodontitis, can i get a fake set just as nice?
Questions about cavity fillings. Please help!?
What's the best type of toothbrush is best for swollen gums?
Im 13 and having pains around thr area of the heart?
I've been having headaches every morning for the past 4 months?
Each time u swallow my spit it hurts my throat.could it be the weather?
teeht hurt for no reaosn? whats up?
how bad is my eye sight with these numbers from my contact lenses?
What is wrong with my eye?
There is something wrong with my eyes...?
Allergies or a cold, ten points?
If I make and appointment with an allergist, can I find out all my allergies?
Can you be allergic to pore strips?
How long would my friend live?
Does eating apples help gain weight?
Hhow to gain weight? ?
What kind of a diet do I need to go on to lose belly fat but not workout?
Are men less likely to get fat than women?
can you help me lose weight?
Should I exercise more?
Fat or not? Please help, I just want honest advice.?
Problem with bladder leakage?
Is it possible to get HIV symptoms 14 weeks after exposure?
how would you know if a person has HIV?
can blood work determine if you have an std?
I touched something on my ice maker and my hand stings, help?
Did something bite me?
I got stung by a bee today and it hurts and its swollen?
bleeding from nose without being hit, plss tell me y is it so..?
is there anything my auntie can do to help stop her from throwing up blood?
GIRLS: How would you rate my looks?
Can anyone tell the difference between a person who is brain injured and a person who is mentally ill?
what is the best time to take my amlodipine tablets (high blood pressure medication) morning or night?
Why do you become numb when you drunk?
HELP! questions about marijuana!!!?
i have a really big spine curve.?
Whats ur favorite place to be massaged :D?
Did they do an autopsy?
Why does my eye keep twitching?
i took 5 tylonals will i need ER help or just have to drink lots water?
what have i done to my knee?
What's the best way to help my heart?
What is asually done in getting a e.k.g done..?
I am male 40 years old 83.5 kilos my cholesterol is 233 ,Triglycerides is 107 LDL 168 ,AND 40 HDL please advis?
my lipid profile report-cholesterol-206, triglyceride-290,HDL-42 ,LDL-106,VLDL-58 please advise?
Am I a risk of dying at a young age from my chronic stress?
Why do the top of my eyes hurt?
Why am i always so tierd? please help?
Fluid on knee: Numbing skin without any needle pokes?
Pain in right side of neck, front, and weakness in right arm.?
What causes lower back pain and vomiting?
if the person knows all diseases and their prevention and treatment and causes what doctor is he?
What is hansens disease? Is it contagious?
how does the water we flush down the toilet is treated and eventually used again for drinking ?
i got my tonsils out thursday! can i drink tonight?
I think I have a tapeworm inside me?
Why won't my ear infection go away?
Should I go back to the urgent care center?
i had a benign tumor.?
Does Cancer cause you to re-examine your life?
Father (50) diagnosed brain cancer 2 years ago, daughter (16) diagnosed with brain tumor today .. related?
Bloodwork shows PSA of 11.1 today?
does marijuana cause cancer?
What does too many white blood cells in the liver mean?
Am i doing this right? diabetic carb counting?
I have diabetes am i deploy able?
Whats a normal blood sugar?
What About Hypos And Calories?
I'm 15 years old and my there is a very faint tingling sensation in my face. Diabetes? MS? Im scared?
Can a diabetic be a surgeon?
Can non excessive sugar intake still lead to weight gain?
Help do I have diabeties??
help please, ear problem!?
I got burned what will i do ?
What can I put on my 3 month old baby's mosquito bites?
I got a TB shot yesterday at around 4, now its red and it looks like a mosquito bite,?
I cut my hand really bad the other day and lost blood....maybe 1/4 cup. Should I be concerned?
what are good available products for dry and damaged skin ?
chest acne help!?!? please?
What skin products like wash and acne fighting stuff should I use?
i'm itching all over my body?
Are there any foods that have been proven to boost the immune system?
How do you treat lice without the medical foam thing ?
Is it true that milk can help Control, or cure a sudden allergic reaction to sea food?
About to give up with contacts =[?
One of my eyes is red?
Eye Color from your parents?
braces of tomorrow...nervous...how to keep from crying?
How long to dental implants take to heal?
Do wisdom teeth hurt when there growing in? (Please Answer)?
my wisdom tooth is leaving a gross taste in mouth?
Does my Insurance cover my braces?
Gagging issue when brushing teeth?
14, And my adult teeth are loose!?!?
Constant pain after filling 2 weeks ago?
How much should a 5'7, 15 year old girl weigh?
Im 6'2 250 lbs, should i use monster mass protein?
Question about diet and fitness?
I need motivation I feel I'm not losing weight?
Working out and Protein Substances Please HELP!?
Afraid that my friend is bulimic, don't know what to do?
What should I do to avoid eating?
What is the perfect diet while doing the Insanity workout?
What should I weigh???????????????
Who has the highest rate of skin cancer?
Why doesn't anyone believe that Hemp Oil can cure cancer?
what can you do to make a bowel obstruction go away so you dont have to get surgery?
what are scientists and doctors doing to combat breast cancer?
I am really afraid that it might be cancer?
Why does breat cancer get more publicity than other cancer?
Please help... Does anybody know of any remedies to help with...?
Migrains help ~!!!!!!?
Is this lead poisoning? help!?
Reduce severe bee sting swelling?
How do I get to sleep when I'm afraid to?
Some strange thoughts that I've been thinking?
Sleeping problems :/?
My parents know about my eating disorder..?
I have a problem and I'm not sure what it is?
is this inapropiatte?
Wellbutrin experience and depression?
did anything serious happen to my leg?
how increase the panis?
Should I force my self to puke?
Vicodin making me twitch?
Broken Tailbone...maybe>?
Why am I dizzy when I stand?
how long will it take for pot to leave my system?
Is pharmacy a good career?
Is it ok to take meds perscibed in 2003?
are there lymph nodes in the front of your neck?
my foots been asleep for 30 hours is this bad?
my leg hair is falling out?
What should i know before smoking weed for the first time?
Do you yawn in your sleep?
How to wake up and not go back to sleep?
Blood pressure concerns?
I think I have insomnia? Well do I?
do i have a mental ilness & if so which one?
It seems like I've lost my appitie. ?
my 8 yr old son Is size of 12 yr old and hobble like an old person due to pain should I be concerned, why?
Does she have lice or is it just dandruff?
what are genteral warts?
Self cutting.. Cleaning?
i got bitten by something and now its swollen and takcy?
I went to the doctor for an mri so i can play basketball for my school can someone translate what this means?
How do I get my radiation levels tested? And do you think I'm at a risk for cancer?
How long does she have? (Cancer)?
What is wrong with my throat and nose?
How to tell if your nose is broke?
Donating Blood with Kaiser and Red Cross?
when you get surgery, lots of times they put drains in you so fluid can come out. what makes the fluid happen?
ive been using the sunbeds?
My finger is hurting?
What did I do to my wrist?
How can i break my ankle?
How much does a arm fracture surgery cost?
is my ankle sprained ?
Going to school with a broken leg? can you give me tips?
Wrist pain, is this normal?
Left chest pain above breast.?