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Pains on left side of my body near top of ribs?
athletes foot wont go away?
is having asperges a terrible thing to have?
What dogs and cats are the best to have if you have severe allergies to them?
if Im lactose intolerant will it be ok if I drink two percent milk?
Severe pain in back of throat??????????
how many fingers do people have?
Curious if anyone has the dizzyness issue I have?
tall short or average?
Can i remove the steri strips?
When your hands get really cold, will it hurt them to stick them under warm water?
Why do I pee so much?
Breast cancer.. Please help!!?
Do BlackBerry Curve 9300 give you cancer?
Can a skin cancer mole produce more moles that are nearby the cancerous mole, or no?
Does this sound serious? Swollen lymph node.?
Smoking is a form of Tourettes?
Is it possible my mum will get cancer?
Weight Issues,Please Help!?
How much do you think I weigh?
I have heard both negatives and positives about Soy milk,do you think it has heath benefits?
What does 34-24-33 (75-60-72) means? body measurements?
What do I do if my toddler gets stain remover in her eye?
How to get bruises to fade faster?
how to get inner ear unclogged?
10 points!!!! i accidentally put my bottle of vitamin c pills in the fridge are they still good?
How can I properly allow this cut to heal?
Should I clean some fluidy gooey stuff under my healing toenail that's partially ripped off?
What is wrong with me?
how do you treat an upset stomache?
What is Lymphatic Drainage Massage ?
Pot/blood test question help please.?
Im gonna smoke weed for the first time?
How to Unclog an ear?
What percent of Susan Komen's revenue goes to supporting men and children with breast cancers?
can leukemia be prevented?
Do you have cancer? if so please read discription i need help for a project?
Are there lymph nodes in your ribs? if so please tell the locations thanks?
Why cant sharks get cancer?
My dad has prostate cancer for 5 yrs, and the doctor ran tests and stated his PSA level is .08 should i be?
There is blood in my stool?
Is this just my Lymph Nodes reacting to a Virus? Please Answer I really need to know ASAP?
my hips and back hurt after i had my son?
HUGE headaches why? and how can i fix them?
I see a white spot and I have a headache?
My head hurts what should i do?
I have a sharp pain what can i be should i be concerned?
Extreme Couponing Help me Please?
headaches not sure what to do?
Do my teeth qualify for Invisalign?
i add some contacts in my contacts but why there is not any contacts in my contacts?
i have questions about contacts plz answer!?
Why does my eye color keep changing?
Are reading glasses and glasses for hyperopia different?
Do you have to wear glasses for a certain amount of time before contacts?
My boyfriend fingered me last weekend...HELP!?
Do you have to get stitches if you cut yourself really badly?
if you cut a pill in half because you only want to take half of it can it cut your throat on the way down?
What can I use in place of stitches for a bad cut?
what can happen if you don't get enough vitamin c?
How high do you have to be for your eyes to get red from marijuana?
Is it normal for a teen to be pigeon toed?
What happens back home if you die in Narnia?
how to stop body shaking?
What makes surgery "plastic"?
Any idea what's wrong with me?
Just stretched ear, infection..?
Can a hospital be held accountable if they turn away a person that comes to the ER?
any doctors or people with medical experience of medical knowledge please read and answer??!!?
please tell me this isnt true?
help mono ?!?!?!?! what can i do?
A Very Poor Appetite?
Fever won't go away help!!?
Is There Something Wrong With Me?
how many women a year survive from breast cancer?
april can you please answer me (brain cancer)?
my grand daddy passed away last night of cancer but he is still here but in spirit?
anyone have personal experience with ABVD Chemo therapy?
how often do cancer patients go to the hospital?
could a feeding tube contributed to a person death.?
Are you a non smoker and has never smoked?
What is the life expectancy with someone having Advanced stage of cirrhosis of the liver?
I feel dizzy, but like the room is shaking, not spinning. Why is this..?
How can i fix neck pain that goes into the shoulder blades?
I having so much headaches and don't know why? =///?
knee pain.. any doctors PLEASE ANSWER!!?
Ive been really dizzy ..Why?
Aweful Arm Pain!!!! Help?
Leg pain while lying down.?
I sprained my ankle what should I do?
My friend has a concussion that is getting worse by the day when it is supposed to be getting better?need help?
Is my wrist sprained? What can I do to heal it?
Confused about what will happen next... help?
How do I get my hands and feet to stop being ice cold?
Free, Online Websites or Self Esteem?
Whenever I learn something, I always forget it soon afterward. Please help.?
Is there something medically wrong with me?
Are There Foods/Herbs That Increase Serotonin?
can you treat depression, anxiety and rage with Valium?
is my boyfriend suicidal?
Debate between My boyfriend and I....Am I OCD?
Why do i feel like this?
where can i purchace rembrandt teeth whitener?
How much would 5 crowns and 2 fillings cost?
I have really crowded bottom teeth, and some minor crowding on my top teeth. Will invisalign work for me?
where can i buy oral b amosan?
Roch On My Toothbrush?!?
E cigs?????????????????????????
How can i get rid of a cough?
How can I help my husband deal with his mother's emphysema?
Uncontrolable sweating HELP ME !!!!?
I wake up every morning gagging like I am going to throw up?
how can I get a "bikini" body in just a few months?
Will i gain weight?!?
How much is an abs circle?
What should I do about my weight?
How to gain weight (read description)?
Good Yoga dvds for Beginners?
i am a 16 year old male im 5'7 and my Weight is 185lbs i want to join boxing but i have to be 135lbs?
I need to lose weight, I'm looking to drop 2 pant sizes.What should I eat? How long will it take?
to have tone muscles do you have loose weight first or be skinny?
cut will not stop bleeding?
Why do I get random cuts when I touch water?
mercury spill pls help!!?
What should I do about a salt and ice burn/frostbite?
about prostate cancer?
i just ate a whole bag of grapes got carried away:L but now my stomach feels weird?
I have a cold and i am super dizzy.?
UTI or Kidney Infection?
My dad smokes 2 packs of cigarettes a day in my house. How can i get the smell to stay out of my room while?
Red Bloody spot in eye?
Uhhh.... random eye twitch on my left eye...?
Contact Lens problem,(eye infection)?
Going to the eye doctor for the first time?
What chemical in your eyes helps you see in the dark?
taking Alcohol and Tylenol?
Why is my job causing me so much pain?
help me please i cant move my back?
I need counsling....?
My eyes are really hurting?
Can ECG's detect heart defects?
Should one take salt to rehydrate, even if they have high blood pressure?
have chest pain for 10 days already?
Something is wrong with my heart beat and my heat in general. Please help! D:?
My heart feels weird and cold ?
Heart attack/panic attack/acid reflux/ulcer ... vvhat is this?
Just cut my finger off?!?
Thumb injury, rehab it how?
What do I do if the nail of my big toe got lifted up and it's bleeding and swollen?
What is the first thing you do when you feel iradiated?
cancer patient giving up?
Brain aneurysm?....?.......?
Why are there not more questions about breast cancer awareness on here?
Can white blood cells kill cancer cell effectively?
Could my liver be damaged from taking 3000mg of APAP in 3 hours?
Do you get drug tested before a perscription for ADD?
Does anyone know anything about sleepwalking in adults? i'm really freaked!?
Does anyone else have a sort of internal “white noise” they can produce between their temples?
What would happen if someone took too much alcohol?
when i walk a lot i have bulging out foot veins is that normal i need a lot of answers please?
Will invisalign fix this?
why do i feel so tired ?
I feel like something is stuck up my nose?
Am i allergic to Benzoyl Peroxide?
Do you still continue to see your orthodontist after you have had your braces take off and have retainers?
How do I get rid of a runny nose?
Can I eat fries with braces?
How do i unstuff my nose?
Why does my throat get scratchy every night?
why do we get sore after working out?
neck hurts, with headaches and hands shake?
Deep shoulder pain when I incline bench press?
Back pain? help? also in chest...?
Right side abdominal pain, headache, dizziness?
Made Banana Pudding last night noticed small pieces of the plastic mixing bowl in the pudding.?
What could cause my heart to race at night and not fall asleep?
How do you find a gynaecologist in your area?
So i haven't slept in over 24 hours?
Does not getting enough sleep cause hair loss or thinning?
Do i have mono? pleaseee help!!?
Can a dog get rabies by getting a rabies vaccine?
I swallowed nail polish remover! Stomach burning?!?
I listen to music in the night in bed. Is that bad?
What should I do about a wound that wont heal?
what are some good ways to lose weight?
Is this healthy or what?
Question about STD's ... ?
How are refusal skill related to the prevention of stds?
What causes AIDS in males ?
what body shape is 34-26-35?
How many calories should I eat per day to lose weight?
Sore after stretching, what should I do?
Did I eat horrible today?
Is Emergen-C better than Gatorade for Diarrea?
Can you drink before taking Vicodin to get high?
Do Legal buds really get you high?
is there any natural herb,food or vitamin that can help ease anxity?
How to catch some ZZZZz's?
what to do for a bee sting?
My boyfriend punched me in the stomach?
how do you break a finger?
does getting snake bites in your lower lip hurt?
Sorry for the TMI, but...?
if i have Blepharitis is it ok if i still wear my contacts?
Black eye help :(???
How long do you have to leave your contacts in the solution to disinfect them?
I keep blinking my eyes very hard?
is there a big difference between -3.00 and -3.75 contacts?
I was whipping my hair back and forth and now have neck pain?
My apendix hurts???? Please help?
why is my back so sore after a lumbar injection?
My right ear is clogged please help!!?
What specific Doctor do you go to for Chronic neck and shoulder pain?
Intense pain on the right side of my head and eye?
Do u ever like forget to breath?
Any dental hygienist out there with information about the program/job ect?
What should I eat after getting my wisdom teeth r removed?
how do can I get white teeth!?!?
Iim hurt pls help i cut myself?
what is immunoglobulin?
what are the differences between steroids and chemo ?
My husband has cirrhosis end stage and now iswelling so bad I am concerned about CHF?
Can anyone give me the 5-year and 10-year survival rates for this type of cancer?
Does chips and french fries cause cancer?
My grandma has tumors on her brain...she's really sick and I want to do something sweet for her?
Doctors or Nurses preferably, stomach issues.?
i washed my cut with soap,and it burned very badly,should i proceed to washing it again?
Is this burn infected?
ibuprofen and nyquil overdose?
Is it dangerous if a kid swallowed contact lenses?
how do you remove a deep splinter that you cant see?
Can exercise worsen scoliosis ?
My bowel movement is such a big headache for me! Gosh, I really need HELP!!?
Could these be bed bug bites? Something else?
my lips are so chapped it hurts help?
Is it normal to fall asleep without noticing/remembering?
can doctors tell 3 weeks after a heart attack, and the sufferer can't use his right hand...?
I have high blood pressure and would like to know what would be a healthy amount of sodium a day?
an ASD defect to get repaired! help!!?
how bad is this blood pressure?
normal heart rate for a girl teen?
i eat air... i need help!?
If I went to California to go to college to grow medical marijuana do i get a licences to grow medically?
I really want to get a breast reduction but is it safe?
Marijuana and alcohol saliva test strips?
What are ways to have a strong immune system?
how do you get/what causes a bad trip on shrooms, lsd?
I'm sensitive to everything !?
best way to get skinny legs?
Yesterday I had numbness in my left arm, trouble with my vision and confussion...whats wrong with me?
How can I stop slouching?
What is the easiest way for me to loose weight?
im 5 foot 3in and 150 pounds?
How to loose weight on the upper half of your body?
My right ear feels funny?
Would eating only one meal a day (dinner) help me lose weight?
How to get rid of water retention?
How can i lose weight at my waist?
This is getting worse..home alone.. and worried :/?
My left arm has been numb for 5 days now- what's going on?
How bad does an industrial piercing hurt?
I need a solution for this problem?
What's worse, severe Conduct Disorder with psychopathic tendencies or Antisocial Personality Disorder?
Can you quit Zoloft after 5 weeks cold turkey?
Should I tell someone about my bulimic tendencies?
Does SAD (seasonal affective disorder) also affect one during the rainy days of summer?
after i brushed my teeth , there was blood ....?
Whitening my teeth and drinking pop?
Will my Retainer still fit? *10ptz*?
What colors should I get?
When you go to the docter and they put braces on you does it hurt???? and what if you got extra teeth in back?
How do I hide my sweat?
Is it okay to use Clean and Clear with Neutrogena?
How do you fade out acne scars?
Are you suppose to shave your arm hair?
What should I use instead for my cheek and forehead acne?
How to treat scabies?
i was diagnosed with a malignant villous type polyp, and upon searching, i found that the size, shape and type?
Diet Coke causing cancer?
Treatment for kidney stones?
Throwing up. Food or Virus?
Pain behind my left eye along with a headache?
How can I keep from getting the FLU from my friend? Tamiflu?
what is the best way to get rid of the scars from the lungs?
question about rabies prophylaxis?
What are the symptoms of Swine Flu - Novel H1N1?
Should I go to school if I have an ear infection?
MONO QUESTION: How long did/does it take until you weren't contagious anymore?
My Chest Hurts and Arms are Numb?
what is this lump on my tailbone?
Ways to keep your toes warm..?
Severe Chronic Back Pain?
How can I get rid of this knot in my arm?
Sharp pain when I breathe?
Wound on top of foot?
I have just been bitten by a black widow, can I...?
How much does an ambulance ride cost? and More..?
Why do my contacts burn so much?
Is there a daily pill you can take for herpes type 1?
what actually happening to me?
What can cause one eye to look in a different direction to the other?
Ceramic braces with color elastics?
How do I pull my own back jaw tooth myself? can't afford for a dentist. most of it broke aready?
dental crown has fallen out?
Palatal expander, urgent question please !!!?
is there a way to prevent braces getting caught on wound inside lip?
How do you drop part medicare part b?
what is a level 5 emergency room visit,?
Diabetic food question..?
diet for heriditary hemochromatosis?
Diabetic neuropathy and chronic plantar fascitis?
Is this really a sign that I'm not diabetic?
Is there any branch of the military that will accept a diabetic?
How Long Does THC Stay in Your System?
Doctor Opinion Advice?
Why does my ear make noises?
I feel dizzy and overly tired.?
Please help me its very urgent!?
If I sleep next to my charging cellphone will I get brain problems?
i have a bad cold and need it gone quick!?
Could it be hypothyrodism?
How can i grow taller fast and naturally as well?
does marijuana smoke damage the cilia as much as cigarettes?
HELP getting drug tested.?
can you bruise the inside of your thraot?
If i wet the bed at 13 every night should i buy nappies?
i wet the bed last night and i have been wetting the bed lots recently and im 13 why is this happening now?
What is a good, cheap over-the-counter allergy drug that's non-drowsy?
I am allergic to local anesthetics and was told by my allergy doctor he is unsure what i can use?
Im Allergic to Milk? What Can I Eat/Drink?
How Many Pounds Should I Be Losing A Week?
Easiest/fastest way to prepare food for bodybuilding.?
Have I eaten too much today?
how many calories should i eat?
10 stone 9 pounds and 5 ft 1, am I fat?
Is this normal that this happened?
Do you have any ideas how I can swallow 1/2 a Centrum vitamin easier?
What would be the best weight gainer/muscle builder?
I eat a lot and stay skinny?
do girls like this type of body?
What is the best over the counter drug for toning abs?
essential tremor, does anyone know of a cure or control without prescribed medications?
Are daily vitamins for 50+ ok for me?
natural cure tinnitus anybody knows how to cures naturally ?
Wierd experiance while smokeing pot?
is it ok that doing sit ups hurt?
Is my heartburn going to go away?
What should I do to make my arm hurt less?
My tailbone hurts, HELP!?
I'm not sure what's wrong with my ear?
Need help with adult daughter on pain meds?
why do I get headache almost everyday?
Stretched Area? I have been scratching my area at night and stuff because my Vulvas are stretched out.?
can you pour hydrogen peroxide in the ear to get something out?
Is this a brown recluse bite?
I hurt my ankle.. What do I do?
Is it normal for a cut on my ankle i got from shaving to be itchy?
Ok what is up with my foot??Seriously need some help guys!!?
questions about ankle reconstructive surgery? please answerr! 5 stars!?
questions about heart attacks on tv?
Can I drink alcohol and smoke marijuana with the heart condition "SVT"?
I'm in pretty good shape, why is my heart rate high?
How does cholesterol medicine work?
i carry your heart with me?
can cancer make you get a panic atack?
Why when my teeth are dirty there is no pain but when they are clean the pain starts?
I have extreme gum pain on my lower left jaw behind my last tooth?
Are less people smoking?
do you have to take antibiotics for pneumonia?
Is my humidifier making me sick?
Any home remedies for pink eye?
My face got wind burn, what could I use to replenish it?
What are these red little dots, and when will they heal?
How to cure swollen lip?
how long can a person choke on food before they pass out or die?
If you pee for someone for a drug test can they trace that you peed and not the actual person being tested?
12 year old, MAJOR back pain! help? Havent done anything to ruin it by the way?
Any remedies for eye strain?
knees hurt during exercise?
is there any easy way to get to sleep?
Bladder infection, severe left side pain?
Is there an explanation for this?
My right eye has been twitching for two days now?
Belly twitching? Answer please?
My stomach hurts really bad?
Why would an adult pee in their sleep?
Background action music seem to be over powering.?
If I itch my nose too much will it fall off like michael jackson's ?
Does AFLAC Cover Claims for HIV patient under Sickness Plan?
How long should you wait to go to the doctor with a 101.9 deg. temp?
Getting the stomach flu ?
What could be causing me so many illnesses?
What is a uti(urinary tract infection)?
Can a person suffer from 12 different serious mental disorders all at once?
do you believe in anti depressants?
Is it bad that i can see my ribs easily?
Please help! My friend has a temperature of 101.6! Does she need to go to the ER?
my headaches are getting VERY bad and impacting my life ?>?
how to treat a rook piercing infection?
how do you stop diarrhea?
Do you think Cell Phones and Wireless Phones cause cancer?
what state has the highest cancer rate?
What are six risk factors for cancer?
what are ethical issues of misdiagnoses of breast cancer?
Does donating plasma feel any different than donating blood?
Bee Sting !!!!!!11111111111111111?
Taking Out Stitches by Myself?
How do i know if my finger is interal bleeding? HURRY PLEASE HELP?
the nastiest thing just happened to me .?
Why does the bottom of my nose hurt when I touch it?
I Need some ear gauging advice !?
I want cavitys ?????!!!!????? ?
Help!? I got removable braces yesterday morning and now my teeth hurt so much, how can I relieve the pain?
Braces QuestionS? (Help!)?
i dont floss because...?
would the doctors tell you if you had a lazy eye?
my eye twitching help me?
how to get rid of a headache?
I think i might have broken my tailbone?
Stomach feels weird, as if I did a billion sit-ups?
pain in lower left abdomen and retum?
any good ways to relief pent up anger?
Suggestions for Name of Massage Therapy Business!!!?
How do i properly use 100% CFM Whey Protein Isolate?
My shoulder is hurting whyyyyy? 10 points best answer?
I got a black eye, how can I hide it from my mom?
how can you tell if a bone is Broken?
Is it legal to order modafinil online without a prescription?
Ankle sprain and pain in foot?
Is it safe for a 17 year old to use slendertone abs ?
How do you get rid of a bruise?
Hit my head very heard 4 days ago, still having terrible headaches.?
my friend has scars on his back worried for him?
what are the basic ingredients used to make gatorade?
How to cure my sore throat?
How many calories are in broccoli?
I'm going on a "diet" starting in the summer.?
Weight Loss Beginner?
what makes you body be allergic to some things?
Is it possible that a meat allergy/intolerance can cause concentration problems?
Is it possible to be allergic to all meats?
Am I intolerant to eggs?
am i sick or do i have allergies?
How can I lower my cholesterol?
can high cholesterol cause liver damage?
WHY does alcohol cause an increased heart rate?
what is a normal heart rate while exercising?
is there anyone on here who know how to read a Heart EKG or EEG results i posted the pic below in a link see?
What is the reason for a heart echo to be done?
atrial fibulation or anxiety and skipped beats?
i held my nose while sneezing and my ear popped what helps my ear unpop?
How to treat a minor burn?
What are some natural remedies to heal tounge/mouth/throat ulcers?
Ingrown toenail?! HELP ME OUT, PLEASE?
i feel my lymph nodes?
how long can someone live with breast cancer that has spread to the lungs and spine and lymphnodes?
What percent of what susan komen charity goes towards research?
I have breast cancer stage 2 my grandmother had breast cancer same breast on my dads side of the f?
What is the best remedy to rid hickups?? Not holding your breath or the water trick, nothing is working!!!?
Is it worrying that I clean at night?
Whats an easy way to fall asleep?
hungry almost every hour?
Is it possible to correct your misaligned bite without having braces?
which color braces should i get?
What part of the brain registers pain?
Just had surgery and just noticed a lump...it it serious? help :-)?
Inner Ear pain question?
I'm 19 and have a problem with (norcos) hydrocodone abuse. please help?
8 days too long for a headache?
What is Tylenol made of?
Why does the FDA keep saying we need at least 1,000 mg of calcium everyday when the rest of world doesn't even?
I'm 5"3 and 12, do you think I will grow 2 more inches?
what is it called when i...?
What do people have against shrooms?
what was my weed laced with?
why am I ALWAYS tired?!?
how 2 stop eye twitching?
What is wrong with my glasses?
question about Pupillary distance measurement?
why do i keep thinking still images are moving?
where can i get cpr certified in los angeles?
I Just Got Electricuted?
I accidently put nail polish in my mouth! what should I do?
How can I prevent blisters on my feet when I go walking?
So confusing. Can you guess?
How Much Much Blood Needs To Be Taken To Contract HIV?
How do i stay comfortable in a leg cast?
To help heal a sore throat, how many times a day do i gurgle salt water?
Severe back pain, due to a car accident almost 5 years ago...?
I think I tore something in my leg?
Is it possible to have lupus arthritis without systemic lupus disease?
Saw someone at a hospital...?
Chest pain for more than 8 hours?
How come I can move my pinky toes?
I'm 12 years old and what is this?
I'm sick, please help?
Can A pack give you lung cancer?
How many people died of pancreatic cancer each year?
Can you develop Endometrial Cancer randomly?
My ***** is 13 years old & suferring from breast tumors what to do?
Breast cancer staging according TNM?
what are the symptoms of bowel cancer?
why do cancer cells form?
100 bpm resting heart rate?
If I eat more healthy food than I ate of unhealthy, will I gain weight?
should i go on an all lettuce diet?
how to maintain a small waist?
Is this a healthy diet to lose weight?
Based on my measurements and height/weight what is my body shape?
Will Braces Fix This? Please Answer. 10 points.?
At home teeth-whitener; What brand do you use, how does it work?
My 12 yr old female maltese cannot tolerate anesthesia. Is there another painfree tooth removal method?
What happens if you bite your own teeth really hard?
why do all of my teeth hurt?
what is cowpox, the sickness?
Getting the shakes from marijuana 4 days after.?
what is the best medication for fever with chilled?
Stitches itch. It's been a few months since they came out.?
My friend just bet me 100$ to smoke a poison ivy joint, should I do it?
What should I name my severed foot?
Does it hurt when the doctor removes stud earrings when they are stuck in earlobe(do they numb it)?
How To Get Rid Of A Busted Lip In 24hrs.?
what to do for a bee sting?
Can depression make you not want to be in a relationship?
Becoming a psychiatric nurse.?
Physiologically, what makes people cringe when they hear fingernails on a blackboard?
Message for Jack, because I can't contact you?
if i take anti depressants will i have to take them forever?
social anxiety and highschool?
i want to be an x-ray tech. please read description?
CNA...What toe expect during clinical?
I need some tips for a good night sleep!!?
Is there anything wrong with sleeping a lot like 10+hours a night?
How do I get up in the mornings? Anyone know any tricks?
spina bifida occulta and dextroscoliosis?
Jaw dislocates and locks- help?
Would my tooth be damaged?
How can I tell if I have astigmatism?
Is it common for a doctor to give a smaller prescription than needed for glasses the first time for a child?
How much are polycarbonate lenses or hi-index?
what the different between being near-sided and far-sided?
how come im nervous about something but then i eat a mint cough drop and im fine?
Losing vision and cant breathe help?
left side of chest were heart is hurts?
How do I stop snoring?
how to cure youre hiccups?
i have bronchitis, i took the antibiotics but still have chest pain and cough up green phlegm?
Flu Question?? Help me please :(?
How do I deal with confusion taking Oxycode?
Does skateboarding on Ecstasy bad?
should i take my earrings out now? they kinda hurt?
So, what's a non-painful way to die?
will "Acidophilus Pearls"?
I smoked weed 25 days ago and need to pass a drug test...help?!!?!?
do you use medical marijuana?
Can I take the plastic off of the capsules and just swallow the powder?
Is it safe to use robitussin recreationally?
is pepto bismal a diuretic?
what are peptide hormones?
What's the Diffrence between type 1 and type 2 Diabetes ?
Chewable Niacin vitamins?
Is 4 ( 60 ) points too high of a spike for 1 and 2 hours after eating?
is coffee good or bad for insulin resistance?
Can extreme moodiness & irritability be a symptom of a blood sugar issue?
What diseases have the same symptoms of diabetes?
i have 2 2.7 cm thyroid nodules on my thyroid and 1 more that is a little smaller, should i worry?
Do i have throat cancer?
what are some ways to help quit smoking?
Do i have just a cold?
What sites to watch free online satellite tv?
What can I use to open an abscess in mouth?
How to get rid of yellow teeth?
How to get rid of yellow teeth and get white teeth?
my tooth hurts super bad?
400 dollars for crown on top left back molar? expensive?
can i pull my tooth it is a bad cavity?
Is this a heart problem? Do you know what this could be?
cold medicine for people that have high blood pressure?
What's wrong with my heart?
what is cortisol test?
my heart keeps beating fast suddenly with a shortness of breath and feels like my windpipe is closed.?
My total cholesterol level is 5.9 mmol/l, HDL is 1.61 mmol/l and LDL is 4.06 mm0l/l. Should I be alarmed?
What do you think is the perfect BMI?
How can you loose weight? (read description)?
I have 81 days to lose weight.?
steady cardio AND interval training on alternate days for fat loss?
oblique exercises for men?
Soo... I need some help...?
im wondering if im anorexic?
How do i loose the fat on my thighs?!?!?
Need to loose thirty pounds before summer, any exercises I can do at home?
My fiancees finger nail split across half way down her nail?
did i care for my burn in the correct way?
Why is it now in the U.S.A they don't have 2 rescue breaths when doing CPR?
How to disinfect threaded bracelets that cause rashes?
Can I take shower cause of my piercing ?
what are some good soaps for itchy dry skin?
Is chapstick addictive?
Can you get AIDS by giving oral?
how do you know if you have herpes?
Could this be serious a 38yo male has a tumour on his pancreas?
Can Leukemia just disappear?
How long do stage 4 lung cancer patients usually survive?
Have I got a Bladder Infection, Bladder Cancer or What?
What is a Tumor in your body?
where can i find a good doctor of urologist here in sharjah?
Continuous eyelid twitch?
Feel really ill. What could this be?
How long does it take Cipro antibiotics to start taking effect on a UTI (bladder infection)?
Can you still get swine flu once you've had the vaccine/jab?
my throat hurts and feels swollen?
Cant sleep without weed?
Do your eyes get much worse through teen years?
Have you had surgery to correct your Astigmatism?
Surgery yesterday.. stiches are coming loose?
My 3 year old got icy hot in his eye what should i do?
TORICCCCCCCCCC circle lenses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
No other symptoms, is this doctor visit worthy?
can a sty cause a black eye?
Arteries are large vessels that carry blood is that true or false?
How to catch a cold from a family member?
Can a dog break my thumb by biting it?
How do you stop severe bleeding?
My ingrown fingernail is swelling up. What should I do?
acetaminophen how many would you have to take to commit sucide?
I dropped a heavy piece of furniture on my foot and ever since my toes in that foot go numb?
Have a difficult Dislocated Rib and Scoliosis and get Intense pain from Sneeze and Coughs, what to do?
My foot hurts when I walk/stand up/etc?[10 POINTS!]?
My eyes hurt after having a headache :( WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME O.O?
I have cramps in my legs, please help?
If I get my two front tooth pulled out when will i have new tooth?
Does a rotten baby tooth effect the growth of an adult tooth that would grow in its spot.?
Can I use Crest Whitestrips after brushing my teeth?
swollen and itchy glands in neck?
nose bleed that wont stop?
Why do my eyes get swollen every couple of days?
If you have an allergy or intolerance to milk, what can you have instead?
Fever/Dry Cough/Throat is itchy?! (20 chars)?
How Can I Calm Down a Cold?
Names for stress relieving shoes?
Why is it that when I "sleep in", I actually feel more tired during the day?
Help, what's wrong with me?
i think i have a tyroid problem?
I have been smoking weed for 1 year and i have not greened yet. Have i done any damage to my body?
How much danger is there in accidentally swallowing hydrogen peroxide?
What's wrong wit my thumb? 10 points to the best answer!!!!!!?
I have a rotary cuff injury, been about 3 or 4 months. Don't know what to do!?
how to make Torn ligaments in your legs or hands ?
Is Pancreatic Cancer cureable?
what does breast cancer look like?
Why is Breast Cancer awareness more important than any other kind of cancer awareness?
What are signs of Bone Cancer?
explain my mothers cancer 2 me! please listen?
Do I have a brain tumor?
what is the best home remedy for wasp sting?
Do you remove your stitches?
What Is Wrong With My Knee?
Reoccurring Pain Where Head Meets Neck?
Burning Chest pain, high heart rate, the cause?
Getting headache daily Heavily?
How to relieve swimmers ear pain? ?
My Arm Has Been Numb For Awhile?
Help Heart palpitations....whats going on with me?
is it normal for the heart to beat slightly harder when you stand up after sitting down for a long time?
How can you tell if you have heart problems?
heart murmur and teeth pain...is it related?
Blood pressure of 120-84?
10 heart healthy foods...?
Percocet for wisdom teeth extraction?
What does gum disease do?? Can dentists stop it before its too late? PLEASE answer all....?
Is it a fake teeth or fillings? See picture?
Is it ok to use mouth wash every night after you floss and brush your teeth?
Insurance won't cover orthodontic treatment past 19, severe crowding, what can I do?
Jaw Hurts & dentist can't seem to find the problem.?
Am I legally blind? Contact prescription inside?
If your optician tells you you only need glasses for reading and using the computer, are you long sighted?
My left eye wont move all the way when i look to the right. Whats going on?
does anybody know about leukemia?
Which hurts more? Getting your ears pierced or getting stitches on your ear?
I get dehydrated really easily?
Spider bites need help?
is cutting your legs dangerous?
Why do knees hurt so bad when its cold ?
Lower thighs are killing me. Help!!?
The best pillow for my neck ?
why is my pinky numbbb?
Why am i not sore after lifting weights?
I normally obsess over weight, but on days when i eat whatever i want i feel fat. Help?
how to gain more muscle?
What is the best way to lose weight off my stomach?
What to eat to lose fat fast?
Am I fat? Please help!?
How can I maximise my fat loss?
Could this be the onset of an eating disorder? Or am I overreacting?
Shouldn't ecstasy be legal?
Help. Has anyone used ultra Kleans ultra cleanse shampoo and passed a hair folicle test?
Should I be a maximized living chiropractor?
how to keep the medical office safe?
Are shrooms chemically addictive or unhealthy?
How can I delay my Growth Plates from Closing any further Please Help?
what does it mean when you pop your knee?
is 79.45 a bad Temperature ?
Swelling after insect bite?
anyone know about first aid?
are diseases contagious? 10 points best answer?
What is okay to eat with a fever?
I can't get the taste of lubricant out of my mouth, is it harmful to ingest?
How do you get rid of Bieber fever?
Do I have an ulcer! D:?
Can one dip cause cancer?
my boyfriends has cancer and has surgery tomorrow :(?
Hypothetically, can trauma to the head cause death if you already have a brain tumor?
Will my doctor tell my mom i am smoking marijuana when she sees it in my blood?
If I had cancer would i get this?
Is being post-menopausal a risk factor for getting breast cancer?
What could be causing these symptoms in a 20 y/o girl *NEURO* (numbness, tingling, weakness, twitching, more)?
swallowed alot listerine 10 points!!!?
What to eat in Winter to stay warm?
why is my scalp so sore?
How long can a person's body survive without sleep?
What happens in a hospital during a natural disaster?
Question about tinnitus?
Just about every time i brush my teeth, i gag, i gag cough and almost vomit...how can i prevent this?
Food stuck in tooth socket!?
I have a VERY VERY VERY loose tooth. Can it fall out when I'm sleeping and can I choke on it?
Are there any websites that will virtually remove braces off a pic of yourself?
How much would clear step cost for only the top row?
I have pain in shoulder blade,down the arm into hand w/numbness&tingling.Could this be from cervical discs?
What is wrong with my right hand?
small lump on the back of my neck/hairline?
I run in PE and my upper teeth hurt?
Inside my bottom lip is kinda rough and stings a bit like little cuts maybe from chewing tobbacco.?
Can i take some Aleve to help my ears stop clicking/crackling/pop when i swallow? Do i have a cold or what?
What can I do about "floaters" in my eye vision?
1800-CONTACTS and Walmart?
What's the meaning on eyeglass frame?
How long does it take a sprained finger to heal?
how do i hide wrist cuts P.S i will never cut myself again!?
My tailbone hurts. HELP?
If I vomit in an eye patch and wear it for a month will my eye get infected?
How badly does it hurt to break your jaw? Is it possible to not realize it is broken for a while?
My stomach hurts :( ? x?
how can i make sure my wife doesnt get out of the mental hospital?
How can i get rid of my anger issues?
pants feeling tight even though loose?
Severe TBI...executive function difficulties...but my wife..?
Can you get a gun permit if you have a mental disorder like schizophrenia?
i feel so ashamed and guilty for the things i done...?
Lexapro....anyone tried it and how did you feel?
If I was diagnosed as bi-polar, would would happen to my future career prospects?
I think I overdosed on IBprophen?
How do I get this splinter out of my hand? It is in pretty deep, inflamed and had pus coming from it!?
how do i get rid of a small cut within two days ?
What do I need to do when I get my stitches out?
I workout 3 times a day and cant lose any weight. What am i doing wrong?
lose weight by exercising in the morning?
......am i fat? help!?
Is it possible to breakdown because of too much use of weed?
Why cant i breathe when i run?
is walking a mile a day good enough to lose weight?
ways i can lose weight fast?
When is a patient required to wear restraints?
hey, why am i so skinny?
Why Am I Sleepy and Tired in the mornings?
Which food are full of fiber?
what will happen to my stomack if i don't eat?
Can you smoke weed if you have a cancer or tumor?
Looking healthy with 3 months to live from cancer?
what do I expect to pay?? breast specialist surgeon?
My wife gets an energy boost from her chemo treatments for breast cancer.?
What is the connection between white blood cell count and cancer?
What arteries supply the myocardium?
Blood pressure 134/82?
Whe you get a head ache what makes your head ache like what happens does you brain get bigger?
What is making the back of my thigh hurt?
describe the flow of blood the the heart?
need help interpreting heart holter monitor reading?
how long does it take for garlic to help lower high blood pressure?
My ears are clicking/crackling/pop when i swallow.Does it have to do with when i had a previous ear infection?
HELP please. granda has high blood pressure!?
Please answer fast!!!!!!!!!!!!My ear hurts so bad.?
What to take to make my stomach feel better?
Is DEET insect repellent ok to use daily? Why do some people say it's so bad?
How do you get your face to stop swelling?
My legs turn red when I'm in the sun for about 5-10 minutes and it's not a sunburn. What is it?
I accidentally bit some of my tongue off(like a 2-3 taste bud), will it stop bleeding and grow back?
Is dental fillings acceptable in Islam? Does it prevent Ghusl Abdest? If yes or no, could you give me ayets?
Should I Get A Strawberry Retainer?
does it hurt getting braces off? Also do they take the glue off ur teeth that day..?
will i get my braces off soon?
how much does it cost to get your bracket fixed?
Jaw clicking when opening?
can a toddler be addicted to adults couch syrup?
Do you sleep longer the night after an all-nighter?
sore stomach and puking?
How do you stop constipation?
Arm and neck problem please need some answers help?
Do I have a chance of being any taller?
Why does my spine stick out when I bend over to touch my toes or something like that?
Would any one know the causes of an elevated sedrate?
what are high levels of yellow jaundice?
How long will food poisoning last?
I'm sick. What do I have? Symptoms in Detail Box?
I took a urianry tract infection test strip Doctor or NURSES advice pleasE?! im oonly 13?
high amylase levels in my blood test?
Can diabetics have honey?
Why would someone in excellent shape who has never been overweight develop adult-onset diabetes?
Muscles ache immediately after eating sugar and carbs?
which is more popular, type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes?
I am having trouble peeing...?
How long does it take for diabetes to start causing vision failure from its beginning?
An easy question about the eyes?
my foots realy cold, what does that mean????//??????
Humans producing fructose?
Bad neck cramp in the left side of my neck! Read details for more info plz !?
My 15 year old daughter has been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome.?
Can you survive this?
What caused my embarrassing episode this morning?
what is this lump on my freaking neck?
Headache after hitting nose?
circle lens/lenses (barbie eye)?
got pen ink in my eye?
Constant Headaches For A Month?
Should my sister go to the ER?
How can I make my throat stop hurting?
Where do diseases (like Cancer etc) come from? how did they come about?
Headache with pounding heart I can feel in my head?
Strep throat cure = Gatorade, frozen juice bars, Halls hard candy?
What is in ''JWH-FREE'' herbal smoking incense?
Where did you smoke pot for the first time?
What's a good medicine or treatment to cure migraine?
What is the best supplement to take to help a teenage male grow?
Effective flying ointment recipes?
How can I get my Right Ear to pop?
Something got into my foot but it suddenly disappeared?
Overdose on ferrous sulfate, HELP ME!?
research paper: interview questions on rheumatoid arthritis?
help with a sick relative :(?
When should I be concerned about oral cancer if I chew tobacco four times a day?
what is the time period between each stage in Hodgkin lymphoma?
Does Stress Make Cancer Worse?
i can barely work a hour a week,how do people work 80 hours a week?
Why is it so hard to go to sleep?
Abdominal Hernia and a few issues?
Question on possible low blood pressure.?
In CT, there you can be an emr, emt, or paramedic. Do i have to take the emr course first or go right to emt?
i don't like that he smokes pot?
I have ear pressure.?
How do people get a high off of hydrocodone(vicadin/lortab)?
Have neck pain on my left side?
Dizziness and muscle aches please help me?
My feet hurt because of the weather, what should i do?
really bad cramps. please answer?
Is it possible to crack a rib but towards my back not rib cage?
how can you keep your mind sharp?
I had a shoulder injury at work a month ago,I just got my MRI yesterday, the OH Dr. said torn ligament.?
I just got my tonsils out.!!?
Can second hand smoke cause bronchitis?
why cant i breathe going from hot to cold or cold to hot places?
Baby has bad cough, does it sound like a cold or more serious?
Help coughed up blood clot?
i have sleep apnea or do i?
Do I have a throat infection again?
Should I go all natural in the P90X program or drink a recovery/protien drink?
good dental insurance in louisiana?
If i did this for the next 2 months would i have a big upper body?
Braces close to gum!?!?
Is it true that the more you eat at one time the body wants to store it as fat?
What can I do to gain weight and fat?
whats the best tooth treatment or paste for whitening?
My two front teeth feel a little loose?
How do I stop eating because i am bord?
I was on a steroid called prednisone for months because i have lupus, and it made me gain a lot of weight?
What can i do/wear to make my legs appear thinner?
sick with flu after flu vaccine?
chest pains, heart racing, feeling faint all the time?
how would you know if you had angina?
I am 12 & do i have low blood pressure?
I want to fight all the time is there something wrong with me?
Can I get herpes from my sisters razor?!?
what would cause a drop in platelets from 272,000 to 142,000 in 1 month.?
Can I die from angina?
I am dating a new guy. How can I be sure he does not have herpes?
why do i and alot of people have type 1 herpes?
......ways to get high!!?
Hi amd 42 and Mp BP is 160/108 yesterday normally it is ranging from 140/90 to 150/100. This rise is risky ? o?
Blood pressure results?
Heart transplant???????
Giant mosquito bite! Help!!!!?
i have HORRIBLE acne! Help?
Lately my dealer hasn't been at the usual spot.?
what to do with sunburn?
Is Pedialite good for adults?
Is it okay to put neosporin on a sore on the inside of your lip?
Is it healthy to wash you face for acne 2 times a day..?
whats considered to be an open wound?
name the horomones the thyroid gland secretes and list the general functions of each?
Cancer runs in my family.?
does this a symptom of brain cancer please i need answer?
When cancer metastasizes, are you diagnosed with cancer again or just that it spread?
Do you think I will lose my hair when I go through Chemo?
_______ is not found in pancreatic secretions.?
How does your treatment work compared to what there is out there?
What kind of liquid food is good for those who got stomach cancer? Milk?
stem cells and stroke victims?
hairspray on plastic glasses?
Retinoblastoma... pictures... advice please.?
Dropped contacts in soap?
Can an inflamed optic nerve be missed by an optometrist?
is my eye color rare?
Lower left abdominal pain through to my back?
why does my knee hurt every time i run or play soccer?
Physical pain due to love loss?
10 year old sister in constant pain?
Would a urinalysis show a kidney infection?
Can you get Lyme disease from something other than a tick?
Is it normal to have congestion in your chest for 11 days?
what causes bacterial conjunctivitis?
White Pockets On My Throat?
What would you say is a good time for me to get up/sleep at daily?
What is a good name for a severed hand?
Large amounts of Blood in Stool?
What should I do for lump in ear piercing?
why do my teeth hurt?
What should I do?!?!?!?
if i sleep all day stay up all night?
my family doesn t really want anything to do with me cuz i m bipolar and not rich?
have you ever thought that maybe suicide IS the answer?
my ex gf is talking about suicide?
Chewing on tissues..?
Do I have anxiety or something else?
The right side of my head hurts?
how long will my cartilage piercing hurt for?
I want to die as my future is in complete dark.please sugest me the easy way to die with less pain and i want ?
What happens if you swallow wax?
why is my tailbone hurting a lot?
why is there so many TV advertizements about cancer and health issues?
I am 27 years old i have to wear depends because of a weak bladder , what can i do to make it not noticable ?
Chemotherapy (personal)?
Does this sound like breast cancer? ?
do more people survive or die from cancer?
What are the symptoms of brain cancer?
If someone is predisposed to getting cancer, does that mean that he or she will definitely get cancer someday?
Am I allergic to caffeine?
What do you call a person whose allergic to salt?
What should you put in your nose when it hurts from wiping it?
a few questions about smoking weed?
Where can I find information about first aid on burns?
Is this an allergic reaction?
lortab 10 mg is it one of the best?
how do i cure runny and stuffed nose?
What foods have the B vitamin in them?
How long will it take to lose 44 lbs??!?
what will happen if i do 500 sit ups a day?
How can I eat more food?
Is low-fat food really healthier?
How can I get more toned without getting bulky ... ?
How can I gain weight when my body burns calories and fast as I eat them?
Help!! :( What should I do if a squirrel bite me?
How come ems cut your clothes?
tips to relieve a bee sting?
i got a small mole removed last week and got the stitches removed yesterday. i woke with the incesion opened.?
How Often Do You Take A Dump?
Why do I keep getting scared for no reason?
How often do you shave your behind?
Why did I throw up beef stew after I left it on the counter?
What time do you think I should wake up in the mornings?
why am i so short? ):?
I feel sick like im giong to throw up?
If you have a retinal tear or detachment do you have all the symptoms or just one or so?'?
I have distinct yellow coronas around my pupils, what does this mean?
If you go to an optometrist and happen to have a retinal tear or worse could they find it?
What would happen if your eye was only a pupil?
somethings like in my eye and i can't get it out!?
cataracts symptoms and surgery?
what could this dental problem be?
My teeth hurt in the morning/ they feel weird?
Dental Care for Tha Broke Az ****?
Is 52 to Low for diastolic pressure?
Possible heart problem? 17? I don't know what to do?
Erratic heart rate? ?
My boyfriend has some kind of heart problem.?!?
My BP is 105/56 is this low?
what are the symtons of breaking a rib on the human body?
Are candles cancerous?
Are all pancreatic cancers carcinomas?
on skype my teacher said some people are born to teach other people a lesson?
14teen year boy has lump in left breast and it is extremely painful and slightly red.?
What could this be? Eye pain.?