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How to train my tongue?
Cracked baby tooth, dental procedures?
Braces again???????????????
question about braces...please open : )?
I need Dental help I have no job no insurance and my parents have low income, and we 6 in family I need help?
non prescription contact lenses?
Should I take my glasses off at the spa?
How does the cornea bend light?
I feel like i was punched in the eye?
I got surgery today. silly question.?
Is this Normal Body Changes?
I'm 52 and i've been smoking and ?
I have a cold and no i have a sore (like a cold sore) around my nostrils?
Orangeish pigmentation of the skin.... should I see a doctor?
how do you know if your eyes are dry?
What can I buy to get rid of acne on my chest and back?
Do I need to keep taking Lipitor for high b.p. if I'm consuming lot's of Omega3s?
Is an echocardiagram an accurate and reliable test?
i have been told i have high blood pressure?
What does RAAS stand for?
What ways can I treat cracked skin due to cold weather?
my hand is bruised and swollen i can move it. what would help my hand.?
What did I do to my wrist?
Black opps is coming out to night I wan a play soooo bad but I am gronded?
How do i get rid of the urge to..?
Help... How can I help my mum?
How do i lose weight fast to become a fl-yer in cheer?
how to get taller fast?
About how many calories does a apple have?
Too skinny, NOTHING I eat makes me gain weight?
Will fasting one day a week improve my weightloss?
Teen needs serious advice.?
What is the correct way to lose weight?
Im on a 1200 calorie diet so when i go to the gym an burn three hundred calories then eat its pointless?
Is 50 grams of fat too much. I am 24 year old female. Five feet trying to lose weight?
I want to gain weight. If I eat three times a day until I'm full will that help?
When someone is shot in the head, depending on the severity, what is the prognosis?
Is my foot broken? Home alone though?
Possible knee injury?
Should I go get this checked out or no?
Have I bruised a rib?
My neck hurts rally badly because i sat up fast?
Im taking a muscle relaxer and always tired?
I use the bathroom too much? Please help.?
why do you get flu with pink eye?
Looking for financial help for Hepatitis C in Texas?
How to bring back a Fever question?
Help! Can you get mono from sharing a blunt?
I can't fall asleep for over a week now.. Why?
Tips to get sleep at night?
Help falling asleep ?
I am so tired , but help me please ( inside details )?
i cannot sleep for anything help me please !!?
I have a knee injury could i get medical marijuana perscription?
Can you get HIV or an STD from a hickey,?
My boyfriend's cold sore lasted a week, and the scab was gone by friday, but still a little pinkish?
I have a 2nd degree burn, what should I do?
is it normal for my tick bite to turn purple?
how would you know if knee is spraind?
What part of the body is bruised the easiest?
when do we give up my sons fight?
If cancer has metastasized into three different areas, what is the chances of survival?
how can a 12 year old kid raise money for breast cancer?
Is throat cancer contagious?
Can you still use expired vitamins?
What are Band aids???(huhhh??!!);D?
what is conventional orthodox therapy?
is it okay to take hydrocodone and st john's wort together?
Is it safe for me to take diet pills?
Anyone have some good home remedies for migraine headaches?
Can i listen to my ipod during root canal?
DENTISTS: Your diagnosis please...?
Does chewing gum a lot give you a square jaw?
What can I do about my underbite?
I brush my teeth too hard!?
Dry contact lens question?
Contact lenses and eye makeup....?
My eye is being funny...?
do i need eye glasses plz help?
Super-glue safety help?
Can you damage your eyes by reading too much?
why do i have a lump on the side of my knee?
I have pain all over. My parentswon't take me to the doctors. What causes this much pain?
Dislocated kneecap plaster cast?
What can cause unbearable back pain?
can fast moving water at your knees knock you over?
I have a big green sore on my elbow?
what are good preventions of prostate cancer?
can you get brain cancer on that age?
major symptoms. is it serious? PLEASE HELP?
Treatment for adrenal fatigue?
what happens when a vampire bites a ware wolf?
Tip of Finger hurts when touched?
i accidently stabbed my self in the thumb with an epi pen. what will happen?!!?
BAD ingrown toenail!! 10 pts best answer?!?
ok so i had a hang nail on my finger and i clipped it off like i normally do. and now it won't stop bleeding!?
Why do I worry so much about this?
Are Mental Hospitals fun? (For people that has been to one)?
I need help I don't know what to do?
is this normal or due to borderline personality? i'll answer yours in return?
What should I do, I feel terrible?!?
What should I eat tomorrow for breakfast if I want to lose weight and be healthy?
How do i lose weight around my stomach?
worried if i lose my breast?
Trying to lose weight?
The only thing i've eaten today is watermelon ? Is that good or bad ?
How do I get a flat tummy?
what are the symptoms in each stage of Hodgkin's lymphoma?
why might more money be spent on treating cancer rather than preventing it?
Xray or Patdown, what's your choice?
Is cancer an infection? ?
auntie has been diagnosed with breast cancer...?
Do Blu Cigs cause cancer?
If someone discovered the cure for cancer how much money would they get paid?
does my doc have to tell my parents everything?
Why do i feel sick and tired all the time?
Drink Salt water to get sick?
Am I going to be okay?
who regrets having their wisdom teeth extracted?
Help! Root extraction and root canal? :(?
My daughter has pain in the back of her mouth, at her gum?
What are good stretches for upper back pain ?
aspirin can cause stomache upset. what about low dose chewable childrens aspirin?
I took pain killers for three months and didn't get addicted, why not?
Chest Pain Issues at age of 18?
How to rid of chest pain?
Can my dentist put white filling over my silver filling that i already have?
I have a braces question.?
how can i prevent white spots after i get braces?
Please HELP!! Should i worry about this nausea?
how can i pass a drug test and completley clean out my system?
Is this from cigarettes? ?
what are the symptoms of Lupus?
How can you tell the difference if you have very bad & frequent heartburn or acid reflux?
How to treat an oven burn?
Nausea, lump in throat/choking feeling, gagging, etc.?
can anything help the itch?
what can i do with this, its bleeding again?
is a dose of 8000mg of naproxen lethal to about a 195-200 pound male?
I normally have very low blood pressure how can I tell if it's high?
Have you had Gastric Bypass Surgery?
Why would a seemingly healthy 24 year old have cheast pains?
I have wolf-parkinson-white-heart syndrome..?
What is a Malignant Tumor?
HAL treatment for Hemorrhoids?
Should i be worried about this?
Should i get checked for cancer?
If a person has stopped breathing and is receiving pulmonary resuscitation, would it be better to administer p?
can you get cancer if you chew tabbaco fro the first time?
I have a lump growing on my neck. Does that mean I have cancer?
Can contacts morph onto your eye? What happens when you leave them in to long?
Why can you see better when you squeeze your eyes?
help with muscle recovery?
how do i heal a twisted ankle fast?
ANSWER FAST! Is this a concussion? (read below)?
Mucus stuck in chest?
how do i cure a cough fast?
Why do I feel sick after taking my TB test?
I have asthma, how can I breathe better while running?
i need help, my head hurts?
is it natural to feel sick if your appendix are inflamed ?
Does anyone know if rubbing alcohol,or peroxide helps With ear drainage and pain?
My calve hurts really bad for no reason?
Height increase after scoliosis correction?
what could be causing these pains in my head?
Safe to drink coffee a few hours after donating blood?
i just got a paper cut!? what do i do?
I think I Cut a vein in hand wihen polishing a glass. Is my hand damaged?
How did you break your wrist? with BQ?
Is there any way to get paper adhesive tape off of you w/o ripping your skin off?
How to relieve tooth pain?
Is a deep hole common after a root canal?
is it possible???? TELL ME IS IT?
Will my teeth shift if i have my retainers out for 4 hours?
Question about permanent retainer?
I have a lump near my shoulder, but it's on collar bone, is it cancer related?
What 2 situations would help increase virulence of pathogens?
4 tumors, please help?
Can Taking Pills Cause Throat Cancer?
Way too tired in the morning....?
What is wrong with my upper body, Urgent please answer!?
The microphones that they installed at my school really bothers me!!! PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!?
Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap?
how can i get more sleep than usual?
i find it really hard to get to sleep?
health insurance for kids?
How long does weed stay in your system?
Is a temperature between 99.2 and 99.9 for 6 hours cause to worry?
What does it mean if I have had a fever on and off for the last 4 weeks?
Is this an infection or something else?
are old Hypodermic needles worth any money?
I am allergic to soy milk and lactose intolerant is there another option for milk?
Am I allergic to steroids?
what is that funny thing growing under my nose ?
What are good website to buy online alternative medicine?
Will nyquil put me to sleep?
What use are surgeons in the next 15 years?
how come people who smoke weed tend to be skinny and in shape?
Facts About Salvia Divinorum?
Is there any drug you breath in?
what fruit is the healthiest to eat?
is it possible to lose 145lbs in 6 months?
I want abs QUICK !? Tone stomach?
How do I get a body like these girls?
Protein supplement question?
Building muscle quicker...?
what foods should i eat to improve my appearance?
Piece of pencil lead embedded in foot--what should I do?
How long should a bee sting itch?
Ear damage? help me please?
Ear wax ..is it protecting our EARS ?
right, i put my finger in the freezer and then spoke to my mum now my finger is stuck :/?
My Nose Won't Stop Bleeding! Please Help !?
Does coffee make any of you tired?
What does it feel like to be high?
weird buildup in throat?
Do I have a urinary tract infection?
Is there a reverse lookup telephone numbers website?
The nurse said she will give me a drink that might make me throw up?
If I cover my dominant eye long enough, will the other eye become dominant?
Can I wear a contact lense that is b.c. 8.3 when my b.c. is 8.4?
vision blurry after wearing hard contact lenses?
My right tricep hurts? 5 POINTS!?
why is my right side around the lower rib cages hurt so bad?
How do I get over this biggest feeling in my heart once a girl hurt me? Im done feeling pain.?
lower right stomach pain!?!?
Can flossing be bad for you?
What are the chances of this cancer spreading?
How long could he last with his problems?
Could my swollen lymph node of 5 years be breast cancer?
Poll - Can Daily Growth Hormone Injections Cause Leukemia?
Has anyone ever heard in a brain dissolving?
how do you tell if you have a gum disease or cancer of the gums?
what happens when your colored contact goes behind your eye?
Why is activated charcoal contraindicated for acid, alkali, and petroleum?
what can you do for ingrown toenails?
Unknown bites on my legs!! Please Help?
Why do mesquites like to bite me so much?
i cut my finger when i was?
If u wait once a year to get tested and u find out u have a std can it damage you Fallopian tubes?
I have pain where my liver is located. What could be wrong?
Does anyone know the names of some common prescription painkillers in the 1980's?
Can you overdose on just one extra sleeping pill?
Sore throat, ear hurts, tounge feels like its burning? help please im in pain!?
Bleeding when i urinate and having BAD pain in abdoman area?
Fever wont go away :/ ?
What is it in a cigarette that kills......?
Why can't I sleep????
Is there something wron with me!?!?
Can you find out who kissed you with DNA test?
what is low blood pressure?
Is my blood pressure bad?
Are their any benefits to having a naturally high heart rate?
Too young for high blood pressure?
What happens to you when you ride above your maximum heart rate?
Can I get my medical marijuana card if I have a heart condition?
Numbness in arm no herniated disc?
Why do ambulance rides cost so much?
Tongue ring advice (only if you had one for 6weeks or more)?
Do you think it's fractured or broken?
i have terrible back pains and my overies hurt my period is never on time is that a sign of cervical cancer?
Is it worth getting a CT scan?
My Sequence Of Events over the last 3 weeks . Please Answer and You will be rewarded points for best answer!?
The number of man being diagnosed with breast cancer is increase every year.?
what is a localized tumor?
Help, has anyone had these symptoms?
Do i have the flu? please help?
Do you have to be preagant to throw up (yellow) bile?
How come i'm drinking a lot of water lately?
Need info on opening a medicinal marijuana despencery?
If you start drinking alcohol at a young age are you more likely to be an alcoholic later in life ?
Question about going into shock?
I need help sleeping at night any suggestions?
Loose permanent tooth HELP?
i was mindlessly chewing on my gel pen and it exploded in my mouth. what do i do!?
Whats good to whiten your teeth?
How to take out a premolar or tooth without hurting it?
A cure for a tooth ache?
How can I rinse my toddler's mouth out?
What is up with my eye ?
Why optometrists cannot perform eye surgeries like opthalmologists?
Is there something in my eye?
Could I need glasses? Please help, things blur out sometimes and my eyes feel strained?
If you buy reading glasses at a normal store, can your optometrists change the lenses in them?
I ate 40 cutie oranges today? What will happen?
what is the best thing to take after a workout?
Acne home remedies please!?
Okay so I am 148lbs want to loose 20lbs by April 15th 2011. possible?
does any one have a basic list of supply for an ambulance for EMTs?
What are some healthy snacks to eat?
what do you do if uve ovadosed on caffeine?
I'm slightly overweight and walking hurts my legs?
How quickly can an infection set in after stepping on a nail?
How can I heal my severely damaged cuticles?
I got a deep cut, what should I do?
My skin is really dry! What should i do?
do most people survive alcohol poisoning if you call for help right away? as in they passed out and were?
how likely is this likely to scar?
advice on getting rid of lice?
Moisturizing products for acne prone skin!? Moisturizer & a wash? Help please!!!?
HELP!! plzzz!! I need acne tips REALLY bad!!?
stiff neck?! :( please please help!?
what are some symptoms of a sprained finger?
Ear gauge ripping question?
WTF IS THIS headache?
help!!! so i have acuvue contacts and their new. they are my persciprtion also. i always worn contacts and had?
i have a really high insulin dosage , is this really dangerous? (details)?
Constant thirstiness? Diabetes risk? ?
How does one get diabetes?
diabetic with thyroid disease, now chest pain!?
What should be the range for a healthy Thyroid? Hypothyroidism?
Passing diabetes to unborn children?
when to go to the e.r. for ibd?
Insomnia question...?
How can I tell the difference between Fifth disease and Lupus?
can you drink alcohol if you have polycystic kidney disease?
What causes the burning sensation in abdomen area during UTI in women?
What are my chances of getting mouth cancer?
Is there any good medications over the counter for depression?? please help i'm in deep pain?
How likely would it be for a therapist to suggest a new start abroad for a client suffering from depression?
I dont know why i cut again...?
How do you cope with stress or worries?
I'm worried about my sister - I think she has some kind of disorder like ADD or aspergers or something?
My sister is a total slob help?
whats with this bed bug bite?
Does Snake Bites piercing hurt ?
Bad bee sting?!?! It hurts!?!?!?
How to get rid of constant blisters on my fingers?[learning guitar]?
How do i make a really simple bowl to smoke pot?
is it still normal to feel high on the 2nd day?
Should I get hgh injections in mexico?
How to make a cheap weed bowl?
Is it ok to take the medicine "ibuprofen" for sore throat?
Could I have cancer???????????
I need to take vtiamins?
Infant shortened neck muscles?
Im getting over a cold & now my tongue feels like its burnt or something but I have no pain, just a bad taste.?
What causes you to get nauseous everytime you eat?
Um...I don't know what's wrong with me?
headache, migraine, seizures?
Is 150mcg of levythyroxine a high dose?
Can u vaporize medical marijuana while pregnant?
What do I use for my ears? (Allergy)?
Can you be allergic to alcohol?
my husband has nut allergies?
physical therapy exercises for thighs while still in short leg cast?
is it babyish to wet the bed at 3?
Can vaccinations and medications conflict?
Does Hiv spread through clothing.?
eggy burps, stomach cramps and vomitting?
How do I keep my hands from sweating?
will drinking 8 glasses of water a day give me a better complexion?
Once you have a std , do you have it for life ?
ear piercing infection?
I used a cotton swab and I think some of the cotton got stuck in my ear?? Help!?
Ring is stuck on my finger, I've tried everything?
what can i put and/or wear on the bottom of my foot that I cut on glass to work?
HELP my finger is missing....What should I do?
Best babysitters contacts?
What kind of tissue is the Iris made out of?
Would thinner lenses help?
Are there's better ways to lose weight?
How Much Calories Will I Burn Jumproping?
Help, I'm confused!!! URGENT!! Ten points!!?
Have i stretched my stomach?
What is a soda i can drink and still stay in shape?
I don't wanna be fat?
What should I do to lose weight and get faster?
is my body in starvation mode?
Does anyone know how to read an MRI of the knee?
Question about cutting wrists?
im getting hand surgery and im really scared?
How did you break your foot? Stories?
Am I too old to get braces?
Question for those who have a permanent dental crown in the past...is this normal?
When to see a Dr for what seems to be paronychia?
from a dental standpoint, what's the best mouthwash for healthy teeth and gums?
Best way to prevent cavities? Electric toothbrush, toothpaste?
My tooth brush smells really bad. ?
Removing braces at home?
Can I get braces with reversed teeth?
Toothache, please help? ?
Can to much coughing hurt you.?
My 19 month old son possibly has bronchitis?
How to cure post nasal drip?
What kind of papers to smoke... Without legit smoking papers?
What would be the prognosis for stage 4 CCL?
How young can you get Breast cancer?
my son forgot the cell phone under head while sleeping any risk?
My PSA jumped from 3.9 to 15 in 17 month, then jumped to 18.3 in 7 weeks, what should I do?
blood in stool. can anyone please help?
was this swine flu ? Had this last year and i'm wondering if it was swine flu?
CAN i have Urinary tract infection.?
I have had a temp of about 101.7 for the last 3 days and now it is 96.6?
can i ask my doctor this?
Took the Chickenpox vaccine?
Why do I get sick so often?
My dad is 48 yrs old and his right eye got swelled.It has got swelled in the place from where we get tears.?
I get these double heart beats. answer please?
what are the different forms of arteries veins and capillaries?
I really need help! Racing heart.. need immediate relief!?
I'm just 20 years old and my blood pressure is 132/75 mm/Hg. What is happening to me?
what is the difference between an cardiac intervention and a cardiac diagnostic procedure?
How can I stop this bleeding?
pain in fingernail after poking with a pen into it?
i got a sewing needle stuck in my skin what do i do?
How do I treat my infected ear piercing?
When is a finger brace splint used?
Would weed still be in my system?
Should I go to a hospital?
I have a fever and i keep feeling really hot then really cold?
Does this happen to you to?
Ear infection - can't hear?
What happens if you eat to many Gummie Bear Vitamins?
My husband ate spoiled cheese? ?
My fingers are numb on my left hand....?
Can get high off hydrocodone,?
My adam's apple hurts and has for a long time. Should I worry? What could cause this?
I've been having sharp rectal pains?
why have i got a tight feeling around my knee?
How to break wrist using a spoon?
When im watching computer i feel some pressure in my head?
If the pituitary gland is removed, does it mean a man wont be able to have children?
How do you tell your loved ones you have a brain tumor?
can men in ther 20s get prostate cancer?
How much does the CEO of susan komen foundation make?
How long does it take to get cancer from dipping?
Help me read my prescription?
help something is wrong with my eye?
HELP i dont want an eye exam?
Facial deformity due to extractions?
Does my sister need braces ? ( With pictures)?
Metal Braces or Plastic Braces?
is it normal for a moltice-yorkey that is 1 month tohave his teeth fall out?
Best Teeth whitiner to use?
What kind of teeth whitening strips should I use?
Information on Damon Braces please!?
Why are some people muscular/built without going to the gym?
How can a beginner to jogging build up to jogging 5 miles or more at a time?
What should I eat to lose the most amount of weight combined with swim team?
Gaining Weight/ Filling Out?
Vanilla whey protein drinks?
How long will it take to lose 100 pounds?
about my weight please answer?
I have a test friday and im nervous?
Why am I losing my memory?
Experiencing unwanted thoughts and anxiety?
Too much stress at age 16?
I've been depressed lately and I don't know what to do?
whats this insane asylum drug!?
Is it normal to for your vision to go black after sitting somewhere for a long period of time?
how to get to sleep early?
Benzos with Marijuana?
Is it dangerous to the body to study too much?
Is adderall similar to heroin?
I fell asleep in uni class?
Hard First Aid question?
The poison which would not leave any traces?
I have a 2nd degree burn that's only blistered on one spot, I was wondering if I should lance the blister?
Ate raid bug spray by accident?
Bit/Stung by something?
how much money should you get for a severed finger at work?
I have a large lump on the back of my neck, its not sore, its just unattractive?
Throbing pain in lower left side of back?
I hurt my shoulder pushing my car and now my hand is numb? What can I do at home? I have no way to go to a doc?
Sharp pain on left side of chest?
Pain in my throat and ear when swallowing?
My eye hurts...what's wrong with it!?
My fingers swell up for no reason.. URGENT!?
What is the earliest you can get tested for HIV?
how long do u have clymidia for until u cant have kids?
Scared of Lump Behind my Ear...?
can hiv test and Hepatitis test give an elert of brain cancer?
Prostate Cancer Treatment?
How can one verify if someone has cancer or is just lying?
Can chemotherapy side effects get to a point where medical attention is needed?
How good of a chance does he have?
I cut myself jst now?
nose bleed help right now?
a back of an earing was half way threw my daughters ear. Its infected. How do i treat it?
Cat scratches and bites: how to treat?
Should I get a medical alert bracelet?
Why are yuppies always gluten intolerant?
Why am i always feel like sleepy and tired ?
how can i tell if i have turrets?
Why does a girl I know have face twitches and spasms?
When should I go get an I.V. for dehydration? Thank you gor replying. It"s mainly just the nausea.?
my ankle is messed up BAD i need to know whats wrong help!?
Can i mix marijuana with adderall?
If i take 1.5g acetaminophen in one dose?
How do you know if you tore a ligament in your ankle?
Cut myself info? Help!?
will prostate message help my enlarged prostate?
will cranberry juice help with a sore throat?
Do I have to use fresh lemon juice for detoxification benefits?
Question about ankle MRI?
if you get stabbed with a knife is it safer to leave the knife in you or pull it out?
I have to wake up in 7 hours will that be enough sleep? I'm 15?
Am I covered by my parents health insurance?
If you have ADD, what type of ADD meds would not interfere w/creativity [like painting/the arts,etc]?
Im sad and i cant fall asleep?
I'm a 26 year old man what is a good recommended amount of sleep I get a night?
I can't stand waking up! ?
Would it better to stay up all night or just sleep for the 2 hours?
What happens when you get an x ray without a vest on?
bad chest pains, left shoulder pains and heart pains.?
is it normal for my like um joints were the bones connect to pop every time i move or walk?
please give me your help question about brain cancer please just help me?
I was just diagnosed with breast cancer and also will be going on kidney dialysis?
Can chest pain (left side) and arm pain (left arm) be gas?
I keep losing the feeling in my right leg?
I have lower abdominal pain?
Whats wrong with my ear?
How long will it take for a mild kidney infection to clear up?
Are you fat if you can't see your hip bones?
Whats a pre-diabetic ?
All day to recover from early morning insulin reaction?
diabetics: what is your opinion about hypoglycemia?
whats the normal sugar level for a person with diabetes?
which organ starts to remove glucose from the blood when insulin is injected by a type 1 diabetic?
is "sausage fingers" a genetic trait?
How much weight is reasonable to lose starting february to middle of june?
Trying to lose weight, started eating Fiber one Bars for breakfast, are nutri grain bars also good?
Is this an effective weight loss program for cold weather?
how do you do the splits? proper exersice? stretches ?
Questions for people who know someone who had a stroke, please help?
Is heart sugery painful?
How bad is congestive heart failure?
If you don't have salt in your diet could you have a heart attack?
Heart rate is never high but now its 120 and has not been under 100 for a long time?
what is it when your eye twitches and i see double?
Do you think i need glasses?
all of a sudden I seen this dark reddish brown "splat" like image in my eye site with lots of squiggly lines.?
Dark CIRCLE LENSES on light eyes?
Could this honestly KILL you?
How do you get water out of your ear?
Poisoned myself and was wondering how poison control goes on about helping?
I got stung by a wasp.?
i smashed my thumb in a car door...?
What are some ways that you can break both of your legs?
What gives our body energy?
Why am I so awake? Shouldn't I be tired?
Is my body out of proportion?
how to overcome the fear of needles?
How do you get rid of a big painful boil?
What are the dangers of having really hot baths?
What illness could this be?
the mmr vaccine contains the virus that causes measles, why does this virus not cause measles when the MMR..?
yeast infection or something else?
how can i gain my strength and stop the dizziness after a serious bout of flu?
I have had the flu for 6 days. I am in very bad pain, headache, not drinking much. Should I go to the ER?
My 12 month old has a fever and i cant get it down!?
can you lose brain cells from...?
Why is more money spent on treating cancer, than preventing it?
what are the best career options for a doctor not involving the patients?
Why is a HIGH WHITE BLOOD CELL count consistent with CANCER?
can i cause cancer ? if yes what i should take precautions for prevent cancer ?
Itchy moles @ age 15?
do you know what kills bad breath?
What part of dental insurance does a deep cleaning fall under?
HELP?! when u call 911 and they take u to a hospital how much do they charge for the service?
How to get a lose tooth out without to much pain?
Is brushing your teeth too much bad for them?
I have a question about my teeth?
Why do i get gut cramps randomly?
My husbands fingers going numb?
HELP!? I need help about going to hospital !!?
what is the best way to get rid of the head ache after a big day of drinking?
Legs are really sore?
What could cause terrible feet & legs pain along with blurry vision...?
What I have I done to my wrist?
been having bowel pains?
im kinda dizzy cuz...?
is hypo allergenic earring ok to perice your ear with?
Help with Bee Sting on Finger?
I have a mosquito bite on my upper lip. What should I do?
I got bit by a spider?
What percent of cancer patients die?
can a cancer patient die before the expected time?
Was there a debate link between smoking tobacco & health problems i.e lung cancer back in the old days?
Is the susan komen foundation focused on women only?
Colon cancer or just IBS?
My wife has bone cancer she is beening for it, she gets around great all day?
What age can you get cervical cance?r?
Im 16 & Need Some Weight Loss Advice, Please Help?
Is doing cardio at night has same effects as doing it in the morning?
How can i lose 20 pounds by April?
supplement for muscle gain questions?
I want my body fat % to be lower?
is it ok to eat at 9:30 pm ?
Eating 500-850 calories a day HELP!!?
Thin body with stomach fat?!?
Is this weird about my sleeping habits?
URGENT: Muscle twitches help!?
Is it bad I don't cry that much?
Why are there so many americans asking health questions on Yahoo Answers?
23 years old trouble urinating?
Did I Burst My Eardrum?
I haven't eaten for over three days?
My friend has been throwing up at scattered times, possibly to do with electrocution...?
Can u die from overdosing once on pain killers?
im getting my cartilage pierced by myself with a safety pin. should i numb it first for making it less pain?
My neck is stiff and painful on each side, I think my lymph nodes are swollen, should I go to the er?
Stomach Pains? Any Causes?
bad headaches going to the neurologist but want to know what i may have?
Can i drink if i got treated for gonorrhea/chlamydia?
if i live with my uncle that has aids what can i do to be save?
Can you catch herpes from smoking the same cigarette,blunt, etc?
What is the best wrinkle remedy?
Big bruise and red marks after blood drawn, normal?
How do I cure frostbite?
Whooping Cough Shot?!?!?
Under Eye Wrinkle Treatment?
My face feels like there is a rash? But nothing is there?
My daughter is 1 year n 7 mnths she has a slight temp of 99.7 runny nose sneezing and caughing any suggestio?
How to make a tickle in your throat go away?
Ive been ill for a while, and recently bought 2 kittens, am I allergic to them? (coughing,runny nose...etc)?
how does a doctor determine what food allergies one may have?
My Ferret may have drank Bleach?
how to get sick, and why am i not sick yet?
I'm sick!!!!!!!!!!! :(?
I cant sleep without noise!?
helpppp....................voice cracked?
Pulling an all-nighter, what are your tips?
Nail biting habit! Will my nails ever look the same?
How do scabs form on a scratch that doesn't bleed?
how can i wear a shoe(flats&sneaker) with cuts on my left foot?
Head Injury good or bad?
my mother is 56 she is diagnosed with breast cancer with bone disease. pls help with best treatment info?
what cause cancer cells on womens private?
When and who do I tell I'm waiting to hear if I have cancer?
I want to make a presentation on cancer cells? Where can i find good templates?
is there anything i can tell you about my experience with cancer that can help you?
How do I remove a blister from under my fingernail?
Left ear has been popped for more than 3 days?
SUICIDE ATTEMPT need help urgently?
what is the easiest way to give my boyfriend a hickie?
How to treat a second degree burn?
sumatriptan succinate tablets?
What is the best thing to treat an cold sore?
what's an alternative to eye brow wax?
How long do you discard openings of antibotics?
i have to take tablets but i cant swallow them?
Does anyone have objective data on the risks of using Ecstasy?
How can I fix my back and neck?
i want a way to make myself throw up!! i tried by putting my finger in my throat but it didn't work?
Best ways to reduce hangover pain?
My moms neck hurt really bad on the left side and now mine does too? 10 points!!!!?
I have slight pain on the right side of my jaw and mouth, and have had some sinus pressure. What's wrong?
how can i make a doctors report for my project saying someone was dianosed with leukemia?
Can you answer the following questions about Leukemia?
If you're 14 & have cancer can you decide not to do chemo?
How much do you think it will cost to get my teeth fixed?
My uneducated theory on cancer, and your opinion?
terrified of the dentist: Need a root canal and wisdom teeth extraction?
do the 'crest whitestrips classic' work?
teeth extraction+ injection in mouth?
How much do colonoscopies cost?
resection of lymphomas? i knew lymphomas shouldn't be cut off.?
The role of cilia and mucus in a healthy non smoker?
What is your view on fluoride treatment in water?
Does strep throat reoccur because it never leaves?
Heart problem.. or..?
Will traveling back into the future give you Parkinson?
I was wondering if my front tooth is dead?
Are there any ways to lower cholesterol?
I have a question about Lyme disease?
How to get rid of scabies?
Removable or fixed braces?
how to lose weight and fast!?
My eyes are filled with red veins what do i do?
Is it bad to wash your eyes out in the shower with medium - hot water?
The bottom of my left eye is swollen?
how many organs are there in the cardiovascular system?
Are there any contacts out there that simply lighten your natural eye color?
My right eye tears up. Is this normal?
I had an eye examination with my optometrist..?
How soon after the opthamologist do I get my glasses?
what BMI do i have to have to have visible abs?
What is a good weight gainer supplement?!?
Whats the weirdest thing you've said coming down off anesthesia?
Water or some type of liquid in my ear! Please help!?
I got a splinter stuck in my finer-nail!?
My friend put some package " fresh " packs in my drink yesterday is this harmful?
How to deal with a large blister?
How can I heal a rip from gymnastics really quickly?
Stress reliever?Help!!!!?
help my ear is clogged?
Tummy pain really bad!!!?
Right Side Of my Tummy Please help?
If I was in bed 7 hours a night (11pm-6am), would I be getting enough sleep?
do you have to pay or have medical insurance to go to planned parenthood?
do doctors take blood during a sports physical?
How to get crazy glue off my leg?
What's a mental institution like and...?
Ways to deal with OCD?
Whats my problem!!!!?!???
I'm always lonely..What do I do?
how long does it take for a brain tumor to form?
why is there not more breast cancer awareness?
what gland makes a person salivatate (spelling)?
will freezing plastic water bottles cause breast cancer?
Should i get homeschooled because of my brain tumor?
What are the major causes of insomnia, especially amongst the elderly?
should i go see a doctor?
Why is my stomach bright pink inside ?
have you ever been too late to make it to the bathroom?
Headache for almost a week?
How do I get my teeth whiter?
RE: Getting off Zoloft?
I get a lump on my gums after i brush my teeth?
my boyfriend is sick he has a 101.1 tem.?
Can it harm u if u always swallow gum?
can i brush my teeth with baking soda if i have braces?
How would an overdose work?
Will i pass ?!?! Help?
Vicodin, Does it make you look high?
after completing antibacteria course why i have still urine infection?
What do i do my girl friend wont go to hospitals because her grandma died at one and shes very sick ?
I've had chlamydia for 6-8 months. I was finally treated within those 6-8 months. Can i get pregnant?
Hiv infected ky jelly?
Are these signs of a sinus infection or...?
What could I have if i have a severe sore throat with chest pains and it is difficult to breathe?
Is it possible....??
How many lymph nodes are there in the average liver?
Questions about thyroidectomy?
Is it possible that people are deliberately putting cancer causing chemicals in our food and water supplies ?
Barrett's Esophagus question?
Do I have oral cancer?! please help?
Skin cancer scare...........but the doctor doesn't seem to care (rhyme not intended)?
Accidentally got Arm and Hammer shower cleaner in my mouth while cleaning?
whats a good eye drop for redness?
Why do we need to check the area below the injury for feeling, warmth and color?
Is this a bug bite or some sort?
whats better tounge piercing or snake bites?
Intense nose bleed. What should I have done?
Went to bed with a head ache last night, woke up still had the headache and it still isn't gone?
Accidentally took too much Tylenol.?
Abdomen Pain on Right Side?
How to get rid of neck pains?
What should I do my jaw is paining a lot, I cannot sleep?
i have feeling of fulness in my ear help?
Is it possible to lose 20 pounds or 14 pounds in a week?
In the 1800s, how would someone normally treat a bad puncture wound without a doctor's help?
i had bad aniexty thursday and well i was okay today?
Can whiplash pain start heading down to your shoulder after two weeks?
My body fat went from 29% to 19% in 7 months. My weight has stayed the same. Why?
Is this a healthy dinner?
if i ate 2 meals a day and excercised for 30 minutes twice a week...how much weight do you think i'd lose?
Best Diet Pills for you?
I think I popped a blood vessel in my eye...what should I do?
My knee cracks/pops when i bend it?
How can i break my glasses with it looking like an accident ?
Are there any ways to improve your vision?please help?
Can you do laser eye surgery if you wear contacts?
If the same amount of lead and water, both at 100 degrees C splashed into your eyes, what would do more damage?
Is using the computer any worse on your eyes than watching tv?
What does this vomit mean?
do i need to take my 8 month old to the hospital over pink eye?
What are the differences between a cold and the flu?
is feline skin cancer curable?
Is it cancer? or what?
Where can breast cancer develop on a over weight person?
Should i run or go back to sleep?
What does a blood test usually encompass and how much does it cost?
Can being exposed to marijuana plants cause allergies ?
Is Smoking Crack Bad for You?? and how bad...?
what do I do if I have a temperature of 104.8?
Is it dangerous to give someone Ipecac syrup when they have had a dangerous amount of alcohol?
I feel like puking when my window is closed... Why?
How can I faint in school?
how do you treat a hot liquid burn?
I cut my toe open with a bit of glass. Will it heal good?
I am making a first aid kit for my class what should be in it?
can you get salivary gland infection from eating out?
Why do my gums bleed so easily?
Can the dentist put you to sleep to have your wisdom teeth cut out?
My grandmother caught a stroke a see's a boy that is not there is this dementia?
Why does eating too much sodium result in chest discomfort?
Why does my heart beat really fast randomly?
Is it normal for my heartrate because...?
I've been coughing a lot, i'm super tired and my throat hurts a lot when i swallow! help!?
biventricular pacemaker or a duel pacemaker?
I had 2 seizures in 2010. The first was 1/7 & 6/18/2010. My neurologist put me on 300mg of dilantin at bedtime?
slight leg pain/strain feeling what could this be?
Would hiring a chyropractor be good for me if ive only been to one once.?
Lock Jaw i need help asap thanks.?
Advice on how my ears can stop hurting?
Can alcohol cause cancer?
Can a male still reproduce if he has testicular cancer?
just started metformin and can't sleep :(?
can you get diabetes from getting sugar in a cut?
no insulin for 2 days.. pls help?
If I took a blood and / or a urination test and if I were pre diabetic then would they....?
Why does my Sugar spike at night?
My blood presure is 16892 is that dangersally high? do i need to worry?
Is it normal to have high sugar symptoms when reducing diabetic control pill?
Smoking a joint up your nose?
whats so bad about weed?
Any experience with ADHD?
Any body ever smoked marijuana before a physical?
Repair badly cracked feet?
Should I stay home tomorrow?
Im going to the doctors to get a medical pass for marijuana?
i want to eat laundry deturgent..uhm?
I think I'm allergic to orange juice?
Why have i had so many nosebleeds?
Leg pains and can't sleep past 3am!!!?
what is causing the pain in the back of my heel?
Why does my stomach hurt so much?
Why do i have stinging in my heart?
HELP!! I dont know whats happening?
I just accidentally swallowed an Aquafina water bottle cap on accident, will I be fine?
Vtamin E suppose to stop a cut from scarring, but when used, why did it keep the cut moist, & not let it heal?
The correct way to handle a nose bleed?
How much does Root Canal or Extraction cost if my dental insurance is Metlife?
Wisdom tooth pain as well as viral throat infection?
Im getting braces, do they hurt?
Teeth falling apart and im terrified?
Has any body had excruicating pain in their mouth from gum disease while pregnant?
gum pain above my molar?
whats the best way to loose weight FAST ?
Is this good exercise for my abs?
I am on diet and never get past 600 cals a day so if i burn 300 cals a day on treadmill will i lose weight?
i am 200lb male, 5'11 if i consume 500cals per day, how long will it take me to lose 4 lbs?
Weight loss food tips? Workout ideas too?
what gym equipment should I use first?
What are tell tale signs of ANY STD?
im 22 yrs old. i can see properly but my eyes are squint since birth, can my eyes be cured?
Are floaters (eyes) normal?
Do I Have An Eating Disorder?
Are all spiders poisonous?
what happens if you wear your 2 week contacts for more than two weeks?
whether patients who experienced tumor at nostril spread to other places?
What if you swallow seman?
Can a person have a spot on their liver and it not be liver cancer?
weird vision problems? unusual?
How do some people regain perfect vision w/o surgery?
Where can men take a test and check for HPV?
why do some people talk slow?
My 2 year old nephew went to the hospital, sick but no signs?
How often do nurses check on patients in the hospital during the night?
Why is my stool like a blob?
My TSH-Ultrasensitive has 3.5 does that mean anything?
How to Prevent Testicular Torsion?
My sister has leukemia?
What is the survival rate of colon cancer?
Snorting meth hurts your teeth?
I have a question about breast cancer?
help with cancer question?
What is an abnormality on a brain scan?
constipation wile taking morphine?
DOCTORS I need advice please. I'd appreciate it?
Pain in right arm past 2 hours.?
i need help on what to eat health my tummy always hurts?
Almost out of pain meds and no refills after surgery?
What causes Kidney infections in men?
What is the best medicine some one can take to get ride of hepatitis b.?
can someone die from Hep C?
I need some info. about MRSA?
What's wrong with my ankle /:?
What is wrong with my right ear?
How do i keep a stitched wound from getting wet while i shower?
I got my septum pierced behind my moms back and it got messed up and a piece of my nose came out?
What happened to my finger?
My new ear piercing is bleeding?
How do i get corn out of my sinuses?
I sneezed, and some alchohol went up my nose and I think I got drunk from it. Is this possible?
Heart beat flutters irregular?
My grandma has headaches when she lies down, regular blood pressure but sometimes she hallucinates, help?
Random chest pain in young female?
my dad has heart problems should we keep the house really clean?
Can someone die 3 weeks after having a stroke?
Think I'm having a heart attack and parents refuse to take to hospital?
Can peeing a lot be caused by high blood pressure?
Liebowitz social anxiety scale?
How to get rid of cynophobia?
Is brushing your tongue important?
I have some braces removal questions!?
I foam from the mouth after I sing?
Question Regards To Anxiety?
Loose bracket on braces....?
i have braces and i have a cavity!?
my son is court ordered to take d-amphetamine. the dr. says he must take it everyday to build up in his system?
Is Twinlab Norwegian cod liver oil safe for kids?
I just Drank a whole bottle of nyquil?
Gerson Therapy? Does it really work?
Can quitting smoking give you heartburn?
Where can you buy herbal cigarettes from in Australia?
Feeling low and don't have energy help me!!?
how can i stop oily skin(on my face)?
I need some great acne face wash!?
Toenail fungus possibly?
Please help me get to sleep i can't... EVER! :(?
My wrists crack every time I twist them?
How can I get my voice back?
what is GHB(date rape drug) is made of?
Help with HORRIBLE CRAMPS please!?
I Have BAD lower back pains ..?
Pain in Right side of body near hip? ?
knee pain help?? so painful.?
I cut my leg how do I stop the blood?
Please help my friend is in really big pain?
when drs guess how long a person will live how do they do it?
I would like to hear from anyone who has noticed any health issues arising from the use of aspartame?
does this is a brain cancer or not please enter?
does anybody know what are the chances of getting cancer from tylenol overdose?
what kind of question do they have about cancer?
Lymth nodes are swollen what could this be?
Ct scans or Xray? Anyone know the difference between the two as far as radiation exposture?
What type of mutation is BRCA1 and BRCA2?
I'm really scared to put contacts in?
Can you wear eye contacts without needing them?
$16 eye contacts- Good OR bad?
Why am I the shorty in my fmaily?
How long can I survive on just water, no food and no sleep?
list of good cereals and bad cereals for you?
How well do you think this method of getting to a goal weight would work? How long do you think it would take?
How to not gain or lose weight?
Gain weight without a double chin? ?
Weight GAIN pills, etc?
Whats the liquid in the skin?
punched a wall!? HELP!??????
will a burn blister always get infected if popped..or is putting burn medicine on it then wrapping it be ok?
does my friend need to go to hospital ?
What is the liquid that's inside of blisters?
I've been getting sudden nausea and dizziness! What does it mean?
Please answer quickly i have a migraine?
I become dehydrated almost everyday?
Is it bad to sleep in a thong?
I think I just had a cigarette craving?
What made you light up a cigarette again after having tried to quit?
Feel good on 5 hours of sleep?
If I get braces within the next 45 days, when will I get them taken off?
How many cavities have you had?
i am getting my braces on tomoz?
Is it possible for cancer that has never been in family...?
Do I still have cancer or am I in remission?
Neck pain could it be caused by migraine?
My head hurts so bad :[ what do I do?
Feeling like food rub against throat/food pipe?
how can you remove earwax without irritation?
does anyone know how to get rid of a headache?
MY GUM HURTS im not sure why?
when you have chlamydia can you still get pregnant?
I got a blood test a few weeks ago and everything was good. Does this mean i do not have leukemia?
Does smoking marijuana cause cancer?...?
how long will it take to get compensation for prostrate cancer?
How close are we to finding a cure for cancer?
Will Leukemia usually kill children under 15 months?
How to treat a swollen leg?
what is a right l1 transverse process fracture?
can i take a muscle relaxer for a painful knot?
I have the flu, can't keep anything including water down, since Monday?
Should I get the flu vaccine? 32 weeks pregnant?
my dad is seventy so i is in age group for the flu jab but get it why?
can prednisone 5mg be given to a sickle cell baby of 26months?
over dose vaccination for a 5 year old...pls help?
Back injury! What to do..?
I accidentally cut myself?! Please help!?
Is the cut on my arm infected?
If you can't stop bleeding from a cut, do you call 911 or do you just go to the emergency room on your own?
What happens if salt gets in your ear?
Why do high prescription lens for eyeglasses take such a long time to make?
What does a Pre Opp Include?
when you donate plasma, how do you get the cash?
What the best way to get rid of a stuffy nose without using meds?
Are there any ways from preventing your veins from popping up?
Pvc's in a row, should I worry?
If a doctor that was performing surgery to a patient gets a heart attack?
Possible heart problem? 17 years old? scares?
What is the best alcoholic drink for a diabetic?
what happens if i eat before taking my insulin shot?
Are my Comp Metabolic Panel levels normal?
Can adults still get type 1 diabetes?
In ___ diabetes, the pancreas is NOT producing insulin...?
Haemochromatosis: is having blood removed the only way to deal with that condition or is there medication?
Can doctors tell after someone had a stoke if the have a chance of recovery?
I have 56 heart beats per minute?
Is this a skipped beat?
Hi, I'm going to get braces soon and I play the oboe.?
Used cousins toothbrush??? Is this bad?
cheap and safe way to whiten teeth?
I just recently got my tragus pierced 3 days ago?
Does is hurt when the dentist is extracting the manibular 2nd molar?
Why do my legs hurt so much?
Why does my knee hurt?
My ear is killing me....please help me?