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What should i wear....Glasses or Contacts?
why don't people have purple, red, orange, or yellow eyes?
Does anybody know what renal failure is ? Many dont have a clue .?
What happens to someone if they have a panic attack?
i have a terrible cough, and can't make it to the doctor. any suggestions?
Touched a Syringe, not the needle end, chances of catching a disease?
Do crest white strips really work?
Am I done growing yet?
How long will it take for me to die if I do this..?
What is the most Painful thing you have gone through?
What is a normal blood pressure for a 16 year old female?
what can u take or do for restless leg syndrome?
chest pains!_-_-_-_-_?
my right hand hurts alot,can't hold a pen in my right hand or do anything with it.what could it be?
I got bitten by some little black ant, now the bite marks are red and abit puffy, what should I do?
Could you use Aloe Vera as a KY Jelly replacement?
Why do I puke every time I take roxy?
Do you think I have swine?
I'm 6'1" 22 year old female... are you intimidated?
What happens if i swallow battery acid?
i eat every 2 days ,what would happen to me if i continue that way?
Can your contact cut your eye while you're sleeping?
can ppl tell whether if u r looking INTO someone's eyes?
So my eyes is really really red!!!!!!!!?
Whats better? A regular doctor or some herbal doctor?
what is a natural way to lose excess water?
Hangover cure?...................................…
tooth pulled, one cig?
Can't sleep?
How to look & act depressed?
is this phobia weird?
I just want to die.. Do you ever feel like this?
my heart keeps racing?
my age 28 and i have high bp with 150/104 pls advice me in this regard?
What does an ECG machine in hospital measure and for what reason would they monitor you with it?
What will happen if my heart explodes in the middle of the night?
I'm allergic to aspirin and ibuprofen but am in need of a muscle relaxant. Anyone know of one?
I've been jogging lately and now my knees are killing me!! Is there anything I can do to stop the pain?
The bottom corner of my nose is RAW. What do I do?
Is this a good acne control strategy?
i used a q-tip in my right ear and now i can't hear out of it. I do not have the money for doctor either.?
What does marijuana smell like?
why when i speak with my dog, him doesn't answer me???
Are you afraid to die?
What's your opinion on a Gut Feeling?
What do YOU do when you've lost all hope?
My lips are constantly chapped and I use all types of chapstick; what am I deficient in as far as vitamins?
best hangover cure please?
My blood pressure is very low!!!?
What features are built into money so that blind people can use them?
i feel so stressed any help?
What do you do when you have a bloody nose?
RANDOM= do i have a horrible nose (picure)?
Do i have a dissorder?
I have 2 much on my mind. HELP!!!?
Why dont I feel fully awake?
Im getting braces help!?
My wife a doctor, has slip disc of neck & back with pain & poor quality of life.she is depressed. what to do?
25 having some chest pain i dont want to go to ER i have no insurance. Is there anything else i can do to help?
What are some ways to get ride of acne on back...?
Can anxiety make your muscles sore?
What is the electric shock called when you shock someone in a hospital?
Do you cut yourself?? Did you parents found out?
How is it being high?
about Chiropractic . please answer honestly based on you knowledge about it?
what to do about an infected paper cut?
There's this guy...?
toung numb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
burnt my fingers....!!!!?
I have been so tired lately what's up with me?
Shouldn't everyone wear diapers?
any tips on how to get better.. im sick..?
Bee sting on my thumb from two days ago won't stop hurting, feels stiff and slightly swollen?
I've taken three days off of work now!!?
What is the point of twitter?
I need help! dang 20 characters?
Difficult to breath? ?
What are the symptoms of the Swine Flu?
Should i still go see a doctor if all my bladder infection symptoms suddenly stopped?
What is this "swine flu?" I've been hearing about?
Should I return back to work after having swine flu?
I think I have the Swine Flu!!!?
What are some good things to get rid of a sore throat?
Am i fat if i weigh 120 pounds and i am 5'7"?
HELP I don't know what's wrong with me.?
why do girls get dilated pupils?
Help me please ! medical condition :(?
I just found out my dad has Heart Congestive Failure. Does anyone know anything about this?
Heart/Chest pains, what could be wrong?
Throwing up blood + chest pain?
Do You REST To Help Your Heart Health INSTEAD Of Focusing TOO Much On Excercise?
Scared to get contacts!!?
How do color blind people see green and red ?
How can you get rid of glasses without laser eye treatment or contacts?
Swimming with contacts (and without goggles)?
Is it possible my daughter can be allergic to onions?
I dont want to live anymore....what do I do?
I have severe joint pain in my back , knees,and ankles. I am also very tired.I am only 29. I am not depressed.?
Worried! Wrist Pain...what could be going on?
How to get rid of zit/acne quick!?
does anyone have a cure for headaches?
So my brother decided to slap my face while his hand was bleeding and...?
How do you know if your foot is broken?
blood clot in the lungs. freaked out?
BROKEN ARM???????????????????????????????????
what happens when you have only two aorta valves but they grew together?
Question about ingrown toenail, please help?
I'm 75, why do doctors tell me that I have the heart and lungs of a healthy 50 year old?
What is this Kid trying to proove?
What's the best way to overcome shyness and gain confidence?
What to include in a suicide letter ?
Natural sleep remedies?
i want to know nature way to decrease migraine & tension headach ?
What's the best natural remedy for a bad case of dandruff????
ANY recommendations for flushing THC out of the body faster than the body's natural process of 6 weeks?
Is it safe to drive while high off weed?
Where will YOU be during the zombie apocalypse?
do i have appendicitis ?
Will I get sick?
I have a bad habit of chewing my hair that covers my eye. How do I break this habit?
How do I tell my mom I smoked marijuana.?
Should I start smoking weed?
i think i am gonna throw up my heart?
Why Is My Heart 'Skipping A Beat'?
Why does my heart rate skyrocket randomly?
How bad is blood pressure that is 150/98?
How many asprin should you take if you are having a heart attack?
would i qualify for gastric bypass surgery?
why does my daughter cough all the time,but has no chest infection?
Under my left breast, It just hurt randomly or when i breathe in it hurts too? do anyone know whats wrong?
Does marijuana have any health benefits?
why cant i sleep?
You think I will pass my drug test?
Will my teacher ask about my black eye?
WHY is life so mean to people that don't have alot?
Isn't there something to put on skin to draw out a splinter that's too deep to reach with tweezers?
Black dot on my iris (not my pupil)?
I got contacts today, and I can't get them out.?
Improve my eye sight?
im sick at the worst time possible?
My right lower leg and foot keep going numb in some areas, no pain........?
my husbands blood pressure is 169/94 is that bad?
Why would a Stroke Victim develop Hand Tremors?
I cant sleep please help!!!?
What is up with my eye? Please help?
Circle Lenses Contact question!?! help?
Alot of eye problems, with an uncommitted mother?
Why do my fingers look like little people?!?
can you remove SCRATCHES from EYEGLASSES?
I'm really glad someone else thinks what I do about wearing glasses?
Help! What is the use of my life?
Just a Question? Could cat's get blood poisoning?
Stop freaking out about the swine flu!!!!! (Revised)?
Doctors Please click?Swine flu?
I am a 19 year old female who has had Strep Throat 9 times my whole life should I have my tonsils removed?
Why am i having headaches?
I walk 70 dogs a day to the point my I can't walk and when I get home my legs and hips are in so much pain. ?
Can my lower back pain be due to lack of exercise?
I think I need Glasses, but worried! Help?
eyes are in pain and watering?
My contact lenses are making my eyes feel really dry?
Does a budgie in a bedroom cause any side effects such as chest infection?
what do you call it when the heart does not rest?
10 points best answer plz help!?
Unexplained resting heart rate, has been 116bpm for five hours and I've only been in bed ?
is it true that super glue can be used to heal cuts?
Does anyone have, or had, a phobia of the dentist?
I'm getting my braces tightened tomorrow, will it hurt loads?
help with my pinky!!!?
would a 10 sack of weed get two people baked?
What's the best high cholesterol alternative medicine?
Trouble falling asleep before 11 o'clock?
Do you also think alternative medicine is child abuse?
What can you do/eat to make cuts heal faster?
Everyone I see, I want to be...?
Does anybody know why I shouldn't kill myself?
how much drink is allowed for heart patient?
How can I make my boyfriend stop worrying about my heart?
Open Heart Surgery...?
High blood pressure question(and bit of cholesterol)?
what could this mean?
Help please. I'm only 14!?
what is considered low blood pressure?
Blue eyes or green eyes?
contact lenses sticks on my fingers and not my eye?
If I have 20/20 vision in my left eye and 20/40 or 20/50 in my right, do I need glasses or contacts?
Can HIV be transmitted through ear piercing?
Shivering and vomiting, those are the symptoms of what?
Do these teeth need braces? The link is included in description.?
How can I prevent cavities? I brush my teeth everyday but I still get cavities.?
what do u do when u cant sleep?
do i have diabetes?
I'm giving blood will work allow me the day off?
whats the fastest way to get rid of lice can you get rid of it in 2 days?
Is three month's a long time to be wearing your contacts?
Lasik Eye Surgery, I still get dry eyes?
i keep blinking my eyes?
What is the youngest you can get contacts?
why am i struggling to breath when i walk a bout or climb the stairs. I have been diagnosed with swine flu?
Do you think the swine flu will come to Canada?
Am I too tough to get swine flu?
how to swell ur foot?
I've hurt my toe, help me ASAP!!?
I'm finding it hard to sleep and i have a huge headache...please help!?
I have 86 toes on one foot. Help!?
I had a HORRIBLE day. What can I do to make my day better?
What should I do if every day of my life is like being in a nightmare?
I am 30 yr old female haven't been to denist in 15 yrs?
Does getting 3 stitches removed hurt?
Is it strange that the so called unbiased supporters of so called alternative therapies..?
Do you like The Killers?
Muscle pain in both legs..?
Knee Pain Whats wrong?
Cutting my wrists? Help?
how did you quit smoking?
how can i avoid getting raped?
Do you prefer contacts or glasses?
In photos, why do I never get "red eye" yet all my friends do?
why can't you just stop beta blockers?
what do you call those things they use in the emergency room ?
can you list 5 factors that could affect someone's heart rate, and how???
why am i soooo tired?
What is a good way to fall asleep easily?
Very important question... I'm nervous!!?
What are YOU allergic to...and what happends to you.?
Bloody nose and allergies?
Have you recovered from depression?
what are some ways i can relieve my stress? ?
Back to school problems?
what's good for stinky ,smelly armspits?
im having an eye test.. what to expect.?
how do you know you have the swine flu?
I was bitten by my dog, what should I do?
My Niece has H1N1 we just found out?
What are the symtoms of bipolar 1?
What is tuberculosis?
How can we fight against bacterias & viruses?
need help i'm depressed?
Help I think my husband is going to kill himself today.?
What's wrong with me?!?
pink or brown ?? what do you prefer??
What are some ways of calming the nerves before performing??
Would you forgive someone for giving you a STD?
Why mosquitoes love me so much? Please note I 'm not stinky and I never wear perfume while camping!!!?
i have aids fear plz help?
Do you know anyone who has died from swine flu?
What doctor do I go to for a UTI?
how do you get rid of the red of a sunburn?
what can make you vomit blood?
I'm scared of death, it's becoming a big problem for me.?
Why Does My Head Hurt All The Time?
Lightheadedness with cigarettes?
what does c.o.p.d desease mean & how serious is it?
How do you know you have pink eye??
itchy red eyes: infection or allergy--how do you know for sure?
what is the worst thing that you have gotten in your eye?
I've been advised to undergo cataract removal surgery: anyone you know had this done? What's your counsel?
Hearing voices, can anyone help?
people who smoke marijauna?
Is it ok for me to have "imaginary friends?"?
Im abusive towards my girlfriend and i don't know what to do?
I honestly don't want to live anymore...help please?
WTH!! Will the even work?
Can you get Swine flu (H1N1) twice?
is there anyway you make youre teeth...?
Can being in front of a computer too much cause headaches?
Is it bad to keep contacts in my eyes overnight?
Isn't it pretty gross for a one-eyed peson to just go around without a glass eye?
Whats the best way to hold your eye lids down to put in contacts?
bone breaking bro with little help?
if u have an allergy to kiwi's should you not use kiwi based moisturizer?
Am I to fat for my age and height? *Pics!*?
I want to try smoking (cigars), but I don't want to. Help!?
Whats the weirdest phobia you have?
Does everyone feel the same now the dark horrible nights are back?
I feel like such a failure that I'm not going to college until a year later?
Pain in side? Could it be my appendix?
kidney stones?
What's causing my headache and how do i get rid of it?
Will Homeopathy help with my Dry Eyes?
What is the best skin cleaner for oily skin ?
I have a strange smell in my nose that I can't get rid of and it's there wherever I am?
How come when i have panic attacks i'm not even panicking?
Can anyone help us?Unsloved medical condition?
Why are my questions always deleted when I CHALLENGE the cholesterol theory?
Should i go to the ER?
fuzziness in front of eyes after smoking cannabis?
What is the best thing to do for a STYE on the eye?
what dose it mean when one pupil is bigger than the other?
Can you go blind if you go to sleep with your hair still damp or wet?
-2.50 Eye vision?
chicken pox for the 2nd time, i'm 19... home remedies?
" Swine Flu " is this the new disease that is going to turn into a Pandemic and wipe out humanity forever?
I just had blood & Urine test done.what does it mean when you have blood in you urine ? It's not much.?
How can I get the flu?
My friend cuts herself and doesn't want me to tell anyone?
Trying to quit marijuana.....please help??
i need for you to answer this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…
What do i do about Smelly feet?
Is there such a thing as chocolate addiction?
i am in depression....pls help me out...?
I'm coughing up blood?
Waking up?
How to straighten my teeth without using braces?
Does this work......READ PLZ 10 pts.?
how to break your arm?!?
Are people who wear contacts vain?
I have terrible eyesight, should I stop wearing glasses?
is laser eye surgery dangerous?
does it hurt when you take off contacts?
Something has been stuck in my eye for 3 hours but I can't see it!! PLESE HELP ME!!!?
im thinkin of getting laser eye surgery?
Need to stay awake ALL night?
I black out sometimes when I smoke weed...?
Should i.............?
How can I make myself sick?
black wee, fever, inflammed throat glands, bad cold... whats wrong with me?
Please Help!I have a bad situation!!!?
I've had this horrible sore in my mouth for more than a week...?
What can cause pain under right shoulder ?
I seriously think I'm suffering form bipolar depression...?
Can someone PLEASE tell me what's wrong?? ( Serious answers only)?
i have either food poisoning or the stomach flu and..?
Does man flu actually exsist?
Is liver cirrohosis & hepatatis B curable ?
only answer if your a doctor please?
Can an EKG detect a blockage in your heart that could cause a heart attack?
How can you tell from someone's appearance whether they drink heavily or smoke marijuana?
using contacts regularly do eyes get effected?
Does Staying On The Computer For Too Long?
What contact solution should I buy?
I keep hearing whispering and stuff in my ears. What do i do?
Make Up and Contact Lenses.?
whats the point in trying to get well and achieve my ambitions in life when you feel like people reject you?
when i pierced my nose!?
How long will this take to heal?
How Many Toes Do You Have?
I fell and now I can barely move my arm. Pain in elbow & shoulder is almost unbareable. Should I see a dr?
I have an eyelash that is poking the corner of my eye and I try to move it but it just won't budge.?
after i consume alcohol my heart starts pounding and my head feels heavy?
am i having heart attack soon?
average Heart rate per minute. PLEASE ANSWER?
when your heart receive oxygenated blood?
What's the best way to get rid of mouth ulcers?
tongue piercing?
Can a persom really die from an absessed /bad tooth?
does it hurt to get your?
Am I fat? (pics included)?
Is it bad that i've never had chicken pox?
what is the worst swine flu can do to a 2 year old ?
how to get sick??(QUICK)?
Is there any way I can stop my eyesight from getting worse?
I need to know what has happened!!!!!!?
Question About contact lenses?
Anybody know of a deodorant that doesn't cause itching?
help for acne problems?
Question about acne?
the thought of dust mites living on me literally makes my skin crawl.. what's the best way to get rid of them?
what should you do if you have a really bad sore throat and you have a stuffy nose and its hard to swallow?
My bf cut himself pretty deeply tonight. Like, he will probably require stitches. Should I take him to the ER?
My blood pressure has consistently been in the 160's over low 100's?
my blood pressure is always up. I dont eat alot of salty foods. My head hurts alot.?
I would like to know what are the causes of heart papiltations and if they can be serious?
1. Your ____ is the largest organ of your body.?
am i going to become a smoker if my mom is a smoker and my dad was a smoker and my brothers are smokers?
IS THIS REALLLY BAD?????? HELP!!! (not a cutter)?
My face turns red when i workout hard, any help?
I have a twitchy right eyelid..?
Are there any reasons why I shouldn't get contacts?
first glasses.........?
Can TV harm your vision?
America's Best Contacts and Eyeglasses Scam?
I cant take sleeping pills because I am a minor and my mother won't let me, what are some other alternatives?
I am having the flu vaccine today but now have a sore throat and feel unwell. should I avoid have it now. ?
Am I safe from the Swine flu or should I still get the vaccine?
What do u think about the Swine Flu?
My first cavity and filling ?
What is the best toothpaste for putting a 'zing' in your mouth?
Who gave this country any right to attack anyone?
How dangerous is Swine flu to someone with asthma?
Slammed the car door on my finger?
Is this normal?
can't feel my arm when i wake up?
Why can't you take asprin, when you have a broken leg???
I have a question regarding heart attack.?
Is blood pressure high/low curable?
If you have extreme swelling in the lower body and shortness of breath after light activity, what's wrong ?
Would I have a heart attack if I ate this?
How long can a person survive without their brain?
you cant die from a cavitie can you?
Why am I Feeling so Depressed?
i know i don't have a life but please read this?
Marijuana is totally harmless, non-addictive, not even psychologically addictive, so why people against it?
Endding it all tonight?
That's it...I'm done with life. My doctor can't see me and I just can't take it?
What's the best way of getting rid of a stye on one's eye?
what is the age group in the young adults that r dying from swine flu?
how contagious is impetigo?
why is it that my child always catches some type infection after getting his vaccination?is this normal?
Nervous about public speaking - does Rescue Remedy work??
does smoking pot make you infertle?
unidentified drug in my dads car?
I'm itching....?
What is this?? Allergic to fruit?
I am allergic to my new dog, can I do something without getting rid of him?
How can I break my internet addiction?
I'm having trouble going to sleep.... what can I do to fall asleep?
help me please???
Scared about getting Wisdom Teeth out!?
How does squinting help you see things better?
If for one day there were no laws or inhibitions ,what would you do?
Can A fib lead to a sudden death? If so how does this happen?
Any doctors / nurses urgently please?
friends keep telling me to 'snap out' of depression?
i could use some help !!!!!!?
Is my eyesight really this bad as my friends say?
How can I fix my vision or how much is lasik eye surgery?
eye drops - why should they be thrown away after 28 days?
My eyes are itching ?
Are contacts good for 12 year olds?
what's the quickiest way to thrghley get rid of lice/louce?
hangover cure?
Is Marijuana really the Devil's Harvest?
alternative medicine or scientific?
i smoked weed for the first time in two weeks?
Has anybody cured / fully recovered from manic depression?
I am recently divorced, I have no friends and I feel isolated.?
Does thinking about suicide necessarily mean that you're suicidal?
Does maggot therapy work?
my heart feels weak is it okay?
A Question about Heart?
How can this be treated? any vitamins? minerals? or treatment?
how to lower cholesterol?
I have bruise and i was wondering how to get rid of it. Should i put ice on it?
need help about cutting?
How to put in Contact Lenses?
My son and I have been debating for about 5 years now about our eyes. He is 11 y/o with a prescription of?
Why can't you wear your contacts while u sleep?
is this a spider bite or mosquito bite?
i'm trying to remove a splinter but it's not coming out...?
When taking a shower, Is cold or hot water better?
my symptoms are......?
How do you make mosquito bites stop ITCHING!!?
Is it normal to urinate in the bath?
Why do I feel like I have to urinate often?
What causes people's eyes to turn yellow, like the white area of the eye?
Could I have an allergic reaction to TAP WATER?
Question about high blood pressure.?
blood test to check for heart attack?
Serious question: Heart spazzes? Doctor doesn't know what it is?
What causes heart murmur's?
How to Spend Your Last Days?
How many believe that home remedies, are sometimes better than real medications?
Is diabetes a disease?
Tips for a newly diagnosed type one diabetic?
How long after you go the eye doctor will it be before you get your glasses?
I just got contacts Tuesday and I was wondering if...?
Is it normal that my contact lens is larger than my than cornea?
For people that use contacts. =)?
what is an easy wat to cry?
how many cups or ounces or water should we drink a day?
Is it bad to eat cough drops when you dont need them / are'nt sick ?
Asthma? who is most likely to contract it?
How to get rid of a chest infection without anti biotics?
suicide, is it the anwser?
is it wrong that i dont want to work hard for the nice things in life, relationships, nice home, money etc ?
Can you flip your eyelids?
What do i do to stop wanting to die?
i fell asleep with my contacts in- ONE OF THEM HAS DISAPPEARED!?
what kind of massage should i get?? i'm really sore!!!?
What can i put on a burn so it will stop hurting?
How come some peoples' breaths smell like poo?
is it true that lasik eye surgery is the only way you can regain your 20/20 vision?
persitant cough had for 5months now.dry,sometimes all day some times few during day alot at night?
i keep the heart burn alot and i've tried every thing and nothing seems to work. HELP!?
What does it feel like to be high?
Today I noticed that I have either a bladder infection or a urinary tract infection, but can't tell which...
should i have a contact for my 3rd eye?
once you start wearing glasses will you need them for the rest of your life?
What is the name of the vision where you can see out of the corner of your eyes?
Man born with cat eyes?
am i going blind? or what?
Smokers please answer this?
Help theres A BUG BEHIND my eye?
What do you think about self-harm?
Why do I have a double chin?
Gym , Hormones, and Acne?
Help with Acne please!?
why we have to quit smoking?
Can someone who wears glasses restore their vision through eye exercises?
I've been having visual disturbances where everything seems to be moving back and forth rapidly?
what does it mean when i smoke pot and i get a blue rim around my eyes?
Can I take a nap with CONTACT LENSES in?
Are contact lenses expensive?
What do you do in the middle of the night when your mind is stirring and you can't sleep?
is 15 years old too old to get braces without looking like a dork?
What's your favorite chewing gum?
Is swine flu dangerous ? how do i and my son protect our salves?
I Don't know if its a simple cold or the swine flu. Any help?
Is the Swine Flu Deadly?
Does my daughter have the swine flu?
Is it safe to eat pork with swine flu going around?
I'm having 2 Injections tomorrow. Really scared and nervous of needles.?
My friend is only 30, does she have alzheimer's?
I just burned my finger on the oven what's the quickest way to sop it hurting?
My boyfriend said he could "smell" AIDS. Is there actually a smell, or is he just ignorant?
How do you convince somebody that Homeopathy doesn't work?
Sore throat?
I need to get rid of this cough!?
What's wrong with me? Read more...?
Why we don't cough when we are sleeping?
What can I do about this cough I've had for more than a year?
am i allergic to skittles?
Can you develop an allergy to strawberries or does it have to be present from birth?
is it true that if you have pop rocks in your mouth and have soda you will die?
At what age do you wisdom teeth start to come in?
I'm going to get some of my wisdom teeth out soon any tips?
How can you tell if you have strep throat?
Pain Relievers and empty stomachs?
I have a pain in the ear, what does this mean?
What's a good treatment for eczema?
My contact lens had fallen out and now its all dried up. Can it still be used?
how much do color contact lenses cost?
Help, blurry vision, watery eyes...?
Eye infection from contacts?
i am a 13 year old smoker, how does this effect me?
heart transplant while using marijuana, is that safe?
how do i tell my mom i'm a cutter?
helppp me.............?
I swallowed a fly yesterday?
Can you have a bruise, but not see it?
what can make someones ear's stink?
My dentist told me i have gum disease after being a patient of his for 25 years. Do I have any legal recourse?
MY kids and the Swine Flu vaccine?
How to catch the flu when you've taken the flu shot?
Diabetes?say it aint so!!!?
hi there , my doughter is 9 year &my son is 7 both after visit the doctor adviced to wear aglass , my question
Foods that lower blood pressure?
Could This Kill Me? (My Heart Is Beating Weird)?
Who's had Lasik???!?
Eye Twitching!!?
What's the last thing that got stuck in your eye?
What is the best treatment for a sprained ankle? Oooh it f+-+ing hurts!!!?
how can you cure chapped lips ?
I believe I have an allergy to fruits...?
i think i have swine flu but i'm not sure.?
Is fear of swine flu stopping you eating out at restaurants?
want swine flu slogans?
How Do I Get My Breath To Smell Better?
How much does contacts usually cost I'm getting my eyes checked Tuesday that's why I'm wanting to know.
Can someone tell me if this is normal?
what's your stand on herbal medicine? or what can you say about it?
can you get herpes when the person doesn't have a break out?
I have a date this weekend and I think I might be getting a cold! How do I prevent it from coming on!?
How do they know it's the Swine flu?
I think my family and well i lost my only friend would be happy if i killed myself?!?!?
I have wild mood swings for no reason at all, but I don't think I'm bipolar?
how do u lower your blood pressure naturally? I'm under 30 with a rising blood pressure.?
If my blood pressure is high what should I take?
Worried that I might be showing signs of a stroke? 15 years old here?
Do I need eyeglasses?
How old were you when you first started using eye glasses or contact lenses ?
Can you wear contacts lenses ,if you don't like to stick your finger in your eye?
allergic reaction to dairy help!?
Do you also have people in your hair?
Can you ever recover from depression?
my friend laughed at me when i said i answer in mental health, anything wrong with that?
Can lack of sleep kill you?
Are you happy, Because I'm not?
How long does it take to get blood drawn from the point the needle is first inserted until it's pulled out?
My Tummy Hurts :( MAKE ME FEEL BETTER!?
i smoke about 1 pack in 2 days for 7 years if i quit now will my heart and lungs repair them self at all?
Is it true that when you get a tatoo you can't donate blood anymore?
could the new swine flu be a terrorist attack since the muslim communities dont eat pork?
some cells produce mucus? what does mucus do tp help defend your body against disease?
What is worse? Swine flu or Man flu?
Is it common for a person's heart to race when not moving any?
Am I having early signs of a heart attack?
10 pts for best answer! What are some ways to help keep my dad's blood pressure down?
What's heart infection? Is it serious?
I'm scared to start jogging?
Do I look too muscle-y ?
Am I too skinny ? Or do I look healthy ?
A few days ago, I was 96.6 lbs and now I'm 98.6?
Do you have to be skinny to be happy?
how much do bracrs hurt?
restless legs???
I'm 29 and have osteo arthritis, any advice on how to ease the pain?
how do I talk to my dr. about pain?
How do you survive in prison?
Explain to me the process of immunisation?
How do flu shot developers know which strain is going around before it goes around?
why does her vergina itch so badly?
If a 7 year old gets lyme disease will he die?
can you lower blood pressure?
I am a 19 year old female with a blood pressure of 130/80, is that good?
How do they fix the beast bone back together after a heart bypass operation?
can anybody help my wife's problem, every time she sleep at our air condition room she is sick with ashma?
Okay, so my friend just tried to kill himself... :?
What is up with me?!?
What does heroin taste like?
my ears?!?
my hand is swellen by a bee sting what should i do?
What do I keep seeing from the corner of my eye?
I have been told that I am not able to drive due to a problem with my eyes. ?
What do you think of someone with anorexia?
Dont laugh okay? serious question..i think i have aids..?
What's a good way to soothe a burnt tongue?
How do i cure my burning tongue?
i've never been to the dentist and i'm 16 years old..?
is the painkiller codeine addictive?
Anyone use Glucosamine/chondritin for pain? Does it really work?
Can you still see if you do not have eye lashes?
why are my eyes so sensitive to light?
Do I actually have to wear my glasses?
If you wear blue/green contacts will everything look blue/green? (depending on colour of contacts...?)?
is this heartburn or a heart attack!?
Will it be good if we stop taking salt through food totally?
What does a 'stress test' consist of?
Does anyone have advice for compultsive cutting?
What's wrong with me?
Toliet filled with blood when I pooh?
do we seriously eat spiders?
braces questions?
would you consider bleach an ok mouth wash?
is 260 pounds for someone 6'4 too much?
I have a rather large and hard bite on my leg. It is looks like a target and in about 2 inches in diameter.?
DRUNK and throwing up blood?
should i be worried about a blood pressure spike.?
What is the worst pain that you have ever felt?
How do i get rid of Heartburn or acid reflux Fast?
I think i have something wrong with my knees?
I heard on the news that an old person in a nursing home died from the flu. Could young people die from it too?
What is the best medication to take for headaches?
What's a good remedy for an itchy sunburn?
can you spread germs by shaking hands?
What do I tell my eye doctor during my exam if I can't read one of the lines on the eye chart?
Contacts Help!?
why is it dangerous if you get blood into your eye?
ProActive? Really need help!!!?
help!help!!!! plz! i really need help!?
how do i become depressed?
I don't know who I am?
My resting heart rate is 110 I'm fifty six years of age; any suggestions?
Why Are SSRI's A SCAM?
If your having a heart attack,why do you have to chew an aspirin,why can't you swallow?
What's up with my heart?
I want to get my ears peirced but Im scared?
Why my eyes are too light sensitive?
Do braces hurt when they are put on and are tightened?
I wake up at 3am every morning for no reason. then i can't go back to sleep should take sleepingpills?
I've had sinus congestion for almost a month, any idea's on how to get rid of it?
how to not be afraid of scary movies and the dark?
Anyone have laser or lasik eye surgery?
What are the Cons and Pros of laser eye surgery?
Is putting in contacts hard?
Are you allowed to squint your eyes at the eye doctor?
I am worried about contacts. Do they hurt or sting?
Blurry w/ glasses on?
why is my daughter walkin on her toes?
help with ingrown toenail?
Yellowish fluid thrown up?
Has anyone ever felt like life wasn't worth living, even just a tiny bit?
what is the big deal with this SWINE flu scare!!!!!!?
can u get the flu from having a flu jab?
What can we do to stop ourselves catching this flu pandemic?
Do I Have Swine Flu? Please Answer.?
I have high cholesterol and diabetes. I've stopped eating hard cheese in an attempt to control it. Do I have
My friend's two day old baby has been diagnosed with a heart murmur?
did i have a heart attack?`?
how do i lower cholesterol? ?
my chest hurts bad and i am only 12 whats going on?
How much would a contact lense fitting be?
Really worried about my eyes!?
my one year old daughter is blind in one eye, How will this affect her ability to drive, learn in school ect.?
If you can't see well from far and you don't wear glasses or contacts, does your vision become worse everyday?
I only have 1 eye. Why can I not see a 3d movie?
Is this a sign that I need to wear glasses?
Has anyone ever noticed that most people don't wash there hands after the bathroom?
Helppp!! Im Sick?
How do you pierce your friend's lip?
i'm drunk & cut my wrists?
My Remedy for depression???
How can I seize the day? Live life to the fullest?
Have you ever hit someone just because you didn't like the look of them?
Help me, I want to die?
Swine Flu,will there be a vaccine? When? How long?
Is swine flu restricted to Roman Catholics?
Help! is H1N1 flu shot safe?-Thank you?
I have a burning sore mouth and throat, Does anyone know why?
What mental illness is it when your always looking at the negative, have anger problems, and can't control
I can't sleep at all..? HELP?!?
I'm grossly underweight and need help. What can I do?
I feel really sick :( What can I do to settle my hungover stomach?
how do you fake getting sick?
Best way to put on cologne?
i can't swallow pills, can i crush them?
I am not an alternative medicine freak but I would like to know if there are any natural antibiotics that work?
What do you do to relief the pain from wearing high heels?
How to reduce blood pressure?
Is it normal to feel short of breath when taking heart medication?
I recently recieved a heart from a donor family, and i am having trouble writing a thank you letter.?
Is it normal for your eye to bleed?
High eye pressure... glaucoma at age 26?
my 6 yr just ate half of an old kraft brand cheese stick i think left out 4 approx 4 days. will he be ok?
what that stuff u take to make u throw up if u eat poison?
What would happen if you drunk a full bottle of NyQuil before you went to bed?
I'm sick... what's wrong with me?
Will Mexicans learn to wash themselves a little more considering they started the Swine Flue?
Is this Swine Flu going to end man kind?
I'm thinking about Killing myself?
If you break your neck bone will you die or become paralyzed?
How do you feel about answering the seemingly repeated suicide questions?
urgent! please help with my sadness/depresion!?
How can I get out in the world when I am full of anxiety? I haven't worked in a year due to the extreme fear
Have you ever self-harmed?
What are natural ways to experience a "high"?
My 7yo son's urine is smelly and strong looking, does this mean that he doesn't drink enough water?
do u think its strange or normal that I dont have a?
Why am I coughing blood?
how do i stop coughing?
Why are so many people dying of Swine Flu if it's supposed to be cured?
Worst possible disease EVER?
Stuck in the middle... should I get the flu shot for my 15 month old son?
My eye!!! Help!!! EMERGENCY!?
Why people are unable to blink their eyes.?
i want better vision?
Are you supposed to put your contacts on with tap water?
Contact lens moves when I blink?
why is my leg and foot numb?
my 4 year old son as congential heart diease?
How much potassium to take?
is 240 heart rate bad?
can i lose weight just drinking energy drinks?
If I drank just tea would I lose weight?
i weigh 110 i am like 5"4 and am 14 am i fat?
Do you think I'm fat?
how much should i weigh?
what's your best solution for a tooth that's growing on the roof of your mouth?
What body type is this?
How much money would you accept to voluntarily cut off your foot?
I have a cold sore below my lip. whats the best product to use?
my ear is blocked & painful what do I do? i've tried every ear drops?
i have a cut on the bottom of my foot and it wont stop bleeding?
I can't get my contacts out!!!!!!!!!?
I have pink eye, but how can i make tomorrow morning less miserable?
Why are my eyes dry even when closed?
Why do I have no passion for life? I'm not yet 23!!!?
How can i go to sleep in the shortest possible time without taking sleeping pills?
Is diet soda really that bad for you?
Is it safe to eat the skin on a baked potatoe?
What makes you happy?
Have I got Swine Flu?
How to tell my mom i want new glasses?
Contacts how are they?
i wear tined glasses, and i want contacts?
Signs my arm is broken, fractured, or sprained?
my boyfriend is relaxed but his heart is racing? ?
how to lower high blood pressure?
Can COCA-COLA cause you to have a heart attack ??
What can be done to reverse liver damage?
Should my sister gain weight?
Should people who DO NOT have HIV be allowed to counsel people with HIV?
Why Am I Coughing Up Blood?
Does vitamin C really protect against colds?
stabbing pain in chest?
can animals be allergic to smoke?
What can I do? My son is sick all the time.?
Can I have a filling without an injection?
Can I repair my vision?
A contact ripped in my eye. It's possible scratched / ripped eye, what should I do?
what can you use, to ease your burning eyes after crying to much?
Do injections hurt????
my throat feels weird, what can it be?
headache- cant get rid of it?
:( pain in rib area and it hurts now?
What's the best way to quit smoking?
how to avoid mosquitos without bug spray?
Do they test for deseases when selling to the Different Hospitals Cadaver's Bones to be used as bone replaceme
How can I get rid of fear?
Heart palpitations with anorexia?
Is the blood pressure of 158/120 and pulse of 104 high for a 33 year old male?
how do u make ur ears pop? i've tryed chewing gum buh nuttin?
I just accidently stabbed myself with a pigeon drill and I'm bleeding quite badly. What should I do?
Did you/are you getting a flu shot this year? Why or why not?
Do i have OCD? (Obssesive Compulsive Disorder)?
my son has rugby shape pupils at the back of his eyes and has to wear glasses will he always have to wear them
Should I go crazy about improving my vison?
something doen't feel right?
What does this sound like? (long but please read)?
Are vampires really real ? ?
why cant i just go to bed????????
remedy for constipation!?
Can anyone recommend an effective sleeping tablet?
Back, Shoulder And Slight Neck Pain From Weights. Help.?
I dropped a pan on my little toe; it's all black and blue!?
What happens if I have a fever and get a flu shot?
I'm Terrified! Please Help!?
how long do ur contacts lenses last?
Slept with my contacts in...?
Got hair into my eyes?
Abnormal amount of eye infections; cannot determine the problem?
What does it mean when your glasses dig into your nose?
Can you use monthy contacts again long after a month, even if you havent worn them except once?
Is this normal? Toes very often are uncontrollable?
i have a dull aching pain in between my breast almost constantly any ideas?
My 7month old boy is allergic to cow' s milk and soy. Is there an infant formula that doesn't contain both?
My shortness is killing me...help?!?
what is advair?
Go to hospital or dont go to hospital?
I'm coughing up some kind iv thick white Flem that smells bad what is it and what causes it.?
are there any tests for possible stroke?
I've lost my voice and I have to sing tomorrow, any suggestions?
What are some good sources of protein?
why do people say "bless you" when you sneeze?
If your house caught on fire, what would you try to save while running out? (family's already safe)?
Help i burnt my self on some Hot Water Any Stuff to help stop burning?
What are some things you do to get rid of stress. Or to relax or whatever?
How to get a really bad fever?
I am a bad person and I know it....?
Why do my eyes feel glazed over and tired a lot? Sometimes they burn.?
what to do to prevent high blood pressure?
what u like to do when rise from the bed?
How can i stop smoking?
help!! popped arm!!! really hurts?
i cut myself can i die from that?
Does this sounds like diabetes?
Is it possible to lose 100lbs in at least 3 ½ months?
Is chewing gum good for weight loss or is it a myth?
Am I starving myself?
Do you consider a woman who is 5' 3" and 130lbs too fat?
I am 12 and 123 pounds and '5"0 in height and I want to know how I can lose exactly 30 pounds in one month
whats the best drug?
can you go to jail for SMOKING weed?
Is there ANY harm contacts can do to your eyes?
What is happening to my eyes?!?
I need someone to talk to. I don't know how to control my anger anymore it seems to be getting worse every day
What kind of woman flirts with men she knows are married?
What should I do-my arm hurts?
Got arthritis's in my hand,?
i was doing the worm the other day, now my arms and shoulders hurt really badly. why?
If someone's jaw clicks, make clicking sounds what is it??
My friend is sick and he has a stomach ache and nausea...what can he eat to help him with both issues?
What do you want them to do with your body after you die?
does anyone know what to do if you are constipated?
How can I help my Dad stop smoking?
For people who wear contacts.
what are the usual weight restrictions you can lift after the operation?
Other than Strength, what's the difference between 5mg and 10mg Zyrtec?
Allergies are killing me !?
i've been picking my nose a lot recently...?
Do braces hurt?
I'm leaving in a few minutes to get all my wisdom teeth pulled. Wish me luck?
where can i buy dentist paste to stick my crown back instead of visiting the dentist?
What's the best toothpaste??
Can I take out my retainer for short periods of time?
Do urinary tract infections go away on their own?
Does anyone think the swine flu is just?
Metal taste in my mouth!?
I'm sick like a dog, what can I do to get better?
I do around 50 sit ups each night yet I'm not getting abs?
Girls.Why are most of them overweight? I am fed up with living in The Land of Lard.?
I'm 14 and i want to work my six pack more.I'm doing a lot of push ups,does this help? or should i do sit ups?
Somone Help Me!!!!! BREAKDOWN!!!!!?
what cheers you up when you feel REALLY depressed and feel like your going nowhere in life?
My Back,Legs,Thighs, hurting from rollerblading!!?
PLZ ANSWER i need HELP!!!!!!!!!!?
How do you get a thorn out your leg?
Is it true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach?
At what age does any heart diseases start at?
i'm 39 weigh 70kg my bp is 110/75 my resting heart rate is 60 is this ok? ?
are skipping heartbeats normal?
How do I get my eye contact prescription? They refuse to give it to me?
What rash is this?
i think i got sick and i have cold like symptoms. how can i get rid of most of it by tomorrow?
what exactly is 69??
I get 10-15 "colds" a year. I'm very health conscious, but I'm worried that I'm doing something wrong.
Spider Bite Problem..?
how to treat an ear infection?
Im thinking of Laser Eye surgery...Do you think it's safe now in this day and age?
I just smoked about 1 and 1/4 cups of bleach. Should I go to the hospital?
why cant i stop smoking pot?
can you be allergic to ciggerettes?
why does my nose bleed?
What is the remedy for headache, headweight, irritating throat and running nose. All at one time ?
Is it weird that I want to detach from reality?
Any non medical advices on how to cure a Depression?
Is suicide my only option?
i want to be fat as soon as posiable....?
Im 14 and have tryed to commit suicide?
Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?
I suffer from social anxiety disorder, can I collect disability?
Why doesn't snoring wake up the person that is snoring?
Does cracking your knuckles make your fingers thinker?
Should i take the swine flu vaccine when i feel like i'm coming down with a cold?
Can iwear eye mak-up to an eye test?
on august 31 i injured my calf i can barely walk and it gets harder when i walk? help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
how often do you take advil?
Can you ever walk again if you are paralyzed from the waist down?
does regular blood test reveal everything about my body?
My resting heart rate is 150, is that normal?
Husband has anxiety please help?
I have heart and fatigue issues. Any thoughts? Or email me!?
I am 14 Yrs Old And I Think I Have Depression But I Can't Talk To Anyone, Who Can I Talk To?
i need help with my drug test!?
How soon will this marijuana get out of my system?
If a man with HIV gets a woman pregnant will she get HIV?
What are the swine flu symptoms?
why does this happen to me?!?!?
How do I make the pain go away?
I get little pains in my heads frequently is something wrong?
Have you ever been stung multiple times by a nest of wasps?
I love my feet - and love to watch others feet too. What bits of body do YOU like watching?
eye color question?
How to get contact lenses in easily?
is it bad to wear less updated prescription glasses?
Glasses or contacts (pics included)?
How much do contact lenses usually cost?
Is smoking Marijuana bad if...?
How do i hide fungus on toenails?
I have an enlarged heart and have to take furosemide each day. However, I find that it?
When I Stand Up To quickly i feel faint, and then my eyesight goes a bit strange it only lasts about 10 second
I'm 14, should I smoke?
What are you allergic to?
What do you like to use for a head cold or severe allergies?
What are some ways to improve your eyesight?
Is it possible to correct eyesight naturally?
I haven't gone to the bathroom to #2 in almost four days!?
I think i have AIDS. What do i do?
I want to kill myself! Should I?
I 'm....Shy, can someone help me?
Is it not healthy to not have any friends?
i cut my finger open what do i do?!?
need help pls... wha't this pain?
if i burnt my stretch marks with a hot iron would they go when the wound heals?
Did you know that marijuana kills cancer cells?
Is the drug " cephalexin", used for both humans and animals.?
Ear infection need help?
Blood sugar a 49? Is this okay or bad?
My father is getting a pace maker attached to his heart?
Why does smoking raise your blood pressure?
My friend has had a triple heart bypass is he ok to smoke cannabis without major risk?
Can a 15 year old have a heart attack?
My dad died of a heart attack at age 32. I am a 23 year old overweight female with no known heart problems.?
Will I die if I consume too many flintstones vitamens?
what do u do if ur mom says not to smoke?should i smoke?
can doctors find marijuana in your blood?
How do I help someone who is very negative to start thinking positive?
Please help me calm down, I feel like killing someone?
Is What I'm Experiencing 'Restless Leg Syndrome'?
i think i pulled a muscle in the back of my thy.?
my daughter is 16 and her chest is hurting so is her neck she feels burning in her neck should io take her in?
Has anyone had this happen to you in the hospital?
can u brush your teeth without toothpaste?
Is it really bad to chew gum with braces?
How Long before my antibiotic kicks in for a sever infection caused by a toothache?
can you catch the swine flu at taco bell or dell taco?
Someone at work has contagious disease ( I overheard his phone convo) WHAT can I do?
I just found out that my girlfriend is considering becoming bulimic?
I am house wife, i have BP i.e 100/60. Is it low or high or normal?
is this blood pressure good or bad?
Can you get blocked arteries at the age of 18?
I can't feel my pulse?
what does it mean if your pulse is like 40 bpm and blood pressure is 121 over 51?
help falling asleep please?
everyday my eye colour changes?
whats the worst injury you have had?
Does it really hurt/do damage to your eyes if you try on someone's glasses?
My sister burned me with a hair crimper?
What's your favorite cold remedy?
Where can I find acid?
How do you know if you're getting addicted to painkillers??
my wrist hurts really bad and i don't know why......?
Help! My calf is spasming/twitching! What do I do?
My back hurts extremly bad?
Help! I have a drug test for a new job and I smoked pot in December. Can it still be in my system?
What is the difference between pandemic and epidemic?
Another Swine Flu question, sorry. Should we wear masks?
Can you get a brain infection from a nostril piercing?
what are the best ways to prevent a heart attack?
heart donation... whilst still alive!?
What happens when a person's blood pressure reaches over 230?