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how much weight can you lose on a liquid diet for 3 days?
can anybody give me tips on how to eliminate processed foods from my diet?
How man sit-ups does it take to burn 200 cals?
A question for all those that do pilates?
What is my Body shape?
What percentage of energy should come from carbohydrates?
how much protein is needed while working out ?
i lift wight but my arms do get any bigger?///?
Testoripped; Good or Bad?
you gotta to read this paragraph and prove me wrong, and actually weight lifting makes your bones stronger?
is this jump rope routine a hiit?
How come I'm not getting a 6 pack?
What are some low fat breakfast options?
How Should I use my Treadmill?
Only day 1 quitting smoking and I am struggling!! Please help....?
how to get model skinny thighs?
Are strawberries high in calories?
im 178cm tall and weigh 46kg am i anerexic?
if you weigh 145-155 pounds how many calories do you take inper day?
Can i use my health card for lap banding.?
What's the best diet and fastest way to loose weight?
is a 3kg weight enough for me?
Can you diet on subway?
Question about health and gym..?
I am going to join the gym next week??
How much calories should a 13 year old be eating?
is it possible to become flexible at the age of 14?
How much weight can I lose on a low carb diet?
Is my body the right size ?
Is this overweight for 14 year old?
Fruit vs Yogurt The better one?
Has anyone used the the "flex enervive"?
how much weight can I lose in a month?
Does this seem like an effective workout?
Is this a healthy mealplan ?
i woke up and all i craved was alot of chocolate and couldnt stop eating them? why?
Worried to gain weight easily?
how do i lose 20 pounds in a week?!?!?
how long does it take to physically see results using creatine?
What are some good recipes for weight loss?
Why do I have such a big tummy?
is it better to do cardio every day, or every other day?
How can i help my self not be tempted to go of my diet?
Did i eat good today/did i eat to much !?!?
What is considered a flat stomach?
Do guys actually like love handles?
Is fruit salad in fruit juice high in calories?
Is it possible to lose weight just by eating smaller portions?
any one use fat-less slim tea is this good to loss weight?
What does that protein powder do?
exercising and eating right but seemed to put more weight on?
how do i lose weight when i have no time to go to the gym?
do proteine shakes help you lose weight or gain weight? cause i want to use a shake that replaces a meal ?
How many calories burnt by the plank exercise?
Why has my weight loss on South Beach slowed down so much?
I have huge theighs, how can i make them smaller?
The daily menu of an anorexic?
How can I loose weight quickly?
Do exercise bikes actually tone your legs and thighs?
What is the world coming to?
Do I have really small feet for my height/weight/age?!?
im trying to lose weight a certain way but is it right and will it work?
is being fat over rated?
how long should this last me? Im on a diet?
lite n easy in the year 2011?
im looking for healthy snacks?
what is the typical weight of a fully grown american staffy?
how fast can fat be gained?
10 points most helpful answer....?
i need a good exersize and health plan will some one please help me?
Woo!!! Beth Phoenix Has Got Muscles...They are 14' inch Superb for a woman?
A lot of belly bulge....?
The best way to get a six pack?
Reviews of The Master Cleanse?
What foods make you bloat and what foods help prevent bloating?
I need some help gaining weight and tips on weights routine?
is eating raw garlic and raw lemon juice healthy and good for you? if so how will it help? and what will?
how many calories lost is equal to one pound lost?
why is jacob philp so jacob wakob?
Is it a good idea to record what you ate during the day?
how long does it take to physically see results using creatine?
i recently saw advertised on tv an ab cruncher machine and it had a boxing speed ball attached can anyone tell?
Jumping rope 5minutes each hour a day.?
How many calories should a teenage girl consume in a day?
toning bum, thighs and tummy?
Is my body alright as it is?
Good holiday workout routine?
how to lose weight i 2 weeks?
How to slim down 20lbs fast!?
whats the quickest way to lose weight?
how can you pull your triceps?
What is a healthy weight for a teenage girl who is 5'6?
is that too much to consume more than 10 fresh cherry at single sit..?
Is it okay for a 13-year-old girl to have a BMI of 16.1?
Foods to help get flat abs? 10 points best answer!?
Starting a new workout?
Obsessed with chocolate...help?
Are there any good fitness stores online?
Need help with a Teen Diet Plan..?
I want to lose 10 kg in 3 weeks or less would u help me :(?
i'm 14 will my arms grow any more by age 17?
what are signs that your getting fat?
Mix, Treadmill and weight's shred kilo's?
I need help with a diet!?
im 13 and waigh 92 kilo help, see if my diet plan will help.?
Will this routine help me lose weight?
much does a one year membership cost at a "fitness 19" gym?
Best way to lose weight and diet?
wiping oil off of food?
Need help in exercise planning?
please help me with my weight loss?
How do I get rid of fat cheeks?
I cant get bigger muscles - specifically biceps.?
food: is this unhealthy ? or ok ? not too bad?
Results from ab circle pro?
Should I put on weight?
How can I flatten my stomach?
Trying to Lose weight?
What does 500 calories look like?
Eating a healthy diet but still considered "not thin"?
Do I really need a really really good diet to build a nice body (besides the obvious protein)?
Do you reckon it is possible to lose 25kilos by Jan 28?
How to continue losing weight when you go from a very active job to a relaxed job. Please help!?
can you lose weight/fat just by doing weights (no cardio)?
How many callories should i eat per day to loose say 1-2kg per week and how many mins of excercise?
I have a box of favourites chocolates and I ate like 10 of them, is that bad?
my weight lost story. please help :(?
Do I have a healthy diet?
How do i loose.....?
I really need so help!!!!?
is a BMI of 16.29 abnormal?
Okay, so if I do this will I lose weight?
Can I go from this to this (pics included)?
is my food lifestyle healthy?
is my height right :)?
What are causes for different workout pains?
how much should i weigh?
Should muscles be contracted or relaxed when stretching?
what should i avoid eatin when trying to lose weight ?
is it better to run 10 minutes everyday or every few days?
Am I fat for a 13 year old girl?
my chuwqawaa tried too eat my...?
Im really skinny is it possible to get bigger?
low carb high protein diet cook books?
What are some simple exercises I could do at home?
will i put on weight if i eat the right amount of calories but not healthy food?
does going shopping all day burn calories?
I just ate a chocolate icecream that had 19.8g of fat and 310 calories. How can I burn it off?
How to burn off 283 calories?
How much chocolate, per year, does an Australian eat, on average?
When i do pushups i can do around 20 before my triceps begin to get tired. I thought pushups focus on your?
Is it true that my legs are fat... I never thought they were, but apparently they are. Opinion?
Hey, would this form of Whey Protein and Creatine be good?
If i eat a whole chicken will i gain fat?
what foods should i put in my daily sandwiches to help gain weight?
Duromine - Still eating?
losing weight by not eating?
best ways/tips/ hints to bulk up?
is there any way i can get skinny with just eating and not starving myself?
how many crunches should a 13 year old boy do?
can you get abs without doing ab exercises?
will this make you lose weight and not gain muscle if i do this???
if i just eat 1 apple in breakfast and salad in lunch and fruits in supper im i going to lose 4 or 5 kilos ?
how to get a super flat stomach, especially the lower abs?
Do i look good for losing 20 kilos???
how to prevent stretch marks? (bodybuilding)?
how much running do i need todo a day to lose 12 pounds in around a month?
How long until a throat cancer cure is too late?
I just started school holidays , And im losing weight already! im a 14 yr old girl :)?
should i be seeing results by now?? (urgent) !?
i need abs relly fast?
What is the best diet for an extremely lazy intestine?
favourite low calorie foods?
is 97 bpm to fast for a teenager?
Toning up with running? weight loss benefits?
How do you lose 6 stone in 3 months?
i need to build up a lot of muscle for my kickboxing?
my 2 year old ate a pack of gum, should i be worried?
is a bikini normal for a 12 year old?
Really tired and thinking about food all the time?
am i fat? please be honest.?
Swearing off meat, fish, gluten, dairy and lessening processed foods, sugar and alcohol. Can anyone recommend?
how do i get a fast metabolism?
chemotherapy, need some help?
what is the difference between protein shakes and supplements?
Best protein powder for bigger muscles and clearer/bigger abs.?
would i gain wight if i exercised and then stopped at once ?
is 120 lbs at age 13 to heavy?
all work and no exercise?
has anyone heard of or tried the master cleanse? keyenne pepper?
help on losing weight..?
A scoop of vanilla ice-cream? And some qn I need an answer to too!?
I need a 6 pack by the end of this month - how do I get one?
Will Excersize Help Me With This..?
Does the cardio twister get rid of overall fat?
Pretzels & baked doughnut - healthy?
I don't eat much. But I feel I don't need to, and am healthy the way I am. what is your view?
what will my doctor say when he realises ive put on 20 pounds in 2 weeks?
Im Trying to lose body fat in 2weeks i need help to gain a six pack please help?
i want to lose weight?
A question about my daily workout?
i want a good stomach?
a current anorexic willing to answer some questions for me?
i want to loose 8 kgs in 2 months well im 193 cm and weigh of 86 kilograms im doing exercise every day?
Is is possible to improve your vision to 40/20 from 20/20?
How Can i get FATTER?
has anyone used lipoburn capsuals?and are they any good?
liver cancer during chemotherapy?
How do i get buff im only 15 and weigh 200 pounds?
can i do p90x and go 2 the gym during the same time period?
I eat about 1.5kg of Red Grapes a day? Will this make me fat?
If u run will your legs become muscular?
what diet supplements are safe and actually work?
what are the best muscles to work out on the same day?
Dieting tips.. foods that are filling and low in calories?
Ok im working on my bicep i want them to get bigger this is my workout 50 curls 25 close pulls ups 50 push ups?
I want to lose 15kg by july 4th.?
is this an okay diet?
whats the maxium about of fat calories i can eat per day?
my friend wants to lose Weight by the end of the year?
What are Mens preferences?
Fighting child obesity?
can i still increase my height if i am 19 year old girl?
Will this routine help me loose weight?
how long will it take me to lose 15 pounds?
what are the best tasting weight loss shakes in Australia?
how do i keep the weight off?
14, average height and weighs 47.5kg to around 48.0kg or 49.0kg? Fat?
is that drink, LOL healthy?
How long will it take me to lose the weight?
anyone know how long it takes PICOPREP to work?
How come i eat alot but i dont get fat?
how much weight can i gain? (ten points best answer)?
How can I put on more weight?
How to lose 4 or 5 pounds in a week?
how much better does it feel after you have lost a lot of weight?
i lost 5.5 kilos in 1 week, is this too much?
What kind of weights should I do?
Getting toned by summer?
I'm 14, short and I love Black Tea.... is it okay to have it with my breakfast every morning?
does anyone know any vegetarian meals that have a good taste?
what are these mussles callsed?
is it odd to feel an urge to eat uncooked pasta ie:?
Whats is America's daily average food intake?
Teenage girl who put on 3kgs suddenly, help shifting them very fast?
is it possible for me to lose 1-2 kg a week? by doing what i am doing?
why is important for teenagers to be properly informed of what a healthy lifestyle is.?
Is 5ft 3 105 lbs underweight?
Burning a total of 5000 calories per week will loose me how me kilos per week?
Wanting to get fit. help =]?
I want to get slimmer thighs?
Finding it hard to lose weight?
Is what I have eaten today bad?
How can I GAIN weight?
Is this alot of food to eat in a day?
How many calories/kilojoules does bouncing your legs use?
Kan coke stop deits from working?
I want to cut some weight. I want to lose @20 - 25 lbs. in the next 12 mos. How do I do it?
who has had the gastric banding done?
work out without moving?
Does anyone know how much calories are in regular chicken curry from hanaichi ?
starjumps?? goooooooooooooood?
is this site accurate for calorie calculation for loosing calories?
Good home work out to lower body fat?
What should I eat before I workout in the morning?
is it possible for me to have a baby at the age of 52?
does anyone know where i can buy gnc pro performance mass xxx?
do you think i will get taller?
is there fitness summer camps anywhere around me?
What time should I walk and do ab exercises?
Overdose on multi vitamins?
I am 14, 5ft 5, and 125 pounds, I have really big thighs and legs, what can i do about it?
how to get a six pack?
effective ways to fasten your motabolism?
Will a diet of fish, chicken, veggies and fruit provide enough nutrition to build muscle?
Take shape for life really work?
Do you think that 5 ft 8 is too short for a 16 year old male?
weight thing please help!?
Trying to gain buffer arms, but losing weight should I get Creatin? or protein shakes?
Do women like normal size toned muscles?
how do you not get tempted by food?
What should i expect when seeing a nuritionist?
why is eating breakfast so important?
ways to get a toned body after having a baby.?
how many calories should i take a day if my BMR is 1965.39?
Iam a 29 year old male weigh 210 lbs. what is my weekly points allowance?
i am 46kg am i size zero?? how much should i weight to become the size zero?
healthy low cal cereal?
Help 6 pack before school pic included?
I'm never thirsty after 45 minutes of exercise? Why?
How to work on upper strength and arm muscles?
would it be healthy to get a gastric bypass when you have gastricpereses?
I need to lose 6 kilo in 2 weeks.?
What would happen if you lived entirely on apples and water for a week?
Is 41 cm/ 18 inches thighs big, average,or small?
best piece of excercise equipment that tones everything?
im 16, and 165lbs, i wanna loose 20 pounds. How?
im 14 years old and 167cm i was around 52 kilos last year now im 56 kilos is that good for my age?
what is the best way to get flexible in the fastest possible time?
Where can I get Ayur-Bulge to reduce my belly fat?
why do my legs itch when i walk/run?
I just ate a HUGE amount of chocolate?
i need so much help... :(?
10kg in three weeks.?
How many claories am i supposed to have a day?
im 19 i weight 100 and i really want to lose weight but i have heard so many different ways! whats right?
i want to feel more enerised and out going any tips??? please help!!?
I am 73 kilos and 175cm tall. What is the perfect weight for my height?
what to put on an 1 hour old burn?
Will i loose weight by doing this?
Has anyone heard of the 18 in 4 plan? did you do?
tred mill, how long should i used it for a day?
i dont get this?????
I weight 51kgs as a 13 year old ....is that good or bad and what should i weigh?
my bp is 125/83 and I am on water pills, can I stop taking the pills to see what my pressure will be? Is this?
Would you say the media has influenced you to improve your body?
Has anyone tried antidepressants to control binge eating?
what are fat flush pills?are they safe?
Am I fit enough for this exam?
sore feet during exercise?
Can anyone come up with a good daily routine to help me build these muscles? Biceps,Triceps,Pecs,Abs,Forearms.?
Do real acai berries burn fat?
13 year old weight question?
im m1.43 meters 12 years old and 32 kilograms am i under weight?
DIET HELP! Pllllllleaseeee answer :)?
To getting ripped, Full Body workout or Split training?? and diet tips?
As food packaging doesn't show the amount of calories per serving, how do you know, how much is too much?
Have you tried the lemon detox diet? Did it work for you?
Have you tried Tony Ferguson?
weight issue: Advice Wanted?
Tired when you don't exercise?
I don't want to be seen like this!?
how do u get thicker legs?
how can i get a bigger behind?
if i do this would i lose weight?
do cancer survivors have to take medication for the rest of their lives?
please is this good or bad, my son wrote it.?
choice of death?
im 16 and i do 80 3kg bicep lifts. is that ok?
Best workout routine?
Is it possible to lose 15-20kg in 17weeks?
do you get really hungry when your high?
Acai Berry. Has anyone ordered this product?
is this too much to eat in one day for a 14yr old?
help! i haev my prom in a week and i weigh 8 stone but am trying to lose at least 5 pounds?
What should i do! "working out"?
what are some intellectual benefits of fitness?
Do they give towels in Planet Fitness?
is using a tredmill just as effective?
I only have about 800-1200calories a day coz i can't eat more then that (healthy food this is) wat should i do?
how can i tone my legs and shape them in a short time?
I need help losing weight?
What should I eat before an exam?
Which is healthier - Cycling or Jogging?
if i run every day about 3 km, then how much will i lose off my legs in a month?
how to really kickstart losing weight.?
Whats The Quickest Way To Lose 5kg in a Week?
Can You Gain This Much In 12-18 months?
How do you get a flat stomach?
How do I correct my posture?
answer me please???????????????????????????????????????????????????
would my measurements suggest I'm fat? NOT A CRY FOR ATTENTION.?
how many calories are in KJ?
Pushups question.aching sore muscles!!10 points! :D?
Will iget smaller if i dont hit the gym for 2 weeks? Please Help , 10 points?
Can someone help me with cross training?
what do you think about bulimia?
does yoga help lose weight?
what is a good way to stretch the back of ur legs.and how do u use leg weights?
I have an unhealthy life and want to improve my skin, hair and weight. What are some tips for daily regime?
Help me with exercising at the gym?
what is it like to have intensive chemotherapy?
why does the heart never gets cancer cause allways receive oxygen?
Average weight for a 16 yr old girl, who is 160cm tall.?
About Anorexia? ... Some help please?
what is the best thing for teens to eat that is good for them?
An Exercise plan for a beginner?
is it possible to lose fat and still remain of the same weight?
what should my weight be?
what are the most healthiest foods you can eat?
how long will it take for me to get a 6 pack if i do 700 crunches 150 leg lifts and 100 sit ups a day?
How can I get stronger...?
Am I average or overweight?
detox food ideas to slim and glow!?
i dont know if i should drop can you help?
What foods can and cannot be eaten during a Gluten Free Diet?
How is this physically possible? Weight gain?
How can I lose my baby belly 3 years after giving birth?
am i obese?????????????/?
how to overcome an eating disorder?
losing weight and have a little extra skin?
I'm afraid i might become overweight....?
I have been on diet and have lost about 20 pounds. But I am still a little flabby. Doe anyone know how to tone?
Does over training decrease the size of the muscle? anyway to prevent it?
dieting at the moment, pill question?
how can u lose weight without growing muscles?
I am 15. What exercise should I do to keep fit and gain some muscle? Should I keep this up?
How do i gain weight?
is parallel dips a good all over pec workout?
Is it okay to do Pilates in small blocks throughout the day?
What are the best exercises at the gym to do, to increase calcium into your bones?
Why have i put weight back on. Please help:(?
How do you manage emotional eating?
i want reductil, but cannot get a perscription for it here in AUS is any1 willing to sell them?
ok im 14 and kinda chubby?
Healthy eating for children? plz help!?
Does it matter how much the bar weighs when bench pressing?
20yr male , 181cm height 51kg's i want to gain muscle?
Is this a healthy snack choice?
can i get a list of everything that causes cancer?
Questions about Lymphoma ..?
Is my weight and attitude normal?
i need help losing weight and toning up!!?
Would Low Fat milk last longer or Full Cream?
Is this good enough? maybe add some more?
Why do normal people find obese people disgusting?
What would the 40 hour famine do to my body?
How many calories do you burn per hour in a hockey game?
im 14 and 5'8 will i reach 6 feet?
Help!!!!! i weigh 25 stone?
Are you overweight, please say yes and tell the truth?
has anyone taken duromine weight lose tablet?
Fit girl with fat legs?
Is 950 calories a good daily amount for a 13 y.o. girl?
What are some examples of *Cardiovascular Activities*?
Healthier Me..GoiN Veg?
ok last question on this section because of all the spams on here. I am 40 and have got 4 kids?
*15 Year old Looking for a Workout Program for 6 pack *?
Can someone help me..?
Whats a good workout for your arms?
is it healthy to lose 1 kg or more a week?
Am i the ideal weight for my height and age ?
anyone has success on duromine ?
What would be the best diet for me?
what do I need to change to lose weight?
I just hada Mother (energy drink) and now i feel my blood going through my body. is this bad?
i wear 175 and i try to work out i get out of breathe alot im tryna loose my stomach what do i do?
how old do you have to be to go to the gym?
if i do opti-slim meal replacement shakes 3 times a day and eat no other food will i loose weight?
Energy/Study Food Ideas?
does your blood pressure go up when you exercise?
was it ttooo much ..?
I have a work out bench with barbells and a leg curler and some weights,how do i work out and how often?
body trim weight loss secret kit?
Bad foods for your skin and good foods for your skin? List some please =D?
whats the best protein powder/shake?
If push ups and sit ups aren't effective then what is?
I'm 160cm tall and weigh 66.3 kg how many calories are there in one kg of fat?
If a pregnant woman is diagnosed with cancer can the baby get ti and can you be born with cancer?
my 23 month old was just diagnosed with rhabdomyosarcoma and finished the 1st cycle of chemo (5 days)?
Can u smoke wen Ur tongue is pierced without worring bout infection or cancer?
Prostate Cancer vs Golf?
chances of a 15 year old healthy male with no family history of colon cancer to have colon cancer?
so i heard...?
do black skinned people get skin cancer?
do you normally get uti for prostate cancer patients? anti-biotics doesn't seem to clear it?
Is three meals a day okay?
Why am I gaining weight?
I'm a 6'2'' female. How much should I weigh?
is this too much to eat ?
how do u get gastric bypass operation?
Mum diagnosed with secondary cancer?
I want to die, I'm a single mum?
what age are you at risk of breast cancer?
whats happening to people?
Cervical Cancer Vaccination after effects?
what is the easiest and best way to cleanse out the body and your organs?
Which diet do you think is the best, eg tony fergison, optifast, etc all them sort of diets? Looking for one?
Help I'm Stuck at 200 LBS?
starting the low gi diet this morning?
Is 79 over 48 bad blood pressure for an 18 year old?
why arent i able to do sit-ups?
Is this true? (about losing thighs)?
what is the weight range for a 6 year old?
What the best diet ever?
Will my muscle turn to fat?
when lifting small weight to get defined muscles?
What fruit/vegie has the lowest fat/calerie content ever?
What's the lowest I could weigh for my height?
how do i loose tummy fat?
I am obsessed with my weight please help. Dont tell me I am skinny and not to worry because I do?
6'4 270lbs and not losing weight?
I need to know if im fat or not ?
How do I get the best results from my eliptical machine? ?
i want to grow muscle and dont know how?
is exercise increasing the size of my legs?
my daughter is feeling left out because her sister,who has cancer,is getting all the attention.what can i do?
Can you get cancer from smoking weed?
To be slim/slender/skinny .... ?
how do I get fit? Any Ideas?
if i do 200 reps using 5kg weights will i have strong looking arms by February?
Is there a difference in losing weight quickly compared to slowly?
is stair climbing a good exercise ?
Whats the fastest way to lose about 10kg in 2 months..?plz help me?
what and how is the quickest way to get back to feeling awesome, after a big night on the town?
previous malnutrition leading to hair loss?
Is this an alright weight?
weight and tallness!!!!!!!!!!?
hi guys im 18 i live in the uk im 5 ft 9 tall i weight 12 stone 5 i need 2 get to 10 stone any help guys plz?
i m 30 years wt. 65kg . ht.5'8". do i need to gain weight. if yes how i can gain weight?
but kindly i want to know that how long it will be used and repetation is that harmful?
What kind of symptoms do people have when cancer has metastasized?
Does deodorant with aluminium in it cause breast cancer?
Don't you just hate cancer?
What are some steps to take that significantly reduce our chances of getting cancer?
will you still go out to work after you find out that your daughter has leukemia?
Does anyone have tips on how to be a more patient mum?
Anyone known anyone like this or felt like this?
Help me loose my mummy tummy?
look at urls inside. this is me now how can i get fatter?
is this a healthy weight?
Im skinny, not sick or anorexic!!!?
I am not able to good sleep. I am 30 , working as a nurse.my stomach is also upset when i lose sleep?
could i get breast cancer?
I have a friend who has been recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He is being very evasive in answering?
does anyone know if your out in the sun can you get skin cancer when you are older??
What are the symtoms of breast cancer in men?
what can you do if a relative has cancer?
how do i loose gut fat?
What are the treatments for bone cancer?
Does anaemia turn into leukaemia ?
Worrying lumps in neck?
okay so im doing this detox thing but .........?
how long do you think it will take to loose weight for me?
What are all the symtoms for one type of cancer?
Does anyone know a website where I can send in my ultrasound pictures (breast ultrasound) for a second opinion?
2 questions on one. I have breast cancer running in my family with my aunt dying of the horrible?
for how much time should i work on the treadmill each day to loose 20 kgs?
Been using new treadmill for a week, put on weight?
What foods have negative calories?
Is my waist too big, or is this of average?
How can I look hot I am chubbyish? (muscular)?
i had a mammogram/ultrasound today which shows my lump is?
My sister has cancer. Suggestions for a chemo gift basket?
My dad is 74 with industrial lung cancer he has a cough and now the doctors hes about to start chemo but i?
i wont too lose some weight. HELP!?
Hi, I would like to ask does anyone on here know any links where I can talk to other women in the same?
my niece is 13 yrs old, she is diognised of blood cancer lukemenia (m1) she finished her 1st chemotherapy, and?
A question about cancer?
is it possible to get fat cancer? ie. cancer of the fat cells?
Scarring??? Lymph Node Surgery??? I'm 22!?
Whats your experience with lung cancer (you or someone you know/knew)?
so frustrated with how I look?
what are the treatments for leukemia?
pancreatic cancer diagnosed 10mths ago liver cancer 2 months ago what is life expectancy jaundice & fluid in.?
lump on beck of my head?
is there any evidence that Uncircumcised men are more likely to have cancer??
what could be the cause of lymph nodes to swell?
hi everyone. On thursday this week I am going into a preadmissions for ovarian cancer?
when do you start loosing weight?
Paranoid about cancer?
Why do they put all those harmful chemicals in cigarettes?
can leukaemia be diagnosed in a routine iron study?
Colon Screening?
can stomach ulcers turn into cancer?
No Thyroid?
Mu mum has a lump growing underneath her rib. What are the chances that this is cancer? What else could it be?
How to tell if my mate has cancer?
Because of liposarcoma, my quadriceps were removed and my knee hurts all the time. Can anyone help. ?
Can chemotherapy make a male sterile?
Worried about my mom? Brain tumor?
Are lymph nodes on the neck normal? Mine are soft and have not grown in size, but do not go away. Is this ok?
How do I know NHL be cured ?
I'm scared of this headache, please help?
Elevated white cells and platelets for 5+ years....?
How common was breast cancer 15 or more years ago?
i have brain cancer second time i want to no how i deteriorate?
Is lung cancer a genetic or environmental disease?
Is Essential Thrombocytosis a blood cancer?
do people with bone cancer have to stay in traction?
Is this some type of cancer?
how would you feel if your brother had cancer?
What is the last disease the U.S. scientists or physicians has cured and year? Talk about it!?
how fast does mouth cancer advance ie.. when should i expect the patient to be very poorly and suffering?
Is ovarian cancer hereditary?
Lump at the bottom of neck just above collarbone...?
if u got ovarian cancer can u grow pubes?
Any survivors of cancer of the oesophagus out there? Please let me know.?
hair growth inhibitors?
I'm worried about my dad - what are the chances of him having it?
i have a lump inside my tougue do i have a tumor?
Can Whole milk give you breast cancer ?
Does this look like a cancer spot?
how comon is cancer of the Ureters and Urethra? and can a almost 39 year old female?
wat r the treatment for breast cancer...?
I have had been diagnosed from my biopsy as Grade 1. What does this mean? Thanks Cheryl ?
results for full body scan for follicular cancer?
Does diet coke cause cancer?
Has anyone ever survived brain cancer?
I have a lymphnode in my armpit does the size determine if it more likely to be cancerous?
Brain Cancer ~ How long do you think he has?
What are the early symptoms of bone cancer ?
When one has intermittent bone pain in the hips, is that a symptom of prostate cancer, or must it be constant?
how does cancer (in general) develop in the body?
Stomach cancer possibly be passed down to me?
I need to fill a gift basket with pink things for a Breast Cancer fundraiser. Please help?
what you think of wigs?
could picking skin cancer make it spread?
Brother had Melanoma.... BUT now has Brain tumours?
can cancer of the uterus stop your periods? I am currently under the hospitals care for this?
My friend lathers in oil and sunbakes, advice?
hi everyone I posted a post here and it got removed for some reason. I want to know?
Does anyone have anything they would like to donate to my Girls Night in For the Cancer Council?
should i worry??//?//?//?
My husband had a resection 2 years ago he has an excess amount of gas during excretion what can he do?
When to do a spiral CT scan to check for lung cancer?
Cousin diagnosed with leukaemia...How could it be treated?
Tumors and cancer?
what does sugar do to cancer... does it feed off it?
why is solving the problem of breast cancer important to society?
tell me everything about breast cancer?
Can you tell me what color ribbon is used for Bowel Cancer?
since everyone is on here tonight talking about that everything gives you cancer and we may as well?
cervical cancer vaccination ?
Has anyone had thyroidectomy (partial or full)?
What is going to happen to my sister in the final stages of cancer.
i believe that some diseases and conditions ar curable naturally like gallstones or cancer?
Bone marrow biopsy -- worried?
Does anybody knows if Kevin Trudeau is married?
How do you cure Lymphedema?
Basal Cell Carcinoma....question on recurrence?
Did you hear about the Australian Scientist discovering a cure for leukemia?
PLEASE HELP! NEED ANSWERS ASAP!!! Question on Leukemia?
Do you think it will be ok?
What do you think of the new cancer killing virus?
why are children with down syndrome at a higher risk of getting cancer?
inlarge lever related patient?
just wondering if anybody else out in the yahoo world has neurofibromatosis?
Question about lymphoma itch?
Does anyone know how many grades there are when diagnosing breast cancer?
What do you think about this? http://products.mercola.com/blue-tube-headset/?source=nl?
Do i have cancer?Please help!!?
is it leukemia?
What could this be? Results from bone scan?
what is it like to live with bone cancer?
i have been waiting 2 years for my wish (make a wish foundation)?
Is cancer found in wild animals or just animals that are subject to eat what we give them?
a tumor consisted of cells that resembled neurons?
What is a kidney mass?Is a 1cm mass cancer dont know if it is hard or soft yet she is gong to have a MRI done
what is lytic lesion?
Symptom of bowel/colon cancer?
Managing Type 1 diabetes AND cancer?
Can I sell Sutent drug left behind my Father-In-Law?
When a psa reading falls from 5.0 t0 2.5 over a year, can that be a danger situation or only a better one?
how can petrol cause leukemia?
Feedback on cancer treatment - radiation and chemotherapy, more found in more lymphnodes after double masect.?
Can you still have children and be firtile after prostate cancer?
what foods has alkaline ph?
what is pancreatic cancer stage 2 prognosis?
Do high prolactin levels cause cancer?
My father was diagnosed with stage 4 GBM. How long after needle biopsy can they start radiation/chemo?
what is hyperechoic?
Side effect of taking breast cancer drug Arimidex?
What is the death rate for MOUTH cancer in AUSTRALIA?
hair loss from radiation?
do people who had bone cancer in their leg need crutches after surgery?
Testicular cancer had surgery to have it removed any one had a lot of swelling after surgery?
lately i have specks of blood in my mucus and have been smoking for around 1 year?
Earliest Age of a woman who has breast cancer?
My dad has Castleman Disease!?
he eats tobacco?
what time would you have left with glioblastoma?
do you think being addicted to cold pills has anything to do with being diagnosed with lymphoma cancer?
has anyone ever heard of schleraderma,(sorry if i spelt it wrong)?
did you know that cyber knife can remove cancer weather it is in the brain or spinal cord it will not heart ?
questions about Breast cancer?
treatment for angiomyolipoma in the right kidney?
I would like to get the brac 1 and 2 gene testing done. Breast cancer?
Kidney stones - how long can a stone remain in your kidney?
Has anyone else developed Raynaud's after chemotherapy?? Particularly after Bleomycin or Vinblastine?
Shave for a Cure...Wanna donate?
am I more at risk of breast cancer because of early menopause?
What ideas have been suggested for cancer research?
Worried about leukemia?
ladies only please. Breast cancer runs in my family as my aunt has not got long to live with breast?
what is a lymph nodes open biopsy?
Has anyone heard how lo's sister is going with her suspect breast lump? And how lo is coping?
CT Scan of Upper abdomen are in favor of mass head and uncinate process of the pancreas with obstruction ..?
Is lung cancer likely for these symptoms?
Question for all you lovely ladies (or men) who have had FEC for Breast Cancer....?
is isoechoic nodule in the interpolar right lobe cancer?
Is this brain cancer?
Which of the signs of yet undiagnosed prostate cancer is the most serious as indication of the disease?
do all people with leukemia have to have bone marrow transplants?
ovarian cancer??? help please?
Does anyone know what the prognosis for Mantle Cell Lymphoma is?
are prematurely born children at a higher risk for developing cancer?
my mum has cancer, has any one been through this?
what are the latest cancer drugs?
I think my friend's 5yr old has cancer, what are the symptoms?
How bad is bladder cancer when it invades the lymph nodes and they are infected also?
swollen lymph nodes in armpits?? doctors, med students, nurses?
Why do some cysts contain clumps of hair?
How can you find out how many children got leukemia in Rhode Island over a certain time period?
How often can a tumor be cancer?
How do i know if its what they say it is!!!!!!?
inform me injection use into body not for scalp hair loss treatment ?
Can Herpes cause Cervical Cancer?
how does cervical cancer started?
What is Itp?
how much to do operation for breast cancer?
What is cancer and what causes it?
Can bladder infections cause bladder cancer?
Do you know anyone thats a radio oncologist?
I cancer too,month by month.I back to my husband fastly or no?
I have been recently diagnosed with CLL (a form of leukaema) does anyone know of a support group?
has anyone had surgury on their saliva gland?
Who else has treated skin cancer with radium weed?
Deaths per year of a brain tumor ~ Help!!!?
Chances of survival with a Cancerous Brain tumor in the front right hand side of the brain?
does cancer show up in blood work/?? please help me! urgent!?
Head/Throat recent cancer reoccurrence?
What does "PAS" and "SS" stand for in liver ultrasound?
What do Cancer men like?
Is there any reason why the Cancer Council uses daffodils?
Is CNS lymphoma brain tumour curable? If yes, what are the chances? Is methotrexate chemo the best option?
Bone pain in top of pelvis ? cause?
Can eledtromagnetic vibration be used to fight cancer? How ,and to what extent can it be used?
according to the dukes system a tumor that has penetrated musclar tissues of the colon but hasnt involved node?
How much does Radio Therapy cost?
I am thinking of majoring in pathology after my medicine Can anyone tell me how its like?
this is a question regarind ovca. Ovarian cancer. If anyone out there has or had it
How many Australians die from skin cancer every year?
can you find out if you have ms by only an mri?
what is loss of cervical lordosis and can this cause headaches?
breast cancer with spurs?
exteremely worried about throat/ mouth cancer. HELP?
what is a cancerous lypmondes?
Does proative cause cancer?????
very important cancer of the uterus question here. I am being looked after by my hospital for this problem?
Inform me injection use into body not for scalp hair loss treatment ?
what are the most common areas of infiltrative metastases for oral low-grade adenocarcinoma?
I can feel a lump on the shin area of my leg, what could this be?
Cancer of the Uterus,.....how dangerous is it in its beginning stages of detection?
How does bowel cancer affect the body?
help with hair treatmeant?
super bugs?
would probiotics disguise appendicitis?
calation therapy therapy?
how can you help somebody living with cancer?
Has anyone had a long remissin with follicular non hodkins..stage 4...ive heard 5 years longest?
Should I be worried about a comment on an ultrasound report that reads "sigmoid appears relatively collapsed?"?
Thalidomide production?
How many years do you have to be a "biter" to be at high risk for developing oral cancer?
Lung cancer question?
6 months post ABVD chemo - white cell count is fine. Am i really immuno depressed?
i have seen research from the john Hopkins uni about plastic water bottles?
inflamatory demyelinating pheynemopathy?
cancer injection and pregant?
what are embryonic stem cells?
Has anyone been diagnosed with Liposarcoma cancer?
pregant blood type A + and it has antibodies of cemo patient will it cause birth defects?
are there any leukemias that are only treated with chemotherapy?
can new zealand bovine colustrum help with bowel cancer?
What causes elevated ESR, low Iron, Low B-12, low ferriten, and inflamation in the chest?
is there any treatment available in india for leomysarcoma?
My niece in therapy for brain cancer, how can I help her family set a donation account?
Help with cervical cancer?
floating lump in my neck?
What is sodium lauryl etoxy sulfate?
I have an organization 4 parents with cancer and kids. a free day out, pony rides, face painting ect any ideas?
What is a good skin cancer website for kids?
My g-frnd got the CERVARIX vaccine and bled like u would if you pregnant? is this normal?
How can the training of health professionals minimize the impact of skin cancer on a population?
Very confused about my dating ultra sound scan?
can i eat viagra if i have cancer ,luekemia?
Cigarette Patch Brands that cause you to want to Smoke.?
What are the effects of smoking and drinking on the brain, and throat?
Lytic Lesion in 5 yr old?
what is the function of the atrioventricular node?
My uncle is a big fan of NCIS and he is in hospital he has cancer in his lung. so is there a book or not?
acid peptic,can be seen in urinalysis test,bloodtest or even in my stool?
what is the Cellular basis of cancer for gallbladder cancer?
breast cancer?
the first documented case of oral cancer in history?
i have a sore on back side of my tongue the pain goes away but the sore stays and the pain returns at times?
Radical Prostatectomy?
Lump found on baby's head, please help!?
Crohn's disease questions?
How much does chemotherapy cost, for lung cancer? (Australia)?
If you have leukemia, do you have chemo every day, and how often, and for how long.?
Kidney Cancer -- the personal affects of this disease?
I'd like to hear from anyone who's had brain tumors?
does any foundation will give funds for brain tumor operation?
Important question here. I just want to know why do you get tiny cramping pains with uterine?
Explain the role of hormones, CCK and secretin in regulating bile and pancreatic juices?
Exposure to some drugs and chemicals can cause leukemia. what are they and where are they found?
Who is John Hopkins in relation to Cancer research?
My daughters ultrasound showed a non specific growth, what could this be?
Differnent types of brain tumors?
What is the role of Medical Radiations in diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer?
Could anybody help my ill sister?
hi all one more question fo the night. I am just woundering if it is normal to have a bigger stomach?
Neuroblastoma vs neuroectodermal tumour?
Colon Cancer Discussion?
if u got ovarian cancer can u grow pubes?
is there any alternative treatment that you can give to someone who has non hodgkins lymphoma and cancer in?
why does the heart never gets cancer cause allways receive oxygen?
Do i have a brain tumor?
Left Ovary cannot be seen in an ultra sound?
according to the dukes system a tumor that has penetrated musclar tissues of the colon but hasnt involved node?
iam really worried i have cancer?
blastic and lytic lesions on bone?
help i think i have cancer im 14 btw?
Is there any chance of servival if cancer has been growing for 18 years?
What is the Symptoms of stomach cancer?
Repost diffrent section......My daughter who is 6 has been diagnosed with a arachnoid cyst posterior fossa?