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Low carb a good idea or a bad idea?
Can someone please help me?
can kids use acai capsules?
What can I do instead to replace weight lifting?
My biceps stopped growing?
i need to loose 10kgs within 4 weeks! whats the best quickest way? is there pills i can take?
Is it good to use those sweeteners instead of actual sugar? Whats the difference and any reasons not to?
working out at the gym 1 hour 5 times a week would l get results?im 17 I am 60kg?l want to tone my body?
10 points for best answer!?
What is the maximum heart rate for a male, age 24 years old? ?
Why do I feel this way?
Weight and Exercise Question? Please help!!?
How to loose waight from your abbs fast.?
a daily routine for tummmy excercises ?
i weigh 75kgs need to hit 80kgs fast! please read =]?
TOTAL GYM by Chuck Norris?
ok I will be 40 in a few weeks and have had 4 kids. since early 2005?
okay; 1,000 calorie a day diet?
How long on 1200 calories?
What is the best possible way to get cellulite off your thighs?!?!?!?!?
how to become buff? =P?
i get so confused with size in clothes. what do you think I am in clothes size at the moment. I am 40 and had?
how to loose 10 k in 2-3 months?
Will drinking affect my muscle growth?
putting on muscle vs fat?
Anybody know any good ab exercises?
What is a 2 day split routine in weight lifting. ?
something that is delicious and you could eat a lot of and doesnt make u fat?
i need to lose weight but am having trouble.?
does protein powder really work for building muscels?
How much kj does a 14 yr old need each day?
Something that works like steroids?
am i walking enough to burn leg fat?
i need to lose weight..but how?
can i lose 10kg in 10 weeks?
i need to lose like 20 or 30 pounds in 2 weeks is this possible?
Recommended Brands for Vitamin Supplements?
what are the health benefits of chicken?
whats the proper weight...?
Is my diet healthy? Do you think it is a weight loss one?
Do think ill reach my goal(pics)?
Is this over weight for my age and height?
Is this a good fitness regime?
I weight 51kgs as a 13 year old ....is that good or bad and what should i weigh?
what is a good weight for a girl of 5 foot?
i dont get this?????
Daivd Henries workout plan?
How do you make your waist thinner?
Only Just turned 15, and my BMI is 20.98, OVERWEIGHT?
Is this a GOOD healthy way to eat? PLEASE REPLY :)?
how can i lose 20lbs in four weeks?
Dr Natura Colon Cleanse?
me and my friend are 5'4 i weigh 150 and she weighs 175 we want 2 lose 25 b 4 aug 24?
So I just ate two 200g bars of cooking chocolate...?
why wont i see results ... iv been working out for a month and see no results?
I never actually feel hungry?
hey does anybody now any exercises to get curves?
HELP!!! What can help me?
diet ideas needed for 14 year old girl!?
excercises to lose weight off bum and theighs?
Does capoeira brazil keep me fit?
Please explain what Antioxidents are?
how to gain alot of pounds without trying?
27 days? Is it possible?
What kind of exercises can i do to get rid of love handles?
i need a low impact anaerobic exercise?
How can I loose as much weight possible in 9 days?
Which brand of soy sauce is safe to eat? Which to avoid?
What is some good workout music?
corn is the good food for diet?
Is this the right weight?
I am 158 cm and weigh 39kg is that ok?
What excercises help loose weight?
Are lifespan treadmills worth buying?
4 weeks to lose 20lbs!!!HELPPP?
Question about muscle development.. 10 points for best answer?
What kinds of physical activities/sports will help tone my upper arms?
anorexia help please?
hi. my age is 21 and my height is 4"9. my weight is 60kg,?
how to add noticable muscle mass without the use of steroids?
ok I weight myself about 5 mins ago and the scales said I am 57 kilos. I am ft 7, 40 years old with 4 kids?
I am 40, female who is 168-169 in height and currently weigh between 57-58 kilos?
Hey guys im looking for dancers, 3 to 4 attratcive and well in shape girls between the age 17 and 20 ?
Is it too late to loose weight? wedding in 18 days.?
i just bought a bike because i want to tone up my legs, will riding help tone? or just make my legs bulky?
The ability to move a joint through a full range of motion is called:?
Any exciting, different, casual exercise classes in Perth?
can i get bulky abs in 2 and a half months?
I am 20 years old 5.8.5 feet tall weight 59 60 kilos is it possible to lose 4 kilos in 2 months...healthily?
healthy way to loose weight?
How much weight can you lift?
Is there a way to lose muscle?
Weight Loss without duramine?
is there any fitness weightlifting videos that you can work out with on you tube or other sites?
if u are 157cm tall and weigh 55kg are u fat?
Can you get abs in 10 weeks?
How to lose weight and not turn it into muscle?
i want to lose 4kg in a week pls advise?
Question about how much I'm eating..?
is it possible to get abs in 10 weeks?
is one set of as many crunches i can do enough to get abs in 10 weeks?
Weights Program Question?
whats the fastest way to get my legs toned?
Need to lose 10 kilos, I can't, Pls Help?
Was this a healthy diet?
trying to loose weight by eating 1200 calories?
Optimum Nutrition Whey Gold Standard. WHATS IN IT!?
Just ate 2 pieces of lasagna and now my stomach KILLS.?
is apple good if we eat in the morning for losing weight and what are other benefit of eating apple in morning?
Quality Creatine Products?
How can i get abs b4 my birthday?
High Protein Diets???? Constipation?
Running to loose weight 5km a day?
I am looking for something new to try?
Runing and walking will make my tummy flat ?
Average weight for a 5.0ft 12 year old boy?
Tony ferguson diet, does it work for skinny people?
help me help myself!?
DO you think i need a reduction in weight or is this normal (working out)?
Is this the right weight for me?
i want to lose weight or tone up but how?
Question about weight lifting?
Exercises to burn 400 calories?
99lbs and 5'1, am I fat or skinny?
how long every day should i..?
What should I eat for dinner to get rid of belly fat ?
Has anyone tried the biggest loser club or celebrity slim meal replacement stuff?
Im I Anorexic or Have A Eating Distorted?
Im 13 and i need a drink ?
What items to take to the gym?
is 50 grams of museli half a metric cup?
skipping or arerobics?
whats the best cardio e exercise?
How would someone create the perfect meal plan using every food groups on the food pyramid?
Drinking Water To Increase Stomach Capacity?
A good easy and non expensive circuit training schedule?
for the last 8weeks i have been eating healthy and exercising daily. i have been losing a steady 1kg per week?
When i excercise i get itchy, why?
can i get abs in four weeks?
OK is this normal i got a ripped 6 pack just by losing weight?
Will Doing The BEEP Test regularly improve my Score!?
Healthiness of Fruits - Watermelon, Pineapple, Grapes, Sultanas and Dates?
what excurises should i do to lose weight?
Breast Cancer Scared.?
what would 2 weeks of fasting do to you?
How do you lose belly fat?
Am I underweight or overweight?
Where does the strength come from?
Started Toni Ferguson diet?
BJJ for weight loss and definition?
please help me i REALLY want to get rid of my love handles.?
core exercises looking for harder ones?
if i starved myself for 2 weeks how much weight would i loose?
Anyone taken Hoodia? dose it work?
Im 5 weeks pregnant ive been eating lots of lemon is that bad for the baby?
I don't understand how it works ... (weight loss)?
loosing weight with wii fit?
What does heart rate have to be when excersising to lose weight, for a 23yr old female 50kgs/60cm tall?
i am 46kg am i size zero?? how much should i weight to become the size zero?
Can someone please help my with my abs?
i just joined a gymto get a decent amount of weight loss, how long should i stay at the gym for?
how many calories should i take a day if my BMR is 1965.39?
Gyms accepting under 16 year olds?
Weight, diet question???????????
Will I have excess skin from losing 30 lbs/15 kgs over about 3 months? 17 years old?
Should i stay away from pasta if i want my abs to show?
is sourdough bread fattening?
Is it better to have breakfast than to skip it?
High Protein Diets???? Constipation?
What are some exercises a group can do?
What body shape am I?
how important is diet...? please help?
how do i get flat abbs?
How can I get fit and loose weight with a busted knee?
I'm always hungry - need some healthy food ideas?
help. i think i am fat, am i?
I'm not losing any weight on my arms?
what are the chances of getting swineflu to a person working in face to face customer service area ?
What kind of sports/physical activities will tone my stomach?
height/ waist mearurements... do mine match up?
"i usually drink 1 litter of water on empty stomach but today i vomit all the water.?
i have stretch marks from putting on 30lbs. what will happen to my skin if i lose the 30lbs?
What is the average BMI for a 14 year old girl?
can someone PLEASE give me a diet plan to lose weight (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU HAVE A SLOW METABOLIM??)?
summer sweating burns fat? and kfc hot chips calories?
am thinking of buying a elliptical trainer, are they any good ?
doing weights for females?
Where to buy over-the-counter appetite suppressants available to teens in melbourne?
what can i do to get this food out of me or burn it before it turn fat??? it needs to come out now! im scared!?
What is the best way to tone arm muscles so that they are visible?
Wii Fit said I weighed 48kg but the weights/scales said I weighed 54kg? What do I trust?
loose 20 pounds quick?
i am 14 and 5"4 and 130 pounds i dont know if i should wear a bikini?
How to lose 5 kgs in 3 weeks?
Is it true that the best way to breath during jogging is in through your nose and out through your mouth?
What's the average weight for a 16 yr old girl, 5'2?
is 65kgs too heavy for being 5'1?
how do i know if i am gaining fat or mussel?
What are some good exercises when your at home.?
please tell me every thing i need to know to build muscle fast?
My eating Plan for working out.. Help?
NOT AN ANOREXIC! how much calories does a teen girl have to burn through excercise daily?
im a mum of 7 gorgeous kids and a size 10/12 and im 5ft 2 am i over weight...? please post your opinion x?
what would taking half a laxative do for you?
Not long ago my some people said i was fat...im 14 and i weigh 57kg...im i fat?
what would a good workout routine for a 13 year old girl be?
Can you give me examples of food in a 'balanced and nutrisious diet'?
how many days should i water fast for?
Help please! Is this enough exercise?
I need to lose weight. HELP!?
i m 13 yr old boy my height is 5'2 and way around 58.5 kilo's plz give sum answers i really need it?
how to put on weight easily? always struggled?
Advice on my current exercise plan?
Is there anything to suppress my hunger?
How much calories do i lose if i swim for 1hr and jog for 1hr?
how much weigh will i lose?
does Lovan, micardis or any opiates put weight on ?
Cousin's Weight Help?
where are some places to show off my body?
Putting On Weight - how?
How does being overweight affect your life?
Skinny leg workouts without building muscle...?
how much will i lose?
Do buff people buff have more testostorone in them?
Healthy weight gain for a lightweight..?
muscles getting too tired too quickly wen working out.?
Question About UNEVEN ABS?
why do we need to exercise? when we can just eat healthily to do so...?
Has any body else been caught with Acai Berry SmileKit 866-407-5759 Singapore?
is there a way to get smaller and or stop growing?
Chewing and spitting food instead of throwing up - any advice?
whats the most amount of sets i should be doing?
how long would it take to lose ten pounds?
which food have more vitamins?
How can I speed up my metabolism?
how do i get rid of my tummy flabs and get some abs and pecks?and how do i increase my stamina?
[pictures] How much weight do you think I need to lose?
did anybody try the dr cohen`s diet and what was the results, and were the weight loss permanent?
Is 130 lbs and 5.5 and a half inches tall fat?
What should I eat before I workout in the morning?
Good home work out to lower body fat?
How to solve the problem of skinny forearms/wrists?
where in the body can we find carbohydrates?
why is eating breakfast so important?
anyone have any results from Nitric Oxide?
Hi :) I'm Jordan and I'm looking for an Ana buddy?
why do I get burning sensation in my stomach when i eat salt and vinegar crisps?
do you consider me overweight?
How much should a 19y.o. male weigh in order to be considered healthy?
how to do a one handed pushup?
lost weight fast and now not losing any?
work out without moving?
loosing weight quick and easy!! help :D?
how do i get the motivation to exercise?
if i dont eat and just drink water would i lose weight?
please helpppppp meee?
doing weights for females?
Where to buy over-the-counter appetite suppressants available to teens in melbourne?
What weight gainer should I choose?
will jogging make my calves bigger?
If you could only eat 1 peice of food (carb), that was healthy what would it be?
If I'm trying to lose weight is it better to eat unhealthy food if theres no alternative or to not eat at all?
How's this for a home-made training montage?
I need to lose weight. HELP!?
i m 13 yr old boy my height is 5'2 and way around 58.5 kilo's plz give sum answers i really need it?
******6 Pack Abs Help******?
where are some places to show off my body?
hey can someone tell me the fastest working musclebuilding substance which isn't classified as a steroid?
starting to do weights what should i do?
hi how do you work out the inner pecs around the sternum?
Does green tea reduce body fat?
Has any body else been caught with Acai Berry SmileKit 866-407-5759 Singapore?
Anyone ever tryed Herbalife to loose weight?
which food have more vitamins?
bulimic and needs advice?
will this help me to get into shape?
will i lose weight with this diet and this exercise?
Anything wrong or fast metabolism?
Is eating too much bananas bad?
what age to left weights?
What other exercise can I do without making my pulled calf worst?
A cheaper alternative to light and easy?
just need some good tipz thanxx?
Reducing cellulite with vacuum massages and oxygen therapy?
i want a good stomach?
We are hungry and lazy?
Is it hard to lose 10 kilos?
massive stomach cramps?
can i eat whatever i want to eat as long as i eat a grapefruit everyday and lose weight?
is what i ate yesterday okay? why does it go to my legs more than my belly?
Im Trying to lose body fat in 2weeks i need help to gain a six pack please help?
HELP! i want to tone up before summer.?
stubborn calves muscles !!!?!?!?!?
whats a good weight for being 5'6 29 years old?
Superpump 250 helping drop unwanted body fat?
Working out results, pushups and situps?
How much weight COULD I lose?
help on losing weight..?
what is th equickest way to lose weight?
is 39 kilo skinny for a 12 year old?
is it my (slow) metabolism or is it fluid retention?
Is low fat pumpkin soup ok as a diet meal?
What age do you hit growth spurt?
I'm trying to get fit. Please help if you can?
which has less calories: Feda or Cottage cheese?
how many hours in 1300 mins?
Has anyone done the Green Tea Diet?
Best protein powder for bigger muscles and clearer/bigger abs.?
what is the difference between protein shakes and supplements?
I want to be skinnier What Do I Do! HELP!!!?
what things help you loose loads of calories?
how do i get a flat stomach?!?!?
Do you think that i am over weight?
how long would it take to put on and lose the weight from one night of binge eating/drinking?
i am eleven stone and my height is 5feet 2 how much shoud i weigh?
when stepping on a scale to weigh yourself........?
Exercise routines for a busy uni student?
What are good exercises to do to get a six pack?
are my body measurements ok?
how long untill i go into starvation mode?
does anyone know whereabouts you can get cheap but good quality strapping tape?
i need to build up a lot of muscle for my kickboxing?
How do you lose 6 stone in 3 months?
how much/what do you usually eat in a day while being on a diet?
Cardiovascular health in teenagers?
Do you think im fat ???
Did the Dukan Diet work for you?
how can you build up muscle in 9 weeks fast?
How can you loose cheek fat or chubby cheeks?
should i be seeing results by now?? (urgent) !?
I'm 5'2 and 113 and 115. My stomach is a little fat What can I do? I'm not overweight.?
what if i have low vitamin d? What can happen if i do?
supplements and training?
Body toning question?
can you reduce bulk/ muscle mass in legs?
what do i have to do to get a really flat bum and super skinny legs?
Will walking 5km a day plus a diet help me lose baby weight?
I am thirteen what kind of exercise should I do to lose weight and get pretty ripped?
How much weight do you think i could loose in a month?
Thin, but with thunder thighs?
dieting help please ! :)?
Thin but flabby? O.o?
how to get a super flat stomach, especially the lower abs?
How do I get a super flat stomach?
How come I am not loosing any weight? And what can I do more to loose some?
What makes a person healthy?
can you get abs without doing ab exercises?
how many crunches should a 13 year old boy do?
Can you choose to be lactose intolerant?
best ways/tips/ hints to bulk up?
This is my jean size?
how do i lose weight in my face?
is 5ft 8in short for a 15 year old?
hi: i wanna use steroids , to put on size , I'm 22yrs old, 66kg 176cm ..what you people recommend?
I want to be a skinny girl! 10 points for best answer.?
do you have any snack suggestions?
hi im a 13 year old boy i don't like any salad and I weight about 9 stones 2 and i really want to lose weight?
ASAP: Need help losing weight?
Weight loss tips for some one with a big appetite?
which hoodia vitamins can i buy will actually suppress the appetite?
How to get really fast?
how do you get a six pack?
how can i lose 10 pounds fast?
fat off my hips and waist?
need help, anorexia questions.. thanks?
Can I do an ab workout? And why?
i need an ab twister / ab swing....it has a circular metal disc at the bottom and horizontal bar to hold.....?
what is a meal that could be consumed at dinner time that contains adequate amounts of protein?
Need help with skinny legs!!?
Is this enough exercise?
wat is the best low-fat breakfast foods...wat can be the best healthy dinner menu?
Where can I buy liquid diet shakes in Melbourne, Australia?
bulimic and needs advice?
Is It Bad For A Teen To Loose Weight?
Waistline of 30 for 5'4? Too big?
Why am I losing so much weight?
how much should a 4'11 11 year old weigh?
Is 5'10 tall for 14 year old?
what pills or supplements or gainer shakes should i get to get fatter?
Converting kilos to pounds?
How much more should I be eating?
10 points for the best answer.?
how many calories is 1 weight watches point = to?
Why is chocolate bad for you? List the reasons?
Hi guys... Im a 21 year old guy with an average body... But im starting to gain fat in my belly and chest.?
Was this a healthy snack?
Using Treadmill to loose weight?
Countdown to wedding day workout tips...please?
whats 30% off of 200$?
is 1 month a good time goal to lose 5 kilo's (10 pounds)?
Is my weight ok for my age?
for weight loss......?
how long does it take to get abs?
What are the benefits of eating dark chocolate?
is the heat of body may be reason of underweight ?
tired, neaseous, always hungry...?
How old are you, how much do you weigh, and how much do you want to weigh?
im 5ft6 weigh usually 57.5kg and have to lose 1.5kg for a kick boxing fight.?
how long would i have to excersise for everyday to lose just 2 kg?
is there a way i can make my legs a bit more fat?
Lose 12 pounds in a month? Help Please?
how many calories are consumed eating 3 small healthy meals per day for a 15 year old girl?
Did I eat well today? I'm trying to lose weight?
What is kale and does it taste disgusting?
today for lunch ....?
I have drank wine for years and years... Like 8+ glasses a night. Will I lose weight if I stop?
which food can make slim?
does fat keep out cold?
is this good enough to lose 4-5kilos in 4 weeks?
need to lose weight help:(:(:(?
How long will it take to lose 5 pounds?
im losing weight right now and i want to know if my stretch marks will dissapear?
How do i stop eating?
How Long Will It Take Me To Lose 10 KGS?
Fat legs and skinny body?
why am i craving for biscuits and chocolate?
Help with an eating disorder?
how much weight will i lose attending a spinning class?
Would this product provide reasonable aerobic exercise for when it's raining outside?
good workout routine for bulking up?
is chilly good if you want to lose weight?
does going shopping all day burn calories?
I'm trying not to eat purposely?
Would Sleeping more than 12 hours a day hinder weight loss?
Am I exercising right?
is this good for a deit? im 13.?
whats a good diet to lose weight from and feel better?
can i lose 2 inches in 2 weeks?
Why is V8 making me bloat?
How old do you have to be to work out?
I eat very very very healthily.....and then, boom.?
Weight excersises Questions?
does taking 20ml of olive oil daily reduce cholesterol?
how can i get a high metabolism?
my chuwqawaa tried too eat my...?
How many calories in reduced fat ice-cream?
what is the best way to get enough energy for weightlifting?
How do you stop binge eating forever?
Heat and Weight loss?
what can i do to lose 61 pounds by next summer?
Any good tips for building muscle when you have little?
Help ... 12 And Over Weight (FAT!!!)?
something wrong when i try to loose weight?
Is doing just pilates enough to lose inches?
have a binge day once a week?
how to reduce tummy in six months?
how can i lose a kilo a week and keep it off?
Do i burn fat if i do 12 minute of really Intense cardio?
If we shouldnt be eating or using anything that is harmful to us then get them off the market like you got the?
help me (14 yr old girl 158cm) lose weight in the next three weeks!?
New to exercise;I've started a month ago but thinking to give up,help!!?
i want to get really ripped (will give good points to best detailed answer)?
I feel really insecure about myself lately?
Could I be considered over weight ?
What are some good eating habits and exercises to get me looking good ?
How to get Faster, stronger and bigger in 4-6 months?
Is it ok to eat 4 small pieces of pizza and eat nothing else for the rest of the day?
How fit am I? Im 16 years old?
When I exercise I built muscle. How can I lose a bit of weight?
Okay, so if I do this will I lose weight?
Am I skinny? please be honest!?
Effective, Stationary, Weight-loss Exercises.?
did you notice you only started putting on weight in the 2nd trimester?
How to lose fat but not weight?
Working Out Exerise Kilojule Usage?
tri and bi exercises -- working out to be defined?
does insanity workout really help you lose weight?
what happen to body system as you start exercise?
What are the most effective cardio exercises to target weightloss?
How to get rid of cellulite on back of thighs?
The beep test?????????????????!?
MY shoulder popped while benching?
I've been skinny all my life ( ever since i was a child), Will i eventually gain weight?
I really need so help!!!!?
How do i loose.....?
can this be counted as a bland diet?
Is soy milk better than full cream milk?
Please Rate my body physique on a scale of 1-10,Please give me some tips,?
what can i use around the house as weights ?
Healthy Diets! Need. Help. Now.?
How to tone thighs? help.?
Need to lose weight on my legs?
How can I loose 5 kilos really quickly?
going to a rave this w.e--> need help!?
HOw to be healthy (come on u healthy people and help me)?
What are your thoughts about people who are overweight and or obese?
Weight loss problem.?
how can i tone up in a weeks?
Help with a weight loss program?
Excercise in the morning with no food for fat loss YAY or NAY and one reason?
Does taking long walks help lose weight?
Should I put on weight?
Results from ab circle pro?
does 2 litres of water and 10000 steps a day help with wieght loss?
What is the best food to eat before an exam?
how much should i weigh?
Am I short? Need your opinions?
How come anorexics get so skinny if they are in starvation mode?
How overweight am I,I'm a boy 13 years old?
I need to lose 30 - 40 kilos, how long will this take.. and how can i do it :( please help.?
Skinny guy, wanting to gain weight/muscle?
Should I lose weight?
uhoh! i think i calculated wrong!?
I just wondered what type of body shape i have?
Hi excercises to help lose weight?
All that I want to be A anorexic man?
How to Lose 30 pounds ?
HONESTLY: Did I eat way too much?
Why wont I loose weight.?
Is it ok to eat 3 year old lifesavers?
how to slim down to an australian size 6-8 in two weeks?
how do you get a flat stomach?
Help Me! I need Workout plan.?
does this sound like an appropriate diet plan for me?
Help with losing belly fat?
im 5'11 and i weigh 250 pounds?
How do I run on my treadmill I am to scared?
Do i look fit to you Picture?
How much weight can i lose (: 1O points !!?
Will this routine help me lose weight?
Can you gain alot of weight for eating lots of food in one day?
What should a 15 year old female -167 cm- weigh?
is it ok to run if you are still sore from lifting weights?
I need help with a diet!?
Mix, Treadmill and weight's shred kilo's?
Would you consider my weight anorexic?
is this a good toning routine?
Would I need to exercise to lose weight?
sudden lack of appetite?
Im about 10 or 15 pounds over weight?
Whats the point of doing abs and crunches if your fat?
58kg and 168cm age 15 is that fat?
What's a healthy balanced diet?
Why do almonds have so many calories in them?
I have eaten about 2000 calories today, is it way to much?
Why do I weight so much but don't look very fat?
OH NO! Starvation mode!?
will playing basketball freuquently stop me from putting on weight?
What's a more detoxifying fruit, pineapple, grapefruit, or apple?
15yr bodybuilder (what should i do)?
what foods have protein and fat ?
Anyone here got muscles and hate it when people look at your muscles when they talk to you not your face?
I need to improve my fitness levels, help!?
daily calorie intake for men?
How to lose some...fat?
I don't know how to eat normally anymore. Help?
Will Acai Burn affect my contraceptive pills effectiveness (Levlen Ed)?
I weigh more than the regular weight(9 kgs).Please let me know the proper diet from breakfast to dinner?
When to take Whey Protein shake and Waxy Maze Starch?
Example of a healthy (not for weight-loss) meal plan for 13 year old girl?
Who has the Grow taller 4 idiots dvd/ebook?
BEST thing to drink after WORKING OUT!!....?
Wieght lose????????????
89cm waist, should I start exercising?
do i have an eating disorder?
make up a fitness routine for me? *pic inside.?
where can i buy vegemite in the Kansas City, MO. area"?
How much weight will i lose if i continue this plan?
does the weight loss drug Alli reduce effectiveness of my Blood pressure lowering meds or my cholestorol meds?
Im 15, im sick of being fat(well really chubby) , and im not gunna stop till i lose flab!?
can push ups stunt your growth do they make you shorter? Explain.?
How do I water fast........?
How long will it take me to loose weight if I do this?
Bodybuilding question; which is easier? building muscle or losing weight(fats)?
Which one will increase thigh muscle: fast paced walking up a steep hill or slow walking up a steep hill?
Is dairy good for a flat stomach or bad? I'm confused?
pants just burst open - help?
My girlfriend tells me regular American mustard can cure nausea. How can this be?
Is 3 table spoons of apple cider vinegar a day to much?
how can i do sit ups and other yoga/pilates moves without feeling my neck strain?
How to lose my pot while im bulking?
im going on a low carb diet, what are som foods that have no or very few carbs?
i lack energy had the gym before my workout what is something i can take to give me energy train harder?
If I only eat one meal a day READ MORE...?
Fat in different places?
need help losing weight?
leg extensions? leg exercises please help?
Woul I be healthy if I lived off of....?
Does skipping tone your abs?
28 yr old Female:145 lbs 32% body Fat, 47% water..can someone explain what this means?
Am I now at a good weight?
Is it safe for me to eat so much food?
whats the quickest way to lose weight?
How to slim down 20lbs fast!?
how to lose weight i 2 weeks?
1 year to get really fit... possible ?
how long does it take to gain muscle?
Should I do a 5 minute cardio session before lifting?
is it true that encouraging a baby to walk before it's crawled detrimental to it's development?
How long before exercising has an effect?
I want to but an ab circle pro, is there an ad on tv today for it? 06/01/11?
Hospitalizing me at 5'6 and 88.2 pounds? Seriously? Over-reaction, much?
Has anyone tried the sound therpay international for children hearing loss?
what is the faster way to loose most of your stomach area fat?
My Stool Smells of sweet basil!?
Skipping every day is bad for you?
can you get a ripped muscle look from creatine ?
how can i get my nearly 3 year old to eat?
im 14 and i have love handles. how do i lose them?
what are the best foods to eat to increase muscle mass?
does eating water makes you obese?
what sweets can i eat on a diet.. eg.. licorice?
What is a good weight for a 165cm 13 year old boy?
How do I loose weight?
i am 14 my muscles have gotten bigger i want to get some weights and work out?
What is wrong with me?
Are there any diets out there that help you lose weight and help to reduce Uric Acid levels?
i do 3 times a week weight traning and every day i do cardio?
How many callories should i eat per day to loose say 1-2kg per week and how many mins of excercise?
Will i loose more weight?
15 year old boy calves?
How to continue losing weight when you go from a very active job to a relaxed job. Please help!?
Do you reckon it is possible to lose 25kilos by Jan 28?
Do I really need a really really good diet to build a nice body (besides the obvious protein)?
are nutra grain bars good for children under the age of eight to eat?
do you think my abs are good? I'm a woman, and I'm on the avatar... I'd like to get a six pack?
short legs please help?
Im about 10 or 15 pounds over weight?
Help Please with weight loss?
will playing basketball freuquently stop me from putting on weight?
15yr bodybuilder (what should i do)?
I need to improve my fitness levels, help!?
daily calorie intake for men?
Good Way To Gain Fitness And Lung Capacity?
what are some eating disorders other then Anorexia, Bulimia ,Compulsive Overeating, and Binge Eating Disorder?
How many calories have I eaten today?
i started a new job and i am just, tired waking up in the morning for it, idea's for a pickmeup and energy?
I slipped up on my diet?
Ate more than calorie allowance today. Will I gain alot of weight?
im 13 and waigh 92 kilo help, see if my diet plan will help.?
how many pound i can lose per week if i eat low calorei food everyday but just one bad meal &desert per week
how do u get rid of cellulite and does that laser reduction thing works and do u lose weight from it?
i know girls also can gain abs?
How much protein should i be getting in a day?
how do tortilles fit in the cultural eating habits in mexico?
what is pre exhaust training?
Are vegetables more nutritious/important than fruits? as my kid is not eating fruits at all!?
MY TUMMYYYY!20 characters?
Whats the major muscle in your thigh?
Whats the best way to get rid of belly fat fast?
how do i start healthy diet?
Do you want to be my dieting buddy?
im 15 and im about 170cm tall and weigh around 55kg i havnt grown for 4 months have i stopped growing?
Total gym vs Peck deck?
Am I really out of proportion?
What would a person do it they have nervousa anorexia?
whats a good way to lose fat?
Need new type of Exercise?
ok all I am 40 with 4 kids and I am about 5ft7 and at the moment weight about 61 kgs?
Exercising yet still putting on weight? Whats happening?
Would the Special K Diet work for a 15 year old?
is wholemeal bread ok on a low carb diet? or atkins?
I want a good wrist pedometer for less than a $ 100 ?
Im actually addicted to chocolate! how do i stop eating it?
how many calories will i lose in 30 minutes?
realy skinny but not anarexic?? whats wrong with me?
Losing weight question?
I'm 55 years and have always been slim. I am suddenly gaining belly fat. I have not changed diet or exercise?
Why is being skinny so bad these days?
Your Weights Routine?
what to ask my doctor about about my weight loss?? advice?
Diet; helping or hurting me?
A good thigh workout to strengthen,tone and burn fat off thighs.?
how many calories should i be burning?
is it possible to lose 20kg in 6 months?
Is the calorie information on nutrition labels sometimes wrong? If so, how wrong?
does anybody know???
how much weight do you lose on an ab swing?
I would like to lose 15 kilos in a 3 months?
I'm 15, 85 pounds (38.5 kg) and 5'6 (168cm). Am I really so underweight I need to be hospitalized?
Is fitness first in bondi Junction good?
Can you get the insanity workout for free?
Different body fat readings during the day.?
im starting a diet but im not sure what i should eat?
Binge eating???????/?
how come when I do pushups until i am completely exhausted i dont feel any pain in pectorals next day?
I need some help physically...?
Is Jogging Better than running for weight loss?
Do sore muscles mean they are strengthening?
Any advice for losing fat?
good diet to lose 12 pounds in 30 days?
Heey Everybody please help all answers appreciated?
For the last two weeks I've lost that inspiration for doing my workouts and diet?!!!!!!!!??!?! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Calf Muscles = nothing left to lose? {Summer Fitness}?
What is it really? Help me because I dont know?
my son is 110cm tall & only weights 16 kg he 5years old is this normal?
Does Hourglass = Anorexic?
Want to loose weight fast! Please give me your ideas on how?
im 5'2 and weigh 124 pounds is that normal i think im fat?
I get really tired after gym? And i'm not putting on weight?
what an easy but good way to detox body?
is 98pounds a good weight for a 14 year old 5'4?
is 71 push ups good for a 13 year old?
Can weight loss be dependent on different factors?
how can i loose weight quickly?
is drinking milk and honey before bed fattening?
If I eat Kashi Go Lean...?
My sister always craves for bread...why is it?
Three month work out plan.?
what are the membership fees for a student for–1 month; 6 months and 12 months at greenhouse training studio ?
Where can I find "Omega 3" nutrients in kids vitamins ? Someone told me this will help my son keep still not ?
anyone taken Aussie Bodies Mega Weight Gainer?
Is this ok what I'm eating today?
If you don't lose fat when you don't eat, then how do anorexics lose so much?
How to even out my 6 pack?
does anybody eat acordindly to there blood type?
How can I lose weight.. Without detoxing?
Missed out on exercise, will i put on weight from eating the following:?
Is licorice good for health?
Anyone heard of Visalus?
Am I underweight? or okay?
ive started a vegetarian diet and need a meal plan?
Is exercise really worth it?
Am i overweight by any chance?
What should i weigh at this height?
how to bulid muscle with out going to the gym?
Would you consider...a growth spurt?
Do you think this is normal...?
im not sure wat to eat and how much should i eat?
Will i end up in hospital?
I wanna get rid of the belly...?
i cant seem to lose weight from my stomach!?
14 year old loose fat?
Please don't tell me its wrong: but what are your experiences of weight loss eating 600 or less calories?
can you be healthy without being physically active?
My boyfriend eats soo much junk food.. its kind of worrying but he doesnt see it as a problem..?
loosing weight after 4th baby, working or not?
I have been on a low fat diet for 2 weeks- fruit, veg & grilled lean meat. I haven't lost any weight! Why?
how to be skinnier? no mean comments plz?
Am i fat? Measurements?
is not doing solids bad for your health?
Vitamins in all food?
Fitness and Training?
weight loss, calorie counting and all.. help please?
I am starting to work out but need some direction?
Good stomach exersizes? ♥?
Just started taking Lipo 6. I'm 18 will be 19 on June. Will stick to 1 in the morning and 1 in afternoon.help?
how many calories should a 15 year old female consume each day?
why am i so tired and weak after exercises?
Should I be concerned about my friend?
the impact of the environment on the kenyan diet?
does fat reduction work, like all the non invasive ultra fat reduction, you go like to 12 sessions?
HELP skinny, want to gain, slow metabolism!?!?
Help with weight loss.?
they say subway is healty. but I would like to know how much sugar they put in those?
I have been fasting for two weeks how do i not put all the weight back on when i start eating?
Why is it bad to eat carbs when trying to loose weight?
how can i get bulk and tone at the same time?
Great ways to flatten stomach?
Im, 13 and not fat or anything, but want to know how to eat better?
HeLp PlEaSe ?? want loss not mass :*(?
how to get abs the easy way?
Is this strange, I did 50 sit-ups yesterday and now my stomach hurts?
what level of working out can i do?
Help with healthy food at a friends house? (PLEASE HELP!!)?
i wanna stay off work for a bit longer...?
How much would a tummy tuck cost me?
I am 73 kilos and 175cm tall. What is the perfect weight for my height?
Anyone knows an exercise vibration machine repairman here in Fairfield, NSW 2165?
Will you Kilojoule count? 8700 for woman and Men >>>>?
How can I lose my gut?
What happens to heart rate and why as exercise intensity increases (provide details)?
How many calories would need to be consumed & burned to lose 2kgs a week?
what diet works best?
REDUCTIL - has it worked / not worked for anyone?
i feel at the moment that I have a weight sitting on my chest.?
How do i gain weight faster??? plsz help!!!?
what is the average weight for a 12 yr old?
is this too much to eat for a 14 year old?
Can anyone come up with a good daily routine to help me build these muscles? Biceps,Triceps,Pecs,Abs,Forearms.?
Does Standing For 8 Hours Make You Loose Them Calories?
can protein shakes help you get bigger?
Does green tea re or de-hydrate?
What does rep. mean (in fitness)?
what is the best diet?
How much should a 14-year-old girl of 5.5 feet weigh?
Sweet 16!!!! OMGsh HELP D:?
Whats the best way for a female to get rid of those few extra kilo's?
Is it possible to lose weight just by dieting?
I need to lose 6 kilo in 2 weeks.?
best sport to loose weight?
14 and 157cm and 42kg?
I can't ever eat breakfast?
I'm 13 and extremely weak. Can some show me a weekly work out plan?
Im a uk size ten what inches is my waist ?
would you say this is fat?
if you aren't menstruating, are you still able to build muscle following a workout?
How many Calories should I eat?
Need workout Instructions?
How to burn off 283 calories?
would you consider someone who is 5'2 and 115 pounds fat?
Im really skinny is it possible to get bigger?
How can i lose my bum fat fast?
Is the barley sugar diet good?
Am I Healthy For 14 Years Old?
looking for sinfully delicious dessert spray?
Will this help me to lose more weight?
I'm trying to lose weight but I still want to be able to drink when I go out.?
Weight-loss and meal replacements?
Not used to that omlette?
Weight Loss Will Power Help?
What is d fastest way to loose weight?
Can I eat 500 calories a day?
how many squats should I do to make my lower body bigger?
How Can You Increase You Metabolism.?
How many minutes a day should I lift weights to get tighten up skin?
how to speed up my metabolism???
what happens when you take a fat burner? side effects? and will i lose muscle mass? share your stories.?
good height or notttt
does anyone have a good workout plan ? important !
How can i lose a couple of inches off my thighs in about 3 months? Please help
how do u get dry muscle?
is blending fruits just as good as eating then whole?
exercises to help grow a 6-pack?
Can someone please explain to me the rules of fruit combining?
How to rapidly lose weight?
How do you get the splits down?
Whats a healthy daily exercise and diet routine?
I want to loose 2 stone in about 6 months... Realistic?
I have been dieting for 1 month, and lost 9 kilos(yeah big weight loss) Is it ok to eat junk food today?
im looking for healthy snacks?
Do you think my legs are...fat?
So I have been told that the pill makes you put on weight?
I have an eating disorder help!?
For mass gain, what supplements to buy?
How much weight and how quickly?
16 year old taking vitamins and weight training?
how many calories do i burn by doing this workout?
The agar diet is all about fibre, if you add it to cooking i think a lot of the fullness feeling would be lost?
what vegan cereals is there?
To cut a long story short, i have been jogging for about 4 months now on average 4.5km No less then 3 times?
Is this a good workout to get ripped/cut?
HIIT or My Normal Routine Cardio?
am i a good weight for my age?
My left pec is far greater developed than my right, why?
How to stop feeling frumpy?
looking for a good exercide to do while sitting at my job...?
Is almond milk a healthy alternative to regular milk?
what is the best deodorant to use when working out?
How much should I be lift?
any ideas on some great exercises to help me loose weight and tone up but not build up my muscles to much?
What's the easiest way to lose my stomach?
Trying to locate the name of a weight loss show that was on last Tuesday night 15 Sept at 7:30pm -channel 7?
is this enough exercise to lose weight?
Can I still eat fruit while on a Sugar Detox?
Eating too much in one meal time.............?
Help me with these Abs!?
Am i the normal weight?
would it be healthy to get a gastric bypass when you have gastricpereses?
I'm never thirsty after 45 minutes of exercise? Why?
Is it possible to loose 20 kilos in about a year?
Help 6 pack before school pic included?
healthy low cal cereal?
advice on eating habits? ??
how nice are the nike 3 reveals?
Take shape for life really work?
growth spurts????????
how to get a six pack?
i am a 14 year old girl... how do i get rid of my love handles... i play soccer every season... HELP!!!?
how much should i weigh if im 13 female and 157cm tall?
why i am not getting taller?
How to i get veins to expose more on my legs and be more visible like Michael Jordan?
is there fitness summer camps anywhere around me?
does anyone know where i can buy gnc pro performance mass xxx?
Think i can get a 6 pack (pics included)?
what are some high protein foods for breakfast that are gluten-free and for kids?
I need some help on how to loose weight :)?
can some one please give me a healthy eating plan for a week, or at least find a website that has one?
Whats a good protein shake for starters?
Is my height/weight ok?
Leg strengthening excercises?
is 56kgs, 5'5 fat, or just right?
is weightlifting at 14 ok?
the body beautiful tablets?
Want to loose weight fast! Please give me your ideas on how?
I need to lose ten pounds!!! Help?!?
Has anyone from adelaide SA had a gastric band put on?
Would laxatives get rid of my bloated belly?
Why do my ears burn when I work out?
my belly is getting bigger but i regularly exercise?
Is drinking tea after eating fatty/oily foods beneficial?
Am I too tall? Plz help!?
Im 17 and need to gain A LOT of weight (help)?
how tall can i be when i am 18?
Help with losing belly fat?
how can avoid fat fom human body?
what kind of dietary fibers should include in diet?
How many calories does a pizza have in it?
How much should a girl 5'3 be measured around the stomach area?
swimming and Weight Training HELP?
what do people think of my weight gain plan?
where i can find threptin biscuits and protinex in sydney australia?
i injured my back shoulder through body combathow could i have done that through bad technique or too fast ?
Should I lose weight?
i HAD anorexia..could this have affected my growth?
I was bulimic now am i anorexic?
could u advice me on the meal type to eat to attain 4500 calories per day pls?
I need help with a weight lose issue that I am having.?
whats is healthy about carrot cake?
How can i loose weight fast?
i am 20 with 140 pounds.i just want to be fat and then aim for a fit body.i want muscles.?
Can you chew on hydroxycut pills? ?
how do i get toned thighs?
Weight question your expertise please?
Can you get Ephedra diet pills anywhere in Australia?
any one use fat-less slim tea is this good to loss weight?
Is it possible to lose weight just by eating smaller portions?
What is the best way to start a diet?
Is licorice good for health?
Will diet pills damage my liver badly?
Have I eaten to much today?
I have an eating disorder help!?
Question about starvation mode.?
i need to get fit really quickly?
Soy Milk - health benefits?
im skinny.. should i cardio?
Searching for a gym near Joondanna, Western Australia?
What are some good exercises to use in swimming pools?
Too much food? Breakfast: 30 grams/o granola clusters. Lunch: roll w/honey. Dinner: spaghetti bolognaise.?
Exercise that will burn off fat really fast.?
Is this safe and does it work?
Whats a good weight to be for a 13year old girl?
what are really good exercises AND sports to tone legs?
I want do break the world record "heaviest human being ever" is this wise?
can a binge on watermelon cause weight gain? (not water gain, real gain)?
what is a good eating plan on 187g protein, 374g carbs and 30g fat....2491 calories?
ideas on weight problems?
how can i get a flat tummy?
good excercises to slim?
have i got fat thighs?
Is avocado fattening?
PLZ HELP- recipes needed for my new diet.?
please help i need to lose 60kgs in 45 weeks?
WILL THIS WORK????fitness/diet thing?
how much carbs are in low fat fetta cheese?
What does RPM stand for?
is it bad not to w*nk off for a while?
how can i lose weight fast?
how can u loose tummy fat quick?
I would like to get fit?
Is my body shape out of proportion?
What sports would be the best for this?
When working out with weights whats the best time to eat protein?Before or after?Or both?
Here's my basketball training plan for summer, tell me what you think?
Workout Frequency. . . . for beginner?
is this too much to eat in one day for a 14 yr old?
Not sore after going to the gym anymore?
Weight loss tips, for a difficult situationPlease help!!?
what sort of build have i got?
Weight Gain because of Avanza?
should a 14 year old girl 5'2 weigh 115?
Can i loose 15kg in 13 weeks?
Is a BMI of 13.9 okay in a 13 year old girl?
Im thinking about going on duromine can someone please tell me the side effects of being on it?
Im 69 kilos and on this diet... need faster results?
im 11 yrs old how can i get faster?
have i eaten well today?
Can you be muscular and still do regular cardio?
could somone give me a good healthy diet for a 65 year old, and what food to buy for my every day needs,?
Jenny Craig and Atkin's Diet?
diet smoothie recipe??????? that can be used as a meal?
i need to lose wieght fast?
How to become a personal trainer in USA?
what is the best meal plan?
is codex true i found out it was through a doctor why doesnt every one else know?
What effects do laxatives have on the body if taken regularly?
99 lbs and 5'1 is that fat or is it skinny or wat?
muscles used throwing a football?
I need help with my workout?
Is 97.4 kgs fat for a 6 foot 2 lady?
Muscle and Weight Excercises?
will doing cardio for 15 min. 6 times a week help me lose belly fat?
hi, trying to found out how many calories are in walnut & choc slice from subway???!!!?
Loosing weight, help please?
when you check nutritional information?
Whats the best exercise for a flat tummy ? & how long ? what bout hola hooping does that help?
Will anyone believe it ?
How can I have good general fitness?
calorie burning with exercise?
Acai Elite Extreme & official Cleanse?
I have an ED and i'm being taken to a nutritionist in a few days, what should i expect?
Are cigarettes bad for you? Is drinking alcohol in moderation good for you?
How can I push myself to exercise? It's like I can't handle it...?
5'1 tall and 73 kilos how many points daily is that for the weight watchers system?