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Getting fit and healthy anyone?
can doing ab work push out your stomach?
Does the lemon detox diet actually work? Is it a noticeable weight loss?
Am I eating too much?
What are some good toning exercises?
What food are you suppose to eat to lower cholesterol?
How can I stay slim in the USA?
I'm 18 & 56-57 kilos, I want to be 45 coz I'm only 5ft. Any diet tips for me? ?
how did ur body react in the first 2 weeks on the Atkins Diet?
help me out with my exercise plan...please?
How many calories should I eat per day(14yr)?
What is the easiest way for a child to lose weight in a good way ?
Am i fat or obese, im 16 and weigh 107, but im 6 ft 4?
I can't do exercise???
good snacks to aid weight loss?
I THINK I should cancel my gym membership?
Home Gym, what's the difference!?
Does weight determine health? ?
Someone give me a healthy meal plan for school?
High protein high fiber foods?
metabolism - whats the deal?
how can i slim down ?
Do weights make you smaller and slower?
Whats the go with healthy food?
Where to buy clenbuterol in aus?
im just about to go to the gym...?
i will ask this for the last time as the last time I asked this question spam trolls?
ok 40 year old female here. I went for a 1 hour run at about a 5 min k pace today?
building bigger arms help?
Looking for a good diet?
what is the short term and long term consequences of having too much fat?
three or four day workout?
Is anyone else celiac/coeliac and not following the proper diet?
what are good exercises to do to get abs?
1400 calories. Will I lose weight?
which is the big size gulam jaamun in our body?
Weight Question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Help me stop self-sabotaging?
What are some healthy low calorie snacks?
Is there any ways/small tips to prevent cancer? 10 points for best answer!?
What is the philosophy behind yoga ?
I asked this in the heart section but nobody is on there. I will ask it here.?
High Cholesterol - Foods which will lower Cholesterol?
When body building/Bulking up when is it best to have protein supplements ?
honestly, I hate the gym?
How much do you weigh and are you happy with it?
Pack the size on... Weightlifting.?
Why I'm feeling full and hungry at the same time ?
Why should age and current levels of fitness be considered when planning an exercise program?
Whats good tips for making money fast for 13 year olds?
healthy food please help!?
Crazy crash dieting ? ?
What are some easy ways for me to lose weight?
how can you get skinny and easily?
A diet question......?
What is one of the easiest ways?
I would like to tone up,?
98 pounds?! Am i over weight or not?
is vinegar fattening?
Fitness in the Royal Australian Navy?
diet shakes...........?
Normal? I'm 15 and get about 1000 cals per day..?
free gyms in brisbane?
pizza how can i mack a healthey pizza?
does drinking alcohol before exercise interfere with muscle gain?
Whats the best way to lose weight?
ok. i need to get a wax down there wats the difference between a g-stiring and a brazilian?
what are some exercises to tone legs?
Can you get fat by eating pizza and a piece of cake if you did not work out all week?
How do I get lower abs? Do drinking affects my abs?
is someone able to explain how does this work? ?
Will I stop feeling hunger on a juice fast?
Do you think I can reach 6ft by the age of 21?. I just turned 16 years old and Iam about 5'10-5'11.?
How long until I begin to see results...?
how can i burn this off?
if you had a bmi of 16?
is a raw diet a good diet?
Does Fast Food Shorten your Life?
I need to get bigger?
helpp,, please read !! :(?
Will I gain weight after drinking nothing but juice?
what type of exercise is good for your legs?
I am a bad chocoholic, how can I stop or at least tone down the cravings?
Is it good for a fourteen year old person to run 20 mph?
how do i get flexible again?
Need carb help.. anyone!?!?! help a bride in need?
Why are most asian people skinny?
How can I motivate myself?
i would like to bulk up a bit,is there anyone that knows where i can get some good steroids.?
Lowering a teens caloric intake?
which reduces stomach fat more: push-ups or sit-ups?
Does anyone know is Reductil diet pills are very harmful and unsafe? ?
What is the fastest way to gain weight..?
put touch ups on this diet plan?
how much water should a 10 yr old girl drink daily?
I want to lose 35 pounds in about 4 months. Is this possible?
why am i gaining weight when im working out and eating healthy?
Loseing weight. ?
How to lose weight help!?
How much kj a day does a 14 yr old female need to maintain her weight 10 pts!! ?
if i do 840 hammer curls a week with dumbells how long will it take to see a big change in my arm muscles?
what is the average waistline of a 13yr old boy?
If I go for runs everynight will i just lose weight in my legs?
Will I lose weight doing what im doing?
Is chest press or bench press more effective in bulking/toning up? Or are you suppose to do both?
Am i Fat????????? please no mean comments :D?
Ab flexing?!!!!!!!!!?
What does '99% fat free' actually mean?
a healthy (fat-burner) eating plan?
can someone PLEASE tell me the truth about calories so i don't go crazy?
Why is someone overweight?
what do i do to reduce bread bloating?
what is the best thing to have for lunch if your on a diet?
Does anyone have any first hand info on gastric bypass surgery?
This question is about when your trying to lose weight and your faced with a naughty temptation.?
Is it wrong to want to be anorexic?
i think im too skinny?
I need some super healthy meal ideas?
How do u stop obesity?
why do people have a tendency to gain weight rather than lose it?
What kind of oatmeal is healthy for a breakfast?
Serious and Honest Answers Please!?
Want To Lose Weight...?
what kind of rice is the healthiest ?
burning calories by moving about?
did anyone see ch9news last thursday26/2 where they had a piece on a tea that helps you lose weight. Brand plz?
if i go jogging 3/4 times a week for about 30 mintutes and ate well, how long would it take to see results?
I'm currently obese and i want to slim down to about 52kgs any tips on how to lose the weight safely?
1 month to lose a fair bit of weight?
Is this too much food in one day?
Effective abdominal exercises to do?
What happens to the stretch marks on my stomach?
What is the best Protein to consume/take for Bodybuilding?
What is a good workout routine?
I'm 6"3 295 age 28male need to loose 30 pounds by April 1st for a community boxing event will this work?
What's the average weight for a 13 year old? I am aboy. 163cm and around 80 kilo?
how can i loose weight?
Can some one suggest a web site , book or any ideas for a special diet for ADHD ? Thank you?
Im 5"8 (176cm) and im a girl who has just turned 14 a few months ago is this short and weigh 50kg is this fat?
Is it possible to loose 54 lbs in a year?
Whats your music playlist for when you exercise?
Any tips on dropping weight?
Very unstable weight?
High Metabolism, How do I gain weight?!?!?
best way to loose wait?
How to stop binge eating late at night?
How can i remind my self to drink water?
I want to lose Weight but how can i find time to put it in?>?
exercise tips?????????????????
How can you keep your new year resolution?
Does gaining 15 pounds of muscle make you look a lot bigger?
Tips on how to build muscle fast?
Am I "yo-yo" dieting?
what is a way to keep a fitness diary. ?
when we use our brain, is it actually burn a lot of calorie?
how do i speed my metabolism up?
medicine and protein shake... meal ?
can anyone calculate my BMI?
5"3 female , normal weight?
How much sugar and fat should a 44 kg 13 y/o girl consume daily?
my mate lost 10kg in a month eating mcdonalds?
Is this considered overtraining?
why im i not losing weight in my tummy?
whats is the average weight for a 13yr old?
Calorie shifting and Exercise?
10 points,How can i get better in arm wrestling ?
How can I get rid of cellulite?
Any tips for teenage weight loss?
What is the average weight of a female who is 173cm?
What is the average weight for a 12 y/o who is 173cm?
Plzz answer a,b,or c (prefabli 12-16yr olds)?
what is the fastest way to loose weight?
How to become muscular guy?
does alcohol ruin your workout?
Is 121pounds light for a 17 year old.?
what weight gainer is better the one from Max's or Musashis products?
im drinking about 4 litres of redbull style drinks a day is it safe im think im addicted !?
i want too be skinner i feel fat when i look at my self im size 0 is this a sign of anorexia?
what is the difference between fitness and stamina?
Strenght/Toning Exercises to do at home?
Can it be poosible to shrink my feet?
Youngest person with Ovarian Cancer?
What would happen? would you lose weight?
Need advice on losing weight?
losing weight..................?
how much calories would i need to burn in a week to loose one pound per week?
im 14 6'1 and 250 lbs is this normal?
if i ate chocolate everyday, but i worked out twice as hard, would i still manage to tone up?
Weight weight & weight?
Help! I need some music for my iPod to motivate me in the gym?
I hate exercise - how can I get more motivated?
which creatine is the best to take?
How often should snacks be allowed?
How can I find the motivation to lose my last 3 kilos?
How can I tone my inner legs, especially my inner thighs?
What can I do about loss of muscle flexibility?
How do you actually get belly fat? ?
I measure 30 cm but i am 29weeks is that to big i am 4'11 in height and i weight 151?
Ideas for a sugar free diet?
What is the best bicep workout to do?
What sport makes you grow taller faster? ?
Pls help me!!!!!!!!!!!!=(?
Lose Weigh Easy With Out Pills.?
Will I Ever Recover?
Weight loss?
Is it important to have a gym with a pool?
So im 13 and 107 and 5"4 is that like really fat or ok or wat?
Does hula-hooping really help...?
ok.. to put it simply... i have problems..?
i'm 13 and 5'3 i weigh 116 pounds i do cardio dayly for 3 months and i haven't lost any weight?
plzz help OK i have a friend that whats to losses sum weight?
Does anyone know anything about the vitamin b-12 shot that everyone is doing to lose weight? Does it work ?
Has anyone got one of those Ab king pros?? and if so how effective is it??
healthy weight loss?
I weigh about 134 and want to lose 15pounds any tips on what to eat and how to excersise to get a flat stomach
Sir iam tall nearly 6 feet. Iam feeling depressed. I want to become fat. What are the ways. kindly advice.?
Is this normal?? (GYMS)?
The best way to workout?
Has anyone ever tried taking a liquid oxygen supplement, did it help you?
six pack abbs?
what is the best high protien diet for my apbt he is 8mths old?
How do I start off my day??
i lift weight and suddenly found stretchmarks on my skin.i thought it was because i am developing muscles but?
I am 16..short and with a few pounds...What can I do to loose the weight.......?
WHY! What did I do wrong??
Is this a sign that I am losing weight around my stomach??
How many kilos can i lose in 2 weeks ?
How Do I Get It Off?
(FASTING) Do you put on all the weight again or just some if you eat healthy?
i am a 14 year old boy, 6 foot 4 and weigh 170. what is the average height for a boy at 14?
I need to l lose 5 kilos in 4 weeks whats the best way to do it? I'm 5 foot 4 inches and 75 kilos and female.
Should I take suppliments?
What is the maximum but safest amount of weight I can drop in approximately one month?
who wants to lose weight with me?
This is worth it?
look forward to the gym..?
Is this a good or bad achievement??
How long should a 8 year old girl should sleep?
DD milky way hot chochalte points?
I need to loose about 45 pounds. I am 5'7 and weigh 203lbs. What should be my calorie intake?
Check my other question!?
is this considered fat?
Not feeling hungry?
Is the weight loss product ZYLENE available in Australia?
Ab and back stretches?
Full But I'm Hungry?
pregnancy and fitness?
i have been havin really bad cravings for chalk and i have been told my iron is low how can i get it back up?
Is it wrong??
how do i rapidly increase my weight to look bulked up?
Does anyone no of any good food and exercise plans?
how can i get a flat tummy?
Should I add creatine to boost my workouts?
would years and years of drinking pints of beer make your stomach fat and make it impossible to lose the fat?
I am recovering from anorexia.......?
will i loose weight and become fitter?
i want to put sum flesh on me!?
what are some good excersises for your body?
okay... do you think im fat?
I need a exercise plan to build muscle/feel better for a slim person?
Does anybody has the email-id & the mobile number of Rajat Tokas?And anyone knows about how to chat with him?
what is a average waight for a 15 year old boy?
At 40 my skin needs a boost - something to tighten and firm a little.Will fraxel or peels help?Suggestions?
Which is best?
Is this healthy?
I am 5'4. have a 30inch waist and my thighs are 22inches.i weigh 136 poundshealthy? some good exercises?
what is the best diet to go on so i can lose 20kg in the next 3 months?
How to loose weight?
how much should i weigh?
Is a 14 year old boy who is 5'4 and weighs 105 pounds skinny???
work out question?
Shopping/Cooking/Eating? Help!?
will i tone up these areas if i....?
Shall i remain unproportional?
i have a rash on my chest, and i found a lump under my right armpit. it is sore, and sore to touch..?
How many push ups do you think someone over 50?
is this good for weight lose ?
Overweight teen needs help?
okay... i play basketball 6 days a week but my love handles are obnoxious. any exercises for this problem?
whats the fastest way to lose weight within a year?
Instant Carnation Breakfast drink?
desperate hip!!?
wait gain ...?
how long is the life span of an average flat iron?
Health queston?
desperately want to loose weight.. has anyone used those pills just to get the ball rolling?
Umm is this bad or good?
Why can't I shift the spare tyre?
is muscle stimulaters work and if they dont what should i do to lose weight?
give me abs?
i weigh 160 lbs and 5 ft 6 and i do fitness and weights for 4 weeks now and eating right how come its not work
i am 15 and i am 5,5 i am pretty sort i wanna start working out?
Val day weight?
I am fourteen and six feet tall, what should my weight be?
what should i do to loose alot of w8?
a little too heavy for comfort?
how many sit ups do you have to do to burn 40 calories? xx?
is there a website that will show you what youll look like fat?
Can working out or taking Creatine/ whey protien cause a change in behavior or temperment?
i just order this belt and i paid 219 ringget 2 days ago . but now i know that it sells 89 ringgt is it tru?
I'm at a healthy weight, but I still want to lose 25 pounds, any suggestions?
how many times a week should i workout my abs?
i want to know what i can eat to make me lose wieght fast?
how can i lose weight quickly and effectively?
I eat out and girl.?
Spitting out My Food?
very comfused some say this some say other whats the truth?
Any tips for lowering time?
what r ways too loose weight?
please help me out on my abs routine?
i am 280 pounds at age 12 i no thats huge but im 6 feet tall what should my weight be?
i want to know if anyone has an excercise for the obliques and abs.?
Can someone with some workout experience please let me know if this is a good fat burning workout?
i had my child 4years ago. i have never exercised and have a mushy tummy.how do i get my tummy toned up again?
Im 15 and almost 5ft 11 inch is that tall?
decreasing bench?
I really need help with a diet.?
wat do i have for lunch?
Am I healthy?!?
my height is 5.5inc.wat weight should be for this height?
I'm about to buy a 4-in-1 elliptical exercise bike machine from ebay . . . are they any good?
What are good..?
what is the impact of rice in the australian diet?
Is it true that eating blueberries can prevent cancer?
How can i Loose 10 lbs in 1 month or how much can i loose in 3 weeks?
im overweight HELPPPPP?
i think im fat!!!!?
what should a girl that is 14 and is 5"2' weight??
What nutritional requirements does the body need and from what foods?
how to lose this???????help!!!!!!?
How much weight can I safely lose in 4 weeks?
I have over ate the last 2-3 days, will this make me put on weight? HELP?
a triglyceride contains?
Has anyone tried lipotrim-weight loss program, if so what do you think of it?
what are nutritonal foods u can eat to stay fit and healthy (loose weight)?
My wife is 50 years old,74 kg weight,she ask about the best way to reduce her weight?
600 calories, 2 hours moderate walking each day.. weight loss?
I am trying to tone my stomach and loose my puffy fat?
i'm 27, gain 15 pounds after my babys birth a year ago how many calories do i need to lose those extra pound
Diet Pills?
Am I right or wrong in this situation?
I prefer vegetables to fruit. Can i still get all my nutrients?
where can i purchase HumanoVarTM over the counter???
if i piged out for a week , how much weight would i put on.?
If a person loses 5kgs a month, how much roughly at most can they lose in 8months?
I'm 13 almost 14 in June is it possible 2 still have baby fat on the side of my stomach???
how can i loose a few extra lbs within 2 months?
easy and effortless way to loose a few kilos???
I want to loose 5 kilogs does anyone want to race me?
whats the best way to get a tonned body?
how do you tell how much calories in food?
why am i such an effing fat guts pig???
weight gain how to?
this a good workout?
what are the components of a balanced diet (include vitamin A,C and iron)?
16 almost 17 weight loss plan?
recommended workouts?
Flat tummy in 20 days?
I was trying to gain wait i do not eat hap or pork, i am 20 and i weight 115 what is the best food to eat?
how are situps and crunches different and what is better for getting abs?
How much will I lose?
should i lose weight?
im really really fat i need to lose wieight badly, what should i do, i used to be active but now im not?
does duromine work better the reductil does anyone know?
I need a 3 month gym workout plan to get me looking good for a holiday. Im male average build! HELP!!!?
how do loose you extra fat on your stomach and on the sides(lovehandles)?
Hey I need to lose 25 kg by november. I'm not an active person. Can you help?
Can Losing Weight Make OCD Worse?
Best exercises?
How can I gain upper body strength?
I would like to lose weight! 6 kilos- and as fast as possible!?
Is braden fat?
Sit ups question again?
Does anyone know what the normal amount of calories to eat a day is? I've heard 1200 and then heard 2100?
Building upper body, but i seem skinnier?
Looking for an online weight loss partner?
around how many calories have i consumed today? approx?
I need some help with my body as in i need to loose weight?
Is she fat?
I want to Loose Weight In A week Or two maybe 3 Also I am A Teenager?
i really need to know how much excercise an average teenager should get? thanks.?
i am 191.4lbs. i am sick of this.been watching what i eat.what are some good things i can do ......?
Is this a good choice of protein?
psst read this--->DIEt Plan please?
my lower arms are really wide but really flat..how can i make them more round?
which is healthier?
I have had the power gym for 3 mths and love it but am getting bored with same workout would like another DVD?
what is going on??
weight loses help needed can u help?
I use dumbells at home, do you think i am putting on muscle doing the following workout, if not, Tips please?
disract self from food?
whats your BMI?
weight loss formula?
eat a little something and excercise?
what are some simple workouts i can do in my house and some good diet?
Am i the right height?
Im 5'2 88 lbs. & 13. is that to Skinny?
my boyfriend is a wrestler and wants to get stronger...?
Fitness First Membership to Transfer?
Home bicep work?
I dont get it?
How do you lose wait without dieting, not eating, or working out?
up to how many minutes of walking exercise will it take to start burning calories?
Muscle Growth?
please help me ! ..?
Am I taking too many diet supplements?
i usally end up bingesing one time a week but not always give me advice help me!!!!?
Whats the best/easy cardio and weight workouts for me?
Help me please!?
Please i need urgent help!?
whats the bes way to build up your arm muscles?
Would you recomend working alongside a PT or go solo?
I am 14 and i want to get ripped before football season. I am 135 pounds and no fat. How can i get my bicepts?
how far should i push my body ?
Am i fat? i weigh about 115-120 pounds and am 11 about 5 foot?
need to lose weight quick?
ok so i want to lose weight fast?
Stored as Glycogen or Fat?
can i make my own my own whey protein?
Does anyone have the formula for figuring out how many points are allowed for men?
How can i loose up to 5 kilos in five days?
Can anyone help me with some supplements to help me build and tone muscle?
Supplements and work out help?
can i do push ups every 5 min like 10 push ups after 5 min again 10 push ups?will it work?
Crash diet! Can this keep the weight from not....?
what do you start noticing?
Losing weight without exercise?
ingredients for this breast enhancement ointment?
i am very worried abt the weight i have put on durin pregnancy,i hve 2 loose 40 lbs b4 dec 2008 is it possible
Hunger Strike!?
I need help!!! please read below?
if your overweight and excursize alot but is starting puberty can you lose weight?
What happens when you stop eating?
Weight Loss?
If i do 300 crutches a day, dance for 20 minutes a day, and go on a diet, how much weight will i loose?
I'm really worried about how I look....help?
do i have a eating disorder?
I NeEd To LoSe My LOvehAndleS?
If adopting an alkalizing diet, are goji berries acidic or alkalizing?
Mono and working out?
How is spinach digested?
Is there a difference between deli meat behind the counter and pre packaged?
I am wanting to know ways to give up smoking dope an dto stop eating choclate.?
what should be the average weight ?
how many calories should i be eating to lose weight?
What is the best way to relieve bloating, specifically in the face!?! photo shoot in 4 days! thanks!?
How can you tell how many calories you're losing when exercising?
i need to lose 10 lbs fast! anyone kno about anything i can do besides exercise?!?
14 year old boys average weight.?
what can i do to strengthen my shin; front muscles on the leg?
Can't get the weight off!?
I need to know bout my Weight?
i have astiff neck left side&numbness in hands,legs for five years now no accidant please Ineed acure?
need lots of help?
Quitting Smoking and fitness for 16 year old?
hey I'm 14 and I was looking for a way to lose a bit of weight in 3 weeks. Any tips???
help me!!! i just ate a whole packet of mars bars...wat should i do??
Making your neck wider?
Am I over weight?
Do you think i'm fat?
ZCA Stack-does it work?
if i dont eat tomarrow will it work it off?
Do you know the website address for "HIKO" height gainer??
Using dumbells/weights at the desk?
does my friend have an eating disorder?
cleansing of weed forever?
I'm 20 y.o., 5'6", 130 Ibs and losing weight. Any good diets to recommend? Thanks?
Losing weight in your teen years?
Who Desgined Bulimia or who started it?
How to lose inches?
Lost 8kg in 47days!! Good or Bad??
Dieters!! What food do you miss most of all? Explain in GREAT DETAIL!!?
AWAKE or ASLEEP? What will help with weightloss more?
how do i lose 30 pounds in 3 months?
How do you loose excess body weight?
How much is 70 grams?
I'm 16 and I'm 155.5 lb....?
what would be ??
Skinny with a stomache?
How do I lose 10kg (from 58kg)?
What is the best method for building your upper body muscles?
gaining weight?
my bumbum isn't big so how do i get a biger 1 plus i want my x ta eat his heart out wen i walk by!!!?
How to get a body like this?
a good diet?
(Revised) Is this healthy?
Why is a medicine call so - the heavy ones used in sports training?
Recovering from Anorexia? With a sensible diet and...?
How to scale milk?
How can i get this body and not that body?
Who knows any good diets??
Can som1 help me?
Best slimming pills?
how can i get motivated?!?!?
Am I too skinny and if so, what can I do about it?
Whey protein?
I do gym all things are right in my body but my waist is 27 how could i increase to approx 30 ..?
how many calories or kilojoules a person should have per day?
help want to loss weight?
How is physical activity enjoyable?
how many calories do you reckon i had today?
eating problem?
will my overall fitness improve? and by how much?
is methyl 1d a steroid?
what muscles dp you use when doing a pull up?
fattning foods or food that makes you put on wieght?
how many calories should i eat daily? i weigh 76 kilos and have 10 kilos to lose?
how many calories do you burn when you do a cartwheel?
Turkey Neck!!!!?
I am 15 height 5'4'' weight 60kg.i want to loose 10kg.I'm looking fatty because of my thighs.What to do?
Muscles and depression?
how many calories are in chicken pasanda from the takeaway?
how much fat????
what are some good weight free excersises that can get me fit and help me gain muscle?
HELP! Major weight problem, any ideas?
Need to know if it is worth it?
So far today...?
Adult's average weight?
After drinking lemon and milk how long does it take you to throw up?
wat r sets and reps?
does thise sound like it would work?
I have thunder thighs!WHY??
have i got fat thighs?
have i got fat thighs?
have i got fat thighs?
If I eat 200 calories and then boost it up to 500 calories..??
Laxative abuse.....?
are my thighs to fat?
what weight gainer drink/shake should i use?
what to choose (healthy) when eating out at resturant??
Healthy living?
What is a good excercise for a 6 year old Boy who is on to the plump side? His weight is 81 lbs!?
will i put on weight eating like this?
I need a supplement to build myscles...for a MALE?
working out?
HELP!!! Did I consume too many calories?
simple workouts to do at home!!! suggestions?!?!?!?
is this a good diet/workout plan?!?!?!?
Is this good for a 13 year old?
self esteem issue? with weight?
HELP!! i need to lose weight, ANSWER PLEASE.?
abs work out?
slightly hunched-improve posture question?
Lose weight at age 14?
how to tone up biceps .. light weight or heavy weight .. plz tell me about exercises also ..Thanks?
Tips on reminding myself to take my multi-vitamin??
Well i m17 and weigh 178 and 5'7 or something and want to lose my stomch and get my thigh in shape. Help me
what size in America would...?
How much pounds am i over weight?
how much weight will i lose??
Is this theory true about abs?
losing weight?
Does going for 20 minute runs about once a week help you lose weight?
does anyone know a yoga move?
i weigh 220 n im 5'5 im goin 2 a weddin n Nov n i need to lose 80 lbs is that possible??? and how??
HoodiaFormula, anyone heard of this hoodia pill brand? Does it work?
I keep losing weight for no?
If you only have 30 minutes to workout, which exercises incorporate the most muscles used simultaneously?
DESPRATEhelp!!!!!something stuck in my throat???
i wanna b a tank?
need to cancel ultra green tea lean! help me!?
Does anyone know a good plan to help me lose 20 pounds in 2-3 months?
weight loss?
whats better a creatine drink or protein shake to make you stronger?
How do i bulk up with muscle?
whats an ideal weight for.....?
Help! wanna grow taller quickly?
This what I ate today?
please give me advice?
what is the most weith someone could lose in 30 days???
Am I ready?
Losing Weight?
help with side tyres (love handles)????
If I am a Girl and 5 feet 9, how much should I weigh?
Collar Bones?
10 kiloz in 4 weekz?
what can make me fat?
Weight Watchers Diet?
is 104 pounds a good weight for a 14 year old?
What should i be eating in my situation?
what's the best kind of suger that can help if you are on diet and why?
14 yr old, 97.5 kg. Wants to lose 20kg +?
is gatorade or water...?
What is a good way for putting on muscle (stomach,arms) at home?
how to build up testrone levels is there any tablets you can take?
dumbells only for workout?
Burning calories? exercising?
Im addicted to sugar?
The more you sweat?
Exercise Qn??????
Calories Burned - Did I really lose 2 pounds a Day?
Lost nearly 3 stone now, still got belly left. DO I Continue with cardio or do abs workout?
Loose Weight Now!?!?!?
im worried about my weight, im 13.?
on a fast drinking just water..how many pounds do you typically lose a day?
Did anyone win the free total gym?
the master cleanse?
what is a good work out plan?
Does anyone have good diet ideas with conditions?
I'm in the recruiting process.. but im unfit.. how do i go about training to be ready for the test?
I have a question about my diet.?
what diet(normal INDIAN) do you think i should follow to GAIN weight in about say 2-3 months.?
is drinking many water a good way to loose fat?
i need to lose weight so badly!!!!?
Butter or margerine? What's all round better for you?
how do you know if you have chubby cheeks?
Is this The right weight?
Am i underweight or healthy?
when a drop a load of seamon on my girlfriend only a little come out now. only do it once a week and am 60 yea
hi i have really fat legs what are exercises that can help me?
easyest way to get abs?
why am i so fat????
how many grams of protein do I need to consume after lifting weights?
5 feet 88 pounds underweight??
how does protein help u lose weight and what kind of food that actually has taste can give me alot of protein?
Can you lose body fat by not eating?
does anyone have the receipe for the egg diet?
how can i reduce my pressure?
how and when do I take amplified creatine 189?
i need to lose weight in 6 weeks more then 20 kg you need to help me?
Are my measurements fat? i feel huge?
i always want to eat!!?
what is the average weight range for a 15 year old girl that is 170cm tall?
ANOTHER sets and reps question?
Fitness? Please help!?
What foods can you eat to help speed up your metabolism?Good snacks etc or meals?
how to eat healthy and exercise regularly!!?
wat do you hate most about dieting?
Is this good?
Controlled Labs Presents: Green Bulge?
Height? Help?
fat or skinny question.?
Easiest way to lose weight quickly and healthily?
6 small meals a day or protein shake?
I need a good workout to lose weight on the treadmill.Can't run I have a disc out in my back . To lose weight.
plz help me out?
do vitamens get you more muscles?
i want to know what i can take that will eat away the fat on my body quicker?
is 101cm for a 17 year olds waist alot? ps thats 40 inches.?
i wanna to know how many inches when i would be 154 centimeters?
is 90 kg alot for a 17 year old boy? with a height of 170cm?
Should i go to the gym?
make my thighs and waist smaller?
How long will it take to burn the last bit of fat covering my abs?
can some one please help me get fatter?
why my left arm is always tired?
do we get hungry bc we've used up all the calories we've eaten and need more? or is there a different reason?
Why does this happen when I exercise?
i'm i over weight for my age or just right? PLEASE HELP.?
Im nearly 15 and wondering whats the correct workout for me?
if i burn 500 cals everyday, can i eat 2000 cals?
how can i lose my belly fat?
if i was eating like at 11:50 and i was starting a diet tomorrow have i already ruined it??
i eat a balanced diet but still cannot lose weight! help?
What is the most weight you have lost in 5 days and how did you do it?
I need advice on losing weight!?
workout help please :)?
what parts of your body gets thinner by rowing or toned?
How do you become a naturual bodybuilder?
I feel like my thighs/legs are getting muscly but not smaller?
help loosing weight.
Does Xenical/Orlistat work?
How many carbs should you have each day for good weight
Do i need to eat breakie? PLEASE HELP ASAP!
what are "love handles"?
How long does it take for energy to start?
does caffine curb your appitite
i am 16 years ols.can anyone please tell me the ways to gain height naturally?
how many pound i can lose if i eat low calorie food everyday but just one bad meal in restarant per week
I think I'm underweight, help!!!
Does anyone know any good routines (or links to any) for a skinny guy who wants to build muscle
I do 5 - 6 hours of dance classes on top of 2 -3 gym sessions how come I look exactly the same as 6 months ago
Is HGH legal in the states?
Elliptical from eBay... What do you think?
what foods should i eat to increase muscles, along with exercise
How to lose belly flab as quickly as possible? What to eat? How much to exercise?
How do you turn a mini belly into a 6pack
how many calories are in a celebrity slim shake
what are good ways to get more flexible and fit?
is this too much exercise
is the jackknife the same as crunchs? which works better?
im 17yrs. old and weigh 180lbs and im 6 2 is this normal for kids to lift this kind of weight for my ?.?
I want a toned stomach?
how much time it takes to heal wid help of yoga?
diet tip............................?
Overdoing Exercise? Is this healthy? PLEASE HELP!?
hi i am able to lift about 80 pounds fairly easily-meduim is that good ?
Can someone recommend a easy salad solution? i love lettuce so much but cant chew it ?
i really need help what is wrong with me!?
I'm a little husky...How can I loose some pounds?
How to gain weight?!?!?!?
I really Need Your Opinion On something...... PLEASE HELP?
Can you buy cd's that count down numbers from 100?
good work out plan for me to use?
Does walking on tiptoes strengthen your calves?
will walking on a treadmill at the gym for about 2 hours make me loose weight ?
i'm 24 years old and my weight is 41 kG so how can i increse body weight?
Healthy Way to Loose Weight?
"I want to lose weight fast, ?
where can i find a good fitness/body building regime?
Exercise for hips? ?
I Feel Guilty with my body?
How do I get thinner thighs?
wat is the best method to lose my tummy?
how much food/protein should i be having?
what are some low fat, low carb meals???
Diet suggestions- non dairy?
how many calories does a fourteen year old girl need a day?
Should you lose the fat, or build muscle first?
Why is it said that it is unsafe to stay at around 7% body fat for a long time?
what lettuce have the most vitamins?
what should i do to get bigger and stronger faster?
I have gained 20 lbs and am 31 weeks is that to much weight?
exercise for toning thighs?
2 months to loose 7 kg?
website with a few boxercise exercises using gloves and focus pads?
for weight gain if you can't a ford steak can you use mince instead?
How do i get really strong fast?
So far today I've eaten..?
How To Become More Flexible?
what can you achieve from?
Good exercises for losing weight/toning?
Wha are some ways, supplements anything that will speed up my metabolism?
Do I need to lose weight?
why do i feel like i have the flu when i eat a lot of suger?
weight training: Its recommended to leave 48 hours between sessions. However...?
Need to lose 20 pounds for GOOD!! help please?
I have lost 40kgs. only problem i have is my legs... PLS HELP?
Help! I need to lose weight and it's all in my mid section. Want to see fast results so I won't give up.?
Trying to lose weight?
Hi there, please help me. My son is very over weight for his age.?
im 13 and i weight 146 lb im tall im like 5'3 or taller how many pounds should o loose?
how do u become skinny if ur medium size?
I want to stop eating meat for my health mostly even though i love eating it! Were do i begin?
Since 5 wks ago, I eat healthier & 20 minute walks/jogs four nights a week. Why aren't the scales budging?! ?
Body image problem, pics included (fixed links)?
Losing stomach fat? ?
I'm 18, 156cm, 63kg n quite muscular. I cycle/run 5km 2 times/wk. My pulse rate at rest is 55. Is that normal?
Crunches Question pplz :)?
Help Me please..weight issue!need your opinion?
wanting to loose weight?
I am 13 a thirteen year old girl looking for a healthier lifestyle. Whats the best way to go?
i never used to eat this bad .... whats gotten into me?
hey can someone give me a gym routine to help me put on weight/muscle?
going on a vegetarian diet?
How can i lost weight fast?
How can I lose the weight around my stomach!?
does anybody have a food that made them gained weight like crazy?please let me know.?
Does your stomach elongate as you get older?
Effect on Metabolism?
What does making abs shake/vibrate do? ?
do cellulite creams actually work?
Why is there never any muscular cancer?
Never hungry at lunch time!?
how to reduce side, hips including lower parts fat?
Can i eat plain icy-poles when trying to lose weight??? PLEASE HELP?
i am confused with the whole calorie counting thing can some one help - i am a bit thick?
well ive been training at the gym.?
How much weight should I lose?
help with anorexia......!?
Stomach Problems...Help?
How do I get a flat stomach?
best detox program ?
how many calories do I need a day at 5'3, 96 lbs, moderately active?
How often should should a protein mix be taken?
how much should i excercise if im eating 1000 calories a day?
113 pounds and 4'11, please help me with my calories?
What body shape am I? (Measurements)?
Can Anyone help me come up with a QUICK way to lose weight?
I would like to lose some weight before the holidays.Over the past few weeks,I have been running for at least ?
Exercising and losing weight & toning up?!?
I am 16 y.o, 67 kilograms and 178 cm. I am skinny, but have slight love handles, how do i get rid of them?
Is this a good workout for a 14 year old boy?
Do want to loose that unwanted fat and keep it off?
HELP I DID IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Losing weight???????
I need to start a diet, anyone have any plans i could use to help me slim up, just a little weight to loose =D?
am i doing to much exercise?
Is this ok what I am eating today?????????
what do YOU think of my food plans for dieting?
Question about CALORIES?????? click on this!!?
What is "Good Nutrition"?
Eat a day skip a day diet?
everyday workout the same muscle?
Is this necesarry???????????????
20 kilos? how much time?
when is it best to take your whey protein supplements before or after your workout?
what height will i be?
IM just at home, on a saturday arvo, and ive pretty much eaten the whole contents of the fridge...please read?
is it ok to drink a protein shake?
What and height question?
Horrible shin pain, what could do this?
What are some Exercises that i can do in my room?
I'm having trouble losing weight in spite of eating carefully?
Lose 10kg by New years?
HELP! I am a carb fiend! how can i overcome my cravings for carbs??? ?
Am I fat? And be honest I actually do think I'm fat?
im taking my girl on a picnic tommorow im a health freak and she is on a strict diet wat food can i pack?
What are the top 10 countries where the incident of skin cancer is highest?
how tall would i be ?
if i eaT only breakfast and dinner...?
Whats a healthy weight for a 14 year old?
how can i gain more weight almost more 10-15kg ?
Would i lose weight on 2,000 calories?
How long will it take?
How is it possible ......?
has anyone got any exercises for each muscle?
What are some very good ways too..?
Worried about a twiggy friend. ?
this is my new years resolution, comment and share yours :)?
a question on staying healthy?
Is it true breast feeding make you loose weight?
Safe quick weight loss?
How much should I weigh?
please visit bookthings.wordpress.com, about diet healthy weight loss, low carb fat diet, south beach diet?
Can anyone come up with a weekly diet for me? Healthy?
if u take anabolic once will u get the side ffects they tlk abt?
Do you have any good low fat recipes?
Healthy diet for 13 year old?
how to Flatter stomach?
BICEPS, crunch them large...?
What is the cause of colon cancer?
how many times do you eat a day?
700 calories a day. lots of exercise...♥?
how much water should a 10 yr old have daily?
where do I get diet recipes?
I need help finding an appetite stimulate for my 4 year old who won't eat.?
Best Protein Powder for Acne Sufferer?
Should i get Liposuction?
weight problem plz help?
would you rather be a hunchback, or morbidly obese?
Do you think this will work?
I am a habitual smoker. I have quit but need to know the quickest way to detox. Getting tested in 3 days.?
how much walking does it take to burn 1200 calories?
im 14 and 5'3. my weight is 169. How can i lose 50 pounds in 5 months? Also, how long should i run?
Need help with loseing weight?
Is it possible to gain 10 kg in one month?
Healthy foods for underweight teens?
I've been eating between 100 and 136 cals a day, I would like to increase it to 1000 ?
how to get a flatter tummy! help?
My diet consists of mainly salmon, steamed vegetables, low fat yogurt and blueberries. is this healthy?
Can i buy Ephedrine legally in Australia?
Should I get really cut?
Advise on weights program?
Is it possible to be physically active and not to be healthy?
when taking weight losing tea effect hair loss and harmful for body?
What muscle should a large frame guy have? lean or bulk?
Is there a supplement that makes you feel full?
If i work out and eat more will my bones be less visible?
my weight is 154lbs and i m 5.7 feet tall. I would like to lose 10 pounds.?
My friend has anorexia. What is that?
3500CALORIES = 1 pound????????
Why have my healthy eating and personal training resulted in weight gain?
If I eat this everyday, do half an hour of yoga and half an hour of swimming will i LOSE weight?
Difference between a healthy skinny and not healthy skinny?
a new weight loss diet/plan?
Am I really supposed to have 2.5 metric cups of veges every day?
What is 65 kilos considered?
how can i make water taste better?
3 day apple fast quesiton?
hi i am 21 years old guy and just joined gym. in the beginning two three days I was lifting very good weight?
are sit ups a good way of getting rid of a flabby stomach?
I think i might have bulimia?
how can i get a 6 pack in 3 weeks?
how many times do you eat per day?
Loosing weight on tredmill?
Proteins are an essential part of the diet;?
I need help to lose weight... fast!?
how can i lose belly fat?
Can i get my cardio up in a month?
Cabbage Stew Diet plan?
I te huge bowel of pasta with low fat tasty cheese about 1 and a half hours ago?
dieting at the moment, pill question?
Biceps and increasing size at 17?
i am a 14 year old boy.........fitness matters a lot to me?
i want to get fit not lose weight, is it okay to eat heaps after a run?
Does music help you do workouts better?
am i way to thin thin,ok,normal size or fat?
what is the flight distances of calves?
cooked eggs or raw eggs...SEEKER?
how long to lose 3 easter kilos?
TREADMILL Broke!! Please help!?
how to make hip bones stick out more? (easy 10 points!)?
where can you buy the ingredients needed for the lemon detox drink?
a guy told me his in good shape and he is 177 cm and 15 pounds...is he LIEING?
Are you overweight if.....?
Am I average or overweight?
Is 120 pounds healthy for a 12 1/2 year old?
best way ti lose weight?
i need to do a whole body detox. how do i do this? like quiting smoking and everything?
How many calories total in a whole packet of Tim-Tams and a family block of Cadbury chocolate?
if i eat soup for a week with excersise how much weight do u think i could lose?
How can I become stronger?
What is the effect of muscle cramps?
Average weight for a 16 yr old girl, who is 160cm tall.?
are there any good books on binge eating?
is it normal to get pains when jogging?
Is a full fibered diet healthy?
Losing weight - how long if i ate like this?
Vitamin Food , Please help me?
Diet ideas, diet pills?
how much weight can i loose from now until july?
What can I do to lose my stomach fat and my fat back and still have my curves?
How can I gain weight?
simple question. I am 40 and female. I find now it is hard for me to run?
Weigh loss surgery ,support after surgery can you get disability?
followed by a 1200 calorie diet and 2 litres of water, is this a good fitness plan for losing weight?
what are the side effects if you take max's protein before your 15 years old?
am i too fat for skinny jeans--pic included--no BS remarks?
ok question here. I am 40 and female and I have trouble with my calf muscles it is ok one day?
am i over weight or a little thick?
how can i stop over-eating?
calories losing weight scenario question?
Whats a good cardio-lift ratio?
How can I motivate myself to eat healthily (no diets allowed)?
how much should i weigh?
pregnancy weight loss please help?
General Push ups questions...?
Is it true when we do sudoku, our brain burns quite a lot of calories?
Looking for a low calorie diet plan?
What exercises can i do to...?
Is Curves (the gym) right for me if I don't want to lose weight?
tips to lose weight and tone body :)?
is this a good eating diet??
Why aren't bulimics skinny like anorexics?
Would you recommend exercising the abdominal region everyday?
What are the best exercises to loose the fat off my hips?...or "love handles"?
Anyone tried "The biggest loser club range" For weight loss?
How to Get Rid of FLABS in your Stomache?
ok last question in this section. ok I am 40 years of age and almost 41 with 4?
For the past 3 weeks i have only eaten porrage. Will i lose weight?
Is it better to go as low as you can go when doing pushups? or going until your biceps are parallel?
Is this helping at all - situps!?
binge eating success stories?
How can I get slim legs?
have i got fat thighs?
i have been eating alot better but putting on weight?!?!?
How much should I weigh? Am I underweight?
Weigh loss surgery ,support after surgery can you get disability?
followed by a 1200 calorie diet and 2 litres of water, is this a good fitness plan for losing weight?
I bought an exercise bike!?
what are the side effects if you take max's protein before your 15 years old?
If someone gains 1 kilo is is visible by other people?
am i in good shape for my age?
how to get bigger?
starve myself? O_O?
milk and water-which is healthier and more important for your body?
help woth my calorie question pleeeeease..?
can i lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks??
I'm on a diet, i love my food, if i eat a chocolate find out how many calories are in it then burn them off...
a few questions about exercise
what workouts get a 6pack?
How can I build more muscle at the front of my neck region?
will 200 situps a day on the AB LOUNGE tone or tighten up my stomach?
What would be a good amount of calories for me to be eating?
does protein powder affect teenagers badly??
how can i help prevent getting bloated? (makes me look really fat!)?
How much weight will I loose?
how can i tone my upper thighs?
whats the best creatine to use?
another question about weight ?
Weight help?????????
Will i have lost any muscle mass in 5 days?
What kind of diet can a moneyless 18yo take to lose 10kgs?
All natural Healthy shakes?
My mother is a carbophobe?
what do obesity kids usually do? what website do they usually visit,which tv program do they watch.?
How do you gain large muscles fast!!! (apart from Steroids)?
please does anyone know how much there abouts a personal trainer(as in fitness) would cost? just 1-2 days p/w.?
Which is better running/walking or Billy Blanks TaeBo?
I bought an exercise bike!?
Why is tea good for you?
Does the AB KING PRO Really work?
HELP! I am seriously fat(423kg!)?
My 13 year old daughter lost 13.2 pounds?
weight loss???????????????????
A question for ppl with muscle?
standing barbell curl(causing me discomfortt)?
How much could I lose..?
What would actually work for me?
Will taking up rowing give me a hot body?
can my dog have a fake pragnessy with mikl and gaining weight and hormonil?
Am i underweight or normal?
lemon and water detox drink?
Have you done the CSIRO diet?
Do you always eat healthy food or try to go for healthier alternatives?
my best friend is not eating?
Im doing cardio and weights everyday. I see no improvement?
does designer physique sports hinder weight loss?
can i get some info on working out to tone up my body?