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Some Atkins Diet questions?
which diet would be best?? please answer!?
How many calories does an 88 kg person have to eat to lose weight?
How many calories in one sausage and a cup of mashed potato?
Do you feel guilty when you go on a "binge" eat?
How do you guys eat healthy?
Can you exercise at your 'time of month'?
how do u gain weight in muscle?
Can a 58 yr old ever hope to improve their fitness?
Making vitamins and organic foods illegal in the US and Australia, will we stand for it?
bad back pain .?
Nerve Transplants possible?
can colon cancer be detected on a fecal occult blood test?
Is using appliances that emit low amounts of radiation while ill bad for your health?
Where can I find Graviola?
What are my chances?
Breast cancer question?!?!?!?
how to lose 12 kilos in 29 days?
How do you loose weight fast around your middle section?
what happened to bio-chemist dr. william f. koch and his research into a cure for cancer?
Is breast cancer in those under 40 usually genetic?
who has had successful stem cell treatment in China - I have!?
Biopsy question - pain from swallowing?
Is continuous exposure to WiFi signals bad for you?
what are some posssible treatments for cancer and a tumor?
is conventional radiology in use in vancouver?
does dipping tobacco make you tired?
does this happen to someone else?
Why is my lymph node swollen?
Lung cancer?
Friend with acute leukemia? Please help!?
Can your lifestyle or environment cause or prevent Leukemia? How? ?
I keep gaining weight...?
How can I learn to do more push-ups and sit-ups?
How to lose a kilo a week?
okay what happens if i just do cardio and no weight training?
I need to lose 20kgs by August 7th 2010?
please answer and give me a training plan?
What is the right food and diet if you have high anxiety levels?
Hi Everyone, just wondering if anyone has tried the flat belly diet and if so how did you find it?
I'm hardly hungry therefore I hardly ever eat. Is this ok?
How do i lose weight fast when im only 13?
can u gain weight from not eating much for 2 weeks then eat a bit more ?
How long will it take to get fit?
i am 76 kgs and 5 ft 5 inches i need to lose 30 kgs in 9 months. anyone any ideas diets etc?
I am 5' 1" & i weigh 135 ? what do i do ?
Am I in the healthy height / weight range for 15?
Is running 20 minutes, 3 times a day just as good as running for 60 minutes straight?
Can people eat trees....?
If you don't eat vegetables, what could fill in for that?
What are some exercises i can do to lose weight in these places?
will i keep growing any taller?
do i need to lose weight ?
is 75kg over Weight when your 16?
How long should a person chew nicotine gum and can get you get throat cancer from it?
What are the symptoms of adult leukemia?
Does it Hurt A Lot To Be A Bone Marrow Donor?
pincilin cures microbial diseas in human?
wat complications will occur if i hav a cancer in the goiter and if it hav to be removed?
my husband is about to start taking gleevec for a gist. anyone know how much this costs or how good it works?
What test do I need for throat cancer?
What are the signs of breast Cancer?
Skin and Lung Cancer. HELP!?
Could someone please explain how cellphones can cause cancer?
I am 17...could I have esophageal cancer?
Is there any tips/hints to help keep a colostomy bag from leaking?
how can I "bulk out" (get bigger)?
How much Calories,Fat and Carbs should i eat to get ripped?
Fat vs fluid - what am I losing?
What can be a good substitute for milk as source of calcium?
When will I start losing weight and get more toned?
What do i do now? I've hit a weight loss plateau?
How to get a smaller waist?
question about diet and working out my abs ?
If you saw a 13 year old girl at a gym, what would you do/think?
how do you recover from "starvation made" withought putting on weight?
Fat burning exercises?
Is 5'7 & 123lbs unhealthy?
How to lose 20kg in 2 months?
Is being a vegetARIAN TEEN PUTING a bad influence on my health?
I'm 100 pounds overweight just like my friend. As a result of being this overweight I always feel tired?
What are some muscle building shakes etc...?
Losing weight each day?
How do wrestlers lose weight so fast?
What does this mean?!!??!?!?!?!?!!??!!?!?!?!?!?!??! =]?
how can i get really fat?
How can i eat a little more healthier?
How long does it take to recover from a small biopsy?
can margarine cause cancer when heated?
Anyone have information on Letrazol, a chemo drug? (can't find alot through google or wikipedia....)?
How to tell if you might have cancer?
Do you have fibrocystic breast condition or fibrocystic breast disease?
2 questions about lymph nodes PLEASE ANSWER?
True or False: Caillou had cancer?
Has halitosis ever been cured? If so, how?
about this lump on my head ??
Let us Pay our Respects to Patrick Swayze and his Family?
Would a blood test rule out Lymphoma?
help with loosing wieght... and not gaining more muscle?
how long will it take me to loose 5kg?
is it true unmarried young guys using hair dye will create problem to their kids birth or creating any dieses?
Medieval Times nutrition related diseases help??
Are there any online chat groups out there for breast cancer survivors?
I have a little lump on my neck?
donating hair for cancer?
with the chemo drug etopisode, how long until your hair falls out?
Info on Pancreatic Cancer?
what are the effects of carcinogens? Best answer gets 10?
Ever heard of, or know anyone with Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor?
laproscopic gastric surgery?
What if it can't be stopped?
Chantix to quit smoking?
Are all these messages suddenly looking for people to interview about cancer genuine?
Does anyone know a cancer patient taking the drug Sutent?
Do you think this is cancer? 16 years old?
Lymphoma in dogs, help please :)?
Is it true that you feel healthier when you get fitter? When would you notice?
What is the difference between Anerobic and Aerobic?
How does Taurine get absorbed into our body?
Rate my strength, what do you think?
are all skin cancers that arise from moles melanomas?
How much was the bill for an MRI of the head in the US and how much for an astrcytoma removal?
Do I have cancer? Swollen Lymph Nodes.?
Does weed kill cancer?
Signet Cell Carcinoma - Who has heard of this type of cancer? What are typical treatments?
Would lymphoma cause a low white count?
for a person with almost early stage of Parkinson, i mean just moving and shaking hands and arm even he is sle?
Prostate cancer that has spread to the bones?
Gene therapy for cancer treatment involves? Bio question but i thought i would ask here as well?
!!!!.How would I get a hockey player/ celeb to attend an event for raising cancer funds?
How much does it cost to get a mammogram in the US if you don't have insurance?
What happens if you get punched in the chest with a portacath?
my friends mom has cancer? ?
I need your help with my goal weight!?
diet pills? what are they?
How can I get my protein, without protein bars and all the powder stuff?
drinking hot and cold water mixed is that good for the body?
Have you ever done a cleansing detox while breast feeding?
silicon spray on treadmill decking?
I just bought Blackmores weight loss pills and was wondering if they work? Please let me know?
is soda water good for you?
How many calories am i burning per day? Is my diet effective? 10 points!!?
How to increase strength for chin ups?
i am obsessed with food!!!?
does the vibro machine work?
plz help me i need to gain weight?
tips for boosting self esteem?
What do you think a good weight is for a girl who is 5"8"?
Favourite anorexia diet? Why?
When girls get abs and work out?
What to eat on a vegan non-carb diet?
How long does it take for fasting to impact on your metabolism?
Am I fat? Or almost there?
Diets! I would like some Pro-ana stories?
Bowel movement when going for morning walk.?
am i at risk for harmful radiation?
donating body?
decubitus ulcers. What is happening to the cells in the body?
What are the signs of brain tumors?
Brain cancer & Cellphones?
Does bone pain in a Lymphoma patiant mean it spread to the bone marrow(and more)?
What are the effects on conceiving 2 weeks after radiation treatment?
how can a 12 year old boy lose 10kg?
Ways to build my biceps using 2 kg weights?
WEIGHT ISSUEs......Help?
is it possible to lose 20 kiloes in 3 months if im exercising constintly every day and on duramine?
I am seventeen and I am five foot nine how tall do you think I will be ? And what is the best way get taller?
where can i find a ligit website to get a free try of acai berry tablets?
How can I loose 10 kg?
What are some good exercises for me?
nauseous after exercising?
I really need help joining the military! can anyone help me?
Biking and walking exercise?
do you think i need to lose weight?? (PICS INCLUDED)?
Weight loss - please help?
My belly gets in the way. It is fat?
How much weight do you think someone could lose being on a low carb diet of 18 gms or less and in ketosis?
What does the Acai supplements do in regards to weightloss.?
I need help to lose weight in 5 weeks!?
need help loosing weight fast!!!!?
Do situps burn stomach fat?
Am I bulimic ? Please help.?
Do you use an exercise bike and if so, are you happy with the results as in weight loss and muscle definition?
do you think recurrent episodes of indigestion and IBS may cause stomach cancer or ulcer in the long run?why?
Doberman Dog Health Problem, Lymphoma, Infection, Unknown. Please Help?
who discovered lung cancer and when was it discovered?
In the past 17 month's i have been a part of a medical miracle according to my doctor's, who can help me?
what are those throat lumps?
How many times is it possible to get bone marrow transplant?
Is it true that using optical mouse can cause cancer?
What Are The Signs To Cervical Cancer?
throat pains?
Risk of surgery -- Uterine cancer?
How do you write a GOAL for a nursing plan?
My husband had radiation treatments in 1984. 2400 bauds converts to how many Gy?
is there any cure for osteoporosis coupled with pagets deasease of the bone?
What are the chances of a 16 year old getting cancer?
need help with losing 8kilos in 9weeks!?
Anorexia and body hair...?
is chocolate milk really good for after a work out?
Has anyone tried the master cleanse?
Need exercise/diet help?
i need tips on how to lose weight and if im fat or not?
Flattening stomach and showing abs... anyone, any tips?
some of the best ways?
How to loose stomach/back weight fast?
If it's possible how can I lose 20 pounds in a month?
What does Deadlift do? 10 points for best answer?
Dianne contraceptive pills for acne? will it make me gain weight?
I haven't eaten in 7 days, can they do this?
could i lose 10kg in 2 months?
my stomach is lose am i losin weight or what?
What would be a healthy weight for a 165cm tall 13 year old girl?
Are my ideas the same as weight watchers?
i wanna build muscle....help me please!!!!!!!!?
can u join the contours gym when ure ony 14 yrs old?
Does static contraction training actually work?And does it just build muscle/strength but not really burn fat?
What body shape do I have?
Im around 70kgs and im15years old and 175cm tall..am i a little bit fat? my mum thinks so.?
Wrong diagnose of melanoma?
How does low platelets affect the mind?
how much weight does a pancreatic cancer patient lose?
How long can somebody live with cervical cancer?
how does a person bring their white blood count up to normal?
anyone know info about king cobra's venom being a cure to cancer? what do you think?
non hogkins lymphoma?
How many people have heard the name Jacarra?
oligodendroglioma tumour?
What shall i do my nan has died and i have a b***h for an auntie! i need our help please!?
Fluid in the lungs; Explain Why? ASAP!?
TOO MUCH IN A DAY???? what do you think? help!?
What Is The Best Breakfast Cereal For Your Health.?
any tips on being a goodkisser?
Should I stretch every night?
How can i make a good smoothie?
how much should aa 14 year old boy weigh?
i dont wana loose weight but i wana exercise, what are the benefits of this?
I am vegeterian and am trying to find a diet plan to lose weight FAST!?
Will my breast size reduce if I lose weight?
what to eat on a diet?
Why do I alway seem to GAIN weight when I ride?
Is this a good workout routine?
Do you think this is a good workout routine?
How can i increase my stamina?
can black coffee cause weight loss?
Do you go to Weight Watchers?
When is the best time to drink Gatorade before or during or after a workout?
Need some tips on getting fit?
How can i lose 4-5kg in 2 and a half weeks?
How tall is 170 cm in feet ,?
are there any dangers to creatine?
someone on here suggested...?
does anti depressants slow down your metabolism?
How to get ripped? Tips on Diet?
Is this a good meal plan?
Yer, I want to eat raw eggs to get muscles but im scared of heath risks, help?
Good tips for a teenager trying to lose weight?
wht/how does cheese put on more weight than any other foods?
How do I lose weight?
Does anyone know what the Slimming World password is this week?
Stamina Exercises :)?
Is protein powder bad for you at 15 years old?
Question for anyone taking alli slimming tablets?
What's so good about yoga?
Whats the best way to lost thigh fat?
Do you think women with muscles are attractive?
Question about weight plateu?
has anyone tried these?
im a 15 year old boy who has bird chest, how do i get muscluar chest in 2 months?
What's some ways i can bulk up with the current gym equipment i have and what reps?
If I walk 6km in 46 mins, how fast am I walking?
ok I asked this question before and I will ask it again as I has no replies. do you think I am huge? I do?
im 15 and weigh about 180 i need a plan to help me lose weight really fast?
How likely is it for Non-Hodgkins to come back after 8 years?
Does my brother has nose cancer?
Girls: Cancer Question?
Question about tumors.?
Could this be ovarian cancer?
How can I find how the money $250,000 was spent by our local cancer society?
Please HelpMy dad has 2 tumors on his liver is this cureable?
I have a clear cell meningioma. i have a symptom of squeezing in my head when I look up and must look down?
What would be a good goal weight loss in three months?
I m 30 years old, i love to wear skirts, But i got very thin legs, so i need fat on my legs. What should i do?
is this normal?.....?
Is it true that if you eat alot of carrots, your skin will go orange?
Adults Daily fat and calories intake?
has any one tried acai berries and colon cleanser?
do push ups actually build any muscle, or are they just for people looking to weight loss?
What Sort Of Exercises Should I Do?
help.. salt water flush?
what is the best way to lose weight?
How many calories in those fish oil capsules (the ones shaped like a fish)?
please help me :( :( :( i'm desperate :( (not happy with myself)?
7 weeks to shape up for beach holiday. need tips, motivatations, fitness ideas and diet ideas...?
Is my 14 year old daugher underweight? she is about 5ft4 and weights about 49 kilos?
Will only eating a small breakfast and dinner with nothing in between allow me to lose wait?
Is this measurement fat for a girl?
I need to loose serious weight.?
could I gain muscle in 5 days if i do some squats and push ups?
Help with Chins ups ASAP?
Is this enough for a 13 year old girl?
Exercising and not exercising to loose weight?
is wii fit any good for losing weight and toning up?
Needs a Pro-ana buddy!?
cancer surgury/ recovery time?
What kind of Cancers can chemotherapy cure and what are the success rates?
What is the procedure and recovery time for laser surgery for stage 0 cervical cancer?
i have a cyst in the midline of my neck?
Anyone use Champix/Chantix?
breast screening in aus?
has anyone heard of kolonade for the bowels IBS?
what are the average work hours per week for an oncologist in canada?
what is the longest a cancer patient would go without chemo?
throat cancer groups?
I need help. I have tried everything!!!!?
What are some tips on a healthy lifestyle and diet?
how can i lose weight quickly?
HOW do you be super flexible to do stuff contortists do?
After i exercise i crave food, how do i stop this?
Best Exercise To Loose Weight.?
hey im 17 i weigh about 60kg and im around 5.9 and im wondering if im to skinny?
I am 13 years old 5 7' and weigh 118 am i fat or normal. i feel fat but i am very althetic and play sports.?
What is the best way to lose weight?
are diet oills okay for 15 year old girls?
What is a good diet to be on to lose weight?
So they say an apple is a "negative energy" food...?
How much weight can you put on in one binge?
what do you guys think?
why is it everyone thinks I am small size, 52 kgs.. when I am actually 5kg more than that?
How can i turn my 4 pack to a 6 pack?
Am i at an okay weight for my age and height?
How do I get toned abs, biceps, thighs etc. without equipment?
Please help! weight loss.?
What is the best way to gain more stamina?
if i am a hardgainer, can i expect results using core secrets?
diet plan - what do you think?
Teen wants to lose weight. Help!?!?
does anyone know a charity can donate money to a cancer patient in canada?
Anyone know of or has seen a lymphoma specialist in Toronto Ontario?
Support cancer victims!!!?
what is the cost of gallium scan for the whole body?
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Monies Distribution?
Does bran cause cancer?
The inhibition of the gonadotropin hormones causes deterioration of what?
What is lung cancer??????????plz help?
Is it better to have Chemo before or after a Bladder replacement?
can i get in cotact with the jonas brothers on this websit??????????
Brain cancer:isn't this exciting news!?
Is it ok to eat a bit of chocoalte daily on a diet?
How to loose thigh fat?
Is drinking tap water better than drinking no water?
Why Do I Have A 6-pack And Muscles... By Doing Just This?
How to loose weight and fast!!?
What are some easy ways of putting on bulk with out using serious suppliments like creatine ect?
Weight gain before growth spurt?!!?!?
I Feel like really fat !!!!!!!!!?
help do i have an eating problem? :(?
not lose any weight this week?
What is the best protien drink for a 20 yr old female?
An effective way to lose weight and tone up?
If I don't eat during the day ...?
How can I have a normal, controlled appetite one day and have a day where I can't stop eating the next?
How many calories per day should a 16 year old girl get?
How do you work out the required stride length for an elliptical cross trainer?
Is this a healthy dinner?
What food makes you lose weight?
are you fat if you weigh 173 pounds and you are 13?
My parents think I have an eating disorder...help me please?
My hips are too big!?
skin cancer? (serious answers plz)?
Breast Cancer and Metastasis to Brain?
What is the distribution of males and females who are oncologists?
after having tobaco is it fastest affect to human body.?
what type of skin condition do i have? could it be cancer?
Does anyone know of anyone who survived multiple surgeries due to internal bleeding?
A picture of the inside of a cancer cell? or description?
How can a 10 year old loose weight? Can a 10 year old loose some before May 21st?
I need to lose 40kg (88 pounds) between now and November, any tips?
How do I lose weight?
What does "how much do you weigh" mean?
Should I wake up tomorrow for gym at 5am?
How long does it take to see results from working out daily for 1hr / day?
Weight problems!!!!!!!!!?
i'm 15, What should my diet be?
Am i right to use skim milk as opposed to using full cream milk 2 people put me down for it?
Am I too Fat to Wear a Bikini?
How to make a good protein shake with eggs?
how to get from a size 14 to a size 8?
How to lose 30lbs.. PLEASE help?
What's wrong with me... Please help?
i am getting so fat WFT...........HELP PLEASE?
Poll: Body Shape Survey?
How many calories should a person consume each day?
whats the best way to .... ?
What is the maximum number of calories you should have in a day to avoid putting on weight?
Some exercises to help build strength in legs?
am i too small for my age?
How long will it take me to get a six pack.?
my dependent has been told he has a high white blood cell count.The Dr said it was either Cancer or Colitis.?
What is the prognosis for a person diagnosed with pancreatic cancer?
Anything about Phytoplankton and Cancer?
Testiular cancer???help?
Hundreds of human diseases are characterized by a genetic component, such as familial breast cancer. These dis
what are the subtle changes after a mastectomy mine is recent?
lymph nodes? (will give best answer!)?
is hemroirs a sign of stomach cancer i had it 1 year ago and the doctor said its hemroids ?
Why do twinkies give cancer i thought they r just mini cakes and cakes are healthy arnt they and?
Lymphatic Tumour, more information please!?
Inheritance Patterns in Burkitt Lymphoma?
trash bag around stomach....?
Is it possible to be a USA size 0 and still have a healthy bmi?
Will this happen? Can they do this?
What is the quickest way to loose weight?
I want to loose allot of weight within a week?
How can i lose 10 kilos in one 1/2 months. please help?
whats the best way to not eat if you want to lose weight?
how much caffeine will it take to kill someone?
17 yr old bench press help?
How to have fast metabolism?
Weight Loss / Exercise / Gym Plan for 20yr old F 64kg (140lbs) Want to loose 7kg (15lbs) ASAP!?
i am on a strict diet and wanna know the fastest way to burn off calories and the best exercises to do?
Can a 14 yr old girl use ab king?
Would it bother u if u were with a girl that had tummy flab?
Whats a healthy weight for a 14 year old?
Whats a good way to loose weight fast?
creatine powder loading and maintenance phase?
What are some stretches that will help me get more flexible?
Body help?????????????
How can I loose 10 pounds in seven weeks?
what is the best protein supplement?
how can i reduce fat on my thighs n belly?
Whats the best diet pill that you can get in australia without going to the doctor?
is 20 pounds, about 10 kilos?????????????????????
What the worlds best fat burning pill?
How long would it take me to get a six pack?
Australian Government Attitude Towards Food Labelling?
Losing weight, motivations? how to keep on track?
how do i start getting fit?
How long does it take to start losing weight when on the Celebrity Slim diet?
how much weight should I lose to be a "normal" size?
good workout songs to get you moving?
I lost 5kg in 3 weeks... is that bad?
How do I burn carbs at home?
Exercising with a jump rope?
What is the best way to tone up the inner thighs?
how do i get started on diet?
How Can I Get Into Body Building?
Is cycling enough to lose weight?
whats a good quick workout routine that you can do at home?
Body fat % for very defined six-pack?
Can you please give me some basic yoga moves - pictures preferably?? :)?
I feel bit over-weight atm.?
a little quiry about height?
How common is breast cancer at 25 years old?
Crohns and Cancer...?
What is the cause of colon cancer?
What types of cells, organs, and tissues are affected by lung cancer?
Acute Leukemia? Bone marrow transplant? please help?
could this be brain related?
About what percentage of swollen, non painful lymph nodes that have been there for months are lymphoma?
I have a hard lump/bump behind my chin...?
Anybody had baby and had a radioactive iodine for high thyroid?
Is there anyone out there who has had breast cancer after augmentation?
chorionic sampling vs. amniocentesis for prenatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities?
Anyone have expereince with gallbladder polyps - what was the recommendation/outcome?
Chance of Cancer From Dip?
are regular anti persperant /deodorant safe to use?
Is arm span is the same as your height? ....read on...?
I need to build up my upper body, HELP!!!?
How do you lose arm fat, leg fat, belly fat?
Pleeeeease answer!!!?!!!!?
Dark chocolate while dieting?
How much fruit should I eat while dieting?
How Can I Loose Some Tummy Fat?
A weird question about bmi.?
How to loose weight FAST?
What is the fastest way to get a flat stomach.?
what burns more fat the quickest : cardio or weights?
What type of diet should i do if i'm trying to lose some weight?
What else should i do to lose a few extra pounds?
I need an exercise routine?
Guys what kind of female body do you find the hottest?
when i eat, i feel fat and horrible, but i cant not eat?
Question about XENICAL?
calories and weight loss answers needed?
How much magic shrooms is healthy for13 year old?
What is the difference between a regular breast and a dense one?
is the a disease or syndrome called SST with similar symptoms as cushing's syndrome?
Asbestos cancer-mesothelioma?
why is ti so difficult to prove that some viruses are linked to cancer?
What are the causes of large tumours on the ovaries?
Can a benign ovarian tumour make you feel tired and sick or is it most likely cancer? ?
Chemotherapy immunocompromised and chicken pox?
What are other symptoms of skin cancer?
I went from low grade to high grade dysplasia quickly.?
what is the new screening test for colon cancer in canada?
What would a scientist test if they were looking to control cancer?
Do You use an EFM health club?
Am I healthy? I eat like a pig!?
Will I gain weight over easter?
NEED good exercise music?
Is it true if you don't use it you lose it?
What is more effective?
while I'm on the Lemon detox diet, can i eat chewing gum?
Sore and sick from the gym?how to fix?
do arobic exsersizes affect your growth?
Will I ever get all my weight off?
What can I do to get my health and fitness to an elite level?
Any free work out idea and healthy food options for me..websites would be great?
how long is it safe to be in a sauna for?and do they help weight loss?
GUYS ONLY. Do you find girls with a curvy,less flat stomach attractive?
I have been looking for a guarana weight loss supplement.. whats good whats not?
I need a drug to lose weight?
I'm 16 and i want to lose the fat on my stomach? Whats a good diet to do this?
I need a good and easy diet.?
how can i get rid of my fat calves?
Has anyone ever had radioactive iodine treatment at Sunnybrook hospital,if so what should I expect?
Other possible causes for......?
The structures called ________________________ are projections in the lining of the small intestine. Up to hal?
can a tumor grows under the skin and if soo does it get big and sore?
Cervical Cancer?
Childhood Leukemia survivor being tested for fertility after 15 years.?
Cancer website with eating/weight loss tips?
i have a husky sleaddog how lon is the trail?
Testosterone and Cancer?
After a recent ultrasound, my father was told there was a 'cloud on his pancreas' and more tests are required?
What property of cancer cells allows them to spread throughout the body? What is the process called?
The Healthiest meats?
did i eat too much today, will i gain weight?
Will i get any taller then 5'8?
Such thing as a Bust:waist ratio?
What should my body fat percentage be?
whats lipo bind or fat bind?
Which is better? Walking or Jogging?
Am I fat??? huh am i!!!?
ok I just ate 1 hour ago for dinner a huge bowel of pasta with a low fat tasty cheese and pasta sause?
what are some good exercises to make your legs/bum thinner?
How do i stop eating food all the time?
How to rest and recover?
what is a onion body?
does hula-hooping help to reduce abdominal fat?
diet and answers questions?
How on earth do people in RPM classes go full blast with the pedals when there's so much resistance?
I just ate a full packet of 356 grams of chocolate.?
whats the fastest way to get abs (20 points)?
When are you considered to have a "spare tyre?"?
Health junkies: I want to live long enough to reach the year 2100+, any ideas:?
email address of Canadian Cancer Society in Toronto, Ont.?
discuss the relationship between exposure to ultraviolet light, ozone depletion, and skin cancer.?
can ovarian cysts be cancerous?
Thyroid Cancer and Lymphoma?
De-differentiated thyroid cancer?
do you think i have lymphoma? [repost]!?
Lose weight in a week?
I need to loose 5 kgs in weight and dont have the willpower to do it alone.?
Is it essential to eat fruit? I don't really like it?
Is it possible to lose 66 pounds in 2 months. Does anyone have a diet that works? I'm willing to do anything?
What are some daily exercises to do.. like squats and stuff?
What does half an oz of weed look like? weight as well?
do pushups, crunches, chin ups or weights stunt growth?
how can i loose a bit of weight and gain some muscle?
What can I have for dinner tonight that doesn't have too many calories?
Am I Overweight.....?
What areas am I working on when I use my exercise bike?
I want to lose weight for wedding?
Gluten free cornflour?
What are all the muscles involved in sit ups?
Calories question, any help ?
How many calories do you need to burn all up in a week week to lose a kilo or more?
Does anyone get so hungry that they feel sick?
How can I get a 6 pack?
Bench press on the ground?
what are the top 5 healthiest cereals in australia?
what is a good protein shake with low carbs?
How come RPM instructors and studio cycle instructors can talk through the class? I find it so exhausting!?
My friend has a lump on the right side of her neck.?
help! how long will it take to lose this much weight?
I'm 14 5'6 and 130 lbs how many pounds can I lose in a month?
Is my body type acceptable?
What is the best/most hardcore workout supplement that is legal for high school sports?
Exercise help.......................?
What is a good warm up and cool down routine?
How to get skinny legs quick? help!?
Wanting to gain muscle and build bigger biceps?
how can i lose more weight while on duramine?
24% body fat - what does it mean?
Why is my body so miserable i am meant to be fat?
Am I skinny, fat, a bit chubby, or normal?
What foods are best for weight loss?
How long does it take to burn off....?
attention body builders?
Any quick ways to loose weight? Like around 5 kilos?
do you know what it's called when you go to a place and sit on a tube to flush out the body?
Do weight loss shakes really work?
Can you use protein shakes just for protein intake and not work out with it.?
Celiac help!!!!!!!!!?
Am i overweight..10 points?
when you purge, does your stomach produce too much acid, or does it all come up in the purge. MEDICAL, PLEASE?
what happens to your body if you starve yourself but you're overweight?
How many kilos are in 167 pounds?
Are u suppose to deadlift what you squat?
How do I get Ripped or Toned?
Now i'm overweight, what should I do?
Before I lose weight?
Are using weights good for increasing calcium into your bones?
How long till I start seeing results of my diet and exercise?
For a very un-muscly 13 year old girl, is a BMI of 14.87 okay?
diet pill "craze"....?
weight question.... please help?
i need to lose 20lbs fast, any ideas how?
how do u slim down in 2 WEEKS?
I can't stop eating, do I have a problem?
Fat Thighs...What to do?
I'm not fat. but i love FOOD! and i'm getting fat! help meeeee!?
Stunting growth? and I feel really fat!?
Do you prefer girls with curves, muscle or bones?
does it make any difference if i do 2 half hours or 1 hour of exercise?
What do u think of this training? is it enough?
How much should I weigh at my age and height?
i am 15 and overweight please help?
On average how much does a rowing machine cost?
Weight training everyday question?
i feel fat all the time. help?
i weigh 90 kilos whats the best way to loose weight?
can anyone help me i dont wanna be fat?
what is the best way to get good abs??? TEN POINTS!!!!!?
What are the Benefits of Healthy eating and exercise?
Where do I find a good deal for Fiber One bars?
I am looking for junket tablets, not powder.Does anyone know where I can get them from?
Crunches make my stomach hard?
POLL....How much do you weigh?
How much is the 1 year membership at fitness first Australia?
What would happen if i just ate fruit and veg for 3 weeks?
How could a person walking at 6km/h for 30mins increase their energy expenditure?
Whats a good way for a 15 year old boy to gain weight, and muscle at the same time?
What is the average weight for a 5'6" 15 yr old girl?
Does Spearole tea really work?
Will I still lose weight if I diet Monday to Friday then eat heaps on weekends?
My stomach can't stand meat anymore!?
How can I do well in running long distances?
is 20 situps everyday enough to flatten your tummy?
I'm realllllllly really short for my age and all of my friends are heaps taller than me, How can i grow?
I'm 5'9" and weight 120... Whats the ideal weight for a teenage female my height?
What is the best time of the day to exercise?
Please help, im 117 pounds 5'6, 17 years old?
i am 16 turning 17, and i'm 162cm tall and weight 51kgs. am i healthy?
Only eating dinner to help shed the kilos?
WHAT ARE SOME good ways to tone your arms?
How long will it take to lose 10kg with this routine?
underweight but healthy?
Is jumping 1000 times with my jumping rope, three days a week, enough for excersize?
Does adding apple cider vinegar to hot water and sipping it through a meal work to lose weight? If so, how?
I need some weight-loss tips. Example, add apple cider vinegar to hot water and sip through the day...?
What is good for breakfast before school that is not fattening?
How does a teen lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!?
hi all, I inured my right calf on Sunday when I was running as it pulled and I had to limp home.?
What can i do to stop eating sugar?
Can someone please tell me that I can lose at least 11kg in the next 2 months?
What body type am i? fat, skinny, muscular etc? (pic included)?
(I am 5'4 I think I need to lose weight what should i do?
How do i get more belly fat and cheek fat?
Am I fat? i need an honest answer?
How do I get back into my fitness routine after being sick for months?
what are the most effective ab workout to get your abs to pop out?
is it bad for me to take diet pills if im the perfect weight for my height?
how long will it take me to go from 60kg to 50kg?
Good working out dvd's?
How do u lose arm/leg fat quickly?
diet shakes good for you?
I need help with losing weight, any suggestions?
How many calories are in a Mcdonald's snack wrap that is plain with no sauce, lettuce or cheese, & crispy?
Best Way To Loose Weight?
Fitness and Traing Help.? PT 2.?
Fitness and Traing Help.?
I cant stop eating so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help!!!!!!!!!!!!?
has anyone actualy used that zumba fitness?
metamucil fibre supplement: good for the health or not?
Can anyone suggest a diet that has actually helped lose weight in a few weeks?
How can a 15 year old lose quite a few pounds?
do squats stunt growth?
ok do you think this is a good plan?
Clinicallix no.1 weight loss pill?
BODYTRIM! What results have people experienced on the Bodytrim system?
what do you guys think of this diet?
How can I get protein in my diet besides meat?
Does running and cutting down on fatty foods loose excess fats around my body?
Help! Arm Exercises needed with ASAP Results!?
i'm a 15 year old girl and im not the healthiest eater .. i'm picky too , any advice ?
help me with my abs and my legs?
Cant have a bowel movement. Why?
How do i work my abs with out situps or crunchs?
How often do people die from bulimia?
Does anyone have any GREAT weight loss Secrets they would like to share?
if a guy says he is 177 cm and 150 pounds, what is that?
Calorie intake and calories burned?
I am short. I'm 15 and about 150cm. When will I grow. All me mates are taller than me!!?
beep test - from 5.4 to 6.1 in two weeks?!?
do you burn calories from throwing up?
im 16 and want some tips on losing weight?
How do I lose my belly fat fast?
I need some help on losing weight...?
I'm easily over heating when the temperature is over 70 degrees. What is causing this?
Why am i so underweight?
can people under the age of 18 go to shops and buy diet pills?
anorexia, obesity, HELP!!?
I just want to know why when others ask a serious question some people get on here?
Please Help Losing weight?
If I jog 4 days on & 4 days off, is it as good as 1 day on & 1 day off routine ?
Question about Being Hungry?
I go red in the face when i run at the gym. How do i stop or prevent this?
I'm on the 7 day body cleansing detox diet and I've had no side effects...?
Is this a Healthy Breakfast?
Why don't I weigh less?
Can you guys make a list of five aerobic activities?
ok I am 40 years of age with 4 kids. at the moment I am about 64-65 kilos and about 167-168 centimetres?
ok I am a female of 40 with 4 kids. Is a waist measurement?
I'm 18 and wanting to lose 5kg. Could someone please give me a diet and exercise plan which I could follow?
I'm scared about admiting my weight problem, help me!!!?
I love being obese, is that bad, how can i gain MORE weight?
how do i set out a weights and cardio workout through out the week?
i'm 13 and want to know the average waist size for my age?
Weight loss and hypothalamus?
Is raw potato juice harmful to our bodies?
How to break my diet plateau?
How many rolls of fat do you have when you sit down?
I feel like a very fat cow. I am 40 with 4 kids. I am about 5ft7 in height and weigh a fat?
Body toning? but not enough time?
i am 15 and a half years old im 165-170cm tall and weight 45kg am i underweight?
Would you rather be skinny and put on weight or fat and lose weight?
I wanna get fit, how do i got about this?
Need Exercise/Toning up tips?
I need help!!! Please only helpful answers!!!?
How to be ten dress sizes smaller by... ?
Loosing weight by Juice fasting?
I eat tons but don't gain weight?
How many times a week do you?
Any tips on how to get a flatter/tighter stomach?
How tall will I be when im older?
Doing 7 day Detox diet and want to continue exercising as normal but I've being told "No"?
How do I make changes in my diet effectively and permanently?
Is it possible for someone to lose 5kg in a week?
Are vegetables more nutritious than fruits?
How long does it take for a big meal to digest, I am feeling too full?
how many calories do I burn?
How long can I go without food?
If i drink 2 raw egg mix with milk for at least 3month for everyday for breakfast?
How can I get motivated?
R.I.C.E METHOD? Stands for..?
how do i know if i am retaining water?
Muscletech MASSTECH. Need your answer , will choose best answer =]?
how good/bad is turkey for you?
Will This Work to lose Bodyfat?
HELP! It hurts when I eat?
what is a good way to get core, strenght and balance exercise?
How do I Gain Weight?
Bench press and grip question?
I am not lying about my loss of appetite?
what is the perfect weight of a women who is 40 and has had 4 kids and is?
How do i lose weight? its mostly on my stomach and back, i do 100 sit ups a day but can't sseem to lose anytin?
Walking 6 or 7 hours every day healthy?
Ways to reduce fat in a diet? Or salt?
consuming calcium supplements makes you lose weight?
why do celebs have eating disorders?
what herbs can i add to brown rice to give it taste its part of my protein diet so i dont anything salty on it?
Whats a great fitness & muscle building program that's easy to do at home?
stomach muslce, what is the quickest way and how much of it do i need to do to get muscle!??? and how long it?
how do i get some meat on my legs/knees?
which one is more easy to made people fat, germs or food?
Is it possible to be allergic to evening primrose oil?
how much exercise should women do a week?
I'm so over my fat arse right now, how much weight will I lose by not eating for 3-4 days?
what muscles does swimming exercise? And which ones does it make bigger?
I need to kick start my weight loss routine...?
what should i eat to help get a six pack?
Throwing up after Exercise........?
Are Vegans looking for a pure form of non fish omega 3?
Any positive results with lipo-6?
Will someone who is NOT selling something please explain where the 200 limit comes from for cholesterol?
What does this pulse rate mean for me fitness wise?
how to strip fat off your belly without increasing muscle mass?
Does diet affect how much sleep i need? Or why my mornings are so lethargic?
is this alot of weight for my age and hight?
How many calories should I eat?
Just another exercise question :):)?
am i at a good weight?
How do you lose weight in the thighs?
Is drinking water good for your skin...?
How far or how long can an average 10 year old jog?
is there a fast i can do that wont slow down my metabulism ?
ok, question here. I am 40 years of age, and my height is about 5ft6 without?
Has anyone tried Jenny Craig before?
whats the difference in phtsical appearence between someone whos 5'4 and 110 and someone whos..?
Thigh muscles and hamstrings?
Diet Help Please!!!!! Any answers appreciated!!?
What is the ideal weight for a 20 year old girl? if i am about 167cm tall?
How healthy does this sound?
Websites/newspaper articles with info on diet and exercise as part of a balanced lifestyle?
On a low carb diet??
An example of what a person with a balanced diet would eat.?
How many calories have I consumed?
how do you think i ate today?
plz how do i lose weight?
Do you think anorexics have more will power than bulimics?
How do I lose 5 - 10 Kilos in within a month?
What is the difference with Acai Burn as opposed to Acai Berry Blast?
Not eating and sleeping a lot?
Protein Powders with highest protein concentration?
How can I Burn more calories than I consume to lose weight?
14 girl (soon 15) weight?
I have a strength test for my soccer team in 3 weeks and I need help to build up my strength, can you help?
i think acai berry and wu yi tea is bad?
is it ok to do exercise like push ups if your body still in pain from previous exercises?
Fluid retention question?
How to reduce the bulger face due to drinking habbit?
Help on tea weightloss advise?
how to fix up uneven abs?
Am I Eating right? This is what i had today?
Can you put on muscle and lose fat at the same time?
How do you build muscle but maintain that athletic and lean look?
is there anyway i can get rid of....?
is there a quick fix for low self confidence?
Did CalorieKing.com help you lose weight?
Help!!! I am pretty healthy most of the time but...?
When your trying to lose weight, what are the foods your should eat and what are the foods your should avoid?
how much in percentage egg white does contain protein and fat?
How many Push-ups can you do?
HOnestly, how do you stop celulite? (NO SURGERY!)?
What are some fun exersises that are a bit different to the usual tredmill etc?
What is the best way to define your abs?
What motivates you to diet and exercise? I need some more motivation?
How much should I weigh?
Does anyone know of any good aerobics songs that are fast and energetic?
Will I grow taller and how?
How do I stay strict on my diet?
what should i do about my diet to decrease sugar cravings?
what does SETS and REPS refer to ?
how can i gain weight in muscle and lose fat at the same time?
can you be loosing 1 KG a day?
does jumping 500 times a day really help you grow?
I want to loose my tummy?
Does it take alot of energy to keep your body warm?
Is it true that eating chocolate before bed gives you nightmares?
Am i to fat, bmi testing on websites always come out different, and im a male if ur wandering.....?
good weight loss foods?
i think im too short ffs.?
weight watchers points?
How do I calculate my BMI?
What is my average weight suppossed to be?
Help! I am having major issues with my eating?
How can I put on weight?
Has anyone been on the ultra light weight loss program?
Is there really only one calorie in a can of diet coke?10 points?
what foods would a 15 year old male need to eat during the day to gain weight?
HELP! i want my calf muscles to shrink!?
Is it a good thing or bad thing to be really sore the day after the gym?
question bout puchups?
diet issues any advice?
How to lose a 'Beer belly' that I've had since childhood?
My weight is confusing me!?
how do you get your veins to show up in your arms easily?
I have an elliptical Spirit EX550 and I work out for 35 minutes but I only burn 30-35 calories is that possibl?
What's your opinion? do you think im at a healthy weight?
What are good foods to eat for your skin and bad foods?
is 100 sit ups (crunches) in 1.53 minutes good?
Losing apetite if your sick?? How can i fix that?
Wondering about fat gain versus muscle gain?
what's the proper way to do situps?
Why aren't health fitness clubs affected by the financial crisis?
im a mass fatty and i wanna loose weight?
What are some good exercises that will help me flatten my lower stomach?
Am I too heavy, given the following?
I'm so sick of watching what I eat, it DOESN'T work, can someone help?
Is trans fat good fat or bad fat?
!?Which has more CALORIES?!?
Obtaining a six pack?
Is doing the same workout routine decreasing the amount of calories I burn?
What do you think the perfect weight for a girl is?
I'm writing a paper about?
Child Obesity & Parental Influence?
what alcoholic drink has the least amount of calories?
i want to know if i did this would i?
How to measure body fat%?
Help me figure this out :)?
share your stories with anorexia/bulimia??
am i overweight or something?
how much weight will i gain eating jamaican patties 10 days in a row?
I want to gain 10 pounds?
burning fat question?
Which is the "best" sports drink and why?
What are the consequences of poor management of sports drinks during exercise?
i need help with getting fatter. as in only gaining fat no muscle?
What equipment at the gym will get the best results?
do i have slow muscle recover rate?
Does elliptical gives same results as long-distance running?
is this a great diet?
I'm Overweight, someone please help me =(?
which is better for fittness and burning calories, a consistent pace or alternating between 2 opposite paces?
Apple Cider Vinegar Diet?
recommended amount of sleep?
How can I speed up my metabolism?
brands of acai berry?
is 5'10 to tall for 15 year old girl?
how do i get rid of...?
What exercises tone and burn fat off you thighs and bum?
weight and height average?
best workout to get monster lats?? i want wings!?
Is it true that the scales lie but the tape measure doesn't?
Why would someone lose weight going from eating 1500 calories worth of junk to 1500 worth of health food?
What would you think about my weight?
My weight loss has come to a standstill... some dietary suggestions please!?
I weigh 115 pounds and am ten years old. Is that okay?
I have terrible sore thighs after working out with trainer. Am I okay to exercise?
Is Body Pump good for losing weight?
what is the best Muscle Gain powder "protein" its really hard to choose one of many brand and type?
I want to lose 12kg by my birthday (April 14th) Any ideas? Thanks?
which do you believe to be the best?
Would cardio make me lose weight? (don't want to lose weight)?
Overwhelmed by the gym.. what to do?
how to create a lean physique?
I weigh 86 kilos. How many weight watcher's points can I have a day?
Will I get just as good results on the elliptical as I would on the treadmill?
I need help??????????????
So much for my motivation at the gym?
Do you nessaceraly have to swet to loose waight.?
meal plan to lose 10 kilos?
My Feet hurt when i exercise on my cross tranier?
How to fix a bad eating day?
Do you know a brand of soy milk with no sugar in it?
If you're hungry does it mean you've burnt off everything you ate before?
how do i lose weight around the bum/thighs area?
i'm trying to body build so can anyone tell me what not to eat?
I need help to gain weight?
I have lost 11kgs (24lbs) on reductil tablets in 4 weeks has any one else had this sort of weight loss?
my blood pressure is 136 over86 is this to high?
I need a new pair of joggers...what brand do you suggest?
am i overweight or what?
Help me plz? I'm Fat.?
I can't lose weight and i've tried everything. What do i do?
which foods are low in calories?
Whats the healthies choice for a highschool lunch?
Help me please?????????????
loosing weight: get full?
Am I disproportionate?
I love lollies so much but i need to stop eating them? any suggestions for sugar cravings?
How to get rid of the loose skin on my belly?
lose weight??????????????????????????
how to loss weight within 1 month?
How can i get bigger arm.?
Is it true that weight training is good for speeding up your metabolism?
So how many calories do you think I should eat per day to lose weight?
Diet blowout question? Will I regain the lost weight?
Have I just blown my weeks weight loss?
What keeps you motivated to exercise and not over eat?
does tea or like coffee or like caffeine stunt your growth?
How do you find out how many calories are in something?
i wanna loose weight like asap?
which is better??? please help?
What are some really good ways to help myself on a very strict diet?
I want to know more about what happens when your body digests fat...?
building/straightening abs?
What body shape do i have my measurements are 33-25-34?
pls help. i really need to lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks, its very important!!!?
How to change eating habits! Post-exercise snack help!?
Does anyone know of a good detox diet/diet that works and that will make me loose 10kg by April 1?
how do i curb my enormous sweet tooth?
Help Me Please ?
ive seemed to put on weight over this past week....?
Netball Fitness And Training?
how to get motivated to get fit but not wanting to spend alot of moneyy or time busy life ?
how do you wrap a garbage bag around your stomach?
Why do I lose breath easy I ?
Whats a good way to loose tummy fat?
is push ups the best exercise/one of the best exercise?
does anyone know how to over come yo yo diets?
Help need to lose weight!?
Nose Burns During Exercise?
Height improvement tips?
how to get stronger faster and fitter?
How to stop craving snack foods?
is a BMI test accurate?
What should i eat to gain weight?
How to lose 10-20 pounds?
Who has tried the Atkins diet and lost weight?
What's the lowest weight I could go to?
Need to loose weight!!!!!!!!?
What weight loss products work the best?
What's the FASTEST way to lose 30 pounds?
dieting ....impact diet?
can you lengthen your legs or reduce calf muscle?