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I was rear ended by another car and I went to the chiropracter for about 2 months with neck and back pains.?
pain in my lower back?? im a teen?
are my eyes better then my brothers?
Should I get contacts, or stay with glasses?
what exactly are corrective glasses?
Why do my eyes keep blinking?
How can I naturally improve my eyesight?
I think I need glasses?
Is there a contact Lens that will dull yellow tinting of the eyes due to weak liver?
how to make my blood pressure go down?
Am I in any immediate danger?
what is the difference between a murmur and a bruit?
Theres been tightness in my chest and throat for the last 24 hrs?
Why does my heart beat so hard?
Is there such a medical thing as a reverse stroke?
Help I'm such a light sleeper!?
does anyone else think ear rings are totaly and compleatly disgusting?
Why am i dizzy all of a sudden?
How to grow taller at any age?
Does hynosis really work?
my doctor doesn't wanna treat me for ibs?
black streak in mucus?
Stomach aches and diarrhea?
How to get rid of 5 pounds?
I feel weak,thirsty and dizzy...?
I'm trying to quit smoking. gum patches and medication isn't helping. any ideas?
i need health insurance for three months what are my options? i am 64 and half?
How can I STOP these cold sores ?
is smoking weed really detrimental to your health?
Should I start taking sleeping pills?
How to get rid of constant diarhhea?
my voice has been gone for a few days, but now i'm beginning to have a dry cough. WHAT DO YOU RECOMMEND!?
How Much do Metal Braces cost for kids?
i need to get my tooth pulled will it hurt?
What does laughing gas make you feel like?
Should I get laughing gas at the dentist?
is my cut infected that i had stitches in?
My foot is bleeding; Please help?!?
How do bandaids stop a cut from bleeding?
Do all mosquito bites turn red?
How do you get rid of mosquito bite on your eyes?
Tell my boyfriend about bulimia?
My son needs AA or a Higher Power....he is 24, recovering and extremely unapproachable and immature!?
for people with social anxiety disorder (or people that know about it)?
How do u know when ur recovering from depersonalization/derealization?
What should someone do if he/she is diagnosed as histrionic, narcissistic and schizoid?
Have u ever recovered from depersonalization/derealization?
My lymph nodes are swollen and don't hurt?
the best ways to quit chewing tobacco?
I think I may have cancer?
i need help i fell on my knee in the snow?
Really big bruise on knee?
brace for this problem..? 10 points~:)?
can you have a pinched nerve without pain?
Injury Question About Sports?
What's the cure for a pulled groin mussel?
I think I may need crutches?
Why is my wrist suddenly in pain?
Why does my arm turn blue when its cold?
Will my ankle ever get better?
i think i broke my hand/ knuckle?
i have a sore white lump behind my ear?
is there a doctor specified to crack ur joints?
my foot has lost the feeling in it what is wrong?
how can i lose weight?
Need to lose weight...A LOT....fast!?
What Foods Should I Eat Daily To Loose Weight?
Weight loss help/ motivation?
Is there a health store that sells african mango extract in evansville indiana?
Should i loose more weight?
I'm a guy and want to know how many push-ups and sit-ups I should start off doing?
can noni cure hiv/aids, if no, than can it reduce its spread in the immune system?
Can herpes show up after three years just out of the blue?
Can I kiss someone if I don't have an outbreak of herpes type 1?
can you get crabs from a toilet seat?
is there anything that I can do to improve my eyesight without using glasses?
what would you say about this girl who sometimes avoids eye contact but still talks to me?
i have a crooked eye. if i put a patch on my straight eye, would that fix the crooked one?
why do i have this in my eye????????????
Discomfort for wearing contacts way too long?
for how many yrs I may have nearsightedness?
am I going deaf? This loud ringing and fuzzyness in my left ear isn't going away?
Bubble in my ear...? HELP!!?
ingrown hair or something please help me out?
My ingrown toenail is oozing..?
Is there anyway to not feel nausea when I ride a car?
How bad does it hurt to get a filling WITHOUT the shot?
I got filling about 3 hours ago, and they numbed me, and now my upper lip is like, off to the right?
What price can i expect when roots have to be removed no tooth just root?
Should I get braces??
where can i find a dentist that takes medicare in the marietta ga. area?
Should I get more sleep?
Could you faint from studying too hard?
Indigestion Problem??? HELP Please !!!?
Sharp pains in sides and cramping?
Was the nurse a pervert for taking blood pressure on my thigh?
IS THIS TRUE?!?!?!?!?!?
What happened to me?????????????
Poll: why shouldn't cancer exist?
why do YOU think cancer shouldnt exist?
What do you do to relive your lower back pain?
My neck is in some pain, and it's affecting the way my shoulders look!?
My wrist bone is sticking out..?
What is the best pain reliever for injured rotater cup?
Ibeprofen or tylenol?
I went for an ultrasound today?
I wanted to intoxicate myself with strong wine along with 2 aspirins for severe pain but haven't yet. Should?
what are the downs and ups of getting a hip piercing?
Can I fix my stutter?
Is it normal to have constant throbbing headaches and feeling tired for a week straight?
Do overwieght people shake more then skinny people?
is somking weed really that bad?
What activities would Terminally ill children want to participate in? Maybe ideas for a retreat type building.?
OKAY you guys i'm really scared omg please help me?
my son is complaining his bottom is ichy and is in quite a lot of pain?
What exactly is insomnia?
How would you tell someone whose really sensitive they have bad breath?
What happens if I take Penicillin too Early from my Scheduled Time?
HELP! the cartilage of my ear is very swollen after 6 weeks?
what surgery is were they use scissors down your throat sore or strep throat surgery?
I have the flu.........?
Help with crohn's disease?
I have food poisoning! how can i get better ?
Can somebdy please explain to me what hepititus b is?!?
Is there a way to know if you have a fever without a thermometer?? Or feeling ur head?
what does Multiple Sclerosis feels like?
how can tone up my whole body including my stomach without losing weight?
how long will it take to build a athletic body?
How come some women who are 5'4 and weigh 145 lbs look good while other don't?
Is my BMI far too low (14.2)?
does the shake weight really work?
Instead of Pull Ups what kind of Exercises can you do?
Give me a shock diet? i dont care if its healthy or not? something like a stone in a week?
How can I start sleeping in my own bedroom?
help! i cry too easily?
were playin ouija tommoro.............?
No Food For Five Days. What Do I Do?
How can I stay optimistic when so much SHIITTTTTT keeps happening to me!?!?!?!?!!?
Do I have Asperger's Syndrome?
Does the power balance bracelets affect your heart?
How can you tell someone is going to die? Details Below..?
Is menudo bad if you have cholesterol?
dose friend chicken cause heartattacks?
has anyone had a tooth cut in half?
do retainers work good?
Should I make an appointment or go to the ER?
my throat is hurting like crazy...i cannot swallow because it is SO painful! what could i have?
back hurts from coughing?
Why am i feeling so dizzy :/?
Can you get kidney failure from overdosing on Tylenol a couple of times?
What can help for strep throat?
secondhand smoke question?
Is eating cigarette ash deadly?
Left lung hurts a bit after smoking weed?
What happens if you breathe in smoke?
What will stop me coughing?
I had a sleep paralysis 2day, will i feel it again? It scares me?
im dieing od cancer stage 4 liveing in usa for the last 24 years but was born in uk and had uk passport but i?
Why would my sister in law, who has cancer, always have cold feet?
Abnormal thigh hair! What's the cause?
What does Cancer feel like?
Recommended care for lung cancer?
can burns cause skin cancer?
Itchy and Dry Throat, Swollen Bottom Lip, Racing Heart, Stomach Ache, Feeling Hot?
Penicillin allergic reaction?
Rare Cancer Research?
Im trying to find a run for leukemia in new jersey and cant find one?
contact lens base curve focus reading out of focus issue?
yellow ring around the pupil of my eye?
Severe back pain for 10 years?
pin in finger coming out?
I smashed my thumb, how long will it hurt?
i broke my wrist 4weeks ago. How long will i be in a cast?
In 2006 I probably broke a metatarsal bone in my foot. I did not go to a doctor about it.?
what is a easy way to take castrol oil....?
the wierdest thing happened to me, i cant move after i vomited?
Do you think I can quit smoking ciggerettes I only been smoking for 8 months?
Bloody nose every time I try to work out?
Muscle Twitching, I hope there's help out there only serious Helpful answers please?
My ear is clogged and it hurts?
If you dipped you finger in stomach acid, would it burn you finger?
Black lump on the back of ear lobe?
How do i get a band-aid off without hurting?
when planned parenthood calls you about your std results is it bad?
can chlamydia be transferred through a wash cloth?
what is the strongest over the counter laxative?
can u eat pistachio while pregnant?
can a test for chlamydia be wrong?
Diabetes help .........?
how long for diabetes to be fatal?
Why would a kidney transplant patient have to take amlodipine {Norvasc} ?
Do I have low blood sugar?
Should I get the OmniPod?
Is nausea a typical reaction to drinking alkaline water?
Can someone please explain- what is an enema?
Has anyone ever been jumped? and if so hiw long did it take u to get over it?
can efferdent clean your system of pills?
is there any dietary supplement for multiple sclerosis?
lower back pain... dull pressure then stabbing pain.. agh !?
Why does my lower back hurt when I have to pee?
hip surgery,how much morphine will be administered and how will it feel?
Why do i feel like weak in my side, what is wrong with me ?
Horrible Migraine Will Not Go Away Please Help?
It feels like something is in my eye, but nothing is there!?
I dont feel anything anymore. all i want is for other who cause me pain to suffer, what should i do?
What is the name of this drug?
Why should I eat when not hungry...and why do I get headaches if I don't?
If you were born in 1995 do you think you could make it to the year 2100 with advancing medical technology ?
I need to know little more about the PT in Civil Air Patrol?
Shoulder Pain when bench pressing?
What will happen if i go to hospital for a eating disorder?
Is it possible that too many fruits and vegs are bad for me?
Iam 300 pounds and want lose weight i need to know how many calories i need to eat a day ?
Eating every 2-3 hours.. WHAT TO EAT? I'm an athlete and exercise alot too.?
eaten too much today?
Am I overweight at 13 years old?? :(?
Fun question: which is more important, diet or exercise.?
do i have tonsilitus or strep throat?
im not sure what to do, if i have an eye infection or not!?
I have a water infection and I'm on my period I'm in agony! What can I do?
How to get rid of a stye?
kno any home remidies for conjunctivitis?
What should i use to whiten my teeth?
Removable Retainer Question?
Do I HAVE to get braces just because my teeth are crooked?
what should i do after i step on a roach with my bare foot besides wash it?
i need help identifying an insect bite. please help me..?
Swollen ear piercing ?
why does my ankle hurt.?
My brain makes clicking sounds?
How do I get rid of stress headaches?
What is wrong with my throat?!?
Good morning my peoples I hope you are recieveing the love and respect you deserve :)?
is this double personality? or what is it?
Can't stop burning myself?
how can i tell if im just shy or have asperger syndrome?
Why do I often feel so sad, depressed, miserable, empty and just plain pointless?
How to cope with being too honest to girlfriend?
Risperdal gives me akathisia, does that mean that Invega would do the same since they are simular?
can eye strain cause eye floaters?
Are circle contacts safe?
Foreign particle in eye?
Do I have Tonsil cancer ?
Why avoid Vitamins C and E when on radiation treatment?
what to expect after being diagnoised?
Small lump on the side of my breast???? Help.?
Hand has been numb for over 13 hours. Could it be carpal tunnel syndrome?
i cant sleep!!!!!!!!!!!?
Every time I get up, I fall down?
If i smoked weed just for today?
how long does weed leave your system?
At 19 i got my health insurance removed.. what should i do now?
Is putting ecstasy up your *** better than swallowing it?
How can I take my CENTRUM VITAMIN everyday without getting nausea?
Broken fingernail...?
anyone know about spider bites?
Which of the following statements about a heart attack is NOT true?
Cure after heart attack?
I think my heart shifted positions but i dont know what to do.?
My heart rate is 120 above 80, is that good?
Stroke, or panic attack?
im 17 and i cant touch my toes.?
why does my stomach hurt so bad?
should i see a chiropractor?
thought I was over the flu, then I wake up today horribly sick?
What helps a cold ???????????
What sickness do I have?
Passing blood after hard stool, need advice?
I have mouth ulcers why? need help!!!?
how long can you take your retainer out (after braces) before your teeth move?
How do I fix my crooked smile/mouth/laugh?
No Insurance, Toothache (Read for details)?
I just flossed for about a half hour.....?
do you get high again if you exercise the day after smoking weed?
If you take a half to 1 Percocet a day is that bad?
How to clean my tongue?
How do I whiten my teeth?
I think I broke my toe? Should I go to the doctor?
I got punched in the temple... help?
how do u know if your arm is broken fracture?
Knee injury numbness lasting longer than 6 months?
I injured my neck and i need some tips that can reduce the injury?
When someone has a broken leg/sprained ankle, which side do you lift to help them walk?
Whats a GOOD way to lose weight fast?
healthy diet for sports 13 year old?
How do you know if you're working out too hard? (Cardio)?
Has anyone tried the Special K challenge?
Need help with my diet?
Will this treatment cure my STD infection?
Serious HIV Question. Just looking for good Advice only?
Is it possible to get cancer after doing laser acne scar removal?
Can you have a swollen neck instead of swollen lymph nodes if there is a problem?
When could I get mouth cancer?
can someone serve on jury duty while taking radiation treatment for breast cancer?
Do you get cancer from plucking hair from moles?
Is it impossible that this is breast cancer?
How to cope with indigestion and heart burn?
Why has my ear gone all funny?
Could handling a little bit of mercury be dangerous?
is 4'4 short for a 10 year old girl?
I'm seventeen years old and am thinking about seeing a physiatrist. how do I go about doing this?
Is this normal? Is my heart ok?! lol?
my uvula is really bothering me help?
Alot of dust in my room?
going on a plane with a bad ear. any suggestions?
everyone whats appendicitis?
I'm learning about acupressure points and...?
My dad is having arm pain?
What would prednisone cost without insurance?
How do I get rid of a cold?
Trouble breathing when hungry or tired?
Breathed in spray paint on accident help?!?
Shivering with a 102.2 temperature?? kinda scared... pleease help?
Trouble breathing at night?
How sick is too sick to leave the house?
Can I administer IV antibiotics to myself at home, legally?
What kind of jobs so hemophilia have?
Is 99 degrees a fever or close to one?
bleeding during Defaecation?
stingray sting symptoms and treatment?
why do some people bite their nails?
need help with my ear gauging process please?
i think i got pink eyee ?!!?
Can contacts with no degree worsen my perfect eyesight?
Why is my vision blurry with a contact lens in?
Left eyelid has hurt for DAYS?
i have bad eyesight how much do you think eye contacts will cost?
Why do my eyes burn when I get water in them during a shower in the morning?
How bad is my gingivitis?
Root Canal curiosity ?
this is gross...cheap white wine? what is this?
Is fine if one of your teeth feel louse when you have a brace on?
Can mold in your home cause ringworm?
I can't stop peeling out my scarred skin?
how does this g-string get onto me while i m sleeping? dude.. what do i do?
Does anyone else get uncomfortable when their name is said out loud?
is it weird to my mom that i close my door at night when i go to bed?
Does caffiene mess up a schizoprenics brain chemistry?
What are my options for income? I have mental health issues that prevent me from keeping a job in public.?
Are you sleepy? what time is it?
how to treat cushings disease?
Good Marijuana alternative?
is it true that hypertension can causes someone to lost his/her sense o f taste?
My eyes are very light sensitive, blood shot, and burn?
Is there any chance of surviving Liver Cancer?
remedies for over active bladder?
Infected ear piercing?
When you're depressed and feeling really, really down....?
Will I die sooner since I have hydrocephalus ?
Does birth control always give side efffects? the gyno said i should take it because of my period issues..?
i want to take 2 ambiens tonight. what would the effect be? 10 points to best answer?
As you 18 can you still take children medicine?
what is fibromyalgia?
infertility after lymphoma treatment?
Short (3 day?) Cleanse/Detox quick weight loss diet that is not fruit-based?
my mum has a lump on her head and a huge headache, what could it be?
I need help from a Naturopathic Doctor? Dry Eyes?
I got bleach in a cut what should i do?
My mom's back/waist hurts?
What can I do for back pain caused from sleeping?
inaccurate mouth thermometer?
I took Vicodin, now I feel really sick?
Does Carpal Tunnell surgery work?
My nose won't stop bleeding!?
Been having lower back pain for a week, now its spreading up back and spasms are happening, ...?
Does anti-inflammatory medicine like Aspirin or ibuprofen heal inflammation or just relieve some pain?
Why does it hurt to kneel?
How can I help this cut on my finger heal?
why if i smoke a cigarette in the morning with an empty stomach i feel dizzy afterwards?
Is a temperature of 96.4 something to worry about?
Am I already starting to get addicted to cigarettes?
my dog ate ibuprofen...?
high blood pressure thickens the heart, but won't exercise do the same thing?
Symptoms of heart attack ?
My heart feels like it skips a beat!?
Good idea to stop using listerine? ?
Brushing teeth with braces?
Ultra sound went too deep on wrong spot on my arm!?
My knee hurts if have to keep it bent for long at all and when I do bend it, it pops a lot. What is wrong?
i picked my toes nail until it bleed and now the skin is dark from blood and bruised?
If I dropped something heavy on my finger, could it break?
What is the best e cigarette?
Can you pee out toxins?
How can I get a good night's sleep?
Should I go to hospital?
Ugh! Why is my voice so deep?
How do I get stubborn calf muscles to grow?
Slim-nite Diet pill advice!!!! Thank you!?
weight training to burn fat.. i do mon-biceps/chest....tue-triceps/back/sho… - (rest ..?
What is concidered overweight for a 14 year old girl?
Whats the ratio of calories to pounds?
Have you waited to do something untill you became thin (or less heavy)?
Why have I stopped losing weight? 2 weeks into my diet.?
how do you get a fever?
It's been 5 days since I had a beer?
Amoxocillin question. I stopped my dose for 3 days I have 6 of 20 left. I feel sick again..?
What recent development has happned in treating MRSA?
Best way to keep from getting sick?
Mouth ulcer problem please help?
What symptoms distinguish AIDS from HIV?
how many stds are there?
Is it okay for me to wear my contact lenses again after an infection?
CVS? how to deal with it?
How long are contact lenses good for?
My contacts lenses hurt?
my eye vison turns gray with headache sometimes?
Is the cut on my hand infected?
I smashed my finger and now it has a hole in the center of the nail. what should I do?
What happens when you break a knuckle?
My nose has been bleeding the last 10 minutes?!!?
How can I remove water that's DEEP in my ear canal?
just accadentalaly ate a can?
What else can I do to stop my IBS symptoms?
How do I heal myself from this agonizing pain?
Odd pain at the bottom of my foot?
how can i get a pen pal that is hospitalized and has cancer?
please im afraid that i have brain tumor?
Digital removal of stool?
what is tumor necrosis factor alpha? How does it relate to cancer treatment?
HELP, I ate some ants this morning!!! Should I go to the hospital?
What causes low blood sugar?
Is 94 a Normal Fasting Blood Sugar?
Chances of having a Thyroid Problem?
i am an insulin dependent diabtic and have a leg infection and it is not giitting better?
Could my child(ren) have diabetes?
Anyone ever try Fastbraces?
How does novacaine work?
What happens if you swallow gum alot?
White Strips and Whitening Mouth Wash?
what material are our teeth made of?
Orthodontic retainer question?
Questions about TMD, do i have it? How is it treated?
Can peroxide really whiten teeth?
How can I improve my coordination?
Hip pain in left hip joint?
Pain in upper right abdominal region?
Growing pains in a 15 y/o male?
How to let my guard down w/o getting hurt (im almost 16)?
What's wrong with me?
Why am I such a bad dancer in dance class is it because of my dyslexia?
How bad does it hurt, getting your wisdom teeth removed?
Terrible back pain for a few years now at 19years old?
Ways to avoid cancer/diseases and anything that'll contributed to early death.?
Is it bad to take sleeping pills with coffee?
Blood work drawn at the ER ..?
I have had diarrhea 4 day now. with no other symptoms. what should i do?
I'm unfit and I always get drowsy in the middle of the day, if I get fitter would the drowsiness stop?
I'm always tired in the middle of the day?
I'm getting constant headaches - What can I do?
What is wrong with marijuana? Edibles?
What happens if you take an Adderall without it being prescribed?
Why sleep helps teenagers?
My hart is skipping beats and I feel like there os flutters?
How do i keep my nails from hurting?
Whats wrong with me? am I sick?
If the brain is not fully developed by age 25. Why can you smoke/drink at age 21?
Jaw pain..please help!?
dead skin healing back on hand?
I accidentally drank some ACT mouthwash?
A girl in my class' mom has cancer?
saggy ball bags does t mean you have cancer?
I need help finding something toxic to colon adenocarcinoma cells.?
I think my son is smoking pot?
Life expectancy for sarcoma cancer IV?
I get headaches all the time. Could my eyes be the problem?
could it be cancer??????
what do you think about cancer?
about taking blood from patients?? help please?
can mold affect the brain?
carbon monoxide poisoning...?
what exactly is an upper respiratory infection?
I have a 105.4 temperature, what does that mean?
How long before antibiotics where off?
Can you catch AIDS from mail?
Can bones get shattered after a fever?
What can you tell me about MRSA!?
is it a good idea to keep house plants in house where allergies are present?
Do I have a sinus infection, allergies, or what?
Is it okay to switch earrings, and how can I know if I'll be allergic to cheap metal?
Everytime i have a smoke i cant breath?
Which will the world discover first, a cure for Cancer, Herpes, H.I.V, or Aids?
I'm really sore and tender in one spot of my lower tummy.. what could be wrong?
Abdominal pain and churning?
Acid reflux hurts very bad....?
Painful lump on the back of my knee?
Can hitting your head cause vomitting?
Doctor reluctance to prescribe opoids for pain?
What is a really good teeth whitener?
please help teeth white?
I need help getting coverage for an infected wisdom tooth. Does anyone know of an affordable dental insurance?
Is it bad to eat callus?
Are gaps in a women's front teeth attractive or gross?
Do you think that I need braces?
Do I need to take advil after a root canal?
What would happen if a bug went in your nose?
how do you get rid of bruised bite marks?
why is my Bee Sting STILL stinging?!?!?
name something that's not good for a young person's heart?
Why do physicians advise their high blood pressure patients to avoid smoking?
My resting heart rate has been between 140 and 150 for about 11 hours now is this dangerous?
Omron BP Monitor, I took 3 separate readings - 109/63, 106/66, 107/65. Does this sound like accurate monitor?
What happens at an echo scan of the heart?
what is the worlwide? philippine wide? and davao city wide? statistics for lacunar infarct or stroke?
From brain cancer anxiety i lost every thing please give help to me even lost my family love?
should i wear a brace or not? 10 points please answer?
How do I disinfect a stab wound?
Can u walk on a broken ankle?
Any blood donors willing to give me blood?
Toe nail broke in half.. What can I do?
How to raise cancer awareness in a school?
Is chronic myloid leukemia curable?
Are current moles more susceptible to skin cancer from the sun?
Is surgery my only option?
Is it best to tell your doctor the truth?
Lump under left rib cage?
pressure in the centre of my ribs for the last few days, on and off? repost.?
Why are my joints so achy this time of year and when it's cloudy?
stomache hurts after vomiting.could i still eat?
When a Blood Pressure cuff gets too tight and causes pain in the upper arm, what damage could have occurred?
What causes double vision AND leg pain?
I have persistant pain in my right side, just above my hip and it follows around to my back what could it be?
is pot really that good?
I was at a rave the other night on E and some girl put something under my nose?
Side effects of smoking weed?
What can I take for migranes when I can't take Ibuprofen?
Hearing someone speaking to me as I fall asleep?
Can anyone help me get my life together?
Why can't I control my eating disorder?
Dont want to grow up. at all.?
Smoking: To quit or not to quit?
I stomach feels really weired?
Why am I always hungry?
will there be any harmful effects if i smoke weed maybe twice a year?
If you overdose of a medication...?
HELP!! i got chewing gum caught in my nose hair! how do i get it out? it hurts!?
spider bite question?
what bites me and leaves bruses and new bites appear every other day?
burnt roof of mouth, how can I help it heal?
I think i got bit by a water mocassin?
What Degree Burn Is This?
do i have hiv???????????????
I have crohns disease and i bought a protein shake. Can i drink it?
I have viral pink eye and doctor says I can go to work? Is this a good idea?
why do 6-8 year olds need braces?
Will doing these exercises actually do anything?
What does it mean if the slightest whiff of alcohol makes me dizzy?
Do you think that Flu vaccines really work?
What are some current home remedies to take care of a person that has the flu?
Is it possible for me to get a flat stomach by may/ june?
Getting teeth pulled?
Is it bad to brush my teeth only in the morning?
Are braces supposed to hurt when they get tightened?
How long would a 17 year old have braces (for overbite)?
if i eat below my 1200 cals and walk 35 mins a day...is that good??.?
1200-1500 calories a day and 40 min a day workout what am i doing wrong? I've lost one pound this week!?
good food to eat and exercise to get rid of fat on the legs and gut?
Which are the most famous US vitamins brands ? (Solgar, Now Food, etc...)?
i 'm 20 yrs, 53 kg and 174 cm height ,what is the normal weight for me and how to reach it ?
how do i find the nearest clinic in my area?
How much weight can you loose if you walk 30 min. a day?
How to make my face look more...fatter?
whats the best food to eat when you are having blood cancer?
Scared of CT Scan help?
Pain in back of leg and shin?
Would it be silly to ring the ambulance for possible gallstone pain? 12wks preg?
Left chest and shoulder pain?
Back pain and hard time breathing?
My breasts have been sore and swollen for about two weeks now...?
what does it mean when the right side of your supraclavicular has a pressure feeling on it?
What kind of ear lobes should you have to stretch your ears?
How can I heal the corner of my mouth?
why does my tick bite hurt?
Spider bite on my arm!?
does coke help your health?
I'm bored, and got chest infection and the flu so i can't go and see my friends, and they won't see me,?
I'm peeing a lot lately, is there something wrong with my liver?
During my recent hospitalization I was given Lovenox injections. How does Lovenox work?
I have lupus and need help gaining weight?
is it ok if i febreeze my grandma when she's not looking? i feel bad, but her smell is awful.?
Will i die soon if i have Chlamydia?
My doctor ignored me when I complained about severe heart pains?
Heart palpitations are scaring me! ---?
how does someone get rid of heart burn?
My heart keeps skipping beats why?
Cardiac Arrest ....Scared!?
how come when i smoke i get real dizzy like i,m gonna pass out been smoking for 15yrs. thanks?
what is the device that holds the mouth open used by dentist?
Help stop the bleeding after Tooth extraction?
can you see a dentist without insurance?
Do you have to get molds to get braces?
A few questions about wisdom teeth removal...?
Sinus Infection, in a lot of pain, breastfeeding?
Is it possible to smoke but still exercise to loose weight?
Can't stop coughing after hospital discharge?
Is it bronchitis or something serious?
is humidifier good for bronchitis?
Can I crave more cigarettes after smoking just one?
Is it bad to wear someones elses contacts ?
Can people get blind from watchin tv?
I want contacts, but the optometrist said my eyes were too big?
what does it mean when you black out?
Will I grow out of my allergies?
i need answers fast!?
Swollen glands, red spots, eye irritation?
Why is my tongue is numb?
Could anything develop (aches&such on your body) after a car accident?
How do I stay awake?????
Am i deformed?????????
Why do you ask people on here for medical and psychological advice.?
I can't fall asleep at all?
Can anybody help im in pain?
Fell down on ice and skinned knee?
Sharp back pain, I'm a teenager, it hurts :(?
Tension headache, or something more sever?
I have been doing Physical therapy,popping in rotator cuff area,elbows. can I do these excersises now?
Is it dangerous to get punched in the thoracic spine?
I have patella femoral syndrome any good ways to get rid of it ease the pain?
Hiw do I stop hunger pains??
I have a lump on my neck/throat please answer?
has anyone been in this situation .should i tell my pain doctor or not?
Do cortisone shots hurt?
what happens if diagnosed with kidney cancer?
what are the stages of a mouth cancer sore?
how to treat a very mild burn?
Can a hang nail heal on its own?
a little cut in my ear and it's bleeding..10 points?
Dermatologist help !?!?!?!?!?
Will my burn leave a scar?
Does olive oil help for acne?
Can anyone recommend the best way to get rid of acne scars?
Im worried is i have tss, please answer?
Are viral infection contagious?
I have got a blocked nose and a mucus cough have i got swine flu?
If I had oral thrush...?
Which of the following is not a food-borne illness?
Should I worry about STD/HIV?
How do you know If you have herpes or just a chapped ***?
Can I still have a baby with herpes as long as I have a c-section?
Wisdom teeth and tooth extraction recovery time?
what should you expect after getting your wisdom teeth pulled out?
Retainer not fitting?
tooth bone loss...dental implant?
Clarinet making teeth hurt?
my dad who is 42 came home from work saying he had a salty taste i his mouth. what could it be?
Swollen gum from retainer?
I have this terrible pain on the bottom of my right foot?
why do doctors have horrible hand writing?
Are electric chairs really painful.?
Pain under jaw/top of neck?
How do i not be scared to can an IV?
Any tips to help with public anxiety?
How can I concentrate better and improve my memory?
Is it normal that my mom used to bite me as a kid?
Type 1 Diabetes question?
Abnormally high glucose readings?
Is this a good blood preassure?
What are the first kinds of warning signs for Diabetes ? How does some one tell the warning signs?
What would you do if Wilford Brimley was hiding under your bed?
How I can get tested for diabetes? I just want to know?
Is there any chances for a Diabetics to study aviation nd becoming a pilot ?
What are some good foods to eat to help your brain absorb information better?
Will a blood test show weed?
when should i blow my trees?
Do you think the United States has a good health care system or not?
Peeing clean after a detox?
where can i find a good marijuana blog?
Can too much medicine keep you sick?
Extreme hunger at night ?
Is it ok to take benadryl if you have taken miralax in the last 12 hours?
If I do 50 sit ups a day and an hour and a half of cardio 4 times a week, how long before i see results?
Burning Calories, How many should i aim to burn each day?
How should I loose my weight easily?
Should I work out even when I'm aching?
How do Italian are slim even if they eat Pizza, pasta and other fatty food?
How much can you not eat?
improving the amount of sits ups?
What is the fastest way possible to gain muscle mass?
How do you become anorexic?
Eye colour and shape pleasee ?
Blurry vision in one eye when I wake up in the morning?
How do i make my eye stop hurting and watering?
why does each eye see slightly different colours?
Why do i keep bleeding out my nose?
Is it called a 'Thumb finger" or just a "Thumb"?
feeling light headed and nausea?
What happens if you take two 60 mg pills of vyvanse?
Is there something wrong with my finger, or is it a blister?
What helps you get to sleep?
what is this prescription?
do i have cancer or mono?
Why do I get lightheaded?
Why do i keep passing out?
What are fibroids and its causes?
Do I have a lot of cavities?
I chipped the right corner of my right tooth. How can the dentist fix it, and will they have to numb me up?
Invisalign cost and effectiveness?
wisdom teeth med. question ?
what happens if i smoke weed after getting my inside of my bottom lip pierced?
Question about teeth, dentist?
how do you know if you have a wisdom tooth coming in?
I ALWAYS have lower back pain. Help?
My feet are killing me, Can anyone help?
Whats goingggg on with my head/vision?
Knee Pain, Please Answer!?
I woke up with Achy , Sore Muscles , Sore Throat , and a Headache ?
Low blood pressure!? any ideas? is this normal?
Is blood pressure 142 over 85 good for a 22year old male ?
Why is reaching up bad for your heart?
Really high pulse and blood pressure?!?
my penus...smells, what do i do?
how can I clean up my blood before the tests?
My flesh is burning, please help?
Cut Won't Completely Heal?
I have a sprained ankle maybe even torn ligaments and I wanted to ask a professional about it?
Does alcohol help bed bug bites go away?
I put some salt on my hand, and pressed ice down on itt... HELP?
if you lift weights can u stop growing?
Is it possible that I broke my foot?
My friend suffers from a bad case of Insomnia, are them some easy ways to help him get a good nights sleep?
How to be active?How can I not feel tired ?
sudden drop in blood pressure?
Black spot on Xray...what could it be? (link to picture included)?
Ok really gross, but I think I have a tapeworm.?
Is there any way to figure out my blood type without getting my blood drawn?
I feel dizzy at random moments, what does that mean?
What are the issues with my sleep?
i have acute leukemia and was throwing up today. Any advice on what to eat/drink after.?
how much money will one get if he/she finds the cure for cancer?
does dog cancer strat with ear infection?
I have a mole that looks like the skin cancer pictures on the web, plus it's got a red area around it and it's?
I slammed herion and didnt OD?
what is a sharp pain in your lower abdomen?
Elbow problem when working out?
Feels like mestraul cramps but isnt?
Is it all right to take another ibuprofen?
I woke up with this mark on my leg?
Knee Pain Help Please?? ?
can eye strain be caused by shortsightedness?
Can astigmatism get worse?
Does visene prevent red eyes?!?
Is it safe for me to wear colored contacts?
where can i buy non prescribed color contacts?
what would happen to my eyes/vision?
Do you know anyone that has built body-mass just by working out at home?
I think I need to wear my glasses all the time...?
Have I gained too much weight?
I am 14 and weigh over 200lbs..?
how to lose or make muscle smaller on legs-calves and thighs?
What time should I be eating meals and what should I be eating??..(10 POINTS)?
Can someone tell me how Nutrisystem works (10POINTS)!!?
Is it okay to take 2 different kinds of vitamin supplements?
What did you do after getting your wisdom teeth out? (detail please)?
Pulled out stitches in mouth?
I heard that I might OCD what is that?
How to get rid if a sore thoat!!?
who can nurses NOT treat?
Chronic illness vs Slothfulness?
What are the requirements to have in your first aid kit?
My dad just got rushed to the hospital ?
Going bald and other odd things?
i dont like people touchin my face, and i have red cheeks is this rosacea?
How do I detox my body.... not to lose weight, but to just CLEANSE it out?
Can people with tourettes control their ticks?
When smoke enters the body, where does it travel?
If I smoked a week ago and took a mouth swab drug test today, will I pass?
What should I do, I woke up with a really bad crick in neck?
My palate is killing me. HELP?!?
does getting your cartilage pierced hurt?
Hard softball sized lump on a puppys neck?
Why does my rib hurt when i breathe?
Intense pain in my knee, hard to straighten it?
what is breast cancer?
my lips gets black due to smoke? how to recover?
Why Is My Nose Bleeding So Much?
I'm allergic to something at my job. What should I do?
does anyone know anything about oil pulling?
possible that marijuana bloats the prostate?
What's worse getting drunk once a weak or taking ecstasy once a month?
what's the difference between 0.5 xanax and ativan 0.5 mg tab?
Does Neevo (prescribed) prenatal vitamins help grow hair?
Do you get more or a different high when you do a cold water extraction on vicodin or norco?
What is the technical name for a "Padded Room"?
Should I be dead from all the vicodin?
I'm 22 can anyone gave me some ideas I'm clueless and suffering?
Do I have depression, or some kind of Chemical imbalance in my head?
I am affarid to go to sleep at night sometimes what do i do?
my mom just kicked me out of my house because i refused to take my medicine?
what is your suggestion?
Does 5-HTP cure Derealization/Anxiety issues?
caffeine and my heart--skip caffeine all together, or go to doctor?
heart problems..://///?
Sudden high heart rate?
What things can interfere with pacemakers and implantable defibrillators?
2nd Hand Smoke cause high heart rate?
Wanting to remove my braces myself.?
I have my tongue pierced and now I have bad breath is that normal?
Would hypnosis work for teeth straigtening?
is smoking weed really that bad?
i found a cigarette in my sista room?
Should I switch from smoking real cigarettes to smoking the electronic cigarette?
i just smoked crystal meth for the first time. and i took two hits. is that too much for a first time?
I keep having chest pain?
Tourettes tics worse after laser light show?
What is happening to my girlfriend? MEDICAL?
is there really such thing as poison?
why my nose isstuffy?
is the alergies, asthma , copd , sinues ?
been having sharp chest pain maybe my lung when breathing?
If someone falls unconsious due to choking, can you use an AED to revive them?
Should I worry about herpes?
I knocked this blind girls fake eye out with a skittle?
When should someone go to a doctor?
Am I causing much harm to myself by taking two Excedrin Migraine five days out of seven?
Is eating only one big meal a day unhealty??...(10points)?
Best Yoga DVD Workout?
How can I treat an eating disorder?
Im having back pain, having a hard time breathing and have chest pain on and off?
How do i stop growing tall?
Is this wrong :( or right? ?
How much should I weigh?
I really need help!! :?
Does drinking milk daily help height growth?
Do calories reset over night?
How does a 13 year old girl get in shape?
what should i avoid after cancer surgery ?
My mom is going to get a biopsy on her breast. Info?
what is plantar fasciatis?
my front teath have been numb since i had sergery on my nose a week ago, why is this?
Really tired after hitting head in a car accident. Is this normal?
I think I sprained/broke my toe?
How to stay healthy during the flu season?
Does anyone else have a fear of doctors?
Suggestions for stomach virus?
How many people who have had flu have been vaccinated against it?
Help REALLY needed pleaser read below >.<?
Help Me I cut my wrist by accident and it wont stop bleeding :s?
Can you have two industrial bars in one ear?
3 questions about my apperance?
How to get sick fast?
Should I do marijuana?
why do I burp when I throw up?
what alcohol gets you high but isnt too bad for you?
Are receding gums 100% reversible?
Can you straighten teeth with a retainer?
What can help whiten teeth for people with braces?
can anyone help me lol braces questions?
Why does my knee hurt?
Tailbone issues, help?
Lower back pain after walking for more than 30mins?
I need to learn how to swallow capsules with just water? Any tips on how to make it easier?
what would cause nighttime throbbing pain down the left arm and left leg so intense you can not sleep?
I have severe constipation and the pain is so bad that I can't sleep through the night!?
Are Cancer men this emotional?
Grandma has stage 4 cancer and 1 and half kidneys are gone and so is her liver?
After being told your gonna die cause chemotherapy is not helping, has anyone ever survived that ?
frankincense oil and cancer?
how do doctors comfort new cancer patients?
Blood Type Questions?
Is a 2nd Mammogram call back common?
My nurse friend is going on a health mission in Uganda in March but is having trouble paying for the shots?
Are sugar highs just a placebo?
i always get dizzy and i need help?
can anybody give me tips for donating blood for the first time?
Please Answer, I Keep Getting Heart Burn Is This A Problem?
would you recommend 5 HR ENERGY?
Difference in prescription eyeglasses?
what is the best age of laser eye surgery?
Do I need glasses with this lens Rx?
Ear pressure and Blurred vision in one eye?
Whats a good Protein powder mix to buy?
Am I short for my age?
Is it better to cycle or jog?
What's a good work out plan?
How can I gain weight?
How do I know if I'm still in my growing ages ?
Can someone make me a diet plan?
Will The Susan Komen foundation help pay for my friends breast cancer treatment?
has anyone every personally been through or know someone with a pituitary adonoma?
how to make a doctor's appointment?
Question about children and leukimia?
what is buccal misoprostol plan?
Can this be Cancer? I would like to know because i have a feeling?
from some time i have Mild dizziness why?
Ear stretching rushing?
Can drinking eye wash solution make you ill?
How long will a scratch on eye take to heal its redness?
What can I wear to block out noises for my ears?
hey it's me again, i'm 13 yrs old, i feel a pain on my forearms?
i get regular pains on the right side of my stomach when i run or play soccer why?
why do i feel an off/on pain on the left side of my chest and i feel gas and i feel acid in my throat.?
Alot of pain in tail bone....any answers?
Are teeth supposed to be like this?
im getting braces and had first ortho appointment today?
How can you tell if a tooth is permanent or a baby tooth?
nausea, tiredness, and now acid reflux.?
What's wrong with me?
Lost 11 pounds without trying! Graves Disease!?
Which is a better brand for nutritional supplements in the USA?
what is hemorrhoids and what are the causes and possible solutions to the cure?
How long does Alprazolam 2 mg stay in your system?
Is this just a growth spurt? Worth going to go the doctor over?
Is it OK to put essential oils into unscented tealights when the wax is molten?
Do you think I need to be back on meds?
how do i get s splinter out?
I cut my toe right at the crack and it bled alot and now I dont know what to do?
The promethazine/codiene bottle says it should be purple, but its orange....is it still good?
Concerned About my Toe?
Why do I just randomly get bruises?
Elbow tendonitis....?
I banged my tibia on the side of the bathtub and now it is swollen what should I put on it?
ICD Postsurgery Emergency Question?
what should happen to blood pressure after excercising?
Donating Blood before a heart echo?
is 144 over 81 high blood pressure for a 53 year old man?
Getting hiv by fingering a girl?
my friends eye got scratched and now the white part is detached and its moving. what should i do?
If you are highly myopic, and already had two retinal tears, is it a good idea to do prophylactic 360°...?
Weird type of blurred vision?
What is your eye color?
I just cut my eye lashes with a eye curler will they grow back?
is it okay to use bottle water as my contact solution for a night?
Please explain this sharp pain I have in my lungs/rib area?
Why does my back hurt so bad?
Why do I have right abdominal pain?
Should I be worried about this? (Chest pain, stomach pain, headache)?
My heart hurts but not a heart attack or anything?
Why do I have numbness in my hands and toes?
Do crazy people know or suspect that they are crazy?
Got raped how do i recover?
I find it to feel good wearing diapers at nighttime, and I have minor bedwetting issues that I keep private. ?
My diagnosis is always changing?
anyone have any ideas on how to hide or get ride of scars from cutting ? HELP!?
Can I speed up my metabolism? If so how?
What to eat and drink after exercises?
I need to lose weight.N ot just to look good,but to feel better about myself.Heres my plan.What do you think?
What is the best ab workout for women?
what are the benefits of good sports drink?
I can't do sit ups or push ups?
How do you get an ear infection to stop throbbing?
Can i Still Get Swine Flu If i Got The Vaccination.?
Does this bug anybody else or is it just me?
Should i see a doctor for my symptoms?
Drinking with stomach flu?
Is 8 days too long to wait for dentist?
my dentist drilled cavity to far and now i need a root canal?
How much would this cost approximately?
really really bad pain in the back of my mouth, help?
My retainers fell out in my sleep?
Getting braces off, forgot to ask if i should keep rubber bands.?
why am i getting my wisdom teeth at such a young age?
My front tooth hurts. I can feel it in the root when I wake up. Serious?
Wisdom teeth pain!? please help? 10 points?
An embarassing question..................?
Help! i didnt eat and now i'm dizzy?
What is it I could have?
I have a strange addiction. Help me?
Girls... Hope you don't get offended!!?
I am very sick right now, Am I going to die?
Why can't you sneeze with your eyes open...?
uuummmm.....drug question?????....?
I have the flu. What happened in my body when I had fever?
How come some people smoke and and how come they are doing it?
How do you deal w/the fear of becoming Hypoglycemic..?
Is this a sign of diabetes?
Any device to check blood sugar level without taking any blood sample?
my dog has a constant dry cough, what can i do ?
How can I get my cousin to stop smoking?
Heavy Mucus and Pink Phlegm Coughed Up?
What should I do? Blood sugars continually rising despite treatment!!?.... HELP!!?
Metformin and alcohol/energy drinks?
Healthy food list for type 1 diabetics?
Is it normal to cough up mucus?
Can post nasal drip cause breathing problems?
Anyone have home remedies for a spider bite?
How do I remove gauze stuck to wound?
For all EMTs: Why do nurses hate us?
how long will my cut take to heal?
Is my cartilage piercing infected..?
why do i get so many nosebleeds?
i have lupus and took a drug for it and they think im allergic to it.?
corn syrup....color?????????????
Cat allergy remedy?HELP!?
whats wrong with me? should I see a doctor?
Why is this bothering me so much?
Why does my body ache ???!!?
What Are Some Home Remedies For Heartburn>?
what is stronger tramadol er or Tylenol 3?
Stomach Pain for 4 months?
what will elastics doo to my teeth:-/?
My stirches have come undone is this detrimental to my recovery?