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Does the Ab Swing REALLY Work?
Can you lose weight by skipping everyday?
Does anyone know details about the official Zumba opening at The Convent in Abbotsford in Vic?
Do you think some people just dont have the willpower to lose weight?
Need To Loose Weight!?
17 years of age ! is it possible to hit a late growth spurt?
i wana loose 22 puonds..in 2 months ,,?
If I do this, will I lose weight?
Does anyone know any good weightloss sites?
is 54.5 kg alot to weight when u are only 14 and what do diet pills do?
besides excersise whats a good way to get rid of 10kgs fast?
Muscles question........?
Do sit-ups help flatten?
what are some really good ways i can stop myself from eating?
i need a pro ana buddy :)?
why is flexibility required for a gymnastics floor routine?
Are these healthy measurements.... 35-27-35? Im 164cm tall and way 59 kg.......?
how do you lose weight really quickly?
What do I need to do to detox by doing a juice fast?
what size clothing are you?
what can fasten up my metabolism?
someone please answer?
What are some fast ways to increase my muscle to fat ratio - too high body fat percentage?
Healthy eating question?
HELPHELP! for the following excercises can you please tell me what muscles are antagonist + agonist ?
What do I need to study to become a dietitian?
Shapes health club ?? how much is it to join?
Does Musashi really work?
Im 124lbs and 5 "2' is that large?
How often should I go to the gym?
In a 3 hr exam, whats the best food to bring to snack on to stop your stomach rumbling?
Can you tell I have lost weight?
Does the pill xenical work?
is it true that if you have a warm drink with food it helps digestion?
how to get rid of pot belly abs?
What is a good fitness regime for the gym to help with rowing.?
What can help the appearance of stretch marks on a healthy teen?
CONFUSED! How would I lose 1kg a week by eating 7000 cal a week and burning 7000cals a week?
what is CDM Certified?
fitness help for teenager?? Please Read?
Weight loss tips for teenager HELP?
I think my right thigh is larger than the othere.. some tips to balance them?
Life Cleanse is still sending that junk can anyone help with how to contact them?
Why some people are so skinny no matter what they eat they cant get fat?
3 kilos in 2 weeks, any healthy ideas?
Am I fat for a tall lady?
My boyfriends a twig?
Anyone have any healthy lunch ideas?
Is my peculiar diet idea at all reasonable?
How much weight will I lose if I do this?
Any tips on losing weight?
Would you say i get plenty of exercise? Do I need to join a gym?
36 year old male looking at protein powders as a supplement any university study s done to prove they work?
Is there ANY way to escape pain after a workout??!!?
What is the best way to loose weight fast?
best foods to help with fluid retention?
is 5'2'' 108 lbs an anorexic weight?
How I can Level elevated ALT, ultrasound result suggest that fatty liver change?
Does anyone know something about acai - forcemax products?
How do we stop the Acai Berry scams?
Are dairy products good enough for building muscles?
1 meal a day/megan fox?
Will 3 weeks holiday ruin my pre season fitness?
Is a loss of 2kgs a week too much?
How many calories are there in an hour of sitting down?
How can i gain weight in muscle?
getting stronger for the military?
Is my diet good, how can i get fitter, any tips?
Lose weight fast .. ?
help me ! i cant get motivated!?
How to loose baby fat from face?
Cutting out carbonated soft drinks?
I do no exercise, How long will it take?
how can i loose my little pot for a bikini before january?
I am 40 and had 4 kids. I am 5ft 7 and weigh 58 kilos is that a perfect weight for me?
I just ate something really bad...GUILT!!!?
if do 100 situps a day when will i notice the difference weeks or months?
can someone help me bulk up a bit?
Are sugar free energy drinks bad for you?
should i eat any pasta if i am trying to loose weight?
I am trying to lose weight and wonder if body balance classes would help?
When should I start woking out again?
Food to reduce salt level in body?
Can i eat chocolate and still loose weight?
anyone else tried crash dieting?
How to motivate myself to go to gym regularly?
How do i lose weight?
HOW much does Ronnie Coleman eat ?
Is starving yourself good sometimes because it gves your digestive system a break?
How to gain muscle? Help!?
Does swimming often give you big arms?
What is a quick way to lose fat from legs?
Best way to lose 2 kgs a week?
Best exercise to burn fat?
How to lose weight super fast!?
how to lose 2.3pounds (5 kilograms)? any quick suggestions?
How to loose 2kilos in 5days?
Achieve dream body fast?
i want to reduce 5kg in one week.?
massages can make you grow?
i am verry hungrey what should i have for dinner?
Do you think this man had a right to call me fat?
Do push ups build biceps?
How do i make my thighs fatter?
my mum made a very nice cake, and i'm on a diet?
How can i train to become better at the "Beep Test"?
I need to lose 3 stone.. whats the best amount to lose a week/month?
im 16yrs old and i am abit overweight how do i lose weight healthy im hopeless at it?
Do weights really stunt your growth?
what does protein actually do for ur muscles?
Has anyone tried the new 48hr detox?
Can you get fit and lose weight without going to the gym and without spending much money?
What can i do about unhealthy eating?
wats the best protein to get huge quik?
What can I do to improve my abs workout?
I need to lose over a hundred pounds, help?
how to gain weight.........?
How much more weight should lose?
What is the right weight range?
how to get rid of the skin around my stomach?
Would going on a starvation diet (except water) for a few weeks hurt me I have to loose 80 pounds quickly?
What do you do in a gym?
is this a good workout?
Got caught in ACAI BURN SCAM Julie Parks?
How much do you spend on food each week?
Im sixteen and not as tall as i want to be.?
Quick eze - is it bad for you?
does this help after working out?
creatine a good idea?
how bad for you is sushi?
Best way to trim fat from tummy without situps?
Is "ZUMBA" fitness just another fad or does it motivate the person to get fit?
Colon cleansing question...?
do u need to do cardio to gain muscle mass and have bulky strong looking muscles?
Is it possible to lose weight with under active thyroid disease?
If i am five foot 8 and a half and i am 17 years old how tall will i be ?
What are your dieting tips and tricks?
eating very little and exercise?
will losing weight/toning up reduce the appearance of stretch marks on waist ans stomach?
I'm 68 kilograms at 13 years old with a height of 6 foot 2 inches, yet i'm really thin. How?
is my BMI right? please answer asap :)?
Does black coffee have any calories in it?
Quality of Ikea Ektorp?
I'm 5'6 and 15 years old, how much would you say I should weigh?
what creatine do u use, monohydrate or ethyl ester?
what is an easy way to exercise?
protein shakes vs exercise?
How to tone your thighs, back and stomach in a month?
healthy eating habits for a 14 year old girl?
I have lost weight from having a baby but are left with the flabby stomach?
What are some good foods that contain protein?? 10 points for best answer.......?
Is it OK to maturbate between sets at gym?
how can i lose weight, healthily?
In 10 years what would you rather be, Healthy or weaalthy?
how does obesity affect the society?
what would happen if I do not eat fruit or vegies? I do not eat them as I live by myself?
Celebs with the same height as me?
how much should i weigh for my age and height?
Question about energy/stamina throughout the day?
I weigh 119 and I want to regulate my calories.?
How Can I Get Ripped Fast By December?
Is there anyway of growing taller naturally?
healthy dinner a 14 year old can make?
How do I make my bum gain more muscle without losing fat?
does anyone know a good supplement shake?
What foods mimic the effect of anabolic steroids?
I need to get thin in 2-3 months.?
i weight 57 kg, i'm 160 cm tall, if i get down to 45 is that too thin?
bullimia will kill me soon?
does weight gainer get fat into my stomache or build my muscle with excercice and gain some weight?
Is anyone else 110 pounds and a size 5?
Is acai slim safe and does it work?
How can i get a six pack abs?
Ate bad for 1 week...how bad?
How To Get Good Builded Body?
Is it ok to do a full body weights session to gain muscle mass?
i wanna lose weight!!!!?
concerned about my friends diet and drinking?
what would you think to be a perfect weight for me? I am 40, female with 4 kids. I stand at 168-169 cm so a?
Duromine (doctors in adelaide?)?
Why is it so bad to be "bigger"?
help i need to lose 10 kilos in 2 weeks.?
does being on the pill make you get bad food cravings?
Females' distorted view about body image: have we gone too far?
BMR of a 17 yr old girl?
How many calories should I be consuming daily?
Is it true that if you eat right before bed, you put on weight?
I ate a pastry for breakfast and starved myself the rest of the day - how bad is that?
Is pizza considered to be a healthy and a high protein diet?
Why don't I put on weight?? (medical reason?)?
Where can I buy clenbuterol within Australia (a site)?
Drinking Wine during diet?
what do you do when your bones hurt after working out?
How do I lose weight, and gain muscle?
is it normal to be 16 years old and be 50 kg 8 stones?
Is 4 km in 22 mins on the cross trainer any good for a 23 yr old new at the gym?
Best Meal replacement shake out there.?
quick weight loss and toning?
weight lose tablet's?
i want a flat stomach. how can i get one?
Does white rice contain suger in it?
I want someone like a carpenter or specialist to design me gym equipment?
i cant lose weight :(?
How do you loose tummy fat and celulite in one month?
how many serves are in one typical meal?
is peppermint tea a bad idea?
ok im gnna take creatine 4 times a week?
What are some good cardio exercises?
will i lose as much weight as my sister did?? HELP!?
i'm 16, 150cm tall and 45kg, do you think it would be bad to take duromine?
What is a good tasting but healthy meal i can eat for breakfast?
Does the flat belly diet work?
How to get my abs showing?
Does the ab king pro actually work?
I crave carbs all the time?
What does it mean when u lose w8 by measurement, but seem to be gaining w8 on the scales?
What does it take to loose it?
Does being hungover make you lose your appetite?
effective ways loosing excess fat?
How to bulk up but still get abs?
what is 5-(-16)= whats -60-7= whats -19-35= whats -48-(-72)=?
Help! i want to lose weight fast!?
I an alway hungry! What can I do to stop myself being so hungry?
Is it unhealthy to spend too much time online?
what is the healthiest steak you can eat while on a diet just to keep your iron and pro-tine up?
How do i loose about 10kg (22 lb) by December?
please help,,15 years old with a question about smoking!?!?!?
I'm 43, I am 90 pounds overweight & have high blood pressure & eat unhealthy food which I'm trying to fix?
Has anyone had any experience with Zumba for weight loss? (Good or Bad)?
excersices to loose tummy fat fast?
How to Get Rid of Big Belly?
Does Ephedrine work? How fast?
ok all I am 40 with 4 kids and I am 168-169 cm tall and weigh 58 kilos?
I am so hungry but could not afford to buy groceries?
Is it best to drink a protein shake before a workout?
Need healthy food suggestions please!?
I need help!! What is the best excersice for toning up but and stomach?
Why can't i loose weight?
Will this help tone me up?
how to loose weight fast?
What are foods with high carbohydrates, or high protein?
Does high matabelism do anything else then keep you skinny?
I want to lose some weight off my belly and legs, please hepl?
It is unhealthy to only have one meal a day?
wanting to lose weight, would eating a fruit smoothie for breakfast be healthy?
Any good diet tips? ?
should i eat this after a workout?
How can I lose my love handles?
Running and ab work only?
Can you get a good set of abs in just one month?
How many days a week should you do a compound workout?
The best and fastest way to achieve a flat, tight stomach and efficient exercises for toning the legs?
can someone construct a daily workout schedule for me ?
How to lose 22lbs in 3 months?
What do these words mean: (weight loss kind of words)?
how do you get your thighs smaller and a flat stomach?
How do they work out percentage of normal body weight?
what has suddenly happened?
whats the ideal weight for my height?
How Many Calories Do I Need To Eat Daily?
binge eating help....?
Who knows why I'm so big?
Am I considered in the overweight range?
Pro Ana, Why do they say you cant lose weight from not eating?
Has anyone tried the Acai Berry product that's supposed to help you lose weight- does it work?
Dieting, Exercising, which one?
How many calories should I be eating to lose weight?
can i lose weight by doing this excersise and diet?
I am 40 with 4 kids, and within a week I lost 1 kilo going from 58 kilos to 57 kilos which I think is?
What is the lemon detox diet?
1996 I had cancer. Had a lumpectomy followed by 25 radiation sessions. 2006 cancer came back. A rare form of?
Are bananas bad for you in any way?
Can anyone help with Lap Band.....?
Question about water fasting, read the additional info first?
Weight loss, toning up?
Tummy Tuck after 5 babies?
How much is the normal weight for me?
Type of protein shake to gain muscule?
How do I Llose more weight?
How can i strengthen my legs for on top lovemaking?
is it safe to go on the celebrity slim diet while taking duromine?
what is it about fat people?(guys only)?
looking for a diet buddy!!?
Will this help me lose weight?
Get out of bed and stay out?
what types of sweets such as chocholate or ice cream can you eat while trying to burn fat?
Is this a healthy after baby weight?
what to eat before and after excercise?
Best way to lose weight?
when i work out i never want to stop? anyone feel the same?
How To gain weight On you Legs Fast!!?
i am very skinny and i want muscles?
How can I improve my balance to ride a bike?
I'm never hungry - i hardly eat anymore?
Is it ok to take weight loss tablets duromine when they are 2yrs past the expiry date?
quick, healthy dinner a 14 year old can whip up?
i eat one junkfood and i feel so fat again!?
would this work unsure?
i am 14 and should i get a 6 pack?
Tell me if this is right what happens to muscle... 10 points =]?
acai berry diet is all over the net,can i find it at stores,does it really work.?
im 13 and think im overweight?
whats a fast way of losing weight in 2 weeks?
Is it harmful to perfrom autofelatio?
Is there a weight limit for high heels?
hi i want know whether my age suit's my weight or not?
weightloss, exercising, diet.?
Will being on a rowing team bulk up my arms?
if i was 15.5stone and now im 14.1 how much weight have i lost?
Is it possible to lose 13kgs in 3 months?
what weight should i be?
what is the best gym,, SYDNEY ONLY.?
can medication stop working after a certain amount of time?
Organ Donation, Why not?
How can you tell that you have breast cancer?
i m not fat overll but my arms and stomach is very fatty..and easily notied by everyone..how to reduce that?
How much weight should i aim to lose each week?
im gonna go on a starvation diet?
How to lose weight and shape up fast?
If I Go On A Diet with an Apple?
I'm eating hot chili to boost my metabolism but what is the maximum i can eat a day,or at a time?
need to loose weight?
im 13 years old and i need a good free way to lose wight. im way over weight and need help.?
how many calories did i have today?? (list of foods inside)?
I ate too much food and blew my diet. Is this too much food?
what's something good to eat before and after going for a run?
How do I perform a successful centre splits (with both of my legs spread apart)? Please help?
Some tips on how to perform a straight successful dive roll, on a mat?
Help! I feel fat and gross?
Question about biceps..?
ive started a new diet?
Tips on losing excess weight...?
How do I cleanse my body after eating heaps?
Would this be considered normal intake in one day for a 16 year old boy ?
how many kg can i lose if i run 1 - 2 km every day?
How much weight do you think i would lose in three weeks if i?
whats the normal weight...?
I really need to lose 8 kgs in a month!!!!?
Is my waist the right measurement?
Ladies, have you gained weight since high school?
i wanna lose weight... :)?
Are vegetarians healthy? Do they eat a healthy diet?
Diet plan!! 10 points to best answer :)?
Can you eat Bread while trying to lose weight?
I'm 15 years old, is jogging ok for joints and my body?
What are the benefits of daily jogging?
Can you eat lots if you exercise lots?
Question about gaining weight?
i just got my wisdom teeth pulled and i cant for like three days will i loose weight ? i am 5`4 and 140 pounds?
How can i lose weight ?
Need help getting rid of muscle on legs.?
ewww what do i do??? im on a healthy eating diet and...?
What can I do to make me eat more food at dinner time to win a eating contest?
How often should I exercise at the gym to lose 25kg in 9 months?
Is drinkning water just as good as eating?
How many kilojoules/calories?
quick diet for birthday ?????????????????
I am 4o and have 4 kids. I am almost 5 ft 7 and weigh 125.4 pounds. which is 57 kilos?
I think my mom's Bulimic?
pancreatic cancer in an 18 year old
How to cope with a family member who has been diagnosed with cancer?
My grandpa died from cancer long ago, can it be genetic?
emotions that a person goes through when diagnosed with cancer?
how do you learn tele pathy?
I have a high white blood cell count and high platelets? they want me to do a bone marrow test.?
do you think i ate too much?
what drinks stops you from hunger?
Which exercises burn fat faster?
Should I worry about a child's BMI?
food pyramid ?
food groups (fats) ?
How do I avoid hunger?
What are the bennefits of exercise?
No fat in Angel Cake?
Home made protein shakes?
how tall am i in feet? i want to know? so please anyone who knows how to do foot measurements please help?
How much weight would I lose if I ate nothing but carrots and potatoes for the next three months?
The HCG diet? anyone know bout it, or any info? thanks.?
Does meditation and yoga really work ?
how often should i do ab exercises ? if i want abs fast?
I have lost quite a bit of weight, but now I have lots of loose skin?
is it possible to lose 40-50 pounds in 4-5 months?
How can you build upper arm stregnth for 11-15 year old girls?
Perfect diet to lose weight fast...?
Does added calcium in milk actually benefit the body?
are my eating habits bad?
Would a Elliptical help me lose weight?
Advice on losing weight?
Anyone used the AB CIRCLE PRO ??? Does it work ?
Hey, help with weight lose and ab tone?
Am I too fat? should I diet?
What sort of diet and exercise should I be doing if I want to lose 10kgs?
What strength building exercises for my dad (49 years)?
Is this skinny for a guy?
Did I eat enough today?
Am I a bit too thin or am I alright?
i'm trying to lose weight but i have to eat pizza later?
will sit ups improve the abbs?
How can I lose weight quickly? NEED YOUR ADVICE URGENTLY?
How many people drop out of new gym memberships?
Do energy supplements work?
Hi there, just wondering finished chemo and rads in Feb and I'm still exhausted everyday how long will it take
is pasta and bread unhealthy?
I think I might have lung cancer?
How does someone get Cancer?
im not going to eat anything for the weekend. is that ok?
A calorie is a calorie isn't it?
Will adding lemon to your water help you lose weight faster?
If you have replaced Table Salt with Sea Salt, how do you obtain your iodine since Sea Salt does not have it?
Is it possible to lose weight with just 30mins of exercise daily?
What are the ideal body measurements?
Sudden massive loss in weight?
Is there a cure for cancer?
I have ALL or Acute lymphoblastic leukemia how can an adult get a childhood Cancer?
What Sorts of things cause cancer?
Why do I weigh more after my morning shower?
Im 55kgs and 5'1 tall, my bmi = 22, is that too fat & short to be attractive?
how tall will i be when i am 18?
Celebrity slim shakes and exercise!!?
calorie intake on a diet losing muscle or fat?
how to get a ripped body?
Help with fitness and eating?
Is six hours a day too much exercise?
Which burns fat quicker: bike riding or running?
how can i make my gut go away?
Does yoga make you veiny like Madonna?
Am I fat? People keep telling I should gain weight. I'm 167cm and weigh 44 kilos?
acai berry? anyone used it and can i buy from health store?
what excercises tone upper legs and upper arms?
Am i Fat or overweight?
Is 44 kilos a good weight for my height of 167cm?
i basivally eat a bowl of cherios a day.. is that really bad?
does skim milk taste good????
What is a simple at home non-running excercise to help lose fat?
need ur opinions about taking whey protein.?
does coffee really stunt your growth? or is that a myth?
is bowel cancer or colon cancer is curable completely?
The bravest person in the world?
Question about a brain tumour?
i want to write a cancer song?
Will soy give me breast cancer?
What's a safe amount of weight to be losing each week?
Which is the best protein shake on the market and which tastes the best?
what is the life expectancy of a person with colon cancer that has spread to both her liver and lungs?
Advanced Pancreatic Cancer...?
Need exercise advice pls answer?
are there any cardio/fat burning exercises i can do that doesnt involve my legs?
In real life, what size is Goku from Dragon Ball Z's body.?
what is yellow melons and tamotoes..(and other fruits/veg) good for? and how many kcals does it have in it...?
is there any weight loss programs on the internet that are free and you dont have to buy something at the end?
what are easy exercises to flatten your stomach?
How exactly do you do crunches?
I don't wanna go to the gym!!!?
whats the quickest way to lose 4kg in a week?
Would taking Zinc Gluconate with Vitamin B5 do any harm?
How do you lose fat on your stomach without getting noticeable abs?
Can somone PLEASE write out a healthy diet. PLEASE :)?
Running decreases muscle size?
i think im too fat for my age((14))?
If you walked 30 minutes a day, would you see a difference?
Yoga question?????????
Why am I so strong???????????
What can I do to burn fat around my belly, waist, and gluts?
How can I maintain my weight?
10 yr old keeps eating... is it healthy?
Has anyone tried the Acai Berry diet??? Successful or Impossible? Do you eat only the Acai Berry?
Getting rid of muscle?
I am 59 kilos and 20 years old and want to loose a little weight?
what is the best gym,, SYDNEY ONLY.?
small build but big bum - how can i slim it down?
How does colloidal silver work to kill all viruses even cancer ?
is it true in the states taht your cancer treatment is givein according to what you can pay for not what you..?
How tall will I be? Am I short, tall or average?
Best way to lose stomach fat?
abc ana boot camp.. ?
How do I loose about 15 lbs in 35 days?
how can i get a six-pack in 30 days.?
what do recomend as a good weight loss medication?
Do you think this is a good diet?
BMI question. I am 40 with 4 kids and 5ft 7 tall and I weigh 58-59 kilos?
Please read! Help! Prefferably a FIREFIGHTER!?
Yeast free diet? What foods to avoid?
am i fat i weigh 180lb?
Is there lyk a mental thought or saying that will stop me eating junk food?
I'm 15, 80 kg's, 4"8, Female. Ive tried losing weight, but i fail.?
Working on flattening my Abs?
loosing 5 kg in a month?
How bad is instant noodles?
What is your idea of fat? Please answer!?
Motivation question?
is my stomach too big?
Im 14 and weigh 130 am I fat?
How many kilojoules should a teenage girl have a day?
what should i do instead of this?
how do i get fatter and gain weight?
What to cook for a house full of fussy fatties?
Best way to loose weight in the hips and thigh areas?
I'm around 5'7" and was down to 121-123, too small?
How can I get more defined abs?
question, I am female who is 40 and have 4 kids, I am 170cm which is 5ft 7?
ok everyone. I am 40 with 4 kids and stand at 5 ft 7 tall?
How to get motivated to exercise?
what kind of symptoms and signs do you get when you lose a lot of weight?
Grow tall and lose weight at the same time?
On average, how long does it take to get a flat stomach?
I`m 20 years old.I`m 5ft 3in.But i want to be 5ft 7in.My father is 5ft 6in.My mother is 5ft 2in.How can i ?
what should I really do the day after binging/grazing?
Willpower to loose weight?
is it ok to eat after drinking protein shake?
What is the correct way to stretch your hamstring?
How much weight loss is too much?
help with cravings ??? :)?
(Girls)How to lose weight on my legs? but not too much?
Anyone out there..endure chemo? If so...just a question..thanks?
Is it true that left handed people can get breast cancer easier than right handed people, generally speaking?
Deodorant question for health professionals...?
does browsing the computer produce breast cancer?
should i get my colonscopy?
colonscopy test results?
Doing Weights Once Every Five Days?
is McDonald's a good way to gain muscles?
Need to tone - Exercise reigme?
What is protein and how much do I need daily?
How do you know you are going through a growth spurt and when will it end?
how much on average in kilos should i weigh?
Im scared how people will act around me when I lose weight?
weight loss questions.?
What is the appropriate weight for a 15 year old girl who is 164 cm tall?
How do I maintain my weight (not lose weight) when I get braces?
How much weight should I lose?
whats some good exercises for fitness?
Herbal tea - which ones would you recommend?
Just wondering if the Lemon Detox Diet is as good as they say?
Exercises to loose weight in certain area?
how to make stomach, bum and thighs smaller?
i think i might have lung cancer?
How long does chemo brain last after the end of chemo treatments? Its been 5 months for me and its still here
How much time in sun is necessary to get your daily dose of vitamin D?
My friend turned 15 and he got cancer and died 1 month later?
How do I avoid hunger?
Getting in exercise every day...?
i weigh 160kg how long would i have to go without food to loose 10kg?
Survivor's Guilt?
Can an ultra sound detect cancer?
Which weight loss pills?
workout motivation, please help?
Detox Diet Questionnaire (for those who've done it).?
why is my diet not working!?
can someone help me!!!!?
Avocado - Does it have many calories?
i have no will power when it comes to junk food?
please answer i need help with weight loss?
Willl this heap me loose weight fast?
Can/Should I work out while my arms still hurt?
1500 calories a day??how?
How strong can one get while still having skinny arms?
Is my diet ok for body building?
excercise to keep my bum in good shape?
Is 175cm and 70kg a healthy weight? Or not...?
help me gain a bit of weight?
How can changes in movement increase the difficulty of a resistance training exercise?
how do i burn fat quick?
Only eating dinner isn't anorexic, is it?
Do you think my loss of appetite could be something serious?
Bodybuilding - nutrition?
im a bit taller that 6 foot, have a big build, am i the right weight?
Im in year 8 and really want to loose weight in my Stomach area and thighs fast !?
How can i lose a lot of weight?
Whens the best time to workout after eating?
What food groups have carbs?
I just started the gym how scary , what is the best equipment should i use to really burn the fat?
how to gain lost weight??or any advice..?
How many calories are burnt....?
the lemon detox diet?
Do Fat Magnet Tablets Actually Work?
Why when i have tea it burn my belly?
IS ther any food that makes you bum smaller?
When reading the Nutrition Information labels..?
how can i lose weight cause i want to be thin.?
I just bought a treadmill. Any advice?
When do you know when you have done enough excercise?
Why do you think junk food should be banned?
How many snacks should I eat each day?
Is this an average weight for someone whos 5'7?
I weigh 160 Im 6'3" i feel like im getting sick. . . im losing too much weight ? i need to know what to do . .?
is extersising this much and eating this little bad?
Is being 94lbs at around 5'3-5'4 tall considered as underweight?
At 5'7 how much could you weigh..?
What is the best Bodybuilding Supplements?
Over eating on cabbage..?
bladder not emptying,how can this be fixed?
Question about colon cancer?
Question about mammograms and breast ultrasounds..please help?
does the lemon detox diet work?
i have put on weight how can i lose it quick?
how do i boost my metabolism?
how do u loose weight?
has anyone else had alot of trouble to lose weight when on anti depressants?
How about handstand push ups for muscle building?
Is running a good exercise if your trying to lose weight?
What's your favourite low fat or low cal snack/meal?
Complex Carbohydrates Every Hour?
havn't eaten in a while - will this make me fat?
what kind of exercises can i do to tone up my back?
Is going for a run best to do before or after a weights session?
what muscles to u use in a punch and how can i improve them?
what type of foods are healthy for teens?
How do you get big forearm muscles?
Why do i feel like vomiting after exercise?
What i ate today...IS this a healthy diet plan to lose weight??? also is punjabi food saag good for you, & why?
How can I show support to a cancer patient?
Breast prosthetic vs. reconstruction?
How can I find motivation to exercise?
I want muscles on my legs.?
What are the chances of me having a brain tumor? I'm 19 years old?
Could This Be Melanoma?
would tramadol be used in treatments of std?
i've been taking cephalexin for a bacterial infection for 5 days?
Why white blood cells could not kill cancer?
Does eating a few grams of cheese cause lung cancer?
can people with lung cancer..........?
What excercises give you pecs?
What are the effects of Obesity?
Does anyone have a website for free dieting pills in the UK so I don't have to pay for overseas?
any1 know??? australia only?
what are the highest protein breads availalble?
What is the average cost of getting the gastric bypass procedure done in AUSTRALIA?
How to lose wight on my thighs?
If you walked 30 minutes a day, would you see a difference?
How worthy is beetroot?
How can I maintain my weight?
what types of training for a firefighter?
Is this good workout and diet so far?
2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of veg every day?
health and becoming more energetic for teens?
What health issues can pilates prevent?
How can you tone upper arms without weights or equipment?
Can drinking more water make you energetic and feel better?
Does anyone know how much weight watchers meetings are in Australia?
Getting in shape.. fast?
How tall were u at 12 and a half?
If I have a BLT and salad and coffee for lunch today what else can I eat without taking in too many calories?
Are bake coffee beans know to cause cancer?
do cancer patients that do kimo therapy and lose their hair also lose their eyebrows?
What are the most healing foods/herbs for an infant with cancer?
Are Clinical trial for cancer treatment Free of cost?
are colon polyps dangerous if gone untreated?
How can I lose the fat from around my stomach and hips?
what advice do nutritionists give people on vegetarian diets to ensure they have adequate iron intake?
how many calories should a eat a day to stay healthy but lose weight?
Healthy lunch but with lots of carbs for my work?
Anyone have any good training programs to excerise?
best ways to lose weight on thighs, arms and belly?
More info on acai berry?
About exercise physiology...?
How long should i walk for each day?
Does acai berry really promote weight lost?
im going to the gold coast (australia) and want to tone up, any good ideas for weight loss?
anyone else wish there was a way to lose weight online haha?
whyyyy do i always wake up with sore stomach muscles?!?
How unhealthy is it to only have a small cup of coffee and a cup of soup a day?
What incline/speed should i be running on the treadmill?
How to get a flatter stomach?
Does anyone know if corn bran can be purchased in Australia? I am looking for a 0.5kg or 1kg bag, if possible.?
I'm really nervous about going to the gym?
is drinking laxative tea that bad for you if you just want to clear out your system?
My dad keeps accusing me of being anorexic, what should I do?
How much would one lose spending 2 hours in the gym for 9 days and eating super healthy?
Im not sure if im overweight or not?
Overweight? PLEASE Help?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?!?
Am i eating enough??
The definition of 'curvy'?
Hey guys I read somewhere that you can help your height grow a bit, not that I need it but?
why are a lot of people obsessed with their BMI? according to my so called BMI on the net?
who do you call if a fat kid gets stuck in a slide?
What should my diet and exercise consist of?
Will skipping lunch consistently lead to weight loss?
im 65kg and want to get down to 55kg?
Have you done south beach diet?
ok everyone I am between 5 ft 7 to 5ft 8 and I am 40 almost 41 with 4 kids?
I asked this question before and I will ask it again because some person said I had an hour glass figure?
what are the nutritional requirements and dietary needs for adolescents?
I need to know about a type of cancer called mesolophemia? Which is probably spelled wrong.?
breast mammogram and uler sound?
Liver cancer in a 19 year old male?
What are the statistics for surviving ovarian cancer?
after my thyroid was removed ,why do i have to keep taking calcium so my boes will not hurt,?
do you think the lump means cancer of the lymph nodes ?
What are the signs/symptoms of prostate cancer?
could this be cancer?
am i ok? i NEED HELP!?
Antiperspirant causes cancer?
I have all the early signs of throat cancer, doctor did a swab and nothing was found...symptoms remain!?
father 76 had colonoscopy today NO cancer found, so why internal bleeding then? any ideas?
Breast Cancer Scared.?
my friend had an abcessed tooth for a long time, never got it fixed, now has myeloma, could be a cause of it!?
A Perfect Night Time Routine For A Teen?
question time. what would happen if I kept my fat intake under 20 grams a fat a day?
is straight lemon juice good for you?
How do I lose weight without bullking up working out in the gym?
What are some effective exercises to loose weight?
I really need to lose some weight?
What is the best way to lose weight after baby?
Will I stop growing? I am 16 years old. I am around 6'9"-6'11"?
does skim milk contain the least fat in milk types?
How to get nice pecks at home with no equipment?
my spouse aged 53 yrs weighing 8o kg is having B,P 170/100. KINDLY ADVISE?
Am I really THAT FAT?(pic included)?
What does alkaline water do for the health?
How many calories is this?
What kind of workout can I do to improve my fitness for rowing?
Reccomendations for a seafood free belly weight loss diet?
drinking water makes me bloated?
What should I have for breakfast this morning?
whats the best way to lose weight if your 14 and work as well as school?
GYM WORKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
Perfect weight for a girl who is 5'8 that is 178 cm?
Testicular Removal Surgery-how bad is it?
I have thyroid cancer and I'm going for radioactive iodine treatment! Any diet ideas?
Can bacteria or viruses cause cancer?
zyprexa and weight gain.....?
My friend really wants to lose weight...?
I am going to post this one last time. I am 40 with 4 kids and about 5ft7-5ft8 in height?
Some one to e-mail for advice? I'm 13. It's mostly eating-related?
How does the sauna benefit me?
How many minutes do i need to work on the treadmill to lose kilos?
Will Pilates help me?
I exercised all of my upper body (except traps) on Tuesday, today is Thursday is it too soon to go again?
what is cellulite exactly & how do you get it?
Am I overweight? (20 characters)?
i need help on a fitness program im trying to do.... read on for crucial info...?
Where can I find a free personal trainer...in delaware? Or just someone willing to lose weight with me?
flat stomach in two weeks!?!?!?!?!?
is about 71 g. of carbs. too much in one day?
How long will it take to see the results of me eating a meal a day and exersizing for a hour?
Steady simple exercises please?
How can I lose 10lbs of FAT?
Is BMI a good indicator of a healthy body weight?
what can i do about my family complaining about my bulimia?
Health Buffs, what would make a good BIG breakfast to sustain me all day?
losing some weight and toning up suggestions?
Is 1 hour a day jogging too much?
Do you think i am kind of overweight?
health and fitness question?
how can i tone my stomach fast?
Loosing Fat on my legs?
why do some ppl have small thighs and some people have big thighs ?
Why is it that the 1st day/week is always the hardest in a new eating plan?
Any females out there who would like to be my cycling buddy?
Am i old enough to lift weights?
How to Loose weight easily?
this is unusual but I have grown over the last year or so. wierd. I am 40 with 4 kids?
I'm a 16 year old girl, how can I lose 15 kgs (33 pounds) healthily?
How much weight should I lose?
if i only eat small at dinner and dont eat the rest of the day will i lose weight?
How do you stop eating??????
What are the positives and negatives of eating a lot of carrots?
how many calories do jila mints have?
am i normal or fat, plz comment seriously?
"Can a hernias turn into Cancer if not treated?
Can i take half a shake then another half before and after workout?
is their a type of tablet you take that makes you loosee weight?
what is a quick way to lose weight?
Do you think im fat thin or average?
How Can I Increase Chest Size?
How much weight would I be able to lose in one month?
What is the best way to gain belly and arm fat?
Motivation . help :(?
Heya Weight gain + muscle gain help with whey protein?
i already asked about my skinny legs. somebody advised me that i dont need fat. i need muscles. But how can i?
best food to avoid when trimming down?
List of HIGH PROTEIN foods?
what does a protein shake actually do for you?
Can Vinegar tablets help you Loose?
omg! how come???????
When should u eat protein?Before or after doing weights?
What is the best way to lose weight of off your stomach?
How to lose stomach fat in the summer ?
Meal Replacements...?
is this a healthy diet ? heand will it lp me loose weight ? also how much is my calorie intake a day?
Am I kinda a bit overweight?
What is wrong with my sternum/throat/chest/lungs?
what is medullary thyroid cancer ?
What weight exercises do you do to build up your lower pecks?
Help me with fitness please?
is oats bad for you, or fattening?
is it possible for you to love your body and for it to show?
AVERAGE WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
Protein powder? How often for a 15 year old?
At 84 pounds and 5 feet 5 inches, and thirteen years old, could I put on a little weight without getting fat?
Does eating only apple and drink green tea helps to lose weight?
What would you look for to see if something is Healthy?
How to stop yourself from eating after dinner (after dinner cravings)?
How much should a 14yr old?
How to lose weight FAST?
personal trainers or fitness experts! Please help!! 10 points!?
am I alllergic to mandarines?
Eating disorders????
Why doesn't bench press work...?
Which is the healthier option? A low carb diet/atkins diet or a cut off of around 1000-1500 calories per day.?
What happens to your body if you burn more calories than you consume?
what would happen if i drank weight gainer shakes and ate weight gainer bars but didnt exercise?
regina cancer put a web site on computer for me under wally' walker's and i cannot find it please help me find?
Breast Cancer and Bone Cancer Question.?
selective cancer activity via depolarization of mitochondria?
why people dont't know and scare about radiotherapy?
Do I have Cancer? or is it a lymph node?
What are the physical benefits of aerobics?
Does the atkins diet really work?
carbohydrates Question?
losing 1000 calories a day?
Getting a flat stomach in just a few weeks..?
what food should i eat inorder to gain about 10 kg in a month?
my 15 month old always falls asleep in the middle of eating any ideas on why she does this?
how much exercise would i have to do to lose 1000 calories a day?
the P90X fitness program,how good is it & does it work?
Is it unhealthy to eat in between meals?
Is it healthy to eat 3/4 of white rice daily?
Does pilates burn fat?
what is the best way to gain muscle fast?
Could anyone here provide me with a weight training guide?
get a toned body and build muscle?????????
weight loss please help?
Girls building muscles! Personal experiences please!! :D?
Losing weight for teens?
I want to lose weight and am doing excersize on a treadmill?
if you do sit ups, do u only loose weight in ur stomach?
Thigh circumference of 25inch?
am i average? 5' 5 and 1/2 inches 115 pounds 12 year old boy?
What is the best exercise on a...?
is it really unhealthy to drink more than one can of cola in a day?
I lost weight, but im still flabby, How do I tone. HELP!?
When on a diet wheres the places you lose weight first?
How many calories have I had?
Is it possible to be fat being 13 years old, 5'5 and 84 pounds?
can you keep of calories when eating fatty foods by drinking soft drink?
Could staying up late every night cause weight gain?
can someone explain what serotonin toxicity is?
am i too fat for skinny jeans--pic included--no BS remarks?
i have a slim body but my legs arent in proportion...?
Can I lose weight from my waist and tummy just by going on brisk walks?
Do you think i have potential to break the record for WORLDS HEAVIEST HUMAN?
I'm losing my sweet tooth HELP!?
If your stomach hurts after exercise is that a good thing?
Would cycling help to lose thigh fat? Or which parts of the body does it work on?
how can I loose weight in 3 days?
Should you exercise if your sore from the previous day?
what does/can one eat... weeks/months after colon surgery?
need help hair?
Does anyone out there have neck cancer? I do.?
Unexplained severe ovarian pain?
If Plastic causes cancer, does pop cans?
I want to start a walk/run/ride to help raise money for Pancreatic Cancer reaserch.?
donate hair for natural wigs for cancer patients. not cutting off have bag of brushings GTA Canada?
How does cancer kill you ?
awaiting a bone marrow trasplant for leukemia?
is it bad to smoke weed if you just had cancer treatment?
breast-cancer may be back....im waiting for biopsy ive lived with my girls for 53years who will want me aft
has anyone lost a lot of weight in a short period of time and NOT gotten awful stretchmarks?
What foods give protein?
What are some good protein foods that i can eat/drink before i work out so that i get visible muscles?
personal trainer course?
will i lose weight doing this?
How many calories in two pieces of toast with nutella thickly spread on it?
how can i lose the weight fast?
In regards to diet foods and different sources.?
I'm only 7 stone....?
how did life change for you after you lost weight? Did you get more attention?
will i gain weight in these two days?
a question about losing weight?
How many grams of protein should I take to maintain muscle?
My Doctor said need to lose 20 kg...... help?
Any expert wight losers who wanna help me?please?!?
How should I try to lose weight?
Is chewing sugarfree gum bad for stomach ulcers?
What are some exercises to get strong abs?
is green tea really good for you?
I havent been eating alot for a whole week which is a big diff from how i used to eat before what is wrong ?
how to tone up a stomach?
I have been asked to be a personal trainer for a friend, not yet qualified, what should I charge?
If a 16 year old was to get breast tumors removed...?
Only 4 more days...?????I dont know?
If damaged cells kill themselves, how do you explain cancer cells?
Effects of chemotherapy?
Do I have the symptoms of leukemia?
Can laptops cause testicular cancer? Please give sources with information from sites that aren't all .com?
how are drugs used to target tumor cells during chemotherapy?
Someone I know recently got diagnosed with soft cell tissue cancer, can anyone tell me more about it?
ok here goes. I have been having problems with my calf muscles because I am not getting any younger I am 40?
i need help on how to keep fit and skinny ?
I want to lose weight, but i also want to fasten my motabolism. how can i do that?
Is there a limit to how much skipping i can do without hurting myself or injury?10 points!! :D!!!!?
Is it possible for a thirteen year old girl to live on just dinner?
Best way to loose weight and get fit ?
How much protein is in an egg?
how many grams of fiber in a whole grain piece of bread?
How to increase Iron levels (& energy) without eating meat?
How do I tighten, tone and smallen my bum/thighs area? I am starting to get love handles!?
How old were you when you started to gain weight?
I am 13 and i want to lose weight before summer ends.?
Vegetarian healthy meals when trying to lose weight?? HELP PLEASE!!!! thankyou so much!!?
how to lose weight from my hips+stomach?
how to get yr abbs to show ( if i tense u can see it)?
Can you please give me some weight gin tips? I'm underweight and need to come up to the verage weight.?
I need to get rid of my stomach fat in 2 weeks, it's a pooch and I look pregnant...and im not. Help!?
How does my 'prom' desperate weight loss plan sound?
Im chubby and want to loose weight, but Im going crazy right now...?
How do I get a flat bum and a flat tummy?
I am 13, 5'2", and weight 101 lbs- am I fat?
losing a gut & love handles.?
I don't understand the difference between water weight and fat weight?
Has anyone done lemon detox does it work?
My friend is going to name her triplet sons huey, dewey and louie. what do you think of those names?
pleaseeee help me get fit?
Inaccuracy of BMI calculators?
for beggining yoga should i use a book or video?
am i big boned???????????
Need lose alot of weight fast for competition...best way?..don't care if its unhealthy?
Do you think I'll lose much weight with this routine?
I need to gain muscle! help (read detail please)?
I need help emotionally and mentally with my weight....?
What kind of daily exercise home plan should I have if I want to burn 1000 calories p/day?
How can I become friends with the gym? ....... :|?
Whats Bulimia.......................?
How come I have lost my apetite?
Should I cancel my gym membership when it runs out? what do you think?
why do we find sugary products addictive?
What do the men out there think of my body shape?
Need motivation to stick to my diet. AND to get up early to go for morning walk before breakfast... help?!?
Is it possible to have more than 1 skin cancer at the same time?
is my being exposed to radiation harmful?
Let's say you have smoked heavily for 5 years at age 18, will you get lung cancer?
cancer prevention??????????
hi i have a question about a possible tumor in my left ear lobe (normal symptom)?????
I found a lump. Could it be cancer?
If my twin brother died 2 yrs ago what should be my life expectency?
Breast Cancer?
i started excercising yesterday and have woken up very sore this morning, do i continue to excercise or wait?
Is this a healthy diet / enough exercise?
How much fat should we consume a day?
What do you think would be the right weight for me?
how come i eat so much during the night?
which is better? GNC/Gold Standard/Vital Strength?
Barely sweat anymore at my current weight?
Is prolonged exposure to small amounts of carcinogens harmful?
stomach cancer cures?
single young widow.... as beloved husband passed away 6 months ago....?
What is the stages of... ?
what do all these syptomes mean? please help...im really scared?
I'm really concerned, what are my chances of going bald?!! and preventions?!?
Why are there so much support and donations for breast cancer..?
Do I have Skin Cancer?
Can Cell phones actually cause Brain Tumors?
Exercise Speed and Tempo Help?
how can i rid of toxin from my body to loose weight?
How to fast foods for health and religous purposes?
I need help losing weight.?
How to lose weight fast?
can you put on weight if you eat alot of heathy stuff?
Is the easiest way to lose weight just eating lots of fresh fruit and veg, exercising and drinking water?
The 48hr Rapid Detox, does it actually work?
Whats the best wieght-loss pills to take?
i smoke weed everyday n eat hardly anything and hardly exercise is that ok?
How can I lose 15 kilos as quickly as possible?
i have been on a pretty strict diet and have lost about 3.5 kilos over the last 3 weeks,?
Is this a Ideal protein shake?
what can i do to gain weight? im slightly underweight and would like to be heavier?
What is the best way to get big arms?
How many calories should I be consuming above my daily intake to gain weight?
what would you consider unhealthy attachment of a guy to his mummy?
Rewards for achieving long and short term aims?
What are "fat blockers"?
Why don't I ever feel hungry?
Will I get a flat stomach if I do 200 sit-ups a day for two weeks?
does anyone know where you can find a personal fitness trainer in horsham or in the wimmera, victoria area?
Question here, I am just wouindering if during the day if you can put on 1-2 kilos?
Can i get fit in 1 month?
havent exercised in four years, so i wana start? What will happen?
Could i loose this much weight in this much time?
Contour Ab Sculpting Program?
Steamed cabbage for weight loss?
Steamed Cabbage for dinner?
What a good ways to get stamina up a lot?
How long does it take excess calories to turn into fat?
Am i getting an eating disorder? please help!?
Is this enogh exercise for a day?
Minimum height for a Bouncer?