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What is YOUR diet plan? :)?
Can i lose weight in a hot climate?
Cemo - Wig Price £375?? Has my mum been overcharged?
I am a beginner, how many times should I lift weights?
Why wont I loose weight?
What is the normal age to be able to join a gym?????
ways to lose weight...?
How can I lose one kilo a week?
I've been on Herbalife 2 days?
How much weight can you lose from a days work?
Is it possible to get thin and not have loose skin?!?
Is it possible to lose 6 kilos in 3 weeks?
How much exercise is too much?
if i start working out my lower body will it make my upper body stronger?
Female aged 17 height 167cm weight around 80kg?
Any ideas on how to get motivated to excercise, im 25 weeks pregnant and just cant motivate myself.?
how can i become better at playing sports?
will a weight trainng program help me gain weight?
i'm 160cm tall and 70kg is that bad?
My friend is 13 5 foot 8 and weighs about 75kgs, she thinks shes fat. Is she fat?
How much calories would I have burnt approx.?
Am i losing weight at a normal pace?
Im 14 And i weigh 70Kgs. I really want to loose weight but i can't sick to diets.?
i burn nearly 800 calories a day.exercise and dance .but after that i get really hungry.?
How can i lose 9-15 pounds and keep it OFF?
Hip and shoulder cramps from exercise?
How much weight could I lose in 34 days on meal replacements?
When You Are Doing "Push-ups" And You Reach Your Limit... How Do You "Do 5-10 More"?
How badly would you be affected by 1L of beer and half a bottle of rum?
How do obese people become obese?
hay i waz wonderin if u can buy the ab circle pro on the interent in australia ?? LOL need hlpz !!?
This is a Growth Spurt ? Help!?
how do I gain weight ?
How can I have more energy to exercise?
Has anyone done the hot and cold water diet?
I'm on a diet and need advice cos i just had lollies lmao?
Is bubble tea okay to have? healthy..?
Which fruits are good as filling foods?
Can I make my body like this in 1 year?
What should i eat before a workout?
28yo has cancer one doctor gave him an operation and said every?
What are the quickest ways to tone up?
Can someone write me a Training routine/Diet Plan?
Eating addiction, How to fight it?
weight and size???????????
How to burn 400 calories in a day?
Great workouts for a 13 year old guy?
Answer this question, i'm confused?
can i buy super slim (african mango)in the shops?
What is the outcome if this diet?
Im 14 and im 152cm tall, how much should i weigh?
What is the best way to increase your stamina?
Do I need to diet at thirteen?
Why does eating slowly prevents overeating and obesity?
how can i be thin i want to puke but i can't? i really need help?
please help guys ! Am I FAT? :(?
Where can I find the cheap treadmill in Victoria?
Am i chubby or fat for my size , age ... ?
How can I find the motivation to lose weight?
Does pushups or using weights give u more muscles?
Does the Energy/Fat Loss supplement "Tea Rexx" actually work?
Good ways to lose weight fast?
International Protein Synergy 5 vs. Overseas Protein Brands (Particularly ON Gold Standard)?
how can I gain weight?
My parents are forcing me to eat meat?
my diet?Am i doing it right?
Whats better, to eat?
how long does acai berry capsules take to make you lose weight?
what are some good healthy meals i can have?
Binge Eating Disorder?
Will 2 hours of dancing a day with a healthy diet help me lose weight?
Am I too fat for a thirteen year old girl?
help! tell me whats wrong with me?
Need to drop a dress size?
I don't know how to eat normally anymore. Help?
i have heard a lot about fasting, but what is true?
how to flat your belly without exercise?
How many calories are in these?
Do you think I'm too thin ?
Am I over training or under training or training just fine?
NEEDING SOME ADVICE **easy ten points**?
How many grams of fiber should I eat everyday? I'm 15?
what is the best way to have a nice meal ?
How many calories should I have in one day?
why am i not eating properly?
can i take creatine at 13?
what really goes into junk food?
i want to gain weight?
Where can I find a good eating plan & gym program to build muscle?
Motivation to eat bread?
how to gain fat on my face?
Pros and cons on vitamin water?
Allowable foods on the atkins diet?
Has anyone succeeded in losing weight while on anti-depressants?
What exercise burns the most calories?
What is a healthy snack to have after work if you finish at 10pm and can't eat at work?
how can i get a toned stomach? Line in the middle? HELP!?
Weight Loss; Has anyone out there lose a big amount of weight ?
What is the appropriate calorie range for a teenage girl?
How can I loose weight? fast, and I mean fast!?
What if a 9 yr. old boy is the height of 4'6 1/2 and the weight of 85?
Am I having a growth spurt?
What calorie range do you recommend for me?
do fat burning pills really work as they say they do?
Do saturated fats do some good to the body or do they just make you unhealthy?
my diet?Am i doing it right?
Why does being on the pill make you gain weight?
Am I too fat for a thirteen year old girl?
Have you used the Acai and Colon Cleansing tablets?
How long will it take me to reach 130 lbs.?
Am I fat?~ o.0..............?
What is some good exercising Music? 10 points to the person who answers best!?
what should i/shouldnt i eat? to lose weight in one month?
Hey. im about to start using Creatine Ethyl Ester, could people who use it please help me?
Why does my treadmill belt stick with each step?
any ways to lose weight fast?
Help I can't lose weight anymore? Details inside..?
I want to lose weight!!!?
is this a health breakfast for weightloss?
Questions about joining a gym?
I feel weak today and so hungry?
what do i do first out of spin or weights?
how to get a flat stomach?
going to ask my doctor for diet pills what would be the best one to get ?
Squats vs. Cycling to tone thighs?
do you think i am really tall?
for the last two weeks I've lost that inspiration for doing my workouts and diet?
Does drinking water make you lose weight?
Help me with my weight lossss please.?
how many calories in these meals?
Loose weight off legs!!major?
How to get muscle definition/toned in your back?
continental cup-a-soup diet?
Am I Underweight???????????????????
how to keep muscle but become leaner?
Ima girl & ii have big shoulders ii go gym twice a week?
what is the best way to have a nice meal ?
Is Jenny Graig the best to lose weight fast?
If I use the pills Quick trim ?..?
Are there any fruits that are considered not healthy?
Is it better to exercise every day?
Is fast walking 2.5km a day enough?
Workout for a 13 year old who wants to build muscle?
Is this a good fitness training routine?
What do you think of this workout routine?
put on 4 kgs in a week. how long will it take to lose it?
Alternative to lunges?
food and exercise...?
what is a really good diet or exercise routine that will help we lose a few kilograms in a couple of weeks?
How can i stay healthy and look hot in a bikini?
Will i lose weight if i burn off all the calories i eat?
aah! How can I get rid of my leg fat? I'm only 14...?
What's the best crash diet?
Can the treadmill help to tone my bum, thighs and stomach?
How can i put on 7 kgs in the next 3 weeks? I would even be happy with 5kgs?
How to grow taller for a 13 Year old?
Will doing 20m sprints with 2 tires tied to me help me with my speed alot?
Best way to lose weight for someone of average build?
How do I slim my legs but not gain any more muscle in them?
Who has been on the Light & Easy meals?
how many pounds can i lose in one day?
i feel bloated/Fat on stomach but no where else.?
does doing cardio use up the carbs and protein needed for building upper body muscle?
Do I need to lose weight to be a petite model? (pictures included)?
I have no food to eat.I have to wait 5 days till my scholarship arrives.How can I survive?
can i still be a nutritionist if i dont look fit?
Help regarding fitness, strength and sport?
How to lose weight especially the fat on my belly without any exercise?
i want proper bread on my face?
beach tomorrow,help me please?!?
Lower stomach won"t go away?
Most of the time I eat rice. I want to reduce carbohydrate in my diet, what shall I eat to substitutes?
stopped height suddenly !! any suggestions?
Masters Cleanse weightloss and bathroom question?
If 3500 calories is 1 lb, then why?
Walking burns off calories?
do energy drinks like "V" or mother make you gain weight really quickly?
how to tone body ?? (exercises that work and fast)?
I am 15 and not overweight but i have gained weight over the past few months?
what is the website that shows the calorie calculator?
whats he best diet, no carb low cal low fat, one meal a day? any others..?
What are some good indoor exercises I can do to keep me fit?
Does swimming burn many calories/ aid weight loss?
how many calories should a 12 year old girl consume?
why do people think weight lifting stuns growth?
im skinny but i want to get more "fit" and toned?
how long did it take for you to get big arms?
How do my bust-hip-waist measurements compare to the ideal/average?
Would you recommend protein powder or shakes?
australian diet buddy pretty please help!!!?
how to build up pectoral muscle?
Does smoking pot, ciggarets, coffee and only have dinner and breakfast make you loose weight?
I am a 13 year old boy, who needs to get stronger and I need a good workout routine daily?
can somebody please help me to get a six -pack?
whats the best way to speed your metabolism up? QUICKLY!?
I heard that if you're trying to lose weight, it's good to have a break day from exercising?
wheight loss diet help?
any tips on how to build up in body flesh ?
Losing weight: have 6 small meals a day, how big/small are the meals?
If i stop lifting weight for about two months would i lose a lot of muscle mass?
im a 14 yr old girl, im 5ft7 and 67 kilos, how can i loose weight? is there a teens food guide?
.... I want to increase my height?
do models lie about their diet?
My arms are longer than my height. Why?
am i fat !!!!!!!!!!!!?
Excessive caffine makes your heart beat faster. Does this make your heart stronger?
Any tips for me ??? easy 10 points?
help me pls i am 1mtr 80cms tall & 90kgs?
I want to lose 35kg. Advice for an effective and time efficient solution?
Has Anyone On Here Ever Lost 20KG In 2 MONTHS !!?
How much does a good politician weigh ?
Will Hygetropin (HGH) make me get taller?
Exercising right after eating? Good or Bad?
How tall will i be at 21?
How do I lose stomach bulge fast?
best way to lose 8kg in 3 weeks?
Need to lose 20lbs ( teenager)?
Why is it that when dieters eat normally, they put on weight? is there any way to prevent this from happening?
Is brown rice a good complex carb?
I'm 16 year old and i need to lose a lot of weight?
what are the defence mechanisms of the lungs?
can cancer be detected from just a blood test?
Is my weight okay for my height?
How many calories equals to 1 kg?
What foods are a natural diuretic ?
am i too skinny for my age or height?
Stomach rumbles in class, really embarrassing!?
how do i loose 10 kilo's?
Has anyone here tried D-fine8 and have it work for them?
if i only eat 500 cals a day how much will...?
is that tall to be 5 8 and 12?
What would happen to someone if they ate the right amount of calories, but only ate junk food?
If I jog one hour a day on the treadmill for 5 times a week, will I lose weight?
Toning and defining muscles in arms?
how to get really toned legs?
How do i loose 15 kgs?
A little help please easy 10 points!!!?
How effective is this for weightloss?
if i eat less than 1200 calories?
I'm a 15 year old guy and i still have baby fat on my face! i want it off.?
Does coffee give you cancer?
have you ever lost weight by eating between 500 and 800 calories a day?? 10 points!!?
Am I overweight, Average, or Underweight?
What time of day is better to exercise?
How to lose weight points to best answer?
what are the physical barriers to communications often found in gyms?
Could you lose more weight on a high fat, lower carb diet, than a low fat diet with a higher carb intake?
Are my legs fat, or are they just naturally larger?
I need help to lose excess weight?
Whats a good vitamin(s) to take with a multi vitamin?
does smoking help you lose weight or stay thin?
How can I gain weight/muscle?
Is there an Australian or UK version of www.mypyramid.gov?
how do i get the perfect stomach?
Is this a healthy diet for a 15/16 year old?
i am 5'2 how tall am i in cm?
Bodybuilding question?
Help me . Anorexia PLZ?
how many weight watcher points required to MAINTAIN current weight?
Women AND Men!! How long do you think it would take you to do this workout? *REPOST*?
How to get weight off legs and arms?
are detox teas good for health?
Do you think I am overweight?
What are some healthy/fat free supermarket foods?
Eating lots of fruits, fish & veges makes you fat?
What should I eat that is healthy?
skinny legs and face?
Uncomfortable with body image?
Is it healthy to only drink water?
I've started playing netball for a club and I'm worried I'm going to get all muscly?!?
how many sit-up's will it take?
food for muscle gain?
What exercise equipment should I buy?
Good results for running?
Whats the most effective way to improve fitness within 2 weeks?
has any one got any advice to lose weight (15 yrs)?
if you exercise, does your hair and skin get healthy and better looking?
what can i do to let my parents let me become veggi?
what is the best exercises?
how long to lose weight?
eating ice cream after workout ok?? will rate 5STARS!!?
is this a good shoulder workout?
where can I buy a polar heart rate monitor?
how do i calculate the percentage of my average daily calories?
WHat are some food that improve/repair your vision/eyesight?
I'm 13, 5'4". and 160+ lbs, overweight?
What are some good excerises to help me get fit?
What are the benefits of eating oats for breakfast?
What is the best food/drink for weight loss?
how do you lose 40 pounds in 2 months?
What waist measurement is considered small?
How many calories would you have to lose to lose 2 pounds in 2 days.?
Am I too fat or too skinny?
if i eat 60 almonds and 4 apples throughout the day will i get fat?
Skinny guy wants to bulk up?
I weight 50 kgs, skinny, average sized breasts,, more towards the large side. weight loss help please?
What will happen if I fast for 2 days?
alright would somebody please explain the differences between these two fish oils?
Is a size 14 fat for a 5ft 9" girl?
How tall are you? Age? Weight?
Gym workout routine for losing weight FAST!!!!?
Weight Loss for 18 year old?
POLL: What do you think is worse, being anorexic or being obese?
What are foods with very few calories?
I cant decide [[weightloss]] help?
For a 11-12 year old girl how much should she weigh?
Would this help me lose weight?
Will i lose weight eating steam meat and vegetables?
eating small meals every 2 hours that add up to about 800 calories?
Is it really ineffective to exercise after you eat?
How to break a plateau?
what do i eat, to keep my six pack?
How do i reduce my body fat to make me look ripped?
Where can i buy protein shakes in Melbourne?
Weight Loss Shakes, Diet Shakes?
I need to lose at least 5kg in 5 days!! Help?
is the site iherb.com safe?
Will i have to pay to send $25.00 in the mail to someone?
What is the best cardio exercise to lose the fat on my stomach?
healthy recipes for children?
fat girls vs. skinny girls?
How to build upper body strength (biceps), 14 year old boy?
Cellulite from Diet Softdrinks?
Do any other straight guys do yoga?
does green tea extract have caffiene in it?
a new hobby to keep me fit?
Fast weight loss help and tips?
how can i get my hips to be at least an inch or two bigger?
I eat 7000 kcal per day. Can i gain 30lbs in 1 month?
im new to being bulimic i was woundering if there was someone out there who could give me some tips?
how can i stop eating so much?
what a good diet? and easy?
Loosing weight and toning up please?
Does fruit juice contain amino acids like protein?
Am I Fat??????????????
I have been "anorexic" for a year now but aren't anorexics meant to be skinny. I wish these idiots could see!?
How can you lose weight around your theighs?
ok i used to be really fit and i could run about 4 kms easy but now im getting unfit and unactive please help!?
Why do I do this / :?
Why do People say diet helps u lose weight when clearly u see starving people skinny?
What are some tips you can give me to help me to get all the vitamins/minerals needed everyday?
How often should you poo when trying to lose weight?
If you are 6 ft and 194 pounds would this be considered overweight ?
rest weeks. eating? training?
handstand push-ups.....?
Where can I buy Medical Weight Loss (mi based diet program) nutrients or similar online?
Advanced colon max??? diet pills?
How can I get rid of my big belly?
Does anyone have any healthy snack tips?? excersing tips?
why do people who drink beer have a beer belly?
Is size 13 big for a 12 year old?
my little cousin is addicted on eating chalk does anyone know a way that i can help her please...?
A workout routine that is very strange,will it work?? help?
Can I Take Protein Shakes At My Age ?
If you have to diet and exercise to look good does that mean youre not naturally beautiful?
I need help getting stronger?
how many kgs loss with honey &cinnamon in 1 month?
Parents wont let me go to gym because of price its affecting my self asteem - Hunger strike?
Whats the best way to get stronger arms at home without any work out equipment?
Getting the facts straight?
why do I get a stitch every time I do exercise?
i think i am underweight, how can i stay healthy & gain my weight back?
Big Black Toenail - Problems?
what are the different parts of the pectoral muscles and how can u work them best?
is there any way to empty your stomach..make food digest faster really quickly?
trying to put on weight, I want to go from a 42kg to 55kg, what advice do you have RE: gym & diet?
pull-ups / chin-ups workout?
What damage can a person do not eating enough from the time they were 16 to 18 years old?
Am I going to lose weight this way?
i want to be able to see my abs? i have them but how can i excirsice to see them?
how can i lose 20kgs?
i weigh 60kg and my height is 160cm, do you think i can lose 4 kg in 5 weeks?
How many calories? Approx?
i am about to turn 14 and i'm 5'6 is that to tall?
how to get a perky bum?
How can I stop eating?
Does drinking loads of water give you really nice skin?
Why did I gain weight when the past week I have been working out everyday and cutting back calories?
When doing pushups, how can I get used to inhaling when going up and exhaling when going down?
Can you Lose weight from...?
I do a 5km run on sand most days. Now my knees are starting to pack it in.....?
Would this help me to get in shape?
How can I have lots of energy everyday?
How do I convert grams to percent?
would you consider this too thin?
Do you think i'm fat? (Picture included. Female/17 years old)?
No matter what i do i can't lose weight. Ugh!?
45 kg & 168 cm tall (100 pounds, 5'5), 14 years old, am I fat?
this is one for any doctors on board?
Going for a barium enema next week?
how do i loose wait can you help?
How many calories does running for half an hour burn?
LOsing little belly fat. MY routine?
im starving hungry and there's an easter egg staring at me and telling me to eat him...what should i do?
How can i get abs? im 14?
I started counting calories but this doesn't make sense?
How many calories should i consume daily?(10 points)?
how to become hott,,,,.......?
How can I get taller?
im 14 and want pecks?
What are some tips you can give me to help me to get all the vitamins/minerals needed everyday?
Treadmill+Weight lifting will help me lose weight?
How much weight can you lose going on a liquid diet for one week?
Is 59kg (130 lbs) a good weight for an 18 year old female who's 181cm (5' 11")?
Would you say saussages are an unatural food?
if i do crunches every couple hours will my stomach stay tight?
How can i lose weight fast?
Protein Shakes?.?.?.?
Is it possible to do pushups 'unevenly'?
How can i lose weight off my thighs and shape/tone my calves?
if i just ate an 180 gram easter egg around how much weight would i put on?
does a bone marrow transplant lower mens testosterone?
Has anyone had decent success with meal replacement shakes?
Am i too fat!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
What does L5 error on a York treadmill mean?
Am i overweight ????
How many calories burnt from half an hour of jogging?
Is it wrong that I dont like that my gym instructor is a little overweight?
What is the most effective and fastest way to get into splits... all three?
For a 13 year old girl, am I over weight?
What should I eat to get 3000 to 5000 calories a day?
How can i lose weight without my parents knowing?
Help me lose weight...please!?
If I chew my food for 30 seconds, and wait 30 seconds between each mouthful - will I lose weight?
Tips on growing taller?
Champix arnt working for me at all!?
Acai Optimum weight loss plan, has anyone tried it?
how much wieght can i gain?? (ten points best answer)?
Need some advice on this.....?????????
What is the basis of Kundalini Yoga?
Have you ever heard of a type of yoga called gaiam yoga?
how can i lost weight? n tone up a lil?
what are some good 'fat-burning' foods?
Is power walking just as effective as jogging?
Ive been gaining muscles and my weight on scales are going up, when will they start going down?
Health survey for young teens and older humans!?
If I were to lose weight, would I no longer have a chubby face?
Easyy weight tips <3?
Am I losing too much weight for someone my age?
How to lose about 5-10lbs by my birthday?
Loss of appetite, need help.?
Which supplements should I use for recovery?
What are some handy tips that are guaranteed to help me losing weight?
Im trying to lose weight, what are some good foods to help control my appetite?
Loose Stomach Skin Not going away?
can someone help me be thin?
If I start smoking will I lose weight?
How can i lose weight quickly?
Back shoulder pain after decline push ups?
Weird but cool , what's going on?
Eat Stop Eat Diet with weight training?
What is a moderate amount of easter eggs to eat a day?
What does aqua aerobics do for you?
whats a good mindinight snack?
Ive been belimic, stopped eating, binge very badly, excercise and now ive gained weight. HELP ME.?
how to make this help please?
Gaining weight easily?
Why are my arms fat but the rest of me really skinny??!?
have had breast cancer had mastectomy, hopefully will get the all clear in 2 and half years.?
Am I at least average looking?
What exercises should i do to get back into fitness?
what diet is the best for losing weight fast?
Help. I dont eat enough but I still want to keep losing weight?
Chest Presses on a Fit Ball with two dumb bells?
How many calories burnt for half hour run plus generally walking around during the day?
What is your morning routine?
How many calories does 15 minutes of vigorous dancing burn?
what kind of foods have iron in them?
Low Cal Foods???????
i want to lose at least 5 kilos before next monday?
how many calories should I burn a day to lose weight?
How to increase my abdominal strength?
What are some great exercises to tone and make your stomach flatter?
what body building supplements should i be taking to lose fat weight and gain muscle?
Whats the best time to go to gym?
If i burn 1000 calories a day and eat normal/health sized meals is that enough to lose weight?
When doing agility training with cones how many sets should i do?
[Pictures] Am I overweight?
what meats can i eat to gain big amounts of muscle?
what are the good and bad things to eat?
How can a teenage girl get a good bikini body?
ab circle pro good or bad?
What exercises and fitness stuff can i do to lose 10-20kg?
how long after exercise should it take for ones heart to come into normal range?
When to take Protein Help!?
Skinny, but with a stomach that hangs?
What would happen if you starved yourself for a week?
What percentage of my weight would be squatted in a 1-legged squat?
Will cycling make my legs bulky? I want to slim them down, help?
Healthy 15 Year Old Diet?
Why do some girls get all made up to go to the gym?
Weight loss with apple cider vinegar and honey?
What good foods can I eat to help me healthier and stronger?
Need to gain weight looking for a weight gain diet?
can someone help, i need an average teenager meal plan.?
How do I lose 10 pounds in a week?
I need help with muscle mass?
Is it normal for your weight to change dramatically during the day?
will not eating breakfast stop me from getting bigger muscle wise?
How do i get back into shape. I need to lose about 20kg but i feel so unmotivated?
can you just "become" anorexic?
Bench Press Question. Your Opinion.?
Really need help, anorexic?
I'm I the right weight for my size?
What is a proper workout/ diet plan for a 13 year old boy?
How do you detox from a caffeine addiction?
has anyone tried force factor?
Do you have a wii fit? How much weight have YOU lost on it?
Best weight loss plan that's close enough to normal eating?
Looking for a women's gym in melbourne that let 15 yr olds in?
ideas how to loose weight ?
what is the best workout for six pack abs?
Beach Weights - how to build chest, bi's and Tris ?
Losing 1.1kg in 1 week and 1 day good?
weight loss challenge...?
What is the best exercise if you don't have much time...at all?
Does drinking chocolate milk help you grow taller?
Am i underweight, good weight or overweight?
How long before I see results?
why when i feel sick if i eat fatty foods i feel better?
How do I gain big muscle chest?
Tips to curb late night cravings !!?
what are some good exercises to get rid of belly and hip fat fast?
what can we do .gassy drinks are cancer proplem now?
Is drinking home made apple and carrot juice 5 times a day too much?
Can i get skinnier even though i'm quite medium/big boned?
Some meal plans to loose 1kg a week?
How can i lose weight in 1 month in time for my 18th Birthday?
fitness level improvement?
What can I do to stay healthy?
Have you heard of people cutting out fruit from their diet? Is that unhealthy?
Whats the best way/ fastest to lose 20kg?
How to obtain super human strength and speed quickly?
fat people & skinny people?
what's a good diet for rapid weight-loss?
How old do you have to be to go to Zest?
Should i use creatine when im 14?
how do i eat healthier?
Please Help My Biceps Are Tiny!?
How do I get a six pack in 6 weeks?
what's a healthy and balanced diet for a 14 yr old girl?
What is a healthy food option to fill me up1?
What's up with the new food pyramid??!?
Home recipes to make? Anyone?
Is there such a thing as 'Spot reduction'?
does boiling an egg cause it to loose protein or not?
Can I have an operation to cure my copd.?
what is the prognosis for 65 year old with acute myeloid leukemia?
Need help on getting fit - what can I do?
Vomitting after exercises and unfit. How to get fitter?
what is more effective? eating then situps, or situps then eat?
could someone help create a scheldule to loose belly fat and stay fit?
Do bulimics gain back the weight they lose?
Are there any foods that can help burn fat?
Whats the best fruit for you?
How long should it take to lose 10-15kg(22-33lb)?
should you exercise just before you weigh yourself?
Will you gain weight by eating a whole chicken once a week?
I gained a lot of weight! HELP?
What are the benefits of drinking 2 litres of water a day?
how do i get skinny like models?
Should i be eating before or after i run?
Is it possible to be able to get "fit" inside a month?
i m concerned about my 13 year old who always skip lunch and breakfast how can i make her understand?
How do I loose weight?
how did i do today?? good for weight loss?
what are carbohydrates, protein and fats used for by the body?
What is the difference between sit ups and crunches?
Once you decide to build muscles, do you have to work out for the rest of your life?
Is 6 litres of water a day too much?
I've never exercised much before...is this a good regime?
HEY GIRLS: What kind of gym wear do you like seeing on guys?
How can i lose weight in a healthy way?
how many calories am i burning doing this?
I'm on a sugar high?!?
How much calories is in this sushi pack? Link for photo included?
what are some great exercises whilst in bed?
Has anyone tried ringing to cancel the order. I keep getting a message saying they are getting no response.?
I'm 42 and I've never had cabbage. Am I a freak?
Feel like vomitting while running on treadmill?
My 7 year old sun waits 340 pounds and is too embarrassed to go to the doctor. How can he loose wait?
Hey guys. Im 15 years old 5.5 feet tall, and i weigh 77kg(which is way over weight) .?
When do you take Protein powder for exercise?
Has any one done the lemonade diet detox?
Does the AB Circle Pro Really work?
How to get super thin, super toned, or good legs?
is it ok to make my wife sleep outside if she burns my tea?
How to lose weight fast?
how to stop drinking when all my freinds do?
How can i get in the mood for walking every night?
I'm so tired all the time, whats wrong with me?
Why can't you take acai berry detox while breastfeeding?
how old do you have to be to get gastric banding?
superpump 250 and whey protein?
Im hungry should I get something to eat?
easy ways to loose weight?
Whats a lemon detox recipe?
Whats the best way to rest after running?
Is cardio necessary before using the workout machines at the gym?
How active am I? and Do u have any weightloss tips?
Will this work (20 characters...)?
How one can think fast ?
i want to quit smoking?
i want to lose weight?
what are the best foods to lose weight?
Some Fat Burning Foods?
Will i burn muscle if i run in the mornings?
How to increase vertical jump? How to increase forearm strength?
suffering burn out but its only preseason. what do I do?
my 2 in a half month old weighs 14 pounds, is she over weight?
How would i become one of the worlds top personal trainer?
Has anyone done the Raw Cleanse by Garden of Life? If so what diet did you follow?
19 years old| 80kgs|165cm| Female?
stretching shoes? can it be done?
Advice please....i think i have a serious coffee problem?
how much do you think i could lose if i ran round a oval 3 times each day?
toning body for teenager?
loosin weight tips tips tips?
How to get over a sugar addiction / train myself to eat healthier foods?
Lactose intolerant food for kids!!!?
Should i use creatine when im 14?
How to lose the belly fat covering six pack/ab muscles?
Are Brain Tumours passed on genetically?
really self conscious about my weight?????? help?
is 5'7 and 144 pounds and a size 7 jean fat?
is this a good post-protein shake?
Sometimes i feel fat sometimes I dont? Is this just me?
anyone on hear 40 and over? the reason why I ask is because I am getting unmotivated to excersise?
is apple good for getting rid of excess grandfather?
what motivates you to lose weight?
How can I lose weight without gaining muscle?
Is anyone serious about losing weight?! I can help?
how many sets and reps may need to build chest ,biceps,bach and triceps mucle mass?
Looking weight in mirror but gaining weight on scale?
I dont eat much! Is this a healthy way of loosing weight!?
I need 3000 Calories a day in order to gain weight. How can I achieve this without feeling full?
What does it take to become a nutritionist?
Is it normal to put on weight?
Can junk food/fast foods ruin a whole week of exercise?
what is the recommended kilojoule intake for adults?
Will my fitness decrease if I stop running for 2 weeks?
16 year old girl going to the gym?
100 sit ups and 30 push ups a night?!?!?
Is it possible to grow taller? How can I?
Why im slim but with a fat tummy allways ? wish itgoes away?
Need advice on food and exercise - will my GP help?
Does anyone know where I can find a packet of Bex powders?
Hi i'm 13 and I am 154 cm tall , I weigh 110 pounds and wear a 32 C bra ( US sizing ). Am I fat ?
What are some ways to lose some fat around my waist for an eleven year old?
I am 181 cm tall and I weigh 90kg and I am 15 how do I lose weight/what is a good diet/excercise plan?
am i overweight :|?!?!?
What other exercises can you do to lose weight when you have shin splints?
im 103 lbs and 5' 6. Is that really skinny for a 15 year old?
gastric band surgery.?
what are a few safty tips someone could give for use of an elliptical trainer?
Would i be able to get leukic hardcore sent into australia from america?
Can I eat my normal amount of calories and still gain lean muscle?
Did biggest loser food product help you lose weight?
If i miss a workout should I still take the protein shake?
is my friend underweight? or overweight?
how can a girl get abs?
Only 4 people who has muscles and all that: so im trying to build muscles but i dont no how to?
protein shake question about gaining weight?
"Insanity" workout, question, please help?
Average weight of 14 year old girl?
Why do people eat wheat free and gluten free breads?
what is it like to be a personal trainer?
How can I gain muscles?
Do you think girls are prettier when they are thin or of average weight?
why are weight watchers so skimpy on their food? you eat it and feel hungry again soon after?
12 weeks pregnant and want to know how I can loose weight.?
are cheese and crackers healthy and will it help me lose weight along?
I need to lose 40 kilos by the Feb 25th?
i want to lose 10 kilos by the end of march, is that a realistic goal?
does anyone who knows a pro bono surgeon?? I have lost heaps of weight so I now have excess skin......?
i am fat! I want to lose weight and i can't go to the gym cuz im to young! Plz help!?
opinions on my weight please?
What are soms healthy meals?
Do u think it's a bad idea to go to the gym when it's 41oC?
any tips on how to loose weight?
Will I lose any weight in 3 months?
What exercise makes you feel your best?
How many calories is your body burning per minute if your bpm is at 177?
I am looking for a weight loss/exercise buddy in Melbourne (Bulleen area)..?
Tips of toning up excess skin?
I need to live on $10 a day for the next two weeks. what are 3 meals a day that i can afford to eat?
Is grilled cheese unhealthy?
what is the daily limit of fat (in grams please) that a person on a diet should have?
if im doing a strength weight training program, should i take whey protein post training?
using a supplement for weight loss?
Is there any point to this excercise?
Are you naturally thin (non-dieter)? Can you make a list of the things you eat in a typical day?
What exactly are bio mechanics?
I weigh 195 trying to lose weight and thinking of taking gold standard whey protein will that help?
I'm too thin how can I gain weight? (female)?
is doing 1000 reps of ab excercises, push ups and dumbells daily, does it count as good excercise?
I have changed my diet, can you look at it and tell me if anything is wrong with it?
At what age can you start working besides paper rounds?
Is it okay to eat wheat SOMETIMES?
What is more effective for bench pressing strength free weights or a smth machine?
No pump, no progress after workout?
Can younger people lose weight faster then older people?
Why are anabolic steroids illigal?
Healthiest milk ?
Is it weird that i buy womens magazines to feel bad about myself so i go to the gym?
I need to loose weight but there's a problem.?
How do I gain weight?
Benefits of soy milk...?
i need to lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks how can i do it?
How to Put On Weight?
does the ab-cricle pro really work please tell me?
can ur body take 60 grams of protein at once after a hard workout?
Caffeine???? Is it good for An 11 year old to have coffee?
Why do I always look so fat in photos?
Summer's coming! How should i keep fit?
13 y.o girl losing weight?
ideas to keep fit and get mussels?
How cAn I increase my vertical jump by a couple inches in a short amount of time?
What exercises should I do to help me perform a muscle-up?
Does anyone know a website with gives you nutritional info on products much like www.eatingsafe.com?
How many times can you (or we) sit-ups in a day, in Total?
Healthy, inexpensive, quick breakfast options for before school?
how do i gain weight fast and the healthy way?
What are some good ways for a 13 year old girl to lose weight?
i feel hungry but when i eat im not hungry. But if i try to eat i feel sick, whats wrong?
What does the LT stand for when talking about exercise?
i am addicted to eating salami? is it good for health?
whats a good way to exercise......?
What is wrong with me?
What's the best way to lose stomach fat?
how to tone your things?
Am I overweight for my age?
How can I Increase my Height?
how much weight can you lose on wii fit plus?
Should I go on a diet?
Is it possible to lose 7.5kg in 5 weeks? HELP...?
Do i look good for losing 20kg?
Will this help me lose weight/get reasonable fit in 10 weeks?
can lemonade help you lose weight?
how to stop myself from snacking?
How long will it take me to lose 20 lbs before August 24?
I want to be fat, what should I do/ eat?
how long will it take me to get a toned slim bikini body considering?
if i put on 6kgs in 2 weeks. how long will it take to lose it?
how do i lose stomach fat?!?
Is this enough to lose weight ?
How can I keep my energy levels up without eating heaps of bad food?
Good replacements for junk food?
I'm 100 pounds overweight (I weigh 280 pounds instead of 180) & I feel tired all the time?
milk or yoghurt with muesli?
What do you eat on a typical day?
What Would 2 Days Of Binge Eating After Dieting For So Many Months, Do To My Body?
what can i do to help my belly ?
how do i loose weight, fast?
Fish Oil Pill Question!?
Does drinking lots of water actually burn fat?
Can atheletes foot lead to swollen groin lymph nodes?
am i actually losing this weight?
advise on getting ripped?
What exercises would most benefit my body type (photos included)?
How long does it take to form a good muscular body ('' >)?
1,100 calorie diet bad?
How do I loose wieght fast?
I overate, by ALOT. Do I fast tomorrow?
so for dinner i got a peice of snapper fillet?
What is the average weight for at 13 year old girl?
why can't i keep on a diet!?
need help with height to weight ratio and six pack please help!?
Am I anorexic? Help me!!?
losing weight on stomach and thighs?
How to get bigger calf muscles?
How much weight should I lose each month with this meal and exercise plan?
dose ab circle pro good results ???(plz only answer if you have try'ed it)?
Weight loss question...?
Lose muscle weight without gaining fat?
Is walking good exercise even though you're young and a good runner?
What is the best low GI book to buy?
How to break a diet without putting on weight?
How to lose weight around the thighs?
Im 61 kgs and i want to lose 6 Kgs.. I am going to walk 90 mins a day and do pump for 1hr 3 days a week...?
Do I keep her or cut her loose?
Exercise tips for a 14 year old girl?
how can I control wanting to eat throughout the day.?
How do I get in shape in 4 weeks.?
If i just drink protein powder will i lose lots of weight and put on lots on muscle?
How can I be able to do more pushups and situps?
im on a hardcore diet and excersize but gaining weight?
Will I loose more weight? BodyTrim!?
ACAI trim, brazilian diet aid?
What would happen if you completely submerged your body in vodka or beer?
Bodytrim People?! How did you go?
Beep Test - Trying to get toned.?
Can I gain weight from eating too much in one day?
Why is everyone eating Quinoa all of a sudden - whats so good about it?
How can i make my waist smaller?
How do i know if i've reached my growth spurt?
thinking about trying acai berry?
How to keep fit ?????
How do I get super skinny thighs?
Is it bad for my body to be going to the gym 5 days a week and working the same muscles?
Hey im bulking up and already have fat, what kind of foods should i be eating?
how to lose 7kgs in 15 days?
How can I get a flatter tummy?
what should my diet consist of if i want to gain muscle?
Expected rate of loss of belly fat?
How effective is nitric oxide supplement and weigh gainer supplement?
What are the side effects of Duromine, the weight loss pill?
Whats the best exercise to lose weight to my arms, stomach and legs?
Losing those 5-7kgs?! HELP!?
What exercises will reduce your waist? I feel unproportioned compared to my hips.?
how do i get my splits in a week?
I drink 350ml of water for 25min jog is that bad?
How can i stop a constant craving for sugary things like chocolate?
I m 15, height is 5.1 ... n my weight is 46!?
which schedule would be better for me?
will i loose weight if i drink water for 1 week, and eat nothing but celarie sticks, when hungry?
[picture] How much weight do you think I need to lose?
Will walking 30mins per day for 5 days a week help me lose weight?
How to lose fat covering ab muscles?
How much should I weigh?
Am I Anorexic, Wannarexic, Both or Neither?
I am nearly 15 years old and im a boy. I am 1.75 metres tall and i weigh 52 kilos. Am i too skinny or alright?
thinspo sayings????????????????????????????????
im 14 and a girl can i go to the gym............?is it okay to go?.......?
This is going to sound so dumb.. about burning calories?
How Can I lose 8-9 lbs in 4 days?
Are you obese? and what do you like most?
What's your top 3 favorite songs to get your blood flowing while working out at the gym?
is 50g of carbs a day alot?
am i too skinny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
What exercises for weight gain?
3 months to lose weight.?
How much water is too much to drink?
how to tone thighs ????????
trying to lose weight but whatever i do i cant even lose a pound help me please?
What is the best Over-the-Counter weight loss product available today?
is acai berry product safe for breast feeding women?
what is a good work out plan for golds gym?
What do you think is the best way to overcome obesity is?
using Creatine supplements or musclepump suplements, will that help my abs or does it just hepl you arm area?
How To Lose Weight, Ive Tried And Its Not Working?
Does fat exist in the muscles, or do people diminish it just to lesson the load they carry around?
Looking for "Best exercise plan"?
How long will it take to lose 20kg?
im gonna try n lose weight?
Its been a few days and i havent wanted to eat?
It's 40 - 45C outside, if I go outside and just sweat will I lose weight?
is it possible to eat too many fruits?
My brother called me fat? How to lose weight, I'm 14? Bulimia?
can putting Apple Cider Vinegar on your tummy burn fat?
How can I loose weight quicck, and very simple?
How seriously bad is coffee (4-6 cups a day) for a teen?
How to help a sister lose weight?
I am not over weight!?
Is high intensity exercise linked to aggression?
how much should i run to lose weight?
Is it ok if I eat............?
how to slim down legs and NOT bulk them up?
Carbohydrate Cycling.?
does vitamins make you look better?
gained body fat from olive oil? please help :/?
A little motivation please!?
How can I get skinny thighs?
how can i lose Weight fast without taking pills?
Best Bodybuilding Multivitamin In Australia?
Is getting my heart rate up dangerous?
Why does coffee make me cranky if I drink too much of it?
Have you lost a huge amount of weight?
is it true that aftr leaving gym person body becomes fat &chabby again?
how to lose weight off the belly and thighs in 3 months?
What's the best way to lose weight when you're time poor?
exercise help. I need to lose 10kgs for my wedding in 8 weeks I am so stressed. Please help.?
how can i lose weight?
How to gain strength and power without gaining anymore size?
Do i look good for losing 20kg?
Is this enough to lose weight ?
Survey on Fast Food and what you believe is more healthy?
I'm 100 pounds overweight (I weigh 280 pounds instead of 180) & I feel tired all the time?
What would happen if you lived on 2 cupcakes a day? Survey?
Need Urgent help with weight loss?
how do i get six apck abs?
To maintain muscle (not gain muscle),is it necessary to eat a certain amount of complete proteins every 2-3hrs?
Is this a good sort of eating plan? +need tips on adding exercise?
How can you get your body ripped without using any protein products?
Can you still take weight loss tablets whilst on Jenny Craig & will they be effective?
Im exercising and trying to lose weight instead im gaining weight?
i get cramps in my stomach sometimes, just after having juice & then coffee , why?
hi what is the best easy to make protein shake out their with basic ingredeints from the fridge or cupboard ..?
What are the best thigh exercises. (Although i know fat is lost everywhere not just in one spot)?
Is it better to turn on your computer for 12 hours a day for 7 days a week?
What do you think about an adult U.S. women's size 6? Is it fat?
is it possible to lose 9 kg in 9 days? Even when your metabolism is stuffed up due to stress and lack of sleep?
I read that to speed metabolism,go organic,or metabolism stalls.&in a study,organics lose weight way faster!!!?
Best Appetite Suppressant?
How can I loose 10 pounds?
How long do diet shakes take with replacing 1 meal a day to start losing and noticing changes?
What are some healthy foods/meals. Im Vegetarian trying to lose a few kilos. and what should i avoid?
how tall is 166-167cm? like 5ft what? I am between 166-167cm. so I would like to know?
green tea makes you loose weight?
If I stretch for 15 minutes every day, how long will it take me to do the splits?
How many times can I treat myself without undoing all of my hard work ?
why does cola help me feel much better?
My six pack.is uneven?
How often do nutritionists suggest having something sweet?
how can i get a six pack doing crunches sets etc im 14 im preety fit i do mma and bball so some help on how?
Benefits of duramine?
Why do i lose fatigue so easy when i work out... how do i fix it? 10 points?
what is the best mass gainer/builder protein powder?
How many push ups should i do per day?
Lemon detox diet, has anyone done it what was your experience?
What foods can i eat to help build muscle?
Please help me with my wieght...Any tips?
How do i loose weight fast and easily?
benefits of not drinking soda & alcohol?
what IS bulimia/anorexia? is starvation then binge eating a type of eating disorder?
Is it okay to take slim 10 while on adderall xr?
In any given week, on average, how many "good" days do you have, and how many "bad" days?
how can i lose weight fast?
what type of work out weight gain shake powders will make me fat if i don't work out enough ?
Energy drinks and weight loss?
why is there a delay between exercise and muscles hurting?
why do you exercise your neck?
how do i loose calf muscles?
I have 15 weeks till my wedding & need to lose some weight but am finding it very difficult - HELP?
how can i lose 10 kilos in about 8 or 10 weeks?
Has anyone tried the raw food diet?
Some weight loss tips please?
Where can I buy the cheapest IsoWhey in Melbourne?
What body shape do I have?
I'm meant to be on a health kick - I've cut out everything bad, being super healthy this week!?
A diet... small one. what can i do?
Question about doing weights?
is it possible to...?
What do you do to motivate yourself to workout/stick to healthy eating?
how do i get wider on the upper arms? ive already got height when i flex... pls help?
Am I Over-Weight ? Please HELP!?
Can ice-cream ruin your kidney also?
how to get thicker legs?
what tablets should I take to help me lose the weight?
how to get hydrated without drinking water?
I'm in need of help. I am trying to gain lean muscle.?
does green tea make you pee a lot?Is it a deuretic?
what gets absorbed in the blood first, lipids, proteins or carbohydrates?
regarding the weight watchers meals, do you guys like lamingtons? I mean the weight?
I have an ab circle pro and i use it daily, do i still need to do cardio?
How much should I be eating to lose weight?
Can somebody tell me how many calories i'm supposed to consume in order to lose weight?
Is simply sitting and bouncing on a fitness ball beneficial?
how do you make a Bannana smoothie? I am sick and tired of wasting my money and buying one?
How long would it take to become anorexic for my height/weight?
How many minutes/repititions should I do on my ab king pro to see a result?
If I start going for a run everyday...?
Need an exercise/diet plan to lose 20kg?
HELP! this is a big big big issue for me... help greatly appreciated !!!?
Is diet coke bad for you?
could i have an iron deficiency?
Do sit-ups actually work or is doing something else like bridge better?
how to lose 5 pounds in 4 days?
should i drink protein?
Weight and questions?
13, how to lose fat without buying anything?
Vegetarian, weight issues. VERY INTERESTING QUESTION plz help me?
Is there a personal trainer / exercise program I can use on my iPod touch?
What parts of your body does tennis tone?
drinking heaps of castor oil = weightloss?!?! true or false?
Why don't my abs show well?
can you lose weight in your cheeks?
I'm A 12 year old girl, i was a flyer in 5th grade, and i am very flexable,I am 115 lbsDo i need to lose some?
Chocolates on a diet?
im 17 and trying to work out if 4.5km in 19 minutes is fast as im trying to tone up.....?
could being a vegetarian affect me building muscle?
I need motivation to lose weight..?
How can I lose 10 kilos before school?
i need to lose weight fast help please?
If a person was very un)mobile then they begun exercising 1hour, over 2 months how much muscle would they gain?
They say if you stop eating..?
I would like to lose about 10-15 Kg within 6 weeks??
I am a young teen who wants to lose weight fast and naturally, what do i do?
How to flatten my stomach?
how to become a raw vegan?
working out tips????????
what exercises target stomach fat only?
how much chilli do you have to eat to lose weight?
What is your favourite brekky when your watching your weight?
What should I eat so I cant gain weight?
Despite all the studies showing that meat consumption is bad for us, why do we continue eating it?