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Why am I eating so much?!?
what are some healthy ways to lose about 10 pounds a month?
feel the burn while doing tricep extention...?
Im 13 and weigh 66 kgs, im 5"4, but im not fat whats wrong with me?
am i anorexic? or close to it?
If a plane crashed in the himalayas and you were strapped for food, how would you determine who is eaten first
Anyone have a program to burn fat and build muscle at the same time?
How To Lose Your Belly fat without losing weight ?
How many calories would be in a whole rockmelon (canteloupe)?
I have just had a baby and need to lose 8kgs more to get back to pre pregnant weight... Any tips?
Does anyone know the specifications for the tunturi 620 p treadmill?
Does anyone know where I can find out how many calories are in a yogo ice cream?
How much many lbs/kgs could I lose on a 4 week juice fast? or fruit fast.?
has anybody had leakage problems after ileostomy, or had stoma re-fashioned?
How do you make ceral.?
How to lose 7 pounds in 2 weeks?
how cancer eating cells work?
Were any of you diagnosed with ovarian cancer?
is there any thing that i can take that will?
HOw can you get strong six pack abs?
fat people are jealous of skinny people?
i would really appreciate an answer.?
I'm 164cm tall How much is the perfect weight??
why is fat so easy to gain and so hard to loose??
how many calories do i have to burn of to burn of a pound?
Is it just me or does everyone put weight on in winter?
Will i get loose skin?
if i was starting a diet tomorrow and i ate at like 2:00 am does that count as tomorrow ?
pleas give me the best diet ?? i need to lose weight fast????
how much should a 5 foot 5 15 year old girl weigh?
How long a weight plateau last. I eat 1200 cal. a day and work out on My cross country machine 90 min. a day.
how to lose weight?
How many calorie's are in 40g of chocolate?
whats the right weight for my height?
Can somebody let me know the best vegetarian recipes for a very low 800 calorie diet & some easy exercises?
is it true kids who are obese will grow up to be obese adults?
How can i build muscle in as short time as possible?
is cutting your meals in half a slightly healthy way of losing a bit of weight?
How do I lose weight fast?
how much weight do you guys think i can lose if i run 3 miles a day for 5 days a week and eat healthy?
im 13 and is my weight heathly?
Weight Loss and Surgery?
What is Borderline Cancer?
help...nervous about the gym?
Which is more important? Your opinion?? Or knowledge??
How much should I weigh?
Slim, Average, Big ?
Does vegan bodybuilder Robert Cheeke take steroids, to compensate?
right weight for a 5'5" 19 year old girl?
Im 5'11 and weigh 225 lbs, Im trying to shed fat and tone up. Can i use creatine even though im overweight?
Calories in Vs Calories out - I'm so confused!?
I am 14 years old 5'7'' 175 pounds a football player, can i take whey protein to gain lean muscle?
Can I take Whey Protein?
120lbs, healthy?
What's the time?
how to tone??
How can u tone ur stomach muscles without doing sit-ups or crunches???
If you become anorexic at a young age do you stop growing?
somebody HELP?
I want to get to 120lbs, help please.?
losing weight.?
If spot reducing doesn't work, how do i get rid of my lovehandles?
could 16 yearolds take phytoshape?
Acute responses to excercise HOMEWORK HELP PLEASE !!!?
Im only 14 5'7, weigh 152, how do i lost the weight?
i have huge love handles. how do i lose them and get curves instead.?
has anyone had a tummy tuck?
Losing wieght on my arms?
Can anyone tell me a website with an extensive list of calories in common foods?
I need help loosing all this puppy fat?
What should i have for lunch?
Has anyone still had good success with losing weight, still following weight watchers and having slim shakes?
How can I get a list of the lowest gi foods?
How do you bulk up?
any tricks to losing stubborn weight gain from pregnancy?
How can I gain weight without eating junk???
im 5,5 and i65 pounds i want to lose 20 pounds in 2 weks how many calories should i have?
What can cause cancer of the pancreas.?
Cervical Cancer Jab, UK?
I have about 12-1300 calories a day i have for the last 3 days will i lose weight if i keep it that low?
how much weight can i lose in the first 3 days of a water fast?
can anybody suggest easily obtainable duiretics?
is asking a 17 year girl to be just gym partners OK?
Will I lose weight?
How many kg/grams is?
What is better for you, Moutian Dew or Coke?
Do they add the carb count into the total of the calories?
How Do I GAIN WEIGHT Healthfully?
what is the fastest way to lose weight besides exercising and watching the calories?
What motivated you to quit smoking?
How many calories in a blueberry bagel from Gloria Jeans? No extra additives/creamcheese etc.?
i just need a real answer for once. pleeeease?
im trying to loose weight can anybody give me any tips?
can i lose 10 - 15 kilos in 1 month ?
help please?
what is the average weight for a 13 year old.?
How can I make my waist smaller without making my hips smaller?
Audio file to count sit ups?
i want my weight to be 90 lbs!!!what should i do??
can you get a weightloss tablet by prescription in sydney australia?
where can i buy cheap aerobic dvds in westfeild?
Is going to the toilet doing "seconds" more than once a day good or bad?
Is it ok to take no xplode, then train for 1h 30mins, then about 30 mins after have a big meal, say dinner?
Whats more effective a treadmill or airwalker crosstrainer?
is it normal to lose 5 pounds in 4 days.
will eating vegetables all day and fruit and alswo waking/joging make me losse weight at a faster rate?? i am
how do i stop myself from giving into eating junkfood?
what is the quickest way to get rid of a cold
Is up and go bad for you? I have it once a day, and i do a lot of exercise
how can i lose 20 lbs in 2 weeks??
How do you heal a burn?
What can I eat when Fasting?
Please help: Weighty problem
If you got a tummy tuck..?
Know of Any Nutritious Foods?
Flat stomach in 2 months?
Before and after sport nutrition
Gym workout to long?
I wanna get bulky (weight lift) but am I too young(14/yo)?
Is it better to jump rope on carpet or concrete?
Is my diet going to help me achieve?
is there alternative heminevrin capsules192mgs?
So far today...is this bad??
what is...?
Please help me!?
Is it true eating carbs after 3pm (for dinner) is bad for you?
Tell me everything there is to know about HYPOXI training.?
How do I increase muscle bulk effectively and over a period of weeks rather than months?
Do you know anything about the Cohen diet?
What's the most effective way of losing weight FAST I have a photoshoot this friday!!! ahhh?
How much should I weight?
are lean cusines ok for dinner when dieting?
I've heard that cardio is'nt really that great for fat loss...so what is?
Vinegar on low carb diet?
Long term use of the Cabbage Soup Diet??
why can't i gain weight???
bikini body?
bowel/bladder problems?
Anyone had the Cervical Cancer Jab yet?
I have had breast cancer and had chemotherapy and radiam would it still be alright to use visiscal.? i had ag?
Lifting Weights = Charlie's Angels aka Lean Mean Fightin' Machine OR The Hulk aka The Bulk?
if a person is dieting and will no way at all eat fatty foods, does that make them anorexic?
what is the best way to loose weight and get a flat stomach???
do i eat more than 1200 calories if i am burning a lot of calories or do i stay at 1200 no matter what?
AUSSIES : Has anyone tried the Tony Ferguson Diet and be honest with me - Does it work ?
please help about a tattoo and stretching?
I need help and advice!! Can someone help....?
how to increase weight without having any suppliment?
8 year old Jumping side twists?
Help! I need to lose weight before my next weigh in?
Growth Spert?
Lets say....?
I live in Australia and am so in love with the large 'Bumblebee; smoothies kick juice bar offers.?
cant stop eating -lose weight?
Whats the BEST form of excercise that there is to loose weight?
How could stopping smoking effect someone physically?
How much is TOO much exercise?
How to lose weight quick and easy?
need help losing weight; 12 years old.?
how tall should a 13 year old middle east girl be?
how do u take stimulant laxatives? do u eat before or after you take them?
how to get quick abs?
what else can i do besides sit ups to get a flat toned tummy?
Whats the average weight for a 11 year old whos 5'6?
Atkins diet recipes?
i need to gain weight! what should i do?
i'm a 22 yr old male. i'm 5ft 11in and weigh 190 lbs am i unhealthy?
has anyone tried the green tea diet?
How long to get a ripped body like this?
I'm slim but I want to be stronger (and be more riff) what can I do?
I am eating healthy & exercising daily, inc abs & cardio, but belly is getting bigger, what more can I do?
how do i lose 5-10 kgs in like a few weeks im only 17?
what were the reasons for which jade goody had cervical cancer? was she not hygienic?
Exercise and confidence ?
What comes after yoga?
How long does meat stay in the body system.?
I'm having a very hard time losing weight. What am I doing wrong?
does anyone know the slimming world group password?
Am i Slim or Average?
How can I become skinny? Diets please!?
why is it so hard to lose weight?
what do you like with your cerial?
what is the best way to lose 8 kilos in 5 weeks?
i need to loose weight its driving me mad / get fitter!!!!?
how can i grow my height?
I need to lose weight?
I want your help choosing a diet and exercise regime for me and my partner, can you?
What is my body shape? My measurements are 25-33-41?
What does this mean?
is it possible to lose this much weight in this amount of time?
help me loose some kilos!!!?
Anything for good shape?
what's the best way to excercise in your room?
Is 1 hr & 40 mins of daily exercising too much?
What parts of your body does an exercise bike tone?
cervical cancer results?
How many pounds do you need to lose to lose 1 inch off your waist?
Losing weight...?
What are you doing for your health?
is 5'9'' tall?
does anyone know a good excersize to make my tummy flat??
I want to be pretty strong. How can i??? QUICK?
what drugs make you lose weight?
fastest, healthiest way to lose FAT!!?
Any tips on loosing 10 lbs. before Summer ends?
How much will I loose??
so can i eat 1600 unhealthy calories and not gain weight if thats my usually calorie intake?
what is the FASTEST way to lose all the fat underneath my arms !!!?
what is a better supplement dyamtize xpand or BSN NO-Explode?
cheerleading flyers?
I feel like this is too much exercise, but I did heaps more last time?
chubby tummy=[?
Will toning my legs make some of the fat disapear?
what is the best way to lose weight?(slowly)?
Do those body curving underwear/undergarments actually work?
Is green tea a good drink for losing weight and getting good skin?
Did Lite N Easy work for you?
Do you think I can lose 35lbs by October 21 by walking 6 miles a day and With a healthy diet??????
how can i get more meat on me i am pretty skinny nd want to be bigger?
does anyone acually know a diet that works?
I would like to lose 12 pounds, not sure how to go about it. Can anyone give a suggestion?
First time?
Anyone know where I can buy Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD's in person? not online thanks.?
i have lost alot of weight, and everything is sagging i dnt get to the gym sum1 tell me how to tone it at hm?
What are some fruits and vegetables that have been introduced to Australia over the last 50 years?
Candida Diet?
browning chicken?
im trying to get abs and just started?
How many calories or kj's are in 1 gram of fat?
wat else can i do?? PLS HELP?
Are sun dried tomatoes healthy?
what food do i eat what excersice do i do to lose weight FAST!!!!!?
does anyone have a really good list of low gi foods?
does fish oil have a slightly laxative effect?
how long will it take me to lose weight?
Is there a healthy way to lose 15lbs in two months?
curves for women?
i have cancer, shall i colloidal silver and dmso?
treadmill burning?
When I excercise, I don't sweat or feel out of breath. Is it working?? Am I burning calories????
what can you do to not think about eating?
I never learned how to ride a bicycle. I am 20 years old.?
PLS HELP.... i have lost like almost 50lbs BUT .....?
Tomorrow Im going to start bulking up?
Im thirteen years old and i have a pot belly.. wear size 34 jeans!!!! How can i get rid of it quick?
can i lose weight by eating only 1000 calories a day??
overwieght or under wieght?
ive heard that u lose a lot on the first and second week of starting a diet, is it true?
Tony Ferguson DIET--Did it work for you???
I currently weigh 189 I want to lose 65 pounds, how long will that take? I want to be below 155 by mid July???
I need research for a project on Leukemia, help needed please!?
help me i'm not sure which one is better?
What are some stragies you can use to stop smoking...?
I wanna become flexible in the legs and the abdomen.?
name one biomarker of obesity?
Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey...?
How can I change the way my stomache looks after having two babies?
Liver cleansing diet - can anyone recommend a good one?
how many calories on average do you eat a day?
im 13 and i want to loose my big gut.?
What's wrong with me? :(?
Relating to my other questions?
Is it possible to go from really fat to really fit?
Need tips and help for losing weight?
Will i get a six pack before 2009?
Good Food plan so i can loose a little weight and maintane my weight?
normal weight for a 12 year old?
Complete this sentence.... about body image?
diet and exercise stuff?
What food is best to eat prior to a 5km run? Something high in fibre?
Anyone want to be my Diet buddy??
a question about gym???
How do i get bigger?
If your on a healthy diet is it ok to eat bubble gum.?
Slim, Av or Big ? What do you think?
Is this overweight? ?
When does Protein Mix go bad?
how to gain weight and curves?
I'm full, but I'm craving Taco Bell right now?
about vitamins?
is 80 pushups in two minutes pretty good?
what is cancer and how does it eventually kill you ?
Am I skinny?
How much does Kylie Minogue weigh?
Insurance code for lap band surgery?
Can i have eggs for dinner when on a diet?
what does myoplex do to your body ? and does it have any side effects ?
am I too thin? why can't I lose weight from my chest?
What are your measurements?
H0w d0 I gain weight?
Can you help me with a gluten free organic diet?
how to gain weight?
Skinny AND Fat?
Are there programs like "The Biggest Loser" for people that want to lose weight?
Loose 2pounds today?
i would like to know if anyome has lost any weight of green tablets?
Hi does any one know any healthy shake ideas for breakfast?
4 weeks ago I started a step class and weights and following weight wachers and im still not loosin?
help with over eating teenager?
weight problem!?
Hi i am taking zoloft is there a problem with taking a natural weight loss supplement ?
im considering starting duramine 40?
Any good workout for losing my last pounds, pic included.?
i need hips and flat tummy what do i need to eat and do.?
im 4 10 an 14 years old how much am i supposed to weigh?
how much should a woman weigh at a dress size 10-14?
Im going on a vacation soon. I want to lose about 35 lbs in 3 month. what can i do at home to lose the weight?
Do you lose the same amount of weight exercising at night than if you would exercise in the morning?
Light Therapy (SlimLight 6.9, ELS 18) for slimming?
How many calories do I burn up swimming whilst pregnant?
What do you think of these heart rate monitors?
Why havn't I lost weight?
ive been on wghtwtchrs for a week and ive lost 5 lbs! but there's only 6 wks to prom! how can i speed this up?
Chocolate Easter eggs and weight?
Should I workout before or after dinner?
I'm addicted to chocolate! How do i stop...i have no will power?
has anyone take hydroxycut max for women? and have u lost any weight? and any side effects?
Will this get me through?!?!?!? PLEASE Answer?
diet question!?
Do people actually use Parasites to try to loose weight?
How much walking on a treadmill would i have to do to see results?
what high calorie foods can i eat to make up 1000 calories in a meal?
why did this happen...?
Is there a test you can take to see if the Cancer gene has been passed down to you,?
I want to start going to the gym, but I'm afraid I won't keep it up :(?
If i stop doing sit-ups will my stomach go back to pot belly?
How to flatten my tummy and make my thighs smaller?
Why are my pushups not working my pecs as much?
is there a down side to apple cider vinegar?
What meal is healthier and less likely to clog coronary arteries?
How do you get fiber on induction phase of Atkins Diet?
does zumba really work? and how do you count caloriees?
I need a list of which foods are good for what please!?
how to stop eating a lot?
push ups and running?
Why do I lose energy so quickly?
Is my friend being obsessive?
Cervical cancer news in the paper?
I'm kinda scared...I don't know what to do...?
what are the functions and food sources of these nutrients ?
Im hungry but i cant eat?
- Abs? What am I doing wrong? (10 points!)?
is 107kg/238 pounds extremely overweight for a man average height?
i really need to lose weight but how ?
creatine monohydrate dose and when to take it 10points?
the incredible bulk MVP protein?
Which works better protein or all natural when it comes to buliding musecl and burning fat?
can detoxing make you shaking? as in, cutting out bad food only eating good?
what can i do to lose weight as i am 8 st and i am 13 years old?
how long can you have M S for before it gets to the stage of you becoming disabled?
i really need help with this?
Where would I find the number of registered gymnasiums in Australia?
if i just eat special k cerial for morning lunch and dinner will i lose weight?
Why is My Friend Fat?
How can I healthily gain weight?
How to tighten loose skin after weight loss?
What nutrients and vitamins do our bodies need? 10 points best answer?
I don't understand, why do I feel so nauseated after every meal?
I need some weight lose advice and tips please ? How do i get motivated also ?
I've been on a diet for a week now...not loosing any more weight?
How to lower triglycerydes without losing weight?
would you consider me chubby or fat (pics)?
Best way to exercise your back muscles?
How much weight do you lose in a week if you eat 100 calories a day?
HELP im real skinny????????????????
Which option will make me lose the most weight...?
what is my body shape?
My hips are weird and I would like to know...?
really bony shoulders?
how do you get rid of a big/saggy bottom?
Best workout for me to lose weight?
I have been using Big Losers book and doing calorie intake by their calculations. However I do not see loss.?
Mum keeps pressuring me to lose weight?
What exercise should I do?
[email protected]@K now i have ur attention PLEASE help me?
What is the best fish oil tablet for a teenager?
What's more fattening, chocolate or ice cream?
what is the fastest way to lose 60 pounds in 70 days?
all my baby teeth havnt came out and i pass the age limit what do i do?
Eating a lot but still losing weight?
How many calories are in a vodka sunrise?
How much do you 15yo girls weigh/eat/exercise?
i need help to lose weight.?
How long will it take me to lose 35kgs?
is celebrity slim really worth it?
Does drinking water help me lose water weight, fat weight, or a combo of both?
Should I exercise like this or like this?
how can you healthily starve yourself?
How can i lose some belly weight fast?
i have this slight pink patch on my breast skin cancer?
Benign Tumours..........?
i have a good friend who is 20yrs old she has been diagnosed with stage 3 cervic cancer , ?
Random question.... please help?
how can i make my muscles look big?
is this a realistic time frame for losing weight?
Would I be considered to be overweight?
Is it possible to be addicted to food?
how can i stop drinking soda is there anyway?
Chin ups? whats so good about them?
I need a good workout routine...?
my bmi is 28 I am 63 is that bad?
What foods to eat to gain weight then build muscle ?
Is this breakfast healthy??/?
By the end of P90x would i have a six pack?
I want to gain muscle without gaining fat,I understand that to gain muscle you must have a calorie surplus..?
is this a HEALTHY breakfast?
Is boxing good cardio?
What sort of Calorie levels should I have to look like Bruce lee surplus or deficit?
Does sugar get immediately converted into fat when consumed?
Does anyone no of any good internet support groups for weight loss ?!? and a good weightloss tracking system?
lose 6 kg in a month?
How to go on a diet without alarming your parents?
What is a good diet and exercise program to go on?
Am I overweight- and how can I lose 10-15kg?
im 14 and i wanna loose weight!!?
I want to lose 18kgs in a month, is it possible?
loose weight off my stomach fast. how?
What's the average height for a twelve year old girl, I am 158cm tall.?
How much would I lose in a week if?
can i go on a full healthy diet with this?
if i run around my house atleast 8-12 times or more a day with sit-ups is that considered daily exercise?
Will I lose weight with this diet?
Weight loss question...how long will it take?
Do I have low blood pressure?
Is this too much exercise?
are two 5kg dumbells too much for a normal sized female?
How can I gradually cut out all junk food in my diet and have a balanced diet?
needs help to make gym program?
how much should this teenage girl weigh?
Where can I find a great diet / exercise / weight workout to lose weight?
Am I over weight? Please help?
Should I be worried about my lack of exercising ability?
heelpp guys, 10 points for best answer! tips on healthy . . .?
Help with toning/weight loss?
teen girls only ? Workout / motivation buddy !?!?
How do i get arms like Andre Igoudala?
How many calories are there in this meal?
Can eating too much vegetables on a diet make you gain weight?
If I lost weight, would my face become thinner?
My Chest Waist Hips measurement is 36-29-38 .. is this normal?
General opinions of overweight and or obese people?
I am loooking for a book called Gabriel Method of weight loss?
I need serious help figuring out Zumba Songs?
I lost 3 kilos in 5 days on diet pills?
i weigh 140 pounds and i am trying to loose weigh?
What is a healthy weight for my height and age?
could i have an eating disorder? please help?
Is this a good diet paln to follow for a week ?
Are there any good and effictive ways to loose weight?
Unhappy when dieting, how can I change that?
Should I start doing pilates? 10 points best answer?
What are some tips you can give me to living a healthy lifestyle?
I don't like fruit or vegetables that much, so how do I lose weight?
How much water should I drink per day?
On the insanity workout ny shun t are you suppose to do a diffrent workout everyday?
Are steroids for cheaters?
Dieting with limited food storage?
i think i have anorexia and i need some help of how i can stop i've seen a councellour and its no working?
I'm having trouble gaining weight?
What is the best way to build shoulder (deltoids) muscles?
Can I use Lipodrene , I'm a teen?
The Diet For Teenagers Only-does this diet work?
does weight watchers work?
Has anyone tried the Superslim Weight loss Super food?
St Nirvana Diet Pills / Diet Pills?
Why do fat people eat fried chicken?
How much should i weigh when im 5'4 & 13 to look hot and males?
if i eat 904 calories everyday will i lose weight?
how do i be strict and not eat bad foods?
how to stop eating alot of junk food?
Need a exercise plan for a 14 year old girl?
valerian side effects?
What sort of exercises or stretches should I be putting into my daily plan @ minimum?
How long until I can do up the zipper on my jeans?
does anyone know how to get skinnyer legs?
Help to lose weight, please?
Detox diets, which is the best one?
Problems with my weight....?
i am 13 year old girl 147lbs can i be thin if i don't eat for 1 month and exercise?
Will exercise ever get any easier?
I recently bought Crossfire protein from horley's and it say on the pack to have 3 scoops how many tbs is that?
Feeling bloated and acidic - want to detox?
what is one exercise that will guarantee weight loss?
how do i start eating healthy?
NEED Creatine Instructions?
Do crunches work on all 6 abs?
well am 13 year old girl and mi weight is 147 lbs?
How to control cravings at christmas?
Embaressed to join the gym?
Does this plan sound ok or too much for anorexia recovery? 82 lbs? Please answer?!?
10 points best answer. Which type of apple contains the most fibre?
Is Jessica Alba tall?
how to put on weight safely?
how can i get a ripped bod?
Even with a slow metabolism will I lose weight as long as I stay under 800-900 calories?
is 140 alb ok for 13 year old girl if no which weight is ok?
liquid diet, how much can i lose in 3 weeks?
i ate about 50 prunes, what should i expect?
i'm 14 and weigh 67kg i would like to weight 50-55kg by march and i need a diet plan and exercise plan HELP!!!?
Best way to lose body fat around torso?
How do i get motivated again?
how much weight do i need to lose?
if laxatives make you pass food sooner, why don't they help you lose weight?
On 800 calories daily with a very slow metabolism, is it unlikely I will lose more than a pound in 10 days?
Mum is making me go on a diet?
Have u gained at least 10 kg after reaching your goal? How do u feel?
What is the best exercise?
what is the fast way to lose weight?
Fastest Way To Lose Weight ?
Which foods should I limit to stop bloating?
would it be possible to lose 10 kg in 6 weeks?
High fibre diet - guts churning and some pain?
Omg what am I going to do? I'm fat!?
Uncle thinks I'm overweight?
Am I really overweight?
how to lose weight from my arms?
One / Two meals a day? Tell me how im going :)?
What exercise helps both your chest and stomach?
Are some people just ment to be fat?
I'm a bit fat and confussed?
Do I weigh too much for my height?
Is this too much weight to lose?
hazards and complications during administration of medicationshow to minimise such risks?
Bowel cancer, IBS? anyone thoughts or experiences would be appreciated.?
Cancer Jab for year 8's ?
Would this be extreme exercise?
my age 13 and i think am the fatest my wiegh 77kg?
Is this a healthy weight for me?
Will watermelon make me gain weight?
Can muscles actually pop if you squeeze them hard?
How much should I weigh? Is 45kg too little?
What should I be eating for my age and weight?
Do you really end up with the same body as your mother?
Lose thigh fat fast? 3 days...?
my age 13 and am a girl and am overweight i exercise and my stomach is haveing pain?
Is the acai berry diet, trial thing ok for teens between 14-18 or is it dangerous?
Is 70kg too heavy for me?
Does anyone know if Supprexxa works, would love to hear from anyone who's tried this or a similar supplement?
How to get rid of love handles quick smart?
List of healthiest foods? 10 points most helpful answer.?
I'm 14, 162cm and 47 kg, is this healthy?
What's a healthy weight range for me?
whats the best training routine?
Why do fat people have kankles?
What is a good workout for me?
If someone went from eating about 4000 calories a day down to 2000 a day would they lose weight?
which whey product to use for strength/cardio (Australia)?
why can't I donate blood?
Would like to get to 70kg in weight?
im 6'2 and 90kg is losing 10kg in 2 months over summer a possibility?
I need a few lunch recipes under 200 calories with lots of protein and iron?
quick way to lose weight?
A way to get a higher Metabolism?
Is guava juice good for speeding up digestion? 10 points best answer..?
When someone refers to their build, how do they know if they're slight, heavy, etc?
Is this an unhealthy breakfast?
Do I have Cellulite on my belly?
Healthy low fat summer breakfasts?
Is a BMI of 15.1 okay for a 15 year old?
No fat or low fat, healthy, delicious smoothie recipes?
I want to get back to my weight of 7 years ago?
how do i lose weight?
Going shopping for healthy snacks tomorrow , im starting a diet , im 15 any suggestions?
Do I need to lose weight?
Super healthy, low fat breakfast ideas?
Would an absolutely clean diet be enough to get a flat stomach?
My parents want me to gain weight?
Hi i weight 53kg and im 155m tall, what do u think?? am i ova weight?
If I burnt 300 calories in the gym every day, would I be fit after 6 weeks?
They say you should do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day?
Would I be able to get fit and tone up in 6 weeks?
why doesn't the body feed itself from stored fat after exercise? why is it so important to eat after a workou?
Can you have too much buckwheat? Would this result in weight gain?
my age 13 and am girl i wanna loose weigh and i stop eating too much food?
I wanna lose weight every night i say to my self tomorrow i am gunna eat well and never do then feel bad the..?
Are All Women Constantly Trying To Lose Weight?
Is A 40 inch chest and 39 inch waist and 43 inch but bad?
Fastest way to achieve a nice chiseled body?
How heavy should my weights be?
Foods to eat to get rid of a bloated stomach?
What will happen if I just eat buckwheat for the next 3 days?
16 years old female, duromine weight loss help.?
Wat are good ways to gain muscle in ur legs n arms?
Healthy habits you try to stick by?
Is 380 calories a good amount of calories to burn in a workout?
am i eating healthy bread?
Has anyone tried the Okinawa diet?
cant seem to lose weight?
My name is crystal and i need to lose weight before feburury and im 10 yrs old and everything i do dosent work?
Gaining weight due to muscle when I'm trying to lose weight?
do fries make me go fat?
I have been taking Nytol for about 5 years when it is only recommended for 2 weeks. what are the pitfalls?
Any body know what de chances of throut cancer spreading?
how to lose weight fast?
I take creatine daily and have a blood test tomorrow?
Will eating more fibre give me lovely thick stools?
replace one meal a day with watermelon?
how to make bread at home?
Does anyone know any weight gain pills or something?
i could use your help losing weight!?
Name everything you ate today?
What is a healthy breakfast for losing weight/building muscle?
Eating pies a good food for bulking up?
I want to become fit, help me please?
Ok question here. I need to know what my perfect weight would be for me based on my age and height?
how to put on muscle?
Will my face get bigger?
I am underweight.. Lollies weight gain?
hey iam 13 year old girl iam my weight is 77kg will i be thin when iam 22 if i dont do any thing but eat less?
Do fitness DVD's work?
why people outside sell protein cheaper than gnc is it fake or wat?
How do I stop comfort eating, and boredom eating?
Is 50 kg for a 14 year old girl considered average?
My grandad has just been told he has cancer in the back on his trout anyone got any info about it please??
my boyfriend has a lump under the skin on the end of his nose?
Is there any treatment, no matter what price, that will prevent hair loss during chemotherapy?
If I eat 200 calroies a day will I lose weight this time?
questions for people whos had/recovering or is bulimic?
wost a good exercise for getting rid a bit of jelly belly?
how do i reduce sugar cravings?
Will doing leg lifts make my legs thinner or more muscly?
What would happen if you intake too much food, daily?
How can a skinny person lose belly fat?
How can I stop thinking of food?
how can i get a flatter stomach and loose love handles?
Is this training good for loosing weight and gaining musle?
I had access to a gym for a good 12 weeks for school sport. But now i don't?
Is it bad to eat a lot of....?
Best way 2 lose 30 pounds fast?
I have under developed lungs, is there any chance to increase them?
help with a routine for my inner chest/chest in general?
can i loose my weight during ttc....?
Healthy diet question..?
What exercises are recommended for loosing a lot of weight?
will lollies make me gain weight?
how many calories have i eaten?
Turbo jam, best results :)?
How to lose weight and especially belly fat?
Drink Protein Shake after weight training or after the whole exercise?
How much weight could I lose in 3 weeks?
I Need To Loose Weight As Soon As Possible.!?
How to become a size 12-14?
hey guys, i have a quick question for you...?
Help with targeting specific area for body sculpting?
is it healthy to loose two kilos in a week?
Healthy weight lose in this period of time?
How much would you pay weekly for a full 7 day meal plans designed to help you lose up to 1.5kg per week?
How can i lose belly flab? I am not fat. But i had leg surgery so i can't run or jog. What do I do?
How many calories have i burnt?
What exercise should i do today?
Do you think this is right?
Is a 20 minute jog enough to lose weight?
How much can you Bench-Press?
I've been binge eating for the past 2-3 weeks, really need to detox and feel hungry again!?
Healthiest/least processed high fiber cereal brands?
How to speed food digestion?
Has anyone else suffered from anorexia and then binge eating till you feel like you're going to explode?
Have you ever put on weight then had to loose it?
What is some cheap, effective workout equipment?
Why did I drop weight so rapidly? Is something wrong?
Should i tell my ex-bestfriend?
Where do you have the cervical cancer jab? on your arm? ?
I heard eating too many carbohydrates hinders the body's growth?
I've been eating a lot lately and lost weight, why?
How much Zumba should I do?
I am very very skinny. Should I join the gym?
Male teen trying to lose weight?
I have a lot of spare time, and usually end up going to the fridge every 5 minutes?
Ways to speed up digestion really quickly? 10 points best answer?
Is it bad if i don't eat fruit?
what are the joints,movement and muscles groups involved in forward lunges and dips?
Is it possible to lose weight with no exercise?
If the obesity.... 10points:)?
need help loosing weight?
Fluid Retention In Ankles...Flat Feet?
Is doing two 40min Cardio work out sessions a day too much?
Healthy savoury snack ideas?
How much would/could I lose on a 2 week fast?
Loose weight real quick and easy?
Addicted to sugar and trying to lose weight! Help?
what can i do to make my liver healthier, food and activities etc, since i cant liver long without it!?
How much cardio should i need to do to successfully to lose weight and quickly?
Why are my so skinny?
I want a flat stomach! what exersizes are effective?
how can i lose 10kg in 2 weeks without exercise?
Getting Married- Losing Belly fat! Help!?
I'm a 14 1/2 year-old boy, how can I get abs and pecs?
I lost 6 kilos, why do i still look the same?
How can I cut back on foods rich in carbs?
how much fat and sugar should a 14 year old be eating daily in order to be healthy?
How can I lose weight?
wants a healthy eating/exersicing week-long eating plan? please healp"_?
does smoking really cause cellulite?
Tips on weight loss for the summer?
if i do running exercises everyday will i lose weight?
Best ever health/well being tip? 10 points best answer.?
how can i grow a few inches taller?
how can i get flat tummy and skinny leg like sooyoung snsd?
Active things I can do after school?
what are some ways of gaining weight?
I need a 1 hour home cardio routine!?
How do i lose a little belly fat on my stomach?
To people who lost weight successfully...?
I'm dieting and trying to drink water. Love diet tonic water. Is 2 or 3 liters a day too much?
Is eating liver good for your liver?
TEN POINTS: i want to get back into ballet - but what should i eat...? :)?
can't lift much in bicep curls?
does the hcg diet work?
is it possible for someone to loose 15-20 kilos in a month?
Is this an eating disorder?
How do I gain weight fast?
do guys prefer nice curves or really thin bony girls?
Why haveI gained 2 kilos, I have been eating healthy?
How to get fit in 10 days?
Is this an anorexic diet?
Why are my thighs weird.?
How do I fatten up my legs?
if my bench lift is good?
what would happen if...?
Is 57.7 kg/127 lbs and 167 cm/5.5 ft considered fat?
Weight loss/toning tips?
I have been excersising 5-6 times a week, dieting and still no results.Help?
1200 calorie diet? Will I lose weight?
What is the best protein powder?
Anyone know a healthy eating and exersizing plan that goes for one week?
Help! Skipping breakfast :(?
Ceravix Jab For Cancer Will Kill Us All.?
how can i loose 20 pounds in 2 months?
I find myself addicted to sugar (the bad types) any tips on how to not eat sugar and lose a bit of weight too?
How to positively persuade someone to eat their vegies?
How to grow bit more fat?
how do you loose weight fast?
Cannot lift as much weight at gym?
Eating disorder recovery? SCARED OF WEIGHT GAIN and calories! Help!?
I'd like to get fit for the future, and want to start walking for exercise?
My hands haven't stopped shaking after exercising?
What ways can someone increase the amount of physical activity they do in a day without actually exercising?
Im 28 yrs old 5'8 i was 80 kgs 4 weeks ago i have lost 13kgs and now i am 67kg ?
I'm a 17yo girl, 167cm and 50kg. I find it VERY difficult to reach at least 1000cals daily?
How to lower my Body Fat Percentage?
Is 24 mini spring rolls to much for a diet?
Weight for a gymnast of 5'3?
I want to do a weightloss blog.?
Is it possible to lose 3kg per week?
What happens to saturated fats when you slow cook them?
Supposedly underweight/average but fat?
How do I get motivated to get on a diet?
How long for body to process and recover from a cup of coffee?
Is The Royal Marsden hospital just for people who have cancer ?
macmillan nurses.origin and foundation.?
How to lose weight to look great for summer...?
GIRLS AND GUYS: are these good measurements? thank you !?
Is 54-55kg fat for a 14 year 1/2 year old girl who is 167cm tall?
14 year old weight lifting?
How to loose weight in 3 weeks?
best way to lose weight ?
Increasing Flexibility through stretching exercises?
is it okay to skip dinner?
Is Gym 5 days a week going to be enough for me?
How much exercise do you need to lose 5 kilos in 1 1/2 months?
how often should i us the ab-king pro to get abs?
what are the benefits of a pigging out day ?
Diarrhea after not eating for 2 days?
I need help with Diet Bad?
i am 14 year old and i have a chubby face when i was younger i didn't as i get older will it go off?
Losing weight??? Please Help!!!?
I have recently started the gym and?
How to get fit for a test?
Im not eating as much as I used to?
would i look good in a bikini? (how can i lose weight) FAST!!!(:?
Why am I not losing weight (fat)?
Will Duromine work for me?
turbo jam or slim in 6?
employer saying no more job available after 8 months off due to cancer treatment and recovery. is this fair?
What happens if i eat too many mangoes?
How can I get bigger biceps?
if i just eat fruits nd veges and do vigorious exercise can u see difference after a wk?
how do i get thinner? PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!?
Is there a good forum on about losing weight?
Anyone know of any good arm exercises?
Slimming world recipes?
I need help with weight loss?
COLD or HOT water for meatbolism booster?
Whats with cravings so much?
Is cold or warm water better for speeding up your metabolism?
How to improve Beep test score?
Whenever I cut calories I lose some weight than my body gets use to it?
Whats better for losing weight...Walking or Riding a bike too work? Approximately a 10 minute car ride?
Trying to lose weight?
weight loss smoothies!!??????
is swimming good for flabby arms.?
Which variety of apple has the least calories?
Advice for an impatient dieter?
what foods/drinks are high in calcium?
good plan to lose weight for a 19 year old?
Cardio and Ab Exercisese in relation to weightloss?
is it unhealthy to eat sweets?
What are some healthy dinner meal ideas i can make & freeze?
What are some healthy lunch ideas for work?
Hi, have just taken my first duromine 30mg for weight loss,?
How to Lose 30 pounds before the 2010 Summer?
Hey everybody, how's this for an amazing feat of physical strength?
Is this a good work out routine?
Any advice for gaining weight, fast?
Tips for loosing weight?
if i eat a lot and lift weights wat would happen?
after dieting i don't feel hungry, at all?
I'm too fat for my age ?
Is there another way to gain more weight?
my happiness and self worth go hand in hand with my weight?
Am i fat? I'm 136 lbs and 5'3.?
I lost 3 kilos in nearly 3 weeks, but why don't I see a difference?
why are "shakes" 50% protein 50% carb?
How to lose 5kgs?PLZ HELP!?
How to drop from AUS size 12/14 to a 10?
Is it better to lose the weight first then add weight training or do both together?
Anyone working on Out Wit the West questions 16-20?
are protein shakes bad for you?
overweight, Trying to get muscular?
How can I lose weight?
How can I loss 10lb of FAT?
what does jumping rope do to your legs?
How can someone who weighs less than me look bigger than me?
all these ways on getting skinny?
I'm fat. Tell me what to do about it!?
Is it normal for a healthy person to?
Im 13 years old , am i overweight?
Help me lose 5 kilos fast!?
How can a 13 year old kid lose 50-60 pounds in 5 months?
Helpful hints in losing weight?
what is reps and sets confused?
Which “healthy” foods should i stay away from if trying to lose weight?
Good exercises to lose weight...?
Do you think I'm in shape?
How much weight can i lose in 6 and a half weeks?
Did I eat too much (I know it wasn't healthy, but was the quantity alright)?
How much EV Olive Oil everyday for fat loss?
i am 14 my weight is 60kg and height 5'2 am i fat?
How long should you exercise if on weight watchers?
abit help abt laziness lol?
What should a 12-13 year old girl weigh?
i weigh 69kgs. i have prom in about a month - how to lose weight by then?
What is better: sit ups or bridging.?
what is the better for losing weight, the new rapid burn pills, or the fat blaster;fat magnet? i need opinions?
one meal aday & drinking alot of coffee?
If Carbodydrates isnt fat. why does it make us fat?
How do I become skinny?
What are the consequences of not following the food pyramid?
exercise or diet pills which one you like to lose weight?
How long would it take to put on muscle if you work out daily?
Are caffeine tablets a good idea for a 3 hour exam?
I have a body fat of 4%, im 200 pounds and quite muscular, is my body fat too low?
How do you eat a girl out?
What are some healthy meals i can cook and then freeze?
what do you think of my diet and exercise plan?
I am 172 cm tall and 79 kg and im not even an A cup just turned 17... what is wrong with me ?
gaining 20 pounds in 5 weeks?
have i eaten too much food?
I ate a lot of chocolate?
Is it possible for a bladder tumor to grow from the size of a pea to the size an orange in ten days.?
CardioTech Treadmills Yes? No?
why is my brother naturally stronger than me?
Just wondering if anyone can help me out with a good all-round multi-vitamin?
How can I lose 10 kg fast and properly?
How many calories should I eat per day if I want to lose weight? (no more than?)?
im really overweight? i need to lose weightt fast !?
Why am I always tired? How do I get over it?
What are some exercises I can do since I'm underweight?
Does anyone not selling the stuff know much about HCG drops for weight loss?
Best way/s to get toned for summer?
how much do anarexia children and adult weigh?
I'm doing HIP HOP ABS by Shaun T but not following nutrition guide?
Should I, a 15 year old girl do INSANITY or HIP HOP ABS workout?
Need to lose weight/mass?
Addiction to flavoured milks - How do I stop?
Do I look too skinny?
How much weight would you like to lose ?
Which is better jogging or walking ?
How significant is your heart rate during a work out?
Do you think I'm overweight?
I feel so gross,dont think ill be able to eat dinner now :S?
is there any way you can starve yourslef with out putting weight back on as soon as you eat?
Fitness exercises, giving a personal advantage?
Am I too young for the Gym?
Best way to speed up weight loss?
Am I fat??? (need more characters) BTW 10 POINTS BEST ANSWER!?
i need to gain weight as much help will be appreciated what to eat?
what can i eat to make my eyes healthy?
Will this weekly regime help me lose weight in 8 weeks? 10 points..!?
Does creatine need to be taken on an empty stomach?
would 40minutes of running everyday tone your stomach?
Trying to loose weight?
i want to be a cheerleader but i need to lose wait and become more flexible in less than 3 mouths what can ido?
how to drop weight really fast temporarily?
Would you ever consider taking steroids?
What,in your opinion,is the best all round fruit to eat?
how lose weight fast ?
Why can I not lift more weight during bench presses?
Do you think people look younger when they're healthy and go to the gym or wehn they never eat and skinny.?
What should a 12-13 year old girl weigh?
I want to starve myself to loose weight?
i want to be anorexic!?
stopped losing weight?
How can I loose weight?
any1 know where i can buy some duromine?
What are some healthy drinks to have in the morning?
What should i do to lose weight quickly?
im 14 and i do weights, i only lift about 8 lbs, is it good for my growth?
Workout diet and plan for 13year old girl.?
Im a 19 year old teen and Im worried I could have lung cancer..?
how can i gain weight quickly and simply?
My nails are growing so fast ?
Diet Fitness : My 2 Step Guaranteed Weight Loss AND (Bonus!) Health Gains (Would You Try It?)?
Six pack, visible when tensing, not when relaxed?
best way for arm muscles?
How many calories should I have a day?
trying to lose weight.. cardio vs weights?
How can i lose like 10 pounds in 2 days?
if i run everyday will i lose weight fast ?
Does pilates reduce breast size?
How much better does one feel after losing 5 - 10kgs of fat?
why am i craving carbs so bad?
Can I lose weight on 700 calories?
is it normal to lose 5 pounds a week?
what is a good diet for a teenager?
why does eating junkfood and softdrink and nothing healthy for a day make you break out and look bloated puffy?
Protein powder supplements?
how to stop over eating?
Is it actually possible to get thighs like this (PHOTO)?
I need to lose weight ! serious !!!?
How to tone, flatten stomach for my weight and hight? thanks :)?
Where can i ask doctors questions about cancer online?
5'6 and 110 pounds, what do you think?
Ok, I am 14 stone and 5ft 2, if I start swimming 100 lengths every night, how much weight will I lose?
what is the difference sits up and crunches?
how to lose 2 stones (30 pounds)?
Help! loose weight faster?
What foods are rich in Magnesium? My diet seems to be Magnesium poor.....Need your help!!?
BSN supplement's Pre and post workout's?
Will i get fat fast if i up my daily calorie intake?
I'm Vegan and want to loose 5lbs in 3 weeks, any tips?
I need to lose 40 pounds in 10 weeks?
GoFit Silver Treadmill Advantages Disadvantages?
Is it healthy to be overweight yet fit?
i want to sell two excersice machines but i dont know how much can i sell for?
What's the best/fastest way to lose weight?
i need some good music for the gym that will pump me up?
Why am I bloating and/or how can I fix it?
How can I lose weight fast?
Is 5kg muscle gain in 6 months realistic?
How do i gain weight?
is it bad barely eat ?
i need some good music for the gym that will pump me up?
what is a good Protein Powder and how do you use it?
I can't stop my food Cravings!! HELP!!?
What would you like to ask?weight gainig drug?
What is better, 300 sit-ups in one go or with a 5min break?
What’s the difference between Yoga and Pilates?
how to get skinnier legs fast!?
does the amway protien powder is good or not..?
How can i get a bikini body?
when we put on weight quickly, is this water retention? can we prevent this by drinking water?
PLEASE READ!!! Body Image.?
please help I want to be healthy and lose weight through diet and exercise but......?
SUPER IMPORTANT: Any tips for making myself more hungry?
i bought a diet tea.the ONLY ingredient is malve verticillata(sp?).?
why am I not burning fat and seeing results.?
Whats so bad about non organic non free range chicken?
What type of running shoes are best for interval training on a treadmill?
How can I lose 15 kilos in eight weeks?
what is food to you and how do you eat?
lung cancer?
40 hr famine? HELP! NO EATING!?
Is my wellness class overdoing it?
For anyone who's lost a significant amount of weight?
Quick help pleaseeee!!?
Pretty Important, about fat (:?
will decaf coffee kill my food cravings?
Does your shape fitness for Wii actually work?
best way to loose weight off your bum and thys?
What are some good home bicep exercises without a pair of dumbells?
do you know any exercises to lose weight?
What is a good routine to loose weight?
How do I increase my appetite?
Do you have an eating disorder?
Tips on Losing Weight!!?
eating disorder????? please help!!!?
Why arnt my abbs even!?
Is it possible to be slim by eating healthy fats and not counting calories?
Why do indian guys only do bicep curls in the gym?
How to help an overweight family member?
im eighteen and overweight..?
my stomach shape help!!!!!!!!?